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The Somerset Herald
- April M. 17S.
As income tax ia nut altogether a
pleasant institution, but we must
raiee money to pay those Sontbern
claims io some m ay, you know.
The t". S. Senate on Monday of
lost week, by vote of 37 to C past
ed tbe bill repealing the Bankrupt
law. Now let the House act prompt
ly, and we will be rid of tLls incuba
on returning buBinefi prosperity.
SioNk- of conciliation are accumu
lating in tbe Souih. Ia a late epeecb
made by Wade Hampton to bis Dem
ocratic Iriends in Charleston be ad
vised tbern not to allow Independents
to run candidates. Tbcre a tbe old
pj.iritof tbe Southern Democracy
speaking out. Republicanism bas
been put down with tbe shot gun
and if Independent candidates can
be prevenlea from running for office j
br the 5anie method, a solid Soutb is
secured to tbe Democracy. There
is nothing conciliates all political dif
ferences in tbe Suuth so effectually
s tbe t-Lot gun.
Tin: Ieni"crai are in a condition
of urea' distrchSover their illegitimate
und rebi-Hious (.flVpring, the National
party. They have been trying both
tp Lin and to bribe it back into the
parental fold, but it obstinately de
clines to coiue. In Iowa, for exam
ple, tLe Chairman of tbe "National
S ate Committee'' has published a
proclamation, statiug that tbe Demo
crats are too late w'tb their overtures,
and thai each party must now stand
upon its own bottom. The word
"Nationals" is a nightmare which
keeps Democrats in close Districts
awake of nightd.
T secure the next National House
of Representatives the Republicans
Lave only to hold what tbey have
got, and gain eight Congressional
Districts. We ought to gain two of
ibis number in Pennsylvania, viz:
Schuylkill, where Keilly (Dem.) bad
1 majority, and tbe Franklin dis
trict where Sienger (Dem.) waselect
ed by C9 majority. In Ohio we are
almost certain of gaining three dis
tricts which were undoubtedly carried
by fraud in I8TG; then add to those
tbe districts from which Republicans
bonestly elected, have had their scats
stolen by tbe present Democratic
House, and it will be sure that the
tasit of regaining the House is by no
means a difficult one.
Isn't it about time that the Repub
licans of this Congressional district
were takiog soundings? Tbe re
nomination of General Campbell ap
pears to be conceded, but bis re-election
is not. On a square, stand up
fight be can carry the district against
bny Democrat in it, but in our judg
ment battle will Lot thus bo offered
l.im. The so called "National party"
proposes to put Congressional candi
dates in the Geld, and tbe General
must look out for a flanking fire. It
is thought that his former majority
of oiO can be overcome in this way,
and it will be iound the Democratic
nomination will not go a begging.
Wc are not badly scared, but :tt tbe
mine time our Republican friends
may as well keep their eyes open, as
to their surroundings.
Ik an Alabama contested election
case for a seat in the House of Rep
resentatives, in which Jere Harralson,
a negro, wa ousted, and a Rebel
eneral pat io his place, a paper was
read ln-fore the Committee signed by
Harralson, in which be acknowledged
that in a publr speech be bad made
statement that was utterly false,
and that he did it to prevent the
Democrats from voting for Shelley.
The Chairman asked Harralson
. why be signed that paper. Harral
son replied : "You would have sign
ed it. You see it was eleven o'clock
t night, and I was in Gen. Shelley's
room. He Lad two pistols, and bis
Vputy Sheriff bad two more, and if
you ever did see a scared black man,
I was one. You know white folks
fcnow icw to scare niggers anyhow."
Although the evidence shows that
bull-doring and intimidation bad full
sway, the indications are that Shelley
ill retain Lis seat.
Gloveb, Le of the investigating
turn of mind, the Lead and front of
Democratic smelling committees, has
succeeded, undesirably, and most uu--xpected'y
to Lim, in catching
another Democratic rascal.
While nosing aronnd to unearth
something to injure Lis Republican
opponents, Lis committee Las come
into possession of proof that at least
ten thousand dollars of the thirty-two
thousand expended during the trip of
Morrison's Iarestifjaling Committee
to Louisiana, during tbe Presidential
contest, went into pockets not enti
tled to it. Tbe money was expend
ed by Major S. K. Donavin, of Ohio,
the then Deputy Sergcait-at-Arms,
nd Colonel Polk, bis assistant, after
wards the Door-keeper of the House.
Donavin bad full charge in the dis
tribution of the f 32,'iim placed in bis
Lanas by J do. Thompson, Sergeant-t-Arms
of tLe House. The affair
creates much excitement among tbe
Democrats, and proof as to tbe ir
regularity is said to be overwhelming,
Mr. Glover is authority for the state
ment that at least ten tltfusaud dol
lars was not expended, kit in a crook
ed manner went into :'ue pockets ot
eeruin Democrats. It is charged
that Polk and DoLavia can tell what
became of this money, and they will
be required to testify n carding it.
U lover and bia exerts, weren't
fishing for Democrats, and they ex
plain with woe begone faces, tbat it
is not their fault, tbat tbey. couldn't
Lelp it. We can not touch pitch and
remain ondeCled nor turn op corrup
tion, and not unearth a Democrat
Glover ooght to Lave those two
apLorismg impressed oo Lis memory.
Tin old fight against the return of
Heistcr Clymer to Congress from the
Reading (Pennsylvania) district has
becn renewed. Mr. Peter D. Wan
ner announces himself as tbe Demo
cratic candidate, and insinuates that
Mr. Clymer is not as good a Demo
crat as Le should be.
Immediately after tbe appointment
of Field as Doorkeeper cf tbe House
we Leard somewhat of the "crippled
Union soldier" tbat Le had made bis
Erst assistant Investigation proved
bim to be a Lero of the Commissary
Department, who bad sprained bis
ankle and was lame for a few weeks,
and this is bat tbe new Confederate
Doorkeeper and bis Democratic allies -
..1 j: lit
call a "crippiea c nion eoiuier. ,
Since then Democratic Generals!
don't "cheep" on the subject
The filthy Beecher-Tillon scandal j the aspirations and Lopes of tbe best
bas been revived again by an open j elements of our party." And yet it
confession of guilt made by Mrs. i was the idiotic attempt to force
Tiltonand sent to the newspapers 'agreement on these very points, tbat
for publication. Since the trial, we j lost us Ohio by 22,000 last October,
have been satisfied of Reecher's guilt, j But "undisturbed" by that experience,
and Ibis worthless crnfession made profoundly oblivious cf the fact tbat
by the participant in it, can have but party harmony can be restored only
little weight in further shaping put-, by avoiding all issues on which there
lie opinion. It however opens again j difference of opinion, this sagacious
the sluicegates through which the Statesman and profound politician
country will again be flooded with proposes a platform on which there
all the'nasty matter connected with j is not tbe ghost of a chance of carry
and bred by this moral pestilence. ; ing his own, or any other Northern
The N. Y. Tribune has made an
exhaustive examination, prepared and
published a full list of the private
claims for compensation which have
been introduced for tbe South during
this session of Congress.
The list covers some four columns
in nonpareil type, and includes near
ly one thousand separate bills whose
total claims aggregate over ten mil
lions of dollars. When to this are
added the public claims of cotton tax,
tobacco, captured property, and army
supplies, tbe total demand of the
South upon tbe Treasury foots up an
aggregate of which the lowest esti
mate is over f 200,000,000, and
which tbe careful estimate of Judge
Hartley places at $300,000,000. And
this tbe South asks us to pay her for
damages incurred in a war of rebel
lion which she herself forced upon
When these Southern claims were
talked of in 1870, and warnings given
tbat such atrocious demands would
surely be niadeyiB soon as the Demo
crats Ehould come into power, tic re
were not a few in tbe North who
.ooh-poobed it as a campaign buga
boo. Tbey have lived to witness
their mistake. Tbfi Democrats are
not yet in power, as they Loped to
be, but the cupidity of their Southern
brethren could no longer be restrain
ed. Tbey Lave not secured tbe Sen
ate, but that they are certain to do
by the 4th of next March. Tbey
have not the Presidency, but assert
tbat tbe Presidential assent to their
claims enters into ttie policy of "Con
ciliation," and was foreshadowed in
the inaugural address. Should they
retain the House, therefore, in tie
next Congress, (tbe Senate being
then Democratic also) there will re
main nothing in the way cf their
"getting even" with the North for
the very little portion which they
have to bear of our war debt. And
in order that our depleted Treasury
may have tbe wherewithal to supply
this Southern plunder, they cut down
the appropriations lor all the Depart
ments uutil the Government is fairly
crippled, and further propose a tax
on incomes which they well know
would be collected mainly from the
It is no longer possible, even for
those 60 incrednlous during tbe cam
paign ot 1S7C, to avoid perceiving
tbe imminence of this dauger. There
is but ona means of prevention in onr
hands. The Senate is, for tbe pres
ent lost; the Presidency Las proffid
itself a feeble reliance ; we must res
cue tbe Hou of Representatives from
Democratic control.
This is our only safeguard ; and
this we can certainly do if we brae
ourselves for the contest. All differ
ences of opinion oa the policy of tbe
National Administration must be
laid aside, and we must make tbe
fight not for or against the President,
but -for the Republican party.
When yon want a blundering
politician, sure to "put his foot in it,'
go to Ohio, and tbe first fellow you
stumble over is your man. The lat
ter day Ohio poiakian is a wonder
ful creation, importurable, pig-headed,
and profoundly sagacious, Le is a
law unto himself, and embodies in his
intellect all the wisdom of the na
tion. Tbe country revolves around
Lim and all that is outside his orbit is
vacuum, mere unknown and uninhab
ited space, which Le regards not. "See
Paris and die. Hail from Ohio and
be crowned a sage.
Byway of illustration: Here is
Mr. John Sherman, Secretary of tbel
Treasury, grandly ignoring tbe Presi
dent's order about office-holders in
terfering in politics, and addressing
a letter to the Republican State Cen
tral Committee, telling tLem bow it
is as easr as A.B-C to go in and win.
TLe plan is simply refreshing and
infallible, and is summed tip in Ibe
following terse confession of faith and
accompanying commentaries ; (we
quote from the letter).
This is a Republican Administra
tion. Tbe President was elected by
Republicans. He Las been faithful
and trne to tLe pledges made by the
party In th.e convention that nomin
ated Lim, and represents tbe aspira
tions and Lopes of tb beat element
of our party. Some complaint Lis
been ciade as to tbe distribution of
offices, and to the interference of
officers in election, but surely 6uch
complaints should not come from tbe
people, upon wLom properly devolve.?!
tbe conduct of all political move
ments, free from officious interference
by Federal officers. Wkh very rare
exceptions, founded opon local or Fpe-
jcial reasons, Republicans have been
j nominated t office, and official duty
has been faithfully and well pcrfcrm-
cd, as much so as during any period
of our history.
It is true, also, that lie policy of
conciliation to tbe South, from the
highest motives of public good, has
resulted in quiet, peace and order;
and, as I believe, will in due time re
sult in the ascendency of the Repub
lican party in several of the Southern
How child like and bland ! "upon
two or three things, we ought certain
ly to agree," Says tbe ingenuous
Secretary : "This is a Republican
Administration. The President was
, by ,. (,,icanB-
He bas
been faithful and true to tbe pledges
made by the party in the convention
that nominated Lim, and represents
I State.
iuerr Idea rl I rnwj.
r'n-m the Cliieairn Trlbun.
The Democratic House has a
rious idea of economv, viz :
To cut down expenses $10,000,000
one year, and bring in a DeGciency
Appropriation biil for $10,000,000 at
the next session. It may not be
very clear to tbe natural carnal man
where the saving comes in here; but
be doesn't reflect that tbe people to
whom the government owes this snm
of $10,000,000 loe a year's interest
on their money, which some one
must gain, elee bow could it be
What Field' Election Means.
Frnn the Milwaukee Sentinel.
The selection of the rebel General
Field by tha Democratic House ia
fair notice tbat the former condition
of things, w hich did more to disturb
the peace and prosperity of the coun
try tban anything else, is to be re
stored tbe complete subjection of
the Democrats of the north to tbe
slaveholding element of the soutb;
a surrender of all manliness and in
dependence to an aristocratic class
which is prepared to demand entire
control ot national affairs as it did
before the war.
(lover' Seal pa.
CiiK'icut, an'ttc.
From Hi
We are in favor of thisi democrat
ic investigation going on. An in
ventory to date Bhow-3 the following
net results :
(1) One Democratic Doorkeeper
caught and disgraced; (2) General
IJanniDg put ia & tight place ; (3)
seme of the crookedness of Glover's
own experts exposed, and (i) a i 10.,
euiJ steal by Democratic Congress
men uncovered. It in no way de
tracts from tbe Faluo of these discov
eries tbat tbey were purely acciden
tal. Glover and Lis experts will be
more cautious in tbo future, but they
have dooc suniethin; for tLe country
Harkisiu'RO, Apr. 20, 187$.
Tbe present legislature has grown
so unwieldy tuit it is becoming tired
cf itself. 1 scarcely know ubat of
its doings to write about that will be
of interest to yoor readers.
The large number of appropria
tions to charitable and other institu
tions throughout the State is becom
ing tbe subject of much comment.
The demands of tlietsa institutions
upon the State Treasury arc inrreas
ing yearly and it is a question wheth
er many of these institutions arc do
ing any good to other than their
well paid officers. The House du
ring the past week passed bills ap
propriating an enormous amount of
money to the various institutions
asking aid cf the state. A much
larger sum by fur than the already
depleted condition of tbo Treasury
can in any wise warrant.
Jn tbe work of the week, Sher
wood's ssJary bill number two bas
bad a rather rojinent place. This
bill is one of the LobLCcs of which
Mr. Sherwood has not a taw. He
desires to cut down the number and
tLa calaries of r.ll the beads of de
partment; end employes on the Hill.
He went at it lite s. Jbull in a china
shop, but failing to keep tLe analogy
be bas been busied for some f.aie,
past ia nabbing up some of the dis
satisfaction wLich the bill has caused.
Some of the clerks on la h'l showed
not a little uneasiness at tbo persist
ent efforts of this reformer. The
free pipe line bill in tbe House Los
pa.si'd that body on second reading
byavotaci J?GtolC. This is a
fictitious etrengtL, uhi.eb tLe bill
:ti a 1 : !- I i i. .
w... uol iiaeij iiatn .oWF o
a final passage in the lloufce. I'hef..:. .:,.., i .i. i... i
Senate is patiently waiting to
throttle tbe biil should it again be
called up&n lo consider it during
this session.
J. Murrav Moorbc-id, Uia unfortu
nate contractor on tbe Matamoros.
Railroad u bis story may be believ-
A1 ta fit 1 1 1 napaiotnnt lrr Knm mnninn I
v u, ta ciiu LFViCIOUULIJ uaulUICllUK li
tbe doors of tbe Treasury for admis
eiou, and bis bill asking for an adju
dication of bia claim, bas been the
subject of not a little excitement in
tLe JXouse. During its discussion
members ftip rather personal in
their remarks aad tivt ?hole tenor
.t - j:
u .lu l "ss," out v7 '
pl.mentary to llr Moorbead wLo, 1
if Le be an injured Individual in this
matter, Las also been, indeed, a long
suffering one.
Among tbe mcst tedious matters
of tbe seiiion have been the contest
ed seats in tbo IIou.se. AH of last
session tbe II azlett-Agnev case at
tracted attention, and daring the
present session the queftion ofappo'n'
ia a committee to investigate illegal
irregdsriiies in seating Mr. Agnew
was diseased arcost beyond endur
ance. The Fowicr VB. Felthoff case
wnicn bas been on tbe tsuis all of
this session Las at last been decided !
against the sitting member Feliboff,
democrat, ana ia favor of Fowler,
contestant, Republican. It is a
matter of verr little ininirtn,
G lP7 t trt fKn t inliBl.!.,!-. : 1
ly iutefistcj.
Tbe famous ItecorJur's bill defin
ing and enlarging the dutiei o,' the
Recorder of Philadelphia Las be-'
come a law. TLe Senate amend
nents were concurred in by tbe
House on Thursday; the Governor
tho same day signed thi bill, and
nominated to the Senate for tie po
sition of Recorder, Secretary of the
Commonwealth, Hon. m Matthew S.
ijuay. Who is to be " Mr. Quay's
successor in bis present position de
ponent sayeth not, but Hon. Jno. 15.
I.inn, deputy secretary is favorably
mentioned on every band. Ho is a
gentleman of the first water, and no
better Secretary could be found.
Yesterday tbe resolution agreed
upon in Republican caucus, fixing
May 21, as the date of final adjourn
ment of tbe legislature, was reported
from tbe committee on ways and
means. It was like a fire-brand in a
field of flax. A general discussion
of a rather heated character immedi
ately ensued, during which it be
came evident tbat the friends of "anti-discrimination"
and other import
ant measures were determined , that
the resolution should not pass tbe
House until their bills were consid
ered. It was sent to the Judiciary
General toaimit'.ee where it will be
kept as long as possible. Following
this action on part of tbe House, a
resolution fixing afternoan sessions
on Mondays ar.d Fridiys was vo'
ed down. This was an application
of the lex talionis, and the whole
business is rapidly assuming the
shape of a Kilkenny fight, in which
tbe people are the losers.
From Our Regular Cm.'$pondcnC
Washington, D. C, Apr. 20.-1378.
When Chesterfield said tbat wo
men were only children of a larger
growth, with an interesting tattle,
and sometimes wit, but that be bad
never known one to possess solid
reason and good sense, or to act con
sequentially for four and twenty
hours together it is quite evident
tbat be bad never come in contact
with the Washington species, maid,
wife, or widow. Had he met a
Washington adventuress, and if be
bad gone into good society he would
certainly have found her, he would
have met his equal, and more too.
If he had begun to flatter her, as be
advised his son to do, on any subject,
from her understanding down to tbe
exquisite taste of her fan, under the
impression that she would gratefully
accept tbe smallest compliment, and
greedily swallow tbe grossest
what would bare become of tbat
duality of the devil and the graces.
Lord Chesterfield 1 He would have
been "taken in," destroyed. He
might practice his graces, his flattery,
his diabolical je we svai juoi, upon a
United States Senator, on Ben But
ler, or Sam Cox; but with all his
knowledge of tbe beau monde, as it
was, the Cecfcy Sharpe of Washing
ton might teach hid thing or two
tbat would cause him to atlnire. Tbe
centurv and a quarter tbat bas
elapsed since Chesterfield wrote, Las
not left women becalnjea in tne wae
of its mighty evolutions and revolu
tions. Trie queen of tbe Cannibal
Mauds Is more tastefully' tattooed
:han was her grandmother, and the
belle of this habitat has more in her
head, if not in her heart, tban bad
her progenitress of tbe day ot Ches
terfield. Tbe Washington society
woman bas one grand ausorbiog pas
sion an enthusiastic devotion to
herself tbat bas mudo bor stoical on
every other subject; she may have
ber smiles and her tears, her joys
and ber sorrows, but tbey were not
for othprs. She adores dress, kneels
at the shrine of Mammon, burns in
cense to dear iiea!y-njoaihed society,
fawns upon tbe powerful and ele
vates Ler requisite nose at tbe knock
kneej, pot-bellied, and weak. She
is an audacious, persevering, pioneer
ing, little body; her motto is excel
sior, and her Alps is the social lad
der. Sooner or later, probably later,
she wiil get cjarrwd .o a sentimental
youth, nhb well balanced bsir anj
money, or, to what she would pre
fer, money, with only a septutgena.
rian encumbrance. Money, subsidiary
to self, is the supreme object of ber
life, and sbo will secure it, through
marriage if -to t so, bjjt, at any rate,
she will secure it. Jsiu&o tfi,3 djye
of Babylon thure Laire been other
careers for women Et capitals than
Yesterday evening in passing Tall
made hall which adjoins the old
theatre where Iiucoln was murder
ed, I observed that it was illumina
ted, end asking the long-Laired man
at tbe door vh&l he was to bare, he
replied: "a lecture by ti.s gre at high
priest of spiritualism Mr. Davis.' I
remembered tbat when quite a boy
I bad read s book on spiritualism, by
Davis, full of traneuiiaotal jargon,
tbe fly leaf of which was adorned
w ith a portrait of tbe writer, trying
to look like a man of genius and sen
sibility; so I paid ten cents and stroll
ed in to hear him. One sees some
queer looking people in a large hall
'ull of spiritualists. It is said that
every has bis insanity, but a
spectacle of a i co ull of middle
aged me a aad womn, tl.t,':, w:th a
homogeneous insaaitr, is a spectacle'. !
From Mr. Davis' lecture 1 would in-
-.: ,u.,t i, : r ,k m;i,i-
more rctiaed, cs etherial, type. His
rhapsody was as convincing as
cbast rhetoric, poetical hypotheses,
uniii'passioned diciion could
make it. The philosophy or rather
"caiiopby1' which be tiiigbi w$j to
distrust ibd u'os, wiib ti)i;irlof e of
science, aud listen uuly to instinct
and longing, which was real wisdom,
nd lhe hereditary exneriencea of in
. Li .17 " : 11 1: 1 (1LIUI1B 111 tUR UUIIIUII HI 1 11 1
He denounced spectacular spiritual
ism and so-cfclied materialization,
and reproached spirituajistli for
wasting money ou them. The best
part of his lecture was tbat in which
a weallhT 0bi w,
busiDeg3 fc- , N y
. v
while bis wife took cafe of Lis fami
ly in tbe Buckeye state, for paying
$1,400 for &q oil paictiqgof Lis (spirit
bride, the woman be was to wed in
the spirit world. He said tbat this
man would spend hours io enamored
contemplation of tbe painting, while
dis gooa nouieiy, ne, in unio, was
engaged in the care of their
Wfc b
k k- fi.r, iw.
ked bim
why Le t.iJ sot tae tLe picture Lome,
be replied that be waj ajrj'nj if m'ght
niae ircuwe i
C-A- S.
Xrgrors Killed Itjr Mllitlan,
CovixiiToN, I xn., April 13. Yes
terday afternoon a detachment of the
Wabash Guards, a militia company,
were arming at uuai creeii, and io
tbe evening were retailing lK ni
sei ves in Yanderveer's saloon, when
lone of a nartv of negroes went intn
ths eaJoon and a few words Dassinir
t . j.. . ,
between i.ijj cn,J tbe Guards, be was
fired upon and raaoiit. Te militia
men pursuing, shot Lim dad, and
started through the town shooting
all tbe Mjrroes they saw. Phil Coz
ens, John Meyers and Thomas Coo
per were killed, and Peter Artere
was badly wonnded. The Guards!
whoid the shooting are supposed to!
be Union'uico wLo jyere in tbe strike
a year ago, and were disuaed by
tbe colored men, and the trouble
seems to Lave resulted from tbe ' old
feud. Captain Tipton claims tbat
tLe G, uards were not ender orders.
OI4rlml Wmum'b nmtt Aaralaat
Hrr HMuprrr.
Cixcixxati, April 17. An inter
esting case is now pending in tLe
United States Court, an old black
woman suing for $15,000 damages a
man wbo many years ago kidnapped
and sold Ler into slavery.
Her name ia Henrietta Wood, six
feet tall, of powerful frame, black as
nigbt, and over sixty years of age.
She was born a slave in Boone coun
ty, Ky., and after changing hands
several times was brought to Cincin
nati by ber owner and given Ler
freedom. WLile working as a serv
ant at tLe boarding bouse of Mrs.
Rebecca Boyd in Cincinnati, she was
one evening decoyed ny Mrs. ioyu
over to Covington, on tbo Kentucky
side of tbe river, and delivered into
tbe bands of three men Zi-b. Ward,
Frank Rues and Willoughby Scott
Mrs. Boyd, it is said, received $300
for tbe transaction.
Henrietta was driven next day by
Rues and Scott to Florence, and
thence by slave traders to Lexington,
and there put in a "nigger pen," kept
by N lck Roberts. 1 be son of a bo
tel keeper at Florence interested him
self in ber behalf, which caused some
commotion among tbe traders, and
resulted in Henrietta's being placed
in jail at Lexington, and kept for a
year. At the expiration of this time
Zeb. Ward took ber to Frankfort,
where he bad charge of tbe peniten
tiary, and she remained a short time
in bis family. She was then sent
back to Lexington, placed in the tra
ding yard, tent to Mississippi, and
sold to a wealthy old cotton planter
named Gerard Brandon for $l,0:'i0.
She remained fifteen years ou the
plantation, nntil B.-andou, at tbe
breaking out of the war, with 500
blacks, fled to Texas for safety. At
the close of tbe war Brandon return
ed to Mississippi, and promised Hen
rietta tbat if she would serve him
three years longer be would give Ler
Ler freedom. The contract was ful
filled by both parties, and w ith a
small sum of money, which she had
managed to save, she came to Cin
cinnati, accompanied by Ler only
son, who was with ber in tbe coort
room yesterday. Tbe time of ber
kidnapping was in the year 1353,
and she was absent from Cincinnati
from that tiipe about twenty years,
and returned here old and crippled.
She sues Xeb. Ward for vain? o.f
time and for damages in the sum of
$15,000. At the time of the alleged
kidnapping be was Sheriff of Kenton
coqnty, and is now of Little Iyock,
Arkansas. It was intended to enter
suit against Ward in the State of
Kentucky, and tbe late Harvey Mey
ers, fitq , of Covington, was to nave
fcepo tpe woman's Attorney. Suit
was subsequently begun jn thp Su
perior Court of Cincinnati, but tbe
defendant, pot being a resident of the
State of Ohio, bad the case transfer
red to tbe United States Court.
To-day she obtained a verd'Pt of $2,
Ilurntxl Alive.
New York, April 1C The fob
lowing is late intelligence in refer
ence to the l umirg of 500 Ciicassi-
ans on board tbe Austrian ,ioyd
steamer Sphinx. Lloyd's agont at
Larnica, Cyprus, in a letter dated
March Id, 'furuUbes full particulars
of the burning of the steamer near
Cape Klis, in the early part of lat
month. It appears tbat tbe
Snhinx was on her way to Laltachia
from Cavalla with about 3,000 Cir
cassians on board, tj.i the fib of
March, at 7:10 A M .'sho was doub
ling tbe Kfito rock' of Cape St. An
dreo wilt S strong wind from the
southeast, witb the int;ct;!?n of go
ing to Famagusta to wait for Letter
feather, and take in provisions for
the emigrants. At 3 r. M , there was
a stropg gale from the southeast,
which shifted to tLe want, ueu to
the north, returning at last to the
southeast. At that lime the ship
would no longer obey tbe rudder,
;.nd a heavy sea striking ber, washed
forty refuges from tbe forecastle. She
could not pt,t baik to 4'e4aD(fetta
The batches were open, and there
was fear tbat tbe se would fill tbe
hold, and besides this the Circassi
ans would not allow them to be elos;
ed for fear of being suffocated. At
6:f$ smoke was seen coming out of
the forpbatph and lb vessel was
shipping heavy Ef.a3. A 11 ttte later
she grounded on a sand bank. One
heavy sea drotrd ber oq tbe poast and
she sprang a leak. There vei no
working the engines. Meanwhile
the fire increased and the confusion
and cries of the Circassians are said
to be something awful, freeing the
fire could not be put down the baich
eg were closed with tbe consent of
.bg Ciroaslan8 and so upwards of
500 lives were sacrificed to save the
rest. During the nigbt attempts
were made to extinguish tbe fire, but
without success. On the Gth tbe
eupyyiny emigrants were landed, the
captain Md'rew ged from the wreck
as the Ciroassiaus ihtM'i'CPfJ. t0
murder tlem. The C.icar'na Lad
fire, it ia said, in tbe hold t keep
tbcmselres warm and cook with, and
it is not unlikely luit tbe fjre origina
ted from the accidental upsetting of
one of the stoves.
SW Yobk, April n The tuntrr
al of William Al. Tveed took place
from tbe residence of bu oo.a jaw,
Mr. Douglass, No. G7 East Seventy,
stventh street, this morning.
'one were permitted to enter tbe
housd unless tbey were personal
friends of the family, or Lad been in
timates of the dead Tweed. Tbe
body ot Mr. Tweed was enclosed in
an oak casket six feet four inches
long" 'twenty-two inches wide, and
eighteen inphes dpej '(,o; ?rei with
black velvet.
4- silor plate bore tbe inscription,
"William M. Tweed, dei April 12,
IS78, aged fifty-five yegrs." The
body was dressed in a black suit, and
the features were lifelike. The iloral
decorations were but few.
Tbe family consisted of Mr. and
Mrs. Douglass, Mr. George M'Ginnis
nd Lisjpie, the youngest daughter
of Mr. TVeVd, the two 'alter having
gnly just arrived from iew Orleans
4uong those who attended tbe
funeral ware llr. Qaorge Moun'joy,
of Philadelphis: John D. Towusend,
Coroner Waltman, Sheridan Shook,
ex-Snperintenent Kelso, Sheriff Reil-
ley, Comptroller Kelly, IMice In
spector M'Permott, and several otbtr
old personal and political friends of
Mr. Tweedy
ATerrll AmmII.
Dftroit, Mich., April 15 Con
gressman !l;s'qrtji, who is visiting
Lis Lome at Greeniile'vaj gaued
this morning by J. J. shearer, a
neighbor, and terribly beaten. The
eitemal plate of the frontal bone
rr tbe left eye is fractured and his
condition is critical. It was reported
on tLe streets for months that Shear
er Jat?;;d;:d to horsewhip Ellsworth
anil two or three otLer rentlcmeo for
alleged interference in his "domestic j
troubles'. 1 J
1 . . -
Am laaaeeBt Wesaaa LyBeke.
New York., April 17. A special
to the Herald from Richmond stairs
tbat tbe barbarous lynching of an un
fortunate colored woman named Char
lotta Harris, who was accused of be
ing the instigator of a barn burning,
bad a fitting sequel yesterday in tbe
acquittal of the boy Jim Ergenbright,
wbo was imprisoned at the time for
setting fire to the barn. Tbe poor
woman was pursned, captured,
brought before a magistrate and
committed for trial. Tbat night a
party of ruffians, ith blackened fa
ces, rushed into the room in wbicb
the woman was confined, took ber
from tbe guard, and after dragging
ber about a mile bung ber in a most
bornble manner to a black jack sap
ling. Her body remained suspended
from tbe Gth of March until noon on
tbe 9th. when it was finally cut dow n
and interred. Tbe Governor issued
a proclamation for tbe arrest of tbe
arrest of the murderers, but owing to
tbe existing secrecy maintained by
tbe lynchers and tbe public sympa
thy for tbem none of them have been
arrested. It is now fully established
in tbe acquittal of tbe boy Jim Lr
genbright, who was accused for
burning tbe barn and of being jnsti
gated by Cbarlotta Harris, that tbe
v. oman was equally guiltless. Tbe
question now is, will tbeie be anr
punishment for tbe crime ? Will tbe
murderers be brought to justice?
Uockingbam county, where tbe lynch
ing occurred, ia tbo centre of the re
adjustment or repudiation sentiment
in ibe State and the borne of Dr.
Moffett, the inventor of tbe bell
punch register, who is also a leading
re adjuster.
A I'bilit Miraculan t:cae.
New Youk, April 19 While the
l-.rie iigntning express train was
sweeping down tbe Valley of the
Delaware a mile below Cochecton on
Weducsday afternoon the engineer
saw a little girl walking on the track
He was just rounding a curve.. The
locomotive shrieked, but within two
seconds tbe child was overtaken and
the train passed tbe spot where she
bad stood. ' Ibe engineer looked be
nina me rear car, expecting to see
tbe mangled body. But the track
was clear. He stepped upon the
guards of tbe locomotive, and saw
t;e child plastered against the cow
catcher. She was senseless. He
approached her with great care, and
succeeded iu rescuing her as she was
about to roll to the ground. Tbe
train was stopped and backed up to
tne girl s parents. I bey were poor
people liv'ng in a tbanty on tbe line
of the road. Tbe girl was about 11
years old. fcte was slightly cut
about the face, bu; escaped without
further injury. Tbe passengers were
delayed ten minutes. When they
left, the child was smiling in tbe lap
of ber mother.
A Flgbt ylili pitlleft-
OBArTo.H, W. Wa , April 15
Special Deputies Chambers and Con
ners, who were gent out on Thursday
by Collector Jlrown, returned on Fri
day evening afrer a three days raid
on the distilleries on Leading Cretk,
in Randolph county. Assisted by a
squad if three men, under command
of Deputy Marshal Titer, they des
troyed two distilleries, together-with
all their nxtures and four hundred
gallons of musb. Tbey also captured
Sylvester Welmotb, one of tbe illicit
distiller.-1, while on his way to Clarks
burg, wbo gave a bond of $1,000 and
was released, and was supposed to
Lave returned home. Tbe Collec
tor's squad having stopped at a bouse
for supper, ?re attacked, rids ia
hand, bv fQur men, but tbe bovs
went for them lively, captured one
of the gaqg and compeljed tbe other
three to beat a hasty retreat and
tuuke good their escape by swimming
tbe pretk, followed by a yclley from
tbe Springfield carbibps in tb,e bands
ot tbe Collector s squad. As soon as
tbe boys get time to turn tbeir atten
tion to their prisoner, judge of their
surprise when they found bim to be
nope ptfier tfjan byjvcster tlmutb
w hom tbey bad just released on i
thousand dollar bond.
San Axtoxio, Tx , April 17
There was a fearful tceue in the
court room this afternoon. Three
men named Cox, Ryan and fciUer
lee murdered and old man named
Braell and Lis son, in Djwiit countr,
in ISC". There was a party of about
fifteen who took tbem out cf tbeir
homes and shot tbem to death. It
is bar! to ponoeivo a 'more horrible
murder. The old man was dying of
consumption when be was killed.
Bv a change ot venue this case was
brought to Bexar county for trial and
bas occupied nearly a wetk, a number
of the best lawyers in WeHepn Texas
being engaged on each side. Ibis
afternoon tbe jury brought in a ver
dict of guilty, wbicb means tbe pris
oners bave to hang. When the ver
dict w3 4h30ijn;ej tbe female rela
tives screamed so a to us Uaard fqr
a long distance and tbe wives c f two
of tbem fainted. Tbe prisoers were
bnuJcuu'ed together aod removed.
Three mote of tbe implicated parties
are to be tried soon. There is uni
versal satisfaction at the result, as tbe
balit of Juries turniog'crjmina)s loose
Led become alrfrmicgjy frerjiient tl
Fitlearaai lafnmowa Wre(r.
Rini.MOxn, Ixu , April 19. Last
winter, while Mrs. Charles Maul
w-s confined, ber husband seduced
her sister and two servant girls wbo
were attending ber. H ben Mrs
Maul learned ibis so greatly did it
affect her that she became a raving
maniac, and she is now confined in
the jnsine as; urn at Jndjanapoli?
To avoid ber father's vengeance
Maul fled, and was unheard of until
a day or two ago, wben be returned
and resumed work at Lis trade.
Wbca Maul's brotbers-iu la jv, tbe
Stevenson boys, beard of LU return,
in pursuance of an oath made by
tbem last winter tbey met bim on a
bridge at ibe edge of ibe city yester
day morning, and sbot at bim seven
firacs. Three balls entered bis body,
producing wpundsTrom ite effects of
L.l:l" l: . j '..L I. I l j
wuilu uis ueain is oouriy expected.
Tbp giefpnsona Lave givpn notice
that tbey will be oa bgd wLpnever
tbe courts want tbem. No arrests
bave been made. Public sentiment
strongly favors the boys.
Severe PmbbM)iH.
A white roan named Garrett, living
at Lake Ware, near Deals, was
charged for making an improper pro
posal to a lady. He was waited on
51 njght by Dr. T. J. Myers and a
Mr, i;ee, jnjj wiie'f:ee &looj over
him with a sbot gun, Dr. Myers tied
Garrett up to a joist, and beat Lim
very severely with a Leavy wLip,
and wiiL a bowie knife cot off Lis
wLiskers (jerking some of them by
the roots) and a piece of one ear. Dr.
Myers and Lee were arrested and
placed under" bonq.
t- .
I Brla-haaa Teaac'a Ealala la
Tbe Salt Lake correspondent of tte
New York Tribune says : The mat
ter of settling the estate of the late
Brigham Young has got into tLe
courts as I predicted some three
months ago. Tbe will directs tLe
executors to tarn over to tbe owners
so ch property nominally belonging
to the estate as sball be found to be
held in trust for other persons. Tbe
Church bas Lad tbe books examined
by experts, and finds itself entitled to
nine or ten bundred tboosand dolUis
out of tbe fBtate. Now come Er
nest and Alpbeus, sons of Brigham
by brevet wives, and ask Judge Sha
fer, of the district court, to grant an
oi dT restraining the executors from
deeding any property out of the es
tate to tbe Church, in recognition or
payment of such claims until tbey
shall have been properly proved io
the Probate Court Judge Shaffer
granted a temporary order on the ex
ecutors, and set a day for a bearing
of tbe application in full. Whether
tie beirs intend to contest tbe claim,
even if proved in tbe Probate Court,
I do not know. If they do, they
will per be pa retain their grasp on
Brigham's ill-gotten gains, for the
Cburcb not being incorporated the
Territorial Act incorporating it hav
ing ben repealed by Congress can
not sue. 1 1 is also forbidden, by the
anti-polygamy act of 18G2, to bold
more tban $50,000 of reaj property.
It would be strange if, with this ad
vantage, tbe beirs should let a mil
lion slip through their fingers, unless
obliged to. Tbe Mormon "religion"
goes a long way toward making a
fool of a muo, but not quite so far as
tbat, I think, particularly witb tbe.
Young family.
A Hlraaae AerlUenl.
Philadelphia, April 13. A seri
ous and from its cause a very unusu
al accident occurred in this city to
day. A young lady, residing at No.
1,313 Wood street, Miss Eflie De
Costa, while walking about ber room,
stepped upon a parlor match, wbicb
ignited, setting ber underclothing on
fire. She did not hear tbe explosion,
and the flames curling around ber
limbs gave ber the first intimation of
her peril. Her screams for Lelp
brought to ber assistance Miss Hat
tie Green, wLo resided in tLe same
bouse. In attempting to smother
the flames ber own clothing took fire.
Others in the bouse coming to the
rescue the fire was extinguished, but
not before tbey were both seriously
burned. Tbe physicians of the
Pennsylvania Ilogpital. to which in
stitution tbey were removed, pro
nounced their injuries of a fatal char
acter, and at two o'clock this after
noon Miss Qreen died io dreadful
agony; and it is highly probable tbat
Miss De Costa will not live till morn
rrttrAMTILii Afl-KllflrHI'.'tTt
S"iuert (kunt.r, take Dti:e, that, in Jjurjuame
ui tne several auis ui AMfrauir oi uu t;iniun
wealth tuiiruvMe revenue Ki meet the Ucinaml
uq ttie treasury auo lurutner iiurrxoo, tne un
tltiraiirowl Aiiralaeru( Morcaniile taiet litr aaii
Cuuiujr ha preiir- Hit ol traler In aaitl
rounty, and ftlaietl each !u (hat tila wulcti to
Juhu Stacrr
M. A. Hun A
H. L Wean a Kru.
I. lsu.n llrui.
A. C. Frey
Wc. Kntldey A Sun
all units r.
KllllHirer llmll'u
(1 W I miner
Jthn SI !-!:nii k
Hani I HefW
S A k J I'-fliilKO
J H Walker
3 PmirbauKh A Sod
dan Juuun
Kioto & Cook
Ii A Brulker
Paul 1 Noma;
(reo W I'rlMinirer
VlMfna Bro
Jc fy.it.
H S shater
S PhllJon Co
jikw rn.vrBKVai.r dor
A b-x Benton! 15
j.'llco W Wll) 14
..wiiu ii iiiiuer it
J M Topiier 1
Fniuei J Uilli-ripk- I
JiJ C f Stoutter
14 Topper
Arid il r.
U, W ELuhr
I ' firfeir.-j.
jo R Griffith
!!eo lfooTer
(30 Samuel Dunham
Hale Urn.
J tt Itoooe
H A R C Kni'lis
K: turnip
M A K.?k Stn
IVter S Hay
M (ilotlelty
Johnson Culllm
Kr(i liVrf.
R iPttio
uxERitrr Bor.
A llliw k A rjou
J.M 11U
Modklain On
Wen kiwi k Ucnlt
ll lTook A Reerlts
r JBTredweU it
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tl W peers ft
John I.ljMn
rott Sterner
YjxAi A livman
To peril.
AintH'lO' Kochler
Win Ii lietiy
. UlntMty
IIl,ty n hl.i A t'o
gKsXKimMVS Boa
Franklin SIK)
;J H.Miller 14
b S K Pile ia
t 1'atton 13
H A J liek A t'Hl 13
II Parker :;
U Flick )4
A W-Knepner 14
Noah Canelieer )4
(Jane beer Co lJ
.1 F Hlvmver i:i
t W BelitoFtl 14
E M S-hrock yi
11 J Holilerliauui A Son 11
i a rern:
Mr E A Flick s
Joslah Brant i
J O Kiuiinei ASoiia fin
Someniet County Bunk
t.'J HurrtJonCiuhU-rM
Peter Sipe i:j
A Countryman A Hon 13
stox vi attic.
I Wanner 14
lr S J f'urer A S..n K
K S Klevk
W Morgan
J'tfff J l,ef
J illoltvll
Joslah J. Uriltl.h
:; .i k Waiter n
JtjCL Buluer la
Ili-rUiun Joht,)t, 1
J hum r 1
tUK'KR Tl B,KIVl0Vr'
f. J ColKni
" MtttnlKCRKBK
" !'$ "tr."
C U 1
Ail'lrc ijirlilierue
H.-nry Sulirle
iTOVU rowj bob.
J S Zimmerman
Cover A Apple
Noah Bowman
-" Tarrrnt.
J H Hite '
,...5ani,;eJ Cuater
lij riUiT.
IE. Miller
,Jj K liobliUell
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l:ij Vittitltr).
H KelnaM Ehaairh
Waller h Truxal
J M Miller
Miller a. Bro
S A Hnine? fc Sin
HarriMHi SnTtler
D 11 Wollertienrcr
Joieph Schrock
-JOCTRXfOAllia -t
'' Rttailrrt
Kregcr A Oerhart
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Hartley A Bio
J It :ainrfiell
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' o t niw jl V.O
jj.ltaviil (j Coilet
I T G lil.l...
(, J HlaeK
.1 A Hunter
;i inomae w rwutt
A t'lil.holin
j4 'fper.
H'Johnlt ll-tfor.l i
llj luomaa Hill i
14 Rrlailtrt.
14 John R Brlnham 14
I Henry .Moser It
i Tarerar.
-,0 II Pellarcn 6
J, lolm Lieydiv 4
j llittillerf.
l' P Heltley A la.
U W tJassiiuiD
A r John kilo
Hockin Hn
E 1. NewwHaer
U M Buehley
Roliert Uuthrle
W J Jihh-r
F Nauifle
l?lji"i Bhick. Co A : Val Hikl s
Sales 1.UUO,
.Sale, 4,..i
Sale ali.oou.
K:lea 'JU.UUO.
Sales O.iRIU,
Sales if yi.
class tax 7 00
class 11. tax tlO OU
elaas li tax tlx tu
class il. UI li OO
class iu, tax 'J 14
elaM M, tax 'i Oo
class S, tax a 00
rlsmlalailB f patent Jlesllclsie Dealt
Sales iluO, cbiM 4. tax i 1 00 '
Kalest-JUi, class S, tax (10 UU
Sales A a, class x, tax JU J
Claaalaeallaa ITareras.
Sales HUIO and , less clas) &, Ul
liaaaltleatlaa arEallaa- Haaava.
Saes -! OW) and nmler. class i.Ul9
P1 5'tnf. fliiS Of WPOlCtl.1 I.lliDOR Deal-
Sales 40,00 1 and aU sales under, claM 13, fa
Take notice, all who are concerned In this ap
praisement, that an apiieal will he held at the
CommlMioner's office, in Somerset Pa., oa the Sd
day ol Mar. A. It. 1ST a, between tbe hours of a.
m , and 3 o'ehn-k p. m.. when and where you may
attend If yoa think proper.
April 10 Mercantile Appraiser.
Oc-lre to keep hcfi.rc the people the sreal adraniars whlrh they arc a:.!e to
oiler to pun.-hacrs ol every de-r ptioa oi lry Uowis.
Enable iu to emre all onr fufpiles at tlie liwrt pttMe rat ft, and It Is sale gay at lej-t i:
imjI" cent. Iw?r tban any bouiw w Ih9? t'ttinin imnAarictl on the credit PTKteui. A larice
IaftncM and moderate exenie permit wtry small pr- hti, and haviun all lhee 'Iv.int.i-.-.
there can be no doubt thai we tiiatrihut (r! te eraxnmrn at mu.-h lower prices than are
Bual, and al leant as low at the Mot got) are ld at wholesale.
It ia impuMible to name but a Tew item out of our iinti.en ettrck, bu. tamplrf if erery
description of goodi cheerlully lorwanleil on appltcatlw by mail.
1-2 Cents. .
rOI'LlX LUST It ES, Cin.
One-Half Moo, nd Dftirablr Shmltt.
One-Half Wool,
A .VorWy,
STItlPED ALlWOOL BEIGE, at 22 Cents, Avorth :ni Cents.
MOHA.III 1535 IOI, l2G Cts.
Thr lira last namtd toll are iajttr cent, louxr than taatr qualilirt hart errr btorr brra tulJ at.
48-inch CAMEL'S HAIR, 62 1-2 Cts.
PLAIN ALL-WOOL DE BEIGES, Best Quality, 3: Cents.
CASHMERE BEIGES, '21, :.(, 4G, 4ft In.hes WMe.
iia.i i.
CASHMERE BEIGE NEIG ELSE, All Silknml Wih1, :.7Ut.
At 00. 6. 60. 75 Cents and opwanls.
The mott cou-jtlett lint of thnirt nt iitflt j be futitt i Pti ttdttitfrnt.
Consumers all ovorthe country aro Invitnl to shiro the advantages of our sj s:cia ul J.ilnu
business, which the Mall tinier lK-partuient nu ronlfrs ft eay.
Stiiawbridge & Clotiiieiu
Knox Fruit Farm and Nurseries,
at tot a ikkju.
-Ciital.iuean.I list or great onYrs free. Si-nJ r..r
ilurtb 13
V0 A 1 SMITIiril.I A STKUVi. lTlTSlinitill, I A.
MunufactunTi of
An l Dealers In
1 he firm ul K. Hi-r-hlN-rvcr k iniii.i'..ii,,.i,.
husiuess has this day hcen ills-nlv-ftl. All iel
lndi'tited to the "SalWuiry 'oamlr ( 'i.uij, ilif
and to K. HimMier. r 4 ( o. are iM-r-l.r rmiinid
Ui make iiuturtliate (Niyraent t Mi. hael 11 v,
ti., aa-ffnt lor the r.dlrclioaoi'all claiuiii due aid
N. li.rhe Fuundry trill I run Imm this dale
under the name and ftyie of V, llav 4; t u.
pany. "
April U
Thochoicest selection of new styles
of every kind and quality of
V a r i e 1 1 n g Jj I n 1 n
Above Wood St. Pittsbtirer.
ditntned fur! niechanlol
ievU-t-s, inoilieiil or othr
sivna, trade-marks anl talx!,. taventii, A.io.
mt-nta, interlereiafs, A(iM-ali. Suits t'r Infritiir
meiit s. and all ranes arising u in I it the I'A I E. r
Uws, iinniiillr attrmleil tn.
T)"C' T"P,iT,"DTi r,y lh" t'-,u'"t oitice
lXLuJ Jjj I bU"u,v "" ' """" ""T,"-
inir oiiilte In the Patent I ithee. we imii make
eloscr rrsesiri'bes, and wiire Patent nmre irnnit.
ly. and wtth iirnailrr 1-lanu.s than timse tn are
ri'iuute I'ruiii Wanhlnirton.
Toar iU'Tlie : we niakcexaminatinn ft'te oft haryr.
ami adrk-e as to uutintnllllty. All Mrn-)'ii.l-ein-e
strii-'tlv eontiil'-ntial. Priees lnw an l Ml
IHtm-i: U.ILfcMM fAIET ISMtlK-
We refer von tunffli-ials In the Patent (Mliiv. tn
oar clients in every State of the 1'iikm. and tn ynur
.senator and Kcprv;wnta!ive;iii duxm. Si'i'ciul
relfretiee i-iven when desiml. Addre-s
t). A. S(iW kCo..
Oftpotite Patent tjhret natkimjlon, b. I'.
April 10
Of the Settlement nf t'ie Saiierrl jrs of Vil
Towmthiii, lor the tti-al year emlltia; April
lieate of Daniel Pile .11 K
4 I.evi Saoner 3r7 3i
J.nul) U Miller toi .:
.'iliq V, tl.ios Ti" 7S
Ity IiUrf, laoiel Pile $:t' 16
L :vi H inner 41
" Jacob L. Miller 6to :;t
JoJiq WUkini 7M Tfl
-.it:: ca
Due Townshli,
Due Inrai Sujervicri ol rurmer year
L;DMatel ImuU on I em un band
H 23 vrl
144 Id
Tutal Assets ties 6
We. the undersigned Auditors of Mtllonl Town
ship have this day examined the furea-imiir ae
eounts ami hereliy ...t.iy ihn they are okiw.
Attest, O. M. BkKlt,' "lA?f IKL MCKKY,
IJlerk. H' H. W f.Ttli,
Oebharts, Ps.. PETtlMH,U
April. S.S,S Au'titoni.
At a Sheriff's sale of tlie nerwmal t-nniertr of
Jaeoti Meyers, beld In iuemaltontwc Twp.. S.im
crset Co., Pa., on TueMlay wth 1H. the underlin
ed uun-haseil the f.illowinit list of artirU" nliii h
he has left In possession ol the said Jaeob Meyers
durina: Ms pteasure; all persons are warned not to
interu-reln any way with the same:
1 pair insres. wairon and irenrs, 1 !ay eolt.
3 cows, 1 heifer, 3 yearling ealre, 1 sow. 1
plow. 1 harrow. 1 cultivator, 1 kd of hav. 10 tiuihi-ls
ol oats, ii bushels of rye, 12 aeres of w heat in the
irround, fi ai-res of rye in the around. 1 asitc stove,
1 cuptsianl, 1 flour chert. 1 douirhtray. t fink. I
antes, l eioes. I irtireaa. Jrlouii're. 1 !e:iid. .-) tie
I ke untlersiirned sltiten of Jeterin Twp,. Som
erset Co.. r"a., hereby nlvenotlie that no person
shall tres-wsoa their lands for the purrs se of
Ashing;, hoiitiinr. pti kius- Iwrrles or nuts, under
the penalty of the law.
Uuleiai Shaulls. Jaoob Bcik. Henry F. Baker.
John WriKht, John TiSsm. William Mason. An
drew Flh k. i-eter Beet, Ephraim M. S. luiuii.i,
Moses Bisel. A. H. Tospoo. William Mull. red
ertek Oanluer, Henry Baker. John D. Miller.
Ihtniel Tos, Phiiip Beck, John Ker. John
H Biel. Benjamin Shaulls, Francis M Irlttitli.
A.nl 10
tslaU of Henry Bridiirum, late ot Millonl Twp.,
aeqea eil.
letters ofaAlmliiltr'itt) to tl.tiu--esittewa'
tnir been -panted to the underalHued hy lite propi
er authority, notice le hereby icirea to ldie in
debted to it to makeln-meiliatep.iyment.and those
harlns: claims awainst It will present them duly
authenticated for settlement without delay oa
Saturday Mar 2a. 187s. at tbe residence of Samuel
Bridi-rum la MUford townshld.
A pril IS Adtumistrnt or.
It. CRIMES St CAR ROW. Pl!:s!mrali. I',
l'-e eliests, Rclriiferatiir.i, 1-e erenui Kreesr?, W.tter l.'n.Mei -. .'uik-ri
Ktr.Te. Rritnnt'i Ware, Euamclk-1 ao-I TlaaeJ H ill iw War -. Aa-it
and Ciranlre Iron Ware, nu t
House l'urnisliing Ilnrdwaro ii (ien.nl.
PriinL-tir.i ,f lUe Palt-nt A'ljiisUible Stove Slalvts.
t-aiiitc of Win. l'ritliftM. Ure l XiH-nl Tw..
Letter ofafuiinltrAt.un on the afove estate
haiiiK'lK;eu itritnietl u the utnier.-iifm.-J, notU-tf 1
hcrfl-jr niven to tlitise lnlethNl to it t make im
niNiute payiu-nt, ant th-e having i'la;t:.
ifcK:ttiist it, to iirfent tliai Hu.y ttthcrjia-ttii!
lor iwttlf-iuent at tfie ofli'-e (f :tl!irn .
S'tueriJet, , Idti.r!iiy, the Mh Javoi Apr.i"
Muivb 13 trat.
Ksuteol Peter Wilhelin. late ul Klklk k Twp.,
Letter? t-.'Stameniarr on the atuve est.ite h:tr.
in heeu mntctl ti the un lerdine. ty the r -
er authority, notice U hereliy ifivu t all jirroii
Indehtetl to said esttate U niuko itqme-tiate ji.iv
ntent, an thoe having chum a-tinL the
to iiretivnt theni, uy authenti :itel, fr -Ul-mcn,
to the un tirrianel at the h'm mI .Terr in t
ah F'oik, in ai-i tMu-htp, un r'n-tjy, M.ty
JRhMl ll Hll.K.
on ff'-s s a lk
Hv virtue of a writ of levari Kwia? UkucI out
of the Court ot L'oromon PteaMol .siuenel 4'.un
ty. Pa., ami tn me Mtrwie!, 1 will e a j to eaie
by palilic oniory at tho Oiart Hou.ie, In S ui.'ret,
'tJnt'thift JprillVh, 1S7S,
at 1 oVlm-k. P. M., the following Jev rife.l nal v
Uil. to wit :
All the right, title. Inte.rat ant 'him ( M;.'jii
Harrison and t'harlei J. Utirrlm, of. in an! to
the fuilwwin t)frifi! real estate, cii.:
A eeraJtin loi of Kruun,a SieUierMt In.rmah.
SnmtrMot iN'unty. i'a., situate on the South UU oi
Main Street, on'whk.. are ere-teil a la rife hrictt
iwelliiuf hi'Ue, with niansart rtir. a t-aiikinif
notisi-, ".tattle, and other out hatllui. trontiiitt o4t
,stl Main mrvet thirty-eiif ht leet etht n h,
and exleuiiiror iuth ul ame breadth two hundred
and sixty iourteet to FatritC street, N.undeil by
fanl Main street on lhe north, alley on the eait,
Fat riot street on in ouib. ami lotol M A. Sin
ner on the west, hem th came M ol nuiid cn
veywi by M. A. Sannr anl wile, Sj.aim. ty tleei
tfatel the Vnh day o( September. lT I, mid record
ed at S tii;ret In' volume p.in 41 and 41.! an I
Isninx tl eastern part ot lot ,a .is aetiwlin to
the general plaa ul aabl town, with the appurte
nnn'ef. Tskn in execution s 9 the property of M.inie
Harri.n and 'harieii J. liarrii.n at the out l ol
Fen n .Mutual L'fe Insurance i 'oiupanr.
AplH 3 Sheritf.
$4 to SIQ Per Acre.
Ilprrh rfd Japler Land rn 1' .1 .a i
. In ! .niLLIO AlHM.ll ivl ui
tlio Grand UsDkUand luUlaua. -HaUruaid
Stroiisaoll-awerropa plenty of dm.
biT-uo tiro lit no ebineli bus '
no hoppen."
Rnnnlnar streams- pore; water ready
- marketo-arhoola-Kallroad ront
plvtext tbrouglk centre or the erant.
1 Jrcd; for' pamphlet, Englbh or
' ' , (wrsuan. sr
A4drcM) AV. o. llf KHAH r.
" Land fiinimMaurri
U - -
OCllUOIi hi KEU 1 UKS'
7 tht School Director of Sonrmrt fount:
Ok-iti eme-j: In (mi nian.-e of tho rortr third
eeti.iunt the Ai-t ol sih M.ly, ls."ii. you are . iien-iy
nii!ihd loini.'i't In eoiirentioii. at thefniirt liou-n',
in S imi-rset. on tbe hrst Tnesd.-itr in lav A. K.
Is7i. Ulna- the 7th day ot the inmtli, at l 'ju u ilm k
'.r. tb- :ilif-niMin a" 1 -eleet. -ii-ir rvrt. hv a :w
pnjtyiH thr. wlt-ile a. kIn-i of iltix.ro pres. . t i.,
jurf.-on ol literary and ..iet-.tiiir ni'iuiri'L,eiitii a ff
't wkiil snd eiK:i h m e it) tin art ol teaehjnif. a.
t'l.unty SuH-riiiie'.ident. fi-rth. three auii'eedink
yi-:irs, determine the nmount of i-oinoerwuion to
the ia me, and eertily the reioilt tothe state Suer
intenilent. at Hiirrtrnir-f. as reinun-rl tiy the thirty,
uinth and lortieth sect inns of said set.
HiTlin April , 1HTS.
April It) County Supeiialendent.
0 '.ran money make faster at work for us than at
anything ele. C'apital..n-i re.juire-1 : we will
start you. tl2 per day at home made hy the
in lu-tri.ios. Men women. Niysand xtrlswant
eil everywhere tu work fir us. .Now in the
tiMie. f.istly outlit and terms Tree. Address
Tufts a t.'o . Auin.sta, Maine.
tiiaieof Jr-reldlue. h.te ol JenncrVwp.,
letters of a liainiitratioo oo the abore estate
having been granted to the undersigned, ooth-e is
hereby -riven tothose indohteil to It t-j Bill Imme.
diate pavuient.aial those havtnx claims airalnst It
to present theie dais aut hentleated air settlement
on Saturday. May s, ls7, at the Ute reslderK-e
of deceased in said town-hip.
A i.rll II Administratrix.
Notice Ls hereby ctven that i.uMniia Knoans.
wile ot M. 1. Khoads has hlol her pe'itl-tn lor the
tieo-tn ot the act ol Assemtdr. securtns; loniarrleil
women their separate earninars, and the same
will tie presented to the Court uo Wednesday 21
"f Surii. 1-Ts.
1. T-K'H'.Kl.
A,iai;, t-'r-itn. Botaty
a week tn your own town. 5 llutflt free.
Nort-k. Kessler, If oa want a Uislneee
t whk h oersooa f either sex can make
ptreat pay all the time they work, write for
particular tu U. Hsllxtt a, Co., i-onuu.l,
March T,

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