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. ".. R1J.SSER. i .
E. W! I. VERT.
-UXDlinV, SEPTKMl.M'Il K 1-7!.
Republican Stale Ticket.
.-'or. i.n:rTF.NAN"r :-) ) i:M;:,
MlTIiril ;. OIMSTI-:.Y, of rotterCo. !
:: An;; n;n ckxkiiai..
TTA'Mil X Al.T.TIX, onYanvn (' u::! v. ;
r!i: .-IX i.l.l.U.1. Oi- 1X1 URN AL AI1'A1J;, j
ilOlli-ilT i. lLATiI, of SeLuylkill Co. I
rm: ji iH.r r Tin; si t ijcrt, I
i:iV'Ai;j) ii. PAXMtX. of i'iiikuie-lnhia. !
U.-iiiiuiiciu- ConsrJ;. tn e:1 lifts.
'i i.i- R. j ui,'..c...t vo'.tr- t" Notthuiai'i I
e 'v !! r, ,;:: ! ! t- t s.-t t ir ..J: '
;;-r:;,'-t at such J'l.i'v- :il which 1.-' t-: :i t elect inns
li:.v, hi-ii-lnlinc I.e.:. iik-l. I. on .' atur.i.iv, ill,- l'.'ll:
...v . : s i-W.xl r : i, :. a. !'- hoar.- ' 1
: ."l 7 o'clock, i'. vi.. f.rt!i. purpose of -!' tit.tr
i :....;!. f tin; H'-!';i!'!irar. County ConTcntion.
:! . i :.l al t!i-.- C"i,n Hour., hi the bor.-ug.i r
s. .,:..,,,-. Tue- ! iy. See' -Tii'.-r 1ST!. ;it 10
o". lot-i. a. m.. (or tin' purees:- )1" lioinimiling a
iii-k.t 1. 1 lie .ics'-ntf.i to ti.- v. oi'tl.c k-i.ui.iy
,,; t!:.- i-::i;in i-U- ii.m. I'm U l!-tii--t l't: ttiir
I "iitilvlriM !1 -IMll !; it !. or li'-s, ;it tin-
f.-n.-r.tl ;: ti.m fur h: ate olli. ,!, will
i . : .! l. t n. '.i u U'-: i. ill: : -1 ; I -1 j-'Uai
Ti.r , :i;.ifrp,!. 11;ri"i- ,l.'!,-.-:t, :it:-! r icli r s-t
1 .! ! uir oi'it liirw hiiiiiirvii voi.-s sli;ill !. lit . t i t-il
!'-) l'.-nr U, -1. M!.
!'v o: :''-r c!' coi:i:ni: u -.
KM'l. V1I.YK!;T, liainu.ui.
I.. ."'.. M'jniON, bcciit.uy.
Tin: Ki:i't'!'i.H an Vns txt:ox. T!u
I j inihlican r'onvention vhicli is to aseni
l.l" ;it this la c on Tuesday, wi!l Io attcml
cd hv ooitI nvMi doloati s fnnii every dis
::i:l in the county, whose ohjoet it will be
tM iiroiiii.i.- tho lminionj- and pucr-es? of
the j arty. Fortunately then: will be little
or no difficulty in the Convention as re
gards the first, as ti e candidates nre joo.l
tner. and l'.ave the confidence of the ix nple,
Mid the v.-o:l; of the Convention will be,
th-T' .Tore, merely to confirm tin e xpros
i.ins of opinion. Th;s is jiavtk-iihirlv m
in re".:! d to the re-nmninatin of Hon. Jno.
V.. 1 acker f-r Con::res. Tle renpiiear? to
i e h::t one o-ii'.iiou on the su'.ijeet, that he
; ; the ri-bt man in the ri-ht place, and
this unanimity of opinion i not confined
aloi e to this couuty vilu re Mr. Packer is
s i well known and upt'ivcialed. but to the
whole di.-triet. Mr. 1'acker may well be
; rotid of the position beholds in bis party,
;::.d his immediate constituents fdiould be
s,.-, 3, . pralifiid that tli ynr-j ttiablcd to
j-ref-etit to the district, a candidate so capa
ble and trustworthy, and mi entirely accep
table to the ieo-le.
Mr. Facktr's well known views in ie
ard to the tarill'- in the i rotectiun andeu
t,;r,i;i:i mei.i oi'the eix-iik. cual and iruii in-t-V(
t;ts of the Mate. Ills him admirably as
the rcpp M utative . 1'ojje of the leadingcoal
a;ikl iron d:trie!s"of the ( 'oir.inoir.veallh.
Tju: Ai ! ai;: atNkw )ki.i:.ns. In
an i.ie ;lnr part of this paper w ill be found
,li exciting iasurre .ti'iii news from
v, v. Oriean.-. W't- Lrive a full details from
:i 1 aitiuK i re .!'' r.' s i that our rcau
v : .:11 f;. !;, inid.-rstati'i tie' causes of the
ri e -. "i ! a'.er-t aec.'i'.n'.s show that the
M'Fi.i'ry party have s. ized the oii'iees in
.le.Ie.ne : f tli ' l.'niied S;.it--s (ioversi
Tie: :id-lit shu'.vs his llriimess
iu j.-.s.;.ii.; his proe! na il i in f ir the usurpers
! i ! sis', an 1 dispei.e v. i'hin live d:iy, and
v. ill insist ( ::!orel!rr the law by reinstating
;. v. K 11" r. as the ' uivernnii nt as
i.a.- 1 n leeojnled by 'i!ircss. 'J'o ac.
plh ti:i. tn ntiotis i !lo: ls may bo
in .'i to ijOe 1 .e-;i.uiee,:.l,u ,i l.nd aireaiiy
tie- !::. ui i'ore. s lilnier o;iier.s lor ihe Missis-i-pp:.
'i'hc i.jf.intry rciiiM nts are on the
lieid, .i.e scattered lorce.i on ! lie frontier aie
i: 'i.t. : .i.' ..:il ..-ndir. into Washington by
le'.i 'ri-.tpl. lejioris ol ciiieieiit forces. How
ti::l. rent an t en oura'jiii": all this froni the
s.i-i.iy p.iii or wh;-',i e-'.ei -spread the land in
I Vd, when a Il-iu iciaLie Attorney o;u..-r- j
ai : idereu oili.-ul .ieeisinii tint tie: (ii)V
. rt'm nt ind no power to preserve its own j
lite, an l a Democratic President, by pro
clamation, announced this decision as the
polieyof the Executive.
"Vi'i; niiist continue the- ood woik beun ,
year to wrest the county from IJepub- j
h'Mii misrule-." lh mwr'ii i' hisl n l:.
The p.'.mve is another trick at deception !
.u i a perversion of facts. Since the He-J
pullier.ns have been in power they paid ofl"j
a I') -ir.ocralic county dc-bt of some twenty !
thousand dollar, the police debt of some
f leven thousand dollars, all without Icvy
hi'X one cent of extra taxes. 'I'hey have
reduced the county taxc?, all in two year?,
v. hi!o ihe Hetnocrats, wh n in ji.jwer, bad
b-e:i incrensincr the debt annually for
a'f.ut twelve years past and S.eculated fin
Ihe M';p!-3 money, and now the King
paper calls this llepublieai: misrule. J).cs
; he ditor of the Iini'i-n't mean to say that
it i lict'.er to put men in ofliec who will ;et
rs in debt and ppernlate tijion tin: county
Jnnds than to put honos-t men in fiflic who
:pp:y tin- funds of the county to their pro
I -r place ? Please rx!:!ain. in L'hlnr.
TitKelecliou this fall v. ill lie an important
.e.i,. to ;.l! ci;;s.ses. I 'eiin' y i'. ania has iuter
( .-i.-, a..-- a Male-, w i.ieh her p.-. pie cannot af
I .1 to la ,!. .(:'.. J lie olei s will he called
up-. n, in the ( omin election to determine,
which ol ihe two parties is the truest to IVnn-i-
I an.. i in: i r.-s's. The i t iii.itei ial inier
. tin; TaritV. If the free trade policy is
t't l.e ( .ahiisl.ed ii-M' iud n-try lUMt Sillier
:. i .ry h.aiii.h. The 'Jejuihlican part'
1. . ! 1 it If iti f.fk'.r of protection,
I laoeraLie j arty ii is not a wor
: ioii !.. The Mate has alxo a direct i:i--t
in the n.atter ol the I.cciprociiy
at . If that 1 r. aty is sustained ( 'anada
t. :li:e-:i as a di:c! eotlipitilor will,
!i.i;-ie;:.n is and p'-od eeis. The t.'ejioh-
p;.rt v of tliis State has denounced this
if,', and demanded its rejection. ; whih-t
! letuocratic party has not a word t.i -ay
r :ia',itt-t i. "hi t!ie two ab.-orbiti'i
-:ioiis of material iiiter'-st to I'em.i-yl-
: .:. tl.i letoi e. the I ), inocraey are ib lit.
'. e no eon' ietio;is to express, find
:, :; iiiil;r, apparently, wliet her the State
-,-- or is crushed. To which of these
ii. .
.l 1
v. ill t!i- von-rs of the Stat.
inter, sts ? It is for them to
s,iy whether they will ot- in fax or of sus-t;ioi':!i-r
the P at iron and coal interests of
11 -r
fate, or whether tic-v w.ll Vot,: in li
oi e(,v.ihv in dipet c.imp, tilioti with
ieu vrodliet".
, ui: ( 'onu', y ( .''iiiiinissioiier. it, was con
ceded early in the summer that Harrison
i Ii u; i' of Shainokin. would he noiiiinated.
bene.- he hal vi-ry little opposition."--,,'
, "!.
It i- well known that the whole tick' t
formed by th" Democrats was a m ute-ou'.
mat'er for more than :i year a-'o. Mr.
Dem i" h,i bad the promise of (he office by
the llin two yr-ar ao to make amende to
the coal region for tleeciti ieo. M( lllii cc
whil.' in the Treasurer's office. No matter
who would have been a candidate against
Mr. Ilenrie, bis nominal ion was a set lied
iiatfer, and bp would have eot i! over any
'ompeti.or even if ten times more worthy.
That '(,-.( lillU oy.yH.,'.'o i a poor compli
tnent to Mr. Hunimel. who was considered
,be iiiost cosnetent of the two candidates,
an ! it the editor of the Hinir thinks that he
was but f. ri lUlli oi;.'..- .'ok, his neighbors
Jiev: h ave to differ
15. I'a kf.i:.--While .luniata county
w as prirt of tliis Coinire.-siniinl Jlistrict and
lii'ij'i'il to en ct our townsman. IIo::. J. .
I'.teker, to Cun.'ii-ss, the J)'jo;.l(! of that
-..ui:lv li'-M .:;;) in liijh I'Simn. Although
nit "I! I'rotn tin- district now, the Ke'iuMi
ai:s in Convention a lew ilav.1-' ..go passed
the loilowin.r complimentary resolution,
sliowiii, that Mr. ra-.-k.r sull holds tin: nf
ll'ciioiis and !! ImIi ucu ol tlie iet''ile in that
county, and that Lis. numerous friends are
desirous to elevate Inni to still hihi r jiosi
tious :
.W'-. '., That v,v !. cattily :i i ruVt: the
coiir.-c of enr lain ah!f lcjiresentalivc- in
emigres-., II,,:;. .lohn 1. I'm-kiT, ami ak
i'.r l:i:n at sonic future day a nr.re promi
nent ' iaci: in our It-; ale.
i"r.,.n tli.- H.ihimoie Aiae:ie.-ti. j
Fur '.lie m i olei lime since the formation
of the Fcdi ral I'nion ,ur ( low -rniiu-nt is
co. iip, -lied to ileal with a revolution. Dur
i ii tie: last ;i mouths active preparations
huc been i'oiur on in Louisiana for the de
posing ot the Jcllo;;; aiiministration by
force. Tim moveiii. nt. was aimed not only
ul the S.ate allleials, b:;V was intended to
include all the county and municipal olli
cers who a llu red to the Keilo faction.
A military organization was formed under i
the name of the "Wliite Leatiue," ostensi
bly fo.- the purpose of coiiilue'iiua political
c.iiu iain, but only lliose who were will
fully blind v. ere deceived by this pretense.
Some f.mr weeks ao the involution was
inaugurated in the northwestern s a t ion of
the Suite. The colored people are laii:i ly in
the majority in the parishes bordering on
the Ked I.her, and the local oilieers were
1'epuhlicaiis. Annul bauds of "White
Leauuers" suddenly appeared in tie- parish
towns, and den. ruled the resignation of all
the eftieers, threatening death in c:ise of re
fusal. In this way cieht or ten parishes
were captured. No doubt many persons
were murderid while these violent procccd
int:? were in proi.-s, but the revolution
ists havim; entire control of Ihe agencies by
which news is transmitted to 'he Xorth re
ported, tie ir ietorii s as bloodless.
Fed llieei Pari.-li was the last one at
tacked. !iecai:e a lar'e majority of the peo
ple are. Ie'puhlicans. and it was supposed
tir.it some of the parish ojlieers were reso
lute men. A face of live hund'ed men
was raised in ihe. ii' ihbariuL' parishes, and
the ttiwn of Coushatta was surrounded.
The officers made a feeble attempt at le
sistanee and th. ti surrruden d. Tl-.ey jiro
iniseil to leave the State if their lives wore
spai.-d. While heiiiLT taken to Shrev. port
they were murdered. ':'( account says
that the horrible massacre was perpetrated
by a bam! ofTexans, while the most pro
bable story i that a body of horsemen,
who rode out from Shr. veport on the day
before the murder and returned on the fol
lowing day, are re-ponsible for ihe bloody
deed.. This ended the revolution in Xorth
ern Loiiisana.
The I,ca:;nes in Xew Orleans were anxi
ous to W-.-jin the war two weeks ago, but
the leaders w ere not ready. MT.nery was
timed and hesitating. The New Orleans
l',rliiii,i pulihshed several i'.amhig edito
rials urging immediate action, and intimat
ing lhat the LeatMi'Ts of the city were not
so courageous as their country brethren.
In the meantime the Leagues kept on re
cruiting, arming and drilling, and if the
contest had not been precipitated by an in
cident which was trivial in itself, probably
nothing would have been done until M'-Em-rv's
return from his stumping tour in
the upper I'arishes. Three or four boxes
were lauded on the wharf from one of the
Xew York steamers, which were marked
"Ladies and MissV shoes."
.V detective who happened to V about
the wharf '.'nought the boxes mlber heavy
to contain nothing but shoes, and ordered
ihemlobe taken to police headquarters.
Two citiz' lis ajijH-ared and claimed the
boxes, but inasmuch as they were filled
with muskets the police authorities refused
to give thrin up. Then began a litigation
which ended in sending one of ICcllogg's
judges and two policeman to jail for con
tempt. Kellogg pardoned them, and arms
were not given up. The Hntfid'n again
Bounded the war not", and a tall was issued
f r the mass meeting, at which the demand
was made for Kellogg's abdication. It was
given out that the meeting was to vindicate
the t ight of citizens of the Tinted States to
bear arm. Ten thousand le aguers en
rolled in companies and n-giments, as mili
tia, held themsejvees in readiness for the
signal to inarch. A man named IVnn, who
claimed to have licen circled Lieutenant
lovernor on th" M'Enery ticket in l-To,
took direction of the movement. Speeches
were made at the massmeeting denounc
ing Kellogg as a tyrant and u-urpcr, and
resolutions were passed demanding his im
mediate resignation. A committee was
appointed' to wail on the .ovcrnor and ap
prise him of the action of the meeting.
Through a member of his stall' he 'gave a
peremptory refusal. The ten thousand
leajm rs immediately marched into Canal
stru t, where they encountered a body of
the Metropolitan police. A light c nsin d,
in which about thirty persons (mostly po
licemen! were killed and one hundred
wounded. The Metropolitans lied in con
fusion, and the leaguers took po-sr-sion of
all the stalioii houses. Finding resistance
tisele-s, the whole police force surrendered,
and were paroled. This ended Monday's
in Tue-day morning Governor Kellogg,
apprehending violence, lied from the hotel
temporarily occupied by the Executive
Departments, and took refuge in the Cus
tom House. The Leaguers too!; possesion
of the di s.oied building, an I 1'eiin pro
claimed himself Acting Covejuor. No
sooner h id tin- been done than the League
authorities at Shp veport telegraphed that
the officers voted for on the M'Encry ticket
in ls'T:; would be ina'tgura'.ei in all ihe
northern parishes immediately. Jt i- pro
bablv that they were Installed yesterday.
This appears to be the whole story of ihe
revolution, as f ir as it has been reported
by telegraph.
When ties" thing- became known hi
Wa-hiiiglou President (.rant, after due
cclisultatio'i with such of bis Cabinet olli
cers as weir within reach, issued a pro
clamation w ami tig t he armed organizations
lhat bad deposed Kellogg to de-i-t from
their unlawful proceedings, and lodi-prr-e
within live days. From the tenor of this
proclamation, il seems to apply to Petin
and all others who have violently forced
themselves into oillee. A direci i--uc has
been made between 'lie insurgents ae.d the
I'nited States lioverntnent, and unless
everything is restored to the old s'"'"s
wiltiin five days there will certainly be
trouble Tlx' gushing disjiat' hes sent to
Ihe President by the ne.v officials, assuring
him of the completeness of the revolution,
the part p't ie designs of those who partici
pated, and their heroic purpose to protect
lb" colored people, will hardly save them
from '"the wrath to come." The Peisident
is represented as being exceedingly indig
nant, and has freely expressed his deter
mination to drive the usurpers Irom the
ollices into which tbev have forced them
selves bv viol.-nce.
In a .shooting a.'fray at Lexington, Mo.,
Kcenily, between a deputy marshal and a
d 'puly sheriii', the marshal was killi d and
the si, r'.ll'.nuitaliy wounded.
The public debt statement for August
shows a decrease of only t l.l'J'vf.O. This
is much less than in August last year, and
is accounted for by the panic not taking
place until late in Sep'.eni'oer, thus having
the bciic'it of the large revenue .-'.ii! being
(it n ral Until r lias at length decided that
he will be a candidate for Congress again,
lie opened the campaign recently, by a
.-pt e.-li at (.''..nicest, r, Mass.
J. il. IVnsoii, of Pennsylvania, has bu n
appointed acting Chief of the Treasury Se
cret Service.
Fr ancis 1 1 uber.a merchant of Pine ' rove,
.--.huyikill county, who has been missing
for a week, it appears has committed sui
cide, lie was found in tin: mountains four
miles from Pottsville hanging to a tree, the
corp-e being much disligured by crows.
Mi-.-Ioaaries and ethers .sojourning in
f. reign lands should ret fail to take with
them a Lo.id supply of Johnson's Annodyne
Liniment. It is the most reliable medicine
for :,ll purpo-cs there is in the world.
Contagious diseases, such as horse ail.
-lander. A:. may be prevented by the use
of Sheridan's Cavalry Condition Powders.
Persons traveling with horses should take
no'e of this.
Sharpers in Xew York have been selling
real estate on forged deeds, .e., which
were reeiilaily recorded. Innocent parties
have suil'ercd heavily by the criminal trans
aeii, in.-. A man who had been traveling
in Europe, on his return found that IJ'J
Valuable lots be! eiging to him h :d bu'tl
sold, and transferred on forged deeds, and
l.e had to go to law to regain possession of
his property. The rascals, after while,
will sell houses over the heads of their
on n.-rs.
A P.ismarck, Dakota, despatch mentions
the arrival there of the military escort of
I lie northern boundary survey between the
I'nited Stales and Jlritish Columbia. The
commis-ion has completed its survey, and
is on its wnv home. The returned escort
report al' tin- regie. i of the I'pper Missouri
:;s swarming with war parties ol" ('row and
SIox Indians, and rear (.'amp Crook, a few
days ago, they killed three wood-choppers,
one of whom they burned nt the stake.
A curious lawsuit has bci n commenced
in !! otoe. ". V. A man, who was too
diutik to u .'.jee that a bridge by which he
was to er ?s th;. Mohawk rivir had hern
washed away lya !Y she!, drove into the
Mt'i ;':ii a:: 1 !.--. his l.or-..! and wagon. He
has sued the man who sold him the liquor
for dam igcs.
(ioV. (sb "e. o K.illv!- lets sent, a let
ter I the p!rsie:i!. renewin ,' his reipier t
for arms to protect the frontiers from In
dians. He states that sixteen citizens of
Kansas are known to have heeii murdered
by Indians since the I'ltii of June last, and
that not one of the murderers has been
punished or even apprehended, and urges
that as the Cniii d States military force in
that locality is not sullieient t prevent or
punish such oui rages, means be furnished
to scttlels to protect thelll-elves.
In the Constitutional Convention of
Arkansas, on Monday, an enrolled copy of
the new Constitution was lead and signed
by ail l-u' seven members. lb-solutions
were adopted pledging the members to dis
countenance ail lawlessness and violence
whatever, and demanding cijual protection
and c.pial rights fo-all. regardless of color;
also, dep.-, eating all proceedings likely to
cause : eondicl be I wet n the races-, and in
viting immigration to the Stale.
The meeting of the creditors of Jay
Cooke A; Co.. in Wastiitigton, ims 1.n
postponed until the lllst. owing to the ab
sence from l lie ciy of a laige number of
persons interested. In the meantime an
( libit will lie made to secure the co-operation
of creditor.-' of tlie firm in other cities.
ProiniiK nt Democrats of Montgomery
county claim that the defeat ofj.ossfor
Supreme Judge will greatly hint their
ticket iii the "county, and say that the l.c
publieans will elect three Assemblymen.
A scoundrel rnlcrcd the stables ol A. X.
M'Candless, in Fuller, one night last
week, and cut otf the hind legs of ;t valua
ble horse.
Maim: Ei.i'itiux. The election for
Governor, members of Congress, ,.c, took
place in Maine, on Monday. The I.epub
lieans elected tilt ir lnvrnur by their usual
majoritv, and carried ail the members of
I.-iIta, the Driiiocr.it candidate for
Licu'enaii! Coeru ir. made an active can
vass in his own coii:iI. a i.-w weeks before
the Deioociatic S:..!e Contention was held,
as a candidal)- !' n- 'oiigress, and was
beaten Sin i, ly bis o u in. mediate neigh
bors. They- know him. and that is Ihe way
tht V
t : I y : i .
,t ion of him. The
ie.nd have passed
1 W.s;!l;
their ueeiet upo'i him. that he is until to
go to ( ':: ! es : nod if unlit for that, how
can be I lit for Li'-uti u int (iovernor ?
,!;i!-'c (1'mstee. on the contrary, was
r.ceivcd. on his i . - 1 1 i home froni the He
JlUbli.M!! !:tte ( ' ;.vt nl ion, w ith a perfect
o'.atioii. which was participated in by
Demoeiats audi lb-public ati alike. His
f l'.o-. i- l.n-tw hitii. ju-t as the West
ineii land peopl- know Latta : but they
turn out i.i eel..-' to greet him, whilst the
D: in erats of Westmoreland regard Latta
as too p.,o- an object even to send to ( .n-
Telegraphic news.
('IVIh WAU IX l.ol l-IANA.
i:i.iiv lain - is 'nil-: sii:i:i:r- or- xi:w
Nl.e. M: I.i: A s. St pi. II In response
t itle tall for a mass in'iting in Canal
street thi- uioi ning o protest, against the
seizure of arms of private citizens, men be
gan to a-semble about ten o'clock and by
eleven the g' e.it th il', eighlare was filled for
sev-ral sijtsares.
The meeting adopted resolutions request
ing lie- immediate abdication of Governor
Kellogg, and a committee consisting ,,f f.
II. ? I 1 1 r, chairman ; Julius Tuyes, Samuel
P.i 1! and J. M. s. i-i- Wire appointed to
wait "ii the ' ."v. rnor.
The co-muitlee called at. the Executive
()!liee about noon. The Governor not be
ing present, Hrigadii-r General Dibble, of
the Governor's staff, received the delega
tion. Mr. Marr, as spokesman said they
had called as a committee to interview the
Governor. General Dibble said he would
convey the intcligince to the Governor.
After a brief absence he returned ami made
a reply which at the request of Mr. Marr
was reduced to wilting, as follows : -nr.l
l.v ol tiik ;ivi:i:o.:.
I have communicated with the Gover
iioi. and he directs me to say to you fhat
he must decline to receive any communica
tion fi om committee appointed by the mass
meeting assembled on Canal street. He
dot s -o, I am instructed to av. because he
lias delirite and acuratc information that
there n re now assembled several large bodies
of armed men in iiTerr.it p iris of illicit',
w ho are met at the cr.l! which convened
the mass meeting which y i't r eprer-en t.
He regards this as a menace, and he will
receive no commuicatiou under such cir
cumstances. He furthermore directs me
to say that should ihe people assemble
peaceably, without iiu n.sce, he v, ou'.d dec m
it one of his highest duties ( receive any
coinmuication from then:, or entertain auy j
petition addressed to the. i iovenu.r. I have j
received and an- '.ven d you, gentle
1 :;i ::s i
e! K, !
member of';::.- s:
Ili.MlYC. I'll
.dge advocate-.
a egaua r met
State militia.
To which
mi:, maki: oi:ai.i.y i:i;i ;.ii::
As follows We repeat that there are no
armed rioters, there are no armed men on
Canal streets so far as we know. "We came
on a mission of peace, and believe that if
the Covcrnor had acceded to the proposi- j
tion we brought to-day, which was to ah- j ,n..nt. Ho will make a complete statement
dieato, it would have pacitkd the people of shortly. It is reported that he has tender
Louisiana, and would have prevented vio- J v, j,; resignation. He admits that ids as
leuce or bloodshed. So far as we ar - con- sisiants are more abusive th in is obsolute
eerued, we are prepared to pledge to him y necessary, and that he himself is very
no violence in person or properly,
feel in a position, on the contrary, to as-'
sure him that there should be peril el im- j
munity to both.
The. substance of the fore oin,- r-oilv n as
subsequently, bv Mr. Marr's request, re- i 'rixnox. Sept lg.-The great strike of
duced to writing by the Governor's riv.tte ' ""' operatives at P.olton, which was an-s-ecn-tary,
and handed to him to be lead at i t be imminent on Thursday, has
the mass meeting. ; commeneed. The strike stops seventy-
, ! four nulls, which employed l:!,0'.)0 hands.
General Dibble, on the-part of the Govt r- : , . lt ... , . ,
,. , T , 1 , . . , j-ort y-tight mills, employing ,,()iMl hands,
nor. replied : I have to repeat what I s ud i . : .. .
? 4 , , ., , . , i continue operations. Subscriptions for the
before, that while there may be no armed ., , , , , ,, , ,
, , , , ,. ; strikers have been opened by the trades
men on Canal street, there are aruietl bodies ... , . ,, r . t
, unions throughout the nianulacturing dis-
witiiui a short distance, asscmuied on the , . ,
same cad as your mass meeting.
The committee then retired, and soon
after reported the result of this interview
to the m; e ting. The people were then ad
vised to go home,
ii:r 'i n 1 .1 u aw.ms
and am.:;u:ii!ioii and return to assist the
While Leaguers, w ho were under arms to
1 execute the plans that would lie arranged
for them. Ihe people tuen quietiy
pi rseil. .v.tei waro quite a large numeer
formed in procession and marched up
Camp street.
A proclamation was issued by D. P.
Pel. n, Lieutenant Governor, calling tij on
the militia of the state to assemble, under
their respective oiliccrs and drive the us
surp'.is from power.
An ord-r was then is-ued by Peru ap
pointing Genera! Fn de-rick X. Ogdcn, pro
visional comuiainkr of the Louisiana "Mate
.i.ji:i;ss to 'i niti oi.oni:i ri-oi'i.i:.
"To the Colored People of the State of
Loui.-ian.i. In tic grand movement now
on foot against the enormities of the rule
of KeUogg's usurpation rest assured that
no harm is m -ant toward you, your pro-
: pert- or your right3.
"Pursue your usual avocations and you
will not be molested. We w ar against the
thieves, plunderers and -poilers of the State
who an- involving your race and ours in
common ruin. The rights of the colored
as well as of t lie whit" race we are deter
mined t uphold end defend.
D. !k Pi.xx,
"Li. utenant-Govc'.iior."
I .... 1... i...ii.-. .o . ......
i.Ain.i: r.oi.ti.s m mi:n taM'nxn to tiii:
j 1 A'-1--
) people seem to have responded with
! alacrity to the advice given them by Dr.
Heard, one of the epeakers at the Canal
street meeting. Hy three o'clock P. M.
armed men were stationed at the intcrsi-e-
I tion of all the streets on the south side of
Canal street, from the river in ClaiDorne , M unu r,E Walker takes theiu and
ttieet, : ges into the street to negotiate a loan upon
Ai:i:iv.w. or Tin: i'n.n i:. . .e,.,,, (, .illljs a U:1!1 .;, ii:is money to
About four P. M. a body of metropolitans, 1 lo.in ,, real estate. The Hegister's
numbering about ..00, with cavalry and ; ..s an. examined, t!ie conveyances are
artillery, appeared at the head of Canal : .jp, c;,.ar, the money is loaned. Walker
street and took position. General Ing- j disapjK'ars. Ol course the fraud is tiis
street, who was commanding, accompanied j tl)Vered after the lapse of a week or two,
by an orderly, then rode up and down Canal ! .lmi Walker is arrested, and will go to Sing
street ordering the armed citizens to dis- : Mg. Now, it strikes me that a mind
perse. Some desultory firing soon after capable of conceiving and executing so
occurred along Canal street, and some few magnificent a piece of villainy ought to
casualties are reported on both sides. The ; k,,.v that legitimate business is its proper
metropolitans are reported to have broken j What combinations could not such
at the first lire, the citizens capturing one : a genius c licet in dry goods f
piec" of artiilt ry. j If that man had to be a rogue, why did
Parricides are ciei t. d on all streets lead- ! j,,. Ullt t,, Wall street, or get. into polities
ing from Canal, between Poydras and j in this c'uy '.
Canal, and the "people's Party" hold all; These are salt: fields for such geniuses,
that portion of tin- city above ( anal. 1 be
metropolitans are massed in and around ,
Jackson Square and St. Louis Hotel.
tltillTlX'. IN hAKXKST.
There was quite a sharp light at the river
end of (.'anal street about four o'clock. The j
number of killed is estimated by sonic as '
high as fifty, ami many wouudeti.
Capl. J. M. West, a printer and well- .
i known newspaper correspondent, and I.A. ltUM ,,f it y(,w vrk has a value despite
j Toledano wi re killed on tlie citizens' side. ; th(. tl. ,,;!,, depression. Mr. H. A. Wit
; A number of metropolitans are reported ; t,.ius 1:ls sold to the Fnioii Dime Savings
Skilled, and General P.adger seriously
wounded. The colored men. of which the
m trop ilitantbrigade was largely composed,
broke and ran upon the Ilrsl lire, leaving
their white comrades, a number of whom
were killed and wounded. The casualties
will be p-portcd as last as tlicy are ascer
tained. TIIK si 1 I A Tl'-N AT ItKillT 'i l." K I.A-T
KV i:im:.
The streets above Canal street are well
filled with an 1 citizens The impression
now prevails that no further attempts will !
be made bv the metropolitans lo disperse ;
j , ,
I their opponents. 1 Nt w York woith V
The cily is remarkably quit t throughout, r.i-.Ki:.
1 and no further conflict is apprehended be- The German-are up ami inarms. Wed
fore morning. Most of tht: barricades are m -day last three thousand saloon keepers
'made with street lailroad cais. Six or j met in council, and resolved that the li-
eight citizens and twenty or thirty metro- ! cense laws must be repealed, and that the
politans were killed in the tight this after- ' trallie in beer must be treated the same as
j noon and many wounded on both sides. j anv other business, and also that this
I TIIK As Al.'l'li:s. ! question must go into politics, and hi:
, New Oin.l'.AXs, Sept. 1 J 1 1 P. M. j made an issue. Tlie beer interest in Xew
, The following is a list of casualties on the , York is one that has positive power, and
j side of the citizens as far as has been as- j of course politicians will be found who will
! certained : - -Killed E. A. Talledano, j recognize it. The German clement is im
! Fret!. Morcman, Dick Lindsay, Captain .1. j meiisely strong here, ami on the question
j M. West. Major.). K. Gourdain and one j of free beer and the right to drink it Sun
j M again, street car driver. Seriously I days as well as other days it is almost an
! woumled - F. Pallet, J-ihii Considine, John ! unit. They do not like to be driven nut
; Kilpatriek, Major William E. Wells mid i of the city for their Sunday n creations, and
; Samuel P.. Newman, Slightly wounded they will make a vigorous light for what to
E. Hozonier. Fnlel Keller, W. J. Ibitlerand I them is a vital matter. This question is
Mr. Mch'clcman. one of the distuibers that come up every
General Fredeiick Ogden's horse was ! little while to vex the souls of politicians.
' killed under him, ami the general slightly The American religious element is inflexi-
injurcd from a fall, but he remained on ' blv opposed to the violation of the Sabbath,
I duty. ' the German is as inllexibly determined to
General A. S. P.adger, commanding the ! spend it as he pleases. Imagine the- per
' metropolitans, received three buckshot i plexily of the ambitious politician in whose
wounds, ohe through the leg, one through district these elements aie about even!
the arm, and another through tht! body, j Won't he: have a splendid opportunity for
' His leg has since been amputated. The ! dodging ?
'general, besides his wounds, received a j KM'KXsi vk IT.xkkai.s.
heavy fall, his horse heing killed under him. i I nderthe present system, ii costs from
tiikxkwsin WAsiiixen'ox. i .-s.V) to sl.'O to bury a corpse in the most
Wasiiix.to, Sept. 11. Intelligence modest way. The most exorbitant prices
comes from New Orleans in such terms as ! art: charged for cotlins and the a-eompani-I
justifies thcassertionthatCovernorMeHogg j ments, all of which are paid without a
' has called upon the President for Federal i question, for no man can ask prices over
I aid lo support the State authorities in sup- I the dead body of one loved and lost. Then
' pressing tlomesfie violence, ihe l."gis!atu re come carriage, price of lot, etc., all of
not now being in session. Should the call
reach the President to-morrow, it may be
came n matter Cabinet consideration, as he
will not leave for Long 11. ancli until night.
Kcu-iiiig JJai Jc.a.; i:;tiIoj cos o:s
lfii'l'Vi.;: .
I.EADINC, f-'l't. !-.- The J.V;,"V f this
r.fbinoon announces that on after Monday
next the employees of ; e Philadelphia and
Heading I!ai!; oa,l Co::.; any in this city
and along the line will be put on half time,
..vorking two weeks cut of the month, at
,.igi.t hours per day. A genera! stagnation
of trade anel business is the alleged reason
for the stoppage,
The Ri'jh charges of gro' S cruelty and
iil-treatm; nt administered to the orphans
at school at the Womclsdorf Orphans'
Homo are to be investigated by the Hoard
! of Trustee?. Superintendent Albright, of
1 the Home, was in Heading this morning,
e.r.d he admits that severe punishment was
mlniini.- tered Id the inmates, and that one
of the boy's fingers weie cut on the ends
with a tableknife as part of that punish
favorably impressed with ihe i e.essily of
corporal punishment to bring about strict
A V; hole Town .lie
. !.!ir;c I'arJy 15ml !.r XIohIoh Ij
I Hi.C'.l Males Troop!.
Cami'hx IIkd Pivki:, Sept. 1, via Fort
Dodge The command of General Miles
met between four and live hundred Chey
enne Indians twelve miles from Fed river,
Texas, on August 130, and after a sharp
...i-nnifiit, lai-tinrr five ltoui-s, tlrnvo tin
over thirteen miles of high and almost im
passable canyons, with a loss to them of
twenty-live to thirty killed and wounded.
Our casualties wen: three, badly wounded.
om: m:u roicie m.tti:;;.
ri xititAt.s i i:t:math)X i.i i: ltn:
iii,T:iN tiik iniAfiin i;isim:ss
tiik wr. ;-n i i:.
Xi:w Voi:k, lo. is'TI.
A m:w i -i; a i'i.
If the dishonest men would give to holi
est employment half the shrewdness they
do to their swindling schemes, tle y would
In: the ri best men in the world. For cer
tainly the genius wasted in roguery, that
always ends badly, could not but pay large
ly in any legitimate business. The last
dodge in thievery has just, been unearthed,
and a most ingenious dodge it is. A
scoundrel sailing under the alias of Walker,
a few months ago, went to work and dehb
ratrly forged conveyances of real estate be-
i,igmg to t;ie estate o! a man wlio lias
' Ix.1. ((.ri(j flVoyi.ars. Uv ,;ide dee.'.s from
Isaac Young, tin: aforesaid deceased, to
j iPi,,), f worth , It jO, and Went
; Vi.j;h ,pl.m l(, ,),,. Krister's- ilhce and had
! liu.M recorded. (;f course this was all
I r(.j.,,I;u', for the r. gistery clerks have no
.aI14 f knowing whether Isaac Young is
i aive or a d.ad in;,,,. The conveyances
: wlit i e there is ample scope for scoundrelism
without risk. Hut they never do it. When
Walker gets out of Sing Sing he will get
into a similar transaction in a week, and
go up again. SV'h men only' keep out of
prison a lew weeks at a time. When in
quod, they devise .schemes that invariably
take tin tn back again. Speaking of
IlKAI. Il-TATi:,
Hank, for s'7o,no(J, the plot of land on ihe
southerly side of Thirty-second street, be
tween P.roadway and Sixth avt nue. The
, lJlt 1 3.1 i 1 1 ig-s are of little value, and formed no
j,.,,., j-',L, v.ll. 'rK. l)ts fr,lt on tlie
j .;..;.,,. .,ublic place at the intersection
j of P.roadway and Sixth avenue, 42 feet on
i Proadway, bt feet on Sixth avenue, and
about b'O feet on Thirty-second street.
The piice is at the rate of 17".(HM for a lot
of the usual size. Mr. Witlhaus paid.-t ,
(ii id f ! the property about twenty years ago.
I -n t that rather a steep price for so small
a niece of earth . At this rate, what is
which makes a sum that is oppressive to a
poor man or on;: in oven moderate circum
stances. The Germans have a society for
doing p way with all this. They hav; taken
up tut, itiea of cremation, and propose to
bring it into vogue. They are building a
hali i;ix 3-i feet, fitted with an altar at w hic'o ,
religious ct lemonies may be had. Hack of j
this alh.r is to be a furnace capable of be- ;
ing heated to l,diu", which m- es soft j
plates in the uiela! collln i nclosing tin: ie-j
mains, which heat will reduce the remains '
to iisl.es til :oi ic.ai- "i,.! ... I. '.' . !' !
" ' ' " .k..-. .... ,
this can be done for S;-:, which is bringing j
burial expenses within reach of the poor
est. The Germans will take this idea and
act upon it, for this people have not the
rcverei.ee for ancient forms that the
Americans possess, and the form of dis
posing of remains is in entire consonance
with their ideas of the fitness of things.
And who knows but after it has become, a
common practice among the Germans it
may be adopted by the rest of mankind 1
Tilton's last statement, which appeared
Friday bus stirred up this mess once more.
Public opinion in the city has once more
veered to Tilton, and it will probably stay
then: till Peeeher makes a statement, when
it may shift to him. Tilton gives the world
nothing new in the matter, but he explains
the why of very much of it. For instance,
in answer to the question why, after per
mitting his wife's infidelity to remain a se
cret with him four years, he gave it to the
world, he says that had Elizabeth remain
ed with him, and the church had let her
alone he never should have divulged it.
But she k-ft him for the purpose of testify
ing against him, and in sheer self-defense
ho was compelled to give the terrible truth
to the world. Moulton's statement is a
crusher, and has produced a profound im
pression. He fastens his former statements
and makes his case very cleverly. Xow
what will Heccher do? Ate we to have
more statements 'i He has said that he
will not open his mouth or put pen to pa
per on this subject again, tut "rill trust to
the courts to clear his skirts. Thank
heaven, for no matter who is in fault the
people art: tired of the whole matter. Let
us hope it will be. settled one way or an
other, and lhat quickly.
Speaking of this affair, it is gratifying to
notice the frankness ami fairness with
which the l)ubj (!iiihh- has treated this
matt'-r. Without disguising its own con
clusions, from the reports of both side-,
prescribed in its co.ums with an enterprise
which made some of the slow-coach papers,
in self-defense, profess old ueen Anne's
j horror of gossip, it has commented on the
j sad affair in a tone befitting gentlemen, an
j example which some of its unsuccessful
contemporaries might have followed with
j much credit and more grace.
The way in which zealots on both sides
have carried on th.i skirmih renders it a
' sure Miing that nobody comes out of the
scrimmage with a clean coal. That the
: ; riij liir hns. shown more wit and Itss teni
; p.er in its share of the sport may be charged
' to the fact that its editorial columns are in
; tlie hands of gentlemen, made such by
i virtue "f breeding and sympathies, as well
; as position ; who know how to hold liberal
views and express them fully, while keep
; ing them out of the mire. And I may say
that it is the controlling force of this quiet
genllcmanhood which makes the G'"'o'c
J such a favorite fimily paper both in and
; out of the city. The rare ability of D. G.
Croly, its managing editor, and the enter
i prise and tact of the P.rother.s- Goodse!!,
have made, the GYye a great success.
j UUsIXI'ss.
j Docs not pick up as I (and everybody else)
hoped. The city is full of merchants ; the
i hotels are not only crowded but over
' crowded, hut they do not buy. The South
is paying smalt scou.. Ver s.u, i.ut the
j West, so far, is only sorting up. The mer
i chants all say they intend 10 buy largely,
but they are waiting to see what the con
dition of things is to lie. In short, with
wheat at the price it is, they are afraid to
venture. Possibly they nre right ; but the
importers and jobbers, w ho have stocks on
hand, don't see it. Au.l the summer has
slipped away, we are fairly into the fall,
and the goods are all in the "original pack-
i ages.'1' I am speaking now of the whole-
sale trade. The ictail business in this city
looks somewhat hopeful this month, and
will keep its cheerful face, for the people
have money, if the trade only have sense
to adopt the rule of the leading house in
America, namely, to do away with fancy
prices for any class of goods, however new
j or fashionable, and bring the most tempt
j ing articles at once within the reach of
ordinary buyers. The novel and nice im-
pollutions of dress goods, camel hair cloths,
j quilted silks, and fancy fabrics of the latest
Parisian fancy are accordingly put on the
! counters at juices which compare with
j those of the old-fashioned standards, neri
I no, and Hritish cloths, in the eye of careful
J purchasers. This idea of selling stock but
once, as merchants express it, will result
in clean counters and equally clean balances
t next spring. Even India shawls are no
exception to this rule, for the largest im
porters in this line have determined to put
them on the same footing with other goods,
and estimate their value according P their
worth, without paying l'im) or .'KM) per cent,
tribute to fashionable caprice. One hears
of sucli comfortable orders in the trade as
SlUMi'i worth of American shaw ls for one
customer, and S.".,imh. worth of piintssold
at retail at one counter ir. a single day.
Stewart's house sold oil" all its first stock of
fall goods before the first of September, ami
were obliged to order afresh by ocean e!e
graph to supply at that date.
Nevertheless, the city will see a great
ileal of distress this winter. There has
been no building and labor of any kind this
summer, that the working-men have not
been able to keep anything ahead, and
when the frost puts its embargo on out
door woik there is going to be an amount
of destitution and actual .-ulfering that the
city never saw before. Heaven help the
poor this winter. And let me put in a
warning here to young men keep out of
New York this fall and winter. There are
thousands upon thousands of unemployed
men in eveiy possible department of labor.
Theie art! one hundred applicants for every
vacancy. Except upon a sure thing stay
where you are, it you can earn bread ami
Is cxliemclv hot and sultry, and in the
poor quarters of the city there is sull'ering
lo a terrible degree. How they long for
the cool breath of autumn.
dPlcta fcbertiscmcnts.
IJltOl'OSAl.S wilt lie norivt',1 at the 'omniis
siiitiers Oilier, on Mon-fiv tilt Till day of
N-j-.teiiilier, 1ST), lietut-eil tin Ileitis el' 10:1. tn.
ami :.' . in., ! linilil a l"x ciiiu it arrn-s tlie
"(in!" or canal at tin eastern eml of Market
st reel, in lie: tiortnmli of Siinlmry, on the line
tu-twet-n I'ltper Ansriista township anil the lm
rongh of Snnliiirv. Plans ami se ilie-ition-t e
hiliil.'.l nn the iGv of lettiiiL'.
.1. (i. IMTUI AM,
1). M. KK.IT.
I. W. t.r.AV, Cork.
Snnhiirv. Am.nist '.s, ls;.
"r7T7S"Ts?,eir' rrs.
Tmmi rs
Corner Third and
ri ci".x rts
..'e.-l n;,i-,i :ni. re uly for inspection an Iamieasc Stock of New an 1 Fr.sY.o ia'.i'.i:
Fashionable and Well-Made CLOTHING for Jlcn and Boys. !
Latest Styles of HATS and CAPS for Men and Boys !
Enormous assortment of GENT'S FURNISHING GOODS!
Everything New, Fashionable and Stylish !
Largest Stock with One Hundred Miles to select from !
The most Fashionable Goods always on hand !
Everybody, Rich or Toor, can lie suited and fitted !
Nolrfidy is able to undersell us !
"H'e mean business, and will prove all wc assert.
We roiili.iiiy invite, t vi rjliodv to give t:s a call and examine the enormous ami magnil'oent
stock of New ami fashionable Clothing, (ienl's Furnishing fioods, Hats and Caps, Trniifc?, .tee.,
list OIM-Ill'll.
Wc intend to do the leading lnisiness in onr line and will offer good goods at prices that
defy competition here or elsewhere.
No goods misrepresented under any eon.-idtrp.ti- n, and polite attention paid to all.
Snal. tiy, I'ii., Sfpti-iuht-r II, 1ST 1.
the E'l-foreeiiient ol' the l'i.Ii '
I.a v.".
UNW-.tt the Act of the Leuishiturc of Penn- !
syivania, passed at tlie session of 1S71, for
the protection of salmou, black bass, and other !
food fishes newly introduced, or to be introduced
into the river Delaware and isustiiiehnuiia, and 1
their tributaries generally. and for the protection
of li.-h generally in said streams, J, bamuel Ji. ,
Uothermel, MierilT of Northumberland county,
in compliance with and fur the enforcement of
said law, hereby ;ive notice that ail conveniences
for the catching of lish, commonly called fish '
hasik.e-t!, itc, within my jurisdiction as Sheriff ol j
said county, ami now known to exist in the ,
streams of said eounty, are hereby declared to be 1
common nuisances, and i hereby command, ae- I
eoitiinu to law, that tht-y be removed and dis- I
manrled by tlie owners cr mai .ters thereof, ;
within ten days from the date of this proelama-
tion. And for the informetion of tne public, ;
hereto ittlaeb that section of the Fih-i.uw relat- ;
ing to the removal and uisinanirmg of lish has- ,
kets. ,v.c :
Src 11. On a-:y of tiio .-ire tin- or parts oi'
streams eji-.U-iuplat.-d by this act, .nj under the
jurirdie-tion of thi-t Commonwealth, to which an- I
adremoas or migratory Uslies shall have access,
by the- H'-n-exisU-n'-e of dams, or oy op mings in
tit tiams, w hi ther iatendjd or not to facilitate
tn 'h ace -ss. and whatever m the reaches of
fpa'-os beir.v or between dams, sueli planting of '
n.:w species shall have taken place, as herein (
contemplated, the sheritt'-t of the counties having .
jurisdiction ia such reaches ef the streams, when
ever they shall discover or be informed, of the
existence of Mich contrivances to the e.itehinjj of
tish as are cuiniiinuiy known i.o li-h-baskets, eel
wier-s ki blit s, brush o-- f.iiciue nets, or any
otin-r permae. iitly set means of taking tish, in
the nature of a seive, which are known to be .
wasteful and exlr.ivagaiit modes oi" li-hiiig, the
said sheriffs shall give ten days notice in two
new-papers of their respective counties, that the ,
said contrivances are known to exist and are .
common nuisances, ordering them to be tlismant- j
led by their owners or manager-, so as to rentier
them no longer capable ol injuring the lishes of
the streams of whatever kind ; and if at the ex
piration of the said ten days the dismantling
shall not have taken place, then the said sheriff
shall proceed, with such force of good men of i
the county as may be necessary for the purpose,
nnd-desiroy or dismantle the said fish-baskets, j
Kiddies, eel wiers or ucii other devices conlem- I
titntpil he this section, nn th.-it tbev m.-tv hn nn '
longer capable of injuring tish ; ami the account- j
ing otneers of the counties shall make good the
cost of the said proceeding to the said sheriir or
sheriffs, in the settlement of their accounts with
tlie said sheriffs ; anil if upon being duly infirm
ed by a reputable citizen of the count- 'Hat s.iid
nuisances are in existence anJ U'tinire aba'.etnent,
the said slicri!!- or .-rierilts shall not proceed
n ,i:. ,.s'.i in this act. then he oi t hev. u Don con
viction in the county court oi'the said neglect of j
duty, shall be fined not less than one hundred
nor "more than one thousand dollars for every
such iiei.leet ; said lines to be collected as ordi
nal y f'nirs ooileeteu. .,n, the proceeds are to
be divided equally between Hie inlorraer or com
plainant and the school directors of th proper
district, for school purposes only ; this section 13
net iLtentled to supercede any other law of this
Commonwealth for the suppression of fish bas
kets, ct cetera, if the same be found efficacious
to destroy or abolish them.
Sheriff's Office, Sunbury. Sept. IS, 1S74.
IN pursuance of nn order of the Orphans' Court
of Northumberland county, will lie exposed '
to sale by public vendue or outcry, on j
On the premises, in Lower Mahanoy township, j
in Maliantoiigo Valley,! lit following Real Estate, I
to wit : Purpart No 1. I
A Tract of Lund,
sit aate in Lower Mahanoy township, North um- j
bt-rland county. Pa., adjoining lauds of Michael j
Ht-ckert and Emanuel Heckert, purpart No. of ,
estate of Philip Ht-ekert, deceased, Wm. Shiga- !
man. Adam Rudy-ill and others, containing lO'.l j
Acre- and l'.'d t'crehes, whereon are erected a
large ' 1
WaL'on Shed, Spring House, and all necessary
out buildings. Cider Pn-s-, an Orchard with !
choice fruit The tract is in a high state of eul-1
tivation. ami well watered by running spring, i
ANo. Purpart No. C. A tract of land, situate I
in Lower Mahanoy township, Northiiniberlanil j
county. Pa., adjoining lands of (leorge lirosinus, ;
John 1'atriek, Wjii. Deppin and others, contain- '
ing .":; Acres ami U4 lYrchcs, about 10 acres of .
which are well limbered, the balance in a good
state of cultivation, and well watered with mu
lling spring-; late Ihe estate of Philip ".'ckert,
Sal.- to c.miiiciiee at 10 o'elot k, a. in., on ai I ,
tl.iv. wle-n lie- cm 1:1 ions of sale will be made:
knou n bv
Atlmiuistrator of Phiiip Heckert, dee.
...w.-r Mahanoy. ept. is. l'.l. i
otice t HritJge lSuiltlers. I
IJRl I't ISA I.S will be received at the Commis
sioner's Office for the building of a bridge
across Dornsife's mill race, in little Mahanoy
township, Northumberland county, on the '.':M
day of September, between the hours of 10 a. m.
and - p. m. of said day. Plans and specifica
tions will be exhibited at the Commissioner's
t Ul'ice on Ihe dav of letting.
P. W. t.itw, ( U-i k.
C.mimi-sioner's Oillee, Sunbury, Sept. 11, 174
Adjourned Court.
rpiIE Adjourned Court, ordered to be In 1.1
.1 during the week commencing on Monday,
Ihe gist day of Sept., will be h'-!tl as ordered. It
is only the "second week of the Couit that was to
be held, commencing on Monday, the ','SIh, that
has been posttioncd. Witnesses, Jurors, and
parties should lake notice of this.
Sheriir.- Olliee. Sinibiiry. Sept. It, 1S7.
oti i:.
In re of the account of P. S. 1 To the creditors
liiekel and L. T. Rolnb.n h, I of Peter Horel.
Assignees of estate Peter I.o- J
rel. '
Notice is helc'iv given that Ihe account ol P.
S. Itickt-I and L. T. Rolnbaeh. Assignees of the
e-tate ol Peler l'.ort l. has bee i tiled in the Court
of Common Plea- ol Nort bumberiand comity,
and will be presented to said Court tr continua
tion, on Tue-dav, the 5.1 day of November, A. V.
L. T. ROHRBACH. Prolhouotary.
Sunbury, Sept. 11, tS74.-4t.
Whereas my wife Elizabith has left my bed
and board without any jnsl canst? or provo-a-tii.n.
I hereby caution all persons from harbor
ing or trusting her on my account or for ai.
claims, as I will not pay any debts of her con
tracting unless compelled to bv 'aw.
W:i..iii.. ton township. Sent. '.". 1S74. lit.
tWIK to the nn-nii-es of the subscriber in
h iuiokin township, on or about the 10th
ot August, a small, lietl w, ton-iieati partly
w bite, and right ear partly torn off. The owner
orowers are requested to come forward and take
her away, otherwise she will be disposed of ac
cording lo law.
Shainokin twp. Aug. ','7. Wt. '.' mo-.
Market Streets,
fil fiRI OTHER PLftGE.
Wffl. A. HELLER,
Corner Third and Market Streets. Sunbury, Pa.
Formerly Hi'rzfe'der's.
T the Court House, in the borough of Sun
bury, on
Saturday, OriIer S. 1H7I.
the following described real estate, to wit : A
situate in the township of I'pper Augusta, Nor
thumberland county, Pa., about one mile from
the borough of Sunbury, called "The Spring ifill
Farm," adjoiniug lands of John '.. Haas. (ieo.
Conrad, Charles Reinhart. John W. Fryling ant!
Martin Gass, eor.taii.ing
more or k-.-. nearly all cleared and in good :-tate
of cultivation, on which are erected a two-story
Log Driellin House,
lUnl; Rara, Wagon She I, and outbuildings.
There is also on said premises a variety of fruit
trees ai l a never failing Spring of Water.
Tliis f.ir:r. n ii! be sold as the prep-rty of tiea.
C. We '.ker, lite'd, in whom was the title of the
'.uuiivided seven-eighth, and of Mrs. Samh I.
VeiUer, in w'uoni is the litle of the uaiir id- 1
Sale to commence ut 1 o'clock, p. m., of said
dav 'hta the conditions will be made known bv
Executor of (jeo. C. We' ker. det 'd,
Siiiibury, Sept 4, IsT-i.-tt.
A-iIniiiiisfraior's Police.
TTOTIi'E is hereby given, that letters of ad
ininistr.itioii having been granted to the
undersigned on the estate of Josiah W. Lord,
late of Lower Mahanoy township, Northumber
land county. Pa., deceased. All persons indebt
ed to said estate are re'iuested to make immedi
ate payment, and those having claims will pre
sent them duly authenticated for settlement.
B. M. RUBB, Administrator.
Lower Mahanoy twp., Aug. 7, lsT4.-iit.
J. T.t-rriil Linn. Andrew H. Dill. Frank. S. Marr.
In Haupt"" Bnilding, Market Street,
aug.T,lST4. Northumberland Co., Pa.
Canned Goods,
Willow and
Cedar Ware.
J '-
W z i
o I s
O 5 -5
1 k
Land. Plaster,
Harrisburg Cider
Aulitor"H !ot!ee.
Mo-!e , Metzg.tr .v. Co.
Shipman, Bloom Co.
August T, 1.-7 1.
Notice is hereby given to all persons interest
ed, that the undersigned. Auditor to make distri
but ion of the money arising from the sale of tht
real estate of the said defendants to and anion;,
the creditors thereto, will attend to the duties o
his appointment, at his office, in ihe borough o
Sunbury. on Friday, the lllh day of September
1S74. between the honrs of 10 o'clock a. m. an
3 o'clock, p. m., on said dav.
U C. PACKER, Auditor.
Sunbury, Aug. 21, lN74.-3t.
Xotiee to Trespasser.
Notice is hereby given to all persons not t,
trespass npon the farms of the undersigned it
Jackson township, (located on the Island in th
Susquehanna river, opposite TreTorton June
tion, and that any person or persons found pull
ing down bars or rails, making paths throng
the fields, taking any kind of fruit or berries
hunting on said Turins, shooting or pursuiu
any turds or other game thereon, or in any wa.
trespassing on any portion of said farms, will b
dealt with according to law, without respect t.
Jackson twp., Aug. 21, 1374.
KoarIiiiK. Four or Five Gentlemen can b
accommodated with board and rooms on appli
cation nt theboardine house of Mrs. Mary liry
mire, North Front Street, near Clement's stean
saw mill. Terms 25 rts. per meal.
Snnbnrv. Angn-t 14. 174,
1 Coffee, I
Salt, I
Phosphate, I

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