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NEW SERIES, VOL. 14, NO. 30.
The Sunbury American.
Market Square, Sunlury, Penna.
two uoM.A 11 rrt aanwi-a. lo he paid hnlf year-
Three Cophjstn one aild-ess JJJ
Peven !. " . I
Fifteen no. do. - ' '
Fire dollar, ill advance will pay foi three )er'.elr
I meraeimtniiiiii eubseriplion money- hey Pe"n
IjJ to do III I. under the Poet Office Law.
OiictJniireifl4lnies'3 times, "J?
Every suluwqnctit insertion, ,
Due Square, 3 raontha, 4
ix month., . f (in
Jne year, .11.1
Merchant, and other., adve: liinw hy '"'
with the privM-areo! mseiluig different advei-
I i.enienta weekly. . . .
CT larger Ailverli.r-mmita, a per agreement.
We hnre connected wilh nnr estatihiOimeiit well a
Irrtwl JH OFFICE, which will enable na to execute
i the neateat style, every viiiirtv uf Briutme
Business attended to in the Counties of Nor.
mmbcrland, Union, Lycoming Monlour and
References in Philadelphia:
Hon. lot- fi.Tvn.in, chns. Oihl.nn. V.l..
-nuier. A Sii'MluniM, Linn Smith ft Co
1 1 0 v n c ij a t a tu ,
IVo. 12S Broadway, Kcu Tori.
Will cmefiilly nitenil to Collections nml oil other mnltcr
ittnif1ed lo hi. cure.
JliivHI. IMS.
Cor. nf Howard and Franllin Street, a few
Square lies nf the N. C, 11. J!. Depot,
ri:nis, f I rr.n Dr
(V. LEI.SENRING, Proprietor,
July 16, 1?."fl. If From Sclnit Grove, Pa.
Importers and Dealers in
Cloths, Cassimeres. Vestings, Taylors
Trimmings, &c.
No 32 South Fourth Street, lietween Market and
Chesnut Si rods, Philadelphia.
Merchants others visiting the city would find
11 to their advantage to give them a call and ex
1 mine their stock.
March 10, I860
Attorney j Counsellor at Law
WILT, attend faithfully to the collection of claims
slid all professional business in the counties of
Norlhumlierland, Montour, Union and Snyder,
oinisel siven ill the German language.
CtT Ollico one door east of the Prothonotary's
Sunbury, May 26, I860. ly
thFinternational hotel.
ITcrs inducements lo Merchant, and Tourists visiting
ew York, unsurpassed hy any ll' tnl in the Metropolis.
I'he following are among the advantages winch it pnaatav
t a, nml which will he appreciated hy all travelers.
I at. A central lociiliim, convenient to places of business,
is well its place, of amusement.
tScrupiilously clean, well furnished sit'ina; mom.,
,vnh a nuiitinficent Idea Pallor, colimuiniliug un cxtell
kivi view of llronilwny
a.l. Ijirire and supeilily fnmi.l.ed siltimr room., with a
lotniiolieut Purlor, commanding an extensive view of
Ilcmilwny. ...
(Hi. Hems eonilncted mi the ' uropean phn. visitor,
c.ni live in the le.t style, with the giculest ttxmtm.f
5lli. It is connected with
Taslor'sj Celebrated SaloonM,
where vUiiors mi have their meala, nr, if they desire
thev will lie furnished in llieir own rooms.
Kill. The fine served m the raloous uml II. .lei is ar
kiiowltvltfeil hy spicules, to be vastly aujierior Ui iliat of
unv oilier Hotel ill Ihe riiy.
With all these aclvaninitrs. the cost nf livnn in Ihe
liileriialional, i. much helow Ihnt of any other fir clans
H,4e. UllJO.N It CO , Proprietors.
Auruat 4, Jfmn. ly
CONSTANTLY keeps on hand all kinds of
Con feet ion ar ica, Fruit and Toys, which he
is nulling at wholesale and retail. Having the
necessary machinery tee., he is manufacturing
ell kinds of Toys, and keeps up his stock, so that
purchasers will not lie at a loss for a supply of
almwt any article they may desire.
Just received, a large lot of apples, which he is
selling at wholesale and retail, at low prices
(Jive us a calU
Sunhury, March ft, 18fi. tf
M'ALDl.N(i't) Prepared Ulue, and Blielle)s Muvikige
Uordml Elixir of Culisuya Bark ft Ucnzine, for removing
Onuharr. March 17 ltfo.
DLERY. Also, the best assortment of Iror
Nails and Bteel to he found in the county, at the
Mammoth store of rKlLINU exUiCANT.
Bunbury, June S, I860,
CKACKERS! CRACKERS, just received
and for sale ly the barrel or pound, at the
dmfeciionery store of M. C. GEARH ART.
Sunbury, OcloirJ3,l860.
Kerosene Lamps.
AVERY LARGE and cheap assortment will
be found at the Mammoth Store of
Dec 15, 1860. FHILINU& GRANT.
supply of Macaroni and Confectionery at
r itnuixj at uitAii i o.
Runbury, June 3, I860.
bar bottles for aale by
1ft. Mammoth ts tote. Also, a new lot of per
fuiuury, boaps and Fancy A rude. V ery cheap
Sunbury, May 3, I8B0.
AT tlio Msinniolb Stora will be found a
very largo assortment nf Skeletou Skirts
Irom (even linups up to thirty.
Oct. 6, 1800. FKIL1NU O'BANT
U Iron. Meel. Nails, Picks, Uiub-Hoes and
Muun Haiomets, at low prices.
Hlilt.liT A SON.
buutmry, June )S, I860.
0 c tr-D .
Frmn ihe Ouatdi in )
Tlif rollowine Poem is written in what is gnn
rrnlly called "Pvuuaylvania (ieruiaii." Tins is
a pfclilmr dialect, creatul by a airange mixture
ol jII the European O'erman dialecla, with a laro
epiinkling nf Knglirh words and pronunciutions.
It is pausing a way before Ihe victorious progress
of Ihe Kngl ah, and must ultimately beci'inc
extinct. It will, however, always remain aa a
curiosity in literature. This Poem, written by a
Penaylvsuia Pastor, is here inserted at Ihe request
of literary friends who saw it in msnusciipt. It
has, we believe, the ring of the true vernacular.
En. Guakiuax.
Heit ishts exactly zwanztg Ynhr-
Das Ich Inn Uwa naua ;
Nau bin Ich widdcr lewig x'rick,
l'u' stch' am Sihul hans an iler Krick,
Yusht naekst au's datty's Haus. .
Ich bin in hundcrt Haeuser g'west.
Von uiarbel Stein un' Uiick;
Un' alles was Ich hab' gesch,
Del Ich verchwappa any day,
Fuer's Schul'haus an drr Krick.
W'cr mued da heme is uu' will fort,
So los ihu iiuinina gch 1
Ich eug ih'n awer fmna naua,
Fs is all Humbug Owa draus,
I n' er werd's selvcr sell.
Ich bin draus rum in a Me he'
Getravolled high Uli' low ;
Hab awer noch in keiinem Spot,
Lfe'mol so liel Joy gehat,
Wie iu dciu Schul-baus do.
Wie hacmelt mich d j alles a' 1
Ich sleh, Un' deiik, till' guk ;
I'll' was Ich schier Vergessa hab,
Ktimint wider z'liuk, wie aus seiui Grab,
L'u' stuht do wie e' Spook !
Dcs Kricklu ttiiielt voibei wie's Kbt,
Wo Ich noch i;Vii-lt hah do !
I'll' miner sella llollerlineach,
Sprila noch die kleue Flsch,
So smart wie long ago.
Dcr WeUech' stecht n.x-h an dcr Tuehr
Machl Schalla ucber's Dui li ;
Ilie Trnuberank is a' noch gruu'--Un's
Ainm'l neecht- gukv) ukIiI 'mol hi !
U was is dcs en Such' !
Die Schwnlma skiyppa ueher's Fcld
Din fedilvrat is ilie beahl !
Un sechst du, dortam (uebeleck,
Kn llaus von Sloppta un' von Dreck 1
Sel is e'.Scliwulina Nci-clit.
Die yunge ia stil just now,
Un' sclilofe allc sound ;
Wart bis die Alia kriega Wern,
Nord herachl du awar gro gclurm,
Vtin Mruler all around 1
Ya, alles des is noch wie's war
Wo Ich noch war c' Buh' ;
Doch andere Dings sin' net meh so,
For alles ilut sich enera do,
Wie lull mich enera Ihu' !
Jch ateh, win Ossian In eeiin Thai,
Uo' sob ini wolka Spiel,
Hnwect mit Freed un' Trauer arh t
li Tracna Komma wan Ich lach!
. Kanacht denka wie Ich fuehl !
l)o bin Icb gnngaMn die Schul,
- Wo Ich noch war pans Kl ;
Dort war der Meschter in aeiai rituhl ;
Dnrt war sei Wip, uo' dort lei Ruhl
leb kali's Doch ulles 6eh 1
Die lanpa Desks ring's an dcr Waud
Die grnaa Scbuler d'ruin ;
Uf ener Seid die grosa Maed,
Uml dort die Uuwa net 8a blaed
Guk wie sie peep 'rum !
Der Meochter watch'l sie close just now
8 in Rewa besser ae lit ;
Dort Seller wo love Letters nehreibt,
Uu' Seller wn fin poucliU trelbt,
Un' cSellcr Kvrl wo lacht.
Dia prop a un' die klcna all,
Sin' nuner ener Hole ;
Un des is yufht der rechta wpp i
W er Kules Terbrechl der ueuirut Fie
Oder verloet die Schul.
Imwendig am der OIU 'rum,
llockadio klenn chaps ;
Sie studya all gar hurt, you fee,
Uu wer uet iernt sei A. li. C,
Set Ohru kriega Hupps.
S'ia hart zu bock uf so Honk,
Dia Fues net uf em Fluor ;
Kn inancher krickt en weher Ilneck,
In sellem Schul hnus an der Krick,
Uu' fuehll about right euro !
Die anna Drep ! dort hocka tie
lo misery I yuscbl deuk !
Ks ia ko' wunoer nein oiy Wort
laa sie so wuoig leroa doil
Uf sella hocba lieuk.
Mit all da' Drawbaks anyhow,
War's doch e' (irst rule Schul ;
Du Boscbt ke Meshter so geb such
Der cypher kaa dureb's gauza Duel),
Uo' Skipl ke' ehue llule.
Does war er ! ya, des mug lcb'k'steh ;
U'wipt hot er ull around ;
Usr kreisliuh gute ltules observed,
Uo wer Scbleg krickt hot Lot's dusarved,
Completely, I'll be bouud.
Wid'i DiDOnr war, on Schul war aus,
Nord bol urr gut gehielt ;
Deel ben der bulla Game gechoost,
Deel hun sicb in der Usee amused,
Uu deel beo Solger g'epjelt.
Die grossa Maed beo ausgekert
Die Duws uaua gestaubl 1
Z l bells, beo det'l pri teod,
Der Meschter hoi sie Dans gesend !
Die Kules heu's out erlabt.
Dia Kleoa Maed hen Tliog gespielt,
Uf sellem Wassa da ;
Wauo grossa Maed siu' io der King
's is ducb wounuervolles Drug !
Siu' grossa liuwa a' I
Die grosa beo die grosa 'tagg't
Die Klena all vermiesll
Wie gin' aie g' rprunga, ab un' uf,
Wer g'wonna hot verlos dich druf
Uol tuechtiglich kekisst I
Am Cbrislag wa' die recbte teit
O wao leb juscbt d'ra deck I
Der MeBchler beo uiir oaua gesperrt,
De Tuebr anil Fenster, vest ;ebarrt(
Nau, Meschter, ' Geecbeuk l"
Nord bot er mightily brobirt,
Mil fore komma Dei
Un' aiir hen all ar bol geklopt
Ko Kcbraiwrw aoo naus gattopt,
"Waoo's seiosbl dao kauscbldo raL"
Nau bol der Msscbter rans gvlanst
Gsr Kreislicb sheepish 'gukt J
Appel uu' Kesbls, on' noch neb,
S'wer ynvht a nient in fsct recbt schoe
Mir Leu's ui.! Lu.vbta k' slucbt!
0 wn sin' now dia Schuler all,
Wo bawa do gelerut t
A deel sin' weit awek geraost,
Hy fortune uf uo' an guchsest,
Deol hot der Tod guuriil I
Mi'i Ilorta tchwellt mit Gedanka of,
Bis Ich scainr (fr Terl1ck t
Knntit heuU's dnt mir nau no lend
Un'doch gebt mir die Krofchls Freed,
Des Schul baus an der Krick I
Good bye t nil ScLiil hu., echo Kreischt
Good byo ! Guild bye ! y.tiruMck ;
() Scliu! Iiiius I Schul butis I mus Icb gob ?
Un' du steli!l nord do alio' aleh
Du Schul bans au der Krick I
O horcht ibr Lent wo noch mir leht,
Ich Schreib eui h uoch dcs Slick ;
Uli wnrn eucb, droh rucb, gebt ducb acht
Uu' oeiinnl for ever gut enncht,
Des Sclml liuus an der Krick !
Kno "ChuinlHTB Journal "J
If (here is anything in the woild for which I
enler'.ain a deep-rooted hatred av.d uuconlroll
ablu dread, Ihu I object ia uuduubledly a snuke,
und next to a suuke, unything in Ihu sliupo of a
lir.urd, fcorpiun, toad nr other reptile ; never
thelesa, it veems to huve been decreed thut
frti: isty t-utliiHt iufuiicy upwards, 1 (Lotild be
dimim-d to be exposed to perpetual encouuteid
and udveutures wit li lhcte louthaome creepers
upon the earth. The tirst clear, tuugiblo ob
ject t but lixcd ilself upon my memory I
could have been but Very lit tie tuoiu tkuu two
jeurs old at the timu of 'lie occurrence Was a
hideous cobra coiling ilsell'ooder the pillow of
my I nd iu ti nurse, who slept on a mat on the
Hour ; aud lUe li is t word 1 could distinctly ar
ticulate was "J'umboo" (tamul-suake,) with
which cry, and puintiug with my finger, 1 drew
ailenliuu lu tbri uiiAelcouiH intruder, and
loithwith got linn desputcbed. Then a long
blank iuteiveues, reaching over nearly three
years ; alter which, my udvetitutes may be
tonne (I legiuti. The next incident relating to
replileb nlucli I can cull lo imud, is connected
with my brother Hill m ho was older than my
self aud a Binull while scorpion. Hill hud
been trying to uuluck u larye padlock on the
fowl-house ; ubd being unsucceFsrul, poked his
little linger into Hie k.'jliolo, aud immediately,
to my immense ohtoiiirbuieut and ainusenieut,
p-rl'iirmed a most ejci monlii ary dance round
Hie ytrd, accotnpiinyuig the same with the
must hideous bowls, coiilortiocs and grimaces.
Hal 1 had no idea at the moment, of course,
thai be bud been stuug by a vvuuinous rep
tile. Ono very heavy monsoon at Madras, when
(he rain had swollen the river to such an ex
tent Ibul it Hooded the coo u try fur miles
around, 1 was standing iu the billiard-rnom
surveying the dreary utpecl out uf the win
dows, when my atlentiou was suddenly arrest
ed by the nioribuud groans of a frog, and
(uruiug ro iml, 1 saw a huge snuke under the
billiard labia in the very act of engorging it.
Sliding iu at the opposite door was Mrs. Co
bra aud bar yoeug family, driving before tbem
some wretched little frogs, which were vainly
itudeavoriiig to escape from their releDllees
pursuers. One bouud on to tbe billiard-table,
and another ofl it, aud into tbe veranda, clear
ed me of my disagreeubln neighbors ; but,
before nightfall that day, twenty seven snakeB
of all descriptions and sizes were killed in that
billiard-rooru by the servants. The wuters
rose so bigb llinCevery house in Madras suf
fered from a perfect visitation of reptiles, and
not only reptiles, hut j ickuls und birds, sought
uo asylum in tbe homes of men, with bandi
coots, rats, scorpions in short sufficient rep
tile material to fit a very decent museum of
natural history.
1 was sitting in a traveller's bungalow once
at a pluce culled Outagherry, between Madras
and the Malubur coast, and my friend was sit
ting near the tloor, so as to catch as much
dulipht as possible, reuding some work froai
Ihe little library k it It nlucli government and
voluulury coiitiibutious furnish these bucgu
lows. Suddenly, 1 perceived tbut a large
sinikn' had coiled itself around the buck of bis
chai r, mid was poking its head between his
arm and bis I ndy, us though seeking for some
other hold. For a moment I wus paralyzed,
und the sn iko bad shifted its search, and was
rapidly coiling round tl.e young officer's neck.
At Ilia fume instunt, n servant made bis ap
peal ouce opposite Ihe door, and got sn fright
ened thut be lull to the grouud iu a fninting
lit. My Irieiid wus luckily a mnu of itnmeusu
nerve uml great presence of mind ; he saw
that his only cbunce was to remain as still as
a stulue ; the slightest move would have
ulurined Ihe snukn, und then nothing csasld
have saved him. l,on my part, sat motion
Icfs, wilh my heart frozen through and
through, lo a very fow seconds, fortunately,
the servant and pulkee bearers returned from
the tope, where they bad been having their
curry and rice, und the tioise of their approach
alarmed the snake (then coiled round the bo
dy of S ) so much, Ibut it unwrapped
ilself rapidly and slid away to its hole. K
fainted instantly when he found himself safe ;
and my anxiety had been so iutunse, that 1
felt ill for many days afterwurds. On re luting
my adventure to Major W , whom wo met
at the very next station, be told us one ol his
own serpent experiences.
' I commanded," suid the Major, "the de
tachment of tbe foot-artillery, stationed at
Masulipitani a horrid place, as you know,
geuttemen, fur any ('hristiun to be quartered.
M rs. W was just recovering from a severe
illness, and, for Ihe (irst time lor many a day,
was able to join me at the tifliu tabln. Most
fortunately, 1 was on garrison court martial
that day, and hud oy sword hanging by its
belt to a chuir-back. Our bungalow was a
tiled one, wiib do intervening platform or
other roof; bdJ suddenly there dropped upon
the table between us an immense cobra, Ibal
had been most likely bunting for squirrels'
nests among tbe conical tiles, liaising its
buoded head, and hissing horribly, the reptile
threatened alternately to dait atone or the
other of us, i'.s veuomed fangs protruding full
one inch. As for Mrs. W , she had fallen
back in ber chair perfectly unconscious ; and,
Dever for a moment removing my eye from
the snake's, 1 gradually uusheathed my sword,
and suddenly hounding aside at Ihe same in
slant, severed its head from its body. It was
a hairbreadth escape, 1 assure you, for botb
of us."
Soma time afterwards, I was residing at
Cbittoor, iu North Arcot, and there was
little detached storehouse, or yoduwn, as tbey
are called, where 1 kept my supply of beer
and other European luxuries. 1 always kept
the key lo Ibis placn myself, and one inorniug,
as was any wont, went lo to get out some ar
ticles for Iba day. The door was tbe only
place of ingress or egress, and tbe godowo,
which was tb-itcbed with palm. leaves, could
Dot boast of a single wiudow, darkness being
requisite io those hot countries for that kind
nf storehouse. What I required took int. to
ih very further extremity of tba room from
Ijc dour, aod I was jusl stooping duwp to is,
lect what I wanted, when I heard a tremrn
deus flop bebiud me, aud,thno a scuttle. Turn
ing rouud, 1 saw a cobra and a rat having a
regular pitched battlo. The cobra had bneu
after the rat's young ones, aud the itifnriuted
mother was thirsting fof ' refeuge. Thongb
much alarmed fur oiy nun (awiy for 4 bad
00 means uf e(cupe wilhont pussing Ihu cobra
I soon became intensely interested in the
combat. At first, Ihe rat fought with the
greatest caution, bopping from sidn to side
with remarkable agility, and avoiding the
poisoned fangs of tbe cobra ; at Intit, however,
tbe snuke winch in the interval bad received
many severe bites Btnng his adversary, and
then tbe rat, apparently aware that IU case
was now hopeless, grew reckless, aud closed
in with its (j'potieul. In less than two min
utes, it succeeded in killing the snuke, aud
then crawling a?idu upuu some straw, the
victor died, apparently io the greatest ago
nies. 1 had another illustration of tho enmity
existing between rats and snakes, many years
afterwards, in Syria. 1 hud sat up lata read
ing a file of the 'J'iimn newspuper ; the ser
vants had ull been in bed fur hours, an ) when
1 withdrew to my own, it wanted ouly a few
hours to daylight. As 1 closed my bet'room
door, 1 was startled by a trusting under the
chest of drawers close hy, and the next instant
a rat darted out, followed by a huge black
suake, aud these two set to work fighliug
right against the door.. In my olurm, 1
upset the chair on which 1 had pluced the
candle, and fouod myself at once in tutor
durkness, locked iu with a suake and a fero
cious rat. To jump upon my bed wag tho
woik of an instant, aud loudly did 1 bellow
for assistance out of the window. 1 might
as well have called to the winds to bid tins.
1 hud neither match Dor a weapon oT delence.
save a bolster, and the room wus so durk that
I could oot distingntsh my owo hand though
held close before my uose. When the ecu Mo
ceased, 1 expected every instant to feel the
horrid clmny snake twisting ilself round my
legs,' aud iu that unenviable anticipation 1
remained three long hours, till broad da)lighl
relieved my fears, and 1 found botb comba
tants dead befoie the door. j
1 have never, in all my experience, found
snakes to be the aggressors, unless you get
them into a in I tie ac, or during their period
of breeding Then the cobra is indeed tcrri-
ble, aud 1 was chased by one at Tellicberry I
for nearly half an hour, escaping tho biuie '
only by doubling quickly round until 1 stum- j
bled over a stout bamboo, armed with which
weapon I soou despatched it. At the best
of times, it is nervous work coming to close '
quarters with a cobra one false aim, and you '
uru a dead man. l'eople have a notion tbut :
the green suake of ludia which is certainly '
a pretty specimen, if anything io the shapa j
of a snake cao be pretty is burmlcss ; 1 can
prove to the coulrury. One any 1 saw a
beautiful mango bird dutigliug from a bough !
of a bamboo bush ; tbe glare was iDteose, aud :
1 wore blue spectacles, fur whicb reason, j
perhaps, I could Dot well distinguish tho ,
causo of tbe pbeuomeuoo, and supposing il to
have been trapped by some wile, 1 seized tbe ;
bird as a great prize, for I was making a col
lection lo bring home wiib me. lo a second
afterwards, the glasa of my 'right eye specta
cle was shattered to pieces, ami 1 burdly
recovered from my amazement, wheu the
snake disappointed of bis aim, wriggled off
into tbe thickest ol tbe busb. The glasses
saved my eye and lue, fur the pour mango
bird was riddled through the bead, from due
eye lo the other, and every atom ol bruin had 1
beeu extrac ed. Tbey are dainty geo'.lemeo
some of these snakes, aud 1 was well acquamt-
d with one that preferred turkeys eggs for I
his breuklast lo auy other. 1 used lu watch
my turkeys as they strayed about the grounds, '
aod maiked tbeir nests, leaving them undis- !
tuibed until tbey begau IcTait. Oue beo bad '
bxed upon a myrtle busb, ruuod wbicu she '
used lo flutter aud scream every day, pukiug
ber stupid looking bead out in so strange a
fashion, that 1 was ouce induced to watch ,
her. No sooner had she deposited her egg, '
than a cobra made his uppeniuiice, und with
tbe greatest dextiity sucked the egg. With
greuter wisdom thau the fabled destroyer
of tbe goose and golden eggs, the cobra i
spared the turkey to supply his daiLty 1
breakfast. I
Hut if the reader wishes to study the natu- 1
rul history of reptiles to per fiction, 1 recuin- !
ineud bun to live a mnutu or two ul Hung- (
kok, in Slum. He will have the satisfaction, I
wheu ha wakes iu the morning, to see a suake '
put-ping out of u hole in each corner of the j
room, aud two or three little ones amusing I
themselves ul hido and seek on the Hour. If '
ha looks up al the ceiling, be will perceive a
specimen of tbe lizard tribe, called t tie
7 '" from its peculiar cry a lizard that
looks us if it was afllicted with leprosy and
whicb has the astonishing faculty ol Hirowiug
itself teu yards across from one upright wull
lo another. If he curry, his inclination for
study still farther, be Can investigate Ihu
mystery t f a Siumese stew, and Gnd uilegulor
Ihe chief ingredient. He will liud ample
opportunity of collecting out of his soap plule
teacup, wine glass, or the buir of his head, or
Irom va the back ot bis bund, specimens ol
moequito by, aut, greeu bug, grashopper bug,
vulgus, earwig, Ilea, io all ihe diversified
brunches of each genua. Nor wheu Ihu
fatigues of a day are over, und lie dons his
slippers for eusu aud comfort, need be be sur
prised to und a scnipioo in one, and a ceuti
pode in the other, nbiln a colony of white
ants are investigating the merits of literature
io Lis book-cube.
lo this conopctioo, the following additional
infoi mat ion will be interesting :
If a boa six inches thick can swallow a
gnat, it is not dilhcult to believe that ouo
wice that size can do the same .to a duo.
In the I'billipiua I.-lauiis, a criminal escaped
tbe officers of justice, aod bid in a cave. His
fatbur alone knew his biding place, and
brought him fuod. Going to the cava one
day as usual, lie discovered oot bit sou, but a
huge serpent lo bis place. I rocuring am. lie
killed the monster, and lonud the body of the
young niBD within it. A serpent, thirty feet
in length, attacked and killed a Malay left in
charge of a bout oo Hie coast of Cote-be.
Tbe arrival of bis comrades prevented its
making a meal of him. A Lascar, also left
io charge of a boat fell asleep. He was
awakened by finding himself wiiiiiu the coils
of a serpeul, said to have beeu sixty-two fuet
long. His comrades arrived, ana, attacking
the reptile al what is the weakest point io all
snakes tbe tail which was coiled around a
trie on shore, rescued bim. A German
author asserts that he saw a buga serpent
attack a bull'alo, tbe latter being gradually
reduced to uniform muss, bis bones crack
ing wiib loud report uoder tbe Botes corn,
piessisjs of tbe enemy.
The uilst appropriate place for the teeth
or any creature would aeem to be iu lie
mouth, but thera is a South Africao serpent
tbat has them io bis stomach. I'liis creature
lives upon bird's eggs ; -if Iba teelb were in
Iba usual place, Ihe egg would be crushed as
soon as seised, and moat ot the coulents lost.
It Is wisely arrauged olberwise. Soiiie of
the back touas throw out projections which
enler tlio tlomacb, ero Ihero covered with
enamel, and become to all intonts aud pur
poses teeth. There are ten of these pointing
lorward, end teo backward. Wheu ibe egg
is seized, It safely, pusses the son nmulh or
gullet, is received upon the teeth, and moves
backward and forward npuu theui until it is
sawed open.
We now como to pononons serpents. In
these, the body, directly bebiud llin head,
diminishes somewhat, funning a sort of neck,
which is not the casH with non-venomous
ones. There is less stretching power in Ihe
jaw, and Ihere ure no extra teeth in the upper
roof ot Ihe month, fur the venomous serpent
does Dot Deed to hold its victim ; one blow
of its fangs, and the prey is secured. The
possession of these lungs is the grand point
of dltlerei.ee between these two varieties of
serpents. These uie in the upper jaw, one
on euch tide, iu front or the uidinii'ry leetb,
lo which they ure similar in shape, though
much longer, being in somu cases no inch in
length. They nie broad at the roots, sharp
at the poiute. Through them runs a hollow
passage, opening nt the point l.!;e a peti slit,
by which the puison squeezed into Ibmn by
Hie poisou.sacks or elands, hiim near the
root of the langs, is conducted into nuy wound j
mano oy mem. lo the most dangerous kinds
Ihe fangs, when not needed, lie down in a
fold of the gum, like the closed blade of a
pen knife; but ou tliu approach ofsn enemy,
or of prey, the creuturo but opens its mouth,
ami tbey riso instantly from their conceal
ment, to defend its life or secure Its loud, the
latter being the piincipul purpose which
these natural weapons eeive.' The lungs are
easily taken out, but just behind them there
is a natural hag of glowing ones, iu every
stage of development, from a pair nearly large
enough to tuke the place of those lost, dowu
to those so minute as burdly to be seen
without a microscope. Thus, if a rattlesnake
be disarmed by buving its leetb pulled, a few
days makes il us duitgeious as ever. In the
less venomous serpents, those iu whicb the
poison is sulliuieut to kill mice and other
sinull cruutures upon which they feed, the
fangs do not lie down, but are permanently
lixed iu lha jaw, and, instead of a passage
through them, bave only u groove at tbe side,
for couducting the venom.
The most poisonous serpents knowo are
the rattlesnake, the wute.r moccasin, tbe dart
serpent, which, gathering into a coil, throws
ilself upon its prey a distance of several
yards : the cobra, cupella, or hooded serpent,
the horned adder, or cerastes ; the pulled
adder, and some of lha sea serpents of the
Kast ludiuD waters. The homed adder is
supposed to be of the same species as tbe asp,
whicb Cleopatra, in accordunce wiib Kgypliuii
customs iu sucb cases, seleced as a means of
suicide, the effect of its bite beiDg quick, but
not sharply painful. I he cobra cnpulla, or
hooded snake, is so culled because when
enraged it iutlutes its neck so as to give that
portion the appearance of a tnouk's bood.
The pull adder bus a somewhat Bioiilur bubit
of expanding its bead aud Deck, from wbicb il
gets i'.s Dame.
The speed with which snake poison acts
depends upon the place struck by tbe fangs.
It a vein receives the blow, the action is very
rapid, for the venom operates only oo the
Mood, decomposing it, aud making il "clot"
in Ihu veins and arteries. If a muscle be
struck tbe action fs slower, and if fatty
nutter, the bite is almost harmless, fat being
Dearly destitute of vein. The pigs which
roam the woods of the Sooth and West of
America have au instinctive kuowledge of
the parts of tbeir anatomy wbicb tbey may
suffer to be bitteo with impunity.
They are very fond of snakes as food, and
enter upon a coutlict with the fiercest serpent
with a cooluess and courage for whicb we are
Dot uccuslotued lo give a pig credit. When
one of these pigs perceives a rattlesnake, he
gives uotiticutioo of battle by rattling his
tusks. His bristles rise, aud bis actions be
come altogether mora lively than ia nanal
uuder other circumstances. The suake !
gathers itself iuto a coil, for it is only lu this
position thut 11 can strike, und prepares for
Ibe onset. The pig gels upon bis knees, aud
by an awkward tidelucg movement works
himself near bis t-uemy. When the latter
strikes, the pig receives tho blow in the falty
flaps uu tbe side of the jaw, and, if need be,
be turns the other cheek ulso, receiving
ucother blow. Artful porker) be knows
Ihul two Bucb blows exhaust the poison of the
snuke, aud give bim tbe victory. He rises
before it cau escape, puis a lore-tool upon its
tail, aud wilh bis leetb strips its 11 "th from
its bnues, end devours it with many grunts or
satisfaction 1 Tbe usefulness of pigs us suuko
exterminators is Su well known, that iu tbe
West und South of America, when a field or
furui bi conies infested with dangerous rep
tiles, a sow and her litter are turned iuto il.
Tbey soon abuta tbe tiuisauce. lo Martin
ique, wheu lha inhabitants bave to pass
through a wood, they drive a pair of pigs
before Ihem to clear the wuy of suakes, lha
valiuut porkers having their snout guarded
wilh coverings of Uu and brass. Tins pre
caution is adopted, wn presume, against the
dart serpent, winch prevails in tbe West
ludies, the manner of Us attack being differ
ent Irom that of ihe rattlesnake. Il must be
remembered, however, thut if the pig bu thin
In flesh, and tho cushions uf fat are wutiling.
its atlucks upou poisonous reptiles are apl
to be atteuded With fatal consequences lo
ilsulf. If the body of tba animal bitten be
warm, the poison is swifter io its uctiou than
if the reverso be the case, und a bita in a
warm climate is mora dangerous than iu a
cool oue.
If tbe reptile have not attacked anything
recently, its bite is more apt to ba fatal, for
the poisou is disl.iled but slowly, two or three
biles exhaust it, and someliniu must elapse
before enough can gather to enable the crea
ture to do any mischief. The snuke charmers
of tba Kast, being well aware of this, always
irritate the wild cobras whicb they culch aud
intend for exhibition, niuking tbem bite a
piece of cloth several t nies, after wbicb they
may be handled with impunity. Tbey then
extract the fang, the bug of growiug ones
bebiud, and tba poison glands, searing the
place with a bot irou, thus preveuting their
future growth.
Snake charming is of very great antiquity.
It is meutioned in Ibe fifty-eighth I'salm, aud
viii chapter of Jereuiiuh. Il is also a curious
fuel Ibal the Kgyptino jugglers still pretend
to change snakes into rods, and these rods
into snakes agaio, as the magicians did before
I'baroab. This pretended mil acla is per
formed by grasping tbe animal tightly between
thumb and finger behind its bead. This
checks the circulation, aud causes it to stiffen
out. Being tbiowo upon tbe ground, after
soma lima it again revives lha rod thus
becoming a snuke I This tenacity of life is
also shown In lha snake's remarkable power
of eudoriog hunger. A boa has been kept
six months wiibuut food, ralllusouka ayear
and a balf.
In many parts of lha worlJ lha snake Is
made quite useful. leather is oiada of the
skin, oil uf the fat, and guitar string uf tba
leliduua of the South Auiencau boa. Tba
fiesta, loo, is eatuu. It is fouud to itsvuibU
veul very much in color and flavor. Dr,
Livingstone tells of lha natives of Africa
.arrylng home ofl their MnnMera., as they
would heavy logs, portions of 'the huge snake,
culled there the Inri.
The snnlte has mar.y enemies. The perrary
of , South America, tlm ichnenmon, llm birds
of the hnwk species, the pig as already men
tioned, the deer, the nnts of llraz I. all are its
foes, and we have even known a cul to have
earned quite well merited reputation as a
destroyer of serpents. The manner of an
A mericBQ buck deer's attack upon a rattle,
snuke is curious. When he first sees it, he
inns around it with great rapidity, end in
constantly decreasing circles. When near
ennngh, he springs into the nir, btinuing nil
bis four feet Inqelher to a point., ami drops
upon Ihe coiled up serpent, rutting throngh
it wilh his sharp hoofs, and instantly throwing
them out, scttcrs its body in ninny parts
ubnnt the scene of the. conflict, nfler which
he trots oil us ifconscinns of a duty performed.
Hut the snke is most defenceless against
certain ants nf Hrazil. These ants migrate
from one spot lo another in immense swarms
in search nf fond. Woe lo tho snuke that
cio?pes llieir truck lie cannot strike tbem
with bis fangs, or press them in his coils:
they crowd upon bim, secure by thnir very
insigniliuunce, and in a very short time there
is nothing left of tho reptile but its white
skeleton, more completely cleaned of all flesh
ihnn if it were the preparation oT an anatomist.
A shocking affair, the thought of which causes
the blood to (low hack upon the heart, and seems
too horrid lo bo real, occurred in Bristol, R. I. on
Thursday evening last, the particulars of which
are Ihus at n ted by tho Providence Post ! "Wm.
James Tilley, e son of Mr. Benjamin Tilley,
about 16 years of age, was standing in the yard,
with his father's gun in his hands, which he had
taken up for the purpose of snnpping soinecnp. i
ins cousin, a young and beautiM girl of IS,
daughter of Sylvanua Pease, Esq. of Edgertown,
Mass., who was on a viit to liristul, and passing
the afternoon with Mr. Tillev's family, was
standing in the house at a window, within a fow
feet uf him. He raised the gun and deliberately
aimed it at her ho id, remarking playfully that he
would shoot her. Awful to relate, the gun was
loaded, the charge took effect near the temple,
passing through her head. She fell to the floor,
and breathed about three tninu'es only, showing
no other signs of life. It seems Mr. Tilley had
loaded the gun with shot, a fe v davs before, for
Ihe purpose of shooting a neighbor's cat that an
noved him, and moot unfortunately left it loaded
in his house. The hoy knew nothing nf this, and
supposed it empty, us ho had frequently played
with in a similar manner before. Mr. Prase
lefl IiriKtol only ihe day before lo return to his
home in Educrtuwu. Who canimacine. or what
pen can describe the anguish Ibis thoughtless '
act has inflicted! When will peoplo Irani to be
careful in the use of fire-arms.
Tim Urkatkst Wkix Ykt Tho editor of
tba Mercer Derpatch gives a description of an
extranordinnry vein of oil lapped tbe other day
oo tbe McKlbaoy farm, at a d-plb of four hun
dred and sixty feet. He says : A watch
was held while it ran into a took, holding, by
measure, one hundred and eight barrels, and
it filled the same in f fly fee minute'. At a
fair estimate, takicg lb s as a data, those who
were working and watching about it are con
fident that in tbe first twenty-four hours, it
flowed two thousand four hundred barrels of
oil I And when we left oo Friday morning
there appeared to be but little diminution.
What is also rmarkable, is the fact that Ibis
well is located not more than twenty rods from
the Funk well, which has been flowing some
four months, and bns yielded an almost incred
ible quantity of the greasy fluid. It would
bave been supposed that the latter bad draiued
all tho oil for a considerable distance around,
but bere is oue still mora prolific within
twenty rods These oil wells are certainly
ouiong lue wonders ct lbs world.
m m
A Nonii Exahtlk General Lynn, who lost
his life in the battle near Springfield, had previously
willed his whole property, valued nt $30,000, to
the United States Govcrment. This sum wast lie
pecuniary expression of all his self-druiul, hard
toil, and great military talents. These he devoted
to the Republic, aud having offered his life upon
its altar, crowned his career by refunding to the
same Great Master tho moneys it had given him.
Does not his example exhibit more glaringly the
infamy uf hundreds who, like him, derived wealth
and renown from tho Govermcnt, and who now
lead the aimies of its enemies to menace tho rapi
tal and overwhelm iu defenders? Let the boaslcd
"chivalry" uf Virginia learn a lesson from the
noble soldier of Connecticut !
Nick Way of Cooking Kims, Take thn
whites of six eggs, add one half spnoufull of
white sugar, frisk till the plate may be turned
upside down and not spill : beat the yolks
wilh a tablespnonfull of wh'ts sugur ; boil
one quart of milk ; lay tho whites on the milk
with a tablespnou ; turn io a moment or so;
cook all tbe white this way. then add tho yolks
to the milk, boil a moment ; flavor with lemon
when cold ; keep Ihem separate till wanted for
thn table, then lay llio white balls on the custard,
which, if made right, will In' ihe thickness of a rich
sweet cream, i'ly them, they are very nice.
Michigan Farmer.
An awkward Waiter, handing a plate In a
gentleman, spilled some nf the gravy upon his
clothes, and immediately cried out : Tuke
care sir." "Why, you rascal 1" exclaimed
the gentleman, who thought be had suffered
about euough from the fellow' uegligeuue,
"are you going to do it again ?"
A young lady, fond of the pnmpaanJ vanities
of this world, bad a la-auliful set uf jewelry. She
'ecaine "converted." In relating her experience,
she said: "When I had louiiJ the Lord, I was con
vinced that if I continued to wear the jewelry I
should go lo hell, and so I took it all ull and gave
it lu inv sialer."
A sow er (I nr.1 who was very ancry when any
joke was passed oil physicians, nin e defended him
self from raillery, by saving: "1 iLfy any peraon
whom 1 ever attended tu accuse ine of ignorance
or neglect." "That you may do safely," replied a
wag; "for you know, doctor, dead men tell no
A wao being axkrd the name of ihe inventor
of hutter'atamps, replied that il was prokilily ('ad.
mus, as be hrt brought loiters Into drease,
A rich MAS,wilhnut the capacity for intellectual
enjoyment, is as aor as Ihe moat bumble laborer
who uvea under ihe shadow or palaces.
It il justly said of woman tbat she divides
our sorrows and doubles our our joys. I'll;
sbo quadruples our expenses.
Though the clouds rear their battlements
ia tbe sky, tbey are easily carried by storm.
An arch young lady should be an archer
for sha cao beod ber bean as she pleases.
A compliment is usually accompanied with
a bow, as if 10 be( pardou for paying it.
Kmuatsa is a laiiguag whicb the jlumli can
..peak aud the deaf cau uudtf.Ulid.
Select )octrg.
The Atlantic Monthly has published many
fine lyrics, but we do uol remember aoy no
bler burnt of song, since tbo great national
crisis begun, thun the solemn chant whicb wa
Hud in the forthcoming September number.
1 1 U worthy to b remmibered with the
stormy (lays ihrnngh which the Republic ia
now passing. Once reud il canuot be forgot
So moved tbey, when fulse Pharaoh's legion
Chariots and horsemen follnwiae furioosly,
Sotis of old Israel, at tlieir God's behest,
Under the cloud and through the swelling
So passed the;, Tearless, where the parted
With cloven crest nprcaring from the sand
A solemn uisle. before--bebintl, a grave
Itullcu lo the beckuning of Jehovah's band
So led He tbem, In desert marches grand,
Hy toils sublime, with test of long delay,
On, to the borders of that Promised Laud,
Wherein' their heritage of glory lay.
And Jordan raged along its rocky bed,
AoJ Amorite spears flashed keen aod fear
fully :
Still the same pathway must tbeir footsteps
Uuder the cloud and through tbo threaten
iog sea.
God works no otherwise. No mighty birth
But comes by throes of mortal agony :
No man-child among nations of the earth
Dut fiodetb baptism io io a stormy sua.
Sons of the Saints who faced tbeir Jordan
In fierce Atlantic's unretreating wave
W ho by the li-d Sea of their glorious blood
Koached to ths Freedom tbat your blood
shall save I
O Countrymen ! God's day is not yet done !
He leaveth i.ot His people utterly 1
Count it not a covenant, that I hi leads us on
Beneath ths cloud and through the crimson)
Sea I
D u in 0 r o w s .
Anecdotic op WAsmsnTON. At Cambridge,
Gen. Washington bad beard ibal the colored
soldiers were not to be depended ou for sen
tries. So one night the password was "Cam
bridge," be went outside tbe camp, put on an
overcoat, and Ihen approached a colored sen
line). "Who go dart" cried the seutiuel.
"A friend," replied Washington. "Friend, ad
vanco nnarmod and gib de countersign," said
Washington came op aod said'Roxbary."
' No, ear," was thn response.
"Medford," said Washington.
"No, sar !" returned the colored soldier.
"Charleston." said Washington.
"I tell yon, Masaa VVashetoo, do man kin go
by bere out'o be any Cambridge !"
Washington said "Cambridge," and went by
and tba next day the colored gentlemen was
relieved of all further necessity for attending to
that particular branch of military duty.
MakiHo a Dkvil. Rev. Mr. Foster was a
facetious man. and usually ready at a joke and
repartee. He had a parishioner, a carpenter by
trade, pretty well stocked with ready wit, and
withal somewhat given to boasting. One day
while at work for his minister hewing a stick of
timber, the carpenter was boasting;, in his usual
style, of the marvels that he could perform. The
pastor, to put an extinguisher upon bim, said:
"Governor," (his nickname,) ''do you think you
could make a devill"
"Mukc a devil!" responded tho Governor, "why,
yes, oh! yes," (his broad axe moving a little more
rapidly.) "Here, put op your fool. You want
tho least alteration of any man I ever saw!"
Il was rare that the minister came off' second
best in an encounter of this character, but be did
this lime.
"Wife, which way do yon suppose the wind
is tonight?" "Well, really, 1 dont know
John, but suppose you light a candle and look
into our straw bed." "How can 1 tell by that?"
" W hy, bless you, dou't straws tell whicb wsy
the wind blows ! "
A Wao being asked thn nunieofthe iuven
tor or butter stumps, replied that il wus prob
ably Cadmus, as be Brat brought letters into
G ruece .
Paradox -Vanity Fair gives the fullowing
amusing paridox;
" Old tray's ever faithful, "they say,
Uul the dog who is faithful can aeve-r be Tray.
Innoi'kncp.. " Is your father at borne ?" in
quireed a man of the lille girl who admitted
bim. "Is your name Hill ?" sbo asked "Soma
people cull me so," replied he. "Thon ha ia
not at bourn, for 1 heard him tell John, if any
hill came, to say bu was uol al home."
An Knrahko Gknti.kman, addressing, from
his chamber window, a youth who had been
serenading his daughter half an hour, said :
"You are a great boro. and I think yon mean
lo keep on horing until you get water,"addiug,
" here it is," emptying a pitcberfull upon bis
You may inert a thousand excellent things in
a n.iwapapar ami never hear a word uf apprulwtloii
from the readers j but just leta paragraph slip in
(hv areiilunt) of one or two lines not suited t-
their ta-i'ea, anJ you will be shure to hear it.
A drunken lawyer, on going into church,
was observed hy tlio minister, who addressetl
him thus : I shell hear witness against yuu
at lha day nf judgement " The lawyer shaking
his head with drunken gravity, replied : I bava
practiced five years at the bar, and hay always
found that lha greatest rascal is tbe first lo
luru Stale's evidence "
"Massa, spnse I wis to tuke an axe and
knock your t-ef down yuiii throat, what would
you do?" Why, sir. 1 would bave you arrested
for assault aiid battery." "Couldn't do nulbo
wid m, dough." "Why not?" "Cos 1
could prove il ax-i-deutal,"
1 1 is pleasant to see roses and lilies glowing
upon a young lady's cheek, but a bad sign to
see a man's face break out io blossoms.
"Well, Mr. J., bow did you get through the
4tb?" "Ob, very well iudied. but it was lha
5tb thai troubled uu."
For life is general there is bot one degree;
youth is a blunr meouood a struggle ; old
ag a regret.
A young lady lately appeired In malo attire
io Baltimore, and ooa of the editors says (hat
bar disguise was an perfect (bat sha might
bave passed far a uiuu, "bad sba bad til I la
mora modesty."
Wljy ar good busbauifs like douyb ? L'e
cause woiueu utid Ibaui.

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