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The Somerset herald. [volume] (Somerset, Pa.) 1870-1936, June 09, 1875, Image 1

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Terms of IPublication.
The Somerset Herald
H published every Wcdnesdty Horning at 12 0
per annum, if pal J la advance; other is 2
will invariably be chanced.
No iubscriplioD will be discontinued until all ar
range, are paid op. Postmasters BcKlcctlDgto
notify u when ubcribers do not take out their
papen will be held liable tr the futwrlptton.
Subscriber, removing from on. PosturSc to an
other .bould give tn. name of the former ai
ell at the prent ofBce. Addresi
Somsrset Printing Company,
Business Mariasrer.
Bufincn Cards.
. at Law. Somerset, Pa. Professional busl
om resi-ectially oiieiie-l and punctually attend-
I to
Somerset. Penna.
1 n l ocalerinirairi'n. " . , with
attend U. all business entrusted to hi care ",lu
promptness and fidelity.
buj:. 1- ly-
J ersct, J'a., will promptly .cu. "
entrusted tn him. Mom y Ivauecd oiico.rc
ks. Orhoe In Mammoth
jan. 1, 'TO.
LAU', Somerset, 1 a.
u:uca in Haer's
aug. lily.
.1 Somerset, Pa., iU attend to all business en
trusted 10 bis care In Somerset and ad'olninjr -.nn
lit. with promptness an 1 Ddelny. i thee in Main
moth Muck, fob. lS7o-.y
J land Bounty ant! Pen-ion Agent, Somerset.
Pa. I Mice tn Mammoth Mock.
BnraLoaiTHiR. pacl h. gaithk.
' t A1THER fc OAITHER. Attorneys at Uw.
IT S .incrset. Penn a. All ,.n.i.-l. ' '"."'
promptly attend j-1 to. Olflce ia M.cr Mock, up
dec -4 7 'i.
V lAw, Somerset. Pa., will practi.-e In Soin
erVet atid a-il-ming c,u,.:ie. Ail l.unc. en
irnwi lo them wiile pr.iti)pily alien led to.
a. o. iorrRiTH. w- urrrKU
a T1'l HJT I.V ax
j Uiw All business entrusted to their eavu will
be riwedilv and puneiaally atten.lM to.
Orrnic-Ju nlalu Cross eireet, upiK,M.o t..e
Mammoth Ulo k. L'".'
DR K M. KIMMEL will continue to prse'lee
Med'leiue, and tender hit pr .iesfioiial p;tv1
.... in il,! ritliein id Somerset and mrri.undir.K
eountrv. Irhec at the uld place, a lew d.wr? east
ot the Olii.ie ll'ue.
nit 11. BltrUAKEK tenders hifprolessl.mal
eenleeitti. theeitiieiis ot Somerset and vicin
ity. o:!iee in reiidcuee, one door weft oi the li.ir.
I.et H'.use.
I vK.'wM.V'OLLlNs! HENTIsr. Somerset.
I Pa oriice in nfeLeer's Hlock, up f.airf.
wi.ereheeanattlltiine?! lound prepared lo do
ail kin in ot work, f u. h as hilmu-. reiulatlns . rx-
meiina. kc. Artiueial ten h of all kin ia. an t
iliet-cstuiairtil. Inserted, tipcralioas warraulcu.
liw. Somerset, l'a., will sne prompt atten
ti .n to l.uMness entrut-i to li care in Somerwt
und thf adjoining counties. Otlie in Priutinj?
House liow.
mer"! T:i. ifflce. Mirariwth Hl-vk. v.p .".airs
Entrance Mnin On.ss St. Collections uia.le.es
tates settlcl. tiilcs examine i. and ail b'iral I ..
ness attended to willi promptness and fide my.
Somerset, Pi. Pr.r'ion.ii business en:
U my care attended towuliiTo:i.pi!ie:,,i,l i:
Ofl.M? next !in"r fculh
T, I'A.
(T S-luil i KiTirio-i
DU..V.G. MILLER, after twdve
vci"T ac'lve practice In Shanksvllle. has
ii. w i neatly located at Somerwt for Hie prac
lieeol m . clr.e, and ten lers his professional ser-
Icea to th cltls.cns of Souiereel and vicinity.
;thce in hia lrug Store, opposite the Parnet
House. ire be can le consulted at all limes
uuleas p-:sioiiaUy enaased.
f SiOt cmlla promptly ausweeed.
dee. n :i-iy.
Md intorms his friends I hat lie has this day ass.
eiated with I linsell in the l'n,r't'.'V' m'"'
udsurKerv.L;K.n. lr. WaVer I luTidrmlerg.
la-e Hie residec. surgom .1 the New o:k Eve
and Ear Ii.nnr.rr.
Siil a'.tei .bm will be ptl 1 to the dl.
the Eve and Eat.
uses ol
I i resumed the i.r.i'li'-c law In Somerset kii.I
aw noth'E
Alexander II. ('otlmth has
djoiuinc countle
icb. ii, 'Tu.
irHi- lu Mam:notli lluil lioir.
nrt I K. MILLER ha permanently hioatcd
In Berlin for the pnetice of his pr - ssion.
i i;flce opp:ite 1'liat les Krihsinger s store,
at-r. Zi, '7J-tf.
g S. (JOOD,
jsomi:usi:t, r.i.
-KJrrtc in Mammoth RU-k. se4'72
lifltce In C .fTrolh .NefT new building.
Main Cross Street.
Somerset. Pa.
.1. V. Yl'TZY.
2D.it E C1TT, somerut Co., TV,
;(i!:,l Teeth, war n:ed to 1 of the very bes
mialiiv. Li'.edikeard landsome. Inserted in the
best stvle. Pariieulai attention pant to the pres-e-vatuin
of the nului wl leeih. Tlee wishing to
nsuil me by letter, tai uti to by eucl'mit mamp
' AdJretj a Ih. ieU-7i
tlminir lo.l this maenitV-ent end wed kn. wr.
Hotel prv.H-rtv In.m Mm. K. A. El.ck. the tin !cr
. ,".i,jiiire in tntorminit his fnen ls and
ih. nnhil. .iner.HT that he will rirt neit her
pains nor eipenst to make this house all that
oould t deaired. Accommodating clerks and
..huglng waiter ill t)d to the wants id cus
l m?rs. and the table will at ed limes be la .en
Vith thelvst the market anor.i. Mr. it. II. lay
waa may at all tim t lound iu t'.eois.-e
Bimar'ii AA A-
SAMl'EL CrSTKU, l'ropt i.'tor.
Thl rovilar and well known bouie U at all
time a i)trlle toipia place lor the traveling
and liiimi nrst-isss. iTooaera-
ling. Lack
Ivave daiiy lr
.l.i'.inttown and
Those ho are now bolldlng hooaet iiulj know
that is It cheajier In the long run to pt on Sine
kla tlian tin or shingle. Slaie will last forever,
aod no rermtrs are required. Siate gives the pur
et aterh.r eisterria Mate is lire pr.f. l: ery
yuod howse should have a late ru-.. 1 he under
limed la located in Cumberland, where he Ua a
gowl uj.ply oi
Peachbottom L Buckingham
lor roocing the very bet arti-le. He will under
take to mi Siau Kd w HouM. public ami pn
rale. spir-. av.e.. eliher In town or coun'.rr at the
lowest orWa, and to warrant ihem. Call anl i
him ur addn him at his Otlee. No. Hit llal'liu ore
Street, Cum jerlaud, 111. Orders may be left wiLh
Agrct, Somerset, Pa.
U. Smrur.
Apri Uth, ira.
1 urs for aale, on term within ike reach of ee.
ry a-jber, l&darmm iDUividaal, hvuaea lt,u,
farm, timber Uuda. mineral Un.is, building ku.
fc , la diMerent brta of tM suaoty. la parcel c f
rraxa uat-Mnk ot aa aara up to 1,000 acre. Ti
tle warranted. Term una CRit In band and lb
badasew In tea eqaal annnal payment, properly
aacarwd. Noo need apple who I a-' aubar
and IndBKrion habit. Call Boon, a ' 4 tba
preper Ues wui h lor rest If not told oow
lbJ4 1. WtYAND.
J. 1 ii B- '
. '- .if'-1 T"V,.:'T-.v i .'"1"." i
rv .ts Tl Tt-'r5''
james coorni,
John lowman,
t. ii. lai'sly,
james moeley,
lewis i'litt,
ii. a. logos,
co:i;ad suites,
geo. t. sv.'axic,
v'. v'. walters
FRANK DISE3T, 7rca:t;rer,
CYF.US ELDEH. SciiciJor.
lc:..;;:sor XE DOLLAR and n;.w.tr.:sre
ctdvcd.aad interest allnvrcd on nil sntn", payatdo
twice a year. Inv rest If n -t driwn t ut, is fi l led
tthcj.rir..ipal thus COMPOl'NDiNO TWICE
A YEAR, with nt tMubiins the deposiwr tocall
or even to i rcscr.t Id Oei-sit l-o..k. Money eani
withdrawnat any titno anerglvins I hel-at.V cer
tain nothe by letter.
Marrlnl Vonipn and persiona ttntlor
ate can dep-rdt money in t'icirowa natn, in that
It can 1 drawn only by themselves cr " n ti-elror-der.
Moneys can be deposited fir children, cr by
societies, or a? trust fan Subject toctrtaincon
iiitlor.s. Loans Secured by llo:l llstntc.
Copies of tie Ey-Lawa, r.-jwrts. mles of dep. sit,
and sjieclal act of Legislature, r litive to de;s'Sit
of married w tnoti i :u':nors, can beo'.'taincd at
the Rank.
ILiiikim: b
nn I on Wi
ilal'iV frotn t to Soel'K'k:
!.:v ail 1 S.itur.lav evenings
"apri a.
Iroui 0 to o cioe.
Cambria County
r. KEIr & CO.,
Henry ScuEaMc Er'.ck 15a.l-.ing.
A UfuiTtl Uanlins: Hi-sinrss Transacted.
Iirafts and f!M anJ Silrcr bought and r-Md.
Collections made in all parts of the t uited States
and Canada. Interest allowed at the rate of six
lrr cent, per annum, libit siv months or longer.
Sjiwial arnaTii-eiiii-iil made wil.'l lluar.liaus and
others ulio to 1.1 moneys iu trust
apri! 14 73.
Ursina Lime Kilr.s.
The cnde:sl r.:-t. are 1 1 1 I ti-fur;:!. h
tht) Car Load.
Orders He spectrally Solicited
;:. j. n iTzr.ii t co.
t'r:nH. Jur.c Ii.
Aceonnls of Merchants nnl
other business people rsolicit
el. liral'ts negotiable in all
parts of the country for tale.
Money limned and Collections
Made. Interest ut the rate of
Six Ier cent, per annum al
lowed on '1 line leposits.
Saving Deposit Hooks issu
ed, and Interest Compounded
Seini-ainuially when desired.
A lieneral liaiikii!?; TJusim-ss) Trans.ictid.
Feb. lo.
M-.rris siv! Easilake Paper.
New leather tiround Pa;er.
'l aiKstry with I'auo an-i iiorier. to a...U:..
Ihlicurt's Pari.ian 1 ieeor.it br.s.
C,iniptetc line of American ti.Me-s, ail irr.iocs.
Chun-h Paper. At our new store,
:;o. :ci rs Kvszzo,
(Net P,ST..Fr:rE.) I'lTTSBl KU I!. Fa.
DeZOl ClXi: ti C o.
Vl -1. . MV. Mj, fuli U.W.b...
Not. 142, 14 i. 146 Webter St., (tUcghenj City Fj
Newe!. liahtster. Hand Palls, with .ints"cut
and bolted rea ty to hang, furnished ou saort no
tice. Inquire or CO. I7ASSETT, agent rorS.mrrsct
andv liinlty. julvlj
(SacecsKT to LEMON 4. WEISE.
ManuTac turcr J dealer la
ii. PA.
Toe trade supplied at lewen rate.
CI NTl KY an. l.r. H. H
SELLFKS. aerlebrated i.hvu.
(" eian of Pittsburgh, discort'red
ani nscil In Lis practioe the
! pclar remedy kaowtithrvu-h.
e oouutry ai
Sellers' Imperial Cough Syrup.
This is no quaek retacly. I: w Uwa of mi9.
dim: and tho..n.'.s are iin, witnw, of it
w.indeKoi curative powers. Ii i. pijun, to uke
and ure to core Coughs. IM.;,. Croup. HionrhU
Atfeetlim, Tickling of the riirt. ,rd i iu ,
t-asea ol a kindred nature. K. E. S.-'lers a Co
PilUbargu, l'a., are also pivpurior t-i Jl.n4'"
The great iDternsJ remedy r, liheumatistn. Neu
ralgia. Headaf he. etc. ou cab have a doctor al
wa In the house by keepinz Sellra' Familr
meUlcine on hand. 1 heir
are the eldest and Vest in the market, and evtry
lufcaol their Verntttnge I warracied.
For aale by all druggist and country dealer.
SEN D3ac. WO. P. fcUW EL A CO., New York
(orbouk K7th editioo) eouta'.ning llata of i.o
nawspaper. anal estimates showing cot of adver
tising. janU
Latirdv rewritten by the aidest writers on every
sul ject. pr;nttd Irum new tyjic, and illustrated
wuu several thoUMtnd vngraMOgs ana maps.
The work originally published under tha title of
The New AiitiucAS t vciuMiiu was oonipici-
e.lmlvl;, siuce winch Uuio the wloe Circulation
which it has attained In ail part of the United
States, aui the signal developmeuta which have
and an. have lu.iu eil the editors und publishers
takn tdaee in cverv bnineli ol science, literature,
in submit loan exact and thorougn revision, ami
toisue a new tdii.i'':i entitled Amkhr aSi Cv-
ii hi, in the, laft ten vearstae
tiie i rigress ot dis-
eoverv in every dei;irtment of knowledge has
mado" a new work oi rclvrence an imjieralivc
want. ,
The movement of political aBalrs'hai kept pace
with the discoveries ol science, and their iruiliul
application to the industrial and useful arts, and
the convenience and reUiiement ol social life.
Ureal wars and eor.ciueiii revolution have oc
curred, involving naiional ehaiiir-s of peculiar mo
ment. 1 he civil war ol our ou country, which
was at its l.i i'ld when the last volume ot the old
work appeared, has happily been ended, and a
new couuc ol CL'Uiuicrciai and industrial activity
has been commenced.
Large acces.-ioiis to out geographical knowledge
have Iicca made l-y tl.a iaueiatij;able explorer ot
1 lie treat p d;:ier:l retultttion of tlichistdecade,
with tin. r.nural result ol the hipse of time, have
brought into view a multitudo ol new men. whose
names ate in cverv one's moutti, aud ot whose lives
1 1 . ery one h- curious to know the particulars. Great
j battles have been louitlit and iuiirin!il sieges
uiaiiitaiiied. of hieh tiie details are as yet prc-
senea only in iho rewspaers r In tao transient
I putiiicaiions ul tliu d.y, t ul wmcli ought now to
; lake their place jv miantnt and au'.iieulic his
tory. la preparing the present edition for the press, it
J hnsacoor'lltiuly iKtntheaiin ol the editors to bring
J down the liilorinutwn to the latest Mjtisiblc dates,
j and to lurnish un accurate account ul the moat re
I cent discoveries in scienoe. of every lresh pnnluc-1
tiou in literature, and ol the newest invention in
the practical arts, as well as to give a au-vue-i aud
original rcrtro, ol the proxrc&d ul political atid t
li-rii-al et etits.
The Work h::s tieen begun after bmir sn 1 carefi J
prchuiitnry l.ilHir. und with the nt ainp. re
sources lor currvihg it on to a mvcr..;ul ;rui. na
tion. Xor.c of the original stereo'. i j e p''- s have lco
USCi!, tut every page bus io.etl prilllea on ot w
l. turia.:. iu Uoi a uew c veio.u., w.ihtUc
tioe p...u iii;4 ciapars s lis pre.ines.r, t-ut
with a lar greater pecuniary exi-cnaiture, and
with Mich HLin'i elm uis in couiH s,iu u as have
been su!i-res,i.a l-y iuogr e. ericavj aiei eiilarged
1 ne ii.u;;r.ilioi. v. !:l.!i ne introdu.'cd for the
first lilae la tiie pr soul cll.loit iiie iiecl: adi.ed
net iur the aa'keo, piwow.il taecl. but to lve iu
eiiity and i-rve ii t...; vij,i..i:a.i-.'iis tnlnelcxt.
'1 tiey ciaoi aco all l.ruuviles i m.ieucu Ulal ol natu
ral ois.oty, n i u,o, i i.ia r,id lauious and re
uiarKaoio leature-s I scenery, urciitieoiuro and
art, as well asttie ra,: ius processes oi uieeliauic
ami mai.uiaciurers. Autiouti iuieii.iett lor in
siructicti rattier man etiioviiishiiient, iio pains
liave t-een siiareil to insure tiieir ar.iniic excel
lence: Hie oj-c ol their eieelllioQ ii enormous, aud
11 IS lielieve l t.'ley l ;u IU1U a weieutu- reoel-tloll US
an a jiuirai'ie leature oi uie Cyciopa-'lia, aal wor
my ol tie hia eiiaracier.
1 his er is sol i lo suliicribcrs only, .ayable
onueiivery oi eaeii voiutue. n will i-e couipieted
in sixteen lariru w.-tiivu vuiuuiei, each containing
atKuibJo luges, lull y iiiu-iraieo, witn several
t.'i JUS.-.H-1 . ood lM:irravin-j-s, ana witii nutaeruus
coioreit i-itJ.'-'i;rap;uc jliij.s.
In Cl Hh, jut vol $ b
Xi Li-.i'Z.iry pur Vui C
in liitil iurkoyjVitiuut.ro, -rril 7
In liitli tin.--1 a, CA.n mu, por vui b
iu luit Ali.rrHC a;ai u.-, yul c-.it cr ut.. jU
lu luii iiu:i. j';r vn T. lo
Kicvca ..iutac? iiuvr riy. huoccc-ia. voiumes
uiitu c'ti:;ili;; i-tw. wiii t-c 1.--U-.-1 once tn twoiiioiuiia.
",;tLimt;a JMtes ( i tue Amt-ri-tta Cve.t'jur-
gratis on m-lK-rtdt'ii.
t'nL t:i;.?.-. oi-iio.-ffuLj aytiuts wantrU.
A itirc.-j ' j. ii. U Ii, MADISON",
O a.
n- ,
(ft'Deral ( omniission Merchants,
W.-tTi.li?, No. M7 Liberty Street,
rr-sp. nitre Sj'icited.
May l.i.
Two and Three Plies,
iisrGn-iisrs, Sec
N .-w No. c Fifth Avenu?,
r:...: riTTPni KOH, PA.
u. lissin a el,
Wholesale Dealer in "Watches,
Jewelry. Clocks. SUver aai Plate! Ware. Watch
Makers' Materials. Too'.. xc, Ani'-ri -an Move
ments, and Casee. and Fine Swi-a Watches a
SKvial-y. Fresh tlowls, iieliabiet'.u.iiitic, and
Cheap. Wh des-ile exclusively.
Ci Fiflh Avenue, (socon I flo..r)
mayi I'll rSUiCU 11, PA.
Silver Gloss Starch
I'or tlio Iiunelryr
The tu: Stu ck in the World.
Oivei a btauUlul finiU tf tat Una. fi&d th
iiHtn-TK-e in ci U'lirv.-fn tt xni "i'.rj won sUtrrb te
in-arv 1 v half ft out f:r ftft Teituary wasbinf. AsW
j-iiir Ci rwt lor iu
ron rriiDisca, nutsc lassz.irtctua, fcr.
Is the eri:nal Fstabjlsbetl in IM4. And pre-ferv-s
i reMLatiua a purer, atroogrr. and
or uelieste than any other ankle of tha
kink ctiared, either of the wh aaia
or sub other title.
Stevcasuri M tecum. Ph. 1., Ac. the hlrbest
chemical authority Esropa. careful ly analysed
this Corn March, and ay it is a naoet eirellent
article of diet and ia ehemieal and feeding prop
cmra I fuliy equal ut tba trrn arrow root.
liirection for making Puddings, Custards, As.,
accuapaay each pouno packag.
For aale by all ant class Grocers. snay28
jjX' ieeSilcc.acg, i
COMMIT Si ofr. 1
if jlMS-jl
W E D 0 E t L rU O LME
bv na) i sgelow.
White lay the snow over roof, over wold
White hung the moon in the frosty sky;
And haddled sheep, that crouched in the fold.
Wore the white raiment dropped from on high.
But a little window rustic and old.
Gleamed cheerily red on the wanderer nigh.
A painter passed on his way, that night;
"What a scene for a study." the painter said;
'Fairly gleams that ruby light.
Icicle fringe It from overhead;
"Ob, moon, thoa art ghostly! Ob, world, thou
art white!
I ll look In the window all warm and red."
So lie looked but whatever his eye might se
His pencil told not, his lips wen dnmb.
I might guesi, but who would listen to me!
And the day! of the painter have told their
Would you know, yon n-.nst wait till yonr s.ul I
And you two meet In the world to come. j
Here is the study the painter wrought;
A little way off that window glows,
And the print of children"s feet are brought
Up to the doorway, athwart the snows,
And the moonbeams fell like an afterthought,
Aud silver their pathway w ho now repose.
Cold shows the world and the sky round about.
And warm breaks that ruddy light between;
Or the painter" thought I need not doubt.
For long like his study his life has been;
Ah, long time his lot was to walk without.
From the one light apart In a wintry scene.
Hut I hope, where the white flake freer no
I hope, where winter ijovt r and gone.
For the cold of the.nlght that went before
He almost forgets how he made his mean;
And almost forgets how they closed the door,
Anil doomed him to work in tha worldalone
uoJiAMi; or a uriLi nt; match.
The hour fcirthc dailr Jit-inissal of
Hih School had arrived, and
dow n the steps of their separate en
trances poured the streams of girls
and biys, first these of the lower
classes, and after aa interval, the
younjr ladies and gentlemen of the
graduating class, a dozen perhaps of
each sex. A3 the two groups came
round the corner of the building, in
view of each other, one of the young
men, the acknowledged favorite of
ihc class, stepped quickly across the
intervening grass plat to intercept the
"Curly Crcightou's oa forbidden
territory, I mean to report him,"
ang out Belle Dargoyne, a sparkling
little brunette, also a privileged char
acter, dividingthe honors with Creigh
to:i. "What, Belle! After IVe wasted
in V" substance ia confectionery for
ycu? Ob, the sting of ingratitude!''
and he laid bis hand over his heart,
in mock pain; then, hastily dolling
his cap and tossing back his curls,
which had gained for him his sobri
quet, he said, with a weeping bow,
"Ladies, I am appointed a commit
tee of one to request yon to step back
into the domicile you have just quii
ieJ and meet my colleagues and my
wlf in 'So. 2,' tbere to confer upon a
matter involving issues of vital im
portance not only to ourselves but to
ihc 'coraing race.'
Here he changed his mock heroic
manner and urged in his own euial
tone, ' ! come, girls, every one of
vou. e havo I rofessor J.'s per
iiiis;-isn to use the room for half an
hour. Com on," and taking Belle's
arm, 'Til cbap-her-on all of you,"
be cried, as he led the way. But
two of the oldt r girls were proof
against Lis persuasions and walked
off, while! the remaining nine follow
ed Telle and Curley into the room
where tho young men were already
assetnt le'd.
"Here they ore," cried Curley;'' I
captured them by a most successful
coup-J'-ilat, iecoed to the one only
ib the annals of history."
"Oh, no Curly! It was your irre
sistiuie eloquence mat excitcu our
curiosity, otherwise we should never
have been enticed into these walls
so soon after escaping them," said
Dean Dupreese, as she sank languid
lv down upon the nearest bench.
"What's it for?" "What does it
mean?" "Ob! I'm so hungry. Do
hurrv up and explain." "I'm con
sumed with curiositv." "Curly re
lieve our suspense," came from all
sides as the girls disposed themselves
about the room. "I move that Creigh-
ton takes the chair," called out Ben.
Uuggles. "I second it," was heard
from several voices, and Curley step
ped upon the platform.
"Lonians, countrymen, (a bow to
the gentle,) and lovers," (to the la
dies, which was resented by sundry
shrugs, up-lifted noses, and grimaces
at the speaker.) "I come to serve
you, not to praise myself, so 1 will
omit my inaugural address and pro
ceed at once to state the business of
the meeting. Our learned colleague
and friend, Mr. llolcombe, who hails,
as you know.from the suburban vil
lage of Waverly, is the bearer of an
invitation to the class to repair thith
er on rriiiav nie-bt ana meet the
flower of Warerly in ft contest or
thographical. In other words, it is
challenge to us to spell Against
them, and for the glory of our future
1 move that we go en masse, aa one
man, conquer them on their own
ground and condemn then to igno
miny, or oblivion. This tidal wave,
if taken at its flood, leads on to fame.
Yho"il join me in a glorious ca
reer?" The girls were laughing, the buys
cheering the orator as he wiped his
glowing face. "I subside in favor
of llolcombe, who will now take the
tump," hcadded, vacating his posi
tion, and crossing over to where
Luih Deneaa stood tapping her mu
sic roll impatiently, llolcombe a
line head now rose above tho others
as he made hit way to the front
"I fear," he said, "that Creigbton
has set ft bad example to our future
voter's, indicating the ladies, by his
unparliamentary proceeding. How
ever, we'll dispense with form, to
diy, and I'll just supplement what
he has said, by extending to you an
invitation from my uncle and aunt to
spend an hour or two at their house,
after the match is through. There
will then be ample time for you to
return to the city during orthodox
boors. I trust you will all come.
Uow many are we, all told?"
. "Sua Rensdale and Carrie Reade
won't go. . They wouldn't even come
in to hear what it was," said Belle
Burgoyne, "and, of course, Kent
Thayoe cart go if Carrie doesn't,
she added in a lower voice. Bat
Thayoe had heard her.
"Of course since you've Bettled it
Miss Burgoyne, 1 shall not put in an
appearance," and he walked out. ci
the room.
"What a miserable subterfuge,
said Belle, blushing brightly. "He
was glad of ft pretext, and I'll tell
him so."
"That leaves us," said llolcombe,
"ten ladies and" counting rapijly
"eleven of the sterner sex."
"I'll be Xo. 21, the superfluous
man," called Crdghton, from Miss
Denean's side. I'll attend to the
conveyance and assigning partners,
&c, and make myself as useful as
my beauty will permit "
""But I don't think I will go," said
Ruth in lofty tones;
"Oh, Ruthic, you must. Why,
you've alwayB been eur very best
speller," cried Katbie Brandon.
"We shouldn't stand a ghost of a
chance cf beating, if you are not
with us, Rutbie, put in little Down
"Better go, Miss Ruth, and look to
your laurels," Baid Creighion, sotto
voce. 'HoIcombeV got a flame out
there that be says they'll put against
a whole city-full, and Webster's Un
abridged tbrown in."
Miss Denean flashed uneasily. Up
t that moment she bad never, in
her thoughts, associated any person
but herself with Kex llolcombe.
True, he never attended any of their j
gatherings, but hia home being out
of the city, accounted for that, an-1
the possibility of his spending bin
evening wjth any other companions
had never occurred to her. He was
approaching her atlhat moment. "I
say, llolcombe, was that your divin
ity who is to vanquish us all to-morrow
night, that I saw you helping
off the train this morning? I almost
felt icady to acknowledge myself con
quered in advance. . Such eyes, and
lips, and hair!" 1 And Crcighton
struck an attitude indicating com
plete helplessness at the mere recol
lection. llolcombe looked annoyed as be
"Have done with your nonsense,
Creigbton. Reserve Iboae attitudes
until we see whether tbey do not be
come real. Miss Delean, I hope to
have the pleasure of introducing to
you, to-morrow nigut, a friend of
mine, the lady in question, and also
to tho other members of the class,"
he added hastily.
"Oh, that's understood," said Belle
Burgoyne. "Ruth Crst the rest of
us fullowicg in her train. I intend
to stand next to her when she gets
the medal, commencement day re
flect honors, you know."
Ruth was indeed looked upon by
all the class as the "medal girl,"
while Holcombe's prowess was not
disputed as first among the other
"I'll bet on Ruth Denean," was
beard from among ft group of boys,
iu Jones Taliaferro') shrill tones.
So will I," mi iTirwut ecvcrul eager
"You sec, Miss Ruth, the polls are
open and betting's lively. You'll
nave to go," saiel iluggles woo was
standing near.
"Why, you have not thought of
refusing, Miss Denean?" interrogated
I cannot decide yet. I will let you
know in the morning. Now I must
go to my music lesson, llerr Goetz is
painfully punctual," and sho moved
off, while, as Belle had said, tho rest
followed in her train.
When morning came the had made
her decision. Xes, she would go.
She wanted to fee this "rustic beau
ty" cf llolcombe 'd she said, with a
fierce pain at her heart; he had call
ed her his friend; no doubt it meant
more than friend; but Ruth Denean
drew her Gnc figure up to its full
height, as she thought how she could,
if so minded, eclipse this rustic beau-
tv by her accomplishments; for Luth
was an only child, upon whom ad
vantages had been showered, but
who, from choice, was pursuing the
curriculum of the public High School,
confessedly the first in whatever she
When, next morning, she passed
llolcombe in the ball, and met his
questioning look, she nodded, bright
ly, an aflirmative, and passed into
her class room.
It was arranged that llolcombe
should go out on the usual train and
put all things in readiness for their
reception. Ruth had searcely given
a tnougnt as to tbeir manner of
reaching there, and it was therefore
will no surprise that she found
waiting for her in the
parlor. "My number is changed,"
said be as be rose to meet her. "I'm
either two or twentv. accordinz to
whether you're first or nineteen.
Congratulate me upon being no su
perfluity. "You see, be went on ex
planatory, "Holcombe's going in ad
vance left us an even number. lie
said he thought it better for him to
go on, to perfect arrangements, bat I
shrewdlr suspected that ft certain
little lady who goes out on the train
was partly responsible for bis zeal.
I often see them together. She comes
in twice a week to the Art School. J
Hope you're in good trim for 6peliing
to-night, Ruth," he went on. "We
mast beat them. But here's the bus.
I hear Belle's voice. She's got Tal
iaferro in tow." And Rath followed
him out to the conveyance, which j
proved to be the long-drawn-out ve
hicle of i Institute, procured
through the untiring efforts of Curly
A chorus of voices greeted their
appearance. "Are all here?" asked
Ruth as Curly assisted her up tbe
steps. "Yes, you're tbe last on the
list," said one ef the younger boys
near tbe door. "Best wins, you
know, Miss Rutb."
"Oh Rutbie, we're so glad you de
cided to come. We know you'll get
the prize," cried Katie Brandon.
"You know its ft Webster."
"My father said he'd sit op to help
me tn with it," said Belle Burgoyne,
"but I told him I wouldn't put him
to that trouble."
"Here, Creigbton, you can sand
wich Miss Ruth in bet-ween me and
Ruggles, and you can stand and im
prove the opportunity to grow a lit
tle," called out Jones Taliaferro in
his piping voice.
"Tolivar, my boy," said Curley,
lifting him . lightly out of his seat,
and dexterously slipping into his
place between Belle and Both. "My
fiv feet ten are the height of my
ambition. I'll tarn my chance over
to yop "
"Bell, does your gallantry allow
you to sit tamely by and, cee me thus
"j ruthlessly torn from yonr side?
'Oh, JoDesv, if you can stand it, I
will try and sit still," laughed Belle,
as she nestled down rather content
edly at Curley's elbow.
"Did you know, Ruth, Ruggles
has brought his violin along, at Hol
combe's request, and we've to try
the terpsicborean after we've sent
those bummers to their last orthog
raphical account," said Creighton.
"Tread the mazy on the light fan
tastic," interpolated Taliaferro.
"That's charming. Mr. Ruggles,"
said Rutb, whereat Ben blushed vio
lently. "And Katie's brought the music of
those divine waltzes. We're to have
both piano and violin," and Bel'c
hummed a bar from a favorite.
Meanwhile they were rapidly leav
ing the city behind them. 1'resently
tbey reached the avenue where were
a few miles f splendid drive. The
horses' hoofs rang right merrily, and
jests and laughter, and snatches of
song floated out on the still air in
pleasant harmony. Lt-avingthe av
enue they entered up n a road less
'Once more unto tlia breach,"
screamed Taliaferro, as a sudden
lurch precipitated him between Belle
and Curly.
"Tolivcr, bo calm: inaintaiu yonr
equilibrium," suggested the latter.
"I see the lights of the village,"
said Jones a3 he regained his foot
ing. "Gleaming through the mist of
your imagination, I fancy," said Belle
testily. "I believe if we were to op
set, Jor.es Tolivcr wouldn't forget to
"He saw stars I've no doubt when
he fell," said Creighton, "and thought
tbey were the lights of Waverly."
Before Jones could quote a fitting
reply tho others announced that he
wa3 right, and soon they were enter
ing the main street of a straggling
village. They drew up before a plain
white edifice which proved to be a
church for Sunday's uses, but which
was made available for all festal gath
erings of the villago folk.
"There's the elite of Waverly,
drawn up in rank and file to meet us,
with llolcombe at their head," said
Curley to Ilatb, as they prepared to
alight. She felt her heart beat an
comfortly as she saw Holcombe's
tall furm in the broad stream of light
which issued from the door. But her
hand was firm as she laid it in his
extended palm and spraog lightly to
the ground.
"In good time," be said heartily,
"we had not yet begun to be impa
tient." Rutb felt a little jealous pang, as
she thought he was too well cnter
taiced, perhaps, to note the time.
Sho. wnileroU . which of tbe face
clustered about tho door wa3 that of
the "rural champion," as she cow
disdainfully styled her. There was
a good deal of rustling and shaking
of drapery, as the city girls prepared
to follow llolcombe into the church.
Ruth designedly held back until they
bad all passed in. Then she took
Creighton's arm and with ber utmost
cxprra.iment swept in. llolcooibes
quick eye noted her manner, but ig
noring it be stepped forward, saying
cordially, "Mies Ratb, one of our
referees has not yet arrived, we are
improving tbe time by becoming ac
quainted," and he introduced several
of the joiiog people standing near.
Rutb threw a searching glance over
tbe room and saw Curly in tbo act of
making bis best bow to a slight girl
whose face was from her. Immedi
ately she turned, Ruth's heart sank.
She had time to see a sweet spiritual
face lit up by liquid eyes and framed
in by fruffy masses of hair, the whole
surmounting a small dark robbed
figure with a certain nameless
in contour and motion. Iney were
comintr her way and Holcombe's
voice was heard to say:
"Ah, here Miss Ruth, permit me,
My friend, Miss Dinsmore, Mis De
neane, Racbie."
"Your name is not unfamiliar to
me, Miss Dcncane," said Rachael
Dinsmore, iu her sweet flexible tone?
"I trust you ladies will become
friends before you become rivals in
the coming contest," said llolcombe.
"I must leave vou now. I sec our
referee has come," and he hurried
Creighton remained and Rath no
ticed a curious consciousness about
him that she could not recall in all
her previous acquaintance with bim.
He was not bis own sunny self, and
as for herself, Ruth found it impossi
ble to unbend before this frail girl
who chatted with unaffected ease for
their entertainment. Sho was soon
relieved by tbe meeting being called
to order. A referee was chosen from
the ranks cf tbe city class it was
Ruirzles. and Rutb saw to her sur
prise that as tbe contestants ranged
tbcmselves on tneir respective siaes
of the long rsoni, with the visitors
occupying the seats between, that
llolcombe was to pronounce lor
them. In a few words he explained
that tbe difficulty of his position wa3
apparent. He could not ligit against
bis present class being one oi tnem,
while od tl e other hand, he could not
array bimselr against the school
mates of his earlier days. "They
havo settled the matter for mo by
putting me here under protest How
ever, I shall try to meet out justice
and bard words to all, although 1
make no choice of the words myself,
bat simply pronounce the list B3 se
A moment of expectant sucnce,
and the contest began. After a half
hours' spirited work, ihe ranks were
reduced to one-third cf their first di
mensions. Ruth saw Deaa Dupress
siuk down with ber usual noncha
lance, after missio? tho word "Be-
"Too energetic for b.r," whispered
Janes to Belle.
"Immolated" biought down Creigh
ton, to the surprise of all, himself in
cluded. A victim upon the alter of or
thography," he said as be took bis
seat by tbe side of the Dean.
"Deciduous" and "hypocracy" had
their victims on the other side; and
as Ruth spelled tbe latter she saw to
her dismay that there remained on
her side only Belle Jones and Katbie
lira ad oo, while Miss Dinsmore was
supported by two bright eyed girls,
a small boy and three sturdy rustics,
seemed to have swallowed and diges
II A u r
j 1 ATP Hi 1 c
ted Webster and Worcester, with
Ilenkle and Henderson thrown'in for
"Valenciennes" Caally took off one
in bis blcom, who, mattering some-
.v.: t . it . . c .
miug ttuom women s uAings, " re
tired crestfallen to a seat. "Satel
lite" vanquished poor Jones, who
groaned into Belle's ear that she had
extinguished him. The small boy
oa tne opposite siue was slain by
"Tragedienne," and "Micaceou
toot off knottier of tbe rustic trinity
who bad been raised among tbe
IIis companion quickly followed
on "Bourgeois," which Belle spelled
witn cer black evc3 dancing.
Here were now left the three fair
combatants on each side. Tbe con
test grew lively, but, alas! for Belle,
In an evil hour she made a respon
sive grimace to Curly at the same
moment that it came her turn to
spell "ticdouloureux." She Fpelled
nastily to cover her embarrassment.
The o"s and the u's were too many
for her; sho got them inextricably
confused, and sat down burning at
her discomfiture.
One cf the girl's on Mis Dins
more side fell stricken by the same
attack, and poor Katbie Brandon
succumcd without aa effori at resist
ance. Miss Dinsmorc's remaining
ally got through with it, but on the
next round "Obeisance" compelled
her to make her bow, and Ruth De
nean and Rachael Dinsmore confron
ted each other on the floor, unsup
ported. Rachie's slight figure sway
ed with excitement, while Ruth's
fine physique had never shown to
such an advantage, aa she stood im
movable betraying no sign of the
perturbation raging ia her breast.
There was a strained stillness in the
room. Curley wa3 watching Rach
ael, with his soul ia his eyes. ' Hoi
combo resolutely kept his eyes on
the list before him, his voice rininsr
out with startling distinctness on
each word. The girls spelled delib
erately, each, as if holding her pow
ers in reserve. At length it was
suggested that foreign words be tried,
and a list with the meanings affixed
was handed to llolcombe. He glanc
ed at Rachael who nodded affirma
tively, then at Ruth, who made an
imperative gesture with her hand,
and began. Was there a fatality in
the words? He began to think so as
be gave them out. "Affiance," to
Rachael; "Bel!es!ettre3," to Rutb;
"Surveillance," "Canailie," "Trous
seau," "Bellesprit," "Potpourri,"
"Beconnoissance," followed each oth
er ia slow succession. "Bonhomie"
he put to Rachael, who spelled it
with a smile. "Coup-de-rgace" to
Both "a stroke of mercy a finish
ing stroke. tlia Toice Tang out s
ne gave tbe explanation.
There was aa instant of intense
silence then, without a quiver of the
lips, B3 she opened her glowing eyes
to their lullest extent, to the surprise
of her friends, who knew bow ac
complished she was in French, she
said, in a distinct voice. "I do not
kuow how to spell it," and walked
proudly to a seat. "Died game!"
T'lucky, by jove!" "Good grii!" and
sundry expressions of tbe like, were
heard from different quarters of the
room. Tho Webster wa3 awarded
to Rachael, amid ringing cheers in
which the vanquished joined lustily,
and Curly sprang over the top3 of
the benches to hold it for her, quite
forgetful cf Ruth, who sat pale and
apathetic. The meeting broke up in
enthusiasm. aVs Ruth was adjusting
her wrappings, llolcombe approach
ed her. "Shall I have the p'easure
of. escorting you to my uncles?
Creigbton seems oblivious to every
thing but tho present owner ot the
dictionary." He drew out his watch.
e ve two fail bours before time
for your return, Curley," a3 be and
his companion neared them. "Are
you equal to transporting iiiss
Dinsmore and .Noab Webster to
our house. I will attend Miss Dan
can, and tbev set forth. A short
walk, with only time, for the inter
change cf a few common places,
brought them to the hospitable man
sion cf Mr. Tronstine. wbicb had for
years been the home of Rex Hoi
combe. Here they found a tew in
timate friends of his waiting their ar
rival. Ruth felt greatful to llol
combe that he refrained from men
tioning what had passed, and deter
mined to reward his kindness by en-
joying tne evening. nn sucn
spirit3 as Belle and Curly to set tne
ball rolling, mirth was soon estab
Rachael was the heroine of the
hour, and Ruth, with inimitable tact
and grace, added her congratulations
to tho rest.
"But Ruth," said Belle, "Didn't
you know how to spell it?"
"I dida t at that moment, .belle."
"And had the courage to say so,"
patia Taliaferro, w ho kept close in
Belle s wake.
A stir ia another part of tbe room
attracted their attention; a dance
was proposed and sets were forming
far a quadrille. Curly had secured
Miss rJensmore's band in advance
and they took their places, while
Rath smiled at his oblivion to ber.
llolcombe stopped at her side. "The
sets are full Miss Denean, but will
you dance the next with me?" She
assented and ho left ber to look after
his other guests.
A new sensation had come tv her.
True, she bad been defeated by the
pale little thing over there dancing
with Curly, but no sign of disap
pointment in her had been manifested
in Holcombe's demeanor, and the
chagrin she had felt was fast giving
place to a pleasurable feeling that
ahe accepted without attempting to
analyze it. When be came for her a
fuller life seemed pulsing in ber
veins, ber distant manner was gone,
and Rex llolombe felt that for some
reason unknown to himself, be was
seeing her in a new and different
phase. There was little opportunity
for conversation, but in thinking of it
afterwards llolcombe could not re
member a pleasanter sensation than
that he experienced while moving
throneK the measore br tbe side cf
this stately girl. He led ber to
seat flashed and happy, but they were
not to be left to the tete both longed
for. : Curly made his way towards
"Ruth!" he cried in his old impet
uous way "Katbie and Eugutes
ore going to play our old varto-
tVU2 y
' ii"e;?ir, come, I can never dance it
with satisfaction with any one but
"But, Curly, you know I objected
lo round dances on principle," said
Ruth demurely.
JusttLi3 once, Ruth, for auld
lang syne," and she was born off.
A few other couples set out with
them, but soon they were left alone
the cynosure of a"ll eves. Curly's
dancing was undeniable a pleasant
thing to contemplate, while Ruth's
admirers enthusiastically declared
her's to be the "poetry of motion "
"If I could dance lik that. Ilex,''
said Racbie in an undcrbreath.
llolcombe did not reply, he seem
ed afraid of losing one movement of
the form before him. An! Ruth,
this is worth the defaat of aa hour
"A waltz, Katbie," whispered Cur
ly, as they passed her at the piano.
The raeasuio changed. Ruggle's
violin thrilled through the room in
one of the never to be forgottoa mel
odies of Strauss. Katliie played a
threbbing undertone of accompani
ment. Ruth's lips par ed s!ightly;i
her lids fell over eves w:ioso intense j
glow seemed but half concealed by
tho drooping lasbes. Her color came
and went. A l.ingurous passion
seemed to inform her every motion.
How long they revolved to those
matchless strains she never knew,
but sweeping past Ilolcodibo she
saw bis shinmz eves fixed unoa her
with a strange, new glance. It
tangled through her veins like wine,
and sho awoke to a realization of
time and place. "Xo more to-night
Curly. Not another round," ebe
said decisively.
"Ier triumph was complete as she!
3ank upon a chair, while the music j
died, wilinglv. Kvery one present i
Dau leic its innuence, but witli an
effort they broke the spell, and mer -
ry saiiies ana sparkling repartee
again nppieu inrongn tne
Creighton sought Racbie,
hli'j mil
of undis-
-.1.- .
his eager glance with one
guiseu admiration.
"Ob, Mr. Creighton, you and Miss
Denean have embodied an ideal for
me in your dancing to-night." :
Creighton's vanity was being!
stroked. 1
"Yes, Miss Denean wa3 aiwavs,
considered our best dancer," he said
magnanimously. "Shall we take a
turn on the veranda?" and Racbie
followed him out into the night.
Meantime, while they had been
chasing the glowing hours with liv
ing feet, Old Time had crept Lv,
noticed, and ere they were aware,
11 o'clock struck iu upon tbem, warn-
inclr A cpnirfi! lirpnfr-iin pnunpil
i...u 1 ':i. 1 .t.
iiuiu ami viciguLou uLipettteu at luu
door. "I say, llolcombe, I'll just
carry Noah home for Miss Dinsmore.
It.'a not fur sh eU mo nnrl th
others caa pick me up at the cross
ing by
tne cnurcn. louii excu
mo fill tlinr, rrn'f t.l."
She assented, brightly. Curly's!
infatuation was evident to all, and j
she felt on too good terms with all 1
lui. bill lueu. , r uii l t ; i :i iiuiu. ,
the world to deny any one a pleas
ure. She crossed over to Raehie,
who stood twisting a white "cloud"
pictnresouely about ber head, and
said, kindlv: "Our acnunin;anee. I j
trust, is not to end here
I shall
he I
glad to continue it."
Racbie murmured a reply as Curly
appeared with the bulky prize under to accompany him. A seriously
his arm, and tucking Racbie under ' minded lunatic might set Ore to tho
the disengaged one, as if she belong-1 balloon iu mid-air, repeating the ca
ed there, went off enchanted. The tastrophe of Moiitgoltier, or sever the
nil n-nrn 1 car from tho mooring, or hurl a. I the
in rpaiHnrsa. start, when "Wb-rr-'s
"f'nmin-t " fi( sitlrf n hp n tir.r-nrr-i?
." . .
riinr.inisddtrn I in Blaira with hnt .
and overcoat in hand. "It's a good
half mile and more to Miss Dins-j
more's. Creighton will not make it!
and back ia half an hour, and I've:.
flonirlml tr coo AII33 Tlnnnon fif,mo ,T
be said ia answer to their looks ot 1
surprise, "I've made arrangements j m,jSt tarefa and reliable engineers in
for one of the men ai the house to j ln9 employ of the Reading Railroad
meet bim at the crossing and take j Company." A few days ago he was
him to my room. "I'll occupy his to-; jetaiied'for a limited time to run on
night in the city. I've business jtjje Kn'.z'.owa branch. While mak
there to-morrow and it's only aques- j injf a tri1( towards that bourough
tion cf a few bours." jE;3 crigice was making very god
"Glad we don't have to wait," tlmf nti jiwt a.s the train was thun-
said Belle as he placed himself be
1 e: tl-i
tween her and Ruth, "for my father
promised all sorts of penances for me
if I wasn't in by 12."
Ruggles had taken a seat alongside
the driver and Taliaferro was happi
ly ensconced by the side of Belle and
next to Katbie. Nothing tut tbe
dread of Belle's sarcasm kept him
"He isn't used to late hours and
dissipation, she said apologetically,
as the others rallied him upon nis
drowsiness. j
"Belle doescn't take bim out often j
enough," said Katbie, in ber pleasant
veice. '
Jones was too sleepy to qaote and traia. There was a jolly laugh all
tbe occasion passed. ! around, the boy was toll "no," and
By this they reached the church j jQ a minutes the train was off
and baited a moment to look for for K'UztotTD.
Creighton. High and clear in an i i
unshadowed sea of blue, sailed the' rtti? Brdinx
moon. Far as the eve could reach: .
down the road to the' Dinsmore cot-' TLe owccrsuip of catt.e Texas
tage no living form wa3 to be seen 1 is decided by registered maris and
and they drove on. brands. To get a mark or brand rcg-
"We shall behalf way to the city ! 'stered. one must own en Lead,
before be thinks of starting back," i Anything one year old and over be
6aid llolcombe. longs to the man whi wul brand or
"A clear case, hi." h wen', oo, , mark it. It is necessary, therefore,
laaebing ''Never sav a itilow so ;
.Jr,wiTn,1n,iifc. bovs have '
"I imagine the capture to bo mutu-j
1 answered Rath: "and him to
in. mnch wirtnr aa vanciuished." :
" Well. Uacbie is a dear little girl:
i;t aisLprtnme. and Creitrhton's abusine"
eood fellow, with ail bis levity. I i
hope it will speed," he responded.
As ther entered upon the avenue.
several voices began singing, ana
soon all joined in the refrain; and
. e. -: - r 11 v trainer! rnin rosp. and
3to K VcVorJ. r.,
sat silent
ent and happy. Ilolcomb's
base, pleasantry moaoiaieu, u.ie-u j
.. jr. i ! ! j ,. !
WUU tvU Irv ill,
"Fairy moonlight" lbi
J . - l t ri!w
. t
pranos sweet and nigu.
fairy, fairy moonlight" chanted the
altoa and tenors, while "Fairy moon-!
light" rolled from tbe baees ia
low cadence.
Tbey entered tbe city as the third
quarter after ele? en cbimed musical
ly from the cathedral Dropping ont
here, and anothe- there. thy reached
the Brandon homestead as a distant
clock pealed the first stroke of twelve.
treca this season, it Las
I .-tm r... e l'cca
much nf-
when bo wakes up, ana ,
.vc tire-
seioui-iuie, SU'J e.aiitft4 Oili..
door was opened to her ring.
,.1.. . 1 l. 't e I .. n T T .. 1 t
"Ilete, Miss Rutb, shan't we walk
to your house? the distance i 90
short," and Ruth was helped to tlm
ground and found her hand LeiI
lightly under Ilolcomb's firm arm.
With "good-nights' tj) the few
who remained they started o'J, llol
combe had been Ruth's secretly ac
knowledged hero for two years, an-1
many aa imaginary conversation had
she teld with him. but uow that
they were actually together and
alone, a shyness came over her, a
reserve that mastered speech. Hd
too felt the spell, and a silence lay
between them the entire way.
A3 they reached tho steps of her
door she "turned, with her hand stili
on his arm and their eve met in a
glance that needed no power of word
ti interpret.
"Rutb," he said in a voice that
scarcely stirred the stillness, "can
you spell 'coup d'amour?' "
"Perhaps I could lean," she w his
pered naively.
And the moon bent over them as
if pronouncing a benedicite upon the
happy lives of the two
henceforth to "cross tbe
who were
waves of
time ia company."
A tcllnxilat Dog.
The following curious dor siory is
vouched for by a paper ia Montreal:
A gecilemin owns a dg that bus
some rei'itirka'ttle instincts. On week
days he iiis all tbe passions and pro-
pensties ! other uol's. but 0.1 Hie suo-
j bath his peculiarities and sectarian
sentimenis come out. He knows when
this day comes,
dog as on other
ia no pastimes,
panv, and seems
He is nt the same
days. He indulges
eacourages no coin
to say, in actions
louder than words: "Six davs we may
play aud do all our sport." TLe
family are Presbyterians: the dog is
Methodist. Oa Sunday mornings he
attends the family to the Presbyterian
house of worship, and then holds on
his solitary und uabroken way until
he comes to his own church, which is
a little furt'ier on. He has a par
ticular place up-stairs where he sits.
No be'.I'j cr madam of fashion, who
sweeps 1. )
the aisle of a popmar
church, ar. 1 tia.I.s ft plebean in tier pew,
can ";ive a rioro decided expression of
disnleasure than tnis dog if he fimis
::l t 11 seems to at
1 tej t0 the Tv nn,l to give dog-
; niil.;cai t1(.e,i t,, tLe word spoken.
1 1 (.T.p-,,,'.. n many nrofesinir Chris-
! 1 V . . -
jtjans, he may be seen on bis way to
j cjUrch ia foU weather as in fair ; not
Hilf.il-iw Kr."cr rilhf-r while his tie-
j no:u;aatiuna! preferences aro as well
known as ar
it osc of anv one in tha
Perilous Balloon Voj.i;c.
The party of geiitleuiea who re
cently made a balloon ascension with
Professor Donaldson enjoyed tbe so
ciety of a maniac. They were not
aware cf it at the time, tBough their
attention was frequently excited by
L.: 7.,- T f n a - ,1 n K i ni -o! f r.-x
; IliS LOU tin Li.. 110 a. uug 7v ...... -
Messiy over the edge ot tbe basket,
! climbed rops and balanced himself
in difficult and perilous positions, but
I did notliin ' suliicientl v startlinar t j
a - , .
awakaea e.-pecial apprehension ot his
! companions. Oa the following day
! be shot Limse'if through the bruin ia
hia own cilice. Their can be little
doubt that bis purpoac in making the
ascent was to hurl himself from tho
car ia mi l-air, but if so, courage
seems to Lave failed him, and to hare
cast him back upon tbe Je. s dramatic
motie ot sniciuo wnicn co auopieti.
The prospect of making one in an
.Tronautic party made up in part of
ouitidal or homicidal monomaniacs,
j. .'i l'T l l. l
is not at all an a
jring one, and bere-
alter a pruuent person, beiore going
up. Mioula exact ceru.icatesorsanuy
a'l barmlesuess from tbose who are
ballast overboard. There are, indeed.
!so many wavs ia which
be could
make it very disagreeable to n;3 lei-
;i .i.. i r... t u or,..
low- o uiteia mat, innumi i"-
dentials (if volunteer u ronauts should
be shrewdly scrutinized. -V. Y.
1 Tbe Koy that s top pen! tb Locomotive.
Mr Johri Ilinnershitz is one of the
7 . . ...
di-rinsr down through a cut. and the
engine bad pas-ed through, a little
fellow was discovered ahead oa tie
track waving his hands a.s if some
thing terribie was wrong. The en
gineer w liistcld for brakes, then shut
off, reversed bis lever, and stopped
just a few yards away from the boy.
Tbe engineer wiped tbo dust from
his eves, and asked "What's wrong,
young ftllow?'" Tbcboyedg'd bis
way en alonzr-i'Ie the engine.and open-
iaVhis rves.be innocently inquired, in
pood old Pennsylvania German, "Iss
fie mommy druff?" The little fellow
ta( crossed the fields t tee wether
his mother from Reading was oa the
lor a man owning came, to u... ?
calves to keep others from appropn-
latin gibe
A yearling 13 cai.ed a
a tw-'j year old and over is
.called a "conscript
ic brann
room for
ing is a trade which gives
excellence, as well as tne priuua
cr any otfier u i me
chanical art?. An espers win mou-i
a trained horse, and while running
at full speed by a yearling or even a
two vear old will catch it by the tad
"arifh a ierk. as he passes it.
tbrow it to the ground, dismount acd
hW" f -r
tneo . "
iron te may
- - braQ(1
i iinr Hi op cr any oia
UBiL n iiu m .
niiir-ri i vnii would marK
irrain sack with a paint
v, fcranded tbs-v
hen many -.re to , Ij Jsnoed.
are taken to a ranch ana
- .
What men have tne moot,
dowa in lif hod carrers.
What is tbe greatest stand
mada for civilization? Tbe ioku
Sl-bsckibi fob thb BtZALV.

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