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The Somerset Herald.
wtiiNESKAY AnorsT.a in.
Laboring to fulfill Horace Grot-ley's
part of the bargain and sale oonsuma
tcd at the Baltimore Convention, the
Tribune does not scruple to crossly
defame General IIakt&anft while it
'proclaims Bickalew "a man of stain
j less private and public character."
j Lot us see ! While in Congress Mr.
j Bickalew voted against the Fif
teenth Amendment to the Constitu
tion of the United States ; against the
J.F. HARTRANFT, of Montgomery
ULYSSES MERCUK, of Bradford.
GEN. WM. LILLY. Carbon.
L. BARTHOLOMEW, Schuvlkill.
H. X. M'ALLISTER, Center.
GEO. V. LAWRENCE. Washington.
DAVID X. WHITE, Allegheny.
W. H. AIKEN, Lohitrh.
JOHN H. WALK Eli, Erie.
E. D. YUTZY, Lower Turkeyfoot.
(Subject tuthedecl'kmol the District Coolerenoe.)
HON. S. L. RUSSELL, of Bedford,
J. W. CURRY, of Blair.
R. McMILLEN, of Middlcerook.
M. SCHROCK, of Stonyorook.
OLIVER KNEPTER, of Somerset.
J. ROBERT WALTER, of Milford.
VAL. MILLER, of Queniahoning.
JOHN H. SNYDER, of Stonvcrock.
JACOB SPEICHER, of Stonycieek.
To refute all the falsehoods which
are manufactured in the interests of
the '-Greeley, what-is-it ticket n in ref
erence to the coure of many of the
public men of the country, would oc
cupy all the space of most country
journals. For instance it has been al
leged and circulated by our neighbor,
the Jk nun rat, that Hon. E. II. Rol
lins, late Commissioner of Internal
Revenue, has declared for Greeley.
Well, this is the way Mr. Rollins talk
ed for Mr. Greeley at a late mass
meeting in Portsmouth, X. H. :
"Thank God, there if nodaiverofGn-e-li-y'i
election. Such a. result in my judg
ment would be a national calamity. What
could the business interests of the country
depend on in case of hi election T Gree
ley, the fa her of protection, who was tna-.
eeutre figure in the Democratic free trade
caricature, scattered broadcast about this
State only a few months ago, is now their
nominee "for the lresidcncy, and receiving
the support of these free trade Democrats.
It is said he waives his free trade opinions.
He would prolmbly waive all the rest of his
Republican principles after his election.
What can you expert of such a man, and
hat reliance can tie placed in a man who
will waive his principles for a Presidential
nomination T "
Again, it has been claimed that ox
Governor Goodwin, of New Hamp
shire, had abandoned the Republican
ranks to enlist under Greeley.
In a published letter the Governor
denies the charge and closes his
statement as follows :
" Regarding the Greeley movement as a
coalition of the worst men of liotli great
political jiarties, I cannot but look wrth
dismay upon a successful issue of an alli
ance which would throw our Government
into the hands ot it late enemies, the reb
els of the Smth. In 1SW, Horace Gree
ley, even then unreliable, attempted to de
feat the re-election of President Lincoln
a man whose sagacity w clearly demon
strated in his selection of the general who
was destined to give the final blow to the
rebellion, and who, aa our honored Presi
dent for the last four yean, has so faithful
ly administered the great trust reposed in
lit hands. Under the lianner of Great
and Wilson, and only under its folds, can
the country look for prosperity and reat
nes. "
. repeal of the infamous Fugitive Slave
i law ; against establishing the Frecd
I men's Bureau ; against a Civil Rights
j bill, which secured equality before the
j law to all men cf every color, and he
voted for a constitutional amendment
prohibiting negroes from becoming
citizens of the I nited States. Jle vo
ted against paving liouutiesto voluu-
GLENI W. SCHOFIELD, t.f Erie. I t.-ers ; against giving black w.ldiers
CHARLES ALBRIGHT, of Carbon, j the same pay as white soldiers;
! against the conscription law ; against
DELEGATES AT LARGE TO THE C0N,TI-!1(avlm,ut ..ergcucy men"
TUTIONAL CONVENTION, i cai.d out to defend his OH II State,
" : i . MEREDITH, Philadelphia. I , . vn( , navin!r kHk-1 Slave-
! owners for slaves drafted or received
into the armies of the United States.
.i x- . : i i t ..
lie opposcu me auouai imuaiug nci,
! and the adoption of a uniform system
of bankruptcy, He voted against the
reconstruction acts and the supple
ments thereto ; against the resolution
excluding from the Electoral College
the vote of the relel States not yet
organized, and against a resolution
providing that neither House of Con
gress fchould admit Senators or Rep
resentatives from the rebel States un
til Congress should have declared
such State entitled to representation.
I In the State Senate, of which he is
still a member, he has shown himself
'the most hide-bound of partisans, nev
' or having failed in a single instance
L . . r. . V ..,..,
10 VOte lor pun meur-ui en uuiiiin
iniquitous, and as late as the two lat
sessions of the Legislature, has shown
his utter lack of honesty, by assist
ing to deprive two Republican Sena
tors of their seats by decisions utterly
inconsistent with each other, and ir
reconcilable with the law.
This is the "stainless public charac
ter" which the Tribune now lauds.
And be it remembered that Mr. Bick
alew has given no sign of the least
change in his sentiments, but dogged-
i .i ...i.:t tf
I iy maintains ineui, wuiie -ur. unti
I ley or the Tribune, or loth that so
vehemently antagonized him in every
stop of Ins C ongressional career, now
without his over having done any
thing loyal, or noble, or calculated to
benefit his State or country duringthc
rebellion, or haviug retracted a single
word uttered, or abated a tingle opin
ion held, urges him upon the support
of the people of the State for Govern
or, while he "villianously lies" about
the gallant Hartranft who was in
accord with every loyal sentiment of
the country during the war, and
proved his devotion to it and to prin
ciple, on he most bloody of its fields
of battle.
There is not living in Pennsylvania
to-day, a politician with a worse pub
lic character than Charles R. Buck.
ALEW,and the Tribune' fulsome laud
ation of him is simply a fulfillment of
the corrupt contract made between his
friends and those of Horace Greeley,
whereby it is hoped to give them both
the vote of Pennsylvania.
The New York Republican State
Convention has nominated General
John A. Dix as its candidate for
Governor, and placed Frederick,
Douglass on its electoral ticket. j
Gen. Dix is known evervwhere as
New Orleans "If any man pulls
down the American flag, shoot him
on the spot" electrified the heart of
the country in the early days of the
wax. He is a man of stainless repu
tation, has Ken and still is a strenu
ous advocate of reform, has undoubt
ed capacity and integrity, and for the
last dozen years has held aloof from
the corruptionists who Lave run his
party, under the lead of Tammany.
He w ill undoubtedly draw away from
Greeley, all the liest elements of the
Democratic party in New York, and
the Tribune evinces its fears on that
'Major General Couch, in a letter dated
September 2tt. 18C5. reolvineUiChuries It
liuckalew, who was earnestly defending
me r winng t,recK itetxiiion, says :
"I fully agree with vou that no fortiflca
tions were erected by the 'insurgents, ' but
Gen. Cadwalladcr, who made a close ex
amination of the country, is satisfied that
they had osk, probably two riECES of
artillery : that there was an organiza
tion to resist the draft, the members of
which were armed ; and 1 have other in
formation to the same effect"
" And this is the record of the candi-
cate whom the loyal people of TenD
svlvania arc ursred to suptort for
. O a a
Governor in preference to Hartranft,
as gallant a soldier, as true a man as
the Commonwealth sent forth to bat
tle against the traitors and rebels,
with whom the former sympathized
and consorted.
Twenty-one Counties Give 3,800
Majority for Jacobs, inde
pendent Candidate
for Governor.
The Constitution Probably Defeated.
Wheeling, W. Ya., Augusta
Returns from twenty-one counties
give the following majorities : Jacobs,
indopcudant candidate for Governor,
about 3,800 ; against the new consti
tution about 2,800. It will be some
days yet before the official vote can
be given.
Green Brier, White Sulphur
Springs, August 24. Green Brier of
ficial vote : For constitution 751 ma
jority; Camden 4ol majority; -Mat
thews, Attorney General, nOO major
ity. New Richmond township, Sum
mers county, official returns give CO
majority for the constitution and 7
majority for Jacob. But is thought
that Summers county has gone for
Camden and the constitution.
Private dispatches from Richmond
township, Raleigh county, says that
this township gave majorities against
the constitution and Camden, but
Democratic majorities in evhything
else. Raleigh township, Raleigh
county, gives 107 majority for the
Washinton D. C, Aug. 22d.
The election in W. Ya. to-day will
doubtless lie very close, and it is jks
sible that the Republicans may win
the day. The new Constitution pre
pared by a Democratic Convention
contains provisions that none but
white citizens shall be elected or ap
pointed to office, that white and color
ed persons shall not be taught in the
same schools, that voting shall not be
by ballot, but rira voce, and that no
registry law shall ever be enacted by
the Legislature. Fearing to take the
responsibility of their own sentiments
thus put into the form of fundamental
law, the Convention, bv a close vote,
determined to submit these three
propositions to a vote of the eople
the colored population, which is
chiefly interested, being so proportion
ately small as to be unable to protect
itself at the polls. The election to
day will determine the issue' and
whether the Constitution bo adopted
or rejected, the fact that a solemn con
vention of the Democracy has pre
sented such a bold front in opposition
to the liberal and free tendencies of
the oge should be sufficient to con
vince any sane jtorson that Democra
cy, however it may connect itself
with Groolcyism, is the same to-day,
yesterday and forever. Here is a
sparsely settled country where public
schools cannot le established save at
distant points, and yet Democracy
proposes to maintain the ignorance of
the colored race, by keeping colored
children out of the only schools that
arc practicable. No colored man shall
i . . . ... ...
War Democrat, whose message to bold omce, ana no protection to tne
uauoi-oox snail ue jhtiiiuicu o a
registration of voters. Can the Con
federate Cror-s Roads go farther ? Yet
nearly every Democrat in that State ,
will be found to vote for all these
special restrictions on the right of(
the people, and only the overthrow of
the entire Constitution will prevent
the entailment of these evils on that
the State for an indefinite period of
3-ears. Nothing but the shrewdness,
energy and porscvcrancc of Senator
Borcman, ex-Governor Stevenson and
other true and tried Republicans
who have organized the Republican
party ujon principles, not men, will
save the state from thcobloquy which
has hitherto attached to Kentucky and
The Trlaaae Alarmed afcrleka fr
Help "We are Likely Beae,
Dalai-. "
The Tribune of Saturday has an
article shrieking for help, which un
mistakably is from Mr. Greeley's own
pen. No one can read it without
iwreoivinir that the writer was ready
to give all as lost, and that to prevent
Grant's election was next to impossi
ble. It is the cry of despair. We
There arc no uouut Liiuerai ana
Democrats enough in the United
States to elect Mr. Greeley President
in November. Whether they will do
it or not is another question, the an
swer to which depends almost as
much upon the manner in which they
conduct the campaign as upon their
numerical strength. It is certain
that the Liberals and Conservatives,
for instance, have a large majority iu
North Carolina ; but their opponents
there were admirably organized, and
brought their whole strength to boar
so ollectively that if they could imt
secure a genuine victory, they at least
saved themselves from rout Else
where the preparations of the admin
istration party have been equally
thorough,and they have the great ad
vantage of controlling all the patron
age and other influence of the govern
ment On our side too much trust
has been placed upon the "popular
uprising" and "enthusiasm" for Gree
ley, and the "generous impulse for
peace and fraternity," and "revolt"
against rings and corruption ; and our
friends seem to imagine that they can
sit still and Let the Liberal movement
sweep tho country. They must un
derstand that the administration is
not going to be changed by earth
quake. They must work for success.
It is in politics as in war ; tho battle
is not always to the biggest army,
but rather to the best drilled. Our
campaign is too short and sharp, and
we arc likely to be beaten unless we
do more than we arc doing now to
get out men into the field and secure
recruits from among the wavering
and dissatisfied.
The remainder of the article is de
voted to pointing out how. things
ought to be done, which, if not done,
the article concludes by saying, the
"prize will be snatched from our
have become so common that wc nat
orally look at the morning pajiors for
Ku-klux outrages on loyal citizens.
A bright day is dawning however,
The good people of the State arc be
coming alarmed, and when the ihH-
tical tattoo is sounded on the 5th of
next November, Brown, Schurz,
Blair and their Ku-Klux allies will
sleep forever in the grave of oblivion.
Missouri is not rightly understood by
our sister States in regard to her Re
publican strength. In the bolt of
1870 forty-three Republican papers in
the State advocated the election of
Brown. Now forty-two are, support
ing Grant anil Wilson, and only one,
tho- Wentleivne Pout (Schurz's paper)
stands recreant. Tho so-called Lib
erals of this State at present do not
amount to ono per cent, of the party.
They arc not a drop in the bucket of
Ku-KIux Democrats, amU scarcely
(five coloring to the old lioast. The
Republican party is more firmly uni
ted thi.J day in Missouri than for
twelve years, and we expect to biuy
the Democracy beneath a majority of
20,000 in the coming fight.
A Iteuiorratic V lrtarjr.
Toe t'hlraa-a Ural a Dralera ExHtr4.
i t-i.tkt a .lifiiiiil.iiriiftl rif-oi'i nf
the changes in the successive an
nouncements of the result of the
North Carolina election, as made by
the Democratic press. The table is
complied from the New York Tribune
and will be a valuable addition to
Greeley's Almanac for 1872. It is as
follows :
Aug. 2. Glorious and over
whelming Demo
cratic victory 20,000
Aug. 3. Clean sweep the
administration re
buked. 10,000
Aug. f The whole Demo
cratic ticket tri
umphantly elected 8,000
Atig. G. Democratic victo
ry sure 4,000
Aug. 7. Democratic victory
no doubt 3,000
Aug. 8. Democratic victory 800
A tig. '.. Democratic v ictory
returns muddled 00
Aug. 10. Radical majority S00
Aug. 12. Radical majority 1,000
Aug. 13. FRAUD! " 2,000
A Terrible Affair.
Kpeerh of Judge Headier at Avoadale,
Chicago, August 19. The grain
buyers arc all greatly excited this
evening over what is considered the
breaking up of the great corner in
wheat, which has existed for some
wocks. Wheat dropped from $1.56
in the morning to $1.30 at open board
at six o'clock in the evening. The
amount held by the corner, some
4,000,000 bushels, has entailed a loss
during the day of $1,000,000. Thirty-five
thousand bushels were receiv
ed, here to-day by water and 540 cars
by rail. Wheat is Itcing shipped
from St. Paul in large quantities, and
a cargo of 25,000 bushels is expected
from Buffalo. A most extraordinary
state of things has been caused by
the onyrorness of dealers to break the
ring. The corner has completely
paralyzed the milling interests of the
northwest by raising prices so the far
mers were eager to ship to
Chicago. The ring coiirfitits of only
alxMit a half dozen men, who, it is
thought, will le ruined if the corner
has broken.
made several effort during ths day to
fire buildings, and some of the rioters
were caught in the act In every
street there arc evidences of the tcr
riffic character of the conflict that has
been raging the past few days. The
government of the city is temporarily
vested in four magistrates witn ample
military reserves.
Belfast, August 20. Evening.
The disturbances were continued
throughout the day and extended to
all quarters of the cify. Several col
lisions occurcd between the rioters
and the special constables sworn in by
the mayor and shots were to be heard
firing in nil directions. In conse
quence of the threatening aspect of af
fairs this afternoon strong bodies of
troops patrolled the streets with load
ed muskets and used bayonets. The
military reinforcements requested by
the niayorandmngistratesarriveddur
ing the day, and it js believed that
tho strong military force now in the
city will be sufficient to fuppress the
! an tr Awaaalaated la
Sr. Louis, August 29. Advices
from Southeastern Missouri say that
Marion Weeks, postmaster at Rice
Hill, Reynolds county, was shot and
killed by an unknown party on Satur
day Jat, while watering his horse in
j Black River, the assassin being con
cealed in the brush on the river bank.
! It is another alleged Ku-Klux case, it
ueiujf asc nei mat -cks was mur
dered because he had given informa
tion to United States Commissioner
Stewart, at Ironton, regarding certain
persons implicated in the whipping
Xim . i-lin rfitrmrnf
Agents Wanted
'!: the
The Owen (Ky.) Neios has the fol
lowing particulars of a dreadful catas
trophe :
"On Sunday, August 11, a cloud
burst on the upper waters of a branch
of Lick Creek, a small stream near the
pike iu Caroll county, and the waters
came rushing down in a volume four
or five feet deep, taking all the rails,
logs and rtibish in its way. At the
forks of Lick Creek a strong frame
Baptist meeting-house was filled with
people, during the fall of rain, to hear
the Rev. James Y. Riley preach.
The meeting was dismissed about 12
is always indisposed w h in r
gets within range of u buttle. !! is
iinli.-posed to h ave it. ' l'hiU-.
The Democratic stiiiniii'i!i- i-nnliu.
i Third National bank, on South street, ! u,.rt. The straiirhtouts are oriraniziiiir
oeineen second ami Liomiiaru streets, 1 II over country. From
Baltimore, August 19. The
of tin1
t.V II it II
ikev. .ir. t aiiutian,
ago. No arrests have
I'OLirit .tL 1 1 I.MS.
Elmiru, Now York, has a Dein
cratie Grant Club of 1 10 members.
Gratz Brownha.ibeon "indispo J
Wlwn-vr 0:b FLMENf'K Machine h,
Intn.liirr'l. It hn m-t Kh tho iin
It I ttieirfiiy m.M-Mne ninkinie Ur iif,tJh
e. mi. I having itic l;-vrriMe Tli "
cry U irti-rt. an. tlio motion pwtin,
liuM, iin-l vt-rv f:.t, ami wwin.,,.
TI.e IK-oraw-r will turn wb , '
h-m: an. IHI Ix-nutllnllr. All ait-i.L
with tin. miu'hin". ' ".,
K'-r inloriiuattiiri apl'ly i" or a!'!ri
agaiu ; this time in Kentucky. Grata lun,! '-'
Xo. S Sixth Kr.-t.
PITTS tii:i:iJI
in the very heart or the city, was en-j pearaiiees the Louisvilh
tered ami robbed by burglars last which meets September
The loss of the bank and of indi
viduals who had private boxes depos
ited in the vault has not yet boon as
certained, but the bank officers place
their loss inside of one hundred thou
sand dollars. The footing up is now
going on. An entrance was made
by the burglars from a room in an ad
joining building owned ami formerly
occupied by John S. Gitting
banking house.
The entire lower floor of this
present:iK ,
Con volition :
:M, will bo a'
grand success. ;
Frank Blair says it would make
Gratz Brown drunk "to sit down on a
a rotten apple." But Brown is not '
such a fool us to spoil his pautaloous
by sitting down on rotten apples, ;
when he can get four-lingers of'
whisky for ten cents
pini.ir sale of
Valuable Rea
Buckah-w is a free trader, ami ('en.
a a 1 Hartranft is in favor of protection to
the groat interests of the State and
mild- country. The workingmon, whose
l!y irlm- of an or l r of tho f irj.ii.in' .
Soimwt i-ouiity, l'i.. I will npw I., -i,, i
In-cut. r.v. i ll tin- .r. ini.-iv. th (...witx r '
KhuI M.tati-. Uln His iroj rty ol i,,r.(.
i!r.-a.-il. ;u Southampton tnwnhij..
ft. I-
M., and part of the congregation dis- ing was rented iu June by a party prosperity and welfare depend upon
persed for home ; the preacher came j giving the name of Stabler, professing! proper protection, should remember
to New Libert v to dinner : but as the ; to be a commission merchant From i these facts when they vote in October.
ram was not over in the direction of
the north, aliout fifty persons still re
mained in the church to await the
passing over of the cloud, but alas !
in a few minutes after dismission, the
waters came Mown in a volume of sev
al foot deep and struck the meeting
house, which was in the bottom, with
a depth of water four or five feet deep,
with such force as to burst off one
side of the frame and move the meeting-house
from its foundation.
"A Mrs. Knox, in her scare, jumped
out of the window with her boy, four
years old, in her arms; the child fell
from her embrace into the surging
waters and was drowned, and she
A Terrible Aflwlr.
A iitrust 21. An
one o'clock Thursday morning a large !atrocioU;j ,uurjt.r wa! brought to
crowd of men broke open thejail took , ,i?ht vestcr,jav by the arrest of a man
White out and hung him to a tree in j naiuc;i Osborno at Claremont. a small
the L ourt House yard.
Row Brlwf the Dmorrat And
Liberal la Ohio.
Toledo, 0., August 21. The Lib-
Sr. Louis, August 21. A speeial
from Olney, III., savs that on Satur
day last two men, named Jefferson
i White and Hooltz, had some words
i while working at a threshing machine :
I " - , i .1 r .
! near that place. White went to his : was uarciy saveu irom me same oue
Cincinnati, August 23 Judge house and got a gun and returned and ; hy help. It is believed the remainder
George Hoadlev, of this citv, one of j shot and killed Houltz. Houltz's ; of the crowd wore only saved by the
the original movers in the Liberal ! wife was so terribly shocked at the j tearing up of the old house ; other
Republican movement, and member j event that she gave premature birth ! wise the force of waters would have
of the Committee on Resolutions of j to dead twins and died herself Mon-j rushed it along in the mad current,
the Cincinnati Convention, addressed ! day night. White gave himself up and no doubt, drowned many."
a meeting ot his iciiow-ciiizens 10-; ,aiuruay evening, intense cxeue
night, in Avondale. lie said : I nient prevailed in the neighborhood
have been announced to spoaK on tne on cunuay ana juonuay, ami aoout ; m4Rville
, r if . . .!..!. Tl 1 I -
question oi uraiu ut uia.n i, nmui uueuuwi niuiai 1,mH e , atrocious iiiurucr was
I should have lieen glad to have
avoided. The choice is lctwoen
those two candidates. Believing as
I do the Cincinnati platform contains
a reasonable statement of the just
dissatisfsction with the administra
tion of General Grant, I would have
preferred, had the privclege lecn al
lowed me, to have voted for Mr. Ad
ams, or Judge Trumbull, or Gov.
Cox, or Chief Justice Chase, had
cither of them received the nomina
tion of the Cincinnati Convention.
Recognizing that a vote in the minor
ity is sometimes more emphatic as a
protest against misgovernmcnt than
participation in a victory, I could
cordially have supported Mr. G roes
beck, notwithstanding the certainty
of defeat, although it is but fair to say
that the use of my name as chairman
of the executive committee by his
friends was without my knowledge.
But the choice is between Grant and
Greeley, and I cannot support Mr.
Greeley. Neither his opinions, his
character, the manner of his nomina
tion, nor his surrouudings entitle him
support The administraton of
Grant is at least cntilted to the credit
the rear room an entrance was easi
ly made by removing a thin brick
wall and cutting a plate of shoot-iron
half an inch thick directly into the
vault of the Third National bank.
The bricks and debris from
the wall wore put into the vault of j
Gitting's building. The burglars
seem to have operated at leisure, and
enjoyed themselves, as they left an
ample lunch of cold chicken and bot
tles of wine in Gitting's vault.
In the vault of the bank wcro two
large safes. They were cut into and
rifled. A third safe was not entered.
It is now stated that between twenty
and twenty-five depositor's boxes
were robla-d, and the wildest state
ments are current on the streets that
the losses of the depositors in money,
bonds, and securities, reach half a
million. Among the bonds certainly
stolon are $75,000 in city of Louisville
water loan coupon bonds.
Among the losses to the Third Na
tional bank $75,000 Louisville water
bonds and S,000 Northern Central
gold C's. The public is cautioned
against negotiating any of these se
curities. Numbers and further nar-
i ticulars will lie furnished
town two miles north-west or here. ., ,
ur, jj-ri i lie.
Horrible .H order on a Wenterw
Congressional Convention for the
Sixth district was hold here to-day.
A conference committee was appoint
ed but couldn't agree upon a candi
date, and the committee adjourned
until evening with a view to harmony.
The Lilierals offered by resolution to
go into joint convention provided a
candidate of Republican antecedents
could be nominated. The Democrats
declined the proposition and nomin
ated Hon. F. H. Kurd, of Lucas
county, for Congressman by acclama
tion, and Hiram Freeze, Liberal, of
Henry county, for Presidential elec
tor. The latter subsequently declin
ed, and the Lilieral convention after
passing a resolution unqualifiedly re
pudiating the nomination of Mr.
Hurd, adjourned without making a
nomination. The prohibitionists also
hold a convention and nominated
It appears that Osborne was travel-)
ing with a team and covered wagon, j
He stopped for some purpose when J
some men wore attracieti to ine ,
20. Earl v
ViHin examination five bodies were morning a fisherman discovered
. . . i 1 . . 1 T T 1
The Democracy oppose Grant, and.
their candidate, Greeley, is the great,
advocate of the one term principle,'
yet here iu lYuiisylvania they sot up
a man for Governor who has done;
nothing but hold office all his life.
Hon. (Jeo. A. IJuigley, a prominent ',
Democrat from Philadelphia, and a
Democratic memlM-r of the Lcgi.-la-j
ture in 1871, is outspoken against ;
Greeley, and challenges any Demo
cratic (ireclcy man to meet luni on
the stump to discuss the questions of
the day.
The Jleacer County Coiivrrafire,'
the only Democratic paper in that!
county, has hauled down the names '
of Groiley and Brown, and awaits
the action of the Louisville conven
tion, intending to support the ticket
that will lie nominated there. Its ex
ample will be followed by thousands
of Democrats in IYimsvlvauiu.
A mrtain farm or jwrf i l of tan.!, i-onvu,. : ..
in-r.j.-. uh .re or lei. ui!oininir l:m.- .( .i.'..,.'
- r. Jol.ii Zuf-.ll, Solomon li :i!. A. Wiii. ,.' "
Thirty uv wrvn ure rli'iind an l in
lion; ril.i'n rifn-y in f y-f llput ifi:ilow.
Tli.Tf arv em-teil Un.n tlii; prcmi'- . r
Story U..u.-e. a larue S(;il.k fflacli'mi- V, ,
othtr l.ioMiiiif". The farm if wll wit.' ':
known a.1 tin- "l'lta'ant I'nion" Tavern s '
TKKMr--Ten pi-r.-eut. of the imp'tia-? 'Lr
I M when th property ii m.l.l: ow-tw
thu li.-i l:i rx-e In thrte iijual annual fMynwi.',
ilay of jtili'. iTurt"l l.y jiLiirtwnt on f'h pr
wln'ii tin- 'IrKi nr.. jii I. on., tlnr.l of the u,
it any, to n tii.iin a lira on the prvmiM. in. ,
'-! of wlil -h shall imi't annually to tin-
at lii-r ili ath the prtn-iiKil to lie to tht
e-orro Trcsh-r. .1.hi.:i.iI.
An. 7. Actinia-.-
oral Republican and Democratic wagon by a stench proceeding from it. -' f.mphis A ngust
A Falsehood Sailed,
Th- Greeley Democracy have rais
ed so loud a cackle over the accession
of Sumner, Scih rz and TarMBt LL
to their ranks, that they apparently
overlook the falling away of more,
journals and members of their own
party, than will make good tha defec
tion from the Republican ranks more
than three-fold. Here arc a few f
the late come-outers :
most encouraging news comes
. . . . . i ...ill j.
i no nn'arn nr v tin irairi inn nnmw ru
. . . I . 'V .l. 1. 1.1 V. Hb 111. 11 .l iv-... uM.au' v.
point by vigorously attacking him jthe fovI),.niomtCV. Let us hone that
with the weapon of ridicule and cal-i their efforts many lie crowned with
umnv. " I success, despite the seven thousand
General Dix will undoubtedly ruu ' majority upon which the Democratic
i . . i r ! party stood at the last general tlec-
a very large vote, supported as he1' , . 4l . ,
J , . ,. , I tion after the accession of the Rebel
will lie by all true Republicans and ; vo(e
all honest Democrats, and his nomin-i
ation has stricken terror into the j -pj)(1
hearts of the GREELEV-Tammany co-; from the State of New York in regard
alitionists. j to the prospect of carrying it for (irant
' IThe nomination yesterday of (Jen.
The Hon. Robert C. Wii.throy. ofj The result of the North Carolina 'John A. Dix for Governor ,t is
Mas., an uld line Whitr. who has I flection evidently took .Mr. Gree- .ost ......, .t -.
I r.r Ka I'nnnl. iabii tiaMP at lAth tiA
once upon a time, the thun-State anJ nationa, j. Thp
i ncr took a colored front Ionian a i.r. ,r .t. : .ti
. . , e it . . . , .-I i c illinium- ui wits i-uuti-uiiuii io
inn- that he nrefers Ilrnnt to l.roelev. .. . ..... . . . . . - .
T1n , . , - i little unawar," and accordingly it sent worded, and has the ring or the true
.. .... --J .,.. i ... , J .1. lini. , n ivolo in ita horf nir.
Greeley's success, and "shrinks l"c r - "r J.'C.JZ-T"
. r.I." t iMnirl. Mo no twl 4 hn olhi.r 1IHTA WM-Ul ittlllUMlo ua.lUBucu
x. . , . . . . . innumerable honest Iemocrats, and
.,c r.ng,u..u otau-s.tr,. Ug w u-u tne a(.knowledired use of the same
a few votes at the fast-coming elec-! corrupt men and means by the Grec
tions by his personal presence and po-1 ley party has sent off many thousands
litioal speeches. We presume that nt ranksorthe Republicans who
the dignified sctacle of a Presidcn- le loion the Tammany rings and
. , e .. , 1 . , , . I purified the New lork bench from
tial candidate roaming through the, corruptions wLich havo Uthcrto madc
country button-holing the voters, is jthe state a stench in the nostrils of the
I . J . . I I T.itii. fu.r.ia nf 4lilj elt- for I on.
name with one of. the greatest achiev-j '"'"J - - -
nmnfa nf tha fwntnrv. the adontion of i T"!'-
the Fifteenth amendment, which has
given the right of suffrage to every
black man in the nation. It has kept
universal peace with foreign govern
ments. It has faithfully applied the
revenues to tho payment of the debt
From an administration directed by
Horace Greelev. suooorted bv John
Cochrane and Kenton in New York,
McClure in Pennsylvania, Gratz
Brown in Missouri, Warmouth in
Louisiana, Read in Klorida, we have
the right to augur nothing but disor
der. An alliance between Tammauy
and Greeley, with Frank Blair as high
priest, conducting the ceremonies,
means a greedy scramble after office
and a rapid depiction of all the re
sources of tho nation.
Ca -r-. j ia inn ; "
boon voting the Democratic ticket of let like, one
late year, has written a letter declar-j rteT too a
in tireeley f success,
from helping to overturn the coach
merely to get a new driver, and cer
tainly a far less competent one.
This is a hard dig at Horace.
Two more Democratic paors have
hauled down the mongrel ticket and
declared for Grant and Wilson : The
Brooklyn (N. Y.) Democrat, and the
Buffalo (N. Y.) Evening PoM, both
Democratic of long standing.
one of the "reforms" to be introduced
The next is S. Q. McKee, Alliance, j by Mr. Greeley and his friends
O., and editor of the Telegraph. Af- j when thev euccecd in lifting the coun
ter twenty-four years' consistent
Democracy "wrdded and bound to
the party through principle I have
nothing to bind me to that organiza
tion any longer, and shall cast my
vote for General Grant"
try from the degradation into whicl
it has fallen under Gen. Grant's ad
Bitkalew's complicity with the
. rebels, and his visit to Canada and
interview with Jake Thompson and
others who were plotting the burning
nf Vorfliern cities, has been fully es-
THE irtiKIHTm.
It looks as if the Louisville Con
vention of straight-out Democrats
who repudiate the ale of their party j tablisbed by the rebel archives lately
to Greelit, was going to be a sue-j purchased by the government The
cess, and the Tribune and the other j fact that he was active in the foul
Democratic journals arc becoming
rabid in their denunciation of the
men who are at the head of the
movement " "
It is almost certain that that eminent
lawyer, Charles O'Connor, of New
York, will be ita nominee for Presi
dent, in which event Greelit's
Democratic followers will dwindle
d-n to the Oakit Hall, Boss
TwcED, Bill McMcllen crew who
thrive by theft and office-jobbery.
plot to organize armed resistance to
the draft in this State, and that fifteen
hundred armed insurgent were en
camped and drilled for that purpose
in his own county, who only dispers
ed when General Cadwllader sent a
body of troops to Bloomsburg to cap
ture them, baa been faintly denied.
But the Bloomsburg Republican,
published in the town where Mr.
Bickalew lives, makes the following
bold charges against him :
community. Those discriminating
political thinkers who, some time
since, wore willing to accord New
York to Greeley, now take a different,
view of the matter, and while they
admit that numerous disaffected sore
head Republicans have joined the
enemy, yet the additions of the honest
men of the Democratic party will, in
their opinion, more than counterbal
ance the loss, and give the State to
the Republican party by a very
handsome majority. CM.
A Terrible IIrrleae.
Kingston, X. Y., August 20. A
terrific hurricane swept over a portion
of the town of Wanarsing Friday af
ternoon, takinsr a narrow strip near
Lackawack. It moved down all be
fore it, trees, fences and buildings be
ing taken up and carried awar like
feathers. The barn of W. II. Wager
was struck and completely demolish
ed. Three boys were taken shelter
from the storm in it at the time, and
one named John Core was killed by a
falling building. Other very exten
sive damage was done, barns and
onthonses being blown over and many
tons of hay and grain destroyed.
The question of the late election in
North Carolina is now definitely set
tled. The official returns, complete,
show the following result: Caldwell
(Rep.), 94,5C5; Merrimon (Dem.),
t) 1,862, showing the election of Cald
well by 2,703 majority. The Repub
licans also elect three Congressmen, a
gain of one raemlier over the present
delegation in that body. Judge Set
tle is also elected, but defrauded out
of his certificate. He will contest the
seat and prove beyond a doubt the
. The Democrats had a majority in
the Legislature of fort3--five last year,
this year it is reduced to about fifteen.
The Republicans will carry the State
for Grant by at least ten thousand
A Tletla of the Ka-Iilax-Xarder
Boston, August 21. The Boston
Journal to-morrow will publish thu
following letter from Senator Wilson:
Natick, August 21, 1872.
Rev. C. W. Dennison Shi : I
have just road in tho Springfield Re
publican of this date your letter on
the drinking habits of General Grant.
I am astonished at seeing myself
quoted as saying to you in a conven
tion last winter, "President Grant
drinks too much ; I have told him so."
Senator Wilson, you say, will not
deny this. I do deny in the most
emphatic language that 1 ever said
anything of the kind to you, or any
thing that rftsembled it. Your state
ment is unqualifiedly fase. During
the last nine years I have seen General
Grant hundreds of times. I have
seen him in his camp, in his family, at
his own table, at the table of others,
at home and abroad, and I have
never seen him under the influence of
intoxicating liquors.
Respectfully yours,
Henry Wilson.
found. He confessed at the end of a
rope that the murders were commit
ted by one Williams, near Holton,
Kansas, and that he (Osborne) was
employed to put the bodies out of the
way. He confessed to having travel
ed with this terrible load five days.
From a memoramdum found on the
body of one of the victims, it is in
ferred they were a party of movers,
consisting of a Mr. Oms, wife and
two children, and a young man by
uame of Dickinson, supposed to be a
brother of Mrs. Oms. . They had
traveled from Minnesota to Southern
Kansas, and were probably on their
wav to Nebraska.
Chester and Bucks counties, in
this State, in lioth of which it was
supposed there would be a Iirgenum-:
bor of Greeley Republicans, have '
scarcely any followers of Horace.,
The vote for Hartranft and Grant in
these counties will Is; much larger!
! than usual. ;
j The Bloomsburg Rcjiublirait says 1
j that for every "Liberal" Republican
I that will vote for Greeley in Columbia 1
i county, fiftv Democrats will not!
TliCi'o Tilhtt present the Aii! in V m'1
with ihcr rtt"iint rt-meilii. Iu s imj.-iia-..Z
the mrv of all Thneit an I Inr Ji.--i..r fi v
ni-! mii1 PlctT.itii.n of the Tiirmt ar uurn-
ly p'iir-vM. anl jt:itpm-nt an pri-,i:ir:'.T t
-nt t thw j-n iritir f rvliet in .;
ttirf1nlrif!i of rear tJtniHn:r.
i 'auti"n. ii-nt lfiYmi hv w rtU- ?
ti'.n ft mly W.'iv OirWii? TuN-r. '?
ic ir Nt. Sfirl for t-ir-ular.
JiHiN 4. KKLLiMr. H H.rt St.. T
A MONTH eHviu!-"wito W
mi'l Kt-v-4 hrklii.. jMrirx -
ami Sami'lf!'. irtt. S. M. Siener, Iira;;c.-
C- tirm lor-.UH MUr. .
A.r.T! Itrani.Mn in Aoi-r.-a.
J. M. STollAKT fc CO.. Put'lL-her. p-..
DariB- Kneape of roar Criminal front
Ilorane Greelejr'a Bargala.
St. Locis, Aug. 20. Special to
the X. Y. Time. Another victim
has fallen in Reynolds county by the
murderous bullets of Ku-Klux as
sassins. Last Saturday, Marion
Weeks, an estimable young man, 22
years of age, the only snpjKirt of an
aged mother, was shot near Ccntre
ville, bv a band of assassins lodged
in the underbrush on the banks of
Black River. Mr. Weeks was water
ing a horse at the ford, in company
with a young man named Davis,
when a bullet sped from a rifle into
the heart of the man whose enly
crime had been loyalty to the old flag
and the Republican party. Some
weeks since, Rev. Thomas Callahan
was whipped in the same locality,
and driven from the country by the
rebel authorities. Young Weeks
gave evidence lately, it seems, against
the cowards who scourged Callahan,
and now, poor boy, he Bleeps beneath
the sod for his testimony in behalf of
justice. Thus one by one is threatened,
whipped and killed under the State
laws of Missouri, while our so-called
Liberal Governor proclaims "Peace,
peace," when there is no peace. Mis
souri baa suffered more humiliating
outrages 6ince the inauguration of
Gratz Brown than ever fell to her lot
before. Theft, arson and murder
At a GreHcy meeting held in Lou
isville, Ky.; on the 2d ultimo. Gen.
Hodge, Democratic Elector for the
State-at-larjre, spok as follows :
"I have devoted a lifetime to the
principles of the Democratic party. I
have grown gray in the advocacy of
these printiples, and each year the
conviction has grown deeper that its
fundamental principles are the true
foundation stones of this government
I have seen upon the battle-field thou
sands throw awav their lives in de
fense of these principles. The graves
of the gallant Southern dead who
sleep upon every hillside in the South,
over whos graves the night winds
sign, are reminders to . me or the love
for these jrinciples which still lingers
in my heart Tho second passage in
Mr. Greelev'8 letter means that John
C. BrcckcDridge and other chivalrous
sons of the South shall be restored to
their formtr positions of power and
influence. Looking back upon the
once shattered and fruitless hopes of
the South, I now see that the equal
rights and sovereignty of States shall
be restored, and my comrades of the
lost cause have not died in vain.
This will lie a victory for that for
which they fou ght. Mr. Greeley prom
ised to do all he could to aid us when
we have a majority in Congress. I ob
ject to Grant because he is a Republi
can ; because he is a member of that
party which waged successfully . the
contest against my brethern of the
South, whose orators kept the fire
burning that filled the Federal ranks
with soldiers. I have heard it said
by some that the Democratic party
shall have no part with Mr. Greeley
in the conquest, but I feel that they
will not be neglected. Not only will
Greeley not forget who has helped
him to his position, but pledges di
rect pledges have been given us by
him that we shall not be forgotten in
case of success."
Chicago, August 20. A daring
escape was made from the county
jail between eleven and twelve o'clock
last night, by four young men confin
ed therein. Throe ofthom were await
ing trial for robbery, and the other
one was serving out a two years'
term for attemitiuir to kill a police
man. The prisoners had been sup
plied by a friend outside with revolv
ers, and one of them who was allow
ed the privclege of the corridors ob
tained the cell keys while the deputy
jailor in charge was sittiug outside
the jail, and liberated his friends.
Upon the jailor entering be was con-! A lotttor from Ked Bird, a small
fronted by the ruffians, each of whom j town in Monroe county, Illinois, gives
pointed cocked revolvers at his head, ; a thrilling account of the esaape from
while the leader demanded the key or
the outer door. Resistance was use-
Kllln H...m... ir.,1.... T....1. . a l!
down the stream, near the head of
Cheek's Shute, some ten miles above
here, and apparently aliondoned. He
rowed out to the steamer and made
a line fast, and pulled her towards
the bank, but before reaching it he
saw a negro, in & fitting posture
asleep on the deck, who, as soon as
the boat struck the bank, started up,
leaped asnore and ran into the woods.
rr t r i . . .
ine iisnerman men boarded the j date,
steamer, and found traces of a desper-1 i,unt.
ate struggle, the deck being wet with j ), Honest (?) 1
blood. He then ennm fn nitr
and reported what he had done and! ,. John; K 1iIar,tranft " "t Au
seon. Subsequently the steamer ,lltor teueral, t,f 1 enylvama who
Grand Tower, from St Louis, ar. ! ls'od himself sufficiently m the in
rived here hrinmir a mnnw frnm ; terest of the people, as to recommend
the mayistrate at Bradley's Landing I the repeal of a siecitic tax levy. Every
eighteen miles above here, statin? ! ovrner of a T:iVa' aml of a
that the crew of the Helen Brooks i ows 1110 "T oi tne Mate
.iii: rs WAvrcn for
n M ANH'Mr. WoM.VXHimn. an.! :
?.Iu:u:il Inrr.rl:iti..n : I.v. !tKiw.. y t
S-n-l t.rpvinipn T:iy:inl 'itTTiiiir'.w.:'
.. Mr. N ation al pi 'ulishinoc
'pi.:., i....i-..i.' . k. i it .1.,.
not speak very encouragingly for his
prospects in (Ktolier.
On the 10th of May, IsTl. the New
York Tribune said : "It is certainly
true that we are not sot-king the re
election of General Grant as Presi
dent. Should he lie the Republican
candidate, we shall of course support , Rare ChanCO for Age
him to the best of our abditv." Gen-
oral (irant is the Republican candi-
How is the New York Iri
redeemim.' its pledged word T
Horace Greeley ?
ill! iuLhl iLILjJi iiLUii
Kro Lewis' nm .m-l -m-titf t wnrk ! an ic-.u.t-,'.s.
l.irli t!i.uan.l in jn-.. a.-ti-
r.l an I -.iniii!r m.rr. AOKNTS WANTt-i-rvwl.rrr.
i Ki . Si t XKAN. PiiKi-h--7J
Sansum St., PtiliJn
A EXTS, we will tnr Ton 40 per wwli-
if vt.u vnjime with u ut .t-e. l!verytlj:i,
e -Ai-.d i.m ti-l' joi-t. A-Wrr
V. A. ULS ., fharl. trc i: :
i I ' I'VTC wantcl i .r ;
U.y l if l,ri
nell I.ivn i.f UKKHI.EY X HKiUVN.j
i-t an. I l"! : nl.. Ju.le Ku-fir -Iiir -I
HY W1LSU.V " "lUy n-rm-t e-liti-n .r..
Popular prictt? Shntcf agents wiii1 ih
ta.- nl btrrini a hnok for eocft Prti. Sri
rit.-rv at an I ti.in m'n'V A l'!r
JWlI.NM.iX. I'ul.lif her. T'W Arch St..!'!..: : .
and the proprietors and families of a
trading boat, which the Brooks had
towed up there, had been murdered
and tho boat plundered. Assistance
was at once dispatched on the steam
er John Overton. The report is that
Capt. William Pott and his brother,
proprietors of the trading boat, to
gether with their wives and two
daughters, were all murdered, and
their bodies thrown into the river.
Two Sea Hilled by a hlaeeerea.
less, and tho jailor gave up the; dar
ing prisoners unlocked the door and
walked out. All are known to the
police, aud they will probably soon
be recaptured.
The Belfaat Biota More ExeKInc Re
porta The Military Charge the Klot
era t'oatlanaf loa of the Dit.to.rbaa-re.
tax on
real estate-to fiartrantt s direct in
fluence, because he recommended and
personally urged its repeal in the
The telegraph brings the informa
tion that Horschol V. Johnson, a
prominent Democrat of Georgia, de
clines to support Greeley and that if
he must support a Republican he pre
fers one who unities magnaminity as
a soldier to moderation as a states
man. It is also stated that Mr.
Johnson may head the Republican
State ticket in Georgia. Mr. John
son was the candidate for A'ice Presi
dent on the ticket with Stophan A.
Agents, Look Here
W i. v n.'t !! a U.k that evtrt fcer.i: -.
will r"rvnt -l-iitT n TI1K NK'.V IL.
JrT An cKi;..nt artvo. bi ''
htI iilii"tnri'Nii, ttnteti ptipwr.ttoptrwj---.
im.v i ii. I'M' thii't nnt u j '
in print. Is a sre;t hit. Will ?it lvkc
1:W h t ' ' aki. Iu!:t. fin-uUr tt-re.
A-.Ttif piwki't '''Mt:ini.tT. iii.-t.lf4 lr--lMKh
!'.!, S.. ru!tl..":ier!t, TJJ :u r
on .
a '
ere t
It P
of d
pot a
eery i
feed, i
co, ci
Trill n
D. 1
it rig
his iu
he sail
but tin
V 1 J w . i a i . a
its keepers of the rhinoceros belong-. 1 10UZ1 Iur 1 resiuent, m isoo. ;
ing to arner & Co.'s menagerie and $100,000 is the sum which Charles
circus, on the occasion of its beinir R. Buckalew Lis drawn from the!
brought into the ring for the first pockets of the people during tho pa.-t; 11 r1,-r,if whi','h mnT .-zi ltrW.
. rri l ii ,i - !, . . 1 lirl 'in the .iiil.r'r L.rihe tirt lw ..v. 1.0 .
time. I lie showmen had Dreoared i twenty-five years in the wav of sala-!ir,.m.,.tin.i.ine!rinits fu nn.i
the animal lor the exhibition in the
A Lf
ring by attaching to a ring in its
nose two strong wire ropes, and
twenty-four men were deemed suffi
cient to control tho beast, which sub
mitted quietly to lx-ing led from the
the cage, but on entering the arena
suddenly threw up his head, ami
plunging madly to the right and loft,
broke loose from the men and dashed
forward through the tent. Its first
victim was John Gillom, a canvass-
who was knocked down, and
the beast trampling upon his breast,
him in the stomach and ripping out
his bowels, killing him. It next
made a dash in the direction of the
seats, which by this time were clear
ed by the frightened spectators, and
knocked down nearly all the seats on
Belfast, August 19. The excite
ment and disorder occasioned by the
celebration by the Roman Catholics
or the repeal of the party procession
act still continues, and the rioting be-
tween the Catholics and Orangemen n,an
low Keen kent nn almost incessantly
ulneo Ti.iirlnr. Thus fur s vtv.sev. "O Was klllCtl UlSiamiV.
oil persons have ln-en wounded, many
of them seriously. Several houses
have been wrecked by the mob. Yes
terday the contending parties re
sumed their rioting, aud the police
were obliged to fire upon tho crowd
and several persons wore wounded,
but as far as ascertained no one was
killed. A strong force of military has
lieen called out, and it is expected or
der will be preserved
Second Dispatch. London, Aug
19. Advices from Belfast state.shots
continuo to be exchanged in the streets,
though it is not known that rioters
havo concentrated in large numbers
at any point A telegram from Lur
gan, Province of Ulster, on the Bel
fast and' Ulster railway, says that se
rious disturbances are occurring there,
and that the authorities of the town
have Called on the military for troops
to aid them in restoring order. .
Third Dispatch. London Aug
194 P M. A later telegram from
Belfast says, reports arc current there
that the city is about to be placed un
der martial law. The same telegram
nays the military are now charging the
rioters in the centre of the town.
London, August 20 5 P. ii. A
dispatch from Belfast this afternoon
says the sole object of the rioters in
renewing the disorders in that city !
to-day was plunder. Reinforcements
for the troops now in Belfast continue
to arrive, but the railway facilities are
insufficient to convey all destined for
the city. It is the intention of the
military authorities to resort to ex
treme measures to suppress the dis
orders. Several houses have been
attacked to-day and wrecked.
Later. A dispatch from Belfast,
dated half past three o'clock in the af
ternoon, says at that hour the city
was comparatively quiet Tho mob
ripa in kiv nnthi"ni rf the "nJi'linirj-' ' t.ii'l w.-:i kiinie the idvuu.i. b -r
riCS, 10 say notning OI ine -pnkinis j ,i,..,r,M i.ii..r. wlu. h. un.ltrthe p. tm!:.rrar
in office, such as $500 at one haul last ; --Wttew." i xtwivir iwiiami a i t
.' . ,f ... ,, . . , lie aftsmvervixii rrmfliw. t-ut it is Hft'iif
winter in the Me-CIure-Grav contest, j izrrtfirc pn.ni.un.-i!.i.!:.f -
V. 1....1-.1..- ; Pi1f..i-i,i..r - nml m..liral HUthi.rit-..f L..l.m n.I I'm-.
a. I aJFlllIktait-ta ") to in lonm it
t.....e hr tha vw.rtil.ii t.hvji .i ,1
st i- i i- .... .. .
WilflTs trt Im liOVTIHr. t'rii im iw- I fMiiuri'- wnn w.noTiin rwmirii n-'f
alow la an honorable" man ! I
I...f ill ni.t "ohci't Vnfliri Jit tit
OOIllJnhinir ? A ith all his trrasoaa- ami murt be tatcn . a ponuanfiit cuninv k
ble associations clustered about him 1 rl&'Z&&t&S
"Thick as loaves in A allambrosa's hv.irii-tere.ius jn-Tvii.'. i.riu. inz r -vale,"
he comes before the people of ft.' "btt FlW l,u':'""'
Pennsylvania and asks them to olc-', Jy Kt bkba wcieanw.rtir::: m
. .-. ., e lP . . . , I tin- vituileil lilii.l t.i ht-althv u.-li -n.
vate huu to the first omce in their he-! hw yt ifp-piic sibmach t t o;. -stowal.
Modest Buckalew, what , Kffip ' "
Would lle not take, SO that money l.-il TfHlenrv. tK-neni wekne I-.-:;'5 ;
It next ran its nose against Martin might come into "mine pocket ?" : wmrVuVi, u VZxlT --
Rcadv, another canvass-man, striking) . . . ! , ." kH?""S '"""V'.l
1 ill? luuiir jtn-iiiu, oi ii rri -- . v .i I, i
, i t i t a:iinnmll..n of the lloweK
Chester, declares that a careuu can-1 Take it to aiuv irritati..o, an i wuri
vass of Chester county develops the ; 'CrL,, ,ri .
Tact that there are less than one hun
dred and fifty "Liberals" in the entire
county. It is also confident that
one side of the tent, dislocating the 1 w porn-ci y sausnen w.tn tne
shoulder of one of the employees ; ,ate u?ivt a.ml. that u w, Pvn
ami breakinir the arm of one of the ! Hartranft a majority of 2,200 in Oe-
spectators tober. The Greeley pooph
It then ran into the menagerie tent "tl ith. confnleiu-
ami imui.1 f, VAroi1no.K'u ,ifitlie disaffection of Chester.
performing animals, after which it Tribune has a very large circulation
struck the centre pole with its head, t,u'ro' aiul 11 t,nw 1,11,1 mm'Xl ?"f n'-
bringing itdown with a crash upon the ! 15ut l,ffurt t0 po'n the minds of;
cages ot the tiger and leopard, but I "n -" '.-" -; r"- "--i
have j
iiion '
The I
Oiifim' Y"U mM pru-ure ln:ant tn'-
are liable to ufleriii'j. w.irv th.oi .L'jth.
Take it t.i Jireuirthen orifann- wiakaf '
henm" a bunleii.
rin:illy, it Ahuulil be fre-iuently tak.n M-
y.tem In iM-rt'n-t health. r J.i re .16''
ureut tinnier uf uulariai, uiia.-uiulK' "r
JOHN tt. KKLIJ KH. IFI;itt St.. 5f ,
Sole Aent l..r the I 1
Price. One Dollar wr Ifcitllc. Si-n.l h '
to yell I'M L '' :
not breaking them so as to allow the
animals to escape. '. Dashing into the
museum tent, it broke all the curiosi
ties, stampeding all the people in the
neighborhood, and rushed out throagh
the side of the canvass into the street,
finally bringing up in a vacant house,
the door of which stood open, and
here the men succeeded in capturing
the animal and getting it into the
cage. The damage to the show was
about $3,000. .
Xarth Carallaa EleCtlaa.
The official return of North Caro
lina, in eighty-nine out of nine-two
counties in the State, gives Caldwell
(Republican) 91,830 votes, and Mer
rimon (Democrat) 95,157 rotes, or a
majority foe Caldwell of 2.G73 votes
The three counties from which official
returns havo not been received, it is
estimated, will give Merrimon 4C5
majority, so that Caldwell is elected
by a majority of 2,200,
Warren, Ohio, has 8T Democrats
who will Tote for Grant and Wilson.
have been unavailing, and the county
will certainly range herself in Octo
ber and November, as heretofore, on
the side of justice, decency and true
The examination of reliol archives
at Washington (savs the Pittsburg
limn! AiftMiM everywhere
nintr New Improved
Banner SbnttJe Mi
Simple. Duntl.le. Snttftanllat. The ef"-'
Iu the m.irk.-t. Prlee .mlv rt
liUYANr M.ilAW x TO.. Ifc-n '
No. 1 Sixth llate SL t'in ' , .
aun '21.
Next term willotwn W Kl rlW
11th. For eataloiriir an.l iwrtif'ilar'.
Kiev. JAMKS IIL Vt'K. 1 '', ,
1 Ri s-riat!!. .lame uwinun. w i
Ju.lireJ. P. Siem-t. Kl
M. !.. Kev. S. r. -'"'":, t
I anl. D. 1.
J-ik. Kin
Pennsylvania Female ColW
XF-1R PITTSBl'BtiH' p-
lellirlit(illT lomteil on tllece H ill-aTj,
. - .,, . J! . ..I 1. r . . I. a .1 . - I ..i . 1... ...,., .i.lirA. wi'3
uuzeiiet uiscio-tes me iacv inai tiuriiiir .." y .'"""-.
i, i i . 1 U-m-hina ami eoniinmi--n manai-
ine war imtsaiew was sonicimng
more than a reliol symjiathizer he
was an active aider and abettor of the
Southern reliels. Whatever the ne.
- - ; .' i.-. nui, .it. I iwt. -. - i
cumulation of evidence may le, noth- i wu.n. d d n. Kiert '"Jfj k
. A. . . . . ' Jeoll. 1. Win. Makewell. -'
ii uvviu luu.uuitn bum luau iiiit Hea.l, uvv. jolin r. nruwu,
"camp meeting" of deserters and!" '
draft resisters, that was held by him. T ()CAL AGL
He sent his private carnage to have ! -rrtX yn,ii
them brought in, and such as had: "W" -A- 2ST JJ
been imprisoned at ort Milliin for ' American Button-Hole an
particularly rabid secession were giv- ..wnr vmixu i-omplete
.1 I I ..- .A .1
en ine piaees oi nonor. Alter tne
els, and
UtMt 1
ready I
Dr. .:
no oth
been str
Bia tli
keep a 1
' i
Jcc., c
of thu
miner fi
out, am
slate d
the Fi
Street, s
store. :
feed, ft.
ceries. j
s Tnl
in cobtc
ted the t
A .wen
bor.; ft
town be
P. of M
of Bait
tor OH i
l rec
bK per
and mo i
places of honor. After the ! tttT
nw dolitrhtful it will anopfvr i,t . uurc B. Cen'l Ag
burg, how delightful it will appear to
have a person who sympathized with
tun iirwis n uu . inuiu iu uuru mm
slaughter, made
State! -This will
bloody chasm with
Governor of
bo bridging
"wip a
leep, sr
"d teet
r met
th. IK
- , v; "ys.
IVnnsjlvania anJ E -
be with01
For Western
Office U$ Liberty St., Piltrf'
Liberal Inducement .HereJ W ""
A rent i.

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