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of Publication
tv, 5?3st Herald
.a M 1
. u, c.'.aKlaj' M"".'-
. ctberwlra 1 M '
a-""1 su'jerribert io;D taka cot
vicm eat lcfflsttoea.
'v Tf. Somerset Herald,
Somerset, Pa.
I M8
ESTABLISHED, . 1.8 2 r ": j ,V C : : 'V
WHOLE NO. 1450.
)tf!,....THi Ajrcut, t-orntr set,
jan. U-tt
V I ..11 llxi'ttMl
I'ill. A
..I.T.I 1
i.. " X. .'. ... Vivaneed uu collection
.;n iait.u-K. .
v:;i:y at law ,
TP.KN i".
- ' ... 11
,V.. ill
Cn.th tie
it jUniwoih liuiUUag.
',i,-al. S.'"rt.
In., wi.l -Uc
... All lueiuvi
, attThnky at lavt.
Somerset County Bank
Viuthlev rxd Mevefftr.
,!V-".!-.d cijt is all prt uf UicCtuuu SutM.
Ctirce! UKKleraic. liutter ud ether cberkj eol
ledd d 1 raflicj. EatUm Dd VTMtcnexcbuig
tlrny oa hand. Kcmittin-et made with prumjit
B'.-h. Aornt( ! Icttd.
Tantr derfrlcg t rwirhmn t'. 8. 4 PEH
CKNT. FT.VPED LOAX, ran h aocomma.
latcJ at thl lUnk. The cujxjns are prepaid la
denomination of Jo, 1 0, WO aad 1 C01.
Great laimaStfl CisllBaisrs. ' '
(hit of th Una ol Catbr A Co. haa jasl
J chaiwd
I Tb; brt and eheaneat iitork nfOOOfiS that will
MWdflgni to Krttii luiimacon, consming oi -
rvo. Bh-K
La an . hk'U
ii:',. in Alam-
irb. WTO-lT
,. vawtb H'.'-k.ui. ftlr.
Sfes ior fired life iosnrasssL
And Real Estate Brokers.
Heranr.t who drtlreto KelLhurorf trhnjfe pmp-
er.j. vr ! rent will dnd It to their a.lvanlac to
CIL CLOTHS, Sc., &c,
TbM f : wo will vll
rr.pnnlble ienHiii IT
W e will also eackaage
th-mi a bort cr!it to
aU .rauU) ken due.
liii m lur
t.lli-tlim u"''!lTWcr the UesT'.iin tbernif, af nucharKcif
jiKi. anJ J1 u-: un.ifiinlPM iKl or rrnted. Keal miate bnjlaait
a.ituM 1 Oii-'lty- cMirrsl: wlilheproaivtlf atisBdeuVe.
at i..-y.
oiut ri'rl. I'a.
1 - . rut (iron-.m at:eo--r!
f Ii care to S-nwrset
u..-io, ottoa in rtntlnr
. t,.:tC.'VJ I'
i 1L1 Y.
1 :i ore au
liUcii tu
Su-Jienet, f
TH a
.jMiirutled W tbeirearewill
fir?et.-i'iv"lt the
A!. I-J
signal !!:." wtruid
i !:.'.) l;V. ATTi'IINEYS AT
-r A IV'I S:-r.
' r si-ecrtr .nl wrvirtf t' tbc rill.
, i.i In,.!.:'!, tine !! tbr Hirt.
m. w.m at aiiuu.rf. or.ii iwmo.-m.ii-,
, ; i.K-.at ili,-irt:hv,.u .ViaiuSt.
c W .... .
r-.j i E M.'U.r.K V i!-HL-iner.CT 1-cstod
It .v-.i.. i.ractu-e ul M .-U.
,V, : - :t I -.-" K-i.-::ifr
s.r VII.
K CWKiKEU ten r hts ir..rL."l.t.al
l? . r-: ! .:.:! i.! S-.twrsrt arl im
r. ni vir rcri -n.-c. uaclwr wu.-: ol tbe liar-
j.;. v3.r!LLr
I'n. lit
. - it.---, ri'hn ta;i'i. rw-.". -
V,-::t - .1 ;t-?t I ki uil kip.!, ui of
: l-Kn:ii iramutd.
..: !a v ."ri.V'"'.Y.
-v.. S ti'l. l1.-!"'. Tnt'.iana. l.treli
; l ;.. ;.j -!urttrM.
1 1 I; MA ST KKS
.a ..si,t--1 6 tbc .rao;i 4 hif
; -.. ... !.: .r v-s !!'. I rvt t-
. :i.l nrr.41l.:il;r --nITT : I'M! io
. . iv i L It. .M:!nr:rc-i'
Ule He deut Surgt'on,
H Yrt Ej3 and Ear Infirmary,
'".v.ti r:rri2--:"tlT ia tie
f 2 Zp. ari Sar, ir:'.ui-
Xa 2 Sowlh r.ti-r airt.
Vhdcssle and Retail
We ar now nar.afactmlpx for t! wholoml
trau. bfiirr eitmr than bare bcrrtutura t-en
Hurmf r'.unl in S.nnert c-iuntr. 4a l-ir Har.
ana umt ('oiuiixm T..I.1. a. we cJaini u. Imauulw
illrii.jf lllf b'!. iu Iba Slalo. We rtll the alien
tmii t Kt'tall iH-alf ra tu our gtrk au.J prio. Id
uur h-li ll Sluro wo can? tl.e hlKbfM and linrH,
well us tri ebenprs t ra.p uf Smoking and
t liowlnir Tol ui lu the market. SOU) piw, (il)
Leui!.siU all kin.isol aiukt-r material.
v' I a.ii rj and Krtall ,-t rr at No. S,
Jan. IS
c' :! for nt9 imrntiane. or for improvrmeutg
on ,r tt-.i-.-f atrfV.rr .'-niiiiii'f , fr.2i-
n.T-tf ri I t'tlfr. r.'w-', A9Tfm(nt, Jntr
ait cv"t arising u i't I:tt ut 7-tr,rori
- M nrr-rii .cm lfcif lirr iar
a (t. ..twy re t. S. latent
Jh prfrf .t?f, rr. ? tH iy t in tatffit fx
t ' y. r' lii'iit thtSfrtfttrrhrt. and iemre
'' v rl " r' t''-f .-"n 1T;. i xfftm.
ff nls iJ.di(7K cut ijr juTtfnlability,
ji:ss r.t7..vr s sisci nut.
Vf r frr in. IT' titA r, io TSfrnmater
Cnrr-sl lK V A"' y. RT. F. J. 1'otecr. Vc Ctrmnn-
ii f'uv" r .- ?i,.f t.tjtr1a!lu to tmrciirnfji in every
Wt will Pay CASH for
PrJuet mart in all .raaea be oVUvtrod lie lore
tlieearh ur ftoudt are wanteil. Thuae wlahliif to
aave Boe T bf buvics at the -
Can do hr riving a. call and eomparlnir.
onr prlrea anf u-nu with otberiturea. Uur lung
eiirW-bre and auile cardial eoable us to do bel
ter I.MT
Thin any oiher nun In tblt
Tonxon conn'.
I I a.-CJ it it- c T 3 l l
Fur flnklnr rpellt
ntf, dirtiuea. aifita.
lim aud luw fjiiriu
relroa Hop lb u era.
-Rd of. rrorare an-!
-ie H liittera, an-i
vou will t atrtma
uealthr, and ha-i'T.'
Laliea do r-m want
wo be atrorv. healthr.
nd bnautuul ? Ibe:.
ate iof HU'ct.
'The rrcatt-rt ait
titer, ai.iniaeB. H'kl
Und .llvor reitlaur
il1 lilitCT.
Cleniynien, Iaa
vera, Ealuv liank
r-r. and Ladle, ,f-4J
HupUliter, Uaily."
"lon Bitter hat re
tort to obrl(-TT aiHi
tealth perlert wrerk
rum lntewjieratM-e."
."40 wlU he paid tad
B.1 car, that 11. -p bit
:er will n.ft cure or.
"H.-p Biner baild-
up, atreorthetis aD
urea continually r.jn'
rlrat d.e.r
Fair tkln. rotj
hreka, snd lb (weet-j
vat breath la hop bit
"KUneran! frlna
-T cuoiptatnu of all
.lrvtr lxrmanentiy rur
l bjHon hlttcra."
Soar stcmarh. (dek
heailvhe. and dtul
ueaa. Hup Bitterai-urer
un a lew uoKf.7
Take Hop BlUer
aree time, a way umi
yea will hare no due
or billitway.
For tale l
. N. BOYD,
Snmpwt, Pnn.
The cooDtry wiil be gratified to!
hear that both hoaxes cf tbe State J
Leglelatore hare adopted a joiuti
reaoIotioD, Siintr June 0th as tbs daj
of Goal adjournment.
' Demochacy is the game old six
pence it aa befote the war, but now
has a hvle through i:, and a bad nick
id the eide. The material ia the came,
howeTer. f
... . .. ' . . ,- . . i
Not a Democrat las come forward
yet to claim that chromo offered for.
ice man who has bee a scared away
from the polls by 'brititliiig bay.
onrua." Yet the Democratic editor
till bowls. ;
Mr Fernando Wcod ia au ua
guarded moment admits that the
Democrats Cannot carry New V.ork
ia 18S0, unless the election laws are
repealed. This statement is not un
likely to set the country ' thinking
N. Y. Tribune. . .
Thi Louisville Ovuritr Journal
says ot tbe party that believe that
the Federal Government has some
rights: "These gentlemen only want
the bayonet to be used where Ke-
a. j
3j- rV'T utoui pes woowe yZ
41 L! M
0 LIG HT fd
IE ST I ST fi.
.ilc .'-. Sueet.
S-Tccr.'et, I'a.
L tv.rtit. vp.rrt 1 har rr'-It re
J '-:ir a-uik c-tnotl tTle-tb 4ui in-
1 - r tr t.;rr -.Ar in ttii? o.ulU"'.
r s : - oi U:b :u! If
V ru la' " l04
. i.E-i... .f "j jj,l1rr hi t-e mf 5.1t
". refted. with all new
ar-. h lit. m.ie It a v-.tj
, ', ' ' " I. the traeeltp pwllic
rec ta arjwl. ail w-u-ce
0'.li. bail attacbed
A-.-u l.,;r a.id r.-n-r iat.l:i .
ne had at lbc'K-wfl
::' - ti sTiin.ivo,,.
s !tT. lnsiB.-nd,
'.f j ?.wn. Pa.
M;n and Fresco!
..... "VXItMT, I'A.
- Lvi Ci. I
. i a. u n.
Uni nM,a.na
Thty are especially detiqned to meet
the requirements of thoae who dwire
tojdre Well.-T hy are uwaiirp aed
ifTstieperfect "iaJFit, and m imple
that they arejreadilyundertood by the
most inexperienced. Send 5c. for ct
aloquc. Addres.
Domestic "
Fashion Co .
jjTSuiyEti's .o tick.
.N..il--e If lirrely rlv.n. that Samuel Slnfft
and wile, t-f Jeuner Twn.. have aaia-ned all then
.r.-rlr ival aad perruoal to Juaiah Miller
the bcBebi ( i bier cnlltor. All frnuat tbere
tor in lr;.,c.l to the Saiaue Siullt aad wlte
will n-.2k loimelLte payment to aakd Alruee.
an-t th-e bavu.? rlaiait r rteroaadf will aiake
kuova tbe MBit vltat at delay.
April 3 Awlrnee.
EC l Toil's NOTICE.
. lltetii.K lirea v luttd Auditxr by the Court of
Uouimon I'leaa ! -n.rret i t a. to uunnojte
the (and is the haadaof William So-lrr. aaeignec
oi JiMia J . t nta. to aDi anietia tboae leirally en
titled thereto : otH-e ia hereb; (irea. that I will
it at bit i.IlK-e. In .v-ueiet, I'a.. (or tai-l parnoaa.
ua Iburwlay. the I2.h day of June. K, at IV
oYkck . w. whee and where all pan tea la Inter.
ta rau attend.
Mar SI Auditor.
1 lie nn-lenianed ha Id a been at'l.-iuted Auditor
by lue t -ourt t' psaa iu tne eaeejiti.Ki, au.1 oia
tribote tbe tundr in the band, ol Hiram Herah-
bercer, adatiaistntiir of Kacbaet HerehlwrKer,
do 'd. to and among tbote leaallyeiMlilco thereto:
hereby alree 41-e. that be will atlepd to the
duiieeut raid atiuouitment, at bl othre. in the
buTMUii h ot .-xinnwi. on Tutelar. June 1 to. 17V.
when aad a bare all partiee la intereat raa amid.
j as. I, rt tiH.
Mit n Auditor.
Ji.ba O. Bamai aad wife, of Sosieraet towaahlp.
having made a voluntary ajwijrnmeet fur tbe
beneai ol tbetr creditor, to the aoderfttned.
Botiee ie hereby civea te aU perauaa lnderiu4 to
the AMltrme to make Immediate payment aJHI
thoae having-eUtm win tileaM preeeat them at
the office ot Joba H. I hi la Soatcraet tKOooca, oa
i hurray, June 11 1st.
rniLir w UitLa,
Hay T Aaelgnre.
Eaiataof Crad Uueer, lata of BrutaervraUcy
lap., deceaaed.
Letten ef admlalstratloa oa the a bore aetata
bavtuebcea araatad to the aaderaiiroed by the
pnIierautbity. notk-e if hereby clvea to thoae
Indebted to it to aoafce immediate paymeat, and
thoae havliu; claim, aninel It la preaent them
duiy authenticated for pjj-meot.
tvnutvt(i ua.ja,
May t AdmlnUtrator.
Hair Viqoi
For restoring Cray Hair lo
its natural Vitality and Color.
A d res s i n r
which i at once
healthy, and
fectu.d for pre-
e r v i it p llw
y hair. Fudtdot
j n
Jala VS rtstered to in
Lute;f rcor liriuicc. latcof New Baltioiore
H.r"uali. eceaed.
Letter, leetamentary m the aboeaeetate havine;
Inn rran'-cl to tlic uuilerfiatned, reeidina; la Juni
ata u-an-hip. hc.llrd nty; a-ice ia hereby
ttiim t-tb-M Indel-x-d to It to make immediate
payment aa-l tte hai h i elainif nr demaadr will
lujkt' ku as tl.e aame with-wt delae.
At-ril Kaeeator.
Lttateof laael Pile. lateorSncTt B. -trwi
tv. I'a- deceased.
Letter of adminlatraihia oc Uie atrtrr ertet
ha vins teca rraatrd to tbe anrferaicard. twtadtoc
ia!-tTet tfc-mh. notb I, hereby trtvea ,
ua ind-lted to It to make I tamed la e iymciit.
n-it!i f haviuc ciaiDia or demaas will Bnke
known tbe tame wrtbi at delav.
5Jai 7 Adininl.tratorf.
Lateof JIary
U" ! .aart of watrr.
... ' '--1 rcu d.c!erceiih
, - '. l-t-.u iu i Eit a
St r
8. and
it tu:i
IH15. Uie a Mlltord t.
dereac4. -
LMter, ofaduii-trii n a itte atn-a eiate har.
Ins beea rrante.1 to the an-terfleiied. aOce ii
hrrebv circa to allacre, UetKel to aid WlU
to make in-.B-e-ltata pajmettand tb.e aavisx
claiuu aaia-t the aame to preeett them duiy
antlx-r.'H-atea for aettleiorrt at the ren-teaea ot
eter rimer d Milked Tap-, Satariay the
14:h daT o( June, lT.
.;,vT A'iailniKraior.
'alt. " I?
SI.CO per
I'-.' t,r..:d ttaj.
,rrr -auiBf . t O-IT brl IBS n w
Alieesiimv lwp, tv.mcrl Co.. Ta bavinc
ra.txwntliry aetaaent h the benefit of
... ..-n.-rs u ukt Ssmeelt axer lotbe Badar-
rt - lea i 1.. -rrj tt,ttsi Airil : tiice it
t 1.- rv-iiT an tea loan pfww
t tita aakd
rhiAJt Ij.LU, Ta.
Aisour, to make launcuata yiueat ta tae
i aai-S Aieiitaee. and thoee havtnc etaima to
i ir.eat ti.em to the aama h aettiemeat at the
ILied'e: l Outer, ia tai-l t(.trthlp,oo SaSar'ay,
May T Awtaxee.
tfT;ibvr t original color.
vilh the plots and fneshue$t of yauUi.
Tli in lu-ur is thickened, tilling hair
tliflike.l, and baldness often, though
not always, cured by its u.e. Xotli
iiiij can restore the hair where the
f.'iicl- are destroyed, or the frLinds
atroj.liied and decayed. Iut ciich a.s
remain can be saved for ust-fuluess
by this aiIicntion. Iu.te.il of foul
insr the hair with a iia-ry sediment, it
will keen it clean and vigorous. Its
orrasi-iiial use will prevent tbc hair
from turning gray or f:dliiig oft and
consequently prevent liability. Fn-e
from tluxi dt-letbri-..us rubt:inces
whirli make Kme prrparation l.in
cerous and injuriorw t- ihe hair, the
Visor c:m only benefit but n"t b.irui
it. If wanted merely f r a
nothing else ran Ic fiwind o leir
abie. Containing iK-itlter oil nor
dye, it does not soil white cninltric.
and yc-t Lists knz on the hair. ritiusr
it a rtdi, fjdosy lustre und a srateful
Prepared bjf Or. j. C. Ayer & Co.,
' Practinil and Aaalytbi U themlt
publicans are in the minority for ob
vious reasons." J.I might come to
this, to b sure, for tbe only place
where it can ever be necessary t
employ farce at the polls is "where
Republicans aie ia the minority for
obvious reasons'' the obvious rea
sons being' eiiber that they are not
permitted to vote or that Democrats
vote w ilh promptness a'td too great
Senator Chandler is oyer whelm
ed with letters thanking him for Lis
speeches in the Senate. A business
man ia .Michigan wrote: "I see that
a Washington paper ciaims that you
were drunk when vou went for the
'fraud and violence patriots' tbe
other day. If this is 'the way tbe
old thing works' with you, Michigan
wants yon to get drunk every day ou
the same kind of whit-ky." Judging
from the hearty delight expressed
about the same speech in other parts
of the country, this is the prevailing
Republican Sentiment.
All this wretched busiuesr, which
has thoroughly disgusted the country,
honorable Democrats and Republi
cans alike, I tbe first performance t
a Congress Democratic in bjlh
branches. . If there were aio a Dem
ocratic Executive, we should have
seen the remarkable spectacle of tbe
Grst Administration after the war
which wus controlled by the late
Copperheads and late rebels striking
at the Army of the United States in
a bill founded upon the doctrine' of
secession, and defended by tbe same
arguments that Jefferson Davis urged
to justify rebellion. This is a fact
which should go very far toward tbe
indeGaite postpent meet of a Demo
cratic reeturaibn. Harper's Weekly
Tnt Republican State Convention
of Maine has been called to meet at
Bangor on June 2G. The address of
the State Committee invites all
voters to co-operate with tbe party
who dit-eountenance tbe revolutionary j
coarse of the Democrats in Congress,!
who iasist on free election? free
from tbe interference of both the
Army and tbe bulldozers. and who
favor upholding tbe- financial credit
of the Nation against the schemes of
repudiators. The address is thorough
ly stalwart throughout, and gives a
true keynote for tbe coming cam
paign. It is signed by George C.
Wing, C. A. Bjuielle and Fred X
Dow. Subcommittee.
Tin outlook far Republican prin
ciples was never brighter iban it is
to-day. All classes cf Republicans
are thoroughly united upon principle.
Much that was irritating- ia the pa?t
baa been composed The President
shows no symptoms of deviating from
the courre be bas adopted with tbe
unaiiimeus approval of the party.
Tbe revolutionary atiiiude of the
Democratic party, and its loose no
tions concerniugtbe national honor,
disturb and disgust reasonable Ameri:
cant of various political affixations,
and tbe independent voter gladly
embraces tbe opportunity to aid by
his ballot the triumph of tbe Repub
lican party. ' Let the Republican
concord be maintained and do appre
hension nted be bad as lo the mult
uf tbe national canvass which is so
near at haod. Rochester .Chroni le
Philadelphia ' Bulletin ; Secre
tary Sherman asks Congress to tell
him bow be shall go absut collecting
the Southern States' share of the
direct tax levied tpon all the States
' A (croup of noble tree, stand her ' ' "
- Before my eotUge door, ' V ".: i.
A nd on a bough that reacUca near .. . .
Tbe upper chamber floor, t
Theiesitaand einga a merry Utrmby
' K tone could sweeter be ; ; i
And at be sing he brlnff 1 gnA C T
- Of hanpineea to me. -'"- '
Tjt In Ml sou;; hs tells or Oall J. ' ' '
Wbomade him tlioi to sir. ; --..'
Who know, beneala the luinatar anttp :
Eaok tm&Ueet living thing J ; ; , '
Whose teareblng aye run to ani Iro j ...
Upoa tbc earth 20 i see .
Whore best the strength and 1.; to ibow
Of Hl Infinity. ' v - -
f) BUf l Ojd, thou loieft teat, .
Within tbl world o fair, " '
The buaiWe, contrite hcarta B(! re '
Vp Thy world-wide eare p , 7 .- f;
AVho, even when they weep wiih grief, ,
Can kick up la Thy face, - j
Waiting Thy MEiie to give relief; '.
Thv time, for patient gxaeev ' " ' '
. n i . '
They are who of their fasrtp lun
A pbantoin H.tppinesj, ,
And after that, through sua oj b.t.' ' '
With iilehaete they preeit?- J' .
So maae it of expected gold, d i : .
. But, e'er their furlunoi route, . .
UcatU's eud Jen viulcrturnj tbtm Col l.r,
And tlropi them in the temhj-
Some follow hud a beckuulu Fauiev '
And :udy day and hiKht, . j . . . . .
Hrr ehinlng laurel wreath to Sulm . '
WitJianwiabllfheJrixht; '-'.'
But, nil, she faiU the (trongeat h .pe .' ; . :
Tb niioKlcd breathg of Bies , :, ,
ant blow the babble Honor Bf, .. . ;-
To dash it dowh aualn. , '
i - i.. . . : -
Kerne think Uiatby acUaniteot b'aee, .
They tarcly wUl poescj - i .
Tbl, phaniom of their cuctla::t cbaio,
This wtnite J happlner. '
. And o they crass tbe (eau, n4 liva - ;
In far-otl lands, but find '
That foreign hoinei can never give ,
Thl Ujcn to heart of mind. "" f '
. . I . . . :
The timpk-at pleasure, are nuat twevt.
Like the fresh (melt of graal
Now fhlilng at the mower"! feet ; r '- '
Or, like the winds that par - ' :
And great jou with tbe fragrant graoa : -v
Of many a honied flower '? ; , i
That In some treen, fem-shauad pU. e
Lire out their little hour.
.t . -' ..
To win the prise, we never uwist . . -, '
- Make jjj onr only goal ;
But K, with uuiet, etca-lTist triui,
And self-lorgottlcg soul, ' ' "
Wt snakes God's will our daily thought, -Iluty
our dally care, ; i . , ;
Then Happiness wUl come un7tut;bt, ., '
An angel onawaro. ,
ook at the elections of this last land violence. That is what I in-
year. j Look at th change that has jteaded to say aad that ia what I now
taken place , since the first day of ear.
;i i
,7 ,
Hon. Zacbariah (handler, or
Uickigan.lu the Senate
oftheliiltedState. .'
The Senate beioz as ia Committee
of the Whole, and having under con
sideration the bill (II. K. No. 1332)
to prevent runuarv , iDteyerence at
elections ' L . -
Mr. CHANDLER eaifi
Ihetory, ilr. Presidenqf is repeat
iojj itself, xll bee a.sjjj that the
old Buurbcns Ucrned cuLioir' and
forgot nothing. This is uure pre
eminently true with the old Bourbons
of Democracy ia America. In ISol
tbe Rourbons had absolute control of
this Government, in both Houses of
Congress, tDe White House, and tbe
Supreme Court. The whole cf this
Government was under your control.
ou had a majority in this body.
majority in the other House; and
vou brouznt op tne repeal oi tne
MissieS'ppi compromise x cu forced
vour men then, as you are fjrciog
them now, to vote for tbat repeal,
and vou did it by caucus dictation.
Then, sir, vou crowded vour North
ern allies nntil vou crowded tbem eff
the bridee
In 1S57, when 1 firet look my seat
10 tins body wim .Mr. Jtueroon ua
vis, thero were in this body forty -four
Democrats, twenty Republicans, and
two Independents. Ot those Demo
crats twenty-eii;ht were from tbe
Southern States, feiiteea from tbe
Northern Stales. Then, as now, tbe
Independents in this b dy, upon eve
ry qaeH'ia cocnected with tlavery,
voted with : lie Scu'.b.
You in ciut.'.js, soun after I enter
ed the Senate, decreed tbat Stephen
A. Douglas, because be asserted tbat
he did not care whether slavery was
voted up or voted down, should be
degraded from tbe chairmanship of
the Committee on Territories; and
there were but three Northern Demo
crats cut of the sixteen on tbis floor
who dare d lo resist caucus dictation.
You did degrade hi n and put him off
from tbat committee. Ab, sir, then
y tu crowded your men If the bridge,
aud tbey sank into tbe waters of
oblivion to ris oo more forever.
Tren you bad from the Northern
State on this floor : from California,
two members; frtni Illinois, one;
from Indiana, two; from Iowa, one;
frtui Michigan, one. I am giviog
the Democratic Senators from tbe
North who obeyed and those who
did not obey caucus dictation. From
Minnesota you bad two; from New
Jersey two; fom Ohio one; from
Oregon two ; 'rom Pennsylvania one;
from Rhode Uand one ; which made
theeixtten. Of thpte tixteen mem
bers not a s.li;ary mao from tbe
Norib ever came up lo tbe surface of
the water ef oblivion Yon crowd
ed tbem off the bridge. Yon com
peted them to vote for measures that
the Ncrth could not and wculd net
To day ycu are duicgibetelf same
tbiog. To day ycu have in this body
forty -two Democrats, thirty three Re
publicans, and one' Independent.
Today, as twenty years ago, oa all
qufstions count cud wi;b S:ate rights,
tbe Independent pariy as a unit votes
wi h the Democratic pany. , To-diy
ycu have, as I said, forty-three Dem
ocrats in this body, forty -two, leaving
out the Independent party. You
have twelve members if this body
from the North. ; There are twelve
Atarcn, iSt J. . bir, tee people are
more thoroughly aroused to-day
gainst this heresy of Statu rights
than they were from 1S5T to 1361.
You prcposed to pension Jefferson
Davis, and every single one of your
Northern, allies voted to pension him.
You eulogized him as a patriot to be
compared side by side with Washing
ton ana all '.he patriots of tbe Kevol
ation, and every one of yoor North
ern aliies voted "aye." . ...
3 Aftet the close of the rebellioj you
ciaimea mat you were poor; tbat yon
were suuenng ; ana we iourjU you
poor ana sanermg ; we found too.
ragged aad we clothed you. We put
upon you tne robe of American cut
zenahip which you had forfeited, and
we killed ior you the fatted calf and
Invited you t the feast, supposing
mat, alter being clothed, you were in
your right mind ; and when we have
invited you to the feast you say
"We always owned the calf aad you
have no interest in it." (Great laugh
ter.)-;; .
' Ihe President irolemiore. The
Chair will order tbe rule to be cn
forced and the galleries cleared if the
dmrder is repeated.
form as tbat you are going to repeal
all tbe Uepubheaa . party baa done,
Wnat is tbo job that you haveoDder
takea ?. . You are going to undo all
tbat tee KeDubhean oartv bas done.
I Where do you begin? Do you begin
al'-Appomattox, or before : It is very
important to know where you com
mence, and then to know where you
prop'se to stop. . You have underta
ken a very large job for a party of
your nz?, and with tbe people who
are to sit as jndges upon your case.
You have undertaken to unseat a
man ia this body, but you will deny
that you have undertaken the job ;
yon say that you have simply under
taken to investigate tbe case of the
seat of a Senator upon this floor tbat
bas been dte'ded by the highest tri
bunal which could act upon that
question. ,Sir, there are twelve Sen
ators on that side of tbe Chamber
wboevery n.aa upon tbis side believes
have a poorer title to their seats than
the honorable Senator from Louisia
na. By fraud and violence yon occu
py your seats Show ua tbe road
how to vacate seats ia this bo jy by
a mejority vote, if you dare
Mr. Eaton. I call the Senator
from Michigan to order.
'Mr. Chandler. Very well,, sir;
state your point of order.
Mr. Eatox. My point of order is
that the Senator from Michigan is
entirely out of order , when he says
that twelve Senators on this floor
bold ' their seats br fraud and vio
lence. ...
" Mf.-CnAXDCES ''1 did not say that.
I said tbat they held their seats by a
poorer title than the Senator from
Louisiana holds bis.
Mr. Eaton. Nj, sir, "fraud and
violence" were tbe words tbe Sena
tor used.
M. Cha.dleh. I said we believe
they do ; and so I have a right to
Mr. Eaton Lst the record be
Mr Chandler So I say we be
The President vro lemrtore. The
question of oraer is not debatable.
Mr. Garland. I call for tbe words
to be taken down bv the Secretary.
Mr. Hill, of Georgia, and others
I hope not.
Mr. Beck Let tbe words be
The President r,ro temjiore. The
Chair understood the words as spo
ken by the Senator from Michigan to
be tha4 there were twelve benators
on the opposite tide of the Chamber
who were present now who held their
seats by fraud and violence. Those
were the words as tbe Chair under
Several Senators. Let the words
ljut.Mr. President, I did not ne
to discuss this question. I rose -sim
ply to eay to gentlemen upon the oth
er side you have ycur day ta court
mak9 the most of u: your time is
short Tbe people of the North have
taken this question ia hand, and from
the Atlantic ta the Pacific, from one
end of this land to tha other, tbe peo
ple are aroused ani alarmed at tbe
statements that have been made and
the action that has Leon taken ia this
Senate Chamber and ia the other
House, within - the litt sixty days.
And let me say' to . ycu, gentlemen
upon the other sido of the Chamber,
that - mene, mene, IcLcl u),harii is
vrritten all over your brows.
be read.
Tbe President pro tempore. Tbe
Reporter will read the words.
The Reporter read as follows from
his shorthand notes of Mr. Citand
ler's remarks:
Sir, there are twelve Senators on
tbat side of the Chamber who every
man upon this bide believes have a
poorer title to their seats than tbe
honorable Senator from Louisiana.
By fraud and violence you occupy
your seats.
Mr. Beck. It was a distinct charge.
Let biro name tbe men.
Mr. Chasdlek. Ia the Senator
from Michigan in order?
Mr. Eatox. I call for the ruling
of- the Chair. Tbe Senator is out
of order insultingly out of order.
Tbe President pro temjmre. . It
is not for the Chair to say whether
tbe remark is warranted or unwar
ranted ; but the Chair does not see
, The followng day, tbe Sanaie be
ing as ia Committee ot the Whole,
and baviag under consideration the
bill (II. R. No. 2) making appropria
tions for the legislative, executive and
judicial expenses of the Government
tor the fiscal year euaiag June 0,
18S0, and for other purposes
Mr. Hill, of Georgia, during his
remarks, read the following hitter :
Washington, Feb. 11, HOI.
Mr Dear Governor: Governor
Bingham and myself telegraphed to
you on Saturday at the rertoest of
Massachusetts and Nev York to
send delegates to tbo peace or com
promise Congress Tbey admit that
we were right and they were wrong;
tbat do Republican S ale should
have sent delegates; but they are
here and cannot get away. Ohio,
Indiana, and Uboue Jsiaud are cav
ing in, and there is danger of Illi
nois, and now tbey beg ii3, for God's
sake, to come to their rescue and
save the Republican party from rup
ture. 1 hope yoa will send rli'f-
bathed men or none. Tha whole
thing was gotten np against my judg
ment, and will end in thin stucke.
Still I hope, 'as a matter of courtesy
to some of our erring brethren, that
you will send the delegates.
Truly your friend,
His Excellency Austin Blair.
1. S. Some cf the manufacturing
Mates think that a fisht would be
awful. Without a little blood-letting
this Union will not, in my estimation,
be worth a rush - - -
3ir, (said Mr Hill,) I was stand-
in at the door of my hotel id Mont
gomery when that letter wa3 put ia
my hands. I was locking- to see the
prospects from this peace conference.
I do not wish to do anybody injus
tice. I d not know the gentleman
who wr,te that letter. It is only
one of m lay, and it showed a purpose
on tne p.rt ot tbe ivepabucai party
to defev aU efforts, at peacv a ic.
fol adj imieot. I said to a friend
standing by me, "this is terrible ; it
is sad. It the leading Republicans
seek to defeat the purpose of Virgin
ia in this peace convention it will
fail : but, if war shall come, I predict
now that those men who are so anx
ious to let blood for the Union will
never let any of their own blood;
tbey are anxious to-let other people's
blood. ' Tbat is what I eid then.
I do not know whether it came trua
or tot. Did ' Z Chandler" let any
of his blood ? I said more. I said,
"I will veDture that these men et the
Nortb, who are so c!m-jrcus to de
feat this peace moveaieiit will not
only not go iuto the war, but they
will seek easy places and make mon
ey during the w hole time it lists. I
do not know whether any of tLem
did it or not. I will not say they
did. I am mtrtfy stating a fact of
Mr. Chandler took the floor after
Mr. Hill had concluded, ani said:
Mr. President, tbis is the fourth time
sir.ee 1SC1. that allusion haa been
made to a letter written by me to the
Governor of the State of Michigan ;
first it appeared in a newspaper pub
lished in Detroit, a copy cf which
was sen; lo me and a copy was like
wise sent to the late Senator Powell.
The' letter was a private cote writ
ten to tbe Governor and no copy re
tained. Senator Powell approached
me with his copy of the letter and
asked if it was a correct copy. I
told him I did not know; I had writ
ten to the Governor of Michigan a
Tbe differ
1 was not
erything ia the way of compromise,
aad all our proffers had beei indig
nantly refused.
Sir, this was the cortditioa of af
fairs when tbat letter was written;
aad after Mr. Powell bad made bis
assault upon me ia this bady for it,
I instantly responded, relating what
I have related here now with regard
to the letter, and I said, "I stand by
that letter," and I stand by it now.
Wha. was there in it then, and what
is there in it now ? The State of
Michigan was known to be in favor
of the Constitution and the Union
and tbe enforcement of the law, even
to tbe letting cf blood if need be, and
that was all there was and all to ere
is in that letter. Make the most of
The Senator from Georgia says
that I did not shed any b'.ood. How
mach blood did he shed ? Lsughter.
Will somebody inform us the exact
quantity cf blood that the Senator
from Georgia Bhed ;
Mr. Hill, of Georgia.
ence between U3 is that
in favor cf shedding
blood. .
Mr. Chandler. Nor I, except to
punish treason and traitors. Sir, the
Senator is not the man to stand uoon
this floor and talk abcut ether men
saving their own blood. Ho took
mighty good care to put bis blood ia
Fort Lafayette where he was out of
tbe way of rebel bullets as well as
Union bullets. I Id is tbe last man to
stand up here and talk to me
abcut letting tho blood of others be
Mr. President, I was then, as I am
now, in favor of the Government cf
the United States. Then, as now, I
abhorred the idea of State sovereign
ty over National sovereignty. Then,
as now, I was prepared even to shed
blood to save this glorious Govern
ment. Then, a now, I stood op for
the Constitution and the Union.
Then, as now, I was in favor of the
perpetuity cf this glorious Govern
ment. Bat the Senator from Georgia
was,' as he testified before a commit
tee, "a Union secessionist. " I have
tbe testimony here before me. Will
somebody explain what tbat means
"a L nion secessionist 7" Mr. Presi
dent, I shculd like to ee tee diction
ary where the definition ran bu found
of "a Union seceesionii-t ! ' I do net
understand the term.
He Eavs they have a i ight to have
a solid South, but a solii Nor.b will
destroy the Government Why, Mf.
President, the South is no more
solid to-day than it was in the year
Severa! SenalorB i SCI, you
Mr. Chandler Well, ,t was the
same in 1857. It was just as solid
in 1857 as it is to-day. It has been
solid ever since, aad it was do quar
rel wittt tbe ortb Ua.t taafto tv ttolid.
It, was solid because it was determin
ed either to "rule or ruin" this Nt
lion. It tried the "ruin" scheme wi.ti
arms; and now having failed to ruin
this Government with arms, it comes
back to ruin it by withholding tup
plies to carry ou the Government.
Sir, the men have changed since 1 i.
There is now but one member on this
floor who stood here with me on the
4tb of March, ". The mei have
changed, the measures cot at alb
You then fought for the overthrow
ot this Government, and now you
vote and t ilk for the same purpose.
Ycu are to-day, as you were then,
determined either ta rule or ruin this
Govercrr.ent, and you cannot do
Tha filar Urate u,.
Tbew mird upririg night- hav
. tbeir delights no !. tha tbe ?y
j More of the chief sjlories of the beat-.
; cn? are. visible at one lime now than ..
i at aiy other season, and . tbe sky la
-died with object o- wbiebyocng
I astronomers may tet 'he piwrf of
j ibeir telescopes. From aunset to mid-
n'gb& many of the leading brilliants
J of the aky pass in review, from SIrius,
i tbe chief of them ail. to Vega, tbe
brightest star of tha north, and Aa
tares, the fiery red twinkler In the
Scorpion's heart. "Venai, which a
keen eye tatcnes ia the west even be
fore sunset, is growing brighter every
night, as she nears he inferior eon
junction- In a telescope cf consider,
able power she looks like tbe moon to
the naked eye, a day or two after tha
first quarter. One who has never
toraed an opera gtaas or spy-glass on
this planet has no notion of the Bright
ening effect cf an object glass when
used with a slight rragnifying power.
The crescent of the new moon, now
visible, ia a peculiarly elegant object
with such a glass.
Those w ho posses telescopes car
rying astronomical eye-piece have
now the opportunity cf enjoying
views of some of tbe most delicate
and beautiful sights ia ihe ky. One
of the most marvellous ct these ia the
double-double star in tha constella
tion of Lyra. A very bright star of
bluish, color, may be seen in tbe
northwest at ten or eleven o'clock.
It is Vega or Aloha of the Lyre.
Near it are two fifth magnitude stars
that make a pretty little triangle
with tbe large star. "An ordinary
las? will show that the northern
most of these small stars is a donbla.
Then, if tbe observer possesses a tele
scope of about three inches aperture
wild a power of two hundred dia
meters it will show tbat each of the
stars composing this doable Is itself
donble. These stars are believed to
have a motion of revolution showing
tbat they are connected, and the two
pairs revolve around a common cen
ter. There is no more beautiful and
instructive object visible ia tbe sky.
In tbe same constellation is the
wonderful ring nebula, which a good
three-inch telescope shows well. Be
low Vega may be seen two rather
bright stars, quite close together.
By sweeping with the telescope from
one to tbe other, be ring nebula may
be found, nearly half way between
tbem. It bangs against the aky like
a little wreath or ring of hazy light.
The observer should wait until their
objects tet as high as possible to
avoid tbe mist and hazs along the
; There are hundreds cf other ob
jects now visible tbat the young as
tronomer can view witb advantage.
Among these is tbe star Mizar, in
tbe tail-of tbe Great Bear. This is
ibe middle star in the handle of what
is usually called tbe Dipper, whith
circles around the north pole. A
good eye sees, without assistance,
that this star has a little companion
shining by its side. A telescope.
magnifying about fifty times, shows
tbat tbe large star ia double, one be
ing golden yellow, and tbe other light
blue in color. These colors are dis
tinct, and very beautiful, and tbe
lowest magnifying power - that will
clearly divide the stars shows them
to tbe best advantage.
Ilasuar Iss lb Faaally
Poaf Office Kale,.
It is the doty of a mail carrier to re
ceive mail matter properly prepaid
and enclosed in United States eta rim
ed envelopes, when one mila or so
from a post office.
A mark calling attention to some
particular paragraph in a newspaper
does cot fentject it lo additional post
age. Craycn drawing are subject to let
ter rates of postage, the same as any
other matter produced by pen or pen
cil. The postal laws prohibit the ex
change cf postage stamps of one de
nomination for these cf tha etber de
Good humor ia rightly reckoned a
most valuable aid to happy home life.
An equally good and useful faculty
is a sente cf humor or the capacity
to have a tittle fun ' along with tbe
humdrum cares and work of life. Wa
all know bow it brigbteas np things
generally, to have a liveiy witty
companion, who sees the ridiculous
points of things, and who can turn
annoyance into an occasion for laugh
ter. It does a great deal better to
laugb over some domestic mishaps
than to cry or scold over them.
Many homes and lives are dull be
cause they are allowed to become too
deeply impressed with a sense of the
cares and responsibilities of life to
recognize iu bright and especially its
mirthful side. Into such a house,
0cd but dull, the advent of a witty,
humorous frient is like sunshine on a
cloudy day. While it is always op
pressive to bear persons trying to say
witty or funny things it is comfort
able to see what a brigbteoer a little
is, to make an effort to have some at
home. It is well to tarn off an im
patient question sometimes, and to
regard it from a humeroua point of
view instead of becemicg irritated
abcut it. 'Wife what is the reason 1
can never find a clean shirt ?' asked
a good but rather impatient husband,
after ramaging all throogh tha
wrong drawer. His wife looked at
him steadily for a moment, half in
clined to be provoked, then witb a
comical lock she said, 'I give it np.'
Then be laughed, and they both
laughed, and a lie went and gov bis'
shirt, and be felt ashamed of himself
(.nil li.il t.P .,1 t,.- r.t. L.
Soma nart :ha nnl.ltratt.in mnat ! . . ' . . . -
be toriated id tt rnnntr wr herein tha
claimed office of publication is Icca-
iirirtta nut,, tnn t-.mn trr nr, .-nv 1
j "1. h ' r". Iui'i. . .t I ted to enable the same to be
ou cou.u u, e-j "V free to subscribers
correct, ur uui. ne turn uiu ititti, 11 li ;
wa3 a correct copy he would wish to
make use ot it, and it it was net he
did not propose to make use of it.
I said, "Sir, I will adopt it, aud you
may mak: auy ate cf it you please."
So to-day tbat is my letter. If not
originally written by me, it is miue
by adoption.
And, Mr. President, w hat were the
crcotustsLces under which tbat let
ter was written ? I had been in this
that necessarily fraud aad violence ooaJ lCeB DetkrIJ Ijur veiling
are imputed to senators wno noiuiw j -j --o
T" t, . e . l x- i
1'cmtcrauc euiuus iruiu tue .term-
in 1801, the ileven States of theland they are arranged thus: . From
South neglecing to pay. Tbe total California one ; from Indiana, now as
amount due ia $2,:00,0f0. It is hai d-i 1. Joa t ' from J-
Iv to be seppt sed that a CocgrefS t iai -T0U LsTeJ 'wo' -Tott ba.d bot cne
. men : noin Oregon yon have two
is watrokd by ua Soothers members. now aod JQQ Ud tw tUn . Jnm
and that has just reduced tbe taxes Pennsy 1 vata yon have one now, yon
upon whisky and tobacco to oblige i had one then ; from Rhode Island
tbe Southern pcp!e will second withjTC0 L,Te nooe now. l3t jou have
enthasiasD the purpcae of Mr. Sher-; 0De rom naecticnt, and yoa have
r . . , one from New j ork.
man to collect tbis ancient debt, j Mr pretident, as I tafd in the be
Prcbably it will propose that tte oy ginniog, histcry is to-day repealing
ligation shall be catctled as acoi her itself. Yoa are to day repeating
seats on this floor : and therefore be
rules that the Secator from Michigan
is not out of order.
XT. IluisTo.N. 1 hope tbe Sena
tor from Connecticut will withdraw
the point cf order.
Tbe President pro lenpore.
Does the Senator from Alabama
appeal from . tbe decision of the
Mr. Hovstox. I am appealing to
the Senator from Connecticut to with
draw the point of order. .
The President pro tempore. It
bas been decided. The Senator from
Michigan will proceed.
Mr. Davis, of West Virginia. Be
fore tbe Senator proceeds I ask tor
crder in the Senate and tbe galleries.
1 bepe the Cbair will let it be known
that there is a rule here which re
quires order and tbat it ought to be
obeyed. . .
The Presipexto tewj-ore. The
Chair will enforce that rale even if
it be necessary to clear tbe galleries.
The Senator from Michigan wilt pro
ceed, Mr. Cnwi'Lta. I intended to
state aad did state that it is the be
lief of, I think, every member upon
this side of tbe Chamber that there
are twelve Senators upon that eide
wbo bold Ibeir title to their seats on
W aaHW w W aai a ,l.a ua
-- 4..J. 3wst-
V - . -veajaaiftBH-avravfBi 1 w . a. a a
.contribution to that work cf frateroi- WDhl Jca 01(1 ,a 15J' ca 1-JS joo a summer, poorer oasis man my noo-
ivatin 'f arkLek ,k v t.. v . . ir 6 CT0 d:cg y our men t ff tbe bridge, orable friend from Louisiana. I la
l ration of which the Nonb,-ofar,tae . . m'ftn.imr: as th- m-n 't.rtrlori tn .t.t. that ,t i. onr hi;f
done all tbe paving as well as all the, 1S57, will aink into 'the waters of and it is my belief, tbat those seats'
hour. The threat, the universal
threat daily, hourly, was, "Do this
or we will dissolve the Union; if you
do cot do that we wiil dissolve the
Union." Treason was iu the White
IIoa?e, treason in the Cabinet, trea
son in the Senate, and treason in tbe
Uonse ot Representatives ; bold, on
1 ' fraternizing.
oblivion to rise no more forever. were obtained and are held by fraud ' couli in the wat of negotiation, er
spoken, rampant treason was daily
and Hourly uttered, lbe threat was
made upon tbis floor in my presecce
bv a Senator, "Vou may give us a
black sheet of papsr and let us fill it
up as we please, and then we will
not live with yon." And another
Senator stood here beside that Seca
tor from Texas aad said, "I stand by
tbe Secator from Texas." Treason
was applauded ia the galleries of this
body, and treason was talked on the
streets, ia the street-cars, in private
circ.es ; every wnere it was treason-
treason ta your Departments, traitors
in tbe White House, traitors around
these galleries, aad traitors every
where. The Cig of rebellion had been rais
ed ; tbe Union was already dissolved,
we were told ; the rebel government
was already established with its cap
ital in Alabama; "and cow we will
negotiate witb you," was said to ua.
Upon what basis would you nego
tiate ? Upon what bads did yoa
call your peace convention 7 With
rampant rebellion staring ua ia the
face. Sir, it was no time to nego
tiate. The time for negotiation wts
past. e had c lured everything we
residing in
There is no lit ia excluding pos
tal cards from the mails because of
notice of indebtedness being printed
or written thereon, but no indecent
language, terms or epithets wiil be
allowed in such notice.
All letters having one full rate
prepaid must be sent although not
fully prepaid.
Tbe postal law forbids the renting
of boxes in post e ffices to two families
or firms.
The department rales that ao pot
office tbail be ktpl iu a barrcom or a
room directly co net cud therewi.b,
nor must anj mail ba opened or de
livered in any eucb roem.
Letters passing through tbe mails
cannot lawfully be cpeced by any
omcers ibe law for the purpose of
detecting crimiaala.
py, and so what might have been an
occasion for hard words and ockiad
feelings, became just the contrary,
all through tbe little vein of humor
that cropped out to the surface.
Some children have a peculiar faculty
for giving a humorous turn to things
when they are reproved. It does jnst
as well oftentimes to laogb things cf
as to scold them eft Laogbter is
better than tears. Let ua have a lit
tle mere ot it at home.
ailaxlsaca lo Awlaaala.
1. L la . asr
xue rosi uicce cecartment is not
responsible for any matter lost in the
According to tbe Rev. Mr. Scod-
der, a missionary in India, four men
bought a quantity vf cotton in co
partnership. Tbat tbe rats might
not iojare it, they bought a cat, and
agreed tbat each ehouid own one of
it) legs.
Each leg was then adorned with
beads and other ornaments by its
owner. Tbe e.t aci-identally injured
one of its legs, and tbe owner wound
a rag around it, soaked with ciL Tbe
eat by chance set tbe rag on fire, and,
being in great pain, rosbed among
the cotton bale), where she had been
accustomed to hunt rats. The cot
ton was totally burned.
The three other partners brought
suit against tbe owner of the invalid
leg to recover the value of their cot
ton ; and the judge decided that, as
tbe injured leg could not be nsed, the
cat carried the Cre to the cotton with
her three remaining legs. They
only were culpable ; and their own
ers were required to compensate the
owner cf the injured leg for his share
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Tbe Lieuienant-Govtrnor of Michi
gan writes the Elmira Hurlxindman
concerning the treatment of tractions
animals embodying the following ex
cellent ideas :
"1 propose lo give yoor readers the
bene tit of a discovery that I made
loof since, tbat is not patented, is
tree to ail, costs sotting ; saves time,
annoyance, irritation, rage, profanity ;
a weak aad futile t ffort to subdue by
brute force; intense perspiration min
gled witb extreme madness, and fi
caily failure, mortification and sur
render. It is a matter that I have
tested thoroughly in practice, aad 1
have learned that animals tbat are
treated kindly are ott apt to be vic
ious cr ugly," Treat them kindly al
ways, young or old ; let them know
mat yoa wiil not ban them; and
more, teach them that yoa are their
best friend. It is very eajy, and also
a very pleasant thing to do, and if
yon oo it the chances are tbat year
cows wiil be kind and gentle, yoor
steers and cxea and your colt and
bcrses wiil be so also. If it is fonnd
tbat any animal cannot be made use
ful by lied treatment, it is beet to gtt
rid of them. Treated kindly from
the start, they yield to it easily.
Professor Miles, when going around
witb me to see my sheep, said :
"What is the 'matter with yoar
sheep ? They do not run when tbey.
see yoa ?
I could 00I7 say in reply that they
knew me, and had come to regard ma
ts their best friend. 1 should feel,
that scmeihieg wss wrong with me
if my domestic animals did not wel
comeme and appear pleased at or
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