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New York, March 23. 1S7C.
new the poor live. .
A friend Uie.y bad a delinquent
arhi r ina, nd not Cudingescus
es faiirf(.-trj ha t-hirtt, wt ut
vuL mt t hum her op, not mure out
of cun riij to 6ud the clothes, than
to M-e f.T .urlvfs how the poor
live. Htr addrera waft a narrow
btrct uf a d"Z'o Mock, in the heart
of down town, aad riiere was not a
it cm Lu'lJiup iu it. The pavement
wi-re rt i n with (rarbsjte, and the
h.u-f8 t-taiutd wrb lops thrown
fr in the uinduws. The w.man wa
in a crh7.v eld w.H.den teoemint i
it-ar .".f the- .ne fronlinff u the
sin-it. and ju t.-u-qiinee bad jut a
1- : . J i; .1.. il Hillllli Jo t"
11.1 ilir Mil J n: ui - "
live We f-uud b.-r ia a room ten i'J
.tv.lre, with a t.-d. warb-tnb.
rtv, and a boiler ",.rDer8'
l.-avit. ju.t r.H.in i.i w..rm .-ne 8 way
be.ee. ll-er H X pr n 8D and
. li.J. pnUai on ibe bed; there was
u.. i-nair, and .(? f wet clothe-
L .....
.,r...rr Ifieir Deau. rui
rn. a..d cl.mel for the by to sleep
j., lv paid vifli dollar a month
r,L' her h.-lemeaa-of living being
Lit iouV wag.-, as a boy in a grocery
More at four dollars a week, the
waging fr -in one family, aud a trifle
(,r help from J-er daughter, bo got
... ...i ..iiur. .ml tif.v centra week an
Wni:tl. in an up own bouse. In
p.,,,i ,. making away with the
,.;,!r,.-e a we Mippoped, we found
t , i,u-tind had leen cick with fee
, r mioI itie d H-ior fiad forbidden ber
;,,'m-m! eu flolten out of the house.
Ti..- h r could not get through the
b ou.-e. t lie riiius were out of order,
and the blench iu theeutrieo was so
hi. keiiinir that we Aereuot surpribed
1 1 1,, ar that there as diphtheria and
Mi.i.ll-pox in the block. The roan
U,i iieen H tit to ti e huhpital to die.
au l the h 'UM- cleaned aud d'lMafectr
l.v the hoard or health, but it
e-.uUl hardly he kept cleau by mortal
li.m-l-, aitd'tiever healthy. Comfort!
Tl.e-e'people never t-xpect that. All
lh. cm lo'pe lor is the barest poi-,l.-'l.ft
i hare a id uuked that a
meal i b iiiethiii to be dated
from, and the p .eniou ;f a dollar
a mnt n r to he reinemlered. And the j
,i .,f nut lifer The bor-pital first,
ntui Poller's field ufierard. That'
iii! 1,. ie i? ubotn it.
1'u ii-K a block of ruinou build-in--
mi h'.ieet hv the river, I B.-k-i
1 ti e owrer hy he oidu't tear it
n. til.. I I'lold hOUietljiti. dlcrut.
II.. i.. I." in- huii hinir the notion to
H i, tliui i-ui-h property the
in -t (irotituUi- in the eity. It eosi
i,. i i.n.ir in L.-iii k iu renair. fr he
in vit luuile any repairs, nd il wa-Uiinh-'i
into i..(!);iiiLrs, twelre feet
cpaiire, or, a fe twelve by eighieeu,
and they were a!ayi full. There
A rent, f-r the money
wasaUaya (iemaiided in advance,
and if hv the uext mouth the tenant
wa ijtia'hle to pay, the agrtit bundled
him out into ihe Hreet, and there
ui-re aUav- plenty to luke his place.
There are tauiilie on F if l b avenue
m ho hve iticoiuea MXty thoU-naud a
year, fr-iiu ju-l curb property, and
ihi-y ant no lei er. What a horrid
Contrast helweeullie fanlidious mein-
r of a fa-hionalili' club who rolU
duvu to his .1? in his roupe, of a
iii irnniir. fr uii hi luxurious, picture
Iihui; h inn- in i be bright, wide up
t i'u Ftr-ei, uud the fever Wented
dens where verty-tricken wretch
es toil their lives away, to earn the
price ol his luxuries. When will
Moody aud Saukey lub r, that meuV
heartn may bn a ifteued toward their
km! tud take fr their text, "Your
g il.l in corrupt d, and your riches are
inO li-eateii "
That Ja tJ -uld did Ifet a cutruU
in luieiesi mihe New York Tribune,
eviTvb ly la-lieves, aud that be is
sick of his bariu evcrbody believes.
Jav ( iuld is a tredit-ii'loux man, but
heii-ii. il alt tgether iulalliahla. He
wauled a big paier iu biscoutrol that
he luitit uijuiiu'-'e the stock mar
ket, and he took advantage of the
trouble thai followed the death of
.Mr Ureoley to gobble the Tribune,
or enough of lis s.,ock to have au in
tiiji nce iu it, the Ilea being that he
could have this st x k written up, or
thai one written down, and thereby
put money ia his purse. Cut the
thiug du'u't work. Mr. Reid did not
yield to tbe behest of the slock-kiuif,
aud the Tribune did uot bee me a
mere iusliuuieiu iu his bauds And
ti.jw U u'.d Wiiii's to el out. Tbe
KDeculatiou did not uav aft well as
Wall Street in fact II did not pay at
a'l. for biui. tie did uot want uews
iiam-r slock unless he could use it to
l . l.. ..i l...r i.. L hmiI w hioi lh Tri-
hd.ii: would not Jo that, bin interest
was at auend. Therefore lV'id petarid
of thissteucb. and tbe Trtbunr, freed
from the odium that attaches to lb
verv uame of Gould, willjret back its
place, iu the hearts of tbe pople. Tb
Tribune, was a creat power, and
uow ibal it ia to Ik? treed from the
reiuiiaiioii if (Jjuldisiu. it will Je
Tiie M odv aud Saukey meeting!
ur ii.. more a success ill New York
lhau i hey were iu Brooklyn Tb
uuiuliers iu allcudauce are as great as
ever, but the effect produced is noth
in Aud the really religious people
uf the hoto who were lcstra
lueuial iu binding them here, are re
neuuuir ot their uariran. Aloouv is a
coan-e luau, though earnest and bou
est aud his mauner aud method re
ive! rather than attract. He has a
trick ut laiuiliarttv when be speaks
of the D-iiy tbatbhocks the sense of
anv devoui Dcron. and be has a bul-
hiu.r. i-waieriur wav wi.h bimlhat
laauyihiug bat plea-a it. He is a
very short, crusty aud dictatorial in
hia duabuga with tbe clergy, lacking
euurely that lueekuesa tbal is eo im
p .nam au lu ui iu the Christian make-
Ui baukey aingiug is QeiigDUui
for a time, Out I ke everything that
lacks ihe tihucioles of true art, it
gets fearfully tiresome in a little while.
Ji ia laiucuiai.le. fact that ninety-
iiiue buudredtbs of tne people in ai
leudauce are religious people the
biuuers ttay carefully away aud nev
er go.
The revivals ia other parts of tbe
citv are more succeesful. Dwyerand
Collier are preaching in tbe slums of
aduaut Street With marked tuccre,
f r tbey have gone wberi the sinners
are. aud forced them to listen to tbe
gospel Several of the large church
es beeiug ibat Moody and San key
must fail "o produce auy effect, are
arrauging for revivals in tbe regular
way iu ibeir own churches, where
they can work more directly upon
the people, and where families can be
ucceiiully used. The winter is
goue, but tbe religous element does
not despair of making some bead
way yet. At all erenu tbey mean
to try it.
During tbe week hid been excep
tionally dull, aud it will doubtless
stay so tdl the spring op. na. Tbe
merchants are puzzled to know why
itiPo. t0jc j-iblvr. who is doing
nothing showed me a letter from
hauler in a western city ccroplaininff
that the ineMtuti.-n naa
idle and l mif notCii(r,
aua ue
So it can't be the M-arcity of money
that make the dullu -f trade.
The fact is uo one ba confidence in
ufthiott, and nothing U beinfr en
n'trd in w York U not going t,
SSmfrom the pre?
Tcnndence restored, and when
,bat be ibe i"t w" can tteIK
The affair of the 22nd. waa, rery ap
propriately, the reception in couu
LnLal drew at the Academy of
Music, ahicb not to fee was 10 regrCl
'for the rest of tbe century, if one
f sb-.uld live eo long Tbree hundred
ladies aud gentlemen of the best cir
cles not only of New York, bat of
the Union. wore the full dress of
i be old time, ad a pretty eight it
was. Tbe Daadsomo men of the
clubi in luxurious coon-dress, with
satin knee-breeches with purple and
maroon velvet coais, lace ruffles aod
buckled shoes, the ladies lovlier than
ever in saiia petticoats, with brocade
overdresses, tbetr heads elaborately
built uu, with powder and plumes,
iorU nd flowerp. The beaux, it is
said, round the arcss so oecomiug
that tbey put it off with a sigh of re
irrnf 1 hnr. f hrv rould not wear knef)-
breeches to saow a Danasome leg, or
tbe ruffles which set off a soft aristo-
rratir hand amaziodv. There were
dresses worn at the Academy, which
figured at Lady Washington's even
inirs. fi.'ht v vears before, and one for
tunate lad v, it is said wore a flounce
which was part of the matchless lace
ordered for Maria Louise, by Napo
leon himself, who was a connoisneur,
It wa9 not generally surmised, how.
ever, that the flounce in question,
was Dart of the Empress' bed bang-
iug though it was a remarkable fine
piece of Mechlin. The Academy
was densly packed, and tbe receipts
must have beeu most gratifying for
the charity in aid of which the re
ception was designed, for fashionable
New York views its gayct-t festivities
with the eanciion of charity. Twen
ty thousand tickets were sold at five
dollars apiece, aud the result was that
hundreds of bolder of tickets on
seeing the crowd, went home, with
out trying to enter, it was worth tbe
crush, to (ee the minuet danced by
two dozen couples, trained for the
occasion by a fashionable Fifth Ave
nue dancing na icr. The legant
movements, the sinkings aud powtur-itilT-,
every turn of which was lovely.
were very unlike the angular rusues
w hich passes for dancing nowadays.
Then the courtly three hundred Died
off, tbri.uirb a covered way, buiit
across the Mrect for tbe eveni-ig, to
ihe tea tables in Irving Hall, where
it was the tbinir to resale one's part
ner witb tea at t w o dollars a cup, and
biiv the run and wiucer, fitcsimilea -f
Martha Washington's own teasel, for
another dollar.
To a successful artist is to be a
favorite ot fortune The art-mania
with ur rich collectors, who buy
their pictures by airent. as a specu
lation, is well-nigh s exiravairaut as
ihe tulip mania of the last century,
when fortunes were offered for a ein-
. I, - o i.. i :.i
cie. num. .ir. oiewan laieij. iiu
$76,000 for a painting by a celebrated
Freueb artist, and very kindly oUer-
ed to throw his gallery open to the
public, one uftero'sin a week. For
eign artis's are determined not to
lose good priees for the want ot ask
ing. At tbe exhibition of water col
ors now open, tbe finest efforts of our
best artists, men like Ssamuel t-oiman
and Swayne Gifford, rarely venture
above $700, while some wonderfully
scrawly pictures of voluptuous wo
men with equally voluptuous couch
hangings, in w hich tbe artist had con
trived to make the woma I look as
luxurious as the damasks, aod tbe
damasks, somehow, as licentuous as
the wo.uan, were tacked with the
price of $1 000 apiece. Will culti
vated A mericaus hive the judgm at
to bbow tbece artisis that this touo
trv is not tbe backdoor by which
they are :o discharge all their artistic
rubbish "
The bonnets for Spring will be
largely of straw, trim oK-d with vel
vet, and tbe shapes curve protecting
Iv round 1 1 head. The first impor
tationsof Dress goods are merely last
Fall's sty les, lighter i hbade and fa
brick, to suit the ctanges of March
The loog souare overskirts open to
the back, trimmed all round with fine
pleaiiug. aud drawn into easv
folds across tbe front by pleats at the
Mde, and held oge' ber with large
bows behind the seam ou tbe new
suits. Tbe long polonaise with long
sides eaught together in the back, is
the laiest and favorite style, very be
c uuiug and economical too. For
the house, nothing is so much in style
as'tbe gorded drs with full skirt in
the back, and the least irimmiug tbat
the fabric demands.
rmrlaia Matarnl llmorr.
Froirs. toads and serpents never
take auy f..d but that which they are
satisfied is alive.
When a bee, wasp, or hornet stings
it ia uearly always ai the expense of
its life.
Serpents arc so tenacious of life
that tbey will live six mouths or lon
ger without food.
Turtles dig holes on tbe seashore
and bury their eggs covering them to
be hatched by the sun.
Lobsters are very pugnacious, and
Ggbt severe battles. If they looJ'e a
claw, another grows out. i
A siugle codfish produces more
lhau a million of eggs in a season.
A w bale suckles its young and is
therefore not a fish. Tbe mother's
affection is remarkable.
Toads become torpid in the winter
and bide themselves, taking no food
f-r five or six mouths.
Serpcuts of all species hed their
skins aunually, like sea crabs and
It is believed tbat croc'liIcslive to
be a buudred years old. The Egyp
tians embalm them.
Tbe bead or a rattlesnake has been
known to inflict a fatal wound after
being severed from the body.
If the eye of a newt is put out,
another one is restored by rapid
Fishes have no eyelids, and neces
sarily sleep with ibeir eyes open.
Alligators fall into a lethargic sleep,
during the winter, like toads.
The power of serpents to charm
birds and small Quadrupeds is a well
authenticated fact.
There are agricultural ants in Tex
as that actually plant grain, and
reap and store the harvest.
iMroit policemen don't fee as to be
"7 Rood n arksmen. ul want you
either to bit me or tUp making such
a blamed racket," said a thief in city,
at whom a policeman was shooting.
Be contented witb wbat yoa " have
until yoa see a chance ofgotungmore. :
Am Ealkwslaatlc MlaaloMr.
The Auburn Advertiser prints a
private letter from Rer. Ilachalian
Burt, of that city, who ia now sta
tioned by the Protestant Episcopal
Church at White Hirer, Dakota Ter
ritory. It ia dated Jan 5, 1376, and
read thus:
"I fcaid 1 would write again uooa,
therefore 1 will keep my word, and
try and gire yoa an account of how
I am situated this Winter, for my
life is a peculiar one. 1 am taking a
retreat, aa it were, fur a tew uiouiua.
I do uot ce any white people some-
times for wetks at a time. Occaeiuu
ally one or more paoa by on a tuut
iug expediti n or tbe like. My sole
compauious are the Indians. 1 have
my log bouse, whicn ia not very large,
(twenty by fifteen feet,) very pleas
antly arrauged aud oruauieuied with
pictures, which together witb my
books aaake the room very pleasant.
The floor is not very good. You
can hardly imagine bow uiy quarters
look unless you think of a barn or
shed very low, about seven feet ou
tbe inside, with rough boards for a
floor, and very poor oues at tbat,
with white cloths tacked up airaiusi
the walls filled with pictures of all
kinds, mostly colored, representing
horses, cows, a man hauiiug Ws,
making hay, a baru-yard sceno, aud
two pictures of Joseph ISraus, the
chief of the Six Nations, taken from
loose two doors, bis me, wbicn no
doubt yoa remember. There are
also some colored pictures represeut
ing David killing the lion. Noah
Coming out of the ark, the shepherds
at Bethlehem; and also a picture rep
resenting the Good bhepberd, uu
merous scriptural texts in tbe Dakota
dialect. 1 have also a picture ot bt.
Peter's Church of Auburn, as it was
before the last repairing. Ihose
with my ABC chart from which i
teacb, quite till up tbe walla. Ou
uuy table, which is home-made, is my
lamp, tbe old student s lamp w bicb 1
bad at Middletown, picture books, a
elate auda lot of stereoscopic views,
with a glass, aud my long ludiau
pipe with a box containing tobacco.
1 bave a wriliug desk besiues, wbicU
I keep locked, except, of course wtuu
1 am using It. My book-shelves are
made out of the boxes iu which 1
broUirht mv books. 1 have three
chairs, aud when these are tilled the
people sit ou board exteudiug from
oue box to another. 1 be-e are iu v
beaches for the cbildreu at school
aud ou Sundays. Wheu ibese tx-utues
are filled the remainder sit uu tbe
tbe floor, wbicb seems very oaiuiai
to '.hem. Tbey ofieu preler that
to a chair. Ou Suudavs 1 cbauge uiy
abode iuto a cbureb by putiiugablue
oread on the table, which tht-u
serves as an ahar or kueeliug dcrk,
aud piace a small bu of carpel before,
w bicb slater Auua gave me to put be
fore my bed. There la bui oue w in
dow, aud ibis is a small oue, a stogie
oaoh coulaiulug six paues, til 10. Tue
roof is of bav aud dirt, like the rols
uf all log bouses. Tbe bouse is
cbiuked (as tbey term it) witb a yel
low mud, so tbat at a dictauce it bao
tbe appearauce of a patuied bouse
li slauds all alouo lu a large opi-u
space or bottom laud aa we call iu
Uut in trout a dtsiauce of about. I eu-
ly rods iu tbe large held w here the
ludiau plants beyuud this iu the lim
ber, are tbe lndiau tupees, aiuoug
which is Little Pheasants,' where 1
I must give you some idea of how
1 live, tbat is, eau My bid uf fare,
as a rule, consists of coffee, uo milk.
bread, aud boiled uiaet. 1 beae tbe)
receive from the ageut. Wheu these
rations run low, wbicb always oc
curs every two weeks, jusi before
ibe time for issuiug, we live ou boil
ed corn. If the coffee is used up aud
plenty of sugar is bad, we bave wild
cherry bark or rosebuds steeped for
drink. 1 like both ut ibcut very
much. Wo bave plenty uf venisou
1 always keep some crackers, cauued
fruit or dried, aud a few sucD things
on band as a resort iu case the lu
diau fare runs very low. la fact 1
steep some dried fruit, such as cher
ries, currants, or apricots every day,
from which I eat.
Wbeu 1 go to my meals 1 alwayo
fiud a blauket or pillow placed lor uic
ia the bouorable posuiou opposite
tbt door ot the topee. Ou my rigbi
is Little Pneasaut acd wile, aud ou
uif left bis tittle boy, wbo is lauie,
aud bis daughter, a juuug aud qui te
pidly ludiau maiden. 1 bave a six
quan tiu pan from wbicb I eat uiy
meal and bread, au I two piui pau
for tbe coffee or lea. Tuese, w itb my
buicberkuife aud fork, coustuuie uiy
diabes. 1 always enjoy my meal.
very much. Tbey always wan loi
we aud we all eat together, Uei
which 1 smoke with Liule -Puearaui
aud talk, be telling uf ibe old Uay -wben
there was uo wbue uiru, au i i
in turu lelliug tbe cuiuis ol uu
white people. He is a very pleasau.
aud agreeable bust.
Tbift is my mode of living; akuouu
iu many respects rather agreeable,
ii w.li prubablv counuue only uuai
Spnug, al wbicb lime ibe ageucy win
be moved al or near tbia place, li
was uecessary to live iu ibis way
ibis Winter, if auy work was to U
doue among these ludiaus, wbicb
was very desirable. 1, loo, was
anxious to live for a time, al least.
jusi like the ludiaus. for tbe sake ul
learning their lauguage aud their
ways. Although 1 mist the society
of whito people, yet I am uot sorry
tbat I began this Winter's retreat.
Tbe lndiau question is a great oue,
at least to tbe Indians auu I boa.
whites living near tbeui, aud I am
desiruus of being well iuforuied as to
tbe real condition of affairs."
Abwrlalaal Wamlca L.
A discovery baa lately been made
on au ieLud in tbe Missisippi. w hich
shows tbat tbe Aborgines uf Auien
ica were not wholly uuacquaiuied
with mechanical surgery, but occa
sionally wore wooden legs when de
prived of their natural limbs, la a
subterraneau cave hewn out ot aolid
rock many thousands of years ago,
was found, among other remarkable
articles, a skull as brown as polished
walnut, perfect ia every respect, aud
of extraordinary size, also au almost
complete skeleton with a woodeu leg.
Tbe fastenings of the artificial limb
consisted of petrified leather aud
bronze buckles. Tbe origiual leg ap
pears to have been removed ball
wsy between the hip and the knee.
This discovery is regarded as exceed
ingly interesting, as not only proving
that wooden extremities were fash
ionable in early ages, but that a
knowledge of bronze was among the
learning of the aborigines.
An Indianapolis cat got to playiug
witb a small turtle the other day,
and was having a nice time tumbling
it around, when suddenly the turtle'
jaws closed on the cat's tail. There
was some lively tumbling then ou
tbe part of the cat, lo aa accom
paniment of ber own selection.
Two btLrs after she was seen exam
ining th at- tail tenderly, e videu ily
wondering ft tbe piece would grow
oat again.
Tka Hweatlesi t thw frwltola
The Syracuse University Herald
Las made op tbe following table of
1 residwuts aud tbetr places of educa
lion, which isoueof interest: Wash
ington, good English education, but
never studied tbe ancient languages;
Adams, Harvard; Jefferson, William
and Mary; Madison, Princeton;
Monroe, William and Mary ; Adams,
J. Q , Harvard : Jackson, limited ed
uca'ion; Van Uuren, academic edu
cation ; Harrison, Hampden Sidney
College; Tvler, U illtam and Mary
l'.ilk, University of North Carolina;
fay lor, slightest rudiments ; Filmore,
not liberally educated ; Pierce, low
doin ; Buchanan. Dickinson; Lin
coln, education very limited ; John
son, self-educated : Uraut. West
Point. Monroe acd Harrison did
not graduate. Monroe left college to
join the Revolutionary army, ri
nancial reverses deprived Harrison of
a full course Polk was the oldest
when graduating, being twenty three.
Tjler tbe youugbt, seventeen;
Tbe majority graduated at twenty
this being tbe average age. Jeffer
son probably had tbe most liberal ed
ucation and broadest cultnre. It is
said tbat bis range of kuowledge
would compare favorably with tbat of
Burke. Tbe drill at est Point may
be considered eoual to a college
course, and in many respects superi
or. Iu discipline and mathematical
training it is not equaled by auy
American college. Counting Gener
al Grant, two-thirds of our Presi
deui's bave been college men. To be
sure the two whose name? bave be
come housebote words, Washington,
tbe Father, and Liuculn, the Martyr,
were not liberally educated : but
these were special missions. Tbey
live iu tbe affections of tbe nation
rather than iu tbe intellect, as em
bodied in the constitution aud laws
Tbeirs was to execute, Dot to mould.
ATblr.Iy Male.
ibe l loebe, Jiev., Jlecora, uner
reuouuiiug ibe journey ut a contrac
tor w ub a drove ut mules from Bel
moui iu 11 iko, where uo water was
to be bad for iwu days, ibus describes
tue txu'uo.uiuary effect ibe sceul ut
w atcr at Logau Soring bad ou Ibe
auimulo: luewUuleOody begau to
move forward aia good pace, lucieao
lUg ii us lue Biiiell of water grew
svmujjcr, uulll lUe wuoicberd was lu
a kecu iuu. ibe Bpriug was leacu-
eU, out tue watci' Uad lo be dipped Up
iu buckets, aud 11 became ueceaaaiy
lo kuuck dowu a uu tuber ot mules
w uu ciuua la older lo allow Ibe men
lo ,el lo ine spiiug. Uue mule craZ-
cii witb luast, Koiawav wilUlulUeeU
bJikila ut Aatl-r, aud bad lo be club-
OiUav iu uiucr lo allow some
otUer poaacesor ot a pair of long ears
a cuauce. He wcuiuui aud look a
rob, came buck aud wauled more.
1 bv bucaekbeld tour gallous aud be
would get away WitU uue at a gulp.
I!rllu llinvoi 1-rrll.
Tue Graud Theater al Yieuua was
crowded. ibe tuiucrut iMaucls,
with several uieiubcts uf bis lamily,
waa lu ibe imperial boX. Tbe play,
ocbiiler's "Kobuer," had reached its
tbird act, wbeu a cry arose Ibat Ibe
eiagn was uu tire, tuiiie Uevrieut
siguaied at uuce tbe proprietor, who
lowered ibe curiam. Tbe actor slep
piug iu lioui ut ii ere il wholly felt,
iu uis clear, clariou voice said : "Tue
iuiperur baa beeu dispoiled of au
aigiett ul dlamouda. O boueol
ovi Sou will object lo bulug searcbed.
lou will pasa out uue by uue al eavu
eutrauc , aud be oeaicbed by Ibe po
lice oialloued al the several dours.
Auy mau try lug io gel out uf order
w til be ai rested. ' lue crowd, Uc-
ceivcd by ibe cooluess aud tbe
cuarge poured uui. As eaub uue
leacucd lUe dour be Was oiuioly lold
buny uu, aud Jusi as Ibe lael rows
uf lue uouer Kallerv Wcie bliug uut
tue Uamea burst ibrougU ibe curiaiu.
But uot a li le was loot, tbougb lu
leas lUau au hour alter ards tbe
Oulldiug was lu luiuo.
We All llae t'aalts.
He who boasts ot beiug perfect is
perlect lu tody. 1 bave beeu a gooO
ueal up aud aud dowu iu IU0 Wui'lu,
aud bave uctet" seeu euuer a penect
uoioe, ol a oeilect mat., aud uevci
ouaii Uui.il two ftuuuays coote togctU-
er. 1 ou cuuuot $;ei w bite Uoui uui
vt a UOal sack, uot peilvctluu uut ui
uuuiau nature: be wbo louka tor it
uau belter lout lor sugar lu ibe oca,
Ibe old sayiug Is, "Lifclees." Oi
ucad meu we sbuuld say uulblug but
good, but aa lor Ibe living, tbey are
1 luiieu, more or less, witb Ibe
uiack biUsu, aud bait au eye Cau see
it. Kveiy ueud baa a suit piace lu It,
ami etcip bcait baa its btacK dioo.
iutKij tune baa I to pnck.es, auu
t ij uay its ulgbt. Lveu lUe suu
euuMo bvto, auU tbe skies are Uaik
tutu Wuii clouus. .NoOouy is
ise bUt be bio ioilj cuougu lo stock
a ata.t ul auiiy fair. v here 1
CuUid uot bee ibe tool a-cap. 1 bate,
uctei'tbciesa beaid lUe bells jiugie.
Aa Ibcie is Uo auusblue without souie
cuadow, eo la uli huuiau batuie
uiijtiu up uuu more or leas eii;
eveu puoi law guaidiaus have lUeti
uttic iatiiuga, aud parlsb bcauies are
uutwboiiy ul beveuly uature. ibe
beat wiue baa Its lees. All Uieu'e
laults are uut writ leu uu thc.r ItTe
ueaus, aud u's quite as well ibey are
uot, or bats would need wide brims;
yet as sure as eggs are eggs, faults ul
some son ueatle lu every uiau'a bo-
m. Tbere's uo lelliug W beu a
uiau's sius may sbow themselves, tut
buies pop out ul a dltcb junt wbeu
you ..re uot looking tor iheui. A
uorse that is weak iu tbe legs may
uui stumble tor a mile or iwo, but lis
iu hlui, aud Ihe rider bad belter bold
Dim up well, 'lbeiabby cat is Uot
lappiug milk jusi una, but leave Ibe
Uaiiy door upeu, aud we will see It,
Sue is uui as bad a ibief as tbe kilteu. 1
1 oeie's nre lu tbe flint, cool as ii
looks; wait ml ibe steel gets a kuuck
at it, aud you will see. Everybody
cau lead mat riddle, but ii is but
everybody tbat will remember to
keep bis gunpowder uutut tbe caudle.
John J'louyhman
falversal Eaarallaa
In a Guveruuieui like ours, eacb
individual must Ibiuk of ibe Weilare
of the Stale, as well as uf ibe
welfare of bis uwu familv, aud there -
lure uf tbe children of others as well
as bis uwu. It becomes, then, a
muiueuiuus question whether ibe
cbildreu uf uur schools are educated
iu rcfereuce to themselves aud their
private iuterests only, or with a re
gard to the great social duties aud
preiogatives ibat a wail them iu after
life. Are tbey bo educated tbat
when they grow up tbey will make
belter Christians, or only grander
savages? for, however loftily the in
tellect uf iuau may bave beeu gifted,
now ever skilfully u may have . beeu
rained, if it be bol gul ed by a scu.-e
ol jusii-e, a love ot mankiud, aud a
uetouou to uuij, iu possessor is uu-
It a more splendid, as be is a more i
dangerous barbarian. Horace Mann,
A Baaaaa Baaae(-
The San Francisco Call gives the
following account of tbe recent ban
quet to Senator Sharon: A highly
picturesque banquet was given in
one of the corner suits on tbe first
floor of the Palace Hotel last even
ing. It wasa feast io many reppects
which challenges description. ( The
dinner, as it was modestly designated
on the bills of fare, was given to Wil
liam Sharon, a Uuited States Sena
tor frotj the State of Nevada. Of
the select company which cat down
at the table, more than half tbe num
ber were milliunairs, and tbe otber
half could count their wealth in hun
dreds of thousands of trade dollars.
Ia richness ot viauds, exquisite beau
ty of the floral and other decorations,
table adornments, glitter of silver
ware and essentials of a lavish dis
play of opulence, it is safe to say that
tbe dinner last nitrbt to Senator
Sharon has never been surpassed.
With such an accomplished aud
veteran caterer as Warren Iceland.
the Hotel King of America, it could
not bave teen otherwise.
When tbe banquet was in progress
tbe scene preseuted was one of rare
splendor. Tbe band of tbe florist
bad transformed tbe aparitreut iuto
a bewitching grotto in fairy laud
Upon tbe snowy cloth were arranged
bright flowers in reckless prof u -ion.
while, ming log with fruit, flowers
and wondrous dishes, tbe bright sil
verware glittered in the light of nu
merous gas jets and tbe soft rays of
fifty-four wax candles rising from ra
diant candelabra. Tbe recesses
formed by the bow-windows were
turned into beautiful conservatories,
aod a delicious effect was produced
by placing large mirrors against tbe
windows as a background for tbe
plants. Tbe reflection of tbe foliage
caused tbe windows to appear to ibe
eye as so many entrances to tbe
green-bouses of great depth, thus im
parting tbe borrowed enchantment of
distance to the view. In one win
dow was a little grove of orange
trees and banauna plants; another
was a miniature forest of tropical
palms bending gracefully to the car
pet, aod a third recess was filled
witb ferns of every description, en
rapturing to the vision. The walls
were bung with paintings of figures,
and landscapes, while eighteen cage?,
filled with golden-winged feathered
songsters, were suspended from tbe
ceilings at appropriate intervals.
Mammoth ornamental bronzes of
costly make and vases filled with
palms greeted tbe eye at every turn.
It was in such an apartment tbat Mr.
Sharon's "old friends of tbe Coiu-
stor-k Lode" broke bread with hitu
last night.
Each gentleman seated around the
festive board found, near his napkin,
bill of fare engraved upon a heavy
plate of silver, dug from the Corn-
stock Lode, and highly polished.
These were gotton up in artistic
style at a cost of over $10 each,
measured abou 6x4 J inches, of a I
quarter of a dollar's tbickuess An j
legan' border was engraved on each
side of tbe plate, enclosing tbe read-
ng matter.
FrK ! Dlantal Swamp.
Alexander Hunter, ia the course
uf aa inieresliug letter to "Forest and
Stream," descriptive of the Dismal
Swamp, says:
frogs, ('blood uounds,'; as the
boyacall hem) ! bappy lite
here, aud die ut uld age iu tbe swamp.
1'bey are a jovial sei, eveu it ibey
bave diecordaut voices; ibey keep
late bours, aud all ulgbl loug Ibey
talk, gossip, wbuop, balloa, make
stump speeches, aud slug byuius, lo
tbeir uwu r real satlstactlvu, al leaol
uutil "ibe wee, email hours ayaut
tue twal.
It some wicked fairy ui the sw amp,
or some waicbiug Circe, wjuo was
wuul to trausfoim meu iulo suuge
shapes like tbal fasciaatlug aud
aucieul Coquet did to Ulysses
Aragouaula, werelo suddeuly appear
lu me, aud Waviug ber magic waud
aruuud my bead, ask me uui uf pure
politeness w bat auluial or shape J
would be uieiauiorpboscd Iuto, 1
would, uubesilatiugly ask ber lady-
sbip lu tutu me Iuto a ti og, w bicb be
iug dobe, 1 would bave a couiiabip
aud au opera every uigbl uu my uwu
dt-couul iwo ibiuga iu Iblo woilu
tUat 1 moat deligbl lu. Ob, Ibose
irogsl Would tbat 1 could uudersinuu
tbeir lauguage. Tbey eviueutly duu'i
like lo be luuuiied upou.
Mauy a time wbeu there was
uearly a silence iu ihe swamp, aud
wbeu eeulimeulal frogs were gaziug
al ibe Uloou, eileul lu their reverie, 1
bave blundered iuto their privacy,
aud sucb a tremendous uproar woulu
make me sb ike in my boots. Tbe
Voices would squtak viXeuieh voices
ut waspish wives the boaise, eXpoa
tulaiury toues uf iho old pauiaicb,
wbo leseuted the lutrusiou tierce
abiupl cries of tbe tow u's gua'dlau,
Wbo, ilk our own city police, WtTe
mad as hornets al being a uku'ieJ
iroui ibeir stetp by uuiowurd com
motion aud ibe quavering voices ot
wandering lovers, wbo had evident
ly beeu silting up loug after ail good
trugs bad retired to rest, aud wbo,
uo doubt, feared tbat all this turmoil
would wake the old folks aud bnug
ibe bouse over tbeir ears. A Fieucb
uiau here would be ia bis elemeuu
Sucb glorious fellow fully twelve
lucbes lung tbat could be kuueked
iu the bead iu every braucb. 1
skiuued a pair of (I beg pardon)
well, Cash 11 all! of egs, aud fryiug
luetu, fouud tbey were daintier eat
ing than spring chicken.
Ashes lar Cattle.
The Lice Stock Journal bad a cor
respondent wbo fouud bis cattle
giveututbe habit ot eatiug wool,
cbewing bones, etc. They became
tbiu iu flesh, refused to eat hay, and
presented a sickly appearauce. He
bad uo impression Ujai tbeir food
lacked the coustitueuts for making
bone; and bis neighbors used boue
meal withuut ooticiug auy good re
sults wh nev er. At last be put abuat
four bushels of leached ashes lu bis
baruVard, aud threw out to them
aUout a ehuVel full eacb day. Tbey
all ate witb evideut relisb. After
turuiug them out to the patuie, he
put oue peck of dry ashes per w ek
uu tbe ground ia the pastuie. They
ale it all and guawed off the grass
where it had beeu lay iug. The cat
tle began to improve, gaiuiug flesh
aud lookiug belter lhau they bad tor
several years. He says this morbid
appearauce was uuu'-it'-ed years ago,
from tbe fact that the grouud was
Dew aud ashy from the burning ol
woods aud land clear iuga. Since
this discovery, be gives oue quart ot
salt mixed witb one quart ot asbs,
to twelve head of cattle about ouct
a week.
It is uow tbe correct thiug iu West-
eru journalism to say tbat a persou
wbo bas been shot ia the head bar
been "Carrntbed.,,
In Albany, a few days since, an
old rogue beat a young one, A man
stepped up to a juveoil boot black,
opposite tbe Stanwix, acd had a
"shine." He gave tbe youth a $5
"Hain't got change enough, cap'n,"
said tbe "shiner," displaying about
$2 in shin plasters.
"How much bave you?" asked tbe
"Lemme see," said the br.y. count
ing his money. "Je' $2 50."
"Give me that, and I will wait till
you get change," the etranger re
plied. .
Tbe youth grabbed the $5 bill,
gave his customer tbe $2 50, and as
he 'scooted' he was overheard to fsv
to his chum: "Jim, if I hain't Imck
in a few minutes, tell ibat. 'ere cj
cutuber tbal I have got run over and
smashed finer uor mince meat . lie
hain't much stuck ob! no."
As the boy departed the stranger
told Jim that he would !c in tbe of
fice of tbe Stanwix. across the way
where tbe "shiner' could bring him
bis change.
In a few minutes the boot black
came ruuuiiig back with tbe perspi
ration streaming dow u his face.
'Jiul,' said be to the boy, "where s
ibat 'ere fraudulent dekin? Bust, me
if he baiu'i shoved a 'queer' hill unto
me. 'Tain't worth the paper it's
printed ou,"aud he d-uiced about as
if he had lost a fortune. Jim told
oini that the stranger was at the
Stanwix, but a ten minutes search
failed to reward the youth Tbe
biter that was bit returned to his post
with a down-cast look, and was heard
to sav:
"Jim, tbat 'ere villain must belong
to the Whisky King. He was too
soon for this duck. Them skates
that 'ire caliker for the old woman,
and a dozen 'penny yahs' for this
'birrpiu' to smoke on Chris n a
gone up the flue, and iha. 'ere son-ot-a-gtin
has s;uck mo $2 50, when I
thought I had a 'soft thing' on his $5
bill. But I've learnt one thing, and
that is not to count uiy chickens agin
afore ihe old Ijpd has laid the eggs
set on. Shine 'em up, mister? On
ly ten cents "
The Lata Keverdjr Jubimon.
Io 1S45 Reverdv Johnson became
a member of the United States Sen
ate, but be resigned in 1S49 to accept
the office of Attorney General, by
appointment ot President Taylor.
Tbe circumstances of this appoint
ment have never been related in print,
-e believe, aud tbe anecdote will bear
Mr. William Ballard Preston of
Virginia, was from tbe first an active
partisan of Gen. Taylor, and in rne
of bis speeches boasted tbat be had
been the first man m-the country to
"mount Old Whitry and sbow off bis
paces." As a return for his services
to tbe party and to tbe President.
Gen. Taylor, with small knowledge
of meu, determined to make Preston
Attorney General. lr.s advisers
among the WhigSennti rs retuonstra
ted, urging Prestou's lack of great
legal ability and learning, but all to
no purpose. Tavlor was imniova
llo. WMliam S. Archer. Senator rom
Virginia, finally took the matter in
band, and calling upon the President,
be had a brief cut characteristic con
versation with bin) on the subject.
"I hear," be said, ' that you think
of making my friend Pres'on your
Attorney General."
"Yes," replied Taylor, "I do."
"Arc you aware of the fact," con
tinued the Senator, "that an Attor
ney General must represent the Gov
ern nei.t in tbe Supreme Court?"'
'Of course," sahl Taylor.
"Do you kn iw that he must there
meft Daniel Webster and Ueverd.v
Johnson as opposing counsel?"
"Certain! v," replied Tuylor, "wbat
ot that?"
"Nothing, except that they will
make a fool of your Attorney
Without another word, tb Vir
ginia Scuator took his leave, but he
bad made the desired impression.
Preston was appointed to another
place aud Keverdy Johnson becime
Attoruev General
Vlaaatle larnlat ia frna a.
James Young, of Middletown,
Dauphin county. Pa , does farming
mi a gigantic scale. His sales ot
wheat ibis Fall ami W.nter will ag
gregate $0,000; Lay, $4 000. The
yield of com ou bis Jnce this season
exceeds 10 000 bushels. Last Win
ter he fatteued for market 212 head
ot cattle. He believes iu sleaiuiog
food for his cattle, aud for that pur
pose has erected in one of bis capa
cious barus a boiier 9 feet b i ft h ,
witb a diameter of two aud oue-sixih
feet. Ii is twclve-borfe power, and
CSirivS slXiy pouuils of sleaiu. lie
buds that he cau Use inticb of bis
produce, by steaming it, that would
go uutoucbed in a raw or uupiepurcd
-tie. Prior the use if steam, it
look till the bay he could produce to
teed his cattle. Now he teeda jnore
catile lhau ever, and has large quan
tities of hay to sell. Last year he
sold over, two hundred tons. Mr
Young is about putting iu a teu-hor.-e
power eugiue to run his threshers,
fodder cutters, etc., and believe it
will be a great saving.
Tbe butter Mr. Y. manufactures in
of sosuperioraqualiiy it uever reaches
the general maikei, uud commands a
higher price tbau the best grades
quoted. His cows are principally
Alderueys, aud he has lurty ot ibis
breed as beuily alike as twiu sisters
eacb oue, iu addiliou to the othei
peculiarities of the breed, haviug
biack hoofs, a black tongue, and u
loug, babdsome, black-tipped tail.
Independent Journal.
low a Fat Bay IuPavnred Ihe Riillil
Img of the Mara 1'aual.
The Suez Canal was au old schctbe
of M de Lcsscps'ttud by he bad
submitted plan-for ils construction
the Porte, but the Irte d Cided that
luikeywas n t concerned, llow
ever wbeu Mohammed Said came to
te V iceroy of Egypt the French uuu
bad a trieud iu power, aud the wotk
Was OI deled to go on Wi CQ M de
Lesseps was a c msul in E.y.;, S.nd
was a great la; b -y. a .d his 'uib 1
M home; All, untuned al .-ei iug this
fa UrSs increase, bad b ui put ou 6
sir.cit d diet, aud used lo send biui
for two hours a dy to walk r uud
the thy, to skip w ub a n.pc, iu row
aud to climb ihe uiasis ut ships. Tbe
boy made fnebds with M de Inrseps
aud goi secret meals of iiijic .rout
irutu bis scrvauls. This w as Hie be
giuuiug of a friendship which led lo
-ucb memorable resubr; and il is a
curiuus iusiancu of hoiv greai things
audsmail are iuterwoveu iu the web
f life, that if Said Pa.-La bad bol
been a fat boy w ub a severe fstiber
M. lie It ssep.i' scheme inlbt have
-eu treated by hltu nh as little al
leutiou h ii wa. by the P,iru aud
wc should have had uu Suez Canal.
Subscribe for the Hibald.
Aew Advertisement.
No. 1, Bacr's Block,
are now In recptjit of a Muck uf frxt aJaptnl lu
the ornsnl wauu f tb p.pla. PuirhaPtJ lth
ip the lft tea tlav ami niura the .Ipcllnelli lh
Irtsi-sul Slailr9u l liHnutk-is they arc eaahletl
to offer epeclal iBilareoirnu to all In w:ml of jf.iodi
of ry -li-iioriiitiuu lo euro riety as eanrmt be
found anywhere elo in town, couisriilnK a ireo
cral ais..r:uicnt. Thejr rail special aileatioo to
ht-irlarjfea?5irtuient of
Cleached and Unbleached Muslins
in Cottonade, Double and
Irish Jeans, Satinets,
Cassiiiieres, Ac.,
in Plain and Corded Alpaccas, Pop
lins, Cashmeres, Frsnch
Merrinoes, 4c,
The licsiijsnrtitent of
Carjit-titigs and Oil Cloths
eTcrbrf-uht to town. A laricc ttook or Qurrns
ware. Keterniincil to be up tu ihe time, In assnrt-nient.9tylt-
ami prlm-n. re renpectfuHy enlMt a
call fnim tWe in Kant uf oods. feblg
Cook & Eeerits'
Flour and Feed
Wc would raojl r"peetral!y iiji.ionoe to our
irii-ivi? unu me pu'.i ic (tenerniij, in mo tiiwn anil
Tfclr.Hy of Sumcrff t, that we liuve njnr.l fur
NcwSture on
An'l in '! lltia loo fuil Unsof th lnt
('unlVetlonrrii', kollowt,
Tobaccos, C'isarx. Xi.,
We will en.ic:.T..r. ill tlrni !". : "t.ly jur ens
umiern with i..e
i; ;: s t q v k l i rv o f
it It AX, MllUiLINGS
And every tiling psrii:u!!i lo te jfOiJ i)trl
Also, a well Beletle.1 stork of
Hftjwjtro: Stoneware. WonilenwHre. Ilmst.ct of
I klmlr. and
Which we will n.l u ocap s,: the ciiimueKt.
PtewoaH. e.uiiti.e i ar if.nilsct all kin la, iu,d
w Biiiuii ifiiiu your own ju-iifnifnt.
Ilt n'l f.irifct where we uny
Hi MAIN lUiitss Street. Snmewt. P
ci. s. is:a
SAl'SVOhi PrpilINrj, IMiLfKTVA
Murk! faT TL-u tav T H .-
, - . ii v e.Ti.i .-.-iiHf
bS:lTEIll We.iri'T h.'pnhv ..... 1. .1.... i
marie ar-pliratinn t the S.-erciary of Iniernul Af-
I.III. mi . . mi-Mi 1:1: i mr n wurreni ii.r almnt 24
ncn-s of tinn.nH lan-l in 1'ainl Tp. Soiuem-I
eouiity. Pa.,ailj.iiiilim lnu,.f Thomu. Havakml
Joot Ruse mi tlio east, .laci h Kna' lc on the
siu:li. Atir ihim Wcirrr an i DaTi I Stwffer on
the w.-st, and Aliraham Wearer on the north.
Whokfnlc and Kc tail Iealrrln
tuvartf iui. t'nmi an I Soli tine Machines.
La int ait'l FJ.w.ir Wi.li n..t dn.i ck
of ever oVfc'tiitli'tt.
ISo. ao bnU;l fla'd ureet.
New Establishment.
HaTtnx just op. nisi n enmw-r nirtory, we are
prcmreit in manulacinre nil Html oi .'oit
Witre fur kitrhena, bote r. ili-.lllerl- ami hrewer
lugofie. Itq.-ilriht ne-it!vi!..!i. Kietunr In rear
oi iLiuariem ScS,.n nr.K-rT, M North Me-cjjanl.-
atrei t. t umbi rliin i.
' Manclaclixrers.
w.'3i'J I'ricc pal l f r M eojiiier.
N.ili. e It hrrehv eire t thv aiil llenti.m will be
m i le to tue Court oi Cmumuin I'lou n( S oaer-et
iNinnty. a next term r.-r mu'hori y tun e money
npm i-mils to h- isene.1 hy ihe to..rl of lltwtof
In pnrauaner of tt.o act I au A priL 1T1. lor i b
1 urp-rfeol erecunir a achovl boua iu Ibe burouzb
Br order of tho Boapl.
mar) Secretary.
New Advertisements.
Hardware, Iron, Nails, Glass, Paints,
OZLS. '&C, 5cO.
Tbe following is a partial list of goods in Stock: Cirpeoter's Tools,
Planes, Saws, Ilatcbets, Hammers, Chisels, Plane Iron."- dzes, ic. Black
smith's Goods, Bellows, Anvils, Vices, Files, Hammers, ic Saddlerj
Hardware, Tab Trees, Gig Saddles, Uames, Buckles, Rings, Bits and Tools.
Table Knives aod Forks, Pocket Knives, Scisaurs, Spoons and Razors, the
largest stock in Somerset County. Painter's Goods, a full stock. White
Lead, Colored Paints lor inside and outside painting. Paints iu oil. all colors,
Varnish, Turpentine, Flaxseed Oil, Brushes, Japan Dryer, Walnut Stains,
kc. Window Glass of all sizes and glass cut to an? shape. Tbe bet Coal
Oil always on hand. Our stock of Coal Oil Lamps' is large and comprises
very elegant styles. Pitston's Circular,Mu!y and Cross Cut Saws. Mill
Saw Files of thebest quality. Porcelain-lined Kettles. Handles of all kiuds.
Mattocks, Grab noes, Picks, Scythes, Sneath. Sicilies, Mason Hummers,
Cast Steel, Step Ladders, Carriage and Tuv Bolt ot all sizes. Loooking
Glasses, Wash Boards, Clothes Wringers, Meal Sitvee, Door Mats, Ba.-kets,
Tubs, Wooden Buckets, Twine, Rope all sizes, Uav Pulleys, Butter Prints,
Mop Sticks. Traps, Steelyards, Meat Cutters and StulTers, Traces. Cow
Chains, Halter Chains, Shoe, Dut and Scrub Brushes, Horse Brushes, Cur
ry Combs and Cards, Door Locks Hinges, Screws, Latches uDd everything
in the Builders' line. Caps Lead, Shot, Powder and Safety Fuw, &c, Ac,
The fact is, 1 keep everything that belongs to the Hardware trade. I deal
exclusively in this kind of goods aud give my w bole atttetnion to it. Per
sons who are building, or any one in need of anything in my Hue, will 6nd
it to tbeir advantage to give me a call. I will always give a'reasonable
credit to responsible persons. I thauk my old customers for their patrouage,
and hope this season to make many new ones. Don't forget tbe place
jNTo, 3, "BAER'S BLOCK."
April 8 '74.
o 5
r" y
O g
O g
P fej
Manufartnrer of auperlor
Union Crop Leather
Aod dealer ia
Baric, Hides, and Plasterers' Hair,
Cisn paitl uu delivery at the tanocry.
I will Inform tbe biihLu that ?-, !.., lime
at elirht eenti a bushel aol wftl uk. la.m uro-
ilneein cxvhanire forilll deal red.
Jl. W. BEAM,
lec Jeaocr X Boatla, Pa.
--. - iviuui.ij ar.)l.
nftnl In. hi hn.flt of miIIim . n I. .. I . i
f..!m A r.u.il hvtn . nli..l.. ...I
eil. all tx-rauna hnvlnir olaima azainat the seaiirniir
. all fx-
In. lent.
or In.lehteJ to him will call at the reaidence o
amieriimea lorae;tieraent.
W M. Bit LL,
janl'i A l Knee.
Kuiteof Angelina SL Keiia. late of Meycradale
tx.p.uli. ileeeawd.
Lettert of adminla ration on the ahor ettate
havitii(heen K ranted to tbe amternixned, notice ia
ben-liy gik'eo to tboae ln.lel.tcd to it t make lm
meiliaie payment, aadthoee bavins Hairaaajratnet
ii. to present tbem iluty aaihi-ntt aud lor aeLUe
mcnt on Saturday, March lx W.
Lttt IS 5. KFIM.
tcl'2 Administrator.
At aa tn-pnaw l ourt lieu at omerset. in ana
fur Smaenet eountv, on tbe 3t dae of February,
IS in tbe uutterof tbe petition of Hamuel Min
der, a-iministraior of tue estate ot Henry uiot
fi ltv, deceased, for an order of sale tn sell the real
estate of aal4 deceased for the payment of dehta
io l.yoi.i uMKietiy, widow, a. j. i oi rom. aiar
diauof Henry, and Joaepb Q loi feity, widow ami
heir? of aaid deceased and aU' ctae? persons Inier
!! take notice.
Tbe Ciiurt gravies a rule on all parties interest
ed U appear at au Orpbans' Court to be bel.i at
Si.meraet lo and for H merset euniy, on Monday,
tnl day of Aorlt. 17, to abow eaase it any
thiy buTe wby a sale of said real estaia sbuuld aot
Wnness my band and seal of said Court this ith
day of FelTaary. lira
feb clerk.
Xeto AdoertiiemenU.
Have now opened
A targe end Complete AortDieut of
(Jwodn fur
Fall and Winter Wear.
Tbey have a complete assortment o
Iadioot Fur,
DresH Good..
Felt kiri,
And Felt over Shoes,
Boots and Shoes,
oloveo, ao-
Uiiderelotbiug for Men and Women
A larire assortment ot
Carpets, Oil Cloths, &c.
A largo rtoek of hne asl noars
ily thv Carrel or8aek
Prices as Lew as Possjb'p
Somerset. Pa,
Uct. 33.
tub caicaoo si loari-wnTU unwir
KmKraoes under one maaajrement the Great
Trunk Railway Lines of tbe West and Nortb
wevt, ami. wlib iu numi-roua branches awl eounec
tlona firms tbe shortest and quickest route be
iween ('Mi-airo and all points in Illinois, Wlsooa
ain, Mortbern Miebivan Minnesota, Iowa, Ne
oraoin, callforni aod tbe Western Territories.
Omaha and Caljfurula Line
Is the shnrrwt and best route for all points la
Northern Illinois, I. w, Dakota, Nehraaka, Wy
oming. tVil.iri.lo, Vtab. Nera.la, I'altlornia, Ore
goti, Cbiaa, Japan and Australia, lu
Chicago, Jlatlison nl St. Paul Lin
In the shortest line ftir X.irthern Wlsenostn and
Minnraoia, aud tor MailiMMt. Jit. Paul, Minnenp
olia. DuluiU and all point in tbe Ureal NortO-
Wl-KU it
Wiacna and St. Peter Liue
Is the only r iute for Winona, Rochester, Owatoa-
n Mint 1 1 r. e. li.i.. V m I In . ...1 ..II . 1 .
in Sju:bern and Central Minnesota. Its
Green Da j and Marquette Line
- - . - . ,i ... 4 :
Is the only line for JtneeTtlle. Watertown. Fond
tu Lac. Onlikosb. Appletun. (Ireen Bay. K'seane
ha. Nei(iui.ee, Marquette. H inrhton, Hancock
and tbe Lake SnperWr Country, lu
Freepurt aad Duquqqe Lino
Is the only route for Elgia, KocklojJ, Free port,
andallp-.innvia F ceuorL its -
Ciiicao and Milwaukee Liue
Is the olo Like Shore irute. and Is the only on
pausing; through transtoo. Luke Foreet. High
land Park, Waukeirau, Kacine, Kenosha lo Mil
wankee. rulluiau l'alace Cars
Ho nil
are ran on all thr uiih trains of this road.
1 bia Is ibe ONLV LIN fc runninir these ears be
tween c'blnri an-l St. Paul, OblcagoaDd Mil
waukee, or Utilca:i and Vj Im.na.
At tHuaba our Sli-epers connect with the lres
Un l Merpers on the irnloo Pciflc KaUruad ri
all poinia West of Hie Mlnwiur! River.
On the arrtral of the trains from tbe Kartor
S. Dih.llie traiua ot tbe Chk-asu si North-Western
Hallway loare tMiicago as follows:
For Council Hluils, Omaha and California, two
Th roil Kb Trains flatly, witb Pullman Palace
Untwinir H"om and Sleeping Cat tbrouvb lo
Council Bluffs.
For ilt. Paul ami Minneapolis, two Throurh
Trains daily, with Pullman Palace Cars attached
on both Irani.
For llrren Bay ami Lake Superinr, two trains
daily, with Pullman Palace Cars attached, and
running tlirooith to Marquette.
For Milwaukee, four Throuh Trains dally,
Pullman i'arsounUihi trains. Parlor Chair Cars
on day trains.
For" Snarta and Winona and points In Mlnneso
ta, oneTbrouab Train dally, with Pulliaas hicwo.
era to W inona. - ;
For Huboxine. via Freepnrt. twn Throucb Traiaj
daily with Pullman Cars ou night trains.
For lubiue ami La Croeae, via Clinton, Twa
Thmuab Trains dally, with Pullman Car oa
niajht iraia to McOregor. Iowa.
For Sioux City and Vaokion. two Trains daily,
Pullman Cars to MlMouri Valley Junction.
For Lake Ueneva. f .er Trains daily
For Horkloril. Sierliua-, Kenosha Janetnrllle,
ami other points, you can have irom two to tea
trains dally.
New York Offli-e. Na 415 Broadway; Boston
tXllce, No. 6 State Street; Omaha OtOce, 'M Fara
ham Street; baa Franoijcu itb-e, lil Montgom
ery Street; t.ticaz" Tb-ket OtUces: 03 Clark St.,
under Snermaa H.aise: corner Canal aad Madi
son Streets; Kinsle Street Depot, corner W. Kla
ile and tml streets: Well St. Deaot- eoruer
Wells aod Kinxle Streets.
For rauea or loiraaUor. sot attainable rroos
youi btioie ticket agaata, aply 19
W. H. Stmwbtt. J(abwi HrasnTW,
Oea. Pass. Ag't, Otlcage. Uen. Hap't, Chicago.

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