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The Somerset Herald.
. February U, 173.
Ex-Governor Jons W. Geakt
died suddenly and unexpectedly at
bis residence in narrisburg on Satur
day last On tbe previous erening
be was apparently in bis upual robust
health, and on Saturday, without a
mnment's illness, or notice, while at
the breakfast tabic, suddenly threw
back his bead, and immediately cx-
nirrd. it is sunnowd from disease of
1 - 11
the heart. The announcement of his
sudden death has been received with
sadness throughout the Common
wealth. Such public honors will be
paid his memory by the authorities
at Ilarrisburg.ashis eminent civil and
military services merit
John W. Ut art was born near
Mount ricasant, Westmoreland
county, in 1819. His life was a mo
mentous and honorable one. He fill
ed numerous public stations, civil and
military, with credit and honor to him
self, and benefit to the country, and
bis sudden taking off will be largely
and sincerely regretted by thousand's
who esteemed and admired bim.
In the contest over the wills of the
late IIoracx Greeley, it has been in
conte6tibly proven by the testimony
of his most intimate friends, that for
weeks preceding bis death he was in
sane. It has been shown that bis
mental condition was not only known
to the managing editor of tbe Tri
bune, but to the leading politicians in
and about 2ew York who had con
trol of the "Liberal" canvass. And
yet these men persisted in advocating
the claims of a lunatic to the Fresi
dential chair, and deceived millions of
people into voting for bim. It is
useless now to speculate upon what
would have been the result, had Mr.
Greeley wrecked in mind been
elected. But no one, either friend or
political opponent, of the dead editor,
but must view with horror tbe
wretches professing to be his friends,
who made merchandise of his intel
lect, and were willing to stake the
fate of the Nation upon their success.
Tbe men who knowingly attempted
to elect a crazed man to the chief
magistracy of the nation, are more
traitors to the government than those
who took up arms against it Tbe
armed traitors commanded respect
for their boldness, while the political
Jesuits who under the specious cry
of reform, attempted to elect a crazy
man to tbe Presidency are simply
sneak-tbieves of the lowest class.
Tbe repeal of the franking privilege
is most sweeping, and leaves no
official in the enjoyment of that much
abused trust Senator Ramsey, of
Minnesota, is unreservedly accorded
the credit of originating and putting
the bill through the Senate, and of
urging its passage in the House.
e Dave not seen the bill, and can
not therefore speak of its details, but
it is sufficient to know that it cuts off
tbe franking privilege of all parties
whatever, including the President and
Heads of Departments, of bureaus, and
chief clerks, as well as Members and
Senators. Of course, it will be impossi
ble for these officials to pay the
postage on all official matter sent
through the mails out of their meager
salaries. Hence Congress will be
compelled to make an appropriation
for this purpose for the next fiscal
year before adjournment.
Thus the Republicans in Congress
have redeemed another pledge given
to the people in their national platform
adopted at Philadelphia on the Cth of
last June.
The bill for tbe benefit of tbe Penn
sylvania Railroad Company, that was
railroaded through both houses of the
Legislature with such indecent haste
last week is said to have underlying
it a proposition to place four tracks
on that thoroughfare from Pittsburgh
to Philadelphia, a commendable and
perhaps a necessary work, but scarce
ly requiring such hot Legislative
baste. But will some member please
explain the grave necessity for "Bill
Kemble's" "city railroad bill being
rushed through at the same break
neck Bpeed T Gentlemen 1 there is a
"little joker under somebody's hat
A careful estimate has been made
of tbe area of the timber lands of
Pennsylvania and the average yield
of lumber per acre, and the alarming
conclusion is reached that three years
stocking at the present rate of five
million feet per year would entirely
exhaust all the pine timber now stand
ing. These statements are made
after very careful estimates, and with
such emphatic indorsements on the
part of the most experienced lumber
men in the State.that their truth is be-'
yond doubt
London, February 4. A dispatch,
dated August 4, is published to-day,
stating that a town called Lepree, in
the territory of Scinde, is nearly in
ruins, in consequence of a terrible
earthquake. The calamity came with
such suddenness that escape was im
possible. On the first alarm the in
habitants rushed from their houses in
to the streets where many were killed
by falling buildings. Upwards of five
hundred persons are supposed to have
perished. The -earthquake was felt
many miles away. Tbe inhabitants
of Lepree, after the first convulsion
was over, fled with their goods to the
Washington, Feb. G, 187. "J.
Hon. Robt B. Roscvclt f New
York is ambitious to be known
as the great Congressional obstruc
tionist of IMstrictiroprovements. He
has just issued another pamphlet
against our Board of Public Works
under the caption of "Tammany the
Second," containing the most reckless
and abEurd assaults upon that body
of improvers. Tho speech was made
in Congress on the 24th ult, and it
has since been proven that the Hon.
member's opposition to the Board
arose from its failure to accommo
date him by keeping one of his strik
ers in office at a high salary with
nothing to do. The affidavits made
to show this arc borne out by the
spirit and want of truth of the speech
itself which is beneath criticism and
can be best appreciated by showing
how some of his own figures make
ont what he rails "fraud" in the re
port of the Board. Thus he alleges
that in paving twenty-nine streets
and one alley, a length of fifty-six
miles, instead of being what the
board alleges on an average of thirty
two feet in width at $3 50 per yard for
wooden pavement and $3 20 per yard
concrete, the cost is actually forty
dollars per running foot and amounts
to $11,827,200." Now, as one square
yard at $3 50 (the highest price paid)
is nine thirty-6econd part of the whole
running foot it will cost only $12 44,
instead of $40 as alleged, or only $37,-
32 per running yard. He charges
disrepancy of $206,332 in the report
of the Board as to tbe cost of a, 47 J
feet of a thirty feet sewer over Tiber
Creek, when his own statement
shows that they reported tho number
of feet at $102,50 per foot correctly
as amounting to $253,482,50. He al
leges an over charec and fraud of
$13,491,20 in computing the sum due
from tbe United States for concrete
pavement along Judiciary Square,
because be found 5th street set down
accidentally in the report instead of
4th street oc which the work was
actually done. These are specimens
of tbe blundering recklessness and mi
croscopic littleness of the man.
Hon. A. B. Meacham, of Oregon,
with Hon. Jesse Applegate and Sam
uel Case. Indian ajrent Alsea. Ore
gon have been appointed a peace
commission to settle the difficulty
with the Modoc Indians. Mr. Me
cham will leave here to-dav for the
scene of operations. It is alleged
that the settlers are opposed to a
peaceful settlement ; preferring exter
mination. But whether tbe exter
mination will be of the settlers or In
dians does not appear. From the ex
perience of the war thus far it is
quite likely that the settlers will be
generally wiped out before the troops
can overcome tho Modocs by force.
It is understood that the President
will insist on a suspension of arms on
the part of the troops, except for the
prevention of attacks, until even
handed justice is fairly offered the
complaining aborigines. This is not
only the proper thing, but will be the
cheapest, best and indeed the only
plan of stopping hostilities and saving
the settlers from constant dread of a
savage descent upon them.
Senator Pomeroy is here and will
present himself in his 6eatin the Sen
ate at once and make a denial of the
bribery charges against him. The re
port, or an interview by a newspaper
reporter is not satisfactory to your
correspondent If the showing of
$7,000 bribe money in the Kansas
Legislature and the charge made by
Senator 1 orke was a put-up-iob and
was entirely false, the innocent vie
tim of such a fraud should indignant
ly repudiate the election which result
ed therefrom. Instead of this the re
port states that Senator Pemcroy ad
mitted the fairness of the election of
Senator Ingalls. It would give us
great pleasure to know that Senator
Pomeroy was entirely innocent but
tbe action of the House of Represen
tatives of Kansas demanded this res
iirnation and the Senate of his State
has requested the U. S. Senate to in
vestigate the charges against him
This docs not look like his clearing
himself before his own people, though
it is never fair to condemn any man
upon ex parte evidence.
The representatives of the new Syn
dicate in JSew York sar that the na
tional banks arc taking pTcat interest
in the new loan. Their subscrip
tions are daily increasing in amount
From London also they have favora-
- j r. ,
watuvices, sou expect to ciose me
entire five per cent loan of $300,000,
000 this week.
The . opposition to the general
Bankrupt law docs not appear to
come from regular business men. It
is difficult to see why such assault is
made upoa the law at this time. The
N. Y. Importers and Grocers board
of Trade yesterday sent a memorial
to Congress against the repeal.
C. M.
Attempt Highway Rbbry The
Aucvveu young iaay, seated in a
rocking chair, reading the Bible ex
claims: "Mother, here is a grammat-
vrrur in me u.ble!" Mother,
lowering her spectacles, and ap
proaching tbe reader in rery scru
tinizing attitude.says: "Kill it,kill it!
It u the very thing that has been
eating the bookmarks "
Louisville Ky., February 3. On
Thursday night four men attacked a
stage running from Mitchellsburg, on
the Lebanon branch of tho L. & N.
road, to Harrisburg. When the stage
was within eight miles of Harrodsburg
the leader, named Tebura McAneliy,
came out from the roadside, pointed a
pistol at the driver and commanded
him to halt The driver stopped the
stage, and McAneliy ordered him to
take the mail out from under the scat,
at the same time starting to climb up,
when an .inside passenger named
Roberts put a pistol through the
window and shot the robber through
the head, killing him instantly.
McAnelly's companions, seeing the
fate of their leader, fled, but were
pursued by the passengers and two of j Ji t
them ranttirpr! tnkin In TIanvuluhnrir i 1 P
f 1 . - r
and lodged in jaiL There is consid
erablc excitement in the vicinity of
the outrage over the daring attempt
IlARRism ro, Feb. 7.
A bill has been read in place in the
Senate which, if passed will repeal
all laws heretofore exempting real es
tate from taxation. No exception is
made in favor of any sava cemetery
and church property and such real es
tate as may belong to the jmblic char
ity of tbe State, or those which re
ceive State aid..
At an afternoon session held by tho
House on Tuesday for tbe consider
ation of bills on the private calendar,
Mr. Mahon, of Franklin, gave notice
that he should henceforth, object to
all bills of such a nature where tho
courts have full jurisdiction.
He reminded the members of tho
House that tbey had sworn not to
violate the constitution, and that leg
islation of this kind was forbidden
A number of bills were then, for the
reason given above, stricken off tbe
calendar ; and it seems both Houses
have adopted a rule directing the
Speaker to strike off all such bills.
These rules, faithfully adhered to,
will be a means of preventing much
pernicious legislation.
Tbe centennial job was up before
the House on Wednesday, having
been reported from the committee on
ways and means. After considerable
discussion, tho bill was referred back
to the same committee. On Wednes
day it was strain reported to the
House with the amount cut down
from one million of dollars to five hun
dred thousand. The bill provided
that the 6um shall be paid in instal
ments of one hundred thousand dol
lars, towards the erection of buildings
in Fairmount Park, for the use of the
exhibition ; that said buildings shall
cost not less than doublo tbe amount
appropriated by the State, and 6hall
remain in the Park as the property of
the city of Philadelphia for such uses
as the bill further provides.
The House refused, by a large ma
jority, to pay the fit section; a recon
sideration was bad and the matter
postponed for one week.
As one way of raising funds for the
same purpose Mr. M'Clure has had a
bill passed i tbe Senate, taxing the
cross receipts of the passenger rail
ways of Philadelphia, arguing that
they would be largely benefitted by
tbe exhibition, and could well afford
to pay the tax. This will certainly
meet with more approval from tbe
State at large, that the proposed ap
propriation from the btate lreasury.
A bill has also passed tbe House
giving the Pennsylvania Rail Road
power by a vote of the stockholders
to increase its stock to such amount as
they see fit, not exceeding the pres
ent amount of stock ; also the issuing
of bonds and securing the same by
mortgages, to be recorded in the city
of Philadelphia only. The bill seems
to confer unlimited power in this di
rection, and if our recollection serves
us rightly was passed in the same
shape six years ago, and was then
vetoed by the Governor. The reason
alleged for its passage at this time is
that the company wish to lay a third
rail between Philadelphia and Pitts
burgh. The House has passed a supple
ment to the act incorporating the
Union Passenger Railway of Phila
delphia, allowing that company to
lay a double track on Market street
frcm Front street to Ninth. Many
of the property owners and business
men on this street are opposed to this
bill, alledgingit will ruin the street for
business purposes, as there are al
ready three tracks on this street
A bill has been introduced in tbe
Legislature re-organizing the Nation
al Guard of the btate. I bo bill is
quite lengthy, embracing upwards of
seventy sections, and provides that
the National Guard in time of peace
shall consist of 20,000 men, to be as
nearly equally distributed over the
State as possible. ,
An act has passed the House fixing
monthly return days for Cambria and
Somerset counties.
It is proposed to form a new coun
ty out of parts of Lycoming, Brad
ford, Sullivan and Tioga, to be called
Minegua, and a bill has been intro
duced for that purpose. ,
It is also proposed to look into the
insurance laws of tbe btate ana com
pare them with those of New York
and Connecticut with a view of as
certaining what is required to fully
protect our citizens in this important
On Sunday morning last the Loch
lei Hotel bad a very narrow escape
from destruction by fire, and in fact
did sustain considerable damage.
The fire originated in a stable adjoin
ing the rear of the hotel. The fire
plugs were frozen up and much de
lay was experienced in thawing tbein
out Fires have been of almost
nightly occurrence for a week past,
and this trouble has been met with
each time. Tbe city authorities are
much censured for neglecting this
Boiler Eaploalwn.
ii AiiBiwm na.
Harrisblro, February 4. The
following bills were read in place :
Mr. Weakly To extend tho power
of Orphans' Courts for the protection
of trust funds.
Mr. Humphreys Supplement to
ttiA Tonsolidated Gas Company, of
Pittsburg, to. allow them to issue
bonds to extend their works.
Mr. Graham To incorporpato the
Union Improvement Company.
Mr. Wallace To repeal all laws
exempting real estate from taxation.
Mr. Rutan A resolution that tbe
Judiciary committee frame a general
law relating to the opening and va
cating of streets and alleys in cities
and boroughs. , , ' . - -
Bill Passed.
Supplement to the school law of
the city of Tittsburg.
Relating to school directors in new
Territory. .
To authorizo tbe Westmoreland
Agricultural Society to. borrow
To compel clerks in different coun
ties in the Commonwealth to count
the vote had on local option in the
general return.
The act relating to the measurement
of lumber was postponed for the present
Tbo private calendar, containing
150 bills was taken up, and consider
able discussion was had on bills
where courts have power, and many
were stricken off.
At five o'clock tbe House, after the
longest session of the season, ad
journed. HARRisBVRO,!February 5. The fol
lowing bills were read in place :
Mr. Graham To exempt the Lit
tle Sisters of the Poor from taxation.
Mr. Rutan Supplement to the pen
al laws.
Mr. Strang Joint resolution to
Congress in favor of tbe improvement
of tbe Susquebanna river; an act to
tax Phiadelphia railways to aid the
The Youghiogheny bridge supple
ment passed both Houses, and was
signed by the Governor.
, They had been employed there and
were struck by flying pieces of the
boilers or of timber. One man was
bringing a car load of coal to the fur
nace of the battery, coming along tne
elevated railway leading irom tne
mines in the hillside to the various
parts of the mill. At the time of the
explosion he was just over the boilers
and was blown up a considerable dis
tance. His body presented a shock
ing sight, appearing as though eyery
bone in it had been crushed. The
lower jaw of one roan was found ly
ing by itself at a distance from the
rest of the body. Five bodies were
partially buried under tho ruins, and
had to be removed by hard labor.
The cause of tho accident is involv
ed in some doubt, but it is rumored
among those who ought to know that
it was owing to the accumulation of
gas in the boilers, caused by the boil
ers not having been cleaned for some
time. At 3 o'clock yesterday morn
ing tbe steam pipe in tho old mill
burster! aud tho chief engineer was
awakened to repair the damage. This
being accomplished the engineer re
tired to bed, and did not start on his
tour of inspection yesterday morning
till 9 o'clock, A. m., and two hours
after the usual time. Instead of go
ing to tbe new mill, as was usual, he
went to examine steam pipe in the
old mill, ne had hardly performed
this when the explosion in the new
mill took place. Pitteburg Poxt 4'A'
Explosion of m Trpe4o.
New York, February 4. Special
dispatches report that eight persons
were killed and thirteen wounded,
more or less dangerously, by a boiler
explosion at Conshocken, three miles
from orristown and thirteen miles
from Philadelphia, in the foundry and
rolling mills of John Wood A
Brothers, yesterday afternoon at
about a quarter past four o'clock.
Tbe foundry constantly employs
about five hundred men. Tbe works
cover an area of eight acres, and are
tbe largest in that section. The
boiler had lcen examined on Saturday
and implicit confidence had been
placed in its reliability. Just before
tbe fatal crash occurred, a man bad
examined tbe boiler and found the
valve perfectly loose, there being but
three gauges of water at the time.
Six were killed outright three of them
being boys. Tbe latter were emplov-
ea in tbe print works, which were
istant some two hundred feet from
them captured, taken to Harrodsburg,11"5 l""ce lD P'on. xney
works wben the boiler burst The
A DMhlr f the Lot Pre Ideal
(yier Attain Aaelstaae ef
A-reaa A feantaa Allow (Ml Her.
Washington, Feb., 4. Speaker
Blaine to-day, having called Mr.
Dawes to occupy the chair, appeared
on the floor, saying be bad a few
minutes ago bad an interview in tbe
Speaker's room which had deeply
touched bim. - It was with the widow
of Robert C. Wood, late Assistant
Surgeon in the United States army,
and daughter of Zachary Taylor.
late President of the United States.
She had presented a petition, ivhich
he would not read, as it presented a
state of facts that ought not to bo ex
pected, viz., mat a daughter of Zachary
Taylor was in need of assistance.
lie bad assured ber that he did not
believe there would be a vote against
tbe bill, which be now introduced,
granting to Mrs. Wood a pension of
fifty dollars per month, to date from
the death of ber husband, March 28,
1869, and it was passed by a nnani-
moua rote.
names of the killed are : Win. Hum
mel, Jr., W. II. Carroll, Wm. Kclley,
and m. liarrett. 1 be last two
named died shortly after the explo
sion. Tbe names of the three boys
have not been ascertained, and it is
feared that many of tbe wounded will
die. The day workmen bad left for
their homes at tbe time of the explo
sion, and the night workmen were on
their way to the foundry. There is a
scene of chaotic confusion presented
at tbe mill, half of which is in ruins.
Philadelphia, February 4. At
the boiler explosion at Conshohocken,
one of the boys killed, James McCall,
was literally cut in two. , .
One of the most remarkable instan
ces of presence of mind and the vir
tue of soft soap was shown in Dalton,
N. Y., the other day. A man work
ing near a revolving shaft was caught
in the main belt and was in a fair
way of being dashed to pieces, when
a boy standing beside the shaft seis
ed a dipper of soap and threw it up
on the belt, causing it to slip, and re
lease the man from certain death.
The new member from Greene,
Mr. Ledwitb, appeared and was
sworn in.
A lengthy debate occurred on re
committing the Centennial bill to re
duce the amount. It was finally car
ried. The bill was amended to five
hundred thousand, and will be so re
ported in the morning.
Reports from committees as fol
lows: Jury commissioners' bill: an
act to tax sheep in Westmoreland
county ten cents each.
Lieutenant Colonel Noyes of Clin
ton called up the supplement to the
Pennsylvania Railroad allowing an
increase of the capital stock.
He explained the bill in a few
words, that the company intended to
lay four tracks between Philadelphia
and Pittsburg, and did , net feel like
doing it out of tbe earnings of the com
pany. The bill passed with one dis
senting voice, and no one called for
the ayes or nayes.
Mr. Brockway introduced a new
bill making a county out of portions
of Bradford, Sullivan, Lycoming and
Tioga, to be called Mincqua, with the
county seat at Minequa Springs in
Lycoming county. Mr. Brockway
claims that the proposed new county
contains over 400 square miles and
over 20,000 inhabitants.
Harrisbcro, February 6. The
following bills were read in place :
Mr. rlayford To incorporate the
People's Bank at Carmichacl's, Green
Mr. HumpbrevH To incorporate
tbe Pittsburg and Soutbside Railway
Mr. McCIure Supplement to the
general railroad law to prevent cross
ings at grades.
Mr. Rutan endeavored to have the
Bank Committee discharged from
consideration oi uio act to incorpo
rate Kansas city bate Ueposit and
Insurance Company of Butler county.
sir. uranam opposed it on account
of iU extraordinary privileges, saying
that tbey were almost as great as
that of the Credit Mobilier. Tbe mo
tion was withdrawn.
Mr. Graham read an aH to author
ize the State Superintendent of Com
mon Schools to appropriate money
for public schools under the manage
ment oi scnooi directors.
Titvstille, Pa., February 5.
Andrew Palrymple, living near
Tideoute, Pa. was clandestinely en
gaged in filling a torpedo with nitro
glycerine at his hou.c this morning,
when it exploded, blowing him to
atoms, killing his wife and fatally in
juring bis child, who were in an ad
joining apartment. The bouse was
totally wrecked. A keg ot powder
and two packages of dualinc and a
number of articles for firing torpedoes
were found on the premises.
An Iowa man lay under a snow
drift forty hours, and was dug out
safe and sound.
New Advertisement.
W. W. Mt-KAIO.
The Beall Fomi
W. W. McK
f'l Proprietors, and
Railroad and Mine Osn, "
Car Whel ami A lies, with Patent Oilers,
Wood ami Inn Working Mnchlnerr.
McUia anl Casting. (.-n l for tllustratUns,)
Buvel an Mitre Ooarlna:,
Steam Pumps a
Iron Pipe fr Sti-am or Water,
ltr.iM and Iron I'minga,
Jack Si-rewi and Lk Jacks,
Patent Snw Onmmere and Knvry Wheels,
Stock, Pica, Tana, and Pi) Tnniroa.
Klue Brushes. craera and Rutcuut-driUs,
Juilaon Oorernoni and Valve,
Olohe, Stop. Annie and Cheek Valves,
. Wuhulta, Oitngc Cocks and Steam Oaugcg,
Turbine Water Wheals.
Grinding M ichlnes for Planer Knl.es,
Grindstone SbafU and Uuxes,
Horse Power and Tumbling Shafts,
Engines, Machinery, &e.,
MannfnetnrarS of Liney's celebrated SeU-Lubri-
eutlng Mine Cur Wheal,
W. W. McK
jsa li-'T3eow.
New AdvertixemenlH.
d in 1845.
M Kit W IX Mr K A lO
Machine Works,
and, I1.,
Manufacturers of
Mortlee Wheels.
Pinions and Mill Castina-s generally.
Meant Knjrines, (2 to 40 horse )
Hollers of all kinds made and repaired.
Smoke Staeks, and Sugar Pans,
nd Connections,
(lum and Leather Beltlnar and Lose Leather,
Melt Cutters, Awls, and Lace Striiiies,
linn, S-mpstune and Hemp Parkinir,
furnaces lor Churches and Dwellings,
Monkey anil Adjustable Wrenches,
" uneys, dialling anu Hunger,
Neir AdvertiMtne.nfs.
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Agents wanted for the new. startling hook. The
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An-Anta The fastestsi
AgeillS, in the market Is T.
The only Reliable Gift Distribution in thecanntry.
$100,000 oo
la. . SINE'S
To be drawn Monday, March S4th,S73,
On: Grail Capital Prizs, $10,003 ii Gold !
One Prize A3,000 In Sliver I
Five Prlaca...
Five Prize...
Ten Priaea....
.ai.MMs rax-h
...-0 each
...SIOO (Mk
Committee on Ways and Means rc
ported back tbe bill giving $500,000
to tbe Centennial Commissioners.
The first section was voted down,
carrying tbe whole bill with it.
Mr. Latta moved to reeonsider.
Agreed to.
Five hundred copies of the bill
were ordered.
Senate bill Xo. 87, an act authori
zing baofcs to hold mortgages as se
curities for notes, passed with the
proviso making it retrospective strick
en out.
An act relative to vacancies In
Prothonotary's, Register's and Clerk
of Courts, offices passed.
An act in reference to informations
for violations of the Sunday law pro
voked discussion, and was then voted
The committee have agreed on the
contest in the Seventh judicial dis
trict, Bucks and Montgomery, Miller,
Republican, vs. Roberts, Democrat.
in favor of Roberts."
Boiler Exploaion.
Two Family Carriagesand Matched Horses with
Silver Mounted Harness, worth $1,600 each; two
busies. Horses, ax., worth w0 each; two fine
toned Rosewood Pianos worth tftOO each; ten Fam
ily Sewina; Machines worth aiou each; 1 OO Gold
and Silver Lever Hnntina; Watches, worth from
A U each; Oold Chains, Silver Ware, Jew
elry, fce.
Whslt (umber rifts,100,00. Ticketi limited to 50,000.
ta whom Liberal Preuf Inma m
Single Tickets, 2; Six Tickets SiO;
Twelve Tickets S20; Twenty -Five
Tickets S40.
Circular eontainloir a full list or prizes, a de
scription of tbe manner of drawing, and other in
formation in reference to the Distribution, will be
sent to any one ordering them. All letters must be
auureea 10
101 W. Filth St. Cincinnati, O.
Sellinsr nearly ten thousand a month.
free. J. M
STODDAKTfcCO., Fuull.hers,Ph!l-
Prof. Fowler's Great Work
On Manhood, Womanhood, and their Mutual Inter-relations:
Love, Its Laws, Power, ele.
Send for steeiinn pates and cir-nlirs. with
terms. Address NATIONAL PVP.L1SH1NG
CO., 1'liil., Pa.
Saw Mandrels.
'Ircular and Mill Saw.
P.I..I Vtt Trip lliillfeT,n'l H!lie
"-"- - ' 1 0 i .
Fmukltn Knnltitl
Moses Hlttner. ..,
John Gearinr
Daniel llerkey..
('. I J. Llveni?ood
Nicholas Uurn..
Geonte W. Sholier
Isaae Yoder
Gillian S. Miller...
Georae Lowry
Lu-iwirk Gardner
Henry Msurer...
New km Tlsue. ..
Soliimon Pile
Patrk-k Griffith. ..
Peter Siatler
Noah Shaffer
I. O. McKlnley...
William Keel
liaraliers Huston.
Oeorxe Spanarler..
Henry Marts
Stephen Trent
Chariest'. Pntfh..
Samuel P. Miller .
itenjamtn F. Suyd
VenUHont Expo. , f,"" 'VT.V Z ' "
.."'i.jr( Tl I" r.rt., l.ne.l out of I . . "'" -
S:i.7Vv:,; jnnGiir
RAIiLEL Tittle,
Portable Grist Mills, trour sites.)
F.nvtne Heaters and Boiler Tubes,
French Burr Millstones and Smut Machines,
Separators, Bolting Cloths and Mill Picks.
Overhauled and Repaired.
also Frog. Switches, SUtl.ia and Mining Ma
County of Somerset, PenrTa.,
From January lltli, 1872, to January Uth,
Noah PtoIerts, Treasurer of Somerset County, in account
the County of Somerset.
Toeashreeeire l from collectors or .Hlate anu i-oumy rate. r.., p,iiws rlr
of WTI.and preTtoua years.)
C' ! lectors.
ut, I
virtue of sundry writs of
Agents it Sells Quick
Amoni; all classes. Old people, the mlddle-azcd.
those ho are just entering lite, and y-utli ol both
sexes buy and read with tbe greatest pn.iit.
DIG LEWIS' last and best book. It Is tne.ninir
with the greatest rueeess: and there's MON iu
It. Send for our circulars, etc.. which are sent
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The Immense sale, 10,009 IN ONE MONTH our
Ijiviugttloiie 28 iln Africa
IshaTine. PKOVF." it above all others the book
the M ASSES WANT. Itgorslike WILDFIKK.
OvcriOO pnes. only 2 60. More agents wanted.
NOTICE. Bo not deceived by misrepresenta
tions made to palm off httfh-priced interior works,
but send for circulars ami see proof of statements
and jrreat success of oar siren's. Pocket eman
km. worth 10, mailed free. H1BHAKD BROS.,
Pubs., ;U3 Sanson street, Phiia.
AGENTS WANTED. Address, for the most
liberal terms ercr ottered, THE D1SCOVEKEU
PEDITK )N to Africa. Large octavo volume, just
issued. Contains Incidents of tbe Wonderful ( fef,
sees of tbe Great Traveler, the country, animals,
natives, hunting, kc. Full account of this most
interesting part or the globe. OmAt sent f- $1.
III.; Philadelphia, Pa.; or Sprinjrtield, Mass.
Be deceived, but for eonurhs. ti.Ms, sore throat,
hoarseness and bronchial dlfncultlcs, use only
Worthless Imitations are on the market, but the
only sctenline preparation of Carbtilio Aei.l lor
Luns; diseases is when chemically combined with
oilier well known remedies, aa In these Tablets,
and all parti ea are cautioned against using any
In all eases of Irritation of the mucous mmebrane
these Tablets should tie freely used, their deans
inir and healing properties are astonishing.
lie warned, never neglect a eol.l, it is easily cur
ed in its Incipient state, when it becomes chronic
the cure is exceedingly difficult, use Wells' Car
bolic Tablets aa a specific.
JOHN H. KELLUG. 1 Pratt St,. N. V.
S, le agent for tbe IT. S.
Price 24 eepta a box. Send for circular.
Cough Syrup
KM VMS. cost or
ffl ABSENT imZA,
Tfctiiag Sensation of the Tfcrotvt
PittabursN Pa.
iestcrday morninr about ten
o'clock, a terrific explosion occurred
at the American Iron Works, Twenty.
iouriD wara, ana rcsuitea in an ao-
pamng loss oi me ana property. Tne
explosion took place at the boilers
situated directly between the rolling
mill ana tne nan lactory.
In the immediate vicinity eitrht
hundred men were at work at the
awful moment of the explosion, which
compleuy annihilated the boilers and
wrecked the rear, front and fides of
the building. "
The ends of the spike and nail fac
tories were blown down to the ex
tent of about twenty-five feet, and the
wall and roof of the new mill were
blown away. Portions of the boiler
and bricks and timbers from tbe ruin
ed buildings were thrown in all direc
tions and to great distances, some of
the fragments being thrown to the hill
side beyond Carson street, a distance
or three or four squares. ."
Immediately after the cxDlosicn'
me crowa at once set to work to re
move, the debns and recover the
bodies of those, killed. Fortunatelv
those who were injured, and not kill
ed, were bo slightly hurt that they
were auie to get out without assist
ance, seven dead bodies were found.
one being taken out from the debris
yesterday afternoon. Nearly all
those who were killed weru more or
less mutilated, some of them to a
frightful extent . ; The bodies were
also blackened to a considerable ex
tent, as though burned. Two of the
killed were found in the new mill
many feet away from all the debris. ,
MaiiMHQi lost, Hoi Kestorei
Just 'published, a new edition of Dr. Calrer-
weii a i tichratcd tsaay on the radical cure (with
out nied Hn) of Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weak.
nesa. Involuntary Seminal Losses. Imuotener.
Mental nnd Physical incapacity. Impediments to
Marriage, Ac.; also. Consumption, Epilepsy and
Fits, induced by self indulgence or sexual extrav
.Price, In a sealed envelope, only cents.
1 he celebrated author, in this adtniralde cssav.
elearly demonstrate from a thirty rears' success
ful practice, that the alarming consequences of
sen anuse may ne radically en rwt without the dan
gerous use of internal meilicine or tbe application
of tbe knife; pointing ont a mole of cure at once
simple, certain, anil etTeetnnl. bv means of which
every sntleresv ne matter what his condition ma
be, may euro himself cheaply, privately, and null
.This Lecture should be In tbe hands of every
youth and every man In the Und.
Sent, ander seal, la a plain enrelope, to any ad-
areEK, punipaiu, ijf, receipt oj s cents, or iwo I. Oil
Also, Dr. Culycrwcl!' ' Marriage Oulde," price
Address the PuMteher.
127 Biwery, New York, Postofflce box 4,580.
Jan a-ly ;
The un-lersiamed. bv virtue of the authority
vested In lhen lor the purpose, will sell by public
ouictt, i -
on the premises, a certain tract of land situate In
Lower Turkevtoot townshln. Somerset oonnty. Pa.
known as the "McNeal Farm," lying on the North
Fork, or biuret mil Creek, about two miles above
Urslna, adjoining lands of the Pittsburgh and
Baltimore Coal, Coak and Iron Co., Arnold Kuhl-
maa, jaeon King, John s aid ley, and oiners, eon-
tainiug 7 acres, of which there are about 100
acres clear, tn meadow; the balance well timber
ed wit a mx, poplar, kc; paring ineroon erected a
two story log huuse, a good eoe and a half story
filank hoise, a good bank bant, aud other out
inlldings, Good sngar eawp, larjs orchard and
plenty of water on the premises.
The atxve fimn Is underlaid with anal, limestone
fcc.. sad ii convenient to churches, schools, fee
Terms uade known on day of sale. Sale to com
mence ai one o uoea p, ra.
. . Trustee.
The faHewlmr Dcrsoos have DM, la my office.
their petit sos tor tavern, retail liquor, or restau
rant lleenss, and ml Ice Is hereby riven Gat they
will he presented to the Coart oo Thursday, Feb
ruary SU, im
Henry Slomber. Berlin borough. '"i
Alexander Walker, Dale City borough.
Leonard Fearl, New CentrerfUe borough.
Emuiuel Bowman, Summit township.
Ianrel Cutis. Lower Tnrkrvfcot township.
Patrick Orltflth. Mllfurd to" ushlp.
C. A. Walter, Milfurd township. -William
liowman, Northampyj township.
David Wolferslwrwer. Mineral Point. '
Prothoootary'i otttoe, ( E. M. SCHROCK,
January a, 1873. Clerk d-8.
Crumbs of Comfort
The Ladles' Friend. Ask your grocer far it.
Bartlettfs Blacking
always gives satUtocthin. Try It
for the laundry has no equal. Sold by Grocers.
H. A. BAKTLETT l CO., US. 117 N. Front St.,
rtilladripniauCuamheTSStreet, i. Y-,43Hruail
street, uosum.
Frederick Swope
William Su-ler
Moses Esh
Gillian H. Walter ..
John lvnls
Peter Brown
fleonre J. Flb-k
naker ....
Alexander Niekafc...
John Putman
Jonathan Khoads
Kenben M. McMlllen
John Trimpey
Jaob Knave!
William C. Homer...
Elijah Wairner
Iiavid T. Zimmennun
John Grave
Epknlm Miller
.Ia-b Snvder
Frederick" Welier
George W. Itenr-ir !. .
Solonion Heal.
(lutn tiullivan
I cier Kneereme
To ano Mitt
S Agent j Wanted for
Its Patriarchs, Kings, Prophets, Reliels. Poets,
Priests. Heroes, Women. Apostles. Piditiclans.
Rulers ami Criminals. Genial as Poctrv and ex
citing as Romance. Its exeeuuon is faultless. Its
illustratiors are ningnilicent. It is just the book
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of Character, or i Cheerful Reading. Extra terms
to agents. Send for Circular. Also, agents want
ed for the People's Standard Bible, with 460 Illus
trations. Our own agents and many agents for
other publishers, are selling this Bible with won
derful success, because It Is the most popular edi
tion published.. Ctinrassing hooks tree to worKin
agents. Address ZEIOLEIt M'Cl'RDY. Phi
adclphia. Pa.: Cincinnati, Ohio: St, Louis, Mo.;
springneiu, ntass., or cuicago, in.
FOR JANUARY. 1S73. .NOW OUT. Issued as a
Quarterly. Tho four numhersseut to any address,
by mail, for 25 cents. The richest and most Instruc
tive Illustrated and Descriptive Floral Guide ever
pnuiisneii. no?o oi our itttrons who ordered
Seeds last year ami were credited with SS cents.
will receive the tmr Quarterlies tor 1H13. Thine
who order see is this year will be credited with a
subscription for 1SH. The January number eon
tains nearly 400 Enirravimrs. Two Suuerb Colored
Plates, suitable for framinir. and also tinted tdates
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tive to lowers, vegetables, fee,, and their culti
vation and all such matter as was Airmerlv tound
In onr annual Catalogue. You will miss it if vou
order SEEDS before seeing liri-.'gs fc Bros.'s
UUARTEKLY. We challenge comparison on
ualitr of Seed and prices and sices of packets.
oar laiemiar Advance stnret ana t'rtoo LAn n
1S7U, sent free. Address
Soedssicn and Florists, Rochester, N. Y
drow.ay, dnjl, sln-rili or de
It h head ache, back ache.
Is nncqualled by any known remedy. It will erad
icate, extirpate and tkorouirhlv destmv all n,rfa..n
ous substances In the Blood, and will effectually
dispel all predisposition to bilious derangement.
it mere tram oj actio fa your .ieerH SuleenT
Unless relieved at one, tlmhlnnd kmoiiM l.nt.H
by dcletereous secretions, producing scrofulous or
skin diseases. Blotches, Felons, Pnstnlcs, Canker.
Pimples, ac., fcn. . '
ire you a Vytprplie Stomack t Unless diges
tion is promptly aided, tho system Is debilitated
with povertv of the Blood. Drorairal Tn.t..n.
General weakness and inertia.
Have you wrakneet of the Itr$tlntt t You are
In danger of Chrouio Diarrhva. or. llifl.'Ltniniulon
of the Bowels.
Hate vou veakntu of the Vlrrine or Vrinarw
Organ f You are exposed to sdtTerinv In its mot
Are you eejteltt.
pressed in spirits, i
ciwted tongne aad bad tastiur aaoutcf
For a certain remedy for all of tbeso diseases,
weaknesses and troubles; ftir cleansing and puri
fying the vitiated blood awl imparting vigor to all
the vital tViroee: tor building up and restoring the
weakanttd aonetltuUon use .
which Is pronounced by the leading maduiat as.
thorlties of London and Paris "the most powerful
tonic ami alterative known to the tncvlL-at o
This is no new and untried discovery but has been
long used by the leading physicians of other coun
tries with wonderful remedial results.
Don't weaken and Impair the digestive organs
by cathartics and physics, they give only temimra
ry relief Indigestion, flatulency and dyspepsia
with Pile and kindred dtseasea r .r. ,.7r..Ii.,-
their use.
Keep the blood pore and health Is assured.
JOHK g. KF.LLWOG. IS Piatt St., New York
. Sole Agent lor the United States.
Price, One Dollar per Jlottje, Send for Circular.
the Court of Common Pleas ot Somerset County,
Pa., and to me directed, I will expose to sale by
public outcry, at the tjnrt Huus. in Somerset,
on Saturday, the 15th day of February, 1X73, at
1 o 'clock, r. ., the following r- al estate, vii:
All the right, title. Interest and clalin of Hugh
Dennison, 01, in aad to the Sjllowingdcscriled real
estate, vu: Fnwtek O
Two certain lots of ground situate in Harneds- f,T vhT-.,,',
.11 1 T . 'V .... 1 . . . ... r. . . . h. .m..H..t I '1. 1 orrii-w.iFf
Tllie, in uiwn iki ,- nc..., --
Pa., containing one-half ('a) acre, more or less, ad
joining alley on the east, alley on the
a,,utn, alley on tne wen ww kiwiwiho
mirth, with a two story frame dwelling bouse and
stable thereon erected, with the appurtenances.
Selied and taked in execntion as the property ot
Husth Denisi.n at the suit of N. B. Lirlilitcr, coe
of John S. Cramer.
All the right, title, interest and claim of George
Witt, of, in and to the following described real es
tate, via:
No. I. A certain lot of ground situate In Somer
set horonsth, Somerset county. Pa., containing one
fourth t1..,) sere, more or less, adjoining lots of Jo
seph Snvdcr on the west. Mary Witt on the east.
Patriot street oa the north, and street on the
No. 2. A certain lot or piece of ground situate
in Somerset horouzh. Somerset count y. 1'a.. con
taining lour U) aen s, more or less, adjoining lands
of John O. Kimmel, John M. llolderttnum. John 1
II. Uhl and Peter Hefhy,wlih the appurtensncea. j
and taken in execntion as the prox-rty of Ocorire
WHt, at the suit of the Somerset fc. Mineral Point ,
Kail road Co. I
AH the tight, title. Interest and claim of Albert 1
Pheifer, of, in ami to the iolkiwing described real
estate, vlx: A certain lot of ground situate in the j
borough of Urslna, Somerset county. Pa., known j
as lot No. StA of the plan of said town, bounded on
the east bv Walnut street, west by Ash alley, nonh j
by lot No.4j, and south by lot No. 47. with a two ;
story frame dwelling house thereon erected, with j
the sppnrtenanccs. Seised and taken In executi-m
as the property of Alliert Pbeiter at the suit ol
Wasiiingtou Megnhen and Jacob Zurn.
also ;
All the right, title. Interest awl claim of Hlnim ,
Findlay ami John I. Koddy, of, in ana to the fob
lowing dcacritied real estate, vlx: I
No. 1. A certain tract ef land known as the ,
John llnyinan farm. sltu.ite in Sontlmmpton town- :
ship, Somerset counnty, Pn containing S-7 acres, i
mora or less, of which there are about ljOacres ;
cleared and about 31 acres In saeadow. adjoining .
binds of Jonathan Kernel, Jonathan Erark k, li. j
T. Weld Adam Starts farm, Henry Manx, and
others, with a two story log dwelling house and :
bank burn thereon erected, wilh the awiurlenances. i
No. A certain tract of land known as tbe
Adam Munx farm, situate la Southampton town-1
ship, Somerset county, J"a., containing Jwt acres,
more or less, of which there are about lao acres .
cleared and about -JO acres In meadow, adjoining
binds of lhiniel Korns, Adam L'-pley. Ilovmau 1
farm, and others, with a one two story dweiiing
house and bank burn thereon erected, with the ap
purtenances. Taken in elocution as the proper! v of Hiram
Findlay ami John 1. Roddy at thesr.it of David
Hay and Mkhael Hay.
All the right, title, interest and claim of John
D. llisltly and II Irani Findlay, of, in and to the fid.
lowinz dcscrllied re:il estate, vis: A certain tract
of land situate in Southampton townsMp. Sonn-r-setCo.,
1J., containing He acres ami 111 lurches,
ol wbleh there are about 30 acres cleared, adjoin
ing hinds of Israel Emrn-k. Adam Stdrer and oth
ers, with the appurtenances.
Taken In execution as the property of John D.
Roddy and Hiram Finiiiuy at the suit of Andrew
K. Jjucrk k's use of Ad:imSehircr.
All the right, title, interest ami claim of John j
D. Koddy and Hiram Findlay, ol, in and to the foi
ktwing described real estate, vis: A certain tract
of land situate in Southampton township. Somerset ,
oounty. Pa., oontaininz 375 acres, more or less, of j
which there are about !WO acres clear and aU.iitJ j
acres In meadow, with a two story frame dwelling
honse ami a oneand a half story log dwelling house
and a frame barn tbeveon erected, adjoining lands
of Jacob Tmntman. Jacob Leydlg. Andrew Eia
erick. ami others, with the appurtenances.
Taken la rxeeutk n as the property of John 1.
Roddy and Hiram Findlay at the suit of Adam
All the right, title. Interest and claim of John
D. Roddy and Hiram Findlay, of, in and to all the
ooul, iron ore, limestone, metals, kwsils, petndcum.
minerals and mineral suiwtances of whatever kind
or nature lying and being under and contained
within a certain tract of ground situate In South-
unixon lownsttip, Somerset county, fa., contain
'Mllford Township
..." Shade
' ;Lower Turkeyfout township
!ttuemah,4iiiig .....
Salisbury borouirh
llegheny township
'' lirotnersvalley
' ... Dale City bortiugh
"."'"I Elkllek township
Jelfersi " -
. . Lower Turk-yfoot township
.. Mkldlecreek "
."" MUTord
paint u
Salisbury borough
. . Shle township
S',merset borough... ..-.
S"nerset township
Souibamptoo "
Stoj stown bornngh
"... Summit townshi
I pper Turkey nH u.wnshlp
Weliersburg bongh
Addison township
Berlin boron h
Brothersvallcy township
Conemaugh "
.. .. IaleClty borough
Elkllek township
,. Greenville
.leffcrsoo u
'Jenner u
Larimer "
' Iyiwer TurkcyPjot U'wnship
i"".i.:.Middleereek "
"" 'Mili-i
'.'.'. New Ontrevilla borough
Northampton township
Paint "
Quemahnning u
Sal isbury borough
Stoystown "
. Shade township
Stonyereek township
Somerset bt.r-.uzh
"..'. Southampton township
I'pr-'' Turkeyfout township
u.ll.nihnrvh bnriMlm
ot slaie ts'i for 171 and pn-vious years, hnnieht down
Hedompiion nvmev revived on unseaie-i mw,w...........
I 'ountv tax received on uneatcd lamis 6 ln70 ami 171...
It. Ml
Seloml "
r-ei-lve I fnan
"SI, j
i 12 '
o ;i " ;
7 77 c'
I'd -'
'la 5 5
2 -.
u u
-1 13 r
i 1 4 "
41 SS '
I 52. U
1 ' I:
! ;
' .
i i
Ci t
, !f -
n .
: ."
14) -.
t .
8 it':
. 725 -4 i
.(MM 'j,.r.
J. R. MrMillen
Jofiih Shafer
William B. CotTroth, late Treasurer..
By cash pai l on orders issued by tbe ( ounty tTommissloners as follows, vix: 1
By amount iiai-l Aessors i
- " Auditors !
" " f rnU'litinir Public Accounts
n.il!or's Clerk
f, r Bri-'ire l-uilding
" f.,r auditing aeeonnt of D. J. Honwr for imieximr Rerds
' for adiusting tiiers in Ileuiritcr's it PriMhomrtary's olhee after hre
- - lorC.m.stiibles' Retunis j
" " f--r Electkrti E.xiiens
Cir Fog ami Wild Cat Snips
" k.r Fuel j
- for Grand Jurors
" U Traverse Jurors i
on V-iseated Land Onler(Rid)
- (Sehool) !
" Ti"rtaves
" " f.-r 1 reasnrer s iei
-i Janl'ir
. m William Bnrriek lorattendingCutirt House and Yard
o toe Meillval Services at Ja
- I . J. Horner lor Indexing t rbaiu' Court D-ket
" C,.ontv Institute
- f.Ikieketa ami Stationery
Money Refunded
. fir Repairs
o - fr Road nnd Bridge Views
for Printing
Western Penitentiary
Tnrv ComralHSiiwiers and t lerk
t. " House of Refnze ami Lunatic Assylura
fiw niprt of P House
tr Prothonotary's C.t
- u for Men-bnmlise :
" fr Sherilfs Fees
for lommoowealth Costs
of County Script destroyeil.
o etbl Miscellaneous
" Cammissioner Huffman
" IiumiHild
u u Miller
Clerk Neff
" " Counsel Postlethwaite balance fur 17J
u - " extra pay
4 on salary Sir 1873
" of Redemption money paid out ,
" - State tax paid out of County fnmls ,
Bv Treasurer's Commission on .'J 84 at 2U f cent
.. balance in hands of Treasnrer due the County
: ;
. 279 ll:
. 2v 0J.
. 61 00
'.")' (ST
.. li OO!
.. 35 001
aj .
W( iju
1 !!
: v
W 11
17a t
Ui Oi
f-i H
3n'i3 M
Ml 1"
301 71
1-T us
'J '! .
50 V
ZT 71
12 :
a 47 ,
302 "st :
11S4 75 :
74 I
S 7 .
"1 31 :
Il. K '
M3 :
M 'J5
W (in
575 -J)
110 06
4t 91
l:s u '
715 7 ".
ajT-jtrj m snc ,
We, the undersigned. Auditors of Sonu-rset County, do bert-by ctr.
that in pursnar.ee of the 47lh section of the act entitled "An Act relai
to counties and townships' Ac, passed the loth day of April. 134
met at the Commissioners' office, in the borough of Somerset, on the ("ih -
of January. 1ST3. and did audit, adjust and settle the account of 5 --
VXUtli Robert.-, Esq.. Treasurer of Somerset county, with the county for thej
i ami about :so acres in meadow, with a one two j i$-j2 and that said account as ahove stated is correct, and that we ti:-:
story log dwelling house, and two one story log ! . , , . -im i. c v.,-i
dwelling huses and one large bank born thereon ! balance due the said countv from the said Treasurer of eightT-five bene:.
XTentiTJ 1a I nl eighty-seven dollars and twenty-two cents.
taken in execntion as ih property or John d. la testimon v whereof we ha vc hereunto set our hand and sea's tt:s
noiiuy ana jiirain r muiay at ine sun ot jonatnan :
All the right, title, interest and claim of M irh
ael Hay and Hiram Findlny, ot, luand to the fol-1
lowinsi describeil teal estate, vis: I
A certain tract of lan-l situ.ue jn Elkljik tOiVL-1
shiji. Sisjiiersei county, Pa., known si the Joscpli I
Fcik farm, containing 10O acres, strict measure, of ,
wiuen mere are about lto acres cleare.1 and about
30 acres in meailow, with a two story log dwelling
house and bank barn thereon erected, adjoining
lands of Juoaa Ucbty, Sam ael J. Liehtv, J.Philip
Roman ami Samuel P. Jlillcr.'witU the appurte
nancea. Taken in execution as the propcrtv of Michael
Hay aud Hirani Finulavat the suit of Joseph
All the right, title. Interest and claim of William
P. Scheil, defendant. Jacob Heed ami John J.
Schell terre tenant, of, in ami In the kdlowinar de
seribol real estate, situate in Allegheny township,
Somarsei county. I's., vis:
No. 1. A certain tract of hind adjoining a tract
of land surveyed in the name of John Jli'all, An
drew Emriek a big surrey, and a tr -t ef land sur
veyed i:l tiie nanio of George Choek, enntaining
411'r.cres. with the usual allowance, with a one
and a half story frame house ami a one ami a half
story log house, one ste-jin-ii.wer sawmill, i ne
water power sawmill an I stable thereon envted,
wit h the B)iiurtenances.
No. 2. A certuin tract of Inn adjoining te above
described tract of Inn I, Jacob IMevcrs. l:inls war
ranted and Biirveved m the nnme of Joseph Me-!
Call and Ian Is of John Cheek, eontiini-.ig
acres wilh the usual allowance, about V acres
clearol ami about U acr-s In m -.idvw. Willi a two ,
ury log lumsc. bank bafn ami o:bvr ojt brfild,aj,j
thereon erected, with the appurtenances.
No. S. A certain tract of kind adkdninir lands
of Joseph tnuheuour. lands, of the aiiuve, ami
William MoCalL. coqUinlug avTCg, more or
less, with the niipurtcrism-es,
Selied and taken as tho property or William P.
Schell, defendant. Jacob Ke4 aud John J. Schcli,
terre tenants, at the suit of Johu Alslu use of Ma
ry Brown.
All the riitht. title, luleruat and claim of blwar.l
S. Connelly, V)f, in and to the tU!ov. ing ilewri'ied
real estate, vn: A certain mt or ground situate in
Somerset isiroueh, Somerset countv. Pa., contain
ing one-fourth t!',) acre, nx-reor less, with a two
story frame dwellinu house, sUlde and woo. I shed
thereon erected, adjoining W.tii of Js.-.b Snjdcr
on the west, scIkoI imusu lot on thecaio. Patriot
street on the north, and South street on the south,
with the appurtenances. Tiken In rxei ntion as
the property ol Edward S. t'onnellv at the suit of
E. and S. Frcy.
All the riirhL title. lnterist and rlnlni of (t.nrn.
FriemL of, in and to the foilowlnir desi ritieil mil
estate, v(s: A certain tract of land situate in Jill.
Sdd township, HonH-rset comity. Pa., containing 8
acres, more or less, uf widen these are about three
aores clear, with a one ami a bair storv plank
dwelling house and stable, thereon erected," adjoin,
ing lands of David Yonnkln, Peter Phillippi, John
Stahl, and others, with the appurtenances. Taken
in execution aa tho proticrtv of George Friend nt
the suit of Snuon Vouglit iise ef David Vuuuklit.
A L.-S1 1
All the riirlir. title, intercut an, I ..l .i,. ..r t..i..k
F. Humtieru of. In and to the follow
real estate, rta: A two story plank frame dwell-1
ing house in the town of ConlHtenre. Lower Tnr-1
kcvTooC townsldp, Somerset countv. Pa., on the I
westsi.ie oi twen street, on lots 4 ami i, in Work
10, on the plan of said town, sai l house being
ii-ci inni on mien street and In depth is reel, and
id;iv of Januarv, A. I., 1ST
Countv Ami'.t r.
NOAH ROBERTS, Treasurer of Somerset County, iu account wubi
several School Districts:
To amrreirate amount of Militia Fines as-! i Dy a.Idi:ionnt exonerations allowed cf ,'r
sess 1 tor the year KVi - - : lo 00 i lectors tor 1S71. I'l
year w
Floes r 1.170 an I, l OJ Hy additional commissions allowcleul-
i ii lectors for 1171 - - - - ;
i i.I'.y amount of outstanding fines
j I Hy cxtaaerations allowed eolli"rtrs f.Tl
j P.y mmmissions allowed collectors fr
I !i i"7i :
j I Ft amount of ontstamling fines
I liv Treasurer's eommbwion on 77 1? t
j ii lucent ... .
i ! By balance in hamlsof Treasurer due 111
' ,' . several School IHstricts - - - '
ui: oi.;
! The aiuoui:. (S")0 52) ii the hands of the
lamonjf the St-hool Pintrlct. in proportion
trict, f''.' t
Countv Treasurer is div i i
to thp auicuut paid by "Ce
Ailcgmnv t.wn.lp
llerlinb,.uch ...
ItrotbrnnraUry town hip
tVinemaugh -
Greenville -
Jettersua . . .
Jenner ' -
Dale City borough -Ijrimer
Lower Tnrkeyfoot township
- U 70 Mi l.lleereik
I 1 j 99 :li',r..rd
47 37 New Centrevilb
! ' t I'aint township
- i '21 27 fuemamming township
j 1 on Salisbury bon.ugh -
14 SI Sha,le township -
- i i 0 Stonvcrcek -
-I 14 68 Sou.ersct
M Somerset borough -
. ' 36 27 Southampton township
Writers! urg bon,n:rh 10 ii
. i '
We, the uudersisnvJ. Auditors of Somerset County, in the Coinniidi I
of rcnnsvlrnnia. do certify that in puvsuanec of the 47th set t:-a uf it1' I
entitled "An Act relating to the counties and townships," Ac, pas ''
lr.tli 1se t.f i.ril lS!t.t Tt i nirt nt tin? Ciimniissii-iu-rs' r.fTii'e. ia tt
tidit. '.
.n.rl, , f ,;i,., r,.f on the I'tli i nv of JaTttiarv. I Si:, .-mil tl;il a
...... . - - . - . . , r , i "
und K-t.lt) tli? twvrral accounts rettjitred 'ot us by law, agreeably to i"'-
eral act of Assembly and ' supplements thereto, cevrdiug ij tit' 01 'J
judymenttt and abilitieit. '- ' ' - !
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our band at the office tW'
the said two lota of gruuml aud curtilage appurte-
taacn in execution as the property ot .
en i. iiunioert at tliesnit of Vatcntlne Hil l use.
SherilTs offtee.
Jan. 22, 1873.
Taken in exeeutk-n as tbe pmperty of Josi-
Jitters of admlnistrntkin on the estate o Dan
iel T. Meyers, late of Miifiird township, tloewascd,
uarlng been iwuitod to ii. notiee is tierebv uiven
that we will attend at the residence of Tobias
Meyers, In said township, aa Saturday, the Uth
day of February next, lja, f ho nil pet a as har
lots; claim amiiiist said estate will present tbenj
tor uittlemout properly autheatleated. and tiiuae
indetiteJ U said tstute will make parment.
janl Administrators.
Notice Is hereby given that W. H. Hay, assignee
or John M. Stnltb, has tiled bis account In my ot
flee, and that the same wilt be presented to the
Conrt for couttrraatka on Thursday, February SO.
1W3. . E. AI. SCHROCK,
'""'" Prothonotary.
thin 15th day of January, A. I.,
Countv Auditors.
Cheap, and en essy terms, t-nesreeol Us"1
60 norsc-powerSUtionary Stei-aEi
. ..
and two Return Ftuo K. ilers e.mr",lc'
piete set of
Barrel Stave Machinery.
Solid 14 Karat Goltl.
Of Everv Deserictioii.
No. 38 Fifth Avenue, QNE POIf? PLAIJ
Notice Is hereby given that Joafah M. Hay, as
signee of Michael mith, has filed bis account in
my office, and that tho same will be presented to
tbe Court for ounS rmalka on Thursday. February
2U. 187X E. 11. St ' if R K.'K,
jan21 Prothonotarr.
One Bark Mill, and a full l'rf0'l
Ini,! a lirist Mill, with ail tne ,
fng. puileya. belting, fcc, tu good oM".
to- w -wriCAIrJ A'ii. i
Uealara address;

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