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I,IVIN(. Al.ONi:.- -The F.lmira (iazctte i
srtys : 'It may be all very utw U be .111 an- J
gr-1, and with the niy.-Is stand, lml this be-
ill'' a hermit, and living alone, is not. quite
to t
so fno. At the prvfPtit writing, we don't
l:nrw nnvili .iVout tlr angel 'msi.iesss. l'-ut
a to living nlone wo 'know lion- it is cur
self.' For two 1om;t, dreary weeks we have
Ih'fTi the only soul in the house. We have
liad no one to love r.s, none to ca-lmg. AH
alone we went to hod, not a word to us was
said. We. got up in tho lr.orning juot as
d!i;i-i!v es we retired at night. There
, , . -T, .. 1 i.- ' trotting. :r:.g. an. 1 pacing,) will he liee. 1
wasn't much housewor to do, and the Tli(. sJr -: vs ,vi;l .nu...,ay. Wednesday,
bam chores didn't consume much time. Thursday and Frid-y, Sepi-mbor etober j
For the first f.w days we studied economy, j l.;'";';, j;. ,, ,,,., a!,a ,
and hoarded ourself. Wo soon out tired of j en- .1 u-.- an;i sle ep, v.;:: p.. provide! with- i
c-atiu" the .uidd p'.u-c of 1'ivad at every j - -'.-' 'l exhibitor,-. 1
, (.rain. l:a v ami -trrvv wi.l 1-- f'ji ;u-heil fro f ;
meal, and threw the Kir away and hon-lit ! (7,l..,,, , .,;:,.xi,:t.itr.
crackers. Ilememheriu- the ditlicu'.ty that No c'.eir:;.-1 at:.-n.i..nee upo-, M..ek, l-y the !
, atlei.-i ni! o! ..eie?v. tv.ii I-.- itul" tv tie-;
brother l.eeeher lnd wi:h h.s di-heloth a : s.;,..v
rewyears ago an account of which he ?ave . Mai;- an.; po-s win he iimnhen-.l r.-iiilarly w
ui his miscellany at the tine we resolved ; "'-'j,;.,;,,,,.,, !ltl. I1.,r,i,.i,!.ir!y re-jate.l tone
not (rs wash i:J di diC'S. but j:lt put Ihe j that tlcre nun cai.ls are rL'ht, to that no nii
uiuy oties to soak and u-e clena ones. As ! ' " ,,,,,. Mv. w5 vcry
lot:," as the dishes hold out we i-hall Cet j m,!eh ohli-e the S.-rrei.'.rv and his clerks, if thev '
lopR with that part of housekeeping M ! lZ tiXZ i
righ.t, hut th'-y w-mt la-t alway, a- tt ; ,i,:c1i st.ry iM-i.mt.', ami sitrn their name in full
rde of clean onc is daily C;V win i-tiialler, I at the h..f-Mii. ii:is wi.l enahle the clerks to ;
1 , , ., ,. . , r,,, , j u'el li;. i" !:aine eorrcet on the hook:-. ;.
and the pile of dirty ones l ir-'-r. llie- ,mi ii;t,.,,ai:.ir to exhibit cm make their '
ents in tins : au;cuur lsappr-a'-mu,;, ami
un!i ss the folks come home pretty soon we
shall have to borrow some dishes. For the
lirst ten days we made the bed im nicely
. - , t - . i
every mt.niing. For the next l'.-W d.tVS We ! n:i:'.. . nVi.l-ncc of maker, name of patentee,
put it off till ni-ht, and for the last few i and name ami . I. -.i-nalini of 'article-.
' ... I No art -l:al. he enl. p'-! oi more tlia'l one
days we avnt made it at all. e were j .llt.,. ., t
charsoil partcularlv to water the house-. .11 e::tri.- w:i: t.e taado Ja stri-t -.mpiiai-e
plants and lake care or the bird. Tim 1 t! 1 iv.-.ii-m, IM and awards made,
,11- , in aecr.i l-o-'-e. 1 e.i : ie- miu-t t la-rel-i'-e take, par-
platltS have caused US .1 yood deal Ot tl'OU- I tieular Mier to have Mod; :U!.l attic!.-- .-ii'.t-.I
hie, but w-e left the door of tha cage open I jn-1 a ih v w ., t t!.. n:. . . u
' i i li Kntiie- can h-- made a! -The oHiee of tnc b-re- ,
about the fust time we curneil that animal t.,rViiil .anieiry, unti! Tiie-day, Sei.temi.cr C'.ith, :
eff, and he hasn't troubled u much since. ; win-!! le will he at his oiliee on the fair trrontiil. ;
... .... . . ... , ,i r i A!! .eOne-he made upon the hooks and
Ot course weM 'catch it' wh.-n the fc'lks . ,,,.!iv..r,,, th,. ,.rn,: hefre live oVlo.-i, on
come home, but that is a g od ileal easier I pi:-i.iy afi-rm.:..
.i . . . t . i i . il, ..-1..'.. A" at 'if a'- from av av.'s of ( 'ommitt--s are not
thai. It 1 lo cateh the bird. a the who.e, . :i,:v.,.., 'e.nm:t! - wili seethe necsrity of ;
we are fftH-to sny that we don't like house-' jr,,.;!; ,. e ,e in r'-n.ieriti- lli.-ir tleci.-ions. I hey
keenin- aud if ever we sh.iuhl be 'born : are renir.-a to pa-s not only on ith- mentsof the
1 ' ; a-ii'na s ia eoviv-t -.f : n. hr.t a!-o in tm'ir
again' and according to wry good :ui !..,,,..,.. ,
tliority we have all uot to undergo tltat ; The .fa nor--h ill h c.eepxted from thp
. .i . ... : fir-'t dav of.Inr: i' ofth" v--ir w h:"h !:' ".-k
operation we earnestly I'.oi: that we ! (.,, .,p'
shan't be born a woin.kn ;md esie:ia!ly a i The .1 il- are i. pn-.-tcl to eaii n;oa the IV- :
, , i i .. , i ,. i. , ... ' sident on Tae-lav alteri.ooa, the til -I day of the
honse.-epin!; one. U v.on.d ra.I.et ; ,;vUi,,lon, or ,.;-;lr . ;IIC a'A, W.-dacday i
ttiicl." - i ii.orniiiLr, the ?e.-ond day, 'h.-n thry will he lar-
t , . .... I ni-le-.l with the hooks of t.lank forms, which .
M r. VK. a cotift-r.-om. Needy tu.liViUu.U , th,.y :uv (l,jrj ,., w-ifa the au.,rd., and i
arraigned for thefc. ae-tion by t!ie judge j to n-t-.r-i f tit-. s-.-r.-Mry hy '1 'eo s.t iv
'Dal you steal the complainant' coat?' ,
...-. -dy individual '1 decline to gritify the
morbid curiosuv ol the public nv :in-wer-
in- Ilia' interr. vatorv.' '
'"- 1 l' 1 - ' -' . i
A sT:;ON;-M:.N1j1:I lllliille, wiio was ar- j
, ., , , I
uuiiig tne other day that th" condition ol a
m;:i lied womp.n was siavis!), was ellectnally :
si-,,;eeJ by le r -Tponen,, who .aid. 'It
"t slavish, but It is Ingil-nieUUll.'
, , , , , , . t i i- i
1 HE t inner s.e.ul.! sow I,:s 1 s, ke.-plns ,
I'".- warm' hive his I'.'.s. kill oil' the .I's re-
member what he C's, take care of the "s, !
pay u!i hu n, teach Ids wife not to T's
avdtakfhis Jl's.
A i'l.-ii.' -'C'iiK!: -ays that "a lu man
n;V r !V -ls nh"t:t hi ; pl.ire in t);.- v.-rl.l, but
,;u-l sih
n iv.
s i i'.o by tie' gravi:.;: io:i .f Ms
ami swings il.cre as -i'-ily a-, a
'i or in1;.-.; be a quarrelsome li iio.','
sai.l a jihtvn Je.gist tu a man whose bumps
he was ex amiein 'Say that again ami
I'd kn. k yoti down,' was thi; n-spynse.
Nkxt Ij music, nothing so powerful
tends to s totiie the savage breast as lo see '
the young man wir nans hi- hair in the
midd'e rolling a baby-wagon -n sun-Jay. ,
Tin-: most ten.ler-h;:u ted man ever hoe.i d !
.. !
:: a s;io.-nia'er. w'.o aiwajs Mini m-
inl wld-t'.-d wh-n he ran his aw! into i
a sole
I- that mar Me V s nd a "viiUetnau,
foiiitinj t-. '.!' Ln-t of Kentucky's great :
rtausnmn. "N", sir: th-:''s ( "ley,' nuietly
rchMied toe d.-a'.er.
Wi.'V wa. Fhaiaeh's daugliter like a
broker ? Hecau-e .-.lie got a littV prophet
troiii tlie rrthi'S on the h:.;iks.
AX experienced old elithman says that
all tiiat is necessury in the enjoyment ol love .
or sausages is confidence. .
A OMt'K-nxo ho,el on, West says
eiously of another tlint il, stands without
A I'ATiir.ii i:i Wisconsin ofll rtd hi- son i"i
l take atlose of cas'.-r oil, and then got a
counterfeit bill otTor ld Ioy. !
'Ir I should die, where would you V: -do?
(Jo alter your insurance money,' ,
was the tcply era fond wife.
A MAN advertises in a Mew York paper :
for a bar-keeper, ' who tntisi nmie well re
commended by his pastor."
Why is the horse the most humane .f
ali animals V He gives the bil out of his
month and listens to every woe.
Xatl"kalit claim for crows that it i ,
the bravebt of a.l birds, '.x-eati-e it never .
,..' '
shows the white feather.
V.'UATRhou'd von do if you split our
t ides wiili 1 .nut1.' : ': I.'uti t::l v".i g. t a ;
itch in I heir.
t" v,-( k-d tvs on.- buys hi, iniisie by the
sheet; but on .'-Mndays he l'1' i: by the
f !,,. ,,v . j i-r noN -- Wl .alehf.no and
paint, powdi r and wadding.
WlII'N are eye not -v - ? Wlem the
wind makes them wat-'r.
I.. . . .1 ,.(' .-ii.-t .1 .r t
A. I . I. I -L . 1 ' ' I 'I '
Vi'j; hot;! an n."
-true'iii'.' a dam
t Ia N one lie tailed a traitor who betrays
s own f.-eiilll's V
liiMi: f-'. r.d eh
If. -If
ai-fi.-- to
Tiialenthl ki...e.
Wi:i:n they put it into s
-r:;sade Pvrun.
!,- 1 :
Tin: dau".' f r
; i i ir i r ; - w ; s i ; .
unrrv iki-ii 'n't I
or tii?:
Second Annua! Fair
. . . . ... . . ... .
T T I! I ll IX 1 I I . :
U iiiUii 1 Ul 11 U HE, I lUiuiui Ul j.iMiiOJ-:iiuu
1. 1 I'F. Jii.l.K ON THFIi; i.HOI !'S Al
TP'-day.VVcfJ.iesdayJh'jrsdiy & Friday,
Sopt. ?9,30, Oct. land 2. 1874.
FFK Ei:.
.-'il.. M.M.I' K. Presid.nl.
ISAAC AMi'UFLL. Nice l'i . -i : in -(,io.
b. Caovv ai.Iai.i'I:. Trca-tin-r.
I'. II. Mm. hi:, Secretary.
linles Hill! !t'gtilaliiiN.
All a. Imi ions Jo Jhe rouinl- of llie S..i ioly,
dining ils c;.hiliitloa. will be by Jiekel. which
vol be ti;riiislied al the several places of deposii
in the I null, mi l at ihe ollieo of the Trea-n-
ivi- on Ihe ti'muii I- during llie exhibilion.
.-.ea-on ti. kejs one dollar, which etililleii the
member to oiie soaon ticket f..r himself, one f u best Partridge Coehm ,
Pi . wile, and live f in;ie tickets of adnii -s'ion for ' 2d best Pari ridge ohm .
children under 15 vearsof ll.c family. i iiv'1 i!:iV ""'V'!'."' ,
J 111!) tickets of live will be sold at one dollar. ! Rest Co'd.n Spai.L'led 11 unbuieh
whieii will admit five p,-ro. "'' '" lUr,-.
SinHe Jiekel 2.'.cenls. : R"st Silver Spansrle.l Haliiourghs.
Di tieketr far children under fif! em vears , 2d l.et l-ilver Sp inel.-d II imbur-'h-.
,,f., ton eent each. Pet P'l"': pi"'' b.
I Carriag.'S :l i l horsemen will be admitted into
j the grounds, '.' hoi -o loam 25 els.; 1 horse with
: or without buggy 15 ri.; but each person must
I fhiiiv :i iile number or K.-nsnti ticket, mid occti-
p:i'-of carriages rot having them, mtisj procure
:i card oladtaission before entering then closure,
lAu. TO,.,iM.rs veiling in carnages, win ic rc-
qened lo .V.vi" AWi- Cwoi as such, and oilier
I son- i' company mg i,,i:i JXii, 101 a'lllllliaiicc. -
I li.ler 110 circonisl will tin: :ranstT 01 1
tickets or b ulges of admission he permitted, and
any such train- IV -r will operate a fort. 'it in e of ail j
privileges of d:rii--ion to the grounds. 1
Driving or liding 011 the -.racks dining the!
lime designated by the judges lor the dials of j
speed will not In: permitted, i
I'pon the grounds ol th" Society al! vl-iiors I
are subj.-c: to the rule; an 1 regulations adopted !
by the. S K-i.-'y, and .- will he allowed 10
ti a 1 1 1 o-s thei 1.
Ali ellUii
eatii iy le!!.-!-: Ii::t ia Mieli c;;ci.. if thir entry ,
he iiv vt-iek. the appliean: u,!jst i;;vc the :
r.a :ne ati.l e-L'e of lh- anieial, the t:ame ami re- i
t-i.lenee ot 1 !i" owner, and the riass in which he :
wishes to enter, if t -i:try he of Machinery,
Tvm.Vti .-t.K. e:e. ihe aTe.lien.t i.iast -'ive the
"a-l. pr auooa- wi'i he paid lo the 'l'ie4i-a-er j
at, hi- oitiee.
,,r,,,"ia!!ts of evry e.-riiaioii awarded m.i-t I
I... .-iaimed within thirtv days from the time ot i
award, or tlp. y wi!l l-c dmed forfeit". I, iinle-s
otherui - e or I I at a i:.ee! ia": of the K.e iiv j
ri-iu;a::s v. ;:; ret he p '.id atiifi:l r ai::- ,
1 iW''
1 from t he exh:hii.a V iMiomi t:.e e;- ,
lie- pr.ai:i-i"t ia ti." trial-"'
;:ii l hen th .I.i.l-;.-s aiip. 'mt--1
.,.,,,, , Mii. --...t.r,.t1I...
.Ml i-r..-i.ii;:m-, :.w: r !-1 ofiiv.; .1
S.ee 1 V. ill lie
li e.-rt:fv th
- . ml uii-
w:,r VA '"
l a de lii'-ii-m of 11 p-r
I peeil, v.hen '.he r.di
r iae; -ha.!! e-o.era th!
t.oa -iii.il
'he he.ol
i- ' -i- .
iCverv art fie or .i.ii.n..! i.)oa tin: ironals
sbail, (iantic tae Fair, lie nnder the control of j
trie :M.ricty : ami wim-t .. very po-.l,!.; j r-cau-tion
will he tiktai for the safe-keeping ! the '
same, tii" .So.-iety will in no case he respo'i-ihle
t' or an y !o-s or d un,i; t nal may occur.
lau ry 'ants -nn-t tie atl-aclieil in a eon-pica-
oils pV.'-e on th" a:.i:iial or article exhibit--1. ,
!lor-'' and cattle. m,l i m dy i I time aivl jil ice,
wi'l li : ruled out of co-tipetit i.ai. ;
'oLip'.-titors for piemntms eannol he pit-sent
aiirni"; t lie cxams-ia'-tou o! ln' j'i!;'
pe.-iaiiy r.jone.-t .d hv tl.'-.a.
.o i-...;:;i. '.i;or in a.-t as iri'-.'e. ii
lies CS- I
t--iu I
::ij Mi'j.Ni i:ni i.
nous; -.
i V.V-.
,r . ,lV
I) CI!
i" 't
B"f.l fLuli....! ni:ih.-r 1 y.-.ir
under 4 years,
1. A. a re. :, -o i
'' 1 he-'. ,
l.e-t pair fa....... M e --
J,! beM,
Ke-t Ji.'.ir T'.n m :."i - .
oj i, .,.
P.. t S.i'! l'e Ilor-e or M ire.
il -l linu'ii' !l::ru. l!or-e. "
l.i-l toil over J ami tin h-i : year-. '-'
lie .-, Colt ov. r 1 a!'-! a-i en .' . ..;-. 1
lle-t jiair mal. -
:'. 1 hi t pair :a': . -
ie-t .la'-k :!
P.- t .t. -an.-t "
s. 11. itol hen:. el. fliaiin Minhaiy ; I.llis
Wt. i..,e, M .hanov : John .;.-..v,
t.ovn: U in. Ua .li. n. 1 nrhnt : .1. W . llettaian.
Kn-!i ; Klias S. il.-tri -k. l.o'.v-r Aii---i-t:i : .co.
J Ju'
red;-, r ;i;!ei'-v. I oneaate--.
I iKi' A1ITM T.NT 11.
. iTii.r.
',. - I'm'.!, W'lhoat ree-i:d lo '.r.-ed. whether
Ahli-rnav, II I'-teh,. I;:rhani.l'eVoii-hir.-or
Native. ?! ' o,i
o, l-e.-t r.-ill. with nt. .;.iM t-i bre-l,
whether A'hrT.-ev. Ib.!-te;n. Durham.
D-'Von-liiie or Native. .".
od I.. -t Pull, witlneit. rear l Jo htei- l.
whether Ai.leniey. Hol-t-'ai, Durham.
D-ve.;shirc or Native, '.:
V, -t ( 'oiv, wit'.eiat r.-L' u 1 to lire. I. wheth
er Ahiernep, Ib.l-n in. Darham, Deon-
1 1 ire or N it n c, K
J ! In I till', nil In at ri-eard to hie. d.
whether Ahl-iney, 11 l-t.-in. Dii'ham.
1 1 -voiiliire or Natl'.'--. -4
;;. he-t. ( il'.V. wlileiet tee.ll l In llfel-l.
whether Al-l'-rn.-v. Il-il-'iin. Inrn.iei.
Il.-von-hire or Native. -'
Hi t I'elter lietwieti and II year- old. "
-d h.-t ll-ih r hetw.-cn 1
i'e -t nw wit. i Calf,
hl., ( o,v ,vi.h
b"; ' pair of Kai M.-t-,
'.i-i pair ol 1 at .-leer
J;,M . ,, M,.r
I. m ir- . ' . :.
Ue-t pair of Ken, a
'. 1 he-i pair o! en. '
I'.e-t le-ul of 1".,! ('a'::.'. I si a.-.ei nr en ire 1 ".
None of th.-rattle cXail ecd in ll;is bejei 't-la.-i:t
caii di.in- t V. o j.niii!tn:i-.
P.ti-r II. Miy.ier, bower Aiil' i-ta : ('iiarl. -Moore.
t'pp -r Uariel a ; .loiin Kla-e, Miyd. r
town ; .T.ihn H. I'a' ker. Miiil.nry ; Jacnti linn
s'i -k'-r, I.i v ir : Lin. Winner, bovver Mahan.iV ;
r.iias .-!:all'.-i. .Ionian; If. ih-idelr-pai h. l'oinl ;
N.l. Mart.. l-hamokin ; Daniel Kaufman :
lh en : I'ni'.ip lli'c. Minhary ; ..-ortr.- lh Conr d.
J.ov.i-r n".ii-t.i. .oiiiiiii:i
-w iv..
p,. ;,,,,-. ycat- of :it:y l.r
1 In ! boar. J vears old, ol any l.r. -d.
IJ.-J lot i f II..--. imt 1 than 1,
pe-t !: ediiu: .--.iw. will; not !-- th in six
j'il.'- at lea -1 !
! he-t
11 ll le
le-.- at le r : !.-.
lie-t F.,t fl,.e.. ,,oj
ll--t i-r.z .- 1-ai ll-.:-It
-.a lot -f r!:;-. in.!
I--- iii i a i'.. Ll ml 1 : m
.lohn F. I' ll. Ilialrm.a. I pper A i'.'H-l i :
Win. ll.-' !. I'oint ; lohn V -ter. l.'.aaie:
.laeod il.-ea. I.o-.i.-r Ait-a.-J.i : A'niu 1 1 a.'
Hush; .lech I'aeel, Slui'iaty; llu'-rh Miit'oi:
lii;lis.,o ; .Mitt lhe- on in, l.i-e- -I:.li.i-nov;
II. D.'snyd. r, I.o.v, r Ann-i a: li. 1'. i C, ;
iloi f, 1'pl.er Ai:e:-i : : S itnm-l M-i'i-.-I.. W..-h-
ilielo',. - ( oIVIMt'ee.
liKI'AIITMllNT I k' .
-ni t e.
11. -t Hack, ot any hi I. "
:.'d he-l Pan k. of any hi. ed, a
lh 1 I'l l! of ."Sheep, mil h'-s ill. 01 -i, 1
' 1 l.e-t n 11 of Me .-li. not l.-s t l.e a t. II
- - ' '
Call 1.
. til" IS
I'.. nit ;
I : tim
! iivv.-r
V.'m. F. ii li ...-.
n;:i'i. St.yilett vv t:
Va-line. .-hai.eikia t p. : .I d a t.'ii, -!:.
.i.i- ej.i, Me ir- r. I pp. r Mali li.oy ; Ad ito
lie.ler, Wa-liiiiL'toii -. Ito-liia S'e; p.
M m y : M.rabam ' i.ipman. bower An.'tist i ;
.l.iseph N .eel v. Jr.. I'i '.iv a:. ; John S. Miyd.-l,
I'oint: David Hull. Suv-leit.-wii : X C. ll-nn.
I.icver Uu'--l,i. nmuillloe.
i i ii n i:v.
Alieiilrie- in this class ui.i be piopeiiy at
tended to aud canal for b tie' .Society .pirine; the
time they are on the ground-.
All co.,p- shall cont .in one .-, and I ivo hen-,
unless othcrui-e t:ite I.
For the b. si coop of I Pi.-l, en -. vv It !,. ml i-
a.-lld to bice. , la-l ie-s lhall . "'
t'.o-t l.ielit P.r ihtieis.
2d bc.-t I i;'bi Iti-ilnna-. '
P,e-t Dark biahma-.
2d be I Hail. Ilr il.:,. . ..
Host ball J ..( hli:-.
2d be-t bull Celine
2.1 best l'.laek Spanish. 1
best While l.cirhorns.
2,1 hest White I., .jliom.-. i
ltest Domiitiieies, I
"J.l hest Dominique-,
best black I'lish. I
d hest Ulacl; Polish, while crc-t.
best tiatne fowls, 'i
li-."-t ( 'rcvec'l.urd, 1
I.'d bi-sj Cn vceii'in s.
best. Honde.iis. '.'
'd he.-t lloudan.-. 1
l'.e-t pair of iiantaii'..', ".'
:i I t -t p.,ir bantams, I
All ( ps 1. 1 con-d-t of three or more.
For tie- Lost coon of D'ick -. wil ho. it re
gard to hived
lies! Me. sci i v
best Konen '
best Aylcshmy
l'.evt t oinmon "-'
','1 h(-t ("oinmon 1
1.1 i:si;.
AH ee,.- . to he in pairs,
best Tonloii.-c -'J UO
Ile.-l Premen
be-l ( onirnon 1
lh-t Wild 1
i l i;ki:vs.
All tiitkcvs to he. shown in pair-;.
P-st loot. "2 00
" W !:' iToll ivl 2
' wild
'" bead Co'.ei d I.'
" single 'l'nrkev, not less than 3d lbs. I!
.. 4,, 1.
b ; coon .l Pi-.'eons, not lstliaa 1'..
1 1 io lain' a Fowls
pair Pea Fowls
'" coop babbits, not less than six,
t W Xativ
1 1 i
' ca-e ( anaries, not less than four, li
' caae Canaries, not less than three, '' ;
' cue ( anaries, not e-s than two 1
'" sinale Canary 1
IVivl ! TaL"rn', Chaiin..ui. Nortli'iinh rlaiid ;
Philip M. Korrr--tcr. Cpper AjtrusJ.-i ; I.. '1- !
Sticker, Mill on : ('has. lh.yer. ".imeron ; .lacoh
If a- '. Ter' n'ville ; H-arv le'e ler, MeFwens
ville: 11. T. Sivil,'.-, Iln-h: Wm. l.eoch. Ml. 1
Carte-:: Alfred Kranse, iinlntry : J. Weiiner
Yoi'e r. !i.tnei!.:n. Committ'.-e.
DKi' AirrV.KNT VI.
moat ami cii nv.
All eiaia. to compete for premium in this lie- j
;i.i rt in. ait mast I nn- In en rown l.vjlie exhi-i
1.1 o: ' !
l(e-t litty poin.'.ls Wi,:te '.Vhe.it Floar I tl j
ti:i v p.eieds ot live Fl.eir 1
' tiliy ponn Is o! Corn Mci 1 !
liftv pounds of ihiekwheal Flour ."0
ii.n'l hash.'! of While Wheat 1
ha'l lei-liel Ainhcr Wheat 1 ;
" !i a'f 'e-.-iu-i lie.) Wheat 1 '
live I
Yellow Coin 1 '
While Cora I
Clover See. I 1 ,
TimothvS I 1
Ft IX Sec 1 1 ;
buckwheat 1
I'.arl.-v 1
swedi-li Mat- 1 !
Norway Oat- I '
N.Uiv:0:;!. : i
-liprise a'- I
.-'eofh Oats '
" !'ot..l.: Oat- I I
i'e'.ei . Oii rdorl, ( ilairniaa, I "pp 1 Ana.-t i; 1
Jo'nn W. K- eil, .shamokio iwp. ; J. M. (.a.hval- j
lal.-r, Suultury ; rarn'.ior.!i heed, i'oint; .lo- ;
-iai. i!verl, I.o.ver ;.l tiniioy II. II. Dornnife, .
I.i'tle M 1 aanov ; .J. 1 .. Imi Ii.iui, Deiaa:i: ; Maj. ;
D. !l in., Senleiry . C. ;i..nhait, Sunhnry ;
Ja-n-s i;;'.i:: l. tp-r A ixasta. Commit! .
UOO is.
All :.r:i !' in llo-!e. irtment nn 1 h;.". 1 11 I
Uio-vn I.;, tl.e eh'ihii..r or on 't s l.ia,'. il .11- :
tries i i .-t ! i'l aiea- ire. 1
!;.? "f.'fi "i !Il-:i-.a IVatoe- i ) I
1 c. r I'o'aio!-.- ' I
''.ii lv i'l-i-e Pol it.'M-- I
1 .-";:. - !',,! 1
:::. '- ..'lert P.it.o 1
' M I: i'.-ll Potato.-- 1
i'e -re's- Po .:!.i. s i i
I'e.l -ll blo.V l'o! lto - I '
I'r.i'il'' 1'oMM-s 1 '
Kiae of'.a.: Kaili'. s I o: 1'. s 1
For 1 .! I . ::ni ler-.-t bsilay of '..'. it :i j
For ti.e .-; Ne v Seed'ine; Poi itoes .' '
b -T !i.' V 'i-t - ':d Ttnilhi" ! !
I: id'-h";, b!.:. a Spa-iii-a U) j
!i.idhe-. White pai:!-h .".0
Dei ins, bed M !
" (tiioa.-., Wh'(.- rt I
;;..!, !:-i .v i
beets, While .,0
a: rots. "i0 j
I'ars'iip- -V j
Sweet !'i.'at...'s .",!) ;
Yams .V)
I II. Y. riybiiLr, '"hair-aav, S.ri'miy; Charles i
' Cariuv -r, Sanhaiy ; Joha b. Ib-lh-r, Chilli- pia- j
;ae ; Ahrah tei Kinn-r, Shamokia ; John F'. (o-i-t,
I I'pp r M;;!i."i"V : Ad :ni benker, bower Maha- 1
i no;. : I'.-iie'ii Joht.-.ie. Noithiimlierla-.il ; Win.'
r..:-i :.-, Sayd rta-A -l ; .-o ilarri-oti. aa:.ir.v :
!.C. Kat. I'pvr Aagat. '':i:ai'
A:t iehokc h'e-t p. 1 1, - . .1.1
li an- 'M -l hall peck b:'.io L.ia a ."!
drit lolll' .pi. ills I..' SHU,, bean- .'.)
I1'. 1 twelve '1 11: nip Uoole.l -i.')
--1. t v.'c: v.-i..::- i!o-o ',o
( '.oa ae. hesl 1); kiiiia a I, three specimens Vt
hest Flat Datcli. .10
!-.-t l iar In ad- ol any variety .VI
In l sinule speeimi-n ."el
hest li '.ih'iae, Il hea l- .VI
h' .-t Savoy Cal.!...ee. ;I ln-j.:. :,0
c.iii..t he.-l Fairly Horn, Pi specimen- ."o
l.c.-t Loiil: Mranae, pj sj.eciin. iis ."ill
Caali.lo'.Vcr hest Iwtir Jt-eim-is ,'itt
( .1. iy--l.e-t siv roots of niiy white variel v 1
he-t ('. roots of i,warf or red variety I
Con - '.est Snar or Sweet. P.' cars
l.e-t P.iichiu or Pop I '..i t:, ! w.-l v.-s)-e
'neum'i 1 ! t i!oZ"ii for pa k'un
le -t half do' 11 lar.'e, IV. r s. .-.
F.u' I'l .!.: -h t llonnd Purple, t -pe.-i-1.
h.-'t black I'eki:: r imcii-
Il.e-e liadish hc.-t il loot-
Ka.c l.c.-t 4 s,iec:ni"iis
Kohlial.i In st li -pceinii 11-
becks he-t a -lieciniens
bettiicc I. est 1 hea I - of any variety
lelolls--best ereen Ih -he l --Cant ll.-up-."
;; -pee'iaiens
Ma-k M'-'oii hesl I! spepiiiicjjs
Okra h, -t .'07.011 -peeiaioii-rumpkin
for Ihe heaviest -peeimen 1
lor lie 'id heavi-t specimen
I', pp.-i l.c-1 dozen specimen- Ile!!." 01
s.ve.-t Peppcts
hc.-t I W 1 1 i e - ; e - ii.-ii... I. on;; 4 a
S pri -In --he- t Huh! .;-.!
hest Man a:oC.
hest Tl.l I..MI
I...-! p., ;, iow
S.ll-ily- he-1 1'.' sp. "lalen
'l om-i'l he. -11,;, if.-h ot' ! , ... ! . 1 .'
sp -eiineii-
l.e-l -,e..l,- o I,..,;. l,- ,...
l'j -p.-e'ia. a
hc-t rlilljt oil. I .' - J' -eiaiei,-lic.-l
si ;!. di-h. I... 111. II. d. 1 .'
.-p. eia.e. I.,
' -1 S.a"!e di-h, 1. IT b'.liitt,
1 . -ieei:nen-I.
t -iuL'le liisll, li.'d ( iici I V
I 01 the la l'Lr I and lie-l di--ilav
ol Tomatoes- i
W.it .-I '! . ;:.-- he-t two specimens
Foi Jin- .iiL-e-t a id h.--! di-pl iy of v.-e.'tali!.'-a:i
a:-- z ' 1 den. r or f.iriai-i, on-- Vcar'.s s
-;-i ipi .011 I" Atti.-iieati L'l ; " 1 i 1 1 HI i-1."
All .: - -nti-t I''- fail r ei::t and ne-a -ll e 1 .1
f. .-mi pi . r-- : a--.
Win. V. h. liner, haiiniaii, Snnhury ; C,.!. A.
II all. M ; too ; llenty ( onrad. 1'pper AilLOi-ta ;
bvmaa Weaver, Tievoit.m : I". S. II'ii kIc. bovver
Mah oe. v ; Frank Vano-tran. bivcr-iilc ; Win.
b. N -t.ii. Chilli -pia" pie : A. b. Keis.-r, S1111
tniry : !.-c lh il., bo'.vc! Amrn-t-i: l-aac
1 . io,. .1 . r-ia im ry. '.nn mil tec
-1 (i --ecilie li- oa- b -l on
ll.iMulii.- .VI
bell. II.IVH-I- .VI
Fallavvald.-i- VI
Noilhoi ii ."py .VI
S'lintiio:' R. mil 50
K r,i". i s 50
t,ee,iles 50
vV hit- Pippeti- 50
;.:. ion Ku-si-i- "'
I , r . v .-e-t iui s
. eklei laithel- " )
lo.Mjlll V 11 ils-el - 50
ll'ililia-'dsloi.- 50
K.-iiu 5'
WilieH- VI
PiaileVs ' .VI
Mai I'-n's I. In li 50
Puioid 50
lb i-l "
Poll.-!- 50
C.iHliOll-e 50
l.adv Fie-er- 50
M.ilt!:'- ( id.-r
1 id Fl 111! - of dill, l i 1 t V ll ii tie-,
l:-:-...! ! niel i.-.ni Niielll-
F.e l.i
t 11 l ir-1 .
In thi-dep.itlliii lit lie- ipiatilitv mn-t be lull
lo obtain the plollliuilis ollel'ed.
Ail the fruit deposited nri-l be h-ibly and
leuitimatelv maihcd, anil any attempt al hand
will l.ufeil al! lights Jo Jhe premium:-.
Lemuel Campbell, Chairman, I pper August i:
John P.. Haas, Siiiib' i V: '.-. Vanhii li, Noilbiilii
b. il ind; .lohn F.iiisnaugiit, Mi. ton ; Si. hen
liateii- eiiiler, Sbamohiii ; Pr. II. M. Raker, dr.,
lower Augusta; Michael Fmeiieh. .Ionian ;
ll. i.i v Walfer. Cpper AuguHa ; i.eorge Caul,
( pper Aug'isM ; S. S. Ruin- I pper Autru t i:
, 7 M.il .d,, .I.ieUson. - oiiiiiiilleo.
el vi:-. i'l t m s tsn (,ii lM I'-.
Pe.il- b.-'. throe varieties of ton each 2 00
I.e.! di-h of 10 sp.-. imciis, P.arth tt
,1,, do poycime Rons-
sock 50
, ,.. lapp's Favo
rite 50
,1,, ,t-. p.-nrre I!o-. ,'Jl
do do Perk-el f.0
do do Sw'an'3 Orange 5(1
do iio bnaise borne .VI
do !o I'rhani.-te .".0
do do Dach's D'An-
conleme M
.hi do betirre Uicl 50
do iio r.ourre.l'Anioa 50
do 1:0 Shehlon 50
do do lieilireSupeitin 50
do do Fiemi-h boa nly 50
.1 do Marie Louise .V)
do do belle lateral iv.- 50
do do Men i nn 50
do Ti.. 11. iirnt Hardy 50
do do beiirre Clair-
;'r;iil 50
do iio Mt. Venion 50
do do lliwcl! 50
Plum -he-l li-h not less than t.-n speci
mens Otii'ici !n-t di-pi..v
l 00
1 IK)
In all these depat I ments the ipiantity imi-i he
full to chtain the prcttiititns o!'.'ercd.
All the Irnit dep -'ne. must he legibly and
lefil iniately marked., and any attempl at fraud
will fe-feit ali rights Jo Hie premiutii-.
I'e'. Ah-v. ( al dwell. Chairman, Sii iniokin ;
Dr. .1 1 1 h 1'ri '-i!ey, Nortliani'ierlaiid ; W. II.
Oram. Saamokin ; Samuel berevtros; Mt.
C.irmel : 1- iac A. Martzi Upper Antrusta ; John
tioodmaa. Watsontovvti ; 'ir. Da Vic. Wal'ion,
Mil. on ; Alex Yo'.im, Sha.mokin Jv.-p. ; J. II.
Jet!:;.-. Suidi'iry ; W. V. I'oniinL', S-.iil.-i!.-.
( ounei::. e.
e::vciii:s mi oi:mks
.-ache- h-st throe Varieties of si
". IM)
' est si:iL'!e varietv. not le
Crape: he-t collection, -I hllncher
of each variety
al liest 1
hest 0 huncl;es of Delaware 50
do do Diana 50
do do I-ahclla 50 j
do - do Israella 50
do 1T0 ( 'uncord 50 .
do do Iiirllord 50 '
'' . -..Iii- Iiehecca .V)
do do Crrveliu"; 50
do do Allen's II vhrid 50
do do Ro-j.-r- No. -I 50 '
do 1I.1 bnia 50
do do Adironaee 50
do do l'.umelan 5-1
do do Clinton 50
do do Martha 50 '
do do V.'alter 50
! uovi-i i:ii. the iho a rt :::cnt ol ap-
pies will he applicable in Dais.
T. II. B. Kuse. Cl'alnnan. Se.tibiiry ; is. Nevin,
Simbi:ry ; Win. M. Weaver, Shaniokin; Ir.
Isaac llutf. Bush ; AleS. Colt, Northumberland :
I'. Iiei-cr, Shaniokin : lr. Isaac Sticker, Milton; :
II. 1'. Folinnr, Tnrbnt: Jeremiah Wilkerson, !
bovver August. 1 ; Joseph bird. Nor! h'Jtnberlan.l ; '
J. S. MeWjlliams, .Ml. Carmel. Comm'utee.
I'.lit Vi, I'.l'TTFH, AC.
Articles 111 this department niu't be the pro
duct of persons living in Northumberland coun
ty, and nri-t he entered in the name of the pro
ilileer. All article mils! he lull welu'ht.
Best 5 lbs. Print Butler -? t'O
do bump Batter 1
Best plate Butl' t, ornametite I 1
Best 1 loaT Domestic White bread, loaf
not I weiedi less than g 1" '-'
.'.! bi-l 1 ...:f D.ee re Whin- B.-ead. loaf
not to vvei.-;''! th-ia '-' 11- I
best 1 loaf Dieaestle Wl;:t '. 1 1 '
not l weijrli I.-.-..- than - ih-.
il. -t 1 loaf Domestic Kye bread i
I loaf Dome-tic braa Bread 50
-I loaves baker's Wheal Bread 1
1 loaves Baker's live Bread 1
and largest he foi Whoa! P.; ad II
Jelly Cake 50
Frtlit. Cake 50
Found Cake 51'
Spom;e 'ak' 'J
Cap Cake .
Jiold Cake .- 50
Silver Cake 50
1 1 inir'T Cake 50
I.cmon Cake , -V)
Oticen's 'alt - ' 50
Aliuo!id 'ake 50
Nut t ake -"'0
variety ! :.' Hot I'mtl " v i-
rieti.-, is. Leslie's ' '00k Bo..',,.
5 Pi Ilome-Made Soap
Jd bt. 5 lbs ilom : -M ide Soap 1
IM I. 5 lbs Mome-Made Soap "'
Be -t t-vo Horn" C'.ir. d Mams
'. .v o iii.. e-, I l a
-Car" I I)i v- :ef 1
( .'..si's v.::; '.
ileiiarlaient, 1
avid I for all arti -I in thi.-i
nitabl" di-h.'-. or travs, mu-t
:ic"oi!ip.iuy tl. - ii.
II. F. Mann, Chairman, Sunhury ; Mr. Win.
T. (ir.in:., .Sue.ba.-y : Mrs. Henry Cement, Sun
buiy; Mis( lara ICipp, No; thambei laad ; Miss
ll.iniiaii Pries' 1) , Noi'.iiuuiherlan l ; Mist llulf,
Milton; Airs. r. i.. 1 1.ick.aibcry, .Aiil'.oii ; Mrs.
Isaac Caiiipoelt, I pper AtiL'ti-ta, .Mi Mary E.
tihcrdort, Upper XuL'i-'.a ; Mrs. KHe.s Enierick,
Lower Aima-ta ; Mr-'. Lvn i li. nn, I.o.ver A ::
e u-la; Mrs. D . W. W. Moo li , Stltftury.
'oliiniit ice.
All articles in this department must be ia
.'.ass, and mu-t h" th-- proda t of !h family of
! he exiiihitor.
Beat 5 lbs Iio,,.-.' -VI 00
Native Win"-, Crape
Native Wines, oiler thai. (Jr..
Cider Vine", ar
New ' 'iier
I omatoe.s, ( a u lied
bhu kben ies. Canned
Ii.ispberiios, Cant"- !
Poaches, Canned
I'ears, Canned
Appl'1-., anno. I
rab Apple-, C.uttie-I
(piinces. Canned
Cherries, Canned
(iooseberrios, Canii.-1
Currant. Caniie.l
drapes, Canned
;,o Sti.iivherri.-s, 'aimed
Plums, aiiu.-d
.",.1 ' oi n, J anne.l
:,.) l'e.is, Canned
;,ii l.raoc J.-lly
cuinee .leliy
;,o ( rab Apple .l. iiv
.Vi Plum Jellv
;,o Apple J.-!ly
.V Currant Jei
Ml Peach Jelly
.rfl Flderberry Jel.y
r,a blackberry J.-lly
Raspberry Jelly
.Vi l j'i-e-erve. Quinces
",il Peach.-K
.Vi Fear
Apples -,n Plum-.
I honie
.VI Straw be: i ie-
'ine Ap;.l'
50 it i on
:,) black Cu: i-m
;,o ' (ranges
-,i Wateltlli.i.ll
;,.) l'uiupl i
,vi pickled Pcael.es
Walnut -
.VI Maligoi -
P, pper-
Vi (Inion-
.'.II '('..lil'lloe
Peitcrnii -
Vi ' Melon,
.Vi ( U. H-Ill.el s
",ll Vrtielll'ke-
Na -t ti it i. oi -
( llo -ehl.VV
;,o IVealiilv
by Apple- '
uh- Mu hionni
5 I
( abbau'e
M:ed Pi 1
pel rie-
( it i on
Pea I's
Toill.lt' e
( 'aeniiiliei
illectioii for each
a Cook book.
e.i l.lie l. pi c.ervod.
( haii man. Sha ::..in ;
i: v
Samuel Umiui'.
II. 1'.. M;e-ir, Sunbtiry: Mrs. p. .J. ( lb. rdml,
Cpper Augusta ; Mr.-, 'i'hos. Pur-i I, Sunhury;
Mi. William Knt'ior, Sliamokin ; Mrs. P. II.
Monro. S'U.hiiiv ; Mrs. W. F. Kline, Suydertoivn,
Mr-. !b'. R. M.-l'oy. Nortlaiiuborhnid ; Mrs.tleo.
W. Sailib, Sunlei-y : Mi. has. P. Fckinan,
Ru-h ; l-aac Ma't'., Lovv.-i Augu-t: ; Miss Mary
Jlberdorf, I'pp..' Augu-ta ; Miss Saliie Fau-t,
Sunburv: Miss Mary I'.ruiier, Suubiiry. linn-
All plant-, in this ih partm.'iil shou'd f."' shown
in the lu.xt-.T o" pots in vv bieh Ihey are grown.
F.aeh ( lass of Plant- competing l..r prizes must
bo Kept scpa'aie ; I or instance, Plants roiuprs-
illg til"' colleilii.lis Will not leeeive a M-COIld irie
in""aiiotlier class, hut all "ill be judged and
iivvaideii preuiiiins in each separate . .
fotlb in Ihe OHioving schedule :
Lai 'e-l Mini best ( olloclion of Planls
as M-t
s ", no
.'d iiirg.-t and best collection of Plants ::
l'.e-t colledioii valigated Leaf Plant-. II. -I
.- thai 12 kinds - 2
Re-I coll. lion Aloes and Caetn-. not h-.-s
than C plants 50
Fuchsia-, not I.--- than I, Varie
ties 50
(id aniniii- in bloom, no-, less
than '. varieties I
Cloxiiiias in bloom, not !e-s
Iban '. va:ielies ."rfl
Fern-. 12 plants .'.0
Veibclias in pots, imL I.-s lhall
1'.' a no! if "
,1. C -losia. (' oxcouib-). not h 50
than '. plants
o Roses i'l pots and in bloom not.
1o-s than (' v irii'ties I
Lemon Tiee
Orange Tree -t"
W. S. Rho.uls, Chaiiinan. Snnbury ; T. II.
Pirdy, Sunhnry ; Miss F.inily F.ng'.e, Sunhury ;
Miss' Holla ieglcr. Sunburv; Miss Rebecca
ilollin in. Sntibiirv -. M:- l ew. A. Kaufman.
rir.J riii'riTn-- - -"ii ai- 'riirm 1"
I. ovver Auti'isla ; Mi?s Harriet Cooper, Upper
Augusta; Sue Kne.-se, N'ortlnunherlaail ; Mrs.
II. K. Campbell, Ppj'or AnsitRta ; Mrs. S. I.
Wolverton, Sunbury : .Miss David Taart, Nor
thmnberiaiul ; Mrs. Davit beimer, Northumhe--land.
CTT ri.OWFliS, ,tc.
Eest eollection of I.Mhaa-', tint .js than ('.
V. not I.
in- or "!. ;
-l 1-
ilr. of I'hlo
F.est tray of balsa
bcr-I eoliectinti of
kan s kind -1
!v S'ii-;v-r-''
i!o of Antirrhinum or Snap-Dra iion
iio of Chidiol'is, not le I lian ti ::'.!
do of Zinnias
t (lisphiv of Cut Flowers
50 I
i pair of Par'.or boieitiets
i Hand bouquet
! . Floral Design, whether Cro-s, lb-art.
I Wreath or Floral Stand
i !M Lc-t Floral Design, whether ( ros-. Heart,
j Wreath or Fioral Stand
! best IIaninr Basket
j 'Jd best Ihiniinir basket
50 1
50 !
1 For the hest bouquet of Flowers arranged by a
i Miss under sixteen years of ae, Vick's Flora!
1 (iuide, one year.
i For Ihe largest display of Cut Flowers hy ney
! amateur trrovver under siztcea years of ae,
I ore year's stil.scriplion to Yiek's Floral C.nid .
Jacob Sl.iptnan, Cliairman ; Sunhury ; N. S.
! Enlc, Sunhnry ; Miss Sarah I. Wciser. bower
lAteoista: Mi-s .Mary lieiin, bower Antrusta:
i Miss Saliie Fry. Suiihury, Mrs. J. H. Jenkins,
I Northumberland; Mrs. Th's. Ncsbit, Shaniokin;
; Mrs. H. X. Frylitig, Sunhury; Mrs. b. ii. Slie!;-
er, Milton ; Mrs. Alex. Caldwell, Shamoki:!,
; Mrs. Ilr. Jos. Priestly, Northumbei land. Com
; mittee.
fer I'l-'- ';iir:.-..'e Wheels
i en
vv':iena IU-xi-h 1
S'i i.S" 51
S-iftln ."hi
Saa-ne.- Me a ii' .- 1 'O'Ioiiii;
Saii-.i'e Slatl.-l- do
lilllt-l- ( lail'll Ho
liri'i ,1.1
d:HL.l:iy of Un-e ito
.h-l-Iay l'ntt-T's V.10 1
'iivj ;.y of K. 1
l;eln;;er:it a- I lipkmia
I:. nn.- 1
.I s; I. y 11 .r.n.nre a
'..'..k S-.iv es
e.i-1-.r -St..-.. - j
t!'.-a.-:-. -..
.! -i--:.y ol l ia-vei. .1
disal-iv at liroems 1
W rtslaint Mitelutie 1
I 'lollies Vi rii.t;.-!- In
' '.irriairos, ri li.nse.) ."
'.';y :t
.-ii :eu i- (n;i."- :t
huinl naale I:....--
W. H. F. Wtimcr, Chaiiuiau, Sunhury; U. I'
Button, Rush; Peter Moore, Upper Augusta ; i
D. C. Bohrbach, Upper Augusta ; Daniel Umrer. .
Sh.aiiiokin ; Win. D. Snyder, Milton ; W. N
Baker, Lower Augusta ; Benj. Zettleniover
Sunhury. Comtniltee.
liio iaj nf ciiiurs"
' llrii-h-.-s.
'untee: aeiei .
I. .. 1 v..
i 111-,
!'-rt nnien
fruit I- x-r:,et..
.I.-,,, l-v
l: .ts aiel Sii.
" 1! e : s; :i 1 1 ( I I 'ii j.s
II. 'lli,!.'!
Sa-ei- tl.O'li.-s-
': i :.i-. 1 ,1 I.- .ale r
.ea.ic-. , a.-.ia ':.
" r i-'ar 1
'::liinet Vo re
i.U..:e I'm: !i
I; V L';ir... : .u. ....
I. is;
I .et
......1 -
.n. on. -..-i .- 1
"fslmii: --(i-.i.. Koee- Vl.rk
" Al.irii!!- v-.ft.
" " i'.irjii-t l.'ii.iiL. 1 n;!ni; or l.aii'ii
" ' llljlKe Sll'1.1. all j
fcorji: V.'. Smith, Chairitsin, .unhury ; Hiram I
Haas, Fpper Auuus.a ; JJcor H. Jiibson, Sun-i
bury; Win. li. Miller, Sunbtiry ; V.'m. Cooner, I
Wiitonto.vn ; ioo. W. Si roll, S'li.irtry; Wm.
lVpjvii, Zerbe ; Janm-i R. Little, Nor.inimVr- :
l imit Wm. 1.. Fuliner, Shamokiu. Com.t!i,;.-o.
Rest Portable Steam Engine
I.aihvay Horse I owcr, do
Threshing Machine, .!o
S"p.irator, .lo
Vegetable, (.'utter, do
Feed Cutter, do
1 Lty or Straw Cutter, do
Corn Sheller, Horse I'ower, do
Corn .Shelter, Hand Tower, do
Corn and Cob Crusher, do
Cider Mill and Press, do
Hay Rake, horse, do
llorbe Power, do
Hay Elevator and Carrier, do
('ruin Drill, do
Reaper, do
Mower, do
Combined Rcarer and Mower, do
JIayTedder: do
stump Extractor, .!o
Subsoil Plow, " do
Revolving Plow, do
Cast Steel Plow, do
i;o;u now, do
Cultivator, io
Clover II idler, do
Ox Yoke, do
Hand Lawn Mower, do
Pulverizer, do
Farm Roller, do
(Jarden Roller, do
Farm Cate, do
Farm Fence, do
Corn Planter, do
- Smut Machine, do
Portable Hay Press, do
M'ashine; .Machine, do
I 'ump lor Wells, do
( hum, do
( .rain Cradle, do
S-ythe and Snathe, do
lhizen Hand lluk.es, do
I dozen Hay Folks, do
do ( rain Scythes, do
do Crass. Scythi s, do
do Axes, do
do Manure Forks, do
do I.ong-handlcd Shovels, do
do Slnrt-haiidled Shovei. do
i dozen Spades, do
I dozen Corn Hoes, do
eillcetion Fanner's Tools, do
Sniding Fork, do
Vanure I bag, do
Crain Fanniu'g Mill, do
Farm Miil, do
Farm Roiler, do
II arse Pitchfork. do
Square Harrow, do
Rotary Harrow, do
( 'culler Furrow, do
Drain Pipe, do
F:.rm Wheelbarrow. do
Hoot Citter, do
Steel Hong Hoe, do
WheelCnllivator, do
Potat. Digger, do
IIorseHoe, do
Weedr, do
Meat Jhopper, do
John W. 'rylinir. Chairman, t'ppor Au'U-ta ;
Samuel (lu'dorf- I'ppcr Au'u-la : Win. ( lark,
Sr., liu-h ;Ab. illa-ser, bovver Mahanoy ; .1. F.
Fplcr, Poii : Martin li. ia-s, Fpper Augusta ;
Henry J'. l.-her. Wasbinto:! ; Samuel S. Smith,
Cpper M l alloy ; .liillll ll.l.'lg, Tnrbnt ; .lohn (i.
bright, i'lp.-r Aicu-ta ; Ceore Seiler, bower
Aijeii-ta ; V m. Iiiniklehoreer, Little Mahanoy :
5. S. licit , Liit-e M ihalioy. ( 'omiiiittec.
N I'.FF.K WORK, IlMr.RdniF.PV, &( .
Rest Slii.t unvashed si
t.iuilt, sil. pat-li wink 1
Omit, Cairo pa eh wolk 1
luilt, .1 -nine Iteh vvoil, I
l.'uill, cb'li pal-li work I
(,'uiit. oKer thai patch v...l.
)ui'.t, (Itileipa:.- 1
IJuilt, oEille
Fmbrolrry. iiif.nt's dre - 1
F.mbi(,iiy, s'pici's
F.mbro"cry, t.-blc cover
Kuibrn. iy, olojian cover I
Fiiibi.vi.lery, elaii cover 1
Fmbriidery, iifat t's shaw l
F.mbiiiiderv, bhil work
Kiiibio'ub r', lisol work, wool l
Fuibroiih i v. I: -ol work.. -ilk 1
F.ml.ioid.ery. gldor -iiv.-r lln-ad
Sofa cushiol
Toilet cushion
Toilet nial"
K nil ling in sil
Knitting in wot
Knit wool A vv!
Oct ehet wo. shawl
Knit wool st kinj-
Knit linen si kiug-
pin cushion
Cotton tidy
2d host colt, tidy
Iie-t wooleii.lv
Lamp miil
2d best A I'm n
Afghan, chl's
Foot rug
50 i
50 i
.ai i
".0 I
M ;
Mi ;
Noodle worhy haiul
Needle woll.y nio hit'o
pisplay of vrk h" in n biiie agents
( If double oiei'lit
I if single
ro !
if ten yard siinemade llannol I
Of ton yards neeniade linen I
!',e-t pound hie na.le thread
Pair woolen !.nl.ts I
Pair stocking' 50
Fair half lio-e 50
Pair milieus 50
Largest collecti. ,f I, nitons 50
Noarlielo mar':,-tured in factories, or out nf
the family, will nceeivcd in this depailiiient.
The judges may ,ict eei lilieates of manufae
ture "in Die f tmil
For sewing ami knitting machines ami inusi- j
cal instruments, the manae'trs offer no pre.ui- '
unis, hut invite all to exhibit, ami Id every mn- j
chine stand 011 its own merits.
TI105. M. I'urscl, CI. airman, Pitnhiiry ; Mrs..!.
B. Masser, Sunhnry ; Mr?. Ceo. Miller, Sltamo
kin ; Miss Caroline Da'.ius. Sunhnrr ; Mrs. Isaae
Iluir, bush ; MifsMarv Kramer, bo"wer AiiL'ala.
Mrs. K. Wilvert, Sunhury ; Airs. P. M. Sliindel, !
Smibtiry; Mr.-. John McCleery, Milton: Mrs. '.
John Hammoiid, Shaniokin : Mrs Sarah Wi.-st. '
Lower Mahanoy : Mi-s A. Smith Jack.r. : Mrs
Mary Melliner, Sunhtirj-. Committee.
,u:ts, Ac,
;,!) i Best display Fainting in Water Cu
00 I
i'aitttiuir in Oi
Drawings in Crayon j
Ciirotaos o i
Artificial Teeth '
Collection Coins 1 i
Indian ii.-lie.- 1 !
Belies, Curiosities. Ve. 1
display Card and Fancy I't-intin 1 1
Wax Flowers 1
Wax Fruit, 1 :
Wax ( toss i
di'-play Shell Work 1
Leather Work ! '
Cone Work 1
Worstel Flowers I !
Feather Work I
Bice or Seed Work 1
b ir Work 1
to .! Work ;
Shell Work 1
Dri.' l Leaves in Vac- j
Ferns in Yaee- 1
display Penmanship 1
Engraving 1
Rev. Mr. Hewitt, Chaiiman, Sunbarv ; .1. A. j
Cake, Sunhnry ; J. II. J.-nkin-.. "Northumberland; j
J. J. John, Shaniokin ; Mrs. W. I. Creenouu'li,
Sunhury: .Mrs. Win. M. Rockefeller. Sunbarv : 1
1 M
John 1 oiininun. Suiihury ; Miss Flor
St.-oh. Sunhury Mis Lizzie F. -kman. Snnburv:
,vl -s. Austin 1 111pp. sutititiry; Mrs. Dr. Pri
Noith'iniberlalul ; Miss belia .Martz. Slia
C. a. Bruner, Sunhury. Committee.
aokin ;
'( m inm S2." 0;'.
Thursday, October 1.
For best equipped and drilled compa
ny, including apparatus i
2d test do do S
.'!d liest do (to
Open to ail for competition.
(ion. C. C. MeCormick, Chairman. Milton ;
Ceu- Juo. Kay Clement, Sunburv ; Col. Alex.
Caldwell. Sliamokin : Maj. J. A. Bohrer. Har-
r-..-ieiiLr; ai.1,1. .1. v . ivapp, .Mat liemberlaeil.
j DEPARTMENT XXU.-l'n.iu ua
; P.est erpiipjied and drilled company of
n it less than ."0 men, tipcn to all ?2o
Exercises and inspection at 10! o'clock,
a. m. There will be a grand military
and liremans' parade at 1') o'clock, Oc
; t'.iber 1st.
Cen. C. C. MeCormie!;, Chairman. Milton ;
(ion. .Ino. Kay Clement, Sunburv ; Col. Alex.
! Caldwell, Shaniokin; Maj. J. A. Bohrer, llar
; rishure; : Maj. J. C. Kanp, Northumberland.
' Committee.
FlIFMIfM ?75
, riest band. -s.",0 0)
' '-M best :, 00
All bands eompetin for this j romiam mu-t
ia.' irai the S -cret ary of their intention t i do so
I oil or befu.--; Ttiosd.iy, Seutamber 'JOth, uml inu.-t
: r.-poi t to tin: Chief Marshal for ilaty oa Weduts
i day morning at 10 o'clock, and remain ue.tii
Thursday eveuinj;. F;aeh band anist becompos
, ed oi" regular membei-i of it-j own orauizatioa.
I). W. Siiiudel, Clmiraian. Suubary ; iienben
i Hollenbach, Shamokia ; Dr. Kobtrt McCay,
.Northumberland ; Jacob M. Follmer, Watsou-
tin.ti ; Win. J. Wolverton, Sunbtiry; J. Edgar
F.ckman, Kusli ; Levi Tmekaniiiler, Milton ;
John V. Bueher, Sunhnry; Il-nry A'olf. I.o.ver
A n 'u st a . ( ,'uiii m ittee.
1 Frid.iv, c,".. : pi a. m.
Three to enter and plow .
Best s 00
I be: " .50
Geo Courad, Chairtnau ; Abraham Shipinan,
Josi.pli ;.iss, John Smith, W. L. Dev7art, .lueob
II. Kaufman, Daniel Latsiia. Committee.
Rii-e I Purse,
; TaesJiy Afternoon, September 29ih. i
tieu to holies of Northnmberiaud county, i
: who nave noreeoraot tune better than 3 minutes.
1 To Is; horse jcq
i -m " r.. so
M '" 10
7eC 2 I'nrsc, -?.";:) 00.
Tuesday Afternoon, September 20th.
It co enter and 2 to star;.,
i Open to four year olds aud under front North
j lllllberlall I county.
! To ls.t. horse 525
M " 15
.' ; .... 10
Lemuel Shipman, v.uimiuau , u. irir;v
J. M. Fullmer, John I.. Hammer, Isaac Albert!
i'lt.-e . '5 7Vr.se, i'l-jiJ.
Veduesday Afternoon, Septeuiber
Three to outer and t .vo lo start.
Onen to trotting horses for Noithumherlnud,
Snyder, Dauphin and Ferry, who have no record !
of time better than 2. 40. " j
To 1st ho.se
M "
.'(-(: l',i-.s , S.-1 fjf.
IIl NNlVi; RACK.AVednesday, Sept
Flr-t horse
Second horse
..'.r .- -J'i-.-e, :, IMI.
-S '.'.i
Po st L.iiif -trian Lady
pt. .'in.
SI l
2d ii.-i
Not less th in three competitor".
Wash. Ariilsttong. hairtaan ; Harvey Kol.ius,
I.. S. Weaver. A. .1. Stroh. A!oX. Moore. Com
mittee. U rc C,.-'n,-.sr. .SMK).
Thursday Afternoon, Oi to'H'r I.
Open to all I rotting hordes who have no record
of bet ler time than 2.110. In order to win Ihis !
preini'im the time made in this race must be 2.42
or loss.
To 1-t hor-e .175 '
2 1 ' T5
:ld ' 50
7 ,...- , ?1 ''!. 1
Thursday Afternoon, Oct 1. ;
1 1; on lo trotting hor-'cs from Northnmtierl.in l
county, who have no better record than 2.5o.
To 1st horse ?70 I
2 1 115
:id 20 ;
line S ri,:r, in I.
pen lo a l : Riders d, he changed
half mill
' h
Slowest mule
Second slovve-t mule
Nut less than four to enter.
P. L. Il.U'keiihm g. Chairman ; C. Nef!
Markle. AtlgU-lus Wald, Atnos Kapp,
Tufts, I'hos. Nis'iit. Commitl.e.
J. (,
.1 me
;,;,-( il'i)vf, SoU (III.
Friday Afternoon, Octolier J.
Open to double teams from Northumberland
count v.
Mu-t. have been in
and owned bv one mat.
the eounty four months,
and driven logther ; three
I., cater, two io -lait.
To fa-tod team .-2
2d " L
::.l " p
llm; V)l'lISf, S:Jl) 00.
Friday Afu rnoon, )etfher 2.
Open to pacing horses.
To 1st horse
2d "
Three to enter and two to start.
FOOT lt.U K.
Jinn U I'msr, !--2u (hi.
Open to all ; one half mile dash.
To 1st runner
11. .1. Wall, Chairman; P. .1. Ohordorf
, w.
R. Kulhei . .1. M. Hal 1 1, oil. in
II. K. F.igeiv. Committee.
All the foregoing trials of speed will be
mile heats, in harness, hest three in live,
and wil". be governed in all eases, by the
Rules of t Im: National Association. Heats
in each day's trials of speed will foe trotted
In all the several classes then! must be
not less than tour to inter and three to
: ....t..nn i ..: T
ni.il l, unicssi uilii'l vv i-vi: suiiuu.
.v.i tiiuaiiu.- ice ii u-ii rtr tctii. on me i
premium for winch entered must be jianl to ;
the Secretary, before any horse can be en- !
tercd for a raee, anil all entrance) fees shall
be forfeited if lite horses shall be fount! by
the Jiiilgrs ineligible for the race for which
they are entered.
A horse distancing the field, will receive
the lirst premium only.
An horse will be permitted to enter lor
any county premium that has not been I
owned and kept ill the county i,r four i
months previous to Sept. 3. In case any !
dispute arise on this point, the Secretary
ii i-i ,i ! -,,
8hr.ll require such evidence that will 8a lis- ,
fy him, before reporting the horse in dis- '
pnfe to the .Indgrs.
rritr.ADEr.piiiA .t krif. r. ii. Divisrox.
On and after Sunday, June 2Sth. IS,!, the
Train - on the Philadelphia F.rie Bail Boad Divi
sion will ran as follows :
bine leave:; Philadelphia,
' " Harric.htirg,
' Williamsport,
1 12.55 p m
5.00 p m
0.55 p m
S.30 p m
10.00 p it.
11.55 p m
4.--15 a m
o.k'O a m
S.35 a 111
0.-15 a in
" arr. at Lock Haven
leaves Philadelphia.
Erie Mail
'; ': '' Ilarrisburg,
" " Setihurv,
" ' " Witliai.ispr.rt,
" bock Ha. -cu,
" Re'ioro.
4i " an at Erie,
Flm'ira Mai! leaves Philadelphia,
" " Ilarriibur.',
" " " Sunhury,
" "' l; Williamsport,
" i: arr at Lock Haven,
Niagara F.::prcss leaves Philadelphia,
11.10 a m
S.O.-. p m
f?.00 a m
1.20 p in
4.'J0 p m
r,.:.'0 p rn
7. IK) p to
7.'-'0 a ni
10.40 a m
l i.llOa m
2.05 p m
3.10 p m
4.20 p in
ti.15 p m
Lock Haven.
'' " " lienovo,
'" " arr. at Kane.
Philadel. Express leaves bock Haven.
" Si Williamsport,
" " " Suubary,
" Li arr. at Harriaburir,
0.20 a m
7.45 a m
11.45 a m
leaves Erie,
" Benovo,
'; Lock Haven,
li Williamsport,
" Sunhury,
arr. at Harrisbitrr,
ud p rn
Erie M i:
!. p ta
10.50 p m
12.40 p m
2.40 a m
0.40 a m
0.45 a m
11.00 a m
12.40 p m
11-05 a 111
f..:;5 p ia
0.00 a in
4.05 p in
nrr at Philadelphia,
il leaves Lock Haven,
F.lmira Mail
" Williamsport,
" " Sunhnry,
" " arr. at Harrislmr
" " Fhiladel.hia,
Niagara Kxprcss leaves Kane,
' lie-novo,
' Lock Haven,
: p m
VV nliainpurt 0.50 p m
Minnury, M.40 p m
! -a tit coniieets east and west nt F.ri,. n-iit,
b. S. & M. S. li. W. and at IrVnntton with Oil
: Creek and Allegheny K.Ii. W.
i Mail West with cast aud west trains on l j
! fc M. S. II. W. and at Corry and Irviuetoa with
! Oil Creek and Allegheny U. K. W.
1 Klinira Mail and bu.'falo Express make close
j connections, at williamsport with N. C. R. W.
: trains, north, and at Harrisbtirg with N. C. R.
1 W. trahis south.
i WM. A. BALDWIN, G.-u'l Sap't.
iJiil:t!e!;hi:i t lCe:ilins; KaiIroZ.
.Ii Ne 15th, ls74.
Titvivs Lewi: Hi kmios as F.h.i.ov
: (' NtivTs
For Shamokiii. 10.40, 11. On a. )M.
and ".40
1. m.
For Mt. Carmel, A-h!and, Tamaoua, Poti-ville.
iieading and l'hilade!ihi.i. 10.40 a", in.
Tkains joit lfi;nniiv. Leave as Follows
toi noms j-..rhi-T::i..;
j.'.-.n,: .-aaiiioiviu ai s.uo a. m. i. oil ana ....
p. in.
I.'-'ave Phi! de!ph:a, 0.15 a
m., Keadiiig 11.2
a. m., Fotuville, i,M0 p. m., Tatna-iua, 1.20 p m.
Ashland, 2., p. .a Mt. farm,,!, 3.1.1 p. ra.
i hains Leave llAKhtsuLia!, as Follows :
For New York, 5.25, 8.10 a. m. and 2.00 7. 10
, p. m
j For Philadelphia..."!, S.:0:hi5 a. m..'.Ward
::.5e, j. m.
1 Sundays.
For New lork, 5,1.5 a. m.
; For Philadelphia. 1.45 r. m.
Thains fob Hakr;siu:ro, Lkivkas Follow-:
Leave New York, 9.00 :i. in., 1 A0 and 5.1i0,
- 1.4't p. m.
Leave Philadelphia, !.15a. m. 3.40 and 7.15
p. m.
Leave Nbw York, 5.S0 p. m.
Leave Philadelphia, 7.15 p. m.
-Via Morris and Essex R. R.
.T. 7.. WOOTTFN.
Owrrnl fiu.-i't.
Heading, Pa. !ay 22, 187-1.
Vorthera C'entrul Railway.
On ami otter Pei
a f:i;!os :
1, 1H73 traiuH ou this ril will nm
Leave llrit
Houora Klinir Buffnlo
yv,i,iUKtou 8.:i8 p III
IttllAll.XP 11.1:", ,, ,u
in ll.aja m
l-Iui...dell.QiA V):M m .
tlarnwljurg . . .
Arri-.e r. :
V.' iiln.ni, 1M..-T .
All .ii-ilv (.
v.s ft m t).n k ia
l.:w p m
4.15 p m
7.10 l. i l
lO.liO 1 r.,
j.-J" am 1 .!) m
7.10 a in li.j p if
1 1.50 a m
.: p in
7.-JI p m
nt Suiidiiv.
.:il p ni
Stinbm y
Arrive t :
FlHrnsbnrsr ...
Wurtlilnetou ..
. - - 'J.W p in
- j-luui
. l.l'l & Ul It
. J.iia a iii il.l.t a :n
7.:j'l a in
i in
6.M fi m 11.10 p in
8.1(1 p in 2J.ii." m
. J.Oam l.'JI p in 10.50 p rn :).U3 a lu
. 'J.liJ a ui .;.", p ia 2.;0 a ni H.c-d a m
. s. liisiu ti.ao p m 2.5 a m N.4()am
.1U i n. 8.SI p m 6.1:1 a in ln.:t.i a in
All .am Sunburv du:!y xcopt Hundnj.
Oon'l Miiietr. (ion'l Pjhh. Agrut. , Snp't.
Hiss Hate Klaek's.
Market Square, Sunhury, Pa.
LAIUF.'S PRESS HOOPS of every style
Trimmings a specialty.
The finet assortmer.t of Ladies' goods.
EverybiHly is invited to call and s-e jhem
bnv cheap.
May S, 1S74.
f LOO a gallon. ?11.00 a dozen.
In large bottles, $11, (XI a dozen.
?1.00 a dozen.
!I. . ..'. Vim i:-i!.
Tm: Wine Mfuciiavts,
llilO Chestnut Street,
o, :. -,'t. 1S7;:.
thi: tnti i;ai:i:i:i: mip
: .k has iM-cti ; ask hi.-lory and she will tell you
Men have grown old in our patronage
Rabies on their mothers' br"a-t
, To bouncing boys at p!ay ;
And youths by maidens fair caressed,
'l'o stalwart men with cares opprese,,
; And old men silver gray,
j And among the honored and lasting impres
: sions of time, and the crash of revolution in
' ( iroumstaiiees, we stand a living monumental
la.-tnenlo of the ingenuity aud jer;everunc ajv
i pertaining to tin; identity oi progression, plying
'our vocation with the highest style of art and
: perfection, and aspiring to achieve the highest
reward of merit attainable in our humble eapaei
! ty, and the sentiment of respect and approbation
I w hich the presence of superior appliances and es
: tal.lishmeiit are always wont to inspire.
Always to please
We shave with ease
Cut and comb with taste the hair ;
Shampoo the head with soothing care,
And color the whiskers black or brown.
lo suit the people about the town.
Then allow me politely request you to stop.
And uot go past nor from around our shop.
To got shaved on the basis of ability nor as
some have done for our use of the ballot for prin-
ciple sacred and right nor under the common
secret and invidious guise of enmity to eomplex-
ion ; for the cut of a man's coat, or the color of
his skin, ought not toalloet his nsefr.lness nor
his iia!ilicatioiis. A fair chance is all that we
demand, to give the proof to all the land.
Siinhuiy, April ., 1ST;); No. PI, Market st.
lM-kt Itook I.OKil.
; I os-:
Ij doi
T on Ihe public road leading from Hern-
Mi to Sunburv. on Tuesday morning last.
. in .,-1.' L'-f. i. k.,1. ... ., .ii .
monfv. The ,imW wil 0. suitably rewarded bv
leaving the same with the owner, or with the
Postmaster at Herndon.
North "d eo.. Pa.
'Iti id -c ii otlon !ook ln I e :ml Sick
line I no
i-tlier eaii-e than having worms in
the i
will destroy Worms without injury Jo the child,
being perfectly will TE.and from all the coloring
"r ether injurious ingredients usually used in
,vorl" preparations.
iri:IIS?!)VNiTiv "v- .
No. 21o Fulton Street, New ork.
,W(, ,,( yw w aMl chemhl,, u,i ,i,lti.:v,
M, ,;,.,; Twknty-Fivf. Cfnt a Bos.
Julv 12. 17:1.-ly.
arr. at Harrisburtr, lo!o5 p m fjrm "" wUI take eare of all these worms ; be
" Philadelphia, 2.50 a m sides this they will drive woodehacks from their
iNSiccT.'. So long as man has "to cat "big
j bread hy the seat of I;U brow," so long mnbt
, lie contend with insects. It seems as though
every plant and tree lias nn ineet"r worm agan
1 enemy. Each plant has an insect peenliar to
mat piatit. , lnlst we are doomed to an insect
war, it is encouraging to know that seed time
and harvest shall not fa:!, by which we under
stand that it is possible ta reader insects so
harmless that oar crops may he matured. There
i.- a cut-worm that destroys mueli corn ; it is an
easy matter to prevent his doing damage. Coat
ing jeed-corii with tar is a gare remedy, not di
rectly by the tar, bnt the tar prcTents the crow
from pullin.? the com, while if he is allowed to
come into the fields he will eat ail the wor.n?.
t iftn tinht new' tsnnrif i,,- i-.:.,. n. -.. r . ..i.
i - - ..... . Ac.av.u-
tree borers will be sufficiently cheeked bv nla
two or three quarts of wood-ashes around, each
tree near the stem, each spring and antnmn.
Trv it. '
The farmer having a garden near his house,
the mot effectual check to insects is to have a
few c&ops of chickens placed around his garden
when yonnir; they will destroy insects "whilst
irettin- much oC their Uving. If he has three or
four acres under cultivation near the henery,
older hens may ran with safety much of the
time. The eahbae-e and tarnin. with n, ri..,.
j few otiter plants, should be Srown at a distance
I fr0m the beuer- The ty of grown fowls is
thns accounted for z with t,i.,k- .
acre, the fowls will start and walk over the
rouu,Ii'. Peeking up hugs which thev like so
uu-wl VI ClllLlilL'..fI
well, and after Soin over the field they come
Daek to the feerl-troii'rh
! contain corn, and takiu? a few kernels they rest
j awhile, then start again, which is continued at
; intervals through the day. Ia this way they
j scarcely stop to search at all. In three seore
; years I fcavc not picked from mv vines a
! hundred bugs. The fowls did the wort-.
There is a worn,, we call it the mack-worm,
which eats the roots of corn at the time of its
tihing out the ear. If there are
kanks on vour
"""") :ltiu prevent much or the damage that
would otherwi.se be done.
It is reasoiKiUc to suppose tltat we u-.av vUh
close observation ascertain the habits of animals
I i,,s,v-t" t'J s'h a degree of certainty as to
I render them comparatively harmless. But if
j t!,e? dl e:lt a!'J destroy a small amount, the
, good they do outweighs it many times. In some
sections the mole will excavate whole acres ; the
i damage is trilling while the benefit is uear!v
; equal to turning over and r.-seeding, and a great
; expense is saved. The common honse-fly, which
is such an annoyance, and is hunted in so many
ways, is after ali the best scavenger known, al
I ways the most immerons where the most eor
i rnptib'.e matter is lying around.
it is pleasant and profitable to follow out these
In tlie vegetable life it is as wonder-
fu! as in
the animal. The trras erot. w'.M.
:! took the place of d
t roved forests bad in turn
1 to give way to s
mi'ig!y worthless wee Is, and
these were destroyed hv widt :. -,v i
v" i- ,u'-ea tae ground for wheat and
nrs,. ..-I.:..l. .
: other grains. Thus there is a continued rotation
1 i,,- on.-f.en.anlo T4nrnn
s '
Ckx-s and Vr.icr.. The general tone of croo
reportj from all part of the. eon-nrr is goo-!, ex
cept that eo.-n will probably go a Hctle below an
average erop, taking the whole country into con
sideration, and tobacco very much belo.v the
average. Foreign reports show a. fall average
wheat crop in England, nearly as good a erop in
France, and an abundant crop iu Germany.
Southern Russia reports a goorl crop also.' These
reports have tended to reduce prices a litti-, but
the fact that there ia a mouth' deficit in stocks
on hand, more than usual at this time of the
year, prevents any great fall in price. Other
grain crops are generally reported average, ex
cept that rye is ten per cent, oelovr in Germany.
All feeding grains are in small sapply and prices
are maintained. Some damage from raio to
grain In shock is reported ia England and
France. Barley is in short supply and prices
are fully maintained. The London Fanner esti
mates that the "season" for the graio crops of
1ST! will cover a period of thirteen months on
aeconnt of short stocks on hand, aud that even
a largf yield cannot rt-duce prices very mnh be
low .r.e present oues. Cu'Huaf or.
f--7 As'fic"it,,AUt ako saJ9: "Generally the
hTrv "Cat CrP ha9 JieI,led we:j. ad has been
f eer, cheaply and iu cuauitionr rflcre -
j ij n 'rt)C
I " ' market for it. Crops in Europe ar
I uot over aa. .. ,
. -aire- auj tnere arc fiv ueucirn
cies in stocks to . . . .
... . made nn. Besides, onr
spring crops will be u. . ' ., . ,
acomparaL failure inT
surplus of the fail crop will be ' f m
.. needed to
meet this deficiency. Oats aud corn w:,
low tho average, and hay is short in the Wt"
although pitiful in the East. Prices therefore
will be satisfactory on the whole, if jrrain is not
sacrificed, and there Is no good reason why
farmers should hasten to put their grain into the
hands of speculators that they may hold it for a
rise. The outlook is fevorabh? to steady prices,
if not to some advance.
isTKAWBEitRT Beds. A joung cultivator wish
es several questions answend. First, as to the
unantity of strawberries wUch maybe raised
from an acre. Everything dermis on good cul
tivation, and much on selectingihe ri 'ht sorts.
; It has not been very unusual to st two hundred
j bushels per acre of the Wilson, Sut one hun
! dred U more common, even from tie test man-
; agcni'cnt . Many years ago, a neigiibo- raised on
j two-thirds of an acre which we sold hit,, at the
' rate of four hundred bushels per acr The
1 Wilson nrght have possessed more vigo- anj
' productiveness at that time than at present. we
estimated that a line of quart boxes might Uve
i been placed in contact between rows aud h.-ve
! been tilled from them. Second question Wha
! is the Ijest mulch for strawberries iu fruit ? An
' swer Rye straw, which is straight, smooth, and
keep; its place. Other stiff, clean straw answers
well. Fine tut grass rots ti soon. Third ques
tionDo yoa cut the runners ? Answer The
be.-t way is to cm them. Sotns sorts, as Triorophe
. ile Gaud, for in-tance, will not do well without ;
with Wiion ii is less important ; market garden
; eis generally adopt the matted row system,
; keeping them well cultivated between the rows,
and weeds and grass carefully cleaned out in the
j row as soon as berry season has passed. Cut---
! ting the runners gives heavier crops and larger
t berries, and ia markets where prices vary with
1 quality they are most profitable. Fourth qttes.
: tion Wle-n do you remove the winter mulching?
i Answer As soon as we wish to cultivate the
i ground, usually in April. Make the row3 clean,
j aud then replace the mulch as soon as the berries
l begin to form, to protect them from thp soil.
j i'ljvutrij 0'eHtkmnu.
; ivi:Kr tiik Ci:i i.ak Clean. During these sui
I try days it is particularly healthful to keep the
basement rooms of the dwelling house clean, dry
and the air pure. Old boxes, barrels, and what
ever rubbish there may be which is not needed,
should be carried out, and the floor, walls and
ceilings carefully swept, and all the loose dirt
j from the bins where vegetables have ebon stored
j should also be taken away to the stable or
; garden. Have one or more windows open near
' ly all the time. Pure air is as needful in the
cellar as in the other rooms of the house. The
; causes of many of the diseasts prevalent at this
1 reason may undoubtedly be traced to the neglect
of the cellar. A circulation of fresh dry air is
needful for the preservation of the sills and floor
joists of our buildings. We have known the
! tbers of a comparatively new house to reqnire
I , . . , . .,
replacing at a heavy expense simply because the
I cellar windows were never opened. Whitewash
made from lime and water makes an excellent
dressing for cellar walls, and there is little dan
ger of applying it too often. Fine wire screens
fastened over or in place of the windows are very
useful in keeping flies, insects, and other vermin
from the cellar. The cost is trifling compared to
their value.
To Feki a Coi.t. It is the early eare of the
eo!t which makes or mars the horse. The dan
ger is generally in starving him than over-feeding
him. The point to be aimed at is to keep
him growing. lie may be fed from two weeks
old. At that time, in addition to the milk from
the mare, he should have a handful at first
oatmeal or oats, soaked in sweet cow's milk or
water. If the mare does not give mnch milk.
this may be gradually increasod up to two quarts
of oatmeal or oats in a few weeks, .no corn
should he given to a colt at any time, and all
the oats he will eat np clean and with an eager
appetite may be given without danger. He
should be brushed daily, so as to keep the skin
clean and free from scurf. It is well to have a
closed stall next to the mare for the colt, in
which he miy ran looe when not nt pasture.

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