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The Somerset Herald.?
January 22, tsTS.
A bill has passed both Houses of
the Legislature increasing the Gov
ernor'! aalarj from Fire to Ten thou
sand dollars.
Or member of the House, Hon.
Jacob R. McMillix, bas been placed
on the following committees Educa
tion, Banks, and Manufacotries.
IIakrisbi'&q has spasms again, be
cause a proposition has been intro
euccd into the Constitutional Conven
tion, looking to the removal of the
State Capital to Philadelphia.
GaANT and Wilsox'8 majority, it
is now ascertained, was 59,137, be
ing nearly half a million more than in
The Republicans carried ' every
State in the Union but six.
The Speaker of the Senate has
made Senator Lemon, of this district,
Chairman of the standing committee
on accounts, and bas placed him on
the Committees on Education. Public
Printing, Agriculture and Public
Yesterday, the 21 Pt, was the day
fixed by law for the inauguration of
Ja rWornnr. and the election of
United States Senator, and we pre
sume that Governor Hartranft was
duly installed, and Senator Cameron
elected. .
The State of Louisiana is at pres
ent being run by two Governors and
two Legislatures. If the old axiom
that "the State which is governed the
least is governed the best," be. true,
then Louisiana is in a bad way, as
6he is just now the mod governed
State in the Union.
The first article of the new consti
tution, now being framed by the con
vention in Philadelphia, has been
adopted, and provides that all gener
al elections shall be held in Novem
ber, and all municipal, borough and
township elections on the third Fri
day in February.
The official vote in Clearfield coun
ty on Prohibition is for license, 926 ;
against license, 1,406 majority
against, 480. Of thirty-one election
districts in the county, nine give ma
jorities for license and twenty-two
acainsL Clearfield boroueh voted
113 for license to 161 against
Speaker Elliott has issued his
writ for the bolding ol a special elec
tion in Greene county, to fill the va
cancy- occasioned by the death of
j -
John Hagan, member elect from
that countr. The election will be
held on the 28th of this month.
The Governor has issued bis proc
lamation announcing the ratification
bv the oeoDle at the last election, of
- a
the Amendment to the Constitution,
providing for the election of State
,. . r .1.
Treasurer, i nere were cast, ior iuc
amendment 81,620 votes and against
it 4,393 votes.
And now, "Local Option" bas
gained another victory. The bor
oughs of New Brighton and Beaver
Falls voted on the question last week,
and gave an aggregate majority of
four hundred against license. This
indicates that the county of Beaver
will eivc a larsre majority in favor of
the law.
Hon. Daniel M. Smyser, Piew
dent Judge of the Montgomery
judicial district died at Gettysburg
on the 11th instant, after a week's ill-
nesB. Tne ornstown uaiiymiicraia
savs : "The deceased was a man of
strong intellectual power. As presid
ing Judge of this District for ten
years, dating from Jan. 5th, 1 852, he
bad ample opportunity to display his
rare legal abilities. He devoted his
entire energies to his profession
and worked with a will and a per
sistence that no doubt shortened his
A bill is before our Legislature pro
viding for the abolition of the usury
laws. These laws are a dead letter
in our statute books, and might as
well be repealed at once. Who
knows of any money being obtained
now-a-days at six per cent ? Banks,
bankers, and all classes of moneyed
men demand, and greedily take all
they can wring out of borrowers.
The laws are daily aud hourly viola
ted, and had better be wiped out,
than allowed to stand, teaching the
people to viqjate other laws, because
these can be violated with impunity.
The Democrats of the Missouri
Legislature have "floored" Frank
Blair, and elected Lewis V. Boot
for U. S. Senator, to suceeed Blair
on the 4th f March next So, anoth
er recalcitrant Republican bas met
his reward. The contest was a very
bitter one, and op to the last Blair
tbourht be would win. The vote
stood 94 for Boot, 47 for Blair.
Thus one by one, are the Democrats
contemptuously casting aside squeez
ed Liberal Republican oranges.
Boot is a prominent citizen of St
Louis, a Democrat of the old fogy
Bourbon stamp, and was a warm
sympathizer with the south during
the rebellion.
' The President has issued an exec
utive order to the effect that after the
4th day of March next, no person
shall be allowed to hold a Federal
office, at the same time that he is en
joying a 'State or Territorial office,
and our fellow townsman, Wm. J.
Baer, Esq., agreeing with the Presi
dent in his hostility to this kind of
double-teaming, has introduced a res
olution in the convention proposing to
make it unconstitutional in this State
to bold a State office while bolding
one under the United States. Evi
dently the lucky fellows with two sil
ver spoons in their mouths have got
to take pap with only one, hereafter.
The votes for Governor were
i-.l i v. .. , -1 :Ainl rn rr-nt inn
;COUUlVU llj 11113 U5UH juimv"""1"
of the two Houses at Harr.sburgon
Thursday last, and the result official
ly declared, as follows
Joha F. Hartrnnft
J. X
Charles R. Buckalew...
Simim B. Chase
William P. Bebell......
W. W. Kete.bum ...
But Sprunger ";
Walter Orsag
John F. Cameron
B. C Orogm--
In the Constitutional Convention
the business thus far, has been mainly
the introduction of resolutions pro
posing amendments, and their name is
legion; apparently a portion of the
members conceive themselves to be
in a Legislative assembly where the
most minute details may be provided
for by enactments. Up to date but
two new sections have been adopted
in committee of the whole. The first
of these provides for bolding the
State election upon the day of the
Presidential election in November,
instead of in October, as is now the
law, and the second changes the day
for holding the Spring election from
March as at present, to the third
TW.ul.yof February.. The latter
provision docs not apply to cities
100,000 inhabitants or more.
The Baltimore American says
That is a sueirestive paragraph in
the cable news which states tnat ibf,
000 emigrants left Liverpool for the
United States dunnir the past year.
Wefcardlv realize how exeat is the
exodus from Europe to this country
until we are met witn 6ucn piain ng-
ores as these. It must be remember
ed that this represents only a portion
probably not half of trie great nae
nf hnmsmtr which is settinff west
ward toward us. Emigrants are
largely a class of industrious working
people, who bring with them an ear
nest intent and willing hands to la
bor. They represent an immense ad
dition to the material wealth of their
new home, and help to build it up and
add to its strength and prosperity,
The old time 6aymg that this is a
refuge for the oppressed of all nations
needs amending now into a new axi
om that it is also the land of promise
for all men struggling for a foothold
in life.
In Washington city a few days
since, in tnc first uongregauouui
church, the importance of having good
. n 1
editors was considered, and prayer
was offered, especially in behalf of
the Washington journals, though the
editors of other latitudes were not
forgotten. We have had a notion for
some time, that a majority or our
Democratic brethern are "past pray
ing for," but happily the elections are
all over fov the prcsent.and perchance
some stray beam of grace may pene
trate the cloud of with which
they enveloped themselves as with a
rarmcnt We shall watch with
much anxiety the effects of this spec
ial intercession on Whitelaw Reid,
Brick. Pomerot, Theodore Tilton,
Victoria Woodhcll and a few oth
er fellows of our craft, and if signs of
improvement become visible, we shall
intercede with the First Congrega
tional church to try their band on a
few of our subscribers, whom we
wish to have converted from the er
ror of their ways, learned to be just,
and taught to otce no man aught but
love. This .effected, we sball all be
ready for the millennium.
A Ltu-ft-e Xnnafcer nf rtmn Perishes!'
St. Pacl. Minn., Jan. 15. Re
ports received to-day increase tne
deaths by the late storm, as follows:
Thirteen in the vicinity of Lake Kins
ley, (ix miles from Lake Crystal : six
school children, who had been attend
ing school between Fort Ridgway
and Beaver Falls ; a man named Wol-
vcrtoh, across the river from Manka
to. Five more cases are reported
from Alexandria, making 22 in all.
A dispatch from Bergus Falls re
ports seven more bodies found, and
estimates that within a radius of
twenty-five miles the victims will
reach fifty. A German named Lud
icker. of Hastings, and his team per
ished a few miles from this city.
One of the sadest cases reported, and
one illustrating the fearful nature of
the storm, came from New Ulm, on
Tuesday p. M.; a man whose wife
was sick started for New Ulm for a
doctor, leaving her alone at home.
No doctor would venture out in the
storm, but one promised to go next
day. The man started back, and was
frozen to death when half way home.
Next day when the doctor Tcacbcd
the house he found the woman bad
given birth to a child and both bad
frozen to death.
A commercial traveler in this city,
wha was caught in the storm, rear
New Ulm, and witnessed its terrible
severity, gives it as his opinion that
it has resulted in greater loss of life,
and greater damage to the State than
did the Sioux massacre of 1862.
Winona, Minn., Jan. 15. The
body of a man frozen to death was
picked up in a garden on the south
side or the river at Medalia on Thurs
day. He evidently lost himself, was
overcome by exhaustion and cold and
lay down and died.
A dispatch from Lincoln station,
on the St Paul and Sioux City road.
on Sunday, says: Mr. R. Kirk start
ed for tne timber to procure a load of
wood. His cattle were frozen but tic
was missing.
Later. Mr. Kirk was round near
Garden City, along the Sioux City
road, on Saturday, dead.
The number frozen west of Manka-
to foots up twentv-six; as follows:
Lake Crystal, 2: Medalia, 5; St
James, 10; Mountain Lake, 2; Win
dom, 3 ; Heron Lake and Worthing
ton, 3. These are given as reliable.
All the above named points report a
number of persons still missing.
A report was received at Mankato,
on Monday night, from Minnesota
Falls, which says that eleven persons
had been found frozen to death.
Seven persons 4bree women, two
men and two children were found in
a sleigh, dead.
A report from Redwood rails says
six persons were frozen to death, as
far as heard from, in that neighbor
hood. A' party constating of four persons.
a man, wire, child and nephew star
ted from Redwood to go to Marshall
on Tuesday, but when within a mile
and a half of Marshall they were
overtaken by the storm and lost their
way. The nephew Trozc to death.
On Wednesday afternoon the child
died in its mother's arms. On Mon
day mornicz, when found, the man's
legs and arms were badly frozen, and
the woman had one band frozen.
OI B HliailBrid LETTER.
Harrisbiro, January 16. 1873.
Perhaps it might be of interest to
your readers to know what has been
going on at the capital during the
past week. '
At the caucus of the Republican
members of the House, on Saturday.
Hoa. William Elliott of Philadelphia,
was nominated on the first ballot, re
ceiving 40 votes to 14 for John l.
Mitchell of Tioga.
Gen. James L. Sclfridgc was nom
inated for Chief Clerk, and John A.
Smull. of Harrisburg, for Resident
Clerk. Both without opposition.
Hr. W. C. Shurlock,of Beaver, was
at one time spoken of as a candidate
for Chief Clerk.Jbut withdrew his
name before the caucus met.
Capt nugh Morrison, of Butler,
was named for Assistant Clerk.
The matter of minor offices was re
ferred to a committee of seven, with
Instructions to report on Monday.
Here Philadelphia and Allegheny
succeeded in carrying off most of the
snoils. securinir tozether not less than
ifrlitMn nlaees nut of thirty-six. Of
the remainder Chester and Lancaster
appropriated five. This left a very
limited number for the country mem
bers, who were somewhat struck at
the smallness of the divy, but they
submitted to it with good grace.
In the Senate Republican caucus.
Mr. Anderson, of Allegheny, received
the nomination for Speaker, and Mr.
Russell Errctt, of Pittsburg, was
nominated for Chief Clerk.
As to the minor officers the State
f AiWhnnv acrain showed herself
wide awake, and camera for five
more places. ' .
On Tuesday at 12 o'clock, M. The
house was promptly called to order
by clerk Selfridge, and Mr. Elliott
was selected Speaker by a vote of
60 to 38 for Mr. Brockway, Dem.
Mr. Hancock, of Philadelphia, ro
ceived one vote, that of Mr. Welsh,
Mr. Selfridge was elected Chief
Clerk. John A. Smull was elected
Resident Clerk. Mr. Smull received
a unanimous vote, showing the esteem
in which ho is held by both parties.
Capt Hugh Morrison, of Butler,
was elected first assistant Clerk.
All the caucus candidates for mi
nor offices were elected.
The Senate was called to order at
3 o'clock, p. m., by Mr. Hammersly,
late Clerk. All the Senators were
present and answered to their names.
Mr. Anderson, of Allegheny, was(
elected Speaker by a vote of 18 to 14
for Mr. Davis, of Berks.
When tha name of Mr. McClure
una failed he east his vote for But
lcr B. Stranjr. This indicates hat
Aleck wishes to stand on the record
an a nartv bv himself. Russell Er-
rett was elected Chief Clerk.
Mr. Anderson and Mr. Elliott on
takinc their respective chairs made
few appropriate and well timed re
marks, thaiikincr their fellow members
for the honor conferred upon tbem,
and inviting all to come forward
with their cooperation and support,
in order that the duties and responsi
bilities which the placesimposc might
be met successfully.
Nothing of importance wa done
in the Senate during the week. The
Governor's message was sent in on
Wednesday, and after being read, the
Senate aajournca untu iucBujf.
In the House on Wednesday, Mr.
Smith, of Phila.. introduced a bill in
creasing the salary of the Governor
to $10,000, and moved a suspension
of the rules, which was agreed to; the
bill was put on its passage and voted
down by a decided vote. . But a re
consideration being moved various
amendments were offered, among
others one was adopted fixing the
a&larv at $7000 : this in turn was
amended by raisins; the sum to $9000
in which shape the bill was finally
nassed. bv a rote of 60 to 36. This
a liv no means a D&rtv - vote, m
bersofboth parties advocating and
voting for the Dill on lis nam piw-
dace, rue Din coes to iue ocumc
mi . . il. . I.' .
for further action.
Immediately after the passage of
tho bill, the House adjourned until
Jan. 13, in order to give the Speaker
time to arrange the various commit
tees. Ac On Tuesday evening i
ioint caucus of the Republican Sena-
tors and Representatives was nem,
. . .. - iii
at which non. Simon Cameron was
nominated by an almost unanimous
voio ior re-eicciiou w mo
States Senate. This will mako the
fourth time that this honor has been
paid Mr. Cameron, and it is a high
compliment to the zeal and ability
with which he has served the State.
On Tuesday Jan. 14, both Houses
asrain met. In the benate the House
bill increasing the Salary of the Gov
ernor was taken up, and in committee
the amount was increased to f 10,000,
in which shape the bill was passed
This action of the Senate brings the
bill back to the House again.
la the House nothing of import-
ance was done ; at twelve o cioca
both Houses met in joint convention
. 1 T 1 1.
for the purpose of counting the vote
on the constitutional amendment, re-
quinn tne estate ireasurcr w w
elected by the people instead of the
. . . . rw a 1
Legislature, as now.
In the Senate on v edesday, speak
er Anderson announced the various
standiag committees.
In the House petitions contesting
the seats Mr. Ash df the twelfth
Legislative district of Philadelphia,
and Messrs DcLacy, Koons ,Quigley
and Kisncr of Luzerne county were
presented. The House held an evening
session at which eoiumjttces were
drawn to try them.
. The inauguration of Gen. Uartranft,
tbe Governor elect, will take place on
Tuesday the 21st inst. Great prepa
rations are being made, and it is in
tended that the display shall exceed
that of any former occasion. .
antrartlM tm PaHlM of the. U
riT of E4wt fwwmmU
Philadelphia, January 15. A
fire occurred this morning at the late
residence of Edwin Forest in this city.
A portion of the library was destroy
ed, including nearly all bis valuable
Shakesperean collection. Tbe fam
ous original copy of Shakespeare was
consumed. It was published in 1623
and was valued at $5,000. The fire
did not extend beyond the library
The gallery containing painting and
art collections was not injured. ' The
fire originated from a defective flue.
Loss $15,000 to $20,000.
Ka(lrwt Are Mem.
TircsriLLE, Jaa. 17. A special
to tbe Herald says: An accident
occurred on tbo Allegheny Valley
Railroad at noon to-day, near Scrub-
grass. A sleeping car on the train
from Pittsburg jamped tbe track and
was precipitated into the river. A
Mr. Ritter, of Tittsburg, was killed,
and Joseph Ross, Pittsburg, John M.
Rieb, Oil City, and Charles Cornell,
Oil City, badly and three others
slightly" injured, among whom was
Superintendent Hepburn, of the Oil
Creek Railroad.
orm WAHHiseTox lbtteb.
; " Washington, Jan 16, 1873,
- 3fow that the postal telegraph bill
is about to come up for action, it will
h interesting to kuw that Dr. Loo-
tnU' thory of drawinir a Bupply of
electricity from an electrical stratum
at an elevated position in the atroos-
phere is engaging tne attention oi toe
government authorities. Dr. Loomis
has just been interviewed, with a
view to estimate the chances of sav
ing a few millions to tho government,
and yet tbe Senate committee on com
merce has reported adversely to incor
porating a company for the express
purpose of testing the Loomis theory
at their own expense, though a bill
for the purpose unanimously passed
tho House at the last sossion, una not
a dollar is asked from tbe government
to perform the test The probability
of utilizing the Loomis theory to an
immense advantage is growing great
er in the public mind as the subject is
investigated. It involves no less a
consummation devoutly to be wished,"
than securing a universal and unlitu
ited supply of light, beat and motive
power from the invisible air above the
earth. That such a Bupply exists, is
generally admitted by scientists, and
the means of reaching and controlling
it is the only new project that lr.
Loomis proposes, and for this purpose
he proffers to use the tops of high
mountains, anchored balloons, or mod
ern towers of Babel. As Dr. Frank
lin drew the lightnings from heaven
by the use of a kite, when a storm
drew a part of the electrical stratum
near the earth,-o Dr. Loomis propo
ses to go a step further, and to carry
the war of intellect upon this physical
power above, and cut off a part of its
normal base of supplies, ith such
an object in view, it has been suggest
ed that Congress should at once ap
propriate $100,000 to secure a thor
ough test of the Loomis idea. Surely,
it should not refuse legislative sanc
tion to company of individuals wljo
desire to mako the necessary expen
The position of counsel for the gov
ernment in the Credit Mobilier prose
cutiona has been tendered to Hon. A
F. Perry, who has formally accepted,
Judge Stanley Mathers, who was pre
sident of the Cincinnati convention,
was also tendered the appointment,
but declined. Mr. Perry will partici
pate in the investigation now pending
before tho Wilson Credit Mobilier and
Union Pacific Railroad investigating
committee, for tbe purpose of famil
iarizioir himself with the details of
tbe business. . ,
The first reception of the season
came off at the White House last
evening. The President and family
occupied the red room the President
being supported by (Jen. Babcock on
the right, and Gen. Dent on the left,
and all in full evening dre s. Mrs.
Grant was at times supported by Mrs.
Fish, Mrs. Judge Dent Mrs. Sharp,
and Miss Nellie Grant The arrange
ments were perfect, and the evening
passed very pleasantly, with the usual
crowd of youth, beauty, middle aged
and old ladies and gentlemen, who
were politely attended to by the at
tache of the White House. The us
ual number of rich and extravagant
dresses was on exhibition, but the
hours passed pleasantly enough until
10 o'clock, when tho guests began to
file out of the rooms, and the old pre
sidential mansion was left thus early
alone to its legitimate occupants. To
strangers, these receptions are a great
treat, as great and small meet on one
common level of American sove
ihe legislature of liouisiaua. on
Wednesday, elected John Ray U.
S. Senator, who left immediately for
Washington. Tbe Warmoth legisla
ture took a ballot for U. . Senator,
but foiled to elect, though Warmoth
received a small plurality over several
candidates. The new Congress will
be called upon to decide who 19 ben
ator upon tbe merits of the respective
legislatures, a decision upon which
will doubtless be reached before the
adjournment of the -present session
Tbe New York Tribune published a
wail over tbe success of Lieut Gov
ernor Pinchbeck as Senator, but this
is not tbo first time that paper has
gone wrong.
It is said some changes will be
probably made in tbe cabinet after
the fourth of March, and that the
Sonth will be entitled to a represent
ative, in which case ex-Senator Poole
will undoubtedly be the choice'of the
President As a constitutional advi
ser there is no man more deserving or
more capable ol performing well the
duties of any of the cabinet chairs.
His popularity extends among loval
men over the entire South.
The Souate has just passed a bill
authorizing the extension of the Point
Lookout Railroad into tbe District of
Columbia. The House fixed , net
Tuesday for the consideration of the
postoffice appropriation bill in commit
tee of tbe whole ; ordered an inquiry
whether anv member had been paid
as attorney for the Credit Mobilier or
the Union Pacific Railroad; passed
the legislative appropriation bill; and
the bill for the consolidation of the
Indian tribes into a territorial govern
ment was discussed till tbe adjourn
ment on Wednesday.
Three burglars were arrested here
on Wednesday night by tbe Washing
ton police, while engaged in robbing
tbe store ot Mr. Minster. They bad
packed op, ready for transportation,
about $10,000 worth of dry goods.
when the police pounced upon and se
cured them. They are strangers here,
and bear the appearance of thorough
bred professional!. . cm.
Cwi'Hll Cfcarch Baraetl.
Chicago. January 16. Tbe First
Congregational Church, corner Wash
ington and Ann street, took fire about
half part sis this evening, and was
entirely consumer, it was onp oijlbe
finest stone structures in tbe couqtry,
costing $175,000. The last of the in.
debtcdness bad just been paid off.
Great sympathy is felt for Rev. D.
Goodwin, tbe pastor, who was very
successful in the ministry. Ie was
stationed t Columbus, Ohio, for a
number of yaars. The parsonage' ad
joining is being abandoned to the
flames. '
Crcoayllle, ra.,-CBR-ratlB.
Greenville, January 16. A fire
broke out in the back part of a dry
goods store at eleven o'clock last
night, apd spread over four blocks in
the heart of tbff town,' destroying
stores and dwellings to Jh amount of
$30,000 which was covered by an in
surance cf $40,000. The Mcadville
fire department came to our relief this
morning, and the fire is now nearly
extinguished. Many families are
homeless. Twenty-four , business
houses were destroyed on Main street.
le PeaaaylvMis LefUlatiirc.
Harrisuvro, January 14, 1873.
L . The Speaker stated the steading
committees would; bo announcea on
Wednesday. v -
The Speakerpromulgated the usual
order as to what bills were in order.
Mr. McClure offered a resolution
instructing the. Finance Committee to
inquire what measures are necessary
to collect the money due from George
O. Evans.
.. no extra orncERS. t ; ,
Mr. Maclay, : of Clarion, called up
his resolution increasing the number
of Senate officers.
Mr. Graham objected and called the
j-eas and nays. Every senator, be
said, knew there was plenty of help
to do all the work, lbc resolution
was ' defeated yens, ten ; nays,
twelve. I
Senator Davis called up the bill to
increase the -Governor's salary.: It
was amended so as to make the
amount ten thousand dollars, and
Tbe House spent the morning hour
in hearing tho reading of the message.
, The joint convention to count the
votes on the Constitutional Amend
ment, making the State Treasurer
elected by the people, met and waded
through a wilderness of figures, cer
tified that it was carried, and ad
Mr. Latta, of Westmoreland, in
troduced a bill relative to the care of
insane poor. Passed.
. Harrisuvrg, January 15. The
Senate met at 11 o'clock. The
Speaker announced standing commit
tees. Bills in place were read.
Mr. Butan Supplement to tbe
local option law.
Mr. McClure- Joint resolution in
structing our Senators and requiring
our members in Congress to vote for
an amendment to the national consti
tution in favor of one term, and for
electing the President and Vice-Pres
ident by the direct vote of the people.
Mr. Humphreys Supplement to
the act incorporating the Yough
iogheny bridge at McKeesport
Mr. Rutan Obviating defects or
omissions in Sheriff's deeds.
Mr. McKinley Supplement to tbe
Soldiers' Orphans' School ; also incor
porating the Venango Bridgo Com
pany at Oil City, also a joint resolu
tion providing for final adjournment
of the Legislature.
Mr. Delamctcr called up and bad
passed a supplement to the mining
and manufacturing law, to extend its
provisions to dealers in oil. Ad
journed. " .
House met at eleven. A message
was received iroiii the uovernor an
nouncing that be had approved of
various bills passed last session.
A message was received from the
Senate reporting the passage of the
Governor's salary bill at $10,000.
Senate bill incorporating the Pitts
burg Evening Telegraph came to the
House. .
Mr. Ballantine moved the suspen
sion of the rules and its immediate
Messrs. Orvis and Brockway ob
jected, and on call of the yeas and
nays tbe bill went over and was re
ferred to the. Corporation Committee.
The annual report of the Commiss
ioners of the Sinking Fund, Messrs.
Mackey and Jordan, was presented
and filed. . - ; . .'.
Mr. M itchell,' of Tioga, preseuted
the petition of Thomas Waddell, con
testing the scat of Kuhn, Democrat,
of Luzerne.' . V T j
Mr. Daley presented the petition of 1
John E. Launce contesting the seat ;
of John R. Ash, Republican, of Phil
Petitions contesting tbe scats of
Quigley, Delacey and Kissncr, Dem
ocrats, of Luzerne, were also presen
ted, and 7 o'clock Wednesday even
ing fixed for drawing all committees.
House met at 7:30 to draw tlomr
mittees on Contested Seats. Two
Democrats, Beach, of Mifflin, and
Grccnwalt, of Westmoreland, were
chosen. The first committee drawn
was that of Waddell against Kuhn,
Democrat, sitting member from
Luzerne. Simonton, of Dauphin, ap
peared as counsel for the contestant,
and Senator Frank Collins, of Lu
zerne, for Kuhn, tho sitting member,
and counsel were accepted without
challenge, The committee now con
sists of Messrs. Strouck, Lanion,
Porter, Albright and McCulIongh, of
Philadelphia, with Henry, of Cam
bria, Wilcox, of Erie, and Ballantine
and Ramsey, of Allegheny all Re
publicans. They were immediately
sworn in, and appointed 1 uursuay at
three o'clock for the first meeting.
The Launces. Ash committee was
drawn next Col. McClure appeared
as counsel for the contestant, and
Senator Elisha W. Davis for John
Ash, the sitting member. After all
tha names bad been called McClure
ralsce the point, thil names which bad
been accepted by both parties poulq
not be stricken off by the contestants
or sitting member. Quite a discuss
ion followed between Speaker Elliott
and Senator McClure on this point.
The Chair ruled by reading extracts
of the law and the senator submitted.
This second committee 'consists of
Welsh, Jones, Priser, Hauch, Oliver,
Berkholder, Allison, of Washington,
and John C, Newmeyer, of Allegheny
eight Republicans and one Demo
Harrisburo, PaV January 16, 1873.
The House met earlier than usual,
dispensed with the reading of the
Journal, and went to work drawing
committees on contested seats. After
completing them being interrupted
by tbe Convention to count the vote
for Governor the House adjourned
until Monday evening.
The five contested seat committees
which were drawn are almost unani
mously Republican, the Democrats
not challenging many Republicans
vbo were drawn from the box.
Representative Daily presented
the petition of George McGowen con
testing the seat of H. C. "yittermarv,
of Philadelphia. ;
Orders of the day being called, tbe
Chair submitted the question as to
whether the petition should be receiv
ed or not The House was almost
unanimously in favor of suspending
tbe rules and receiving the petition
yeas 96, nays 14. It was presented.
The Speaker appointed Mr. Alex
ander, of Philadelphia, an additional
member of the Committee on Con
gressional Apportionment
The following bills were reported
from committees : '
f 0 legalize defects or omissions in
sheriff's decs' i acknowledged,, other
wise reguiax.
To prevent tho deposits of car
casses of dead animabi in rivers to.
Allegheny' county. ' " ' 1 ' :
The petition of Chas. F. Miller,
contesting the seat of Stokes L.
Roberts, Associate Law Judge of
Bucks and Montgomery counties, was.
ordered to be drawn on next Monday.
This makes tho sixth contested elec
tion committee ordered the present
session. :
Mr. Anderson Act to incorporate
tbe Shoe and Leather Bank of Pitts
burgh ; also, act to regulate church
; Mr. Plavford Supplement to aet
incorporating the borough of Waynes-
Mr. McKiuly Act to provide for
the management ' of the Veuango
county workhouse. Panned
Mr. Maclav Act to allow the Oil
City Railroad to increase its capital
Mr. Rutan gave notice in the Sen
ate this morning that he would here
after object to the suspension of the
rules which require all bills to be re-
furred to tho Standing Committees in
all cases,
' Harrisbi-rg, January 17. Both
Houses adjourned yesterday, but
many of tbe members remained over
to attend tbe organization of the
various contested election committees.
They all organized with tbe exception
of the DeLacy committee from
Luzerne. In this committee there
were three members from Allegheny,
viz., Jiallantme, sample and itamscy ;
four of the committee were from
Philadelphia. The three members
from Allegheny, together with Henry
of Cambria, and Latta of Westmore
land, refused to organize unless they
got the secretaryship of the same.
A Sleepias- Mtk Precipitated lat
the Allegheny River Oae Passenger
Killed and Several Inared A Bro
ken Ball the Allegheny Valley
Bailraad Causes the Aeeldent.
By the calamity of a broken ruil, a
sleeping car attached to an express
train on tbe Allegheny Valley Rail
road, was yesterday precipitated from
the track and down an embankment
into the Allegheny river. The frac
tured iron was encountered near
Scrub Grass station, at twelve o'clock
noon, by the train which left this city
at eight o'clock the evening previous.
Owing to numerous land-slides, un
usual delays were experienced, and it
was not until late in the morning
that the ordinary running time could
be made. All the cars, of which
there were three for the accommoda
tion of passengers, were well filled.
Suddenly a lurch on the part of the.
sleeping car, broke the coupling at
taching it to the balance of the train.
For a few yards it bounded over the
ties, startling its inmates with a
sudden sense of danger, and then
with a plunge went over the bank,
down twenty feet to the icy river..
As soon as the jerk by which the
coach parted from its companion was
felt by the engineer, brakes were put
on and the train stopped. The cars
remaining on the track were instantly
deserted, passengers and officials alike
rushing to the assistance of those who
were in peril of death. It was with
suqrie and pleasure that many ot
those who had taken tbe involuntary
plunge bath were seen to clamber out
unhurt, but further examination dis
closed the fatal seriousness of the ac
cident. One of the first removed was
Mr. Joseph Ross Protbonotary of
this county who was found to be
badly hurt- After him was removed
the body of Mr. James Reiter of
Allegheny, quite dead, with marks of
terrible wounds upon him. follow
ing, was Mr. Rich of Oil City who
was found not to be seriously hurt
These comprised the casualties among
the passengers. Of the employees of
tbe railroad company, Wiluam Garrett
road master, Wi)Iiin K'P'n. brakemani
and C. H. Cornell, freight conductor,
were found to be slightly injured.
Superintendent Hepburn, of tho Oil
Creek Railroad, was also slightly.
AH of these were removed to a botef
near the scene of the accident, but
were able subsequently to continue
the journey as far as Oil City, which
point was reached at six o'clock p. M.,
and where they received the care of
the surgeons of the road.
Mr. Heiter, who was killed, was a
prominent business man of this city.
He has for a number of years been
engaged in the manufacture ot boilers
and iron tanks, on Water street, near
the Point, and resided on Irwin
avenue, "Allegheny. He was about
forty year? of age, and bad been
married but a few years. His re
mains were placed upon the express
train East, which arrived at the scene
shortly after the accident, and reached
the city at nine o'clock last evening.
Mr. Ross was taken to Oil City and
placpd under the care of an exper
ienced phvsieian afr the Petroleum
House. lie is receiving every attenr
tion at the hands of tho railroad offi
cials, and telegraphed to his family
last night that though his injuries,
which arc mostly internal, are severe,
he has strong hopes of recovery.-
Tho latest advices show that none
of the coaches left the track with the
exception of the one in which the in
juries were received. The rail was
probably broken by tho car preceding
the last, as no shock was experienced
by those occupying the others, and
the cause of tbe accident was a
mystery uulij thp track was subse
quently examined- The cnF went
down front first, but rolled over when
about half way between tho edge
and the water, and remained on its
side. The fires were extinguished,
otherwise the fearful scene of the
Cross Cut ' horror might have been
again enacted. Fortunately the car
was well built and of sufficient
strength to resist tho shock of the
descent, o which fact may be attrib
uted tho smajj of life- It is the
first fatal accident which Lim hap
pened since the road was built, which
speaks well for the efficiency . and
care of the officers Pittsburgh Dis
patch 18A,
' Extvnnrdinary Bank Babhery,
Lancaster, Jan. 16 A daring;
robberv was perpetrated here yester
day on the Mechanics' Bank. Be
tween twelve and one o'clock two
men engaged tbe cashier's attention,
who wad alone in the bank, by Belling
$75 in gold and silver, th latter being
in- small pieces.
One or the men had on screeching
boots, and walked continually while
ig confederate and the cashier were
counting tho' n'i6rey. Pending the
negotiation, a third party entered the
bank by a rear window and entered
the vault, which was open, and ab
stracted convertible bonds to the
amount of over six thousand dollars,
and other registered and judgment
bouds amounting to over forty thous
and dollars..
The thieves, four in number, were
seen about the bank during the fore
noon, and tho men who entered from
the rear were 'seen by women in the
restaurant under the bank, but were,
of course, not Buspected. Jfo cine to
their whereabouts has been obtained.
ft was wittily said of a beautiful
French Jitcrarr lady that she had but
one faolt her husband.
The raueral r Napoleon.
Ciiiselhcrbt, Jauuary 15. The
funeral of His lute Majesty Napoleon
the Third, took place this morning.
The residence of tbe deceased was
thronged with friends of the family,
who arrived from all parts of the con
tinent Great crowds of people from
Loiulun arrived at an early hour to
witnens tbe final ceremonies -to the
illustrious dead, and tbe road to tbe
chaoel wa lined with spectators to
view the procession as it passed.
Many adherents of the late ex-Finper-or
were present to take part in the
obsequies and pay their lur-t tribute
to their leader. Tbe immense throng
of spectators assembled remained
quiet and decorous through tout the
proceedings. Tho funeral procession
started for the chapel at eleven o'clock
and moved in the following order :
Man bearing the tri-color borne on an
ash stick, cut at the last moment be
fore the cortege moved. -Tbe deputa
tion of workingmen from Paris with
uncovered, beads, ; bearing their
wreaths; the Chaplain of tbe family
bearing aloft a golden crucifix ; the
hearse, drawn by eight horses, was
driven by a postilion, and the mourn
ers, who numbered eight hundred 111
all, and included the Prince Imperial,
who went uncovered, Prince Jerome
Napoleon, Prince Joaquin, Prince
Ac-hille McRouher, and many dis
tinguished Imperialists, English noble
men, priests and others. The Prince
Imperial was very pale and exhibited
traces of the anguish he has under
gone. c.uipres.s bugeme was too ill
to attend the funeral. The coffin
was covered with immortelles and
violets. There was no funeral sermon
at the chapel, but the Bishop of South-
wark sang a requiem over tbe remains.
He was assisted bv Father Goddard,
the spiritual adviser of tbe late ex-
Lmperor, aud all the priests who were
chaplains at the Tuilerics during the
reign of Napoleon.
Mr. Lutz. organist of M. George s
cathedral, London, was present at
the chapel with his choir and conduct
ed the musical portion of the services.
Tbe remains were deposited in the
sacristy which has been formed into a
mortuary chapel, until the removal of
the body to France for final intermcDt.
Tbe procession was very long : the
hearse was at tbe chapel before the
end of the procession had left the
family mansion. All carriages and
pedestrians were drawn up three
abreast across tbe roadway and in
that order proceeded to the chapcL
Tbe Prince Imperial and Prince Na
poleon returned from the chapel in
one carriage. .They were cheered by
the crowds through which they pass
ed. At least thirty thousand people
gathered to witness the funeral pro
cession. New Advertisement.
I herewith offer for mfa: two of the best ami most
valuable Iron Properties in the Stare of Tennes
see, (me tract about 6 miles below Fort lkw:l
aon, eontaiilinir
10,000 ACRES,
known as tbe "Irun Mountain Furnace L-mls,'
with abundance of rich Ore, Wood and Limestone,
and within , to 'A mile of the Tennessee and Cum
berland rivers, also including about 2D small farms.
The other tract fronts a mile on ihe Tenneaaje
river, near Fort Henry, Including
i 8,000 ACRES,
, -
part of which Is rich river notion, the balance cov
ered with the I -est kind of timber, sacbss White
anil Black Oak, Poplar, Hickory, Maple, Ash,
he., he.; nnlerhiKI with the best of Ore. Both
tract are lu Stewart Oosnly,
Two valuable tracts of Timber Land In Houston
County, one of L8tU acres, within bull a mile ot
tbe Limliwtlle h Mi-mpbl K. K., sod miles
eat ol tbe County Seat. One other tract hjlf a
mile west of the County Seat, with tbe Railroad
puKFinK inrouxn one corner, conuinlnir 950 acn-s.
Hoth of these tract, have a large amount of Whits
1MB snu l ellow foplar Timber, snj well adapted
Several Farms In Dickson County, on the Naah
rille h North Western K. K.
Any of the above Properties are as represented,
with cuoil Titles to each. Any of the above lands
can lie buucht at. one-half their value, and other
a-ooa property will be taken as part pay if desired.
s or mil uesrripiion can on or auurc-M
Dealer in Real Estate,
ll6Smithfleld St.,
Pittsburgh, Pa
My direct Ion of the Orphans' Conrt of Somerset
County, I will sell at public sale, on
on the premises, at 1 o'clock p. m.. the real estate
of John Wallace, deceased, in Shade township,
Somerset county, containing 176 acres ami i
perches, of which Us acres are clear, 10 arrest
leaahmv with boasa and barn thereon sret-tstl:
orchard ami sugar camp on the premises; adjoin
ing lands of Isuse Elrick, David Kur.hanan, Wid
ow Blackburn, Michael Wagner, W idow Hammer,
josrpn uaoic, anu oinera,
Tkrhsl tlne-thinl, after deducting expenses of
Krtltion and sale, to remain a lien, Ihe interest to
puid annnally to the widow of said deceased
during her l!e, and at bcr death the principal Ui
me eniitireu: ope-intm p nana IK April, 17, . re
mainder In three equal annual installments with
out interest, to be secured on the premises; 10 per
sent, of the hand money to be paid as aooa as the
property is knocko 1 down.
janlS Administrator.
ff. .. I -..m.a. J. W .r O ...1 ! . .n (J v
. 1. u .... ... n i . CUUBJIIHUW , ...1 1 i, I,
Ream, Rachael Kirgar, Jane Dumbould Mary
McNeaL, Neal McNeat, Ed. MeNeal and James
McNeai, legal heirs and representatives of An
nie Roddy, deceased, late the wile of William
- Roddy, and all ether persons interested erection:
Somerset County, ss:
You are nereity cited to he ami appear before
the Judges of the Orphans' Court, at
is' Court to I heltl at Somerset
on the 17th day of February. A. D.. 1871
then sad there to show eauss why the real r stale
of Annie Ruddy, deceased, should not be add to
Iisjr the (ncniulifiocrs of a doweramonnting to tbe
UlR of eiallleep hun.lred dolrarp (ly0.) or there
lout, which said demur ;as due and psahlclo
the heirs ol Frederick Bluhaiiwh al hTMafeb.
Wi, awl the expenses of selling the same, and
that the lutorrst of tbe resbiue of the purchase
money be paid to William Ruddy, thebusband
aloreuid durlug the period of bis natural life, and
after his duatb tbe principal thereof to he psid to
the heirs and legal representatives of sal 1 Annie
Roddy, deceased: herein full not.
Witness ihe Honorable Wm. M. Hall. -n t
Somerset, this 27th day of November. A. b. 1S7X
1. J. HORNER, Clerk,
The above named heirs, living In Somerset coun
ty, have all been notiaed of the time ami place.
Sherlfl's oltice. 1 OLIVER KVKPPV.u
January, 13, 1871 Sheritt
Timte of EUsabetb Itrugb, lata of Jetkrsoa tp
Letters of administration on the shove estate
having been granted to the undersigned, notice is
hereby given to those Indebted to It to make Imme
4au payment, and those having claim against It,
to present thcia, duly authenticated for settlement
at the oce of John H. t ftt, h, Sieriet, WS"t
nrday, Febraary 22, lWi V , -own-".
JailW y Administrator.
A. h. rormoTH. w. a. m rrsi.
V Law. All business entrusted to their care will
be speedily and punctually attended to.
tJt7f"rsT.',wl floor "f nlhcrp eud of Sfam
moth block. Entrance front IHsmond
Jan U.
blood yuaiTiaa.
Tor the effectual cure of Rheoma.
Ham, Gont, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, and
as a Blood Puriftor, it baa no equal; for
all diaaasas arhang from an impure state
o ma omoa. mo umuTM 10.
mckd reaches tbe son res of all
trouble, and effectually banishes the
ianas from tha system by Its im
mediate action on the blood.
R. C, fteiern A Co,
Xetn Atlcertixemcnt.
TVon. la nl s.
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ltor aUtctioa.
r'erer,Cnnstlon, Inflammatlone.
Worm, Worm Ferer, Worm Colie.
C'rylna; -Colic or Tertbwc of InamU.
" DlmrrhorB, of Children or Adolla ...
Ursenterr, Ortpine, Biliona Colic
t holera-.Horbns, Vomiting
" f'oas-ae, CoW. Bronehitia
!enrlKle Toothache, Faceecl,e...
Headaches, Sick Uiedache.VertJtfO
lrspcpeia BUiooa Stomach..
" Hnppreeaed, or Painful Period....
tt, -
- Whites, Urn Profiles Pertoda..
" Cm
" Salt
" Feeersnd Arne,ChilireTer(ues CO
" Plies, blind or bleeninif..;... .......
" OptthwlwrU4SorsorWsakEjras
' c a tj-Th,acotesr chronic. Intm-m.
Wllophi)t-CMt"iK- cwugua
Aetnma, oppressed Breatnrn.
iHickami. Imnsired bearing-.
" Kerrla, eniarewi elanda. Swelling
- enerlDebility.PbTkl Weakness
" Dropsjr and scanty Secretions. . . ..
- ttsMcksMss,sfctaiee from riding
" Ktdner-iMsess, OrSTel
" Nervous Debility. Resalnal
Emissions, iaToluoUrr ft-,
ensrres nj
Ftre Rexes, with one $t lsl of
Powder, Terr necessary la serious
taxes 5
- Sore Month, Canker. W
t'rinmrir Weakness, wettUi bed. BO
" Painful Periods, with Spasms ... M
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Eirilepsjr .Spasms, SL Vitus' Danes.. I OO
Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat. B0
rtvrrr cases
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('nnlrlii Case, with larsre Means I. 10
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Cnre Bnrns. Brnises, La mm-n ess, Sara-,
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Kves, Bleedinsr of the Lnna;, Nose,
Ktomaehr nr of Piles Corns, lleers.
Old Sores.
Price, ox., SO ets. Pints, $1
Quarts, il.ia.
Xr- These Remedies, except FONTV EX
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ant tbe eoaatry. ;
This Iron enntributes Its fun share tow,-, '
omy in domestic life, ami Is well worth tL. T'
thin of every housekeeper. It is beaurf '
a lire liil Ilk. JTT.. " Jl"'-' '
different sixes weighing from Bvs to rlgnt'JL
It saves one-thini the time an lnwinr
rnm-h less fatigue no dancer of .n,m
clothes, and when i roods tbey have a nari "J.
It letvls to the Ironer a great degree f-
slnee. by the ass of It, hot moms are
the person is not swhieetad t the alnsM '
ble heat -d a stove or furnace In warn weat -
A sutneient proof of the satisfactk wsm '"
gives, and tbe faviT with which it is recjreiT.. '
already large and still Increasing drissiki
Ami tiu-h falla Iwtw r.. m. i. . , m
- .- ik ib coming into trwi
use throughont the count ry. ! w
Not only are the virtues of the imo ippwa
at borne, but the true worth of it in hiT
Krent every here, that thouwnis of then in
inr add to various fureign rouutries.
Such is the eonfldence of the manarstuaa,'
needs a trial to prove itself valuable to er-rr b
keeper, ami we warrant them to give ntuira
the directions are fully observed. -I
, rk9 of Iran it reirrif .-0I' ,
all that is neceswtry for a familr. as it ras btm'-
eoatmntly h while In ase, and only repeinta; I
One Kill Warti- of CM fir a Ki ? "
T nmrvni.l -wA v , . a. . .. .
whir-ii iniviiirna Hn D lHk ;
not rH r.thr," to the czclmBu.iira m Hut n
-w-b mi: uiciv wunaer. i
e F H Hrtcl torn ncieud in ttck irn. f
For sale by ?
Sonenet,h ;
, I.srnedsvllle, uuil aaiv. h .
August 28th, 18fl j
On IS aad one 20 Horse ?
Boilers, Smoke-Staet. h
All complete. Cheap for cash. Addrrn J
Cumberland It I
nov. 13, -72-tf.
The only Reliable Gift Distribution in tbnrutr
$60,000 00
? t
to dc uctwn Monday, Eefcnjary i;ta, ; 4
$5,000 each in Greene
Twn Prtaea
Five Prlaan.
Tea Frlar-a...
.. I0SI
' e
1 Horse and buirgv, with silver awasM ns
worth 6U0; one hoc"-toned R.srvml Piiso.
Sou: ten Familr Sewing Machines, fi
each: five gold Watches and Chains. ncU
each; five gold American Hunting W atrtn."1
12S each; ten La-lies- Ooid Hnnting "'
worth 75 each: muo Oold and Silver LoS
ing Watches, (in alL) worth Inim
Oold Chains, Silver Ware, Jewelry, j(i
k,la tauibsr jipj, 8,598. rickets iiiitrl!s.
whom Liberal r-reeafam ffl!'.
Single Tickets, SI; SUTIckeo
Twelve Tickets SI O; Twentf
Five Tickets S20.
Circulars eonUlning a full list sf P'!'
srrlption of the mannerof drawing. ssd'it
formation In relereeee to the Districts
sent to any on oniering them. AU Istun
addressed to f
101 W. Fifth SU wans. - j
r ' .-.tit
bv Hired im of the Orphans' taan jr;
enuntv. tha subscriber, ailmisisirstig Zti,
Kublman, deeeaseil, will aril at Pt'"c "fT
following real ejute, at tho hute( i
at 1 o'clock, p. m. A lot of gvoasd oc"
about ona-fogrth of an acre, wiikatsv
frame huuaa. stable ami other buiM" rZ-
-r . ... i.mH
ereeted. adjoining Philip Wolfrrsbfrsiw L
era. Terms sash 1st April. lsT. "ffl'-sl
the amouut to be paid or securol t
dee IS - AJli"J
. 14
Trnc Time for $1.
Magnetic Time-Keeper. Comns.s "Jtt
A perfect OEM fcw the pocket ef
trailer, hov. farmer, and lor E t-K,-ngS'
Ing a reliable time-keeper, and alsa' j.
pass. Csual watch sue. steel "f tt&A,'
Ul. all leanest OKI 11 lKcs.
to denote correct time and to keep I" ""V
y nsnl for two vears. N"bg "f .jt
perfset triumph of mscharlfm ,' l
I.' sleaze , p.siil loan. addis'-!,,, .
a. l.'tseulwvs sent free. Trs a .(1g!.
the manurs, VERMONT NOVU-Ti ,
Hrattieboro, Vt f
ski o for
R RICH P5,s-f
slops, perfestlv new. rsclorv P"Z:r
number of Second hand Meb.lein sj
ranging In price from as "17m at i
at moilerals Mloes, Call ami S""" I
Solo Agent for Prince fCu -)rpss.
(fme tresspassing oa lbs T.
seriber. In Lower Turherft-4 """$,1
ltfth a November last, a dark M .
two years oi.l, ursler bit out J0t
earaarUyeutoir. The
ward, pny charges. rJV , is n V
away. bVsba will be add nc v. tfH
who hold moneys in trust. Jan 17 W

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