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Coiiimission Merchants,
75 Exchange Place,
ctfdilv solicit .1 0::
i:.. v h;.vc
'.ti.-r (
:cii to
SlABfl I
UALTiior.E. md..
t: a
unity ivx
t!:;t' 4r?i
:r i:i2U
d National Bank, Baltimore.
First fational Bank, Meye
PcAlscn Co., Bankers,
i !.e
l:d 1" ;UTil'T .
- ir. p:;-t yrar
v. . re
i vcar lroin 1
NAlil) &"OLI)K?5LI
rr. the
i.:ie eiireaay r :v(h
t'l.i-ir i'.'.o.k v :
:.'.-.., --Vc; WEXI'JELL WlXTEltS, J, uuer X IUih ; IIEIl
ti.e ;.l ove.
d till o!d t
MIlllO, will
ciifc iv. nave
fun'' bv hii i
boinerset Hera
'':T SCLD'i?.
1 .-.i-' ;
5 i-J:
.II... I
4 w j. w.
RiM'tn i vs.t.rv -viinom.
i- y.
I - .- -1
.iili-ii'.i, if aiJilJi U CaiuitUU
I r j -7-
.t .n:
3 till.-" d
ri.-r y'n
.: :.or S.:r..:.ir. N,v. 1. h,
! 1 ..t I. ; -r. a:j ! Arr:ic ft.in
i:.: j:; ; WaisT -::rr:5, t.,'.l
TTCr..!l T.SZ.
rt A?-
:-) a.m.
fpU 6 ..31.
U ivi- rl
T-, a.m.
W. ew: ja Ac
.s.jn -' a.m.
Tlin-Pi'h i.x. . hiA.ai.
c- m in a m.
3li-K"si-iirt Ae-
- ra Via.
.;rh ;- Ar-
m. iuo p.m.
At kti-5'x.rl Ar
t'ri'ifcb'Wa Ac-
r. 3 j.ao p.m.
t"lvM;in Ae-
r....ol 7 2i p.m.
Tl r.ah .;JI. Jt.ul.
- 2 ,J 3.1a.
rl r.
.... tt.'Jt a.ai.
31 c : p a.
i I U i m.
l -. . A--
I.. 4';.2i.
'.r:,'n A
i.li I'd
'- A--
-" 5 s-. t.Uj-.Ui.
. - r A-
'- 11 li x..a.
CS.or-b 1 ran
. c uiir. a lruxl'':u. p.m.
Vnl-.il Tieket iiffi., 43 SiU Ar.-,
Pittsburgh, pa.
LLiTOiS. L 2. LTT:i
. lit b U. h.
-v, Fl
at E. J.
Oats ..i Cii ;,, r .
i.---gule v s .
A i.i. the Eggs a;;J B,
. , , v. . , i-
t'.ir uii:;tcd at E.
arvey &
of the lilcral patron
iroia the Glades, promising no
ud satisfactory returns for
iudlir.i: it to
iifl market prices.
mi upcu
1 Gim.
rcriin their sales
Glades vi ith whom we
Thev went
cnt for
to KEX-
filtcoiith. and the
it siti-fic
torv prices.
i.ui.tin ft Lccs Itave been lorwardru
j it arrived, at GOOD PRICES, and
1 1 1 1 it
airca.iv ix cn lomardeti.
IlI'TTril at 'iicc. Xow is the time to
iiiitlcr C'oi!iiiiiviou Merchants,
rates are cc-n-
Vi r.oxEs lrcestcne Peaches
Cri-k and Ilccrits' this wee!;.
for sale tit
Vv'i; mean to fcii our xoods to tuit the
II J. Bsf.o.ulet.
1 Lowiir.. 4
t errotvpe
WclUcy's Pi
or tweiitv tcu .s at
it -T r.eivcl a fne
assortment ol new
KtrU at E. .1,
l.ic r!c's.
ueji.icv'b bj le sold ut
T;;e 1 flic ers of t
; "'1". r tii" t.iilcn 1;
11.-st IMb
Z:d U st lil.le
lie A
tg !
griculti'.n-al .Snie
:i:iiin.tl premiums :
1 W
received a iaro lot of new nobby
the Il.i k ;y;d Hat store ia Cof-1
! til'ding t Sthcll & Kiu:-
1 :
i : en ss
i.iar Wa
le i.-n .rj
e C'tt.
1. at, cn t.ie ;
ters s bNil i
"111 be riven i
t-::t. r'.',e road
A r asi.nai.
v t.ie r-.f .tn "i
S. Good.
Lr.ir.-.iB of Fi. lr
-; r.- iij : t i-.o
in Meal, t :.rn,
.am son ban !.
on band
. c.li ;
Oats, L'hc
at ail
1 and
k ilc i.i:tr.iT?.
l.i oK AT Tu'.v-
:-. to have a nr
iT.' for tiif l":r.
-Cx-k i Bx'rits pro
i.nul frctsume peaches
S.n.l ir. vour orders bv
Any rrtf"
T 1 . M'l
!';iv' v
lit iv eight:,
to i:: hi
WA trRit a riie.vt Ml.t ol
well to call at Henry
. suit for men. h.-avy and j
ai ir-s mih 'n-'ni ,
e goo. U. c. st.
tttv F. 1't YMTsr. is prepared to sup
; ly Vitlld'n; Hardware at the very lowest
prices; Sail. Locks. LatclM-s. "Hinges,
G!.r. oil, P;.ii;t, ir. Sugar taken in ex-
chaiige tor S:M).
Wc resjx ctlully invite one and all, both
large and small, n call oa us in our new
r.K-ii.s on Mala Cros street where we
are rr.-rarr.! to armi-.imodate and waitca
tI.iM w ith promptness and fidelity.
Cok Jc Eeep.its.
Sw Store 1 Xcw Gore's 1 Low Prices 1
'.r.-.e rtc, come all! We now have in
st; re. and oiT. r for sale the largevt, tnh-
t an 1 U-st s !t-ctioa ut (Jrocerk-s, Flour,
Provisions an 1 teed ever brought to this
to a n.
Ccu.k i- Beeuits.
ai. Cots Toe Towa Council have
ordi red iliat all bills due for weighing oa
the 15. rough S- ab s be pr.i i within twenty
days trotn .Lite. Suit will lie brought for
u'.i lii:'..rriKiiri?g after Septemlwr Pth.
A. C. Besfoiu.
Weigh Master.
Ujt 21 itc.t at Lu ftiir. Entry fee $1.
Throe best shots ut Kw yardc fib; three
best febots at 50 yards, off hand, each
nth-man to find Lis ow n gun, ammunition
und target. I
,.W. Aarw Ftick. Abraham V,il- '
-.i. ;e.i. Fricdlinc. Gilo.a Bowman. '
.1. hr. Ir.liUd. '
Dr-T Goods And Cl tutto Cheap.
B, st Prints at 10 cms, Hoccsdale and '
bin Mus.in. var.l iiie. la rents ; other j
Mus.in. vard ;iie, 11
Miislltis, yard w ide, 10 renta ; Dress goods I
at l.J-ivots; CO cord Alpaccna 21 cenu :
Ginghams li) cents; Striped Shirting at
l-Vio's worth Slccnts. All wool Suits at
worth vt1."- Pants lrom $1.00
luil.ii nriair. urv LiOoUs sluu iiiiu-
. . -. ... , - i i i . i
ing w.li In-sold at lxKtom iinccs dcring I
the next 4i days. Please call at II. Uel- j
Sev' Frame Building next noor to Beegh-1
levs. ' j
No. 47 South
We offer our services as " COJIJIISSIOX
IIA'TS," to tlie Farmers and crcha nts ia the " Glades,"
and solicit liberal shipments of Eutter this season.
Wc promise strict attention to the interest of those who
ship to us, and will send quick sales with check for your Butter.
We have ample "cash capita!," and will make liberal cah
advances to all who request it on their shipments.
Our shipping cards can be had at the Express Office and at
the Stores. Bcspcctfullv.
V. S. Temple & Co.
September 1. ISTo.
S3 Exchange PLicf,
BAI.TIMOliE, !.., )
S-ptemlier 111, )
To T1IF. CiTTEK M.VKF.rj. At liiC
opening of the season for O'udc Dutler,
vi e ajiin o:u;r our services t the tuakers
and shippers ot the GiiiJ'-s : having in
creased adva&taz, and every possible
facility, for haa:::a yo-jr b-stter in the
very litst manner.
With ar. unusually Civorab'e se:in. the
indications are, that the make o!" iluttcr
tliroitjhout the county will be larger thin
htot year. The eiptrien-es of i:it year,
proving dip.tMerous t" those panics wlio
heid their IJuttcr beck until late in th
$euMu, we wonUi advise our t J!.u'.-s friends
to send their t:;iriis furwrd as eailchs
the weather will permit.
We reier with pride and i-la-astire, to
our liii&inis: with i'.i? ti'ades l.ict year;
knowic; that wc obtained bettor
prioeM forour shipM.TM tin any
th( r bouse hen-. e sa-i'.l sf to it. that
the prca nt shall even ex.-eed the pa?t.
We will nuke liberal ct'.ih ii.'.vances upon
shipments wbca desireii. Curl atd nny
intormation cheerfuiiy fjrou-hed.
Our thijipers ni.iy dejiend upon
'i'.it and the money at once. Jcii:l us
yi.ssr butter and pji your trieiids So iii
l.kcx :.-!. We jr-urantee s.-itUfaction.
Yours trul v,
Tats 1 WcdnosdaTi
fiximwx and s;t
pleasantly near togcti
s the first Cr of tbo
C iliC Uil-
The Ciil term ot the S..iiicrset Acade.
my will Ix'gia on M'.aday next, Sept'r.
Jrsx received a lot f tfjxil Kustic
i Frames, stiiuibie for framing tnott-ies.
W. II. Wem-ley.
Krsnakd i OcDEsLtYs rade taoney
fcr the farmers and merchants who shipped
to tlie ni last vcar.
( i.ne J. Frer-t pet in aa appearance
week and played tad hav:c uni;,ng
Tns prosjH.cts fur a large attendan.-e at
the fair are favorable. A attalicr of en
tries have aireadr U'ea made.
The managers of the A;rieul!i;ral So
cle, v received a large amount of glassw are
on Tuesday morning to oe disttibuted as
The Jenacr Township School Board
will meet at Jenner X Iloads on Saturday
Oct. 0th, to emplov HfUiea teachers fur five
months, commencing Oct IS, 1S7.
Ocr farmers liave comraencMl shipping
their butler to the eastern market, and it
ni ly be of interest to them lo know that
the Express conipaay have largely le
dtictd their rates.
TrtE i:p train on the S-imcrset and Min
eral Point Kiliroad struck a cow belong
ing to .Mr. Daniel Lint. (,n Saturday !at,
injuring her so bad;y that tli -y were com
p iil to sh-.x.t her.
The ladies of the Presl.j teri ia Chttrch
uil! hohl a Ftstiv.d ilr.ring each evening
ot the Fair.
Let every UkIv call and patrt nizc them
to the best of their ability, and thu3 as
si-t in finishing that benutifal church of
theirs, w hich will be such an ornament to
the t tb.
F. E. WiiiMcnhas araia taken posv.
s'on f his shop on Patriot f.reet. All
those w :.- hing a tip top job of horse shoe
ing or any thing lis.- in the line of bl.ick
sniithin; mill do well to sire U:a a cad.
Ma. Lrcs, f Cartliag.'. Ohio, struck a
bor.ania w hi n he married Ada. as she
took the premium at the Cincinnati ex
p.sitiin as lvlng "t'112 best aad most ex
p ditious cixik."
You will find a fail assortment of M jt
ran's woolen g.Kxls ai the dir. Do not
fail to bay what you need for the coming
w inter. Yon can not get as much w ear
for the same price any w here else.
Tnr. : xI rtotj'e of Frieilrns" thinking
tbf.t the neet toner, of a c:ioil bell a.1.1,.,1
much to the manner of nrrformin? wor-
ship, oa Saturday received aa elesant bell.
wugliing 4g,j imunas. without trimmings.
from the celebrated Trov bell f.mndrr.
Kensard & Ovdeslcts s.ld the most
Glades Butter Isst year, and obtained the
best prices. They have the trtsde aad
facilities for diking the same again this
K es 5 a n r & Ornc? t rrs,
S3 Exchange Place,
If you want your Cutter sold promptly
st gixxl prices aad the saics and money at
once, ship it t
KexnaeiiA OmEsi.rrs.
c'tl Exchange Place.
We arc- requested to announce that El
der E. L. Allen will preach ia Xew Ccn
treviile September 2Cth, morning and
evening. Subject for the morning: Come
thou and thy tamily into the Ark;" Gen.
7:1. Subject for the ereninj: Infant bap
tism; Is. i 12.
Oirn Sheriff knows how to appreciate
quick work, and has evinced hi apprecia
tion by a trat all around. One day of last
week he wanted some potters in a Lurry,
and our boyi put them up in lem Time than
bad ever beta done before in Uiis town.
Heccc the treat and this item.
The pest off.ee has been morel from
1lel ncw oa-Wmg on Main atrei-t to
Cook & Bt-enls new building on Main
Cross street The room ia which it is at
prwt is certainly a great improvement
OTer !! o!J one. b,n? niacl- latEl-'r-
The ladies in charge, thacting their
The thermometer went down, down, friends for their gepenaity on former oc
down, on Friday evening last, until it got ensigns of this sort, hope their eflorts will
cold cnongU tor" big fires, bearr overcoats, not be forgotten now, and will be very
and scurfsl About seven o'clock two of grateful for donations of cake, pastry.
our youne men appeared on the street
- .. .. i . . I . : i
arravea in iineo tiuatcrs auu cmrrv ins uui-tj
pa'.ru leaf fans. We don't suppose this had
any effect on the weather, but the hearty
laugh all around at their appearance cer-
tainiy did have a wanning eiTecL
Temple & Co.
Howard Street,
What a virtu. .:-?. temperate, ui.'hly
moral place, (.'arnl'ria County nmsl be '.
As soia as the editors of newspapers
there aet into a ipurrtl the first thing
they Uo ii S accr.se dDc a:i"lherof drunkta
n.ss. Ycii'.i-, brethren, you ha 1 Utter
-'Join ru'.t t temberarcc."
Tub firm of llobins & Co. Conir.iiision
JIerch:ial. ot No. Mi S. Eutaw t-l., who
iidvcriio ia another column, and whigj
atrcnt is now travertin? the county, are but
ill !e known to our people. We are pleas
ed to iy that they come to us highly en
dorsed by most refpcciahlu bankers and
merchants of the city ot Uaitiuiore. We
wisii them a gwd sluirij ot business.
Mjre CnzrtT. Oa r.n 1 afer the
fiist day of Octol-er next e will sell
5001I exclusively for Cash ; country pro
duce taken in exchange for jroods. On the
above terms we will sell gonts at very re-
d '.ccil prices.
Flic:; i Cor.Mr.viiAX.
Livansvi;, I'.u
S t.-tu'.'tr 10, 1 -rT..
Change up Bask. C. 15. Col'oorn &.
Co. have purchased the grocery establish
ment of W. F. Aiti'alher & Co., on Main
direct. They have taken possession of
the r.knu formerly occupied by Aitfathcr
i Co. The macv triecds of the retiring
i;rm will be sorry to bear of their quitting 1 J
Lusiness, hut wii! Le p easetl to tnow mat
the business has been transferred to gen
tletui n so c:i known ti r the quality ?t
tin: c.xKis thev fell and the gentlemanK-
mi.f.ner in which th' r treat ali cust tttters.
V.'r ) arn that the re-Klcnee of Xr.
Louis IjiniVrt, at Lambertstown, this
coi'.utv, with its entire contents was burn-
ed on Sunday Sept. 12th. It appears
thiU Mr. Lambert and his family Lad gone
to camp mcetim and that no fire had been
ia the house since Saturday, which leads
to the guppiition that it was the work of
aa incendiary. The house was insured for
tf l.VAA) in the Farmers' Insurance Company
if Meversdale. Mr. Lambert puts his loss
at 1,'.1W. He lot all his deeds and title
Among the advertisements of Butter
C'oiiiu'.isaioa Merchants in our columns
will I found the advertisement r-t B.
ErcM-Ue Xyce& Co.. ot Baltimore. These
fentlerr.cn have leen doing business
emonf our fanners for quite a number ol
years, and have always had the reputation
ot being quick and reliable. Their agent
is ia tow a at present to make arrange
ments S.r the purchase and shipment of
butter. Farmers will have an opportuni
ty to converse with him on the suojct du
ring the fair.
Mast of our termers n doul t Lave been
anxiously scanning the c lumns of the
Herald for the old familiar card of liar
try k Co. This week their fears will be
set at rest and their eyes gladdened by the
sight of it. Although the daily papers are
fail of the failures of once prosperous firms,
that of W. P. Harvey c Co. stands on too
s:ure a foundation to be unsettled by
even the most nnexampied hard times ot
the present.
Our dairymen and farmers in making
consignments shon'd look to those who
are well established and whose financial
status is known to lie sound.
R E?I O VA Li I take this method of
informing my customers and the public
generally, that I have removed to my new
blacksmith shop, corner of East Main and
Pleasnnt gts., near the old Finisey shop. By
strict attention to business and low charg
es 1 hope to merit a share r.f the public
i-atronage. I am prepared to iron wagons
on short notice, and do repuirs of all kinds
in my line. Particular attention pven to
work in steel ; also, horse shot-ini from Id
to 2") per cent lower than formerly. Give
nsc a call and be convinced I am not j ik
ing. A. E. Litz.
Somerset, Pa.
The Some.-set Band, throudi their
leader Irvin lletiley, have received a new
set of silver horns, lrom which they dis
course sweet muic oa the public square at
least one evening ia everv week. The
lys are improving rapidly in their play
ing and when it is taken into considera
tion that they have len organized but a
few months their playing is remarkable.
Wc understand that they "have secured the
contract to furnish the music at the fair
when all caa have a chance to hear them.
We would suggest to the boys that they
endeavor to march down tow n to one ot
their tunes and they will find out w hy we
make the suggestion.
H. Trie!-, (tie XerrtiaatTatlorori'itt.
For a close fit, the best goods and the
fairest prices, we recommend ail readers
of our paper, when visiting the Smoky
Cstr, to try Mr. leigle. lie is located at
53 Smithfield Street, in the central part of
the city. His many years ot experience
in his businuse enables him to buy well,
and sell at low pi ices. He has a large and
fust increasing custom from this county,
and every customer he makes he keep.
Try liim and see for yourself.
Green August Flower.
It ia natural for people suffering with
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint or any de
rangement of the digestive organs, such as
Smr Stomach, Sick" Headache, Habituai
Coslivenese, palpitation of the Heart,
Heart born. Water-brash, gnawing and
burning pains at the pit of the Stomoch,
Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue, disagreeable
lasts in the mouth, coming up ot food
alter eating, low spirits, &c, to put off
from day to day buying an article that
they know baa cured their neighbor,
friend, or relative, yet they have no faith
in it until it is too late. But if you will
go to your Druggist, G. W. Benford & Co.
auk get a bottle of Geeen's ArGrsT
Flower yoar immediate cure is ascertain
as you live. Sample Bottles of this medi
cine can be obtained for 10 cents to try its
supdrior virtue.
Ilegular size 71 cents. Try it, two doses
will relieve anT case.
Et permission of the offlceisof tae Som
erset County Atrricnltural Sxtiety, the
ladies of the Presbyterian church will
open on the fair grounds, a booth for the
sale of refreshments, the proceeds to go to
the budding fund of that church. Cotlee,
sandwiches, pastry, fruit, and all kinds of
edibles suitable for such an occasion will
1 kept for sal: daring each day of the
trait, ham, or aavthing else that would be
1. 1 i . . i . n
M.'.o: ai s uusu uu ux.
such donations caa be left at the store of
Mrs. .as. B. TredwelL
accom -
' ranted In a free Ifeke'. rf fKlmtaion t,r
. 1 . - ... -1 -1 1 v
: ourselves ami lamilj w rncjnunsiuwo j air,
for which tre return
thanks, tt e eavc
also recti red from the I'n'&Kse office a
j premium ILsi gotten up la tacir usual good
jstv'e. The premiums, as heretofore, are
very liberal, merair n iv uc iit-su on
Sept. 2. 29, and 30; and Oct. 1. 1S:5.
Vie would like very Esnca to be present
but as we are const ittatiorially opposed to
Ukiae a "shoe leatier express
tor that
distance and as the slowness with which
our delinqnent 6af:-cr:bors par tP
will not permit os to zo in any otlier man
ner wc will bare to stay at home.
Kit few ot our kummer visitors Luve
' .nttnn.l i.iuw mtnn nut on her nortroiis
1 1 im4tuL u iu - - , e o
rolics and bedeck herself in crimson ami
gold. Wc often find ourselves wondering
why it is that visitors to the mountain al
ways find it necessary to leave lor tbeir
duU city homes just at a time when all
that is grand and beautiful in decaying na
ture is to be seen; when rixmt tree?, and
moss and ferns bein to be transtigared
into such wondroos loveliness. One week
at the close ot September, or during the
early part oT October, Is worth, more on
the mountains tban three months of the
heated term. Nature puts on her most
fascinatinsr coloring now, and tlia lover of
the beautiful should linger where the tall
trees grow, for nearly a month yet.
We clip the following item in regard to
an injury received by Hampton, son of
our old tritod Maj. J. C. Gaither, fnwi the
Meycrsd&le JmUj'endcnl :
On Thursday evening of last week.
Ilaiunton. son of Major J. C. Gaither of
Southampton, while play in? near the saw
mill struck his bt into apiece of wire, or
proMbly a Iaidy's broken hair pin, the
long portion of which entered his right
Cjot, bet weta the great and secnn 1 toes,
tally an inch and six -eighths. Failing to
extract, so firmly was it fastened, the Maj
or was compelled to bring the sutfercr to
town forsurgical aid, Dr. Meyers extract
in; it The child scarcely eight years ot
a;:e, bore the operation without flinching,
proving Uim a worthy son of the last Cap
tain of Company A.
The Haltipllcatioit f Dlvcuse.
Disetises multiply. Or.e begets another.
A trirling indispositi-in may, there-tore,
originate a complication of dangerous mal
:.dics. Indigestion begets far more formid
able diseases ; a multitude of ailments are
tracable to cons'Jration ; fever and ague
unhinges the entire nervous system, and
is therefore the source of the protean ai'
mcnts which atTect that jxrtioa ot the hu
uiaa organism. Hosteller's stomach Hit
ters, however, whether resorted to at M e
inception of th'isc disorders of the stom
ach, bowels or liver, which rive biith to
the majority of diseases and disabilities, or
taken when they have ripened law Kr
midable niatariu", are alike powerful to
cure. lac prcctiS 01 recovery i, 01
course, lunger when the malady has gain
ed headway, but it is none the less certain.
Dvsp?pbia," c in st i nat ion, Liiiiousness, kid
ney complaints and intermittent levers, in
variably yield to the operation of the
great alterative and iavigoranr.
Wholesale Bool.aud Mioco.
Messrs GUI & Bro., now located at 2.13
Liberty Street, Pittsburg, would ask the
altectiun ot ail dealers to their Card ia
another column. Anticipating a a lively
tnuie tais tall, thev otter at their iarie es-
bilsbiiienr, the most complete line of
g.jds cveo brought to that market. Years
of experience h.ivj made tliLtu thoroughly
familiar w ith the w ants of the trade, and
UiercLants caa do well ia ofdering from
tlieic, cv?a in preference to buying in
eitlrer PhiiadelplU or New York. They
njiike a specialty of the Fort Pitt, Bugalo,
and Erie, Men a, WoLica's, aad Children's
band made Boots and Shoes Their slock
this tall has bvn selec..d with special
care, and standing as this establishment
does, one of the leaders of the trade of
Western Pcnnsy ivanio, they caa offer their
stock oi women's, misses', children's
men's, boy 's and youth's boot?, shoes and
brogans, at such low prices that our deal
ers in this section will find it greatly to
thtir interest 'ocall on the Messrs. G:il A:
Bro., before buying or examining else
where. Vao!ale Dry Ciomt.
We would invite the attention ot uii
dealers ia Dry Goods, &.c to the large
card, ia another column, of the leading
wholesale dealers ia Dry Goods ia Pitts
burgh, 3Iessrs. A r bath not, S lannon &
Co.. 231) and 241 Liberty street. This is
the largest house of the kind in the city,
and their elegant and spacious store rooms,
fitted up exclusively for their accommoda
tion, are well lighted, and especially w ell
adapted for the display ot the gr-at varie
ty of goods offered by them. Their Fall
Mock, which is full and complete in every
department, is augmented daily by treaii
arrivals, thus keeping their assortment
perfect at all limes. Their Autumn Styles
contain the largest variety ever opened ia
the city. Their special attractions ia the
Dress Good Department contain a full line
of all the leading brands of Domestic Dry
Goods, Shawls, Skirts. Hosiery, Gloves,
.fcc. Thev are also Sole Agents tor the
celebrated Fullerioa's Freeport Flannels.
Xew Lisbon Flannels, Blankets, Yarns,
ice. Our merchants should not tail U call
and examine their stock and prices belcre
making their fall purchases.
"Kamettiins w."
"We wish to call the attention of our
readers to the car J, in another column, of
Wni. Guen'.hers', Lung Healer. This rem
edy must be a success, judging from the
array ot testimonials which are set forth
in their circulars, two of which will be
found in their card. Although this medi
cine has never, until now, been brought
before this community, yet it is by no
means a new or untried one. Y'cars ago
the same recipe was used ia Milow, Ger
many, by Dr. August Guecther, in his
private practice, and with such success
that on his death he left the secret as a le
gacy to his brother, Andreas Guenther.
w ho, in turn, gave the same to his soa,
Wm. Guenther. fono of the present pro
prietors.) on condition that the same should
not be used, except as charity, until after
bis death, which occurred in lt?71.
Since that time Wm. Guenther has been
giving the w ,-ld the beneril of his truiy
wonderful secret. We would advise our
readers to exam.ne the claims of this rem
edy, w hich, as far as w e cae judge, arc
well founded.
Auosothe places at which Gee. Koostz
spoke during bis trip to Ohio, were Pales
tine, Salineville. Mansfield, Ashland and
Fostoria. We find the toliowing flattering
notice of bim ia the Salem lUpubUean ot
Thursday, Sept. t), 171. J. K. Buckea
brod, the editor ot tlie iJr-j.iiiVoj.i is a
member of the Senate of Ohio.
The Uepnblican meeting at East Pales
tine. Monkiy evening last, addressed by
Hon. V II. KooniA of Somerset, Pa.,
was well attended. The uiiusl altenlioa
was paid to the eloquent speaker during
his entire speech. He spoke at some
length on the financial question, which is
now claiming so much attention ia Ohio.
He argued the issue dearly and logically,
and showed the utter fallacy of inflation.
He demonstrated beyond a doubt that the
Democratic party was not the one the
thinking people of this country desire to
elevate to power. Judging their future
by the past, they were no more to be
trusted with toe finances cf the country
than any of its other great interests. They
had vacillated and betrayed in all the
great matters of State or Nation entrusted
to their care. The speaker continued for
an hour in a pleasing, convincing dis
course, and we are sure, did much good.
ar.iiQtittons or sotnerstt Cjunty f.r the
jresont x;liool year will be held accrertiiaj
to the ttfUowint: progiamme:
b.iliabury, ilooUay, sept. 2.th.
lleyersJale, Tuestlar. 'pt. ijtli.
Ik-riiD, WfeilncMlar, Sept. 2'Jth.
New CentreTillc, Saturitay, Oct. 2J.
Ursina, Jlonday, Oct 4th.
Petersburg. Tuestlay, Oct. 3th.
ekimerset, Wednestlay, Oct. tih.
Stoystown, Thursday, Oct. 7th.
DaTidsTille, Isaturdiiy, OcL 9lh.
The examinations will begin at 9 o'clock
a. m. Teachers cominz at a later hour p.
will not be admitted Ut the examitmtion j
We have received an laviiu'.ion
that day. A special examination 'tuw'uu j
held in any district not named in this pro-.
gramme, it the proper lioard of Directors
will appoint the time and place, and give
notice to the Superintendent that they de
sire an exammalioD. A special examina-1
tion will be held at Somerset on Saturday, 1
October 31). Each teacher will provide j
himself with a stamped envelop bearing
his addresa and enclosing last years' certit- j
icate. 'o private examinationsj will be
held, except by request cf the Board ot
Directors where they wiaii to leach.
Beards of Directors and friends of edu- j
iK.,f.Wti the cciintir arc rpms,U
L.Li. 'U U..UUgUUU. - f
ed to be present at the examinations in
their respective districts.
J. D. Wbipmy,
Co. Superintendent
! G p-asd T!xrrr-;iox. An cxcnrsLm lr.ua :
. will Icavo ritts!jnrrhi-'t!inrsilv,. iicpl.
;.-...! ' T ! . . 1 . I. 11" . 6. I
j --ini, over iui; i iu,-uai jn, m a jiul u:,t s
JUiiimore iaiilroaii, l ruujgtun ana
Motiat Vernon, the Capitol and the
Toiabof Vashinsti:n. A reception will
be had at Ctirabcritind. Aas?n:r the many
points of interest to which the excursion
ists will care free acceaE are the Capitol,
Treasury Department, Patent OSke,
Smithsonian Institute, Medical Museum,
i Lorcoran An uaiicn-, j.rungwn neignts,
Government Printing Ofnce. it A tnp
will bo taken down C10 beautiful Potomac
to Mount Vernon, where eTery exenrsioa
ist will be presented with a memento.
lieturning the train will leave Washing
ton at 1 o'clock on Samrday. The fare
tor the trip including excursion oa Poto
mac and dinner and supper at Cumberland
will be but nine dollars $ 'J) while the
resui&r fore is over Arrangements
have teen made at the hotels in Washing
ton for greatly reduced rates. The man
agersofthis excursion, with the usual
Pittsburgh libemlitv and hospitality, have
invited persons living along the line of the
Connelisviilc Kaitroad to join them.,. To
those of our citizens who have never
visited the places named, this is an oppor
tunity that should not be neglected and
one ia ail probability that may never oc
cur again. Can't a party tie raised at
Somerset to join the excursion
Mr. Joel M. Yctzt of Pocahontas, ac
cording to Mr. Eli Scborky and the Somer
set Vemorrat, tounu a piece of yellow met
al on bis tor ui, a short time ago, and ac
cording to the same authority a Frostburg
mineralogist pronounced it to be pure cold.
and tha: Mr. Yntzy had been otTercd
flW.OUO for his farm. This announce
ment in the Democrat uida't create msch of
an excitement and there wasn't a rush, for
Pocahontas like that to CuliforniA ia IS It)
and 110, or even like the crowd that
weut hurrying over the seas to the South
Atricaa diamond fields; in short the Bi:ufc
Hill expedition outnumbered it just as
many as there were persons in that expe
dition. Pocahontas, modust and unas
suming as the Indian maiden f.vtn whom
its name, still pursues its way in quietness
as if Mr. Yutzy Lad r.cver picked cp that
piece ot ore.
The item, however, Was nut Without its
Influence; the young man that penned it
was roused from his us ial lethargy, his
dreams by night and his visions by day
were of gold. Every senseless stone' in the
street to biai was a bonanza teeming with
untold wealth, and the hills around
Pocahontas were filled with rich nuggets.
Yes, he would go to Pocahontas, he would
delve in its hurd mountain soil until he
had become the possessor of more wealth
than Cpx-sus; then he would buy the New j
York Uera'il or perhaps the Londoa Time
and the millions who never even heard of
his efforts as the local of the Siraerset
Dewerat would court him and stie-ok ot
him : s the rich, the great editor. With
his n. i J filled w ith such thoughts he com
menced making preparations. I p to date
he has one skillet, one kettle, three nrvol
vers, one bowie knife, (wouldn't the dig
gings soon be tilled with lawless charac
ters) one old mattock, and a cradle. His
ouitU wid be complete iu a short time and
the natives of P.icaliontas mav expect to Le
The undersigned Commissioners cf
Somerset Co.. are compelled to urge upon
the taxpayers of tlie county the a! -solute
necessity of the immediate pavmttnt of
their taxes. That you may see the neces
sity w Inch urges tis to make the appeal,
we give you the annexed statement ot the
coad.tla cf the Treasury. We make ii
because m..ny seem to think that the bal
ance left ia tlie Treasury at the last set
tlement ought to lie inexhaustible.
Ther! was in the Treasury at
last settlement " $4, SOS 13j
The Treasurer Las received
since last settlement 13.C-U 01
Total ia Trcasvsry
Fald since settlement
oa State tax 000 f")
r-.iM on Co. and Torr
House orders M,'3'J' 00
Paid on unseated land
Iai2 11
;c:; 43
17,0-iO 42
Du'..u:cj ia Treas. Sep 3, 1973 131 72
The outstanding Uixes amount to about
From the alxjvr; statement yon will see
that there is but $131 7:2 in the bands of
the Treasure r. t'a the' 1st day ot Octo
ber 1S73 there w ill be due on bridge build
ing six tb-juaand dollars, ifo.OOO;, to the
Pix-r House about four hundred dollar.
(f-M-0 .besides other orders to be paid when
This fUitemt nt explains the urgent neces
sity for the prompt payment of the taxes
A neglect on your part to attend to this
appeal V ill be" immediately followed by
the strictest orders to make the money ac-co-ding
to law.
Vai.estixk J. Milleb,
Olives W. Bover,
Attest Commisf-ioners.
Jacob N'Err, Clerk.
BAIRD. On Weil nelay morn in?, Sept.
11, at half past eight o'clcclc, Daniel Baird,
aged years ana 4 months.
Mr. Baird was born ia York county.
Pa., May 11, 1700. where h's bovhexxl
da) s were spent. I'pon the breiiking out
of the war ot 1S12. he enlisted and served
under CapL MereditU until discharged in
in lsl-t, w hen he rtra.v.'dto aad h;is ever
since lived in Somerset borough, where in
11S he married one of the late Judge
Kurtz's daughters, who, with eight ot
their eleven children, survive liim. He
was a mtaiLer of the German Reformed
In his death our towa ha3 lost one of
her oldest residf-nts one who has been
lamiiiar to ns ail since we first learned to
know anything, as his active habits, and
keen interest in public alHiirs brought him
early to the acquaintance of every one.
He was exceedingly kind hearted, cheer
ful and frank, and utterly without guile,
and in ail bis transactions through his
long, busy lifetime, it must be said he did
no wrung to his fellow men.
R HO ADS. Oa the 14th of September,
liil, Mrs. Hannah Rhoads, widow of
Jacob Rhoads, aged SI years. Mrs. Rlioads
was the mother of seven children, of which
four are still living: she bad forty -six
grand-cbiblrta aad seventy-tiro great
grandchildren. Dr. Finneya" Umptiid Syrap ot Bn-
cltu ia ifuaramee.1 to cure lull ini:na;i.n ol' the
Kulneyj ami liliui.ler. painfo! or suppirnsed urin
ation o freqneut in oi l ae. painful ur suppressed
nienstruati n. lHuc..rrtiiv.a or whites, jrrivei. ele:.
strieiure. l,lily dtft-hanccs. BriMhfs dlMaaes,
tru-kuusi ilepusiu, dmp-y, pain n the tnicit or
st.ie. sirlt hea.lache. piinplr?. bkKehea an.1 ernp
Ui.os on tbe lace, and all disease ot a eciac or
a.niiiia:i.al nature, mranilrss of dnraiion. aire
or sex. Compound Syrup of Bueha ia a poettiTu
and raii.cal cure. For aie by Oeo. W. iienlord it
Co.. S.mcrfot, Pa., and Mountain a. Co., CnBtn
enee. Pa. epU
Corrected by TT. F. AtTTATEiai A Co.,
Afliies, dried, fl
A.teiiu'ter. f) zal....
Butter, ft ...I
Baikwheat, V buiLcl.
aie 1
.... "Il on
Beeswax. V
Bacon, sbouldcra, fl
" shies. - ..
hama. " .
Corn. p bushel.........
Corn meal ) ........
Call nkina, W a....,
! Clover See.1 small ....................
; Ciover Scel4arxa....i. ...... ........
I Calcined Plaster.
Dissolved B--uc, jl bag 'Aaj S.S..
! F-zjts. tp do
Fwur, a) hbl w
Flaxseed SI fcu., (i )
I Hvdraulie Cement, tp Bbl
...7 i.1
1 il
......... Toe
13 i
7 jc
, le
M iu
fl vu
. .... .-. .tas
42 74
4 7i
t Ai
o M
Lsl e
-jp w
2 7
Leather, red sole. J t....
kip, " ....
Land Pbsier J bbl
(Mi, P tm
Piitaujea, f bo
rtea. dried, fJ m
Peruvian Gmaoo per ii la...
ss.t, So. 1, f bU, extra.
i b.
" Ashton, per aack.
Liverpool "
O-routvl Aiara. per sack.
. r "
Snper pphat 'b'iM it
Wuite Lime, y ttl
Sew Advertiseipenti
ny wife,
Sarah !. Hnraer. 'fortBerly
Kcia.-r) has UU mv bed and board wlth.it juK
ui ar prunxatioo. I hereby alve aotlew that any
pra UU-siine or ka-pinat kxr will do U at their
own risk, aa f will nat par any debts contrasted
bymT. DA-VIEL 3. HOKf EK.
AitpcT os are Bnv.ir totJt.M not lo lrc';a5
prn laa t f tl umiT.m).-i m L'j.ir a. J
cr Turiywvt u w.-vhip-. SnnTi .'oumy. .n-
pr iiii-iieJ. W. L. I'j il:I.!T7H fu
ip .A. t 23 nsr t s
PrmitT.! tinickT snj tetter thrcjh THIS CF
FiCETHAN" AXV uTHKKw the isjuoit Si
eharaa f .reiimlaanr tearrh. 'o chrr fcir m4
rm. buiual seru lire. IT mn expcrir&se in
th at of Pti:s, ir. MVt mac4 chiMper
ami belter thaa can be rat, unrlnrn
O. I. LF.YL-s.
13 l VM Fltib Atu. . Ptit'l onfS. Pa.
PivrcteuaiBiaiacati. wi.n Wasamztn, 1. C
The aalcr!awt Davini hrn pp.nl5j ao.t!tnr
tr Bake a-sl rix dmntuii-.'ii .j( ihe iun-is in
die haa.U of lv,l liar. vsiQe ,,f J ph
Christ ner ftnd wife ut ftmonv tt Wxa'iIj en
titled thereiu, give e.Mio tit he witl aumt to
the itntles of his pr"intai.nt on Friuay, Uciutxt
la, IsTi, at his ofEee in SairrsTt lorr.nsrti.
J.U. Kooi MEU
H-Jgg A!ii.t.
liio ftnrfcho1tIn ot tbe Welirhr tWwt
Ktvwn i'lank Kuxl Co.. are berrby n-j-iticl iht
as election mul 1 hei.l at the Somerset H .sj.c. ta
lii h,ronic!i of Sjniref. Pa., on Monday. No
vember I. li"S, to eirt oo Prestleni. i;ne trva
urerau-ifiio mana-?rs to f r thci'Ti'uia
year. W. U. FICKINO.
Attest Presiilrat.
J. R. EUIE. S:. ae j,2i
Pleauutat nd Profitable Employ-nient--Braamui:"
barai:n:'" -ii.r. Uu
kflreij-t" -Waat are th.-y woriii. ' A.". Sara are
ei.-tamatkB by who tct tt larzeew'srast
Vew Curcnwa (trutince.1 by the Euroean anl
American Cbrjiwo fu'-isatu Co. lliyareail
perten rai r,f Art. No ..oe ran reist the tcn-p-lati'.o
li buy wtien seeinztbe ChnHnod. C'anrass
ers, Air-.nu. an-1 tmlies an.t jreniiruien on; of tm-pi.ym-at.
will Gnl lUu th rst opnina: ererof-f-Te.i
w tuaiie n.m.r. For (ail paneuiars. ond
namp for conO-lennaf -ircul.ir. A i tn-ss F.HLEi
SON at cOTiS Wasni.-iijton St, JJoston, Haas.
nr rir.M of aa orb-rlsmed on: uf the Oml.ar.s"
Court of S.nirnt coin' t. ar.l ns exeen(..rr the i
last will an-J testament cf Wm. Miy. Sr.. lateofl
tiiriw tonship. iter-a.e.t. i win ,,ff,r for saic
up. the premises of the sakl ieauel, on
IVednttdiy, Ortobfr 13, 1T5,
at Tln'i'L.k i m 111. r,ll,v:r.. .Fr.K.f ..T
late. Tit: The homrMci.! the Oeeeasc.). eon-'
Li-aima- lj aj-rr. be tne aac mor r uf
whl. h ah-.ut 1J a-r-J aro clear.-.), an t In a iro-.!
rae of e-i'tivaii.jo. tvl meailows. wuhatarrel
owruir-f h. a. ;in barn ani otlii-r .-al hn:i.i;iii:i i
herwo rr-'i-f. ::h water. line ifm'ran.! I
m-tnyotarriiiciee tiiat maks ?he place a weil !
pr..u-mrf an t o-iraive i:irm. This t:inn aNmi I
Ere morn w-st of W eileral.arsr. a l;..i:iir.ir laai of i
W. F. Hitnrr. Jainis h.irsT. S ra. il.iv. Jr.:
li -hAf-. s-U.;s. .A.iani P-s.rbauh an. ottiep.
Ti-K.U?. (me-thipil rasa on eoniirmatiou of
5J !e. la.; oalan.t! in wo e.i-:.it annu.il pavmntrf
ri m .'.ay f tia wt'h inter: lo tier cent to be '
jonv ir.rnr.
Hii.rir..r anj Truaee.
The FL;X)D Is the LTFE, and !
:t i' i laiimrt1, thw-' l yy.tera i
will be "liffaeti. X.n c:irn.C :
urifr n nnm while :!ie priny :
1 (vrmyiT: nei:hT mn t -u lui-
pen z"-' health t)ie huin.iu Niy while '
itUwni i? tiQYennjr tii c!s it -it?a to all tirr
'A ir. Thor; sr. Prill fc'Y th HLtHiU. and na-:
tore will heal the iiae. r?tndT has ever
Oeen tJiartverl which ha eil-x"tvd o ijr'rat i nam-
tcr c-f iirmuaent cures di
Improved Blood Searcher.
Ir If ra
tlie ri:ro
S-i: 1 H-ad, T-;r. r. S ilt Kh-tim,
iler-mriiil -.at! ail Skm I'iit a
T.t ri'iit-'dy is a Tat,ta.lf? cjhi;- ';r.-(. in ! m-d-
l .trl the ziv&t tvu-iT in.ir.t. La-IiMwh' .nf-tt-r
(nitn .:ir iel-iiitfiti-.T tli9-ai. knva . t
ir.al ("t oiiairr Will jvof-iy r-f o-in
ihi'rvmv'iy. rw.ipO"l r-Ti!it,r!tit. The enu
ino has ar nium R. K. S LLL.E.. X C" t'itL
hurxh n th? t-"t r-.ta of ach t
Fur f.ie iy ail lrurfuf3ts and c- nntry dealers
icn'iino ha.- -ur "R. K. S-Ier & t;.
Pirt'r urh, Pa., ua tha t.'j-m of eu-.h wrajir
ii7 v!r.oe rf s-ir..!rv writs rf F'.eri I'aelaJ. Leva
ri Faei nr. ! Vea ;ii..ci K.t;T.as i.--- ! of
the c.iirt of Ci.nijnoa Ficaoi S.iiiiers.-i Coun'v. 1
Pi., and to mo .tin-ted. I will exp.se t sate lly j
puuUo ouurry. at tiie Cart Hi.ac, ui S-jiner.- t, ob '
"ilcr GO, 1S75,
at 2 oVlo.-k p. ia., tl; foUowia j d'.-scribed real es
tate Tii:
Ailtheriuht, title, ioteres-. and dalai of J ohn
An-;,a.-ii. Ci-arl-s K. Ai.-pooh and Jaiars Ans
paet. id, in and to oae-thinl ..f ttie e.ii and other
minerals of the tract of land known as tlie David
Sjaylor lann. wr.taniiis-r '3io arvs. m. n or le. sit
uate in Summit t-.wn.-ti.p. S ,mi.ret runtv. Pa.,
a.lj.'in.nn lan.i of J iun J. sjajl.r, CUrisiiaa P.
Llvu. ol acd Tiierl.
No. i A.I the oal and other minerals ..f 3
tract of tact knewn aa tlie Jarvb H. Mi.ter farm,
containing -124 -rv. m. re .r less, si'uate in t iii
iicktownstiip, Somerset Co.. Pa., adjoining lanja
of tii.a UersSuerzcr, Sainacl Folk, TSonia Lee
am! otiiers.
'.u A Jn-haIf of the enal ar.d other minerals
of the Chrcs:ian P. Lir.nipi.l rarm. Situate in
Summit township. Somerset imntr, Pa eontala
inir aTes. mi .re or less, ady.imc'u Joim J. Sav
ior, the David Savior farm and others, with the
Taken in exeeuik-o as the pr-.-pertvof John Ans
pcti. liarks K Ans-.iaeh and Janus Ansparh at
the suit of A. U. Colt r. .tli.
AH the riht. title, interest an.1 etaiai of Cha..
H. Panahcr. of, in Aid to the loilowing descr.bed
real estate. Tlx:
A eertain bit of gnund sHaki ta jrerenktate
IVTiUith. S-.merset c unty. Pa., eontaininir one-f-.unii
ai-re. more or less, and known as lot B. a.1-
joininn lata of John T. Hovainc on the north, M.
..Mii.i .1. 111 i-iiii. aiiev on ine east ami
Irontin on Center street on tlie wesc wutt Uie ap-purtrcan-es.
Taken in ei-"rn!.-n m th.' pr rrty of CTiarles
H. BttUiher at the suit of J U. Mi-jcrs, Ala r ol
Peter Alevers, deceae-l.
All tlie riirh?, title. iEicrest and ciaim of Anurtw
R.wnVraer. of, in aad to the fcliowlng describe.1
real estate. Vii:
A aertam lot of ground sititte In Meyerlaie
hop.aali. S..merset ei.anfy. Pa., containing one-il.-urta
aere, more or les. aad known on the pian
if Meyers seen.! addition as lot "o. 13, with a
one st.ry frame dwe.ltr.? house and talde there--m
ereete.1. t-unde.! ..n tlie north by Keystone St.,
.m the east by lot Xn. 14. on ihe snn'ih hy aliev
and on the west by An.lr.jw street, wnlithe appur
tenances. Tak-n in execution as the pr. pert y of Andrew
Roscnii-rif.'r at tl:e ait i f as". li.tjai;iii.-r, as
signee ol C. H. Dautier ii i.
All the ritit.lirlo, iutn-stan-i i-Iaira'-f Wiri. II
Pi -kiRC. of. in and to the fallow tug descriid real
eiitate, via :
A ccrtiiin lot of jrronnd situate in S.iraerset tsor
init h. Sinicro-t ei.unry. Pa containing one-ionrth
acre more or lew, wr 1 a two story dweliinjc house,
stahleand other out buildinxs thereon erecte.!.
boon. Ie.1 by South street on the north, riley on the
east, kit of Nancy Huston on the south act Tur
keyfoot ltreet 00 the west, withthe appurtenance.
Taken in exvcuikia as the propn r of Wm.II.
Pi.-kinira; the suit of J. K. JI.-.Miltea. a,!m'r of
Fred. Biutiauijh. deceased.
Alt the rlitit. tit'e. inti-rst and !aiai . f P. It.
H w!e. of. ia an.1 ta the foUowicirJiescriLed rea
estate. u:
l-Jirht ei-rtain lots of mund situate hi West
Saii.st urv, Somerset eoutitT. Pa., an.i known as
lots Nos. -J15. 111. glT. ill-i. gl. gga. ggl an.1
fronting rj teeteach on avenue and extending
cas' uo fee: to aiiey, with the appurtenances.
Taken in exeention as the pp.pery of P. R.
H'.wti-y a the suit f John Anspacii, Presi tcntof
the Salisbury A iaaitam.'re ILaiiroad a. Coal Co.
A!l the risht. tit'e. in'. rst and rla.m of J. hn
W inters, of. m an 1 to the followinic described real
A eenain tract of ;and sitaaf.? In S-.mcriet Tp..
Somerset n-nnty. pa., containing IfflJ acres. m.re
or less. of whieh there are ai..ut 14.) acres :leared
and ahout Jo acres in meadow, with a two story
dwelling bouse and Ian th.ren rrrrteti. a.iin
iiiK imtaof C C. SchPii-k. Levi Brnli-jk.-T, Ia
vid Emert. Henry Walker and Jwhn lta-eimb,
with the appurtenances.
Taken iueic-uii .n a-; the pr-.pertv of Jolia W in
ters at ihe suit of James L V. ,-ct(ert.
Alt the riaht, t.tte. interest ami etalm of .Ta-oh
D. Alilii-r. ot, iu and tn Uui SlIIowUi dejerioed real
state, via;
No. X. A certain tnet of land situate in Somer
set township, Somcraet eounty. Pa., eofitainimt S5 '
acres, more or les, of which there are abuc s-i j
acres c!eare.. and about M acres in meadow, wl: h '
a two story frame dweiiic$ hooe. imrn ami other j -.w.
eulhuildin.jts there-.n epN-te.1. aiijoininir landsof) AoOe
John C. SA iirock, Jacob lochty. James Person and
No. 4 A certain tract of Iol situate in S-.merset
township. "Somerset eeuaty. Pa., eontainim;
7i acres, more or less, all cleared, of which there
are about M acres in m-.iow. with two story
frame tlw.-li.nit house, ham and other out huil.l
inirs thereon erected, anoming lands of Mahloa
M i.ier. Henry . Kister. Ucnry L. x'-.nng and oth
ers, with the appurtenances.
lakitn tnexecutHi the properly or jacori V.
j Hiller, at toe suit of Ephraiut V a.kcr.
awe 1 1 -cf" '
Ue All the rieht. titte. iaurest al elaim of Wm.
Z B. . se. ot, in and to the loilowm deacribed real
Oe estate. Tii:
1 u N'x 1. A certain Kof ground situate In Enh-
3e I ersvalley township. tSomereet county. Pa., enotain-
.!.... lue I oo-k-.urth acre, mere or less, with a larste two
JO i story frame store and dwelling hone and stable
"!lu ! thereon ere.e.1. adjoiumf Un.is of Wna, N. Cole
...t 50' maaan-ILatheraBchurclipP-perty with the appur-
m :-. ! tenances.
,.. a. A rmilB pilSTttl pr'HVl ai.UMC m...-
I bbury borouirh. S..uierset a.unty. Pa., containing
'.. a.-re, more or less, upc-n which there Is erected a
1 larirs frame lounirv huildimr. a.l..ninir lots of Jo-
stah Blttner. Baiiiltr Wairnerandothers.with the
aaen in executir n as the property of "tTitllun 1
tsuose at tne snit of tlenrv iveisa.
All the rinht title, interest an.1 ctalrn of Wm. K.
Speicher, uuia and to the toliowirg deeeribed real j
estate, vix: j
A certain lot of jrronn.I Jitaate la Meyersdale I
bopjoh, Somerset county, Pa,. anl known as kit i
". ls, c..itaiuinic acres, with a two story I
dweliinx house tnereia erected, bonndel by I
Lixhihaad North streets, witn the appurtenance, j
Taken in execution as the pp.pertyof Wm. H. I
Siicher at the suit of F. Nannie av Co. j
NOTICE. Anr nerss nurt-hasinx at the a!-.r !
sale will please take not kre that ten percent ol the
paremue aiowey will be required aa (on aa the
property is knocked down, otnerwise it will airam
be evpneed to sale. Tbe resklaeof tbe purenase
money must be paid on or before the lSin day ol
iv li7X tbe day fixed by the Court for the
ac know led semens ol s ' ien n oreis. ana noaeci :
wdl be a.-knowiedsed unui tbe parcbaae noec y la '
pead ta taiL 1
eepU Shtnff. j
V I travel and appoint County Amenta fer
Dm. Jaauaxa'a CaTxaafl Tiurnxr- 1
Warranted to cure Catarrh or pay l .oea. 1
J. C. TILTOX, li; Sixta S- PUutarja, Pa.
jnseta, I
B. Brooke Nyce & Co.
Art. 34 South Street.
Again we offer our serices tt the Merchants a:;J Farsiers
of Somerset ami adjoining counties, promising to put forth our
uttermost efforts in placing your Butter promptly and to the
test possible advantage.
In order to- give our shippers and all others who may
please to lavor us with their Butter, hish prices, prompt re
turns and entire satisfaction, in the future as we hare
ever done in Hie jasl, we would earnestly request our
customers and all others who may favor us with" their Batter,
to forward their Dnirie early.
liberal rash advanees 312r.de qrou s!ir-
I .... ...U .1 .: 1
SAl Ila.", "Ut.ll liO.fi il.
0-i clI. r..-,r-A - 1
uur slapping cartis can be
?rost respect full v.
September '2'2,
Robins & Co.
No. 83 S. ETJTAYT Street,
Quick sales find prompt returns with check ilr product:,
is cur style of busino.
Cards can be had at Jc.?r. A. J. C.tobeer & Co.. Exprc---office,
Soinersut, and Express oCice, Mincrtil Point. Sep 2i?.
axstMTOxnria TvF last
If y-tordnizxist does not keep it. send to
Win. 0'ic-rV, pt A t '.-.. - !:t I l:ainonil Streot.
PROF. WM. OT F.NTHER rEa-t S;c- It
yon on your successtul treatment of my danichter. A LlL-r sutleniiir t'-r upwapis ef one year. n wave
deioonsi raleii to me by your silil that eonuu)ili..n '"sin he cun-d. Hpitu that yow may se the frrm-m.-nt.
1 hp njti Divine Pn.v. ter.ee. of retortnar many Boere To hcai.b, 1 retern io yea ear stnier and
hearti-lt thanks, and may Sj.ee.1 tou in f.r r-.si work.
Yonrs.rr-'pe.-fii:V. S TIOrHfETTS
Pr.rietori.f EaliiiE. ra II .til. U and . Water ? ret.
PiTTsnfRfii?. Janaarr 3 .TJ.
PROF. VT5i. OtTVTHIE-S;n: T-arfnx tb pre-'.r winter, he hoi.iin a serli- f nteet-ina-a.
I eontrmcte.1 acont whicii caaseit a har.-iinri.sia my voice, my throat heina aiferted. I war In
duce.! to try your l.nn Heater, which cured roe lo les "tliaa two liars- I rcctr-ir-si'l-d It to Tmll
speakers aa.1 tiDip-rs sutlerins; troni iu-arseneas. iij wife use.1 it f. r"a severe eou-rn. with m''."tJir?
reiult. Tours truiy. J. H. HILL.
Trr; t-tat Pittsi urtra t nferon-'e. Mt Reed Street.
SeptemoergH, lsT.
Tradesmen's industrial Institute.
vrzy FKon ticT. rrn cntil nov. th. iri.
Everv department wiil he fltle.! wt'h the most interesting InrnticTH and ArU of tn aa. Twatvi
Acresof LxhibiilnirSpai-e. PKKMU'.MS VALt EH AT9!a)fw
Splendid indncenients oif''re.l to FAR-VI ERS tor the exiubiiKA of Lire Slock aasi ArwoliBai Pro
ducts. Tbe following periods are assiirrad St Lira Sc-k: H .i-ses, week Vzimiicx linsertar. . ig.
Came, week beiinnu-.n Tuesiiay. ' ira. 1. Sheep and Hoa-s. week basinauia-Taesiiae tnltt All
kiulsof poultry, wea beiinir.tr Tuesday. '..t. a Music .lurin tne entire liiio-I'M Vy First CIa
bands. Ilailr.a.1 Ex-arsiouj at low rates. LIx hiMiop can pr-ura blank appiienrli.Bsi hy atdreAPtbT
sepil A. J. N ELLIS. Frrswleal P. T. L L
.. Mimniiem
Justrrceive-lafall Sleek of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES. an t VF5TIN'7S, fer
Fall and Winter wear.
4wAll work ia.1 Fi.s a.irantce. to sriv perfect sitlsai..a. Sen3J.
-A. UnT
FiT5d.rs from hadof Vtoi.1 'reeJ'IIjEI 1 'l'iVTSDUItfI IT, I 'A.
Wc are dally receirirr fsls. an( have now one ef lite UrxH FaH SwieAs of
in tkc inar' which wiU be sold at B'rTTf 'M PRK 'ES.
Wt.uUi cal! deeial atiention . ihe Tra.i to-,nr
Fort Fitt. PnfTiilo, ami Erie (air and kip Hawi-ma-lr-
Also. WOMEN S. MISSES' ao.1 CHILIjKEN SCCfcl'iM CALF 14. IS, Maf anv-r him..
RVHiiF.R (f I'S at Factorr Kates.
B. (Tiers prvupliy auefrted to. Eastern Bills Duplicated. pt"i
New Autiimn Styles.
Dress Good Department.
Shawls, Skirts, Hosiery. Gloves, and Small Wear.
S,la Agents ivr tha O-lH.rated Fnilertoa'a Freeport Flanaeis, Jfew Usl..a
Flannels. Blarikets. an-1 lams.
Merrkaals are larl'.ed to call and examine ar Sleek an Prt.
2?i 233
835,000 AVOKTII
Henrv McCallum
Which was naraHa!:v-as.l bv watf at tbe !ate9relas hee remaweto Nie bavsent ef tae 1)1
moot Banna. lirTH a.tltt AX LIltBTT T , aad tJia earrtd al a large redo
tioo Irun eoat Futt AO DAYS.
1 1 T j- 1
huu a. the x..trcss otiiceanu
Urocli Xyce A Co.
-t'"vIPTi(iN Ct HLD.
PiTTasfT.crr. S-ptetnNer Ig. lTA
I w:,h trr"at pleasure that 1 buw In ivmirainraij.
sireei, nii-onrs:!!.
& Co.,
szi 211 Lirtj Src-: Ksstef h-

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