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The Somerset herald. [volume] (Somerset, Pa.) 1870-1936, January 05, 1876, Image 2

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r.fu -Sr-y-'
the Somerset JhnmJZZiSSK
, m.rr the country io ail the
Alt. otcr ttc coJL.rs, u i
-f r tti in f'i:i:i. .11.-1.....
tc-altl Nw Year was we.eic-a la
ly tic t:vS Crl cf.
1 'a '
cn'l rcrt'.ry.
'i r:
uXz! ..f a soa'.ttr.an v;hc name ;
vtrv Si.-.iucii'.r v. Mai tic li tw-; i---,;e:
That rauiiu?. l.i-:i-ro-.r. -c.
,; V.&lvuvuvi --oa.. i"' -
Ul. li--P l''-
Ti.;-'. it ii-ii-.'-c '"rtiJ
c i. i c.li-ii a ' ' ! fcia:'ct''
...... -
: uir, -;v i;u.-ij:ry ilc a c -
' ." i i
iiui.w;..: i-. may he iR,...i. J
'.i t'ic f.-ct ti.?, .S. K. Atrt-ca
t.'oi.rrii. - n.6iiiriu:"
c i
t 1
HI i. I CM u.-
1 j
. i,i-; e t ' i '
f ri;;i i:v m no..
'i l.t
V !:-.
lj-ni,:iTai;.f ira::i;.s,
. , i -.,('
h :n! c. t..c ira.ciu.-.. . ;
t'-.lb' S h.-t,-kea vieiuu'.s, tttt
io du. i ail tbt-y a.-k.
t is M. Cl.AY of Kftilucky bas '.
n:;, i j; t (if aja iJJ.v.i tbat the
Kt-atacky It niiK-racy will prt M.-i.t
natii'" as a can Jida'.e (or ice
5'iciUet.t to ibe Li". IVaiocratic
Naiioua! Ci'iiVtiiUoD. Cusmuu (
v. i:-' d ii. end wi.-cd .tn, u'-'l ,;e
t!,iiik he has got the Lcari!!.r8 aud
tl.s.aufc.;. I.ik- L.um Caryofdbio,
ho v. ari a i-tauiifh JUpubixan asloar
.1 e of... t-s bt id nut, t:J he led at
the j.i.l ! e -i :), hu: vviien the Mip-
i v w us t ti he ( tt in l.:.s iul
whh Le I'. t.io. rat y, aud got a iu fur
a new deal a'.i urouiid. Alter be has
iia'.n a blank ia ibis Kutery, he will
want a uew party, atid uautber m
1 1! :
: i I:i ;
tt I:io a
i of r
a 'en ti
i liiies ceciipifd by ti t in.
-tal'.iric T Coi.fe derate '-"!-
1 ts iti :r v'.' st 'i i'V
the leinccr.'!T-
1 niiii'iTS "f the Houm'
.t Vt'n-bia-
iii.turaiiv Mirtfii ti:" i'..."-ti
(i Tii-"ait Ll ..-iiu:, Ulid he hastic-
aired that lor every Tnii-n eoldier
.lihcLar-rtd hv the IVi.t.cret he
v.ill rtuke a vacsafV iu oae e
r the
otbi r T the csociUvc depirttaeal t
ly di.-.:aar,i3 a I'l-inoerat. Ol
cattc this tictcriiiiuaniiou of the
i'resident to ftiind bv bis eld sad die rj-
!..ts raided a honl in the iUtr.t era tic
;:tap, Lnt the jieeplc will rather ad
mire the Gent-rul who .-taads 1 y tb
nn-a who ftiuitbt under him.
Ti;e Pfinuerntie and Independent
i,:t! k if now in full cry en tbe trail
t f Senator Morton, beeanse I e pro-j'o-t
s to investigate lb? laic election
iu .Mi.-.-i.-toppi, Ly u hieh that iState
with a Republican ciajority of C.".
was raade. to give a Uer.iocralie
i.-.n i.irity of over ") ,0'. .Mr. Mor
ton has in his jioi.-e.-i-iea the facts to
-,Covr. not only frauds and tcrrori.-m
on the part of the Democracy, but
ihatwhiie tbe I'.epablicia vote fell
off about V'.MI, by niaaipulatuia the
Democratic vole was increased ovet
ia.it!!.). And to prevent tbe venti
lation of this outrage against law
and tbe Laiht b.,. tbe I eneSeiarie
of tbef.-stid hope to t-tifle inveHliga-
tioa Ly deriding "Mr. Morton's cx-
Libiiioii of the bloody shirt." It is
a very great and crying outrage that
tbe-c Southern Democrats should not
J.c ' let ul me." Tln-v have never,
n'.uoe tbe outbreak oi the rebellion,
ii-.kcil for anvthiiig oho.
i o". years the Deta .eralie pros
bus been preaching the beauties of
free trade," and pointing to Eng
land as an example of that Wacfieoot
f-Vftciii where everybody was grow
ing tit h. and tbe country daily be
cooing in. re prosperous. Just now,
however. Englishmen are asking for
a little -iaeidental protection" iu
tbeir'n, auJ the beautiful thing which
cur Democratic leaders have so love
iugly urged upon this n itien. has col
lapse'd. Oi late aittcufactures have
progressed in other countries, tbe
demand for Rritish goods has fallen
v if, and that kingdom having no lon
ger a monopoly of tbe markets of the
world, begins to fiud it accessary to
nrotcct its owa products egainst the
increasing amounts manufactured in
ctlar countries. About this ;imc it
will be ia order for tbe manufactur
ers of this country to keep a sharp
eye on Mr. Speaker Kerr, sad the free
trf.Jc Democracy he has givca con
trol of the important coramlt'.ecs in
A r.iiXT idea of tbe proats of
"patent medicines" is being gathered
1 y tbe public, who swallow tbe nos
trum?, from the rore'a;ions being
made ia aa actioa for divorce, pend
ing between Walker, the manufac
turer of ' Vinegar Ritters," and Lis
wife. Madam, petitions Chief Jus
tice Daly cf tbe Supreme Court of
New York, to award her $400 per
week aud ?"t,0t0 as counsel fees dur
ing the pendency of tbe trial, and
rwearsthat Lor husband has aa im
mense fortune, that in 1 S TO Le was
worth one million of dollars, and
that Lis present iucotr.e is now sev
eral hundred dollars per day, and yot
he is so mean that be only allows her
;?."t0 per week for spending money,
which she claims is too small. In,
reply tie husband swears that Le j
wag nevtr worth more thaa $?.n0,-
POO, that Le lost 8200,000 cf this in j
bad speculations, and that he hasj
r.ow only about 100,000, but has aa
laeome cf $100,000 per year. He
thea charges his wife with undue ex
travagao.ee, say? that at times she
wears ns much as $10,000 worth of
clnbiug aud jewels on ber per.-jn.
cind retiuirett ns many as thlriera and '
fourxea dreees a week at a com of i
.i00 to $500 each, lit re is a beau-
tifal illustration ol how guuab
liters to fjuackory.
I Atkikk -f Taifice a hii-raher of
nninutipc LS
. i . i ,-n r ...il.iir
, , ,. Tr.i P.i.:i.Iil
i.i. i out bCUOt .- ICIS3 1 ae.uC i.ai. -
, , t:, , , Prfi . t.P
; road, which nl be iirmttetUo ite
it ... - . . r . ' ... I ; I
..:. r... .. r- nrM,tm
i ?tov. v.-jtca coii t-te. raaar
uc;u!k ts .'f this Deai'Kratic Ileus
, v h.) v;r:i-.-u-'r vcU:1, teu davs
.i- , (.ai.i.-e is mi
'1o"r'ic't- -
:ji:0Ui.. - . i:1t:.,i -. s,:.: c. :;!i::..n cf the f-j
' ! nc::,l u;-l:r. o: the Oov.-rnnacnU u ;
j ,-.or-j-:i.i :.!s. : I r of tU public
I -riiir. .V.ii!-I u-'p-a'i I'.V fuuriis to '
i wtii is nr urpci;.::oi. tn-ii;l, r ;
v;;Ks f ,r a Govi-rcm.-i.t guarcntcc , ccprtaients. I !i
fa.. ;Le L.nJs ;ri(I u lu;Id lLcjall bo Lave Lee.
. j.i-;-.s w.!ij-.- m i c w i'in,Mj (Jerc!cja:cot la .::!. ;w;;it;.
' ' nur; r.:: I t:.it it!l npitrojn la'.ious , . . . , . .
u he Trury urc't ,imi(H ual aud iuru, gti-aucs-, 1; m . u.,
!.aih't:ttictoiacUaiuouiitaoaJy as fcla;itt-J bctbe nccial c;.:-:e ot aJargo p'-r-
... . .U- ..... llr. 1
- ' - '" ' .
t)a iLio Mr. II .ln.aa dtaiaaded the j
ttrcviVae. tjuc.ttioa which was ecctd- j
;.r r.'-i. ..fits Tt...
, " , .
v-i4ii-t. vt.iBt aa.ir. uvji
r. (; r i "tr. : i i ri-Mi i. uii 1:1
f f , r against i
I It.
I in: ,c or it-inane moo a.-
x- - . . . i . i . '
-u i;i;it- i-j f.,r.-car,t the IWduittial
"iicui'.cia'.s oann.it tieci tie
I'rc-r-i'ii Lit withi-ut New York. I'.e
jiubiiciiii? cau. Those two facts Mi p-
-.he kt y of iu uext election.
Iein ji rals ni'.'ft cotninate a candi
date and fraiiie a plaifunn, and put
their party into a tioitiua that cau'o?eac the work t.f t
secure New York. Otherwise they
are whipped bt fo:e tLe fight begins.
IJut the Republicans can t-till uinke
a u ."-pt :ate tiruggle, wiiL ap-.S;ibili-ty
cf ejeet rs, ereo ihoujh the proba
bilities iu thitt Mate tbonld Le against
tbeai. The Democrats can
coiitit with ah::;st absolute certainty,
Lp.a the Vvits of -fificua former Slave
Staler, and the Republicans, if they
uomin.i'e a candidate who unites the
party, can count v. itb erpaa! ctrtainty
lii.p.n tbe vote of Sauth Carolina and
all tbe former uou-tdavcholdlngS
ail - he lomier nouavtt.oiamgMates,
ex.,plNew Yot k, Coimeriimit, New
.letxy, Itttliaaa, Cahfornia and Ore-
,n Tbe D. ia.e;:its then acid
uaic.hetiiri.1 voles ,.at of the Tli
tv n ei'er. J th lini-.Mo Ti e Reoab-
Coa.s:uTc4 tiebalauiC. 1 l:e Keinio-
lieans, la. wt ver, ti"t d t ;.!y 22, and
er.a loss Tc.v York. New Jersey and
and Coatieeii'.'i:, or Ne.v York, Indi
ana raid Oregon, arid still elect tbe
Pre.-idet,:. Tb' Democrats eaLUot
pe.-ibiy i t ." i cut of tbe T f debata
ble votes, uilLout the "5 of New
York, and mast, therefore, carry iLi.-
State or be beaten.
Tin: Collector of Internal Reve
nue at Jacks -n, Miss., M. Shonh-uf.-ey,
on Monday Ltrt, telegraphed
Mr. nitiiissioaer Pratt that Lis
Deputy, W. R Redmond, was driven
from his Lame, and bunted from
county to c maty, ia his district, by
n.-med hands, who publicly ('eiy tbe
authority of the I'nited Stales. Mr.
Pratt, confounded, doubtless, to hear
uch a report from a region said to
be "as loyal to tbe Union, and as any
part cf New England," the favorite
way cl Haling the case now ia Dem
ocratic papers, telegraphed toSboiigb-
uessev: Is vcur evidence of Red
mond's obstruction positive? Is he
pursued by armed bodie?? Hot" num
erous are they? AY hut force do you
require for protection?"' And he re
ceived answer as follows: 'Red
mond was notified by tbe Mayo of
Summit, Pike county. Miss , to have
at once, as Le and the peace officers:
could not protect him. Armed bodies
numbering from "0 to 7o assert that
be cannot leinain in bis division."'
It, is but natural to suppose, that
this armed opposition to tbe execu
tion of tbe laws would Le readly con
demned by nil law-abiding citizens.
Not so, however. Mississippi is a
Democratic State (by fraud and out
rage it is true) and the sovereigu
right of her Den-oeratie citizens to
make ' crooked whisky"' and resist the
government ollicials with arms, mast
uot be denied, and accordingly the
Federal Collector who is attempting
to do bis duty is outrageously assailed
ly tbe Democratic press. These art'
Demcratic scoundrels, and the next
Lbing ia order will be to charge
Secretary Rristow with being ia the
ring, and the President wi It attempt
ing to shield the thieves.
T;tr. Cleveland Leader, ia caswer
to the coctiaual charge that the pros,
eat monetary depression is owing
to tbe mis.r.anagcaieatof the Nation
al Administration, make- o of ;bis
Gtting language : "As there i ao
"election pending now, perhaps sorae
"of the unhapyy organs wiil vent
ure to explain why it is that trade
"and manufactures arc so completely
"prostrate ia Canada thattbc labor
ing classes are ia many places al
"niost upon the poict of starvatioa.
"The bread riots ia Montreal, where
"two ihc.usand people marched to the
"City Hall and demanded work or
"bread, might luraish a text for a
.... . i
uigiiiv lyiereeti tuitoriai cy one 01
"the editors who hare been so long!
"and so successfully provng to the
'voters that the hard times are the
fault of radical
"corruption aud
Sherman's d
"re.-uraniioo bill." I a Canada tbty
"have no greenbacks, no Republican
"party, no rcsnaiptioa Li!!, but times
"are worse, Work and food scarcer j
tLan hero."
Thf. Washington corresfioadeat of
tbe New Y:k foa! is responsible for
the following:
Washi.noton, December CO
ii:r. :
ing aa interview between the Presi
, b ,
uect and some treasury obieors
- .
uay, atiUMoo was maue to me policy
J. ? . I. . . .1. . .. ..I.
pursued by the Dciin cratic House id ;
P.. . :. i,. r l, in . i1
irtPa-ntatiyesia u..-ebarging from; fact is. the Lev. gpt.ileuija dels that! As
Pubortlina'.c positions ex-Union sol
uiV": The Prceidect spoke cp end
" " t.. purpose to see mat ail
SllC-n arc rrovidtd with nni-blnna
He expressed in a tptict but rruphaticj
. . . r- .
rr.ODter hie ai?Bpprvel t.f the ronsov-
. I - T . . ... t. . ' .. 1 J .
v ujvu uu una tcriu tut-ir
lar.wuiiy ov tncse ct cua
. . .:.l..it i . l 1
. a ......
! f,,;,i..r.. ..,-, a ... r,
7 , . 1 . " " '
; qm turned out so loajr ss thre is a:
i ,.ti,.,e r n ..ii. i v -. nutifA
. cenartmenLs. I hare taken care if
licsitatc t-j orui-r t
such a purpose-."
1 nil nt;F.t Vi-lnicr.
We arc oa tLc ctc of
lisI vcar or tLc Kcpairc, a, -cII
aD..tb,-r rrchidt-Ltiiu::;,:, WUI,.
ualid, tLc iiaU.-u ;nv!t-
i' .'-rciuers uf a;l f!!aa to crf..-
aud v. iuu-i i'.s iurvi!!:..s pr-vsiii
t;.m i.f 1 rp .Inicr'.'-n ii'.... i....
t.f... ci. r..o f .r..; -1 ... - i . .... ....
that we a:c a t.ati jij ui il.icvt s ati;i
ecourrc-S.t that cur .niciN, ttt.-tjj
tLe Litriic-t to liii? ;o'.c-
art: c-r-'
T . ...
run;, rt-4i t i in? i.u.i
C'jEiv OJ.Ca U
till V, cUai V 111 J-
r- . - it tw i.mi-. .
.1 r,i':!j
i.ridi' and i-elf rc.-i.ett.
lo v.a I d.:;. Ly
day the c duuitis cf
ia tuc ui' rc
i tidied of the $cailcil
jjouraais can icui jcraiio ihk:.-
iiti ...
jcraliy, and tee bow tm-y teeta vvitli
mi iu--. w .w-.... mai.-fs a.-".a.-l
jtew tint rt-maitiiog'.h tcey nra rcwor-.. course it U iu r:;:.t, it ibu.x'tut, no i .-, - , i..(.,:.i,..,..r ,.n a'--
y;cd to make ru-j:a f,r IeE1ocra:. Utl ataoate a:i Ii-!L;ird t,,v fae trade i.iaifona, i A UDlTOIfS XOTICfc.
Cjllrc are crioi:Su Jciuorrats .;!;: What-. id proud IcitrU:-;i..a th!. j , , -' TJl,.v are at:intf ;tasbt.pM:,.uiito,brth.or1.bv
t-.v u.-:ni"v! . -r a-i-i in n-p-JU::
tut', Without U' iea.-.t. !.j;j..u- cf:ea t- the yc.-I. -'l a' rtl. t.ir.1 Mi5-
cause, other thaa in rhid .-i usj: ;:!-: ,,.i t,, Tbts .';fu'--r.s wh were oriy r
alisat, iuw panizaa maicvoieaee. t.r
...vi..... ct-o .1'.:.., i :. i' c I
iiiiit.i -'i.iiiai eiiii.iiii i'-r
.ii M . : I . . . ,tx
no i resaif uaai b.rui'e. . o .:.-
cial position is so high no mini? t-o xw bis lawyers wi
honored no reputation uojiu-.e as to!..nil I 'lrth '." m::k-
Ono day tbe lVfsidern
ill le.i'
with the Yhirky Ring,
aa; ;n ' ia
their spoils, and pr.iui:.-ig p trd .a to
and r.ru,iI:igpard;t, to:,:,:,. i.:,..M plu-c n New 1 era p.ti-; - -" l3V wLea t, tbnuc. 1
felons. Next day, it ts i ties. The oi l a,n iw anx; otis to get ; m . y quarrel en-
Rr.stow. who ...vaii-.inf.peraiai.f.rhebas a frr-'t aR:j lL, cro,va wbieb had eol-
i apparent Zeal i:. pr..-.-. -. m.mv ..Id r-res to -c.i.e. he ts a ; h tbej
whiekevtheres, la f.uud rind et ve i.e fei:.-.w. nr-d if tie wruuu lul ,., v . , ., .
. - r , .: , ,1, , , . ,r i.t. 'cause t.f tLe trouble- v. a?, lie ue-,
cony ict cd
standicir hi
cutinir the
in tin thi nrivate. con.'nea".ial .,..u:i -
pel of the Ring. Next Attorney
Oeneial Pierep mt is jT-'stitiiiii r hi
liffh o,Ticc in the iame i:reeti..ii.
And t-til! again. Secretary ii-o is:
found to be under Spanish inliu-uee. J
and cn l.d terms with the- Rre-ideot. ,
liocntiso be won't let the latur rn;h j
into insane war on cccotint .f Co. i. ;
m3fters nnt that day ;y day cu-n :
an. all of tbee n.'-rr.i.ln lan., -r,
- J:' '
1 o. k of ... -
j:- McDenahi. feia I.i e-.-i! in tia-:
I ...r,nt :,rv- .innios I !: a l tbe i';e,i-'
It matters nnt that day ly o;:y ea
Penitentiary, denies t : a t
t..nt or nnr o.'lifial at . a-i:ngto:l
had aucht to do with the V. b .rk'-y
Rinr, forthwith these jrbt.als ul ut
nvcr it cs clear proof of the Presi
dent? complicity, a promista! Presi
dential pardon being the pr:ee for
MoDonnld's denial of bis partner's
znih. If. oa the other Land, J'-yec,
from a like felon's eel!, angered b.
eause of the President's refu.-al to
interpose in behalf of tiie Ring,
threatens revelations that win invu.vc
tbe Presidents bousebold, these same
chouls at once ring out ia full eao-
ru. "11a ! didn't we tell you so
No wonder the New York i ro 'M.e
is moved to denounce this kind of
pnrtizansiiip as "scandalous." The
Tribune has no special love for Pros
ident Grant or the Republican party ;
but it is a high toned journal, and
while at times sharply ai ruing! j;
Grant's administration, it d cs:i'i
brsitatp to rxnress its nrofotttid c a-
tempt for the style of journalism of i
which we are speaking. Under the '
apt head of "Polities in tbe Peni-
tontiary," the Tribune of Friday bus
this to" say on the subject:
The attention bestowed by a cor-1
t .am f tlm tij ninl nt.l.Jie
upoa the convicted whi.-ey conspir
ators in Missouri is scandal hh.
When McDonald 5rst went to juii.
reporters were detailed to call wp-.m At the sp.me time changes arc
him and get bis views not only upon ! C"inir on s rapidly that the purehas
tbe question of his own guilt, but up- j ers of these costly ti.incs may Lave
on polities generally and the. Presi-jto pledge them before next h-liday to
dencv in particular. If he bad been tret money to live on. Adveitise
a newly elected Senator and the o vn- j m.-nr appear in the ntpeis continual,
or or several silver mines bo c .ald ! ly, r.fferitirr private properly f r sab-,
not have boon more elaborately inter-j A lady offers to sell an evening dress,
viewed. His opinion of the Excci:-! only once worn, and a new thread
tive and his private Secretary wa jlaoe shawl. Another has fine soe.l
tolegrapbed all over the souut'ry. atal skina, crood aa new , while diamonds
bis nomination of Geo. Grant "f r a j are to be liui'nt at ruinous prices,
third term was treated as a political I A broker KM me that lo coiibl buy
incident hardly less siirniiieaiit thaa i dlanioi'tis at any time for oae-f .art h
tbe exhortation of Ri-h.'p Haveu to their eost (mm people who bad hist
tbe Roston Miais'erM. Ami now all their ether property. Tho-eex-
e.tnyiot JuTe- is mado much of tust
as convict McDoiifbl was. J.-yce
does not agree with the oilier fellow.
He assures aa anxious world that
tbe evidence against II-. bcntk is
"Startlinjr," and predicts that "ihe
entire YVbite House wiil Le badly
scorched, tbe President cot except
ed," if only the prosecutor does his
duty. And scandal-lovers vi ill wag
their beads w itb delight over what
they are pleased to call Joyce's "dis
closure." There is no reason in tbe world
why wo should nay try niore atten
tion to tbe talk of these m.-n than we i
do to the language ot the prisoners'
at the Court of Special Ses-ions.
When a batch of drunkards and street
thieves are sent up, you will always
Cnd some of them striving to propitiate-jastice
by adulation of the judge,
while others vent their feeliuas ia
blackguardism. Auy convict iu Sinj
Sing, if yoa listen to him, wiil tell
yoa of conspiracies of the police to
put an innoccut man out of the way,
and couple tbe most astonishing
stories of the wickedness of the judge
who scnteuced him, w itb compliments
to the Governor from w bm he is try
ing to get a pardoa.Our newspa
pers as yet do nut trouble themselves
to report tbe views of these distin
guished recluses ; but perhaps they
will come to that after a w bile
Joyce and McDonald a'e moved
l'-v ouI.v ? e i,nPu!se ia tbt'5r
views; 1 bey want to et out Lacb
political cap!-1 '
tal to be made out of either t heir I
praises or ;aeir aou-e
Suir and rnlinrl.
. . . .
oV:7.r.-i'7 !
fB SnW YOEIi I.Eiriiil.
New York, December -2: I
Ibc Reccbor trouble will not !
, i . tl , , r ,
GOV. n. OCCau.-C IDO peop.e t i iirook-.
Tya Will not let it rest. Mr Reeeb-
.11. r e i i
pr .1 lAlo HMu.ari.iii.a I ri.l., 1.... ...I
been maintained Shrarmn ,t
iiaiuuiiiiiiiiiiji-u. .. lit., maa, fil.i at-
to-jtornoy and chief friend, holds Liiuself
u.u. u,.,.. u..uvl . ...oi, u ii.ti
in a deaaat Ittitude, but be cannot
. . . . . I
keep Reecber un to the mark T; p
the wot ia is against Lira be feels,'
IU ll O-lOer CUll'V t'l tnC Oilenen Mi
charged or not, there has been enough i
of imprudence and folly ia Lis inter-!
course Wltn tCC ICmintCC p.trt t I ntS
takes the course be thinks nisi 1 2l .i.ur..say tt.trty i.l,, aouu..
promising. One cajoles, tbe other Uteres aud bursars l.,.,!;.d from a . zW . t!l4. f aa r,!tt!iw, il
threatens Decent neonie wl'l l..t ! steamer, untj tons Ut thetr s!-de in -'.l Irtvate site, a traet r lan.t s!:a.tte near
i l l , i ... V." L- t ...'I. r.. . . i,. . .1 Alii eral Point Minor.! township, Somerset cuun-
them both alone, to serve their tonus j -M u I -V .t.l'araiu I.-.u ttf- ly. Pa.. r.:.t:iiiiin;r6. atns. rl-nre.!. havii.a; Unre
in tbe Koli'ude a tl-srace t'.ev Im e 1 London p.ii;c to m:,- ctik-f. tlotiiied ' '" V1 CTi" m'''- w" 'ellinic b..ue. siaMe
iu tue sjii.uut aiLuit laey UAe, . . . . ' '"M . m,! tenenieat fc-ns. A vin ..f ir.ij e..al ejsTtcJ.
merited. The'e is DO llolilical Catd- ! I:,t' 1,1 'bis aCCes.-roQ to Its t-!a- i A very leira!.! property la s.vl s-ttlemvnt.
3 ck t k hvp mere nr.cn Li? nars-e
.1 , l. . 1.
, itiau a tiei v niaa :'.ij.':. in mu'.
' , . .' . ,
lie Ur.jw? iLut UK- t.crcfv j;tuirujiy
un.i-it; I..HI ...iu in... ....
i . . i-. :.. i;. r
rfl"'";r , ! ',
t btn-f-.r-. Mr. 1W!ht wt.l vt-rj
. .: .-- ... ..... .1... ...
I yj,.i..i -'!.!;-; r ku.I th curt ..n. - .
Mrs. Tiii-'ii ii
-era;!.! t;:!n.c::ci.', k'-eit-
i'l.-ron'-e, their Jvjb-,
t;I V'-un? !a;y, ttac'.cs
i. '(;;,' ! jt-id wrks tiirbt ':vi?
With tb a:J ' i" 'be tyri. -
w r.irr. .lr. .'t-.-uitt-a, it tcuucu i.my
v.L :i ;.j,)v s;'. t; rr'-I i - i.r.'i '.s
i Jiii-h i-S: j .-i;.:i.,t -t I!.'.m-q
t.; 1 k.;;-. Tbjie is h .;J-..
in ! it tii"- ry. iib;con.l i:v!:i-d-ct'-s
ffvta livifinuiET to -:i: ' It-
vittneus ar.d yt-a v.:i ho l.-pf.y."
I f. hi.
i-j II.i-
Il-.t I;
.1 . - . - . . t
to take care cf tL.; ; teochtr iio. If Ea;.ty. of; n,..;, t'onvoniion. as isJ J-a-fer.
Vi vrc.ij.cr ; U." i in:-. .
! 1 .... . ... Ill
c'liiri.; u.i a u
I'! -:;!: !;'! :: Lc cau- ; ' " r c' .f ' . , ,, i,nro.... ot Wn ii. K-wa k.... twlwiribote
, .... . . .... ; 1-vt',. !.,-! i. ibc 1U ivciljllt. I bt; aetf.-.l t't , ,U ;,( ju Ui. li tn.!5 ul Jcn.uio H. Jenntnifii . !-
ii..i..,. t. ,j...i .mi. li; , . . .. i.: j ,, .r aR,t lruslce rr th ?:.! t tlieivales-
,,!,i;..,:1,j.!,tii r,, i.Jil ntt-ctstcrvirt-acra acrc;
Ti., ..Hi. r, jii-.-i:ii;:t-:l Llut--- tllr, xh "-toU'- 0"it,-5T,.KTnwA,TK.
........ .,...." -Xa:i..al Ilcna'dicua Csivctitton Willi -
t' ft
iir, :
: till ;.
' in.
f afclv ...ut of thi c.'a:s -
vcVi Lad beert i h.ir -
: i 1 '
" tIu. Kas- Ilivcr.'v.iih her pai-.-.H
:,,-(..,;.:, ,J. . ivn-il Rel.t t!lM'::n iiir
t., t -t-hi-ti.e ke;ii the entire Ivret
1 1
j oare
::a ;. all tae piaet'S w!:i-ri u; i
n. -. ,.' i; i ie w
W:W J il Ti . I' ll . I
iiiiive iieavcn;
11): SC.
re era eno is a u
! moiit-v be !:
s;o!e:i to make a tie
aad he a ill ictiir.i to
: (T:)- clivid-a
.': i lii'-c in New Yori
; d..is trt-i. Imot;. v.". e to
Jfrh-ntis wh- w n: luek
; troubles! He wi:! in i!i
l t.-.rr:d f-r tbetn. '
The i
ey "''
tir.K-s d,
n istm as cii'TJ
i.tlt-rtir.-r Iltm-csof fait -
if tbe
riug tli? holi .ny s-cisi?;)
an n-iifU eretee ...a, an j
so lar,-, as ,n finnr ..-a-n ,
T i t !
pieces ..f an.l silverware u ver j
.-bown as to tl.-.r. Tiie deah-. say
ed eve tee !':.; ma v
:'mt t!.:-y have not Ad: t
..Te.-t ib'-ir e::-t.aa, hut
biird tiaies i
Will bef Tt
the next
tt r. 'cifir beautiful thintrs is to
...i .
about tbera. your readers uiay Lave
?nmc curio: ity to know what kind of
sifts wealthy New Yorkers make this
season. Tbe gem of all the lovely
chjee s t.f "bigotry and virtue," is
the veiled. Cupid, no.v o:t view in the
tritllerv cf a Louse anted f r its rari
ties. The s'atue, by nr Italian artist,
is colled ' lliduen Live;'' a ebarm-
inir Ojure, with hea l turned usidt',
and arrows drooi.iiie: in the left, hand
a veil thrown over the fja'o. The
charm of it a:! is thai tbe rouble is
colored in the softest tints, the ill in -
plod limbs have the fine?: msc fi-.i.-h,!
tender as fler-h e ver is; the eyis, r.j
beautiful, roguish blue, beam tbrnn-;!) 1
tbe veil, which is wrought with lio'st
exqui-iie art, till it looks like a film
t.f white crape flung over the lovely
head, net balf cnee.-ilinir ibe bri
roses c-n its cheek. Tbe statue
w s s
Unhl to a New York 1 sdy fT? 13,000.
J Tim ladies, porhap. will
! prefer to bear of the pair of s ditaire
diamond oar-riuirs that cost $10,000,
' im1 tbf rreat sa'.tihiro for a ria". val-
iled at $5,000.
Tit e nr:;i:a
lepiyep-otls i spoke ot are usualiy
boui'ht by pee-pie of.a-.-ared incomes,
not ilept raler.t on the fl-:e; u-r.ions of
business The AJ'rs, S'ewaris, :;vl
a half thousand other fimilies, kn-iw
nothing of bard times, for when one
has no income of $."00,0f!0 per year,
it matters but little u ht '.brr it is cut
down 25 er cent, or not. Y !?! I
am oa tha other ide," let tin? show
ynu how sor.ie people live. In the
bou e where 1 live is a servant ::iil
who works from six ia the moi;;irie;
till eleven at night for &2 J per we; k
Her father, mother, and three ebil-
wen came to New lota ihm they
might he supported by her. I hat i.--to
say. there w as no v. oik f r them
at Port Jervis, where they lived, and
it. could not be much Wt-r.-e anywhere.
They got a room ia an attic and
the father and boys uy to go; some
thing to do iu vain.. The tnoihtr
sueceedt d in getting a little washing
to do, which averages her ab..ut $2,
o0 per week. Oa the daughter's
wages and this pittance a.liOO ia
all, this family of five pi r-on-t
have to ll;c, or rather exist. Thev
out one JioiT lliei.l a OiV, ami iro I
. , .. ,. . - . !
WltnoUl tire I O o.ile., stilgltie; .
weather. Keep fat of the itrent cit-!
1 ,, - ,
iCS, and the S.aah ones loo. (,od :
uiade the country, ami there
1 1 1 . r..
ui.... .a licit j
to live. Cit- !
it. ..i.i ,r..-i! i:re i M .-lit.
. ' ,.P. ,l,.-,,,ii I , I
ii ti. e iu-ii7r.-:.i ...-j,i..i . i u,v ;
ere alio
i''"ii, ami deteouve.
.,.,.:.. . . i :
a ..ueo lifiii : ,
spou. - .i .ueui. i on .ga uaevis i:Kci
Atiitriea for tl.ev kre not ke,.t under ;
I . I , ... !-.. ,.. .
of cnamo:;. !
! r.SULIs't T!!1EVI.."5. i .....
such siirveillau.-e as ia Eur. pciki 1 f10UIlT PROCLAMATION.
"" r,J"jl .
Clt.es. I litre they ate treated as ! Vni-A. Tie n .n .Ml-'- V:-i i-t M K i
thieves, and are vrateled; here t:.T i PienVt,',,'; .."erl.rcoimmoa" k,'?
Ol coa.e litl.iOerji.. p iiu.t.-iaus. and
' CCt to be aldermen atid city of!i :,- 1
: , , ..... .....
Amng the lot were three noted
bur - larn who
. , i. . .
, ...........
banin:' in IiOii.'.on a fe- m b
L;ne Thn tt.r ..r.. r.:,.t-.. .. :
... ..i n ;.,.i r-,.-.,
i.it , ..
vTiff.. k-i..:,-oaon.'i iir...... 1 . .r . I r . . 1
i." j.,. ' . ' Y
cr note. Jt dots Seem a III. inch
some arrnne-einont .ti'bt to be nit1 -
hr wLieh eaeb eonntrv .l-.nobi ,....
-vl'i ! t t..'-.. .. . r";, , .. : " !
... i. . ,i iiiiiic.
it is, when a Inn-iira cm-ilmait
finds Lis owu c un'rv to a :,..t t hob!
nm :. e..H'Cl .rn. ...,;
refuge cf all the htaati-d se- nud.-d
ista of ibe world, and N-v V,i- ;.
'li.'-riO :j llrt
.1 I t. 1 .ft If.p b.
the eW0r tlTOl'h Wh;eh it. flo'V ihnEalrK8 t,,,lrE- OLIVlalliXEPPKI!, I
c " ,v iiK-t. Somwi. lice. 2J. I Sheriff'. '
we dua'tl
I. . . . I r i!,.r ... i. I... '
u?.oj t:ie:n as i;is; li mr; i"
:jn:pvru-i. .
" T r-ltrr iaporut.. pulii-ical
..,....., ,r j.: ' .U';..J hi
rulLrr iaji.'Ortatit political
' .
- ; - . - '..
I !:).i;!.'r :i l
t iiCll
aa l iialiizatiotl
t'f: Uv'.t (
is u ,i! CJj'.ri.'U I tic K. -U C.
ft ,. i t.T 1 1... ji ;;.ffi;
1..L o.t,-r lli. litJtt v
itti;.i:ijj t;
ulnicaTis i..r tirai.t, Mr tiic
tbini u-rm. Thi latter n great many
vtrv t xi'-.-ii -ut tilt n tviiii are ik.oi-i
F..:.".h. !..-.ra ! :: !. r -.r' Lt liuV
;.h..l .j.u j, iE.trt..ts t.f tLo CoUatry
And ice crcii tro&h'e
rca-nitnatin mcj "re . m.jj.- HiVhstormoi s.,m,r.
cr r :n t,! .- viiv tb -if.-a 'L V c?l tat. ; , ri e.-auf. arfcii;? ut irf th uieot the real s
, r - ,, i ," " , ,; - ' tatc of Ja-: l. MiH.-r. to an-t atiinna tin. IchjI-
nl i:uU-La!.!ii.l!0-sai, it r.i .n-. ; jv (.n,1(leil tiu-reto, civis MN llna lie nili ut-
ib- i - .;cc-i.f. t.f tie i-vli f-in i tl-n-i fthe.;U!ict4 iii-iiin.umeitt at hlffltl
. ; . , i iaSim.-n.-I. Kri lay. Here in 31-t. V.o.
.-a rilifli'I'tiiti, i.a.'i Ui'ti Jt
ice, i.aru ut.nt-v
tsarii v ia iiul.lit: nhu i'S. ami they
.-t ;i ;.j at:aia iLere cads the re-in;;:ii
nation of Crant is tie ot.ly thirty ti
be d .:ie. I win- srtftiishctl M fct
::i!.vr vf
::.ratter ill
iea'1 'l l:.-l."M
! ' 0' -r I'"1-
; Ti!E IV.rat:it
i u,,,,-, tLe strtfts ate na-ty. IJus -
iS ;s Icariui) V UUll, nail uunjtciuer
w-iJ! tbuchailp; CitllC ?
I i-ietrh
f-timc.l Io Wciilii-
Tbe details of tbe recent terrible
death ofa Jew in Hamadan(Ekbaiana
; of tbe anciems), iu IVr.-ia, have bt-eu
jieeeieed. A Wealthy Persian owed
ju larf sarn i f iicney t tbe Rabbi
Ca.Jiin, who atked the I'eician to
,,,:. ,-n t itt-riniotd to get rid of bis creuitf.r,
;'t v,'.' ,.'.':,',',', ! and. taming to tbe crowd, said, "II
11 CXt ' '"'''"!. bis man had nterelv incited me I
! I. ..!, I i. .v.. l-eii' :lent b-t be has
li!-t.!i. nave Kt . s.hiii, o-t. ao
i al.ll-ed otir religion f-'ld hiasphcnit-J
I . . . , . ,, . , .... i- i, .
;" - ' pf-PC'S. 1 ea.tlio., I .tleli.ri, lt
:ll,j;,,a.,:t.- no er.t. ita. U .... u,f
'J',, I Rabbi arul thieateaeti to Kill linn.
He Kins rt-rage in tue u-.-utiioriii
ywbi., he a a-
U,, ' Tim l,ner cn-
'-'ed b' Jew in an inner r,, and
r,. , the d,ors ,f , be b,,u-e.
c. i ..eii...i..led i..s ' n J. t.e
'"' .--i-'" '''";.. ""? tJf "
l.fteieli ti
Ail. The pi v less fab-
I o
o e
p Hiied in,
';i .' tin i.
f-Uiid tbe fug'tive,
I i:e street ni.d stou-
i !.-.-
I ll 11.111 L'.i Ul 11.11.
d b:
Tha tbod badv
was tlr.tTL't ti abi ut the
M i ;
jeers fiud fiaal! v
market Tih.ee, it bs
:i vain wa
lilieil With Tjwder and the bead was
, , , r .
bliMvn to pii'Ces. A lire was tai'.'i
kindled and the corp.-e was burned
up. F.tir Jews, who had fallen into
tbe b inds of the neb, were Hi-treat
ed and severely wounded. The
dwellings of the Israelites wore plun
dered, and a general rn.is.-aere of ail
the Jews and Christians likewise
would have followed had not the
authorities intervened.
. Taru.icla in lieutneU y.
Nashyii.i.e, Dee. 20. A teniiie
tot uud iia.-scd twelve miles east t.f
Hickman, Ky., tu Suuduy evening-,
S'.M-epiii down whole forests in its
pathway. The furce -;f the xviud
was so great that persons can now
vvaik over tbe trunks of the trees
w here before was dense woods.
Twelve dwelling hom-os and barns
were blown down. Some of them
were shattered into f.ti gaients, the
inmates barely escaping with their
lives. The worm fences, from the
bottom rail, were ail lilted and blow n
At. May lidd two pcr-ons were
crushed to deaih under the rains of
bous.s. A nea'o was kiib-d outright
at aauiher jmint. A man named
Chucks and a lady named Miss Sear
cy were killed. Her sister was badly
crippled. Tb; hotel at Rcelf tot lake
was blown down, the guests barely
escaping. Sonic w ere badly bruised
by 'living timber. Death and de
situetion lef; their trace along the
entire track of the tornado, which
tnade a uois heard f .r miles.
tlut-.i Iheft in i;to:i.
on, I).-e. 20. Nathaniel C.irr,
a merchant of this city, took a box
e-'iiMliiinir lil'iy thousand dollars'
worth of bonds and papers from the
snfe deposit vaults of the Dbckstone
National Rank, this morning, and
while examiniug tbe contents at the
bank, had bis atienliou diverted by a
stranger, when a confederate stole
the bo.-;. Seven thousand (bdijrs of
the bonds are Governments.
A ricnibrr of t!e Lotii'ilaa.) J.elIa
lure lillletl.
Nkw Orleans, Dec. 2$. E. L.
P.eisou, a Republican member of the
I.t - i.-biture from Natchitoches, was
h-.t and iiitiantly killed on Sunday
by Co.-grcve, editor of the Vindica
tor. The (i'.Tica'.iy gre w out of tbe
abuse cf P.e i sou by Cesgrove iu his
X' tc AdoTliwHicnl't
'-"a sn-.ner-er oStn Ms nno farm, siluate two
nnlis .Nunlivast ol S.li. Ilslurir. liflloto euumv,
l'a., at i.r.vatei.ale. The farm eutitaina I9t sere's
r'1""';''! l" ,V," "'"""--b l"'rl r'f .ln
In a L-ii -1 stale of -u!tlatu,n an.l the reniaiuJer
WU tlmlwrej. There are three apt.le un harls
1 " Kuiu.-rroi jK-aeii ami i-iierrv trees en the
.r,mires. i'ul licnsil j.aws hy honesn.l l.arn.
' "'""'ht'. stores, iwiio.il house ah i mill are eonve.
t - ient. i his farm is I.K-ate.1 hut three miles Ipjci i
iiie ii:uir.iao. i .r turuier inTonnatlon rail on
KOlit.KT 11. SMITH,
"'ll S:iai.kiiiili., t'a.
i ers.. ns wi.-iiii: to i uv wia ii. wni to aioires
.1, .,.. ,i. .... . . .... . ...
II r.;vn i
i!e; ill
iJ.)il Ptlisrrn
' j
District. afl Jusii-eol the unsol Overan-i Ter-
m'"T .:':' Op-A Jail Ik-lm-ry, for the trial ol
an eipital an.l oriMTohenOers in ti.e sai.l Distnrt.
n-' lkh a. Trnxita an.l jesian r.iowitv, n-
'4:ur.;s. ju.;;".-! oi tue i ennsoi eoratnon rteas.and
JUKIn., oi me i carts oi t iver an.t irnnmir. an.l t
(iein - r - .l Jail IK-livcrv. for iha trill of aileat.ilal I
!ir..tlen-lers in th-C-Hjiily ol sbimererulure
Uie;r preeepnaci io me uireesen, lor Hoi.!-
..r , -ii . i,- ... I
t' - rSr - si -.nsof thePe.ire.iitii.s!era! Jail i;.iiv.;
' erv an.i Courts oi C;,e- au.l Tertnuier.at Soxaerset i
! . . , ,
i.u ... ...iu Ul . I.UII.l U 1 llill1. UU1 Ul ' III J u..r. I
Oa Jloii-J.-ty, January 21. 1S7S,
er.'iyjire toaii iue jns:icsof the
re lee, tin-ixiror.er an.l cosiaiies we.iiin the saKl i
V:"1nt - T of 'hcv be -A-osiiii there in :
...liiuwe ..lll.s wi.ic.'i u mm o;rvs ana ia tnl
. " . . , . . ,
- l. - li rt I... d.i.-io. r.,l filsrt Ibp, h. .
will iraseeat astaiast lh prtsacrs that arew t&ail j
, . i.i ia mc iiiuii .-vjia -r-ei iiiiiuii. m ivi men aaa lawsol tain ex.aimotiwcaUh as relates to the Lunt
Oli 1 there, to pr.eu:e airainst th.Mns shall be inst. i inir of deer itnriair the m.an I. nr iw-.,, , ...i.
AVir AJcerlisements.
. I j 1. . .f s.Mtifrs.i w.ubit. louiiirib-
utetBe ma4 to ti iuaiMuf UieiiiMfru: aritiisR
iteuVmai to u alnu.. u. uii: arisias
Tr!Bthet.io'.ftJicpr..rlrf tH.Mrb.i
Th IflllO- I hrrervgiTCJ roilco thai he will at.end tutb iu
1 1. ilea are , . .. Innurr . l-: wl;rn iiuJ
:.i:,..l SinilJtil UKP. CK.VU'.ur ul Ji lljil
iiiIm Tn ucm.m. denutl, to tt atauD( le-
- . t -i-i -hm,-! io the tn:i- cl clM aMnxtumrBt l
' v Ca-.- in S.tiieri-.-t UnnaH, on 'il.uiKJt.jr. l'u-
,-nN,r;(, .!.;.-,!,,. nil-! irwre 1 11 J-.T-. c imer-
Mtcdniif ait-nl.
j rf , s
i 1
-V na.kr:nuvl. hlnn been i.p.to "-
: fc, iu oci-k . m.. i.en w hers all p.ir.lM lu-
Us- ; tm-5-ct! may altwul II tiny !";li,l;",l';'"i,v
la. . . i'jtv'.-- .
iTttteaa iit'T af'lnte.! br the OrpaunVCMtrt.
i.-i in..-iwi oi Win. it. K-kkjii fc-M., u.ltrihtt!
:li.' luii.t iu ia. h.mJ5 vt Jerwuia H. Ji-aoiniii'. 'l-
,....,, .. wi T sill n'ler.-t In
A '
f A(,sm SMr.r,oc.asl.
1 inn "bee iorat . S.T'enaT.
de.l!c,i u,u to makcla ini-llttei.aymcni.an.i ia.-.'a
ll. I hi. In S..m-r-.-t l...r.,on Satunlur, Jnnuary
j wm..-hikf.p.
I he Coti'inif '!:-. r or Smitersct counly it ill of-r.-r
to let at pulille i.utcnr, to this L.oest ai.J l .
lu.iJtr, -D Ihe i-retnifes. on We.lne5.lay, Hie l:h
.liv ol lK-.-i'm!T, VT3. at one nVluest, the t.uiluInK
ot 'a bri.iita tiver ljitiril Hill 'reck, where ti.e
t.til.l'e ri -el rro'scs -"ai.l creek near the hi ttfi! ol
1 .... ... ... . ...H...... ...v.i.l.i.i fl.n.
S1,-i..,aii. an. uc xa,..uta a u.. ,
" la',,
Atu. Mliviil w." iwykk., "A'
J.x.a Nr. cVmuiiWner,.
j. re.ieri.'i. niinuus, ... ... .,-... .
.all. us n ut ue exiu.iittu uu tuc ui
Pressed Brick, .
I Ma.lc on the rSiiiit'li-luhli i rir.djile, eiual to the
' el'.v !' ltan.1 uimie t-ra-ka. FtnFit.r i at.y
:..,- ... ,,,, .,, ii,,- n,,M ,, i,jn. t.ti..
(-( -A imiform enlwr.'wltirli I will eel! at l..w rauf.
i LimciLDHPi-it miiauii inmi imiii.-b iiiniunim."
j bniWL x M ukc ..aaar. in lurci Uln cam.
, ,.k ..,r . thos.M.ixwixu
,ic(s t'rixi, Saiuersei C't.uu.y, l'a.
, y cctin'w SI, 1 ",
; .-.t the 1 itc r..!enec o i!eeee.l. at C o'elx-K
I lie lolluwii -;f mil t staie. In Miuimit t...tnsi.i.'
:t.i',oiiiliiR hui.te -.1 Lint ami liuiiu. I't-icr on y. i
..."ir. ..iter h.rf? t.i .1. hn Ho.-i h. Uft'-ii?.'.!. .i
unl Jiilltr ar.il ell.irs, r-niaii.ii: us folliwi:
tr.i.'t ol Lul l e..m:ii:iiu; 110 acrt-d ami 1 eer.-ht
i i.l whli h iilxnit Oi nere ara t-lear. balau'.-u well
e . ir-.n i.r ..n ll!3 Ellin'
tita.K-rei, wnu mm a.iai, i-i.ieuiui'ua luniunu
TKK-MS. One-tMr-J In har.-llst Ajirii, l'.Tta r. ii
I aa?e In hvo cqilnl i.iiuu.tl :iy:m.it. n. l-e fi-'.-iip'1
j on tbe premif. IU lr cent ol i lie ha ml ui.i.ey
to vf 'Kii.l tt -ien as ta propertT is ra-k .tt.
.iaooIi laoivsnK,
r,.K-S tsaeutor.
( h.trtere.1 heiitcmt'er 12 C7 '. Ieins reeeif
e.i ul all uuuis uoi less than no ilutiar. ir-?i'i!i
rate uf ino-rest nix oer cent, interest is Outi in
he tnuDLlifl ut June an. I lleeetnlx-r. an.l It n.
witb lrawn is athie.1 to the ili-;w?lt tuns c-.mi.uiin
uintwlea a year wllhuut iroutitluir the d..puiii-
O.r iiieatl i.r t-v.'-o to iirtsenlvhe iirin.sit tMXik.
.Muney 1'jaue.l on real estate. Frclerenrc. wiib
niierai raten ani lony nine, iriven to norrowers ut-
lritoc antt mortai(-j0 on lartns worth lour ur wore
liiucs tno am..uut 01 loan .:ei.irea. iroou tkwi-
emre. liericct till.iS. ac re.iuiri-.l.
Tluit coriMratlou is exclusively a Savings Hank
No emmerclal Jojiosits receive 1. nor ciai-ouutfl
znaile. .to loans oo pernunai seeuriiy.
lilank a)iilicati.'it9 lor borrowers co'les of the
rales. I.y-lawn ami S.eciul law relatiti3 to the
t.aak rtnt to auy aaarts reiuestei.
f i:t aTtt-- .1 .lues V.pir. Kavil Iirrt. C
II. talis. A. J. llawes, K. W. Hay. John liwin.in
I. H. I.mslv. liatiiel .Mi-Lauuhiin, it. J. itlorn ll.
I'wls flat. H. A. lli,s, C.mra.1 S'uijh;s. O.-o.
T. siw ink. James .Me.mlii-n, Ja:ns .Mo rley an l
W . W. W al ers.
Daniel J. .tlorrcll, Presllfnli Frik IHhert
Treiuurer; t'yrus ttlcler, Solii-itur. tiovJ4.
Pays for ft cu,r.!, ntt, on rotvipt of vinr n-!
i.r ss written i lii-n-'-.n, we Kill cim yn sanii'It
C'-pV ol" iho
The l.-in?est, lt.iivt?.m"St, P.cst. an t t'hfat'i-st
IMjierol lis claM in lito wuriif.
Tiie Cricket on the Kcarth. isa mamTn-.ith 15
i itfe. C4 eolum t.aiM.r (Bire of llartir s W eekly.)
tiau.lsouieiy i.riuti-il, iiro!tt;ly llluttnue I, au i
hlletl wlih thu etiuieest rea.lini; for oi.l anil yoani.
lieonrains s;leuiW e'j..tina.a an l snort toni-i".
sXet.-he!.. K.i-ins. wit and hnuv.r. usetul ku..wle.ie
valuithle n-eeii.ts, '-i'artn :ni liotis.-t'oUi,' "liy
jrienie.'; -i'oi.uliir Sot.g," Ciu'.nis, I'miMeP, tt.-.
I it is cror.liatieaiir
A r.jper for Evcrbody
an.l circ-ii mnr. I .r ttir inijr.ev than raivn iher. The
I'ri:-e is
Only One Dollar a Year,
on 1 io every fuIjrli-UT I pn-.enrl onr r.iy ar
elcg; tui prtinium,
''Gems of American Art,
a mamrtoth pnrtf'-ti.". ee.'itainir.s sis Inro sn-I ex-
iiuisiin en:raritirs. it is euuub to sa of this
.ri.-untlm lliai it was executeu lor us l.y Hie "AI
oine ILaniniiiy.' and that Iho Illustrations are
lancet trans.-rii.ts of the lartreit anil hnes that
ever appeare-l la The A 1. line. This poritulio is
certainly worth not less than two Hollars, l'ricc
ol iiaper witiiotit iiremiuui, seventy-litts cents a
We Trill also semi taa paper liiree months on
trial lor only lacruts.
Sj.iKtm.-n.-. Iron. A.t tress
1'. jL Lt"FTt & CO., Pnliiiiiers.
87 lOtrk iiuw. New York.
"Ths c'rif kef one year iree. Part It s who tub
s.Tiie tiiroui;li us for the higher prico.1 pap-.-rs
ami m t7.ine.-i rec.-ive Tito Cru-keio.je year lree.
ForpiraeuUrssee samples. Aitea wiiule 1 ev
erywiiere. J)LRLIC NOTICE.
o:ip In hrc!y given to ail porsoiu Intorcs:etl
tii. it ApplU-atiun will le made to Hie nxt I is
l;iiurc uy thu uuticriuett mmi.-i.nerrs ot Soiu
ftcuutuy fur thu rop.al ot the l.iiUmin l.iws.
so lares Somerset cioiity in CfMieern!, sit: Tbe
act approved i he Kih tiay ui Ma,rcn, lsto, Ucelitr
in; Ui;vL "jll fints-aU't pcualtlrff impose I lr the
Cuunsul Kninkhn. Aduiui, tsiiner't anU Fulton
couniics, which by exietiuj laws are nut payable
tn tie (.Vjmrronwr.ilth fin "l:t ae, are hereby til
rccKHa to be niil iu:o the trcAsary uf coun
ties tur the ue of a law library tu he kept Jo the
t.Vtnrt Houses of Mi l cuuutles fur the use uf the
Uiurtsan.1 bars iherei.l.
Anl the actaimntvetl Anri! iih. ISM. decljrina
that "tn true iulent nai meaDimc ul the art ul
i;ih .Vlarrh, l0i. Is ami U hereby Uecluml t c m
I'r.i un.H-r the ternaa, pains ami penal tie?, all lur
leiied recijpiiiitutva lu iiie gnUi Courts.'
At:e? ( : r. J .n L . 1 li YM A .V,
Jacob Nlfp. Ojihui.i iiifM.
.otiee Is h-Tcl v aiven that tn amitiextion will
r: on nia-.c m me u xi session ol the tjeneral AS
j s. ml.ly ui l'eimsylvatiia, ..r a charter to inei.r-
t",ie eompjiiy to tie eallc.1 the -lair hope
it.K-m C ar any,- th ut jeet uf which is, by a-
iiiuriiy oi sail rnarter. to ereet sua maintain a
win ia vi 111 intk, at tair Hope, In Somerset
'.i0, ,:'' Vrk' Fa,r H,'! .'in .,u'er
county. Pa.. n1 to ue the waters ol Will s en
l-li "e,k iu sW ornty.as faras praeii.
XtoZl.? ""1 10 nanut
J.ri. MAdiMEER,
anJ others.
I iiunuiii; t iu. ouiii.1,.
J. 7
1 he nann.-!.in hrivbtTum nlliirbssm the
oni!ersWn.l has Ibis day (Uth of O.i-euiber.
la a.) u-n OIs.iveJ l' mania consent.
' .........
pei ku cuLtir ax.
Thctiusios wiil i. om-.Siiu.'.t by the unier
Dm li.
..oi. ....-.-j ...im au HI'lMKMiKin Will
K. ...I. .. .1 . . ,t i , M.. . ... ..
sy irania lor the repeal of so much ol th esme
year In Somerset county
MiAcrllanecu Xf.v Adrrti.rrmnt.:
trial List for 4th Monday of Jan. 1876.
First Week.
j KiKints sn ! Soheil, PanicI IJelity's .!"ni IV llmrns, . ("..rnr'lm Flerklev.
i Celborns e'oraoliaa isffrkley. , K.s.tin. an 1 Coftroili John 11 li'.vts ct'al..
! a Kupp.-!, li ll t.-rs. -
; Hay, S-th Wrlirlilr. ; Rn-rs. Kr.' lerl. k Nallal-.
t hi. on l Ct iiritH X A'l.imN. Ii.jler s a.lm ho. -mi. tiuliyanl K .l.l .-,
liuppei, ; i ;
Sehcll. ioah Beeseeker'euse Ko.mli. i.toliu kline.
1'hl. am! (Yffrotb k Jaeob Stinc, Koontr, p nn. K.illr.fi l
Kupil, I I Cotnpasv,
Vhl an-1 tlotTroth Ali.xsn.lcr Walker, K.wati
C..'.rus an
t hi.
Kor ser,
'.Tn5-.ph TresiiVr. 'K.s.n i.
.1. A. Kau 'h. 1' iilrotha Uupi-'!,
Anne KIOy"s a-linr. K-H-ntj.
li. W t) irn tsou's use t c llr. tli a l!n;.p. t.
Jonas Weaver. Ii..i-r a.-i l e'oa.oili,
Samuel P. Si.yili r, ' ll.iers.
! 1. A. J. tikins, liners.
John li't'i'iiner, . e..s.nt7.
e 11 1'iemin: , .el!.-oih Si lin; ;el.
! K jti:r
j Cn!.on.!anl K- d:z, Isiiso H -Impj U.
1 1 hi.
(ItHTii and KuoDtz, HiKvtr w. Wi-u-r.
k. 111. U "n.lipr. t.tk er
Second Week.
Colfroth A. Kn;-;i,
Unit her,
Oat: ber,
Cofln th liitpp.-!.
John H. Kn:; pli- an I Ctrrofh St iltij p ! & t b ,s ai-1 Ni Ii, ri '
; wile. llavrs. ' ' ' ' "
Herman r.eeter, fhl. Sintnet Hri,!e-uTi "9
0-.tu S. Ilirab, C-ilrolh & Iii-.;.; .l li a-iy . aanuer.' ' lsa
; . i an-! koorar.
, u iiuain s. iinriin, K.smu, t--I.I.T & t!a.ts. anl pj)
I. S. ll tir.
tlinalnh Healv.
John f .
.Tames Jt. Marshall, Piwtletl.vai!
James Weiale'a U'.', 1 hi,
llj Ittir Waller. K's.n'.j.
Kc;n:z. an O-flmtli
S. Hu.k 1.
Kuontz, nml Cutfr.it li
Jk. Kiih1,
Pnh & K'lontz.
Lhl, ami CciKruth &
Colln.th !l KuppI,
J ':n Kink,
Sumat'I C iImp,
Kt-nj.iuiin ;c:cn.
I'eler JI' itlc a u'.
J- Hr:n:.
Henry U. nun jr.
.It.hn ici." u??,
lsnac A. .I on kin?, n.
Iien.iinin F. t'.ark,
S. Phi: -tun A Co.,
IlrynnK! & Co.,
A'latn Kl-imuer,
Sl.n-k shulfs,
Nnth'in Hn..
IJvu.ii;",j1 AttHir. -r
( rtTHtAll x.it. II, ink.
F. SclhT- Jt C....
Saiuu.! V 'X.
H i ers,
I hi,
Vassey fc .Tanney. I 'oil i-otli 6t Kui fc!, Xe!.r. Fc irl,
Williiiin 01. ilowuiin t'hl. ,. M.":-irv.
K. I. Fiioley. Cli-oili & Rii-.i.i-I. I'atliarine' Fai.il.-y,
Saniie l Zim iktbiiii. c..t!i-..ih a kui.iH l. ..... ii!i i is: -Cr
ii.- l ... ...... ......... . . . . 1 . . r '
t'hl anl KM'!it7,
Mtnuel P. Snv.ier.
.... ... nrim a i i... i
V.inh'irn x L.ist..u.
ll.-riry- I.-rfen irver,
Is.liie Hil;-it
o the cm! that ail eases now s.t f..r trlnl at
I ...!..
f. r a pan. ! of thirty tii jiir-T lor an a.i li i. n.O
,. ... ii. MI ..... 4 n ui r ei-ru-irv. ... -t n.-r w li n an ..: a -r
rars ! the first .mi-cn I week that may nt le r-.i-.-lie.!. are h-r-hv or i.-ri'.! for trial it the sii I a I-
liiional week. No ease on the trla! lis: h i 1 be e.n-iniie. ex-.-ep; hir l-.ive ..f t art or pr ip r e.nts
shown. Cases se fT trial .hi any pan ialar .lay m-tst be re-i-iv ..r :rl ti at ha!r iit eiate. .!.' a.
; ui. of thi .lay flxe.l, an l non sua.-- ar..i v.-r.ii.-is will ! e en on.-e i :te.-.ir.:in'lv. in- ,,r ir ..i ih.-1 '..or:
lieeeml.erlM. IsTj.
Commission Merchants
153 AY. PKATT trcct,
Vi e are in want of GLADES BUTTER and promise the
same promptness in making good returns as in seasons past.
Lileral advances made upon shipments when desired.
Cards can be had at Express office, and Stores.
Vorv respectfully,
" O W E X S & S ( ' () T T.
ScptemWr 21), 1ST .
No. 54 South Street.
The largo and regular trade that we have Cr Butter all
the year round offers superior inducements for Arerchants and
Dairymen to ship their Butter to us and we respectfully solid
their favors promising strict
prompt sales and check for proceeds.
-Most respectfully,
15. I3rotfcc Xyc-:? a& CJ;.
N. B. Our Shipping Cards can be had at all the Express
September 22, 1ST-).
75 WATCHES 70.
COI'.AL. ONYX. l'KAltl.
AND (iOI.I. J i:YKI Al Y
s CLtxJKS.
XKCK I .At ' Kst, 'Itt ist K.-4
75 BRONZES. 75
Xo. V SmlthjhU Street,
Beiw-eo F-r:l nJ Fiflb Avenao? .
IK-.-, l.t.
7. x
3 . SI
11.-. '
Hi Tcb.
Pi -t.iS
Jt -ie
P. ami C
r.ai:rn.i r.i s-'pu
John U h'.l.lv.
K- lix k Ail.s.':;.
Pre.i. Kn-x-T e: al.,
t h is A iiii ens, n,
ar..n F. B.ik' r i 1
.J.'hn Kosenhaum.
J. I. -tll.-liaels.
11. C .Milt.-ntraer,
H.iniey W'vl'hoi.
A arm F. Halter it al so '
P.O. a .Mars H-.llv. 41V
Citizens' i M Kenu'ir: An.
Co.. !
Riers and O.ffmfh,
'of.rwth it lii
li I.lv It I!
.Coiiroiha Koppet,
Col!r..h a Kuppel,
F. T. Pain er. 4...
J.isep V'a.irw,.rth U. i-l
i wile
Joseph V.'a isirortli a J
I wile,
Ilerin in P rk. v. t-
: Ana:. .Me.!ary e't at. Va
J a. J. Waio r et si. lv
X -v.
TUkt'. Aar nWalk -r. 1T3 Jan. 1 C '
Kacrs, Heriuaa Watk.-r, ,17! ilo
Colborns, J .bn O'Connor, ,
ItUL. ('.('., .e:iiMi..-:i. aiT ' .1,.
I I -a i-.- Huirus, -Jl j J,,
Wcy.inl. Weyiin l i Pi.nu SS' '
Hay. .1 ..ia rn. in Hi-Uir. 'I U . it.. 7
I'ollroia Ku; ;..-!, K -.ir! a Fearl. :il " .1., ;
K..iiti. P.iit. u a tlaxt.-r. :ts ' .).. -'
J . O. Kin III. 1. i itil '..:n, 44s " .!., '
iys-uix. I' m l J. II. rneret al 471 " ilo j
Kisinrz, C riis Mever's a.hnr.. 5o7 ; ilo i
K's.nlz. S.uiio. " ,V.H ' .h.
Kiiili. Same. U V ' .!.
CoSr-.ih a Itnj.p. !. ft n-et Pi-kin:-. il - Jo '
t -ill's nisai:.! K " i.'r. aiill.-r. .Uill.-r. un.l ibs ' .... ,
e -rs
K i s-r. K J. lt.iter a 1'.... fi " ,:, I
C. roh a r?.ij pel. S'. hleraM-Kirlanl 67 i .1..
C llr.tha h'lppei. Henry S. D .nu'es. iT.i ' .1.
Hairs a C- !!r . h. 1'i-ki'r.z a Saiiiier. isi - ,!
1-i' A;-.r.
uro: ii a lou-fiel. A lex. t ..II rut li.
Ci.lir jai tt Unppil, I'ar.-.-n it Pi.-kinsr.
Colle.rr.s, An Irew Ib.wlin.
t 'a-'ter an l M ihan.
t,'"Hr..th a P.tpp"!. J .lei Ans;.a-h. )r.,
Jauu - irv Term niav h,. tri,' i .-eVae.. u h .rei. ,.r i,.r.. l
rilS. Il -tirv ll..:.r T V'
H-e.-k'of I ' niri h.'-irOOn-j on tionOay on tii -7-h ..I Fev
F. J. KtiosKli.
attention to all sent in with.
TUB Besli
We are fnrnNhinirthe tn-st
an.l most ea-siiv
liaifencyin the w.irl.l
eni; bave always
most snecesslul
iD I fTaTii anO we hav aOie.1 new an.l
A V I IM I Xree,:iiiiiyakire.' iri.lie-e-
W I I Yh IT m-nts. reipiirinironlv ino-l-
XI 1 Hi U l"ee n-l application f..r
ny one, or eitiier sex.
ii ike a really hrst class
paying bii-incs for them
ss lves. We irive, ex lusiie
terrlmrv. furnish the h-st
t-sils tn work wi:h, irire the l irir'.t cash pay. S :n-l
yotirname tn.l ablress lor circulars, terms, eie.
Aifnis no matter what y.m are.ioiiic sva I u us
for parik-ulars. Ail.lress,
Publlt nvb is hereby rIv Ibit an a; p!!. i
tt.n will bo ina.lv at the eomfnx session ..i the
Oenenl Assembly f..r tbe passage of an aetecti
tle4 - n A.n b iinprive the bree I of hrses In
Somerset e twey. sn.1 resinitinir the keeiwrs vi
s'.al.ii ns to t bit for servlee u mares In saul coun
ty t j Uk me n nnnuil !W-ense there'i.r." Tho
object of tlie t ill re full? s-t forth In the title.
A LEX. C It N r K Y M A X,
itecli t i Et lit! i E S KCHLKK,
.:J.l.'j,l.; .'..i-

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