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On Saturday,. development were made
which iSem to fasteo the guilt of the Rink
murder upon Aothnr Spring, Senior. An
umbrella wa. found In ihe " .,ho 'a,a
Nr. Rink, and latterly the preemption he.
arisen, that .. .he day :pon h "
..nation took place was on. of the .torn, est
of Ih. p.l winter, it might have been left
"here by the murderer. Mr. W.mam Byrne
lh. officer Ofth. Court, to whom youn
Prn made the fir.t disclosure with regard
io the Federal .treet tragedy, ha. forborne
lime been uner the impression that Spring
was al.o the perpetrator of the Rink murder.
.. . :.....;, with Mr. Kalian, in
US nau an """" - f
whose employ Spring . at the lime of,
the Rink mufder, but he wa unaWc to say
with any certainly where Spring wai on
that day, but inclined to the belief that he
was at work in hit cellar. Mr. Byrn, not
atisfied with this, induced the brother of
Mr. Rink to call upon Mr. Ragan wilh the
umbrella found In the .lore, and the remit
h.. hni,n. that both Mr. and Mi. Rgan
hire identified it, the former by a piece of
wire, and the latter by three patches upon
It: made bv themaelve. to repair damages.
The recognition of the umbrella brought to
the mind of Mr. Kagan several circumstan'
r.-a that had previously escaped his recolle
lion. He now declares that about the time
nf lha Rink murder. Snrinc had been uidulg
Ing in diink and was cross and irritable. A
malt amount of mo ;ev had been missed
from his desk, and though he .impeded
Snrinir of the larceny, he said nothing, trom
a dread of his violence. On the afternoon
of the day that Rink was muidered, Spring
borrowed the umbrella from Mr. Rngiin,
who having a curiosity to know where he
could be going, amid such a storm, followed
him as far as Thirteenth and Market streets,
and saw that he was going down towards
Chestnut street.
The above developments will doubtless
confirm the impression that has for some
time been gaining ground in the pubio mind
that the author of the Federal street tragedy
and the Rink assassination, was one and the
same person. It is now supposed that Spring
alluded to the Rink murder, when he spoke
to his son of having killed a man, in the
expectation of getting a large sum of money
and being disappointed The money stolen
from Mr. Ragan's desk, the latter is now
convinced, was spent by Spring in the pur
chase of the knife with which the bloody
deed wa. accomplished, and dropped by the
assassiu in his flight. If this supposition is
correct, perhaps the person who sold the
knife may yet be able to remember the
transaction, and identify the purchaser in
Spring. Tke complete development of all
the fact, relating to the Rink murder, is
most important, as it will release from cus-.
tody Jerome Feckert, who i. waiting ttial
on the charge.
Th Roman Catholic School Qukstion
in Baltimore Great Indignation Meet-
Baltimore, April 11. The introduction of
a bill before the State Legislature, framed by
Roman Catholics, with a view of procuring a
division of the public school fund, for the
support of schools under th? control of that
denomination, has caused much excitement
among our protestant citizen, and to-night
an immense indignation meeting wa. held
at the Maryland Institute, of those opposed
to any measure calculated to destroy the pre
sent Publio School System. The vast hull
was so crowded that many were unable to
gain an entrance. It Is estimated thai 7000
persons were present.
Hon. Charles M. Keyser presided, and elo
quent speeches were delivered by Rev. Dr.
Johns, Fuller, Plume'r and others.-
Mint of the United States, )
Philadelphia, April 9th, 1853. J
The Director of the Mint, wilh the appro.
Yal of the Secretary of the Treasuiy, gives
notice, that the distribution of ihiee cent
pieces, at the expense of the Mint for
freight, is discontinued. The Diiector has
also, in pursuance of the discretion vested in
him by law, temporarily suspended the coin
age of the three cent pieces, with a view to
the more active employment of the Mint in
the manufacture of other silver coins. Over
36,000,000 of three cent piece, having been
put into circulation within two years, it is
believed' that a suspension of their coinage
will cause no publio inconvenience, especial
ly as other silver coin will speedily be avail
able for 'the uses to which the three cent
piece, are at present applied.
It is requested, therefore, that until fur
. ther notice, orders and remittances for the
puichase of three cent piece, be discontin
ued. Geo. N. Eckert, Director.
The areas of the principal river basins
which is drained into seas that are accessi
ble to ocean commerce, may be thus stated :
In America The Amazon areas (includ
ing the Oronoco) 2,048,480 square miles.
In North America the Mississippi area
980,000 square miles.
in outn America ine La i'lata area
886.000 square miles.
In Europe The Danube area 284.000
square miles.
In Africa The Nilo area 320,000 square
. Ill Asia China The Vang-tse Keang area
547,000 square miles.
In India-The Ganges-area 432,000 square
Improvement. The frame work of the
new rolling mill of the Montour Company, is
going up: also, the frames of several new
houses, on Welsh Hill.
Furnaces Nos. I and 2 ate undergoing
thorough repairs, and vast enlargement, with
the addition- of the most extensive and per
mauent hot blast fixture.
The new B.klge over Ihe canal, on Mill
Street, i. fiuished, except the painting, and
.idedJiUn f ,0ing P,h n ,h "PI"
rVnTc f' ,he MW P'"byte,i.n
Church Building is graded, and ih. contr.o
tor, H K. INoll, is now preparing to ,t,r, lh,
foundation wall. . la all parts of our Borough
I ha tpiril of improvements is abroad. '
Danville lnttlligenttr.
' SATTRn.lt, APRIL IB, H3.
II. n. M.IMFIt, Eilllor nnd Proprietor.
To AnvSTiSR!i. -Tlie circulation of the Sunbury
American unions; the different towns on the 9ua.netiaitiia
is not exceeded if equalled by any taor published in North
em IVimsytvaitia.
Democratic Staje Nominations,
Of Philadelphia County.
Of Mifflin County.
Of Crawford County.
editor's taiii.k.
Business Notices.
Goner's I.aot Il'ioa fur Miiy ia nlrentlynn oar table, and
an excellent iminlicr il is. Tlie engraving "Attacking
Crowned fleai!,' is excellent in design slid execution.
Tlie fashions Spain are colored, nnd will continue so here
after. (jKnley never deceives hy false promises, and is ono
of tlie most honorable men, both as a publisher ajid a
gentlemen, that the Prrss cnu boast of.
Tltt FxttM Jocbxal now Duhliahcd at Wist Chester, ia
filled with mattertuaeful and enteitniiiing for the Agricul
tumliat. The Family Circli and Parlor Annual for Aptil, comes
to us with two very pretty illmtrntions.
Sy Land Warrants. Persons having
Land Warrants for sale, can dispose ot
them for cash, by applying at this office.
0"The Legislature has resolved to ad
journ on the 19th instant. The appropria
tion bill before the House embraces, an
amount exceeding $5,000,000. The fol.
lowing are items in it : Forthe completion
of the North Branch Canal, $350,000 ; for
the Allegheny Portage railroad $4-13 000,
and a further conditional appropriation of
$100,000, if the money is found in the
Treasury ; for the Columbia railroad, 187,
tEi" Legislative Visit to Harrisburc.
The Legislature of Maryland accepted
the invitation unanimously extended to
them by the Legislature of Pennsylvania,
to visit Harrisburg, in connection wilh a
proposed trip ol observation over the joint
public works of Maryland and Pennsylva
nia ; that is, the line of railroad between
Baltimore and Harrisburg. Saturday, the
16th inst., is fixed upon as Ihe day on
which the visit is to be made. The Balti
more and Susquehanna Railroad Company
volunteer a special train for the occasion.
We are pleased that '.he legislature has
created a new Judicial district, composed
of the counties of Centre, Clinton and
Clearfield. This relieves Judge Jordan of
Centre and Clinton, in place of which
Montour County has been taken from
Judge Contiynghams district, and attached
to this district. So that our district is now
composed of Northumberland, Lycom
ing and Montour Counties. The business
of Lycoming alone, is almost enough for
one district, and the prospects now are,
that this county will soon begin to enter
into rivalry with our neighbor of Schuyl
kill in business. We know that the Bar
and people of Centre and Clinton were re
luctant in parting with Judge Jordan, who
has thus far given them the most entire
satisfaction, but they were also aware that
his labors were entirely too much for one
The Steam Ferry and Tow-boat which
we referred to some time ago, will be con
structed at this place without delay. We
examined a few days since, the model and
drawings brought on from Providence, R.
I., by Mr. Fisk, one of the directors of the
Philadelphia and Sunbury Railroad. The
size and place of every piece ol timber,
bolt and pin, is laid down with the utmost
precision. The Engine, which is buildin"
at Providence, is of eighty-five horse pow
er, low pressure, with condensing appara
tus. The length of the boat is eighty feet
Its breadth, including guards, twenty-eight
feet, with a gangway running the whole
length, nine feet in width, to drive on and
off. She will have side wheels, eight feet
in diamaler, and will draw but little more
than three feet water. Her speed will be
about fourteen miles per hour, making the
trip from this to Norlhumberland in six or
even minutes, and to the Union county
side in half that time. The boat is design
ed for a Tow and Ferry boat, which the
coal operations of the Railroad Company
render absolutely necessary. We do not
believe the Bridge Company will be inju
red in the least, by these operations and
improvements, but on the contrary, we eel
confident the Hock of the bridge, in three
years hence, will be worth fifty per cent,
more than at present.
(7"! The Cabinet There are rumors at
Washington of change, in the Cabinet, but
the rumors do not appear to be confirmed.
Mr. Buchanan, it i. .aid, has been confirm
ed as Minister to England, and it i. said
b will accept the post.
The repeal of the guage Jaw by Ihe le
gislature, to w hich our friend, in Erie were
ao .trenously opposed, teem, to have been
received by them as philosophically a. if
they expected nothing else. It was, per
haps, a. wise policy to far as .certain local
interests were concerned, to pass such a
law, but as a general principle, it was nei
ther wise or liberal. The Pennsylvania
guage is 4 feet 8 J inches the Ohio 4 feet
10 inches. Some of our Iriendt of the
Sunbury Erie Road, think it would be a
wise step to construct that road with the
Ohio guage, which would gire tis a con
tinuous line of the same guage from this
place, through Pennsylvania, Ohio and In
diana, to Chicago, HI. For comfort and
convenience of passengers, the six fool
guage of New York is, no doubt, the best,
but perhaps not the most economical. It
is now thought, by many Engineers, that
a guage of 5 J feet is, taking all things into
consideration, the most advisable. i
The improvements in .this neighborhood
are progressing rapidly. The whole line
of road, from this to Harrisburg is under
contract. On the Philadelphia and Sunbu
ry road, preparations are making to lay
the rails, and about 22 miles from this
place towards Pultsville, will be completed
sometime in May. The different Coal
companies in the Shamokin region are ac-
tively engaged in preparing their mines, so
as to be ready, as soon as the road is open- j '"o inclined piano upon the I'ortago Hail
ed, to send to market the embowlde trea- i Toaii-
sures of the mountains. Coal of the finest I The 'licnssion was further considered at
quality and various grades of hardness, ! 80mo lo "S'1') a1' "S"'1' rar,0k of much
adapted to the smelling of iron, for stove, j crimination and .e-crimination, nnd allega
and other purposes, will be brought down j Ji; B.7.V rar,iali,'' &C'' "S',ail
prepared in me best manner, tor this
purpose, seven coal breakers, wilh engines
of 20 horse power, are being constructed;
vjw coai regions, imnerto wild and deso
late, and known only to the hunters tread,
will soon teem with the busy hum of an in
dustrious population. The town of Shamo
kin, which is situated in the coal region,
has already felt the vivifying influences of
these operations. Trevetton too, is begin
ning lo look up. The speedy construction
of the Sunbury & Erie Rail Road is no lon
ger a matter of speculation. In a very few
years after that is completed, more coal
will be distributed from Sunbury, than
from any one point in Pennsylvania.
The Supreme Court at Philadelphia have
decided that the County Commissioner of
Philadelphia have no aulhority by law, to
make the subscription of Two millions of
dollars, lo the stock of the Sunbury and
Erie Railroad, without the authority of
the County Board. This County Board is
peculiar, and is perhaps not understood by
many of our readers. The city & county
members of the Senate and House of Re
presentatives, constitute this Board, who
in making appropriations and in other mat
ters, are to act in conjunction with the
commissioners. The Supreme Court have
therefore decided, that the commissioners
have no right, under the act creating the
County Board, to act in such matters with
out their authority and concurrence. Pro
bably four filths of the people of the coun
ty are in favor of the subscription, but
they prefer that each of the districts shall
subscribe sepeiately.
(D SfNianY & Erie Rail Road. Some
of the City papers statelhat a loan of Four
millions of dollars ha been secured in Eu
rope by the Company. We are not appri
sed of the particulars in regard to this state
rv. - .... . ... ..
ment, but we know that snveral offers to
complete the road, and take stock to the
amount of Three or Four millions, was
made some time since. The project is eve'
ry where received w ith favor, and will no
doubt, ere long command fund to ensure
it early completion
07 The New York Tribune now come
to hand increased in size about one third
over its former dimensions, and in an en
tire new dress. It now presents a mass of
reading matter, daily, that can perhaps be
found in no other newspaper. The editor
announce that the enlargement adds some
$50,000 per annum to their expenses, and
that all they receive from their subscribers
will not pay for the paper they shall use.
New Line of Stages. The new
line of Stage that is now tunning tri
weekly between this place and Millertburg
proves a great convenience to the many
persons who have business on the line of
f railroad, and to others. The coache are
comfortable and substantial and night tra
vel is avoided. The proprietors, Messr.
Welker & Seashollz deserve credit for
their i-nterprise in this matter.
Washington, April 8. Mr. Dickinson ha.
declined Ihe Collectoiship of New Yoik, and
the President nominated in hi. place Hon.
Greene C. Brotison, who was immediately
The Hon. Solan Borland, ol Arkansas, has
been nominated and confirmed a. Governor
of New Mexico. - Thi. nomination wa. unex
pected, and has caused surprise in and out of
the Senate.
Arrival or Vice-Psesiocmt Kino at
Jvu Orisons, April 11. -Tlie United
State, steamship Fulton, from Mantanzas,
Cuba, arrived at Mobile, at noon to-day,
with Vice-President King on board. Hi.
state of health i. exceedingly low.
XKXII COHGItEBS-BeeeiKl aesaloe.
Washington, April 9.
Senatk. On motion of Mr. Hunter,' it
was resolved that a committee of two be
appointed by lh. President pro tempore, to
wait on the President of the U. State., and
inform him that unless he ha. further com
munication to make, the Senate will close
it. session by adjournment, on Monday next,
at one o'clock.
Messrs. Hunter and Everett, were appoin
ted Ihe committee, and subsequently Mr.
Hunter from this committee reported that
they had performed the duty assigned them,
and that the President had no further com
munication to make.
Mr. Hunter offered a resolution which
was adopted, that the President pro tern,
close the session on Monday next, at I
' April 9, 1853.
Senate. The Senate, on motion, -again
resumed the considetation of the bill to pro
vide for a more effectual organization of Ihe
militia, which, after further debate, wa.
The bill to incorporate the University of
Free Medicine, of Philadelphia, was taken
up, on motion of Mr. O'Neil, considered and
The bill to incorporate Ihe Independent
Mutual Ineuianco Company of Philadelphia
was also considered nod passed.
House. The House then again returned
to the consideration of Ihe General Appro
priation bill, the question still being upon
30. h section, making an appropriation to
continue the work upon Iho railroad to avoid
Without makino any progress with the
bill, its further consideration was, on motion
0f Mr. Hart, postponed until Monday
Tlio house then adjourned
Hahhi'di-rg, April II, 1853.
Afternoon Session. The House re-as
sembled nt 3 o'clock, when, on motion of
Mr. Henderson, the Speaker was authorized
lo appoint a committee of five, to act in con
junction with a similar committee from the
Senate, to meet and receive the Governor
and members of tho legislature of Maryland
and the Mayor and City Councils of Balti
more, on their proposed visit to Hairisbtirg
on Saturday next.
The Speaker appointed Messis. Homier-
son, Williams, Gillmore, llubicam, and Eys-
ler, said Committee.
The House then again lesumed ihe con
sideration o! thi) General Appropriation Bill,
which, after being further debated at con
siderable length, and variously amended,
paased finally, nnd was sent to the Senate.
The House then, on motion of of Mr. Itub
iuam, took up tho bill for the furthei contin
uance of the system of education by Common
Schools, which, after passing Committee of
tho Whole, was postponed.
Thd House then adjourned.
The Speaker laid befote the Houie a com
munication from I he Legislature of Mary
land, accepting the invitation of the Legis
lature of Pennsylvania to visit Hairisburg,
and designating the I6ih inst. therefor.
Mr. Flanigen (the House having under
consideration a private bill) moved a new
section thereto, repealing the 22d section of
tin: charier of the Pennsylvania Ruilroatl
Company, ami also tlje Inst proviso of ihe
first section of the act amendatory of the
charter of the said company, passed 1848
The amendment repeals the tax sections,
providing that Ihe Company shall pay 920,
000 to the Treasurer of the State.
A long debate ensued upon the amend
Wasiiinuton, April II.
This morning there were various rumor
afluat in ihe city that a difficulty bad occur
red in the Cabinet, and that the Ser.ate had
been reconvened by the President. It was
generally stittpd that Secielary Marcy had
resigned, but it appears that all such reports
woie groundless, or at least, if any such
breach had occurred, it wa healed, a. no
Cabinet appointment, were sent lo the Sen
ate The appointment of Mr. Buchanan, as
Minister to England, was the only matter of
consequence sent in. flu was immediately
confirmed, ami it is understood that he ac
cepts, the Cabinet having been engaged un
til 12 o'clock, lust night, in urging him lo
do so.
Tho other matters sent to the Senate to
day, were merely coirectious of the orlhog
raphy of two or three petty appointments.
There were barely a quorum of Senator
present, and this was secured by vigorous
drumming up during the night and thi
The following is Mr. Soule'. letter of re
signation sent lo the Senate to-day :
Washington, April II, 1853.
To the President of the Senate : Havina
signified to tho President my acceptance of
the high functions he wa. pleased to confer
on me, I now advise you that I cease upon
this day lo be a member of ihe august body
over which you preside. May I lequest that
you will accept for yourself and tender lo
Ihe other members of the Senate Ihe ex
pression of my regret at parting with such
associates, and my wishes for Ihe prosperity
of you all.
Your very humble servant,
Piersc Socle.
Appointment, and Confirmations.
If oiAiiigon, April 4. The Senate lo day
confirmed Col. Polk a. Surveyer of Baltimoie,
but a. he afterward, declined, Ihe President
nominated Dr. J. C. Wharton. . Among other
nominations, made to day, are ihe following:
Ex-Senalor Sturgeon to be Sub-Treasurer
at Philadelphia, weie Mr. Ewing, declined;
Robert White to be Collector of the port of
Galveston j J. W. Pomeroy and J. T. Emer
ton lo be Appraisers at Baltimoie.
Among the confirmation, made to-day
were a number of Laud officer lor Alabama
and Mississippi.
Correspondence of the PuMla ledger.
Washwotow, April 9th.
The crowd of office beggar, ha. somewhat
disappeared ; but new levio. are from lima
lo lime pouring in, to take the place of lha
killed and wounded. The slaughter hat
been tremendous ; but it i. difficult to un
derstand lha principle which governed lha
action of the administration in regard to it.
It is only certain that the out and out
Union men have been overslaughed all over
the country, and that Secessionist, and Free
Soiler. have been richly rewarded for lhair
opposition to Ihe compromise. This i. in
imitation of the policy of China, where ma
ny a aection wa. quelled by a general am
nesty, and Ihe promotion of the chief, lo a
manderinship of the blue button. It i. diffi
cult to make appointment, that .hall be uni
versally popular J but it it always possible
to maintain a principle.
The appointment, of Jefferson Davis'
"Soule, Campbell, of Alabama, &c, stave
provoked the Union men of the South, who
are openly vowing to preserve their organ
ization. If they succeed in preserving it
thi. fall, they may succeed in forming a par-
The friend, of Young America have re
ceived a magnificent ciumb in the appoint
ment of Mr. Soule to the Court of Madrid ;
but it is feared that his late speech in the U.
S. Senate on the subject of Cuba will pie
vent his being received, or, being received,
having a comfortable time of it. Be this a
it may, Mr Soule is sure lo distinguish him
self. Many or jour readers will undoubtedly
be glad In learn that ihe Sunbury and Erie
Railrod Company have succeeded in mak
ing a contract for Ihe entire construction of
Ihe load, and obtained a subscription of
$4,000,000 lo its slock. I nndeisland that
ihe whole negotiation has been accomplish
ed in England, through Ihe energy of our
enlerpiising townsman, Ambrose W. Thomp.
son, Esq. Observe.
Tie editor of the Cleveland Plamdcaler
Who is now Postmaster of that city, ha.
been directing an eye to Ihe pay. He give,
the following a. the result of hi. research:
"Just before Ihe close of the last session of
Congress, when the bill establishing certain
post routes, &c , was before the House, an
amendment wa. adopted, which became a
law, and which fixe, the commission of Post
masters as follows ;
On a sum not exceeding 8100. 50 per ct.
On a sum between 8100 and H00, 40 per ct.
On a sum between $400 and 52,400.35 per ct.
On a sum exceeding $2,400. " 15 per ct.
When the mail arrive, regularly between
9 at night and 5 in the morning, 60 per cent
s allowed on the first S100.
Those officers whoso compensation doe.
not exceed $500 a quarter, are allowed one
cent for every 'free' letter delivered out of
their offices, and each- Postmaster is allowed
two mills for every delivery from his office
to a subscriber of each newspaper not
chargeable wilh postage.
From Washington, April 12. The many
reports in relation to a change in Iho Cabinet
have died away. There is no foundation
whatever for them. Many of the Seuatois
left for their homes this morning.
An official despatch announcing ihe arri
val of Vice President King at Mobile, ha.
been received.
Mr. Bitchannaii has consented to accept
the mission lo England.
The Gardner Case. Hostingion, April
11. In the Gardner case a spirited discus
sion look place this morning, in consequence
of the nun arrival of Arrancois. Mexican
Consul General, at New Yoik, lo give the
concluding lestimouy for the prosecution.
The defence wishing lo proceed with their
rebutting evidense, the Court ordered thai
Senor Arrangoi. mu.t be bare to-morrow, or
he could not testify.
The Couit then at 1 o'clock, adjonrued,
and Captain Goddard wa telegraphed to
bring hi in on lo-uight.
Charleston, April II. The steamship
Isabel arrived here to-day from Havana, hav
ing sailed on the 8lh.
The live, of the political prisoner, have
been .pared. Thoy were taken to the .caf
fold and their pardon read lo I hem.
A lute Paris letter says
I have wondered how matrimonial agents
those people that advertise desirable bus
pands and wiven, comfortable settlement in
life, dowiies, and amiable tempers manage
to make both ends meet. A commissary of
police ha just arresled an extensive dealer
in thi way, and the secret has leaked out.
He advertised himself as corn doctor to all
the crowned heads, and sold patent medi
cine. He wa also an agent for marriages,
and had a fine lot of young ladies, wilh dow
ries, varying from 20,000f. to half a million.
He had upon his book, the names of da ugh
ten of members of the Academy and Senate,
of a marshal! of France, and sundry German
princes. Gentlemen that applied for wives
paid an entrance fee, and in the course of
the negotiation sundry other claims, in all a
considerable sum. When it became neces
sary lo bring Ihe affair lo a conclusion, a
quantity of faded lovette wilh a parcel of
elderly female, acting a. their mother, were
introduced, and Ihe applicant wa. only too
glad to make good hi. escape. He generally
abstained from making the swindle publio
for fear of being laughed at. The investiga
tions that have been commenced will proba
bly lead to the breaking up of all the matii
monial office in Pari.
Whiskey t Water. At a municipal
election in Louisville, Ky., last week, a ma
jority of 815 wa given in favor of licence,
for the .ale of spiriluou. liquor., and a ma
jority of 777 again! establishing city water
work. The Courier .eems to think lha,
thi vote establi.he. conclusively the faot
that whiskey is stronger than water.
Thc Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad
wa opened 187 mile, west of Pitlaburg on
Monday, Ibe Uih insi.
The business of manufacturing shirt col
lar, i. prosecuted to an extraoidinary extent
at Troy, N. Y. There area large number of
manufacturers, each of whom employ from
500 to 1500 female in thi. work, and there
are besides half a dozen factories in whioh
the article i. made by machine. One of
these ha forty and another thirty machine
constantly employed. The machine work i.
.aid to be a. good a. that done by hand.
The coal df manufacture, per dozen by ma
chine, i. twenty five cent.
The Boston Bee give, the following assu
rance of an abundance of the cool luxury in
that vicinity :
Plenty or Ice There i. no fear that ice
will not be plenty in thi. vicinity next sea
ion. It is estimated that within an area of
ten mile, of Boston there are not less than
half a million Ion. of the cool article, and of
superb quality.
John J. IlEnsTEN, to be Deputy Postmas
ter at Eastou, Northampton county, Pennsyl
vania, in place of Benjamin F. Arudl.
Henbt M. Reioart, to be Deputy postmas
ter at Lancaster city, -Pennsylvania, in place
of George W. Hummersly, resigned.
Kor Itie Siiiilniry Aincrimn.
Ml. Comfort, Shamokin twnp. J
A pul 7, 1853. J
H. B. Masser, Eq. : A few week since
a communication appeared in the '-Sunbury
Gazette" in which a list of interrogatories
were presented for me lo answer; 1 passed
them over in silent contempt, as 1 never have
acknowledged that distinguished writer my
Inquistor General, or Father ConfeFsor.
But in said "Gazette," of the 2fi h of
March last, another one nppeard dated "Rush
Maich 26ih 1853," signed 'Turn," which
would be treated with the same contempt a
the other if the writer had not stooped to
lander and falsehood, in which he says I
"with many others met at John B. Packer's
office previous lo tho opening of the Court
House door and made arraugemenls" for ap
pointing the officers disturbing the meeting,
&c. &c.
Now the fact of the matter is when we ar
rived in Sunbury, another person and myself
drove directly to Wcilzel's holl, and there
put up, and we both remained there without
leaving the house, until the Cmitt House bell
had been rung a considerable time. I was
engaged in making notes of an address which
I expected to deliver (as I had been informed
while on the road to Sunbury that I must
represent iho Shamokin township delegation.)
This said person nnd myself w.alked from
the Hotel .straight to the Court House: and
we had not seen or spoke to John B. Packer,
or any other subscription man. All of the
above 1 am well able lo prove.
I am at a loss to conceive what motive the
writer could have had lo induce him to
mingle falsehood and slander with hi. tissue
of nonsense, unless it be to raise the wind,
and induce the good people of this County to
elect him their Auditor. I am neither a
Prophet or a son of a Prophet, but I will in
form this young comet which has arisrn
above the horri.on since the Sih of lasl
March, that he may be used us a "cut' paw"
for certain purposes, but the people of this
county will elect no persons lo Ihe smallest
office in Iheir gift unless he be capable and
I contend that any person who will belie
and slander a respectable citizen, under
lalse and assumed name, am! by stratagem
endeavour to throw his guilt upon some inno
cent person in "Ruh," should be held by
the honest publio in contempt.
The day of reckoning is approaching
when many hidden things will come to light,
and "Tom" personally will appear before the
bar of hi country to answer foi hi. crimes.
As to my tenets which ha. been a subject of
to much trouble lo thi blazing comet, I can
say it is the same it ever has been and con
sonant,' I presume, with the large majority
of this County, to wit : that the Commission
er ought not to have taken stock in the
Susquehanna Railroad, without the consen
of their constituents, and then it should have
been done Jackson-like, openly and fearless.
ly ; and that a Phrenologist would pronounce
the pate of this distinguished comet deficient
of honour and veracity.
I am truly, Yours &c.
HE FIRE at Windsor Castle is said to
have destroyed a considerable portion of
I rince Allert wardrobe. I lua mut have been
inconvenient to his roval highness, unless he hnd
facilities for replenishing hiseihaustrd stock from
such a readv made ololliing establishment lik
Hockhill & Wilson's Clothing Store, No. Ill
Chesnut street, corner of Franklin Place, Philadel
Philadelphia, Nov. 6. 1852. ly. cw.
Thousands of parents who use Vermifuge
composed of Castor oil, Calomel, &c, are not
aware, that while they appear lo benefit the
patient, ihey are actually laying ihe founda
tion, (or a series of deseases, such a. saliva
tion, loss of sight, weakness of limbs, kc.
lu another column will be found the adver
tisement of Hobensack's Medicines, lo which
we ask the attention of all directly inleresle.l
in Iheir own as well as Iheir Children's health.
In Liver Complaints and all disorders arising
from those of a biliou. type, should make
use 01 me only genuine medicine, Huben
sack's Liver Pills.
SIT "Be not deceived," but ask for Hoben-
sac', worm eyrup and Liver Pills, and ob
serve that each has the signature of th
Proprietor, J. N. HOBENSACK, a none
wiawj eat v wnuiutj
I)C iHavkcto.
Philadelphia Market
April 13. 1853.
Flour and Mm. Thr. 1. ,.ik..
aemand for Hpur, with sales at 5 per bbl.,
at which bolder, are firm. Select and fan
cy brand, are held at 5 a t5.
iitc t lovr I. steady at J3,87,.
Coast MlAL Penna. is firm at 3 75 ner
Grain. Sale, of red at 113 cents, and
120 for prime White.
Kvc Sales at 81 a 82 cl. per bn.i aale. of
Southern at 61.
Cork Sale, of Penna. and Southern al
61 cent..
Oat.. Are dull at 3i ct.
Whisket. Sale, in bbl. are making at
23,o., and hhtls. at 22icts.
Baltimore Market
April II, 1151.
il0etA.lNrr-a,r of Wbe M,it 105.
rc-s tews t.r Jte
t yellow ,hB" " CU' CUl5 b6 ob''":J
We -quote Maryland Oat. .ells at 37 a
WHISKEY. Sale, of bbls., to-d.y at J
t. We quote hhd. at it ct.. 7
1 - - l , :' . m
Cos a-.
Osts. .
En lis.
Heckled Flax.
Dried Arn.ES.
New Advertisement.
raHE undersigned informs the citizen of Sua
bury and vicinity, that he has opened a 8
lect School in this place, for the instruction of
both sexes, in the various branches of learning ,
vtx: tnglun t. rammer, Ueography, Arithinati,
Astronomy, Philosophy, &c. Also tht Latin
id l.rei-lt languages.
His i crms are ;
For Common English branches $3.
" Higher ' 94.
" Languages, Latin and Greek $5.
Exercises in Composition and Declamation
every werk.
Sunbury, April 16, 1853 3t.
Aii Apprentice Wanted.
riHE Subscriber wants an Apprentice to !rn
JL the Saddlery and Harness business. Aa
industrious boy between 16 and 18 years of age,
win unu a guou situation iy applying soon to
Sunbury, April 16, 1853. tf.
FXMIE time and place for holding appeals by
the Commissioners in the several township.
anil borough in the County of Northumberland
lor ne year IB03, to wit :
ay X at Ihe House of F. Fryer, Low. Mahanoy,
May 3,
&lias K linger, Jordan.
" Geo. Smith, Jackson.
" Peter llciscl, Up. Mahanoy.
" Petrr Weikel, Cameron.
" M id. Raker, Liu Mahanoy.
" Henry Weaver, Zerbe.
" Jucob Mowry, Coal.
" C. Leisenring, Shamokin.
School House, in Rush.
" Elias Einerich, L. Augusta.
Commissioners office Sunbury and
I'pper A ugusto.
House of H. Haas for Morth'd and
" B. Fordsman, Chilisquaque.
" Mrs. Strieker, Milton.
' " Ab'm. Kissinger, Turbut.
" Isaac Krader, Lewis.
" H. J. Reader. Dataware.
May 4,
May 5,
May 6,
May 7,
May 3,
May 10,
May 1 1,
May 12,
May lit,
May 14
May 16
May 17
May 18
May 19
Mny 80
Mnv 21
Com'ssrs. Office, )
Sunbury, April 16, 1853. j
CHA8. WEAVER, Com'.rs.
Agricultural Warehouse and Sctd SUrt.
No. 194 4 Market Street,
pROUTY & MEARS' Patent Self Sharpen
ing Ploughs of all sizes, right and left hand
ed Subsoil, Side Hill and Double-Mould, Ac.,
with Steel Extending Points, Bar-Share, Beach,
and other kinds of Castings for repairing. The
r.mpcror ol llussta awarded tor the abora
Ploughs, a massive Gold Medal, valued $300.
Also Ihe U it EAT MEDAL at the World's Fair
was awarded P. &. M. Plough, No. 40. Culti
vators wilh Double-Point Polished Steel Teeth,
which can be reversed, thus getting Double Wear
of the Common Teeth. Also, cultivators of all
kinds with Steel Teeth.
Spain's Atmospheric ' Corn Planters,
t-'hurna, Turnip Drills, $4 to It,
Corn Shelters, improved tJrsnl's Patent Fan
kinds, Mills,
Hay and Straw Cutters, Garden Engines,
Hand Corn Mills, Wheal Drills,
Corn and Cob Crushers, Hora Powers and
Gedd's Improved Har- Thrashers,
rows, Mowing and Reaping
Square and A Harrows, Machines,
Horse Rakes, Chain Pumps,
Grindstones, ready hung, Cattle Ties, ,
Dirt Scrapers, Bull Rings.
Agricultural Furnaces, Patent Iron Snaths,
Ox Yokes and Bows, Grubbing Hoes,
Forks for unloading hny, Transplanting Trowsls,
Man Hay Rakes, Hay &. Manure Forks,
Bow Pins, Shovels and Spado,
Apple Parers, . Garden At Field Hoe,
Ui M utiles, Garden Rakes in variety
Mule Traps, Children's Tools,
Pruning Hook & Chis- Darling Scythes,
sels, .Snaths, wilh Patent
Saws and Scissors, Fastenings,
Iron Well Curbs, and 1'otutoe Hooks,
Zinc tubing lor Chain
Also, Horticultural Tools (of every descrip
tion,) Garden and Grass seeds, for sal at lb
lowest price, at Wholesale and Retail.
Phila. April 16, 1853. 2m.
HAVING embarked in Ihe Mercantile busi
ness on Diy own account, I take this op
portunity to thank the friends of Ihe late firm, and
the public in geueral for the liberal patronage
extended to me heretofore, and would be most
happy to see them at my new business stand, in
Ihe house formerly occupied by John Leisenring,
opposite Ihe Bank.
Northumberland, March 26, 1853. 3m
List of Jurors.
OF Northumberland County, foi IJ T.
1853. Special Court.
Sunrurv John Lyons, Thomas Robin(
Benj. K. Diehl, P, B Master.
Milton John Deivel, William Hino,
Timothy Miller, A brain. Slraub.
Delawars David Aungst, Amo S. An
. Turbut Joseph Deshler, ftobeit Msek.
CniLiMOAo.ua Peter Voraa, John Freder
ick, John Beckley, mo., Andrew Killer.
Point Henry Morgan, Adam Vaodling.
Rum Jame Eckman, Jess Weaver, Jo.
Shamokin David Kelly, Jarae Yecjin.
Urrta AvgV.TA Henrv Horns. Ikaaa
Fisher. ' '
Lowca Augusta Walter Smsm.. Dannie
Wolverion, Jacob Shipman, Solomon Mil
Uppta Maiiorot Jacob Slraseer, aen.
Littlb Mahonot Israel Duekelberger.
COAL Alexander Cahlarall. Jnanh Sin.
der. ' r '
Jordan Samuel Wit.
Cameron Benj. F. Klock.

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