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There was aUaya amjMiT lin
ing about certain wa !bai M.jrTo
bad, and io tfhicb fce wag alajn
juiced heuebtly bj bis ife mj 00
cousin, Mar i?iereo, ibat bad been
a war tbat troubled my curiosity so
B HIT LUab liuuuicu HJ vmi.ww..
I wi satisfied bj bearing tbe reason
Itwasaimplj this : That every
time a word was poku that led to
the period wbea Charley Morgan
Grst met my cousin May, they would
both laugh heartily, but always re
fuse te tell at what they laughed.
This was certainly rery provoking,
and I bad little hesitation in telling
tbem so not cnee.bat many times
at wlich the alwate ended by kins
iogeacb other acd looking very affec- i
0 i
I determined to have a solution of
the matter; if for no other reason than
tbat it worried roe. I am but wo
man, and baring pleaded to the pos
session o( curiosity, I pee no reason
why, sometimes it" 6hou!d not be in
dulged. With this resolution, I set
forth cne evening, where we three,
Morgan, May and myself, were drawn
np before tbe fire and settled for a
talk. Tbere was no time for mincing
matters, was my Erst idea, and with
this thought I dashed boldly out with
"Mr. Morgan " I usually call bim
Charley, but I was desirous of show
ing that I was really in earnest "Mr.
Monran. wbv do you always laugh
and look at
Msy, when tte sucject
nf Tour Grtt mee'intr nib ber u spo-
b..T ?
Tbia, I w assure, was a
tiuestion. ana vet instcaa 01 answer-,
io it io a simple way, they weot
u.h.ftk.m n thfl nlnn. and:
v- '" 1 - r- 1 )
lauebed as
if ti n mnrrti 1 r. n ma-
tpokun were tbe very West joke in tbe
world. I ould do nothing of course
but look grave and solemn, which, in
a few moments, brooght tbem both
to looking ia tbe same way; aud then
Mar spoke to me seriously, and said,
'M.it (.in Jm inn tnk our lauirbioiri
,u w c " I
The eipUnation brought baik my j
g9rtt l.nmrr in a.
an iu-tant, anu. wnii
. 1 n VUr ihi.4 ,
reallr uulind of vou. tor so long you j
bare" sailed uircjrbshy, that even:
were the morv not worth telling, you
iil ii " "WVII -ourin Jaoe
shall bare that htorv. Mav. I will tell
it ruvself to her."
At tbia declaration, I was surprised
to see May flush up to a bright red,
and break out rather vehemently
with. "Xo. Charley, that is really too
bad. Vou (shall not do it sir. If
cousin Jane is to Lave tbat story I
will tell her myself." And then
after a pause the said, "when we are
"Vou ehall do no such thing Mad
am May," was Charley's laughing
response. "Vou shall do no such
thing. Tbia time I 6hall have my
own way, and cousin thall not bare
her curiosity excited any more with
out being satisfied."
I saw there was to be a discussion
on tbat point and I knew, in some
way Charley was to Come eff victor,
bo I, merely esyiog tbat I "would be
back in a few minutes," stepped out
of tbe room, and walked about the
garden until I was sure the point
was settled, wben I went back and
found Charley and May as happy as
birds and laughing, as usual. As
entered. Charley drew up tbe rocking
cbair and, after neeing me aafoly dp.
posited in its depths, said, consin
Jane I shall tell yon the story of Low
I first met my wife.
It was just five years ego this sum
mer tbat I was granted exemption
for a month from my desk, and went
down with my old chum, Horace Hy
att to bis father's in old Monmouth,
tbe earden ot that unjustly abused
Ftate of New Jersey. I should nev
er have forgotten that visit even if I
bad not there met with an adventure
tbat bad its influence on tbe whole of
my future life. I should remember
it for its real true hospitality, tbe
solid, old time comfort of tbe farm,
and tbe quiet way in wbicb, within
& lews days alter mv arrival. 1 was
put in possession of it and made to
feel that it all belonged to me to do
iast what I pleased with. There
were plenty of fish and we fished
plentv of wood cock, and we shot
All ibis shall be spoken of with
proviso. I say we by which, let it
be understood, I do not mean Hor
ace's town sisters Carrie and Nettie
as having participated in all these
eports. Tbey rode, to be sure, and
charmingly they did it ; they fished
and I am obliged to confess they
were mach luckier than their guest.
I5ut tbey did not shoot, though I will
not exult over tbe lack of ibis accom
plisbment they were really charming
enoogb without it 1 am sure that l
shall not excite jealouey by declaring
thai with one exception, wbicb I
hall not mention bere, Carrie and
Nettie II rati were tbe most charm
ing girls that I had ever seen and
was justly besiuting, as to which of
tbem I should fall desperately in love
with, wben my calculations were all
disturbed by an accident (or so I
suppose I must call it, though really
seeming like a special providence.
What tbia was, I shall tell in the best
way I know bow.
For some days after my arrival on
the farm my curiosity had been much
excited by tbe occasional panegyrics
lavished, by tbe youog ladies, upon
one schoolmate of their own, May
Stevens by name, wto was according
to tbelr highly colored account the
most perfect thing 10 tbe shape of a
womau tbea living. I tried to per
suade myself tbat nothing in tbat
line could surpass Nettie and Carrie,
bat still tbe reputation of this May
Stevens baanted me, and came like a
shadow across my new born passion.
I fonnd at last, as imaginary May
Stereos, and do what I would the
figure vis with me. At last I was
worked into an agony of curiosity
4t d trembled with some great pur
pose, which 6bould bring before me
the object of my tbosgsU and the
two sister's conversation. Is what
this would have ended it is impossi
ble for me at this ttue to say, had I
oot one morning, as I entered tbe
breakfast-room beard tbe startling
words from Nettie :
"And so ah is coming st last ! I
am so glad."
Whether it was tlat tbe train of
ray thoughts was upon that point st
that aaodent I cannot say but I
knew directly the whole matter. I
saw Carrie with sn open letter is Ler
hand, and of log it with Nettie's
words, I knew thac ibe hitherto only
Iheard of May Stereos, the incom-l
parable May was to peai t month
t Hyatt's, and tbey were to eapect
iber s,t say moment, though, as tbe
letter read, she might not be down
for a week to come. A week it wss
sn sge, s century, snd I wss in a
flutter of excitement. My long stand
Jngjassion of nearly two weeks du-
mach more eriou.lv than I thought men May atereu, iurea ia purpie
you would It is only a little memo- j muslin and pale blue satin, appeared
ry between CbarW and I that brine u PurPIe t;I-,ud ai admirifly iu
tbe laugh To us 'it is a dr !! '1'iired who my toilor wa. Ju t n
ni-nibrauce. but perbaps.in lellijg ii.ii w to luf-rm ber there tnur
ther would le ooibiag to am..e any a, aud for . uimucv 1 cu uoi
n certain wbelber it was tbe cloud that
ration, f- r Cair'e a u.rguttrn io ai
ioeiani aud my bole Uiiud ad ab
sorbed io making tbe best figure pos
nib's bt f tm 1 fa'K new tiueeu. Wib
tbia idea I bai la ljrk io: mj
wardrobe. I bad cjqjo (1jd ib
sufficient, i-1-j. be U aanaerall ord!
-' I ' . . . . ,
Carrie aod Nellie; bat this new gooa
tiarv uurpute, luciuuicjr 01 co-uiec,
! new tM certainly worthy of a new
-' - nat.t w ,t Aaptain v ariiill.1
riir on or part, and certainly should
bare it Tbia resolution was made
within fifteen minutes tfter bearing
tbe announcement ot Li r coming and
before two hours had gone by, I was
whizzing on my way to town to car
ry out this resolve. My choicest
articles of wardrobe should ba of
fered at tbe ehrine of May Ste
I bad ab-r.tJ myself oa a sudden
' . . - , 1 1 " L
plea ot Dasiuesa negiev.ea aau u, U-
.iMw r.fnijoi XattiA AMrl I :.rTi that
I 1UIJT UlUUliovkl aMs - -
It promised ettie and Carrie
tbt next day should fee me down at
Hyatt's again, and stay out tbe
month that May Stevens the wonder
ful was about to pass with tbem.
Tbe racking of brain tbat day, to
create a grand avmble of costume
something beyond all criticism, tbat
should at tbe first strike tie beholder
with admiration was Indeed terri
ble. Tbe labor of writing Paradise
Lost was nothing to it. It was ear
ly in the day when I arrived at my
city rooms, and for six hours 1 dress
ed and re-dressed, compared and re
jected and selected ; and at the end of
tbat time 1 bad lata out tboe por
tions of my wearable goods m a bicb
1 Lad decided to make my first ap-
pcarance before .May
before May Stevens. It
iwanted aeren Lour
until suQset.
H viag got through tbe first object
of mr visit. I tbouzbt it would not be
a uao. luea .or
train and return t-j llyat
the last
, icitead
. a. " ..:,. v,
01 icuiiiuijk uci tin uiuiuiul. v
sooner said tbm done. 1 picked uiy
habiliments aad a i? I west, wfcrz
ring and puffing over an uniaterest
ioirroad in proracation of sleep. So I
found it, wben the shades of ereniog
feil, for to tbe best of my recollection,
I was in tbe miii- ( a dream, ia
... .. - 1 1
oaa expiouea or niy.eii iuai u.u v-ru
.oiue pumoa i uj giui-un lum
were oversiraiued It reti iirtd
moment to awaken me to tbe
both my pmumptuu
troug It was our iram
tat ran til me iracs.
things generally and r'pilliiig the con
teuls of eeveral baggage cars aloug
the road, to say nothing of frighten
ing half a-bundred passengers into a
condition bordering on lunacy. This
was a pretty state of things, and to
make it worse I eight was miles from
my destination, though, as it after
wards appeared, not a mile from the
next village, where I beard it can
vassed , a tavern, supper aod beds
could be had.
I was disposed to be agreeable,
and accordingly rendered all the as
sistance ia my power to the unpro
tected females for which I got my
reward, oa arriving at tbe baren of
refuge tbe promised tavern by be
ing informed tbat such a thing as
a bed for tbe night was an impossible
idea, and tbat with some twenty more
of the male gender, I must be content
with a cbair, while tbe beds were ap
propriated by tbe gentle sex. Slight
ly disgosted I swallowed my supper
and looked out upon tbe night. It
was a beautiful moonlight night and
verging on to ten o'clock. By Jove !
I would to walk to Hyatt's. Xo:
sooner said than done. Giving my!
carpet-bag into tbe landlord's bands
for punctual delivery at Hyatt's
next morning, I set forth. Eight
miles is trifle, a and just as my watch
marked a quarter after midnight I
went up the lane that lei to tbe
house. They were early to bed and
early op. I walked around the house
trying the doors; every one was
fastened. It was of no consequence;
my bed-room window opened on the
piazza; I would not disturb tbe
bouse; a bit of my climbing would
do the business and should it be fast
ened I would tap and waken Horace,
who was my room-mate and bed-fel
low. Tbe thing . was executed as
soon as thought of, and ray band laid
on tbe window, which yielded and I
was in my room. By tbe moonlight
that streamed in I saw tht tbe bed
was occupied, and from tbe heavy
breathing I knew that Horace was
asleep. I would not therfore, awake
him, but save the story of my mishap
for tbe next day. With this re flee
ticn I slipped quietly into bed and in
three minutes was oblivious. What
ought I have dreamed tbat nifht?
But I shall not anticipate. I lay fac
ing tbe window as tbe sun peeped np
above tbe distant bills scattering
the gray mists of tbe morning. My
bed fellow was breathing heavily but
it was broad daylight and there was
no more sleep in me, so I determined
tbat Horace should wake up and
hear tbe story of tbe railroad break
down. I turned quickly and gave
tbe sleeper a sadden shake. As rap
idly as my own motion , my bed-fellow
who tad Iain with his back to
ward me, sprang to a sitting posi
tion. There are such surprises as are
without terror, wbicb deprives us
nntil the brain has time to reason, to
act and think. Uocb surprises do
not generate Fpreams and faints.
They were expressed by open mouth
ed aad silent wonder. TUs was tbe
case of myself and bed-fellow as we
satnpward and stared. Right hj
my side with her face not more tL a
two feet from me, eat a young wom3,
not more than seventeen, with great.
dsrk hazel eyes, snd such great mas
ses of brown carls tacked nnder tbe
neatest night-cap tbat ever was.
She bad gtthered tbe bed clothes,
with a spasmodic jerk np abont her
throat, and with the most rigid as
tonisbment, looked as though siu
doebted whether sbe was sleeping or
waking, g?ed steadily at my eyes.
Memory serves s man nut little in
each cases, but if my memory serves
me right, it was I who first spoke
blurted ont with, 'how came vou
The figure stared still in a speeeh-
Jess astooisbemnt, but in a moment,
as Ujojsgh awakened from its stupe
faction afoie'Are yoa Charles
Morgan ?'
I answered yea.
'Well tben Mr, Morgan said tie
figure, by this time calm, and with
quite as much dignity as in a drawing
room, 'I am May Stevens and 1 was
pat ia this room after an unexpected
arrival. Horace had gone over to a
mighbot'e, a few miles off, before I
got bei snj was not to retnrn till
to-day. Tbatisiow I was pat in
this room.
So here I was sitting, rina ki, 19,
1 p . :
tit tbe first meeting of whom
- .. j r 1 1
I : l
tended U get up such a superlative
toilet. A nlc stjje of toilet. A nd
ebe sbe bj tbia time w&3 as eool as
tbe tbinj-first of December, and I
made some rambling eiplanation,
ul niy bi-ia 1:1 eXT i-binary
!pvi;iiu it a a la ur -xplinniott, '
wubdet fu'iy mixed U U trrrl-Bl
I matter, ud immT'ii. ami e'ufer
ed ibr. uH ia . . tvat ibst hboulil
! ba v diru-lFit an v ' e jild '
'Slie muid 1 h j .min ii. duii'jtf
tbe rtdtal aud a; in end, ijikiojr
at uie an though aekiai? the m t ein-
. pie questioa la tbe world said, 'wbafa
(a rtiria ' x
to be done V
'Let me jump out of . tbe window
as I came ia,' said I in a sickly tone
of voice, for the thought came to me
to achieve tbe same. I must make
some desparate display cf myself in a
style of costume which I deprecat
ed. Sbe relieved me instantly. 'No,
tbat will not do; there are people
moving ab t and you will be seen '
It was now my turn to stammer
out, 'What's m be doce!' F.r I saw
that the bezet-.yed girl w superior
to me in presence of roiad and would
find some way out
'Vou must lie still bere till I grt
up. Wben I have left tbe room, yoa
can arise, dress and go away at the
first opportaity,' was ber response,
delivered in a qaiet and bnsiness-like
manner. And so I did.
Under May Stevens' command I
buried my head under the bed clothes
and kept well covered till I heard
her retreating footsteps on the stairs
which was bar a "few moment?,
though it seemed an ege. Tben with
a desperate bound, I Fprang from the
bed, turned tbe key upon tbe depart
ed one. It was the quickest dressing
I ever made, and will venture Usay
tbat o- man ever sr.ek?d out nf bis
own epsrtnicot more steakbily
tban I.
Tbat morninjr we met. May Se
vens aud I at the brcakrast. I in tbe
character cf the newly arrived, 1 bat
morning formally introduced, during
the ccriuony cf which vf atooirh
ed every one present and planted a
thorn cf wonder in tbe sides cf Nel
lie and Carrie by bursting simulta
neously into a laagb which we cerf r
fail to repeat wben tbe memory cf
our first meeting comes up.
And now CJia Jaie you have
be b'le i:ory f h I first met.
niv wife.
Vbt-tbr lb re are 111 iny
faruiiiiu' tha; piy may '
u u.'.; i b:i'. ih' flit-re
arr rci
ninny f. r.u iJ ttft:t:vs that
dti'l py
is W !.! d u!i
It d m'l I'HV t-i
ihi un.;tii a' 'I i I'n.-e til '-be year
nh -in liii I Tg eoouuii t
lael i ;-f in .Lths ; vr ti;peatbf
gates aud let your stock into the
Gelds as soon as a few bare spots ap
pear, or to keep it on short rations,
so that when it does go to grass, it
will take half the summer to get
thrifty and strong .
It don't pay to leave the work of
mendicg your tool and selecting and
securing your seed until the day you
want to ne tbem, thereby causing
costly delay.
It don't pay to sow or plant po r
seed because you happen to have it
on band.
It don't pay to plant Liore ground
tban you can manure and take good
care of.
It don't pay to leave weak places
in tbe fences in the hope tbat cattle
won't find them ; and, if you keep
sheep, it don't pay to let them ran at
large in tbe spring until they become
tramps aod cannot be kept at borne
by any ordinary fence.
It don't pay to neglect cows, ewes
ir sows whea they are dropping their
" It don't py to let the spring raias
wah tbe value out of tbe manure
tbat bas accumulated in tbe barnyard
lai-t winter, r
It don't pay to let the bens lay un
der tbe barn, steal their nests and be
eaten up by skunks.
It don't pay to wo-k with poor
tools of any kind.
It don't pay to put off any kiud of
spring work until the last moment,
nor does it pay to work land when it
is too wet.
- It don't pay to leave turnips,' cab
bages, beets, or eren apples in the
cellar to rot and breed disease ; for,
if you have more tban yoa can eat or
sell, the stock will lie profited by
It don't pay to summer a poor cow
simplv be o use no one comes to buy
It don't pay to sell a beiter calf
from your best eow to the butcher,
simply because it will cost more to
raise it than you can buy a scrub for
next fall.
It don't par to leave tbe banking
around the house nntil it rots the
It don't pay to be stingy in sowing
grass seed, or to try to live without a
Finally, it don't pay to provoke
the women bv leavine tbem to cat
tbe stove wood or to carry it in from
the door-yard, or to remind yoa eve
ry morning in baying and hoeing that
you must saw enough before yoa go
to work to last through tbe day.
rliTor and tarmer.
A Baik lu Iba Da4
A correspondent, after bathing in
tbe Dead feea, describes bis expert
ence in tbe following wards: Tbe
water, which is quite clear, and tear
ly the color of the N iagara rirer below
the talis, seemea to De a little more
bitter and salty tban tbat of Salt
Lake, as tbe body floated more easily,
and the difficulty cf swimmiog was
greater, on account cf tbe inability
to keep one's feet under water. So
large a quantity of salt is held in so
lotion tbat tbe water has what is call
ed I believe a ropy appearance, much
like that of tapioca soup. I observed,
however, that when we came out
tbe water, there was not so large a
deposit of salt crystals 00 tbe body
as after a bath in Salt Lake and tbe
feeling of the skis, icsttad of
being dry and prickly as I txpected,
wis rather oily and sticky. Our sup
per that tight was seasoned with
salt made from Dead Sea water by
solar evaporation. It was a little
lighter in color tban tbe best article
of brown sugar. Its crystals were
Urge and hard, and, though foreign
substances were evidently present in
0onsiderable quantity, was not un
pleasant to tbe taste. I was told
tbat two quarts of water will produce
one quart of salt, but ibis is probably
an exaggeration. To complete the
statistics of tbia remarkable body of
water, I may add, wbat manv of mr
reftdsrs may alread Lnowthat there
u do liriog tbing of any kind in it j
that even the driftwood brought
down by the floods in tbe Jordan is
speedily cast upon iusbcresj that its
length is abont forty-fire and Its
greatest width about ten miles; tbat it
is over 1,300 feet at its deepest point;
and tbat tbe immense ouantitv tf
Xresh water poured into it daily -is
. o o n or a T ..1
uuuouU - ji Y tasen on ur th Tni
"-.ration, a 1
.. " i . . r -
iu greet de-Hb below . tbe
basin of tbe Meilittrraneaa most Dre-
clude tbe idea of a aabterraueau out
let. -
Maa is always In demand.
( From . 3r Hegultr C'rresirti!er,t )
Wasui.xutox. June l IMi'J
TblHwrt-k witnfKi-fK a true nl of
caucus d- libi-ra'i m Thfj .tot H '
and roaitt caucus t to mrj irlM
wtre in deliberation, loug bfter mid -
night ibis A M. There was a pro
longed discussiou and a careful re
view cf the political situation, and at
two 0 clock this morning tbe caucus
bad not adjourned. The sub-committee
submitted a report recommending
several important changes in tbe
manner of providing legislative, ex
ecutive and judicial appropriations,
;and tbe indications are tbat there-
nurt Brill Ki aH.mrol an1 h4nma a
part of the new bill. In case tbet-e
indications t-ball ha verified tbe new
bill will provide fur a jjint resolution
extending for one year all appropria
tions granted by the act cf June 19tb,
1S73, for tbe legislative, judicial and
executive expenses of tbe government
for tbe current fiscal year. Tbat act,
it will be remembered, provided for
tbe salaries of all United States Judg
es, District Attorneys, and United
States Marshals, bat made no appro
priation for the "expenses of United
States courts," each as fees of jorors
and witnesses, tbe safe keeping of
prisoners, and tbe enforcement of tbe
laws protective of iln rigbt of t-uf-frage.
Tbe "lump" appropriation of
aboat $300,000,000 lor judicial ex
penses, usually made iu the legisla
tive, executive, and judicial bill, but
omitted from itlnstyear, as interted
ia tbe "sundry civil bill," which
patted Cougrenn ai a bub-'f queni pe
riod of tbe same resiou
Tbe mere exteocioa of the act cf
June 19,b, 1878. would, then fore,
leave tbe judicial expenses cf tbe
coming fiscal year unprovided f;r It
is therefore proposed 10 supplement
the passage of the jjiot reiolution
above indicated by tbe passage of a
new bill appropriating iu detail for
all estimated judicial expenses except
tbe ier dicms cf supcrrisoi s and depu
ty niarebul of elections, and contain
ing alo ibe clause wbicb was agreed
upon la-l Saturday, to provide ibat
no fficer bhall be spp jitvtd aud no
. Itli'H i.ri it corred for a'ty ourp -e
uih n cifi:Mlly approjiridn -d f.r by
CoanrfM.H Tliis upplemeu! appro
prution bill i ulso to eiub dy those
fecti u- f ibe vtl-.e'l nfpr- tr aiion
bill wticb pruriiie lor amendment of
ibe rui-pec.iog tbe method of
drawing juries and for ibe 10 nl abo
liiion -f the jurvro' lest oath The
rnuitui'. let'd lec uniit-udiiion io re
gtrd the a; uiy tippropriaii.iit bill
will according to
look, be the same
riouhly stated.
tbe present col
as bas been pre-
lesterday was the occasion ot a
memorial meeting in honor cf the
memory of the late Wm. Lloyd Gar
rison at the lath Street Tresbyterian
cbuch. Letters were read from Presi
dent Hayes and Senators Conkliog,
Dawes, aod Edmunds. Resolutions
were submitted and adopted witb an
amendment by Mrs. Belva A Lcck
wocd "that in" the death of Wm. L
Garrison tbe country has lost a liberal
and progressive thinker and worker
whoe sense of justice ever recogniz
ed tbe equality cf woman and ber
right to all tbe privileges cf Ameri
can citizenship." Tbe feature cf the
occasioa was a very eloquent aud im
pressive address delivered by Mar
shal Frederick Douglass ia wbicb
be introduced pergonal remenisceoces,
and spoke particularly of tbe time
-vben he first met tbe deceased, forty
years &go, and beard Dim speai in
Liberty Hall.
An unique funeral ceremony took
olace yesterday at tbe resldeuce of a
deceased brother of Col. It. G. Inger
80II. '.Among those who were present
to pay '.heir last respects to the
memory of the dead were Secretary
Sherman, Senators Blaine, Yorhees,
David Davis, General Scbenck, and
many others prominent in politics and
in the legal profession. No larger
assemblage of distinguished person
ages has been seen in this city, on a
funeral occasion, since tbe death of
Vice-President Wilson. The occa
sion was without religious ceremony.
The remains were viewed by the
friends of tbe deceased, aod Colonel
Incrersoil pronounced over tbe body
ot Lis brother a brief, eloquent and
touchiog oration When Col Inger
soll ceased speaking tbe members of
tbe family approached tbe casket and
looked for the last lime on tbe face of
tbe deceased. His son and an adopt-j
ed daughter were so affected that
tbey fainted away, and bad to be
borne from tbe room. Tbe pall bear
ers were Senators Blaine, David Da
vis, Allison, Vcrhees, Representatives
Garfield, and Stevenson. Tbe sad
procession moved to Oak Hill ceme
tery where tbe mortal remains of tbe
ex-Congiessman were placed in tbeir
last resting place.
C. A S
LyaehlBa; la Calltorala.
San Feancisoo, Majr 28. A B
kertfield (Cal ) dicpatcb sajs abont
a quarter after twelve o'clock this
morning some one called at the door
of tbe Court House and was answer
ed bj Jailer Keed, who was request
ed to open tbe door. Mr. Hted re
fused, wben tbe door was forcibly
broken in and about serentj-flve men
entered. Ibe jailer was ordered to
throw up his bands, which he did
Tbe kers were demanded but refused
Search was tben nude and tbe keji
lonna. Ibe moo tben entered tbe
cell containing Thomas and William
1 oakum, and lynched tbem by bang
ing mem in ineirceiw. imam was
chained to the floor of bis cell. As
the chain could not be loosened, he
was bnng with tbe chain on bis foot
lie was shot sereral times after bar
ing been banged. Tbe Yoakoms
were in jail for the killing of John
ston and Tncker, at Long Tom, more
tban a year ago. William 1 oakum
had bis trial and was convicted of
murder in the first degree, but tbe
Supreme Court ruled last week that
be should tare a change of renne.
and bis case was moved to Farenno
ounty. Tbe mob were all masked
except fire.
Maeevery r Silver ia Tcaae.
Dallas, Tixas, May 23 Great
excitement prevails bere over the
discovery of silver at Brown wood,
Texas, one hundred and twenty
miles bomb went of bere The assay
of ore proved be vein to be a rich
one. A specimen of 120 rrains of
ore contained 7$ per cent, of Silver.
A daily paper bas been started.
Claims are being located, and hund
reds 0 people are roebing.
TbereU perhaps 00 tonic offered
to tbe people tbat posgeaseg as roocb
real intrinsic ralue as tho lino Kit,
ters. J uat at tbis season of tbe tear.
wnen toe siomacn needs an appetizer,
or tbe blood needs purifying, tbe
cheapest and best remedy is Hop
Bitters. An ounce of orevention i
worth a pound of cure, don't wait nn-!
ill tuu are prOSAraiCa OV a disease
, that may take months for ycu to re-'
I A il tti'ijf bare aa t uu, aud tht-rej
!aiu c ui- loafiiily an eud ! ibia-
: x e a --riou ot CuagrenS. Wbeu it
win, ibe yii'letueu wb tuade it
ir -.. h . 1 !; bei fyii
; miu'- ii, u(J ifce great polnicl
' patty i-j nose in'-r-t it baa bten
- ; engineered, wll ! i. port unity
' . . . . L . I . I. . . I . . -1
10 uvrruHin lutir 'J ivi buu nee
whether, 00 tbe wbJe, they have
made uy thing, and if anything, how
much, by the venture. There is no
denying tbe f j that the whole busi
ness began wi.b a purpose on tbe
part of Demacratle managers to raise
an issue upon which they could win
votes. Votes were what they went
fishing for. 1; was to strengthen the
party and gain rotes that these gen.
tlemeo defeated 'be appropriations in
tbe last Coogress, and made the pres
ent called session a necessity. It bas
not been out of any anxiety for free
institutions or solicitude for freedom
of elections tbat tbey have pot them
selves at swords' points with the Ex
ecutive and raised all this pother.
The real object, as everybody knows,
has been to get votes. Their way to
get them is to throw down all tbe
safeguards of the ballot snd the bar
riers to cheating, and open the way
to free fraud. Tbey have not suc
ceeded, and they will not They be
gin to see it themselves, and to cast
about for a way cf escape, and some
touree cf consolation when tbey go
home with empty baskets.
We take leave to offer tbem a sug
gestion litt. cd ou tbe experience of a
fi.-bcrruan be started out, as tUy
did, with bi(b bt pea and pleuy cf
bait. He fi.-brd most peroeveringly
all diy, ustd up bis bait, and did nut
catch a Dsh. As be weuded his pen
sive wav homeward, a neighbor ac
costed lim with :
;Wbai lock!" "WU," said he
"with deliberation, "not particularly
"good ; and still, it wasn't eo darned
"bad ; I didn't catch any fish, but I
"made out to drown a good many
Now, when one thinks cf Tbormao
and Randall and the other Pewo.
era; if leder, in C ugr- and ut,
ho are ambitious of p ili'ical prom -i
p, who bare been laid out
c .Id by ibU cnuniug piece of policy,
the 1 xra senri iu and the deadlock',!
iMti 1 upiaiu mat ine lrin. cra.ic par
ly, returning frmu iu fiahing trip
w itbcui baviug caught a thing it nh
ed f-r, bas at least I he consola.ion u
i:s peuire predt-ceteor, cf having
"dnWLd a good many worms": I
ir n -l f i us, of c ;urre, to advise tbe
Dt-ui .era is iu Centres. But tbey
bare skortlv to go borne and make
answer to tbeir constituents' inquiry
"What luck r" It's a grinding con
undrum to put to a party with game
basket and bait-box both empty, and
it is out of pure sympathy with their
distress tbat we call tbeir attsntion
to tbe onsoling circumstance, which
might otherwise escape tbeir notice,
concerning tbe worms A". 1". lrib
Mark Twain's Hre.
"UenUemeL, tbis borse of mine
was tiurb bitted, and he went so fast
that I bad to guide bim by electrici
ty bad to have wire lines and keep
a battery in (he wagon all tbe tim0
in order to stop bim."
"Why didn't yoa step him by bo!
leriog who-a?" I inquired.
"Stop him by hollering whoa?
Why, 1 couldn't boiler loud enough
to make tbat horse bear me. lie
traveled so fast tbat no sound evtr
reached bim from behind. He went
faster tban tbe sound, sir. Holler
who a! and he'll be in tbe next town
before tbe sound of your voice will
reach tbe dash board. "Travel fast?"
I should sav he could. Why, I once
started frem Virginia City for Mead
ow Creek right in front of the most
dreadful rain storm we ever bad on
the Pacific Coast "Wind and rain?"
Why, tte wind blew eighty miles an
hour, aid the rain fell in sheets. I
drove light before tbat storm for
three hours just on the edge of that
hurricane and rain for forty long
''Did you get drenched ?"
"Drenched ?" No, sir ! What did
I keep a fast horse f jr ? Why, I tell
you, I Jrove right in front of tbat
rain storm. I could lean forward
and let tbe sun shine on me. or lean
backward and feel rain and catch
hailstones. Wben tbe hurricane
slackened op the boree slackened op,
too, and when it blew faster I just
said "Git up!" to the borse and men
touched tbe batterv, and away be
went Now, I don't want to lie about
my borse, and I don't ask yon tu be
lieve wbat I say, but when I got to
Meadow Creek my linen duster was
as dry as powder. Not a drep of
ram on tbe wagon seat, either, while
tbe wagon-box was level full of bail
stones and water."
Mllaally at I are.
It was only two days ago Jones was
injudiciously full. Being painfully
aware of bis inebriety, be endeavored
to conceal 11 from tbe public by but
toning bis coat np very closely, im
parting an abnormal stiffWxs to his
kneer, and tripping; orer Lis on
heels, lie stalked forward np u
street car, walked briekly in just as
tbe horses started forward and in
stantly tumbled out backward, with
out unbending a muscle. Straight
way ke recovered the upright, splash
ed witb mod, and re-entered, seated
bimsclf beside an acquaintance, mak
no sign of bis mishap. Presently he
turned to this individual and queri
ed: "Kliahn ?"
He considered a moment, and then
asked :
More reflection sleeply, then :
"Iluooverprespice 7"
Bozzerbiler ?"
Somnolent cogitation.
"Izzeranv ax'dent?"
"Not at all."
Ho took this piece of information in
to bis intellectual maw, and digesting
it be concluded that he mast be very
drank indeed. A he was very anx-
ous to cover np the dicgracfol fac',
and turn tbe matter of respectability,
be shortly turned again witb the'
bland observation ;
' Well, if I'da-known that. I
mvtnllrk ant ft '
leflaa Uaaeae for ajaraeria a
. . CtHaaauta. '
&ax rasci.-co. Mar 2l The
maian, jack, was baosed at Shatta
to-daj lor tbe murder of a Chinaman
last September'.' Tbe murder was
commited out of pure deyiiirr with
out any motive. r Tbe ejecoD'on was
witnessed bj about fifty Indians,
trieuds tf tbe condemned, besidos a
number of white spectators. Be
tween 200 aod 300 Indiaus conirre.
gated outside tbe jail yard and kept j
op a fearful bowling and tearing of j
bair during the execution, but no ,
hostile d.mnnatratinna awnrnd
Jack presented an Indian stolidity
auu uieu wiinoni a airorffia
Fluid Extract
For Debility, L of Memory, Indis
position to Exertion or Business, Shortness
ol Breaih. Troubled with Thoughts of
Disease. DimneM of Virion. Pain in the
uaca. net ana Head, Kush of Blood to
tbe Head, Pale Countenance, and Dry
If these symptom ar allowed to go on
very Iretjnently Epileptic Fits and Con'
sumption lollow. Wben the constitution
Itecotnea adected it requires the aid ol an
invigorating medicine to strengthen and
tone up the system which
Helmbold's Buchu
By any remedy known. It is prescribed
by the most eminent physcians all over the
work) n
Aches and Fains,
General Debility,
Kidney Diseases,
liver Complaint,
Nervous Debility,
Head Troubles,
General Ill-Health,
Spinal Diseases,
Nervous Compl'ts,
Female Compl'ts, &c.
Headache, Pain in the Shoulders. Cough.
Dizziness, Sour Stomach. Emotions. Bad
Taste in tbe Mouth. Palpation of the
and a thousand other painful symptoms,
are tbe offsprings ol Dyspepsia.
Helmbold's Buchu
Invigorates the Stomach,
And stimulates tbe torpid Liver. Bowels.
and Kidneys to healthy action, in cleans.
me me oixl 01 all impurities, and impart
ing new me ana vigor to Ibe whole sys
A single trial will be quite sufficient to
convince me most hesitating of its valua
ble remedial qualities.
Price $1 Per Bottle,
Or Six Bottles for $5.
Delivered to anr address free Irom ob.
"Patients" may consult bv letter
ng the same attention as by calling .
answering tbe following questions t
1. Ulve vour name ami iuijiiHm ..i-
dresa, county and State, and your nearest
express office ?
2. 1 our age and sex ?
3. Occupation T
4. Married or sin lie T
5. Hight, weightTnow and in health?
o. jiow long have you been sick ?
1. lour complexion, color ol bair and
. Have you a stooping or erect gait!
0. Relate without
know about your case. Enclose one dol
lar aa consultation free. Your letter will
then receive our attention and we will
give you the nature of your disease and
our canaiu opinion concerning a cure.
Competent Physicians attend to correa
potdtuts. ' All letters should be addressed
to "Dispensatory. 1217 Filbert Street, Phlla'
delpbla. Pa.' ''r . . .- , ,-. ,V
ff. f. IJEjLMljOLI),
Pruggist and Chemist,
Philadelphia, Pa.
TT 1 1 !1
ETAauaaro lr.
Subscription $2 a yettr. Tram
rient atlvrrtMmg 10 cent a line.
Special rate to yearly ami quar
terly advertiser. 59 paper to rA
year; no postponement on aeeonnt
of ClirMman, Fourth of July or
other legal Holiday.
o :r,:k:
or AT.T
v ... i a ...
Businea M anager.
unparaiici.su tiueco; cr
The Hail Departxacsri for Sa:rpl?3 &
at tho Cnnd Dcpct,
haj necessitated on
Interior of tho larjo room tiovoted c:co!j
to oxocutlnj orders received !' ma:!.
Thourrh you live
Philadelphia, you can purch.ice at tho C.-i-. j
Depot an entiro outfit or tho emaltsst Crtlclo
In Dry Coods, etc., with tho created cr.c:?,
and en absotuto certainty of tlo samo exact
attention that la paid to customers who vw.t
the establishment In person.
Precision, Promptness and Experience,
combined with the highest regard forev2:- r..
the slightest wishes of thoso who crdar, and
a now almost faultless system, peculiar to fj " '
the Crand Depot only, make this tho r.Toiel jj'"--Department
of Its kind In America.
Send a Penny Postal Card, specifying
what Is desired, and by return mail you v.-!II
receive, postage paid, samples cf tho new
est styles of Coods, with the widths and
lowest city prices, besides fu!I particulars
about ordering.
HCJU0 uLllAolCf F0USH.
always ecaav roe use
aTvjto Vw 1
iiimin i
ta ium Mr M. U
4VCa POLISH W, HwriK-ca
' BRU1U,
BERRT S. Z1ECLEH, Solo Manufacturer,
Ucl .m
Union Square, Xcw York,
154 State Street,
Trade Mark for Spsons, Forks, ir.
1847, Rogers Bros. A. I.
Thee Good have token the Cer
tificate of Award wherever ex
hibited, both in thi and the old
And the Meriden Britannia Co.
are the LARGEST antl lkst
Manufacturers in this
line in the World.
tiTAnk jenr Jeweler for these Coods.
April IS.
HmtioK heca plntel Anlitor bj th Ci.nrt of
ijonmon riems vi sunicrwt ixk, r.. tu iii.lnbjt
tl fund In the hantU of William Su.lar. assine
of Joba J. I'rlti, lo aot union thoM lenlly fn
tlilad thereto ; outlre U henhy given, that I will
It at my office, in Suraertet, I'm- l.ir aaM rpoM.
on Tbnrxlajr, the 12th day or June. 1479, at 10
o'clock a. ..wnen and where all partie in Inter
eM can attend.
J. O.tNtLf
May n AuUltvr.
The amleraicned naving'beeaappilnte.l Aa.lltor
by the kart u jtaea ua toe exceptioai and ili
tribal tbe hind) In tbe binds of U Irani Hersn
beryer. admlniMraUir of Racbael Hcrhhen;er.
dec d. to and among thoeelrrllT entitled thereto:
hereby giyei notice, that no will attend to the
dutieeol raid appointment, at hi ottice. in the
oorowKn m somerset, on I aewlay. Jnne Mth.
wnen inu nnfe ail partlM in Interest an attnd
Mjr II AuUitof.
Uanlel Pile, late of S jmenet B.r., S..ai-
Letter of administration oa the above estate
BSTlng been crantetl to tbe undersigned, re.-l.iiD
in Somenet boroegh, nutlt-e la hereby given 'o
tboee Indebted to h. to make immediaie payment,
aadtboee haTinar claim or denunfta will make
known the earn without delay.
Al dTI.-V S. KttU
Vay I Admlnismtor.
Br vlrtae of an order of tie ltm.1 ..i.t ..i o,.
me directed, 1 will f I pose to sale" on
wn oi somerset eountv. l"a and
piacv vi man ueceaeeti, oa
Salurdau. June I4?w
at lorlock P. m.. all tha following .i.-iii
r. v. omrj soung, uev it.
No. L A certain tract of land situate in v. .
et Two., Somerset Co., Pa., being the homestead,
adjoining land of J. Uoantryman, Alex. Country-
man, Joseph I Miller. Mielio'a Itarroa ami tne
a, noai
inmg va acre bjkI n percneev aboai
which are eleara.1 9na..M in . -
creror which are cleared, W acre in meai..W
ana the balance well timbered: limestone and
eoaloa tbeDrealfeaand la wall vmi.n.,i s.-..
two dwelling houses, hank bam and other out-i
of L-vaisvllle. ' I
no. Z, A eertala tract of land ttnt in T.rr I
r."?.Tw,i d,,?lnS No. l land of Joeeph L. I
Miller. Samuel Flick. Joel Levae ami ..,o
eootainlng 117 acre and 40 pen-he, abont m sere !
ciwwieu, iu acres in meadow, having a dwelling
aoaat and a ham thereon erected: a
camp and orchard thereon.
TtKMS 4Me.thlr,t tm .
nana, balaaoe In two ennal annual nu.i.Li. i.
Interest. Itefered namnni in iL ....
jadgment bond.
May 28
Tnut .
Bwmrclj Wa.rrawt
allows aa officer to go thnma-h vonr house from
v-.-Jil "IT- mn,i Llndsev'a Blood 1
oearcnet i warranted lu no ihroUHhyuur ass I
teuijrom toe to tneand.lriva.,ui ail M....I .n...L. !
ltacnrea an wonderful and eertined to by .l.s-tors! (
pronewers and people. Scrofula, Mercnrlal lis- I
ee-see, r.rystpelas. Tetter. I'lceriin the Lungs or
OBHheSAlO). Moil. Pimnlrfa w. -.. ...
grw. n n a ptrreiy )egetat. Compound
and .
See ,
rowenni ionic; For Kile by all Ifrvwvi
li"' "Sf " "e bottom of the wrapper.
i. r- SLLLtlu a CO., Prop rs, Plttabnrgli. Pa.
C (j B0Y0, ngesit. Soitier$et,T.
TkeTraiah a Slably
aad Will Prevail. ThoaMnds who hare ne.l ami
neeaeured are Uvirg wltnestet to the trn.h of one:
III Ccsa the worst cam-lot TJver Complaint.'
Blliovsness, Headache arising therefmm, Citlve
aee. lnstloatklCL lMzilness and all .1 isonl. m !
rnlttng from a diseased liver. For sale by all
vrnggui. Prices cent.
H. E. SELLERS A CW., PMp'rf, Pltts!)nn;h, Pa
clurl: l:i j past tpacor,
onti. j refitti.-.a cf tho
a Thousand Ki!os frc-n
H.'.rahnrt u ny
I n l-ti i.
1 ast'iiiicn I'-r i-a. fur,
tunnor ant .
CASS! 31 i'.'lYS sit
I J BASS, h U'lLLA.N rs. J !. . .
! 1VKr.I.ETS ( l(pr;,
f Y.VKN xr..
wliU h 1 auli to
ur(li.Hif sr- M A lr. Kef; SF K , i
IUVUHQ !UK ni.it.tl, ;,UJ .Yt. :,
pa't, to Kive miifUiv
1 will, .u n.i:l. :;:! .
i Summer.
i Y.I
I Aj.rn
S. M;
' ; n . t
' t.
I llw......
I hert-l.y aivrn to ii.m.c ii..:,.t :,.
lataiLite ;t ui'-nt.!
n - Ii -
' trr'M ul the rvri'i
: June 5. 1ST:'.
A', ril M
way let him know In orik r rn
cue. as he in his rwun.l?
(II who w.i nt rukcj.
oltrtn'ti for ni9 inienti'ir..o-f: - -
tmrrl, Ai'MitU, fulls '..r t,:i
all rn' $ nrijting until r f 'i ni Im:-.:
hi rtftntffff tn. t --t'.':"..j; fufi (.:.-. j
It'll:' l Lu 41.4. .
Itfparfmtnt. nnn cnt"ft"l
a .
ralcn9 m-rre urtunitt.t, i ,
mukc ejttmtnuttuus .t;.i
frttofrhnnir. A'.i err- -.. ' .
fi lmtitrl. PriM 'm.r-' SO Pi! UK
i 4J-
ner't-r in. F'.A i n"'-v. tn ?
General It. X. K'i. Ri r. F. . ' r. T-
Jmrricitn y-.iti'im-T ;.;,;. tf -.u a
rut'nt lithe', njiil tn tm' .ir..t..' B ri
StoU ia th- rt. . I , t.
"For staking spells,
its, dizziness. t,ahit
ion and low spirits
-ely o Hop Bitters."
Rei of. t-roeure an
use Hop .hitter, an.
'on will lie stnnv
lealthr, and bpiy.
"Ladles do yon wnni
.o be strong;, healrhy.
inJ beautuul T Then
i cae tiijt H p b.
TS will U'.t tar'
Ii .ii Bl.-.f
in. siren n;!i:is. a
urts I'oulinuiijf r-'
iri; d' se."
F.ir '?.. r
heeks. :!!'! :ti- fw"
st brisiih ia ! )
-Ki.lnc5 i I'-i
v i-oii)S.i:.'J
use Hop Bincrs."
"The icreiitttt appe
'ixer, stotoarh. M'km'
md liver rrsnlator
ilop BittiTS.'
tin' is ino't''' i. !.. -
,-d PyH. ::!
"SOU" It' Tt h. '' '
fieS'liw iie. afl't -l.i''
ie. II p Bi"r-iL-vi'Ua
lew !-"
'Tai H ' I'
hree liter -i '! .r lL
.a w;l! a"' '"'
r i.i:t..ij."
'Clergymen, 1
rs, ftnd xi'lies nvc;
il.p Milters Dally."
"Hop lHttors 1..4S
-Wreil to itriety an'
'tealth perlet-'L wre-k.-rom
For m1 Ly
. X
t. IV
JotinC. Dam n an.! wile. :! ri
havinx nvwle a voluntary o-'iwaim:
beneht ol their cre.li:"r- to ti.e
:.-i :
the Assittnor to make lnirae..iai p;m?ni
theat having cUlum will plr.i-e presiat '' ,
theolheeor John H. I til in .iiifr'rt I" ' L- - '
Tbnrsday. Jnne li . . . . ,
May i
LsUl-! Ot .
inrj-J iajcr. late '
Two . .I. ea.-t.l.
Tetters of adm!?ii?frAti..n n the n'"'5?.!
i . , t.. ik. n-.'.r"':'
! .... ,iai.t,..i
thort havlna liDisaa-:i!n.'t to presi'
dniy tntlieul.c.tled lor pivmcaf. , ,
CU.Nli f -E:V-
MSJ A.I-IU.':.-
Piles, Const'palicn.
... .. .. . ... I' . k II -M. 1..
Sasna af klDNKV TXKlllus " Jlj, I Ja
ehawBB. Itkeadeeeeettertose ;.Jrd
evrrwed. Isare rre rlWd It f- ' 'ViL'-sss'
areet aevterenred aevrr.1 vr-r k-fT.
fn later he aev - It ha a. r,rfcH.-i.
Thewaead wh have hcew
Mai have railed, ttl.'j lo "m"Jztuia
Ala great reaaedy ta U evtrcsatu-t
a. fv. it. n. ... jtfl
ew iae uver ewe aeweta. nn-. "7 -..or rc
Una. aad y tie great T,--"'' "
rUast ef strcaaih aad tvor "
every aeeMhy eeoa. . , Pi-,.,
TrleeetwIbUal-'; ,.i c
te away with the Miami ti-rar
alter pass leg Uroagh the w iaurr. .....
. . . . . . i,.. ill si
ii v 1.1 i a- l-r It ... ti
rrmTT...... u-...-r..,r-l .J
ii.:i 1.1 ALL ill.'
W . iJ..eeeai"tftsr-- K
will wa.1 -
W PVaaern-a.
niiMau'AL '--'.Li -.
h .ti:
1 II II n
M MM MM I r - T
I BJ H 1 Li 1
If 11 IM 'A
C BOYD, ?ent Soirertet. Pa.

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