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The Somerset Herald
.Ju'v. 1T.
- w -efSW!
Any person Laying g,Hl liimdliy hay How Tiiev O.i.r.intATKr. at ISkhi.in. ' The third annual mcKinp of the Soiimt ) Jjst of Jdhoks drawn tn serve at
f. sal can find puicbaser ly addressing The one hundred and ihird anniversary set County Conference Sunday School As- gust Term, 1S19
this office. f our Naiinual inilt;1iiuUm'e van cvlo eociation took place in the Lutheran j ohano jurors.
brat.,! In- Hi foul i-iiilr- l licrliu nml Clinrch. CVntreville. M v 27. -i ami 2!l, ! i i; t nr t-...ii....
tt'.l..f .nr... "... ; I.' 1 V I .. ...1. nuum U-JSIUW .1. uu.t
v i bui,uio iu vui . iiTiiiii v in Lilt, i: uauii: it: 11:111 1 ami 111111:11111- icjiv. jr . . j. 1 ni"n, . 1 A 11. ,,....,. 11 w
borough that (should receive the
of the auiUoriut-t.
attention cent style. It is the proud boaft of Uerliu e have teen looking iu vmu lor a full
lUrtka, John
Mr. IIowakd Lacghtoh, who hag
leen spending the past few months in
Philadelphia returmd home on Saturday.
There are two ibinc in this world that
should lie avoided : Temptation and a
pair of while mui on a pirnic exmr
XII u.
The prenchers all over the land are try.
ing to ciiviii"u J5"l Intrurwill of tlie ex
istence t hell, hy giving hiiu as much as
Dr. A. P Hkuuakku of Philadelphia
I KuU r.j L'.in . liriurrumllA f 1. 1
. i . m h nmu I . .. - . . ....
, rf-r Or..t 6"ai aut.es ana is visiting his mends and
TTa. M'ows rumu via iu uiu piace.
'"iLiMsu1'' - - .
wkkt, I Mr. Washisotos Meoahak is at work
putting np a scaffold preparatory to plas
tering the large pillars that support the
front ot lue Uourt House.
t.-T. MAIL.
M- .
- lultlmuT' l
lion. John Cessna, has been re-elected
president of h ranklin Marshall College. -
The College is reported to be in a healthy
nnanciai condition.
Tlm 1 minutes
On the Fourth of July a monument was
unveiled at Sunbury. Pa,, to the memorr
of Col. James Cameron, brother ol ex-
Senator Simon Cameron, who was killed
at the first battle of Dull Itun.
A man of Chester, Pa. desires to cele
brate the anniversary of the resting of the
rt piubrn st um.ni.j "i iuc idling iuc
vt, IT"'- . ill- 11 f. I mi m, VUI IAU I IIUU ftllj uuc Willi IB JTOIUIC
.'V'TIurnth. txi'ren J, as to the dale. Any information will be
: i;:..f.n; a. M., Mtu- tuanuiully received.
tM Uag on
;f'" a- . cidedly in
' 't .-bw'1 itivlnn Kit i ,,,lly'
turkey A.
Ully. r-
An exchange says : "Habitual protuc-
lue streets by young girls is de-
lniurious to a cowl reputation.
A little gum on the back of this (taragraph
will enable parents to stick it on the look
that she can outdo any of her sister towns
in tue splendor of her annual celebrations.
As there was no organized arrangement
for the general observance ot the day in
Somerset, a large portion ol our citizens
determined to visit the "oldest town .in
the county" and participate in the gaities
and festivities that her iople had so pr n
enwihly preared. At an early hour in
the morning the rond lending in lh:it di
rection was alive with '.illicit s, wagons,
and vehicles of every description, tilled
with people on pleasure Ix'iit. Owing to
some unavoidable delay, "ye local" was
among the last to get started and in on se
quence arrived at tue point of interest too
late U witness the procession, wnicn was
the princial feature of the day. The
preparation which bad been made tor the
day, we are told, far exceeded anything
ever attempted in that section before. The
decorations ot the main streets ot the town
consisting in part, of arches, pyramids, fes
toonings of evergreens. Jspanese .lanterns,
all literally covered with bunting and the
National colors were neatly and tastefully
made. Many private dwellings were also
very handsomely decorated. Company li
and the Silver Cornet Band from this place
were met at the edge of town by a special
committee, and both held prominent places
in the procession and added crcatly to the
enjoyment ol tue day.
J he following is the programme of the
day which was carried out to the letter
Chief Marshal, C. P. Hetlley.
Assist. Marshals, J. C. Philson, D.
Procession will be formed at the rest
den of D. J. I3rubuker, at ti o'clock
a. m.. In tue following order:
1. Chiel of Police, Wm. A. Powell.
2. SubUosa.
2. Somerset Band.
isiting delegates in decorated wag-
report of this Convention, and as this
meeting was perhaps the most enthusias
tic, and ns the work within its bounds has
shown mamed improvement in the last
year, and as the Convention was so de
lightfully entertained and so bountifully
fed. there seems to be no reason, proper
or lmproiMT, why this meeting should not
be properly reported in the County and
Church t)cra. 1 be reason or tins neg
lect, no doubt, is that tlie Convention ap
I Min ted no one repecially to do this work,
as formerly. Having secured Hie ncces
sary data, I may be ardoned tor bringing
this meeting before the lovers ot luc r. b.
at so late a date.
at this Convention
Lrothersvalley John Stahl.
Conemaugh Andrew Forrest, Wm.
Elklick Samuel S. Flickinger.
Greenville Joel P. Miller.
Larimer Simon Deal, S. II. Deal.
Lower Turkey fool U. C. Hyatt.
Meyersdale Martin II. Miller.
New Baltimore Bernard Wollhope,
John M. Topper.
New Ccntrcville Aaron Will.
Northampton Jackson Meyers.
ljuemahoning Wm. II. Bowman. .
Somerset ISor. Milton. J. Prills.
Those who were PrJ Jacob Shaulisf Henry Barndt, Wm. Stahl.
i cannot but be delighted c... i. i...- ci.
to recall the amount of social pleasure, re- 6
ligious instnicUons and general encourage
ment that was crowded into those three thaykrsk jurors hkst week.
davs of earnest work. Addison Christian Tressler, Charles
The Convention was opened on Tuesday Humbertson.
eve with a beautiful "Song of Welcome;" I Allegheny Cornelius Suhne.
but the hearty reception we received at Brothersvallcy Henry Altfalher, OH-
the different places of entertainment, and ver Hay.
croyie, Samuel
-rrTT-nn. and Smith-
-r. "".' ' lirriit and Water
T" ... .MUtel"1"""'
.ow istbe the lime to look after your
fruit. II the trees r-re lull and you want
fine fruit, thin it now and what remains
will be larger and better if you want it tor
home use, and if grown far sale will bring
a better price.
!UIV- I , Tlrltet Awl
till M."""'" ill.
b 'iviuMAN. SU viubb -
One day last week, at MeyersJale, mi
y, an iutant daughter ot James i. tiaitn
er, Ksq, fell in a cistern conlaininc tou
feet ot water. Happily she was rescued
by Miss Em. Forry, before lile was ex
passisT a
We received a lenetby communication
fromtriedens signed 1). SI. We will
have to retrain from publishing it lor want
ot tlie wnter s full name, not lor public
lion but ks a guarantee of good faith. Vt
only kiiow ot one D. M. in that vicinity
and he refused to double up on the grey.
.... 11 1ST.
A alixr ' J ln.
m WW i.V. .11 n.lCUKl
.Ik)!'-- .!.1 InlDI QUIJi
- i H K. K-
Kill u eonn Table, to take ef. mencement of the State Normal School,
towni"""" .- -nd cuntuiu " lurc" Indiana. July C 10, 18T9. We notice
tlie name of J. Jay ililler ot U.n pi ice
among the list ot names ot the graduating
class ot ,V,
a acknowledge tbe receipt ot an invi
tation U) attend the Fourth Annual Com
SETS? Morula txp-re-.
1Dl '1 -iih name train
l " !;" T h .1 :43 A. .
TlT rjwenicer t
Wij rummer Wet...
Kul tut
Enrol We
.... 1
.. Yi U P.
,. p. m-
.. 4 44 p.
..tM A. M
Jir. u. U. orton. tlie gentlemanly pro
prietor of the Tobacco House, in Mam
moth lilock, presented us with a bunch of
choice ciirars and two boxes, ditlercnt va
rieties, ot fine Havana cheroots. We had
sworn off on the Fourth and had thought
we would never smoke again, but owing
ItoChawIes kindness we were larced to
break over and now, hardly ever, do.
lirren ni'pk
Cuip meetinS
New m"wn lay.
Tk corn looks well
S,,w jour turnip seed.
Vanity FiiratOrton's.
GotoBjyd :or Diugs.
L F;i!icrman at Orton's.
S.no tht news ol your neighborhood.
CunpiKa".ng time h i'Uly approach-inc.
t i . luninL' a lashionable
Li on; lor the h.H wave predictel for
tii& mouth.
Lrt .Kir band give us some ol theirchoice
v-rr linl l.mlJine coins on in our bor-
K( li : ireteut.
Bar jour Drugs of C. N Boyd it you
t.iuii be luppy.
rowers ire more lashioauble than featu
ei Tliermomoler exphisions are next in or-
Tk lumens have commenced making
ciuver hay.
That wife of mine" buys all her Drugs
kC.N. Boyd's.
Early to bed and early to rise, stick close
u tour toteine and advertise.
That buliand of mine" buys all his
DnnitC. X.Boyd'i.
Dtvis Brno, are the cheapest Sign
Pmttrsin Western Pennsylvania.
At the recent commencement of the Al
ledieny College, Meadville, the faculty ot
that institution voted Dr. Henry Brubaker
the decree of Master of Arts. I bis is an
honor fittingly bestowed and one to be ap
predated, as Allecheny College is well
known to be very chary of her compli
mcnts. The Dr. is a graduate of the col
On Saturday niuht last Alex. Gardner,
a young laboring man ot this place, retir
ed to rest tecling in good health. On Sun
day morning he found his l"ft hand paral
yzed, and it so remains to this time. His
physicians have cot been able to restore
motion to the nuabed member. We hope
he may recover the use ot his band, as
would he a dire a diction if it remains pal
CastK'r Suiuck, a moonshiner, was ar
rested in the mountains of Fayette county
by Collector T. W. Davis aud a Deputy.
ot Pittsburgh, and taken before the United
States authorities at that place. He had
put up two stills and had COO gallons of
mash ready to convert into "red eye
when be was pounced upon by the min
ions of Uncle Sam. He was put into jail
to await a hearing fixed for next week.
The ire-lonous Fourth was celebrated in
a quiet way here. The Disciples Sunday
School nic-Dii eJ at Shamrock, and the I res
bvterian and Methodist schools at Pine
Grove. All a ho did not go to the pic nic
went to Berlin, fishing, or asleep. There
were several sma'.l displays ol liie-works
in the evening. The Tobacco House of
Mr. Orton was tastefully decorated and
brilliantly illuminated.
Savs the Connellsville Monitor : The
School Directors have elected Mr. Milt. L.
Baer. ot Liironier. formerlv of Somerset,
TV W nWe ta buv White Lead, Oil, Principal of the schools lor the ensuing
ttfiiten, l'sintettC, at livers uaruc term. air. liaer. wno nas taugui iu tuis
Swu-t l' ulace as well as in different other towns in
i . . , . . .
t. . rtt lwvrta ihe county nas always oeen universally
ix Diaa uu n i-icMi lit. 1 h.. rivpn fonora &&1 start on
iikfiv io . . .
W ii jssc in his sole, and is not
trtrt it either.
Aav on hanJ the Oliver Chilled
fin iid rtpdis at Byers & Barnett,
tvt. Pa.
F Sale. A second hand show case,
at C. X. Boyd's. Will be sold
Xet't Buttoned Gaiters, stitched, double
"saflmole, warranted never to rip, as
w at M 00, at Parwer Tkest's.
as a teacher, and the good people of Con
nellsville can rest assured that w un Air.
Baer as principal, their youth will be In
structed in the way they should go.
Melascholv Scicide. On Saturday
morning last, about So clock, Mrs. Eliza
beth Hay. wife of Johu F. Hay, of Jeffer
son township, committed suicide ty Hang
ing herselt to an apple tree on tbe arm on
h icn their rami ly resided . 1 ne woman
had been melancholy tor more than a
voar hni nf Into iint wared to be better.
fill ad get prices ol Nails, Iron, Glass, ghe 'Ml a husband, two daughters and
v. , ihivic .u.w D lone son. jvn muum iu ucm uu iuc 1 1
ijere oaraets douicibci, m, maiM ,y Solomon liaker, Jsq
"AMED. 5' X) customers for cucumber
Cook & Beebits.
Try M.HTison i Bro.'s Cough Syrup
co k-nolJerbaum's to buy your car
J :l,(MI yards just received, consisting
"FiH Cotuge Hemp, Bag, Stair and
r Oil-cloths.
iCiEBSoMKRsEY, May 2G. 1879
utffiey has removed to Meyersdale,
k w ill be pleased to accommodate
in want of a first-class suit;
Krtfi nut included.
TtD.-lG0 Barreia of Maple Su-
Bushels of Potatoes.
r -W Bitehtu of Wheat.
li. or in exchange for goods.
Cook &. Beekits.
TU back SHeseors are abolished by the
fenatbiil. and the returns axe to be
J J the banks t the county treasurer,
to to paid the percentage for col
iJ:f m Hier taxes for Stale purposes.
kToiuc's -We offer Potomac Her---tbtuttarrel,
Haif Urrel. Quarter
'or doien. and Mackerel Lake Her
M l'otHnac Shad at prices lower
before sold in this market.
Cook & Beebits.
ifslrL,('s D Crocus. The Unt of
a.-.,. candelion in June. U that im
Kcc to latter, whether grass made or
IVk t Perfected Buner Color of
Kicbtrdson & Co.. Burlington, Vt.
tiro, on the flavor.
fcL- ''h which Pari green is mixed
Po beetles, may be much greater
ksT''i. tne farmer told us that
toTr Pwnd of Pan green to 200
aT 01 PlAster effectually. When to
artisar b-uken to mix the two
other day. He talked wire fence so nice
ly to them that tbey almost embraced him
tor jov. and nearly upset the inkstand in
their eagerness 'o put their signatures to
notes for f Hi and f 107, respectively.
Two more farmers who don't read the
newspapers Ul victims to the tune of over
100 each, to the ruellifulous tongue of
McUiimenL 0d get something good, the sharper, in neighboring county, the
rnce moderate.
Mtsi Home-made Buttoned Gaiters,
" "!!, on!v f 4 ). all other work in pro
prjut, at Park Trent's.
J"R!(M)s"s Bect." Try a sack or
of it, We guarantee good bread.
Cook i BkeiiITS.
Ijfc iVotrvkir Xon Explosive Oil. For
Cook &. Beebits.
tk SJler, (Vulist and Aurist, Xa 256
t attoue, Pittsburgh, l'a. Eye, Ear,
T"n and C'nUrrh sjieciaUiea.
V11 PLAnER. Xow is the time to
fi-J it, and a bag ot 200 pounds only
tl T5.
Cook A Beekits.
A lightning-rod peddler was struck by
lightning near Uniontown recently, while
seated on his wagon during a thunder
storm, talking through the window of a
fanner's residence trying to induce the
farmer lo let him rod the barn. It was
the largest funeral ever seen in Fayette
county. People went miles to see tbe de
ceased. They couldn't believe it until
they saw it with their own eyes.
We have a tender feeling for tbe young
man whom we saw yesterday morning
violating tbe laws of nature by eating a
small green apple. It is sincerely hoped
that no .pains will result from the strain
upon Lis system. He is young and ia
the course of time may see the lolly
and mend hi ways. We very patiently
Any soldier who may bare lost bis dis
charge from the late war. can procure a
"certificate of discharge," which is sub
stantially the same, by making application
to the Adjutant General of the Army,
War Department. Washington. D. C.
It is n rt necessary to apply to a claim agent
or any person else, but mate application
Xo quarter should be given to the insect
pests which remain year after year simply
because we permit them. The potato bee
1 Ti( ao nlentifully because some care
less tanners actually breed myriads of
them. Many field of pom4 were ahan
doned to them last year, and the neigh
boring country wm thus stocked for this
Judge Ross, at Xorristown, lately called
the attention ot Justices of the Peace to
the new vugrai t act. known as the tramp
law, which was apjiroved April 13. 1711,
and goes into etlect August 15. 18. X The
Judge said that, under his reading of the
law. Justices would no longer have power
to commit at vagranU " Ihey hve beea
doing, but will be required to commit to
jail for trial, leaving the final disposition
ol the case to the Court. This decision is
of as much importance to the Justices of
Somerset county as it is to those of
Montgomery county, where it fas announced.
Schellsburg B.ind.
7. Goddess ot Liberty.
8. Siilors.
9. Pedestrians.
10. Berlin Band.
11. Wagons.
12. Equestrians.
1. Mu.-ic by Schelitliurg Band.
2. Org uiization.
a. Prajer by Kev. Poffenberger.
4. Muic oy Schcllsburg Band.
5. Addnss of Welcome by Hjv. Weak
Vocal Music. "Star Spangled Ban
Music. Somerset Baud.
Declaration of Independence, It:v.
S. 11. BridcnUuuh.
U. Oration. Prof. X. B. Critchlicld
10. Music. Somerset Bund.
11. Kat, drink and be merry.
12. Music by Somertet Baud.
13. Exercises by the Military.
14. Music, Somerset Band.
15. Balloon Ascension.
1G. Music by Schellsbur B.uiJ.
17. Music by Soinerse; Band..
evening exekcises.
1. Military exercises, upper Diamond,
t o clock.
2. illumination at 8 o'clock.
3. Torch Light Procession.
4. Closing exercises bv Balloon osccn
sion from lower Diamond.
It is estimated that there were from
twenty-five hundred to three thousand
persons present. Good order prevailed
during the day. Everything that has any
signilicance in the proper observance of
our natal day was represented ia the pro
cession, which was almost a mile in length.
The Goddess of Liberty, Uncle Sim, and
loung America iu all tlieir clory were to
be seen. Upon the arrival of the profes
sion at the grove, the military order which
bad been sinc'.ly ooserved was dispensed
with, and every body was free and inde
pendent. 1 he greater part of tue day
was spent pleasantly in tbe trove. In tlie
evening Company G gave a dress parade
in the upper Diamond, which wa witness
ed by a lame and admiring crowd, alter
wnich the people were treated to cboice
music by the Schellsbnr baud. As the
shades of night drew near, the town was
most beautifully and brilliantly illumina
ted. Japanese'lanterus in countless num
bers hung ia every conceivable spot in
the arches, lestoonings, on private dwell
ings, stores and shops, while the sky was
lit up by a continuous stream ot rockets;
all combined presenting a most gorgeous
pvrotechnical display. The shouts of the
crowd were loud and long, as rocket after
rocket shot upwards, exploding far above
their heads, raining showers of red,
white and blue lire and the brilliantly
colored balls of flame from the lioman
candles sped in every direction. After the
display of fire works, although by this
time the rain, which had been threatening
all day long, commenced to fall rapidlj-,
the citizens congregated in the Diamond
with lighted torches, for the evening pro
cession. At 0 o clock several nundred per
sons were in line and marching through
the principal streets ol the town. From
our post t a window of tbe hotel we had
a fine view of the procession, and as they
marched and countermarcbed, we tbougbt
it was one of tbe finest sights we had ever
witnessed. Tbe rain had ceased to fall.
the clouds overhead were dark and omin
ous ; JUam street, tue principal street oi
the town, was splendidly illuminated from
one end to the other with fancy-colored
lanterns, and the procession ot torch-bear
ers, as they wound in and out the different
streets, in a huge serpeniine-nite tracK,
presented a scene that was truly grand,
and one that made an impression on our
memory that will never be obliterated
while tile lasts. inus was ceieorateu
nother Fourth ot July in old Berlin.
The day will long be remembered by a 11
who participated in tue lestivitics.
Company u and tbe Miver cornet uand
return thanks to the executive committee
and the citizens in general for the hospita
ble manner in which they were enter
Conemaugh Moses
Elklick James B. Cross, Jacob F. Liv-
thc signs ot preparation, together wtth the
beautiful decorations of flowers on and
about the pulpit and altar in the church.
made us all leel welcome before the ren- engood, Mahlon Livengood.
dering of the music took place. The Greenville Eli Shockey, rnoah Khnga-
evening was spent in the discussion ot tbe man.
subject "The S. S. Convention: its work Jenner Isaac Berkey.
and influence:"' opened by Wm. II. Bun-1 Jcnncrtown Philip Craver.
pel. Esn. Meyersdale Dr. Waller Koontz, Wal
ter jones.
Hate breu tlm tndari r-mi-df hr the run r
.Iter 'mlaiai. (miiimimii, trirr
nuiEemenUof the uimsi-h al lira- kirinrer 6ft 9
tmr: Kml this: "SWlrr" l.irtr Ptllt nrrtl
hm of an Btt-kl IJrcreuuiplaiut nfeiitlit Tear'
Hamlin. Wm. I- vain. JiMU-l, Ilia. Pri.f. X4
eu. a Dux. K. t Sellers J t o., inpr ., iflna
hone, !. SM hj alt ilniirsists
Milferd Solomon W. Flick, Perry
On Wednesday morning, after the an
nual election ot ofliccrs. the committee
on credentials, previously appointed, re- Critchfleld.
ported. Northampton John B. Defller.
It was discovered that 23 schools, out Quemahoning George W. Muller, S.
ol the CD in the county, had sent dele- 11. 1 Oder, Daniel Ober
gates and were ready to make a report of Shade David E. Wagner, Humphrey
the work for the year. Also, that Libernight, James ielix,
G of the 10 Lutheran ministers in the Somerset Bor. John M. Holderbaum,
county were present and ready to do their Frank Gilbert, Charles O. Parson
" . I . m ........ ,
part to make the Convention a success. somerset 1 p. tpbraun v. snyuer.
The absentees were Hevs. Smith, Snyder, Southampton Nathan Shroyer, Frcd'k
StuifL and Pfaeler. The number of lay uasseirode,
delegates was about 100.
lbus the worker! had assembled to In
struct and encourage one another to do the
mighty work looking to the great Instruc
tor and the great Inspirer for wisdom and
The topic, "How can the Sunday-schools
rank with tbe Common schools in eincien-
cy and requirements?" was presented in a
clear and forcible manner by Key. Pollin-
licrger. We all were made to feel that
too much had had not been expended and
could not be done for free schools over the
land, for in the education of the masses
lay tbe hopes of a government and nation
like ours ; but on the other hand, we were
made to realize that there was too much
difference between the amount of money
and the amount of effort expended on the
I tee Schools and on the work of the Sun
day Schools. We must be made to esti
mate the spiritual above the carnal, tbe
heavenly above tbe earthly. Space will
not allow comment on all the topics and
discussions. (I recall tbe subjects and
speakers appointed.
"I he 1 eacher's vt ork, and how to do
It" embraced a large field of discussion
Kev. Spangler, Mr. Oliver Knepper and
Mr. J. M. Baker, had been apiiointed
speakers on different phases of the subject
aud gave us some useful hints.
Honorable mention is due the Bey.
Shoup for sending, in his absence, an ex
cellent essay on his topic. Brethren, this
is an example worthy of imitation.
Kevs. Ivuccock of tbe Methodist Church,
and Truxal of the Reformed Church en.
cournged us with their presence and words
at this session.
Wednesday evening the International
System ot Lessons was discussed. First,
its defects were potnted out by Kev.
Welch and others ; second, its excellen
cies by Mr. John H. Snyder, and others
and third, its possibilities by Kev. L. L.
On Thursday morning the Children's
meeting was addressed by Kev. aieber,
hetstone and Polnnbercer.
Stonycreek Washington Riceling. Wm,
Koontz. "
Summit Jonas Miller. Wm. II. Land is.
Elms lounkm, Zach. Wagner.
Lrbina Peter Gibbons.
Addison John Hanna, Jeremiah Sil-
Allegheny John Bridegum.
Berlin Michael Zorn.
Brothersvalley Philip Hay.
Confluence Samuel Bowliu.
Elklick Wesley McClintock, John Tip
Greenville John II. Warner,
Jefferson John Xair, Wilson Barron,
Christ. Miller, Sr.
Jennertown Frank Shaffer.
Larimer Jacob Deets, Lawrence Ott.
Meyersdale M. A- Kutter.
Middlccrcek Silas A. Walker, Levi
Long, Jacob Sen rock.
Milford Lewis Baker, James Meyers,
Jiicuaei bnyder.
Northampton Valentine Bridegum,
uideon Bowman, John U. Inmpey.
uueniauoning John Ackerman, John
J. Miller.
Somerset Bor. Daniel Hanger.
Somerset Tp.-Manossas J. lihoads, Phil
ip Walker, Aaron Zimmerman, Jacob
Maust, Geo. C. Lichty.
btonycreek Martin Fleegle.
Stoystown Pearson Miller.
Summit Daniel M. Fike, Jacob
Ursina Wm. II. Berger.
There are parties of young boys in al
most every part ol our town who - make 1
habitual practice of stealing fruit. We
have heard of several complaints about
these boys having visited the yards or gar
dens in different parts of town, and helped
luemscives lo tbe lruit from trees or bush
es. When a meagre supply of fruit is
watched to see it come lo maturity and
then to find it gone in one night, is a little
unbearable, and the parties found guilty
Birth mt m Human Frag.
The Convention elected Itev. L. L. Sic- I of the theft should be punished.
bcr to represent the Association at Aitoona
in '.he State Convention,
The Committee on Revision of the Con
stitution reported and the Constitution
was adopted, and left in the hands of the
Executive Committee for further revision
and amendment.
Closing addresses were made by several
Bellefontaine, 0., Julr 3 The
wife of a resident of this city was de
livered yesterday morniag of s ha
man frog. 1 be parents reside in the
of the gentlemen and after appropriate res- westerti part of this city. The child's
oiutions 01 tnnnKS 10 me good people 01 ueau apparently grows rigoi irorn me
euirevinu, uie ujnveiiuuo aujourneu 10 1 8OU:aera DO Deck. Tue taCC IS
meet at the time and place designated by riirht on ton of th hrl wirlTinnnth
the Executive Committee. I.T-i . :-t 1:1. ' t mi
Tv,i. t-,. ,.r I.T , ouu cjc uiceiBcij nana iroir. ine
most largely attended and most enthusias- arm8 na lege.are al&O an exact COUD
tic convention of the three so far held, and I terpart of that animal's, being bent
instead ot losing its mnuence and power m tbe position assumed When swim
with its novelty as some at first predicted, mir.-, ,ne fcanda nd feet terminatinir
' . c
this association is promising to grow in in
:Test and efficiency as itjgiows in years.
Summary Statement :
Xo. of Schools reported, 23
No. of Ollicers and Teachers. 37."
No. oi Scholars, 2,203
Contributions reported, 373,32
Officers for ensuing year : Win. IL
Ruppel, Esq., President ; Josiah Mo wry,
ice President: J. M. Baker, Recording
Secretary; C. A. M. Krissinger, Corre
sponding Secretary; A. M. Whetstone,
Rev. L. L. Sierer,
Oliver Kneiter,
J. II. Ssvder,
F. W. Mason,
Daniel U. Fisher,
Executive Com.
The Executive Committee is ready to
in long claws, the umbilicus is
situated on tbe back, and a well-defin
ed heart and liver attached to the
back of its neck. A rudimentary
arm also sprouts from each side of its
head. Tbe human monstrosity was
born dead, although living to within
a few minutes of its delivery,
Pfrmaacatj Object.
In troubles with tte kidneys or
liver a cure is worth nothing' unless
radical and permanent Kidney
Wort assails tbe causes of the dis
ease, by gently acting on tbe stom
acn and bowels, i or piles it is bet-
receive invitations tor the Convention for ter than any known specific,
13S0, as tbe place for next meeting is not
et decided.
Stonvckeek, Jclt 3, 1879.
Ax Interesting Uistoky.
Editor Herald : Please insert the
following in the columns of your valuable
paper. I am intimately acquainted with
Mr. S. J Hill ; he has been watchman on
theP.lt R. since the time it was built.
A. M.
On tbe night of December 21st, A. D,
18o2. Mr. S. J. Hill, ot Nineveh Station,
started out with a liu lantern supplied
with a tallow candle, as nUlit watchman
on the P. It. R. and June 2(.th, lbTO. has
watched 20 years and 6 months; in that
time he has walked 90,720 miles in the
discharge ot his duties, making a distance
of almofet four times aitmod the earth, and
has not been five miles from home walk
ing it. He has done without sleep 9,072
gbls. The pay day ibis montn was his
318lh pay day. In succession he has
burned 318 gallons ot oil in his lamp, has
had one oilcan 18 years, and has carried
one lamp 7 years; he has a schedule No
4. July 5. I808 tn his possesion. 11c nas
cairied his watch 2C years, 2 months, and
12 nights. He has never liad headache
and never chewed tobacco or smoked a
pipe or cigar. It was 40 years last Octo
ber since he took a dram of liquor ot any
kind, and no one has ever heard him swear
an oath, and has always enjoyed good
Normal Schools. The tall term of
the Somerset County Normal Schools will
begin as follows :
Berlin, July --'tst ; rnnapai, u.
Somerset, July 28th ; Principals, 11. II.
Sanner, J. Jay Miller.
Jenner X Ruads, July 28th ; Principal,
. K. Fcrner.
Meversdale. July 18th ; Priuciinl R. H.
Van Horn.
Salisbury, July 28; Principals, I. J.
Brubaker. Levi Lithliter.
Stovstowu, Aug. 4th ; Principal, r .
New Centerville, Aug. 4'.h ; Principals,
, L. Tedrow. I. S. Snyder.
Ursina, July 30th j Principal. J. D.
Length of terra : Berlin, 10 weeks ; all
others, 9.
A sufficient number ot instructors will
be engaged in all tbe schools.
Tuition from f J 10 a. .
The School Department urges the rais
ing ot the standard of nullification as the
number of applicants lor certificates in
creases ; hence teachers wisning 10 lonuy
themselves against failure should be pres
ent at the beginning of tbe term.
J. li. t lill-kH.
Co. Supt
July 8. 1879.
Tell it not in mournful numbers. Life
but an empty dream ; Let a man but
eat cucumbers, and a nightmare it will
Paddytown, July 1st, 1879.
Dear Herald : As you have not
beard from our little town for some time
1 will pen yon a few lines.
Mr. Herman Henry is erecting a large
and commodious building to be used as a
boarding house for the accommodation of
city 7isitors. The house will be run in
nrst-ciass style and we hope he will do a
good business.
A company of Mercer county men have
purchased quite a large lot ot umber land
about here and have erected saw mills and
heading mills. They are fine gentlemen
and expect to do a big business in the lum
ber and heading line. They at present
employ about one hundred hands and ex
pect to have have that many more within
a lew weeks. E. O. R.
Corrected by Cook a Buebits.
dulcu ia
The National Complaint. Dyspep
sia is the national complaint. Almost ev
ery other man or woman you meet has it,
and the result is that the number of pseu
do remedies for it is as numerous as Pha
raoh's host. They are lor tbe most pari
worthless. There is, however, a search
ing eradicant ot this distressing and obdu
rate malady, one whose genuine merits
long since raised it lo a foremost place
.. . ... . . . - Wl
among the staple medicines 01 America. Taiiuw, w a
llostetter s Stomach Bitters extirpates wheat, f una
dyspepsia with greater certainty and
promptitude than any known remedy, and
is a most genial invigorant, appetizer and
aid to secretion. These are not empty as
sertions, as thousands of our countrymen
and women who have experienced its ef
fects are aware, but are backed up by ir
refragable proofs repeatedly laid lie tore
the public The Bitters also promote
Applef. dried, f
A)tletmuer, fl gal
Bran, fi iin .
Butter, V (keir)
Butter, V (rub)
Buckwheat, ? buahel
" meat, luu $
Boeawaz. fl a
Baeun, hooldere, fia
aidea, "
country hams, )
Dora, (ear) y buahel
Corn, (alielied) y biuhel
Corn meal V a
Ualf aklna. V &
Erica, fi aoa
Flour, bbl
FUzwed ? he., (M )
Hunt. (UKar-eardl II
Lard. V a
Leather, red eole, ft a
MIoJMnM, and ebop loo as....
Oau, V bu
Potatoes, yl bu
Peachea, dried,
Ky flliO
Rairs. V a
Salt, No. L ft bbLextra
Uround Alum, per aaca...
Aabtoo. per aack.... ......
Sugar, yellow yi
4c tote
.. 1 16 to 1
W00L v a..
i to OS
. KM
S to'jc
6UC to S
.ii utui'iU
10 to lie
SeQ lue
fc we
1 SO
Ui Te
Sue toi&e
1 T
(1 SO to tl T
4 eo
l 00
Iu puruaoee vlaa oplerol aale aranloi l-y (lis
Court of Somertet eounly, I'., tbe uolori)oed
Aulgaee ot Conrad t'elton will sell at public aale,
Monday, Augutf 18, 1879,
on the premise la Allegheny Tp., Somerset Cow,
A certain tract of land with the aiiiiurteiuimsa.
situate In laid towiubiii. alioiuiuir bui'is ot
Ooorge Newlan-I. Johu Uonirlcr, Henry Wolf-
nope, rump lelim and others, containing 381
acrea, 7i acre thereof are cleared and in a Knol
atate el caltiTatiun. the balance well (imlierotl: it
islcstlmated by irood luiiicefthat there an-biM
corua vi enestnut and ?ua bark on tbe land within
reasonable dintanoe ot a good bark market ; the
lunmivemenia are a larce new two storv iraiu
dwelling boose with baaeinent story, also a new
bank barn, spring bouse and other eutbuildicirs
erected on the premUea, there are also 160 choice
sppie anu peach trecranu 70 grape Tlr.es of bear
ing age on tne premises: Jtnts la a new impmyeii
farm and lays within one and a hair mtli-s of the
town of New Baltimore, eonrentt-nt to churches,
srhoola. mills and stores, and is in ererr rit a
suitable proierty fur any pemin industrious locom-
fiinv uis lonune.
There will also be sold at the lima time and
filace a large variety ol personal property general
1 used on a well cultivated farm, .consisting of
worg horses, eolt a, cows, yuunv cattle, wagons,
sleds, plows, harrows, grain anilihousebold gooiis.
TKIt.MS. Une-third of the Eurchase munH nm
tbe real estate to be paid on enohrmation ol sale
and delivery of deed, oce-tliird in six montLs and
one-tnira in one year atlor conunnaiton ot sale,
with interest on deferred oarments: ten tier rem
of the purchase to be id on the day ol aale. Jhlrh
win 00 ueuurto 1 irom the han.i;iuoney. Un the
personal property a credit of ninety days will be
given on allsuim over bye dollars: all sums under
nve dollars to lie cash. Sale to commence at 10
E A S,
o'clock A. If.
virtue of a certain writ of Tend. F.i. laiiml
out of the of the Court ol Common Pleas of Somer
set Co ra.. and to me directed, there will tie ex
posed to pnliitc sale at the Public House ol Samuel
S. Shatter, ia Berlin Bor., on
Saturday, Jubj 2(1, 1870,
at 10 o'clock A. x., all the right, title, interest and
claim of the delendant, Charles Krissinger, or. In
and to the following descrined real estate, situate
in Somerset county, Pa.
No. 1. (me lot oi ground situate on north side ol
Main street, In the llorough ol Berlin, adjoining
Jasmes B. Walker on the west, ailey ori
the south, on which Is erected one two and a half
story brick dwelling house and large store room,
also a Urge two story lrami back building with
cellar ana basement under the entire building, out
buildings, smoke house, wood house and stable
thereon erected, with the appurtenances.
No. 'i. A lot of ground containing three, fourths
of an acre situate in tbe Korounh of Berlin, a.1-
joiiiIdl- Meyersdale road, lands of W. P. Zlmmer-
man, Josiah Hemey and others, upon which Is
erected a Urge Iron Foundry, cupola, engine,
basks, paterns, all in complete running order, a
pattern and cabinet maker shop, coke oren and
Urge log and frame dwelling house on same lot,
witn tbe appurtenances.
no. j, one lot or ground containing one and
one-fourth acres, situate In the Borough ol Berlin,
boun.le.lbr I )i virion street on the east. Xc irt h si reet.
on the north. Back street on the south, and Meyers
dale road on the wot,on which are erected a Urge
frame barn, ami having a young orchurd of lruit
bearing trees upon the farm In a high state of
cultivation .
The following parcels of land situate In the
suournsot Berlin, all under cultivai ion.
No. 4. (me parcel of ground situate In Brothers
valley Twp., containing 4 acrea and 106 perches.
unci uies&ure, aojoiiuug tanus oi nelson Ijrarey,
joun j. itron anu ulnars, Doumioa on the north
ova ra anonimg egress thereto thata clear
witn tne appurtenances.
No. . One parcel of around, adiolnlnir the
alwve named road, landa ol John A. Urotl, lands ol
Defendant and others, containing 4 acres and 105
perchea strict measure, with the appurtenances.
No. 6. One tut reel 01 irronnd ailiolninir No
on Cue east. Undsof John A (Irotf. on the south
Wm. Heutman. and J. (.. Onrdillon the west, ami
no. 7 on the north, containing 2 acres and lo2
perches, slnct incisure, with the appurtenances.
No. T. One parcel ol land adjoining No. on the
south. No. 3 on the east; No. on the west and
public road on the north, containing 1 acres and 18
perches, strict mc-usure, wiih the appurtenances.
No. . One pare-l or lot of groumt, ailoining
io. 7 od me east, private ruou on me south, pui
11c roau on me west n-l norm, eonlalnlnir 1 acre
and 104 perches, strict measure, with the appur
No. 9. One parcel or lot of ground adjoining S.
A. A J. C. Phiison, and lot No. lo on the south.
Johnson on the north. Mad leading Irotu Berlin to
Somerset anu ueuioru roau on tne east, and tin
rate road on the west, coniainlnir 3 acrea and 57
pen-nes, with the appurtenances.
ao. 10. one parcel or lot ol irround adjoining S.
A. A J. C Phiison on the east. lot No. V on the
north. Fisher heirs on the south, and nrivate n-ad
on me west, containing 1 acre and 10 perches.
Noa. 4, 5, , T. S. u. 10 are all cleared and In a hl-rh
suite 01 cultivation, witn tne appurtenances.
No. 11. A tract of land -lluute on the Brnsh
creek, Northampton Twp.. Somerset county. Pa.,
adjoining lands of W. S. 1 lively. S. W. Hav. -Mra.
Catharine Moser and others, containing 300 acres
more or less, 01 wnicn aoout so acres are cleared
and 3 acres in meadow, balance of tract heaviiv
timbered with white oak, hemlock, Ac, and a
good convenient mill site niton the same, wlih-h
can be ncl advantageously in converting the tim
ber, witn the appurtenances.
Taken in execution at the suit of Samuel Phll
son AC. A. M.Crlisinger, doing business as S.
rniison at f;o.
NOTICE. Any person purchasing at the above
ale will please take notice that a part ol the pur
chase money to be made known at the lime of
ale will be required as soon as the property is
knocked down, otherwise it will again be exposed
to sale at tbe risk ol tbe Srst turchawr. The
residue or tbe purchase money mnst he paid on
or before Tburstlay of the hrst week of August
Court, the time fixed by the Court for securing the
acknowledgment of deeds, and no deed will be
acknowledged until the purchase money ia paid
in full.
Sheriffs Office, I El'OAR KYLE.
July 2, lSiil. i Sheriff.
JUISTEl. 1879.
In issuing ht Jvhk C'ATAtnurs ami Pain
List, 1 beg to inltirm my customers and the pub
lic generally that my facilities for supplying their
wants arc complete in every respect. My stork ol
Staple and Fascy UaiVKRinsof all kinds, and
of standard qualities, is replete and carelully se
lected In every department. The pricet have un
daubtedly towhed bottom.
1 do not care to sell the lowest priced goods with.
ont regard to quality, as I know that there are
many articles on the market which are alto
gether unprofitable to the consumer. Especially
u this true of
Has Been Iudustriously Ciiculated by Some
Malicious Scamps that
S. COHEN & Co.,
of riTTsmuUsjir,
Wo OITer a Reward oi One Tbongarid Dollars for Information Whirr. Will
Iead to Tbeir DctccLioo !
317 08
.tt138 41
Milford School Dlstrht. Somerset county. Pa
lor tbe year ending June Join, ls7o.
Gross am't of tax dup, for school purposes tlTfi it
Mate appropriation
Cash irom loriner Treasurer
Paid teachers salaries
XI rs
y of Secretary
salary of Treasurer A Col . . .
Exonerations, deficiencies errors..
M l.oclUueous expense
Amount in bands of Treasurer....
Every grade of Coffee quoted In mr Price List
Is cheap at tue price Irom tnat iuotea at 1-4
cents, 10 my celebrated i Kt.xcn or hklmojicu.
I will, at any time, prove this by showing (it re
quested) the Collee in its green state. To those
who desire something Terr fancy, I recommend
my new i'KKycH Corral : which is. with the ex
ception el the celebrated Dklkosico, (which has
no equal,) the hnest Coflee In the market. Tlie
demand which has sprung up for it in the last few
weeits is sutncient prooc 01 mis. tue itio jr.
rKia are straight Klo's, (not Sanu, which are
too weak.) strong and tine flavored, fresh and
carefully roasted being roosted on Tuesday and
Thursday ol each week.
On this price list, I beg to call attention to the
VanHl. RvniL Tmon Svrun. Oranire N v run
Strawberry "Svrup. Raspberry Syrup, ljine juice.
Crosse A Blackwell's Kasplierry Vinegar, Lemon
Sugar, Mixed UiTtlen lirown I ca lor lcel Tea.
Alloftheabovenamedireooa CallfornU Fruita
Cililnrnl Jain Dumlee Murmalade Comb
Honey (iuava Jelly Pressed Comed Beef
Lunch Ham Lunch Tongue Potted Ham, Chick
en, Tongue and Turkey Sardines Oysters
Pickled Lambs' 'tonguet Condensed 3111k
Fresh Lobster Fresh and Sploed Salmon Fresh
Mackerel Crosse A Blacawell's Pickles and
Sauces Crackers Soups lm(iorted and Ameri
can Cheese Dried B-ef Queen Olives Clam
and Fish Chowder Imorted Bologna Sausage
Salad Dressing French Mustard HoeTox Gttf
iies Ali Wimi'i Kitait nr Java ad
Mocha Ctirrg Can Opeuera.
Young Hyson. "
(lun)iowiler, j
Imperial, ! v.. 60c , 0c.. We., tl .00 and
Japan, f $L) per pound.
Oolong, I
Fnglish Breakfast, j
Mixel Tea as and 30 cents per pound.
rt drtired. trill ptrk any of the above in 6 or
10 Ib.boxct without extra chanje.
Kio. - ia'4. IS. 17, 20, 23, a and 27 cents per lb.
Java Flavored, 2x. peril'. Kio and Java, noe. "
.rfaracailw, - i7c. " Java - Utaud-'Ue. "
Laguayra, - " Mocha, - - ase.
Diliuouioo, - Uic. " French, - . ate.
Rio. ft IS, is. iO, and ffl eta. Java, and J) eta.
Laguu ra, '-0 cts, Maracaitjo, &j cts.
Mocha, 30 cents.
This delicious (':tfee la un'lvaled for Iu delight.
Jul Aroma. 1! all other Cunees hi ve labe l to
please you, try
I beg also to call special attention to my new
French Coffee.
This is a ra be mixture of ba be Coffee" strenith
and Mayor tielng s eomtdned as to pro.luce a o.
iob iu win more man please tne mimt ardent
lover of this popular and delicious beverage. The
price bos leen nut ao low. eonaiderimr the
quality, that already a large demand has sprung
up ior ii. i o test its menu, include a b w pounds
ill "rnni.i'i I ', . ft m In ...... n. . .
m nmrai mi msunu interests or onr buitnru thn ,i. iv ......
aaweasknoeriit.btivlnar our inds .trWi. l,..k ..Th 1 "
Not a year iiawwa but that wosn nmiiiu'i,, ,i.,..i......''. , t
i.i i ,. . . . , . . ' i.,i-,ih-m.. ano in rarn enanira i nm
mir einpiv nea.is and any: Howls thlsT tvery haslness ti? .t.ng and
g. Lverrhwlv erica Dull Time r ti,i. k. ...... i. ... .. . . ..
u. L,. ...... ' . . , ' ' "r. ti'
.,, iii ineir ruiunif ui grao the Eivi.err thev enaerlv
r,Weal. ltm:".U1'J ll-t.?l"naW'T ,hU "hi"' Two tftlri !tw& . u,
,7s, Hi 1; "J " U'U Bior "W-M-T when we arectlenng our entire New
er.Vr'!'amt" " U !" natural that theW
croakers should cry out with redoubled strengtA.
-ii?ntleawn' PofP" d that we cannot nuke your prophesies good. We rcgrcl that vua
And It necessary to mind our busines, ,wl.ly o the neglect of j.ai own regn.i ai . uq
ur luaise was esublished thirty years ago, and during .hat time w. bare Never Failed in bnsl-
K., r.,"?? W Weomlnre the (woplool Pittsburgh. AileKhcnvCity ami the stirround
AUeiuuk, Can ttnd " r store. Fine .s-da, Moderate Pi leca, Fair Dealing and Court o. nas
riiEN's risu's I
Blue Flannel Suits : UNFOUAIFn I Fancy Chev t Suits '
! 8.20. i ! S4.70. I
ive Stores in One !
Youths, Boys, & Children's Clothing
j-V90to?70, Tioys and Youths' extra Imporud
Cashmere Suits.
jl.30. Cbililren'a t'nlon Cassiinera Sulu. from
4 b 11 years old.
I.ku, ti.8o, 3 40, ChlldrtD's All Wool
Cassimere Suita. 4 to 11 year. old.
jj ku. -t.a toxsoo, chliilren's Extra All Wool
Suits of tine imported goods.
f-.i jo, i nimren s mue Cloth Suits.
, Chlklrea'a Serve Suit.
J3 0, Chililren's Fine Brown Cloth Suits.
fiw). l"i dlilerent styles of Children's two-shaded
Suits, all wooL
An LlegantLotol Extra Fine Worsted Suits,
very low.
From 7'J cents. Kilt Suita a specialty.
JUl White Vests at . worth iu.
1.4J) Summer Oats at tc.
Ujo. op. Boys ami Youth's Jackets.
1.70 Pi VJ.au, boys and Youlli'a Suita,
s-aiiis ami ests.
i4il to ts.4S. Boys and Youth's Cassimere.
Worsted and ( heron Suits.
4 M to -.i. Boys anl Youeh l extrt
ooieTi iriootanu lKesktn $tiits.
ea J Hoy s Worsted Suits.
tW, Boy's French Diasronal Suits.
Boy 's extra Kngush Worstel Suits,
('oohrmation Suits.
From 'Me. Children's Pants.
73c. Children's Suits, from to 11 years old.
Just Received, all tbe new styles or Children's
. Clothing, at popular low prices.
All Gcofe WarraiM as Eepresenlei or Money
0'ir Trice List for New Spring (ioodd :
Men's Department
1 too Men's Summer Coats at Cl
Sc for Men's good Working Pnnis. line '.
Hoc. to tlofor Men's gool Worste-i P,ita.
1.10 to t.SU for Men's g(Hl f'n-iinere auts.
I.W) to i4 for Men's good liiagon l Panrs.
l.loo Men's Summer Coats at I'Je.
4 40 to J7.D0 fi Ilea's extra good CaSslmcre
and t'hsvoit Suits.
4. SO for Men's Diagonal Coat and Vest
4O.0IJ lor Men's lliMi,nl lta
f-i. j fi. mi i cum iiwi Mrs. r IIUU. : lust received, i O i,nlr,i M.-. in
final CaMiment mnti W.wmIm.1 P-.,,t- D t-i . i . " ' '
tl w lor Mens tnioo Suits oat, Psntaaad :
Vest, Lined.
twfor Men I good Worsted K.it i
4 .0 lor Men's good All-Wool -Huh an. I (;iiv
oil Cassimere uits.
4.40 to 7.a for Mcn-a g
Light Colore-1 All-Wool Cassimere Pan-, 1 no
Blue r lannel Pants, color iruarunteed.
Vt.su to fll.Su lor Men's extra koo. Sccr Ca
Slint re, Wursted. I)i5kin, liiagooal, Ker.r awl
Sawyer s Cassimere Suits.
lo.iO to Wl 40 for Men s ri'rm lln. 1..
i Cassimere. W,.rted and Diagonal Suits, eouai to
d Cassimere ! best custom work. '
I mr Scotch and Sawrer Caanlinm k., .
: 4.. Styles Men a Light Colored Scotch Cash
mere Suits, fnm Xjo up.
411a) 00
71 15
170 3"
lj 00
yo irj
1J4 07
t 00
304 00
Save Your Children.
For expelling worm, from the system. Hcllcra
Versnllstare has no equal In this or any other
country. toe teasnoonlul given to a ebiid of Mr.
Bradbury's, exjielled 234 worms In lour hours alter
. . . , . . W1D LUC DMUKIIW. IMIIj. MAJ HI, t IIIOH 1 11WH-
a icinai imon ui uuiiji uiu give a ul-uiiu- ,hp. Pa. Also "expelled 400 awrsu frem my child
lul stimulus to the urinary organs.
A meeting of the officers oi tlie Somer
set County Agricultural Society will be
held in tlie Commissioners' office in Som
erset, on Saturday Uic 12th day of July,
at 2 o'clock P. ii.
Wm. M. Schbock, Sec
two years old." Wm. Server, St. Louis, Mo.
Sold by drnirgists. Price 2S eta. R. E. SELLEKS
, rrop ra, rituMirg u, ra. oenu lorclrcuuirs.
j uiy a
Xo well regulated closet, in dwelling
where frugality is esteemed, should be
without an assortment of Leamon's Dyes,
prepared by Wells, Iticbardsnn & Co..
Uurliogton. VL They beautifully color
wood, leather, muslin, ail, kid gloves,
velvets, ribbons, erasses, shawls, neck-ties
and all articles of dress.
As AstonibHIXg Fact. A large pro
portion of the American people are to-day
dying from the effects of Dyspepsia or dis
ordered liver. The result of these dis
eases upon the masses of intelligent and
valuable people is most alurming, making
life actually a burden instead of a pleasant
existence of enjovment and usefulness as
it ought to be. There is no good reason
for this, if you will only throw aside pre
judice and skepticism, take the advice of
Druggists and your iriends, and try one
bottle of Green August Flower. Your
speedy relief U certain. Millions of bot
tles of this medicine have been gives
away to try its virtues, with satisfactory
results in every case. You can buy a
samp.e bottle lor 10 cents to try. Three
doses will relieve the worst case. Posi
tively sold by all Druggists on the West
ern Continent.
ot Somerset Borough School District for the year
euuing Jim i, leiv;
To amounts received
From aitate appropriation 304 Irt
m duplicate ui John K Scott... 4 J7
(m dup. of W.H. Welliey, 1S77.. Si5 77
tin duplicate 04 same, isiu......
-AKS14 30
Fr repairing i UI CS
For fuel and eontlngeaeiee, includ
ing janitor's pay and Insurance. 4 00
For salaries of teachers. ... 00
For secretary and treasurer 64 Si
M14 30
W. H. Welfley, eolltetor tor the year ending
June 1, 1079:
Wbole amount of duplicate..... tui: 12
Amount paid over f SN S4
Flxoneratlons allowed M 21
Communion lor collecting........ 87 6i
llalaoce due (unooUeeted) 41a 68
t-33S 41
Secretary. President.
We tha undersigned Auditors of Milford School
District. Somerset County, Pa., having carelully
examined uie anove accounts 01 tne treasurer.
Bad there correct to the best of our knowledge and
Julys Auditors.
Cltlicna and visitors will Sad It to tlieir interest
and comfort to buy Cigars and Tobacco at my
I believe I can undersell any establishment In
tne county, ami am certain tnat my stocg can
not be excelled In quality. Cheroots and cigar
ettes for beginners in the practice ol smoklnsr, and
Tobies and Pipes for those accustomed to nar
cotics, are kept on hand; Very cboice brands ol
Chewing Tohaoce and Cigars nave )ust been re
ceived and are disposed 01 at less prices than have
been heanl of since the war began. A cboice lot
of Pipes on hand. Tbe best Fine C ut in tbe market
is euki over my counter.
Estate of Philip Shaver, Jr.. late of Somerset
Twp., deceased.
Letters testamentary on the ahoy estate hav
Ing been granted lo the andershroed, notice Is
hereby given to those indebted to It lo make im
mediate payment, aad those having claims against
It to present them duly authenticated lor settle
ment at nil lata resilience in said township,
Saturday, August . 117.
jrfy virtue of certain writs of Vend. Ex., Issued
out of the Court of Common Pleas of Somerset
Co., Pa., and to me directed, there will be expos
ed to public sale, al the Court House, In Somer
set, Pa., on
Wednesday, July 23, 1379,
at 10 o'clock, A. al., all the riuht, title, Interest
and claim ot the delendant, Samuel P. tieiger,
of. In and to tbe follow Ing described real estate,
situate In Larimer township Somerset Co , Pa.
No, 1. Containing lot acres, more or less, of
which there are about vi acres cleared and lo
acrea In meadow, with a two-story irame house,
bank barn and other outbuildings thereon erected,
adjoining lands of Solomon Weimer, .Moms Bit
ner, Jesse Bitner, Jonathan Bitner, and others,
with the appurtenances.
No. 2. Containing 76
S acres, more or lens, of
which there an atwut so acrea cleared and lit
acres In meadow, ;with a two-story lrame boose
and log bars thereon erected, adjoining lands of
OeorgeOeiger. Henry tieiger'a heirs. Jonathan
Bitner, tract I, ana omers, with tne appurte-
axso races or thc distbict.
Amoaat due from Henry Kreager $ 2i 71
- on duplicate of ls7s (aaeol-
leeted Its) a
" " oa duplicate of 1S79 (uneot.
tested 5U K
Total eeaonrcef of the District...
. t&41 &4
This section was visited by a heavy fall I
of rain Tuesday morning. 1
Norn. This s subject to such ether exonera
tion aa may be allowed.
We. the underlined, auditors of Somerset bor
oogh. have examined the vouchers of the forego
ing account and found them correct la all mrtieo-
lars. Witness our hands and seals. June 3o, 17U.
Jaly 9. Auditors.
No. X Containing 130 acrea, mora or less, of
which there are about & acrea cleared and i acres
in meadow, with a two-story log hovjje. and other
outbnildings thereon erected, adjoining landa of
Samuel Bowman, Henry Oelger's heirs, Conrad
Felker. J. Knepp and others, with tbe aipurte
naucea. Taken In exeentioa at the salt of Samuel J.
Ucbty.et. aL
NUTICE. Ail personi purchasing at the above
ale will please take notice that a part or the pur
chase money to t made known at the time of
aale will be required aa soon as the property Is
knocked down, otherwise it will be again exposed
to aale at the risk of tbe first parrhascr. Tbe res
idue ol the purchase money must be paid on or be
fore Thursday of the first week ol Aurust Conn,
tbe time fixed hy the Court for securing the ac
knowledgment of deeds, and no deed will be ac
knowledged untU tint purchase money U paid la
Sheriff's office, t Sherttt.
June yj, 17V. i
Mackerel, Extra No. 1 Extra Score Mesa,
(no heads or tails) per a lb. kit 4 00
Mackerel, Extra No. 1. Extra Shore, Mess,
(no bends no tails) per la lb. kit t-1 SO
Mackerel, No. 1, Best Shore, per W lb. kit, 2
Mackerel, No. 1, Bay, perMU lb. kit 1 Mil
Mackerel, No. K, l.arve Fat, perai lb. kit,... 1 Si
Mackerel, No. 3, Large Extra, " 1 36
Mackerel, Ko. 3, "
Mackerel, Fresh 1 lb. cans 18
Codhsh. Woman a avorite Boneless, per 3(1
lb box, Kt OUj per lb OS
White Fish, tbbU t
White Fish, Jt lb. kits 1 4o
Ike Herrlnir, ' bhls 1 -hi
I Ake Herring 14 lb. kits 70
New Holland Herring, per keg 1 itu
New Russian Sarlines. us
Codfish, Oeorges Bank, per lb.. ui
10 Ins Powdered Sugar. l 00
10 lus Crushed Sugar 1 u
9J4 l.'is cut Loal Sugar l ou
11 ltia No. 1 Oranulated Sugar. 1 of)
U'4 lbs Starelanl A Sugar 1 Oo
12 lbs A Sugar (soft) i oo
13 lbs BSuicar i oo
13 It. Best N. O. Sugar. 1 oo
14 lbs Light Yellow Suicar. 1 00
l4 lbs No. !l Yellow Sugar 1 OS
..tl 00
.. 1 05
. i ill
. 1 Jt
. I 0v
.. 1 IM
.. 1 u
. 1 ot)
. 1 00
3 Cans Cornell Beef (2 !.)..
Lunch HamorTonaue
Boned Turkey and chicken..
Sandwich Potted Meats
Huckins' Soups
Fresh Salmon (Id.)
Fresh Jlackerel (1 .)
Fresh Lobster (1S.)
l!ove Oysters ,
French Sardines
San Joee Fruit Packing Co.'t, In Full Weight
. Cans, comprising:
Yellow Clung Peaches A prions Bartlett
Pears Egg. Uage,and Jaekworth Plunu Oer
man Prunes Strawberries Muscat Orapee
w y-1 c0, MEvna, cans lor li uo
1 lbs. New Currants ,
12 lb New Valencia Kaisins
1 lbs. New Turkey Prunes
20 lbs. Choice Urled Peaches
iu in, imed Blackuerrlea
11 Ilia. Extra Oatmeal
10 ihe. No. 1 Head Kice "
12 lbs. No. 2 Carillna Klcc
13 lbs. No.
12'ilos. Cream Cheese
4 Itis. Strictly Pure firooiul P.m
30 Bags Syraenae Salt
13 Mars Johnson's Borax Soap
17 Cakes Babbitt's Best Soon
1 Cakes Proctor A Oamtde's While Sip.
. . .. ullc nunaB 3"wp. ......
1 Bars Irian Shamrock Soap
M Bars Acme Soap ..
a ios. v. eyman s cut A Urj Tobacco
1 lbs. Good Navv Tohaeen
Mi Iba. Banner Bakina: Powder
4 lbs. Loose Baklmr Powder
IS HlifislVinmitrstMl T v.. .
13 Boxes Penn'a. Salt MT Cutii''."'.l 1 iu
li Balls " ' " Potash.... I ou
I ne rRtNCH COFFEE is a Rare Mixture
of Rare Coffee !
Send vour Money bv Reiristerer Letter.
Post Office Money Order," or Draft on
t'lttsburgu Uank. Do not send
.. oo
. I en
. 1 uo
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 OO
. 1 00
. 1 ou
- 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 10
. 1 00
. 1 uu
. 1 ou
. 1 OU
. 1 uu
. 1 oo
. 1 ou
. 1 00
. 1
. 1 ou
. 1 uu
I 00
ore Hit.imEs's
Are the talk of the Town.
Only Entrance to Which ia at Corner of Third Avenue and Market Street.
In this Department we h.tvc all the Latest Styles in the Market.
"A c.. Men's Uxk1 Workine Hats.
4'.lc. up. Men's Fashionable Stiff Huts
slightly da.naireu.
It 10 up. Men's Fashionable SlilFI I tls,
extra tint-.
2.."i00 Men's Caps at 3c.
33c., I!oy's Good Hats.
2Jc, Children's Good Hals.
1!) and 21c, Men's Good Car.
24c, IJoy's Good Caps.
4-trr Whit Irv Pliirtn.
. hr HliiU irHsj shirt wro frrert fittiitir, lin- ;
lik: ft- itutHi Calk-o Un-f MttrU, with twu tiitUun,
to . itrpjii ren-nlf lrvH Iiirt, with Uu t-ol-
.np firi!k Hnn.lkpn I.I. f
li. for M-n :ri-t I iMis r'tnrtit uimI Irswi-p,
a ftur t'r M n 'n KMt l,tn-n ( jis "
a for gent F:tr t uUir.
wr. mi, , lh" Lr A--.r1.-.i u k .f N.t kwi-ar in H- StMl.
'J 41c, anI k. fr Mvnn r-l ! it!:iti:Hlni l V. np, j:jJM k uih! buw.
Wlnit- ImwHIffrtM. ftr. pir, Mt-11 si.
17f. fr M-n' iitun1rWl alK-o Shirt. 4 fmtn for iV., M. n rM 4n k
l-. fiir lU.y'n i nlHuo-lrVU OiIm u srtalrV. : 3 pmr lbriV.( itra uwt Ack-
fir H.t' ln . .-Jnrli. j ur ft'.. W-ii Vn-tu h Mi-l k.
;c. up fur Mrn'n ?u-!.. full r-tnilar-utt KnU-h Ak
lubiiuzra Mea's.umiis"r LiiUr-ltui at Its..
In Our Merchant Tailoring Department.
Our Btock ia now complete, with a full line of Foreign and Doiiie.iti.- Fi
euitable for Spring anil Sammer Wear, corrprinino;
Sawver's. Harris'. Olobe ami f:milre Mills'
S'nth anl Kninllsh f'nsslmeres.
Scub-h ami Knallyh i:hevits.
Scutch and Knglisb Worsted.
Knscll.'h anl Frrnch IrlaarxaaU. Itrna-W loth,
INieikla, Trieot an.! ami Thliwt.
Which, when mu'le up, f r S K Workm imhip and Price, are Uasurpassc.l
in the Union.
r'ATS, Men's ail
1V.4U, Men's All-Wool
?,W, -3,0, Men s AU-Wu.it Cbtvlut PaLls.
oil t'assimere I'ants, to
I'asiiuiere Sous lo
UASO anj ;14,W Men s All-Wool CUvl.4Sui s.
to tinier.
14,4.i, 1H, Klae tlanncl Suits, 11 eul'ir, tn
ly, J), AIl-Wiil Wurste.1 Suits, to orler.
And to rhow oar many customer that we mean ( d i an we aa, tber will
on calling; please Ask tor (lood Advertised.
Oheap Covnei-,
52 ,54, 50, 58 ,60 Market St. coiTtedk PiW Pa.
4sT-Senl tut Jane rttalnne anil Prlre List lv.
big qautaiiiina hi iaU."U
N. B. Oar nucneroua Datrona will tilmap hwtr .if ..f . 1.1
be Weak-Mioded Compj-titor, who repreaent their t.orR as "Cohen'a" in
EXTRa'xCe'tO' We CBQt'00 PQblic Kenerallj that the ONLY
'"Colien's Original Clicap Corner"
Cor. Third Ave. & Market St, Pittsburgh, Pa.
The Immense Front Five Stories in One.
Xo. 28 Fifth Atc,
PITTSBURG FA lla9rcrs v ail Promptly attended To.

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