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The Somerset Herald
Mtrek, a, UTt.
a B. K. mnux rotwr.
a, iiiuitroin RAiutoAB.
. after May U. irrt, trains wiU
foilowi, eotmeettag with aU peaeenger train
. wr . n B K. f Mall train dally.
pre dally Pt Monday.)
.11 ; a. m.
all wt.
Mall Ear connects wlla Local Wert.
t M p. K.
1 SO p.m.
-,T paasenger E...
y Peoger Wet.
ill East.- '
ItllVa. -
Impress East
Express Wet
... It 00
. 12 44 p.
. 11: p. aa.
. 4 4 p. .
. A. M
Tbe next holiday May 3C.
Picnics will eoen be in order.
The boyi are gathering up eggs for
A be almost thirteen houra of day
licUl al present.
jt j reported that thU baa been a hard
inter on bees.
A Dtlinont girl sleep with her jaw on a
hickory nut to create a uiuijjic.
r. a4 P Fundenbere can be Been at
lbe -bale House," Meyer-dale, every Sat
Tbe engineer surrey ing the route of tbe
Pittsburgh Southern railroad have reach
ed CoanellsYille.
Tn Morrison & Bro.'a Cough Syrup
.nd Lioinient, and get something good,
once. Price moderate.
Dr Sadler, Oculist and Aurist, Xo. 258
Penn avenue, Pittstmrffh. Pa. Eye, Ear,
Throat fcod CaUrrh special Ilea.
Just received at Byera & Barneta' hard
u,re a ten ton lot ot iron ; also a
Urce utW ot Horse Sboea.
nr. ),.. htd almost uninterrupted
.i....,t.;tr in this section since the 10th of
p.ni.,1 who aland in need of Galvanized
ui.,b Imn Pit, should call and see
jjyerB & Uarnett. Somerset, Pa.
Four and one-half by fire and one half
leet Sups? PDB- na ' boupht lor $35, al
Bvers A Barnet, Somerset Pa.
H jou want your watch or clock repalr-
m m J.au-uh llerr. tne veteran waico
maker, corner of Boeana and W est Main
p.;. f1pirine sucar pans should call
..r. A- lUroeL Somerset, Pa., as they
1,'nn h.se them about two-thirda less
ibin they can be bad elsewhere.
ti.. .inn of tbe swineing clock at Jo
seph Herr's on West Main atreet shows
..... -i,r vnu can eel your work done
quickly and in a workman like manner,
of tbe Peace, newly elected,
must notify the Protbonotary within thirty
dsot tlieir acceptance oi iuc umw,
tbeir names will not be sent on for com
J,i nh Iierr. Watchmaker, Jeweler and
Silven-mith. The oldest: tHisiness place of
linrl in Western Penns lvania. tUb-
lu-hrd in 1835. Over forty years expen
ence in tbe tiusinem. Give bim call.
He fustanteessll his work. Charges reas
onable. Maine NEwr. Hop Bitters, which are
alvertiaed in our column, are a sure cure
(rague.biliousness ana kidnev complaints.
- m them khv they caon le
Uxi bijibly recoUilutuuea. iwm aunctea
should give thtm a tair trial, and will be
come thereby enthusiastic in tbe praise
of tbeir curative qualities. Portland Ad.
Tbe Legitlature bss belore ttiem a bill
changing tbe mode f selecting jurors. It
a prop -d to abolish tbe present system
od allow the btieriff and County Cori
piiiners to select tbein as was done
prcviolv. Jt is contended that belter u
rtirs hiU1 be selected by giring the poer
to the bberiffaDd DDiiiiuu)tnrs than by I
tbe preceat mode. This is a bill that ought
iv pats.
Proposal. Sealed proposals will be
rmived at lbe Commiwioner's office in
(4neraet. to March 25, 1879. for the re
pairing ot the bridjre oyer Quemahoning
creek at Btautun's Mill. Also the repairing
of the hridreover a branch of Stonvcrerk.
tear Trolle's Mill la as d lownfMp. ln
tbe lame day at 11 o'clocH A. M. on tbe
preniiset, tbe repairing of the bridge over
Oxe'a creek, near Wm. Hay's, in Millord
loantbip, will be sold to the low. at bidder,
Notice. Tbe book accounts ot T. J. i No. Oi School Kbfout Report of Tbe following is the report of lbs Drake-, A mistaken idea f x8U tut in case '
Pick in it have been placed in my bands lor , Ursina Grammar School, fourth moolh. . town school, lor the month ending r to. IV, AD extrt ei'6lon of Coare is foand
collection ; all persons indebted will pl
can at once ana setue.
L. C. Colboex..
OurslreeU were tbrooged with
and aleighs on Friday and Saturday,
ro d aleighing and pleasant n
. i nuiuurf w kiiuii uuiiui; iiiuuiu,
inter i frk. ...u .lA.
weather brought score of country folks to I '.'"ZZ 6 '
" I W; llnf M ntvtb I imm n ITa ta flan
Number in attendance during month. jl87v : ... , to be oeosgearr tbe
00. I isumner pupus auenaing aunog uinuiu, i
Avera?e attendance durinr month. 44. malea 17. females IS total 35. I
o- : . " . . t . . . . ,
Average attenaanceaunng monin, nuaea
Per cent ot attendance during month,
The snow Is at present deeper in these
parts than it has been at any time this win
ter It came down rapidly and in Urge
Hakes during Saturday night and all day
Tbe Count v Commissioners are about to
have their omcecaiciminea ana re-paintea.
takinc the Herald sanctum as a pattern
to cut by. Economize and adorn seems to
be their motto.
An election for Colonel of tbe 10th Reg.
iment N. G. P.. waa held at the Central
Hotel, Pittsburg, last Thursday. Captain
Hawkins, of Company 11., Washington,
!'., was elected Colonel.
The painters have at last finished their
labors in tbe HkrIl sanctum, and we
think we can now boast ot having one of
tbe neatest and handsomest offices tn the
western part of the State,
A word to those who intend
Alter you have become settled
tn your
Anderson. Henry Yanaickel, Milton Zim
merman, Blair Scott. Norman Coder, Si
mon Miller, Hayes Wiraing, Chas llarah,
Mary Nicola, Jennie Vanaickel, Etta Ber
ger, Ada King, Ida Snyder, Agnes Hill,
Cora Anderson, Ida Scott and Mary lun
The following have been present every
day during lbe term :
Etta Berger, Ada King. Ida Snyder,
Willie McClintock and Lincoln Walter.
Etta Berger and Ada King not even having
a lardy mark scored against tnem.
During tbe month examinations were
held in Orthography, Heading and Geo
graphy. 15 were promoted trom tbe 4th
Header to tbe atu. Also, 13 irom tne 3d
Geography to the 3d, and S trom the 3d to
tbe 4th Geography.
We feel aaiutbed that tbe I rsma bctjool
is holding its own with other schools of the
county. The greater number ot the scnol
ars have bsen working laiihfully during
tbe term. We can readily see tbe result
of tbeir labors in tbe advancement tbey
have made. We teel belter satisfied with
our work, as teacher, at present than we
ne,-hVme,nf,tW,0.d0"Br,lorre,M have at Tny time during the past of the
XZ? Tr . ev!ttD-?nd 0U W'U term, as we aee an interest manifested in
be happy lor one year at least. d b fc ho firet 8ee(ned iilMarj
Gen. Koontz. with bis wife and niece.
left tor Washington, D. C, lust Wednes
day morning, where they expect to spend
ten days or two weeks, returning home
via Baltimore and Philadelphia.
Owing to tbe press of business. His Hon
or Judge Hall was unable to hold an ad
journed Court, in this place, Saturday
evening, as was intended. If nothing oo
cars te prevent, the Judge will be here this
We learn there will be relieious services
held in the Presbyterian Church, of this
place, during next week. Preaching next
Monday evening. Dy Kev. J. M. Harnett.
iouneiisviiie. (Jommunion services
lbe Sunday following March 16.
We are informed that a slight fire oc
curred in tne dwelling bouse ot a Mr,
Clover, ot Meyersdale, last Saturday morn
ing. lbe Ore was discovered before it
bad made much headway, and was put
out b-fore anyfjgreat damage was done to
tne building.
Saturday morninir Congressman elect
ionrotn too'i passage on the mat! east.
bound tor Washington City. He will take
tbe oath ot office to-day (Tuesday).
The horse dealer is around, and tbe
Somerset county horse always bringsaair
price in tne eastern market, lor tbe simple
reason mat ne is always well broken.
During tbe pant week several fine lots
have been shipped East. We never had
more foreign buyers among us than we
have bad this winter, liaise more horses.
brethren, liuy colts; there is money in
Clara and John, two briirht, interesting
little children or Mr. Irvin Pile a. within
an interval of four days, and after a verv
i : . i ; , i j , r . ..... .
ui iei ii met, uieu oi mat lerrutie. lata! dis
ease, diphtheria. Tbe litre girl, who was
but fourteen years ot aice. died Thursday.
and the boy, who had seen but eight sum
mers, breamed bis last on Suuday niabt.
Tbe afflicted family have the heart felt
sympathy ot the entire community.
jiir. t. w. Kennedy, whose death we
notice this wefk. was bom in Somerset
Pa.. May 14. 1814. In 183U or 1840 be
moved to Ashland County, this State.
where he remained until twenty-tour years
aro. wnen ne moved to this county, and
seined on tne iarra wnere be died, one
and one halt miles east ot Pulaski vil
In the death of Mr. Kennedy we Uwe
one ot our most honorable and upright cit
izen a. vryan (U.) I'rtu.
and who, no doubt, had intended making
the winter's term one of sport instead of
hard ork. Yet we must be honest and
confess that we still have a few "black
sheep" in the flock, and if we are to judge
by past experience, knowing how hard we
have labored to change tbeir colors, we
cannot help but come to tbe conclusion
that tbey are past redemption. Vt e will.
bowever, etui live in bope, ana look aneaa
to a change for the better. We lay in no
complainta. but say that we are highly
pleased with our school and tbe standing
ot our classes, as we are confident they
rank number one.
Tbe primary department in charge of
Miss Lavinia Weimer, is progressing fine
ly. The rapid progress made by lbe little
tolks, and tbe good order, and perfect sj a
tern sustained in the school-room speaks
volumes in favor of the teacher. Her ad
ministration is, indeed, one ot great sue
During the month tbe following prima
ruins were pn.moied to tbe grammar de
bailment :
Jee Anderson; Johnny King. Jennie
Ib-xnng and liriJgel 11111. 11 will be ne
cessary to promote others before the close
ot the term, on account of diligent applica
tion to study.
dumber attending primary department.
Average attendance during m nth, 53.
Per cent of attendance during month.
Number of visitors during month, 6.
Prof. J. D. Muese, ot Ml. College, was
wiih us during the month. He entertain
ed our schools in a Very pleasing manner
tor a day or so. W e extend thanks to our
friend and co-laborer, hoping be may vUit
us again during tbe term. We also extend
a cordial invitation to frieads at home and
abroad to come to see us, and especially do
we urge this invitation on the patrons ot
lbe school. Come ! We want you to see
us at work and know that we are laboring
tor the good ot your sons and daughters.
C. 15. Cook,
i reeivBDt u re
quired to give thirty daya' notice: io
other words, that if be deires to as
semble Congress on the It of Jane,
there is nothing la tbe C-nstnation
or laws or even precedent! requiring
any specified Douce, bfcnld the
President deeire, be may istue his
proclamation on tbe 4th ds; ot March
convening the Fortv.ix b Caatrra
,.: , '" . t.. mJon tbe 5.b of March. Piriur tbe
loe 1U1HIMIUK jcitcil miun i Nil it;- J . ; . : t , ,
the 1st day of April. will be sent to the tb Congress failed to pa tbe army
12. females 15 total 27.
Per rent of attendance during month,
males "3, females 80 total 79.
Number of visitors 15.
Number ot schalors present every day,
A. W. Pile.
Dead Letter Office, viz :
Blough. Jonathan W.
Cole, George W.
Cole, Mary M.
Custer, Hiram.
Fike. Jacob M-, (2).
Hanna, James.
Iluntzel. Henry.
Johns, a a
Lewis, Pausom.
Morris. Miss Ella,
.NelF, Joseph J.
Iba, Polly.
Shaffer. Mrs. Ellen.
Walker, Austin A.
W alker, John.
C. Davis, P. M.
Posititklt the Brst. Dr. Morris'
Syrup of Tar. Wild Cherry and Hore
hound is tbe very best compound ever
prepared, advertised, or sold by any per
son, or under any name whatever, for the
immediate relief and permanent cure ot
coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough.
bronchitis, asthma, ana all diseases ot a
consumptive type. It will thoroughly
eradicate these alarming symptoms in one
half the time required to do so by any oth
er medicine. It is purely vegetable, and
contains not a particle of opium or other
dangerous druir. It never fails. Lvery
bottle guaranteed to perform exactly as re
presented. Trial size 25 cents. Large sizes 50 eta.
and One Dollar.
A very few doses will relieve, and a lit
tle perseverance will cure.
For sale by G. W. Benford, Somerset,
and Mountain & Co., Confluence.
Also Agents for Prof. Parker's Pleasant
Worm Syrup, which is perfectly sate.
Extremely palatable. No physic required.
Costs 25 cents. Try it
Ctcloikdia of Literati-re. The
new eight volume Ac us edition or
Chamber's Cyclopedia op English
Litkrati rk is meeting ith the largest
sale which has proiiaUly ever been given
to a work havirnc only high literar merit
and nothing or the sensational. A second
edition ol 5,000 copies of volume!, is an
nounced as nearly all sold thin one
month after issue of the first ediion.
Volume 2. just ready, gives the history
and epitome ot our literature from the
icolden aue or Queen hlizbein lo 100,
eiving in its 410 beautiful rrges biograph
ies of and choice selection' trout tbe writ
ings of all noted author that period
l i t- r imwm ; - VI'.. t. . -
Frof. R. IL nanner. arhnhaa frr lh nat I .. . ... . nn t .. .. tr
Drcoist asd Phtsician. A physi
cian complaining bitterly about dull times,
went to his druggist to find out the reason
why, at ibis season of the year, his prac
tice was not so extensive as formerly; also,
to find out what inducements bis brother
medico offered to attract away his patients.
He was startled when his druttgisl answer
ed as follows : "Doctor, coughs and colds
are very prevalent, but every one is pur
and I au, and recover so rapidly that there
is no necessity ot calling a physician.
Again, tbe reason that Dr. t ., on u
street is having so many patients is owing
to the Irankness he a lopted in presenting
in every case of Coughs. Colds, etc., f bot
tle of Hale's IIonky ok Hokkhocn aj'd
Tar, and finding it successful, be t8 con
cluded in future that a.l bis paliepfi, "uen
troubled with any disease of tie lungs,
shall immediately comuieive takinir
Hale's Ho.net ok Uobel'sd akd
The drutreist's advice w snapped, and
tbe almost discouraged piyician now is
considered a successful ractll loner. His
claims are based upo 'he virtues of the
medicine be adopts, Ach a " Cae
male s Hon et OK roHO,u ao l AH.
Sold bv all OrUL'L'ifS.
Depot No. 7, SirU Avenue, New York
C. N. CRiTTESfos, Sole Proprietor.
Price 50 cents d $ I. Large size much
the Cheapest.
Pike's TocThacue Drops, cure in one
j bill and adjjumed on a Jondaj in
j midsummer. Tbe Preside t at once
issued his proclamation ao'CoDgrexs
re-cooreoed on Ibursday tithe same
week. Opinions are divied as to
whether an extra session of Congress
wilt be required, but tbe weight of
nenumeoi is that a called Bssioo will
be necessary.
Tbe committee on publu buildings
in tbe House has been dicaasinc
plan for enlarging and entilating
tbe ball of representatives rbicb will
make very radical cbattea to tb
architecture ot tbe room, The plan
is to open tbe entire spaa? fsom tbe
corridor back of tbe speak-r's dek to
tbe Southern wall, into ote large lot
by, to be ueed by toembrt, who are
called to see tbeir client outride
Tbe oartiiion 8parating tbe ball
proper, from this lobby wii contai
openiDgs for the admisuoi of pure
air through tbe windows it tbe eooth
end of tbe buildinir. By bis means
the "iron-bux witbin a vaft, where
Congreesuien have been cot-up like
rats in an exhausted receyer," as
Senator recently detcribetiit, will be
made a tolerable habitant! for tb
law-makers cf the land. Instead ol
tbe derki now in use, wbib encum
ber tbe n or aod make it toconveu
ieDt lT members to cirille and
crack i kes, it is propoi-eito eubnti
tute chairs witk a folding side leaf
attachment It writing puipot-es. A
convenient aces in tbe antral aide
will be placed tables for oembers to
pound when f peaking ani also to
bold tbe hecatombs if alf bound
books wDicn meutoer pie up as
..roan-etital accessories to a big
C. A S.
two J' ears been employed as principal In
the public schools of this place, will open
a select school, in which all the hieher
branches will be taught on tbe 7th of
April next Mr. Sun or r has proved him-
eii io oe an ainn and efficient teacher, and
we bope our citizens will lake advantn
of the opportunity offered them, and that
the school will he liberally natroniyr-d
Mr. M. J. Pritts will assist Mr. Banner
Tbe thanks of the residents of Tn inn
ano" Main cms streets are due to Mr. John
Pisel. Inventor and propeller of the new
snow plow, for bis kindness in keeping tbe
pavements and crosswalks clear during the
recent heavy falls of snow. The plow i f. ., nr-i-id to those who aubacrit
quite an ingenious Invention tt can bs ajtof Marie :W, 0 Ier. tor 2 50, in
k u 3 person wnu case i it 'ci,nD( a SO. or in bait morocco, gill top,
- - ii,v- wu.'w ,.u cnuci siuc, ana maaet
Milton. Dr den. Jereitf Ta lor. and oth
era. l be work is ot "en wen mown ex
cellence that every frson ot literary taste
possesses or desires-" possess some edition
"lit. This edition complete iu eight
hand volumes, fx-1101 n typography,
oarer and binding revised to date, and
sold at prices w 'b1 common que
lion which th- publiahers have to answer
ia. "whfilie tbe price is tor each volume
or for tbe rltire workT" It i id only
to aubscriltr direct tbe large discount us
uallv gt" to dealers and agents, ling al
Limed 'he ubscririn8tei1''- The pub-
liui,,.. make special moncemenii io cany
Durnaselt, the eigit volumes complete
a clean path of about two and a half icei
In width. John should app'y for a patent
There are millions in it for the inventor.
We are in receipt of a communication
from Addison, containing an account of
tbe grand final sleicbing party, at Fayette
Sprines, by a party of "America's noble
sons and fair daughters." "Noble sons
13. fcoeciaicr pages are sent free on re
quest or specimen volume lor examina
tion. wiiA piivilegeof purchase ot the re
maindfti". aomlnal prices : In paper, 20
centsi cloth, 35 cents ; half morocco, gilt
top.uOcts. American Book Exchange,
Pi.ilUUers, No. 55, Betkman Street New
A specimen volume in cloth can be seen
. at the office of this paper, and those who
Dr. Vak Dyke's SrLPHCRSoAP. Dr
Van D tie, whose lite long specialty, and
world a ide reputation for curing akin dis
tstet, bar endeavored for years to combine
an external treatment He has acoom
plitbed this desirable result, in Uie prepa
ration ot his compound "Sulphur Soap,"
tbt menu ot which are spoken or by
tboaNinds; it is highly recommended to all
cor trailer. Price 25 cents, bv tw.
ceoutUiais cakes at ceil I a.; ty mail,
J5 centa. Vtffice 30 N"5th vfeH. Unole
1 Depm, 400 N. 3d strset Philadelphia,
pi Sold by alfDrugfisU.
ann fair oauenters , wgood. very good; and 'desire can add tbeir names to a club which
AQd isnn is tne place w here tbey g ro w.
would he delighted to let fflir readers knew
in what manner the "noble sons and mlr
daughters" of Addison enjovrd themelves
on tbe event of their "grand final a-vighing
party." but as the writer neglected to give
bis name, and we would not like to pub
lish tbe article on our own responsibility,
we are enable to do so.
will soon be forwarded.
Tbe library Magaiiiu is what people of
t literary tnaia Tiye ong ope" want
ing. Tbe neatest and handiest in form
ol all tbe nvwtblieg, and very much the
Cbapest, it gives from tbe peni oj tbe
I'Jeat living writers a choice variety of
inicles, both timely and entertaining.
JVamtier 2, just ready, contains articles by
Gia.lii.one, t A. Proctor, Pruf Blaikie,
b)De. Julia ICavanagb, M- M"0"d. Canon
t'nraria, and other writers less famous, but
hardly leas interesting. There are 128
pa?ri and tbe price is 10 cents a num'-er.
l a year. Ahkkicak Book Ex
r.r.. Publiahers, 55 Beekraan street
Stw York
aj AiosifHUi Fact. A large pro
ITikn iif the American people are U day
Hjitif from tbe effects of DyspetA or dis
ordered liver. The result of these dis
eetipon tbe masses of intelligent and
'tluable people is mt alarming, making
life actuallra burden instuad of a pleasant
M'eocc of e pjnvmept and usctulness as
i oc;bt in be. there Is no good reason
turiiiit, if jou w ill only thiow aside pre-
ta!K nd-Vkriirtqi, ake the advita of
niggwi your ttieoda, and try ' we
Ntitof Green's Augut Flo-er.M Tour
My rebel is certain. Millions ol ' but
fil ot tbis niedic;ne have been given
" inirrliA virtn. tl!b, ytistactory
"niptbuule br 10 cents lo try. Three
'wmill relieve the worst case. Posi
Si'r'y !1 bv all Druggiats on the West
Kakha &ko Ttaas-rTuk Direct
K"HE Jt is uithe interest ot persons go
V Kansas aBVl TtSas to select one ot
U dirttet routes by w hich quick time )
kle, tbrouch cars run, aid comlortable
stub miia'iiinf provided. Amoug tbeae
tttlPan-lIatiiJle RouUi" stands pre-emi-SeBt
Folbiwing is time of Daily Express
im via Pan Handle Route :
ke Pitulur:h. 8 42 r. M. 11:47 T. .
4-mvttH. Lou. 7 )a. m. .- r. M.
" Kantas City, 10:15 p. at. 10:12 P. M.
Coooections are made in Union Depots
lMian.p.,U. St Louis aad Kansas City
all poinis West and Southwest.
To acoMDudaie families emigrating, ar-tUfrt-nH-nia
have lieen peetecud lo run
TtiriTth Coach Tuesday ot each week
r..burgh to Kant, pity, via Tr'
J Jbaib-' wib but onp'fbang. tp
Ua lWp.4 gt Lnuia. This ear U eota
"tably upholstered, and will he run wo
"WW Express train, leaving Union De
K Pittsburgh at 11:47 every Tuesday.
Moi are unable to procure through
jdlntn in- tMiaauuik Araanaaa,
X. Kanaaa,-Cdlcado-oMhe Jfortharest
3Ulirecl and popular -Pan-Handle
"Wt." at our Dearest railroad station,
JlnaW. b. St.irey Agent I'aioo Depot,
'" tWih. Pa.,iw addresa W. L.O Btien.
rfal PaM-Bger Agent -Pan Handle
wte," Columbus, Ohio. '
Mr- Hoover, of llooversville. Somerset
I COUntr. arriVMl in In. n ihta fnrennnn m-itn
SH tinr alull..l n .IJ
ton. !i loaded niQ a car a( t.he t)
VTorka, snd immediately taken to the Cam
bria Iron Company's coke yard, where it
will be thoroughly tested, aqd its coking
qualities ascertained.. Jt will rrqnira two
ur three days to put It tb rough the burning
process, when tbe result of the experiment
will be made knoan, Mr, Isaac Kauf
man, ot paviJaville, wl to rnrriw bring
fa towp several toes of enal taken from a
vein on his property at Tyre Hill, and its
coking qualities will also be tested,
iioovrtsville Is situated on the Stony
creek, ton rut o miles southeast ot Johns
town, on one of the routes proposed for the
Somerset k Cambria railroad. Tbe scam
of coal from wbkih the four loads were
taken Is seven feet in thickness, divided
near the center by a thin partition of alate
half an Inch thick. Tha coal closely re.
senihles that taken from tbe Miller seam,
at Beunington from which extra fine coke
la made. Apparently it is of precisely tbe
aanie structure, and contains an equal
amount of thai pitchy, hydrogenous mat.
ter w bicb is so esaential in the manufacture
ot first data coke.
Mr. Kaufman is desirous that tbe new
railroad should be constructed through his
land via Tyre HilL sod be Is confident
that tbe coal taken trom his mine will
prove to (aissesa excellent coking qualities.
He bop-! l! ind"Ce be Directors o choose
the route which he baa aipipuaed. Jirin
I , I a a- hit
IMP 1'ribtik.
Press Asmx iati The annual meet
ing of the f'cnntnlvania, Ohio and West
y irgloia freD A.&Vpiioa was helJ lo tbft
parlors of the Centra Hotel. PilUbtirg. on
Friday last February 21. New officers
for the ensuing year were elected, and the
usual routine (if bualneas was rooe through
with. Alter a somew hat animated discus
sion on tbe question ol advertising and ad
vertising agent, tbe Ataociation passed
resolutions expressing Its continued faith
in tbe agepry ot W. L- Foulk's Son sV Co
lt will -4 remembered that last year the
Association vuok an eicijrston to tha fam
ous Mammoth Cave of Kentucky. The
excursion w asiuchs grand success that one
on a much Krger scale is proposed Un the
coming summer. It is proposed this time
to take a trip acrnVa tbe continent to bQ
Francisco, stopping lor a short time at
different places ot interest and viewing
the country as well as It is possible
to do so in tbe short time allowed
to the excursionists. The time pro
posed for this grand excursion to take
place is in the beginning of August, next.
The Pennsylvania Editorial Association, f
i-Srh, li?e wffF is'.jsi '
peft aafeuaf efcpurjiiofj h Cape May.' m
liuta is lbe latter part ot Juhe Meat ' Aa
expreasion of thanks was tendered the
Urmka Items. Tbe contract for build.
in a new bridge acrosn Laurel Hill creek,
was awarded by tbe CommiMiouers to Mr.
Noah Roberts be being the lowest bidder.
Mr. Roberts will build tbe bridge tor
I 70 00.
Tbe repairing of the olj bridge at King's
old mill was knocked down to A. W. Zu
talL Mr. O. N. Smith, of Tpper Trkeytoo(
towusblp4ra3 Toftld dyk 10 )Uo road,
hear Kingwood. on bunday eveuing, the
23U ol February.
lr. Samte Uipeb&ugb, an old ae4 reT
ipected cmn of Juofl lowiiltp has
fbe Ulest ''grapevine" from Somerfield
States thai a "kile had arrived in ibat tow n
miuua a tail." It is supposed to have
traveled all the way trom Petersburg, by
the "Ltnifitone Road." King Soloiuo
Said three things there were that he didn't
Understand. We wonder i be understood
mo way vl kits lo the air without a tail-
A "Hag" Irom a neighboring town says
that "pt-ganinus" and 'Die Bull" are no
where since he heard tbe "fjrsina giripg
band" pcrtorui op those feline relics.
Tbe latest arrivals three wild geese,
one robin, and another big snow-
B Taylor, at the M. E. iarmnage, Jan.
li. 1870, Mr. Tillman H. Wlllburn, of
liarreiCo.. Md. to Mary N. Hunter, of
Addison Township, S iiuerset County,
J. 11. Taylor, at tbe M. E. parsonage, Jan.
21, 1870. Mr. Nathan Augustine, ot Addi
son Tp. to Treasy Turney, of Garrett Co.,
Talnr. at the M E. parsonage. Conflu
ence. Jan. 21. 187U. Mr. Jonn J. McMlilen,
of Nv Lexington, Somerset County, Pa.
and Miss Meli.cne pile, ot New Lexing
METJ5LER Feb. 21, 187V. (of lung
fever) Uorsey Edwin, son of S. K. and
Avary Metzler, ot Upper Turkey loot Tp.,
aged 7 months and 15 days.
BAKER At Fair Hope, Feb. 10. Sa
rah Jane, daughter of David and Lucy
Baker, aged 15 years, 7 months and 27
daj a,
KENNEDY. At uU home near Pulas
ki, on Suuday. February 10, 1870. (of dis
ease of the heart), Mr. George W. Ken
nedy, aged 64 years, 9 months and 12
Jle died trusting In the Lord Jesus as
bia Saviour --Bryan (O.) lrcn.
. Chicago, Feb 27 Cfarles W
Anifell, defaulting hecreta v of tbe
Pullman Palace Car CufDptoy, plead
ed guilty tbis moruingio tie Crimin
.i i . ....
ai UMurt oi tne two kinictineo:
agaiost bim for larceny as biilee and
embzz'ement. and was senenced by
Judge Y illunis to ten yetrs in tb
pebitentiary, tbe full extent of tbe
law. He made no remarks, mani
fested no emotion, and simply bowed
as the sentence was named. Jude
Williams, in reviewing tbe case,
i-poke of tbe btgb social position cc
cupiei bv Angell, the enoraiity of the
u Hence, and jbe confidence reposed
to bim by the Company, atid express
ed the belief ibat tbe full penalty, at
leant, watt deserved
Corrected by OuuK Busits.
huliu ia
Ai-plsa, drlcl. a
Applnl'Uttrr, y
Krun. fi luo s a
Mutter, W a (keif)
butter, y E (ruli)
tturkwbeal, f hunhel
" meat, 1j0 Ei..
Beenwax. V a
Baeun, aiioultlvra, ft St......
ainna, "
enauirr bamt. w ...
tJorn, (ear) f tiufhel
Dora, (alietle.1) f bushel....
tVrn niral a
Ijea, ft dt
tlar. f W
I'lUHWl V tW- li )
Uam, (auirar-cureu) V S
Lap). V a
Leather, red , ?i
v kib. "
Middlings sail cll(4 100 ..
IkiU, W ba
fiaiaues, fi da
Peacliea, dried, y S
kw. w a
Salt, N.i. 1, y bl-Leitra ,
' uruunu Aittta, per sack
k Aatitim. ier aacV. .......
auirar, jeii'-w ft a
Tallow. W a..
want, mu
WL a
,...4o to So
... h t
7V to al U0
A-J' i lu lie
. 4.ie lu &w
T to t SU
, et
S l9t
. 4"e 0c
. .tJC u 7ur
S4 6
, ..lbe
.... to lor
if it 'Or
at 25
......... s?
4 c
to 7e
1 TS
..4 9) tJ l ti
4 00
Whal One Dollar Will Buj!
Mince Meat
Aimore xan.Iant, S ft pail. a er
Aunore siamlap, in a pail
Almwro't sitai.danl, 18 a pail l ou
uopioa iinw.,nii a Kitra t aey, in glaaa.
Dried Fruits, &c.
10 It. Turkey Prunes
S l New FrencU l'runea
lla. Sultana (eelli ss) Halslns
8 lha. New S.-e-ilei Kaiaina
S Itn. New Moivatel Kniainx
a'4 lla :iiulL-e Layer Kaintae
1V lta. New Currant
4 It. LrKoora Citron ."
4 lha. CtiMied Lemon lrl
4 ItK, Onlietl (iniDK lttl . .
121n. New Kul?ii!H
1 li . New lril Pna.-Jiea '
Sjlba New UritJ Auulea
Preserves and Jelly.
4 Stone Pota Ennllsh Jelly
5 Pota bumlee Marmalade .
lllaan pruit PreaeiTea
11 (Jlarwa Fruit Jelly
t o in j 'oil jelljr
I Pali IV Iti ) Aople liuuer
1 Pot ChlntMUinger
Spices, &c. .
6'. lb. Pure Oninml black Peeper
SlLe. While MliH-k Pepper
h Hoxea (Ground M liel Snlr
40Pka. BK;r. ( Baklua) tvxla
C Can Colman'a Knifllaa Aloatard
Bum SyracuM) Salt
10 B..xer Fine Talile Salt
4 Jara Fjixlisu Tuble Sail
6 IViltles Celery Salt
lot 'ana Buklnif Puwder
ii-18 ltis. Louee JdnMard
.t 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 09
. 1 00
. 1 0
. 1 uo
. 1 00
. 1 V
. 1 00
. 1 00
. I 00
. 1 0U
1 01
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
, 1 00
, 1 00
. 1 0
1 0
. 1 00
. 1 00
1 00
1 00
I 00
1 00
1 to
1 0
4 It. Edit. Dairy Cheese, Imported 1 ro
1 Cream Cheene .- mi
12 ltw. Neolc-untel Checae oo
t'i'b Weautrn Keaerve Cheese 1 00
Pickles, Table Sauce, &c.
4 Bottlea !elery Sani-e I OS
3Kottlea Pt.-kled ni.na ou
4 Hottle Oherkina l oo
4 Bottle Cauliflower i io
4 Mottle ctmw-chiiw i oo
4 Bottle. -Mixed Pk-kle 1 oi
5 liottlea 1'ro a k. Blackwell'a Knirliah
Pickles I nn
Z B-rtllcj Italian (Hive Oil i ao
8 Bittle tomato CatyuD.. l ta
S Bottle French Canera i on
a iKiuies apimsn oiire w)
i Bottler liallord Sauce 1 00
J Cina Chicken Soop
mjx i ail iup
" Tunie8ouii
4 Can tiitnn Baked Bean
Sonp Coloring
Oat Meal, Wheat, &c.
20 lb. Frejh flatmeil
Oil. Freab Cntc.ed Wheat
io Iik Chce ll.irli y
ii ne. no. i nice, Carolina
VI lui. No. 2 Hic-e, t:aMllna
Ill H. No. 3 It Ice. t!arolilia
SU II,. Choice N iry Bean
r-acx.iaes Kreaklatt Hominr
10 ll. Imported Ked liouna...".
a ma imported mark Beans
lwici.-a ed Coeoanut
lib. Iriah M.
4 Pai-kiijfe" Sea Moaa Farina
Paokaar Borax
Parkaire Oel.itine
10 lh. Perl 1 apioea
ivim, l pl ca........ ........ .........
4 raraKr .MhiiI a
4 Packnifi' Frenr-ll JullKntin
11 It . Fresh Lentlla
10 P.ckiiKH Fresh Farina
10 H. tat India SajT'i
10 Packaicea Kice Fl.mr . .
) Vm. Oat r.it.
lb Pearl Wheat
His. New Bof-kahfat
10 Pa. kiie Slf-Rni,ing; Flour
a racvayr well Kaljinn buckwheat
v, utie Mommy... ........ ...... ....
Ilia. O rn Fiour
From the 7th day of January, A. D. 1878,
MeTcrftate Boron irh.....
ui'nmlt 'I'owanhip
Lower Tnrkejfoot Twp..
Oreenvtllo Towoship....
I rimer TnwnshlD
Shale ToWDaliip
Somerset Boroairn
S.imeret Townnhip
Siojre(own tiorouics....
t 'liner Turkey f..t Tin
I rmna Borooeh ' .
aouiia lownahin
nurKiieiiy lOWnfnip
Brotheravaller Townahln. :
Cooemauirh Townnbip. ..
Confluence Rorooifh :
Oreenville Towneiiip :
Larimer Township...... :
L-wer Turkerloiil Twp..:
Middlecreek Townahip :
Milmrd fownnhip
Mereradale Boruuicb
New Centrerille Biir.... i
Northamnton T,iwnhir
New Baitlinore iioroUKli
Paii.t Townnliin '
Quemaboniiir Twp
Slinliury Borouirh
Shale ToWMifaip
Soroeraet rt.tr '
Somerset Twp..
Stonycreek Townnhlp.i.'.I
Stoventown K.,r.. ....),
t'plier Turkevfout Two'
t'rina Buroujrh
WelltrjburB Uwuiw.'.'.'.-
Tot aw.
i 1S78.
34 49
31B U
i; u t
T 1.3
7 So;
79 ! .
46 aa
4a h
1' iu i m
lu ev
1 Tl.
XI ii :
2)1 7:
HT1 80:
. 114 4Si
144 So
W 38'
3WI li.
4M 7
08 6
M to
8S IC:
3li 88
(M SI;
73 87:
S 94
S 04
14 01
4 34
17 13
li 11
7 ti
7 44
11 0
T 73
10 U
17 XI
18 it
3 28
ID 16
3 Vi
10 4
11 81
S 01
90 80
28 10
44 07
4 7
1 7
S 1U
3 08
Sixth day of January, A. D. 1879.
J0SIAII KELLER, Treasurer of Somerset Conntj ia tccoant with th
said Couatj of Somerset
04 4-H 20
KVVARKa ?h,l.t ,nrfM. r a ,
"ecurea tiy mwii(iie in June, ia;t
i uow hub an.i will tie paid ii
Treasury at an earl day.
The Tnwnhlrta mil T?..., V. . -i i
have paid In lull ince aetllenient.
tKheriliiitrio have paid In part line aettle
eiita tullow:
lK.j Lower Turkevfoor ais- i,a.t t.
Dfr TnrkvlnAi A-.-. I i .' . ' ' V
18.8 Ad.liaon. lii: BrotliemralleT, fcS3 50 :
-oneinauirn. ): OmAnann. l....m.
Lerimer.418: Iower Turkerfoo't. 4114: Midi
.iiecree. XI4: Alllfurd. AIe.vera.tale, M4 14 ;
r.r i-nireviite, fao ; iw Baltimore,- M :
Paint. 1W; Shade. 6 ; smeret Twp.. i42 o:
Sionycreek. an 38: Stoveatown, 40: t'pper Tur
keyloot, llo; t rslna, 17.
Wr. the underlirnKl l!iimmli.,iuFi ..r
"ec I i HI HIT. In cnninrmlrv I K , . . ... I
dered the aee.,inianyintt aeconntof the receipts I
and exiienditnri-a of ai,i A.nniv r.. ,i.. .1. I
1NT8. to be puldlxned, and heretiy ce'rtlly, t hat the I
ataire atatemeut ol outntanilliiir lux ,1,,. ...I.I I
eoun y, Is correct, aa per record iu the Treaa-
uu i;onimiaionera' ofnees.
1 OJ
1 0-1
1 00
1 00
1 10
1 00
1 10
1 00
1 00
1 0
1 00
1 10
1 00
1 l
1 141
1 10
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 no
1 oo
1 oo
1 0o
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
W. M. Si HitfK-B;,
lel.l,-7.J Cleric.
J. CCKK'Hr lf.Lf.
Commiaaioner. I
Jute or Joseph McKimie, lata f Oreenrille I
I wp.,tjeceaned.
Letter lettamentary on the a hove eitate haT-
iiik oeen xranied to the uodcrtdirned, nolle 11
here'.yiriventothoMln'eiiledtoil to make im
pie I late payment, arvi iho- harina; claim aicainst I
.. mein iu y autuentu-atel lor arttle-
'""n I.Jt ecu torn.
Benjamin Bowman
Ueo.Ke W. Tura.y
Michael Jordan .......
Jesse Landl
Ttkimaa B. Fraata
Ueorve Lowry
A. J. Stoner
Meschach Beam
Ne son Lie i hart
Solomoa Pile
Jamei I Critehfleld....
Iiaotel Shulta
B. Wolf nope...
Jacob 8panaler ,
Samuel Liruly
Lmanael Specbt. .......
S looaociLrnhart. .......
lianlel Hollman
larid Hu-hund
Aapm Spunkier
Jioeph Bemler
Samuel P. Meyer......
Peter Zufali
Oeorna W. Turney
Michael Jordoo. ........
relerkk Swnpa
A. J. Spanxler
Levi Yuder
William Pnllin
John N. Dart
A. J. Stimer
A. B. Howard
C. H. knot i
Henry Kaoch
Joslah P. Batner ,
Adam Nlehloa....
Aaron Schrork ,
Jamea D. Crltehtteld....,
Samuel Poast
Jacob Poofbauah
hernanl Wo.fliopa
Ramael Weaver
Jacob Spangler
Mlltoa Hover
I'aniel Loru
Joh-i H. Huston..
Samuel berkev
Predrrick Hilooila
Henry Lamb rt
Jaeuh Custer
Kmanuel Lk-hty...
Iavl. Philiippl
Preilerlrk lull
John E.Shaler
... Au.iiaoa
...j Alletcheny
... Brutheravalley
...'onfluene borough
... UreenvUla
... Lower Turkeyfoot
... . Meyersdal horonich
...'New Baltimore boruugb.
... syllabary boroagh.
... Shads
... Somerset bofonab
... Paint
... Somerset .................
... Stooycreea
,.. Stoystown borough.......
..Upper Turkey loot.
.. Aiidt-en
.. Allegheny.......
... Herlln borouxh
. . ; Brot nenrraltey.
.. Confluence borougli.......
.. JJelfersoo
..: Jennert rwn borough......
.. Lower Turke loot
.. Meyersdaie tmrooah.
.. New Cenuevil.a borouitn..
.. Northampton
.. New Baltimore borouah...
.. 'uemahoolna.
.. Salisbury broui(h
.. saade
.. Somerset botxugb. ........
.. Stonycreek
.. Stoystowa borough
. i t'pper Turki-yfoot
. T'rina borough
Wellersburg borough.
From Our 8 fecial CorrtfiiaeBt,
OIK WASHlauioa t.ETTt.R.
li.e Diko Tills aiuUble UJy.dauh
ttr of Bahil aorl Catliarloe Bird, died ot
tjpboid lever. Januar 16, IS 79, aged 23
jears, 5 niootbs and 10 da) a.
bill bad bt-rn Weal, aud oo Octolier 20.
returned lo bear the tiyog w.irda ot bur
loving kisVr. aod ft itut-ae tier death on the
follow iog day of lbe same disease. Sbe
iniaed tbe M- . Cburcb in Ids 1. and to
ir Inst aitiiuertia waa' t '"J fM:leul' D
the happy btdie uboVe; ahd here she ek
pects to meet tbat little aotel that cnneed
toe River just lietnre ber.
Iurinj tier Sickjes8 although hgr pain
was greai Devpr niuntiur was beard,
aud ber List ijintueuls e never shall tor.
eet. That stutle. tbe extended baod and
lbe wJjiKjx-r, wbit'b seemed W be, "I'm
gooe ; meet me n the mber Binr," and
then ber ryes ei calmly pltaattd in death.
stix ot tbe family bad the lever, and two
am gona. May tbe whole Uuiilv be re
united in heaven where tbttre will ba bo
vacant place. Tbe empty chairs by tbe
i aside and tbe empty plates at tbe talile
of the humble home are a (.Ttef pow,liul the
meeting will be J tul q the "Sweet Uy
and Ily I"
APRiaox, Pa.
SrrpRRisa yo a Lire Tint. Per
sons alljicied with rheumatism olten suffer
fcir lite time, their Uirtures being almost
without remission. The Joints and muscles
of such unturtuoate are ia most eases
shockingly eoolorted and drawn out ot
shape. To afford them even temporary
relict tbe ordinary remedies olten ran"
U'khwi gwivrtltf:ijtr-
(ef, on HirCftuef lilHd, ia avouched by
persons who have used It, to be a genuine
source of relief. It keeps tbe blood cool
proprietors of tbe Central Hotel lot coune-1 oy promoiing a recuiar uanti oi noov, anq
sies extended to tbe Association. Tbe ! renuive fnnt it liuptfitie wbtcb.' jii tW
managers ol the Ioan Kihibilion kin'tlTy loprnmn of all rational pathikl3, orlista'.
inii lbe miml-wa-of ne AasueUAofl to aiethit aeUme coorTtUitot atftT its kill
attend tbeil show. Tb invtutlon i dred malady, 'the gout. Beside this the
accVtited with thtDks and the exbiliithm Bitters remedy dtaordera ot the sttiacb..
attended by lbe piMiilieri in 1Jdy. Th? M.TT Dert. P:enl and trad irate lq.
meeting svaa, taken aluneiber. a vey termltteul and tciunieut levers, pmutote
lileaaanl affair and iofptfed those preaeOl apatite and sleep, and are hijtbly recoor-
witb a hifcbeO- aitn is tbeir iturnujtic mendt-d by ph)HicrMi5s a a desirable tnedi
yrofa ! cinal a jmlnt and tonic.
WasUinoton, March 4, 1379
All day Suuday tbe American flg
jaled over lbe Souib wing of tbe
Capiiof, leidiuir many to beliefs tbat
i fie ljuum of peuresiriiiaiives was lu
utaaloo, aod eo ii was bra parlia
mentary fictioD. but lbe ball was
eujptv aud uo speaker W9S i9
0bar. TP M00"6! toaiwad of ad-jouroiog-
ou Saturday, simply look a
rectax, an actiou by which tbey were
able to rebume oo Monday tbe un
buibbed buniuees blore lb-ID ou
Saturday, aud at old the delay of
tbe regular order work wbipb an ad:
j jurapjtni would have lnvu'vta. n
18 ndmnltd ibat Vh tba'-cea of tn
elra eeeaiou are iDcreaiiujr, atd
bi-lelt1, boardioir bounef, t-bopkei pert,
aud livery ktablei are iu a cheerful
aud Lopeful niiio of niiLd. Tbe
leoate ApprpriatioD Comtuiitee has
added a quarter of a million dollars
to tbe debcieucy bill, io order to meet
the dtfku r-p tried by tbe Attorney
Ueueral fur ine expeune of eiif irciog
tbe tleciiou la. Tbi sum was
aided to C'UiU)iute bv a strictly
party vote j It will doubJet-s be ap
proved by the mej irity io tbe Senate, i
and, ii. is said, ibat in tbe coulereuce j
committee, to wbicb tbe amended bill
will , ibere can be oo c'rupriuiii-e
Tbe ajetie a(rU ' ajutd S0r,.(ltli) 'to
tbe f. Of appropriation bill as a cub-
iidy to tbe mail steamebip lioe to
Ur,'l, Wgeo lbe bill is returned to
the Mouse a conference committee
Will be dea.ftaded, aud, it is under
etood, thai ibe committee appointed
frutu tbe UoUs will be itutwovably
oppoeed lo lbe appropriation. There
aur irreoouctliabie diOereuces on lbe
army bill will, it is tbuugbt, make an
extra session lodispenetbie. The Seu-
at baa shown tbe army bill, as it
came from tbe JJonse, but little con
sideration. It began bv iucreariog
tbe appropriaiion of pay for iftjeere
and men $320,000. Tben it struck
out a provision adopted by ibe House
to toe t fleet that ibere tbuuld be no
allgwaoce for fern sots, lodgings, aud
that efficera tball be allowed f 11 per
month for quarters iueitad ot $10 as
now provided by law Tbe Senate
inserted a provision Sl'owiok officera
bJ'ipags fur ovber" ajodes ol travel
Ibsu by rail, and alsj on railroads
over wbicb soldiers aud military sup.
I 1 .
only inn
Weekly American.
the umi m AND
Can Fresh A
' I'allloruU Auriout.
" blaektierrles.
Ke.l :berriec
" Wtoiuicheriiea
" (iooM'be riea
M Call!. vm
' " rf l ....
" C-allfirula p.r
" ltHTttetl rar """
" l-stri. Yell,,w Peaches, a a.
" Iie r e.icnes, 4 a ...T.
14 fcxtra Yellow Feachet, fc.
llams'in I'lutns..
44 Kkk PlBRIt
Ctiiiornta kg Plums
" 'iJife Plums
" :aillorniaOage Fluma
" Kaspnerrles
Ooliien Itu ncea...,,
t bortleberrl
tl 00
. 1 ai
. I 01
, 1 oo
1 on
. 1 ml
. 1 0U
. 1 OU
. 1 00
. 1 Ml
. 1 00
. 1 0
. 1
. 1 00
, 1 00
1 00
. 1
1 IM
A varied lot cf valuable Premiums
given fur Clubs of from 5 to GOO cp--,
a of wkii b is punished in
The Weekly Am lkican. Specimen
Copies ne til fite.
Bal irunre, Md.
4iiMtXIsTBATOh'J jfOTlCt
Laiate of Juhn Itpimm, tt of ! rSot Twp.,
Jectased. , s
Letter of administration on theabovecstate hav-
i Ina ieen nmei to the unlersirnefl l!in;nftra.
tor artomi aoa ran tttlnmtnlo essnp of -J..oi
Hna.tu, iltx-'o, (ftve tu.uk-- io tbu 'lflol'ieJ
ti lu-tuaae iuiuedlate paynienUa.-ul tlwat- havin
eurtui axainat It u ureaenl inemiiulv aa then Ilea
! lor stitlemtnt a: tore.
March t AUuiuiBlrau.
"llM IXiStit Al OK'B'HUTlCa,
Eaiate of I). W. Buchanan, lata of Shail
Twp., S-uierait o-uiiir. Pa., det'U.
I setters ol niuintitratta ui the aimve aetata
navipa; been Kiuulad to the amlsrsiKned, notk-e is
heretiy a; tren to thelnilelitel toil to make Imme
diate payment, and loose having claims s;ainst
L to (iruaenl them duly authenicatl (or sell le
ment oo Saturday, tne h day of April
lal'-t, at the la'e reilenee cftW aatnl.
Marsh Administratrix.
D M 1 S 1 ST R A 1 0 RS N 0T1CE
Laiate of W. Har-l, late of VlJUon township,
Letters of admistrail Dr tuttmrnls amnrxo
a the alsiv ea ale bavin beeu crauleil to tbe
anilrraijtned, not ec l berey rl'ro to all persons
iiflehttMl ui td e ai to wake InmeuUio puj
meet and those havlngt cl Ims ayi Inst the same lu
present them duly auOienlioate4 hit taitleiuert ta
the underaiitjied at the reeklesjM -if ol said deoea
ej, UU aatur ay I Sl day ul i)rti next, whea
at.d where they will alien I lor 1 ( uriniee.
jLiscrtt .ntvL.it iuca.
" AppaniKa qo
" Lima Heans 1 uo
10 " String lleau , , i uj
to -- nuaariirq i no
T " V tu.kiws Cora 1 ou
" 'kr i ea
S t ikra and Tomatoes ,. I 00
i - .uerrowiai rea 1 i
i 1 K rlT June Pea.. .. , 1 00
7 troHeo fumiain 1 on
I Isuecotaah .. i os
)0 Toiuatoee, 3 a i ,
S " Tomatoes, (eitriv,) U , ) 00
Soapa, Starch, &e
IS Bar India Soap
OS bar Family H nu '
ir Cakei While Hunslan S.p
li ll'ir Mnllleil (ktinsn Soau .
J i Har Wax Soap
:tCake Toilet Soap ,
I Kars Irish .Snap
t His. Imported Cay lie &oip
Bar Siaixlerd s.,t)
a ohrib i si tie &oap........ ........ ........
13 Cukes Sapolia.'....
t ltis. Star Candles. "..,..,,......
4 II WaiCauilira :
li Packairra tisweKO Silver Glue Sureh....
li Paekaite liuryeas' Satin Uloss Starch..,.
SUIbs. Hotel Candles. 14s ,
13 Pacaire Cro starcli.,
T Boxes Starch Puojn.
W B-ne Uaa; Biae...........V.
0 Bole Slftlti Blue ,,
A4 liiltlej tliiufd hluj
tf Bole Lj
M box. Shoe Blarklnir
13 Importel Bath Bricks
T Boltles Sho Iiressicir
SO lha Washing So.la.. ,
Sticks St ve Pi.Mkh
40 uaoltago WJiUij Powder.
'JSlba-PeSrl Starch...
Coffee, Chocolate, &c,
Cakes Enirlish Vasllla Chocolate
11 Cuke Cuiuoiate
4 PackJifo Cracked (Xieoa
t Psrkaue Enirlish Cocoa
4 Packave Itr-uia ,
lulhs. Cocoa Shells
4i Package KitractorConV
A PaciWKf Imported t:iilcirjr
(German Extract of CoBee.)
ili II . KiMBteil Java and KkiOHee
JiWI'. K-ialr.1 Java Flavor Collee...
Slii. Fresh Kiste.l Collee. No. 1
(Odt-e ftiated every mornlnK)
S.'j IM. Hoasted Ki Collee. No. a
lha Powdered Soirar
V I lbs Crushed -ua;ar
fli Cat Uf Saaar
10 Im No. 1 Granulated Smear.
o'ti It" Standard A Sug.ir ,
11 lha ASuKar(solt)
U IU BNuar
U'4 li Llirnt Yellow Suaar
13 lbs No a Yellow Sugar
13J4 lb No. 2 YbIUiw sugar
1 he andersimed. annolnt.! hv ih.. iw..i.. I
Court ul Somersrt county lo nuke distrit.nit.in of)
me iuno in toe nan is ol wm. A. Sthl. Admlni. I
tratorol Nnry Stahl, dec'd.Piand anionic Ih.aie I
k ul "r''", nereny ifivrs notwe that
"wi v me ouues ot nis appointment at
bis ortir-e In snmerset. on W.lni., m ..k i,.
l-i. when and where sll pers as Interested mas'
at: end. '
Feb. 28
Au.ii or.
1 ne nn-JersiKne.1. appolnteil hy the Court of
v,oiuiuou i-m-iis iu aii mr aomerset count to pass I
.(.iri.T.iMjirara me aeeount of al
owm ui t amarine walker and make
ui-tnnuuon or the lund In his hands, h- reliy itivei
... . ... M., , w OI nL- ay-1
,-.,.,.-, uo luvsoay. narca la. l7.at hi of-
io a..mCTKi, wncn ami where all persi
intereited may attend.
H. L. BAF.K,
Ti amount of State tax received mr 1S7S and 1T7
County tax receivetl oo unseated land Sir 17 and 1ST"..
Koad " " ' h m
" School uuu M
" 14 Samn-1 Walker oa deeds foruoaeated land "'
44 44 J. J. Baeroa unaev' id land "
44 44 1. Bowman lot dlajeat '.
44 44 Justice Lauxhtn ..
44 44 J. F. Blymyerdrej ansaated land
44 44 Lirenirood one
44 Ueorae W. Pile fluid .......
44 W. H Koonts deed unseated land '..
44 44 A SpanKlerux ;
44 from West mo eland Poor House a......".."..".
44 - Poor House f r paper I.!"""
44 14 A. Iean redemption money
44 44 J. Pbilson t reotrd
14 KavenMrraft anseted Ijni ."...."..".".."."."."
44 44 Knb It Frymyer nnaeatea land
44 44 W. B. Corsiu unsemted land
44 44 Joslict Scbroek Una
44 for Hetlemptioo money on unseated land..
44 44 Money refunded tax on loan "".
44 44 Balance due Connty at last settlement
44 County Treasurer
Taar Stt9 1 Coontr
M it 4-4 ti
wn au oa m
5 44 Sua 4S
9 . au to
44 lu J. 401 41
44 ) S 4J
4 ru M
ir as' 2m
44 SI H 42
44 I M 177 01
44 13 M
47 1V4 -
44 13T .
44 SA3 OU
44 4 M; km M
" 334 4i
44 I t VI Mi IS
44 7 M ;,i si
" 43 03 14 42
44 1H tM
" '244 4
1STI see li
44 Stw t
44 446 io
44 li4 34
44 4ta4
is. ia
17u 4
44 33 14
44 14
44 I aooi uw
44 78 Si
44 I 214 :
44 44J 44
44 4.1; 40
44 1-41 S3
44 Sat 4
44 W UO
- 4 7
44 i OH
44 JTS 0l
44 1.10 i u
44 247
" Sal 14
44 4101 00
44 atio as
44 4-3 34
44 1-12 74
44 IAS 37
44 1SI3 Dt
44 71 00
44 i34 W
44 I !S 00
2U0 Mi
200 M
1-41 ii
SAI 19
11HT 4;'
4. o 00
1 11
SS 01
1 oo
32 00
3 0
44 as
3 li
S 87
4 to
IM .
1 47
223 5 .'
4m u
14JT 44
4U3) 81
Feb. 24
hereas Joha Putster of Mllford toweshln
L'.'.Tfal .'i- 1: HV B"de ""lunt 'rjr assiirnmeut
.... . 11, 1.1 ui. t-rviuors to tne umiernuned
,k 7 . u n"y u' persuBS in.letheo to
tS.1 t" T " mk' Immetiiate paymeut asm
Feb. 26
R. n. ruu
1 10
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 w
1 U0
1 00
1 00
1 00
I 00
.... 1 w
... tw
.... 1 00
.... 1 Ol
.... w
1 00
.... 1 00
.... 1 u
.... 1 00
.... 1 U0
.... 1 00
Estate of Jacob Steyer late of Frostburj Md.,
Letter of administration on tha abera estate
bavinit been granted on th unlersiKned, Bollce I
is iicreuj gitca ui hum iwiflniei to it pi make I
Immediate payment, aud those bavin eUinss I
sua lost it to prenent them duly authenticated tori
snttteinem on r riay, Alan-h 2S. 1S7S, at the resi
dence ol a.lmlnis'ritors Fnistl r. Allenhenyl
county. Jld.. or their attorney Joha H. L'hl Sonv I
ersei, ra.
N" ATHA .V S. FKl'S r,
Feb. 19 Administrator.
The Great Blood Tonic,
F tha cure of all Blow! di-eascs. Are yon weak
nervous, debilitated, pde and etnarUted T Have I
you I. at yi.ar appellte? If to. Hr Uadsey'ij
1-i'h.i ctvrciirr win cure you. trunpte. Uolls, I
Erysipelas Tetter, Salt kWam. 4tc., are but I
turiaca tnoieathins of tiaasl Diseases; and Ir.
Lin.lse s Bl d ae-arclier nitrna the skin audi
i-nuiiiiv 1 ae r,iupirxiou ai uu per tXitlla, I
ti- i. bEiLEHS tx.. Prop's. Pittsbarah. Pa.
Saved from the Grave.
Mf J TT Vr.nmn T j.r, rw V ,, fll. .
- - - . ' ,iw., .11. ; - 11
saved aiy twoculloren from tha rve." A- L
c-iuiw.ua.ui oaiiiui.,re. mu,. arsoaay : "it will
sure ihe worst eouh Immediately.'' Two doses
,umH mm etf . n ... k . i - ., ..
- w . u. uw wct vuintiiiip;
J H C4iter, Urion, Pa. Over 1.000,' 00 botUes
tt wellery Couh Syrap sohl. It I the most. pop.
ular reicetty lor Coughs, Uokis, Croup. Hoaraeutx.
aoo all tl cat sad Luna; Diseases. Has beea la
u fcr hall a cent 017. SoM by all drafraieu and
otiotry Morek-wpsni. price :6n., aoc. and SI 00
per bottle. K. E. SLLLEHS A Co., Prop'.
. .... .
Nov, SS
.. 1 CO
... 1 uu
.. 1 00
.. 1 00
.. 1 O0
.. 1 00
.. 1 00
.. 1 uo
.. 1 so
.. 1 00
.. 1 00
.. 1 00
.. 1 00
.. 1 00
... 1 00
.. 1 00
.. 1 UU
.. 1 00
... l uo
QarSea Qrowa Xea!
The elt braled (;.rdf (rwa Tea Is
hold for 1 00. $1 20, l 40,
and $1 CO per Lb.
IfthcGanlcn Grown Tea at thksx rxicxa Is
dealred. Uont fall 10 BisDUoB U in the order.
An rxcelleDt Tea, (all varieties), such
as is sold at oilier stores as Bebt Ten im
ported, I sell at 110 and 80 cents pet pound.
it It, rnenlored Japan Tea tl 'i
. New Clreea Tea . I 14
UoUma; Tea, (.New) - - 100
. to, urea ktaat Tea (New) 1 00
2'2, lb. Cuoh-e tlr en Tea - 140
f a'uia. t-noice uin . oitkkiui scat uw
. , li.. t IC - 4 VV
li It.
1 1 Urn.
3 li
13 lo.
t lb
( til It
Cbok Mixed Tw
(h-pbana" Coart ot Sotoerot ""Ont? to ascertain au-
tbuuon ol IHt- fund ia
..I. .a ar. irmin.ri hw !a Li. eh frt,. J: r" 'Kl'4- ece.eJ, to -an . 1 hsMtowally
1 - r-"'.-ri' tu T a- enutiea trcreto, Bereoj ivr notiee tnat l.e
Ailmmltrator. I
Fch.r ' A-ntitpViratrlx.
0 wi tmirsirmrr-
ine nn-irslsrn-d an-iunr appointed by ths
aDcementa ami toufta a dtstrtn
tue o kl V Kvae. !. Admwilftratnrof J..ha
Tbe eoA f(ided ttist part; fc( tbej
it'iui-e ciii wiiitp maaea it
attenil to' the du'le of said appointment at hia
I OIIKT IU V IDTTWl IMtT uu m-j but. MUT-n "
B peoaliirTa,a'tloeitsp. u., whea and where thole
to nae trotipavo keep lb9l'WJaf"lCMVin'l""y-
I . 1...T .1 W ' . -IV "
peace t ejeciioui. ir, is DeiieTn)
Here ibat tbe lluaae wnj reaiat tuej "ItaTij i
iiicrrtx-w of arniT auurt uriaiioDa as i
avs-lt aa th fh-i ill uT that sriiiu The pobllc are berelij jotiJH sot to trost or
vt-ii aa tne t-iirt u v toar, ttctiuu j,arl)Pr , lliUm w yutly m WJ a,,,,,, i w
fui bioditis tbe ase of tLe armj at the yj r'eh "f his muag uti aa order if
poll-. t March V
w-A reduction of FiTarsTpe poBBd trill b
allowed 09 all orde4 v( 41 fenndt.
The Celebrated Garten Omwa Tea.
The Fancy "French Flag ' Flour.
Tbe Celebrated Snow bird flua
The Celebrated tlelmuiiko uBee.
The Htre Venaont Maple Syrup'.
The uueida CvmutubUy Fruit It Vegi'Vsbits,
nrnow -eq, snd moneys
Sepd four Money by Registered Letter,
Pt Office Money tirder, or Draft oa
PittntinrgU lbBk. D not tend yoar
a-Son-i lor the ne; Catak.fe tutd Prtoa LUt-tfi
No. 28 Fifth Ave.,
jh Laadls "1 In ths Conrt of Comraoa
to J- Pica of Somerset Co., I a.,
Daniel Klmmel ) No. 3M. January Term 177.
I Voluntary a ssiKDmrnt )
Tha undersigned Aa-lltor apin ntet by said
(Van todlurit uw thelumls In the hand of Dan
iel Kiiiira. I. theassiicoee. hereby s;ive notice tbat
for aaht purpose he will sit at the office of W. H.
Koonts. Erq , in Ihe horouuh of Somerset
on Friday, the Tih day of March. 1470. whea and
where all persons interested can attend.
Feb. IS Aadltor.
he anderslKned aselrneeof VaL J. M!lr. will
sell at fuullc outcry, ou
Saturday, Hatch 1, 1879,
In Stoystowa borough, at 2 o'clock r. w.
io. 4. A farm, kumn as tha Smith farm.
In Somerset township, eontainma !! acres, a.1-
lulua ImmSof lieriuan Shatter. Franklin Barn
hart, "Si othera, with dwelltnic-house, ttanle and
otner kuiiuuiks tnereon erecieo' voacre are eier
being In a k.ou.1 Nate ol rultivatia.
No. i. A tract ot Uind ai aat lu Somerset Twp,
be Ui a" part pi the Ephraim Shatter farm, eou
t'iaiuu 42 acre J. more or lesa. admlnlnir kuli or
Josiah liood,Har'7 Sbafleraod Lha WUt Unit,
and other.
TERMS. One-thu-d In hand, on confirmation
ol me. one-third in six mooih aa-l one-third In
obe year wllh lutenat oe deterred pay menu from
day ol sale.
eb. 13 Assignee.
tali In Manrer and wife )
to Vciluntary AralirnmenL
W. r. Freldline. j ' 6
Notice is hereby alvrn. that Calvin Manrer
and4wile ul Sinersel I'wp , have assiirned ail their
property real and perrooal to W. f. FrvVUine
lor tne uenvui. ui oier ereoitora, all ".arsons Inert
tore indebteil Ui tbe said Calvla Maurer and wile
will make Immnliate payment to said AHlaiwe
and tltose havlnx claims aaalnst the (am alii
present then lo tha Aseiani-e l"r srttlemrnt.
Feb. IS AsslRnea.
Fhulp P. Maurer as I wire 1
to I VJuatarr AsslaB-
B. S. Fleck k S . S. Korns. meat.
Fhl.tp P. Maurer anil wile or Somerset Twp.,hav
lnc maue an aat!aau4nt lu th undersigned notice
IS hereby given lo ail persons lndebte.1 to the satd
Assignors tu make unmellata payment ta lha
(aal Asahraeea, and lbe haviao; clagaa t
U at. 1LECK,
S.8. fcOitN.
Feb. 1)
Luali of John Walter, late of Jenner township,
Letters testamentary oa tha above estate havlag
been granted to the aadersigned, aoi lea la hereby
given to those indebted to k to Bill Immedlata
pay atent and those having claim against to prs
scnt them dale aatheDltcateil lor settlement, at
late teshleaca uf deceased, oa "Saturday, March
sV.la. WALTER,
Ftb. ExecBtors.
Alt pensions by new lav, beglaback at day of
dtsnharge K-l-eted ease aio rMpened. Pen
i loner and appllcaata, aead two itaaip tur new
law, blank and instructions to
fV,Se Box Ms. WaahlBCUiB.D.C
Bv cash r ill oa onlar l'sne.1 hv tha Cr.nntv rnmmiiiMM . . r.n., . . .
Ey anueHU pahl on order Is .. 1 lo Poor K use Treasurer K45 ss
order lor Assessors pay Sea 23
44 Conatables returns 741 u
' Fox and wild eat acalps gt; 24
44 Urand jury pay aus w
44 Traverse jury pay 47W tu
Election expenses. It
Sheriff O orgoW. Pile 1S41 S
" 1 'P "ave 9n J;
44 Roaits and bridles tM 44
Commonwealth eoeta ily 21
44 Wm. Keel (Commissioners' salary) J73 ut
J. P. Philson (Commissioner salary) 147 00
" H. Pnillppl (Commissioners' salary) :S3 00
15 krTtttrjSTr'atlfi-Aws aMiai
44 John O. Ogle aa iting pubilo account 1", m
44 Auditor1 clerk. 4u S
44 K minis and stationary 43171
44 Cu.'todUn. la.tw
14 Auditors' pay lus uw
" Poei age and express 1 si ss
44 F.J. Konwr clerk fees Win
44 Scrip destroyed 1
"4 Weal rn prnl entiary J: .14
44 Jury commissioners 7 tri
44 Mercbaadiaa. so ss
44 Imjuesi 40 47
44 Commissioners' atUirney 104 00
44 Furui ure lor court boas SS 00
44 Medical services lor prisoners. 70 00
44 Money refunded si .-A
44 Printing ami advertising l.SI U
44 Fuel lor eiurt Boas and jail lit
Townstiip liaea. 4 40
44 Miscellaneous 44 14
44 Indexing and copying raeordj I4ua 2u
44 Agricultural Biciety iia
44 Treaaurer' deeds aoseated land. 704 Ou
44 INiuoty institute jju aa
House of raiuge. a um
44 State aecoaai from eoanty fand ...I - ?e
K' -ad lu on Ensealed land for 1874 and 177 I 73 21
44 School Ui on unseated land for W4 and 1S77 J 7&4 S3
44 KedemutioB moneT 1 va tti
Ja 'gment against K. C. Davis and John Davis' estate assigned 10 Uoaunla're.. 1319 'At
dj cuBBiBivaun .io.ue ea-row ai a; per cent..... ......................... .....I V-0 xl s
4UX7 St S4W7S SI
F J. KOOSER, Ei , Prothonotory and Clerk of the Court of Quarter Seastnaa, aaal Oyer ami
Termlnerof Somerset O-enty la accouni with lh County el Somerset fur the yea ending the eta.
day of January, A. IX 17.
Da. Cb.
1 oler Xo. 7 VM By bill No. T4 asdlted U2 M
OF.OROE W. PILE. Esq., High Sharif! of Somerset County la aeeoaat wtatha CewBtyef Sosa.
ar ending lb Sth day of January, A. D. 1479.
erset, .r tbe year 1
ToonierNo. 743.
1M1 4
Bill No, 712
m 4
We the undersigned A ail i tor of Somerset coau'y do aehy certify, that la purraaar of he 47th
Section of the Act of Assembly, entltle.1 an Act to Conn-lea, Township. Ac. passed the 14th day of
April A. 1. 1S34. we met in the Cr-nmlrii acr's ile la the boroagh or Somerset, oa t- eSth day
ol January, A. D. 1879, audit, did ami ad)nt aad aeti ie tbe account ih Jiah keiler. E . T ressurrr
of Somerset county with the county ror the year KITS, aad th account of tieorae V file. Sheriff
ot said eoanty with the eoanty lor the year 1474. ami the are. um of F. J. K noser, Esq.. Pnthoaa
Ury and elerkof tbe Coart ol Uoarter Session of . Id eoanty with the eoanty for the year 1S7S. and)
the Sail account a mated abo.e an 1 recopied In tbe Commlssl im s fNftne of Somerset eoanty.
Pennsylvsnla. are correct, an.1 that w and a balance doe said Tmaaarer of one thoasaad ave hau
dml ami thirty-scTen dollars and lorty foar ents (41&37 44).
In testlmot y whereof w have hereunto set oar hands and seals this lit4 Cay f Janoary, A. D.
Attest: JOHIf J. SCH EL, Clerk. J. M. B4KER, fL..l
H.l MrtOY, (LSI
Coauty aaulturK.
KmssKS The cost of sew brldves o astructed in W.t was tSU 44
Repair eld bridges kc . ia IS S was eti-iO 00.
The eit of mod ami brhige view In I87S waa ay g an.
The Item of tlVrt 20. for ImlexiDg ami iiying public reeord wan done r.y onlerof theOjwrt, ehlrli
Includes Indexing records lathe Prtlionoiartea' ami Keeord-rs' oltic j and lor cop; Ing aid soil sauts
lated land it eorua In the TreasBrer's asd CcmmissW-oer olCce ; the eot of record aed is taeladed.
Fraa tbe 7li iay cf Jannaiy 1818, to tne 6tn day of January, M
JOSIAH KELLER. Esj., Treasurer of th Somerset County P,or Hoase. ia aeeoaat with tha
County, for th year ending January the sth, A. D., UT.
To amoBat drawn from the Ceitiy
Treasury on enler no. . tssijen by
the 'oenty Oimmissioner
VfM Si
HMa as
By ami paid for Uat-doer paapert
Uroeerle and Mer
chandise. ..
44 44 44 Reel aai seal.
" " " Pn.vla-aa.
" Muildlsjgs ami repairs
e aast sad Boar......
" " " Rye aad Core
" " - CotBueaod baiiala...-
" " " 11 rectors pay
" " " Attorney and elerk. ..
44 44 44 Phydelaas
" 44 Pnattgeand (tatloaary
" V- " Stawaril' pay
" 44 J ssi ires aad eoara.
ble fee
- - Shoes and Leal be...
" " " Lime
44 " 44 FaeL
44 44 44 Lumber
44 " 44 Toll
44 44 44 Mtseell
44 " 44 Tinware.
44 44 44 Hlackxalthing
44 " Prlntiag..
- " - Clergy
44 44 44 Sadolery
44 " 44 Labor...
44 44 44 Horse asd eatUe...
44 44 44 Frail tree ,
44 44 44 Fir hmraaee
44 44 44 Eapeasee Ie eoarei
Uob ,
44 44 44 Treasurer' salary..,
tsea it
. 49
ret i
S4 11
71 4
74 k
til M
7 S
tn oo
54 2tt
au i
in st
14 43
-s a
41 7i
IIS it
47 a
ZS 31
0 74
73 te
10 M
41 SO
13U K
I.: o
(4 SO)
tM oa
.4 ST
40844 aa
m . l . . .,i. . r a u, c. ..i. nMetrt tbat we aaee Mettled anal aeiasteq
SS IBV lall"niBfl H"lW iv.i..i. '
the eceuant of Josiah Keller, Ekj.. Ireawier ef the Somerset C.aaty Pet Bouse, for the year U.S.
and that this tatmeai l correct.
u .-.. . H k.Mjt . i i hi. ilia iivnf Janaarr. A. D-. 1IT9.
1 t ,, t UUEI U'CIS. tu
fcb.l9.J uark. J Coaaty Aaoitor.

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