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hf Butter Wanted
r . -r W Ttntt.T to lir-
.... . in warn v-- -
' tl,eHto nv.howill .hip to in we
a l,rom,r.,,ks f'"- f,,rn,er P,ronaSe'
;;h "n.T .!". lilieral shipments.
,...n1bttl'C stores.
Somerset Herald,
Detroit. Mich., Jan. 27th. 1872.
A. Parker, IQ., l'ontiac Mich.
I have RtilijeclMi to a careful analysis a
package of White Lent., bramled "llcy.
iner, Uanmnu ii Co.'a Strictly Pure White
I-patt" l'ittsburch. Pa., and find it to be as
represent!, a slricily puroarticle, free from '
all admixture. Yours, Ac, Sam'l Drr-
I'll. I. Vontuitinn VhrmUl.
.-.irat Davis & Bros.
, ; Ur vim-k
' , 1,-1 Fl'X"- n'' Ci,rn
1 .,..1 at
X! viit a can, every
ll-t.L Shaffer's.
. t.iu titn. baskets rope tic,
..,1 for cash, nt Cook & Reer
- .r,Hviv-d at Davis & Dn. a splen
, nf Carbon Oil. eo to
U .., ,
,,m. .irimt l for fine.
.. . ftnn.'ft Couch hvrun.
L ia market.
Bitti f. will preach in tuc court
..J. 4,,,ri1.v at 11 o'clock a. N.. and
, u t r.
... ....
P' r'"' . , j f Cnnk & IWrit.
erv ami vu - --
4 cents.
C cents.
8 cents.
fluiir Jwrrcls for sale ut the
K Ok
Sain Cr si., 44
irTlie hi'i-st market pri.-c iaid
frlkinis of native furs, ut the
Impress oflice.
""' ' J. II. Zl wMKllMAK.
S.HOOL Books!
S('Hmii. Books ! !
I,.rtni'iit ut Miller's Prog & Book
,! AlMBill-s. Hymn lixiks and all
!ofBlnk Books."
V Ti, i k persons in Somerset town-
ou 1 . . ..t. .1
U will sve e sts" by paying me next
Llav of Court. I will Ik; in Somerset
r .. - 7i,iit'iii . v
B OC'.VO til' ' RBII1V. vs. HI ar.a. 1.1.
Garrett, Pa. Jan. 31st, 1873.
The umlcrsi-rDed have associated with
themselves Frank Kcnneilv, of llascrs-
town, Maryland, under the linn name of
Earnest, Pulp, Cuuip Si Co., for the pur
pose of carrying on the business of manu
facturing and selling lum!er, at Garrett,
Somerset county Pcnn'a.
at. Earnest, Pki.p & Camp.
Agrktlti-ral Meetixo. A meeting
of fanners ami others friends to the agri
cultural interests of the county, will lie
held in the Court House on Tuesday
evening of the first week of next court, for
the purpose of electing officers of the Som
erset County Agricultural society for the
ensuing year, and to consider the propriety
of holding a fair next fall. A full attend
ance is respectfully requested.
A. J. CoLBonx, C. C. Musselmax,
Secretary. President.
The I'mveksal Verdict of all who
have used or witnessed the operation of the
Domestic Sewing Machine, is that it ia the
lest ever ottered in the market.
It lacks none of the rimkI qualities of oth
er machines, and its range of capacity is
trmv wonderful.
e would call the attention of all in
want of a lirst-class machine to the adver
tisement of the Domestic in another column.
Bocks Posted. I would advise my
friends and patrons that my books are post
ed and ready for settlement You will
please remember that I am a serious suffer
er by the calamitous fire of the ith of May,
and in order to rebuild and pay off my in
debtedness, I must collect all the money
due me on my liooks. I hope this notice
will not be neglected, or I will lie compell
ed to place them in the hands of an agent
for collection. Kescuully,
Feb. 5, 3L Ed. 31. Kimmel.
hi Purest and Sweetest Cod Liver Oil
janli Castwell s. made on the sea
, from fresh selected livers, by tas-
, Buiard Si Co.. New York. It is ab-
ltelv purt anu ttrtri. i-aiirius wuo
tmcv laken it prefer it to all others.
wins have decided it superior to any
.e other oils in market. Jan. llw.
mht, 2d iiist-, was Candlemas or
. n.d iiiidnv; Friday, Hth, will le Val-
itf day: Saturday! 22d, will lie Wash
iin's Birthday; Wednesday, 2Stli; Ash
inelay. -
o.irrED Haxdk, face, rough skin, pim
. rin.nonn. salt-rheum, and other cu-
m alfeclions cured, and the skin made
uid smooth, by using the JrxirER
Sur. niitde bv Caswell, HaJirtl &
Vw York. Be certain to get the J 11 n-
Tor Soap, as there are many worth
iniitstions made with common ta'.
.v. H liw.
1 More Exrusioxs. Go to W. W.
i i Br.i.. and buy a box of I'iiok.
:i s Nox Explosive Lamp I'ow
It is the wonder ot the world ! It
T-si;ive!v prevent vour Iannis from
rOiiig, and your lamp chimneys from
B fivsh Kirk, for ear corn by sled load
R-nlf Ier bushel, iats by sletl load at
nlsixT bushel. Buckwheat flour at
uier 1(iO pounds. Corn Meal at Si 50
ill! iwtnds. liest Family flour at flO
i- and cventhing else in their line
ntrs. call at the Grocery & feed
tf'fk Si Beerits, Somerset Pa. '
ht f seasonable goinlsat Blymyer's
ware Store. The best Meat "Cutters
f world, Sausage Stuflers, Coal Buck
(Tery low.) Coal Shovels Forks,
iitr Knives, Slaw Cutters. Horse
kfts. Sets of Ladles, Sleicb Bells Al
um! Mop and Brush Holders, Soap
.sflT Kuekets and Tulis, Porcelain
Irs. Iron Stands Stone Sledges, Wire
hi Lines, Bitkets, Step Ladders in
if joa want anything at all in the
:wre line, go to Blymyer's Store for
.-whs Fixc k Si Coi.uoux arc hard at
i. Tliey have orders for brooms
iWd "iind are unable to keep up,
rli tiny work the factory lioth night
jiv. Anv one who ever uses one of i
: linmms ill be sure to inquire there-
lorlimiims inane at theis lactorv.
The justice of the verdict rendered by
the public years ago in favor of the Mexi
can Mustang Liniment must be apparent
to all w ho have used that famous prepara
tion or se'n it used. Its healing influence
is irresistible. The most olislinate forms
of ncuraldc or rheumatic disease are total
ly cured by it, and that in an inconceivably
'short space 01 time. External injuries or
! sores, whether of man or lieast, as well as
all equine or human maladies tor winch a
liniment may lie uscd.nre speedily remedied
by its use. BemeiiilH'r it is not merely a
palliative but an erudicant of disease.
At a regular meetineof Somerset Lodge
Xo. 183, I. O. of G. T. held on last Satur
day evening, the following oflicers were in
stalled for t he quarter ending April 30th,
1873, bv F. A. Smith, L. D: W. C. T.,
W. II. Uupple; W. V. T.. Ellen C. Hcftlev:
W. S., Clms. E. llerr; W. F. S., J. B.
Hicks; W. T., Joseph Herr; W. C, Geo.
F. Hemminger; W. M., Frank N. Cant
ner; W. I. G.. lx-na M. Durkee; W. O. G.,
Henry Ijijio; W. 11. S., Binnie J. Simpson;
W. I S., Maggieiilbert; W. A. S.. An
nie StutzinanT NJ. D. M., E. E. Walter;
P. W. C. T., A. II. Cotlroih.
The I-rfidgc Ls in a flourishing condition
and is doing much for the temperance reformation.
. A Eeautiko, Handwriting. There
are but few ol our readers who would not
like to acquire a rapid and Iicautiful hand
writing, for there Is no one accomplish
ment so highly prized a this. The- busi
ness colleges of the country Iirto afforded
the best instruction la this branch and have
succeeded in producing the most accom
plished jK-nmen. The lxst penman in
tlic country to-day is Prof. Gakkell, Pres
ident of the Bryant & Stiwtton College of
Manchester, N. II. There arc few lovers
of the beautiful art of penmanship who
liave not heard of this wonderful peunmn
and many have seen specimens of his skill.
His largo pjiecliuens have attracted great
attention in New York City and through
out the country where they have been
placed on exhibition.
He is now engaged day and night send
ing out Copies for self-instruction, which;
he writes himself expressly lor applicants,
so that any one can learn to write at the
home fireside. These contain full printed
instructions, and are put up in large heavy
envelopes and sent by mail prepaid for one
dollar jier package. ' They arc all number
ed and so fully explained that no one can
fail to learn rapidly from them. They
liave bceu ordered by thousands not by
poor writers alone, but by the leading
teachers of jienmanship throughout the
United States and Canada. Our readers
will do well to write for a package, as noth
ing so complete, beautiful and useful for
self-instruction will ever acain be offered
Berlin, Penx'a., )
Feb. 5th, 1873. J
The undersigned have on hand a large
and well selected stock of Ladies' Dress
Goods ready made Clothinsr, Cloths Cas-
simeres Sutiuetts, Boots, Shoes, HatsCaps j ,
Hosiery and Gloves rll of which we will j l
sell lnmi this date at largely reduced prices
for cash or eood rrodiwe. Persons who
buy goods for cash will f;nd it generally to
their advantage to give us a call as we arc
determined to close out all of the alxive
named goods by the first of April if possi
ble. " An aw alt & Brai.i.ier.
CurrcfiunJeooe of the Herald.
Atchison, McscoTAnCo, Kansas,
January 22d, 1873.
I think our Kansas winter is about over
for this time. It was short, but severe. It
commenced aliout the middle of December,
and continued twenty days as it it was in
earnest. The snow continued to fall slow
ly until the ground was covered to the
depth of about ten inches. On Christmas
morning the mercury was down 12 below
zero on the high prairie, and on the river
bottom, at Muscotah, 18 below zero; but
now the snow is about all gone and the
lrost ig going out of the ground- I he
wheal is not much hurt by the winter.
There is about one half of the corn ol our
county vet in the field, to lie husked. Il is
quite a common thing to hear a man say
that he has forty acres of corn to husk yet
White corn is worth 10 cents per bushel at
depot; yellow, 14; oats 15; spring wheat
?1 2.j; winter wheat $1 lo; Hogs 3 t
ier hundred: smooth native cattle $4 50.
I enclose with this my subscription for this
year and try to keep up with the times
- Yours,
W. 11. PlUI.MI I.
Corn-ponilenrc of the Herald.
During the cold snap between January
1st and 10th, while speaking of the intense
cold and the low stage of water, an aged
jicntlcman, with whom wc couversed, re
marked, that by the 12tb, 13th and Hth of
the month wc would have plenty ot water.
Upon the rest of the party expressing
doubts of this licing the case, he rejoined I
have never known the sign to fail. Curi
ous to know what his sign was wc inquir
ed of him what it was, and he said by look
ing at the Almanac you will see that these
days are all in the sign of the crab, and we
will be sure to have plenty of water then.
He informed us that he had hisinfomiation
many years ago, from the senior Wolthope,
of New Baltimore, (who was then quite
an old gentleman), and that he had taken
particular notice ever since, and never
knew the failure of this sign. Whether
the crab knows or not, the kite hiijh water
testifies to the truth of his virtue in this
case. Thinkinj there miirht be enough of
interest in this lor publication, I give it for
the benefit of those who would be weather
wise. Max ix Gi:at.
29lh, 1873, by Joseph II. Pritts, Esq.. Mr.
Alexander 't ressler to Miss Emma Bridi
gum, both of Somerset Co., Pa.
30th, 1873, at the bride's residence, by C.
A Brant, J. P., Mr. John Mostholder to
Sarah Dormaycr, both of Somerset Co., Pa.
KIMMEL CBOXER. January 23d.
1873, by Michael Weyand, Jonathan J.
Kimuiel, of Stoystown to Sarah Croner, of
1873, by George Schrock, Mr. Joseph G less-
ner to Miss Mary Ann Kimmel, both of
stoystown, bomersct Co., Pa.
SPEICIIER SIPE. Decemlier 18lh,
1872, by Rev. Win. Rupp, Mr. Peter
Speicher to Miss Jennie Sipe, both of Sipes
villc, Somerset Co., Pa.
IIOYL REAM. December 22, 1872.
by the same, at the residence of the bride's
father, Mr. Amos Hoyl to Miss Julia Ann
Ream, both of Brothersvallcy township.
BOOSE TURNER. December 31st.
1872, by the same, at the residence of the
bride's parents, Mr. John It Boose to Miss
Anna Mary. Turner, eldest daughter of
Judge Turner, lxth of Brothersvallcy Tp.
Somerset Co., Pa.
AVw AdwHsement.
rANTER A rtilULlo ami lutolllRont man or
I V kixkI aililrcxs. to entrain in a leimtla anil
lucrative l-in nrmluoinic (rum $L,uQ tw t(o
rx-r year. Ailiircss j . a. t vn u jl ua, rew York;
libu, CliicaKd, or Sa Franciaoo. -
JA li(l K wa;reimnilc tr hnneat. tfi'lunlrloux men
i and wuincn. so llan-Jsotno IJtbotcraphi free
to each scent. Aditm
HU W EN &pO., Marlon, Otilo.
CASEBEER. In Somerset township,
January 20th, Mrs. Elizabeth Casebeer,
aged 00 years, 4 months and 28 days
She was the mother of 8 children, 42
grand-children, 125 great-grand children,
and lour great-great-grand-children.
Caution, Every g-enuino box of
bears the signature of FLEMING
BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa., and their
prirato United States Stamp. "Take
no other. "The market is full of imi-tation.
VNEW way of runnings book. Tan soil thon
INU CO., VJi East iili Mroct, Nrw York City.
CIIItfE for family dm, or act agsnt, aUJreM
Iluntuu, Slais.
L How either fez may fancinato anil train the
kve and affection of any person they ehooiw, In
stantly. This simple menial acquirement all can
oneness, free, by mail, Sir itt ets together with a
luarrlaire guide, Eiryption Oracle, lireains Hints
to Ladles, lc. A queer, exciting hook. WO, 000 sold.
Address T. WILLIAM . CO., Pubs., 1'hllada.
ePtatnrea, Maris and ("hart. Also, for oar Sew
ina; Silk and Linen Thread. 10U to elear
eu er month by ror I, active agents. Apply
. at once to It. L. OL EliN'SEY, Concord, New
VS Hampshire.
UU rmtPrtJilcaU UiB.lsst.l87l
Ponble Elevated Oven, Warming Closet, Broiling
lloor, Fender Guard. lumping fc Shaking Orate,
I'lrect Hrall. FULLER, WAUHEN ltCOit3
Water Street, New York.
elf feederTTn APE
Improved, lnrlvall aBd Cneqnitled.
Burns any size coal.
FULLER, WARHEN fc CO.. Water St. N.Y
rvona Debility. -
With Its gloomy attendants, low spirits, depress
ion. involuntary emlKsious, kiss of svmen, sperma
torrhoea, hws of xwer, dlxiy head, loes of memo
ry, and tlireatened Impotence and imtiecllUy, Iind
a aorereiirn cure in Humphrevs' Homeoiiatliie
ieciuc JSo. Iwenly-Eight. Comiosd of the.'
u.K-v .ttiuuia iuiiu ana Kien( v.uratives, they
strike at once at theroot of the matter, tone up the
system, arrect the dischanrcs, and lininrt vigor
and enenry, life and vitality to the entire man.
1 hey have cured thouundsof eases. Price. J nor
liackage of Ave boxes and a large -J vial, which Is
very luiiiortuut in olntlnate or old cases, or 1 per
single lwx. Sold ly all Ih-uggtsts. and seut liy
mall on receipt of price. Address HUMPHREY'S
682 Hrosdwar, New York. nor. 13.
jTJrorsale by K. H. Marshall, Somerset, Pa,
Corrected weekly by A. J. Caskbekr & Co.
Lea hn a Thade. The annual rejMirtof
lion. J. P. Vickorshani. State Stijierin
tendent of Coniinon Schools lor 1ST2, con
tains the following signiticaut lira'jraih,
itointimr mrents to the imixirtance of hav
ing their children learn some useful me
chanical trade. The r-tatisties given are
brief and startling. Mr. 'NVictcrsham
says : 1 here are multitudes uliy waiting
for vacant clerkships and unfilled ofliees,
while mechanical work, more honorable
and more remunerative, invites on all
sides the efforts of willing hands. It is a
fact as startling as it is sigmhcant that, ot
17.000 criminals in the t'nitcd States in
lHlW, 97 per cent, of them had never learn
ed a trade. Out ot 240 convicts received at
the Eastern Penitentiary last vear onlv
twelve had been apprenticed ami served
their time."
.imuli. has moved into bis new Drug
. St rtare say one of the lutndsomest
aui-vhiiua ;"the old shanty occupied
tukinee the fire has been removed and
Mammoth lmildins now stands forth in
fAirv. The lront facing main cross
! it Rally very handsome and would
a onnuii'iit to'any town, but the front
diamond i not so imposing and is
y taking of all architectural beauty.
t St. Liuis Journal says : A young
am into the oflice of this pajier yes
.r t manuscript ocm. It began
: Tliesnnw, the snow, the iK-autiful
His friends may pet the liody by
;a!tlie basement and paying for
7 I'kkIs Imx cimtaiuing the remains
Sritutfo Amtristin says: As the
lioit ean,n if uixm us. the folhiwins
'jtHt for creating the griddle isrmi
& ' Take a turnip, cut in half, rub
J-iiMk- with the inner side, and it is
;"i the cakes ill come off nice and
and the h(Kiseke"K'r w ill lie rid
uiaai.'rwiui' mlor of burning fat
" Hi-lifajjliiug t&u-.rtard, nil hull slt
V'U.e Ixnal Option bill, says that
utvxx ;n pjve , ttrj,e IJlajority in
' ci.ing the saloons. And" the
jfays timt the majority will lie over
-"iiai The Hon. Thaddeus Hanks,
"at (anJidale for Distrid Judge, Ls
3 ' r "r teinjierance men.
!.I, arn l"t our old friend Isaac Voder
toneniH?l, Townshi), Somerst
"('t with a Bcrioiig accident on the
ttt. lie 1 e n
As conductor Maucle was switching (T
from tlie main track at Riddlesburg, with
his train of empty coal cars, for the Sis
Mile Hun branch, on last Wednesday
niornintr, one or the shoes broke, anu
threw the cngin, and train on the ties.
This frightened the engineer and fireman
that both jumped oft and left the en-rine
oen and moving rapidly up the track.
The Conductor, knowing of the close
proximity to a trestle over a Hun of some
ten or twelve feet in height, at once sprang
over his cars to the engine, and stopped
the train just on the verge ot the Hun,
without any serious damages. Thus the
ready perception and devotion to his com
iany'8 interests, enabled this man to save
the destruction of an engine and many
cats, that would have amounted to a good
many thousand dollars to the Hroad Top
rail road. Bedford Pi-cm.
Pkobabi.t Fatal Accident. Yester
day morning a locomotive ran olf the track
near Stcvarton, a station on the Pittsburgh
and Connellsville Hailroad, twelve miles
cast of Connellsville. A wrecking train
was sent to the sjsit to pull the engine on
the track. This work was done by attach
ing one end of a heavy chain to the wreck
ins en pi ne and the other to the locomotive
oil the track. O! course, when the wreck
ing eneine started the chain was drawn
taut, and it is supjioscd one of the links
had a flaw in it, as it broke, and the chain
flew to one side, knocking tlown two or
three men who were standing lieside the
track. One of them, named Daniel
Dougherty, a "division foreman" of track,
was struck on the forehead just above the
lelt eye and had his skull broken and the
lsmes driven into the brain in a horrible
manner. The other men were but slightly
bruised. Mr. Dougherty was taken to
Falls City, three miles from the scene of
the accident, and was properly cared tor.
At six o'clock yesterday evening he was
still alive, though it is thought that he can
not possibly recover.
Mr. Dougherty resides at Harper's Ferry.
West Virginia," where he was a wife and
family. Vumlerlnnd .Vftf
Editor IIku.vld. I see by the County
sell lenient that our county docs not owe a
dollar and that there is a balance in the
Treasury of $8,587 22. This healthy con
dition of the finances of the county rellceis
great credit on our County Commissioners
and the County Treasurer.
I am Informed that Mr. Roberts, our en
ergetic and pushing Treasurer, for the first
time in the history of the county, has made
the collectors ot taxes in the different dis
tricts settle the full amount of their dupli
cates within a year from the time they
were placed in their hands, and that he
promises to do so nest year unless inter
fered with by the Commissioners, which will
make the balance in the Treasury from
? 1--,000 to fJO.OOO. This much needed re
form at first provoked a good deal of un
favorable comment, but as it produced this
unprecedented balance in the Treasury and
as his action is liecoming better understood,
it Ls getting the hearty approval of all our
best citizens. Now that the county has the
wherewithal, wc hope the Commissioners
will build a fire-proof vault for the Pro
tbonotarysand Recorder's office's and put
the Court House and Jail in proper condition.
Some three or four different grand juries
of the county have found that the vault
was much needed the court has approved
their action and wc see no reason why it
should not I put under contract at once,
Annies, dried. V It
ApjileimUer, l gal
iiuticr, l
Hurkwheat, jl bethel...
liucswax. ) ii
liacon, 'boulders. V fc...
" sides,
" hams. " ...
Corn. V bushel
Corn meal t d
Calfskins. V t
r-mrs, f oo
Klour. & hid
Flaxseed V bu.. (M .)..
lard, V .
Leather, red aole, H
" upper " ...
Potatoes, 41 bu
Peaches, dried, W IV
liaifs, W I
Salt, No. L p bid
" fthu ,
" Ashton,'-
Sugar, yellow y ft.
- whito ,
Tc.llow, y ft
Wheat. lu
Wool, ff l
.....- M
1 00
1 00
........ 3c
ti ia
....10 60
1 60
... ale
, 60e
1 00
2 V0
! 21
fcl 00
ueral Poiut
AVtr Advertisement.
Estate of Juifiah Eiucrt late of Somerset township,
Letters of administration on t he aliove estate hav
ing been granted to the undersigned, notiraishere-
ny given tot nose in. looted to make immediate pay
ment, and those having claims against il will pro
sent them, dulv authenticated lor settlement on
Saturday, the iil day of .March, 1S73, at the house
oi me uu'icrsignoii.
Our Book Table.
The PunENOLonirAt. Jot'RXAL for February
comes out as fresh and vigoroos as a crisp, seasona
ble, and In all respects salutary stock of reading
matter can make a magazine. Opening its leaves,
wc linJ a good sketch and ortrait of the regretted
Norman AlcLeod, I. II. : alsj Speculative Non-
Phlloihy ; What do We Live For ? The Man of
Three Llrcams, CMievlally notable now that his
nephew the Ex-cmpcror is dead : Nat oral Death
American Siiad ( ulmre : Dauiet Fox. the eente.
narinn larnier : lasses of Socictv ; Clara Louise
Kellogg; i ritian Charity; Ilarvey Prindle
Peet, Llill.. :r eminent instructor ol lx-af-niutes;
is J'runolngy Hi wlT townicu we respectiuiiy an
swer, we think not ; Rotation in Omee ; The llorse
and Civilisation : Early IMexican History, etc.
Price as usual, 30 cents, or $) a year. We notice
that the publisher oilers a premium of a new C'liro
mo to new subscribers who send 30 cts extra lor
oslge and mounting. S. It. U kixs, Pulilisner,
sunt ilnauway, n. x.
Just as our jiaper was being made up,
wc learned of a shocking accident that hap
pened in the Lutheran Church at Jcnner
town, this county, on last Sunday night.
The particulars as wc have them from an
eye witness are as lollows
" A protracted meeting bad liecn in pro
gress for some time, and on. Sunday even
ing the houso wm crowded by persons from
the village and neighborhood. Just after
the sermon had closed, and as Rev. D.
Stuft was exhorting the congregation, the
large six lamp chandelier, which hungsus-jx-nded
from the center of the ceiling, fell
with a crash to thefloor below, in the midst
of the audience, the lamps breaking and
scattering the burning oil in all directions.
The clolliing of a Miss Sarah Diet took
fire almtist instantly, and she was burned
in a terrible manner. A little child ol Mr.
Adam Friedlinc, which was in its mother'6
arms, was also very severely burned.
Those slightly injured, are George John-
hand smashed by beingcaught between
the falling chandelier and the back of a
Fisher, right arm burned; Dav-i
hand burned, and Rev. D.
burned. Of course the floor
' a-.,rt owiln a.. I i i I i.il III, nil Wnr mfi
of rlamcs, but by the almost super-human
t fforipof the atidicrc, ltjB lire was cxtiq
guished by throwing on articles of cloth
ing taken from the persons ol those pres
ent. The greatest excitement prevailed,
and numbers lumped out of the windows
to ecaie the burning clement.
The injured parties were attended by
Dr. Covodc, who did all that could be done
to alleviate their sufferings. The lady and
V. .
7, UlIk,"ne, aud otherwise injured
2 lias been confined to his lied
, T . '" nmny friend in our town
: tlii- jih 6., an(a ,iray fr jjj,
' ry -JiAwsfetra fniiiM.
If l"rrow learn of the the iajn
m to ur friend. Mr. Voder, and
w 1" peedy n-onvery.
'ths?1" IslIUE the Tkith.
( Ii Jnd ""I"'' testimony in
,j aeywr's treatment of Con -'
', y 7 " v'hronic diseases, in an
IUhbed by that gentleman at W
,,'r I'ittsburgh, Pa. It it do.
i f7--r.nu- vou ,re witbin the
W Sllthfllllr -.l.l t.-j... T-l.-
VP. i - "-"""I liMJin. I l IV
v7T"J "r- Kevm r's Lumr Cure. L,.
y. and such inarvelliHis imm na j
3rtre in?' , frm the. n"n1 i s Mis- Fis
i.i al,d' read nd th'n rt : id line right
VT? thopd.of ! SuTland" b,
"Tar. rC nu n er,y ni m
. n"' btli,'v interested and
'j-ik out goto me rurt-
5 Meonsnit ,i,..' rV.wL,ri.:.'....r
V Cll WBP V.....
Inr.i. 'vsn:ti aii- iinxiu
ttt('Uiiiii. ':iiv-. . i.
I k ti 1 'Km " "I rv rin-K,
Kit it : ' Md l6 1,ftw0 oftlic
"le use n -""UK wme Ir
i a. T. .. 'prcshjon "As hapiiy as
'""""J fcjrii Circm ll,e en'reiue of child mentioned as having been severely
tllftlj u7 j k16 llirouJfh. nd j burned, were still living at last accounts.
tiurd unit , , w,,re drowned. but both are rcjiorted to I in
Htt bin e wn,:I(, "ve shared
'ptisLfldr I,thfk' offices of that
'iM o" VhtT' I-" O'Neill,
Kt .r U,t' ground with his lasso,
.-... ""e tuanner of In. r;u I..
PrriLdng lm the body of
VZ 1's d"1 il froni a
'ftedth. ,1" P"1 fcl'ff f bis
HationVtlie aiwein-
I j lkjtk: Maoazike. The February numlicrof
the Hclrctie is an exceptionally attractive issue of
tins vsluatxe penouical, almost every article licing
sumcient liy 11 sell u attract attention to tne maga
zine. The leading paper Is a very abio analysis
lrom the f.dmburgk tirrinr, of '7' Progrtu of
Afrdictne suryery," ami mis is loiiowed liy
The kovei r'avorttrt of f 'ranct." translated trom
the Hrrur aVs lleux Mondtt. Two very striking
Mpers tne gems of tne last maexwooa entttieu
(.ortAe," and "Middiemarck," are given, together
with the most coinidete rescript that has yet ap
cared of Mr. (eorge Smith s remarkable paer
on i fit LHmiartn Account or lit Utlugt." utner
imporuinl artlcies are "Dogt wAost i Aare ate,"
Pope Pi II.." "The Iruh brigade ta the Ser.
rice of France," "Talltifmd i" and the opening
.haMiMnf lh. maw .l.mf .... tilt K.I MTam VnnH '
liv the ant nor of -PaUv.'' ' '
The Ediuirial lxprtnien!s are full of good
things, and there Is a Hue steel portrait of the dead
EtLaiesuian, n m. it. nrwaro.
i'ulilisliod bv E. U. Peltok, log Fulton Street,
New Yovk. Terms, 5 a year ; two copies, o. Sin
gle aumuvr, ecu is.
I'ETEn's MrsteAL Mojithlt, No. 64, fiir Febrn-
arv. comes iironiptly to hand, and Is. as usual. over
flowing wltn melody. This magarlne is furnished
at the low price el f3 per year, and contains more
music in a single ninthly number than can ho
bought In sheet-form for dnulde that sum. The
number before us contains: '-Oar Little Pet.'
hcantifultullad by the famous song-writer. Will
S. H.ivs; also, "tone to the Heavenly Garden,
'Matt'it Mat. and "(Jive mg Love to all at Home?
Two-Hurt Solum. ToUt tre our Handi in Prayer'
and t'arfron my thought:" Together with the
following Instrumental pieces: "Ctrarlhe Track.
four hands, by E l. Strauss ; (.'fcriifmin Oift
March." "Sweet Thoughts," and '4'ircr Cloud
As a Trial Trip, the Publisher offers to send,
ootMairf. three back cumbers of 1S72 for SO cents.
or six back nntuliers for 1. Send on your orders.
and our word lor It, you will get ten times your
money 8 W'Tlll Ol cihujc new muric. Jl'jurcp,
J. L. 1'kters, IW IJroailway,
New York.
a very pre
carious condition.
An examination of the chandelier show
ed that the tap screw had been turned flic
wrong way by accident, not leaving suffi
cient hold upon the thread to support the
weight Tte fact that in a densely laicked
audience of 400 or 500 persons so' few
should be seriously injured in an acci
dent so fearful fn its character and so dead
ly in Its consequence, must lie considered
little short of miraculous. Democrat.
Thk Almwi rR Fsnnranv Is in every respect
eonal to tlic sanguine cxiiectstlims culled by the
January nnioln rof this remsfkatde periodical, nf
Klin n eacn issue aiip"ars to ne tne cnmax nam us
successor appears. The njienlng fllnstratton Is a
magniUceii; lullpsirrhvj.il. Wwniward.of Punch
eon Knn Falls, which is certainly one ol the most
dcliirlitrul pictures which it is posslhletn conceive.
Furiheron we hsve lhn-e smaller illustrations by
the same artist, the whole being illastrative of an
arilele on Vinrlnla scenery, wit b especial reference
to the Mac Kl'iirr. Mr. VV'n(arsrd,asadninirhtiu
man. certainly will rank with 1 ho. Moran. and
we shall always regard the sjiecimns of his exqui.
site taste In Inmlscepe as among the foremost at
tractions which the shrewdness and tact of the
publishers olfcr the patrons 4 The Aldine. "An
Attack in the Kear." by J. C. Hrown, a snowball
ing sketch, is wirrthy ol that iminent artist's repo-
tatlon anu it is in toe exnionion oi worx lrom the
pencil of the lirst (rainier in the conn try. that The
Atatne is juiiin ina ir i(iii"i vMrciaiiiKis oi us
frinds. -Unsi," by Wm. M. Cary, it a powerful
delineation ol a catastrophe oo the plains, and the
correct detail shows that this an 1st Is no novice in
the exnerlences of Western frontier Hie. The eth
er cuts are all good and of interest scarcely infer
ior to those we have specially noticed. The litera
ture of the present number leaves nothing to be de
sired In the way of excellence aud variety. It
opens, with "Ebeucter Elliott." a goesippy paper
about that manly oll poet, ny January neane ;
second paticr of the same sort Is ' Ilelline On
(tlrunlin '' a trxnsUttl'in from the Spanish of Kin
Castolar. by Helen K. lmant. The stories are
'Over a Cabin Tslde," by Hiram Klch. and "The
Onrden of (Ksl " by Charlotte Peters. Hcsldcs,
there are several miscellaneous mpers, as "The
Old ISnninlou," apropot to Mr. Wooilward'a Illus
trations, '-Lingering Superstitions," by Charles
lJawaon Shanlv J "Miawe and Lichens." by W. W.
Itaih-y ; -A Castle in the Hhine ;" "Snow," and
"Poetic Children." Music. Art and Literature re
ceive their due attention, this department of 7"a
Aldine being verv ably mien, ine foems are
"Peradvenmre." bv Julia V. It. Oimt; "A Tartar
Song." bv Henry Ki-lianls: "To In the Trees," by
John Sviiney, and "fb-st," liy the editor, y, h8 e
di-ntly believe; ti'st things can he done as
well ai othcrn.' It Is written In dialect, which be
handles with great Skill and power, and will cause
a eensath!. hJ 00 vr year wltn premium Oil
Chromes "Villaire Belle" and 'Onestn t he Moor,"
14i) iochea. James Suttm fc Co Pnblisbers, U
Maiden Lane, New York.
Notice is hereby ariven to all nersnns concerned
as legatees, creditorsor otherwise, that the billow
ing accounts have passed register, and that the
same will be presented for continuation and allow
ance at an Orphans' Court to be held at Somerset
in ami for the county of Somerset on Thursday,
the "JOth day of February, 1X73.
First account of Jacob OerbanL admiuistrator
ui nonuan Ainir. ueceasetl.
First account of Lvdia Hochstctlcr. admlnlstra-
tnxoi namuei Mocnstetler.ileueased.
Account of Samuel Kimrer. adminislratiir of
John It. irsing, deceased.
Partial account of Wm. Hanna and John Wel
ter, administrators of John lirooks. decease.!.
jana Kegister.
Tlie following nersons have filed. In mr ofBce.
their tietitions for tavern, retail liquor, or testan-
rant iieenses, anu nonce is nercoy riven tuat iney
will lie presented to the Conrt on Thursday, Feb
ruary zu, in i a.
Henry Shomlicr, Ilcrlin borough.
Alexander Walker, Dale City borouirb.
Leonard Fcarl, New Centreville boroagu.
lUnanuel Howman, Summit township.
1 lanlcl Carns. Lower Turkey pint township.
Patrick Orimth. Milford township.
C. A. Walter, Miliord township.
David Woirershergcr, Mineral Point.
Protlinnotary's otfiee, E. M. SCH KfMlK,
January , 1873. J Clerk O.. S,
Buggy, Carriage
Is now prepared to manufacture to order everr de
scription of
111 titilr.s,
fcc, fce..
In the laltst and most approved styles, and at the
IxtwcMt Pottsiblc Prices.
First Cl.tM Cs.rriag,
Or any other vehicle, are respectfully Invited to
call and examine his work. None but the very best
material will lie used In tlie Manufacture of his
work, aud uono but the
Are employed in his establishment, some of whom
have had an exiierience of over twentv years In the
business. He is, therefore, enabled" to turn out a
first class vehicle, both in point of material and
workmanship. All work warranted to he asrenre-
snnted when leaving the elioj), and satislaction
guaranteed. All kinds of
Done In a neat and sutistanllal manner, and at the
shortest notice. He Is determined to do ill his
work in such a manner, and at snch prices as to
m:ike It to the Interest of everytmdy to patronise
him. Call and examine bis work before purcliaa-
lua; eisewncre.
jana D. J. HORNER.
JUy virtue of sundry writs of IVadifioat Expo
nas, Fieri Facial and Levari Faeiat issued out of
tlie uounoi vnnmon j iru ii fsuinrrwv uiwnij,
Pa., and to me directed, I will expose to sale liy
publle outcry, at the Court Honse, in Somerset,
on Saturday, the 1Mb day of February, 1873, at
1 o 'clock, r. M., tne loiiowing real estate, via:
All the right, title, interest and claim nf Hugh
Dcunison, nt, in and to the following described real
estate, vt.:
Two certain lots of gronnd sltnate in Hamcds
ville. In LowcrTurkeyloot township, Somerset Co.,
Pa., containing one-half ) acre, more or less, ad
joining alley on the east, alley on the
soul li, alley on tne wesi ami sireet on me
north, with a two story frame dwelling house and
stable thereon erected, wltn tne apimnenances.
Seized and taked in execution as tiie property ot
Huirh Denison at the suit of N. li. Lihlitur, use
or John S. Cramer.
All the right, title, interest and claim of George
Witt, of. In and to the following described real es
tate, via:
No. 1. A certain lot of ground situate in Somer
set borough, Somerset county, Pa., containing one-
fourth 1 acre, more or less, aojoimng lots of Jo
seph Snyder on the west, Mary Witt on the east.
Patriot street on the north, and street on the
No. 2. A certain lot or piece of ground situate
In Somerset borough, Somerset county. Pa., con
taining four (4) acres, more or less, adjoining binds
ot John l. Kimmel, jonn ni. iioinoroaum. jonn
H. Chi and Peter HefUcy, with the appurtenances.
and taken in execution as the properly of George
Witt, at the suit ol the somerset ft. atnic
Railroad Co,
All the right, title. Interest' and claim of Albert
Phciler. of. in and to the hillowmg described real
estate, vis: A certain lot of ground situate in tlie
horouirhor l.rslna. somerset county, fa.. Known
as lot No. 346 of the plan of saiil town, bounded on
(he east bv Walnut street, west by Ashallev. north
by lot No. 345. and south by lot No. 347, with a two
story trame dwelling nouse mereon erected, with
t he appurtenances. Seised and uken in execution
as the property of A 1 licit Pbeller at the suit ol
wasningion dieganen anu jaeoo 40m.
All the right title, interest and claim of Hiram
Findlay ami John D. Koildy. ot, In and to the fol
low Inr descrilwd real estate, via:
No. 1. A certain tract of land known as the
John Hoyman farm, situate In Southampton town
ship, Someiset eounntv, Pa containing 37 acres.
more or less, of which there are about 160 acre s I
cleared- and about 'JO acres in meadow, adjoining
lanosoi jonatuan jvennci. jonatnan r.mritK, n.
T. Wel l. Adam Starts farm, Henry Marts, and
otners, wltn a two story tog dwelling nouse and
bankb. a thereon erected, with the appurtenances.
No. i. A certain tract of land known as the
Adam t lurti farm, situate in Southampton town
ship, S .merset county. Pa., containing 2SS acres,
more 1 r less, of which there are about 1M acres
cleared and about 20 acres in meadow, adjoining
lands i f Daniel Korns, Adam Lepley, Hoyman
una, ami otners, witn a oce two story aweiung
nouse ana nana tiara tnercon erected, wnn
Taken In execution as the propcrtv of Hiram
Findlay and John D. Roddy at the suit of David
Hay aud Michael Hay.
All the right, title, interest and claim of John
D. Roddy and Hiram Findlay, of, in and to the fol
lowing described real estate, via: A certain tract
County of Somerset, Penn'a.,
From January 11th, 1872, to January 11th, 1873.
Noah Roberts, Treasurer of Somerset County, in account with
the County of Somerset.
- - !
To cash received from collectors of State ami County rates an J levies, as follows vix: (State tax !
of 1871 aniTprcvlousj ears.) j
NoaU Roberta, Treasurer of the Somerset County l'oor House, in account
with the County for the year ending January 9th," 173.
To anant drawn fmai the Coonty Treas
ury on ord- r No. 19, Lssued by the Cnun
ty Commissioners ....
Samuel Moyer
Franklin Rankin
Moses tilttner
John Gearing
Daniel berkey
O. CLlvengood
Nicholas Dora
Qe irge W. Sootier
Isaac Yodcr
Gillian S. Winer
Ooorge Lowry
Ludwick Gardner
Henry M surer
New bin Tissue
Solomon Pile
Patrick Griffith
Peter Statler
Noah Shatter
D. O. McKinlcy
William Heel..
Chamber Huston
George Spangler
Henry Marts
Stephen Trent
Charles C. Pugh ,
Samuel P. Miller
Benjamin F.Snyder....
Peter Knecreme
Henry Younkin
Frederick Swope
William Suder
Moses Essh
Gillian H. Walter......
John Lentx
Peter Hrown.
George J. Flick
Frederiok G. Netf.
Peter Shoemaker
Alexander Nk-kalo
John Putman
Jonathan Rhoads
Reuben M. McMlllen...
John Triinpey
Jacob Knavel
William C. Horner
Elijah Wagner
David T. Zimmerman...
John Grave
Kphralm Miller
Jacob Snyder
Frederick Weller
Goorgo W. IlenforJ
Solomon Beal
Quin Sullivan
Peter Knecreme.
.... MllfbrJ Township
.... Shade "
... Larimer u
, . . . Iiower Turkeyfool township. .
....lUuemahoning "
(Salisbury borongh....
....Allegheny township
, . . . I Brothersvalley "
...IConemaugb "
...llMleCity borongh
....ElkUck township
...IJenner "
... .'Lower Tarkev foot township. .
... Mlddlecreek
...Milford "
...'Paint .
... Quemabonlng "
... Salisbury borongh
...;Shade township
... Somerset borough
... Somerset township ,
. . . Southampton "
...;Stonycreek "
...;Stoystown borongh
...'Summit township
...II pper Turkey foot township. ..
...j Wellersburg borough
...j Addison township
...lAllcgheny "
...Berlin borough '.
...I Brothers valley township
... Ceaeraaugh "
..Jllale t'lty borough
...IKlkliek township
...jOrecnvllle " :
...j JeUersoo "
...IJenner "
. . . ; Isrimer "
... Lower Tnrkeyfbot ti'Wuship...
... Mlddlecreek "
... Milford "
... New Centreville borough
. . . Northampton township
... Paint "
... Quemahoning "
. . . Salisbury borough
...! Stoystown "
...'Shade township...
...iSummit "
. .. Stonycrcek township
...(Somerset "
...1 Somerset borough
, . . 'Southampton township
...it'ptierTttrkeyfnot township...
Al'. l 1 1 1. I
..I "
I 17 31 '
U S4
40 M
in m
4 w
10 Is
W 75 1
V 60l
M T7
7 M
Kg 64.
61 7
101 So
69 12
5 4M
18 24j
11 fri
24 l!
21 13;
144 4
4 W
34 78
&1 Mi
34 u:
7 w'
& 0U
is n
To amount of State tax for 1871 ami previous years, brought down
Jteuemptlon money receive! 1 on unseated innns
County tax received on unseated lands for 1870 and 1871...
Road i. .. ...
School " " u u m " ...
received ftinn J. R. McMillcn
" JosiahShafer
" " William B. CoS'roth, late Treasurer
..,1424 82
!i!HU8 82
... T1S 54
... 838 38
48 61
63 63
va n
m u
854 ISJ
373 37
102 76
14a SM
6uS (13
262 40
444 11
178 1
43 !
420 91
1:10 08
174 0
1M Ot
31 77
280 17
66 46
418 08
32 80
12M 00
610 IS
630 86
2016 60
10U3 16
SM 00
1.-1K2 60
391 06
860 00
1636 60
212 00
646 26
til 44
20.V2 24
147 60
3U3 00
736 97
KM 96
246 78
2U3 00
756 62
1352 04
1373 15
3053 49
11X16 00
448 33
(f-T 00
96 00
1424 82
97 32
2462 74
76 00
2360 02
Bv tlie following disbursements on or-;
I drrs issuol by the Poor Honse Directors: i
vn 31! 1 By amount paid for provisions, kjciivJing
jl heef, bacon, veai. wheat. Acl, - 1336 36
ny amount in id for groceries ami muse, 1392 61
" I 1JU A
" a . out A.me nanners
11 fiirmedkml services
E. M. KimmH ll ftsr 171 - 76 00
By amount pai.1 f.,r mcilt ai serriees S. S. I
llood in D-rt ft 1st- - t no1
ny amount pakl iur eofflna .
fuel .
mu.hu.h ry
By amount paid for ashes ...
14 25
1200 U
l 'O 00
VI 31
91 6U
" " vinevar and elder
" " timoifcysee.i -
" - pasture - .
" ' " " carding and weavtmr
u " " justices st cms costs
" " " repalra . . j
" toil -
" " labor
44 " lumber -
.4 u shoeraaking -4
44 44 u saddler's bill
44 44 44- hT, fttoek
" 44 u freia-ht -
4 44 44 44 hj, &r8 .
4 a u 44 priming
4 44 44 44 m,r,m
1 44 44 capering
4 u u u straw cutter
4. 44 44 leather -
1 44 44 a tln wsre
4 44 44 41 conveying pauper to
HarnsDurz . -
By amount paid Westmoreland eeanty
for John Miller j
By am t paid fordirector'a salary Wot
- " - " " " Walter;
" 44 44 U 4 SodCT !
By am't paid for director's counsel Scheil j
si Kimmel ..... 1
By amount parid for Steward's salarr.
Brant balance for 1S7I . 6300 00'
By amount paid for StewanTa salary.)
Brant in Dart for 1872 - - tauo vol
I ; By amount paid Treasurer Roberts - j
109 34
V, 7
66 2:
11 3i
t 12
46 uit
2 9
22 M
W 01
6 71
24 60
4ft 23
86 71
209 00
4 97
4 00
66 00
190 00
W 86
40 0
4 86
40 08
40 73
144 OS
60 90
so no
60 09
SO 00
400 00
40 00
40401 31
i401 31
Wc, the undersigned. Auditors of Somerset Countv, do hereby certify
that we have settled and adjusted the account of Noah Roberta, Treasurer
of the Somerset Conntr Poor House for the year 1872, and that the fore-
roin is correct.
In testimony whereof wc have hereunto set out Iiamls and seals this 9th
uav of Januarv. A. P., 1873.
County Auditors.
:l,K a
R, L. 8. j
437932 81
By cash paid on orders Issued by the County Commissioners ai follows, vix:
By amount paid Assessors
" fursnditing Public Accounts
44 Auditor's Clerk
44 for Bridre Building
44 for andithMi account of D. J. Horner for Indexing Recocts.
for adjusting papers in Register's fc. Prothonotary's office after hre
for Constables- Keturns
for Election Ex pen
I Wild Cat Scalps...
for Fox and 1
for Fuel
for Grand Jurors
for Traverse Jurors
on Unseated Land Orders (Road)
4 " 4. 44 (SchOOl)
for Treasurer's Deeds
William Barrick forattcndlngCourt House and Yard..
for Medical Services at Jail
D. J. Horner for Indexing Orphans' Conrt Dockets
County Institute
for Dockets and Stationery
Money Refunded
for Repairs
for Road and Bridge Views
for Printing
Western Penitentiary
Jury Commissioners and Clerk
House of Refnge ami Lunatic Assylnm....
for support of roor House. . . .
of Redemption money paid oat..
Slate tax Data out ni i
ary for 1873.
.$ 210 00
.. 279 00
.. 2X8 00
.. 61 00
40 oo
.. 16 00
... 36 00
of land situate In Southampton township, Somer-1
set Co., Pa., containing 114 acres and 111 perches, I
oi wnicn mere are aoont w acres eiearea, ait join
ing lands of Israel Em rick. Adam Shlrer and oth
ers, witn tne appurtenances.
Tsken In execution as the pronertT of John D.
Roddy and Hiram Findlay at the suit of Andrew
it. jneru-g s use or AUam scblrer.
AUtherlgbt, title. Interest and claim of John
D. Roddy ami Hiram Findlay, ot, in and to the fol
lowing described real estate, vis: A certain tract
of land situate in Southampton township. Somerset
county. Pa., containing 375 acres, more or less, of
w inc n tnere are atiout zuo acres clear and about 20
acres In meadow, with a two story frame dwelling
bouse and a one and a half stonr hi dwelling house
and a frame barn thereon erected, adjoining lands
of Jacob Troutinaa, Jacob Leydig, Andrew Em-
eriea. anu outers, witn ine appurtenances.
ia Ken in execution as tne property or jonn 1,
Rmldy and Hiram Findlay at the snit of Adam
All V.. .1..4.. 41.1. . .n,l -1.1 nr T..U
D. Roddy and Hiram Flndlav. of. in and to all the
coal, iron ore, limestone, metal, fossils, petroleum, I
minerals ami mineral sunstancea oi wnatever Kind I
or nature lying and being under and contained
within a certain tract of ground situate in South-1
amjuon township, Mimerset county, fa., contain-
"l.?: pursuance of the 47th section of the act entitled "An Act relating
. ' . I " . mm m a a -l rt a
eo and aoout 30 acres in meadow, with a one two J0 counties and tOWnSDipS," SC, paSSCU tne I0tn (jay OI April, 15, we
dwLTiin'g holses'SS-OTriargbank bSm"tn7rel5 met at the Commissioners' office, ia the borough of Somerset, on the 6th day
44 for Prothonotary'i Costa.
4 ,r Merchandise
44 for Sheriff's Fees
44 for Commonwealth Costa......
or Connty Script destroyed
paid Miscellaneous
Commissioner Huffman
44 44 Dumhold
4 44 Walter ,
44 44 MiUcr
44 Clerk NefT.
44 Counsel Postlethwalte balance for 1872.
44 4. 44 extra par
eo salary
I'oonty funds
By Treasurer's Commission on 4C28.420 64 nt 2V4 V cent.
paiaace in nanus oi i iwunr ue ine .uii ,
494 85
99 00
15 00 !
CO 00
2724 46
30 00,
106 30
684 11 I
17: 87 'I
910 15
136 00
738 66 I
3013 69
Ml 10 I
364 711'
121 00
160 00
24 00
32 60!
360 00
60 9U
279 71!
656 12
200 47
302 60
1154 75
674 26
48 78
288 65
6601 31
S04 311
205 031
1139 12!
813 05
26 00
33 25
V2H 00
576 20!
no oo
49 91
16W 331
716 751
8587 22
3732 81 437932 81
Wc, the undersigned, Auditors of Somerset County, do hereby certify
rftl . a,.li0,"lnf . 1?'" . llhn . t1,,l4 UaTl1 of January. 1873. and did audit, adjust and 6ettle the account of Noah
man j wiiuuiuiin, fillU KllXS 1 rifWI luninXR. I . a 1
Taken in execution as the property or John d. I Koberts. Esa.. Treasurer or Somerset county, witn tne county ior tne year
1872, and that said account as above stated is correct, and that we find a
balance due the said county from the said Treasurer of eighty-five hundred
In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this ICth
day of January, A. 1)., 1873.
Elias Cunningham,
Roddy and Hiram Findlay at the suit or Jonathan
4 It .1 .i.t- i . i . i . ...
ah tuotiKiii. itiic interest ami ctniin oi jik u- i .... ... ..
aei Hay and Hiram Findlay, ot, in and to the foi- and eigbty-seven dollars and twenty-two cents.
luniiig uciKniiva real estate, vis:
a certain tract oi land situate in Klkllck town
ship, Somerset county. Pa- known as the Josetih
Feik farm, containing 159 acres, strict measure, of
wnicn mere are aoout 140 acres Cleared and anoui
20 acres in meadow, with a two story log dwelling
house and bank barn thereon erected, adjeining
lands of Jonas Llchty, Samuel J. Lichty, J. Philip
Roman and Samuel P. Miller.jWlth the appurte
Taken In execution as the nmnertv of Michael
Hay and Hiram Findlay; at the suit of Joseph
All therlirht. title, interest and claim of William
P. ScheiL delendant. Jacob Reed ami John J.
Schell terre tenants, of. in and to the tollowtnor de
scribed real estate, situate in Allegheny township.
ooiucrsei. county, ra., vix:
No. 1. A certain tractof land adioinlnir a Iraet
bf land surveyed In the name of John MisOall, An-
uir. . .iti 1 1. & a umi BUI . 1. , rin m tri4jv VI IMM pur
veyed In the name of George Check, containing
4im acres, with the nsual allowance, with a one
and a half story frame house and a one and a half
story log house, one steam-power sawmill, one
water power sawmill and stable thereon erected,
wit h the appurtenance.
No. 2. A certain tract of Ian adiolninir the above
described tract of land. Jacob Meyers, lands war
ranted and surveyed in tne name or Joseph Me-1
acres witn the nsual allowance, abor.t 126 acres
L. 8.
L. 8.
U 8.
County Auditors.
NOAH ROBERTS, Treasurer of Somerset County, in account with the
several School Districts :
To aggregate amount of Militia Fines 1
n.r the venr ISrl -
To ontaUndlng Militia Fines for 1870 and
Call and lands of John Check, containing 400'4
acres with the nsual allowance, abor.t 126 acres
cleared and about 16 acres In meadow, with a two I
story log nouse, oanx oarn and otnerout buildings I
thereon erected, with the appurtenances. I
No. 3. A certain tract of land adHdnlnar lands
of Joseph Coughcnonr, lands of the above, and I
William Mctall, ennulning 484j acres, more or I
less, wnn tne appurtenances.
seized and taken as the property or William P.
f 816 00;
001 IK!
$1417 02
By additional exonerations allowed col
lectors lor 1871, - - - 4 92 78
; By additional commissions alloweil eol-
lectors for 1871 23 79
I By amount of ontstamling fine - 37 06
j By exonerations allowed collectors for "72. 109 60
Bv commissions allowed collectors for.
1872 I 13 71
Ry amonnt of outstanding fines - j 373 00
By Treasurer's commission on 4T67 19 at
1 f) cent I 7 47
By balance In hands of Treasurer due thcl
several scnoot xnstnets- - I t" 02
Due and Owing by th Collectors of the difirent Borongh
and Township Rate) and Let ie, a follows:
I Year.
MP.lt la
Peter Statler ...
Charles C. Pug:h
Beniatain F. Snyder -Henry
John Geiirer -William
Moses Eash -John
Lentx ...
George L Flick -Frederick
G. NefT - -Gillian
H. Walter -Peter
Alexander Nicklo
John Putman ...
John Trimpev
William C. Homer
David ('. Zimmerman
John Graff ...
F.phrairn Miller
Jacob Snyder ...
Irwin Snlliran -Peter
George W. Anderson -
Paid since settlement 4140 75.
Paint township ...
Stoystown borough
I" pper Turkey foot township -Addison
A llegbeny 44
Brothersvalley 44
i onemaugn
Jefferson 44
Jenner 44
Iaie City borough
Larimer township -
I Lower Thr key foot township .
j M itldlecreek
(Northampton 44
Ctnemabooing 44
I Stoystown borough
' Shade township -Summit
" -Stonyereek
44 - ...
ll'pperTurkeyfoot township -V
ellersbnrg borough -
1 t'rsim -
1871 4 T
24 63! '4 22
44 74 66 4 41 51: 31 S
1372 206 tl' 49 601 33 60
- 234 04: 15 761 17 00
44 414 94! 54 21( 44 00
44 4tt 90l 37 Ol! 14 00
44 375 47 68 10 1 21 00
44 131 98! 30 38 7 00
44 400 751 30 38! 7 00
44 3!ll 65' 64 10! 13 00
44 112 87i 13 Wi 9 50
44 6110 04 ! 13 191 50
44 242 24; 17 53' 24 00
44 r-i n; 4 121 . 50
44 .I6 29 83 43r 57 00
44 40 09 9 32' 5 60
44 337 23 ! 32 48 1 7 SO
- 131 76; 43 86i 27 60
44 I 192 68! 27 76- 42 60
4 271 69' 40 81 23 60
44 109 87 10 27 8 00
44 I 71 72! 29 16 1 8 09
We, the undersigned, Commissioners of Somerset County, in conformity
with the law, have ordered the accompanying account of the receipts and
expenditures of said county for the year 1872, to be published, and we here
by certify that the foregoing statement of outstanding taxes due said coun
ty is correct according to the books in the Treasurer's and Commissioners'
January 17th, 1873.
Jacob Neff, Clerk. VALENTINE J.MILLER.
Connty Commissioners.
Agents Wanted ! g
Light Running
Hold Last Year;
ThlH Year;
Loans on Collateral
Pittshnnrh City Bonis
Conemaugh Boron iih Booda....
line from City Banks
Johnstown Borough Bonds
United States Bonds
Loans on Real Estate
And now being Sold at the Sate of
The 44 Dome tie" supercedes others becanso
It surpasses thent In the every day service it ren
ders, both In the work-shop and family; and be
cause it Is equally asefuk for very tine and very
neavy wore
A Machine win be furnished (tor trial) to respon
sible parties with an Instructor (without charge)
upon application at our
Wanreeass, 24 Kixtk St., PUtsjksjrtb.
The "Dwwaestle!' has taken more Premiums
this season than any other Machine, and is special
ly recommended for Family mse and Manutactur-
ers. 11 la simple in eunstraction, noiseless anu
easily run. Address. "
- xne wm r. 1 iv. o. sa. via.
Janl , 24 Sixth Street, Pittsburgh.
..a 400 oo
.. 1.039 34
.. 8.0IM 00
. . 6.000 00
.. 2.060 00
.. 9.881 13
.. 6.472 60
.. 10.837 60
.. 49,990 42
.4113.671 13
Amount due Depositor 4109.522 84
December Dividend due Depositors 2.242 04
Treasurer's Checks 200 00
Contingent 1.704 23
Total 4113.471 13
St ATI o PirntsTTTAjriA, i
Oxtary Cfftn.
I. FRANK I1BERT, Treasnrer of the Johns
town Savings Bank, do solemnly affirm the above
statement is true, to the best of my knowleds-e and
Sworn and subscribed be f ir me
A. MONTUOMEKY, Notary Public.
The Undersigned, Auditing Committee, certify
that they have examined the eowlitioei of the
Hank, anil find the above statement to be correct.
d. Mclaughlin,
H. A. BOGOS. 5 Auditors.
41417 02
Scliell, defenilant, Jacob Reed and John J. Schell,
Tim amount.. f759 52 iu the hands of the Countv Treasurer is divided
ryTrowT'"' " ,he f Jhn AL"P M" among the School Districts in proportion to the amount paid by each dis-
All the rtirht. title. Interest and claim of t.tw.rH trlct a9 foHOWB:
Cheap, an I on en sy terms, ie second
GO 11one)0icr Stationary Steam IJigiiie
and two Return Flue Hollers complete, one com
plete set of
Barrel Stave Machinery,
One Bark Mill, and a full set of machinery cast
ings for a Grist Mill, with all the neccssarv sbaft
lug. pulleys, belting, fce in good order, forpur-
Jn29 Cumberland, Md.
S. t'onnclly, of, in and to the following described
real estate. Tlx: A certain lot of ground situate in
Somerset borough, Somerset connty. Pa., contain
ing one-fourth () acre, more or less, with a two
story trame dwelling bouse, stable and wood shed
thereon erected, adjoining lots of Joseph Snyder
on i ne west, scnooi nouse lot on uie east, Patriot
street on the north, and South street on the south.
itn tne appnrtetiance. taken In execution as
the propert v of Edward S. Counelly at the suit of
A 4414U .... II I.
All the rlirliL title, interest and claim nf fteormt
Friend, of, lu and to the following described real
estate, vix: A certain tract of land situate In Mil-
fold townshin. Somerset county. Pa., euntaininv a
acres, more or less, of which there are alioat three
acres clear, with a one and a half story plank
wctttiiz uouse ana siaoie iw-reun erucieu. atlhtln.
mg lands of David Younkin. Peter Phillhail John
nuiiii. aim oiuera, witn i
toe suit oi Simon ouir
Allegheny township
Berlin borough -Brothersvalley
Conemaugh 44 -Elkllck
- -
Greenvlllo 44 - -
Jefferson 44 -
Jenner 44 - -
Dale CItv bcrooirh ...
Larimer township
Lower Tnrkeyfoot township
14 70! Mlddlecreek township
16 99lMllford
67 37 i New Centreville borougU
48 96 j Paint township
27 271 Ituemahonlng township
16 99 Salisbnry borough -14
86i Shade township -64
08 1 .Stonyereek 44 -14
68 i Somerset 44 -4
68' Somerset borough '
36 27 i I Southampton township
Wellersburg borough 10 36
20 43
70 98
1 89
68 31
24 96
31 93
26 20
30 67
113 91
38 09
27 27
We. the undersigned. Auditors of Somerset County.in the Commonwealth
of Pennsvlvania, do ccrtifyihat in pursuance of the 47th section of the act
entitled "An Act relating to the counties aud townships," Ac, passed the
theaDDurtenancesT.k5 15th day of AdhI. 1834. we met at the Commissioners' office, in the bor-
ln execution as the property of Georga Friend all L .r o e. il, tih ilnv nf Junnarv ISM inil ilM mnli'f arlmar
rnt Bseoi uavw Younkin. "t- J . - - -
I.Stl I nrl cnii a iKn ckvufiI nriniinta rvnnirprl nf n hv law noTMfth!v to thf sov-
F.Xmrri! or i, anto acta of Assembly and supplements thereto, according to the best of onr
real estate, viz: A Iwo story plank frame dwell- ....lmonfa a ml nhilitips
an of ConOuence, Lower Tnr- b i i
Ins: house in the town
kcyfont township, Somerset county. Pa., on the
west sine ot uuen street, on iota t and a, In block
10. on the plan of said town, said bonse licing 28
met irtint on vsien bi met sin nt ocjun is leet, and
nntBAS, tne Honorable Wnxux V. Hall,
President of the several tTourts of Common Pleas
of the Counties composing tbe sixteenth Judicial
District, and Justice of the Courts of Oyer and Ter
miner ami General Jail Delivery, ior the trial of
all capital and other offenders In the said District,
ami Lkwis A. Tcaxxn and Johiah Mowxt, Ea-
3u I res. Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas, and
ustices of tbe Courts of Oyer and Terminer, and
General Jail Delivery, for the trial of all capital
and other offenders In the County of Somerset, have
Issued their precepts and to me directed, for hold
ing a Court of Common Pleas, and General Quar
ter Sessions of tbe Peace, and General Jail Deliv.
ery and Courts of Oyer and Terminer, at Somerset,
Oat Monday, Febramry 17th. 1873 1
NoTtrxs tf hereby given to all the Justices of the
Peace, tbe Coroner and Constables within the said
County of Somerset, that they be then and there In
their proper nersnns, with their rolls, records. Inqui
sitions, examinations, and other remembrances, to
do those things which to their offices and In that
behalf appertain to be done; and also, they who
will prosecute against tbe prisoners that are or shall
be in the jail of Somerset County, to be then and
there, to prosecute against them as shall be just.
Somerset, Jan. 17. Sheriff.
Number of Depositors
Number of Open Accounts....
Average to each Depositor
Adults ,
Rate of Dividends for 1871
Kate of Dividends for 167. . . ..
4164 63
, 67
.....6 per cent
.....6 per cent
Loans are made only upon Real Estate, ami
Government Bunds and other Brstclam collateral.
Value of collateral must be one-third greater than
loan. The Bank does not loan money upon build
ings. Land security Is required. jan
10 FEB cm.
T 1ST OF CAUSES pot down for trial at Feb-
the said two lots of ground and cartilage appurte
nant, i asen in execution aa ine property ot J
an t . Humbert at the snit or Valentine Hai
Sheriffs office,
Jan. 22, 1873. f
iv s use.
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands at the office aforesaid
this 15th dav of January, A. P., 1873.
Elias Cunningham, Gf'ORGE A. KIMMEL,
County Auditors.
"Notice Is tterehv Kiven to all nersnns that anvona
lound trespassing on the premises of the under,
signed, in Conemangh township, taumersct county.
from this date hereafter, as we think ourselves un-
1'a., bunting, fishing, gathering nuts, or berries,
fce., will be proceeded against according to law
ate on tho farm.
, Jacob L KArruAw, Jacob Bkbxxt,
Skm KarrMAH, Js.., Johk S. K Arm aw,
Joe era Htrrrtf ax, . Touias Misklkk,
base Yodcs. Ewargel Kai rstax,
O tutsan Thomas. Mimes H. aLAirWAS,
J. J. MiaHUUt, Esjia.
Jan 21
Letters of administration en the estate a Dan
iel T. Meyers, late of Milford township, deceased.
navinv oeen craniea to as, not ire is nerenv Driven
that we will attend at the residence of Tobias
Meyers, In said township, an Saturday, the 16tk
day of February next, 1873, When all peraoos hav
ing clnlins agauist said estate will prewot them
for settlement tminerlv authenticated, and those
luucnteti to salt! estate win mate payment.
JskI , . , . Administrators,
Br virtue of an order of sale Issuing out of the
Orphans' Court ot Somerset ooaaty, to ate direct
ed, 1 wlU offer at publle outcry, on the premises, oa
THE 1st DAY OF FEHRU A RY. 1(171
Solid 14 Karat Gold, at on o'clock of said day, the following real estate,
tai inntlrvrn Tl: A eeitaln tract of land situate In Middle-
WANRAItltlli ereek township, adjoining Jacob Hechler, Jacob
acres cienr, ot wnien are in meadow, am wbica is
t- state of FJizaheth Ttrnsrh. late of JenVrwm in
deceased. . r Jaa2.
uniers oi aumintsuaiiosi on ins aoove estate -m -T-rteriTirt
having been grantod to tbe undersigned, notice is i V! U 1 1 L Vj.
hereby given to those tndelded to It to make ia mo
di ale payment, aad those harlng claims aaralnst IL
to present them, duly authenticated ior settlement, sin
at tbe office of John H. L ni, ia Somerset, oa Sat- say
anlay, February 22, 1873. the
Of Every Description.
38 Fifth Avenue,
Notk Is hereby given that Joslsh M. Hay, as
abrM of Mtchael Smith, has filed his account to
erected a one story dwelling: house and a stable.
There fa a assail orchard of excellent fralt, aad a
ever-tailing spring on the premises. A very de
sirable home.
Traas. OasMhird In hand apoa delivery of
deed, balance In four equal aanaal payments, to he
secured by judgment bond: 10 per cent, of the
hand money to be paid when tne property la knock
ed down. Possession given on the 1st of April.
decs , Executor of Jacob Mogcot, dee'd.
olnoe, aad that the saaae will be presented to
Court for eonlirmatloB on Thursday, February
20,1873. E.M. SCHR'XJK,
jan22 PrutboooUtry.
T?0R SALE CnEAP. One No.
J.' S Efg Store.
Used hot three weeks. Ap
. "HER A14) OFFICE."
I ruary Term, 1873, cooimeocing 3d Monday, 17th
L."A. Turner's asslirnee vs Slick k. Blackburn.
Same vs Elkhart, Wits St Co.
Same vs Elkhart Lowerspach k Co.
Philip Shaver vs Knabio et aL
4 . P. Shaver vs Same.
Josiah Long vs Same.
John A. Vi'oy vs Same.
Levi J. Long vs Same.
Daniel Mostoller vs Same.
Michael May vs E. D. Yutxy.
John Boucher vs Delttick Trimpe.
Thomas Ream vs Jacob Rash.
Frederick Kncpper vs Francis Countryman.
Jehn Holland vs Jones Shanley It Co.
Schell at Kimmel vs Henry Claycomb.
Samuel P. Snyder vs Leopold m. Bro.
Yutsr, Scott a Co., vs Buffalo Valley R. R. Co.
PROTaosoTABT's Or ma, E, M. S naoca,
January 20, 173. f Protaoootary.
late of John T. King, late of Mlddlecreek tp.,
ueeeasea. -Letters
of sdmlnlstratloo on the above estate
having been granted to the undersigned, notice ls
hereby given to those Indebted to it to make iinme
ill Ate payment, and those having claims against it
to present them duly authenticated tor settlement
on Tuesday, tbe 18th day of February, 1873, at the
late residence of said deceased.
Jans Administrator
iters of administration having been granted
by the proper authority to the uadersigneit, on the
estate of Levi Berkey, deceased, all persons in
debted ta sain estate are neiwny aoiineu " Ba"
Immediate ps
present them
Wedneedasr. I
house of the undersigned.
Interest Payable Senil-Annually
at the Banking Hons of
Or at any Bank designated by the leader.
parties many thousands of dollar per mooin
In first mortgages on improved property in Illinois,
and such has been the demand for these desirable
securities, that we have, during the but fifteen
months, placed In them nearly one million of dol
lars, the semi-annual Interest on which has. In
each ami everv ease, been prompt I v paid. These
mortgages are In tbe form of Trust Deeds, and can
be closed in 20 days should there be a failure to
par Interest or taxes when due.
We Invest any sum. be It large or small, and col
lect ami remit Interest and principal as it matures,
all without expense to the lender. Caa refer to
parties lor whom we have loaned large amounts,
and who have never lost a dollar either of princi
pal or Interest In this class of securities during the
last fifteen years. Send for our pamphlet, Illin
ois as a place of Investment," mailed free.
Dealer la Beatl Estate Tern For Cwsjt,
ftcewrltle aswl School Bwaxta,
'gSESfim Mis k GaMila craa k Mn Ixns.
sr. the lth day of February, 1873, at tbe PITTSBTJKGir, PA.
Library Building. 14 Peaa Avenue.
tan .

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