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O i TT1 I
inn Snmarset HeralcLi
3, IS '
itirnnoiiK A OHIO it.
, . ... . Auicort . iutt, tr-im on this i
n N I""
i.'itt. '!
Ml. 1 in.ltl"n
olm. l-vl
Mlll.-tnl IViilll
lli.il- I K'lTjr
A ,i.lilhL'l"U
-u am.
a. iu.
MiiN-ntl It.
oliln l' !
win in.
.'V-'.!"' i
lu ri "
1..-4.. I.
II 41 '
1 tK
" I
.? i
;', VI. riiwMil
. '.nmvll 111
:V. m. Nrt lou
h I'-- W'-K"ltrt
ii IV. Ut. IliTMl.li" k
The i-im- train kwf Hilt'urK at :14 H. M.
f..mt li : A. -M. lo relilni tkf Elm knit
, Lrt,.n.l .1 11 A. M.. .rlvi..f M Ml.ml
V.,i"i 4 "I A. M-Onm-ll'viUo :U A. M.. Puu
I urch 7:t A. M.
All trini ran f liattlmnra Tim. 1 mimT.ci
Usu-rtban JlalrKli Tim.
Tlir.mirh Mall and Kxprpw train -tally-Arc-iiiiuodatia
tralua ami tacette KxprtM
.l;iiT.xv' b0't.
The ni.wi din-- anU i'iIwmi ruuic to I tic liant
ant S.i:h via WafhinKlue fiiy.
TlinoiKh Mail leavinif nt 14 a. m.. dally, ar-
ri. at Val.lnn'. at TSW . m. : HaUoonra. :
it. u. : Ptillairl.lna. :I0, m.;ew iw
fib I
nt.: Kiciimoni. :Utf a. m,
Thntuirh t.trfi'i. leavinaH:
it: '4 p. in, daily, " -
V T-hiiuiaT'
rlve at aflanitKiu ai .
a. in. : liirhmwl. a:t p. in
l. in. : New wk. - m.
"Tlt-aoi omi.eiiniCT FtttU Afnue am! Multli-n-M
Siiwta. anJ li'iit curner Uraul anU Water
Suwju.fitisl'uri.-li, fa. ,
I M 4t t.li. Oencral Ti( krt Aitent.
E. K UVNlt.MAN, Sui., Oouucllavtlle .
aoacajiCT k maaxLroiT kailcoad.
m and aer May Uth, 1877. trla will
run an follows, ininr with all pawnifCTtniiM
uo the P. W. k B. K. K. (Mall traina daily, tx
,ri- dally exwrt Mtitday.)
Matt Weiv. 2 W l. m. p. in
Mail East 10 04. m. i2Si. in
stall Eart oonnceu Willi local Weft.
f. W. a. 11. K. &. rass n:i.aiX. roiT.
Wsy l"artrii(rT En...
Way r:entrer Wmt..
Mail Eat
Mail W oat
a 00 a. m.
, KU p. m
, 1141 . a
, 3 n p. m.
Ill TTl'-H
Coin in ission Merchants,
We solicit liberal shipments of Butler,
and promise to those who ship their
Uulter to us, lo use every effort to sell at
cood prices, and will send their uceount
sul and cheek as soon as sold.
We refer to Farmers' 4 Merchants' Nat.
P.aiik. Baltimore, and to People's Hunk, of
Fair !
4 Vtolier.
Coil men are busy.
Duller is now prime.
The Fair is in full blast.
Kiteflying. Let her fly.
Indian Summer is at hand.
Pieparc for "de shuckin' ob dc corn"
Pay your taxes '.iy the CtU of Mobe r.
Cet naturalized by the Oth or October.
The ice men have gone w ith the roses.
There is a great dertu ot local matters.
Man was made to mourn let him
Heavier flannels are being hauled out
and donned.
That great epidemic, house cleaniu, is
alsiut setting in.
Apple butler Itoi'.ings will lie few here
a'aiuts this tall.
The c.ion and p s4U:n hunter is a'iroid
these tine nights.
It ill soon 1 time to put stoves in their
u jnter j wait ions.
Stories of big p itahxrs ham c Jiipil -nceJ
in our exchanges.
A silver dollar U worth, alaml uinety
Liiic cents in gold.
The first 8chl in Bedford county was
tstabliahed in IVJO.
tienerally Sieakinc, this has been a re
markably healthy summer.
Mrs. II. Young, ot VtaU is recovering
from her liercavtment.
The tair grounds are lu U tter order this
year thaii ever betore.
Call and examine U. B. Parker's stock
liefore purchasing eUehere.
The prettiest girl in S-meiset iii;iity
ill be al l lie ia:r tuts weca.
Twentv five cents ler bushe! is the
pries of laitatocs in this place.
You can have the IIkkami from now
till New Year for Tt! vuts.
Bi-dford county has an aged couple who
have been married ('' years.
Corner l-fing w ill stain liecmie a lost
art. Jack Frost, you know.
The finest Itaiking men are those who
are paying up their sulwcriptions.
Peilisild File visiti d Site Patent of
fice for the purpose of gelling pttlenbd.
There were llt.OoO people in kttendsnce
at the Pittsburgh txprndtioo on Saturday.
Oh. if we only Cim'd have Ix-tl led op
; ntie lieat for use net winter.
)t etldiiij; tarda are extremely plain this
la!!, and we might add, extremely acaice
An unsuccessful attempt was made lo
burn the Huntingdon omnty Coutt house,
last week.
Should the weather prove favorable the
iiiaiiagerii exieei an immense turn out at
the Tair.
Kasly, of the Johnstown TrOjutu, can
do'nior'c In i It-sifit i Al i n e; llfan ''ait)' man
Sft!!i,tf''r' ' '" " " '' '
"14 jlaj S re gelling euorter. Ihe nights
jonger in id Mi)er. but pale qmrking re
plains jus! the aafiie.
J'i; 15 ihe liest lille to patch, eld, as
jt id kticji l )'WM iluii;g lj( IfiltT
.kyr I bap bruthrf.
Call at U. It. Parker's and be convinced
that he has brought lo Somerset the larg.
est and best stock ol gooi la his line.
Autumn Umnets it is said will exhibit
all aorta ol hu cs and insects. None under
the bonnets ot course DoL
Wins a man sits down on a wasp's'
nest in a cemetery be is apt to think tb r
j an fjid U '! tiirtjs ii)o,-U,, - "'
lr. Haiiler, Oculist and Auriat. No. 25
P.un Ave., I'itlsbnrh, Pa. Kye, Ymt,
1'hroat and Catarrh Sjieciallu a.
The new style (or fall dresses makes
Ihe aeiae )uug girl kk like a lolling
pin w rpn-d up in a rag car let.
A uuiulx r c T our young ladies and i.cn
Ileluen awistetl in deeoraliii( I be buildings
on the Ltlr grounds on Satur lay 1L
Tlu-i n !Jimrs. tcouatv ..a nji
" ..M.v,i,cllt.nior suOTor aW,-.
C rat.
at t!i ( A-t nh'airg t.-iir tart wec't.
I Tlie i.t!Uviitf tlie Ain-iillur.il Sx.it !y ir.rajiJ. L. M. HicU; Secretary. S. S.
Ivti'l hw tut.' tin- thanks -f the jriunr . a,); a-o. S- v.( iini(.;nc;TrcauriT.
;s.y ft ...iiii.'.i.ii.-iHsry lirki's T-.-r-i-ive-l. !je..-mu h'.ller; !lt-irnuttvpt. ii. Ilp-,
J Tin- iki ti : ill t: ilie lliuitingilitu tnim l'"1'"''
!y"uii will U-Kiur ttitks l-n,-, she n.t ' . "T"7 i- T- .,
j" J. C. Mavis. I'rup. 1 hu, hosse lias been
ur tliurrliiti rc utt very ill at-1 ncwy lurnWitil nd n-fitted tlininghauL
. letxlnl m San.Uy l-t, t'ncl it Hn'l si jy, 1,,,-iti.i-i is tlie l-est ia Berlin, lwiuj$ in
; warm iiilnr. I't i li-i; it as 1m fi.Icl. o utre of town ar.il nearest H. V. li. It
j Al Cwirv U. Parker s im:i It Hittn.1 the
; liati lst.iin .--i. lir?'-t, tiii'"t, ami l;iiltiliy
jtlii'lH-.-t ami ihitipe: l I of Jlry n1s,
j Nullum, i-tu., ever brought to tow n.
i , . i . .
' A Dciiiocrutic ctnditt!c lor ollit-e iu
' Wa&Muglon county, died the oilier day of
! laek-jau . It is the first ca r the kind
: on rnnrd.
; Tluw who uriied the hot -nenllier as hii
i:cire for not uiteudinK church, inuM. now
aUriuUU around lor s:aie more itlaueiltle
At the Teachers' examination last week
isou.e :xty-ii;r!it teachers were examined,
,ovtr hall of them receiving liinl-cla r
1 liiiciles.
Persons vUiticg the lair who may be in
need ot Irv titaid?, notions, etc., will find
alt.eorge H. Porker's a lursre and coni;)h te
The working men of Cambria couniy
last week uominted Kinory West lor
rrotlionotary, uud 4. C. Kasly lor District
Youug men who voted n a:re l.isl year
fchouhl pay a Slate and Couniy tax ou or
before Friday next in order to sccute a
vote this jear.
i Dr. Dtubiker has completed the new
j Mime pavement in front of his reaiJcncc.
It i now the Ih.i-1 and haiidnoiiu st pave
j ment in the burg.
Aodatustowusum, Cam'.ria county, is
terribly afflicted with diphtheria, seven
lamilits l.aviiiK lost lotutccn members and
have kixteen iil.
i'olieeuian Stilely, who was struck and
1(1.. iiurl 0J sliow d iV. i. able to be up
i -'' n mi is'''!'-
! es in durance vile.
It may be inureslin to clergymen lo
kn'w that Ihe crop of youu.4 ehickens is
!ur,L'e, and they will have a good supply of
their legendary favorites.
A lay delegate io the Methodic Confer
enec at Johnstown was swindled into ex
changing good greenbacks (or three ten
dollar counterfeit coins.
There is a new painting in Paris entitled
"Joseph sold into slavery. " They must
have later news in Pans from Gen. How
ard than we have heie.
The crowd of noisy boys thai wire Con
gregated at S;ters' corner at a late hour
on Saturday night reminded us very lorci
bly of unli-Murphy limes.
We don'l go much on religion. We hain't
never had uo show, but we do hate to .
a fellow put a button, with eyes worn o:l',
in the collection box.
The rales charged for telegraphing have
liccn revised and reduced. When it used
t) ci st tony cents to send a message
twenty five cents is now charged.
'Around the w orld in thirty -six hours
or Ihe Slcepin.; Detective" is the nane of
an original and highly interesting story
thai wi!lapieai in this pnxr shortly.
Almost every day wc hear cd some
oue's chicken coon Vicing roblied.
Couldn't the Home Guard lie rcorganiz-d
and a slop put lo these depredations ?
Bridal chimisetes and n-ighl-robes are
now made of open latewoik, held togeth
er in front by delicate bows of lace, at in
tervals ot a lew inches from the throat.
The grae vims in the yards ofGen. W.
II . Kootitz and Mr. Kd. Scull were visited
an J entirely stripped ot iheir fruit by a
party ol thieves, one night ol last week.
The Baltimore & Ohio Express Co. have
reduced their rates ou butler. Throusrh
cars are run leaving Somerset ut KI l'.O A.
M., arriving at Baltimore the same night.
A liar is one of the most despicable
creatures on earth. And w hen, to his ly
ing, he adds slander, he Ix-comcs an ene
my to society worthy only ot extermina
tion. Mr. Jacob Koontz has greatly improved
his dwelliug house by the addition of a
new roof, a verandah, and a coat of paint.
It is now one oft Us prettiest places about
The fair opened to-day, (Tuesday under
very tavorable auspices. The weather
being warm and very beautiful, and the
entries tai excet ding ihe most sanguine ex
teetalions ot the ollicers.
It will be rathei coin furling new s to the
lovers of croquet in this tcighlaiihootl to
hear that the game has been commended
by a promiueut writer, liecause it "is with
in reach ot the Icebhsl intellect."
George 11. Paikcr is now receiving his
fall and winter goods. The. stKk is
larger lhau has ever been ollered in this
place and will le sold lower, for cash,
than it can be bought elsewhere.
We have been asked quite :i iniin'.K-r ot
times of late what has become ol Company
G, and whether they were going to have
a dress parade during the Fail! What's
wropg boys that you don't turn outr
The bid of the Meyrsdale band lieing the
hi ft at received, has lieen accepted, aiid
that band will be present during Ihe
w hole time of the lair. Other bands are
expected to be present part of the lime.
- - -
A number of our citizens w ere iu atten
dance al the Westmoreland county fair at
Grecnsburg, last week. Alt rep tried a
pleasaiit lime, and Ihe lair es being one
ot the best they ever had Ihe pleasure of
The girl with the scd-skin sic pie looks
complacently iivn the approach of w inter,
while the maiden without one ol these
gaiments is engaged in circulating the re
I ot that they are to be extremely uu
Inshionable this year.
The Johnstow n Tribute Sat s that Mr.
Dan Trent ot Somerset, has a pumpkin
growing in Lis garden that mcusuresover
seven left in tlutiutlrr, and that when
cold wtalher sets in be proposes lo hollow
it out and use it tor a stable.
At a consultation of the State oftlevis,
last week, it was decided to pay the troops,
immediately, whowtre called otitduiing
the st nke, at the rate ol fit per month
lor the numlier of day they were in the
service, and an addit.onal i lor clothing.
The SchiI Bwrd oj Somerset townjiip
,uct al tlie Hill House on Saturday last
and gave out the schools lor the w inter
term. As there were two cr three appli
cants for etch wlio.il quiie a numlxr of
the youthful pedagogues bail to la! disajt- I
Th numbers of Comtianv G are I eri i
,. 71 ?,'n.r- r;.Tv, r!i. ."T
lernonn at 3 o'clock, in lull uniloin, tor
drill and lircss parade.
' ' r,v "rdl-r rf
Mr. John McAJatilk proprietor o( a
large finite (junrry south' of tpwu. mil
with quite a paiptul (.- iJt iil t ft Wtuiay
hial. 'HLilst 14 Vtfl ifi :
In'ttc o?e leel r.n hi Iff. arp,i trusbiui
an,l bruLipg jt tearlul,' lrol ; lie tltaiw i
Piotbly unt ot our girls have felt ao,
but tew of litem ever had the trace lo
expn si it in this way; "She frankly de
clared that Ihe first tune a oatt sleeve en-!
circled her waist she seemed Ut be
!" i
viiion built of lainbows, tbe wn'ow
ol w hich were 00; .ntced 'it Vlisn har;:s."
. . , t . tit; T;
The titiqieiBet CoIJuiy Bank was oitened
to the public on M-tudsy iast in the inuuu
formerly occupied by ihe banking firm of
M. A. Sanuer A Co As that gentlemanly
and ellicient bank official, Crf. Chas. J.
ilarristtn, is to act iu the capacity of Cash
ier and Manager wo have II) doubt but
that the new tank will be exWusively
ptrooi.ed by our fili -rttt and ths ruWic
generally. "e wuii ou all possible sue'-'
oat in tour enterprise, Captain.
! TLi f..l!tio2 o.l5.vJb wire clittet in
u.. xa i. . o. f..
MoiHjav. Sent. 21. IS'
Xnblc Gran.l. ('lia. J. lInrr:aD: Yitx
I oar Inijf lij the week, ilay or day
1. (oiod Rt.i'iie uittehed.
Tnc New York ,V; puhlithe silly
i'etu that Ikury Ward IJeeelier would
tr.ake a good substitute to fill Drigham
Youiig'n frtwiiion in the M irra m Church.
And now all the Democratic editors are
liowiin;; like thunder. K.uh one w.nU
thep i-i'. ion tor himself.
Some i.fo.ir Udies art- UiMiuiti Sii ex
rt iu kit kin:; tip their dresses when
passini; a pool ol waier ou the pavement
or mud on the street crossings, that they
will s on Ik; enabled to knock a fly orT
their ear, cow-liihiou, without resorting
to the use ot lutir hands.
The Hollidaysburg SUnJjrS tells of a
lady residing in that place a ho received
by mail the other day a gold chain w hich
had been etoleu from" her thirty-live years
ao, evidently by oue of her youthful
schoolmates, whi'.e a pupil at Mount Joy
seminary. A ca; l conscience long
drawn out.
When we see a lady make a wild dive
for the bottom of her dress, while on the
street, we tremble least she make more ot
display than is intended. And the dear
creatures seem to enjoy our discomfiture,
lor they keep us Uem'tding all the lime;
in fact we've b-'CJinc so used to it that we
rather like it now.
You will Cud at Morgan's Factory the
luriicit and best assorted stock of woolen
itim 'd tn S.!i.it'r't eonntv. Aisti the best
j ily and lo est prices lobeloundany
I where. 1 heir goods sre ad shrunk in
nntsUtns. nd wu wash up less than any
,,ll'Vr '"k1s cn, bU-V', -
t uev wui uave a mil hikja ut liic a at4.
JI-. Milloii Crav. ford, of Guilford twp.,
wiilitii l lie hist tew weeks has iosl twenty
head id bogs, by a disease similar to dipth
eria in human U'itigs. We learn, also,
that oilier tanner in the neighborhood
above Mentioned have likewise been sut
j ferers in this respect, bul not to the de
I gree suslaiui'd by Mi. Crawi.ird. (Jham-
! Ocrr'it-rff tljHHivit.
The ii:et)iiei-s ol the Silver Cornet Band
of thL plaivhaveU-en practicing incessant
ly for tlie pi:sl week, piepnratory to play,
iu for ;he p;i.e at the Fair. We under-
suu.il tiiat litere aru some tine bauds that
they uiil have to comiietc w ith, but Ihe
bos have nil coDli ience iu t! c ns l.csand
think they can laj all over any oti c.- band
in the County.
Filthy hog pens, slaMcs, garden sinks,
puller, noxious weeds, all evolve mala
rial inllueiicis at liiis season of the J'tar,
I.iiiic and common earth are good diinfec
tanis if llicir sppiicalioii is noi neglected.
An exn-rienced pliysii::a:i says, ' if you
would cs.Mpj the perils of typhoid fever,
keep jour houses, yards, cellars, gutters,
pumps, sink-i, stabies, pig pens, and your
entire premises -rii:iiil nisly clean."
, , , , ., .
! . A &"-- h"f '""' "
Ilistaiiuy tienircil oy laaoi it tatc ui
i Glenn's Sulphur S.pip into tlie bath tub.
uch an exindient will, u.-ing a slang
phrase, "knock the spots off" any victim
of cutaneous blemishes. S ld by all
DrtigiM.-ts '.Ti cents.
Hill's Hair and Whisker Dye, black or
brow u, Oi) els
Depot. Oittentnn's No. 7 Sixth Avenu.t.
New Ymk.
The continued dry w eather is having its
elfecl Uin the wells and springs of this
place, many that have not tailed tor years
having given out, giving their owners
considerable trouble iu procuring a sup
ply ol water. The streams are ulso ex
tremely low, the milis depending upon the
witter ior power being couqielled to slop
operation. What is strange about the
present dry spell is the tact that all signs
ot rain have tailed, even the r.qumox
passiug without Hie looked for storm.
Du. Van D kk's Sri.rm'u Soil-. Dr.
Van Dyke, wiio.c lile lone siecialty, and
world wide reputation for curing skin dis
eases, has endeavored for vears to combine
an externa! treatment. He has accom
plished this desirable result in Ihe prepa
ration ol bis compound "Sulphur Soap,"
the merits ot which are eintken of by
thousands; it is highly recommended to all
our readers. Price lio cents, by mail, I$3
cents a box;!! cakes CD cents., by miil,
73 cents. Office 50 X. 5th street. Whole
sale Depot. 400 N. 3J street. Philadelphia,
Pa. Still by all Druggists.
Bi.vmvki: has made creat reductions in
prices ot Hardwaie. You can buy goods
just as cheap trom lum as you can buy
Uu in in the city. He buys his goods from
the manufacturer, and in large quantities,
and therefore buys them at the very low
est price, and is determined now to sell
g.iods al a very low price. Call and see
him and get his prices. His stock is very
complete, including Building Hardware,
I'aint and Glass, Oils, Varnishes, and
Wottlen Pumps. Again we say, call and
see Illjniver, and buy your hardware from
him and you will save money.
Astonishing Success. P. is the duty
of every person who has used Boschee's
German Syrup Ut let its wonderful quali
ties be knowq to their friends in curing
Consumption, severe Coughs, Croup,
Asthma, Pneumonia, mid in tact all throat
and lung diseases. No person can use it
without immediate relict, t hree doses
will relieve any case, and we consider it
the duly of all Druggists to recommend it
to the pixir dying consumptive at least to
try one bottle, as 40,000 dozen bottles weie
sold List year, and no one case where it
tailed was rcparted. Such a medicine as
the German Syrup cannot be too widely
known. Ask your Druggist about it.
Sample botties to try sold nt 10 cents.
Begular size 73 cents. Sold by G. V. Ben
ior.i. An A minors Thanh. One day of
lust week a tramp visited the house of
Mr. Julius Parson, just about noon, and
asked tor something to eat. He was told
to wait until the family was through eat
ing and he should have bis dinner. The
tramp concluded that he couldn't wait, and
statiug hitnss.ll at the table he helped him
sell bounlilt'lly to all the good things with
in his reach and was munching away like
a good iellow, in his hurry even Ibrget
l;ng to say grace, when he was seized by
the nape of the neck, lifted clear off his
(jet, t uired over Ihe head, doubled up by
a kuk in the sbimache.and tina'ly straight
ened up again by a kick In the rear and
sent on his way not rejoicing and without
Ms dinner. Served him perfectly right
I'ncle Tom.
Fr c.;ierpriait)ff. aooounuodaUug. and
energeiie men commend us to the ofllcers
of the S.tmejset ii Mineral Point Kalroad.
Several weeks ago tltey took a notion to
repair their rolling stock. The painters
first tavkkd ihe liaggage car and lor the next
week the passenger ctr bad to do double
dulv. being nsed both ns a passenger and
'"i-'CS6 Ca'- They then changed the
rder of ihings and for the pas. two weeks
have leen using Hie bafga"e cur as pas
."jger e-tacl! V,'l,:rj eqgine'a ttrn
I'.'illlcji to bii'piuted we tipose we Will
live no traiu at ixl. We kuow ihiU you
are cot wealthy, genllemen, but don't yon
iliink you could bare stood' it to have at
least leasetl a imssenser pJtl Iirttl ijje ft.
A O. lWd wni'e J1I4 wprt tsin' jpv.rs
fitaireu :
tkxFtiRVvfE ,UQiliii- The
(yii).iaig is a list ot the appointments for
the ensuing yeal for the McKeesport Dis
trict. Pittsburgh M . E. Conlerence.
J. A. Miller, P. E. McKeesport, 8. P.
WiN.II'. ISraddocks, J. Mechem; Port Per
ry, W. P. Bobbins; Elizabeth, JosUU ojsn
sel: Dravo's and C.rscanck. T. Slorer;
'losirafc. .1. H. Henry; ast Xewtor',' Sj.
Vt'ukeiielilr" TSelKTWDOn. . P. X4iri:
Fayette City, '4 t-Kendall; Brownsville.
h."ll. ilausl-ll; Bridgeport ii. Jwato'n,
Jjjiontown. Ii' W. lAvis;imtthfield,J. T.
Steffy : ('onnellsviile, J. A. Danks; Ketl
stone, George A. Sheets; Dawson. L. U.
Eaton; Jacob's Creek, li. 1'.. Thomas;
Ml. 1'leasabt, A P. Leonard; Madison,
J.weph Ki-k; l uity, O. A. Emerson; Lig-
outer. J. 1. unet: inegai. . Jlic-
Grew : Cinleville, V. Davis; Addbton. J
B. Tat lr Mereiadate. 4. p. Castle; 8on:
erset, N. Luccoti Confluence t;ad'FaTtj
City to le tuppli.-d.
IjiaiXA Iikms. Wit. lie Id Rotuealey,
ftniusu of Thos Hill's gravel train, whs
struck by the engine of ihe local freight
on Wednesday, Sept. Uth. His bund and
Itack were Imdiv hurt, llitte are enter
tained of his recovery.
Our citizens have burnished their revol
vers and are prepared to sire the "iiiii-
cious ttainp" a good reception. They
proj3e to have uo aepredations cumtuii
led by tramps.
The Messrs Sellers, formerly of Meyers-
dale, are about erecting a grist mill on the
site of the old .Meyers' mill near Fort Hill.
This enterprise w"ill be quite an advantage
to I ho farmers of thai virinily. ltuioor
says Pl Jiili. wiU have a general gfore
No Fa i Lt" uk Knows. There are
no canes on record where Dr. Morris'
Syrup ot Tar, Wild Cherry and Hore-
h.Mind Uas laiicd to give HI is taction, on
the 4her hand, wherever it has been
used by our people, in severe colds,
coughs, asthma, , bronchitis - croup,
whooping cough, and consumption, they
are enthusiastic ia its praise. Containing
no opium or other dangerous drug, ii
does not eon-tipate, and is safe to admin -isu-r
to ali t JOuiti J44, or Laultb. ' This is
an important announcement, and the suf
fering are advised to heed it. Trial size
10 cents; large size 50 cents and One Dol
lar. .
For sale by G. W. BenfordV : ' .-' -Also
Agents for Prof. Parker's Pleasant
Worm Syrup, which never fails; is sure
death to worms, pleasant to take, and le
quires no physic.
Price 25cts. Try it. ' : : .'" , ' m ;
Tub S bason oh Intehmittrmts. All
miasmatic complaints, in other words, all
disorders genytwifMiy unwholesome ex
halations li wtW aVM earth or water, lire
prevalent this season. In every section
subject lo the visitation ot fever and ague,
or other forms of intermittent disease, the
causes which produce ihe maladies are
now actively al work. This, therefore, is
a period of ihe year when the inhabitants
ot such localities should prepare iheir si-s-tems
to meet the unwholesome conditions
of the atmosphere by a course of tonic and
alterative treatment. Formost amoug lae
invigorants, recommended by time and
experience as a means of fortifying the
system against all endemic and epidemic
maladies, stands Hosteller's Stomach Bit
ters. By a timely use ol the Bitters, the
feeble t resident of an unhealthy :oi. may
cscapj the sickness which, without ihe aid
ot mis potent ally ot nature, will lie apt to
overtake the strongest.
Dixon, Illinois. Sept 25, 1S77.
Editou Hehai.d. I thought it not
more than just to write a few lines asking
you to publish them in your inte:l gent pa
per, the Somerset Htun.D, and let my
many friends iu Somerset couniy know
that i am still in the land of the living.
In the first place 1 am still living in the
city of Dixon, on the Frog riv-'r, one of
the incest rivers I ever saw. The crops
are good in this county. Siuce harvest it
has been must too dry but slill the corn
crop is very large. 1 have again made a
trip West, as we call it, I went the whole
length through Iowa. The corn looks
well in Iowa. I did not stop oil" in my
travels till I got to the Slate ot Nebraska.
I stopped al a goodly number of places,
aud there was not a Uay 1 did not meet
w ith some oue thai I knew. 1 als t trav
eled through the greater pari of Kansas,
and 1 think it a line country. I was sj
much pleased with the Otoe Keservatiou
that if I'ncle Sam will give me the land
1 have picked out, at the appraised price,
1 will make Nebraska my home in tne lu
ture. il 1 live a linle longer I expect ut
go lo slock laising. Besiectfully,
PhtllllV vValkeii.
Plymouth, Pa., Sept. 27, 1877.
Ii has been my intention lor some time
past lo let the readers ot the Hehai.d
know what its old local and the comrades
who accompanied him have been doing,
but we have been knocked ttrutind from
pillow to post so much, that it has been
unKissible. ' Alter leaving "Camp How
ard," at Monongahela Cay, we were kept
constantly on the move until our arrival
at Kingston, Luzerne County; here we
were permitted to get a lew hours' rest,
and were then ordered to Nanticoke.
Deeeii and widen the Casseltnan at .Min
eral Point, and place, instead ot the good,
honest yeomanry that inhabit that village,
a lot ol w ild Irish and Welsh miners, ever
eager for a cock fight or a row, and you
have a very fiue picture of West Nauli
coke. The camp was very pleasant with
the exception ol a heavy log tlial huug
over it, aud the mieuse coldness ol tlie
nights. Idle iu camp we haj the usual
military routine. Kevcille al live o'clock
iu the morning; Breakfast at six; squad
drill trom seven to eight; company drill
irom eight to ten; guard mount at ten;
dinner at twelve; company drill Irani two
to tcur; dress par a Je at four; tattoo at eight;
laps al ten. In addition to this there is a
camp guard on all day and a patrol sent
out to guard the ruilrojd tri.cis and coal
breakers al night. Yesterday Governor
llartranli and slidi visited our quarters
aud made a thorough iuspection. The
Governor is a pleasant li O ting, pleasant
spoken gentleman, six feel high wuii black
eyes, moustache and hair. He is a thor
ough soldier and ever inch a Governor.
On ihe afternoon ot Ihe 2Uth we broke our
camp at Nauticoke and moved up the riv
er to Plymouth, a pleasant little town ot
bjtween two and lUree thousand inhabit
ants. We are camped in an oeu liekl
along side of the railroad track, ready to
muvoai a Moment ' notice. . We teuiour
nisi man to the hospital this morning:
Limy Cot h lane, acoored man, ihe offi
cers' servant, shot in the neck ou what is
kno.vu as "Adam's apple." It is thought
thai he will recover, f be Somerset boys
are all enjoy iug the campaign and are in
excellent nealiu; one and ail unite iu the
prai,esot Captain llaz'jtrd; a mure pcrtect
gentleman or a better soldier than whom
never stood in snoe leather. Lieut. Pal-
tie, a o tVer. tocial gentleman, aud a good
officer, is ulso universally liked. ';.(,
The prospects are liiat Paiushe'e men,
(the Wiikesuarre and Lehigh coal compa
ny) w ill go tojwoik next week, though ihe
oiner works will probably remain idle,
The majority ot ihe miners are growing
desperaie and would willingly go lo work,
but the trouble is they are not ihe power
that moves the throne; the whole thiug is
run by a tew men, and il looks very much
to me as if they expected to make some
thing out ot it. 1 he Jibor llelurm tiarty
nas nominated candidates iu nearly all the
couuues iu the coal regions, aud it the
miners stand out they have some show, il
they go to woik the probabilities are mat
Ihey will vote as Uiey always have done
heretofore, that is, Oemocratk. For ihe
intormalion ot those who have lr lends in
Company A, First Begiment I would say
that all letters should be addressed lo
them at Scranton, Cart ol Captaiu J. DeV
Hazzird; as they will reach their destina
tion sooner thai way than if addressed lu
tnc camp.
MiK5EK-ZORX.-,Sept. 18, lti77. at
Berlin. P., by !ev. 1 1. F. Keener. Mr.
Cha. C. AliXaeC VO; Miss; Einuw J. Z rn,'
both of this countyj t j j f j ( , ;
HAY WALRlW On Sept. 19, 1S77.
by the same, Mr. John Hay to Miss Ma
tilda Walker, both ot Brothersvalley twp.,
Somerset Co., Pa.,
1877. by ltev. J. H.VyaReris. r.' Jofin
y. Harmper 1a aJimTdartha ltopye'ri
Ijqllt 01 Hiwversville, Pa.
IIAY-KRETCIIMAr. Sept 3q,lti77,
br tier. Calvin Heilman, Mr. A,brnrmia
lfay to Miss Lydi Kretclimati b,vtt ?
SfliutnjtV'a ;of
SH.F-$:H-IILH.--sipt. 20, 7f, nt1
the llcforuied parsonage, titoystowri, by
xr. V(. IL Males. Mr- lleury'A. tshaffer
U) tti3 ilnry M. Pile. lh "I Somerset
Cxx . Pa.
Lutheran parsonag ia Jennerto.nvo, Uy
Iter. W. M. 8angler, r. Jaoob Bow;
tnan to Miss Fii;ma llotlwin.both of Jeancr
;wr, iimieraetCo, Pa.
PEXROD. Septenilter 11. 1877, Mrs.
Sisan Penrod, aged 70 years, 11 months.
and 0 days.
'OVER. Al his residenbe in Jenner
X H.ds, Sept. 2X 177. Silas .1. Cover,
aged -Jl years, 5 rtlonflls, ami 10 days.
TaJss, BuyaatabntT- il'lrt
impmrtimlm . Ckiwk
( an affi jai 4. wa aapaj
'rr:'-ed ty k KiteBiTS.
Applr, drlcl, f
A.ileli'.iel, V aal
Bran. i ii
lUll't. Ji (iti-K)
Huiu-r, f . (olit
iu-.kIieut, V I'"ot
" Bttsal, lo I.........,
IbteswaT. 9 ti
liacun. slntuhlsre, fa.
" aide.
" n-uutry haa., y t
Otm, (ear) f na.tti ..
t;.tru, (li.ilt.i) f l.ashrt.... .....
4t.ini iiifti 91 B.
0:i.I sk, f l
htria, V tl"a
i ioor. V ''
Hiax.eeJ 'f bu-, t )
Ham, (uir-curd) yl I.
Lar-1, V ft
Liaalaur. red jle, V
" ki "
MMillina. wii't, li-u3.it ,
(tnta, '44 eit ,
tVlali', y ttt ...
l'eachrs. 'irlel. fi
Kve ?i l-o
Sail, Nt. 1. tihl.extra
Oroumi Alum, p-r sack
" Anhittn. r sack
Suar, yellw ft
Tnttow, .
Wheal. V ttoa
WooLf ft
sc ;
-...4'ki.Mt-. (
1 lit
!: 1 :
.... . . -V
...... f.
. . .
. ......llCi
I."...' '
. ..... Intl.
,S u
.....w cai
....7 4tiSue
a i s
a 03
ti OS
t4 i.)
..li ll-C
. . . .Utvioc
Xtw Advertisement.
Iiy virtue of and nrtler lrsnaa eat of the C
itfi itnmitn 1'lwia uf Suii:ersi 4u
lunitr, fa, tlie
Bulersixnel Afl-nec of Wm. A. Htinler, ill aell
at iutlio sale ou I lie iremiHa, ou
Eaturhatj, Oclolier 21, ISi 7,
at 1 o'clock p. ui., the ft.lluwii:i tlcsftriUed real
e.-ttiite, vii:
Two certain lota of (round situate In the lt..r.
of Meverauaie, Kiouiersci Uo., kuttwa u lots No'a.
7 and S, tr.inlin on Salisbury St., mull a ln-s;.v
ry Iraiue rtwelilim house and -j one awl one-ball
story atl-IUlou ereete.i thereon.
tLk.MS: One-tlitnt in hiuwl on day of file,
one-thirtl In six utoniiia, ami cue-lliinl iu one tear
from ttii date, with luieresloo tielerred payiuems
Irom day ot sale.
O.l. S Afk-nee.
ltauiel VeyattJ late ol Soiiicraet Uor-.uh,
Letters of atlmtaiittraiitia on the ahove estate
having tteeu Kr.mliMl to tlie untlcrsiKitetl, tiuticeii
bere-tty friven to thosein.tett'etl to It to make inime
diitlo payment, anl thoM baviitie clhuau.iin.-t
it. to rvMit tliem duly antaenlicaled lurseitle
uicnt on Saturtlay. the loili tiny of NtveinlH:r,
1S77, at the More ol the A.iuiir.tirater In JSomer-st-i
UoitiuKh, when un.l where he will atiend
for that purpose.
(lot. S Aduilnlmrator.
iVotiee In herrliy Kireo flint Fretlert-k Jtanirtc
of Jleyersdale U-irouich, Somerset Co., Fa., an l
Alary tin wile, ty .leel of voluntary af-tunmrnt
hare'atsiimetl alltheeaiato re tl anil personal of
tho aiJ Fre-leriek NaUjtle to Wm H Mi-icahan
ot saiil Itorouh, County and State, In trim tor
tsielitol creoitora, ol the said Kre leri -k Nauie.
All ter'n8 iudel-lea totiie aaiti Frederick 2tau
irle will inaKe itumciiate paytucnt, and thoite bar.
claims will treSL-nt them to tuo undcrtiiued As
eiicuee wiihout tlelay
Oct. 3 AS5.(?noe of Fro Icrick iSjujfle.
Air irtue of an order issued out of the Orphan?'
Court ol S"imer.c I'onntr. 'a.. to the uailersitfitrtl
dirvlel, there will te exiKweu lo p.ile, by jtuhlie
outcryt on
Saturday, elobtr 27, 1S77.
at '2. o'clock . m., on the prcuilca, tho followiit;
tlecrilH4 vuluiibte rval esm.ic, hue I he ir ipfriy ot
lottian SM'ii in?r, dtc'tt, n :
No. I. The Home 'arm nitnat In SlonyfrtH k
Twp.. Somemet Uo., P., lyinif on txtlh si!et ot ihe
rva.t loa iintc Irom Sijauksvillc to lk-rtiu, uilliiUii$
IahaIh tl Jolm Koomt, Lehman, Jefl Kitn-
ml. irjrt No, 2, n othorri, ru.1 (Mntuinin 18
crt'i and Hu i..n-lie, ot whi'h nearly the woo.e
in Wt-art-d, wiiu fl acrra In iunfow, and RtMrd
two Mory lo house, sut!;mti.il l:tnk barn, and
o.nrr.iictit fjinn hiBf, nrj-tlcd by a spring
ol never tiiiaii: natcrj thirti.iil
No. i. A curtain truct f Und ?itua.e as al-jre-t;iiti,
ad rininir Un-ln of Klias Lflimtn. John K.
Kutmau, L'anicl I. Walker. lrc No. 1, and
others, acd tMrteriu on the puhlie Did 1oh1iii
iroin feha ukj" viilu to Schrock a (Imnkanl, chun-ii,
cvinuiinliiit lw acri and irclua. of which kit
-res are ciared, and about au arrv are i mc:td
ow, with a I a rife two utory loar house and a good
haiikor cwi- oarn tlicre-ju crvtetl. TImtc ia a
fruit ort'hard, a is Jtrar cami. an 1 a ttrji. j; never
Ultima: Birring on lue in?uit.-rf.
Nr. 3. A tract of Uml bitUJte in ttame tnwnahlp,
adjoin i mf Umia o( liaoniel A. Walker, Jett Knit
ujrvl. traci No. 2, and o:her, omiainlu IK a-re
And 1W Tch, wuich is all riearird. It is hot
ton Unti, encluacU and under fences which are in
g.Hut npair.
TKlt rtS. One-half of the purchase w.-ney pay
aUeas hdiuwii: fne-thini in e?ii, aud the fv
u:iintler in two wjual annu.il iMyuieuts witht,ut
Imervft. The other hall of the puretiaao iua.ey
payatde at the death ot Sarah Sp-ichor, widiw til
dcceaaeU. The inrrhaser or urcIiaiNrfi lo retain
saitl rharvof Sarah SjKK-her during her natural
lite, the Interest thereof to be paid annually or
rrgularly lo Iit by the purt haaer, and after her
deth tii y a hie to (tie heir aud JWg.U rcprcitc'nta
tircs oi deceaol.
WAi. M. Sl'llKOfK.
Oct, 3 TruiUca,
fcattateof Sylvcuter Wamhauh, lalect Alict(hny
Twp. deceased.
Letters of administration on the above en ate haT
tng bevu arHmed to the underaitmed by the itrtp
r utlMr..y, notice I hereby given to thww in
debted to u to mikeiirniediatepaynient,and thoae
baviiifc chiitna iiuat it will prese.il Uiem duty
authenticated fur aettlement without delay on
Saturday, Nov. It, 177, at tho late residence of de
fJetS. Administratrix.
rtc virtue of romlrv wrtti of Fl Fa. lamcil out of
thettourtoHJommon FleaotsMtniernei Co..l'enn.t ,
an I to me directed, 1 will exjtoseto sale by tublic
ouU'rral theCourt HoU4e, in Souiersct, on
' Sa'urdi'j, clulirr 20, ls7,
at 2 o'clock p m.
AM the riKhU title, iatcrcat, an I claim of J lin
W. Fallon, ol In an l to the iMilowioi? lies ;n tied
descrihed reitl eate, via :
No. 1. A certain lot of gemml aituaie In
Sninrritet Ititr.. Somerset Co., I'., couiaiulne:
arre u ire or led, with a Iwo-autry Intme dw-'luna:
l9i and other ouit.uiMtnx theretm erei-tetl,
lrt:iai( on Patriot street, an.i a tj jinina: alley on
the alley on then trtli, II. r. Ficktng on the
eattt, with apiiartenancca.
No. -J. A certain lot of ground situate aa alore
tald, eontainiiiit acre uiore or teat, Ir-'ntliiK on
Main crow street, atltiinin O. W. Snyder on the
north. J. 11. Zimmerman on tho weal and 11. F.
Sohell on the south, with the appurtenance.
Taken In execuiioa the properly of John W.
Fatum at tlie ruit of Upprnolt (t Trotter, J.
Klce llni'a., Fl. mlnr k Oilee, et. al.
TEKMS : Any craon purt haainxat the a'oove
tale will take notice, that ten jiereeiit. of ihe pur
chase money will to retiuired aa rt aa the prop
ty la knta:kd down otherwise it will strain bo ex
poaeil to mile. The residue of the punmass money
muiit lie iaid on or Itefore.the Ijtb day ot Nov.
is;;, the day lixed by the Court fur the acknowl
edgement of Slicriltf8 deel9. and nn Ueetl will Ite
acknowletlired until the purchase money ia paid
Oct. 3 Sheriff.
fcdtate of Sllia Cover, late of Jener X Roatla
Letten ol administration on the above estste
bavina tteen arrantetl to the undcraiirnetl, notice ts
hereby c-tven totlioae lndebte.1 to It to make imme
diate payment, antl ihoe havimt elalma aa-ainat I:
lo prenent them duly authoulicaletl lor settlement
on Tueatlny, Nov. 2tt. It;;, at the late residence ol
decease! lit Jeuner Bosnia
l'trmu. covkk.
Oct. 3 Aduilniatnttorj.
ity virtue of an order lwuctt t.ut oftlieOnihans
Court "I Soincratt k. Fa., 1 will sell at public
sale at Coullucnce, in aul.l county, on
- " Thursday, Oduber 25, 1 ST 7.
at so'clock a. the foilowlnir descrilietl roal eilate
ol Wl liata Filter dee'd, vll.
Five lou of aaouud known on the ireneral plan
of the said ltorouirh of Cmituence3 io. 5) and
at in block 3, adiiinlngr tjen street on the euat,
lot No. ai on the south, and tftl .o. S-'on the noilhi
Nt.s. sttnml 40 In ttlork S adjoining eitcb other on
Vtie soiiih-east corner o( Faire and Odea atrveta
and No. lit in lil'tck 2 ueina a short lot tiling be.
t,een litta la antl t& in aeiJ block, and extending
Mlftn II uaft street tuCaaitelman river.
l'r.KM3.-, lie third In hand. oue-thltl In six
months, oua.third In twelve montha, with Intrrvsl,
Iti b secured by ju lament bonds on the pivniiiwe.
Ttn per cant, lo M paid nn day of rale.
1 , JOHN li.l'HL.
: i ta.3 Trustee.
or virtue of an or lrr 1'Suotl out v.f Ua toliant'
Court 3i B-.r. etsetCti., V., to me illrcctej, mete
v ai ne ex;toed ut p?mic atie, ttn tue premiH-'s, ia
AlheBy Twp., on
Saturday, (X;l. 2f, 1S77,
the following valuable real estate, late the pu
cny of John Ftyir, dee d. t
A tr id al land; ituat. 4a Allegheny Tup , eou
tair.iug 'Jul acred and i perctits, adjotnlmr lands of
peier t.uierl. il, Val. Hay. luniol .Millur, Henrr
Fernetaiid others!, alioul t7ia.Tcsclei.teil. n0ai--:4
in niealtif, hayiuK thereon, erected to two.suiry
Ji'if hotiie liattK hrn m,d olts ohI'iuIIjIoks.
VHS -AloB.thirtt attcr payment of mstaand
pttUMA w re a. in a lien on the tremiaes lor t tie
aae ot lite w.ow : one-third of the baluca to le
taid ononfiUnuittinaiof sale, and the remainder In
two eittl aeuaal payments to he seen ml by ir.d
anent note. Ten iter cent, ttf hand munrv to Ie uclt
as soon aa theproperty Is kiy.l(et tlowX aUle to
eommenee at I e'e'tfc. u. W t4 aaitl tlay.
' Jl'MN MfcvTREY,
t-t.s, Truittee,
JacM. !. P',.il'lJd s No, Auxact Term, VCt
in I w.'.f to 1 ( Oommon Fletta u 6.ei
arvRiytn. rOmnty.
1 ' ( i.VlanUi7 Assignment )
rxr.,ur.t klel Auku. 13tb In'7. E.cettion Hied
jtUKUst loth IK77, aud John K. Etlie appointed
muott..i ... . .... ......... H. v ,
. 1. r 1. ... .... k 1. ,.f . 1. .. . 1 . ... . I ... I
lite IDWll lu I hmdi. i .tin Attiigiiyt 111 ttm
anion a- thoae lexallv enHt',til lternv "
Eviract from the ;ucjJ, nenttlitl h nt Scvt.
l!7J. r. J. KOt lSEK. l4..V
Notice i htrehy sriven to 4U 11.tr this Intense)
tlmt 1 will a'lenj to the ifdilci of h above ha
,tintm.'m irrtwe oftlee-of A. J. liitunii, Es't.. V1 i
ie- BortiuxH oirtmricrset, on Tbarnlay, IVtl.M;
tub Is;;, at lUu'clolW a. tq , whenaud hcretliiie
rmcrtsled lafl attend U they see proper.
FKEHir-B wTrn twnrntiT-n
.fem-wiiuler.Frec withevcrroitk.r.Oat I
fit ire. J. It GajktrU Ctx, Chicago, IU.
4, iv J.J Or' r hue mm Is.
i?fc Jt Ti i i ' ?)-!' to-, rtv tiurn
a? a:AVv5a-'i!J.''.of.T5t eo.,v i.a
n IVi (
t3'tn w.4l. -r11:-.V t,-: t.
l.?rrss, A. Col t-ins e. tt...fllvT.
.ST EE'S SA li:
i:Tr',rrnA f ih 'r-tcr )'. t!;c Curt
,"iiiiLi'i ltft Sj'Mieriivi iV. IS,, fhn mlT-
4v t -
i raliwhlw rral cerate, vit .
A rrrttiir. tnicl vi Uni -iraatc in rpporTmlary
fikrt Twp., iStiit n-c t Oi. Tit., a'i-inUv Iwls t
.lor.tvthat Kpciirt, Siii iMitm' ht-tr. .f.
il. Mc'MiYvii ainU Ucvr, rn!uii.io uUmt. ild
Efcciv.-, ti.tt intf n ;' i. two ?T4-ry iSwctllr'tr h-n.1,
Imrn. ari u'.iier tnitl!uitiiu.rM 'lcmm rrMii.
lc U frQ tt.ty tl ut ltir'ar'r ft .iiir!:irl
on t-iiiniii:i.,ii mIc f Nm-rkr i'urt, n
tinrl ii w.mt.b. attl iM- ftmJ ii, cn yrar. with
itierest; tititfrre-Jl vuicnt4i Ui l Kturcl bf
a. p. Kixa.
iki. 3 .?8lai?c of Michui 1 li.t. uitcr.
onci: to Tiu;srArKi;s.
ltti.? Is licnr-lr fivra t.t nil r rM.r. it. -if t-.it
one tuun-1 tnc. a;.-i:iir n ilie .r ttiigt'g u U.c
By vtr'.u of an c.ler of Orptinm- of s .th-
t-r.-ct 1:0., Fa., I w ill sell at puolit: tlc. on
- hurtdutj, Xoi-tmbir 1, lsTT,
at Hie town of Garrett, at 1 'tV-k p. 111., ihe
foltowinir rc:il ct:t'.e of Ad.uu Shislcr dcj'J. vis :
Six certaia its ir ground i-itume ia tlictt-wn tl
Onrrett, stateaml ct-umy uiun sniJ, bouu led ami
and UccrHicd as totlowii: N'.h. 1?, iio, 1:11
l:d ltoumletl i.y IVrins. aud .Mutlism rircc.t ami
by Mulberry and Hi-k.-ry alb-v and I..13 and
iua late lite roottuce ol tlie deceased aud ot-cu-.ic
i by lh wtJ.iw 1,. the tiu.e .. her tic.ii.ti..
I Ell.MS. One-half of tho pur.L:i?j cmncv to
be pji'l canti on couurmntlon ol sitle, 1J per ecut.
of which mu' lie paid on day ol mIc, the l.:it;Hi-'j
In one year with iiiiereiti focuretl on the prciuis
by Uil:tte!il bund.
tin sniiietiay, at tl.e fhtu" ril:C' nil tin- ir.tcnil
pr.'; erty will 1 .li-piscd ol.
Oct. S l i u.sleo.
Iiy virtue ol r.n order of ?:ile jisiit d or.t id the
Itrphann' Court of Somerset rountv and t.t ui tl.
rectetl, we will cxp ? tus.ilc bvpii'jlic outcry on
the premises, en
Saturday, (Mofti-r 27, IS IT,
at 1 o'clock p. ra , of cjM tlay. Ihe followir.i; rcnl
esta-e, late the property of lienry liuuehrr, dee d,
A certain tract of lan 1 s'.tuato in Sli.MIccrcck,
Two., S'lint-rct ct.iiiiTv, l'a., ad.fiLin 1 mis tf
Levi Snyder. J!m Iiiiit-1 1, Hcr.tv I. suvder. ami
oihers, eoutainiii -.'jj a'-ref wore or leu.., of which
there ure aUmt lit acres clcarc !, atv.M acres in
meadow, bavimc a lame tram-.- dwcllm? heu.c,
I-irire Ixiuk baru and other ou.nuiluiiiaj tiicroou
TEKAlS. Ouc-ilii.-.l in han 1 on confirmation of
sale, imiarice in two ciuai a"iiu:il pavaicnts with
out intere?!. 1 percent ot haul money to be paid
as soon .11 the pivptri v is knocked down.
M'l.oMON IMif'i lIKR,
AAkoN jjoLcin.it,
VU 5. Truce s.
iiy virliic rf an or!ir r,i the Orph'.'.H' Vnrt to
ine direvted. there will !c ejti.j.?tM to pu'db sU
n lltt preiu:?et on
Friday, Orfahrr lu, 177,
at loV!tnk p. m. the follwi:jtf di-s.-ri'-e-.l real e--tatc,
late the et.vte ot IulHi k iiar-l iy, .irn'.U ix:
A cort;iin trart ol hind altunr- in rtlleulienv
Twp., S'merfMft tV, l'a ati)oriiiti iWin vt
Andrew p.riirSauii, I'harlea HuUliarti. W liiiain
Ware an.i ti:.Ts. tMiitainina; loo,irres:nor or lew,
ntVttiit .rio acres in cleared, an-1 1 aerr1. in meadow,
bavins a two Mury buf h -uso. a log iV.ru aud other
out!'Uitiini:i thf ren eref-te!.
Ti-liMS. !ie-lait in l itnd r,n etirtirir-ati' n of
?:ile, bahtr.ee !u m'x incut with iu'er'-?.
et. 3 AdtuinHtr.itor.
is N-y-n-l C" :npiris.:n the Vest romo!y for tNe cire
of t').VSl'Mrl In.N kvx in it mi!t aiv am--Ki.
HTA.iKtS), At U na. lirntirhitix ' uturrh. and all
depranimeiitu ! the NhKVtM'S SVSTK.M. A
circular eontuii.in faiitnt la rs of masv casks
at'x KJiSFi" t.L v Ti:tfATKi, lull iidvi- for the tnat
ment ol the oisv-ases ab4vi mentioned, and eer-tiltt-aten
of at-tualcures, will be f'i't free bv mail
t.t all ri.;ilir!iHs. Allrei. USI'A II t. MUSKS,
Sole t'r'tprletor. in t.VrtlaD.)t street, New Yorlc.
Sep. o
isi.ooo mourir. r0ntts7.ro.
The ciV appf: and r-st wjy to tp:h h read ri rut
i te td the iareeiti'4 is )y o.-tnif one or tnw oi
our tix im.tot tivrr H(M cf-wr.in-r7'. Civflr'
rtivcr dilteri'iit "Um! f the ewun:rv. h
Circ'i.'aiio Oiftr ttOO.O'.M). Adver:icmnta
eeived l-ir one or more li.. i,r t-atai. uuj
taming nainjs ol p tp"r. anl othfr inlorma
1 to
anj ior euinaies, atiurci-s
itllAl. A FmTKU F. tl. Vaj Tii.,
N h' V.rk.
Sepl. Jt"
Sauiuel B. Yo!er " In the Court of Common Tlcat
To ot S'.merwt Cuumy i'a.
James U. ruh. f No 3ft January Term IS77.
J (Voluntary wsijxntnent.)
Tho nn-ler!i;neil Au-Iitt.r appointet by ni"I
Pourt todetcruiine the lien ami to distribute the
lunda in the hund ! Lho Assint-u to an 1 anions
thoc leurally entltletl thereto l Teby kivcs noti-e
that he will meet all partiea intertstml for the
purpome ol his npioin:mut, at the ilHe of td
tkrn v CllMirn. Sotnrrot. I'a.. on Tuesday the
101 h day ot Oeiohrr, 17.", wbea and where said
panics are rtjujud toattend.
Sen. 1 Auditor.
A Yricetnbl lrrparatln, invented lu
the nthn!ury by 1-r. Jain? frace. Sur;i-.n in
Kinir James army. Ttm uli its aireney he eurvii
thouanls oi the mot tuMi'.u u-tn-n and wund.',
and ws reif.tr led by all w knew him as a pult
lio buet:ioior. S-jtj. a box, by luail Je. ior aale
by druvist icen era 1 ly .
Itftatoia. .ViaiMW.
Sep. 14
W. . 1 OWLE Jk SON,
New York Observer.
Tlie liesl HcligUma anj Secular Family
Xcwsparier. $:5.13 a Year, post jwiJ
Es-taltlis'ticJ 13i:5.
i-i;;r.ii!KHin,.w took. -ua
Sep. -Jt
Ai an OrphanV (ourt held at Somerset Pa., on
theWlh day ot September 1S77, the under? Uned
Auditor waa duly ap;idnttl to pas on the exetp
tions, hnil the laeta and make a ditriutton ot tlie
iun-le in the hantittf Aann riloitithand K1 Icltx,
Admiuifirators ol the eatate m Chriatopht-r in its,
deeeawd, to and among t!w legally entitled
thereto, hereby kU'c notiee that he will attend to
the duties ot tlie ahovit apMtmmnt. ua 11iealny,
October PJth, at blaoltieo iu V'biereL, when ami
where all ieravua iuU'msted euu attend il they
think proper.
ip. 4 Auditor.
Aim Orphans' Court held at Somerset Fa., on
the Kill tiny ol Septenilter li;;, li. ire the llonur
al le the Jutia-s Utereof, In the mHttcroi the es
tate of Andrew Specht. dee'd. the t'ourt ptiint.
ed the untleriKned Auditor lo ascertain wuu are
the heirs, what are the advancement 4, It any. and
to make a distribution of the lumis iu the hands
ol Itavld Siet-ht and t-eoru Speel;t, Executors of
the estate of Andrew ijyociit, tlec'.l, lo aud aiuon
to:o Ualty entiled tuerelo. Iiereby ives notice
that he Klllstlend to thetiutltss ol Ui. alive ap
pointment, on 'I uesduy th. li.l day of Octoker,
Is;;, at bis orllce In Sjinerict. tshcii ar,.l wnere
allH-ntoni interest e.1 taa atlvnd il lacy Ikink
u -eyr.
a t an Orpkani1 0'urt lieM at S unerft m the
3otH liJt) -1 AttHut lx", lh. untleTKixncd Amllior
tluly eps'!ntod to make a Omrlhatioii ot tlie Imitls
In the lisnds ol JL A. Stumer and Frter Baker,
Executors uf tlie estate ol Geo Humbert, Ovt tl, In
el'itlina; ttie tirst and second accottn.. tw uittl amtin
those Itnitlty eulliletl thete;o, Stervby tfitesttHtlH-.
that be will attend lu tlie datiirs ol tlie altove p
pointcicyt. oh Wtinesday the 17th tlay of October,
islr at tu y titTliY m S 'Bicrtet. when ami wber. all
persons iiilortstej cun attend can ulte&tj f tiey
ihA k proper.
t'jtV SiVTT.
cp. at ' ' .,
Song and Chorus, ty
AMthorof I.Utatto tk. MieltiTt li'rd," -TH
tl-ffl l4 u.;ew, - Vhat 1. lb one Mih,.u. a
M thei, tie., etc,
OuJ of iItl.out a penvC'v
" Plradin-T Te!p iftoe diMjp, ;
W'bot fiijidi afU"i4 the uuny
'H'V. wUh pifty oo the p-wr."
"t-uorttit aoosi tt'htn and hraotiruj ba).
Ud" evr wuilru. K,ill le Uv author r.;-re ex
trm(ed poTmLirlty tbau auytiuif baa ever
yruu-n. Vice utx-i UluifUated title jraxe
l-r au'.e at a!I niasie bwff, or will b seat ptt
pkl oa receiit of prie by lUc puoiwhci
Sp 1J r-aChtstnutStPhiladelidla,
i.uiiirttii.. iiiir.roii i-i .-.n-utrirft St-THIT-
sct Co., i.y huuiinii, fcshhiif, itatiitTimc u:. bcr
r;cs. viil lie pr oee.ic.i u::aimt at:--nliiu to
liiw. l'arcnls atid uar!iana will bo held rcon
nitil" f.ir dc;trc Utlouoituiuitle.1 bv iuiu.rs.
J. (. l' V, A. I. V.M HKK 1',
F. I'lT.K A. .V KI'iltr,
J. J. I.0N1K c. KKtTZ.
J.i iu.r.iM.1, II. 1 IM Kit,
l. MAKNUAKT, 11. SNYI'Mll!
'pit I
Jij4tc jo ,ti.,aiH li,
- iu nt. A ti tlx h '! m-u. , '. m u
ifms rThi;-li a'i-rf:.-!.T w -uM Lfc-.-tv J. it -w. Mb-:.
KW A 4 (. l Httrurn Si., j i-i-itte
Mv virl'iP t.l i:m.':V vvril-f.T :. L t'.. Alui Al. .
t'i. i'v isal ut d"t!te I'.-ort (Ntm.tiMi PU.-as ,
. S -111:1 t.'o., l"a. and to ut dirreted, 1 will,
expos! t .-f ile t'.v piib;i - i-u. ry, ?;e mr!
H-'Usu. :i; Svituerstit, ui ;
Friday, ih hlsr Vl !77,
at J.vdvk. !. M. i
All the ribt. tllie. bit ere -t. aivl Kihd . Ikiuf)
W. 'ri.-'tn.-in. of, in and to the Mi-twtm tl'nt t '
It-.il etate, via :
A eiruiin tract of Wad, situate in Paint Tp . j
S ine r?et euntyt P.t..eontiiiidnti; tw hnwtrwl aal '
twtiitv-nve acre-, ia -re or it-a, wtiU a twtWetry j
iramt'dwelKna: houeand ?tean 5Aw-n:iil tbe e -n ,
ertTtM, 4vJj"iidrc lm is of K. I Andcr?in on th :
fuft, l.-Aiio J. liorntrr on ttic nurta. a in IViltua .
,iiL-'ui n the -a with the appur: nacuv. i
Taken in eie-utK-n a tho prttjK-ily of lfaufcd
V. i 'n?maii, ut the fulti ol Join lla" h w c l. j
TKHIS. Anr ter'n pnn hastuir at the atHHtc
sJe wiii pita. tike noiieo limt tn -r eeoL. of
111. pureiiHie money must bvpaid c-on as the
pr.-ierty b Uu(-ked di.ww otii'-rweU will again
ie ext -1 tt) s.kie. Therv-Jiduo of the purvh:
ni'icy rnnt te p-ti I heiore the orkntlfd-'tnent
of Stunt iT deed, and nodeel will i- ackaowlel;
ed uu'.il the pur h;ie u:aif v i paid in.
Sep. 15 aSlierid.
He Assorlffieat tapsel
Bet. Wood and Srr.ithfield Sts.,
Sc-ti.. sc.
lna nnderfitineil Audit' apiomted t-y the
Orphans' Court uf Soni'ret ettuniy. Ut rtmke a dia
trit'Uiion of the iunU in the hanL ol John Mo wry
Exe-utor ol John Fair, late of Alleirhcav Twp.,
doc d. to ainl among thirHO legally entitled tberu,
ht-Tet-y piVt-s iiifv that he willa'tteutitolhedutle?
ol sait't appointment, at his ottiee in the Horouh
ot S tiersJt, on Friday, tvtober 1J; K7, at 10
oVlWk a. m., when and where all interested can
at lead.
Sep. 3i Auditor.
At a court of Omm-tn Pleas !eM in Jirnenu't
Pa., ou the 4th day nt Seplemlier Ifj", the udd-r
aliened Auditor wan duly appointed to make a di
IrU'Ution of the funds in the hndof WriUamC.
Livunootl. Aimm't? of Henry H. lilnuLh and
wile, lo and amiii those !'; I ly entitled ttiiTrt",
hereby Kives notice that he will attend to the lu
lie ot tue above 8p;Mdntiuent on Saturday the Oth
day of t K-toLer 177. at hU office in SoitaerMl lt..r
oiiifh, when and where all iw;roni ititernted en
attend if tht tbiuit rn-pt-r.
Sept. I'J. Auditor.
xt4ieef D.iLb l A. Khoads.lateolSemerset Twp.
Lsettcrs of admlnt5initi n on the above estate
hp-vinv t ee:i pmniud to the uriderslyrieii. notice is
lure by utveit to those iiflebted to it to make irano1
ili.atfc l'aymnt. and tlnwe havinc claims ai.iinn it
to present tuein duly autlieninated hr seuleinent
m Thursday, NvmlH'r i 1HT7, at the orhce oi
J. KitnuRl, in omcrei.' l"a.,
Sep. l'j Admimtrau-r
nv virtue ot an oniir n!utM out oi ilie t ourt oi
Common Pieai. in ami tor the tV.unty ef Soiner
M-t, the unders.xnei Af!iitnee of Jaeoh P. iifler,
will ?ell at pultfUiile in the B-iirou ot Somerset,
at the Court Hiue, on
SMurday, October 13. 1STT,
at 1 o'clork, p. m. the tollowiuu; deat rilnsd real es
tate, via :
A certain traet of land situate In Bnthersval
iry Tp.. Soroeriet ta. Pa., atljoinin lands ol
Ctia-rleflKe ira. lSdomn liaer. i itorne hnx lt and
others. tmntainiM 4o aeros more or les and allow
ance, id wiiich there arc at nail 'JO at res rlearetl, S
atresia mtadow, with a two sttvy piaiik iiwu.
andKl bank baru thenm ereetttl. tseinif orig
inally in two 1 nets. '1 his tanu hu a Hue oi-h:tr i
oi enoi'-e younu Iruit trees, i.- well watered and Is
in every rrrct a ileMnt'do lhine.
TKli.'dS. ten erceuL d the un-ba mun-v
to be paid on day ol itale, one-thirl iuciudinf the
ten per eeut. on eoiihnnatin ol sale and delivery
ot dttt, one-thinl in six months, and oue-tUinl in
otieyear irn. date ol .ile, withinterestondelerrt-d
Payments, to be secure! by judgment bond.
Sep. la A??tneo.
i he under?iitrnel Trn-tee fr the Rile of the nal
esute ot Jsoioiuon N . Heal, late ol Southampton
Twp., Somerset t'o., Pa., in pursuance ot an onlr
yraute! to him uy the Orphans' Court ot Somerset
Co., will aell at public iale on live premises of the
deceased, aforesaid, oa
Saturday, October 13F 187,
at 1 o'eloek p. m. the fil!iwin dcflcribcj real
estate, vii:
A eertain tract of land situate partly In South
ampton Twp., anl partly in Larimer Twp., Som
erset Co., Pa., adjoining lands ot Simon lr. Marts,
l'Hiiiel Stuseiunker, John C. Zulail. l:ttluiniel
Itittner. A. Wilmnth and others, containing 12
airres moruor I-um and al!owanc, of whLh there
are abut IU aert'S clear. 3i aeres is tue.id.w. with
a new two story Irame houae and bank I tarn there-tioi-reeted.
The larin lias two good oreitardt. Is
well watered ani In a good state ol cultivation.
TtKMS. Sni'iwt loa dowry ol ftjou Ida, eom
in to the Widow of Levi Shatter, dee d, leu er
-nt. ot the ptinhaw nwney must be paid on uay
o! sain, one -tmrd including tlie tun per cent, on eon
tl rotation of sale and delivery of deed, balaue in
two euitd annual payments without interest, to be
secured by ju Ixtutm bond.-.
Sep. IV Truiee.
. a. Stutztuan'' so. IT. Auril Term. 1ST.-.
to i In thet'ourt ;ol ttouiiit'iu Pleas
Herra in Shank. Cut Souierset t.-ounty, fa.
J (Voluntary A"f liinuicnt.)
Itavinir been api.'liited Auditor in the altove
stated case, todisiriliute the tuntl in the hauls ol
the Assiiin'-ie,io antl amonic those le)c:illy eutitltd
theretti, h tilce Is lierehy alven that 1 will attend
to the tiuiics ol'sai.l appniiiimcnt al my otllt id
Sunicrset, l': on Tuestlay the ldt Inlay of tx-totier,
J. G. Ut. LE,
Sep. 19 Auditor.
j7ui5 LIC SALE.
ilv virtue of an onler of sale, granted by the
Jud'aT d the nimR3 Court o Somerset O.,
Pa., i he wider. ucd will sell at public ah on the
preini.-es. the real estate of Joseph J. Ztmroer
Tuesday, October oO,
A r to dim loo contain irn list acres, more or less,
ol which annul loo acres are clear, o In meadow.
with mo dwelling houses, ou. ol which Is hxetl up
lor a store, a larite hum and other oull.uilitiogs
with line yonng ' Iruit orchard ou the same; is
nearto churches, school., miiut aud store; adjoins
lards of J . 11. t aule, Isaac Llcri.-k, David But nan
nan. Michael W aiinuer, M klow BUtkhuru, Hi
tiw Ilaiuuicr and others.
TKK.US. A dower exists airalnst this land of
ii.M ut tne n klow ot John w aiiaee, aee d, tlie
interest ol which, . ..Xi to lie pain lo ncr annually
on the 1st ol A pnl of each year durins; her lile.
comuieuctiiK April 1st laT'J, anil al ner tieata tu.
sitid suia ol tX'.s..vl to It. paid to the heirs ol Jottn
Wallace, eiee'd. The purchaser must pay one
hall of nis Ud on tii. 1st ol April l;s, aud the
otlierhail on tnc 1st oi it.-tooer I:,'. wtn interest
from Attril Ut. lies.
Sep. tt Atlmimstrator,
Ut Tirtoeofan ortler Issuetl out uf the llri.lans
Court, oi Stitnerset l,'o , r"., lo us directed, we
will e.Twse to puolitt sute on th. pseuuses, Iiy
pUhltt-. OUUTT 1I)
Satunhty, October 13, IS1T,
at 1 o'clock p. m., the Pdlow ins; descrild real
estate, situate In Souwrael Tap , lata is tate
tf i'ttili j .Maurer. deo'd, via;
A ocfutln (annaiiuaia as alhresal l, eontainins;
' IS acre antl 4n percuca strict measure, atlioluliia;
laodaot Sim'.ucl J. Khoads, Joflah Ankeny. John
KlUi.aittl JiiflohSptk-tier. hnvlntr thereon erecteil
a two rttory tl welling house, larife bank liaru, and
oilier outliiiildinas ; ahout 4U acres in j'..l llmlter
laml. and ahout 30 acres In ta.iulon. This lann
has sereral nerer luiinw U'Ui Vi a tanco appl.
orcluird, and oter kiii'lii fruit : Is slluated aoout
V; mile .ita th. vitlaae of SJteavUle, and la cub.
ventent lo churches and schools.
Ike farm Kill betif'rrd as rinft 4 ivt !wr
A ree parcels, totuttlht percliewtc.
TbiUIS. tme llilnl ! iie purcuaae uttmey to
he secured ajtort ',U land, Ix'lutr the dower U Hie
widowot i!.yleat.; o'ue-llilrd ul baUbu tayail
up-ncon'irmuttoh of deett, aiat the balance iu iws
cia ii iinn'ual mymeMi, witleLl Interest.
fuaaevivu to !xtreu April 1st, lATa-
5. L. KUkNS,
.Sep. M A'tC'J Tr'tees.
Yhart Wol:erto;er Xtv oi May Term, 'TX
'' to ( In lh. 4Vurt of t'.taauion
It H W.dieratteriror 1 Pleasol Signet Col, ra.
' it A. O. IIL J ( oltvtury Asl jnnient.)
Harie'! been appo'itetl AodHor In Ihe above
staled ais, tod virli'Ule tiw lurvil In tit. hands
ol the Assiijnce, lo and aintina; those IvK'tU en
t ysttl taerelt, htHli-e w hcrehy khtl. tttal I will
aliend to th. duties of said appwvitwau at uy
otfi.-e In -somerset, Pa.,un Thuis-lay Ihe lltli day
omt-Ptner,!. J. Q. I" iLE,
Sep. Aiaiilor,
F. A. ivMiioann, S tU.lU'r of Patents. v ashlun-
ton, U. C. No patent 0 Ir.
Sen.1 tor Cina
April 1, 1 Jear
To) fff? m m w p)
w w 1 1 m mm
T7" . ---m.- . l
TinmmTiTi nnwinnnTn
; V"e aain offer our services fur handling ti laden ISntter;
.wcaro better prepared to handle1 Unttrr this sean tlian over
liefore, having a fixst-class
to pl; c it in ou arrival, and with inrri-at'd trad;' can st ll it
quiek and make PJCOHl'T IIKTITKXK.
Cards can be had from the Store-keepers
and Express Companies,
Align st 29.
The co-p:irtner.-liip beretnfviro existing under the firm name ttf o. A. ?.11I.LKK it Co., is this d:tj
dissolved, tir mutnti nrrecriieTtr. 1 1. A. Mil'r retiriiiir froia the hmi. an-i the renin in lna p-iriners un
tlcr the ilrin naineol Al.ti In i.NALli, CI,!r'F . V')., arc ahme authorised to sina In litiuidittini.
. A. MII.LtlJ,
W. K. Ui.'tACll.
JXII.,1. M.t.DIi.N"AI.I,
A..f ri.iFF,
The undersigned havinir this dar Tunned a co partncruMp, ns sii't'esturs to 4'. A. .tliller at Co., will
continue the i'palnceCiuiinissitin'liuslness, at the ol I stand. .N i. 1 1 Si ut h Water Street, under th.
linn n:itne of Marlsonald. I'litl at t'"., and hereby advi.-e their triendtof the same. To all parties de
tefirinirinpaltie antl responsttde aaents toattend to their intercut in this mirk -t, we would rejipeot
ttitiy tiller oiiclves, and Sitiicit ctntinmeiits aa-1 orier. I.l:tcrl udvnecs uta.e on consii;ninent?.
.Uitrkinif rimes lunii.-hcd :tnd corre..iwin-leni-e .nlieiicil.
A. .1. I-I.IKK.
In p lirins trom the Srm of . A. Miller Ja f" , I ir.iuld th ink my Mends for their tasi iaror. and
ht- I hey wii! continue to irive my su-t'eitst-rs. Mai Itli.V A LIi, I'l.I I'K It 41 1., a liberal hure ol Uieir
liisint-ss,"antl 1 cheerlully recLuiutend thera. as reu-'irds atMliir and re.tiion.-iihiliiy.
(. A. .MILL Eit.
Calling the attention of Itaiprmen to the aNive noti.-e, we aa:tln i.fter our service, lur the sale of
Olades Huitcr. Having a l.irire Kefrlirentor. and a Ura-e and in-rc.is n-r trade, we arj prepareil ttt
sell all iiuitcr on arriral and send vrvmpt rc.'urm wii b rhtck.
'lAi IMIXALP. fl.tr VnCi I,
ti South Water Street
K -lcrcnc J. (t. KIM .11 KL A SONS. S incr-ct ; MAXI'KAtTt'REKS B.WK, I'Miln lclpl.ii.
.Sepl i;ti
AOernmliiis .-Hi !l;e l.l;ii;
W. P. Harvev & Co.
Sep. 12
Por Prompt Eetiirns and Good Prices
E. Ew Roberts.
Frankford Ave. and York St.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
As we own i.tir Teams, Store, Stable, &.C., wc arc able to hirxlle eonignni ol a
withrmt rliarine I'urtaye.
1 1 K F K I ( K t I-m S 1 1 a r a k a w a i s Hank, 17j rrankfurd ATentip, Tliila., Pa.
Sep. IU
The nntlerslirne.1 ; Amllhtr appolntetl ky th
ttrplutns' I tour' ol Somerset county. Ut pass upon
the exceptions filed to the account or the Kiecumrs
of Charles Henley, deo'd, and the lata and make
distribution t ike lands in the hantls of said
Executors to aa.1 amona those leg-ally entitled
Ihrrelu, nerehy irlves noltii. I kttl h. will attend t,
the tliitlceid skl appulntmenl ua Saturday, ttct.
3t, 1st, at hisolttc. in Stuueisei. when antl where
all perstsuv.t'res.etl ean attend If they think
Sep. Auditor.
The nntlersiirnetl Auditor appointed by Iki
Jistiacs ol Ihe orphans Court ol rviseersct ctiaHly.
Ut paaa u(wn the exceptitms nletl in sast Ci,wrt to
the account ol Samuel Minder, Adnainsstrat'ir ot
Henry I Hot Icily, dee'd, to stale auaccoaiit and to
make", tllstriltutkm of that lunda in the hand of
the A Itn'r.. to and aisoug those leaally eatiile
thereto herctiy a;vesnttice, that ke wiil ;tttenl t.
I he duties ol bii appointment, at th. oOtcw Wm.
H. Kistiiia, r.., in Sjoiuerset. on Tharsility, itet.
1H, 1Ht7,Rt too clock n. ns. when ami where Iht-ss
interested can attend if taw tklak proper.
JttliN K. EP IE,
Sep. H Audit. r.
At an Orphan. Court h.ltl nt Stimcrsct. m the
lstd'yof S. p ember l-Ti,l'foie i k; Utim st.hl.ili.
Juttaes thereof. In lite matter td th. esiale
TbtMaaa .Mason. de-tl, si moti.;n of Henry V.
Sehell, t'.", Ike uo-leflnacl Antlktor iu duly
aptolnteI to ax the amotuii t4 tit. rceounivinc iu
he trnte rt I Into hy liarriaon Masoa. tk. tnterett
there.it to lie paid to tits wukiw ul aai.1 duc..ist.
awl attec hes death, the part. Ike re. if paynltl ie
th. kelra of sakl deenasrJ. tu aaceruia who tkrv
are. th. advancement i(aoy. ami the.nns. aiit
-layable tu hWraot kal reyreaewintiresniswrtiinx
Ut law. also ut. aaaouni payaote uy lite sai-i Har
rison Maaon to Kaeiiael .tlaaun, AdntHilstratrix
and .Muasue Morrison. Administrator of 5 he sal I
deceased, Uy the Cnlt.
A. T. PICKET, Clerk.
herehy jK. notk that I will atleml to tho
duties of th. ai.ve app inlmeat, on Wednelny
the 'Mtk day of f trtotier lsTT. at ay o..1ee In Somes,
set Iwlten antl where all persons Inlerrsled can at.
ti id II tltey think itruper.
Sep. Amllior.
A. r. Stahl an t wile 1 y.. 4u. Aairn-t Term 1C7.
To J Autlilor'a X,mntukn to
Valentine Hay. S J.-un li. fliL
The malersiTtetl Auditor apprdnletl by the uid
Court to make dunriliutlon ot the lu-itl in the
hantisol Ihe Asl-ne.a per aecontit hle-l. A.-,
herobr lives ntitlce ihat h will meet ail pat-tie
lateseVte.1 at hu orhen In Somerset, on 'iiuay
Oct. li, lT7, when an 1 where all parties ran at
Hi It mey ,h.ak Pr.per.
9ept.aB Awdif.
a X I' 4 W- TS -V -W, -w 4
83 Exchange Place,
Baltimore, Md.
ti n i
. i
in i:
IlnI Si: ttf
Stoves, Ranges,
Finest assortment in the country,
and Low Prices.
Sep. 12
f fariavj;sw forTtrrliforeupiett by M. A. $umir 1
Scznsrset County Bank
t'ttahifr tnnl 3rr.
Vt'llloutn for ba.lnesa tin lio.tay tlctoUr 1st.
Ci.llectl.-os matle in all parti J lit. V nlte.1 SUtet.
CbarKes iietdertte. liuttar antl ether rheekj eo
lectetl ami cashc J. Eastern ami Wr-itcrnexchans;.
always on han.lt Rcrelttancr matle with prcuipt
ness. Acv-c-Blts fnMleL
KeTer by permtaioa U
llitn. W. H. Ki.tnta, Atl'y at Uw. Hun. W.
J. Baer. At'y al Lm. C'ol. Kd. Scull. O.l. V. S
Kevenuo. A. J. Colliorn Att"y at Ltw. C
Mu.selinan. s Ut. .ludxe. Hon. A. H. Cof
Ipttti. Ait'r al ijtw. W m. B. Vreasc, Merchniit.
r- KiemamCapiutlist.
Lphnim Coher) Xo. 20. Anut Tcim 1T.
and wile to Audiutr't leiamuslun tu Juki.
Jns U Puirh. ) II. I hi.
The uiulersiirnrd Auilitor appolntetl I.y the sahf
Conn l examine except i-tna awl make disirlhu.
lion of th. lunds in th. bawls ..f the Assla-nee.
hereliY aives nt.tlc" tltat he will meet all jmrtie
iutere'.icl -. Inaurtlce In Sotnersot. on Friday,
net I.'. ls.T. wt-n antl where all parties Inters i
ed m:ett 11 they think pml-r
tcp s Anit'ir.

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