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The Somerset herald. [volume] (Somerset, Pa.) 1870-1936, January 08, 1873, Image 3

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Cf-narCPt Hfir3.1U. :!irK-r..f E-kIktonbipanuxwf.1 R IMtH lUU LDIi lLUf JLlCi. 1 ' MuiSl of thi
jyiUVXi-w , Oi Lint. late from Miisna, was t. .
DispatcL !
: I miv.-
is scln.!. i
j5ir , lSTi-
i- ilcsinii ed i
; l w a-.xsinm-d
I fn.'n the t ire: wli:
a n l.tll Hit.
hy tiie r"f U-icp f.rcil
htt.K-nied throujrh it.
sr ifETfS Mr "'Lint sral all hi-:.;rniit;rc. This was . -
1. X 1 t . v A bVJT"! A."" JtiA, j
1 -!
UWnntPri i Sr. ho. it w ill l recollected. kl Li life
r-kf T?uttSr V V U-ii ICUi ,,y fire , tH st.ria; in tl.e a i. hut v of Mev- j
j ,..!." Mi'U' Lot irot lir e hen aileron the i Thoxe of our reavJot who desire a tlrt
. a unt of l';!'' ' ' 5 "MiU-t i ., i .. ;;1U;!E V. c- NJwW-wrtf Ia fr vuisn!. j das thtiiv pijw should Ity ail imn wib
' ;,.:n:l of oar iti.lw:e trlo. j j .oriU for the Pi-.isburjr, Daily Dih-awh.
. ti-lr.i Will ship to dv. "0 ? j i..i.i .5 ..i i.. i ..f i lufffef lin-iiost ami '1iicl
r .f. l; Ui.U. 1 U l.-'il J J ! II Ml.ll Wiil i S -- - -- - , - - - - - - -
1.'.C plcls'tre.
'. tiuiiikln; von
in s mure stdistantird way. ?nr your
1 tanfc rendered v la tMti.pie.tiu;' Cue --
erst, of ar rlliif.itiiiji. I Miptxve jou
j inoucai us RttucrctKU m tar.iiKin? ro-i tn-
1 tliy. w lieu you trsAe uk Uii inxxvjL-i:t Sbt'
exhibition." I withheld fcil tiil now. anU i
msy ytHj ever fepl that -so arr vnicr ixiv :
I X 1ST!: A T ) VS NOTIck
r A'irrrti Hi'-t.!,
Xr-ir Jilt rr1irniCiif.
I- A 1 v.
th re, frfci lf jfjttf-: W
mIih at p! Hi"W.
.5,.,1,'ks for li'rr.i-r i:itxta
i vcur ii?x-ralUipm!-c's.
j-jiK-iiu'.iy, &--
3KE SYCE &, CO.,
- in at I u v is A; Bit.
. t ViK-Y for T.
i t f 10 at Pistl s.
5iJf..rs!iTtthfrl ck Milch machine liiat i par-" n " tmu-a Matt. il:e
wiil run ap li jist as the Domestic. ! patch has bwn cstatiUheJ mer a quarter
The rx-riVction -f ns ennstrurtim jrives'of century; is independent in jollities,
jlii nukchim drcMd adantaii ort-r any i adroting always- those measures
other in ue. j w hich rrumise the greattst posi-ihle good
Elm- .f o-K-ntion reli-n it the -s;x-til i to the largest posible number ; jrires daily
fiv.,r;'.,','i!u!..ii,ivpriv,-n it a trial or ! thirty -six culuains of nsatttr. emhracin?
j witnessed it pcrf-ci w.rkinE. J the latest new s by tek-grajih. the tuort rtli-
Thc attention of our rrarters is cauou io umim ir,pwi iue iaie cauie teie-
i !)!iLTtiiirj to rtni.
iilii.ni Coflrntk rejOi-l :
3Iis Lillic. friendi Th'iA is a eouitih-ie
surprise tome. 1 lul n4 t xnect to re
ceiv anythin- for hit labor. I did not ask
when I caite upon the beautiful cift. I shail
think of rou and the iivelv familv hf st ! IrfHtm aitmiainilin cn the si)At ri(o
l.K l;KIFFiTil. i ttwlf: &! ri-nntfitu f oca Uca
vius A '.uj;uistr-Kr. i tit nine. ttr.l it ,av . IT te sriist inu!
: r"o thm in a ti?i.o. i
IlVIVKTI iTlll,vs Vtl'fli'l-' 1 rare ' tcT jiimi!ui;h(Km
ill '.ttrt-r. SVii rt j r.'tniurs" glTM. ujj, 4t. 'L
l' .sflX Ji. ... lUrU.r-i.4':.
i"iPiigrini?s Progress ;
ffiirmrioi 1? srnt fr t.. crerv taTMr t "Ar-
rn irv i,. rmv kaiwniir i" n ' - - . i .... , . i. b H , . -. . .... i-. , i ,
I hoi' llluralM Hotiw K.-.!i!n k iH7JL" Frk T' T: i.L."i . -i ' v. !
... ... ' . i lrm"JV7I.. . r'Bi niKeani r-i rt-r rui. i.n i
present surrunds yea.
AViliiaiu ilckin? then
i srante to the an:riiriisL BaUrri
n:an a follows
31i Lillie I
Wi il trn aid j dtalf )M.rniTiL an i iImw hiriiuc cUiai it
aniiirDiiuiirtt tor eiui'ini'.
jaiiS Aumiiueu-alur.
with a volume of Webber's lnabridzpli,0t!rwrt,t,hd,,Iy mtroiaitri sortt
Dioiionsry, and swke to Miss Lillie 8tuiz- J. ;
jthe advertLenient
; another column.
have been reiieted by '
. ..-.-i : W cents
t i
a can. erery
Sauvkl Shas i tit t.
, kcts.l a.-te:s, r.ie ic.
the Dtiinrttic in ! pran. the freshest LcsitiTe news, the! mr fellow scholars to present vouwiih this it f pPD fPTiFj1
latest LogTCionil reports, the fullest lo- volume which I bold in ra v hancL I do I 1 "11 UJ3il I.
cal rejxn.s with all the news by mail, in j not consider it neoesvary to explain to roa
eluding the most inlercstins; penunal and ' the feelinrs which prompt vs to make Vou
political iient. lull teleLTaphic m;irket re- this offering. Yon will understand it Lsan
ports from all points of iniporuince, east . installment of the debt we'owe vou Ur Cue
and west, and much other matter of an en-1 derotion whh which von u0 voar dutv. It
It is only remains for uie t band vou the book.
j Fatal Kailiu Accipf.st. Yoier
! dav mornint: two .-eipht tnins were jxts--Cas.-lhu3n,
on the ritiehurch and
Honnellsville lUiiroad. aVwut fiftv miles
! wei4 of this citv, when the rear train ran I tertaining and instructive character,
into the other, slkhtiv brtakintroneor two ' the most
car. C IJcah-s. a braktsman. w ho wa . uite, cm:
' standiaz on top ot one of tlie cars, was i tin being now considerably over 1.1 om
. : i' .rth. nt t'o"k A: Ikt-r-
,' thrown off by the jar. and, falling under
the wheels, was run over and instantly
killed. It is nt a little singular that the
i accident ccurn-d within sijht of Mr.
i u. l.. . t. ...... ...
at I);1VMV l.ros. a SpIeU- . .
aiVJ A c.i. 'S. to exchan.se salutes wiih nienilrs of his
w e:i hund a large s'tpply of family, aa J-on thai account did not notice
- ii i jikimient notes. te approach of the rear train.
cnil at !s:u'.z:uan's bank
; luj-bel f-T tilie.
Wecould not learn the cause of the "run
in," but ascertain th.it both trains were in
! motion at the time, consequently one nntst
.- i'..i.r
'uesi st'-re tf Cock i IV-erits,
ter than allowed by the regulntion cf tl
rfxid. Cvmbtr'ju 7 At tr.
wklely circulated paper in the 'to hope that your mini mav'be
iuc ui i uiiaueipuia, lis uauy eli-1 with its nre. that even tinw you open its
papes, you may civc a pleasant thought tj
and new ulscr:'.ers are every day Ixins tht cuolar ot" the Somerset Aeadesnr.
added to its lists. Terms per year to mail
subscribers. 8 uO, or it can" ic ordered
Uirouh azents m any town or village w ith
in -nc hundred and fifty nalesof Pin.sbar?,
at fifteen cents per week
Miss Lillia Stutzman replied :
Dear pupils I cannot express my rraii
tade in receivin; this elegant present. It is
an entire sorprb. I hope to be emjmwer-
nl titr ita l.rilttnxr 1 1 . -1. run i . 1 . .1
j in instnicion. I ni'J prove my love fur
To tboe wishinca ?ood and reliable citv tbis school hereafter by trying to nuike it
pleamt atnl turreesV.e to all.
Tows Gaiskles.
Gr.EKxr.itiKR. Mr
killed five lcars in
Mk-hael's 3Icwntain.
Hush Miltlauzhlia
i-cc davs's hunt, oa
near Dun more, ia
... t'oibora ar.u Jaco'i) M.e-ks a.vd Fak. Ladi-s who mak
c ! a Ltt-tory in tl.e w ot-.-rn tM.jr faces and n-cks w i;h enamels rndan
; -. ; irtli-BJiaiJiaclureof brooms, ' per their health t no pcrpo.?. 1 be .las-
m- ut work deceive r.o'iv. There is but
j ;:v f.a;iiii'.-''nei kaAc lvn j one article known whicli w ill rotore a
, j.Vl in t.iha.4 the jury box for j Memished complexiou or create externa!
rear. duria? thejst few ("ays. j trillianey and l.:n where they havenev
" . i er heretoi. ire ei..!. and tiint article is
ln-a U-d 1 jvr vnt. ia- i this toilet miracle by iafaiajt vitality into
'the skin. The iSoml and her'jal juievs ot
' whicli it is co;api-d gently stimulate the
4 cc-als. ' circulation in th minute bktod verels and
G eviiis. j ) race the network of nerves through which
5 cviils, ! thev tss. Thus uuickcued and strenth-
; j.: Hiuv.rann" bank.
weekly we would recommend the Pitta
bur;: V. eklf Dispatch, one of the hand-!
somest, cheaiK-Kt and most reliable pars
published. The Wef.klt Dispatch pivc
thirty-six columns of matter, printed in
char lanre type, and is one of the lie, as
it has l.mir been one of the cheatx-st. if n4
lie chea.x'sf. weeklies in Uie OMintrr. It ' Pohonui. one day last wec-k. There
contain all the latest news of the "dav were twoold ones and three cui.
piditkal, cx.mmercial and eeneral ond" asi . One day last weak Mr. Garland Xunnal
an entcrtaiainz, instructive' and accej -table i I.e. w ho lives in Williamsburs township,
family journal Is not exctlled br anr pspt-r ' lu thtscnunty, killed four hear, consistin
in the coiintrv. " ! of c!d Mrs. Ilniin and her three cub-s. Mr.
The Weeelt Dispatc a is fdmis:ic-d to I N. trad the old lady to her den. w hie h
sin de subscribers at ?1 50 a vear, or in j was in a larse hollo tree. His cotupaa
dul of ten to one address at "t?l 00 each, j ion knocked heavily upon the tree, when
with a free ajK-rtolhe artr p-ttins no ! the " varminu." ' ts-ayed U lxi-p out ujxn
the clrth. ulcriler mar remit br nwi'l j the cntside wcrld. u ben eai-h one was sac
cither ia mocev or br Postorfice Order, ! cesfully khotwith bulled disi hr.rl from
whk-h is the sjfer mi,. Postnuister re j r. X.'s trusty rille. G. tixhricr, W Y.,
Cfivia sal( ri! rs for th? IJ -PATrn, cith- ' Indprudcut.
c-r Daily or UEtki.v, are amhoruied to
Interest Payable Semi-Annually
the iimiins H.ume of
r 1 1 nj ISattV dcigaal! by tb ko ler.
iTjwbtr". Uarsre r-rtu -3i"-i'it;. t-l terriutry
tmair.'.n-'.l. S.-ai fir ith emti tmtial rirr
lar. Vtica hurdiy th-jw itw? "C'lirif Lia lrar"
triT perjno UKt tir relixi ..tl.n wifhvet
T. S. AfcTKl Ii t. SOX. rhUiiletpliii. !
f-'iaRilr nLif V Hi. f.arStaell kjrr-
Wi5t?,'1,"i ait fit -irpnlmr Vr-e.
Jr Staff tint HTj C. M Faltm St. N. V.
ijT w&nl tt.i thJ'
trrei. .S!re JOHN
liVr FhUo.kl!4iia.
irk. Fr HpuUr ri
I- HTTFKfcOl uiv i
M T5IK VOKKIXO "IS. naif fral.
toiit it b"or. Ut ftr erralos rx cnjiitul reiuirwi;
full iwtraclioa? iiJ rltuule parkace ut ! to
: uirt wiih. -nt tr-t t-r nnU. Aiiwa wua ocm
! rara P.aint M. Y H a O
IS CooiitiXaBiit SL, Ne Vork.
I As E.B3AXTi.r Borun avasmsi Book
the atHl f Family biiii pvrr pat.
' lihi. will ie flt-iit frve uf rttaive L. a.ry Niuk i$'t,
j It erotaio neariy 4J0 fins ScTiinn iiiowralinrt.
j ami ursut art- n:eetiojr with uniirfaclea:ci weww-AiJx-sff.
nxlinz exet ieore. etf ayi a iii siw
viq vl.AT mranli are il4n.
! 'XATluXALPl l!l.i.sHl.ci U IUWPa
Th3 Satbaths cf cur Lord,
retain twenty jx-r cent, on puI.lihtM rates
, fir. corn meal,
l-orn f.r cashonly
jJ f.-. '. stiire.
X Cjop.
(. o-.a; k
! ene.i me exiemai rovenn; .in aojcires a j tor smite u I sen tiers, or ten per cent, cn
! fresh and healthful hue, and every trace of jour club rate. Addn-se. O'NEILL ic
t cheeks HOOIL tubli.-hers of Daily ?.nd Wekit
Dispatckh (Dispatch Iron BuiMinz). 67
sallow nevs di-appearsv. The pstlest
; . . The hi.-het market prkc jaid
.'i,;:k:nd of native furs, at the
: ,r Ki'D't li'-." is an old anJhouie'
,3 : l t:t few imu can look oa.a
.;, v.. !.,;.:) s fxre n:v.a Uivs and
derive from the Ix-autifyin Iciptista of this
tiul cvwr.ietic a warmer hue. and the
hands and n.ik. a blonde lustre
hich the charlatans, w h: profe to make
la ties "U-anuful fTrer" with tiieir p-;s-ii-
ins cenieat. in ncer hope to Imitate.
and Cf Fifth avenue. Pittlarfih. Pa.
Soil r Teach it.
Attending our fV.tntv In;itu
nuiubci of bvs atten Jcil bvcack.
a. i-.
Srct ih-i.'hiu ' and so mm ii of it as this
i:y tir.d ir!ni;y have liad for the just tea
! days is n 4 w ithin me remetubranctf of a
i crc-at ni:tnv of onr c;i:;ns. Itur ree;
;ii,a r i M-i-ved at the
Xrw Year. XVi who
tin- feast amazingly.
..v U pre;ure a g-wd S
i-KiT- i
w el e i
Mr. :
jusjcttus of the SicLtilici
E. II. Lam'xrt. 4
Lb l . ( OllxYll,
II. J. Yo.h r.
have ieen revm -.nt withthejinile of sieijrh- j - .ntt-ld,
bell- of all sit-s and kcrij-tkiis, s nie J D. M. Fikc
sh L'ai-rs' taste rrt.-;ti:n.j toward tine t-utu-rs i J- M. eak'an;!,
and poor horses A-Ith few 1x11s. other t j Cyras ll.Ketkr,
'.inhaniisoit.e sa ::;s drawn bv ae horM-s'J. C. Welkr,
do"rated w ith a c..w-5-Jl. "A ri" 1 Milton J. Pritts,
'are J r.in the struts vesterila v. however, jr. v. I oiiiorn,
aJ tutisertoe ut ocot. Iir you
h:.r.ic. buii-.k-r or what m.
...kt no U-tU-r investment.
-v to effect a sure, sj-dy tsnd
. "e-.tie of your frozen f.vt, ria
(,.. itli Heekeriiiau's lieCelon,
i-vo. W. Bcii:'.;r'l tSJUiusL
;. ik'S. carr,er, vi-ties
iiii!-t tlnaks to the
,(. aL-i vkinity. for thei
it. Niw Ytar's day.
..t:;,.;i''tts" were tiulk- a
t. re utm
citi...-us of
: i.,ueroi:s
iu- iiiiits
;i'r.t i.iie.l.
at unuue r v trt ! i iierr.
ti .e jiVi.r was an or-: Chas. hlrsck,
;:r b-rs and no !k!is. L. A. Kretchman,
lie :i.t o:Vn seen ia ' IL M. Lic-hty.
..... f. I T
ile-t.-intiiiiV as pa-j a-.c. ear.
of two b'm judes j Peter Lanuis.
hruunersand shafts j J- D. Me-ss.
I f.-r the horse. From t he miners aro up-) tutym-in.
1 n-ht I'tec.-s of uin-i c,'UA'trrtua in a lon i -Mart rn. ueu.
i bka-k. on which were seated two men, j t'hl
l T
llm .-ciliru all t..
tarn-.'ttts. The in.
dinary horse with i.
i'-lt i::e Sielii v
cities. I' coll-isti- i -m
tent s.-fi.iiati. lis s.y,
v. hich did dutr a- i-'xu
e llokh'J,
canr.ot ie liett' r i iiait jjna. xr.
sen i n u tn.-.ii as a la: j r.vkaiz-hrs I Auiuie Maiiwin,
th the r.x-Ws s. r.-..d :jat threeor fottrl Annie Stutzman.
t apart. The w U.-l-i turn. .01 :.ttrated I Alii.? Ktlier,
d Tcated Ci!sii't rat.itf i tv3V Mlvder.
N. iKMt. DiXiks !
C!toiL Bouiis
.-r.m.-tit at Miiit-r' iri
l'l -k-s. Ilyn.n lit.!
u iiiaUk l.Hiks.
much at!
tit. C.
!, .! A Vr.
6 ss
,s tnJ ai
L s Er.LitLT, of Durlaeh. Iineaster
.1.. is the ow ner of Con tcrki-s. .".J
t!ui ks, :.r. 1 LOW thicken., and
.s ;."( ou-heiy of corn t. l.n-J th-m
ii ;ppy Eoeriy. i'vlv titbi i U: rM.
i.! axi New Fob 1V.-J. The Editor
of old t:w pror..i-e Ids readers P cive
them in t'.v- voltt.iv.-s even Ktter
than the previous ones. They are to in
chide serials by Mr. Hale. MrKGrfvaoauh,
and other first -ei.:-- writers : short stores
by Mr. Sttowe. :':- M.-n dith. Mrs,
m-v. Miss Hale. the contiuiMce
N. Mus-schmAn,
Edward lihodes
X. Chtnset,
J. S. Bear,
! J. Fh-. k.
S. F. Yoder,
i (1. P. Frit.
1 P. M. Fishtr,
1. 1 John A oitje-m.
f J. M. Knepivr,
Til Attuitor of t he County coiniue.-ict-d j
.: s .rk -t auditing the acximts of the '
i-.t . L.-t MomLiy morning. They !
: u v..i' of hard work aht-a.1 oJ '
es.ey .xijiLtiiS
Wm. itoitz,
K. D. Livenpood,
P. A. Topper,
M. IJrntjaker,
Z. T. Kimmel,
M. II. Mevcrs
: on interestinz points Vury Huuter.
1 phi!.ophy. liy such Walter McCoy
slTan. and r-wec-U-st lod liver Oil
cjiriX tastw ell's, made on the sea
tr ia treh silei-ted livers, by Cas
Vi.u. ri i (''.. New Vork. It is ab-
y ; : and rci.
t r uki-n it prefer it
i.u lvedec-ided it '
'u tnii ia ti.i.rket.
Mr. Martineau s ise ai.d ci.cvrful si-ri-.-s
of papers on the rehttior.s l-tw eeu Chid a&J
Man: a series of jv person nrnst interest ias
public tiuestions, sucli a Iiailnxiils and
their power: Woman Siirirare; La'ior and
Wages; the Problems of the New Admin
istration, anij the like. I'n.TiMon lias
ItH-n made for sniele
- i in natural List on" and
authontji- as ProL J. P. I.c-sU-t. Pn-sMent
Th.. Hill Dr. Gray. Mrs, W. H. Ihdl,
Dr. Kel!or-. and f tbe enlargement
v. Knoaiz,
M. Kr."t per.
Si rier.
sr. abundant s'-.:it.!v of first -el:.ss 1? -lit rea.1- i lhtvi-J .Ai.iier,
inc. and an eat-Ttainin rect'rd of ;h? most ; s- 1- ' ''''k,
important items of human protm-ss fir the
time l-iriL'. j This ratla-r
4 P. Frit,
Edith Stutzman,
3 r.itiio SoroL-r
." V.. H. Barnlian.
4j. L. Mitehel
o W. Snyder,
3 Cvn'.hia Husband.
3 F". Miller.
4 S. P. Miller,
i Jennie Baker.
4 Silas Flick.
.1 S. J. HooA-er,
jL F. liavmond,
5 W. H. Kink,
4 Vr. F. Tedrow,
David Miller,
3 .1. F. liaviiKa I
3 .1. O. Gri.lUh,
3 J. D. Miller,
-j-1. P. Tedrow,
4jG. Countn'maa,
4jx D. BitnVr.
3 N'ora Kimmel!,
3 Eilea Snyder.
3 Lime Ki.
3 it'ise Huston,
3 Sadie Hu-ton.
t'.sHianie Walker,
ttiFre l tJMf,
4 E. J. Miller,
4 S. P. W timer,
4 .1. B. Whipkev.
.E. P. Adam..
ijS. P. Griffith,
" Xonmia Tei!.r;n-,
lji.iei. Slahl 3
i:J. . Maon. 2
3 Keubea Spach r, 2
If.Hattie KrissinL-er, 1$
C'OXS 3 M 1 T 1 5 F0 K W A K X F.D. FoltE-
ARMEI. The consumptive invalid need
look f irw.ird to no more certain means of
cere than th.tt proifed bv Dr. Kevser w ith
, his Lung Cure ami treatment. Dr. Key
j ser's Lung Cure often cures by itself, wit'u-
out the additional treatment w lucu the loc
i tor prescril at his office. Dr. Keysc-r has
. lieen called to a great distance to see case
;' of Lung disease of every kind, and w hen
j all other means liave failed, the D x-'or has
days. ; often rescued the path-nt from k!h.
2J I Dr. Keyser's Lung Cure and treatment
4 ! is realiv a step la advance. ?head of ail
J i others, ia tiie cure of a most formidable
disease, the dread of cbx-t-irs and the
scourge of the human race.
Sold at the Doctor's great medical em
porium. 157 Liberty street, at $1 30 per
bottle, or 7 30 jx-r half dozen. An css ty
on Chronic diseases free lv mail.
iani- cianr tbuocaaa iH ic.lUra i-r ciKUh I
in Dm morifts oa impruved i-jpcr;j ia U!uf ii, j
and u b Lin tuxn the titaol fcr Ii.riw4eiiirai.ls '
Mctiritir. that ws have, tianoit thr laM fiftera I 1-4 a rntirety new rk na aa aiwurMoa tuf-,
Bxmrb. pUrrit in tha nearly ue miHlitj of jtii- ! arittrn ia tttv auilxr loo; juatrtul Hyle. It
lam. tti FcmUabuual in:vrt m woi. li has, ia I prfiit th iati!crt ia B. T.-1 an.Hiraaiilui lurlioi.
rarh ami erery now. bc-a f p.ir.rtlT jwlit. 1 Ime C'-tithX Uii to awnkeu a !' taiervn ami be (w-cinrtzai.-,
art? "io n f'Xm ot Trut ir.ij. un- eaa ' .lociiT? ol prtat K A.-Hin f. tnlet, u. i toii
hetli-i io SO dav Mn4i! i there tc a AXUarc to ! Itix-ral cuffiMiiistsat will 1 aliuwA. A t-lresa J. M.
jiv interest it taxe w&ra Sae. sTOlliAilT fc t.'AA, i'un.fhf r?. Fhila.
Vc icvest anT rata, br 1 lirc.JC mull aa J col- .
leet so I n-tcit iaterr atiU j'TOx-ipalas it sutnn-ii, ' ""T""" f "S'TvT 7
all vitlvMll rxiw-nw to the L.tkri7. f-all rt-k-r tA ' I II II h. I I
psrtie ler whcLa we kara trams! Ursa amiui:.
n-l Bu mTT ht a nuturcuoervl Jw"""'-1
twi or iatcn ia thh ia of --cnritin .inrma the ' '"
Us; fc.ttn vrjc Sea i H our raun.-hlix, -ulia-1 htx.-
t! a a 1 -ine? of l3cmnt!, m-irf-! irec.
HK n V C. . w. TOWS.
1lli.iu.iaiu.ii3, AYUifMiliEltatAitisarf on tlMMrsrtieutictthe
Dealcra in Krai Eatate Teat Per ( rut. looly n-ii-t-nas (n-inion uf c-rtiiie An l S-r
rroritlea and ftrbool BiaU. i "s liea; 1 when ehram-aily n.iaLio'-i with
1 mi joM.t nruMriK. at in utrfie lam.-is.
: aixt all piruta are eaatlao-i cigaiasl uiiu;aoy
! oihrr.
la all cears of itTit.iiA.ifs of the moron? tctm-braad
tht-sie TaWet himiA lie treeiy nseil. ttrir cieaas
i ina awJ tmi.nz iin.!rti ar atitiin2.
1 lot: warned. iM;vrr ncatlwl a ci-t. it i etily ror
; rS in ii iuri4-at aijiic, wbeo i: irrrfm-n cliranc
Itbertirr i rxaroiimcly diOK-ult, ase Welir" Cr
1 Uilie TaMij. aa a a-i-iar.
JoilN Ci- KLLLCX3. U Ititt St N. Y.
! isvle air -it. f irtit". S.
Price 2ircu;a U.T. Sra-3 fco-circaUr.
IW?r thaa Fito.-r 1 tl- i
Xptv York OIjKrrvtr,;
SY1. B. C0CH HASN & CO.,
riTTr'nrnon, pa..
MASt FACT I Kt.I'.s .u M;vi.i.r.s ;.t
Vnl -Ma:iufact'tircr' SuiJi)lics,
The Urel America Family Ncw'sajtr.
5 a Year with U. JCBLLEE Y EA U JJ OiC
17 Park Kow. New Trk. j (J HAHUEULA IS
Hut-In fterf a rnll n. rk I'EANE STEAM 1 PVIPS. Jt rSN OoVFRNOiLS. S ASH an.1
IHXiit ii AClilM.HY. ac-, r. J-fiairj-j 't ail A.ti j, fiTKBinty atta-i-J to.
lies Si i
Tricts sua Traps tf tei&i1-
MtOivt -rm avvi l uu -t.il' by Rrat?t. Jwm'i- j rcZTi
Bandulpb. atlaraffn'aal', X. T. j
arw B.rllos featl. (irorth . vn i r-.! ;
.-Tni'. i (.ii. uir:tBr- w.i ir i-na
In aa.1 H nniiniirt Krxi tbesmr.tiilirJ Bso- 1 biK an ample rn-Jw:B."nt. ieAu Laii-Sitir'. ex-
it.'1 A Lwji.-. iilssrai--i hiwii ;.ase n r. t-aivr on.!", itnl ilnn-lint R-lmJ ;ia;jt.
LeOro-' nit:. S;.l-B)i!i'lS!i. Sietohr". l alffi, ! tk. Trrzm Mv lw.A CatL-! .-au ,ut :
Furn.ii. AVil. HoetiT. I'tiilt , l.'rri; f. Jlf. I3tU fre .irf.tira-t-'tt u
year. 1 a ytar. with rirytint Pr.i iirttiKi. -Aa. ; ' KLV. t. T. ED'VAEIiS. A. M..
iana Agaves. tro uia miy L In 11 -hht. X..r t -r.ari;i.
Saiin-ti. TratitrJ. Ai-enu wsau-d. (u!ftt : " '
Free. Sprrinienii, in--, w ciiiU. Ar -iJAN
.IAL, H:brla.le, ia.
At Private Sale.
The Biiertj.!.! g t ' farm at firirate !,
rituate-l k ortc.i. d -r.fv-it ,j w,t. to
pr t..wnh:p, AVeM.n,i rwiir. I"a..
J TAKlAWhiiieJUle tribe trade, .sini-ie raiia
?nt. txisitiaiil. ca rreviM w .
W. HLKAIAN T. VH LAI FF, Sra.iiti?, Fa
i Containing 108 Acres,
Al-at 70 vrra rtaM. Ii -re in r! nsea-l w,
a:i wi ll arntrml as I bus th t; A ii'ri lu
F T Cartbi-r part;--n:r rati '-.!. Mi-FjKaal.
Liir it. r ti: ? Jr"icrs n f prrm-.
v -i-a. I IP iiI,AS iUJ IN KINS.
1 ' XlKK EEFINO made ey.
1 jnFrvhsnt ran team at i ft.is m
-. H.CKil LPINO liltVAM, JiaiSalM. N. Y.
( hambrrtbirt. Paw.
Wi-b ami .ie Or-nn-in-xl rterant BouitteTJ. -.t- i
er.i ana'u.l bi trwlike aaJ at:rarti. awl vU
l 1..11L.1. ' . ,i.r,..i.,K IhLji,I w-rrfc. will nr-a i
ejfrkan! j 1, t,te of th wit Aitkmit Tear S.rxn-! T Y F'if TTOP.'S XOTIf'K
e4!h. lsti Firr t,-MCTtir5, aj'ji.y
-.. l-'t- U. C. LA NIC
iie, ;
$ n CfXl V ilayl Ascnta aa:c-1 ! A!l :
rla--! of wijrkinr x,-Ar. nf .
eitber rx. youaa l-IJ. stake as-ire mmsry at wi-k '
tr cn in their rf.are m.imcr.U oratl the time than
at foiyihinx else. Farrieuiara tree. Aaiiri t, i
bTINX )N CiJ.. " riiact, .Maine.
jiavTA .
Vol, VII. 1873.
AilS J .. ...
Ethtftl lj E-hcard I! Huh.
Agents it Sells (uick
Km-nz ail eUaes.
&& people, the mWitle-astJ,
The tDLsr.-e.l re.rjes plasl la the batrtj tf : "" ; Jus:. Herirar i;ie. ant youth of t
a jLJ. A.N U NLW. by tire pubUcanJ by the ; IKX- rtf'J W1'.b tue rrcates: iibu
m mi mmz mm,
I'ralna Itrma.
" I Weather changeable.
Sk-ishing playc.i on?.
M.!ithiy frtatements pkn'.etais.
Buuraiers qths plenty ather people n4 v
- sr numerous.
One of ccr widowers pit married ou
; i vcttaj siite fellow? didn't vet.
IT-ijiricti-A. eual-le tueia ut atujuuiase a rtHiaaetf '
1.1 icitFrei hn tber AaT ever tHtbliFhtl. i
iirs. Grevo-iazb'f Smtt. -Pyth.aiU. an-J Mr. ', !'' LEWIS' Uft aa.l bert !-k. It i. roe-tins;
JilrX Sirr, -i . auu !H.uf," i wHh tne arrate.: fnceesr: ani thei? .v. UN Li m
, , " , ,. . , , ; '- i--r ttir cirrnlr?. abk-tt are sent
arfil iceulicU'.iU an-A eumi-ttievl ia tu.J ruioine. A ' txv. HlJt VAt 'LKAN i'bila.
ferus ut ftaon Sturti.-a by ) "
JIim Mcreiiilh. Mrs. Stuwe. Mr. Wbiiner, Jiia i rt - r T
li.i er ai,wu.. Crumbs of Comfort
Mr. AUnwii'l nc aitl 1 ftAwteJ to-v Tne LtJje,- rrJe3l.. A.k ytMr rKeT f.,r
- scniiiir. anil the Lauillf vi i-.i".Aui1mti;.v
in Hauianiiv." a.
1 tic scriCT t ariklt a Plitiil S- ieai-e.
; . . 7.77:5 .f. iT. i.. atway slvcs atieti-.. Trr It
jiilict in ta.sUijj," --LauJ." -The Law ,f 51 an-1
tiui Jur-.siiv-ujxi.?" 'Tbe Iiiiikin C4uao.i." rue f
Saare U uinea." -liioai l auckio." -Taritts !
am i'rirtrrisun." -What cue New Aiiiuijiira;i. ! , . , ,
muni uo.- -Ltior awl WaSc tauoa. I ue taw f the.la,,,n''?7.?? W1- .s 1,! 'rrerf.
riacjl iatcrrtt ia ! ".- -?- !-.
j i ,uj ii ij i.ui.i... i;ji :.i ir i, . I .. , l.r
!x.--.-.i.iT . : t r. 1 1 . " iv. l nil i.Ci muv ' t.
l. i. u a. ivu. - . . . . i. . , a c-v t , .iwiw.
X Bartlett's Blacking-
asT sive sstierrti . Trr It.
Yi'e've two squires in our town
; amiable voting ladles the Misers
!p!av," and Simplieitv," aia'l
; though i
! An c-nierprisinz young fellow wants to
i exchange the close tc-iothesi of a "Summer
; day." for sn overcoat. Terms made known
i on the ith of Jul".-. Mac.
will 1 i.tue.mu-J l-y ciff,riii am .lean n ea iai-nl
t in their iiiit- ul rt-svar-h. AVe waxu loua liave the ,
1'iens-nre ut prttiiiait tia'icr. atnotis tiit-ni, by :
SO 1 1'rut. lAolry, y.t. 1jU. or. kxihg-. iK.ijrax. aiui j
Prr-i...cn; iiiii.
i of lb-es-miK-r. at the house of Mr. Brant, .i ik..,.r-.in.-i.r
' . . - ... ... T , T ' - ! '
" ; nv r-atn:K-i linir.t, r-si., .jacoo r. jH-itaer
' Atatiim!n.-il S.il.ikirl e aii.J I'iT Pirn r-':..(
ii B.X t jiine.! to the ivticw uf the pnnlu-at.cs of ,A Ure A i.aure. Fenui.- A raknen-. au-i Piie
a Itw I Baca, but au.-.c) w tire Me areottr.lt. I iaateatractiUck lurbu file, cb-anlv .-u-i lr.i
the m. id loiinrual leeia. lr..iu the Freuca. tier- i e-aleii.) never runs, breaaj. limivr?. n.r Ml, ai
niaa, -J ti.gii.-b prtiw, as weU aa Mir.. ; f aiiiasro citurt, aaiety. tieaniiiKs. an-iiianbiiitj-.
Tt'i- rvmi iiir.' p: ,,:Siv 1 t'aiversi-ly a..r.ieeo;" l y the Meuk-al lTnfesiii.
TLLLLAXikUOr Pi.CXaiiLs.s, ; ,&lallw: weirthcrn. a. tbe t and B-t aatis-
J.-seri' the Hi'an:lal advance wbici the wjrui j b.etyry ai.iianw. kmmn. Sent by mail urrx
bas ic i le. in whatever aim-ilun ct in whatever re- ' re. Lf tat.li-hicet.. I TChef ;nt reet. Phik-pi-ja.
.lu !ieeil refereucc tcruninvveiueau m iu- j aletphia. and 7-7 liruo Iway. New Yurk. tare.'al
umic ale whx-h may be autmjHed An Ataerira. i an.1 cwn-ect aii.itt.-t meat. Lxj.-rirTif.l lull in ai-
Tbe ila'jiiue wUi'be uo-ltr lueeJilurial eharre ' teii"lan.-e.
of Lawara 1- Hale, wbuwiUbave wi. tr aataace I
bun beret.ii.ire lathe Bixax-.tneul u! ii Jtiora-; Al-NIi i.A.MLJiOl.
Weaver, Uth of Siaiers.-t
The heatili.'al Cbnwlilh HN FIDENfE."
! God's Six Days' Work,
rtxesioNS. t-Jo to W. V"
.iid Uiv a U'.x f Pi;or.
s oN-Ei.ri.osivE LAur Pow;-
i. o ... .t. -...11 i 1.
1 1 I lilt t iiiuvi ... .uwi.. .... ; ,. r ,
C.r..n i CO . IIIII'IO. eiUeill t. lUl'Vllllt.l, IttXlIUHUU
srt at;anuifBiJ. A ne .magazine win itius .
i :
Wesk-y Barclay,
1. B. tterker.
H. K. Mussxr,
tleo. M. Baker,
2 Uoliin Haines,
A. M. Must r,
4 M. Shamaker.
1 X. M. Kuepia-T.
1 Lorenzo Statkr,
Nchemiah Manges. 1 Sidie Hush,
. Barbara D
j ci.unty.
! GEISEL McCREARY. 0a the 27th
. r ii ....i.,.- i . ,....! r,..
... J '..1.1 t , .MIHU'.I LM1...I. --S,., . - . - , . I I., ... k..i' ... ..t.,l.- . .... - .
. - , , . - . . ... . , . . in uiuauu o.i i u. ia .reamer va r ' i j r- . ... . . . , . - ......... wu.,... . .0..
j .Air. J.uin Oeiscl to 1; J.ary Jill realA, a,eW,j in.i New SaiM.-riix-r lo -tiLO AND NfcW . ;arkiinT ems a biitvtre'! H.I ne uitreauna
- : l4h of Somerset cr,cnt". 1 f.-r litS nt A or. vr at H X the A"hrui.ii:h will be 1 than Betiuu. i.very maa. woman ! ehu-J wanu
' r,.,.,.rn .. . r' , at ! furnL-aed tan :sjtt eatlej.rca itjc trauiiujf. i t real i:. It U rivi-rv-d ! the Prrs carl Alicfat-
"; I AALht!. .iIlLLLl. .January I Sue luxl. ! t-T alldetinriiaitbjai. le uutnense. Aiuti
M. T !V-rl'l.e ! liia r. . ti ll, f Hi, 1 S . . .1 . j m -..i -. ! Atl IL. -It mr ". V.i.. . ITDfrt ic! Aa Id Sa feT n.11 a enclea V week.
: li.n Walker t.t lawie Milh-r. ttfh of S. mt. ! lwkr A FubiiJliera' wtca. , Great IttJosrio-nn t agent, tjanltfyatrat ur
rrset count v. .
---w w wante-l f t the
ivelv prevent vmtr lamps
aul a our lamp ciiitonevs trom i ; ,, 1 . n- i . n w
' - more tn.lv th?n i rir la-lore. EtToril r.t oncie 1 "
Ii. F. Patterson.
3 F. If. Waher,
J. P. Dull,
2jAi JetTiii-s.
Patients w ho
to ail others.
!trior to any
i m. 1 Iav.
Foii the
have iast 1
if others who c-n;cm plate doin so the!o1 rr.cnt. sausage aVc. loan inmvKlual who
(Mii.iu-r seb:n we print the lolkiwingtitue-, s:sied him, and who then started for
Iv remnrks from tl.e .Vri'f.Vf' Yoritr
PILE P LETC 1 1 EI i. On U.e Cth of
jH-tolier, 1"72. by Rev. J. Berkly, R'rnian
i us Pile to Luc-iaa Pletcber.
! HENRY BARC LAY. Oa the S2J of
j Dceemlx-r, 1V72. by Rev. J. Ih rkly, David
! J. Henry to Arvcille BarcLiv.
- - ' ; CASEBEER BLOUGII. On tl 12th
fisltv" storv has been re-! "f Dec-mU-r, 172, t y Elder Jacob D.
John Landi residing near' Miller. Hi-nryD.t. aselrtoSarah LiiajlL
Luuhered ta.metiinc a-o : SXYDER BLACK. On the 1st of
bv lh-v. John Toralinson,
C Stirvra axt nta cibus.
Tbi." hmi glxet the Terr rrejta of SeleDec. tank-
I jt,Qnj Men. L!ie. Teaenen. anj A It-nrTiaen ia
errry uty. etl l.c irrniar. Aiw, lieu
X a lii AVaaUiai-at Street, ja.
ja K V () X I
hited tO US.
it of our tiinv n aders w ho ' Allfalher's mill
d builJin? and for a host ' and toward evening gave finite a quantity ! January, ly
T:;L Cr r'.ia Band, we Ivlicve, at the in
vc .if Mr. John Hill, pai-1 a vi iit to
- iiii-cu New Year, tod dkoouix-d
! tat-Mc st-vt-nJ titm-s during the
7 ar lint, re were kindlv remem-
Brickwork miiuM r.'-vir lc ja.iuttd
: w hen the bricks ere dry tliat th.-y v. ill
absorb the water le Id by tie? li..n.:r. I:
mortar ot tin- 14 ;iaV:ty i- nsployetl fr
pointing 1 rkkw i clu-n hri'-ks fire
1 we W S..rrv to sav that but k-W : ory . im- ia inr.r w .:i uia-i fi tju:t..ij
rere J:J hune'at tLe time of the lime and s,ir.d will rn.t c-ir.ibdate.
...lit we know ih.-it tl..- w ho : In order to solidity, mortar sin nil be r
. er.il ('t'n i'n-'ini'. Tlie oorretl w ar. there
u f1r,.. to'j,.:j;irm a j .b of p! Inting brick- xir frhni proj.irtionatt-ly fatigued, jest I
work s.1 that th- work will rer.der sn'i-iac- tben a nappy tiioujat struci mm wmc-Ji lie;
torv . -nicr. will t.. ui-tke a mortar of acted vitiun at once ; it was to part with.
his home, ia the tiirection of Rtxburv.
Scarcely had he piace.1 c-ne-fourth of a
' mile N-rween him and the residence tf hi
-em r'Xis friend, when he was startled by
tiie cries tt( a catamount whi. li evinced a
deikle-i indiualioii for a Jots r axypiaint
i aiT. lie Mrtod to ran and fear knt wings
to his feet, but wlutt man can distance a
! hungry catamoont ; the distance was e
! cumins f.-arfullv less even" nxxnect and
Mr. John H. Ssn.h r to Mr. S. J. Black,
Ixrth of Somerset county.
WERNER ROVER. On the 13ih of
December. 1S72. by R-v. W. Frydav. Mr.
Henry H. Werncr"toMi-s Ar.iin'i i R-yer.
'-th of Alh gany county, Md.
KITIXS I.1CHTY. On the 5:hh ot
DetrrnVr, l!72, by Pxv. W. Frydav. W.
A. Kolas to Jennie Liehty, both of S.xa
c-rset countv.
..!: u; II an las. fee, rou.h sk:a. pim
. -..na. ss.it-iiK-i.iu, and other cu
.,'i.ti.iiis eurctl mid ihcskin made
." : -Lx-th. by usim; ti.e JiMll.a
i. r. uaah' by C.-t ell, Hazard &
N-a V.' k. iVc. rtain to tt1 tlien -7.
rS.r ;.- there are many wonii
... -:i..!i- mi le v. ith common t:r.
.'. 1.-..
-i Fi.t.T The practice that maay ;
i-Lw-iii thc-ir toid fitt cke to a:
't i-s-.i i l i m.ike this part of the
' - e i-js,vp:i'. h- t.r frost. The feet
a. : t: im r a;..! c inseiiut xtlv les
' -il-J c;- i;e. I h.s mi
;.-,.ri . ifi the dispoa-iti'Mi to wnnu
' ' .i ii.e iiii.ii.-r ia.iieratetl is txi
e cprehbd. to j eni.it a
':'. s ,ni,l h- g-t. :.t Llynij er's
:t Vote. The ix-st Meat "t ritu-is
a S-a; St-.;f.-rs, C.sd Buek
''' . t'.eil Shovel. Forks,
-. ;i:.:-. -. s:aw CuttcTV Horse
1 La lies. Sh-ii.li Ik-lli Al
' "-:-i". V. ;. Brush Holders Soup
O 'la-ts an i lilt. I orcciain
i. MKie i.xlu-s Wire
Ik -ki ts. S;, ; Ijid-k-rs in
::.!; auytbini ut a'l in the
5--. ca to Bieiiiter's S-:;-- f.-.f
kali, sharp t-:ad. nay tliH e parts C.sla:-C- , li,e nmrms oi uis sat, oievr ut pievc anu ff p
!.:iie.ne art, i.n.l ese part ot ttie ; mm e mmmi iiuu uc una ia cue in- pj.(.n J'n-or
Pvw.-n.lak-ceiiM-nt ; pn-parint: only a few furUted animal. Suflice it to say that his Ulj "(la,.fc " '
i:nr -i one Pii'n- .md iisiti" ii as siain , stratagem wcirked like a cliarm, and when " " ''
Mci.REGOR. Ia Shade To.. Sm-
Decem'x-r 5th, 1"72, Mrs
trc! vears, 1 mur.ih
as p.raciiejible. Scx h work ?h Mild lie die "car hi ow n home jsirtexl w ith his sack j BEAXLR. In Shade tow nshni, Nuner
durlcc a r!ndv dtv, sifter a run, while the n' IwmnJed into the door, with a whole set Co., Pa.. December Cth, 3Ir. Mary
l-rk"kscre lull of w ater. In case the brick bide minus the meat. We presume the . Beancr, aged 51 years. 8 months and 17
are onlv saturated in mrt. water should I e 1 catamount was, on the whole, well satis- j tlajs
. . . , : i M .... . r . i. . . a . . ... '
U-lic-.t again-j tlie wail : until every i.rw - ia tn me aut. uc, BERtCEY. Decern lx-r 23th, Mr. Levi
is filled with water. If brickwork were doubtless, be on the lot out tor more
jointed assu?.:.sted. the mortar will sa ! portable boartling bouses along the route,
lrt-mie als.ut as hard as the bricks and no ' our Ikixbury friend should be on the alert,
mortar will flow down on windows durin; &iUburg Indsptudrnt.
v 'he thsa-ett of heavy sliowers of rin.
A-iVFKTisiso rives a certain digcitv to
At a regular statexl meeting of Stoys-
tow n Lod-re, X'o. 272, I. O. O. F. held on
the artiekf advertised. It confers a kind of Wednesday evenin December 2-jUa, 1872.
the Hwlowmg resolutions were adopted :
! Whkreas, It has pleased Ahtdghtj God
in his Providence to rt-moAe from our midst
by lc-aih, our esteemed tirother. Jonathan
liolsapple who by his nprightness and
faithfulness in all the n-latkms of life, en
deared himself to all who knew him.
value it never lv-fore Krisstx!. It mak-s
the article cm h-i.nts place it oa reeonl
i rin-r? it Ix-foee the public, and cn-aies for
i! a status in tie cr.niutdty. Advertise
so ordinary aa ol.j.x-t as nn old larn-d r,
tor txanij "le. Tliat door has tiken on a
new value. It is worth more than it was
Ix-tore. !erj.t:se people know lli.it it is in
Ik-rkey, fif Jenner Tp., Simerset Co., fx
If USER. On the 22d of Deccmlier, at
. Prarie, Yolo county, Cal, Mrs. Elizalxth
: Hulxr, fonnerly of Somerset, aged 3'b
i LIXDSLEY. On the 4ih of iJeeeml-er.
Charles H. Twin son of S. S. &. T. A.
! Lindsley, agetl 9 months and 4 days.
; K1XG. In MiddlecTeek township, at
, the advanced aie of over 71 years oa the
Srth of December, John T. King.
The deceased was a resident o" the hioe
t in w hich he died for nearly half a century
; a worthy citizen highly resjt-ted in the
ci.mmunitv where he lived and died.
Cavtion, Krerv pcauine box of
i?fWrr(f, That in tlie death of Brother
the market. People know that it eil-ts , Joaatlian lioisappie. we liave l wonny
that it is ..rs-ik. and tliat it is e .'isidered memix-r ot our 1 J ire, p ana true
worth a.Tr. rtisin - It lias imined a bistorr. brother, w hma we a,
and l-o.nies a matter of interest. People aJ whose tm-nmry w
a.-.irJ.ia tf t I .w- A, v r4 - r.t at 1 .d m A a. if lb.
Ai.n l II tAlt 1 tr ii-r, " Ukll m aa vrwi . ; t l lt
we'wiH alwayTS ! lr. McLAxE S L1VEU 11 LLS
i bears the ti?naturc of i-LLMIXt.
j Over ii IHaftrxti -.. All mr own arent ftv
; Kber Uw-ks an.1 many a lent f.r other PwMiah
rr. are eilira tbua lv.t.ie w it a wuoJerftil aeeeA,
. t-eaBe it 1 the nxt raloal.le. beaatiial atki po
clar ettitaiA ai,w ia tl.e market.an.1 in a -it at a
' Terr L.w jinee. A"artraainz bui-k? free t. wrkin
i axetts. AJ.ire ZII.iLt tC . MX'VBUY. Sla
1 Aa. b rert, PbilaJetpiua. Pa.
i I-i t'e t:i G irr i. tvllt-r. ta.tf ScinyTea
Lmer wtaat-ctarT fa the aV.re estate barir a
let n 2TiCieU b the aiitcr'iimej ty the pr.r . -th.
rirr. wrs-e ia beTet.y yiTen to t.e in iebteU w
it t tuike imtaeiut aiyaiear. and tb-aw baric
' riainia araiaft it to fir-aent theta !nly aotten".i
'eaied i t .-it!Tnent at tbeiate reaiienee vi the
.!e'ea.-e-I, m sia-ar-i.-., Janairr Hrh. lTX
" i'lilLilP SH AVEK.
ef rtic t. ntt-etinir. ,
Wejl.-rl t'lla ll..t '
liaAiiio-g P:lk HrjiEnv t-ii'ii to enr. 1; if rr , T Tlor
Suli araUdroirijiJU!. FrW 1. fTlcl DilliZlZ IiOOIil
Library. Chamber
How, iieii ana wliei? to Myertise. ! i
2Serut. GLO. I. KfU"FXI- Ai
How, N. Y.
L mail
At Pa V
J I? EY EP. Y I'tsa "h !PT I' 'X.
Est Pap ! Best Preiii !
,U- i-J-k T:rne. of Iwer Taikejiout Tp
ci- iiJ L-air; it t pr- ei:t iIv-cj. in',y n'. hotiCav-
fl-vl Va-1 i .:-.'. fHrniTiinr. vl.u U la-. :it i :il 'nr !I'.h. 1- ...
WiAJ.fJ1 ll.'aCUft III UlCC-tA.::.. 1 . . -V-.A. V. A- . -
A S5 Picture Free !
97. 99 and liu TM AHliBeinmlerBrothers,
Jo. lid Sir-UtSeM vtn-et.
i Uj site It
cov. S.
-7H1T. ai Wie.'.rri:. t !' A'ji'-i b'.'-ry.
air ravtso oslv ii 50 ra
Rural New-Yorker,
Rirai, Ulerary find laajilv Wct-ily.
Tbi Faimat" Faria iva-i Fire Je T wire haJ
foriaearly a caaru-r of a C'-enturr U-ea um tea t
fiuttelai asA PoLir Pair ia iu h;Xier ar.J
s ai.w ree'wired a the ;ai).!ir! Ataen-an a
tbur.ty n l;urI an.1 lsceicic Att..ir. aat a Fii'.t
t'las.'. lliiib Tjne,l Literary aa-i Faaity jL-timiil.
It bcjr aa atUuae-1 ail uaae-ttfe
Continental Circulation!
Harinx anient fri'-ii-j. ss-Ia-hiSrer ic every Slate
ami Terr.b ry in toe I ni . tiie t'aui-la... ic. it
la uyTr fc.iitnrs .ni is-;.3r-.mi'iiT-. aai sire
is as? an.1 betrer liicira'ieun'.. tbaa any .fcer
Juarnai of i lla. bat it ieae S.r IsTA will I
t-uer than ever i-i.ire. iniaitbl '.rfitenuan-l s.. f..
P will rf.aa a tK-w ..re .rf iHutilnl t'..jr-Iat-e.!
Tyjie. an.1 -reeot utbT Aee-irf-U lin;'. emeu;,.
pa.re's Aiar.i U Nati mal in C'lianteter aa-t Ii1
je-t. an.i a.iap:9.i w ritb T'.wa axi Vmnrry.
Siru-ea tturUi Pa?e AVetkiv. wita Title Par
Ireler. Atr at eiei ot Jsrn ani Ie, makinir tw.r
UntR an-J hua-U-iaie A ..aina a Yenr. Next t.i
yr Vn-ai paper it U Uie ne fir Yturt It Fuiaily
aad Frieoc.
S7.50 FOR 12.50.
; Mancfj:--.nrf'TM cf Tin, C" -er an ! S:.eet Irca
in.i nry ).fi bciiosp" v,.;e-jaaitr ev-r aflX-1- ! ware. 'W;er in SUi-. '. :!- WnneT. 4-c".-
. i i t ,n xn ATi--e l..f txkirz au-si-riti- ierr. j.o.auiua ani iea iin aee. ixaiaen-u
ti-& t-i
r,r;-i;LrrE3AKY. FAMILY
j wilh whXh ie sitn away la
remiatn A'l-tare ev.r vi.
l.irxst ari !et
tl.e cew kt.-i exqni-
i!e 12.i
K.-ii'.w War. KfriTavmt. I Vr, Ws.
"'ieras, h-r Ot-aro KreiT-t. iiiri I tr- r
i Fatal AajnstaKe Stiirs SMtss,
I Tbe ni't ce'nl invert: i i
theae-- S4aa?t
-.-i.i -i i i- i.-..,rr--i.vi - f-r siiieiir' w;.Tll-rec. waeri sn 1 aanraie aninra-
are tiie rh.Vest tlisV.'l i rere b Arr-timiMf in ; 'e e.e.1 Meatinj. Wi.re. s. r
,ij the Kertoetkai of il-ebpi. 'Ae Li Hire !
tne miTti 1J toiir ot ir-r.i:ine r a ' . . uru.
; ra.. - ttiPL AVi AKL "mi -FAST AsU-lH."
i mi'seta Li:e-ins fb.-inr.ia-i in: .imii-i oi orii
i sal ej P.iiulis. Tatf I-iJ- r fcas t'ie !arxt ur-
. ra'atam ia tt w .r i. it w.l! next ;er na..f
Wuer tiu.a c-er. S-nil lal- w -r. l-ti--aii aa-.
ti-asi. L. M. AJtott. riwarl ii-.-i Harriet j
i beet lier St. we. ete. N-w ani Mi..uJi! c-.ni n- :
; bw. ILn'trate-t II .'u-tiy an-fr sa t t a. k I
' f lia Aieti i - ry t'r-f. Tbe ia-t tik:n?i
. "t'uiul.Jitiii-nl" Tbe L-ri.-t ruamis- p"-t-
; ne a-st w.i ie i in A m nth: att-er S1..T in
; Si .ts.e; ati.."ber ss A ia e w ..? ; e in 1
.3 'ii r, aii 1 f es-r ir-m ".tfi..i-
jrnaV. T .'- ' ar-tftr -r.- o.-i are j-r n- t
N waii:rii: f r tlie I r-m;-irr.. tvsa 'n tr.
ibeia wbea Le b
Intel. r.t ua-Tj av! - -w '.-! e.iwhrr-.
T'tir - ""I Arfinr. rxn.i?aT y p --u-l.
... i. .- ...n-na-tv ait fa-T-n J I II Vi t ti It At '
;'- th- kir-i thil wiii sir t.si rutin m: if
Grocers' Goods a Specialty.
L--i-.e i t
Uii . n F.
' Le:i.-r .f clmii.isr:. o .a tbe at- t :a:
hvi iea i-r.ntei tr aj.:ers..-irf-l I t the j-r
aBiir.iT. a.i.-c u beret.T rirea id tnJe treje. --rd
W It i i make nsritt-.Lte pa.ui-ent. a&A likee bar.
Lsz eia.:a ainii.-t u u j.re--nt taem io toe nn-.er-1
jtortti-mmt il i aix-waaee. at Abe late r-a-l
r.-. o; Mil ae-ejw-a, mi .-: -it -a v. Feiuarr
. l'Ti
lire ii a.lmtr. sie.;.
A. J. .il.. ra
All wV. fjy 2 it wfJI reeeire the linrjl Xew-' -r jk ar-nti. irrV Ja :! A t tea M l
Yorker ijr e rear. al. 8. a Pretniuso. a fet- i tllt a-w Cbfr: t '1:r.-c M ii.a .iiiie ctii
paiietipy .if tbenie-r. Su-1 Plate Lr.tnvir.if en- ) rfr-Tti."' IiRiariH!iil -.-t U a-r-ia omH f r cr
;i".W -itirtb-liay'MiaTiiay. vr the lirtii-n-' Unre M .-f tbe -I Mte! scieX' arli innLet.
prcsecf" a beaatiiui ai-i i iea-.ni.'Pje;-are.w..nh ; -u i.rll" Maj. m rereras i ic. tier aaii
sj. in Lart we tamiio s-tse.-T t"uir:. i.ke wiet br.
THEJ.LST PAPER. ' 1 HAAMS LI UBEt'II T. Ei..;.ire ,4ap stxl :
TF.K.MS. ia a-irane. IO a Year. wi;h Pre- i " ' Isr"- M remtMliw I
cuaaa lanrravuia. le-jsol.) In elul . Ten or j HORACE CHEELEY AND FAMILY,
:wre. m'y par yearly Ait-mt PreDtiata i . r.t T maU frU OA, i
tu ta.- (.a-Bina-tiar. sjit -tijeDe rTemiora Lis. ; w K.u fcut;i4, K.4t aivi S-.wmif Ma- bine I D UTA. tbe ferttowma; iesrnwa raiaable real
tree ani j..-isii. ira;iA '. t irlen. ; Ti , lifcJ y-.si? Tarea.iinaThiia.Ste. ! u:e. w wio A eeraia trat f iani -i-.oaie ia
Eeabea Kre-xi-ata. In tie LVa-ttx-a F'.ez. vt
Jlaoies-s Ave. -b-hmaa. -S tners.-t I ... " i. 2. It
an.1 fie wnb.w aa l i Term. IsTS. (Pju.i-j
ati,- c bmrnaa Lau-i limk.t.;
. tfeeeaaeJ. )
by rirtne .X aa erer ie-tie.1 oat tf Abe Coari uf
C'loai-ia Pleas of Seret ei unir. in tbe above
matf i eaee. to ate tiirectoL I w lil offer Aur aaie,
by pe'tkc ootrry. at tne Ctrt H.-wsie. in SutaereA
li.T-.Cih. na Fmlay. tbe 17;h 'iar yf Janoarr. A.
wi k'e-zije.rei Letter" at .r rfc, A.J.t!T
1. 1. T. MtxoiE. Aww Vork ty.
Agents Wanted !
Light Ri:i2i?
it rure xi cen cb. Cintilirs tf Tr.s ber j Elktiek towrvjbip. Somerset ern."y. Pa r.Kam-
' Nreliie aniie-i
aznt. .i trera
! :.". Y.
1 Af i KNTS. ts.w i nrt-oan..tt
inDRnn lost m in.
t.. r il oi I aca n---w ; mz A , aor-4. warraai-1 ia tne na-rn: of TUuraaa
I Cliarry.
Sri Er.a-Iwjy. I Tes: One-lbinl of ttie pnrrhae m twy to It
In-i ia toe balance in twtf e-aai an&oat
tairtnent. with interest, to be raitil b ra
ment bead o tbe premise; tea per eeai. tA t
purebaae m.-r- T dnat be pal . tiay of aaw.
a !e toeouKtenee at 1 'ei..i p. "l.
Mnf! 'Xhis. t A. LIY EiA LPPEF.
Dee. -A ISTi i Sber.if.
i Tbe otj't b- k en the fohje-M tht trit. tiie whole I
t iitorT. Ikjo't hmnl anted witb snriber. TLL i irrpirrv ......
I baa'near'.T a pasrea. a.r" fall jiire EoirraT- ) iit-Uii" X O . A A.
j inz "i "Pri-e a Tt iTa.jw.Bi will rC it j
! at siabt. For brsi cboti-e f u-rnu.ry. J ires at I Ky virtue of a writ of Fieri Farias iiwoM oat of
i i. ASil.MEAP. HI Satmorn a. Pl.ilj.. Pa.
AOEXTS AVAXTEIifi-rtbe F;X Prai: of
SEWING MACHINE!1 Satan or the Devil
Sold Ijit Yesir:
! in Hi' iTTt a n--w b t: Lt Kev. Hiii Kea.1. A.
' 3! aoit-.r of -.Kl in Hisawy." IJns'.niwi m m
i.irritmaby IXt. Xrt of HnnrX Wetkty sad
I tubers ' .th:ai like It ever bei'.rc- e -a u beari
j of. sa) st 11 at eisht.
I. K. 1KLAT. PuI.iisVr. Kii roadway. X. Y.
I.an on Collateral
l ittslmrza Ciry Ht!
Oocmaa!rh BTMi?h I.-i...
I hie frota CM'y liauk
JobntuwB lVTu;b Km: . ..
t'oiteii S-jw h-m.1s
LiuM on Ueal Lslalc
1.039 W
&. tw
2.050 90
.S1 13
,A7l! M
la.(CT M
at.i ti
U eaeaaalted by anr know? retneiT. It will erad-
i Scate. eitirrat an.1 ta.- -rbly destr.iT all poin-ai-1
; i p. iLiinntej tn ice i:i.:. ami wiu eaeetaaiiy ;
a.v. hi i istK-l aii prediepttb W bilious deransemeoC t
- . i a err a-iu a a.ruia i yaarctrrrcaa pirr
S.aJ w 1 n-esp reoereii at oee. in i.i. -.i neeume impure
... ueieierrtitt Fn-ihict iiei.mnj ruiuioua or
kin (iiea-e, KbXehv-v Fel HA, Puttn'.cS, Canker,
Floiplv. Ave-, Ar.
Iijre yaa a Dttprptic Siact tnla distes-
lion Is promptly ae'e-l. the r-era l .'ebilitated
j Asral AA aateat Faery a here far
IThe Mothers' Guide.!
Am nt .!. I-poFitisj
Ieetrmi-r liri.ic&-l line lAepvsitora.
Treasarer'a t he. W.
SraTK.-ir IiaxsvLvA!iia. -Q
i'ovR't cf tXtaArwr. A
I. FU ANbl ItiKKKT. Treasarer ef tbe J.ihnf-t.-wa
Sariuj;i iiank. iu a4.nuiiy atbrm tbe above
leintemewt is true, to the be-t el mv kteiwl.-ire an-i
belieC FUA.Nbl lilBEKF.
Swjtd aa-l nit-riiie. tbire lae
A. StOX rtri M EKY. Xotary PnUi.-.
The t'Dileri!ne.i. An lil in Committee, certify
tbat tbe bare examined tbe emeniiiAna of tbe
Hunk, airi fcnl the at.ive Kantnent to be eorrect.
I. Mi bAlliMUA. 1
H. A. B"S.
wnb .rtt of tlie l.lou.1. liropeteal TeaAeaiT,
S11H.S71 13 ' I'- tm avatar 9 tie inlrtii?iri f Y are
" j In daaseran CLrjnie Iiiarrbu-a, or iiiSaattnation
1 of the HcwelK.
j Hare aoa wvaliae 0 the I'ttrime or Friaary
1 i23 S4 : Ora Y. a are esmjie i bi teilerinic ia it most
'' M j trirraTated f-Tn.
.'. rAMAoj rr c d4jecUd, .tn.wy. dalt, '.arzirh or le
'." 1,711 a ' rr-sef in rtiiriia, wilh bead athe. Aat-K arbc,
j cuate.1 ii.ti-.-ue and had l.xtiry m- u'ii
I 13.TI 13 I P"r eenaaa reme.iT l.-rsil of tbese dirc-iKac
- weakness il trmbiea: fir eleatiiin-r and f uri-
j fyinir tbe Ti:laiei idwl aal i:npartir.j riifw t all
tw ...a. e'iu.T. it irtii..ui bo sua rcsiJ.nnt tne
weakened eunKitatkm
niid jxrhaps, after sunie tn.ntemplation, ;
Xam'-ror Ilepontia.
X amber of Ufa Aer-onts.
Arerase to each IX-positor..,
. -V.Ji in
wbk-h ia pronoaa-rd by tb leailiter medieal in.
tlKitie ...f I.itin an I Pari -tbe ra.'t twer!ti!
biie awl aiteraiite known to the ta.-lk-jf w.jrU."'
Thla i so D. w ami mitrioi i-trrery bat ba beea
l;ia cued by tbe lja.tifia pbyk-inr.r ot utbereoua
tnea ith won-ierial reawsli-il r.-ilt.
ia't weaken and impair tbe diirestive ortracs
..j rainanfT ana jitk-. tner stive m r lecipora-
j it reiiei in.iia-a.i-in. n:ttaiency am ariiietau
! with pile and k.aiired I'siwawa ire mre to luiiow
j Abeir a.-.
I Keep the bl-wl pare and be ith ! asrare.1.
JOIIX tf, K IXLMiKJ. I Plait St New York
Sule A rent fur the 1'aile.i Slate.
' Prtee. Cue tvihtr per Lottie. Stud I.T Cirewlar.
the Coort ot Coea&aa Pica of Sown A eaanty.
Pa., ic-l to me Lireciesl. I w.il expoee to saie by
pu'i.ie owtcTy. at the C"an H..nse. is S-oer I
D. roaan. on r n-'.ay.tne l.in day oi Janaar. 1st A,
at .me o cl'-w-k P. X. Lae fottowinat real estate, tie;
Ail the rubt. tilie. interest and elaim of Elijah
Suoekey. 01. in an.1 1 the fc.ikwiasr dex-ritd real
' enate, ix: A eenain tract of iana sitaated ia
j Larimer b.wnbiu. Smeret eotrafy. Pa., a ntain
! icst iii3 arre. tn.-n; or lees.of whichtbereare nbooA
i i.ii atrre eieare.1 and aboaA lo aere ia meadow.
1 witb a two at.iry tear uwui b. aw aai a eoe aivl
' a naif sbry tra'ine .:weii.r.a tew.c: aL a k-tT tr
: thereto ereeted. aiiwiniBx: uttl! -4 J.jtah iiiaier.
i Wiliiaaa botner an 1 A-am I'iHaxb. wita tbe
' arpartenanee. Seired aai taka in exeeotWa aa
j tbe property ol Eli ;ab Sre At at tee nif Ueort
I .reiif-r. a.'rainistrab r H H. p.. 'rr-st-r. .eeeied.
SiK-ritf" case. AHJYLJl KX EPPEiL
liee. Si. lTi. Saer.iT.
(Trii a er thb Suxtun aSirxaaaL PeT t
K. K. Co S. Bt&siT. p lw. ja. lrA
X'Xsee S3 hereby srr-a 1. be S' --Ar4.1eri of ihe
Somerset A Minerai P'inA aL R. Co, tbaa aa ee
tn will I ne!d '-a M'".a. tae lia ay of Ja
aary. 1T3, at 1 orioea. at tbe ome td tne Compa
ny, ia s. ;er -t. kr a Pn-k-iii and twt.v Lurte-b-a
u aerre .or tae e?iat j-r rear.
JeetTi . scretarr.
Tbe irreat dioo?ry t tbe relief of pain and a i i . . ... ,, ,7 , -- , lti
jure ami imnvsiiate .ore llbeamaM-in 4hr- I - A i t r A'i A At A A. A C't-AtA or
, . i k- ani A rule. Sprain. Sore Tbr.t. Lroie. Chil- the t"wi7J Site, fr the AVesttni I'i-"n-1f
, .Tb "IXMaeallc' aper-de otht-rs beeaase t la.n. Pain m A'bei. k -r L-mt. t r p. Sua t enm-rlTaaia. Kenrr J. .MUier. a ar.kr;. aa
it nniae tttrra m the ever daT service it ren- I 1. .... smi.. inn.nm.. x rt-.i. Unn. . .1 1 ... ... ... .j ti .k i - .... .. ..
der. both da the workshop an.i taoiilr; ami be- j an i Srai-'s. Uckft Frie-; Feet. CaUirrH. a, i applied Ut a dit:L'rre tmai all ti ier.'aad .ia-
--1 "-.j- - ...j it an a pieas.ai aiei rvir - .1 it o.ht an-i wui n- ,
hear work. 1 rrm or wa:a tbe at. .l. '.a-a'.e lai .-ie. wiii.-h
A ilaebiDe wiil be farniabel (a- trial) ton-spon- ; atakes it a Laiary in e Terr tamiiy. frktiVieiii ,
m.ie inies wnn an ue.rw-t.ir 'wun.at cuanrel tier hrttle. Fi sale br ail .imsir.t.
npuaappiicatioaatoar j 14EI IEX Hut T. I'r. 2Lati.-vta b rt X. T
naremma, 31 Mita s(., 1-llls.Dar n. ;
Abe Aaanetir " has takri: aa,Te PrtBiiBsjsa 1
Tbia is the best otpnrtnnityn..w off.-red toarent.
biracva.- f r a lire Utls Lterr M.ilr need
aodwanuit. Hs.-ll ni-i i'y. Expe.r.-n.tsi ean-
-i.-ers irrioTiTV-e it tb"reA seiliirx Hot ia the
I market. St-n i Ue einuurs aal see oar exira Lb-
And now being Sold at the Saie of; .'"j iSTias c a b.i x.T.ciiv. !
Thisi Year:
7 5,000
tnis seasia than anyottwr .Aia.-bi&e. ani i np-eiai-
ly rernmmei:e-l iJr Family aae aal Manniaetar-
er. It ia f..ai4e in e.a.-:rartxa, aci-eie and
easilTran. A-niress. I
Th-IHJ.MESTIS. M.m.. i
iaal i Siiib S.r.v; l'i.iir--h. i
Wra gjjng)
. er ciauas prorabie tu..lr atid arc. !-y or ierof tt
C. crt. &ot-e . berehr r.ren to ail .re-iitor wb
, have pp.eed their de' u ao-1 other verr-mi aueT-e-
i e.J. to aj-pear on the loth ar . Janaarr. AsTX at
1 lvoVLa-a a. ra.. I l-rv stawl hirft-r. li Ai-r-
' later m nil ro le. , at hi odiee. ut to Oiaaaoad
s-.rt-et. Ilttst-ar-i't." Pi- to h- w cause, if any they
have, wh a ewhirje huail rn he rrawed to
the ! touiknfpt. " S. C. .U.CAXl'LESS,
, .iec 1 Cierit.
i Hale 1 1
yib!e EeT3t"d tie en. Warraica Cbieei, Bfi.inx
Ir. Fet.h-r CJtEirl. Iwimpintr a SSakm tirate.
PireeA Iira.t. Ft LLr.il, WAHilEX ilU.'ii
M ain Street, Xew York.
Kate of Iiiri.ieads PCI .. per rent
a.- i.,r..-;
tl,e t.
1 re.
nt qiihty call ! had
a sb-in ilistanee suth-
:li. II. II..us,-f;f will
n-t-.cnt. and ie at:t!...riz-
bi-n-y tljtref.rt-. Fruta and
1 IbiY-ruVr. pcrvma t-hinr
'-'. than twenty I .lh le
" i ti jar cs!, ur.'.is ly
1.. r.t
. . , 1 1 . .1 .... .... . ,ni!li t ie lri-.re. 1-ir.iiTV uni lru-fti tid the: I'..T.,..I ill.. ...n.n i.Tl-..tnaiti,l inninrji HTn.
:! 3 nine- ncsjvt.iT,-r.i leiaiiN- tin-.. t..j a-. ; , nnait- t uiu ucwu r .-tdui. a cac , x-f DirtlXads a Uii ( 'trr cent
wsutenr. The nt,lx.rs m.-M rrt - atl . , j do other. '"The market v full of lint- mW Kcll rjt
them if haA 1.1? 0O ham ; OT. w i.rw; Vet of 1 f- ' . L, " J" , ,it,Jt tatk-ll. Government H.a aa.l 'other first-ela. cuiiateral
ft.it Ix-SSir ahle IO hitT & t it. J.iln tu-xarnins; and the l-rethn-n Wear the USUal ; "i"-"- Valae td ea-llatrral be one-third ereater than !
tltre ot infjmini lr tuiny tiay. . - - 'loan. The Bank ikw X 100 nmoty upon WiH-
1111. li'. iiiriih ri . rir. latr oi U,i;:-!
aLettprfl of iMlainirCrai km tan tb a eae j - - Tf4
laJ. iMtkd.in.l.Mi I. It t,.a.a i-ma 1 ItkwTTe i ft
.UaAfa. i,ATiwnt f.M.1 1 s. h - M . w.,r,. tt I rrTwbene are k-AGLK
Lt'i l" niilimoa Saturday. . Jj villghtoilc'H
dcxA A.!uiinl.-trt j.
Ilrtohttt, That we fhall ever rememtx-r
- 1.
-AT t'.lj.h tl.e ls:!.- ,J
.... , 1
: A: Ti.-a't-'r.l i-ji.r. l'.t
Y- itr T'-e .tr".' IitK. i.lv
'" - e .f th .M. -t J" it
i- .e-ir.. tt i lit wet aiy let
' :-r I 1 to Is.'Wra ar. l
.-I." ai.ie.ij ;sTi'-r is iir-
' s A i;e-t NwiitilaJ t.t I ft".-rnv.
'-' ti.e t,jr. r..-r' IhnUlay
1'-' b.rai 1 Lir . ip-i ir
' :, .4 yt. r j,;.-tnrr that we
t . ri.i as 4 j .-, ti.ii.ti. iirmV
1 i:i.t ttu acd wld !
'...e wli .f any i.w.
;" 'ti Hif UriAsr-r. h i Lite
""r.-i aa i.-i ; Ui.ru! .-'f tn
' ..W.-,- ...
Smith i' elevated l-y set-in his r.atiie in
t.r-it I: 1 1. "eii iti .n f.tat u Jul.n X
1 . ' . .. ' . 1 -.. .... t, 1 ..r .1.-.
-r-i. h V. liv sh I'd. i nr Larn f5.T sx- ! "im inamuc a-iuu itt iiiJ"u .uc
t-iretolame'iB ha. inir it hinh an.! its hrethren of Snaetstt and Berlin Lodje at
a- a! 01 antic anmv.tnc.tS ii the J.-;l ,.r-: the funeral of ouidrtv-ased hrnther.
sad. and i- pcrf.se. d pitied in a lil of- &"l. Tltat a ccy of those rsoJa
. , v linns he "iven to the wkiow of our di-ceaa-
' etl trot her. and that tlu-y !e published in
tlie rXinierset IktwrtU and S xix-rset
Xrr-taca fAvfcility.
Ina La&i -ariiy is reqaimi.
' 1 i law
' vl!v, an '4.1 u.iu and an
I'airt hntM1 Ir.n fo:a-'
!.r-ri;e acr.- the f.rid 4 .
P. O. !tB T II. pATTEnxOX,
P. G. Jons F. Kaixlt.
P. G. Jacob THOarxw,
t ornmittee on IifylntRn.
A J.-hnay"
-..il I ; 10 "f th.
'war. 7.a
the -.- i.'.ius. ;-i i..t nine o'tl.a k hi-t
I'ri 'ay r.ijht t-f wit li ta-!..re last, he f. '.! '
into a 'nth' t.r xeavalii.n tilo-en fc-et ;
d t p. I.'ie c.ih.r '..ic- and two ril were ;
Idien an.i be w rt-rnlerei inc-nsiUe ly ',
the fill. Whn he rwxcml cocsri-.ms -1
n" l e r. a ly:n oa his laack with hi
rr;-s and shuhh r so tiirht'y wetieil bi-
tw.-en t!.. t.rtijix-tir. rxh that it was iaa-
taisel'le in
the h-a-t ertiirt to cAtrxfte tiinistt:. l litis clay eA'cniDi. a ue taoie was sjireati in me Bmter. ft
ia..;-M--1y p-.ni'ine-l t ) the fnw-n cartb, lariie and tutmisonie rooiiiK .t the dweiiin;
satr.-rinz iiitt-rtialir fn.ia L'ra lnd.cn lames irt of the Academy, occupied hv II. K.
r.n-1 the ertrecH- hnwir,j that lus cry ineppt r.
' Vi;h i'j irl.siET a'tea laats. V.w jrl'j. drpress.
Xi. tnTiduutary emissluas. l-s ot aenv-a. aptrma
; iorrbara. kas vt l-wer, dint htaa.1. A. of aean-
' n ..J 1 k.. . km. . I innvjMu. s n.1 lmhw-i I if - tin.
. a MiTemja ear in Htunphreyi" Hameoiitbi-1
Speeine No. 1 w.-aty-Lizbt. tatip4 of tbe 1
: cxt Taioaide aniM aaii prCent CaraUrea, they ;
strike at oar at tbcroot of tne matter, lux sp tlie i
' strteai. arresA In flirhanre. and Impart t -'
and eaercy. life and vitality Aotbera'.ire msM.
i Tber hate eared tlKasam sof ease.
a vt Aa4-a' A-aaA iu VTtAiutic JW w j t. a, aaa j j ,
a-in 4aa I.I Ww. tl4 k f-'l TfcrWArv-i - a v. mmrtt hf '
maiieanss-iMtrfpri.se. A'tiiree-HCMPHKEYsl S 10.000 ACRES.
7 - - w
I benwith offer lor sate twoof the htjt anJ mcM !
i;y inae d an witrf le iaswia-r oat ef the
Orphans" Court ol Stm.rs.-t eoontv. la to me di-
1 rct-t-a. a wnioaera: j uimc -oitrv, in Aierha ttir
j cuj.-h, 00
1 at 1 o"cl:irk. on the promise, the fillowir.; real e
I Ute. vit: The mliTi.ted .De-bair.-ftfcol.mtd
(trotin.1 situate ia Heriia horwatth, nr Lots Xo.
aa-1 ST. adssaina Xonh sueet oa the aorta, al
ley on the east, alter t-n the aalh. ani lot nf (ran.
. Johns.! aa-i olre.-rt en tne wot, npua which is
1 eveeted a tannery and lis fixtcrts ia iCK-ieomJition.
.e en .du. ; r,iluUe Ir,, Froinie ia the Sute ef Teaoea-
il tntiVhieh Z i " ne. r Mltl miit 'WW Fl I -,-e-
Terms nu.te Aw. cat est .f sate
decll A-fic'r of Alex Hs-fflet.
Xear Trar't Kapa-er. '
Somerset, Pess'a. i
January, 6, 172. j
Dear Heuald : I had the pleasure f ;
attending stiripcr iriven bA- Misa Lillie -
K I In war. Xew Yt-k. Wit. IS.
w-F.t ie by E. H. Mar-b.lL S-aaemet. Pa.
lue an.iemjrie'l. aptv.ir.t sl br tbe Orphans
(' nrt td" S. 31. rsct r anty. ti auke aad rtptt a
d.strlba'.i. a vt the fan-is m the hand d tiie ad
miziistrat.ir of Ge nre TrtsteVer. dtetase-1. to and
ansTa th.se kaily entitied thereto, hereby lire
; sot ire that he wul attea-i to Abe daties of bis ap
W AUTED. A.T AT OXCF ' F" totment at his r.Ibe ia Somerset Taeh. 11
1-ILE .d m-net in it. tl.e t pie e. ; irviay. th lota day of January. 1,73. when aad
Ji to Iwt tbe auihtritio his- ; ail pers uere..e.i may acewi
j a. x- i3 t r.it.
tiecIA AadiU.r.
A.-uate of S,.lotana P. Homer, late of Jebnertp-
Letter of administration oc the above estate Lav. j p;la.
iiittr been trranted to the wW.tsiiraed. t.i is here- i .... ... .
by err en to those indexed to make immtsliate pay.
meat, aad those bavicx claims against it wiil pre
rnA them, duly aBthentirated fcr setliemecl auh
late residenee of said deceased, on FritiaT. Jana
arr 17th, l7i
At minutiaUT.
k,1""1 Diw-aterlet
Tear la Afriea, with Boewrct ui the
EXPEliirioX. liter ow part-s, 00
srlii.-a neroeia taxra.iei.
CALTIOX. lleware of in:erk.r w.Tks. This
is the only e.np!ete aa.1 reitl le work. S-i j,,
riej-atar. aad see proof and arreat saen-sa azents
are haviaz. Addr.-jas HViJUAKlA UKliS PuD
JA nrir- t2S ; t
nlr ri i-i. Is '
1 A..,
Are made by the Satwntay Erenior P'st aad the
Lady 's Fri -wL A be mi ltd cbrumo of the
(HiLiA-rBoriirr "SAati tL,-
1 ata ; A "tit 1 CI UT t-'vr ! L'ftA.- vwi iaSMrr--w
1 - ... .. tf t it.
CX. iaUl ' T. AHZ AZKUXA K vtb . XJ . Atl( , TJ"f- AW.X"I
to ii?mLate th ftro-i in tbe luoda oi Xoi A,
Kiws. uiaSiicis-7traUr of th eLxe A U-jtbt
LaViiEau-wV drrj-v". to aaJ anKiiPit mT
iixxi t Ltrei-). I wiii tuietkd to KaH iv.j mi the ittce
of W. H. K't.u. l tm Frta4T, Ut tlay i f
J anTrarr, l73.
eeoll Aadii'T.
hate of Jaa.b S. Folk. f Eklkk towatbia. ie-eeasol.
Letirrs cf admiaistriuii oa the abur eatata
Correrted weekly by A. J. CiSMani.it a Ctx
be St-elib.47or of the Johnstown A Somerset
Eailroad (Xtrair wiil met at thei'yanril Cham- i pi r with the Maraxin. prfce A3 4ol
ber, in J-diaeiowo N rueii, n Mob lay. the la 1 aoA lad to ezamtoe into this oiler, it is
kniiwa a tbe "iron .Mountain ttrtiace Laails.' jcayM Janmry. A. l lsri t cbm ao a Preaideat i A GKEAT COMBEXATIOX!
wita aonnoauoe o: nea one, tt ow a&a ximesinoe.
il. n.l nrr. .b. tMlli! ihMllltmi.ll f.w. ' 1 w n.
Th. ciiS.-e Iwf fr.AU 1 uMiWI tAiTrnnH.- ! i.nl " f'VBriArrim Qm.'. t de?!.
, cat oi Jiiiinn. .1. a is. to eaiaao a rimmi i & CiAAEA A CAJMAAAXAT
aad twelve lHreetim to ktk for I he ensnina" year. , . , ....
j Tbe said electi.a wul at 10 a. aad chie at t.L -To"u!" it ""5.'
! 1 p. m of saiddav. I Peter.. alx.nl firret. PtuLa..
f . aw 9 s AA ' -U A Is. w l r. I T. ;ii.lir ai ; ez j
mair. vo iiitr'wi.ur r. . v ;.wr. i n r tj ru ;
CHiNil Tbif tcmchu wiii tuu-K Iwm. IV 11, t tar it,
QBilt, ft-rd. biad. bniti an-i ra;n i trr us a oaotH t
aVATAJ MI a.axa i c A ".ai I r. wr aw ia umt ai,Ttr I . , . , , v, . i J aaaj"J utah ia
f ar -y, marhine that .1.1 e- a scn. mor. : rT 'Tren u. t iied u, u. make mac
AA orthr t t Anvea with tbe rper fsabs.-ripts. . 'TZLCh erE ZL Febuary V I-Ci
1 j frtm wbirh twtee tbA amooat eaa be made. Ad- ; . .
' .tress SUtlltli a, IXA.. Ilb. Mass.; ii-sbwrg;. I
ira-cnaacu liiwri. 1-B.J, ato. -
Xe Tlee.w A. ' '
hx itijiiisti condition to ua.ke Stutzniaa and her prpils. on last Wetlnes--; XjJtterV eli "".
rirw, o-aar Fort Hcary, xociadic;
6,000 ACRES,
' ii.i thin.- t.f the li.ili
tbr . rena.le f a l.. wir
-t si-tany ir fall ltd- help cnai l reacU n.
tii.irtal ear. l.ei.ss?-d the ho;hut:rs(if that
dreaiifcl nihL lie hojxd with theccuuinz
nxirn t lie fiucd ani rehc vel hut he was
were xisiuuir their dinmcd to dLsp;iirti!jtnT. Hi physical
Mr. Knepper Lindlv pave hia
houw lo he uswd tr lh puqs.e. The talk-
w as one of the haa-leoniest ia apjx-ar-ance
that ever lxf.re met my sijht. It
was ornamented with cakes, candies, rai
sins, orange, ruta tve, in lacx. every
l'.oek wheat.
Beeswax. V :
Hifia, sboelders, f ..
- Shies, -
baais, "
CiTB. V lb.-t
Vara meal 4 a
Calf Skin. f 1, .,
l.-r. oox
Fiour. V rf4
' Flaxseed ft l-a i6 ).....
"' Bi,
'--I-. !e
; - -.. .hi . ..is, s. : . . . i wan itt.qiiiiii: tin. iiiiuuitm.v ....... .--j. v.. . . . -. iK.;ian, a. ......
V '"-i taiie tl.r !. around extrtW. Bnd h'isanxktv IxxsTjii-aonirin? clish and ia.h-od they were; Uie yottos ', Lumttier. red te,
tiiree a -.:i .'jriuilei. as hour afl.-r Ixxir cd" the day pa-K-il slid hidy who soclejrantly ASewed thciii deserves M tip.
ith the urual ac-'ni;I no relief caiae. Xiiiit was a?ain praise, and another pise ha been added to Oat. ha '
'-:tiit-itxd the st rtnade. tk-:ni around him : lie had been nt-urlv her wreath of life. All enjoyed the sap-! au, pi .........
;!y a.k.-l w ho was twentr hotirs in hi leii.if i) tajsitina. Ills 1 tx-r hc-artilr. and sfterall had satisSed their i , TTi, . " "
party w point- evtreiiiilies were i'rozon Ut tJAxensihility. craving apelite with the dtliciou f.xxL i luirt, f
ATni.uu! hatiiled IL- Wit to fad a drawsiaesw steaiin tlieA- reiwired to tlie fchool rooni-alxrve to Sail. Xo. E 9 tdd
-".-.r I. Ill t. . .1. . ..i. . . . . e . .. . i . - i ri. ,iv v..t " ba
a-. ti.e un.i it tri er Aunt, a sure rireciirstir ua cteatu uv hmh in tue iaeriT iiats. u. ... .a. auu , , t a.t.,.
iiai.tj, ... . free7.ic;, when a passing hoA- wandered heen all tuoved to one side and plenty of Suyar, yeiiir f ii""."
'Wi . oiiwrt came aw iH.ie tiinlesids into th? tiitirinz and fjucd the wxac ku there to play in. All ttniu-d tn
iiiis rii.ed man. Ue wassjxxtiuvcxtruitiea : tbe rallies wnic-n auaeu to enuven uie w
end taken to the nearest hotise tmlv Eftr ! caaitxi. After HAany Ironrs of aiuusetneat Woui. l
...i 00 prtof whMa it rich river IxXtonvUie Lelaaeeeov-
. ered with the KX kiad at Umber, aeeb as White
v' and liiaek (iak. Poular. Jiniur. Maide. Ash.
. Aoe. Ate.: BiwerUU wita An IaaX Aire,
" " " : i i tracts a ra ia Stew art AJoaaty.
,.-l MO '
3e! a. T cn
in vaiUT-ie iraeis ot i-r tnai in nuwstiOB ' f
AAaawtT. me of Errs aerra. withia half a mile of 1 -.-
X MemphU it. K aad 1'4 miles
Came trrsniassiuz oa the premise of tb ftiV
rribT. in Liiw. r TarkeytotX urnhii. ltil the
loth of XoTemlKT last, a'dark briinlie brif.tr about
two years obi. aner bit tt of t he racbt ear: left
.e n.r.ir : ft t'K ... tr m ill . . i.
j wari. pay t he nre. prure Tflier.y. and take her
I away, or she wiil be soil atxvrdinv to law.
j js.nl JOiiX FA1ULEY.
! J
i-.!. i the- Liwisvilte
Eettersof admlatr.ratfvn on the ettateo Dan-
f. tl.e leiose
, "V- hi.
oi-i aiai
'jy-y je ar CVaaaty Seat. One tber traot half a ",l7"""" J " '
I miie w of the County Sew. with the Kailroad tr by i"ea
f the
the 1-n 7
' L7. i pasUt? throoib oa. r-aer. oouuioins too aerea. V. . . i - ne r" . .a.1 .SI
. . . fr i "T " . ' . m. 1 Mevers. la (au t.mnshir. oa Smnria. the lath
i... i t.s B ot tnt se traea Bate m imir iawaiit wi an ; , - ... . , . - - -
lie i I Ut arlilenieal prjperiy aaifaealkairJ. aad lboe ,
10X1 . imiebte-l t saiil tsate will make MrmniL )
-3e A-i53-r, ; TOKIAS S V.Y EKS. - a. Bx.. when aad aoer aii parties utercsA
...f- " ! ... 1 AAJl. X CKUCHtltUI,
isi r- 1 r 1 1
L; ilo tip rarmS. rreBna.TieS: "5TTir.oe fa order U ale lasaisa; ant af tha
On the lineef the VXIOX P4C1F1C KAIL- OTp"-0 tvort ot rsmerset ewmty, w me dirett
KO.Al. rilMJ isjo aere oC ue best iinrmi ani : 'A, I w ui oB. r l pa.-ie oalrrj. aa the preauaeR. oa
SiiaeralLamisin America. i THE 1st DAY OF FESaXABY. 1S7A
RnAvfnil nd IlisVl-rilfiloiJ 'a. 'y'!,JTikbllhxrUt'- Vl!lr'T- at one .Vkrt of kl day. the ft.Uvwm real estate.
JIUMUII itm AiVirUl IIUII.- liale. 1 u. a, eertaia tract td land sttaate Aa JAXiola-
, , . .... .. j SILO ( LIHaTE, FERTILE SOU- i creek township. B-ijiBiaa; Jd Heehier. Jaevh
A fna drtaile-I aad srriie aert.unt of theonsia.i ,7 " 1 , Isarrnne. Aiaham Vaiker. PhUipi s her. rt aL.
pttarress. snffenr.r. Vm am! crpini!i.f tbe treaA " Grain prvw-.nff and Stork Kaiaiiia; Baswrpaawd .j, rTT j prrrae aad alia-waare-
connatrratioa. Arxrerhane. aarent. a. every 1 by any m th. lulled Siaaes. . ; arret eiear. A of wLk a are m meww. on wcieh
ersoa wast to know tbe luil pamraiars d this ' t be per ta Pnoe. Bk.Tr av.araUe teniss ien, 1 rwt(r-( rtnrr dweilma h-ase aad a stat-ie .
rreat disaster. Sent br mall fur it eenia.
FhRaiielphla, F or Cint-iauaii, Ohio.
ani more catemrlii to market ina can b f.-oad
I Free HaxneaAead fr Aetata Settlers
j The best local i. f r Cotoaie SoUW entUed
' to a ll.fiM-st.-ad of l-soarre.
1 sii iu tbe new IiTpiiTe Pamt-LM. aiih
new mips. jMtUbri in Luzir.h. t tersaau, Swe.1-
ineaa-Jerstiraedao-tit.. r-P"tnte.i ly thrC rt h aad Wb. nailea Iree every wN-re
to distribute tbe Icni ia lbs bancs ot Joxa llei.
seeker, trustee the sale of tha real estate of
Hcarr lielx. deeeased. wiil attes.1 to the datst of
his abl appoictmeat at hi olfce ia Sarret, A a,. ;
lauxsuay. tne v.b aa ot jar.BarT. fra. at lu ,
Land Csi'r I"
I. II- it. Co nBa.ia, X eh.
'nr a ttrril.le hailaL
a-d fii. .b.tr ti.;..
fari::r. lx.1 the
I; "dc-j oia ihe five.
X tW k!'"t'r ar l dUn.t ered
- white -
: Tallow. J k.
I AA hewt. ha
rar.'.s oitantl.
hrohr-n lofiea and Is i
rett llial tlie ;Jis f. r 1, i fr..n .r
o marrx-tl .d-r aim C.e th.t !. n..v Lu. 1 ii ...
r. Patum dress. 1 his ; in play, they w ere collected topi-thcT t J assaaa
dtiiajr evcrythin p- witaes the preseJitatioa aa" the tuliowia;j 2
itn tuiues,'hi.t there is i girt : Willtaus Coffi-otli wax presatel with .
Several Farms ia Piekam C-oanty, ou the Xasb-
2 oo , rtile a Xorta aa estera K- ii. j
...lSjliej Anr of Abe above Proprniea are as rej.rrsente L,
...lii I Ac ; wilh atod Tt'.iestoeaett. Ay of the above mad
liie i eaa be buxfaA at one-ball tiieir Tatar, aa.1 othef I
3i ; rood Mvny will be taken a part pay ii desired.
.. .JOtiSoe i For lull ueavriptxaa call oa er adtlrca
Owm or lil rratfl Vau.xt K. K. Ctx.
Kcsxax. Pa , Dee. 14. "7i (
ei can attea-i.
Si te Advertisement.
nr !.ini!.ans f.ii.i rten ana AtooAer. wnn a -w-. .i.
'' ckxix ia order to jr- poiion Lave Utea kore bonihk-i or under-1 cocii.kte set of w riting niatcriais; 31 ia j H , "
1 : . . , . r - j . - ! . ... . . i e . I . . t . -
tug nuirw ixucair i xixoAsitira Arfxiiff. i.inie tMutzman rpti.c a ii'miws ; H'w
.'llEAI'. Ooe Xo.
Smrr. Vseil hat these weeks. Ap- i
Dealer Ir Eeal LVt&te.
ll6Smithfleld St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
' It i iiari.1 Sirha-. of Saamit lowashin.
f Tbe anaual Deetisx ef the Sl-kholJi-r of tbe ; made a rolaatary assisuia. at foe th hraeBl M hi
( iiari.1 SiyloT. of Saamit lowaship. hat in j
'. made a Ttdantarr aedniua-at for th twaehl 04 bla
PaHaV.. Vatic K K. AVwapany wiil be held at Abe ' creditor to the un.itr'iimed. oa the t?.h lierenx.
1 Braider Huase." ia ilerlia 4 'a-, on trie sretasl ; her. l7i a-xtr U arret airea la ail peraoaj u
i Moedar, (lliib day nf January next) ft toe pur- j dbte-l to biib to atak imatedut pa heecl, ad
i pos of "eiactina; V PrrsAarai aad ail xhrartora A ' those ha Tina els lata will present them at the reyi
1 Uae rnSBina- year. dear af AhcsaU aasitaee, on Sttariay. Febraary
tire I !ee"y ai treaaure. 1 drA Asiirae.
luTin been at icte.1 awisb tr the fart.batis'
Crt ot S,wucrrt ai, 1 i, to aoon" ie the "
lua.1 ia the baa. a of 1 o a.imiaxecrai.w f Barnaul
ll. ko. -.-.. deeeaaed, to al .( th.i WsailT :
entitied I be ret a, I will a'teo-J f. the .iu le. saa'l
apr.MBtmruA at bit axhru ia siwsrTaet. p ea
Wedaraday. tbe i.b day of January. 1H73. at M
rturk a. m., w (ten aal aVreall perwaslBt.-rr;-ed
may atietid.
Ad riaims prra-ate. t.. ib. a Imkiistrati r e Li
U. Tory prior w ta Stfa of xtay u. wer detn.y
ed hy xa ar ia SouteracA a ihaA car. and nb-si . 1
b prew-Bie., wt:h th prs-T pen. ra b. tb au A
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Cor. Union Street tnd B. t O. E. H,
Cumberland, Md.

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