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The Somerset Herald.
May IS, UTS.
Attorney General rierrcpont as
sumed tbe duties of bis office Satur
day, as did ex-Senator Tratt, as Com
missioner of Internal Eevenoe.
Tickja county has elected Miss
Sarah J. Lewis, a graduate of tbe
State Normal School, Connty Sa
perindtcndcnt of Common Schools.
Handsome, refined looking young
women," according to the Reading
Timet, get bo drunk tbat they tum
ble over on tbe streets in that city,
and are hauled to the station house
on a wagon.
Jlox. "Montoomeht Elair has
written a letter (published ia tbe
Baltimore American) taking ground
in favor of John W. Carrett, of the
B. A 0. Railroad, as the anti-monop-olr
Ikmocratic candidate for Presi
dent. J it as tbe West was being con
gratulated on the assumed fact that
tie late cold spell bad destroyed tbe
vounff grasshoppers, comes there
port from Kansas and Missouri to
tbe Chicago Tribune that these pests
have reappeared ia countless num
Ixtb, taking a southeasterly course.
James 1$. M'Creart, the Demo
cratic nominee for Govern jt of Ken
tucky, is a nephew of United States
Senator M'Creary. lie was an offi
cer in the rebel army, and hence has
" rlrar war record from a Confed-
crate standpoint" this having been
announced as the Erst requisite con
dition to nomination.
Tut mioers in tbe Connellsville
coal region are all out on a strike,
and consequently tbe coke business,
which was just beginning to have a
little life infused into it after the pro
tracted distress caused by the finan
cial crisis, is again flat on its back.
TLe strikers iave been indulging in
riotous demonstrations, and tbe jail
in Union town is filled with rowdies,
who will neither work themselves
nor permit others to work.
The late magnificent Republican
victory in Indianapolis was won sole
ly by active, thorough work. Tbe
Journal of tbat city says: "Scores
of Republicans, who rank among tbe
best citizens and heaviest taxpayers
in the city, remained at the polls of
their respective wards nearly aa
day, using every legitimate means to
secure a fair election and a Republi
can victory." Consequently, a Re
publican victory did follow.
The Philadelphia Inquirer thinks
tbat the nomination of Gov. Ilart
ranft by tbe Republican Convention
will paralyze tbe opposition and lead
to an overwhelming victory, which
will be of immense advantage in
1S76. He has been so good a Gov
ernor that party lines ought lobe1
broken down in electing him again.
TLe Inquirer believes tbat the Dem
ocrats will enter the State campaig n
without the slightest prospect of suc
vess in this respect, and that the re
jection of Ilartranft is a mere for
mality. Ex-U. S. Senator J ou5 Scott is
about removing from Huntingdon to
Pittsburgh, where be will perma
nently reside, ne has been appoint
ed solicitor for tbe "Penasylvani a
Company," which has charge of al!
the railroad lines owned and leased
by tbe Pennsylvania Railroad Cora
puny west and south of Pittsburgh.
The position is a responsible and
onerous one, requiring first class le
gal ability, whieh Mr. Scott unqoes
tunably possesses. We presume the
duties of this position will in a grea t
measure retire Mr. Scott from active
participation in politics, which wil 1
be a very serious loss to the Repu b-
ican party, both of the State andNa
lion. "
It appears that Mr. Commissioner
of Internal Revenue, Douglass, was
regularly victimized by tbe whiskey
ring. Employees in bis office were
debauched and acted as spies for tbe
thieves, who were kept fully inform
cd of all bit intentions and move
ments, while his trusted officers in
the West were bought to furnish him
false information and shut up his eyes,
as to tbe frauds w hich be suspected,
but could not fathom, because of
their complicity with them. Mr.
Douglass loses bis position because
of bis apparent lack of vigilance,
when in fact the frauds were only on
earthed by Secretary Bristow cm
ploying officers not connected with
tbe revenue department, and person
ally unknown to the officials and
tbeir confederate thieves, who watch
ed them for weeks before tbe evidence
justified tbe seizure cf their estab
lishments. Ex-Cmcr Justice Geo. W. Wood
ward, of ibis State, died suddenly at
Rome, a few days since. He was a
native of Wayne county, where be
was bora in IS09. In 1836, when
but twenty-seven years of age, he
w as elected to represent Luzern coun
ty in the Constitutional Convention,
where Le rendered efficient service.
Twenty-five years of bis life were
ppent on tbe Bench he having been
appointed Presiding Judge ef tbe
Fourth Judicial District in 1841, and
to the Supreme Bench, to fill tbe va
cancy caused by the death of J edge
Coulter, in 1851 and elected tbe
same fall, for tbe full term cf fifteen
years. For five years of his term he
was Chief Justice. While In Europe
In 1SGS, be was elected to represent
the Twelfth Congressional District
in Congress, and re-elected in 1870,
uji ucica-uia jtiji. ile wis a
member of the last Constitutional
Convention, and gave his time, after
it closed its sessions, to the practice
of Lis profession. He went to Eu
rope last fall, intending to remain a
year, but an attack of pneumonia,
while at Rome, put a sudden end to
his life. 1
A roKTiox of tbe Democratic press
is engaged in the laudable business
of attempting to make it appear that
tbe gigantic whiskey frauds just dis
covered, are the result of tbe exces
sive taxation of spirits. It will be
remembered tbat when tbe proposi
tion was pending in Congress to add
the additional twenty cents to this
tax tbee xime gentlemen urged an
increased tax on tea and coffee, hop
ing thereby to maka political capital
out f the cry of "taiing the luxu
ries of the poor." Failing in this at
tempt they are trying to take their
revenge by asserting that the whisky
frauds are tbe legitimate consequen
ces of increased taxation. Tbe thin
ness of this allegation is very per
ceptible to those who know tbat the
increased tax did not take effect un
til March 3d, while as early as in
January tbe Secretary of the Treas
ury had information of tbe perpetra
tions of tbe frauds, and has ever since
been quietly at work ferrettiog out
and accumulating evidence against
the thieves.
The law is all right, and a tax of
one dollar per gallon can be as readi
ly collected as one of ten cents, pro
vided the revenue officers are hon
est and will do the'r duty. Tbe
proof is cumulative that tbe officers
were tbe recipients of a large share
of the money realized from tbe
frauds, and we trust that every scoun
drel of them will be convicted and
sent to the penitentiary. It is a fur
ther satisfaction to know tbat tbe
large amount of property seized, in
.connection with tbe amounts that can
be recovered on tbe bonds of tbe dis
tillers and rectifiers, will fully com
pensate tbe government for tbe loss
of tax sustained.
An immense whiskey ring simi
lar to the one that p rpetrated such
enormous frauds on tbe revenue dur
ing Andy Johnson's administration
has bcea discovered to exist in the
West, and thirty-two distilleries and
other property amounting to several
millions of dollars has been seized by
the government officials at St. Louis,
Chicago, Milwaukee and other places.
It 6eems that early last winter the
Secretarv of the Treasury became
satisfied, lrom tbe fact that quantities
of whiskey was being put upon tbe
market at a price less than tLe tax
and cost of manufacture, tbat there
must be a large increase of illicit dis
tilling, and accordingly took meas
ure lor its detection and suppres-
Tbe methods resorted to to cheat
the Government are various. One
is to k?ep an account of, and muke
purchases equal to ibe regular pro
duction, and secure tbat in excess,
and sell it without tax or stamps.!
Another method is to apply to tbe
Collector and receive tax paid stamps,
forwlich they pay their full value.
These they place upon what would
be called "straight" goods, which are
taken to tbe rectifying houses and
dumped. So far the transaction is
honest. The rectifier, after damp
ing tbe whiskey, removes the tax
paid and warehouse stamps and re
turns them to the distillers, the gaug-
er certifying tbat he has seen the
same destroyed. 1 hese stamps are
then placed upon fresh barrels filled
with illicit goods and shipped to New
York, or some other point, and no
entries of the transactions are made
upon tbe books of tbe distill er, tbe
only entry appearing being the Erst
shipment to tbe rectifying bouse.
Another made of selling illictit goods
is to send a package having the rec
tifier's stamps upon it to a dealer, say
in Charleston, S. C, and when the
goods are used to have tbe same
stamps returned and placed on fresh
packages filled and sent to the same
dealers, without any entries having
been made upon tbeir books. To ren
der this practicable the stamps,
which arc supposed to be put on' with
a strong glue, are in reality prepared
on the back eo tbat tbev will not
stick, and are kept in place by small
nails, so that no difficulty whatever
is experienced in removing them.
Tbe headquarters of the ring were
at St. Lonis, but it bad covered the
bole country with its secret net
work, and had assumed tbe charac
ter of a vast conspiracy to swindle
the Government and saddle upon
honest taxpayers aa excessive and
unjust proportion of tbe national ex
penses. Two-thirds of the whiskey
shipped from St. Louis lor the last
year Las, it seems, been what is term
ed crooked," as whisky which has
not paid tax is called. The amount
of the frauds in St. Louis alone will
not fall below a million dollars annu
ally for the last two years. The de
velopments at Chicago and Milwan
kce are also on a great scale.1 Illicit
whisky has been traced into all tbe
prominent . Eastern and Southern
cities, and tbe Government is in pos
session of the necessary proofs to en
able it to trace the larger part of all
the illicit traffic which has been car
ried on for tbe last year. ' The law
follows tbe spirit wherever it may be
found, till it has paid tbe tax.
Of course these frauds could only
be perpetrated through, the conniv
ance of the gaugers and storekeepers,
and probably the Collectors, and tbe
Secretary has determined to have all
officers implicated, as well as the dis
tillers, prosecuted to the full extent
of tbe law. It is alleged, also, that
this "rinir" had not only corrupted
- 4
the local officers, but had their paid
spies in the office of the Commission
er of Internal Revenue at Washing
ton, and thus were kept fully posted
in regard to all contemplated meas
ures for their detection
A U14 la Belli sere.
Baltimore, May 13. About 500
barrels of whiskey; tbe product of
Western distilleries recently closed
by the government, were seized in
this city to-day. The seizures were
maae at uve or six different
I and
llillAIllIO nllml lUrltr.
Washington, May 10. Officers ol
the Government to-day made DC-
scents upon tbe dishonest and cheat
ing distillers and whisky dealers in
St. Louis, Milwaukee. Chicago,
Evacsville, and in several other cities
in tbe West and South. No very
speciffic reports of tbe saccess of tbe
operations, except in St. Louis, have
been received to-night, but in that
citv alone seizures of property to
the value of $700,000 have been
made. Tbe distilleries which it is
believed have been seized are six
teen in number; five at St. Louis, one
at Evansville, lad., four at Chicago,
and six at Milwaukee. Tbe princi
pal rectifying bouses ia these cities
have also been visited, and the seiz
ures of distilleries and rectifying es
tablishments have been at least thir
tv. Tbe investigations have been
proceeding quietly but vigorously,
through tbe office of the Solicitor ef
tbe Treasury, till within the last ten
days, since when the officers of tbe
Internal Revenue Bureau have been
co-operating in tbe work. It was
rot till a few days since' that the
alarm was given to the Whisky Ring,
and tbe information from St. Louis
shows tbat, after all, they were not
expecting tbe method of proceeding
adopted, though they were antici
pating trouble. Tbe ring has bad
efficient spies, and those who have
been in confidential relations with
high officers, as the following inci
dent, which also illustrates the mag
nitude ot the fraudulent combina
tions, will show. It was decided
last Friaay, very secretly, by Secre
tary Bristow, in connection with on
ly a few of the officers necessary for
the dutv, and with the kuowledge of
the Cabinet, tbat tbe seizures should
be made to-day. Saturday the St
Louis distillers were informed from
Washington tbat tbe lightning would
strike on Monday. They were not,
however, able to avert tbe force of
tbe stroke. Supervisor Howley was
6ent from New York to St Louis to
attend tbe seizures there, Supervisor
Tutton went from Philadelphia to
Chicago, and lledrick, cf Iowa, to
Milwaukee. It may be said that tie
evidence thus far obtained docs not
show tbat these Supervisors or Col-
iprfnr of the districts were in col
lusion with tbe Ring, but they can
not escape readily the charge or at
trust cross inefficiencv. Tbe seiz
ures have, as will be seen, been the
most extensive and important of the
kind ever made in this country.
Complaints of respectable firms en
gaged in tbe liquor traffic, that con
traband spirits were upon tbe markets
in such quantities as to interfere with
legitimate trade, wcro brought to tbe
attention of Secretary Bristow early
in tne vt inter, lie gave ice suo-
ject careful consideration, and con
ferred with Commissioner Douglas,
who was confident that enly very
small lots of distilled spirits could es
cape tbe payment of taxes and such
alone as was manufactured in out of
the way places, and smuggled into
trade in an unusual manner. He re
lied upon the perfection of the system
of collection which he had arranged,
and the integrity of the officers in
the service. He claimed, rightly,
that extensive evasions of tbe whisky
tax could not succeed without collu
sion and corruption among internal
revenue officers, particularly among
cauirers and storekeepers, lie did
not believe bis officers were corrupted
to such an extent as the complaints
would imply.
Secretary Bristow did not dismiss
the subject from bis mind, and facts
continued to react) him wuicn con
firmed bis belief that the whisky tax
was by nc meaos tuorouenly collec
ted. About tbe 22d of February, be
received information tbat movements
of special agents of the Internal Rev
enue Bureau, and business transac
tions of tbat office were promptly
communicated to members of the sus
pected Whisky Ring who were con
stantly informed of every official ac
tion which it was for tbeir interest to
know. Thia condition cf affairs
seemed to the Secretary to demand
action on bis part, and he determined
to employ new and unsuspected
agencies to operate independently f
the Revenue Bureau, especially as it
bad become' well established that
agents of the bureau could make no
movement whatever without the
knowledge of parties in the Ring.
Tbe secret Service force of Solicitor
Wilson's office was therefore brought
into the work.
On the 10th or 20th of April the
Department received a telegram
stating that certain suspicious t-hip-
ments had been made by Be vis A
Frascrs, from St Louis to Savannah,
Charleston, and Vilmlagton. The
Chief Clerk of the Solicitor's office
was thereupon sent to those places
and was instructed to cause careful
examination to be made of the ship
ments in question, and particularly
to take records of the serial num
bers of the warehouse and tax-paid
stamps. There were discovered by
this examination packages in Charles
ton and Savannah bearing tbe same
numbers, and tbe fact wa9 establish
ed that Bevis k Frasers were dupli
cating their goods. In the system of
the whisky tax, it is impossible tbat
two packages of liquor upon which
tbe tax bas been honestly paid should
bear tbe same number, and tbe du
plication of numbers was conclusive
evidence of fraud.
Following up the inquiry respect
ing duplication of numbers, the most
trusted men in tbe secret service
were sent to St. Louis, Chicago, and
Milwaukee, and every supected dis
tillery and rectifying establishment
was placed under the strictest
surveillance. T-j St Louis was scut
James J. Brooks, Assistant Chief of
the. secret service, formerly well
known in tonnection with proceed
ings in Philadelphia, against tbe
Ring there. Mr. Herr of Phila
delphia was sent to Chicago.
At this point of the history of the
detection of the frauds, it seems nec
essary to explain in brief the series
of checks that have been established
to guard against tbe sale of tbs pro
duct of tbe suits tiu tne uovernment
tax has been paid. The distiller
keeps an account of the barrels pro
duced and sent to tbe bonded ware
house, together with tbe dates and
serial numbers of the barrels; the
Government Storekeeper keeps also
account of the packages received,
together with rial numbers and the ington, for Attorney General ; Rcu
ralne and aerial numbers of the ware ! ben Patrick, of Magoffin, for ReU-
bouse stamps attached. The Store
keeper also renders an account of the
ware packages sent cnt from warehouse,
all packages have to be removed
1 the same day the tax-paid stamp, is
attached. So there can bo no ming
ling in store of stamped and unstamp
ed i)fleka.-?3. The accounts can be
compared with each other, and should,
of course, aree. They show, abo,
how maav packages oujht t'J leave
the warehouse on any particular day.
If more barrels were removed cn any
one day than the accounts show to
have been stamped and delivered, a
fraudulent issue is conclusively prov
ed. Tbe special agents would, there
fore, take rooms in some place where
they could command a view of the
warehouse operations, and would
count very carefully all the packages
delivered. The counts on bem
compared with the records established
still further tbe existence of fraudu
lent deliveries of spirits. In short,
tbe operations of the special agents
eho that the dealers who have been
implicated were paying taxes upon
only about one-half tbeir production,
or tbat tbe Government got 'he tax
on!v on one barrel in every two bar
rels produced. In addition to tha
means before alluded to for detecting
irregularities are the wholesale deal
ers' accounts. Ihese accounts must
show from whom each package was
received, the serial numbers of the
package and of tbe stamps upon it.
Transcripts of all the wholesale deal
ers' books have been made in New
Ycrk, Boston, and Philadelphia, and
they afford tbe meats, by comparison
with the official accounts, of tracing
out each untaxed packa&e tbat reach
ed tbe market through regular trade
channels. The work of comparison
is now in progress, and will be push
ed forward with unremitting activity.
There were several methods dis
covered by which the frauds detected
were perpetrated. The following is
a description of one of the favorite
modes. It involved collusion be
tween tbe distiller, tbe rectifier, the
gauger, and, perhaps, the storekeeper.
Each distiller had a favorite rectifier.
For instance, Bevis & Frasers sent
tbeir goods to Bevis, Frasers & Co.;
Ulrie, distiller, and Tenseher, distiller,
sent their products to G. Bensberg
to be rectified. These parties, are in
St. Louis. Under the regulations of
the Internal Revenue Bureau, when
goods are sent to a tectifying estab
lishment, the rectifier . must, before
emptying the package, give notice on
a blank form. No. 122, of his inten
tion to rectify or - re distill. Tbe
form requires that the serial number
of the packages, the numbers of tbe
warehouse aad tax-paid stamps, with
the number of gallons and proof of
tbe spirits, tnd the name of tho origi
nal inspector, and the distiller who
produced it. shall bo stated. When
this notice from the rectifier is re
ceived at the office of tho Collector,
be sends a ganger back to the rectify
ing bouse with it and tbe gauger is
required to verify the numbers and
contents of the packages, aud on the
bottom of the form he must certify
that he saw tbe contents of the
packages emptied, and the stamps,
marks, aad numbers on tbe barrels
erased and destroyed. When the
spirits have thus been emptied in tbe
presence of the gauger and the proper
entries have been made, tbe notice is
returned to tbe office of the Collector,
and-at tbe end of ibe month, all such
notices aro forwarded from tbe Col
lector's office to the Commissioner of
Internal Revenue. Tbe history of
the barrels of highwines thus dis
posed of, if all tbe officers concerned
have done their duty, is ended so far
a3 tbe Government ia concerned
siuce tho tax bas been paid on tl i
production, and ibe roclilier and . va
rious dealers through whom it after
ward passes to the consumer,, are
dealt with according to the other
methods. " , ;
Tbe law bas been violated by th
implicated producers and ' officers.
who have either emptied the barrels
without destroying the stamps, and
bave sent them back to the distillers
to be refilled aud introduced into
trade surreptitiously, er in most of
the cases openly, without suspicion,
through regular channels. In - some
cases the erasure of numbers and
marks on tbe emptied barrels has
been apparently complete, but the
stamps have been carefully and in
geniously iifted," and returned to
the distiller to bo reused. ; .
The frauduleut operations Lave
been uroa a grand scale. In St
Louis five out of six distilleries have
been implicated. In Chicago four
out of seven distilleries are charged
with evasion of tbe tax, and Cheat
ing tho Government The fallowing
rectifiers are also implicated : Rol
lee, Junker & Co., and Golsen &
Lastmad. In Milwaukee six out of
ten distillers and seven rectifying
houses have been implicated. Tbe
investigation shows that in St. Louis
alone the revenues have been de
frauded to the amount of $1,000,000,
and there is evidence that from the
1st dav of January to and including
tbe 1st day of April, 3,000 barrels of
untaxed spirits have been ' placed in
the market by St. Louis distillers.
The tax on a barrel of highwines is
about $G0, in round numbers, bo the
Government bas lost since tbe begin
ning of tbe year $175,000 in that
city. ' ' .
The law follows tbe spirit wherev
er it may be found, till it. baa paid
tne tax, and tnrough taxes and pen
anies mucn mat oas ocen lost niav
be recovered. Secretary Bristow
bas given orders that no compromis
es must be considered, ibe evi
dence is overwhelming against the
parties implicated, and their' cases
must go into the courts.
Contraband IV taikkr holaed.
Boston, May 15. For some'daya
past u nited States Kevenue Collec
tor Slack and detective Hayes have
been quietly investigating the books
of tbe liquor firms in this city,' hav
ing learned that a large amount of
contraband western liquors had been
snipped to Loston. 1 he investiga
tion has resulted in the seizure in
transit to this city cf some $50,000
worth of liquors, consigned princi
pally to D. T. .Mills & Co. and C. A.
i W. Bird. Thus far no firms in
this city have been implicated in anv
direct complicity in tbe contraband
traffic. Tbe investigation is still pro
ceeding. : -
Later. At a result of tbe inves
tigation into the liquor establishments
of this city, about five hundred pack
ages of liqnor., valued at $2,000,000.
tbe property of thirty different firms,
were seized. '
Ktate t ooTca-
Louisville, May 13. The Re
publican State Convention met at
Masonic Temple, this city, to-day.
Gen. John M. Harlan, of Louisville,
was nominated for -Governor ; Hon.
Robert Boyd, present State Senatcr
from Lawrence, for Lieutenant Gov
ernor; Hon. William Cassius Goo '-
present State Senator from Lei
of the Land Office; Dr. William
Berry, of Ohio, for Auditor; and R.
B. Ratcliff, of Lawrence, for Treas
urer. ' - .
TraoNE, Pa., May 13. The strik
ers, with John Siney at their head,
have succeeded in stopping all work
on the Mosbannon Branch. There
bas been no violence: 6imply orer-
powering by superior numbers those
who wish to work. The .iiornsuaie
mines, on the Phillipsbarg Branch,
are Etill working about seventy men,
and the mine atTowelton is working
about thirty men." , '
Wilkesbarre, Ta., May 13. A
strajrglinir fire was kept up from 10
o'clock last evening, until i this
morning opon the SherifTs posse at
Hutchinson's breaker by the striking
mine-s. They hope in thia manner
to frighten tbe posse away.' Four
more men went to work for Hutchin
son this morning.
Osceola, Pa , May 13 John Si
ney. President of the Miners' Nation
al Association, was arrested here last
night on the oath of Captain Clarke,
charged with conspiracy.
Osceola, Pa., May 13 John Si
ney, President of the Miners and La
borers' Benevolent Association, while
addressing a brge meeting of excit
ed miners at this place to-day, said
that if Captain T. K. Clarke, or the
police force, received any injury the
miners. would not be to blame; it
would be the lault of the persons
who sent him here. He also said
tbat there were times when persons
were justifiable in violating the law ;
that it was robbery, and tbe persons
who came here now seeking to take
the places ot those out on a strike
were robbing tbe children and wo
men of tbeir bread, and should be
treated accor dingly. Siney then rent
his infuriated crowd up to Powelton,
some three miles south of this town,
to drag the men from tbeir work, as
they did at Fisber & Miller's Works
vestcrdav. It is tbe universal belief
here among disinterested citizens
that if there is bloodshed the blame
will rest with Siney and Parks, who
are under pay of tbe national organ
ization, and "who, it is believed, are
beinir paid by shippers in other re
gions that are now working to keep
this stnkt np. teiney ana rarxs are
both foreigners, and bave made some
very heavy threats against native
born miners and the shippers who
are all native born. ' '
A S Harder Ilia Hber.
Boston, May 13 The smalltown
of Newbury, Essex county, was the
scene of a trageJy early this morning.
Wm. Russell, a widower, aged 30
vears, quarreled with a younger broth
er in his father's bouse, and upon the
interference of bis mother, a woman
of GO years, be turned upon ber with
terrible ferocity, and almost severed
ber head from her bodv with a shoe-
knife, killing her instantly. lie then
attacked the father, and wonld bave
killed him but for tbe interference of
neighbors, who secured the murderer
after a struggle. The younger broth
er and father were botb badly wound
ed, but will recover. As he had
threatened to kill the family, jt is
supposed tbat he is insane. He is
now in jail at Newburyport
' The younger brother of V illiara
Russell tie Newbury murderer, is in
a critical condition, and tbe tragedy
of to day will probablr be a double
Serious Illne al EYlee President
'; Bret-kinrldre.
Louisville, Kt., May ; 12. A
special to the Courier Journal from
lAxiDrton. lust received savs Gen.
John 0. Breckinridge is sinking rap
idly, and death may bo expected at
any moment. ' -'
Louisville, Ky., May 12. An
important surgical operation was per
formed upon Gen. John C. Breckin
ridge, at his home in Lexington, Ky.,
on Tuesdavybv Dr. Gross, of Phila
delphis, and Dr. Sayre, of "Sew
York. His breast was penetrated by
tubes inserted between the ribs, and
some relief was afforded. Tbe phy
sicians are of the opinion that the
General's liver was injured by a blow
received during tbe war from a frag'
ment of shell, aad tbat bis present
suffering is due entirelv to tbat cause.
The physicians entertain hopes that
.be operation wifl prove a permanent
advantage to tbe patient.
Revenue Fraads la Kew Arleaas.
Washington, , D. C., May 1C
When ! the whiskey investigations
were begun in the West, a corps of
treasury detectives were, assigned
to service in certain portions of the
South, where fraduleatdistilation was
understood to prevail s From the re
ports which have been , received at
tbe department, it is learned tbat the
evidence has been secured to show
that the evasions of , the whisky tax
bave been relatively aa-great at Ne
Orleans as at aqy of the other points
where seizures were recently made,
As . soon as the necessary arrange
menta of the department are perfect
ed, seizures will be made of the of
fending establishments in New Or
leans. 1 rom tbcae seizures another
immense haul of contraband whiskv
is assured. . - ... i , . -f
Condition of the Craps.
Tolepo, May 13. Tbe (Wepub
lishes this alternodn' an elaborate
crop report, carefully compiled from
statements by' competent parties at
lou points- in Uhio, Indiana, Illinois,
Missouri and Iowa. ' These state
ments indicate that from one-quarter
to one-third or a crop of winter
wheat has been killed, but that has
been' nearly offset' by the Increased
number "of acres -sowed, and' tbe
quantity r spri&g wheat will; if
everything;' is favorable,- henceforth
bring tbe whole production to that
of aa average crop. About a ouar-
tor of last 'year's - crop-still' remains
in. the hands of the' farmers.- No
eonsidorable quantity" of wheat
ground is reported as having been
piowea.- a he snv unt of eorn bein
put In this year ereatly exceeds that
ot last tear. ' " : :
Helsare la at. Leal.
v asmington. May 14. Solicitor
. - .
t ilson.'of tbe Treasury Department.
to-night received a telegram an
nouncing tbe seizure of 813 barrels
of whiakv in St Loaia to-day, be
longing to Alrice, and Fainlan fc
Bro.'-' i -?
Flaring Obslraetloas aa
a Bail Koad.
Port Jervis, N. ., May U. j
Jamc9 Milligan, a stranger here, was
lodged in Pike County jail for placing
obstructions on tbe track cf tbe Erie
Railway on tbe Delaware Division.
His object is supposed to bave been
plunder. - . - .
, Krlsares In Hlssoarl, '
St. Louis, May 13. The rectify
ing establishment of B. A. F'eaman
& Co., Kansas City, bas been taten
possession of by the United Staies
authorities, and' tbe distillery of She-
& Sons, St. Joseph,' has b?cn
seized. .;. . j
Klners Bi' la fnyelle.
Tbe trouble among the coal miners
along the branch railroad between
Broadford and Mt Pleasant assumed
a serious aspect yesterday. For sev
eral davs, since tbe strike in that re-
r -.L :i
it ion. larire parties oi me binacin
o .
have been patroling tbe country, and
bv threats of violence forced many of
the Fayette, ; Painter, and Dexter
mines to leave off working. Some
who resisted their outrageous de
mands were assaulted and beaten by
tho strikers. The proprietors of the
miners applied to Sheriff Messraore for
protection, when that official, with a
posse, proceeded to the scene of the
disturbance and succeeded in arrest
ing some thirty of tbe ringleaders,
who were lodged in the ccjuty jail
at Unlontown. These arrests were
made Wednesday. Yeoterday th
Sheriff was notified that the strikers
were again on tho war-path, tbat two
bands, numbering one hundred men
each, were preparing to attack tbe
miners who refused to join in the
strike. He again collected a force
and visited tbe seat of war. The
following special dispatch to the Coiii-
mercial, from I niontown, received
last night, telU the remainder of the
story :
Uniontown, Pa., May 13 The
Sheriff's men all returned by the 7:20
express to-night, having with them
nine more of the rioters, making
about forty men in all who are lodged
in the Uniontown jail. Great excite
ment prevails here T. J. D.
Frim Star "lax
rapt re.
PoronKEEPSiE, May 14. While
an tngine attached to an extra
freight train going to New Y'ork city
was passing through the arch at Sing
Sing State Prison, about four o'clock
this morning, four convicts jumped
on the engine, presenting revolvers
at the engineer and fireman, and com
pelling them to get off. They then
cut the ensrine loose from the train
and started southward, abandoning
tbe engine three miles north of Tar
rytown, where it was found with
both tbe cylinder beads broken. Of
ficers are in pursuit of the fugitives.
Three of the convicts were cap
tured aear Sleepy Hollow. They
had stolen the clothes of the engineer
and' fireman. Tho fourth one is be
ing hotly pressed, and will be cap
tured. Retirement of ('vnmlitioiier Dons-
Washington, D. C, May 1C.
Commissioner Pratt took charge of
tbe Internal Revenue office to-day
At an informal meeting of the offi
cers, clerks and other employees of
the Bureau of Internal Revenue this
afternoon, to give expression of their
feelings in reference to the se
verance of official relations with
Commissioner Douglass, his success
or, Commissioner Pratt, was called
to tbe chair, and complimentary res
olutions were unanimously adopted
Commissioner Pratt declared bis
sympathy with the feeling manifested
in tbe resolutions, which were "so
well expressed and so well deserved."
His own appointment, he said, was
unexpected and unsolicited, and he
wished that be might at tbo close of
bis own term of service enjoy the
same appreciation and good feeling.
Exeeatloo r a Hear Murderer.
Charleston, S. C, May 14.
Josh Frazer, colored, wa3 hanged at
Camden, in this State, to-day for the
murder of Benjamin Cooper in De
cember last He was convicted on
circumstantial evidence, but af
conviction confessed the crime. On
the scaffold to-day be confessed tbat
be bad murdered also his wife and
child and a cecro woman, and tbat
he had burned many barns and gin
houses, lie was perfectly resigned.
ine rope supped, an't death was
caused by strangulation in seven
minutes. Six thousand persona were
present. There was great religiuus
excitement, but no disturbance.
The t'onstltatlaaality of the Iateraal
". Reveaae act to be Tested.
Milwauk.ee, May 14. Tbe four
distilleries which bad been released
bv Court on special bonds resumed
operations yesterday. A dispatch
was received from Washington or
dering the officers to stop them until
they had given new bonds in place of
tboe given on tbe 1st of May. The
dMtillers telegraphed to distillers at
Chicago; St Louis and elsewhere,
proposing to unite witb them in test
ing the constitutionality of tbe inter
nal revenue act. A favorable reply
was received from Chicago, and tbe
distillers have resolved to proceed
They have retained ex-Senator Car
penter to take the question into tbe
courts. r . ' . i
Destructive Teraade.
. Toledo, Omo. May 10. A torna
do pxaed , over the villa eo of
Green Springs, Ohio, yesterday . af
ternoon, blowing down three bouses,
bywbich three children were killed,
aod demolishing every chimney in
the place. Passing northward, sev
eral .houses ' and barns, between
Green Springs and Clyde were blown
down and trees and fences destroyed.
At Clyde, the Nichols House was
partially unroofed, and considerable
damage done to stores and residences
between Clvde and Bellevue. Along
the line of. tbe Lake Shore
Railroad scarcely a building escaped
qninjuredf .The course cf tha storm
was from south to north, and its track
about two miles wide.
The Miners' Strike.
Wilkesbarre, Pa , May II.
Aoounniny men went to wort in
Hutchinson's mine this . ' morning.
i . a .
i ney marched irom their homes in a
bodyand were' armed with rifles
and revolvers. A, crowd of men,
women, '. and boys followed them
with threats and imprecations,, and
were only deterred from acts of vio
lence by the weappnsoftbe workmen.
The women were particularly bitter
ith invectives, and at one point in
the mile march nearly precipitated a
conflict. Threats were made to have
a crowd this evening, when tbe men
came out of the mines, large enonsh
to mob tbem. Through fear of this,
the authorities were called opon this
morning by Mr. Hutchinson for pro
tection, and a posse is now beine
raised to go to Kingston this after
noon. Brraerj- Rewarded.
Cincinnati, Ohio, May 12. At
the quarterly meeting of the Board
of Managers of -Adams Express
Company held here to-day, George H.
Price, who killed the robber in bis
on tbe Pittsburg and Fort Wayne
Road a fews days rince, was voted
?I,000 in gold. They, also voted
$2,000 per annum to tbe Eipress
men's Aid Society, to be paid to tbe
heirs of deceased members who die
ia the service of tbs company. : -
mala Troablcs.
Huntingdon, Penn., May 12.
Tbe force of men who left here yes
terday moruiuur witb Fioher and
Whitehead succeeded in running the
blockade aDd reaching their destina
tion .T.-,hn Sinev. of ibe antbraeke
region, was addressing a mass-meet-
las of mines, when it was announc
ed tbat three carload. of blacklegs
had arrived. The meeting broke up
in confusion, and about 000 men
and women, armed and equipped,
repaired to Fisher's aad Whitehead's
mines. They were met by Fisher
and Whitehead, who forbid them to
come upen their property. The mob
ffalted, and sent a delegate in tbe
person of John Siney to confer with
Fisher aud Whitehead. He said
tbat it was a peaceable strike, and
asked that a committee might go to
the men and try to induce them to
leave tbo region. Tbe request was
granted, and a cmmiittee passed on
to the miners to confer with tbe men,
but failed to induce a single man to
return. A second committee was
sent id, but succeeded no better.
Not one would consent to return.
One man suggested to shoot Mr.
Fisher if be stood in tbe way. The
mob then fell back aad consulted.
Finding the blacklegs could not be
persuaded, under imprudent advice
they made a wild and furious charge,
sweeping over Mr Fisher and bis
party, men aud women, brandishing
clubs, forcibly entered the houses.
Some of Fisher's men were seized
and dragged out, tbeir baggage
thrown out of the windows, the
doors broken down, provisions and
valuables appropriated. Men who
have been working in tbe mines for
weeks were taken out, and all march
ed by the mob toward Tyrone. They
marched ail night, Fisher aud White
head arrived at Osceola about mid
night, and camo to Tyrone ou tbe
early train. Tbe strikers bave be
come wild and ungovernable, and
say all new men must aud shall
leave the region. If the men had
resisted blood would have been shed
freely. Tbe Sheriff had promised
to be ia attendance to protect the
new men, but owing to some cause
not fully explained be did not coaie.
Tbe success of tbe mob for tbe last
two days threatens tho total suspen
sion ot business, the miners pro
pose to c'ean out every bauk operated.
A Strangle Between a iinnrd nnil a M-
berinu Eloodbonnds.
Patrick Eustace, says the Phila
delphia Bulletin, is oua of the guards
at the Eastern Pcniteliary, wbose
duty is to make the rounds of the in
stitution at night to learn it all's
well. This he does in company with
two Siberian bloodhounds. On
Tuesday night last, while accom
plishing this duty, the dogs quarreled
and a terrible fight ensued between
them. Eustace inserted his club be
tween the jaws of tbe one which had
between his long fangs tbe other's
Tbo savage brute released his
his hold and (lew at the guard, catch
ing his arm and forcing his teeth
deep into the flesh, through the thick
ness of an overcoat, undercoat and
two shirts. The guard used his club
freely, but this would bave availed
little had not the second hound come
to the rescue of his master, and even
then the victory of man and beast
was dearly bought. Having secured
the enraged animal, aud, as the
guard believed, subjected him suffi
ciently, Eustace went into tbe war
den's office, where his wounds were
About two hours 'ater tbe Guard
Lennan was making a tour of the
yard with the bounds, when Guard
Eustace happened to cross !some dis
tance off. The moment tbe bound
beard his footsteps he uttered a low
cry and bounded swiftly off in tbe
direction of Eustace, who was ap
prised of his danger by a shout' from
Guard Lennan. Eustace turned,
drawing bis revolver at tbe same
time, and pulled tbe trigger as he
saw the bound approaching him.
The first shot took effect, and the an
imal staggered and fell, shot through
the heart A few seconds later and
he would probably bave had bis
fangs in the throat of the guard.
The convict3 at the Penitentiary
stand in continual fear of these sav
age srowlers, perhaps tbe most sav
age and resentful of the canine faro-
ily. ... - .
V. .4. B.
National Encampment Ilartranft
Fleeted Commander lu-4'hief.
Chicago, May 13. Tbo second
day's proceediugs of the National
Encampment of the brand Array of
the Republic have consisted of the
transaction ot considerable business
relating to the constitution of the or
der and its internal policy. The ut
most harmony prevailed, fbe fol
lowing officers were chosen for the
ensuing year: Commander-in-Chief,
John r- Ilartranft, of Pennsvlvania ;
Senior v ice Commander-in-Chief, J
i. Reynolds, of Illinois ; Junior ice
Commanuer-in-Lbief, Charles J.
Buckbee, Connecticut; Surgeon Geu-
eral, John V. Foye, of Massacbu
setts; Chaplain-in-Chief, Major W
Reed, of Wisconsin Governor
Ilartranft was present and made an
address accepting tbe office. The
Encampment bas adjourned to meet
next year at Philadelphia. To-morrow
the members are to be the guests
of the Board of Trade and the Board
ot Public Works.
Hnootlax Affray.
Leavenworth Kan., May 11. At
about 10 o'clock last evening ColD.
K. Anthony, Postmaster and editor
of tbe Time, and William Embry,
editor of the- Appeal, met on the
stairway of the Opera-house when
the Colonel askesl Embry if be wish
ed to see him, to whk-b Embry re
plied, "Just as you say Col. An
thony; if yon wish to see roe we .will
go down stairs." The Colonel ihn
stepped tp one step, when Embry
said: "No, you dan'tsboet me in th.2
back," and stepped up by bis side.
Col. Anthony then struck Embry a
severe blow on the upper lip, when
three sbot3 were fired by Embry,
two of whieh took effect in Col. An
thony's breast, and it is supposed will
prove fatal. He is still lying ia the
Opera Hoe, and is steadily sinsing.
- . : - EATER.
Col. D. K. Anthony continues in a
critical condition. He was removed
from the opera-house about half past
lour o clocK this morning to his resi
dence. , He has been conscious all
day, aad conversed freely with
friends. Embry, who shot him, is
now in jail awaiting tho result of
Col. Anthony wound3. ' "
At Sandusky, Tuesday evening, a
young man br the name of Henry
Gorth, shot a companion by the name
of Flartwick Ilobrnora, with a load
of bird 6hot, in compliance with a
sportive permi3Soion to do the same.
The War on the Whiskey Blnc-Wors
Wasiunton, May 13. A telegram
to solicitor Wilson from .Mitwaa
kee says tbat in one of tbe di
ies seized ia tbat city there were
found subterranean tanks witb a ca
pacity of twenty-five thousand gal
lons. This is strong confirmatory
evidence of illicit production and the
wisdom of tbe seizure. Ia three cf
the St. Louis distilleries seized simi
lar confirmatory evidence was found
in secret entrances to the, cistern
room, and in the fourth tbe keeper
was bribed and the book burned.
Tbe examination of the vouchers
and returns of the whiskey disiilW
and rectified at Ciuciuuati aud
shipped from that place is now being
made, and the seizure will be made
in a day or two. It was tlie inten
tion of the authorities to make the
seizure there to-diy, but it has been
delayed in order to examine some ad
ditional papers that bave come to
hand. Thus far no evidence bas
been found showing frauds in Clevc
land or Pittsburg.
No return has yet bei receivtd.
from officers in southern cities, who,
on Monday where ordered to seize
lota or eroded whisky, out tne or
ders have doubtlsss been carried out.
The rekin-alcohol works, HI., -vere
seized yesterday witb 275 barrels of
Supervisor Hunt reports every
thing all right at New Orleans.
At St Louis on Monday an inur
nal revenue storekeeper betrayed tbe
coming of tbe secret service force,
and enabled certain distillers to se
cure anu ouru tbeir boon and pa
When the Secretary of the Treas
ury was aeked yesterday how much
the government would probably save
by the movement against the whisky
ring he replied he could not tell. "It
is enough to know," said he, "that
'there's millious in it' "
Commissioner Douglass wil! va
cate his office on Satdrday. Mr.
Pratt is at the bureau to-day getting
information as to tbe duties which he
will have to perform.
At the spring meeting of the
Washington driving park association,
yesterday, the $750 purse for 2:29
horses was won by Albert Meade.
Five heat were trotted and tbe best
time was 2:o3.
Washington, May 13 An offi
cial telegram bas been received af the
Russian legation from Berlin, stat
ing that the emperor leaves Berlin
entirely convinced of tbe conciliatory
dispositions which exist there and
which assures the maintenance of
Washington, May 13. Solicitor
Wilson of the treasury department,
to-night received a telegram announc
ing tbe seizure of 813 barrels of
whisky in St Louis to-day, belong
ing to Ulrice, Tainlan & Bro., and
another announcing the seizure of
the rectifying bouse of Pike, Barrett
it Dile, of Cincinnati.
Tbe Lexington Races.
Lexington, May 12. First race,
mile beats. Only one beat was ran,
which was won by Searcher in 1:41 J.
This is the best time ever made.
Gray Planet last year made the next
best, at Saratoga, running against
time, in 1:42J, and Alarm had pre
viously made it in l:42f. After the
race Searcher was put up
and was bought for bis
$5,000.. .
at auction,
owner at
Fall ef a Bridge.
Albany, .May IJ. A new iron
bridee, recently erected over the
Erie canal by the state authorities,
a few miles above this city, gave way
yesterday afternoon carrying witb it
a team of horsey wagon, two men,
and a large stove. Two men named
Kelley and Sullivan, were seriously
An Attempt at Parricide Foils ed by
CnicAGO, May 15. A dispatch
from M'Gregor, Iowa, says Albert
Young, son of Senator Young, of
Wisconsin, shot bis father at noon
vesterday, aod then committed sui
cide. It is thought that tbe sen bad
committed forgery, and resorted to
this means of covering it up.
Three Klsters Dren aed.
Cincinnati, Ohio,
special dispatch to the
May ll A
Three ladies, daughters of Peter
Harnum, of Upper Saodusky, Ohio,
were drowned in the Sandusky River,
near that place, yesterday, while at
tempting to crosa the stream in a
wayon. - .
Elghty-nlae.fiodica Becorered
.the Wrecked Mehlller.
New York, May 13 A special
dispatch from London says tbat
eigbiy-cine bodies of persons who
were lost on the wreck of the steam
ship Schiller have been recovered.
Among them are the bodies of Wal
ter Blackeven, steward; Mes. Henry
Friejd, and Henry Martin ; tbe body
of a male with ".A." marked on a
signet ring, UA. T." marked on linen
Augnow Thomas. The body of a
young lady having a diamond set in a
massive gold ring was found at a dis
tance of twenty miles from the scene
of the disaster, orders have been re
ceived directing that the bodv of
Miss Dimockbe shipped for America.
A diver has made a survey of tbe
Whiskey Keisure.
Cincnwati, May 13. Collector
Weitzell, bj order of the treasury
dpurtmeot, this afternoon siezed tbe
Iarpe, whiskey house of .Pike, Dople
& Uarrett, Xt. 819 Public Landing;
and- placed the. same in charge of
.United States Marshal Thall. An In
ventory of the property will be made.
Some interest ia eicited, aa it la un
certain what others may also be in-
Oae of the students of TVitUnbunr
College, SpringSeld, had hia skull
fractured on Monday evening while
playiDg at quoits.
The first white child born on the
Western Reserve was Lucy, Kings
bury, a daughter of Judge Kings
bury, of Newbury, Cuyahoga county.
Sixteen uncctigenial souls will ask
r!ca3e from the tie that bind them
to their worser halres at tbe next
term of the .Summit county .Common
Please Court.
. . It is raid a tack factory is to be
established .t .r'allston, Pa.
Tbe Whisky rraad.
Washington, May 15. Tbe fur
ther prosecution of the whikr
I frauds, together with all tbe evidence
- re:ircn will on .Mondav 03 turned
! over
- , if" ra,t. Commissioner of Inter-
to Mr. Pratt
;uai MTMje. The various supervi
isors who b,e been working witb
jthe Shelter have been ordered to
report direct to the Commissioner
;and receive further instructions from
mm. i no secret service force of tbe
Treasury, however, will continue to
aid the internal revenue authorities
m detecting and seizing "crooked"'
whisky and bringing offenders to jus
tice. J
Destructive Fire.
Dubuque, May 15 Mitchell, I,
was viMted by a disastrous confla'gra
y,'"Jp,R't Di?bt whicD destroved J.
t- Tyson's elevator, two grain ware
houses and an adjoining office. Loss
rour thousand bushels of grain,
about $1,300 in machinery aad stock,
and $6,000 on the buildings; insur
ance nearly $rt,000.
l ire at W 11 mBinn
Cincinnati. May lfi.A fire at
Wilmington, Ohio, this morning de
stroyed Taylor's carriage factory
and a dwelling adjoining. Loss about
$5,000; no insurance.
Xcic Advertisements.
New Firm!
J-H.ivins pun hascJ the Interuft ot Me.n V.
F. Khil 4. Br., in the grorerr bas!nc, we
npei-trullr announce to the public that we wilt
continue the bueir.i w at the old stain!,
( o. 2, Hacr's Illock.?
in feMltion to a full line of groceries (freh aal
of best nualities),
IVe will mukc a ?vc"'"ll7 of
S A. L T,
Carbon Oil,
Land Plaster,
Cumberland Lime,
We hare a larje warehouse anJ lims Mm ner
the Depot, ni will furnish Country Merchants
an.l Farmers .rag: room at readable rates.
Han-Mi. 1S75.
f.fi. BABBITT & 6
Wholesale Dealer in Watches,
J'welry Clock. Silver and Plate.! Ware. Watr
-Maker Materials. Tw.li. tic, American Mots
meuts. anJ Cages, m l Fin. v.i. w....k.. -
Specialty Fresh (loo. Is, Reliable Qualities, and
C tleap. Wholesale eti-lusjTelT.
W Fifth Avenue, (seoni floor)
Luii of Peter CiaJlespcrzer. late of Qoema
hcninic Tp., Ueeaatl.
Letters of a 1 m i nisi rat Ion oo the a bore estate bar
In been granted to tbs undersigned by the proper
authority. Duties is hereby given to those- inUeblmi
to it to nutae immediate payment and those ha.
inir elaims airainst it to present them duly authen
ticated f..r settlement at the late residence of ths
deceased, on S-.tur.lav, Jnne 'is, 18T&.
PrU AUministrator.
Juhn Winters barlnsr marie roiantary assirn
ment to me for ths benent of his eredltors. all
debtors and creditors of said aeslguor will call oa
me at Jenner X Ii'tuis ami make settlement
W M. i LM M ER M A -V.
may- Assignee.
OENTl liY ago. Dr. H. D.
SLLLKKS. s celebrated physi
cian uf Fittsbargh, discovered
and used in his practice ths
p.. polar remedy knows thrsuxh-
ul me country a
Sellers' Imperial Cough Syrup.
This Is no quark remedy. It was hern of wis
dom; and thousands are living witnesses ef Its
wondenul enrslive powers. Ii Is pleasant to take
an.l sure to rare CoughsvCo!d. Croups. Bronchi
Affi-ctions. Tickling of ths Throat, snd sll sis
eases of a kindred nature. K. E. Sellers .".
Pittsburgh, Fa., ars also proprietors of Juhason'a
The great Internal remedy for Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia, Headache, etc. Yoe ran have s doctor al
ways in the house by keeping Sellers' Family
medicices on band. Their
are the oldest and Vest In tbs market, and every
lttleof their Vermifuge Is warranted.
For sale by all druggists and country dealers.
uts of Sarah HefBey, late of Berlin borough.
Letters testamentary on the above estate having
been granted to tbs aademgaed by the proper as
thvrliv. notice Is herebv srivea to ibnee indebted w
It to make immediate payment, and those having
claims airainst :t to present them daiy aathestieac
for settlement on Saturday June 1th, li a, at the.
residence of Daniel Uetfley. In Herlln burosgn.

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