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Cclcgvapjnc H'ctos
Waihjhoiok. Janoary 22. The p. p. e.'n
of Senator l)fij, Yolee, l-'ilrpatrick, Clay
and Mallnry were listened t, this morning,
by iarga audience, and produced a dee p
elTect, especially tbi) doiiitnt farewell of
Senator Mallory, who wns himself in tears
diiriiiir its delivery. When, n concluding,
he stepped from the Semite Chamber and
.hook hands with the venerabl Crittenden,
even the nltra KepuMirans seemed touched.
The Alabama di'li'i-atinn also retired frooi
the I loose, and the Kepnhlicans begin to feel
that opoo them rests thn responsibility ol
preserving the Union. Will they do it t
It m well known hern that a delegation,
headed by Mr. Mnrehead and Thuilnw Weed,
have gone tn insist npnn having a position
in the Lincoln Cabinet fur Senator Camerun.
I'tr Contra, those known as the "Governor
Chase men" bope that the. Senator will re
Itiuio i:l bin prevent position.
Two Virginia politicians have arrived here,
to aid in settling tun eecssfnn cutitroveraj
00 the basis proposed by that State.
Postmaster General Unit liaa v:rtnallj
stripped the postal arrangements of Florida,
by discontinuing the office at Peniacola.
where they have been opening letter! addrer
red to the olucers at I ort 1'ickens.
ll6H.i now thought that Jefferson lavi will
rederacy, 'president of the Southern Con
ine fourth of oextinteotnery Convention, on
Wasuinoton, Jan. 23. The speech" ol
Senator Biglem yesterday bat produced a
powerful effect, heightened by the cordial
offer of co operation by Senator Cameron.
'T'l. - .1Mnl n I.A PAnDlllniinn npA.
posed by Lion. E. Joy Morris, also finds favor
among gentlemen of all sections, it reads
xnus : .
"Art. Neitbor Congress nor a Territorial
Legislature shall niake aoy law respecting
slavery or involuntary service, except as a
vanishment for crime, butongress may pass
laws for the suppression the African slave
trade and tbe rendition fit fugitives from ser
vice or labor in the Styles."
Governor Seward has taken the initiative
with other prominent gentlemen, in getting
up a grand loangorttioo Rail, at which men
ttf all flections can bin, and dance ' all bands
rooDd." ,
Officers who bar arrived from Pensacola
tote that the su-render of the Navy Yard,
with its large ebek of provisions, was un
doubtedly planned In concert with certain
officers favoring secession. Before Lieuten
ant Slemmer left for Fort Pickens, he made
requisition for pork, bef, and other stores, of
which there was an abundance, bot be :ould
Hot obtain them.
It is considered certain bere tbat no rein
forcements will be sent to Fort Sumter or
Fort Pickens, but that the officers in com
mand at these posts will be supplied with
The noose Committee on tbe President's
Message have decided to summon witnesses,
With a View Of AflCertAinLrtv it n.Jn.
. - . n ,. vu.vvtH U U U V I
tbe iederal Government have been guilty of
Rumors are in circulation of en organized
conspiracy in the Arirsy, by which a large
portion of men and arms will be transferred
to the Southern Confederacy.
Canada is favorably disposed to unite with
the Northern States, and it is said that Mr.
Sewnrd's appointment as Secretary of State
was accepted tbat be may carry out long
cherished plans for such nn annexation.
Bai.timorb, Jan. 21. The secession of
Georgia has struck a melancholy on Mary
land. We are now at tbe mercy of Yirgiuia.
If she secedes, and uo speedy compromise is
made by Congress similar to tbe Crittenden
proposition, I have positive knowledge tbat
tbe people of Maryland are preparing, inde
pendently of Gov. Hicks, to elect and assem
ble sovereign Convention, which will cer
tainly withdraw this State from the Union
before Mr.Lincoln's ioanguration. I speak
with certainty. The Marylanderg pray for
pvace, but wil not part from Virginia.
Intelligent Virginians, who are from vari
ous districts of their State men anxious for
Union, tell me nothing but speedy Congres
sional concessions cao preveot tbat State
from seceding. If Maryland and Virginia
tocedo before tbe 4tb of March, civil war will
be inevitable.
It Is now norferstood that Governor Hicks
will promptly call a Convention, if Virgiuia
retires from the Union.
Narlh Carolina.
IIalkioit, Jan. 22. Tbe prospects of
calling a State Convention by the Legislature
- were rendered more doubtful today, on
account of a disagreement among the mem
bars as to the time of holding It. One party
eing for hasty and the other for deliberate
Minn. The Senate has agreed to the 21t
d.Fubroary as tbe day for electing delegates
web date will be likely to kill tbe bill on the
thiyj reading.
'e bill was debated in the House to day,
bat q action was taken npon it.
Noth Carolina will preve conservative,
but uo submissive. Everybody will be for
fecestioe when it may become necessary.
Southern Steamer at Xtw York.
Naw Yoai, Jan. 22. Thirty-eight cases of
munnen, containing two dozen each, together
with a qnantity of ball and powder, were
seized Indiy by tbe police, on the steamer
.Monitcttin, wuicn was about to sail for
Firtv (mips arrived at Fort Hamilton
from West Point to-day,
PaovioKK, R. I.. Jan 22. Tbe Senate
to-day repealed the "personal liberty lull'' ol
tbe (State by t vole of 21 yeas to 9 nays.
Hank Coinrn.sxioner report nioely savings
banks io operation in that State. Tin
amount of oitney deposited in- these bankr
oo the last ay of October was forty five
milliou Dfty fdur thousand two hundred and
thirty-five dollars, ao increase from the pre
vioos year of five million ail hundred and
twenty-nine tlousand eight hundred and
seventeen dolltra. Tbe increase of deposits
during tbe lasf ten years has been thirty-one
million three hundred and ninety-four tbou
Siod two hundred as eleven dollars. Daring
the last two years the gain has been eleven
million one hundred end thirty dollars.
Goi.n. A solid cake of gold, worth nearlv
$50,000. has been told to the Dnk or New
South Wales, and tbe quarts reef from which
it was obtained will, it i animated, produce
6I50,0o0 a year fur many years to cum.
H. B. MASSER, Editor and Proprietor.
To Anmiiut The circulation of the Bvnaiisv
HniilfK smonf tha different lownton the Putqnehaniia
hi not cieaeited, If equalled by any paper patiliahed in
Northern Pfttinavlvaiitit.
8? For Kent A house end let in Market
street, Nnnbary. Apply at this office.
sale at this ofUce, several certificates of
scholarship on reasonable terms.
tar Vai.I!ntJ!r Hahric Friuno, jr.,
has received and opened a fine assortment of
sentimental and eomic Valentines.
fjT L. II. Wilson or Milton, has been
appointed Notary Public, by Gov. Packer.
te Corn is selling for fourteen cents a
bushel, io Macomb, III., potatoes fifteen, and
wheat fifty cents a bushel.
f3T Lost On Tuesday afternoon, a gents
breaBtpin with chain attached.' The finder
office; "herally rewarded by leaving it at this
63T A bill has been introdaced fn
(Bture by Mr. Hays of Union county, to pro
vide for the appointment of no additional
Judge of the Supreme Court.
a Rbidino and Columbia Railroad
At tbe ennual meeting of the stockholders
of this Company In tbe city of Lancaster, a
committee was appointed to make a contract
for bnilding tbe road. Tbe stock has nearly
all been sobscribed.
0- Stephen Baldy, Esq., or Cattawissa.
hag received the appointment from Governor
Packer to fill the vacancy as Associate Judge
ror Columbia county, occasioned by the de.
miee or Judge Kline.
0"Convocatiok. A number of the clergy
connected with the Protestant Episcopal
Charcb, have bad a convocation meetine in
this place, during tbe past week. Their pro
ceedmgs and services were conducted in 8t.
Matthews' Church:
HT Gas. Tbe Lewisburg Chronicle com
plains of the poor quality or gas in that place,
and says some or the consumers threaten to
secede rrom the concern. On the other band
our Milton neighbors are delighted with their
gas wotks, which has given satisfaction from
the start.
. f3F Ic A number or our citizen have
been engaged tbe past week in filling their
ice houses. The crop, this year, is not so
heavy, bot very good Ice about five inches
thick la abundant, and that is thick enough
for any purpose. We should like to see some
enterprisiog man put op a public ice house.
It will psy and pay well.
Tbe speeches or tbe seceding denators, on
retiring rrom the Senate, will be found under
tbe bead of Congressional news. They will
be raad with interest.
CF" Farmers' ITioh ScnooL. We ere in
debted to some one for a copy or the Cata
logue and Report or the Farmers' Qigb
School or Pennsylvania, for the second An
nual Session ; rrom which we learn tbat tbe
whole number or Students at this this time
in the Institution, Is 110, being 0 less than
tbe number entered io 1859.
t3T Lboaluinq tub Suspknsion. A bill
is pending io the Legislature, providing for
a resumption or specie payments by tbe
uanits ol tbe Commonwealth oo tbe second
Monday or February, 1861, and relieving all
institutions with banking privileges from the
penalties iucurred by suspension oo the 19th
of November last.
HT Dickinsok Collbc. Fears are enter
taiuad in respect to the continued existence
of Dickinson College, t'.nosylvania. Tbat
institution loses ber charter wb (Qa nam.
ber or students does not exceed nioety ; au
should those from tbe South secede, as tbey
threaten, tbe number will be reduced below
this standard.
Printir's Festival. Fraoklin's birth day
was celebrated at Heading, Io a becoming
manner by tbe Printers, &c, ot tbat place,
oo tbe 17th iost. Mr. Kesslot, oftbe-Adler
presided, and friend Getz, or tbe 'Gazette,'
wus tbe orator of the day. The Printers of
old Berks, are some pumpkins. Although it
baa beeo common to prate about the stolidity
ef old Berks, there are few coooties io the
State where the Preis is better appreciated.
NIA Railroad The people or South Caro
lina have virtually destroyed Charleston as a
shipping port, and the trade that has hitherto
found its way there now seek oew outlets.
Heretofore large quantities or cottoo were
eot from Memphis to Charleston by the
Memphis and Cbarlestoo Railroad, and from
Charleston it was sent North by sea. This
cotton now goes up the Mississippi and the
Ohio rivera to Pittsburg. From Pittsburg
it is brought east oo tbe cars of tbe Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company,
C3T Si'K u.Goid and Silver is still com
ing in from Europe, in addition to the regular
receipt from California. This great influx
of coin is becoming burdensome to the backs
iu our cities, and yet the banks io this State
are suppoaed to be io state of suspension,
and have actually incurred tbe penalty or tbe
forfeiture of their charters.
This state or things shews, tbe suicidal and
shorj sighted policy of tbe Philadelphia
Banks io forcing the country Banks into
state or suspension against their Interest
and agaiust their inclinations. If the city
banks, which caused thi slate of thing,
could be puoished without injury to tbe eooo'
try banks, it would, perhaps, be advisable to
snake them suffer some of the paios aod pea
allies or suspension.
V .iv""
iKSMr i fewer"
OfR RATIO A L ArFAtft II Tilt IB0"
There hat been some exciting debate In
oor Stat Legislator, on the subject of oor
national tronbles. Mr. Boond, oer new Sen
ator, made his debut Io a speech on thi ub.
ject. which bat beeo highly complimented a
a successful efiort. Mr. Booad I ao able
debater, and ha the necessary qualification
te make himsulf useful and influential mem'
ber, matter or no small importance to this
community. Mr. Boond Is io favor of coer
cive measures In reducing the Southern Stale
into ubmissioond is, pcr&epa, litlU too
radical In bis view In regard to cenciliation,
concession and forbearance, in opholding the
ondoabted right or the north.
Tbe speech or Mr. Clymer, the new Sena
tor from Old Berk on th same subject, I
also commended as most liberal and patriotic.
Io tbe House Wm.H. Armstrong, Esq.,
(Republican) or Lycoming, introduced a series
or resolution on tbe eubject of our nation
al difficulties, which are not only liberal and
patriotic, bnt which he supported io a speech
able and eloquent. Mr. Armstrong, though
be denies that the Constitution carries slave
ry Into the territories, Is willing for the sake
or peace to concede a portion or our ternto.
riea to the Sontb, for tbat purpose
We also notice with pleasure a spirited and
able speech of nnr young friend Henry G. l.eia
enrinR, Esq.. or Philadelphia, on this subject, and
also In defence ot his con stituents. It is not
many years since Mr. I.eienrin left Northum
berland as apprentice to the punting business in
Philadelphia, of which great city he is nowene of
its moat alileanJ worthy representatives.
Til R STATE or.kAlltl
..The Senate by a vote or thirty six to six
j .... ""V.the House bill ot last sessioa
admitting Ran,,.. . . .l
to- ... the Union under tbe
neiiiuunn. Uu footj
with the other States. Thus ao act or juvo.
long delayed has been at last accomplished.
Tbe boundaries or the State of Kansas,
under the act just passed'are reduced to ex
tent nearly one-hair when compared with the
dimension or Kansas onder her former terri.
torial limit. The new State is about four
hundred miles long from tbe Missouri line.
Tbere is a barren tract beyond, about 300
mile io extent, which includes the Pjke's
Peak country, and which it has been hereto,
fore proposed to erect into tbe Territory of
Another soldier or the Mexican war his
departed. Oo Wednesday last, the remains
of Dr. Clarence II. Frick, late a Captain io
the Second Regiment or Pennsylvania Vol
unteers, who served io Moxico, were interred
at Danville, with military and masonic hooors
Capt. Frick commanded the Company of
Volunteers from Danville during the late war
with Mexico. When the Company left Dan
ville for the soat or war, he held the post of
First Lieutenant, aod en tbe death or Capt.
Wilson, shortly alter the arrival or th Com
pany in Moxico, be succeeded to the com
mand or tbat body as Captain. Tbe Company
onder bis command, distinguished themselves
oo numerous occasions during tbe war, and
the grand reception or the Company at Dan
ville, oo their return borne, is ao event tbat
will not be soon forgotten by those who were
present and witnessed the ceremonit.
Captain Frick, like many others victim
of tbat war, though he escaped tbe danger,
or battle and tbe perils that constantly beset
tbe soldier, returned with shattered health
and a constitution, not natnrolly robust,
greatly impaired. To this, not long after, was
added paralysis, which rendered bliu an inva'
lid during the remainder or bis life.
Io stature, Captaio Frick wag small, per
haps not over 5 feet 4 inches io height, but
be possessed the confidence or bis Company
and commanded tbe respect or all who knew
him. He leaves a wifo and three children,
and a large circle of relatives aod friend to
mourn bis departure hence,
The whole country appear to be flooded
with lottery circulars, aod the continuous and
persistent efforts or these rascally ticket ven
der seems to indicate no little success, and
a tbere never will be a time when "tbe fools
are all dead" tbey will cootioue to flourish.
One or the last communications received froai
one or these villans, contains the following :
"Many a poor man has beeo, through es,
uddenly raised from a life of struggling bard
ship to one of wealth, luxury aod splendor,
'lti same chance is open to you by tbe ex
penditure or u,, trjfliDg ium 0- $io, ,Bd ir
yoo will only once v., yoor lack io 01lr 10t.
terv yoo will, there le f.Uw Houbt, suddenly
find yourself a rich man." '
To this is added an offer, and of coure itiba,
to all, tbat ir tbe bolder or tbe ticket does
not draw at least $5,000 tbey will send ao
other package io ao extra lottery, free of cost.
Such bold-faced fraud aod self-evident villainy,
one would think could deeeive no one posses
sing ordinary intelligence.
(3T Boon Jewei.rt. Tbe operator io
bogus Jewelry are not extinct, and ootil tbe
"fools are all dead" never will be. A tbey mu
tually sustain each other, accordingly we find
among o almost every month some itinerant
vender of brass wares, called jewelry, who
proposes to give to each Johnny Raw wbo
patronizes biro, good watch for $1 or jewel
ry for one-tenth its value. The venders of
this trash do not pretend to explain how tbey
can make money by giving away their trio,
kets, bot doubtless argue tbat thi it a free
country, and tbat tbey bave right to cutch
gudgeons even with a pin book ir they can
tnaoage to do so. Tbat tbey are too frequent
ly successful, especially when they fish Io
shallow water with gilded bait, is too evi
dent to be denied and is paiofully luggestive
or the gullibility of human nature.
fjr Cameron County, oamed after Senator
Cameron, in tbe northwestern region of
Pennsylvania, ha, after some delay, been
duly organized. It is formed out of part or
M'Kaan. Potter aod Elk counties, with gulp
peo as the eoooty seat.
The New York Tribune asya. th Hon. Jam
McQuade ef Ulica a gentleman left out of the
present LegUlalure of this Hut. f bis too teat
eminence in the last one, ia no fool after all.
Hare ia hi last good thing tbat we bave beard
"One ihing i aetlled. Greeley Is to ge into
the Cabinet. He is to be the Secretary of the
Eilerior his rrinriil dim i bk k.
ihrrmomeler and 111 how cold it is out there."
Senator SewarJ, while makin hia speech, waa
lial-ned to by nearly every 8outhern Hanator
with profound attention, Mr. Crittenden being
frequently In tears, and most of the Foreign
Ministers were present, and appeared deeply in
terested, net only in the delivery of the speech.
but Id several instances were anxloua, etter Mr.
Seward concluded, Io Vjiow of Senators how they
viewed his positions, and if they would probably
heat the difficulty. The Russian Minister was
among the nufbher. The families or nearly all
the Senators and Cabinet officers were present,
and so gieat was the amicty to hear the great
New York statesman, eilravagant prices were
offered to the varioua doer-keepers to obtain ad
mission. Some ef hia periods were delivered
With the deepest feeling, and produced upon
8enator a and the spectators In the galleries tbe
most intense svmpathies with the orator.
CP" East Pennsylvania Railroad Cob
pant. The Stockholders of thi Company
bnld their Annual Meeting oo tbe 14tb iost.
at their office io Reading.
Tbe Annual Report shews that the total
earnings or the year ending, November 20tb,
18C0, are as follows :
$21,480 74
United States Mail,
Express, Ac,
64,154 07
l.fiOO 00
1,739 38
$98,874 19
50,362 23
Leaving nett earnings, 48,511 96
Interest on loan t( $600 000 secur
ed by mortgage at 7 per ceat. 42.000 00
Leaving a balance of
J0.D11 96
The whole expenditure or cost of
road, depots, telegraph, equip
ments, Ac, up to tao 30th of
November, amounted to $1,098,62 78
Tbe road has been well managed under its
efficient President Edward M. Clymer, who
bB been re-elected.
The next qnestinn before the Light Street
Lyceum is : -'Should the aged claim more
regard than the youDg V'Bloumsburg lie
publican. C3T Tbat would depend very much io what
sonse tbe word "regard" is used. If it is
the same kind of regBrd that young men have
for a pretty faced young girl, then tbe ques
tion is easily solved. The aged may claim,
but the operation or the statute ot limitations
io such cases, is almost conclusive against
C The Bloomsbna Republican says, the
following is a verbatim copy of an estray no
tice recently posted up in Montour township:
A calf, red. lie had a white spot on his
behind leg, be was a she calf and i wil giv to
every boddy hu wil kotch bim and briug her
borne thre dollars.
jennuhry 7, 1861.
An Intolerable Niisintr- Tun
Town Cinch- ' JiKiaces tbe Belfry of the
Court House, io Blnomsburg, so says Col.
Tate, wbo wishes it back among tbe New
York Yankees.
The latest news from Charleston la not very
important. A boat from Fort Sum iter at night
was ftred into, and returned. The object, per
haps, was desertion
Mr. Treadwell of New York, had placed in
the hands or Chief Justice Taney, an affidavit,
charging Toombs, Cobb, Floyd and others,
with treason, but the paper wss returned.
The Taruf Bill of Mr. Morrill, pawed by
the House, last session, am) which was looked
upon as dead and burled io tbe Senate, waa'
called op by Gen. Cameron, and referred to
a special committee, with instruction to
report oo Wednesday, the 30th iost.
Sr?RANTON CoalTradr. Wa received nn
the 1st or the month, from Jos. J. Albright,
General Coal A gent, at Scraoton, a summary
or the coal trade of that region. Tbe ship'
ment for tbe past year, were 1,080,228 tons,
being ao increase or 25C.000 tons over 1859.
Beside this 79,646 tons were nsed by tbe
Scraotoo Iron work.
Last Wkuk to St'BscnmK. "Palstaff
Mustering bis recruits," the finest lioe engra
viog ever executed io America.
"Sbakspeare and his Friends," published
originally at $20 io England, and purchased
by the Association for their subscribers
"The Village Blacksmith."
"Manifest Destiny." together with the
Cosmopolitan Art Journal, one of the best
illustrated quarterlies ever issued, and
chance in tbe award of Premiums of over 500
handsome pieces of Statuary and Paintings
some or which are valued at large sums Of
money, and all possessing high artistic merit
at iue low price oi vnree dollars.
KaH subscriber cao take hia choice ef
the above pictures fur three dollars, or any
two lor five dollars. Tbe above pictures cao
only be procured by subscribing to tbe Asso
ciation. Only a few days more to subscribe
before the drawiog, which takes place Io
New York, January 31st, 1861.
II. B. Masker, Agent.
'A a bright example to those who sit io
stolid indifference amidst tbe ruins of tbe
country, we point to tbe patrioticstand taken
io tbe Senate of tbe United States, yesterday,
by General Cameron. The loyal heart of
Pennsylvania has at length found utterance
from both her Senators. Tbe Crittenden
resolution being before tbe Senate, Gover
nor ttigler made ao earnest and effective ap
peal io favor of submitting ameodaieot to
the Constitution tn the people ; at the cen
closioo or wbicb, Geoeral Cameroo arose io
bis place, and Baid tbat bis colleague bed elo
quently represented tbe sentiments of the
great Slate, in offering tbe olive branch ; tbat
tbe Senator oo tbe other aide bad not re
ponded, bot tbat, nevertheless, the people
or i'eooej Irani would do anything te save
the Union.
Id response to question from Senator
Green aod lvenoo, General Cameron added
that be approved of Governor Bigler' speech
and would vote vote for kit peace proposition!
y it' V!lla ' ceuniry. Tbi passage
in tbe debate evidently produced profound
impression, and it clearly lost none of it
force by the manly and just reproof adminis
tered by General Cameroo to Masoo, of VU
gluia, who interjected one of bi character
istically impertinent speeches into tbe die
discossioo. W agree with Mr. Saolsbory,
of Delaware, wbo (aid tbat Senator Cameroo
bad manifested spirit of patriotism aod de
votion to the couutry that .11 might imitate.
. kila. Inquirer, of th 22i in.
Should Virginia Join Southern Confede-
racv. the north weatarr nart m .....i. i..
her and remain with lb North.
i.ATrn sinv Fitovi Ei-norr.
lioarbuf Contjiirnrif at A'd'fts ( 'unimvi'i
lions in Hungary.
New York, Jan, . The steamer Blarnlhmt
ha arrived, with Liverpool dates to the Rth Inal.
I he Daily rew. In enan-eraling the reason
aaaigned for the actio of tbe Bank ef England,
"The Dank of France (a in en Onratiafactory
position, the effect of tbe American panic having
relatively been quite a much felt in Franca aa I
in England 1 here is also the Tact that the re
serve of notes In the Bank of England, by last
relerns, showed a falling off of upward of a
million pounds The news from America is
aupposed te have had the chief' influence in the
hank parlor en Monday the impression being
that further geld abipinents would be made to
New York during the week."
The Herald's Paris correspondent, spesking
of the military preparations, say Ihst by the mid
dle of Febuary. or, at furthest, at the beginning
of March, France will posaesa an army of 140,.
000 men, ready to march at a few hours' notice.
Besides, the Imperial Guard, representing a corps
d'armee of 40.000 men, is kept on a war footing.
In addition, mine 400,000 men lemain under
arms, imbrigaded, in the vaiona garris ona of the
The Daily News ef the 8th announces that
the French Government have offered to withdraw
their squadron from Gaeta, provided the Italian
army will suspend their fire till the ISth or 19th
instant, after which.it is understood, the Sardin
ians can epen the bombardment from the sea.
A conspiracy formed by the Bourbon partv.
but without anv inn pot In nee, hd been discovered
at Naples. Four Koyalilt Generals had been
arrested, with some of Kin Francis II, who hsd
come from Gaeta.
The Turin journals publish a tetter trom Gari.
baldi, in which he doiiouutes any intention of
offering himself as a candidate for tbe post of
Deputy to the Italian Parliament, and ailvisrs
concord, in order to arrive at the deliverancic of
Icauiugs Ctiltorinl anb Sc(cttci).
The new depot of thj Lackawanna nd
Bloomeborg Railroad, at t'anville, has been
completed. It is large, convenient, airy and
comfortable. 1
Two of Toombs' familj servants traded
from him jnit before be I. -ft Washingtool
thus "dissolving their Uno."
Lyman Trumbull. III., is re elected to the
U. 8. Senate from Illinoik
Tbe nnmber of hog slaughtered at Louis
villa and vicinity this setson is 194,791.
Abnot 40,000 less than last year.
The Charleston (S. C.) Courier says :
"The removal or many excellent families
from the capital is regrettta, bot nobody pro
poses to stop them from mlnaging their own
domestic affairs in their owi way."
Carolina's Mkrcf.sariir. Most of the
3.000 troops under arms It Charleston, are
Northern men, and tbey a dissatisfied with
the system of bard fare and forced enlistment
Corn for Fl-ki Corn slls for twelve and
a half cent per bushel in Illinois, and coal
for fifteen to seventeen, Boon bushel of corn
gives more heat than one of loal.
Porsvm Messrs. McCe and Ballon
agreed to settle their claims Vj a fair lady of
Carthage, TeDD., with pistols. McCall fell at
the first fire. Ballon lied foriver. McCall
arose and called for the lady. '
Large Citiks There are Gftseven cities
in tbe world which contain from 100.000, to
200.000 inhabitants, twenty-three, from 200
0C0 to 5000, ond twelve which coUain above
Toioii Job r0, A Doi.LARWilliam
Richards, recently, carried Jerome Stevens
opon bis back from Ayer's Village, H.gs., to
Haverhill, a distance of five miles for a d.Ur
Stevens weighed 140 pounds, and the tir,e'
occupied was two hours and twenty minutes.
A tourist calls the Niagara river "tbe
pride of rivers." Tbat pride certainly bos a
tremendous fall, says some one else.
Why does a sailor know there i a mm in
tbe moon ? Because be ha been to sea.
Soi-rce or Uneasiness. A Charleston
letter writer says : "Disguise its yoo mav,
the South Carolinian know tbat a long as
the stars and stripe float over the beads of
tbe brave Kentuckian ( A nderson) and his two
hundred men, tbeir act, the secession of
Sooth Carolina, ia virtually unachieved. "
Coldest Ykt. At 8 A. M.orSnnday last
Prof. James of Lewisburg found bis staudurd
thermometer standing at 27 below zero, or
5JO lower than be has known it in his obser
vations during many years. Tbe average
cold during the day was also the most Severn
be bas on bis record bere. l.eicisbury
Chronicle, IBthinst.
Division of Soctii Carolina Annexed
is an extract of a letter dated at Savannah :
"Execute the orders ; remittances will be
made previous to your shipment. The great
rivalry between this city aud Charleston is at
ao end. Savannah is triumphant; Charles
ton is commercially dead. It will take
twenty years before she can recover her
former position. 1 regret to say that Geor
gia bas, io a measure, invited South Carolioa
to seceJe, tbiokiog thereby to ruin her rival
io trade. Tbe trader of our city have for
warded funds to South Carolina to keep up
the excitement. All tbat we want i about
nioety day more of tbe trade of tbe North
aud Earope, then we will divide South Caroli
na between thi State and North Carolina,
giving tbe latter Slate the port of George
town and Cbarlestoo. Sooo many of the
Charleston traders will locate themselves in
tbi city. Business very active ; real estate
Jim. slave of Mr. Ponder, of MlccoauVie, Fla.,
having been whipped by hia everseer, Mr. Res
gina, approved an .j him jn ,pp(,ren,T
pleaaant humor on New Year . A inin,..
diately picked up an axe, dashed in m. .tn
then with a sharp knife, cut his throat from ear
to ear, anj ripped open hia bowels. After the
murder, he went to Mr. Ponder, and informed
him wbat he had done, expressing his willingness
to be hung, in which he was accommodated in a
few hour by a committee of twenty-five slave
holder. He declared that he had walked twenty
five miles for the purpose of committing the
Stkreotti-inq Wooden Furniture It i
aid that ao artist ic Pari bas made a dis
covery which will effect a complete revolution
io the manufacture of cabinet work. He has
found a means of rendering any description
of wood so loft tbat it will receive an imprei
sion either ol the moat varied sculpture or tbe
most delicate chasing. The wood I tben
hardened to tbe consistency of metal, while
the impressions remain perfect. Tbe artist
baa already completed some tplecdid sculp
tured article, such picture-frmei, ink
stands, chests, aod liquor-stands. With tbe
Introduction of thi new art, it ia expected
that article of household furriture will be
considerably reduced io price.
Poison and iti Rimsdt A medical jour
oal advises that ir a person swallows poison
deliberately, or by chance, instead or break
log out into enultudinou aod ioooberent ex
clamation, send some one for doctor.
Meanwhile, ron to tbe kitcheo, get hair a glass
of water io anything that i baody, put it
ioto a teaspoooful of salt, aod a much ground
mestaid, stir it ao instant, catch a firm bold
or the person's nose, tbe mouth williooa fly
opeo iheo dowo with tbe oiix tore, aod io a
lecond or two up will come tbe poison. Tbi
will answer better io a large Dumber of case
tbao anything else. U, by tbi time, tbe
physician he oot arrived, make the patient
wallow tbe white of o egg, followed by a
cup of stroog coffee, a antidote for oey
poison tbat remaio io th Itamaeh. hreanaa
these purify a larger number of poisons tbau
07 ether acceisiliU article. '
rr.sinT BrriMt n's Ortmo ov tri
Chiv i i. The Wahtnttiin correspondent ol
Col. Furtietr's I'rea esvs I I he it from good
authority tbat at the lite interview between the
President and Mr. Hsyiie, Commissioner from
Mouth Carolina, lb former, after listening to all
the latter had to say, answered bim in the follow
ing marked langusge t "Welt air, I bave been
ao misrepresented by gentlemen frem your State
that I decline holding any conversation with any
man from South Carolina. Keturn to your lodg
ings, write out your proposition, whatever they
e', and I will answer lUera in writiug. I bid
yon good day, sir."
AeriMRT. On FriJay morning last, a Mr.
Jas. Johnsan from near Notthumbcrland, was
turning the corner at Sticker's Hotel on Front
street, with two horses attached to a sled, in
which were three women and the same number
of children, Mr. J. lost his balance and fell nut of
tbe Mled. He waa dragged a considerable dis
tance in the endeavor to stop the horse.
Tbe Raleigh standard report more expul
sions from Booth Carolina. It say i
"We laaro that oo Tuesday morning last
some eight or nine persons passed through
this place on their way north from Sooth
Carolina, io charge or Adams' Express, with
their heads shaved. We tnderstand these
persons presented a forlorn appearance every
way. Tbey said tbey were served thus on
account of their Union sentiments, but this
cannot be trne. 1'bey most have used somr
expressions against tbe institution of slavery."
Thr IitRr.rRF.3srm e Conflict Rumors
are in circulation tbat a very angry discussion
took place yesterday, at Mr. Corcoran's, be
tween Lieutenant-General Scott and Senator
Toombs. The story is, that the Senator
gave the General the lie direct, aod that
"Old.Chapoltnpec" faced the music, and at
tempted to resent the insult by punishing
the would be traitor on the spot. Friends
interfered, note have beeo exchanged, and
the whole matter has beeo ' amicably aetlled."
So goes the gossip.
Proceedings of Borough Council,
Si'nburv, January 16, 1861.
Council siet pursuant to notipe. Chiff Huria in the
rhatr, tnemiiera preiml: Hendricks, Kuhrhach, Bo) cr,
blr,.h, Kettlemnrrr, Urautand Parker.
hi motion, readme of minutra wera rltspenaed with.
The committee t settle wila Ira T. t-leinant, repurteil
that Ihey hud altenrlrd tn that rtuty. That alter ehaigmg
Mr. Clement with Wharf and Ferry Rent, mnrtrya re
ceived from Overaeeia of the Poor, taxes, A:e., and giving
him credit H itn Hnreuph Oiitrrr, the amount ol his two
judgment! (one npniutt tSe Overaerra of the Poor and
the other asHiunt the buperviaor,) we find a lmlniire In
his favor of Jlfl Ho, and further, that Ml . Clement hud
with your cominlttre aitited an aereemeut, that Ihettt
tteineut wnn correct nnd agreed to it. provided an order lie
granted for tjie stiid amount anJ cashed before paying any
other order.
tin motion, the report was adopted and committee dia.
On motion of Mr. Grant, Resolved, That an older lie
printed tn Ira T. Clement for the amount of hia cl'iirn.aud
that the Treasurer be directed tu pay hia order before
poyiugnny other.
On motion of Mr. Bnyer, tteanlved. That aa Ira T.
Clement in the mnnth of February Inst, hid a large sum f'r
the Putibuty Ferry, with the intention of towing bnars.
.e.. ncrnM the river, but was interfered with by other
persona, and hia dmigaa thus defeMtrd, a deduction of one
qunrter rent be made to him receiving the aum of l y7 AO
us full puy for the rent of the ferry fur lha year ending,
April In, mi.
On motion of Mr. Pucker, Rriolvcd. That a committee
of three he appointed by the Chief Rurgeia In settle with
all the partiea leaiing wharvea, Ac., fioin the ln.rouc.ri,
and to collect the aniouuta due, aud thut the Chief itur
gene he nneof that committee.
On mot i. hi. Mr. Packet, waa egcued,cii account of
aickucaa, for nl.genre at lait meeting.
TheChief flurgeas appointed, Parker, Royer and Hen
dricka, a committee to carry out resolution offered by Mr
Packer at meeting of Jauuarr 3d, relative tn !harrH.kin
Valley Pottiville Plnil Road Co., tensing Hirer Rank.
Atiaeuteea J. W. Ranter, Frnneia Jno. Clark, Win. I..
Dewartand C A. Rright, fined l each.
Cn motion adjnuined, JNO. W. BL'CIir.R, Clerk.
TfW""- . a 1 1,
Shamokiu Coal Trade.
SiiAMOhi.N, Jan. 19. 1 PC I.
tons. cwt.
Sent for the week ending Jan
nary 19th. 2f7.1 01
Per lost lVport, 4,93f 06 .
.808 10
.Oil 01
757 09
To same time last year,
The Northern Central Railway. 1
The arrival of Pastcnger Trains on the North- ;
ern Central Kail KoaJ from Sunbury, ia aa ful- '
ows : I
itaiviL. MtrisTrss
4.MP. M, 5,00 p. M
P.43 A M , ii.MI A. M
Id M 1'. M., 1 1, flu P M
3, A. M , 3.40 A M.
Mail Train, North,
" " South,
Ni,ht Kxpreaa, North,
' ' South,
Sunbury ti Erie Railroad. j
The arrival and departure nf Paasengcr Tiaius nn the '
Sunbury it lirie Kailroad at this place, ia aa follows : '
Arrival. Departure. !
Mail Train. Nnh, 4.3 P. M., il.no P M I
' " S.uft, .A.M., S.iOA.M.!
Night Kspieaa, North, IO..VI P. 11.00 P M '
' South. 3,SA. at., a.tli A.M.
Freight and Accom., North, 7 ot) A M i
" " " South, ,00 P. M. " ' 1
The Shomokln Valley and I'otlerilie Railroad.
I'aaaenger train leavea Suntnirv at . COflAM. '
" " " Ml. fara'iel. . . 4 .30 P M . j
Tut Eicitlmrxt Priwo Oct. Secession!
seem to be gelling at a discoun!, even at the',
South. The fxlreniirta have been snuhhed liy j
tlu ir brother Southerners, and runervative peo- ;
plr. in both soetion of th country sre gaining; j
pint and courage. We are glad to aee the .
clouds in the political sky dispelling, and aun- '
shine breaking through, and we hope soon to :
see peace and prosperity exerting a blesaed in- '
llucnce throughout the land ; while people from '
the North, tbe goulh, the East and West, flock I
to the Old Keystone and procure their garments .
at the famous brown Ktone Clothing Hall of
Kockhill cV Wilson. Nos.603 and 605 ohesiaut ,
street, above (Sixth. j
Coi'uiis The sudden changes of ourTli-I
mate are sources of Pulmonary Krom'uiai. !
and Asthmatic Affections. Experience !
having proved that simple remedies often act j
speedily and certainly when taken in tbe '
early stages of tbe diseases, recourse shoold i
at Altrn ha hnrl t o Hfj..,,n-. r. , ,
. . .... " uiv'tfi, jwr fsrit runt
V rnches," or Lozenges, let tbe Cold, Cough,
Irritation of the tbroat be ever so slight,
as by t"-TreautioD a more serious attack
may be effectu..,, . , off ,
bntAKKRS and ehmirks will boo iUu, ..",.
al for clearing and strengthening the voice.
See advertisement.
Nol dangernua to the Human Family."
'-Ituta eouie out of their hnlea to die."
COPTAR'8" Rat Roach, Ae., Kxternuuatur
TOSTAHtei Hcd biiK Fltermniator
"COSTAR'S" fcitnc Powder, lor luaecta, as.
DBaiaoia instantly.
Rats Roaches M iot Moles Giound Mice Ded-Buca
Anu Motha Moaquitoes Fleaa Inaerta on Planta,
t owla, Animal 0., Ac. ia abort, every form and spe
Cleaof VERMIN. r
10 yeara eetauliahed in New York City used by the
City Poat Office the City Pnaona and Putiou llnuaea
the City Steamer, r aipa, tta. the City Hotel.. "A tot,"
'St. Nicholas," Ac. and by mora than au.ouo private
tr Drupelets and Retailers everywhere sell lliem.
t-Who.aala A rail, in all th. airs. Citua aud Towna,
ir ! ' ! anwiii ! ! ! of apunotia imitalioiia.
171.00 Hampla Boxes anil by Mail.
tST Addreaa ordera-or for'-Cin-ular to Dealer." to
. HENRY R. COMTAK. Principal Dep..
SU Broadway, (opposite Ht. Nicholas Hotel,) N
Bold by FRIUNO k ORANT, Bunbuiy, Pa.
April SI, Istk). '
lteligioiis Notices.
Divine eervic will a bald every BabUta in tkia Bo
lough aa follow. :
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. North west eornaf o.
I1la. kb.iry and Imi strou, Rav. J. 1. Rsakpon, Paator
Divina service every eVibhuta al I0J A.M. Praytr et
ina; cw Thursday evening. Al Norieomberlanc!, ia Old
Pchnnl Piaabytaruu Church, at! o'clock, P. At., every
eornei M Hivar aod Blaekbarry alraeta, Rev. J W. "rvift
HiTs, Pastor. Divin amice, alternately, every eanbatk
at 10 A.M. and 6J P.M. Ptayar mating oo Friday
even ing.
atraat below B V . P. Rail Read, Rev. P. Riaaa, Pastor
Divine aorviee, alumauly, every gahhath al 10 A. A! and
i P. M. Piayar aaeatug on Wadneeday availing.
METHODIST EnaeoraL CHl'RCH DewtMwry atrwi
was ef 8 A E Rail Road, atav. E. Be t lib ao i. P.
SwtMll, Pasuwe. Divine aerv4c. Alternately, vervftab
lu'h at icj A M anJ S) P. SI. I r.;.r nesting ea Thurs
ta.) eveiii.ig.
M A O E S .
J? Iw'b"B. "the 10th Inst., by iTer
1, A- F,njV Mr- TrIOJIA 8HOMAKER to Mis
II a rrirt Gobin, all or Lewisburg.
Oo the 10th lost., by Ttev. A. J. Pric.
Mr. Isaiah Olovkr. or Newport, Perry co.
Io Mis Ansi M. Khoadh, of Selinsgrove
fro!. .A m W,,L,',r- Ki inp, of Kline,,
grove, to Miss Maooir. daughter of Denni
ship ' q" f Upir A8U8' town"
On tbe 10th inst .hy David Rea.er Kso
Alvxaiidxr Fox. to Kaah Ann Cans
On tbe 101b inat., by James D. Barr. K,n
Major Jakm B. B.ass, of Monc t; M T
Oo tbe same day, by the same, Capt. Jorr-r
Burrow., or Muocy. to Mi.. 0,,
8.NTDKR, orLewi township, Northumberland
nTvSd J? ,.ar,.Uh
"ears ,urbut township, aged 67
THBAl!l'vp "r r9 r.4lh 8U M ARY CA
THARINE, wife or Henry Filer, io the 23 J
yeer of her age.
Io Salem twp., Lnwrne eo-.ntv, ori u
2ith of December, 16G0, DAM ", 1 p
WAItn, son of Jeremiah Kumaley. aged 1(1
years 8 months and 20 days. fe
The diseased met his death in the most
shocking manner. He was leading . cnt t
water, with the baiter strap ti.., arounrt ,i,
wrist, when the animal tonk f,iKht and ran
off, dragging little Doniel over the harrl siir
face until lire was extinct Ae.mV Gtnat,
&j)t p ar lie ts.
Philadelphia Markot.
Philakrlphia, Jan. 23, 18CI.
Orain There is a fair amount of Wheat
but tbe demand is limited. Htfa 0f 4(1(1(1
bus. prime IVnna. red at ?1 30 a SI 32 per
bus. and VVhite at SI 40 a 1 ;,0 fnr cnnmitm
quality. Uye is dull at 76 cents for IVnna
and .0 cents for Southern. Corn is very quiet
and the only sales reported ore smu'il lots of
yellow in store at C3 .. and 900 Imi-hels f iir
quality at CO Ctfi. Outs are sttmlv at 31 a 31
cents for Delaware, nnd 33 u 37 cents for
Kye, -
Oats, .
$1 I On I .10 Hutter, . . Id
7S Krri., ... ic,
" - 62 Tallnw, ... j
?A Lard, ... -
. - 68 Pork M
50 lleeauax, - - II
New Advertisements.
I Orphans' Court Sale.
j I N pursuance of an order of the Orplmt.'
I Couil of Nnrthumt-crlnnd county, will lie ex -;
posed to Public Kale, n SATUilM V, the lBih
ol February, lefil. rn the premii.es, nil thoae two
j lull equal undivided fifths of two certain trusts or
piece, of land, situate in Upper Mahanov town
I hip, Northumberland conntv, 1'cr.risylvaiiia,
boun.led and described as follows :
j The first thereof beginning at stones; thence
I by land of Nicholas Adam, north eighty-lour de
i grece eaat. twenty and three lentha percbea l.i
stones ; thenre by l.ind of Peter Uronious, six de
crees east eitjhty one perches to atone ; thence by
I lotids of John Kt.li.ig, south eiShty sewn de
! K'"" twenty -one perches and three theni!n
, lo siones ; thm.e north five aid one balf degree
i weal, eighty, pcrchee to stones, the place ol
; beginning; en-ituiuing ten acres nnd liliv six
I perches of land, more or less,
j And the other troct, thereof, hre!iuii- at
stones ; tnence ny isnil ol Hniip Kelt north eigh
teen degrees west, twenty one peichcs to a
pine ; thence by land of John Mar nonh
eighty three and one fourth degrees eaKt thirty
nine perches to a fallen pine ; thenrc nonii
revenleeii degrees rsst, sixty three perches and
even tenths to stones ; thence north eighty scv. n
degrees east, fifteen perches and .ix truths t
stones; th.nre south three degrees eHt. sixly
perches lo stones; thence souih seventy one
degrees west, seventy five perches to stones, lh
pbae of beginning t containing sixteen ncres and
seventeen perches of land, more or less. Tn
be sold as the s.t.te of 1'eier Bro.ion, and
Joeeph brostous, minor children of tlfrey
Broeioue, late of Washington township, Ni r
Ihuuibetlund counlv. deceased.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. A. M.. of
said day, when the terms and condition of sale
witt be made known bv
I'MIUI' RE IT 7., Guardian.
iy nrurr oi me court, j
J B. MA&SKIt.Clk O. V. S
bunbuty, Jan. 36, 161. )
piRII.NU A tiKANT, at the Mammoth Hn,
- have this day, January 31th. received anil
oned another fresh supply of DRY HOOD
and Motions.
bunbury, January SC. 1861.
"W-A.T.T, '?i.?3i, I
STORE, have this day (January I7lh, 1861),
received a
which ll.ey are selling al piicea lhat defy
Sunbury, January 19, 1881-
S. K. Corner Second and Chestnut its ,
rsy order ol the Court,
Z. u , u l V' ' J-,learlicla tor
ea, Hotela. Banka, Countlns Htucli, i,i,,iit
nw, niMiuiinuirrdi ri.ir. UUI.U rt,.e.
Clocks repaired and warranted.
Clot:k Triniininga of every description.
Philadelphia, January 19, I Mil 3y
7'AiVf Street, above Knee, Philadelphia,
RHOAD8 k 6AHX)R, Propi ictora.
1M PROVEMENTS bava been roude, and tlie tlouae haa
been re6tted throughout
TiuMia V. Raoiaa, forraeilyof the National Hotel
Cbiblss 8.iLoa, lormerly ol Schuylkill CO., Pa.
Philadelphia, Jan. 10, lal ly
New York and Middle Coal Field Sail
Eoad and Coal Company.
THE annual meeting of the alockholdera of
the Company will be held at their office.
No, 204 Mouth Fourth Street, n XI O.N DA Y,
th 4lh day of Febiuary nett, at II o'clock.
A. M., for Ui purpoa of electing FIVE Director
of said Company for th ensuing year,
Philadelphia, Jan 19, 186!. 3t
Eatate of JACOB FRY, Deceased.
TaTOT1CE ia hereby given that lellera of Ad--i-v
ministration bava been granted to the
subacribar, on the eatal of Jacob Fry, lat of tha
Borough of Hunbury, deceased. All parsons
indebted to aaid aetata, or having claima against
th am, ar requested to preaent them for
Th Administrator will attend al tit lat
resident of aaid decaaad,n thettdof Febraary,
for that purposa.
WH.1.IAM FRY, Aln.i.ti,u.toi.
Banbury, January 19, Il6i.-lit

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