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The Somerset Herald.
September, 17, 18".
roit jcdoe or vhs BCrRfcME COVRT.
nox. isaac a. cordon,
of JerTerson Ccimty.
oi Allegheny Couuty.
J. R. ric.MILLEN.
ot Mi-Mlww tp-.
GEf'H-.iE 31, NErF.
of bomcrset bor.,
of Rrotliersvftlloy tp.,
non nousE director.
of Milfor.1 tp.,
of Pummit tp.,
of Somerset tp.
ilou. Monies McMichael has
been selected by the Republican dele
gates at large in the Constitutional
Contention, as the successor of Hon.
William M. Meredith. A better
choice could not hare been made
then that of the veteran journalist.
Judge Woodward, who displayed
a Bad lack oi constitutional resirmiu
lstt Summer, by resigning his seat in
the Constitutional convention uu
cauac it would not adjourn during
the hot weather, quietly flipped into
1i!e er-w.r when the bodv reconvened.
There was a general laugh over Lis
method of resuming his duties. Hi
roc;mintion had not been acted on.
'D . .
and his resumption of duties was or
course legal, but in hadtarto.
A very bitter warfare is being
waged l)ctwecn the organs of the late
allies against the Republican party.
The "Liberal" papers are overflowing
with gall and bitterness at the humil
itating and contemptuous manner
with which they are treated Jy their
late friends of the Democratic party,
while the Democratic papers have
nothing but words of contumely and
ridicule for their late vote fellows.
It is a very pretty fight as it stands,
and we hope wilt eventu ate as did
that between the Kilkenny cats.
It is time for all Republicans, who
lave neglected to see whether they
are assessed and.feglstered, to attend
to that all-injportant business. Do
not wait until within ten days of the
election to examine the registry list
and see that they contain the names
of all the Republican voters in the
eounty. The time to do this is at
present But three weeks now re
mains until the election, and this is
not too long for this business. Let
the committee men in each township
give thcr personal attention tootle
aubject of the enrollment, and sec
that there arc no omissions of Re
publicans from the'lists.
The new Masonic Temple at Phil
adelphia is to be dedicated on the
Cthinst. The brethren arc making
extensive preparations and the ser
vices promise to be of a highly in
teresting character. It is expected
the display on the morning of the
day or the dedication will be the
largest Masonic demonstration ever
witnessed on this continent. All the
Grand Commandcries in the United
States and subordinate commandcries
hav been invited, and a large num
ber lave signified their intention to
be present Masons taking part in
the ceremonies will be required to ap
pear in full black suits, with black
iravat or ncc-tic, black silk hat, white
gloves and white leather apron.
A Democratic paper in Detroit,
Michigan, has at last realized that
the Democratic party ought to have
surrendered when Lec did, and it
says so. The Chicago ZYwrf, al
Democratic, copies the unfeeling re
mark as a very terse statement of the
troth, and continues: "When Lee
surrendered, the last ground of hope
for the resurrection of the Democrat
i .;Enrared. Because when
1C J'l lj "-I I -
Lee surrendered the last hope of
1,1a very disappeared, and wrtn n ui
last and only reason for asserting that
peculiar doctrine of States rigbu
which was at the same time a denial
.v i rhta of individuals.
Never having been, and rendered in
capable by its history ot being, a
rliamnion of individual frights, the
Democratic party, after Lee's surren-
der, had no object m existence, anu
could not give a reason why it t-hould
Is le6S than three weeks the elec
tion will be upon us, and yet through
out the entire country we hear but
few notes of the fast approaching eon
test This has certainly been the
quietest political campaign within
enr memory. Believing the election
of our ticket perfectly certain, we
lave not deemed it necessary to urge
Rpnblieans to any special activity,
bnl we most caution them against
utter supincness and neglect
The. Rfpublican majority in this
State ia no longer a matter of con
jecture, it has been so repeatedly dis
played that none can longer doubt
the fact of our supremacy on a full
rote, but in case our vote is not at
the polls, defeat may overtake us.
Ttcpublicaps must not forget that the
flection of our State ticket is a mat
ter of grave importance. Only by
the election of our candidate for State
Treasurer can we Lope for a continu
ance of that poljcy, which 'has bo
steadily reduced our State debt, while
at the same time taxation of real es
tate Las been abolished, and the val-
uo of continuing tlic feiir-re nincy of
our party on the Supreme- l'ciu-li can
Dot fur a moment be doubled.
As to our local ticket, ft i : u ua
cxcctaioiiiil one, composed throughout
of worthy citizens, who wil! make ae
ceptaMe and cif.eiont official:. Both
tickets werTularly and fairly nom
inated, end ere entitled to a f:;I! veto
on this acount, apart from t'ue indi
vidual merits of tie gentlemen com-
. .i fi' I .
ing taeni. ii.ey rej.reseni pr:n-
ciples dear to the heart jof yyry
nub'.iean end of va.:t lii'.'.Tient to the
country and iu prosperhj-, s.nd there
fjrc should rccc'.vcjtho warm and
cordial support of evtry member if
our gr.xn i old party. That tiny wiJI
be go tuppoiud ly a'l Republicans
who go to the polls we Lave no rea
son to doubt, and therefore nothing
is to 'fcc tcarcd except from supine
ncss. But so quie t has been the cam
paign, and fo little interest is appa
rently felt in the fast approaching
election, that wc have deemcd'it our
duty to call attention to the general
lethargy prcvaling. Thcro is need
of some canvassing to stir the vote
out to the noils, and wc urire there
fore "upon our friends to at once be
gin the work of organizing in earnest.
There should no longer be an v delay.
The time fur work is short, and wo
desire to impress upon all that the
Republican tiVkct Las much more to
fear from ths inertness of its friends
than from the power of its enemies.
Sec to it, therefore, friends, that the
voters go to thepolis, or disaster may
overtake r.s.
Tiie Pittsburgh Commercial, whose
editor-in-chief is chairman of the Re
publican State Central Committee,
says: Our reports from all parts of
the State, as to political prospects,
are of the most encouraging kind
The Repnblicans in every county are
united arid harmonious, with one ex
ception Huntingdon county end
tLcrc the disaffection extends only to
thecoun'v ticket, lK.-th factions sup
porting the State ticket, cordially;
while in all the strong Democratic
counties the Democracy are distract
ed r.nd divided over the distribution
of spoils and over questions growing
out of mismanagement of county af
fairs by Democratic officials. In
York, Clearfield, Klk and Montgom
ery, the party is nearly rent in twain
from these causes; v.hilejn Carbon,
Bucks, Adams, Cumberland, Bedford,
Centre, Fayette, Cambria, Northum
berland and Montour, the local man
agement of the Democratic 'office
holders has brought the party into
deserved trouble. If the Republi
cans throughout the State will but
keep up the effective organizations
effected in 1871 and 172, they are
certain of a majority that will take
five figures to express.
The foreign demand for American
produce and manufactures is steadily
increasing. A new branch of trade
the exportation of live American
cattle for the English market seems
to have been successfully established
on a small scale, and bids fair tc in
crease. Thii trade, the Baltimore
American says, has proved so suc
cessful that it may be regarded as per
manently established and likely to
affect the price here. An American
steer, taken in good condition from
New York by steamer, loses about
fifty pounds on the voyage, but a
week's rest and grazing in English
pastnre makes up the loss and adds to
his weight. As to quality, the Eng
lish admit flic excellence of the Amer
ican beef. It seems like a strange
nndertakinr, but it is actually in pro
gress, and at a profit. England is
really short of meat, owing to disease
among her cattle and that of other
countries whence her supplies have
been drawn. The price advanced so
much as to induce importation from
this country, and now the best stock
is being shipped by every steamer
of the Anchor line that leaves New
York. Twcnty-foflr head go in ev
ery one of the thirty-five vessels that
run by that line. The cost of freight
and attendance is great, but yet each
head yields a clear profit of from fifty
to seventy-five dollars. A company
is to be formed in New York to ex
tend tlits business, and it is consider
ed so likely to be a pcrniamc nt one
that the Anchor line is now building
four large steamers on purpose to
transport cattle. It is said the line is
now clearing $1,000 a week by this
Waphixoios, D. C. Sept. 19 1873.
The suspension of the firm of J.
Cooke & Co., and the First National
Bank in this city, has created great
excitement. No event during the
war. not excepting the first Bull Run
battle, was such a general consterna
tion created as there was yesterday
over the report of the failure of these
banks. TcopTc here, were wont to
look upon J. Cooke & Co., or of
anything they had to do with aa
above suspicion. This firm Las been
so closely connected with Uncle
Sam's Treasury box, that in the minds
ofn:any they woula have as soon
suspected the failure of tLc United
States to meet its demands as it to
One of the greatest events of . the
age was the negotiation of our bonds,
during the war, by J. Cooke k Co.,
and had thoy failed in the undertak
ing, it Las always been, conceded
that our country's financial
would have been inevitable. Jay
Cooke Si Co., did what no other firm
would have dared to undertake and
what our Government could sot do.
This fact was fully demonstrated by
Secretary Fessenden in attempting
to negotiate a loan without their aid,
and after a months trial being com
lulled to call upon them to do the
It is rumored that Jay Cooke Si
Co., is extensively interested in sev
eral National, banks throughout the
country, they Laving aided them
with capital. If this -bo true, it is
feared that theso banks bav been
drawn largely upon lately by Jay,
Cooke Si Co., in which case, if their
depositors are aware of tho fact, a
run will bo made. ; 7- J .-. .
The Washington City. Savings
Bank and the Frcedman's Bank
Bank are now being run upon for tho
secoi.d time in the last six. months.
They profess to be able to stand the
run. ' i
One of the largest depositors in J.
Cooke Si Co.'s has attached their
bank bnilding, Tied at $90,000.
Certain patentees of mixtures of
Paris green are howling against a
statement ot the Agricultural De
t artmttit, in some of its pubhertions,
o the effect that their patents arc
available onlv for the precise pro
portions in which the different ingre
dients enter. Our patent law" should
Forie' of their power ofj('-'n a"air3- Prominent Wall
.peculator flies a caveat I street mci attribute the suri(ion
jaekuwls cl
ipneliiei. -i
f,ir such r.r.d
such n mixture of the -e
and then attempts to make it!
it! possible mixtures of them.
cover a'l possible r.iix'ures of them,
the department meeting with espec
ial commendntii n in the South fur its
effort to break up this monopoly
The growth ot the dairy interests
in this country is one of the aston
ishing facts of the times. This
branch of industry now demands a
separate class of trading interest,
and in New York these have organ
ized a separate Butter and Cheese
Exchange. The president of this
new association estimates that du
ring tho current year three and a
half million paakages of butter and
cheese, the value of which will reach
the enormous agrregate of fifty mill
ion dollars, while the wheat trade
will reach only twenty four millions,
the corn trade twenty-six millions,
the flour trade twenty millions, Sic.
The return of specie jmvmcnts is
pnxiouslv desired bv all classes of
people, except those whose depend
ance is upon instability of our cur
rency. A sudden rise in t he premi
um of gold never fails to elicit strong
and general expressions of regret and
disappointment. A fall in that pre
mium iu the country produces a gen
eral feeling of satisfaction, and peo
ple, taking counsel from those wishes,
are apt to consider such a decline as
indicative of a permanent tendency
in financial matters. This, however,
is assuming too many points in the
financial problem as settled. Legis
lation is but.one of these points, and
controls but a portion of tho whole.
Ilen-e Congress can secure this mnch
desired bron only by taking advan
tage of a favorable injuncture of cir
cumstances, i be theories and pro
jects of Mr. D. A. Wells and his
school isrnorc too many of the prac
tical diliiciilties of the case. We
need safer advisers in this crisis.
To read only the representations
made by the oily tongued agents of
various railways companies before
the Senatorial Committee on Trans
portation, is to become convinced
that the great problem of cheap trans
portation has been accomplished, and
that the railroad companies are the
very embodiment of purity, phil
anthrapy and enlightened public spir
it. These naughty farmers in the
Northwest, who are unable to pay
their taxes 'vith corn at 15 cents per
bushel are but impertinent brawl
ers, and should be knocked out of ex
istence as chronic disturbers of the
public peace. The iarmers, however,
will have their innings next Con
gress. New York and Chicago look with
deep anxiety to the effect of the en
largement of the Canadian canals
and the improvements of the St. Law
rence river. Upon these projects
the Canadian Government has al
ready spent a hundred millions and
will spend two hundred millions
more. To Chicago they open a di
rect trade with Europe, both export
and import, with the advantage of
lower freights from the employment
of the same hips both ways. New
York reminds her Western .rival that
the St. Lawrence, is available for
navigation, only four months in the
year. She threatens to knock the
national trado endways by enlarging
the Erie canal. All the New York
journals, except the Tribune, founded
by ureely and hisyoung man Friday,
which opposes every thing on gener
al principals of soundness.
It is stated, upon what reasonable
anthority docs not yet appear, that
the ring operating for Government
interfereance in behalf of ship-building
inrerests, will introduce into Con
gress at coining session, a bill allow
ing $10 per head for cverv forcitrn
immigrant transported to this coun
try, it is scarcely doubtful that
some parties may contemplate a
measure of this charter, but to change
it upon tho ship-building interests of
the I uited States
nQ fi nwimirp ti
which that interest is committed, is I
to stretch verv seantv facts to verr I
improbable conclusions. Our ihip-i
building interests need no such aid
i. - t.i
Thcv are now reviving and prosier
ous." , LIFE.
A Tousik .lrl Nralpoil Allie
While Amelia Grinnel, a yonng
girl, was working last week in n phin
glc mill in 0.hko?h, Wisconsis, un
der a shaft which was going at the
rate of two hundred revolutions per
minnte, her hair, which was very
long, caught in the kntickle-joint, and
in on instant it was torn entirely from
her head, taking with it all the flesh
and muscles on her head. "From a
line," says the local paper, "d-awn
around from each eye brow, her skull
was left white and bare, without a
trace of blood or flesh. The strang
est part of the accident is that she
felt little or . no pain; declaring thnt
when it was being torn oiT all that
she realized was a tickling sensation
in her head. She coolly walked out
of the room and waited patiently for
a baggy to take her home.. Her only
regret was-the fright it would give
her motlwr. The Bcalp, with its beau
tiful long locks of hair, was curled
and entwined around the shaft at the
joint, and when the mill was stopped
it was taken down, bnt no one had
sufficient presence of mind to place it
on her head. It is nearly perfeet,
and the doctors have determined to
tan it with the hair on, so fhat if the
girl recovers it may lie used as a
wig. The case is one of the most re
markable on record.
ReaMaernMinjt or the t'oawtltutiaunl
I'iiilaiiElfuia, . September 10.
TLe Constitutional Convention reas-
ni .i v. : e.. .
eciiiuicii 110.1 uiuiiiiu aucr u, mo
uiuniiis: vaeunou.. .joiiu -1. ttaiKcr,
of Erie, was elected Frcsidcnt by ac
clamation to Ell the vacancy caused
by the death of Mr. Meredith. ; The
decease of the, late, President wa3
announced by Henry C. Cary in a
glowing tribute to his memory, and
a series of resolutions ' was adopted
expressive of regret, and condoling
with relatives. Without transacting
any other
business' the Convention
A Pwuneeea Tire.
." Ksiuhtstow.v, Ind., September 18.
Our postoQice waa set on fire about
half past ten o'clock last night. The
mail made np for the east was par
tially destroyed and five hundred
dollars' worth jof postage stamps
either burned or stoko. The dam
age to the building is t-light
feusrienklou of Say Coke V'o.
New York, Sept. 18. The banking
house of Jay Cooke Si Co.- suspended
payment "thi morning. Messrs
Cooke Si Co. announced that their
suspension is in consequence of large
advances maid to.susluin their Phila
delphia house, and ft heavy drain tip
on their deposits. There is great ex
citement on the street in consequence
of tho falme of Jay Coke & Co.
The question generally asked is, who
next Stocks took a tumble general
lv, caused us much bv aprchensions
.--tt.m-rri.-Iifpa!I iumro- J.V- mo cxciieH eon-
to sustun the rin.adclphia hosis-;
operations in the Northern V
a fi
ll c, which, it is said, they soucht'to
enrry beyond their 'strength. It is
expected that the Life Insurance
Company, with which Jay Cooke Si
Co. are connected, may have to go
under. It is also said that Jay
Cooke has lost large 'sums in the re
cent gold movemct, and another ru
mor isAthat it was tightness in the
money'markct and the inability to
dispose of his paper that Jiurricdj'the
suspension. The firm say that they
expect to resume business in a short
time. The London firm of Cooke's
houso responds to his suspension,
stating that all drafts and letters of
credit upon them issued by Jay Cooke
& Co. will be duly honored. Crowds
arc outside the bank waiting to get a
chauee in the lines. Men ore offer
ing as high as fifty ..dollars" for favor
able places.
I'iiilademmiia, Sept. 18. The
following card lias been posted on
the office door of Jay Cooke t Co. iu
this city : "We regret to le obliged
to annouuee that, owing to an unex
pected demand o: us, our house has
been obliged to suspend payment. In a
few days wc will be able to present
a statement of our credit, until which
time we must ask for patient consid
eration. We believe our assets to lie
largely in excess of ourgliabilitics.
Jay Cooke."
Latek Jay Cooke Si Co. prom
ise a statement this afternoon. Thov
say that the suspension was as great
a surprise to themselves as it was to
the public.
New York, Sept. IS. As soon ns
it beconio generally known that Jnv
Cooke Si Co. had suspended, many I
rumors touching other prominent
houses sprang into cxiatauce, but all
reports about suspensions of firm
except J. Cooke Si Co., Richard
Schcll and the small firm Robinson,
Suydcr Si Co. upon investigation
proved to be without foundation.
When this fact wa3 made known on
the street confidence was again re
stored, and at the close of business a
strong feeling prevailed. It is not
thought any other firms of promi
nence will succumb. Men regarded
as among the safest and most judi
cious on the street give it ns their
opinion that the great danger is
Tlic Yellow I'ever.
The ravages of the yellow fever
still continue at Shreveport, La., and
no abatement in the death rate has
yet been reported. Iu several parts
of the country, as will be seen by the
following dispatches, subscriptions
are Wing made to aid the sufferers.
Washington, Sept. 15. Senator
West of Louisana, is now in Wash
ington in order to Secure the applica
tion of immediate relief to the Shreve
port sufferers. Any one feeling in
clined to contribute something to the
aid of the . stricken community of
Shreveport can send it without ex
pense by paying it at the Western
Union Telegraph station. Contribu
tions arc already going forward from
this point.
This morning Senator West, in the
course of a few hours, collected $.100
and sent it off by telegraph.
Memphis, Sept. 1.1. A dispatch
from the superintendent of telegraphs,
dated Little Rock to-night, says the
latest advices from Shreveport repre
sent the yellow fever unabated and
the distress in the city is undescri
bable. Of the six men in the tele
graph office five have taken the fever
and two are already dead.
The interments average 30 to 40
daily in a population not over 4.000.
The physicians and nurses are work
ed out. The people of the entire
country should know these terrible
facts and send aid to this suffering
c J-
!.'. The vel-
low fever is still raging
Thu weath
irr w iint'irrirniur
er is unJavorauie. .Mxtv per cent.
of those attacked die. There is
great suffering in all classes of society
for want of nurses. The surviving
citizens are doing all in their power
to check tho disease. The inter
ments yesterday reached 22. There
were many deaths last night.
The Howard Association is greatly
in need of assistance. The South
Telegram newspaper has suspended
publication, i The Times still makes
its appearance. (Jcorge J. Ilea,
manager of the Western Union Tele
graph office, died to-tlay.
Terrible ltnilroad DUaater Tuenly
rerweaw Killed.
Gli.lMlIlAPIIJS, Mich., Sept. 10.
Midnight. The express train going
cast cd the Detroit and Milwaukee
railroad, which lelt Grand llapids at
C:30 p. m. consisting of thirteen coach
es and one baggage car, ran off the
the track between Lowell and Ada.
It is rumored that the entire train
went into a ditch, killing twenty per
sons and wounding many others.
Physicians are now leaving for the
scene of disaster, and preparations
arc being hastily made for the relief
of the suffering.
Cnptitrc of si Nlnvc Ntalp Terril.ie
Mortality from Kmall Pox.
Loxpox, Sept. 13. A dispatch has
been received at the admiralty office
from the commander of tho British
steam sloop Dauphin, announcing the
capture by that vessel in tho Indian
Ocean, near the Keychelle Islands, of
a slave ship, upon which there had
been horrible suffering. The small
pox had raged n tho ship, and out of
three hundred slaves taken on board
two hundred aud fifty had died.
The remaining fifty were terribly
cmacitatcd from disease and want.
Ur. IlMrtrniift 4 MenUvllI.
Cleveland, O. Sept. 17. About
five hundred troops of tho Twelfth
Division of the Pennsylvania Gnard.
composed of companies from differ
ent sectiens of the western and north
ern part of the State were reviewed
and iuspected by Gov. Hartranft
and a briliiaut etaff atMcadvillc. Pa.,
to-day. The troops presented a very
brilliant i and efficient appearance.
Te-night Gov. Ilartr&nft U being
serenaded by the Corps UandofTitus
villerat CcnIIucdckoer's residence.
Since 1849 the Pope has received
170,000,000 francs, in the way of
Peter's pence.
Tire In .OliiiBfto.
CincAuo, September lfi. A fire
br.ke out this morning iu the hay de
pot of tho Chicago, 'Burlington and
yuincy Railroad, corner .Newbury
avenue and the railroad track in tbo
West division, and is burning in a
north cast direction, having already
passed diagonally across four blocks
to a point about one and half m:ie
distant in a straight line from the
Court House or the centre of the bu
siness portion of the city. The lo
cality where it originated is built tK'
almost entirely with wooden build
ings, mainly dwelling.'', and the fire
must have" already inflicted a great
amount of damage upon the families
living in that quarter, many of whom
are of the poorer class. There is
great excitement among all classes of
people. Tho localitv of tho firo and
the direction of the wind present
nearly the same conditions as those
of tho great fire of two years since.
Many people living on the line of the
fire are packing up their houshold
possessions . and removing to places 1
of safety. The point where the firo !
started is about half a mile nearlv
due south from the point where the
great fire of October, 187 1, origi
nated. 4:40 r. m. Tho fire broke out about
three o'clock in the lumber district
near the corner of Seventeenth and
Ilalstcd streets and has been burning
ever since with the greatest fury, hav
ing spread over nt this hour a dis
tance of nearly a miio. The wind is
blowing a gale from the southwest
and carrying burning brands a long
distance in advance of the fire. The
entire fire department is on the
ground and doing everything possi
ble to stay the advance of the flames.
There is considerable excitement
among the people.
A dispatch from a city telegraph
office near the scene of the fire says
it is now under control, and that it is
believed it will bo prevented from i
spreading further, ao estimate of
loss can be made at this writing.
Ciwago, September 17- The to
tal lo.--s bv the fire this afternoon is
estimated "at $j;0,000 to $300,000.
Tho total number of buihliugs de
stroyed is placed at sixty-four, only
one of whi'-h, the jacking house of
Richard M. Otiner Si Co., was of
brick, the rest bfini wooden tene
ments from one to three stories high,'
occupied mainly a; residences and i
stores or shops and residences com-i
bincl. i
rinunrial Vendition or the rilllnij,
Vnohinclon nd rialtiniere Rail-,
Washington, D. C. Sept. 10. j
The Mayor of Baltimore has just in-j
formed the City Council that so car-,
ly as the 1.1th of June last he reeeiv- j
a communication from Mendca Cohen, ;
Esq. President of the Pittsburgh and!
Connellsville P.ailroad Company,
ne w styled the Pittsburgh, Washing-1
ton and Baltimore Baiiroad Compa-
ny, informing him that the said com-!
pany "would be unable to pay the in-j
terest on its second mortgage bonds,'
held by the City of Baltimore, due '
on the 1st day of July, 1-7 i, and so-j
IiCiting the indulgence ot the City.
It appears that when the live million
mortgage was created, the company
thought it would be enough to liqui
date the floating debt and finish the
construction and equipment of the
road. The indebtedness was, howev
er, found to be larger than appeared
upon the books, and the cost of the
completion and restoration of the
road far exceeded the estimates of
the engineers. Moreover, the sever
ity of the past winter, while largely
decreasing the revenue, added great
ly to the expense of maintaining and
operating the road. The company,
therefore, finds itself embarrassed by
a iloating indebtedness of more than
three and a half millions, with less
than two and a half million of second
mortgage bonds available for its liq
uidation. The Cempany states that
it has not paid, either to corporators
or individuals, any portion of the in
terest due on the bonds.
It 10 4; r nude Ovcrtlonrtl.
Xkw Or leans, September 1G. A
Piroii'ii,: special from Erownville,
Texas, says; The Itio Grande has
overflowed its banks for the first time
in a uuniber of years, the uppercoun
try is inundated, and there is three
feet in the main Plaza in the city of
Coniarga, and an almost unbroken
sheet of water from Hrou nsvillo to
the Gulf. The cotton crop is destroy
ed. The Ilio Grande and Point Isa
bel Itailroad track is wahed away
for over six miles, and almost the en
tire line submerged and mined. The
poles t'f the Kio Grande Telegraph
Company's line to ISrazos are swept
off, mails stopped and stage commu
nication with the interior suspended.
A telegram from Gov. Pavis to the
Health Officer at 1'razos, dated ICth,
directs the enforcement f.f .1 strict
quarantine a. ainst New Orleans. .
Terrible Murine IHnnster.
G kan 11 Haven, Mich., Sept. 15.
The propeilur Ironsides, of the En
glemann Line, connecting with the
Detroit and Milwaukee railway, and
one of the largest steamers on the
lakes, foundered and sunk seven miles
off this port at noon to-day. Her
signal of distress was hoisted at nine
a. in., but so terrible was the sea, and
heavy the wind, no assistance could
reach her. She labored in the trough
of the sea from about S:.10 a. 111. nntil
she sunk.
The pasjengers and crew prepared
the boats to leave her about half past
ten o'clock and the last boat left at
ten minutes of twelve. When the
last boat had got 3 quarter of a mile
from her she went down. There
were five boats filled with the crew
and passengers. One boat, contain
ing five men and four wenieu, capsiz
ed; only one man of the party reach
ed the shore. Four boats have reach
ed the shore up to this time. One
boat, containing Captain Sweetuian
and wife and five passengers, has not
yet been heard from; it is feared they
are among the lost.
Thirty-two persons are known to
have been saved, and fourteen bodies
have been recovered.
Army fine Cumberland Beiiniun.
PiTTsnuKii," Kept. 17- The second
annual reunion of the Army of the
Cumberland Seciety was inaugurat
ed by n grand parade at 10 a m. to
day. About 11 A. M. the convention as
sembled at Library Hull. Gen. Phil.
Sheridan was present, occupying a
seat in front 011 the stage. The chair
on his right was occupied by Gen.
Sherman, and on his left a large
cushioned chair, unoccupied, was
draped in mourning and placed in a
prominent position, to recall the mem
ory of comrades who fought under
the late Gen. Thomas.
Gov. Hartranft, (Jen. Ward, Gen
Whipple, antl other distinguished per
sons occupied positions on tue stage.
Praver was offered by their old chap
lain) Hew William Hernsbaw, after
which Gov. Hartranft was scIwUd fo
extend the welcome of Pennsylvania
to the heroes of the Army ot the
Cumberland. Addresses were nlo
mftdu by Generals Sherman, Sheri
dan, Negley, Chaplin and others.
General Grant is expected to arrive
at 10 P. M. Tho association took a
recess until 3 P. M.
Another meeting of the Army of
tho Cumberland Society was held
this evening. ( President Grant was
conducted to the stage amid great
aoolause. An address of welcome
on behalf of the citizens of Pittsburg
was delivered by Colonel Blakely of
this city. A poem was next deliver
ed by Colonel Bealoff, of this city.
(Jen. Dunbar Ward, who was the
oriitor for tho ocension, delivered an
eloquent orstion. j
President Grant was called upon
amid tho wildest applause, and alter!
the tumult subsided spoke as follows :
It affords mc very great pleasure,
to meet aga'.n so many ot my oil
comrades. 1 never had tho pleasure
of a command with you, but I had
tho pleasure of being immediately
connected with your distinguished
leader who has added so much luster
cud glory to the army ol the Cumber
land. (Great applause.)
He was followed by addresses
from Generals Sherman, Hooker,
M'Dowcll and others. After which
the meeting adjourned till to-morrow.
President Grant and Generals
Sheridan and Hooker were entertain
ed by the officers of the Duquesne
Grays, at the rooms of the Pittsburg
and Duquesne Clubs.
A Hlnnmota farmer.
The St. Paul (Minn.) Press pub
lishes the followingconcerning an ex
tensive farmer of that State: "Mr.
Dalrymple is evidently a believer in
the doctrine that after work has once
commenced in the fields, it is unwise
to indulge in play spells on any pre
text whatever. This year he devot
ed 2,000 acres to wheat, and, accord
ing to his estimates, has yielded at
tho rate of twenty-one bushels per
acre giving him a total of 42,000
bushels as his total wheat product
for the year 1873.. In just" thirty
days from the time tho first resolution
was made by Lis reapers Lis crop has
been safely harvested, every surplus
bushel has gone on its way to the
eastern markets, and tlio money re
ceived tins been added M his bank ac
count. The various labors have been
performed under Mr. Dalrymple's
personal supervision, and he mani
fests n justifiable pride when he as
serts that he has handled this great
business in person, and 'without
gloves' the dissatisfied delegate to
the Owatonna Convention to the con
trary notwithstanding."
A .lrl t ut to I'ierea by a Loroinotitu.
A Icrrililo flceident occurred at
T.igmecniii i-ircei crobsiug, iouiii
side, yesterday afteniaon. A young
girl named Catherine Jane Ncbel,
twelve years of age, was attending
school or. the hill, and about Tour
o'eloek was descending to her home
on Eighteenth street. As the ap
proached the track, a train was H en
coining along, quite -slowly, but still
fait enough to rentier it a matter e f
hardihood to ;-ros the track before it
should come up. The unfortunate
girl kept on. Arriving at the track,
idie was about forty feet in advance
of the locomotive, and would have
crct-scd in safety, but, just as fehe
stepped on the rail, her foot slipped,
aud the girl fell on the track, and an
other moment lay maugled beneath
cd the wheels of the locomotive.
The deceased was a blight, promis
ing girl, and a general favorite among
her school mates. PilUbunjh Vis
patch, IS1.
Pln;ne-Ktrirben MhreTPporl.
r.w-Om.r.ANS, Sept. 17 The
Hhrerrport Times this morning says:
The number of deaths is fearlul to
contemplate. The mortality is be
yond precedent, and it looks as
though comparatively few will get
well. Thus far very few have got
about, while some linger along be
tween life ami death. In some few
instances whole families have been
swept out of existancc in the short
space of one week.
Our stores are all closed and nil
our dwelling houses turned into hos
pitals; in fact Shreveport is one great
hospital ; cue great charnel-honse.
The number of interments since the
1st of September sums up 120; the
number ot sick is estimated variously
at from 500 to S00.
SnnEYEronT, Sept. 17. There
seems to be some decrease in the
number of new cases in the thickly -settled
portions of the city to day, but
an increase in the suhurbs.wherc there
has been but few eases heretofore.
miiir r sotek.
Maryland papers describe a recent
discovery, in that State, cf the fossil
rib of a whale which was - imbedded
in - the soil of a valley about two
hundred feet below the average
level of the surrounding country.
A smart man at Sandusky, ()., put
arsenic in a bottle of wine, hoping
that a burglar would drink it, and
his wife placed it among one hundred
other bottles. The smart man is now
wondering which hi the bottle.
Recent geolological surveys of the
new Territories of the far west have
revealed the important fact that the
known coal deposits of the Rocky
Mountain region extended over an
area of upward of 200,000 square
miles, in strata , varying from five to
thirty-five feet in thickness.
The man wh: was recently lynch
ed (hanged) in Missouri had thorough
ly trained his eleven children in the
burglar business. So they are not
left destitute, as many a family would
le, to go to the poor-house.
The King of Dahomey died lat
month, and owing to his unpopulari
ty only twenty-four women were ini
malated on his grave, instead of sev.
eral thousand thatare uwuailv rcquicr
ed on such an occasion.
President Garrett, of the P.alti
more Si Ohio Railroad, has negotiat
ed iu England a million pounds ster
ling, equal to $5,000,000. of the com
pany's six per cent, bonds at iCh.
The revenue of the company for the
quarter ending with August was $4,
113,4So, nn increase of nearly half a
Iowa has reduced the price of wed
ding licenses, so '.hat it is about as
cheap to get married as to get drunk,
and as it is rumored that railway ex
cursion tickets to Indiana are alsoto be
sold at reduced tates, it is hoped that
fewer desperate men will have re
course to intemperance.
An Iowa farmer recently bought a
new fangled harvesting machine.
lie sent his eldest sou out with the
machine to experiment npon the
wheat crop. Iu a few hours after
wards the old gentleman found his
son upon the top of a telegraph pole,
over forty roda of stone fenco cut,
bound and stacked in the most ap
proved manner, while in the distance
the horses and infernal : machine
were making for a grove.
The Portland Trunsrriiil says
that the railroad men of Maiuo
have kept their temper pretty well ialfiKNEUAL ELECTION PROC j iZrt -the
midst of cap meeting crowds.-pViiV,.!-ivhu.ncrth.
Tho one conductor who swore at the s " i-iri Aml.iy .-f I'rnnviwni !;' ..r tuW..t thVi! rt,V'';h; '.;;.
pious thronir that jostled him reminds 'n.ot ihiK:muin.nwith." it wH:i"in.i! W..J. ..":" 11 -
. .. ii... "... l. .C ,k
our asier-i uamehu iur b.-.muh
Ar..nn atI.j I Vif I n 1 1 ir,lirpKfU tV tn
was over worked bv me extra even
ing meetings oi a re-nui ,v..vu
lie ovcTncarii nini sncarnnf .iu iiiiirnrcrm i u-oa?. mr ivu iv r w x-.
self that he'd he-
-ifkr w
year at
the ri.-k
keep this place another
present salary, and run
The mnt di.!ral-leinnitl'.non tholn'.nni!. Srin
B.l In Try room. No bnr. Arcmiuoslloi
lor 30 fvtrtt. n l!"o PtahlinK lor 12 iiorfr" nU
carriage. Oui'i K.'.i ' tliecar at tho toll
ed SUtrs Hotel. .1: . i A II WOOTTO.V,
adg127 Proprietor.
!acnfacturri anil wholosala aol retail Jalorn in
No. CO Federal SL, Alletbecy Cit, Fa.
.A11 erdera promptly filled and work war
ranted. tLUgn .
la Wertmoreland roiiDtr. tbre mlloa sutli of,
I. loonier, and one hall mile from Meohan'cibiirfr.
on the line of the rontemilated r I Iron. I Iroin I
Florence to Jnnn Mtllf. It eonfalna lot aeref, I
more or lvx, and 1 In a gool fiate of 'ii!llv;li.n. I
with plfotyol water in eTffry field. Fart of tills ;
farm 1 nnderlald witb poal. A -oo4 liarn. Iarre j
hrirk boaae and fine oai builJliic'.areon tte preoi-:
pei; alao a ffplrnild orrhard. j
Feraooi applying aoon ran ret tliartain. I will
alio Mil a mon oval a larm at.a low nn..
Wentmoreland Co., Fa.
111 linCM and SfUIOt)!, F1'R I -
PtLFITS made of aoasoned Walnut wlJ AIi j
lumber. Send for prior" to
('. ('. DC5EI.LS,
175 Liberty Ktreet,
Zittbnrgli, I'a.
' "
TliinTS A V I'I y IK lT
W a
Kep?dfiilly HifTm the i-i'ir-n" of S .o.rr- -t a:.d
the jmldic tracrally, that he haw pin rplr-vo-ftr-i
In the New Duildingon Main Cross
Kontrlit tn the Fawtern rltleaat the lowrruli prien.
and ia prepared to t'nrnlfh the publiw with every
thing pertaining to hi line of ku.Mneri,
IU will ke aitanvly 00 lutud m;d l pn par
ed te uiako tevrderon thi rt r.utli-e. i
Men, Women and Children,
EnihraclDir eeenr line of first rlj ir-ln in mute.
rial and workmniirliip. from the tinv iiiuiK-r to tho-1
broadest tread bri.$:in.
ed witb .
The lulit-awill.be furei.-b-
ursKiy of cai.f,
Antl of the mc; fasliiunaWc -"tvle..
He will Innre a food fit am! ivc e.itUfai-iiuti to
all who Diav trire liita a cuIL
llo is l5o prc;mrHl W luroith tWit-iakcr nUh
A cuuik-te arsuriinut of
(.'A 1,1',
Lasts and Shoe Findings
Of ever k'mX, wliioli will at the lnwrn: casi!
(.rleefi. .
-AU kind of rt'-nirinjr done on ?l.ort no'.!, e.
Ho liof hy krauimr a iarir,- and x.mxI mn-k t.v
weilinn at the lowen po-.lt.le priet -.. and lie fnir
dealinira and wtrlet attention to l.u-dnfs-'. to rereive
a llL.ornJ ahare vf rtil.'.ic iiatn. r.tir.?.
aor. 8, :o tf. h. c.HEEKITS.
A rait.- ( haiuc.
Full I'ar.Iral.tra fr--.
or rlx niple-i ft.r 1 iaj
I-ittbura'.i Supply Co.
I'lTT-turntiii, ia.
fWjf. KIP,: -tfAXAtSKK.
Mnriiirartorj-, ass I'enii ATeane. '
Manaraelurt-r of the licst TwlisU in tho world r.-r
cleaning aad rt'tnurin-f tu iu nrl-lna! lustre Hold
Silrer. riattxl Ware. tr.iM. (vptr. tila-mwarc
i.ur r iiiuri-j, i ju-vniutivew. t in iMfm't and an
V'llv--i,-l'.'';.-"t,J1---n'wiv'' l'11''11- .UK iL
"'l " ANTKU torar.rass thin town. Ad-
drew aw alwiTe, encloning -ii otu'.t l.-r aaunde and
.ur.ni!ra 1ldld..ll 1 .
-,. . . . , v .
1 he Somerset AcademT will be wened on Tucs-
day. the li h day of Sejiteniber neat, for ntu.t.-nt.
of both aezew. The werriees of a eoinit.-nt male
and female teacher will be weenrvd.l hv whom in
mrurtion will lie Iren la Knsrlli-ii. U-iiin. tirook.
Herman. Freneh. .Mu.-de and Kriiwinjj. The term
will continue lor a iK-ri.l of ten niontii.. A fwf
Beient load baa already been nil-cnbe-i to lin-ur
theemtiauiince id the Aea letov fir three rear
antl it If intended that wen .tetion be taken as will
uakeitanu.ini'ntltuititution. Thetcltion will N
UKxIerate. and ckkI Nsinlintr enn t had at roa
n.nalde prices. For particular!! aj.plvtothe Sec
retary ol the lloanlol Tnistces.
Hy order of the Jfciar.l of Trttste,-..
E. M. SCHrff lCK. W. II. KOON'TZ.
Secretary. PreriJeut.
Workers Wanted !
For H'ood'a lnaehald Kwenalnr,
whtrii. with liw l'remiunis. Is ene of the most at
tractive In the country. Pri.-e of Mainline One
Itoilwra year. I'ommUslon" llhentl. etU'rlrir a lu
eratlTeand atfreeahlo nuslnesw to those willing to
giee It proper attention.
Vol. XIII bt-irlnw with .Tulr. Fxomitiei.ur
riahniiiK and l'repinin List's. Two first class pe
riodical for the price of one. For wiecimcn ma-.
ailn and further InlOruialion address ul't
tlousrliold Idaire.r.lne. Newinir?. X. Y
ar-Teom S. E. Sill TKS. iStMishir
1-FCl'Tlill S S I v t'tvfAtZ'777l i ml r-tjmc'it of taxi-afiT-Siii.l. snt!t I- a niiu.d
ixtxK- iK..l.t.Of KKAI tsTATK. to vote in the towushi'... war I or district m wM-it
livTlrtue orthe power and nntliorliy ulren t "-llmiwwn sliail prevent or -ifctv.t . t-.-.
l 'Zr .7. , ' r Wi" ""l"-""" ! -ent nn.volt.cr of an elti-l Ion. nre, , i.s'ae. ,Lm
t, etmntl vl' ZZ,2itm'X l-'mRr,l1,ll- Somer-1 hol.lins auci, election, or use or tlm-iitc, anw viu.
set county, 1 a deceaseil. there will l.e at ! 1. nee to anv such othecr. an I shall Interrupt or i-u-LUun,V.BndsT,V;.l'.7'
ln Jcan,,T u7"l''P-1 lotertere w,th him in tl.ee" "u l.'n of V".
flaw , ? 5e, teml-e i 1. i';n "r i?; ' i duly, shatl Lloek up oratten.pt to block up the w in
.VV., ZT'. 'I ,:?-'v!t onr? I'- m- ' ,luW or " " wi.U.w where the same mav
:Lr ' . """oic r.iirsiare. iaie
the property of mid deceased, to wit:
A certain tnet of land situate in .Tenner town- j
hlpaforesald. adjoining- land, of Alex, lihoa.ls.
joun ..isn.oerer. Jieim v . i;...m. Jacob Hoff.
ance, anont Vi acr i.f wlilch are clear, anil in
u..... oi.ii uiuera, cwiiainillK 131-4 acre! aUU allow-
acrew In meadow.
The Improvementa are a twoi
story Iter hoo'e. a bank burn, a tenement house
and stable. There Is a vein of roal alwut lour teat
thick on the premises, which is now open and be.
ins worked: also a vein ol limestone about flrw
it-eimicx. 1 tier n also a goo.1 apt iaorchar.1 an4 1 c-nnniilt. d. and not entitled loTate then In. unmi
olhar fruit tn-cs on lie pn.perty. Tl, prtipeny ia j vl-tion. be .dntll be se-it -nce I to pav a fine nt.t b-s
favorably wttuated, lieh.ir enr.vei l..m t iebur-ha.. 1 than ere hundred or m .re than one thonsan 1 .1, 1
cnoola. mlirs. st.wew. Ac, l wtl! watered and in a 1 lars. and Iw lint.rlsor.e.l m.t i s n,.,n .i. ...n..
Kuotl stale of cultivation
Termawillbe favorable to pun-'.ias. r an l will
be made known on the dav of tale. The deferred
payments must Iw secured bv jadnm-nt bond en
the premises, and 10 per vnr ol tho pun hasj
money must I paid on dav or sale.
(T-a Elevator.
glMMO.NS fc tXA,
v n r AiTi ui:i:.i i mi ukalci: i
- FIXE IMOARS and tht best l rsin'. of
Navy and I5ri-ht Tobaccos,
OS Marktl Strict, ibove Fcurth,
epltl '
Xcw A'lcerti.;cmttif.
i Sheriff nf rrnn i,nn; Iji iri-! P-ilK M "I ft l?"- i .. .,, '' a;:;;-,.,,. J'J ,
I tl,in U) ,iHii ;,, ,n-;llarrit. , ,u,
.tU,-rn r In h. I In r.'i - I !(: t liT 'f . f -
mmiinmritf It All -fl IMi I- '. W ttJ I
- 1 ,i, ,,.,; -,.l l., ,... . !v. 'tl. .......i., .. r?.:..'J i'J
, , eIiU.,-Wr mku.! Vn'wl-I u- ! 'ZZZ.
'" 1 rl' t mi l msu.V i.f.1i r, a f :! a, r; !j.
his ! d. I" "i":
. i ON K I'r.i.S'iN f .r ,!,- t-T.- j ..f J ..1 !..
I 8 : Saufu.' i '.ll il 1 1.0 ';n.ir, !...:. U ..f i'. ::.i 1
o.ni: person r-T u.'
of : 1 'Mlnni.-nwMili of
"!".'. of Silt,: I it .1? j.-cr
I erl: j i v ;t r: ; t.
o o!il-;j of M-ti;'".r of
ON'iJ I'MlSO.if 1 ,r tj
I Il iU' of I.Vw
ivn of ivnn
r t!:0 o:fl"
c;.i: I'UidoN
! i" ini-r"'-t '-icitv.
' r,r : l 'Mtii: v.
ONr' I'hli-SON
1 '1 .i-o.
UjC ti.o
for a
oJ;.j'j -i .'oji:i.ii..?i-iicr .
: fwr f'.i i Y.
t f..r i'i ntLjf v.
O.Nt PKKSD.T f.,r t!n
; jioiif f.r 1 ,.i.un' v.
I : hrrv'-y make In' itn an-f
et!'.'? ho: in; tri.-it
the plitrca of Iioloinif the
rni-i u,,n,"r:il ii'--
llou In the nevrrnl b",roti't" and towri'l.lp" within
I'm eonnty of Somcrspt are a. follow, to wit:
erwt to incft at the ;ourt House In Ktut K.r-,nn. "o" w-oriiini o, to
Tli! lwtorof ttio v,w-lii, of Miitord to n: iu i"ii an-i ih..,i u.u i
at the liouw lately K-tuolifl by Cirorg.: kloml. in j ' eueU elr!.. wi'S.,, '"- .
nl.l towoahlp. I IdeiKof tl.e ri,.t , T.,.. "".o.:.
lliel-lor of t!. iM.rouh of New iv-ritrwville !lu'i lat I w:.l u.-i t;y .. ,, ;
to nuet at tlie-h.,l lioufo 111 Mid tK.roiitli. 1 y Iru.l, .!-ot or ai,.u.
Iho loi-tom of tho to.wii-hlpuf I ;:- l iiri-T-' cltio o.u.ii.a-l v, 1 ,., ."' ' ' 1
ft,t biioet-t til :Uo L'jume o J0I.0 A. Siiul.i in Mi-1 I w"1 '' "i n.;,r:tt ,'..''""' i
towrul.lv. "',! d 0..U1S 'iru - '! '-,
TLe tlr:ton of tlio towiwlilp of Iy.wi r Turki-e-1 InHlilutiy iierlorni ii.y J' -,
ft to nn-t at the mjiool Iioaau iu I n.u borouifii 1 liM ,t'st ' Ju -H".i a.i T
in wild lowuaiilti. I am u"1 d.r. '-t.y or iiwr,.,., . ,
'1 lie elcrturs ol too towr.lilti of Ai!dK:i to ineuf
' at tin- liouac of L.vi I.'v&u, hi Fct-rAiir. i.i
j t-'Hli.-hi;!.
i The rlfton i,f the towo'liiti i.f X !:.-r-rk to
. mi it... I1..11EM .o-nni,.,! l,v Aroii ! f .ir ic i ol ca'-a
.iid ;owr.ii.lp. " ' fiir "l-o-,n. whi-i, ;
! 1 hcel.rt..r of tl. towii--l.it, of F.!fc!I-k to m.-". and al-i tw na-ueoi tt.,.,.,
: , . .r,i 1.. .0.. 1 .mo.i. ..r k-.-. wliorfin nurl. tt.yt.r p. .. ."
I The tirctoM of tho WuIi of Ssw R.liimor; i' w.'li ,, 11 ., U...
to meet at the honv, of . , "":e afwil . n-.l t,, ...
The elector- of the l-.rouKti of Sall-'mry to meet thT'of end In a. I thiii, tru ."' -
1 nt the ww whool houw in xild buPHiKh. mT ,u,J' '"I"!'" ii,- -?..
!., truly write .ta n.e rn,!i,o,., . , "" a--
The el.i ti r of the mwn'liit, vf Minimi! to ini-t J"" noi.n v. ia,. ,, . j "
lit tho f i..iol htM, in Imie t.ity t,nagu. In su-l ; u'diw-ny inter --d m a:.. .,,
..,W,l,lll,l. sul!oftl...ei.e..n.- -i-.
Tlieilw tori.f the Imn.nttliof I.nle Clly to wet j 1 he iunti.-i i.t r w. ; .,
j Xhe ti.-o't.'rs of ti," i.,,L.-hi of Or'ot.Tilie t
; tiR.-t at tl.eSdiK.I li ,uio In l'ix-l:oTita.
i I he rteotore ol the burouvh of W clten-onr w
' m- ' t i:i Hie h.iol Injuse io Mid tKirouri.
i 1 In-ohi-tors .t the toii-l.iy of s.:tl nnii.t. n to
i:t t
:' v f J"1"1 s'"r1z ''"nii'-
t 1 lit! .-I'' lOl H U. . 1 . 1'iN.iJ-ILIi .,'.lliiiii '
.n Li,
rii In .:io towii-
1 on i-!-c. ri ol ti; l.ip of I.trli::-r rn.'t
rt tlo L1-11.-.: i-.rir.i-riv iy-Ltioit t Oy to. .Hay. m
Jl I t.iWIi.llip.
llic-f.-i. of the 1 . ro-Sij. ii of li-rlln t
ll.H liou-eol' Ar-liihaid tviiM.'oii In rl
T ! eSMore ot the to--oii. 1.1 l;ro'.-rvli:jr
to niHct ut Hitti.er " "eli'-d iii.Ma 111 1 towo'iiip.
Tlio rlectoia of il.h tvniiPhii. ot hvoi.yrwta to
1.: ,: tii I.JUol J-.llll SlMrli htr.
Jr.. ful now l John Speiel.t-r In a.ild t..:i.ii.
T!i;tt-tor.. tt.elK.roufhof Stoyi.own I'.mwt
ii,.l hou.-. in M imp.uif'1. .. . 7 . ; " y. K
in lH.r..nirh 1 l
1 bole-:or oi tho lown'!.:i of tiutbiar. .ulnato : "
nt Hie fc.iti! of j :.!-., eul.T. of S:.,iHu!i. 1 Jicae. .c
1 l,o :'.'". th ot tb loni.-i.i;, of AU'fcbfiiy to '' f V
. .i a the l:oi:-e u'liiwrt A. K.:-. w li . -!' f,t-
.Tii:,:p. I '.
liin ri.,'t.,r 01 li.e irwu'lnp ol I ow-BSIHt.t -u
in --tai ti.e hoUff d i'ofr I-iy In I
'I ho t-.o'-torfl of tin- toni.o,ip of Soi;!-:.- :
.'Ai.--r.ip. 1
tlo- hjue vf .ldi Helur.n iusai'1 lew:;:;.'..!.
Tlo- oioot'O of tl.o t..wrl.i; o! I'Dint i.n ui.ct nt
ii.- vh . -1 houe 1 r.-t-d on la;.o of U .'ury
1 rk' y. ii "Mild tori;. tip.
1 his --'r! o; llv; ww :.M.ip of J -iiin-r to .
! ft;,
ue of Thorns U.u.iif.cr. at j- iiurA
hi fiii 1 io:,.!i.
Ti... ci.-rior" of t ie t.wi,!.:por Jvil-r"- n to ttl
at tlic liotivi f S.loinon riar iu .iid toi.jii..
The elietorwof the h-.-roturfi of I'rwiiut a ni tu';t
at the t '-bool h, u'" ir. an Id borough.
i'l": rrtjrn ji:Wi;.- or tl.e re-i-rtire .!l riot In
hi 3on;;tv tr roolr'-l t - mie-! :i! the t 'oiirt H'Uu
lit th l- .;Viiih . r .x..mrw. - u Friday. 'he lTlti
day of 1 ii-tor.; r, T.'i. then arid tiiare to pr.'ortu ti:o
i.utl''ti njoii'-.i on tiiiii hy liw:.
Whi-re a jti-.g-. hy M.-kiie"-. or urotroMiol , a.xl-di-nt.
ia ui;!.l to nf.en.1 ivh ir.erlnjt of jude.
th-11 the wiltvaieof return "fall be taken eharf3
..I l.i- ..f I .- Irij.i.,. ..- rrVm of lh .-! S,ll
,.r i n. ,t:..Vio wi. .hail .to lalwrorm :r. du.iu ' at ll o' ion
r.iilre 1 rf tl.e ju !wunah!e to a:t-at.
Nti E ih lltntr.v U.EW. :.at ovr" p-r n
r.-p:ir.jr J unil.-e of thf rVcce win) rfi.n il t.oi.l .iriv
o;tr or ap intmetif ot pr. f!t or tr.-fi under the
I tii:ed Stat-, or of tl.i Sinti or any -lty -r oor
jk .ruled di!;rl':t. whether a nuniaii.-ioiied r or
.l.erwli-e. a wuimrdiuate rftVer orr.ir'nt who iw or
sh-ill t-e eniploy:--! miler the Je gi.li:i;' ete-'iitiTe
r j u lii-lary d.-;.artineiit of ii,;fl Slate. r ir.y
i-ify. or of any in.-orpoi-Kted oiirlrt. nr.d a'. t:..il
-i -i ii.entt.rot f..i ki-'-'' and ot the State 1-..-
S.ituie. j.i.l ol the .-fiT-i't or 00:01.1 ;li conn-, ti of ."
oi;y. t.r ii,;ii!ui-r.ioiierJ ol iiny lu..Tp;i':ito.'. .liti i
1- f.y l.i vv iio-.i J.:; I I of I...i-!ji. ,.r xcr i:.c .it t::-r
io.. t'.c 'tii. r .0 o:.ii.:iif o: of J'loiro. Io-;...--: r
..r I i.'.ii i:: y oo.:: .11 0: :l:i5 .- t:.u.oo'vo;,
that no In tor. .luoeir o-ii.r ororii
t lci-tl. :i !ti-..l if 1 .iirioi- to i.p then vot.-d :- r.
; Alid tl.l' -it id .n t ol ArSvliiioV. 11: t t.-'i - ii.l il
j litis.tr tiieU.-tioii.of t.'.ts e'oiiii.i. iivc:'::I ." p.
! Julv -J, 1-..-.I. lurti.er pr..i-l-n ..j t-.-ilor.-.
- 1 hiit trie lii.-pot'tor ai.d Z' :f h. ll un-cl .t
I : Io. r,..'-.t il'fl I iim-l r.T.in.iore.1 u-.r l ..!..ii: Ihe
t rln-ti .11 in tl.e oi.t.-L-t tit wt.i di tin-v r ?-.vttvclv 1 any ."-.ate or l.vrmry or
I I v,.tiir. In-!', re ; lork in the mvniiui ot tut- fL '-1 1" o utrary notw,: L- .
itlXlTtESIAT I'K WTOHU nJ e--h .tia I s-c- - A '-' u ' furr.tr
iii.iiKft.ir fhail ai.tdnt 1 oe rl'.-it. k..., flail bti unoi r toe au...,nty
I oUitliti-d voter ol ?uch di-trlrt.
"In eae the pcroc who ihall havj rci-rlT -d the
lif-hrt nu:uirr i v-itt tr iusj-wt
utu-ui ta ihf dav of anv t ifciun. t
son who ahull h-tva rmvpi the rvcou-i hii;iii-t
uumlwr of vole Ur Judice ut th nt-xt jmww.liuff 1 op-rtuii:ty to pcrrm
fitjctlon shall actii.an ln-ci-Mr in Inn pii. Anil j bwin- m."'1""1 to vote
iu case tlic itrn wlw-Jhad h;ive rwcivl tl:? h:j 1 c,u. u " ir '
t-t uuiubcr of (' r Iiii":tur iiall not artfti-l,
IMc i.TfK.in elected Ju !jr an lu.-ijH.t.-
t;r in bis iiacv;o l in ca.v th-.- jht-;: cVvK-1 a
Ju l ?hail iutt alten-J, thea ti;e Io-i-'lcr vtw
rwt'ive.l the bihe-t xiu:uh rot Totrs i-huli a;.::iit
a Ju !gr iu hi pt:icf?: an.l if act -icary cha:! 'uu
ttnoo in theborU for the sinca of env" hour Hvr
iw ti;ne fijt-l ly law tor the ojx-tjjnir t ttiQtlec
tiun thv jUrii:H'-i votor if tii twDli:'. war-i -.-r
district Ut which .-ikI. oififcrnhall have Wa rit -t-cl.
fir"eut at the place ot t-U-cti jd, chall vk.t vac
ot i lie i.- uuniber In :ul sued Yicnucv.
'It eoali b the!u:v uf the Kt-vcral ;..,:,e'r rc-
-wli-alTfiinf.l ..'r t K i .,l,e.Ar hi.l.lie.r ara-r '
' irVn-ral. 'fpcris". it t'-wn-Lly etci'ti. n. dunr-if the !
nolo taiif ?u -a fleet H'O i kept 'rK u- "r tr. I ur- 1
p--e ot a-lvinjr infomidtit n thj In-jvcti-r mM
Ju :r'. h- r. CHllt-i i-n. in n'Ution to t:ic riz'it c i
any it-.ki ..iid hr tin-in vol- at li i-lc--ti'
"b. an t a inch t-t:j r matters in rchiM-in to t ;if
s.'IJcnt ff V'-tiTs. the cai 1 li:.-p ctcrs .r
.ithr"f them -hi-!! Ir m time to time ro iviir.
piT" n !h:ill he pertultt'tlt-j Vv.te ar anv U-c-
j ti-m an afi-rcr lit. than a hire rit iron of the ; nf ,
I tHi t,ryi-n-' r :uTv. wlw phall bare r-iJ -d ia ihi- .
ST izv iit lensr tine yeir. and ia the tUcii- Ti l--.in t
n ht tc he ufU : - to vote, ten day itiiim-ii.ir-dy pre- i
eMiU4 u D elect ion. hii 1 within twLty.'.n;; p.ti i u ,
S:ate it r.-unty tux, whirh'ha!l have l".-n a -- .
ci at lra !eu day In-fore the Hc-irn. J.u a t i;
.'Q ui the I idic i S;;-wI, h i. prevu-u-iy t. n a
t-.uili:i-d votir ol tlii-s;a:ean ! rem n In" -r-fr' m
and reti:ni?t!. mil who have rv.-l io 1 in the
el"ctin dlslrkn an ! ivii-t ta ri n- : i.!. r,nU !-e
! cnlitl 1 to vote aftor ri'-i-iinz m tiii
Si. ue ix
men. e;i '
I ra-ntlf. Proridcd. That the white tr.
xena id the I'nitfd S'atoi. l.otwi-on t!:
I tweuty-oui- .ird tit'-nty :it: y.-::r-i -vli., h.iv r. t.-d '
I hi the rlt-eti. n tliftri-t Irn o: y a. at", r ii ! -.! a '
I be rlltith d to Tote. al:l.i.U-:i v il u li.if
! Hy the art of A-wniMy of is, t- ,wn :i-
-l:oifitry Iiw." it is t : i tod :i i.-1!..k.-
1. Kle.-:it.n o:ti -i-rn :iri t.t ..i,.n l -- ,..U t
1 ilii- hour? of -ix an-l -ovrn A. M.. on :1i-.! iy .-t tho
. ! cl.-rtion. Heforo it oido.- xu? n;on::rir ,.f ,--
! ond Tiiew-Iny of t-:ol-.-r tli. r :iro to ro.-i-iv- fr-.m
j tho County t'oreini-iit-ner th. K..oi't-r-! I.i-r of
j Votor-i and all nereys.iry rh-r-tinn l.ii.nk... :itnl thor
I are t. K-n:iit no trinu to voin a, niK.- iuir.1,. i n.-r on 1
a I -..Ud li!"t. iipli-t Ut -ih.tl! tii.iLi.' i root of hit rliit :
i vote a toliow:
z. the p,-r.n whin-n imo I? n-t in thf !;-. .
ciaimitijr the rizht toT ite nmrt rr.!uee a qi:;i II j
rut.-r ol thedii-tri.-t to wt-artti a wn-t.-n t ;.rint.-1 (
nttl lavit to the re-Mtlrir-a of the elaimuni in tho
diriet for at It-a-t ti n tlnvs nut r.reetsil:. ii I
e'.(i-i.-t. ili-ri-iic-r t-harly -abciw the re...!-:u:o of
the r.-i.n was. ;
o. The t.'.ir'y oh itnlna-the r! -lit to vote h ill ,i' ..
lie an ufhdiivlt. "tilting to the "-rt of hi kr. nl. '
i e.'ire nu I lt-I;cf whore aaJ when he w-i-i !..n "mt
h.-is a ri'ii.'n of Pci.ii.viTar'hi and o! t!ie 1 niii d
' States, thnt he h 11 in the State- one voar
' or. il f .nnerlv a citizen then in and rem..vl tiit-rf-
1 ln i.i. that lie has rridod therein sia nion: 1, o. it
pr.H-i-.iimt taul election, that he has not moved :nt. I
th'. district for the purp.se of v.iiijr therein, that :
. paid a state or.nntv tax wt-Mn two ve il-. ,
whi-h was as-os-od at l.-n-t ten .lavs tvt .'re tho ;
election, and the affldar't shall ? .n 1 ;
here the lax was asses- t and p:;: i. and the t.. I
receipt must he produced unless the nth ant shall :
state that it has 1 in l. f. or destn yc.l, i r that he .
received nr-ne.
T. If tho apidlcanf 1 a n atura'.iiod rttir.-B. lie i
tiiosl. In n.li:i:ioii t.i iii. f. ........ ........ .
Iii5 aUidavit winn. wl:eri-. aud bv a lut curt he f
was n.tt ura li i.ti, .1:1 1 prylui-e his clr'itiaite ut n.it- T I
arallr a'.ion. :
5. Kvery per.4i -lainiirj; to Vc a natnrnHzr.l cit
izen, r hi ther on the ro-istrr list or pra:u.-i:i ?tn
dat i-.s af.iresai I. shall 1. rc-pilr.! to prola.-e his
naturall.:.-.tion eertlricate at the election K-lore v..t
in j. except where he hi." l-cn for ten Years .-..ns.e-utiicly
n Totrr In the district where he Mler rn
wote: r.B'i 00 the Totj of such person liein rewiv
1, tno oicetim ottloers aru to write or s amp the
wui, ,oie.i on ins eeruui-aTe wttn tne month an.!
your, and no other rote can lie cast that H it In ir
tnv-..f Sii.l eeriihmte except where eons lire end
t'.edto Tote upon the naturaliiitii n oi their t.i'her.
. Ir tlic i-rn elaiminx to roic is n.'t r.uisur
e 1 shall make an ath tn it that he is a native N.rti
oiti -n t. tne I iiit.-.l States. . r. lflornr,'. Vr'.
shall pro-ltK-e evj.ience of ,1 naturalization, or
thai he is tutitle.i to t-i1ir.1-11.shtp I v the reason of
his ihtiicr'w naturaliration. and nirt'her, that he is
between -Jl and years ol i l..-, ar.d has resided ia
the Slate 0110 year, aad in the rl-ition district tt-n
days next ; rretv'ina the election, he shall l e
.1111 tti.-d to vjle ti.atyh lie piiall it-it hive i-iii
tis. '
'-livery person .iiiallfic.l :is af tres! !. an 1 who
'..all m iko tiue t.foul il re.itircd of M n-id-n.-
, oe nol len. or shall riotuusf I'.isturb the i-v.ee ,.f
sneh electl..n. or shall ass rr "practice iutiiin.iation,
threaiw. lorco or violence, wit h the desiirn to iiria-
nce nudulv or ovcri.vrc anv ehvter. or prevent him
, fr,im Vot!nir. or to restrain the tn c.i. in .(
aiLih l-r-.n ..n i,i.v' .tii.ii shall l. ' tn .,.
...j .. ....h. h...t 1 j..ii.. ... 1... i :.. !
lallU) Hue
, f,.r ny time not let than one nor more thiui
twelve months, and If It shall bo shown to tho court
where the trial of such r.Hence shall lie had. that
theM-r.n so ofieiwiins wa not a relJ. nt of the
citv. wr. ur tiistrtcx whero Ilia wai.l otlon:
u more than two vears.
'If any person or persi.ns slia'.l make anv bet or
wa?er uj.n the result of an rl.i-tt.in wt'hiti the
C0111m.-n1wc.1lth. or shall etler to make arv sneh bet
or waer. either by verbal pr.v hint -.tion i hereof or
by any writt.-n or printed advertisement, or invite
any person or 'rsoiv to miike sh -h bet ..r waurer.
upon eonvletii tuervsif be or the v shall lr:it and
liny inree times the urn lint aj bet or otiin-d lobe 1 ' I 1 ... ....: flic
bet. ; btrth-ti.yoi me 01 4.nK
And theelc,-.i..nliwof the tVmmonw.-allh fur-! o:re.I it.reiue.it ... - . ,
thcr t.rovido lhat "-The lnsotytors. Ju l-es an I han :-.tneiy ......p-at:'
clerks shall, before entering on the d.iUcs .. their n,'-!,,r '.' r .
om.vs. sevenillv t.sWe and subscribe the .s.th or nl- mem 11.11. , f:x p,t ;
lirmation her.'.n.iHer Uinvtcd. which shall he a 1- , !' orr,t f' ' ... oauoer.:s. 1
mtni.r. to them hv anv Judue. Alderman er f"1 ' " ' , .
J ustiee of the ,,-e: but It no surt, magistrate W ! fm dt I-"' near ; -w
-esent. ono of the Inspectors r the eLvtloti shall ' S"'"-.' "T wr 1 ' .ct.ttic "'
administer tl.e oath, ir afhrmatlon to tho other r"1T,,u ch 1 rV T
judire. and In.spei-tnr. and then tho insfavtor w "-',M"J- rt;i."l FKVl' pai'
HU.ililled snail administer lb tmtlior atlirmatlon uni Walnut r-'"
to him. I
111 r:r M h :irH ' ' f H.-r
'f ci'-rl, ,,
11 V-
; T.ief. !:.:;,;;
I! r;i: ;i i a to r,,.
I ii : ' ttM-t
:i : 1
1, .y i
! t!,-:::i-innirl::jr - ,.' , ' ,"
i ill; ) ,..t. 1 a-,:,'"''?'" '.
! y .'roiiiifTi- r-.n..,;; .., '" "
1 ly 1'i l.rvo t. a--.r.. .
i i'.r'!t'-n 1 f. :;,i, ;''
! i'!'Xl !,, ill - j,.;, . - ! '
i yri' ti r..Jf r.'- of it. r, '. , ' '
Urn. nor will I '
. rriv; any v .v !r-.ii . ':
to t ctititM to v '. ; ' " .
In t:iiii. trolv. if,,.' r
k of l'oor VU-f.'-t ' ":' ii..-r-.-i ,..' .
! r.n I r.VIIJ. : r.- . , ' ' :
of fouiity Auditor j r- Hv ire. r--i.;i in :.,,,'.; '
I of tl.: .! i,.ti.- '
Tl.f..--,wi...B r!:-,;;
fll vat: ! ',, -
jo lao-I'uiy a-:.n.; o.. :,,V '
cMiti.iu.ui"e tiiTi-oi. ..' 11
rfr.um 111 tarr7inat on t','';"'u' ''
mre my eini nt im '. '.
. 1-,
j 1 1- loilowin .ball tU h.''
; Itnuatioo to he tn o " ' its ,
do that 1 win .:i:-,i.. . , ;:'-r,
,i:ir- II. 111 l.otftl.v ( s . 1
ali-lo.-tior;. ir. ;r: . ,": ," '
i (i 71(11 1. J it ,T ,
1 li'oi e ,,f HprcenTaTi.., ot '. ( ' r,
I lo.Iir;yivaiil:l 111 O..o.l AV '.',
. hereby fin. tr! i.y t r il; ..N. w 1;
!3 Ua:.;l . v. tor- 1 .-..'J'
: I ollilil-rtiwHit., Ft ao . r,rr, "
r anl ?ieei4 ei.-!i aie ,5ri ', ;-. ;.
: i,-1 and t t u i 1 I t., i o. "...'."''-
I wri'f u. ' r .n.y y. :i. ,Ut . - -tt
at 1 Tiiiy '-.'.--l.':. 1 i. f. r.a 1; . -u'b.
I i.ra t.': n m..- of a.i j J . ' .
1 and to im la
!. -.a- ...
! c. rod I
01 e tl:e uiiii
of Ki
tiu iir. O.e oT.
ot Aem'.ir. i!
ifrr..,.. it vote-i 1. r. ai. i -
r.o I It. ;ii. i
if::i'.I cai'Ta-o ti..
i- i : r. nr ! I...
S--. i T.iat ! .-i.Wi
tli s. v-r:.l C; 'jri...
. rt in tb.r ti; .oi..!,
I.- i the- !::'-: :; u
.1 V-1 :
11 .u.,
J A . 1
SeakT -.f -I.
. 1 r'. '..::, .'
'.pj.roT;: ; t. r.
Kl- '-ii n o.T.
U-i -.1 h ji;:.
: ot till e'..i.'i:ii r;i-.:;r.
I from t!.e army 01 t!.e t r..
: h :.i ri-ebtly t.:i d-.-:r
' uor:i: ( our; i f Por,;..-v
Vonl. lilld ttirtt S.l T-r- 'r
, th.-rtin :rr arc :. .'T .1
: .Minl!r.e..
J u tht Cour.t-j (?i7ii,. .
eoun.y of .v,m.,ft.-
1 ! WhtrruM. lhe Hit
f th- I ul:
Stim 1. Toe r:
S;ife! to Tote 5t. nil n-
the L nit-d S.a- . r i
raee. e...r. - r pre.i' u .:
k: 3. Thtit ( oi.ir--f.
re thji nrti Ny ap;-:
ATti HWUEA"." Tr!
S:a!e on i. !-t ..ay
aet etifl;l ! "An er! i-
ztns of It 1 f!:'. yj," o..
stcut 'cf t'.t Uni i'i-.-f.r'
ao t - --i 1 r :"
-St.Ti. W 1. it ,-. .
Jhtflt ;f li.!,,,..::Vi. ,, .
A ".r.-iia 11 1 rfjt a e-. ,
ot i. I 'ni'ed M.i'.. 't.i.,
,o:ii:nc i to v.-te at ..r..- ...
I ::.y S- ':-r-.-'-. .:- :..
. i toivu.blf.. !.-lio-.l r.... ii.l...
j rit ,ltal u'Jr- Li - L. ic 1 .
. voio at rudi 1 1.;. ... -.i
o i ic oj.- .0;
1-i'. -Ur.'.:ii. u-
iinv State, vt the Liw K,i
tjUIiticati'.n lor Voting, -in i
rcrson fr officer are -
tho iK.Tl'rnuin-e of emit ::i
the L iiired Staus the ?ai
to p-r:(irm ah prer";;--c
! t' t it wi in.ut .:!;ri :
viou ''n iiii-.n wf s-r- ::j-;.
."O ur i.'!h -t r -h.ili r:: r
full v'A-.i't t. li.:.- -Ta.-n ii
!.!,' iuri-ic an t pay I .,- -
t th- pr -ii . : -,
e-t hyn Hcti"D in tn r-i,
nllwi:cc h'T 'iUi. -I U-t r.
ut. anJ yi.all k'.- !-r r
i-'lrjil'rtf a tui'ii m-::!.'
tion thrrool. I r.n
1 1. t
.l.ill.ir or l-o :an rt.
and not more thm ..r.
tio:i ot tilt o. ur:.
.4 uti -.-i. -.ai. It i.
id th -.iitii iir ivio
- ! M-itf th-t "Tt
tin- l iiitol S
;i:i -o iiu-rool. ..i;t ;
pr.y, oti. in t
1 ;:.
St;it.- to ;
.1. '
: r.i : .
1 iit:
an -!.-:.
r !
' i o t .-
:::i -tw...
-iirf-1-...i :.. i
! llTlUi! Io V
I t!'!.' f. Dir.
-ot ai.-,!: a'i
li-.i:i--:io'i o!
f- i
t'-i it htr
1 1-r
the I'M i.-:t
nee .i.iiiV I'
.1 : - to
liJ'.'t tl.
'A:; it.t -orth.-r sjo.t'i.-i;o-r.'..i: -the
t-le.-.k-ns of tliis -e;:,r: .r.w -wlo-n
otherwise cin-;i:,o.; . r
er.: .r ie-l to v.-te a; ao -it r .1
iti t!iis Coinnt .l.''.'l
And vrhrrtc. It is 11 y -.'.. z
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Motive Power.
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1 from this source are to L l Hiii
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