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SUNBUUY, JUNE 10, 1871,
Kailroari Time Tablet.
N. C. n. W.Ka.t. I P. A E. R. R. West.
Hnll.ilo Ex I've 4:10 a m Krlp Mull, I've 2:10 a m
Krio " " lOi'-'O " Buffalo Ex. " 4:fi0 '
mimirllMftll " 10:55 " j KlmirnMnll " 4:80 pm
i:rlo " " 1:10 " Kilo Ex. " 0:43 "
StlAMOKtlt DIVISIOll If. 0. R. W.
l.tUVt! . ARItlVR
B'inliury nt 11:50 ft m At Snnbiiry 0:R3 a m
" 4:40 pin " 4:00 pm
d. rr. & w. n. n.
Loavo Snnbury 5:55 n. m.; 4:H5 nnd 0:50 p. m.
Arr.nt Bimbur) IOiOO a in, 0:S0nnrt 8:40 p m.
focal ff;tiro.
IcgCheam FitBEZKHS. A now lot J ust received
nml fur eulo by II. B. Mnsscr.
Attention te dlrecton to the nrlvertlsomcnt
licadcil "Lftft Notice," In nnollicr column.
TUB Tost Olflco At Milton In about t) bo miulo
a money order ollleo. Why Is It tlmt no effort Is
.made to make the olllco nl Uils place n money or
der ofilco ?
Tiiof. Brown Is preparing his scholars for a
public examination nnd exhibition in tho Court
House sometime, during tlio month. Prof. WU
Icts of Philadelphia, hits, we Icnrn, eonsciitcd to
deliver n lecture on the occasion.
CAir. James Blator. of Noithumbcrlai d, 1ms
organized it military coinpnny In that plnco, call
ed the Northnnibcrlnnd Uunrds, nnd hnsnlroaily
received arms nnd accoutrements. Tlio Captain
in n competent officer nnd n thorough soldier.
A ncck-tlo, Ico (Jrcuni nnd Strawberry festival,
was held in Milton, on Tuesday nnd Wednesday
Tecf tongiio nt KIrby's.
The Improved Order of Red Meu nt this place,
propose hftvlmr a grand parade on the 20lh of
September next, nt this place, when tho dedica
tion of their new Hull will take place.
Tup bakery of Mr. Nelson N. Booth on Fonrth
Ftrcct, U in full operation, nnd he Is serving his
customers with an OKcellcnt quality of bread,
cahos, etc. Having removed ills sale room to the
confectionery storo of J.B. Haas, In Pleasnnt's
buildings on Market Square, It will be nioro con
venient to purchasers.
A choice bran J of family (lour ut lCii-by's.
The Sunbtirv Steam Ferry bill, it appear, did
not pa.s tho legislature us was repotted. It
passed the Smuts but failed in the House.
Wi: learn that tlio N. C. Railway purchased tho
Cameron Colliery nt Sliamokiii, hint took wses
siou during the past week. Mr. Cli.is. W. Flutter,
of this place, lips hem appointed agent nnd hiiB
vstnblli'hed nnofilec In the room over Fry's con
fectionery store, opposite the depot.
We notice among tlio lift of graduates of the
Naval Academy at Annnpnlln, Maryland, at Its
nnnu.il examination on Tuesday last, tlio name
of Win. IT. E. Masser, of this place, nephew of
the ecnior editor of this paper. Mr. Masser Is a
promising young man, of excellent character,
and stood No. IS In the graduating class of 51
A hearing was had In tho Injunction case of !
Pay vs. Eiclihoitz on Filday last, nnd resulted,
we understand, In his lleiinr Judge Jordan, re
fusing to grant nn injunction. The case has been
terminated by Mr. Etchboltz purchat-lng Mr.
Day's interest in tho establishment.-
Tim fine black horse ownuj by Col. Ken", of the
Washington House, of this ptuce, w hich was con
sidered tlio fastest pacing liarxo li this section of
the country, was sold to Ex-Slierill' Fry, of Lan
caster city, on Monday lat, for ? 400. On Wed
nesday Col. NelT received u dispatch staling that
nn uller of 7S0 had been refused for the horse.
This Is a rapid rite In horse tlcali.
Hoots and Shoes fur tlio community, nt popu
lar prices, nt tlio Regulator.
U.wii) C. Uis-iNcmt, Esq., of this place, lias
received the appointment as agent for the United
lSrcthrcn Aid Society of Peiiiisylvauia, which Is
one of the best and cheapest Life Insurance com
panies in the State. The Insurance 1b taken on
the mutual plan, nt low rales, Those whodeslru
to insure in a good and safe company can get all
tho Information desirable by application to Mr.
Disoinger, nt tlio store of Messrs. Moore & DIs
.flnger, on Market street, Suubury.
Theki: nro but few persons that enter upon a
Journey who do not purchaso an Accidental In
surance Ticket. Theso tickets cover nil accidents.
For the sum of twenty-live cents, if nn accident
lululs you, Hid sum of 3)5 per week L paid. It
is milch better to pay t!3 cents, and get pay If
injured, than to run the risk. Jacob Sliipmuu,
ut the depot, tells tlu'fe tickets, un.l travellers can
prucurc them before enterals; the curs.
AitUE: TKt. Mr. Samuel Cherry wus brought
before Esquire liiieo on Tuesday last, on com
plaint of hl "better half" for desertion nud Dot
maintaining his family. Kunucl wax bound over
iu the sum of fiw to appear at August term.
On Wednesday hut, Wm. Cehrlng was brought
before F.)iilit Hi lee, on u warrant Issued on
oath of lMer Smelzer for uneiult truJ battery.
A' the Doiio.-rilie St.tii) Convention U.u swal
lowed tlio " nigger," ul nn I ull, nur Toby
wants to know whether that "111110 nlge. r"
ttlll retained In lliu lKmiX)U ulllce, or wliclucr It
li.i deputed nltU tlm Junior editor, ur ht'cume
"dead 1-Mle."
in Monday last, u eiit.irai t was removed from
the ijo uf Mr. Callwilim Ki hi, of this pluee,
i v Dr. eu.iljM;e, of li.mwlle, li-Uti;J by l)n.
M user, II ni I un I MerUle, of tliU place. Mr.
1. Kill U all nil "iT )c.u of ue, un been ului-l
band. We uie hupp) to M He ili.it lio It r.ipl 1 ly
Improving un.l her eye sll.l i beiuj retured.
Ill I...I.W;, Allot T.- I be I. I ll In i) of Dr. J. 11.
M inn', ull ( ln uul tlleil, M.l Mlilen J ull lui
ili) in-III l.ixl by lm.-,l.ii, Klin lulv tt new coat
ii .i. U nud li'iiu i, li in ill is uutouiilliiK tu
oiiu m.iy ilollait I'm in tlu IkHlm, ud ono
ilnlkir met a hall' Iioiii the itui.l gill. 'Iho
tUleie e .on 1 mi niti.i.ii's liouue.U bu k lu
il iw and vi.lai4 iulei lliu tie .ply runiu of bc
I iniily, .tu I ui ap. t ill. will I- inji In aid.
I be boaldin ; huu.e ul Mi .. M ul l UilliiHilou
njiiiliuiiiloil o.i IV i uue l,1, lit and II coat
btlou, in i i J. M. I ila.tii t I l nuliii,
'I ii i. i !!i w in.; t .4 11 j j "li. nu have tu i. i t
I J I.e. a U. l h l M. J .1 In in la! I . ('. M Tul lull k,
in.ill .it'l l lue l. l.lU dltt i"U -V (' , I'l I'euil-
)li4!iu, i f i i; j.l I i t iLj e.juli. o KuiltiuiU'
dial' I, lltuu, klui.Uj! an I r )d I I
l.tei.l. ( nl. ku I A . I,. - U jujur U . U nion,
i,t U. uii.
I.ieut, I ul. an 4 I'll iui4 1. (4.- (kauU Ulilihl,
1. 1 1 11 1. 1 ilk.
M ) li J l'l...uu IJ, U Oeuia U. I jJal
U l -1, 4 UK'i4i .
!4 in abl ii.il'.. I viuiU4.i,. -i, U J -lu,
U i.ul itUl JaJ.' A4eU'. i. U.lli I )U,
lal,( M ' K .( J , h.nlUui..!.. 11,1,4
A Child Foi-kd. On Wednesday night of Inst
week, the family of Daniel P. Conrnd, residing
on the Plnm creek road In Lower Augusta town
ship wcro awakened nbout 13 o'clock, by the cry
ing of nn Infant child. They proceeded to tho
yard and found ft female child nbout a week old,
In a nail keg hung upon the grape arbor. They
aroused iomo of their neighbors, Whoa It was
taken down nnd properly eared for. Tho child
appeared sttiplflcd and Is supposed to havo been
drugged. On Saturday morning It died from tho
effects of exposure nud drugs, and was burled on
tho next day hy tho overseers of tho township.
No cluo has yet been found ns to tho Inhuman
mother who thus deserted her child, forsaking
and exposing it at an hour when it was almost
certain that the cold atmosphere of night would
deprive It of Ufa. It Is hoped that tho guilty
party will yet be found out nnd made to suffer
for this brutish act.
Fihe. 14 is said that tho loss to A. Pnrdco &
Co., by tho fire In White Deer mouftnlns, last
week, will not fall short of 130,000. Thousands
of vnlunblo loss nnd shlnglo holts which wcro
lying along tlio south brunch of White, Deer
Creek, wcro so much damaged by tho liro, ns to
bo utterly wot thluss. Tlio dam nt McCulls Mills,
which was empty nt the tlmotoiy thcr with sever
al shanties were burned. Millonlan.
Regulator Boot, Shoo, Trunk nnd Leather
Storo consolidated with tho Book Storo. Call
ono nnd nil. New goods nt low rates.
New Tor.icco and Seoab Store. Mr. J. O.
Trimble Is opening n new Tobacco and Se-
gar Store, In the new building, adjoining J. M.
Zelglcr's Merchant Tailoring establishment on
Third stroet, where a full supply of all kinds of
Tobacco nnd Scgars of every brand will bo kept
on hand nt wholesale, nnd retail. Merchants,
Hotel Keepers and others will ho supplied with
tho best qualities at city prieos. Country Mer
chants will save freight, nnd get tho same article
as they do In the city nt the same prices. A cnll
is solicited to examine his stock.
That $01,000. There is somo similarity be
tween the figuring af tho County Auditor's Re
port and tlio vote cast in the coal region nt the
Democratic primary election on Saturday last.
"Tax-Payer" who attempted to defend tho Ring
a few weeks ago through the Democratic papers
In this plnco, will have another Job to calculate
tho number of inhabitants, and the Increaso of
votes in the district whore thoro has been such nn
"enormous" Inrrcnso of Democrats slneo last
election, and how much additional to the ?'.14,000
tax Is probably required, to carry on tho govern
ment of this county in tlio future, If this rapid In
crease should continue.
5,000 Rolls Wall Paper Just received at Llght
ncr's, cheap for cash.
Tun Farmers.' and Horticulturist Association
held their monthly session tit Augustaville, Juno
3d. President Eineriek In tho chair. All the
members present were practical farmers, and
expressed their thankfulness nnd encouragement.
There had been u gloii,)iu rain iu the morning,
sent Just nt the light moment, ns Providence
always does ; nnd Us bcnetielal effect was visible
on nil tho growing crops, gladdening tlio Icho
rous husbandmen's heart.
On motion of the President, Iho Constitution
and By-Laws of the Association were read by the
On motion of W. W. Homing, nn nmcndmciit
to ono of the articles was submitted for action
thereon at the next regular session.
On motion of fieorge f.iaul, a special meeting
was called In the Court House, Friday, Juno 1(1,
nt 1 o'clock, P. M. Members and tho public
generally nro Invited to attend. .
Next monthly session at Augustaville, July 1,
prox. nt 3 o'clock, P.M. Adjourned.
'. F.ij chick, Prea't.
(Vi xen. Pnooi-Eiiisos. Council met on Tues
day evening last, Chief Burgesa Helm In the
chair. Members present : Wilvert.Boiinio, Cad
w illuder, Cooper, Llghtncr, Renn, nnd Pursel.
Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
Conimitteo to procure furniture for Council
reported progress.
On mollnii, the follow ing preamble and resolu
tion was adopted :
WuntEAM, it appears by tin rej-ort of the Au
diting Committee, appointed by the Council of
hist year to Investigate the account of the pre
ceding year, that the Chief Burgess of that year
was Indebted to the Borough for certain licenpes,
rents, Ac., collected nud paid to him, for which
ho failed to inajve any return whatever. There
fore, bo it
.YWf, That tho Finance Committee bo au
thorized to Investigate tho lnattcr, n"d llnd the
uctuul amount of said defalcation, and tako such
action as will. If possible, protect the Borough
from loss thereby.
On motion, that tho Chief Burgess demand the
key of the wleket, and, on refusal, compel Mr.
Engelmnii by law to deliver the same i ijjso, that
tho Committee on River B-iuk h authorized to
compromise Hie payment for kervlens rendered
by Eiigelman and (iar'.nger.
On motion, resolved that the Grave Yard Com
mittee ho authorized to repair the top of tho wall
iu such 11 taaimcr us to prevent boys from walk
lug thereon.
O'l motion, resolved, that tho Committee on
Grave Yard be authorized to employ snine suha-
blo ptfisuii to keep tlm grave yard clean for the
present year, ut 11 n expense not exceeding 15.
On motion, resolved, that tho "Packer Gunrda"
be allowed the use of the Council room a an ar
mory and meeting room, w ithout drilling therein
The said company to perform the Janitor services
of said ruoiji for the privilege of sueh use.
On mUlou, orders v. ere granted 11 follows t
An order to Constable S. Hoitghlier for tS, for
making ill re.ls.
Aii order in llreoiinuiiy for tOJas two month
Aii order to Sol. Weaver for t!7s ill lis Kirt
payment 011 note In haul, d.ile I April U, 1T1.
An order to K. Wilvurt for J7, for pi luting
paper book and Auditors Itepoit.
Older. o A. N. Hi lee, John llourne nud lleiiiy
I'leui -ut, fir Ci cull, foraullthrj Tnu.niei
Ibauil of Hunbuiy Si IhkiI )ilrli l.
Au order to Wm. Snyder for fl 14 50 for !5
i t of I loalu llull ',
A u 01 lei to Samuel IU Hand for ff, an I one
tu KIU.iIkIIi Mi IU r lor Intercut oil bund.
On to Wm. I'ur.il fur J 7) fr in.iWIns ur
(In. tu (', II. (u ntil, r for (IU ful but kcU, .Ve.
I'nriiUhed lollie e 0111 pan).
On to Val. I .il4 lof A luH J.ll.
due tu lliiain lULii lor 14 6U fur kivihk u-
lice, nud ruuuvkuK uuiMiiet 1 1 mil Mul.
I Hiu In ('. tUI.) lor IU VI In! hauling
K I UllU 4 111 lleU.
lilll IV f M. 1 . 1 I. lug Ulellcd tu fcllpel HU'JH,
Hill if ILuiy llaupl for ( i lor laullnit k'"U'4
In tin. I. Uu IH.'ll'M,, la I I uu lable.
UilU'l J. TutitBLMi ur 1, (ortiuu (
lilts luVIU lillk. I'll bl'ilUiw, lellllitl It
tUv Him nee t 'uiuuiliud.
W u( tiuh lul IU4 14 ful Utp lent n
lUam el. luti, (lit mulluu, Iil4 uvr uultl u l
I'U li.wr.iill, lU liellMI t'ulUIUUl'4 W Hklhof.
U4 tu (Ubkl SMU p4luu Ul KleaU Out cIU wl
uk'iuii hull, tkil hui.4 la. W M iiiiu' Iium.
(Ill HMIiili, It-ljoUllM-l l K''l ut 1un4
lUlb4, itut li, klW Uvlh, Iu ttbttbU,.
4. It.
llBrkll' SMS IusiIm) HSh4Imi ikw
uillfel ul I tol.li. k lwi ft I Ull 1 llt.il
Narrow EsrArt:. On Tuesday evening Inst ns
tho N. C. R. W. passenger train wns nenring tho
Gap breaker the engineer discovered a man fylng
along tho track with hls'hcad'rcslliig on tho rail,
0 short distance, up .the, road. Ho, Immediately
reversed tho cnglno and whistled down breaks,
hut tho train "could not be stopped beforo reach
ing tho point tflierc the tnnn lay, ntKl the engine
rnn several rods beyond, tho oow-cntchcr sulking
lilm on tho head nnd throwing him to ono side,
clear of tlio mil. All who wltuossed tho scene
expected the. unfortunate man, who proved to bo
John Alexander, hnd his brains knocked out, but
strnngo to say, nsldcfroni n. severe but not
dangerous wound on tho top of tho hend, mado
by tho cow-cfttchcr, ho was not Injured. Itnp
pcars ho had set out during the afternoon for
Puxinos, where he resides, ohooslng the railroad
for his route, and having taken on more bcnr.lnc
thnn ho could nnvlgato under, either laid or fell
down tipou tho track and jvent Jo sleep.
The appearance of market squaro during this
season has boon Bomowhat rough, on account of
timber, brick, tfce., lying about looso, but to make
U still more nttracllvo tho Chief Burgoss granted
ft party the privilege to spread their canvas du
ring this week, under which an "intelligent Pig"
is exhibited. Our Toby thinks It nil excellent
plnco for pig styes, if only the Borough authori
ties could bo made to think so.
Baiiy Caiiriaues. A largo number of baby
cnrrlngcs havo been received nt B. L. Raudcu
bush's furniture storo, In Masoule Hall building,
and arc sold nt low prices. The furniture depart
ment of tills establishment Is very nicely ar
ranged. Ho keeps nn endless variety, of the best
mnko and tho most approved styles, nnd sells hU
goods nt reasonably low prices. Special attention
Is paid to undertaking.
An excursion party Is nbout being mado up for
n trip to Watklns Glens, N. T., to start nbout
tho 20th Inst. The excursion tickets will bo is
sued nt $0.50 for tho round trip, and If thirty or
mo.ro will agree to go, an extra ear will be placed
nt their disposal for the trip. All who detlre to
Join the party nro requested to leave their names
with Mr. Shipman, ticket agent.
The ofllcers elect of Riverside borough, created
by legislative enactment, met in tho school houso
nt that plaeo on the (ilh ult., when tho follow
ing ollleers were sworn Iu i Chief Curgess, Ed
ward Cromplou Councllmen, O. If. Ostruiulcr,
Wm. Yerger, A. Mutzcnbacher, W. A. Miller
nnd Daniel Lelhyj High Constable, Daniel
Lelm. A committee has been appointed to
frame a scries of By-Laws, Rules, Regulations,
Ac., for the proper government of the borough.
They agreed upon holding their monthly meet
ings on tho fourth Wednesday evening of each
Thr advertisement of sir. Leonard Dovcitt
will bo found in nnsther part of this paper, who
has opcucd (i new bakery ut Northumberland.
Mr. Dovertt U known to the citizens of this place
ns a first class workman. Having worked In tills
place for two years past, his friends will lie giad
to learn that ho will supply them every morning
with till kinds of bread, cakes, eic., besides sup
plying tho citizens pf Northumberland.
The handsome Boot nud Shoo store of Mr. F.lt
Miller, of Northumberland, lifts lately been re
plenished with a new stock of tho latest styles.
Ills stock comprises everythiug in tho boot nud
shoe line, which his customers can rely on us of
the best. Being a practical mechanic himself, he
(..amines all his stock beforo offering it for sale.
Our neighbors of Northumberland are fortunate
of having such ft rcllablo establishment in their
No. 1 nud " shore muckcrul, plekled salmon
and white full nt KIrby's, all fish warranted.
Husluess JioJUxs,
Wm. H. Miuxh, of tho Excelsior Boot nnd
Shoe B'.orc is determined to please the communi
ty, not only In procuring boers nnd Shoes, but
makes It a point to get up something suitable for
all the seasons In tho year so us to make ail
comfortable. His summer Boots mid Callers lire
not only a novel, but arc just tho thing for com
fort in warm weather. Call nnd soo his stock.
The summer stilts made up by J. F. Sehaell'er,
Merchant Tailor, opposite the Central Hotel, tiro
again attracting great attention. Mr. Schucffcr
is determined to keep up with the styles und suc
ceeds admirably In his undertakings. The suits
mado up In his establishment are admired by all.
The (i ROVER & BAKER und the SINGER
SEWING MACHINES nro neUnowledged su
pcrior to tiny oilier now manufactured. Miss
C. Dallas, Market street, this place, is tho ugcut
for the sale of them In this and adjoining coun
ties. Instructions hi sewing glrcti free of charge
to all purchasers. A lot always on hand. Call
ind exnuiliio them.
The Croquet Shoe, a novelty, elegant and com
fortable, ut the Regulator.
Dt iiimi tlio comlii'r hot season, a hat Isn't a
bad thing to have about the lioii, 8. Faust,
Maikel Square, has 11 tine Hock, Is constantly
enlarging, and will furnish them to order, In any
style, price or quality. Sam Is 11 practical "lial
IWt," and can lit uny head that he gcta a sight
FcLEt't Bfiiooi.. Mis Mugulc J. Martin will
open n select school for young ladles at the resi
dence of her father, on Broadway, commencing
011 Monday, the 5th of June. Terms moderate.
Ir you want a Una aortnicul of plain and
fancy groceries to select from, go to Kliby's,
Bright' new building, on Market square, .nil
goods delivered within tlieboiough free of charge.
Al l. Rubber Wear, ut in.iuuf.ietuicr' prices,
at tho Regulator.
Ji r received, a number of popular fronts nud
Fremiti eulf skins, Ht the Regulator.
Kirs' line Fieiieh Calf, II. i ton Hoots, tll. Ii
ed bullion, ul tin) Regulator.
Siiokvi vkKiis' innteilals for iinitiii f.i luriii-;, at
the Regulator,
( 1..IM1 I'll n ks of I'lllvvtN ,V Itu.)., 40 S
Tiiiiin Svuttr, 1'uil.ii.i.i.i'iii.v. UuVWk, r. M
May ul, liTl.
V. . a'ut 'nl 1 if; 1 it
ti-J Ill1, III ,
" '01 Ill', III ,
" " 'ti.' 1 1 Hi lli
'll new Il l', III
" 'Ul, IU'. III'.
'i.i III'. Ill
5'., 10 ftU'a o'. , llrtl
I'. H. oO Vi.u U Isr mil. I y II V, IIV.
Gold Ill", III
Silv.r lul b
t Ul.. 11 I'm 1. 1.' II. II. .l , IK.114. U.', U.I
t Vllll.,1 '. ill. It. It lo.'i, lo t
t'liloii Piteltlu liiiil G14I1I It-iii. 1. tn ht
fij'tdiil tuiUtj.
I l4l I MMfMluM til IBM list mIM,
I Jl lll.lallM it Hari.lnK uud lor (lis l. 111UI
s ul yvHM0 wti ismi viA.ii, mIiij tull. r I1.1111
S.ivuu.iii,., 1,. uwi.it Mo aj, Oke , upil)lii
I be liuaui ul xll lHIO.
hmuu ty utrn vtUK iur4 hliuHll n. .il
lt.v UU lei,l,u ""' I'1'' dllKlcl liVilopD,
tn..., I. v iiitsin;. u tt r a 1 u,
S4 Jo, Ull. (liu, tlnaiftl)!!, ti. V.
I I OA AIGl tM Tiltlf llll 4MM m io
I 1 ful lk U, II. I .1,4 I u,v lUv till. su4
I el"H4l.ulu, KM Pllu. I, :. k Vl.ll. II. 4 I'l.il.,.,.
Ikl.ipl. t-ul UM ll S.IK.H ul fuulti, u4 til
luliUtuI .te, it, IUIInli lo II Ittkl Oil .ul
uu ruts, ul i,U4i I4 .. ik Ul u..i
svw-i Iimi, lit s.41.4 n. i i. .(-,, 44 ii.,, lliiW
AUII 'K UlltiN, bus r, I-Liu kill,..
I n ns f , 1 1
On tho M Inst... by Rev. Mr. Menrlnilmll. Mr.
JotixB. Eisft.t, of Snnlmry, and MlssS.umi
E. Savukik, of Lower Augusta.
In Lower Mahanoy township, on Siindnv last,
or typhoid fever, JOHV HARM AN, son of Mr.
Jacob Uarnian, uged nbout 20 years.
Tho deceased was worthy nnd industrious
young man, nnd highly esteemed mid beloved by
nil who knew him for his exemplary conduct.
Hisiillllctcd parents have the sympathy ofa large
clrclo of friends for their bereavement or a loving
Ul lit
Nmibiiry lirnin V l'roducc tlnkt.
Choice White Wheat
Best Amber, AMeter..
...I 50
.... NO
..1 no
corn ,...
Oats, (uJ lbs.)
Best Amber, Winter, per sack 'J
' 4 barrel S 110
Com Meal, per ewt a r,n
Pennsylvania Roll
l-aius Per loitcii ,
Meats Dried Beef, jht Hi
Smoked Mutton
Laud per lb
Fish Salt White Fish, per lb ,
" Trout "
Cod "
Fresh Slmd
Veoetmiles Turnips, per bushel...,
Potatoes ' "
Onions " "
.lot" i-J
... .15
.... 15
.... I
Bonus, " nnart l.MTillS
HoluillV, " 1!)
Dnir.l) Fm'lTS Dried Apples, per lb PJf.nU
" Peaches, " '.'OOO:!!'.
" Cherries, " lOtojoo
" Blackbcrrk.s
" Raspberries -jo
sUlu bbcrttsciKcn.s
i:itci.viN: r.AR(jiKt!
In Scott's Biillding on QC EEN STREET,
nro uow offering
drv ;oo:s,
Coinprlslng nil the Spring and Summer Stvles
or Ladies' Dress Goods, White Goods Ac, Clot lis,
Cassiuieirs ami Geiitlitnens' Goods gene'rullv.
which will nil bo sold ut great bargains.
of all kinds and of every description.
tu'euwarc, lilnsMwarc r.iuJ Wil
lowlVaro. 15O0TS AND SHOES
for Men, Women and Children.
FLOl'R AND FEED or ull kinds, In constantly
kept on hand. They will also purchase
ut the highest market price, nnd will exchange
goods for Grain.
Tho public nro Inyited to cal and examine our
extensive ussortineiit of Goods before purchasing
elsewhere, mid become convinced that Goods can
be bought lower than elsewhere at our cblablisli
North'd, April 211, 1871.
Kl'Itl.NXl 01K;,IXi!
I.urge Mock! Itcttcr Fncllitlo!
Just opened a lnrgc, Quo und Bubstantlal ussort
nicut of
Domestic, "White fiootl, Fancy
(Joods, Triinmingd, ClolliH,
cAurrrs and oil cloths.
Housekeeping goods In great variety.
liuewifewaie, Wlliow-Warc, Glassware, Ae.HAe.
A line stock of substantial
Kenily.tlutlc (lutliiuxt
for Men nud Boys. Each line full und complete.
t?r Substantial Goods a Specialty. Jfi J
I'rlroN to milt the IIiiion. Cull anil
see our Stork.
All kinds of country produce taken In cx-
uauge mr gooos.
Huii t's Iron Building, Market Street, Suubury.
April 2J, 1S71.
iui:ss ;
now oK'ii at
Market Sipiare, Sl NUl'RV, Poun'a.,
Dress Trimmings, Embroideries, Notions, Ac.
Cent' Collars, Neek-lles, lhill'-liose. Handker
chiefs and Glove.
Perfumery, Toilet Soups, Hair Uniskcs.Coiiibs,
An liivltatlou U extended to all to call and be.
cure bargains.
April till, JS71.
si'iuxt; stvi.i:s hats, i:dn.i:ts,
Mourning and Dildul llaU nud lloiinet..
.Asll KlIlllONS, l'KATUKU., ll-OWKIirt.
luicw tiiul TriiuiiiliiH of every variety,
full lino of
MOL'UXlNli VKll.S ANI l ltAl'K.
N..llon, a Tull luaoriment. Geiitl. nn u'.
GiuVi., Ilauitkeiehlef., Ac,
MHH I.. KIIsS.:il,
maukiit sot'Aiti:, M'snt'itv,
A pi 11 :), s;i.
Ml l.l.l 1.11 t.UUUHUl. lll..V.
fltturultttf wh4 Mrtilnl
llMlj mu4 lluiiMt l.
Kull line of Mourning . 11. ui.. l'i.i',
MIl.t.lNtUV H tin: M't:i I VI.TV.
S i.U IIiI.Immh, tliiniiiiriii Id.ill,, i, t.luvn,
Il.tll.lSelllil, l, Sfi., Ac.
I'ANl. V (iOll' AMI NdlloSH.
Wa M. I.. (.ii.slH(.
uulh I'.tuilli M., llu ll.v lUHlewd, Smibuiy.
Aplll 41, .il.
i'l -) J 4.1 wptutJ nl (uu
M t ill. HAS 1' TAIMUl nlKl'
IIIU. U, hill I,
Ivumi4 Iw i O. kwuitk .(, Ulu
fel a Ht, 'KHH'4.
lieblli.UeM Ib4 4..IIS l..uk-l.U it4hl.M
lb4u In ii4i, III nil IC 1 . J
.u.lu. Ib 'v.1.4 Mk, .u4 t.la II.. . I
klU Ut Ull kit !! UU-t M. t i u4 U
Ulna ti Hi' I I
W. 111
JHiictl! itneons.
" iiV:iv ii eat si i o iV
THE undersigned respect fully Informs the citi
zens of Suubury nnd vicinity, that they have
opened a
hi Dewa-l's htilhllng.nn the north side of Market
Sipiuiv, two doors from tho railroad, were lliey
w ill kc p a constant supply of tlio best of Heel',
Pork, Mutton, Ac, nt w lioloale or retail, at tho
lovvost priei nnd of tlio lirst quality . A wicron
will be run to supply customers every morning,
(except Suiiilnys.) The best of meat w ill found
lit their shop. Give us n call nnd satisfy your
selves. REKFEW oi BOVVER.
Oi't. lf.lh 1809. IT.
Si 11.M 1 : n y ax i i a x I v s i o lTiT.
Market Etreot, one door west or Geaihart's con
fectionery store,
lias opened her Spring and Summer stock of
flilliiicfj' iumI I'micy ooil,
The latest styles of Pn-n Trlui!nln.;s, French
and Anieilean Flowers, Laces, Ribbons, Sin k
loops, Chignons, Collars, Cull's, Jouvln Gloves,
un l n large variety of other article.
In connection with the Millinery business, she
carries on I bu
In all Its branches.
She Is also agent for the salo of Ramsey, Seott ee
Co.' Patterns.
The ladles of Suiibuiy nnd vicinity nrn cor
dially Invite.! to call nnd cxaa.lno her splendid
Mayin, 1S7I.
riistom r.vno Larflesi 5,l0CK
I1 it.-, r-? a r .
Worki8JL ynorinesiuooflB;
brstclmmrtcrX T"
Easy tofcjJLihIp.the
moasurementX ?M
prices, &c, sentX-- yn,in.
.... . . A BT
ireo xo any pan oi jj jy
America, and good fits
Gents' Furnishing
Goods. Wrappers 4
Under-Wear of all
kinds for all soa-
Qrwrxsons. wnitc
iS h 1 r t a a
l! Specialty
ly low prices.
Sisth Si Market Sts.
l'.l). .Inst published bv Dr. 1.KAV1M. -.'.Ml
pages. Third Kdiiion. TIIK M I'.UU'AL COM
radical cure ol Sperinatorrlucu, or .Seminal Weak
ness, Involuntary Seminal l.o.ses, linpoteney,
Mental and Physical Incapacity, luipeillnieuts to
Marriage, 1 te., and tlio Venereal nud Syphilitic
Maladies with plain and clear dii'i elions l'ur the
speedy cure of Secondary Syniptoius, Goni 1 rlne.i.
Gleets, Mrlcl tires, and all" iliease:i of the sl.hi,
Neh lis Scurvy, tSerolnla, L Iteis, l!.,l!s, l.luti'.i.
es au.l Pimples 011 til" taeeand l.oilv. t i.i..iini
tion, Cpllep.-y, un.l Fits, Indiienl 'by te:f iti.lul
gem e or s.v:ual cMri.vMraiirf.
The . vlehruti .1 a.'.Una in this adiuir.ible Trea
tise, clearly ileni.insinites, from a foity ,,ir's
siieeesl'ul prael lee, that the uliu rtiin--1 .111 e.iienee
of sclf-iibu.-e ir.ay be ra.lieally cured ; pointing
out a tno.le of cure nt unco 1 iinrle. ceil iin. ini.l
ell'eetual, by means of which every 1I1II i' r. no
matter what his condition in.iy be, cm !..' i'. e
tua'ly cured, cheaply, piivulely, mi.l radically.
I ')" This bonk should be in the hands f every
youth, and every man In the land.
Sent under vval. In a plain envelope, Price, TiC
cents. Address, DR. 1.1. WIS, No. 7 Reach urccl,
New V01U.
No. 003 Cheatnut Street, rhi'.adclphia,
lire now pr. pure.l to till Hri! r fur lliu
un.ler their i n !;ii;ir.iulce, In cither
1H liunit ;olil or Coin Kilwr C'usi's,
(V Vtltff (J'tulitliU HHll h'J lt,i. )
Thctu Watched civul'y excel in hue tbiMi,
variety of t le, an I ueenriiu tinie-h. . pi'i.; : n . i ! i
lle.. Wo Invite ail!, nl, ir iiU. ioi. u I., lie l..
price ul M lii. li u really t;o.. Mat h 1 ...y mm be
Iltni He ml l.t ui for u lrli( I.lsl.
Oi'.lei reeciee.l Iioiii all pi.l'ili.
ti.MI.U .ent I'. II, II. o .ill) u.l.Uc .
t'lXKll I'likXel, .. cuil.u to llie ul..-. lit bn).'i
cveiy u.lvautage poeci-c I b) u pie;enl pill
chafer, J A MM Y.. I'Al.liWrl.l. ,v. lo.,
IHut l hc.tiiiil Mriit, I'liilu.
April ), 1ST! -Jan Illy.
I lll I.TI.It ATI.I'.
rim: iMiui at Hi i: is rr.it
t IIT.
I iinw o'l. r. I f.ir n.i'.c. by ihe un h i .'.jii. .1 .11
hi. UicMciy er It. I mi. n. l. 1 hi, tin. .,r I"
waiiaitlttl 10. 1 to tui'l.ilii un nti.lt uci .it'.ie
itlti tttttl lit itt.tktt It .linn.-, a'l.i vtl.tilil.
Iiijiiil.uit, Win ml. I 1 nu , 11 it 1.1c !( ..11 .le
lur ilDliie.tic lle la leaikil.
K.il.l lit h. .It v tie un I lit l.l. (1 If I l
Jw.-l.l'll II At ill II.
bui.l'iii , May ti, I -.". I.
r. 1.1 lui 1. r- i.. i.i 1 h.
tVKKNX, lM I'll IN l nl NIK, I'tNN'A.,
IIVHiLV A mW I It, l'i 'l. 1 1.
Tlm lable I. ni p;l. lll the b .1 It. I .tl'.tl
nil, .i.i., I1....I l.tVling itii. allt nt it 0 e ll.ia.
M ij '.'tl, ii I.
I'onri ni.r uimih o.ui.imii
'I l.l, t..ll. .." la I.04 Ii. p. 1. I It 1..III.I.I11
llU II. I t t It.. I - I , lit at. , I'll .HI t l.l ill. tu a'.' "It
Hie I'.mlll t. Iliil.tUil t.l B '. i.,ii. I I..' I t
tl.a.vt'l lliu J ( ,ti .11. u '1 B.'i.l...' ), "1. I ti.4J
,..eu.l .lltal.. i u. It. . l.l. lul l... .1 ..ii,, .1. II
a li' liltiilt I I .ni.l'. 1 lul tat. I..LI.. ..'I "I
t.1,.1 I nt I..,., l.l lilt.'. I ..II.. , I. .1.. ... ,. I. .1
ui.ittlAall.'l! . I III" all. It l.al.tt I t .. .'t.
I'.all ul 1 1 lit. lo) Hi ') t" . t 1 at tl. . kiln, ul
i . I Wc, . t.l I I. i'l ! li-h.U. u.
I'.Uv u Int. linn 1 1 1 4 ) 1 1, .. '. ... If a
I am.
U4 Hill ' '! I i '
1 I i'l li . li.'lii.ll U II. ).
Mty U, lul. 11
II. HI M1.
I'l. MS HltS AMl N I At. AIMHI,
HfM4wM MtlU'tl I Mtfcl)t l'4.
nl Ik k., .u .1.4 ll.u.ai i.t.l '.i .1 .....
tntt.1. 4 au4 l'a I""," 4-...W 1. 1 I' v
k. .1 ..k" .. A- lt.,. ... v l ul l. li It l
V i
I..HIt I'l 1 w.. .1 4 ' I ' t. j 1 I
ji.t II, I'M
liavo jti?t received an immense nlocli of
nnd arc pReiinrcil tn get up suits nt ultorlnolieo nnd gun ran Iced to fit or no pale.
BLACK, IMtOWX AND r.LUK CLOTHS, PouV.c wldUi, 3 nnd upward!..
nil wool 7"c, and upwards.
VESTIXGSnl all prices.
KENTUCKY JEANS 20c, nnd upvrar.K
TWEEDSCJc, and upwards
COTTOXAPES lS--,'and upwards.
They have also mado arrangements with tlm
GcXctosSedi GZeSEiing House
anamaker & Brown-, Phil'a,
nud nro prepared to furnish stiila nl tlti'ir prices, only adding tlio cost of cxprcssap.
Iftlie goods do not fcivo eatisfaction upon arrival wo will' return them free of charge.
A full lino of samples for customers to sulect from.
Fpcuial atlrnlion ntvention paid to
And the highest cash price? paid for
QaOg Market strectji BimlHii:-
lias received another choice assortment of
Sps?Iiag and Summs? oils,
and ha3 now on hand, tho largest stock in his lino, over offered for salo iu this place.
lie ia oflcruig
Jliirgains in Linen Clothing for Men and Boys.
Bargains in line Dress Suits for Men & Boys.
Bargains in Working and Business Suits for
MEJST and 330YS.
Bargains in Straw, Felt, Wool, Linen, and
Cassiinere Hats, for Men and Boys.
Bargains in Fancy and White Shirts and
Gent's Summer Underwear.
Gent's Furnishing Goods,
ScC.a ScC-
(iivo him si call and bio for youielves, that tlm l'tnpiio Clolliin Store i the cheapest
l.AUcril asm m;tm KNT,
'.kttiv.i coods,
an 1 lowl'u i ku ks t1iax f-vim.
Third Ttrcot. acor
N ii. NT w rt till.
watcuks, .ii-:wi:luy,
lit VorlU Mioutl St., (ur. ul' (lurry ,
All lt..l lint 111 of Watt hi ., Ji Hel l , bi'.Vi r Ull I
l'i..e. VSaro oii'laully uu ban. I.
li I t 1. 111; ol MaleUu. ai.,1 Jcweiiy promplly
ull. i..u. .i. I Apul I, 1 1. l-l.
Bvikcryand ConfcctJoncry
la li,. 1.1 t.ai..ilns u '.j.'.i.in Ibe l. 1
I 'lil. e, . .. t-ile in.- I.....,
N I N II I II V , T I. N ' A , I
J,; I in... I 4 ! .(ir;e utii'iliiit nl "I ull Liu.li i f
C O N r E 6 T I O N a r 1 1 8
i.i 1 lei y tl. 1, 1 1( 1 .ii.
riitSil llitllAi) is. OAKVSl
et.ll It.. 'it.,, it. lain,:... Wlil I... I "1 I I. I
,1 , - .11 l.l t . I . 1 . 1 1 1 I' tl .1.1 kll.lt.
1,1 Ultl Ul, I IV inl , IU k, IIV
l.l Nn, tt.., ui. I a t.i t- k I uu J
Ita . I a .1 l.ianat,.. Iaic4
u..k ul Hi' ( I I'fan.U 1
ul I '.'at .
All Lhuli of l'uuvy Cultui
j. l u. .a I l't .. I t 0 1 I ..e ,, ii, ii
) ..t ki lb I 4 i. Itlalt.iU. lalfl I ill. Ill
., 11,11., I.. ...1. .4 l-lll... raii.li...
11 I .-I u. I. a I I liw .it.'ltt.l ..4..
V-l wi.l. I. b II a! I'"- I ' "
i.J J ....I. l!.. Ik 1 "I, I'l al
111. II. .It' I . Ull
Hi 1.1 . riittl tnl.t.u ll.a.l uJ v.'U., Hill
I . . a .'i I ""1 I all. ..I- u. .
I lul I., 1 l.l I -I'.'.-HX. (.l M liMl
alt.t.ti. u la ua.li.t, -4 i..l.l.bll.. Iliti U.I, Ivl
t..ulliie' III fin t.
Mal. ltll, ll
llurVMI felll MllliM
kil ilk.. .. i.il.t..i.4 U. a '
k. . .1 .I II . la i.l"b'i
.Ill I 01."
I. I -
tho Depot, CUKBUHY, PA.
I'Kii i s kid; ( i.i
it Tin:
Mamr.sotli Itoot V Shoo Store
I !
Mil. mi:,
In l'. II. tinllir. Iti'iini, tj i.tii Muil, o'.io tlo 1
f .1.1 e. kite I'ui-k Ulli.e,
Sullliil .Mill ia.AM, I'llS'N'A.
l'..r rini.ia l.. u, t o 1 . I'll Mill. r'. II l mi l
M ri.ile. I lii t ale .ul'l, 11. l ( alt :tl 'i.
1 .,1 1 1. 11. it 1 ...1 ,1 ..'. i, .fa 1 1 I u ii:ii 1 ', fi.iy
t'J l 1 fl I I - 1 pa...
lor ll. 1. it-,, cii k . ..11 I it.iU. i-, nl I. tt.-t p..e,i
I !. 1 1 i. . , .. l . I I M 1. r , mi I.1" 11 rln I.
t..r all I..H1. ul liui.i II. .'I. nu I Hi call nl
I .1 Mill..'..
I t,r l.t.l...' Iiiim in.i.li".., ie ll.t.. am. nt
III. i.k al l l V 'U. 1..
I li u 1 La. it .1 I Lii litu'. hli.n ., J al l 1 v
an, a.,: I :. M-i' ! " ""'"
,.i,. '.!'.: 11 l. I' .1 a...l lt. 1) line, 1..I1
an I . 1 in la. I Ii li 1 1 ' " L la l.ae pin. I. ..l.t
1 it. 10 11 ) .a .tU l a. I li i.i ...., uk kin.
l..i I"
J iu. i, H -I'-:', '1'.-l.
V. ii . .1 It i l
,w !' 1...,. i'
l It i f ll.'6.tl .V S.'IA.U. al4l..ul
fj .a.
Nut i . 1. L.i.i 1 "i .. . .l (" pa'la".l"i
L' . I I "I.. . 4 .no-. 1 I 1" I'l lial,l t,l ll v l-
I. ;, La Li. . I "., I" !'. !' 1 i4lU l.t..h.t.. 111
II, . l...,ua il l l ' Lul), III. It U ill.... II.. I l
l.nila..l t..t...il ! '- ....xai.1., " ,ia
I. II Iu Lat..l. ul i. U. Wtllfcl, .1 lb. t.
al-bl, ''a "l (Ik U' t'ik lluil.lu
" u i t run , u a tk 1 s x 1 u.
I Lv 11 ii . 1 1 1 Of. . I ;ui .in hi m .it
I iimH.I fc' t 'Link. I .1 I... wi4 Ii.i J, ki.4 I
I k'ta .. kl
I l HIM11, 4 I )
II ) I ' I 'l '.

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