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i !
Established 1850.
J. G.
S .licit consignment of Butter and rluc generally R' "' cTi".
.,; r.ncii.l siorcs la the county or Willi lorwarded by mail on !" .
Keimard &
V1 l'l l Y lV K ' K S Sou N AS TH L BUT I Ell S'sOU.l WILL MAKE UKEUAL Al
The Somerset Herald.
. Septemlier S3. 187
On, and after Monday, July 7th, 1873, trains wil
an nf ..iiis
12 m,
4:30 p. m.
iK-n'rL Supt.
m VM't W: "
M,il Wc.-i 3 00 p.m.
W. F.
. V. k 11. K. B.-riU ikiiaL TOIT.
.. . lias p. ra
ta ai-- --
Esprcss West
Mail East
. t:21 a.
.12:02 p.
. M p.
Pittsburgh & Cpzmellsvills
JiitsM f asMitoi & Baltimore
in mil after Sunday, May lo:li. PC. Trains
.-i iliii. K a 1 will Depart and Arrive from IK-;.,
i.rner limit and Water street, as follows:
imttsbi aoa Tina.
I.-.-niMall .. 10a.m.
Tlir.-uli Mail." ') a.m.
.Yuv.i Wv. ...:3u a.m.
M hecstiort Ai
cm 11:00 m-
Jli kiiTrt Ap-i-,.to
2 3i p.m.
iiiini'llsTillc Ac
cm S.35p.m.
McK-fi .1 Ac
roin 30 P-m.
McKoeort Ae
coni Mcke-sort Ar
ct.m 7:2ia.m.
W. Newton Ac
cra KO a.m.
Through Ex...8:ia.m.
i aim lu.ooa.m.
'Mi Keec;iort Ac-
I i Mm 12: m.
; M'KHiiurt Ae-
com 2:00 p.m.
j Mrkcesport Ae-
on 4:59 p.m.
Unioulown Ae-
I' ctn 6:111p.m.
M'KcKirt Ac-
V. New tun Ac-
eim :1 p.m..
Mekceirt Ac- i
cm.. r20p.m.
M. Ke.-iiixtrl Ac I
cm 1100 p.m.
Went Ncwtun i
Oiurvh Train. 12:45 pm.'
Cuin ,:ua.ni.
Through Mail-Srii p.ui.
Weil NfUio
! Church Train.loaM a.m.
isl Aicixlatioi Trams fiaily. asm
Smiiys. Eisress Trains Jiily.
Ga. SlD'L G21.Pa.ASl
(Jom-ral Ticket ofEc-e, 43 5th Avenue.
15 ii tt it Wauled
,tV- now time for shipping G1YATKS
'SIVJTMl and we advise all the
- Uairyucn to take advantage of every cold
ly 4a,hip their butter down U us as rap
id.lv a Possible. We have a very artire
mH noty, for cood dairies and can readily
sell trod 1.0(H) to 2.000 kegs every week,
at higbi&t market price. Butter merchants
troni the Niuth and coast cities are now lie
ginnincto lay in their fall and winter
stocks of butter, and we advme dairymen
to ship their butter promptly so as lo get
. the advantage of this very desirable trade.
Wc will us-every effort to sell at HIGH
EST PRICES, and as si Kin as the butter
is sold will send sales and check. Wc
, will also make li!eral advance on ship-
i tuciits.
Hoping to receive lil-cral ahipuicnta
- promptly.
Ri-sjH-clfully &c,
S3 Ext h vsoe Place,
Baltimore. Md.
A LARGE lot of Sole
&. I'hl's,
Ix-aiher at Sn der
All kinds of j.b
printing executed at
the Herald office.
A large lot of Paint Brua-lu-s lor s;de
bv E. 11. Marshall A Co.
TYik Colors of everv discretion for sale
bv E. H. Man-hal 1& Co,
A HEAiTiri i. set of teeth for t S. Dr.
Wm. Collins. Sonitr&ct Pa-
New Hoods. A full stock of Biois and
Shoes, cow ojien at Snyder & Uhi's.
TiiHiO Hi strictly pure While Lead for sale
at E. II. Marshall & Co s.
Stone crocks. Jars, Pitcher and Jugs,
for sale at Cook & Beerit'a.
Cook & Beerits will trade Fish. Salt,
and Corn, for Oats, Potatoes and Bacon.
Iv you w ant Carpenters Tools, go to
Biyuiyer's Hardware Store ; a full stock of
all kiiida.
Fot r. Six and Eight Pictures at Wel
fley's Photograph Gallery in the Mam
moth building.
Glass Ware. Full set of Glassware
f r fl.OO. Tumbler only 75 ctojer dozen,
at W. W. DuvU & Bro.
Snow-flake and White River Flour
for6u!eat Cook Jc Beiril Grocery and
Fit-d Store, at reduced price.
A 1.AIUIE kit ot barrel Salt w ill lie ex
changed for Butter, Apple Butter, Po
tatoes, ic.
W. W. Davis & Bro.
-m 1
Gent's underclothing at Talker's.
Morpin's Woolen Goods arc all made to
wear and always give sat it-faction. 3t.
Buy Mnrpan'8 Shirtinrs and your shirts
w ill not get ttio small. St.
Morgan's Blankets will wat.li without
shrinking anl will outwear any others you
can get. ept ai-
Hard-times come afrain no more. For
flour at f i per barrel, for cash, go to the
Gr'iccry and Feed store of. Cook & Bccrits.
Snow ki.ake and White River flour
always on hand, and of the best quality at
C. Fl Rhoads & Bro's.
G. R. Parser, he who deals in Dry
Goods, Notions, &c, has reduced the
price of squeezing, L e., he sells corse" i for
50 cents.
A full supply of Corn, Oats, Bran, Corn
Meal, &c, always on hand, and Ur sale,
at the Grocery and Feed Store of Cook &
a vnt-xn lndv iv hose head is full of
notions, took a notiuu to go to George
Farker's lor her Notions, which according
to our notion is the correct notion.
' Hard times come again no more. "
Eleven pound of Man-ins Crackers at F.
K. Collxirn & Co s., Cheap Side Grocery,
for one dollar
Ik ov. want to Inn a Coal Oil Lamp, go
to Bit mvcr's Hardware Store. His stink
is alway s hi'!. A:?" Chimneys to suit all
kind.- l Bt-nuTr!.
L.nu: wis-hin.i to punhase luces, ri'. -Imiiis,
lieltis chives. stockiuv'S. lMinnet silks.
nil il.iru v, lvi-t ribbons, lints flowers are
Mlvis d t.i j;c to
Gtouf.i: 15. Parker's.
Brick ! Brick ! 1 Brick ! ! : at V.
W. liivis & Bro s Works. Building Brick,
Fire Brick, Pavement Brick, Circular,
Wedge, and Cornice Brick.
Ir you are desirous of having nice
w hite bread, vou should go to F. K. Col
born & Co. s" and buy White River or
Snow Flake flour.
If you want to buy Knives and Forks
Spoons. Shears, Scissors, Ac go to Bly
mvcr's Hardware Store, w he re you wil
niid a large assortment at low price-.
The celebrated Weeker boots, for nun
and Imvs. This is the best boot ever otter
cd to the trade in this part of the country,
at Ssvoeh & Uhl'h.
If you need any kind of woolen goods
for tlie coming w inter, go to the tair and
buy them from W. S. Morgan, who w ill be
there with a full assortment, sept 16 2t.
Makes ax Excellent Bed. Cork
Shavings, the best and cheapest article for
inatresses. See advertisement of Ann
strong, Brother & Co., I 'itti-Uurgh, Pa.
If you want cheap bleached and un
bleached muslins, calicos, ginghams, flan
ncls, casimers. shawls, lickings, towels and
napkins, go to George R. Parker's, Main
Street, opposite Hill's Hotel.
The Governor has signed the bill passed
at Ihe last session of the Legislature, to
provide lor the submission of civil cases to
with trial by jury whenever the parties to
a suit ma'
sing of it.
auree to that manner of dispo-
Dentistut N. W. Kuepjier. succcs
or to Dr. F. Kn iper, has permanently
located in IV-rlin lor the practice of his pro
fession, and tenders his professional ser
vices to the citi7.cn of Berlin and the public
gcnerallv. All work guaranteed to lie put
tip in the latest style known to the profes
sion. Full sets inserted for from ei'hl to
twenty-five dollars. Office a'.Kive Hcffley 's
Clothing Store.
Farmers will please rcin'-nd-ei that
Cook & Bccrits have for sale
Ground Aiumn Salt - - - 2 00 Sk.
Ashton "... 5 00
McKcoport ' 3 00 Bb
and will trade the same for o:its and po
I have just received my Fail stock o
new goods. Persons wanting bargains inf
Dry Gixuls or Notions would do well to
uive me a trial.
GeoroeU. Parker.
Why go wil limit teeth when you can
get a l'ixkI set in Somerset for made by
Dr. Collins, who is well known to be one
of the lcst and most reliable dentists in
this count v.
Taaeher'a l unfed.
The laVhool IVvird ofSomerset Tp.. will
meet on Saturday the 3rd day of Octolter,
174, at John Hill s. for the purpsc of em
ploying teachers to teach the schools, com
mencing Octolier l'Jlh. Wages for first
class teachers f-, sx'Oiinl class f 24.
The citizen of the district are conlially
invi'el toatiend, and any objections they
mtyunxt to urge against any oi tnc teacuers
employed will be heard.
J. 11a KIR,
P. Hkkflet,
TukGuf.at American Consumption
Remedy, Dr. Win. Hall's Balsun for the
Lungs, cures the w orst cases of Coughs.
Colds, and all diseases of the Lungs,
Throat and chest. For Whooping Conch,
and croup it is a certain specitic. The
most obstinate cases surely yield to
Hall's Balsam", whun used perscveringly.
Stacds at the bend of all couch prepara
tions. Sold everywhere. John F. Henrv.
Ourran.i Co.. Proprietors, 8 and 9 College ;
Place, New York.
Cl T this PIT. It may iarr your Life.
There is no iersnn livinc but w hat suffer
more or less with Lun Disease, Coughs,
Colds or Consumption, yet some would
die rather than y 75 rents for a bottle
of medicine that would cure ihem. Dr.
A. Boschec's German Syrup has lately
lieen Introduced in this country from Ger
many, and its wonderous cures astonishes
every one that try it. If you doubt hat
we sav in print, cut this out and take it lo
your Druggist. Benford fc Kimmel, Som
erset, Pa., or Hitzort & Fleck, Confluence.
Pa., and pet a sample liotlle for 10 cents, or
a regular size Tor 73 cents. G. G. Gees,
Wocxlliury, N. J.
Old rpe fcr sale at this office for 50
cent ir hundred.
Our merchants are
receiving their fell
fine specimens of bi-
Setehal very
tumiaoua coal were on
exbiDiuon Bl IUC
We have received complimentary tirkets
from the Agricultural Societies of Alle
gheny cnty M1.. and Betlford and Cam
hri Vountics this State, tor whicu all
bria counties
Wm. J. Baku, Jb. a boy of about 8
vein of age, cot three of his fingers on the
left hand badly on a catting machine hat
was on cxhiljiiion at the fair.
If vou want dress goods, silks, skirts,
blatk'alpacas, blankets, trunk and travel
ling bags n.nions. itc, K to
Main Street
a fr!.n.l rtvmeststbat wc write a leader
.iw.rm.Liilinir doas. Here it is : Tie
a rope around the dog's neck and lead him
to an untimely grave, "unwept, unhonor
ed and unsung."
The County Institute will meet at
Meversdale instead of this place as an
nounced. The reason for this change is.
that the Court room is undergoing some
repairs and cannot be had for this occa
TnEaddretsofGen. Koon'J on Thurs
day afternoon, was listened to with a great
deal of interest by a large crowd. The
Gen., Horace Greely like, was saying,
'what I knowing about farming. ' It
was delivered with all the ability which
always characterizes his speeches.
At the Fair the greater part of Friday
was devoted to amusements ; in the morn
ing a match game of base ball was playd
between the Glade and Mechanic Clubs of
this place, in the afternoon came trials ol
speed, foot races, an apple picking match,
climbing the greased iiole, &c.
The Glassware, Silverware and book
premiums, will be delivered on Friday
next at the office of W. II. Weltley Esq..
Somerset. Pa. The cash premiums can
cot I paid until the latxir on the grounds
has leen paid for and Jthe books audited,
which will require probably a week
Wr surrendered a larire ivnrtion of the
space usually allotted to local news to the
list of premiums awaroea at uie Agmuuu
ral Fair held on the 23rd, 2ith and 2olh.
Several communications which were
,ininntt..it tliia week will aiioear iu our
The time of making applications as
ii-iirlu-rs. for Somerset Ti.. as will lie seen
!, ili !uK-Ttisiment of the Board has
lieen chansed from the 3rd of Oct, to the
10th, this was done in order, that all should
have lime to receive their csrlilieates from
Sum Wilt. In; iH'inir unable to furnish all
by the 3rd.
Five Dollars is Silveii Qcabteus.
Many people are doubtless somewhat curi
ous to Know now mat pnc oi Mivpt ijuai
ters came to le placed in the show-case, at
the Fair, with the premium butter. We
understand that this was a premium offer
ed bv Mr. W. S. Temple, a gentleman
who is here representing one of Baltimore's
lanrcst Butter houses.
Dedication The new Evangeical
T.iitlipnwi Church at Ureina. Somerset Co.
Pa., w ill de dedicated to the worship of the
triune God on Oct 11th. at 10 o clock a. m.
Ui-v A. M. Whetstone will preach the
dedication sermon. Several other Clergy
men are execled to be present. Neigh
boring ministers and brelheni are cordially
in v iled to nttend.
i). T. Kosri:.
The Gift Conccrlsin aid of the Ketitncky
I.ihmrv are nut al all spcculalive. The
iniitiiiion is chartered bv the State of
Kt-ntuckv, ami every dollar of the profits
t-tws to the buil'j'iiii: un of the best Library
in the United Slates. The first prize in the
next drawing, w hich takes place Aor. dOth,
is $260,000." It is a reliable icstitutuin,
and some one will uet their money. And
that there may be no doubt as to the hon
esty of its management we cite the fact
that the best banks in Louisville endorse
it, and that Governor Thomas E. Bram
lette, of Louisville, is the general manager.
An institution so fathered is certainly
deserving of confidence.
The fair held here during Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday of last week was
undoubtedly one of the best ever held in
the county. The display of farm products
and agricultural implements was un
usually large. The ladies' department was
fully up to, it not in ad vance of the high
standard of excellence attained hut year,
while the manufacturing department far
exceeded that of any previous year. There
was some very tine stuck exhibited. In
the horticultural department the dispfey
was exceedingly good, such sjiecimens of
fruit as had never been seen la.-(ore in Som
erset County were planed on exhibition,
apples, peaches, pears, grapes, in fact all
the many different varieties of fruit were
represented. High Kahlrobi, mammoth
heads of cabbage, and large squashes w ere
there in abundance. Among other natu
ral curiosities was a deer, which had been
captured only the day before it was exhibi
ted ; then there was the vermifuge man who
was neither allowed to enter himself or his
other specimens, and had Uj content him
self with an outside position. And, we
must not forget U mention the inevitable
tiaby; there were babies of all sizes, ages,
and'coudilions, from the blue eyed flaxen
haired German, to the dark skined wooly
headed African; there were large babies,
small babies, pretty babies, ugly babies,
quiet babies, dirty faced babies and howl
ing liabics.
The grounds and buildings were In
much belter trim than at ths last Fair.
The people ol" Somerset County have good
reason to be proud ot the efficiency and
zeal of Josiah Shaffer for repairing the
buildings and beautifying the grounds and
promoting the interests ot the Society.
Berlin Hem.
The Berlin Branch Railroad is lieing
dressed up. and s'uleiug an l connections
completed. A full corps of oflicers have
been apiwiintcd. Two daily trains run
to and from Garrett making close connec
tion with mail trains cast and west on
Pittsburgh, Washington & Baltimore
Railway, leaving Berlin at 10:13 a. ui.
and 2:13 p. in. returning at 1210 p. m.
and 5 p. in. the little five ton engine used
for construction, making the ruu of eight
miles casiiy in from thirty to forty minutes.
Though the Station house is not yet finish
ed the" officers have perfected arrangements
by w hich considerable quantities ot freight
are lieing received and sent awav. Phil
son !c Brubaker and J as. J. C. Pl.ilson
shipped their gixuls from Philadelphia on
Monday and had them delivered at Berlin
on Wednesday, quite an improvement on
the old style.
The new twenty Un crgine and new
p.ssenger and freight cars are to be de
livered at least by OcUber.
The Adams Express Co., have arrange
ments to open an office at llerlin, they have
appointed au Agent, furnished blanks tic,
&c, for the office to commence business
October 1st.
Arrangements are being made for a tele
graph oliice.
The South Western Conference of Alle
gheny Synod of the Ev. Lutheran Church
meet at Berlin Oct. 12th and the Synod
of the Reformed Church comprising dele
gates from all points ot New York and
Pennsylvania and some from adjacent
States meet al Berlin on the loth of Oct.
LISTOX At his residence in Addison
Tp., on Thuisday Septemlier 10th, 1874.
Thomas Iaston Esq., aged 73 yeara.
Tliero ire but few men left in the Count V
and certainly none In his own townshi?
w hot death would cause a greater void or
whose loe would le so deeply lelt and so
generally deplored, r or many yeare he
has It-en the prominent fitrure in Lis neigh-
borhiMHl. He has been to all a city of
refuge, a rot k ot safety. Did any want
Iecuniary aid. advice, sympathy or con
solation, he was the first thought of, the tint
applied to and never vainly. Hia ear, his
heart, his purse were always open. Long
will he la; affectionally renumbered as is
right and Just that he should. Thia
brief tribute is rendered by friends who
wailed vainly for a suitable obituary from
those in charge ot the funeral ceremonies.
Even at this late day we lay upon bis hon
ored tomb our hcartt'e It tribute to his worth
and memory. II. R.
A warded at the Second Annual
Exhibition of the Som
erset County Agri
cultural Society,
Held Bep. M, tH, mm tStta, 174.
Tcter Hcffley, best stallion, (gray. Per-
cheronl 1J w
Philip AcKerman, znu ucsk u
A. G. Will. 3rd best do 8 00
Dickev & Hay, 4th best do 5 00
Daniel Coleman, best brood mare
TVtvi.l Fmert 2nd best do.. 5 W
P. Hetfley, best blooded stallion colt
Kmnupl L. Weller. best Ullion colt.
pti wn 9. and 3 Years. 5
J. R. McMiller, 3rd best do C.
Tiinh Anknnv. best mare colt be
tween 2 and 3 year 5 00
2nd best do 00
Jnl Kline, best colt between 1
and 2 year 5 00
.lnwii Kriedline. 2nd best do 6 00
Jaih Marteenv. best sucking colt 3 00
FA Rn!t.ir. best trotter U 00
H H VtirV 3nd best do 5 00
John Hill, best pair carriage horses 5 00
Henry Subrie, best draft horses 5 00
Samuel L. Weller, best draft marc 3 00
Jacob Kline, 2nd best do 2 00
t..i, unv iiAtf maifh tehin 5 00
tionn-r I. Wilson. 2nd best do C. G.
Tinnr Subrie. best walking horse 5
U. Trent, 2nd best do
3 00
The Judges decided as meritorious the
following lor which the Society oUerea
no premiums
Peter Heffley, best blooded stallion. (Ai-
hambra.) . . .
J O.Mcvers 2nd best. (Eigiiuoot.)
Simon Cborpenning. best gelding, two
years old.
- , i- . ft 1 1 . .i .
josian nov, tuu
WalU;r Hetfley, best horse, (AbdalL.h.)
J. C. Barkley, !est 3 year old.
Vl J Miik-r. 2nd best do.
Georsre Zimmerman, 2nd best 2 years
John Kline, best bull
J. J. Zimmerman. 2nd best do
$10 00
8 00
5 00
A. S. Will. 3cd best do
Peter Hettley, 4lh best do
Francis E. Weimcr, best cow
George Cobaugh, 2nd best do
David Eraert, 3rd best do
Milton C. Pile, best heifer
Jas. M. Marshall. 2nd best do
Peter Heflley, best cow and calf
H. F.Schell. 2nd best do
J. P. Rhoads, best bull between
C. G.
5 00
4 00
C. G
5 00
3 00
6 00
3 00
and 2 years old
5 00
Aiirm. Karrone. znu oesi uo
C. G
J 1 tihn. best heifer between 1
nil var O ou
C. C. .Musseiman, znu oesi uo . j
J J Zimmerman, best 2 year old
l..ilnr 3 00
Vrc.1- Weller. 2nd best do C. G
Samuel Barclay, best fat steer 5 00
:., ('iituunrh. best calf 3 00
Fn-d. Weller. 2nd best do C. G
AW Mnnriv deer C. G. and 1 00
David Tavman, best buck f 3 00
Samuel Fox. 2nd best do 5 00
David Ankenv. 3rd lest do C. G,
Phillip II. Walker, best pen sheep 6 00
Peler Hcffley, 2nd best do
S ame, 3rd best do
Piter Heflley. best boar
Same, best lot Berkshire hogs
Same, best brood sow and pife
George Cobaugh, 2nd best do
W. W. Davis, best fat Iiog
David Ankeny, 1 pr. pigs
Miller Trcdweli. 1 cheater pig
John Holderbaum, 2 native pigs
Noah Roberts, pr. Chester pigs
3 00
C. G
$3 00
5 00
5 00
C. G
3 00
C. G
C. G
C. G
C. G
Mrs." David Husband, best pr. Poland
rhickens S.
. W
Herman H. Kooscr, l est pigeons
B. F. Cooper, best pr. Imntams
Ira K'niimel, la:st coop brahmas
Svlvestcr Weller, liest n fowls
Ins. B. Trcdweli, test Spunibh
1). Ankeny, 2nd l est c-iop chickens
Eli. Bowumii, liest lot of ducks
Joseph Mason, last pr. rabbits
Frank F. Monir. last white rabbin
II. H. Flick, beat B. B. It. game
Same, liest light brahma
Same, best cllection of fowls
II. Holderbaum, best native duck
Geo. Scull, best cage cauary birds
John Auman, best gray squirrel
Tterrf. Kline, best 50 lbs flour
2 00
E. D. Shafer. 2nd best do C. G.
E. D. Shafer, best 50 lbs rye flour 1 00
E. D. Shafer, best 50 lbs corn meal 1 00
H. Kline, best 50 lb buckwheat 1 00
Peter Heffley. best wheat
Josiah Ankeny, 2nd best do
Perry Umberger, best corn
Noah Scott, 2nd best do
3 00
C. G
3 00
C. O.
2 00
2 00
2 00
3 00
David Emert, best rye
J. M. Holderbaum, 2nd best do
George Cobaugh, best oats
Daniel Coleman, 2nd best do
George Cobaugh, best buckwheat
Fred. Weller, 2d best do -Benj.
Kline, best cloversced
Matthias Shallis, best timothy seed
I 00
J. M. Holderbaum, 2d best do
Wm. M. Rhoads, best Early Rose
Philip II. Walker, best Goodrich 2
Benj. Kline, best Mercers 2
John O. Kimmel, liest Harrisons 2
Samuel Fox, best Peach-Blow 2
L'rias Mostoller, best Peerless 2
O. P. Shaver, best and largest
riety of potatoes
F. E. Weimer, 2d best do
Mrs. A. Casebeer, best turnip
Mr. W. Hochsteller, best beets
Jos. Masou, best sweet potatoes
2 00
1 (X)
2 00
Jonathan C. Barklev, best radishes 1
Wm. H. Stahl, bestkohlrobi 1
Jlrs. S. S. Smith, best Lima beans 1
Polly Bowman, best soup beans 1
Mrs Em. Kantner, best cabbiSe 2
2 00
1 00
2 00.
2 00
Charles S. Griffith, best head do
Phebe Coleman, 2d best do
George Will, best pop corn
Mahlon Miller, best pumpkin
Samuel S. Miller, 2d best "do
(J. F. Schmucker. 3d best do
Mrs. Emma Kan tin r, best lomntocsl CO
Mrs. John Knable, 2d best do -A.
Mr. C. J. Harrison, best variety do 1 00
A. G. Will, best variety of apples
II. H. Kemp, 2nd best do
J. O. Kimmel, 3rd best do
J. M. Holderbaum. 4th best do
Fred'k Weller, best dox Baldwin
O. F. Schmucker, best pjnnock
- " " " ramhoe
1 00
3 00
2 10
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
seek no fu'r 1 00
Peter Miller, best doz maiden blush 1 00
Wm. H. Staid, best doz pound 1 00
David Casebeer, best doz black 1 00
II. U. Kemp, best variety pears 2 00
Mrs. J. 11. L'hl, best basket jieara A.
II. H. Kemp, best variety peache 2 00
K. M. Bowman, best peck peache 1 00
L'rias Mostoller, 2d best do A.
II. 11. Kemp, best collection gr.tes 3 00
D. T. Zimmern-an, 2d best do 2 00
Jacob Casebeer, 3d best do A.
D T. Zimmerman, best 0 bunches
of grape 2 00
11. 11. Kemp, 2d best do A.
Fiederick Weller. best quince 1 00
Win. J. Rhoads best crab apples 1 00
J. S. Hartzell, best hillside plow $3 00
Same, best plow for general pur
poses, (Wolverine)
1$. Mellinger, best horse-rake
Josiah Wills, best horseshoes
Same, best horseshoe nails
Same, best axe
Peter Auman, best one-horse sled
5 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
Curtis Kooser, best fanning-raill
Perry Umberger, best 2-horse sled 3 00
Same, best hov el plow
2 00
D. J. Horner, best open-top buggy
Same, best 1 twrse spring wagou
Same, best 2-borse top sp'g wagon
Aaron Scbrock, best hatchet
Same, best hammer
Same, best square
Aaron Dickey, best bevel square
The following articles received commen
datory nqfice :
Philip Will, best plow sulky.
Same, best plow double-tree.
John Mellinger, best sulky -harrow.
John Thompson, best barn-yard scoop.
Same, bet chains.
F. F. Weimer, best butt-chains.
Eliza Musselman, best roll of butter f 4
Peter Hettley. best 5 lb, priut butter, 4
Mrs. S. 8. Smith. 2d liest do 3
Mr. Henry Witt, 3d best do 2
Peter MiUer, 6th best do A.
Benj. Kline, best cheese.
Isaac Simpson, best double set harness f 3
Same, best single set uo
Same, best saddle and bridle
J. R. McMillen. best half doz calfekins
Same, best half doz kips
Same, best 3 sides harness leather
N. B. Snyder, best pair boots
Same, best pair brogans
Same, best pair shoes
Davis & McCoy, best exiking-stovc
Same, best parlor stove
Same, best heating stove
Simon Chorpenning, best limestone
W. W. Davis & Bro., best brick
Emanuel Bowman, best sheep rack
John D Baker, best iron ore
Aaron Dickey, best beehive
W. G. Zimmerman, best owl
H. D. McCoy, best fire brick
Reich & Imhoff, best specimen of
cabinet work, combined bed, dressing
case, writing desk, &c.
Samuel Fox, best nre-ciay
Isaac Hucrus. best lime
Jun C: Sweitzer. best bridle without
buckle, and best whiplashes Com. notice
Mrs. J. M. Holderbaum, best collection
nf ril-inta Ti-
1 -' . v. ll .1.,- t
Mrs. Uennia .Meyers, oca o imuuu vi
7 ... . i . -I i.l
Mrs. V m. r. r ouai, u yt ii
o. w.
Mr. John Sett, nest noquei, u.
Miaa Anna Scull, best stand of flowers, B.
Miss Lovetta Sufall, best hanging bask
et, 8. W. v , ,
Ueo. B. Baer, za Dess uuugiug umi, a
.T-h n. Ovler. best wreath. B.
Mrs. M. O. Kooser, best tloral design,
cross, Sc., a.
J.illie S. uavis, zu oesv uo, x.
Section B. Professional Grower.
r.onL F.Oeii?er. best collection of plants,
1 Hat varieirated leaf plants, 91. AMl
hanging baskets, B.
Mm Annifl Frease. best canned toma
to?8. 2'. . ,v... j n to-
a i r " hAfkinra ot. uco uo. j. .
Mrs. A. G. MiUer, best canned blackber-
iia I V
Miaa Emma iLooser, oestcauueu pcacutss,
Mra. J. 8. Zimmerman, uess canneu
" . 3
win. a. w.
' r . r - ...1 ..1... -Li-
Ill r8, Xj. 3d. Diiaicr, ikbi v..iin tuu,.u.
Mrs. Samuel Snyder, best cannea piuins,
G . W. . ,
Mrs. S. 8. Smith, best cannea corn, u.
Tilis Ttell ICimmel. best grape jeliv, G. W
Miss Mattie Knable, best Siberiau cib-
apple jelly, G. W .
Mrs. A. Casebeer, best plum jelly, G. W
ai ,a i,i Knable. bast apple jelly. G. W
Mrs. Susan Colborn, best currant jelly,
Mrs. David Einert, best elderberry jelly
and pear jelly, Cr. W.
Premiums allowed by committee, but
none offered by Society :
Mrs. David Emert, best tomato jelly and
eli err v tftllv.
Miss Miunie Ferner, best mountain cher-
ry jelly
Mrs. Susan Colborn, best raspberry jelly.
Mrs. Beni. Khue. best peacn jelly.
Mrs. David Emert, best ground cherry
Mr J. TL Uhb best ouince jelly.
Mia Bell K mmel. bist wild plum jelly,
Mrs. Samuel Smith, best preserved ap-
nW a. w.
Miss Maggie Walter, best preserved
win n v.
Miss Rebecca Neff, best prescn ed cher
ries, G. W.
Mrs. G. M. Holderbaum, best preserved
tomatoes, (i. W.
Mrs. E. M. Kiuimell, best preserved pine
annles. ti . W .
Miss Ella Pisel, best preserved crab-ap-
- . s, U. W.
Miss Maggie Holderbaum, liest pickled
!m-:ii-1ii-m. 1,. .
Jlrs. C. A. Iviuiiueii, uesi pica cu
tiies. II. .
Miss Lizzie V. niulle, oe.-l pieaieii cucuiu
liers. ii. W.
Mrs. Susan vJolborn, uesl nuxea pieaiea.
G. W. . ,
Mra. Woi. II. Picking, beat apieea iiearn,
O. W. . . . .
Mr. Geo. Hemminger, beslpicaiea caul
iflower, G. W.
Mr. Kamuel Snyder, oes utnoe-uauo
oap, 8. W.
Mr. W. II. ricking, ml uesi uo, v . w .
Mr. E. H. Parker, best bottle caUup.
Mr. A. Casebeer, best crock of apple
bnltcr. Sarah Woy, best plum-butter.
Mrs. J. A. Walter, tomato-butter.
Mrs. C. Kimmel, best display pies and
custards, C. S.
Mra. John Knable, best loaf bread by
married lady, C. S.
Mrs. Noah Roberts, 2d best do, B. C. B.
Mrs. Sanner Wilson, 3d best do, B.
Annie Roberts, best loaf bread by single
lady, P. C. B.
Mary Ross, 2d best do, B. C. B.
Mrs. S. M. Patton, best biscuit, S. W.
Mrs. S. W ilson, best jelly cake, B. C. B.
Mrs. A. E. Pisel, best fruitcake, B. C. B.
Mra. E. A. Flick, best sponge cake, B.
Mia E. O. Pisel, best gold cake, P. C. B.
Mr. E. A. Flick, best silver cake, G. W.
Miss E. O. Pisel, best ginger cake, B.
Mis Sue C. Schell, best nut cake, G. W.
Miss Emma J. Husband, best fancy cake,
P. C. B.
Articles considered meritorious by the
committee, but for which so premium
were offered by the Society :
Mrs. A. J. Colborn, plate doughnuts,
Mrs. S. M. Patton, peach pies.
Mrs. J- H. XJhl, cornstarch cake.
Miss Ellen Snyder, light rolls.
Mra. A. E. Pisel, white mountain cake
and rusks.
Miss Annie Benford, chocolate cake.
Mr. W. H. Piatt, brown bread.
Miss Sadie Picking, best quilt, S. C.
Mrs. Wash. Megahen,2d best do, B. C. B.
Mrs. Jesse Hoover, beat calico quilt, C. 8.
Mis Rosa Ferner, quilt, Book.
Missouri Miller, album quilt, Book.
Mis. Noah Roberta, quilt, B. C. B.
Joseph Pile, quilt, P. C. B.
Eliza Ankeny, quilt, Book.
Mrs. J. II. Pisel, best log cabin quilt,
Com. Sense.
Mrs. W. Mejraben. 2d best do, C. B.
Mia Ida Knable, best quilt by girl under
14 years. Book.
Mis Rosa Simpson, 2d best do, Book.
Miss Annie Sauner, comfort, B. C. B.
Lydia Penrod, cradle qailt, G. W.
Mra. F. B. Miller, silk quilt. Book.
Emma Casebeer, silk quilt, Book.
Mrs. Cyrus Meyer, quilt, Meritorioosv.
Mrs. J. B. Tredwell, quilt, M.
Missouri Miller, quilt, M.
Mrs. David Emert, quilt, M.
Mis Sue Schell, best tidy, cotton, Book.
Miss Annie Parker, best tidy, cotton, B.
Christian Mite Society, 2d best do, S. W.
Miaa Anna Pile, 3d best do, G. W.
Sidney Connelly, best tidy by girl under
13 years, Premium.
Annie Simpson, 2d best do, P.
Mrs. E. A. Flick, best tidy, woolen, B.
Tii lie Megahen, '2d beat do, S. W.
Mis Myra Schell, 3d best do, G. W.
Miss Annie Scull, best piece ornamental
needlc-work, It.
Miss Ann M. Sufaii oet knitting in
thread, B,
Mrs. C. lv. Grove, best embroidery Deaa
work, B.
Mrs. A. C. Davis, sora pillow, li. w.
Misa Levetta Sufall, embroidery, Chair
cover, C. 8.
Mrs. F. a. Miller, embroidery raised
with silk, B.
Christian Mite Society, chair cover, B.
Mrs. Jacob Casebeer, best. foot rug,
B. C. B. -
Jennie Showman, 2d best do, G. W.
Minnie Craver, 3d best do, P.
Misa Amanda Musselman, pincushion, B.
Mra. E. A. Flick, pincushion, M.
Mrs. C. K. Grove, pincushion, M.
Luanda Ankeny, X doz. towels, G. W.
Julia Holderbaum, sampler, G. NV.
Christian Mite Society, best set mat, B.
Amelia Pile, 2d best do, B.
M. E. Mite Society, knotted cakecover.P.
Misa Levetta SulalL best ladies night
d resa, B.
Mia Annie Pile, 2d best do, II.
Mrs. E. W. Rhoads. best infant's dresa.
G. W.
Mrs. Julie McCoy, 2d best do, G. W.
Christian Mite Society, bib, 8. W.
Mrs. J. B. Tredwell, display of millinery,
Christian Mite Society, best chemise, P.
C. B.
Mis Mary Baird, tetting, collar, G. W .
Mis Ella Schell, tetting, collar, G. W.
Mi (Annie Parker, beat infant' sacqne,
G. W.
Mr. W. TL Koontz, best afghaai, G. W.
Mr. I. H. Wilson, carriage aghan, B.
Mrs. John H. Chi, table cover, B.
Articles for which no ra-emiuins were
Mis Hattie Kimmell, specimen of spat
ter work, Meritorious.
M. E. Mite Society ,nfant sock and la
dies' fascinator. M.
Lucinda Kingler, "Romeo," (u ele
phant), very Meritorious.
George Spangler, 2 baimorals, M.
Tillie Megahen, cross of Bristol boa rd,M.
Mrs. Jacob Casebeer, 4th best do O,
S. 8. Miller, best keg of butter.
Eliza Mussclman, 2d iicst do.
Channcey Martecny. 3d best da
Eli Bowman, 4th best do.
C-A. Brant, best 50 lbs. sugar
Josiah Ankeny, 2d best do
Jon. Woy, best sample maple sugar
William Baker, best box honey
Aaron Dickey, 2d best do
Lydia Shallia. best crock cheese S
C. C. Miisselman, best cider S,
Mr. H. Boyts, dish cloth, M.
Mrs. C. If. Miller, table spread, M.
M. E. Mite Society, 2 infant saoine,
very M. ,
Mis Alice w earner, ipronwa u em
broidery, M.
J. S. Hamuli, best pen and Ink drawing,
tl- ' .a
W. II. YVeiaey, cesi aupiay
Hon, 2. .
lavid Hosband, best rclica, manuscript
of Herman Husband and article over 100
years old.
I lOnAU XI v UU wwi. v. . y - , -
llattie A. Walter, bent oil painting, home
product, $3
Jacob alarteeny, 24 Dt ao, v
J. B. TreUwell,
heat dianbAV of Shell, $2 I
G. F. SchaefTer. beat display natural CU-
rinstties. 8. W
W. a. Weiney, best enromoa,
Do beat display of pictures,
&c.. S3.
Mra. Mary Edie, diplay of china ware
over 100 year old, v.
Benj. Miller, beat penmansnip, 9
Sarah W. Schrock, beat pencil drawing,
Mra. W. IL. Pickins. Deal dismay ioroign
curiosities, embracing a large number or
article from China, Japan, and corea, a.
Mra. Michael Kifer, best lot bread oaaa-
Charles Coleman, brt plctnre Ira roe,
made by boy, D.
W. Ii. Weiney, best display puoMigrapua,
2. . .
r. C. Cnlhorn. nest fireclay. V.
Mra. Risinger, a mirror bridal present
73 years old.
Mrs. w. r. rrousi. cnairoiir.uoMrj
100 vears old. and ailver tea poon 150
year old.
t rank u. eampseii, tnree piciurea, u
Jeremiah Voune. heat wax flowers, B.
Edgar H. Baer, best specimen fine print
ing, u.
C. U. Basset, best panel uoor, v.
Geo. Cobaugh, best barometer, li.
The item mentioned in this section, are
all among the beat of their kind, and are
nnn.ui Viw th com nittee to the no
tice of the farmer of the county :
Ruriprior Machine Co.. best mower.
J. M. Holderbaum, best combined mow
er and reaper.
C. C. Musselman, Detiee-ieuiir, wsm
Collin & 8hipley, best drill, BucKeye.
J M. Holderbaum, 8 horse-power tnresn-
er and separator, pronounced a good ma-
chine and entitled to favorable notice.
The Erie pump, exhibited Dy wm. .
Schrock, and the Lowe pump, exhibited by
Jesse Hoover, were judged of equal merit,
David Husband, best exhibition general
farm products, (10,
. Section A.
Mis Alice Shaullis, best pair of blank
ets, 82.
TI,jnHr,M WAV. -'-ll Deal QO. X -
Mrs. George Zimmerman, best 10 yards
home-made woolen ciom, o-i.
Mrs. M. P. Shafer, 10 yd rag carpei, cs,
ti;.. Knutu Frpa.no. 10 yd do. 8. W.
Note These two pieces pronounced of
equal menu
Phebe JOiemn, ties cui"i -u....r
Tt,t 0,1 heat do. G. W.
Mrs. E. M. Bowman, best S yds barred
linen, $1. .
u n-,,t. 2d best do. G. W,
Mrs. George Zimmerman, best S yd tew
Lydia Shaullis, best pound .stocking
yarn, G. W.
Lydia Shaullis, best pair knit stocking,
n v
Nannie Kantner, best pair knit stocking
by girl under 14 year, S. W.
u m Fiirk. beat Dair mitten. G. W.
Kate Wot. best pair genf half hose,
G. W.
H U Fllnk. best domestic thread, $1.
Samuel Snyder, domestic thread, very
Mrs. 8arah Husband, best fly brush,
Wml Barrick, fly brush, very meritori-
on- -
Millie Vihman, best table cover,
Miss BosetU Frease, best S yards barred
flannel, 32. n
Mrs. Georne Zimmerman, 2d best do, is.
C. 11-
Tbeodore Woy, stand cover. Meritorious.
w. i-iuhroidered hkirt. do.
r i:-.. 7.imiiierMiaiiaiidAlieoSli.ini-
i; ....i. i. air tlnzeu towels whiclt wero
.ilL.rviin' of iiremiams. but were eutered
In the wroui: deparlmeut.
.T it TTantner. best Dieoe tn.il carpet. Di
ploma. -Y.
S. Morgan, 2d best do, D.
Do best blankets, D.
Do " woolen carpet, D,
Do " coverlets, D.
Do " woolen cloth. D.
Do " plain dress good, D,
Do caasimeres, it.
Do " satinets, 13.
Do " jean, 1
Do " stocking yarn, S3.
J. II. Kantner. 2d best do. $1.
Wm. S. Morgan, best display assorted
yarn, 63.
Explanation. In the ht of premiums
awarded. A means "Agriculturist ; C U,
means Gountrv Gentleman" : C. S., P. C.
B. and B. C. B. mean Cook Books, being
three of the best publication of the kind
extant; B. mean miscellaneous books, be-
ing a cireful selection of valuable standard
wfrk., worth from 1 to S3 each. O. W.
mean elaasware ; S. W. mean ilrerware;
D. mean dinloma : M.. meritorious, and
P., premium.
New AdeertisemenU.
MUhler's Herb Bitters is not a beverage; bat a
strictly medicinal preparation, more thoromrbly
adapted to the wants of tlie general pablle than
any other in the market. Unlike all other so-call
ed Remedies, it is prepared under the direct per
sonal supervision of sn eminent Physician. S. B.
Hartman, M. D.,the senior proprietor. Is a regular
graduate of the Jefferson Medical College of Fbll
adeluhla. and a DracticlnK physician 01 large ex
perience and extensive practice. In such hands
the public may rest assured that Mlshlcr's Herb
Bitter is compounded In strict accordance with
correct Pharmaceutical principles, and that none
but ihe choicest Ingredient enter Into lis com posi
tion. It Immense sale alone Is conclusive proof that
It possesses merit of a high order. Merchant,
bankers, clergymen, lawyers, clerks and others
engaged in sedentary occupations, experience Its
wonderful effects in relieving the depression caus
ed br severe mental labor: while ibe mechanic
farmer and laborer, bod their bodily vigor restor
ed Hue magic by its use.
At thia season of tbe year, when uiabbjioia.
Crahps, Colics and kindred disstrdera. eauseti
by eating unripe fruits, imprudent indulgence In
cold drink, etc., are prevalent, a certain, siieedy
and effectual remedy will be found in Misbler s
Herb Bitter.
Tbe depressing feeling of Languor or Debility,
incident to the -healed term.1 la at once removed,
the energies restored, and new life and vigor im
parted lo tlie proet rated system, by It ase.
Is IJYsrarsi a, Ltvxa Complaixt iissmr
nuns or thk KiDnsYa it Invariably works like a
efcarm. It is not a drastic purge nor beady stlmo
laaL, violent In its operations; but Hi simply s
natural remedy, thoroughly adapted to ajiui Da
tura. It supplies tone to ihe stomach, re Invigorates
tbe digestive organ, stimulate the seerettooa,
ami promoting a regular action oi tbe bowel, en
able every organ of the body to perform It allot
ted work regularly and without interruption.
it is tbe unerring certainty of dealred result at
tendant on Iu ase, coupled with th fact that It I
prepared by a physician of eminence In his profes
sion, that has rendered Mlshler'S Herb Bi Iters so
poiular, aad a familiar a a household word.
Thoitbaxds os Mothers all over tbe land have
found It to be the salest and best remedy for ne in
their famlile; they not only give it with perfect
safety to even the youngest child, but wbea used
-with caution find it the safest mean of euaring
thrir own health aad freedom from tbe weary
aches and pain loeitlest to their sex. perfectly
Aairmles, It Is just the remedy needed by them to
eatable Nature to perlunsi her function aalwrefly,
rrfnlarlf d sruAeaf ivrdrcsiace. No Ladt
dear, blooming complexion and cheerful spiritln
sepera ble Irom sound health. It U sold by all Drag
gist and General Dealers; i neatly put up in
square glas bottle, enclosed in ayellow wrapper.
It is aox. sold on Draught, being tlritttf s mtdtcir
ul preparation, and a such is endorsed by many
of the skh t eminent physicians of the country,
Cealawr Umlaneat.
Thar I do pain walch th
Centaur Liniment will not re
lieve, av swelling they will not
subdue, and no lameness whkh
they wiU not ear. .Thl to
stror.g language, bat It I trae.
Thev hare urodocad more core
B3flrat at rheu nullum, neuralgia, lock
jaw palsy, spnlDSiiwelUngieaked-breaXS. sealtls,
bams, sait-rheam, ear-ache, ke., upon the human
rame, and or strains, spavin, bsU, ke- po ao
unal la one year than have all other pretended
reined ies el nee the world began. They are counter
irritant, aa all healing pain reliever. Cripple
throw away their era trae, the lame walk, poison
ous Ute are rendered harmless, and the wounded
are healed wllbouta sear. It Is no humbug. The
recipe i published around each bottle. They sell
as no article ever before sold, and they cell be
cause it doe just wast they pre lead to do. Taos
who now raffer from rheumatism, pain or swelling
deserve to sailer If they will act nee Oeataar Lia-
Irneat. More thaa 1,000 eerUncate of remarkable
eares. Ineloding firosea Umb. ebronle rheanuttnn,
oat, running tussort, Ac, have been received. We
wUl send a circular containing certificate, the
recipe, kc- gratis, to say one req nesting it. One
bottle of the yellow wrapper Centaur Liniment Is
worth one hundred dollar tor spavined or rweenlcl
none aad moles, or for screw worm la sheep.
Stock ewaers-theeelinl menu are worth year sttwa-
titn- No famllv should be wUhowttbem. "Whit
wrapper for family ase Yellow wrapper (or sa
Inula. Sold by aU Druggist, see par bottle;
large bottles,! Ok J. & SOSE k CO., U Broad
way. New lurk.
New A dverli&menl!'.
CaStobia is a,r .;. nutMtituts tur Cano i
OIL It is the only tat articla la distance which
If certain to stfimilata the fwxt, mrulate th hnr j
Is, cure wifltl-eolie and product) natural sleep. It
eontataa neither aUneralr murjibliie r alroh jl,
aot Im pleasant to take. btl trea Bead not cry
aod motber asay rent. aprlll
tnof an onSar biTOinaont cf thOrt tirii'
Oonrt of Somerset Co., Pa., I will oiler at l'ubiie
Sale, to Ihe borough of Somerset,
On Saturday, October Hlh, 1874,
ail o'clock, the follow ins iral estate, late the prop
artyof Joanna Nerllla, ileceewl. A certain lot of
mmrbl tltntu In K.mmm1 K.,,n 'll ftil H'.illlna lot
ar u-eaier DaTuoa Ih went. 1 oi.m street on the
aortb, fca of Pred Lauxe oo the easr an l Main St.
lonthe avmtb, kTJig two ilwelluiK hous-.-s therm
TEKMS. Theauiount required m hanJ enooab
ia n& the (let.tn. atxat a mo: the i-Uw in two
iiuaI oaviBCDU with intercpt. aerurai liy lu licnt
bonds; lo per oent of the imrohaee nvm-T to be
bald wbea ine uropeny ia anoL-aoti.iiowa. r-jwi
Aion,lenW April, 137. w F(
Irthertne S- Msler, wWow Mary nn-er-
marrleu wun "'" "r.w
Hoover, of Call City. NeSraska, and J ulia, in
termarried with George Tltp,H Soinersot Co,
P . . . .... . -i n.K-
Yoa are ' a.v. 'i
eth Uy of November, 1ST, lo aocepi
an- Coarl to M mm ","",r- ' :
take tae real . . ,
at the appraised valuation or show cause why the
same .hould not be ""LIVEB KJfEPPER.
oct3 ou"'"-
! To Harriet SM,m,S
JirCon Sh'afler Noah SbaTler. Sanwel Shaf
flllmut county, Pa., tlisabeth
Shafler, wi'ow ol Darid Shafler, deceased, and
fo. anknowa, the number, name and red-
dene of the. children are ""o-o; if
Lmic. Loulnda Kiioai, -
irtn" Long, (td Catharine beUuc a minor) the
U nam'l..ur are children of Nancy btader.
who wai Intermarriea wuu x-. ..Bt
Yoa'are liereby" notified that In . of a
writ of partition, wsuea
ol Somerset county, ra, " -". -r-"r
the real eetate ot jeroiumu i. .....v, ,
l JerTli., on Thursday, the 6. h day of Nov.,
S,l T theP killowin named tracts of land, Tii:
" S.tXiaina lands of Henry V. JUaurerand
7ohn Brooks; No. a. A tract ot lajd
acre, more or less. ' N '
eran ZTrTcli .Ttend if f'u ti. r,k prop:
when and wnr you nI,"KyJ- ephkk.
Rare Business Chance.
Aa enenrotle man with from .one to three hnn-
Hred dollars can secure an exciuMa v"""'-
bnew fo county that will pay -2oO per ceut
iontn on Investment, and bear inTesntf illon.
Call on or address
Keystone Portable Burglar Atannte.,
Room 7, NO. 901 1. nciHDui dutw
In the Court of C"mmi n Pleas
of Somerset County. Pa. No
1 August Term 1374. miiit.
ti.. -n.iN nniv i. l.i 'in ' " - -- ' - -. -.
rfni anntiliited br the Lourt.
. , .h.rtra of the books of the co-
partnersliip. eoliect the amount, due, and pay the
Sebts of the firm and the expenses ol tne receiver
shio and pay the balance over totl.e co-partnership
equally. "Hereby (fives notice to all persons In
1 . Ii..rtn.NhhtAnL on or be-
UWICU W -" . ' .! It ....
fore the 2nd day ol iiuHmucr uii u.i
tlement. If not paid belore inas i nine iiio
will be placed lume nanus ui uuu
Iq.,tur collection.
Eiute ot Samuel Mosholder late of Brotlierrrally
twp., aeceaaeiL.
t - . ..imiitrti.,n on the above estate
havlnc been uninted lo tho undersizned. noii-e ts
i , inrirbtetl to It lo make imme-
dlate payment, and thoee bavin claims adnst
It. to present them duly ant hem tented fur settle.
mem al iai rwnieiico m -,v.
the 7tb day of NnvemI MHOLpK
11ESK1 Ci. WL.E..ua.v
I I "
1 ne quamieti v.iitswi .".i..... -
wnitr.Sp are
v k. V.hIilI that l,v a i.n.-e.lllii Iu tit..' I uurt
,,i Stimritt ftiu;i:y. ih
ui vtuttt.-t - - . .. . , ..
of UU
plaoe ot n.iniii jsrnt-rti.
elections ii i loicu clmillS :
lt llif :
tl.TI it.-tllj.
SLank.-viIi . l.i' " r
pie tak-: o.t--. . t .
L .OriCK.
:li ur.
h.n.hv nttllllpJ ttuat lv h Drocofiliu In th
of QuHrter Se-voi of Sumvrsct l.'ounty. the il:u
of tK.lJ.ng the neoerU ipeciil, ani rxn.uKVle
tkmfl baa beencbanittHl to the acu.n-1 bouw m Jen-
nerrtue, of wtitck au pertu mirreiwi
ep30. SUcriif.
Xhequaliued ToUrs of Sosthimpton towtishlp
are hereby notified that by a proceeding in the
Quarter Session of Somerset County, the idaee of
hoklin the ireneral.special and townshlpelections
has been cliauped to the bouse of Jacob U. Kennel
of which all persons interested wtll please u ke
notice. r' i-nnv n
Ul.ll r. IV HE.CI 1 r.x.
ier30. Sht!""'-
. a. t...l a...i;rA T.wr tlui IV.nrt
nfi'omm.oi Plea of Soinerwt I'.mnty to ihnliUte
the funds m the band J the fhe . rl out
JW1SS tolu'u't'ieto
-u ...j.i..ni at mv i, Hire in Somerset br
iau tllP1vuusui w - j .
ough. on Friday October loth 174, when and
where all parties interested may attend.
KpM. AU"1
rom the field of John Kantner near S nworset.
en Sent, itti a dark bay horse, seven years oi l.
swar oaca. Any iiii.n n. - - -.-wiU'b.
tb.nk.u.1, received by
Stoyatown, 1'a.
T-r-. i n it oniatri'vl rv tne waress inu
h of Berlin, that irom and
,h. l.i ,lnv of October B.'t.- It sliall not be
lawful for any Geese lo run at large In said bor--h
i u-raon vkilatiiiK thU or.linaii.-e by
leaviiiz thelrUeese run at largeshall be liable to a
fine ol eu for eTery otleuee together with costs ot
"Enacted and subscribed this 2th day of Sept.
16; A
JAt. J. t.oit.',
Chief Burgess.
"By virtue of an order of the Orphans" Conrtot
Somersot county. Pa., the undersigned will offer
for sale oo tbe premise in Bunimu. iouo.i.o, oo
Tuesday, October fth, 1S74.
ik. .l ti of John Hersch. deceased, ;nsls-
v ' . , . . i , in ...... Ill
. . r.,li..a .
A I NM .11 -1,111 l-in'-141Ultli tt, '
perchea ao joining lanus o. .u.j... ZV
Dnt a Hugu. n. D. Itaer. Perry Berkley
Alexander Mofgrave and Elias Bowman, of whieh
.i . ui eleared. balanee wi.ll timberetl.
. , i . e 1 . . llnrm' I..IN
with Ore clay, limestone and bituminous coal In
abundance on the same.
TimK ibttt.thinl in hand 1st Alrll. Is. a,
balance In' live equal annual payments, to be se-
urral on the premises; to per tvm
money must be paid on day '''
. r -, . , i.i. l.ta ..f TutwrTur-
relate oi jjuuoiou ni.-i, - it
t tiainentarv on the above estate
Keviooi 1 L... UCT. o.
having been granted to tbe undersigr.e-l, no.iee
to hereby giveato those Indebted to It lo make im
mediate payment, and those having clahnsazainst
It to present mem ouiy auui.-ui.iiio-t -t .
mem on Saturday. Ortober Wih, l;t, al the Ute
residence ol decease.;. -nrooiDii
JSI ODUr.ivii,-ii."i
acpl Exi-cutors.
LATEST desigxs
Two and Three Plies,
New No. Fifth Avenue,
The best aad cheapest article in use f.r
They will last a life time. Thirty or forty
ounda required ir largestalietls.
8 cents per pound.
IMmi Erote & ft,
Jcw Adi'ertuemrr.h.
B. Brooke Nyce & Co.
Kespee illy solicit eot-.'.rtments ol HflTKR n.l ftpn-nl PKODT't'E. Tlie l.ir,-e and reau;.ir tr I
t : have fur Itu'tcr oil-r su.rlor i:nln-einfn!s ti.r
to ship to as, and will he pleaJ-) I t hive their shipm.
tenll'in lo tfieir lUterrtsi an j ii tmija nuiaii
seimiit na'es and check fur nnxveiis.
N. 11. Shipping canl furwarded by mail, or to be h.ij t priru-ipl cores In the roonsv. -p W
" Mcelroy & dickson,
54 Wood St., - PITTSBUROH, PA.
September loth, IS
I ) M I X 1 ST llATOll rf x o r I C E j
Lauie of Catharine Swank, Utc of Somerset tp..
letters of administration on tho above estaio
bavins; been it ran ted to the nn-lendjfiit-d, notice is
hereby utven to th.-o lndebtett to it to make imme
diate paymec'. and ihoae havln cl.iiias airainst it,
to present t he ui tiulv authentkMted f' r euk-uient,
at the residence ol Noah S:iuk.on Satunlay, IV
tobir '24, 187.
sp: Adaiiui.trulor.
Ueorxe It. Suhrie an.1 L. A. Sinl'Ii, of JIcTors-
dalo b..roujrh, havinir n::s.Ie a vulieit ary ajui-n-mentofall
their pMperty and elli ts, to the uri
dersncned In tra.'t lor the bennttt ol'lheircreditur,
notice is hereby ir..'n to ail person ln.li;b!cd to
s:vil iartios to mniie iioinciate payment, and those
haviiiir claims will prtseni uieni lorseiuvmcut. nu
j. o. nt: Mts.
seplS A.nec.
Uy virtue of an orler Issue-1 en of iic (irplnns
Court of SotnerseM'o., I'a., to Uic uml-rsliiieil di
rected, there wia l e x to sai-, i y pum.
oulcry. at tnc i.t:- resi.ieiveoi o.-.-o.,.- -o. ui , iv t
Turkeyloot towr.siilp, Soiu- rsot to.. 1 a.,
On Saturday, 0--'Jrr Wh, 1ST I,
at 1 o'.-liK k p. m. tho fullowins .U-s.-ri!ie. vain ic
real estate, late the prin-riy or I'lulip Sullivan
late of I'l'i-i-r Turkiyiool lowuship, uvceased, to
No. 1. A eertala tract of land fitua'e In Slid
dlecreek tnowship, in said con my, a.'j'ininsr lands
of Aaron Hechler. John . Kiiomel. tract No. K,
John D. Snyder and othrrs, contaiiiini; 10 acres
and HO pen-hes. strict measure, with tne appnrte.
nances. About 4 acres are cleared, and the re-
malnder well timbered ,.,,,,.
xl A eert.iin tract cf land situate In Ml !-
dlecreek township, a.lliininir lands ol Ks It.
Kinir. Levi Snv.b r, Aanm Hi-chlcr an t tract No.
1. containing i acres and TS l-ri"hcs, sirict meas
ure. About 3 at re are cleared aa I the remain
dr well limlieretl: fr.l water on the premises.
TEKMS. ne-tliird ol the purchase money to
remain a lien on the premises, the Interest to lie
paiJannuallv to the widow durina her Hie lltae,
and at her deal h the principal to the hi irs -if the
deccascil: one-thinl In hand mi the delivery of the
deed on the 1st day of April, 1S7S. and the remain
der In twociual annual paymentwitliout Interest;
10 percent of tho purchase money must be paid
on the day ol salo. ........
e TresU-.
heBemington wqRKs.
- ' " - 5 J
iy:- . - -- ---- V- . -1',-i
Ths "Medal
Tbe Highest (Inter ol "Medal' awarded al tiie
SoStxing Machine Receirrd a Higher Price.
1. A New Invention tnun-oglily tested arid se
cured by Letters Patent.
it Makes a perfect Lock Stitch, alike on both
sides, on all kinds of goods.
3. Uuns lii;lit, smooth, noiseless and rapid
best combination of qualities.
. Durable runs for years wiihnnt rejiair.
. Will do all varieties of Wor and Eaney
Stitching In a superior manner.
fl. Is most easily nianaxed by the operator.
Length ol stitch niay be altered while running
and machine can be threaded without passing
thread through holes.
7. Iiesiim simple. Inirert'.us, eleear.t. lonning
the stitch without tlie us- of rog wheel aears. rt
tarv cams or lever arms. Has the Automatic Drop
Peed, whkh Insures unitorn lenirtli of stitehat
any .eetl. Hits ournew Thread t'otr.roller. whieh
allows easy movement of nce llc-bar and prevents
injury lolhread.
g. Construction must careful and finished. I
is manufactured by the most skilllul and exper!
eneed mechanies, at the eelebnited Uemlnirton Ar
morv. Dion, N. Y. l'l tt-biirgh Otlice, to
Sixth St. spr-JU
SeuttfA Normal CoEep,
SAOAMOKE. (late California) W ASHIXflTl iN"
The WIXTEK SESSIilX of this new
State Normal School
Willbealn MOXDAY. SEI'TE."! BKK Ci, 174,
antl contiuae wceka.
Tuition for the Term $20.
Completelv fumisbed r.m. fuel and lan'.lng
A3 74 per week. Total outlay, imlu .i!: tuiilt u.
does oot exceed i 00 per week.
Slate aid to lliose irradu.iting lis Tea-bers will
more than pay ilia tuition of tbe whole course.
eraduatcs aro rai-U.Iy comman !ia? the be posi
tions. Those whoct,me and graduate nrst will t-c Ersi
in the held to get
m"U TJr-iT- Q"U rr"2
I llfi riftS b fiCIlOOlb.
Student are received at any time, th csjli It U
tnrst to enter at beginning of Term. Come by way
of l uloulown and Brownsville. Address
t ue undersigned auditor, appjtntett by the Court
of Common Pleas of Somerset county, to mae
distributi- of the lun-ls arising trim tne sines oy
the Sberili of the real estate ol Alexamler Ssuts
man to ami aining those b-gaily entitle.1 Iheret",
hereby gives notice tiiat he wul attend to the io
tie ol hi apptintment al the uift.-e of Wm. H.
Koonts In ttie ht.nuzh of Somerset on Mm lay,
October PJ, at W o clock a n.
Ja Stitwrt, having by dee I of Tulunry -
sianment conveye-1 ao
1 assiitneti - - :
late, real, iwiwjii.i , ,, , .
T, -. .1.. . ...t. i. t.ri-bv riven wall ler-
J. intra.- ior ic
eni Ul creuuors, uuut j - hu lny
son. indebteil to sail J.a ' . eint on
claims airaiort him to spiiear f.,;'ei . ,
Saturdav. lober ,L ".R.
"sepi solum J- Awistee.
Estate of Dv
1 Mountain, late of Addison
abore estate
liaMbegrauU'the undersigned, aottrjl
!reo? ten lo tht-e indebted to tlto make imine-
to present them uu.y authen, ted M
. a IIWIDPC. . .
The oLtct and t-e appoint
o.uiuing ailtusinrss lu-aturti.
For circulars, atidrtf p prFFk SiNS
.p-2-eom Ptttsbargb.
- n -
"i-r.-.l r-i -nrs. We pr..mie tr! i t
PllK'li for Ul rrt.lt unit a-. w:ili
K 4 S X Z
T!!1C LIOllT.
THB DtKr. i I-KriEtl I
Te be Copy resfcte!.
(hi rcco't-t of fifteea cent. I will ir.-i;i to anv ii-l
Tvs. a ne.it canl wilii eiiher of tin- a!ive: s'hiw
nsr in the one case how "the Ualit" win Blve bciit
on anv subgiTt: ami in the other case how -the
ibmr ill open a door to any mibicct. even the door
of Heaven. L'r I will send the two cards for tweii-ty-hve
Address, c.T. VTALKER, rrictt-nj-. r.i.
That tho atph.iliet Is a stienee iu I'self, Is cer
talidy .ni.uhir new, even in t.'-ii Jay of iiivi-n-tton
and dlj.i.v.'ry. Though if Mr. Walker sus-t-.ius
tho a.syertli n by act ant dcicr.n.-:rai!-n. we
wiiJ all h.tre to acknowletio the tra'li,an l if we
do 1ml It l.i iut mcaci:v.r of lh le-tersi of tho al.
l.'n !vrt .tkr-s Hrriiri Ia.. Ct.i1.1t.1nr7 lw-wu o
hind ant. m;iki t' rlT Ciiihn.i d all t ;n
pri'-f. on tlif -i!nrtf(t nor psfMH. ilvinic
IiriTu oi the i'Uc-t iu rt .niinc-!. we are al
t tiaC Vi.
apnl li
Jr.atacu f Ales. Jo1tnn. l-ito oT JeufT Trrjt.,
Lntt.TT tcst: iT"iit.uy ou rhe afw'VCf c5t:i'a Ii::v
Ir;i n riilfl U ilio nivlersiif nM by i)w j-n p. t
er :.u; Ut-nty, Kf itv U hrt-t y kiwn i-j iIm'- iti
deltl (n It to m:tk iumi! iate pi v nu n'. :i:il t he
h tvinif ehiimt aifnir.st it wiit jn-?rt ilu-iu ImiIio
unIT.'iiriKNi f'T j. i !'. itio' ut t!ie fiii:t- ot it- n;..
mm . J tef-tt. nt Jcuacr iln. t h ?..turtl.- v
muEim fie
j! Mr Hi
I"lJIJC(J t! !l-f.
' . tl.-n.
r. ii. -. i
our 1
'1 il:
v. ttl. lii:-i. i-Ti -v t--.i.ii.:i ii. e iu bi? int. l
lustit:. 1 in ...I'.t'.' lit. it wc !e.l"ve
Till i':irrv
..a, iris Dis r-imii'-u honestly un.'. I.ii.-!y, aee..r 'i
to hi:' :t:veriio 1 l'!n.
v-t by the siajif, ths Hoa. J.u. T. D. Wil.
S'in. i.ni Ci V l'cur:' il.
t':i i:..l 1 ii.;.j. .-,,i.-o floLI: ten licsi-ii n.-es in
'I'lsi-.tnn: po;.til:itii ti 'Ji.OW. and the rjiirad e-, n
terof tbe sitiite; ii tracts of land in di.ten-nt i. r
ti-itis iif t lie S at-. Vain? of pn1 AIW.is-o: 7d. -Out
ti-.ke's. at ;J er.th: The mnnairernent are si
well eonMn.'.! of the sutv-esa oi' the EmerprUe.
11. it they 1,-el luin.-d In pnnnising to relmid ev
ery eeDi'of niotiey it the unwind d.s nottni.
pliu-e on -.- I of lvi..tnT. Every priie p.ii-1 ia :a.l,
a litli-'r ail tbr ti. Iters are sol-1 or nor.
T. W. liin St; Tp-a-urer. Addresv
J. ICSI K;:, Manaser, H .u.-fii, Tiia--.
i;y irtne of an uriler ifsiieil oot of Ihe I Irf.biir.s'
Ceurt ot Somerset Co., Vn.. to Ide uri'ier.-i,oH.l
dir;s-;e.. ther-j will N- c.-iK.,.j-l t-.i s il;, by j.uriii.;
outiry, on the prctnLics,
nt I !.K St p. in., th.: f Ilowin Jel r:n:l ralu i
M fp-tl Mtii. Ia the wiy f Wftii tui P.
UNh"nt-e, Lite i.f MtyTijr, tit--"i. to wit:
A M of icr- nn 1 fi: u:i In tht luwn of Mcyi'r
!nU S '!nrrPt Pn., on whirh aro crf-oicl a
iwt.;-ry trim? 'Iwtliin h'U.'t, a our anl x hit i f
tfi.-rv builii.isx a-'i d a r rw, alw a
rM;iiiu unl other out i,uii'iinif th.TC'in ?r-!fi.
Tin1 pn-friy i I c vi-' f n M.iin trv-:t. in thi fu--ln',!tn
f'rirt ol the town, n' in in ui cu:vii:in.
Tht-re aire !cvr.il tti"ico hun irvts on iht jiremi-
TKRMS.-Twn th iinn I !oil;ini in hail I -in "n
tinn.i,i'n of ?:ii?, ani the in on? year,
wl:h Inter sf. to le i'urfMl by a ju nicn: n
nn the premi!f lo (ier cent (rf tha pun-uao m-n-cy
mu.'t be v.ti i -.lay ol iiile.
(. L. MUXr::.
i'i9 r.iiTUtfr.
e oi: hext.
1 i!l ellt,rn-nt tnv Planing mt'l. cor.sis.lii2 ol
a 40 horse i-.wer engine. oi.e planer, one li-.rirn
O'.ouMcr. one tenon and oue stroll :iw. one fo..t
tnortiser. and three circular saws, all ia icoi-l run
I'in 'onler, on reasonable tcrirs. r'' r pnrfulr
a.liiress W. C.SIIAPEK.
j, 9 Garrett, Pa.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Tor the relief and
cure of all derange
ments in the stum
s l, liver, and bow
els. They are a mil-t
aperient, and all
eieellvnt pnnrativc.
Being purely ve-e-t.ililu,
they contain
no morcury or mine
ral whatever. Mitch
serious sn knessi ami
suIfrrinK is prevent-e-l
br their tiinelv
n.e; and every family should have them on hand
for their protection and relief, when rcoiured.
Long experience ha proved them to be the .v
et, sur-t, and bc-t of all tlie Pif with a hi. n
the market abonnd. Bv their occasional u-e,
the blood i jiurnlol. the corruption of the "ys
tein expellc'l, obstruction removesl, and the
whole machinery of life n-tored to its healthy
arttvitv. Internal orjrans whw h lcome rloggrtl
-l,',-.-..l. srv clexiisnl bv Aitrr'm Fill', au.l
l .uT,r mto action. Tim incii.ient tb-ea-e
ischan.'cl into hi-alth, tlie value oi ' which chanire-.
it, can hardly bo computed. Their snear coating
makes them ole.is.mt lo take, ami nrervrs their
. r.. v U-ni-ll of ttine, o
that thev ar ever fre-li. ami l-r loctiv KiuMe.
Although search.il?. they are mild, and operate
witiinut disturbaucc to the constitution, or diet, or
T!1'i!itI!'ir'ctions are riven on the w" '
eai h box. how f n-e them as a I am.ly 1 hr-ic,
and for the fdlowmg couudaints, wUK-h Uwe
fill npnllv cure:
tor IM.pep.ii. or I.f.t.c,-I.I..I
I it.iriiirai 1 Im ol lpp',llr.u' '
.rf.Vl:J.t..lv to .umu.ate the wa.
:"k Z rrT-Zorc us h-aMliv t-me and action
.,r llterCeatpla'.'1'"1 ,ji ...,c
MIlii". . MlLt i.l.
tnmt. HUM
a,reeai 1.1 c It mrwm. mi
leverfctls-T shotnd
, d -Mr and nil
i i-i-i"r' ti . , ;-..n. -hi, h
, - .. i. . r .. ..,k e-,
to erirrect m
diseascl action or nmni w
"K.'lv-tery or IWarrhera, hut one
mild d.-e'is general It reo'tire,!.
p'lati-. cf the llrrt. Hat- I- tl.es
! Hark and I-iai thev should be ronuu-nou-ly
W'-n, as p.-tiirrd. lo ehaiisre the disease-l
acPon i of the .v-tem. tVi:h smh chan-,-e those
C3miiLiiiil.iiA.-Mipear. ,,
V.,r Ilrof and frop.lcI wellwsr.
IbeT -hotiid be taken io larse an.t Ire.,,icot a.ea
to I
.HKItice uit- to- . - - t ' .h-,.l
For ppresi
tikco, as .1 produci
l.llKl- "I"
On de-ii-etl eS t by sym-
V A?; D.--r Pi, take one or twa Fin, to
promote digestion and relieve the -to mar h.
P An oc a.si..iial b. stminlaU- pie .U.mar h j-A
b,elT the appet.te.and invigorates jthe
S "u'n "Mlvsntaceo... where
no Stious derartreroetit exi-ts. Ooe wno w-l
SderablT well, otten And. thai a ke of the-e
ftSmZj a. a-el dec.de.ily be-b-r. from tbeur
eleansinirand rcnoviluig eH-tt on Ihe digestive
Dr. J. C. A YEB CO., fraetUal Ckrmitl:
,:,SiltHWdS.re- - ' "p"'
t'. as if ma le in !-7"- MfllL fepJl
a-., clian,-e n sok.ul

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