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"The impudence of it!" Bid ojd
lira. Dennieon, booing beraelf rig
orouslj. "Abigail ! I m surprised
t yon I How can joa sit tbere as
calm aa if that man had onlj asked
for a glass of milk!"
'Bat,'grndma,Haaid Abigail, in
the low musical voice habitual to
her, "I do not think he meant to of
fend you."
"What did he mean then, I should
like to know f You are city bred ;
fray tell aa ignorant old country wo
man if it Is customary for gentlemen
to walk into strangers' houses and
offer to buy their tables aad chairs ?"
"Not exactly that, grandma; but
just now ererybody is crsry about
old furniture, and it n aougni at a
fabulous price wherever it can be
fouud. I suppose this gentleman "
"He is a puppy, not a gentleman!"
"This puppy." then," said Abbie,
with the faintest gleam of fun in her
brown eyes, "has heard of jour hav
ing furniture here more than a centu
ry old, may bare beard, too, that
we are not wealthy " i
"Say it out ! That we are wretch- j
edly poor I"
"Yes and he might think the
prices now paid for sach furniture
as is here, would gire you many
"There! there! say no more. I
am a miserable old idiot! But, Abi
gail, child, every Btick of this furni
ture was brought by my grandfather
from England. It is as dear to me
as the old house itself. That old
cabinet that the young monkey es
pecially desired to purchace was
brought from India by my uncle
when I was a little child, lie bad
been years in India, and wo suppos
ed him a wealthy man, but he came
home old, feeble, almost childish, liv
ed less than a year, and left nothing
bat his wardrobe and that old cabi
net, which he gave to me.
Having heard the same story many
times before, Abble may be forgiven
if her attention wandered a little,
and she thought wistfully of the
good that mijrbt be done with the
money offered for the cabinet, a 'goto
of Indian work. She was a genile,
dark-eyed girl of twenty-two, a
teacher in a school in New York,
and spending her summer vacation
with ber grandmother in the ances
tral home on the Hudson.
Tiie house was very large, very
old, yet very comfortable, being sub
stantially built and well furnished.
For many long years all the upper
rooms had been closed, and Mrs.
Dennison, her daughter and one ser
vant occupied the first and second
floors, living upon a very narrow in
come, that would be still smaller.
For the daughter, a widow, drew an
annuity from ber husband's estate,
that ceased when she died, the win
ter before the opening of this sto-
It seemed to Abigail Dennison
that her duty called her to remain
with her aged grandmother, ber only
one, too, and yet, if she gave up ber
teacher's position and salary, what
were they to live on? It was a hard
problem to solve. Mrs. Dennison
was nearly ninety years of age, and
in those upper rooms Abbie thought
there was what would bring money
enough to make ber last years com
fortable. Yet, when she gently bin'
ed as much large tears rolled down
the old lady's cheeks.
Let the things stay till I'm dead,
Abigail," she said. "You will have
the house and all is in it. It will
be yours to sell or keep, and I will
not make any condition with you,
but let it stav now as it has been all
my life."
"l will never speak of it again,"
Abbie said quietly. "I am sorry I
was sot here this morning to spare
you the annoyance of seeing your
would-be-customer. What did he
look like?"
"He looked well enough, tall and
with a frank, pleasant face. His
card is somewhere about here tbere
on the centre table."
What made Abbie a face flush rosy-red,
her eyes soften to tenderness,
ber lips quiver in the sweetness of
miles, as she looked at tho slip of
pasteboard f
"Do yon know lim ?" Mrs. Den
nison asked.
"I have met him at Aunt Josie's."
Mrs. Dennison sniffed. Aunt Jo
sis was ber favorite aversion, a sis
of Abigail's mother and a fashionable
woman of society.
"Tour Aunt JeBie had better let
yon alone filling your head with
frivolity. I suppose this is some
dandy then"
"Oh, no, grandma. Dr. Barclay
is any thing but a dandy. lie is
young and likes society, but he is de
voted to his profession and everybody
speaks well of him."
"H'myes ! Terhaps, Abigail, you
had better go down to the village
with the tidies you knit for Mrs.
Eeata. You look warm in this close
room, and I dare not have the win
dows open, my rheumatism is so
So Abigail accepted her dismissal,
wondering bow much her face had
betrayed. It had been a surprise to
read Dr. Stephen Barclay's name up
on the card her grandmother's visit
or had left, and she was conscious of
some change in ber face. And vet
she had no confession to make. Dr.
Barclay loved her and bad won her
love, but their united incomes were
insufficient to keep the wolf from the
door, and Annt Josie had positively
forbidden an engagement.
Yet as Abbie walked slowly in the
July sun down to the village it did
seems a little bard that she could
not have seen Stephen, even for a
moment There was a suspicious
dew in her eyes, when she beard a
firm quick step behind her, and a mo
ment later a well-known, well-loved
voice said :
"I heped youwould come out,
darling 1"
Oh, Steve," she said, reproachfully,
"why did you comeT"
"For various and sundry reasons.
But will you not say you are glad to
see me 7"
"lea," she answered, cordially,
and frankly, "I must be glad to see
"And will vou try to make my
peace with the old lady 7 I shall be
at K for a month's vacation,
ana 1 must see vou. Let me exDlain.
Your Annt Josie told my my sister
you anow uarriette r"
"I have met her."
"Well yon probably found out
that all the new manias have her for
A -
votary. so just sow ane is crazy
ior oia lurniture. lour aunt told
her of the treasures in your grand.
motner's Loose, and Uarriette let me
have bo peace until I promised to
secure ner a tew bits. When I
beard it was your grandmother who
was toe fortunate posessor, know
ing yon were here, I did not require
muoa farther urging. Bat," this
rather ruefully "I made a mesa of
t the first thing."
"I am afraid yon offended grand
ma," said Abbie frankly; "but I
will tell her bow it all happied
and," with a smile full of mischief,
"she is always ready to make Aunt
Josie a scapegoat"
Then they chatted together of
themselves, of that future together
that seemed ao remote, but which
tbev still hoped might open its gates
for them. Tbey were hsppy in spite
of the clouded prospect, aad Abbie'e
tidies being left at the store, tbey re
turned slowly toward the house,
where Mrs. Dennison was wonder
ing what could detain Abigail so
It was not a difficult matter to win
forgiveness for Stephen's involun
tary offense,, and his frank, unaffect
ed manners, his gentle courtesy and
deference for age and sex, made a
nleasAnt impression noon ber. lie
returned to the "Spread Eagle," the
village hotel, quite sure or bis wel
come, during his sojourn there, at
Mrs. Dennisou's.
Day was dawning the next morn
ing when a messenger awakened
him and handed in a note.
"Dear Stephen : Grandma has
been taken suddenly ill. Can you
come to her?
Ilarrvine to obey the summons, he
found Mrs. Dennison dangerously ill.
Every day for more than a week, he
gave his professional skill, carelui
attention, constant watchfullness, but
was powerless to stay tbe advance oi
death in the aged frame. One morn
ing she asked to see him alone. Ab
bie went into another room.
Dr. Barclay," the old lady said,
"I am dying. Will you answer me
a few questions frankly ?"
"I will," he said gently ana grave
"lou love Abigail!''
"With all my heart!"
"And you are a poor man !"
"I have a small income and my
If von bad a nouse auaea couia
you live ?"
" ith economy."
"My death will W'- Abigail her
own mistress, and im bouse, witn
all it contains with also tbe land
adjoining will be bers. There is a
chance of a medical man here, as
there is no resident physician in the
village. Will you taie the risk and
marry Abigail to-day ?"
. "If. after I am dead, you need
ready money, they tell me the furni
ture will sell welL It is all Abigail's,
remember, to keep or sell, as she
It caused an effort when she was
dying to 6ay this ; and Dr. Barilay
appreciating this said.
"We will try to keep it!"
"Now, call Abigail."
It was necesBariallv a very quiet,
solemn, wedding, and three dajs lat
er. Mrs Dennison died blessing her
children for their tender care of her.
But after the funeral was over, and
some thought must be given to the
future, Dr. and Mrs. Barclay, count
ed op their available funds, found
tbev amounted to a most miserable
"Until I get into practice, Abbie,"
Stephen said, "it looks like slow star
"We will sell some of the furni
ture. And by the way, grandma
said vou were anxious to have the
old Indian cabinet?"
"Uarriette would cive .two hun
dred dollars for it!"
"Why that would be wealth 1" cried
"Suppose we send it off? But first
we must empty it."
And as they pulled out the drawers,
Abbie told Stephen tbe old storv of
the old Indian merchant who had so
disappointed his heirs.
"11 is mind was enfeebled," she
said, "and he was probably robbed,
for there was proof that he made
vast sum of money."
In tbe drawers of the cabinet tbey
found shells, quaint little articles of
bygone day, some of Mrs. Dennison's
treasures, and when it was finally
empty. Abbie holding a narrow
drawer in her hand, said :
"I hate te part with it I I cannot
imagine how that corner will look
ltbout See Steve, what a funny
drawer this is, as shallow as a tray,
and yet so deep in the space for it."
"It has a false bottom!" cried
Stephen in some excitement "Tbere
must be a spring in some of that
motber-of-pearl work."
But if there was, it was too secure
ly hidden for them to find it
"Let me take out the back." cried
Stephen, "It will not hurt the draw
er. and there is certainly a false bot
II e pried the back off with his
knife, and as he expected found a sec
ond drawer under the first, which, to
his surprise drew out easily. Abbie
gave one cry, a gasp, and closed her
dazzling eyes.
.For there, in small nests of black
velvet, lay great drops of luminous
beauty, rainbow tinted, brilliant
"Diamonds!" cried Stephen
"Cot but not Bet Abbie, we are
rich ! My darling these are a fortune
worth thousands of dollars. Your
ancestor brought home bis great
wealth for us.-'
And Stephen was right. Tbe dia
monds were of great valae. and
their price, judiciously invested, made
Abbie a rich woo an, for Stephen
bad every dollar settled upon her.
There was a splendid house bought
in New York, and Aunt Josie's heart
was appeased for Abbie'a foolish
marriage; but in the summer the
Barclays go to the house on the
Hudson, where fashionable vici" rs
declare their envy of the glory tu
beauty of Abbie's old furniture.
Unei I'm! mm Grass.
rowis cannot get a;ong well on
grain food alone, and must, in both
winter and summer the latter espec
lauy be supplied witn some green
succulent food, or they will, ere long,
become diseased or sickly, when the
matter of profit will be very problem
auc inaeea. jcany a time nave we
seen persons pay snug little sums for
a small nock of fine Howls, put them
into neat houses and yards, give them
plenty of corn, wbeat, oats, etc., wat
ering them regularly, but never al
lowing them a bite of grass or other
green food. Tbe place must be small,
indeed, which cannot afford enongb
grass for a flock of fowls. If sods
cannot be obtained, cut a bunch of
fine young grass every morning for
them, and they will show you how
badly tbey need it by eating it up
witn evident reiisn. The labor neces
sary to supply them with this is not
very great, and should be a pleasure
rather than a task, while the benefits
which the fowls derive therefrom are
very great indeed. If yon do not
care to give yoar fcwla their green
food in the shape of grass, supply
them with a head of cabbage each
day. Tie it up by tbe roots to some
convenient place, and the fowls will
soon pick every piece off clean. This
is also the way to aupDlv them with
their green winter food.
5?"SubBcribe for the Herald.
iet" umi nii ibw
By Our Special correspondent.
New Yobk, August 17, 1373.
"fire! fire!!"
No longer is thLs cry heard in our
midst, and rarely has your correspon
dent found a more interesting subject
than the management of our Fire
Brigades, by which the boisterous
alarms of other days are made unne
cessary, oo lascmaiiDg was me eio-
ry to me that 1 cannot retrain trora
sbowiojr my three hundred thousand
readers through one of tbe engine
houses near ny city home, and asking
their verdict upon the virtues of our
brave fire-ladmes.
Come in fc d look through tne
house," coorleuUhly said one of the
lithe, supple fellows who work Steam
er No. . A right manly looking
crew tbey were ; finely built men, all
muscle, and having that elastic tread
which delights a lover of masculine
physique. In front of the broad open
doors stands tne steamer, tne water
hot in her boiler by connection with
a boiler in tbe cellar, and her own
fires ready for tbe match. The hot
water connection is instantly severed
and tbe match applied the moment
she leaves tbe house. In the rear
corner stands tbe single-horse hose
cart, with its 6hafu in the air high
enough for its horse to run under.
Back of the bouse is a little paved
court-yard, and then the stable, con
taining three noble horses, each of
whom knows bis name and bis place
vastly better than some bipeds.
"Shall we let tbe corses out ask
ed the fireman ; and then disposing
my boys bo they should not get rcn
over, be closed all the doors, and
stepping to tbe alarm-gong, gave one
pull at the chain. Open flew every
door, and through them
at a tearing gait. One rushed to one
side of the Steamer, his mate to tbe
other ; both swung themselves in
against tbe pole and stood impatient
ly shaking their eager heads while
the men "snapped" a trace fast here,
a book there, and the Steamer was
readv for action. The other horse
darted quickly under the shafts of the
bose-cart, which drooped, and with
two or three "snaps" he was ready.
Every fireman has his own special
part to play whenever the gong
strikes, and by this minute subdivis
ion of labor tbey accomplish the won
derful feat of dropping their ordinary
avocations about the house, reading,
smoking, napping, etc., hitching up
their horses, cutting off the hot water
connection with the boiler down
stairs, starting the fire and landing a
steam fire engine, a hose-cart and
twelve equipped firemen on the street,
ready for a run,
from the first tap of the bell ! Tbey
harness ana prepare for work every
time the alarm commences to strike,
ready, if it proves to be io. their dis
trict, to apply tbe match and dasn
away at a gallop to the scene of con
flagration. If the alarm strikes some
number not in tLrVir district they un
hitch and take the horses back. Min
utes, and even seconds, are of so much
value in fighting fire that every time
an alarm is struck in any part of this
Island, thirteen miles long, every
company prepares for action ; over
three hundred borses dasn alone and
undirected out of their stalls and are
hitched up, and nearly eight hundred
men stand on tbe alert for the final
taps of the alarm which tell in
whose district the fire is located. Jn
such a city every man and horse is
thus called to his post many times
every day and night Tbe horses
are trained so that at the tap of tbe
gong in the stable (tbe striking of
which loosens every halter-chain),
the horse nearest the door backs out
of his stall first, the next follows, and
the inmost horse after his next neigh
bor. Neither of tbe latter horses
will, nnder any circumstances, pass
his leader, and if he gets fast from any
cause, bis followers
till the obstruction is removed. The
horses are great noble creatures, tbe
very best, most valuable and most in
telligent of tbeir kind, who quite make
you hope there is a heaven where
good horses may go.
The gong arrangements are a curi
osity. . All alarms are telegraphed by
the policemen in whose district the
fire breaks out to I olice Headquar
ters, and thence are instantly repeat
ed over all the "circuits" in the city.
With tbe first tap of the gong a little
brass weight banging on the hammer
is detached and falls the length of its
chain. The smart jerk caused by its
reaching the end of its chain, starts a
lever which throws open every door
of stable and engine house, strikes
the horses' gong, and loosens tbeir
halters. It also stops a clock on the
instant, bo that when the company
return after the firo tbey can note the
exact moment the alarm was receiv
ed, and make an entry thereof in the
records. In this house one of tbe
firemen has a little dog to whom be
says :
. "Let out the horses !" and he runs
to the gong, seizes with his teeth a
rubber ring attached to the above
weight, pulls it down and then rush
ing to tbe stable barks at the horses'
heels to hurry them up.
The entire company sleep on the
second floor, on neat iron bedsteads
The room is airy and comfortable
and it is kept with scrupulous neat
ness. When a fireman retires he takes
folding each trouser's-leg outside its
own boot These he stands at tbe
bedside. A man remains on watch
below all night, and on receiving an
alarm strikes a gong in the dormito
ry. Instantly eleven men sit on the
edge of their respective beds, plunge
feet into boots (which operation it
will be seen puts him inside his pants
also), and then pulling up his unmen
tionables and fastening them about
his waist as be runs, he goes down
the stairs in two jumps, seizes bat
and coat from a peg by tbe door,
and does all that in but three sec
onds longer than is required for a day
Who shall say that such an exact
ing life and such qualifications, phy
sical and mental, should not be well
remunerated ? And tbey are, com
paratively speaking. True, scarcely
a montn passed during tbe whole
winter but that some fireman, bravely
fighting his smoky foe, was killed or
maimed. -'
They handle fires with marvelous
skill and a bravery that amounts of
ten to recklessness, and when a man
puts his life and limb, and his wife
and children's whole earthly hope
against property, property can afford
to pay and ougnt to pay for it The
men get abont $100 a month, officers
a slight advance, and this is little
enough for the character of service
they renIer and the risks they en
counter, a movement was made
last winter towards the reduction of
their salaries. It was shameless
demagognery, which was fortunately
The city pays thousands of dissipa
ted, worthless fellows who can han
dle primaries and are incapable of
doing a courageous aad manly deed,
larger salaries by far than these men
get who brave tbe fiery element and
the tottering wall by night and by
day ; who plunge every month into
some burning death trap to reecae
human beings from the flames ; who
do hard, honest, manly, dangerous
work the year round.
"Economy" is good, "Retrench
ment" ii first-rate ; but he, who would
not advertise himself a demagogue
will, before cutting down the well
earned salaries of oar Fire Brigades,
make a crusade at the half earned
and unearned emoluments of tbe po
litical pet and the ward bummers.
Till that is done the insincerity of bis
"retrenchment" cry is plainly known
and read of all men, and will bat pull
down upou himself tbe contempt of
all decent men. But I didn't mean
to philosophize with the thermometer
trying its best to count a hundred in
the shade!
. . .. . ftcmca mm Blacksmiths.
I came here to inquire for myself
how mnc it would cost to deliver
one hundred tons of coal a mon'.h by
the Rowley Colliery Company at two
or three given localities within a dis
tance of ten miles; and naving satis
fied myself on that point, much to my
pleasure, I continued my walk from
the coal pit up through the fields to
Rowley Old Church. I came to a
place called liell.bna, wmcn is appar
ently a new part of the old village.
Through a small window l observed
a female bead bobbing up and down;
soon I heard the Bond of a hammer,
and never having seen any rivet-
makiosr done by human hands, I
threaded my way through some brick
passages until I came to the little
smithy where "Alice" was at work.
This wa3 tbe name by which her
father called her, whom I met on my
way. and to whom I am indebted for
the following remarkable piece of
knowledge. Alice, I mu3t say, was
a young wife engaged in blowing tbe
bellows, heating pieces of iron in a
cleed" forge, and producing rivets
from an anvil at tbe rate oi 3,000 a
day. '
For this manual labor Alice ner
father proceeded to tell me in her
presence gets from the warehouse
Is. Id. : out of which she has to pay
for wear and tear ot topis, Id. ; car
riage, Id., and a like sum for gleeds,
a kind of small coke made expressly
for nail and rivet forges. On Mon
day she Ooes her washing ; on Satur
day her cleaning up ; so that she on
ly "works at" rivets our days in the
week, and ner gross earnings, mere
fore, amount to 4 s. 3d. for forging 12,
000 rivets.
I have said nothing of rent which
Alice would pay, and which might
amount to Is. a week. She was a se
date young woman, well epoken, with
very fair bair, and a low, sweet voice.
John Price (Alice's father) then, at
my reqoeet, took me to see his neigh
bors, Edward and rbyins iromans,
who lived and worked at making
nails close by. Phyllis is a handsome
woman, with beautiful white teeth
and abundance of flesh, which Ru
bens might have painted, it is so plen
tiful and rosy. This woman was
forging large nails, and the manner in
which she made nails with a point and
i . . i i tie -
a neaa an men ana a nan in circum
ference, fly off a piece of hot iron was
marvellous to behold. She worked
from eight o'clock in the morning un
til nine at night, and in four davs
will forge fifty-four pounds weight of
stout nails, for which sne will receive
the wondrous price of 3a. 8d., out of
which she has to pay 5d. for gleeds
and 2d. for tools.
Her husband works as hard as be
can drive from six o'clock in the
mornino; until 11 at night, and his
week's wages amount to 12s., from
which lOd. for gleed3 and 4d. for
tools will have to be deducted, to Bay
nothing of rent Edward Tromans
was only forty-three years old, but
looked nearer seventy. .Two other
young women were hammering away
at rivets in company with Phyllis ;
and never as long aa I live shall I
forget that little blacksmitby. I once
travelled many miles to see "Vul
can's Forge," by Velasquez; but
there was in that famous picture no
figure equal to that of Phyllis Tro
mans, and I shall remember Phyllis
to the day of my death. That such
a woman should be slaving in soot
blowing bellows, now with her left
and then welding a hammer with her
right hand forging clout nails for
twelve hours a day, in order to earn
less than 40d. in a week is a phenom
enon that I would never have believ
ed as being possible in England, if
bad not seen it.
Breakfast ml m Londoner-
Among the most wonderful exhibi
tioo8 of human energy and ingenuity
the breakfast of a Londooer may well
claim an important place. The tea
be drinks comes from tbe far-eft" land
of Calbav, or it may be irom India or
Assam ; his coffee is the product of
tbe strange Jbaatern port which, with
its glittering white houses and strag
gling plants, is known as Mccha, on
the shores of the Red Sea ; for his
sardines ships from the Mediterra
nean have been chartered ; his bacon
has probably been reared in Canada
or the Western States of the great
transatlantic republic; sugar such as
be delights in has not long before
waved in the tardy breezes of the
Indias ; his preserves are made per
chance from the mango of Bombay or
the pine of Ceylon, the banana of
Jamaica or the fig of Smyrna; the
currants that fill tbe cake he eats
have been gathered on the shores or
Greece ; the beef which adorns the
table has in all probability grazed in
Holland or in the further pastures on
the banks of Lake Ontario.
To make np the trifling ensemble
which be carelessly and thoughtlessly
enjoys as a very minor meal almost
every race, certainly each of the four
continents, has been laid nnder trib
ute. Ships, trains and caravans have
been set in motion, the soil-tillers of
tbe remotest earth corners have been
invited to industry, numberless com
panies have been formed, countless
people have been employed, and all
in order that be may have set before
bim as tbe days revolve, a pleasant
and satisfactory morning repast
London Telegraph, .. . . , ,
Three eirls of the Methodist ner.
suasion having met together, conclu
ded to pray for the welfare of their
lovers ; but the first one had not got
very lar along in her petition when
it was discovered that ther were all
enraged to the same man. The
religions exercises wen at once ter-
.-- ...
inmate i.
"A love-aick awain courts the' raw-
ning ehasm of the revolver," is a
Southern heading.
Fium Our Regular CorrespaodoBt,
" Paris, Joly 27, 1879.
M. deLeseeps, it in well known, is
resolved to strive his utmost to crown
the edifice of his long and splendidly
useful life by carryiag out that Pan
ama canal scheme u.t.u, all prac
tical intents and purposes, be has
made bis own. He candidly told his
hearers that, as in the construction
of tne Suez canal, he himself would
be solely responsible to the public, j
He asks for a capital of one hundred
millions of francs or four millions
sterling, to begin with ; just the sum
asked for thirty years ago by the Im
perial Pretender temporarily residing
in King street, St. James. - The cau
tion money of two millions required
by the Government of Venezuela
for to tho territory of that Republic
has the venue of the projected canal
been shifted has already been paid ;
and M. de Lesseps thinks that tbe to
tal cost of making tbe canal will not
exceed seven hundred and fifty mill
ions of francs and that it can be com
pleted in eight years. M. do Lesseps
mentioned incidentally in a recant ad
dress to the French Geographical So
ciety that I'riace Louis Napoleon,
during his imprisonment in tbe Fort
ress of Ham, had thought much of a
Panama canal, and had sent an offi
cer devoted to the Bonapartist cause
to explore the isthmus. The officer's
report being favorable he (the Prince)
wrote tbe French Ministry asking
to be set at liberty in order that he
might devote himself to tbe realiza
tion of his fcheme, and promising
never to meddle with politics again.
No reply was given to bis petition,
and he afterwards escaped and went
to London with a view to carrying
out his project
He waB just preparing to start for
America, when tbe Revolution of
1848 caused him to alter his inten
tions. 1 wo years later tbe prisoner
of Ham was Emperor of France, and
the "Canal Napoleon de Nicaragua"
was relegated to the limbo of the
things that might have been. Yes,
that might have been. The history
ot the Bonaparte family has been a
chain of such unexpected, such as
tonishing and such incongruous
events, that speculation may be per
missible in what might have been,
historically, had tbe prisoner of 1845-
6, had the exile in Loudon in 1S47,
been able to carry out bis project oi a
Nicaraguan Canal. Anything and
all things may be expected from a
family which, from the small begin
nings of a petty advocate and a
wine-grower's daughter in Corsica,
has, in the course of 75 years, allied
itself with almost every Imperial
bouse in Europe, which bo3 counted
among its members two actual and
two potential Emperors, Kings and
Queens by the halt dozen, and Prin
ces and Princesses by the score, who,
in three generations, have undergone
the most extraordinary vicissitudes
this Princess keeping a boarding-
school in the United States ; that
Prince marrying a milliner; such a
Bide branch as the Bonaparte-Pattersons
becoming American citizens,
wealthy country gentlbmen, or pros
perous lawyers in Pennsylvania ; this
grand nephew of Napoleon I. wear
ing tbe uniform oi a cadet at Wool
wich ; that donning the purple of a
Priace of the Church. What things
might have been had Napoleon HI.
become managing director of tne
Nicaraguan canal ! Tbe magic of
his name might have raised him to
the Presidency of a vast federation
of Spanish-speaking Republics; or,
quite as feasibly, he might have met
with Walker's and Lopez's fate the
garotcviL The ex-Emperor might
bave read at CbiBleborst, in the col
umns of a morning paper, that ac
cording to the latest intelligence from
the Isthmus of Panama, new hopes
are entertained of making a ship ca
nal across that obstruction. After
failing to discover a promising line
for excavation in the narrower por
tion of the neck U. S. surveyors, un
der tbe direction of Admiral Ammen,
have gone back to Nicaragua, and
now report a feasible place towards
the north of the Isthmus.
Why did not this paragraph, if he
read it, recall the grand scheme of
the "Canal Napoleon de Nicaragua"
to the exile's mind ? Why did he not
think of it in connection with his
young son, even then studying en
gineering at Woolwich? bad he done
bo, the poor Prince Imperial and his
friend, Ferdinand de Lesseps, might
have journeyed together to tbe iBtb
mas ; the Prince might have been, to
this moment safe and sound, devot
ing his talents and his energies to
the conduct of an undertaking which,
thirty years before, his father had not
deemed beneath his princely rank.
It might have been ; bat it was not
to be. Fate forbade it ; and "there
is no armor against fate."
A Tonn Clerk Kadaed."
No barber knoweth whom he may
shave, and tbe man who rushes into
the shop and drops into a barber chair
without seeing who occupies the chair
to the right or left, may bet badly
left, as a case proved yesterday. A
solid old citizen in the wholesale
trade wa9 taking it easy, his face cov
ered with lather, when in came a
young man who flung off his coat,
bounced up into a chair and called
"Hurry up, now, for I must get to
the store before old Black does, or he
will raiso thunder ! Hang him !
he won't even give a man time to
die !"
' The solid old citizen turned his face
toward the other, and tbe barber no
ticed a reddening of his face.
"Going to bave a vacation this
Summer t" asked the barber who
was preparing to shave the young
"Vacation ! How iu Tophet can I
get away from old Black? And if I
could he pavs such a stingy, con
temptible salary that I couldn't afford
even a ride on a ferry boat"
"Why don't you ask for a raise ?"
queried the barber.
"Why don't I ask for the hand of
his freckle nosed daughter J He'd dis
charge me in a minute, though he's
making money and can afford it. If
tbe old hyena would have a stroke of
apoplexy tbe jonior might do some
thing, but such chaps always live to
be one hundred years old."
. Conversation ceased here, the Bolid
old man got oui of his chair, took a
brushing and sat down, and when
tbe clerk arose from tbe chair and
tamed around, snowballs would have
looked black beside his face. He
tried to bow and speak, but some
thing wouldn't let him, and when be
started to put on his coat he held it
op tails np and collar down. He was
still struggling with it when the solid
old man rose np, looked around and
walked out saying never a word.
Tbe barbers wet the young man's
head and held cologne to his nose,
but he walked sideways when be
vent out, and there waa an uncertain
wobble to his kneee. la applying
for the vacant position, to-day, state
what ahop yoa shave at
Fluid Extract
For Debility. Loss of Memory. Indis
position to Exertion or Business. Shortness
of Breath, Troubled with Thoughts of
Disease, Dimness of ision. Pain in tbe
Back, Chest and Head, Rush of BlooJ to
the Head, Pale Countenance, aad Dry
If these symptoms are allowed to go on,
very frequently Epileptic Fits and Con
sumption lollow. When the constitution
becomes affected it requires the aid of an
invigorating medic in to strngtlin and
ion uptnsysira wnicn
llAIs Buff
Helmbold's Buchu
By any remedy known. It is prescribed
by the most eminent pbyscians all over the
worm n
Aches and Fains,
General Debility,
Kidney Diseases,
Liver Complaint,
Nervoii3 Debility,
Head Troubles,
General Ill-Health,
Spinal Diseases,
Nervous Compl'is,
Female Compl'ts, &c.
Headache, Pain In the Shoulders. Conch.
Dizziness. Sour Stomach, Eruptions, Bad
Taste in tbe Mouth. Palpation of the
Heart, ram in the region ot the Kidneys,
and a thousand other painful symptoms.
are me onspnngs oi dyspepsia.
Helmbold's Buchu
Invigorates the Stomach.
And stimulates the torpid Liver. Bowels.
and Kidnevs to healthy action, in cleans-
ins the blood of all impurities, and impart
ing new lite ami vigor to the whole sys
A single trial will be quite sufficient to
convince tbe most hesitating of its valua-
oie remedial qualities.
Price $1 Per Bottle,
0 Six Bottles for $5.
Delivered to any address free lrom ob
"Patients" may consult bv letter, recei v.
big the same attention as by calling, by
answering me iuuowing questions :
1. Give your name and Dost-offlce ad
dress, county and State, and your nearest
3. Your age and sex ?
3. Occupation?
4. Married or single T
5. Eight, weight,now and in health?
6. flow lone bave you been sick ?
T. Your complexion, color of hair and
8. ITave you a stoonine or erect cait ?
9. Relate without reservation all you
know abont your case. Enclose one dol
lar as consultation free. Your letter will
then receive our attention, and we will
give you the nature of yonr disease and
our candid opinion concerning a cure.
Competent Physicians attend to corres
pondents. All letters should be addressed
to Dispensatory. 1317 Filbert Street, Phila.
dclphia, Pa.
Druggist and Chemist,
Philadelphia, Pa
I. Fwim anil McCldlnn . Hrnrjr Ream.
SL S. Phtlm fc t'. T3. Dcs3l Moyen.
3 J'. Ii. Hammer tj. A. V. SUnion, exetr.
and extrix.
4. Usury CUjroumb'i aUmr. ta. E. 5L Bow
man. , W. P. BccKhicj's tue ts. S. P. (Must.
. Abraham MeAilams TS. Rulo Way.
7. J. S. Zimmerman ra. Albert and DaTld
s. Jane Brook's ?e ts. Ormi B. King.
V, P.H. Hay v. Liien S. Kelin.
10. John Montgomery entlonee of VF. KImmcl
ts. Henry brant.
11. William M. Larkis vs. Whlhira Esvle.
li. Robert McLsrkiais. William Ijiu.o -t. al.
li. Weed Sawing Machine Co. vs. J. N. i'kau
It. Ir. C. P. Lcaliart'i ax ts. Edward Slortol
ler. IS. J.r.kH.O. Tan Horn vf. Jcste lAjton
I Cl. B. King's in vs. Wm. H. Bno as.
(1. H. Klnic's nse vs. Win. H. lir lii.
S Lvtlia lXnges's Trustee ts. Tuppcr and
4 Fayette Co., Mstoal Fire Insurance Co. ts.
J. O. Meyer.
i Fayette . Mntnal Fire Inrorance Co. vs.
J. U. Meyers. Admr. of P. Mever. dec J
Olirer A. Parker . Ira U.Uaufteld.
T. Michael Willi v. Wallace!. Walter.
5 John J. Frits ts: Henry M. I'arrer.
Ciii Isechet ts. Keim k LiTenKOOd.
19 V. U Werti vs. John HU-ks.
II Kdnscml Kiernan vs. Wm. B. Frtae.
It ChurinninK it Frits use, ts. M ah Ion Miller.
13 (.iourice Mason vs. lieo. W. Sjxrers.
14 John and Alex. Leslie vs. J. Cr. Hartman
15 F. Lain; ts. Thomas Fox.
10 Sarah Frlti's use ts. Wm. Smlsr.
17 Henrietta Ned row vs. Graft M. Pile.
11 John A. Young vs. Charles L. Haltier.
i Mary n. iei?r vs. treonre Hardin.
JO James Kelley vs. Christian Flshor.
21 HeuqrL. Young va. Jonathan J. Miller.
Ti Benjamin Laps vs. Samuel Horner.
23 aiiHJomas, Ulimin & Co.i vs. The Savazo
Fire Brick Co.
24 First NaUonal Bank of Connijllavillo, Pa.,
vs. Isaac Hu;us.
25 Jaouli Kector vs. The Township of MUlord.
li. F. S JHELL.
Auirnst 30 Prothonotary.
Pennsylvania College,
"VIE first Term oi tho next Collegiate year will
Septembers 1879.
The Faculty of th is Institution Is full. The e.inrs
ol instruction Is liberal ami thorough. The loca
tion is most pleasant and healthy, iu the mi lst ol
an intelllucut and moral community, and acces
sible by Kallroud trains three times a day.
Bib Frpatorj Bspartmg&t
which is under the direct supervision of the Fac
ulty, has leen reorganized, and furnishes thor-
outth instruction for boys and youn me-i prepar
ing ior iinsiuest or t;ouee classes. MOUenta in
this department are under the snecial care ol offi
cers who reside with them in the building.
or lunner miomatum or cataioznes. aMress
Al. V4LE.TINK, 1). 1)..
President olCnlleire, or
July 30, lw Principle of Prep. Depi
whkbbas, the Honorable Wiiliaw M. Halt
President of the several Courts of Common Pietis
of the Counties composinir the sixteenth Judicial
District, and Justice of tlie Courts of Over and Ter
miner and Oeneral Jail Delivery, for the trial ot
all capital and other ollenders in the said District,
and I)a!tEL Stcf-ft and U. C. Mcssklmaji L-
3uires, J udires of the Courtsof Common Pleas, and
ustices of the Courts of Oyer and Terminer, and
General Jail Delivery, for the trial of all capital
and otheroQendersin the County of Somerset, nave
issued tbeir precepts and to ma directed, for hold
ing a Court of Common Pleas, and General quar
ter Sessions of the Peace, and General J:iil Deliv
ery and Courts of Oyer and Terminer, at Somerset
Oa Monday, August 35, 1S79.
Nones it hereby given to all the Justices of the
reace, tne ;oroner and constables within the said
County of Somerset, that they be then and therein
their proper persons, with their rolls. reoori.inaui-
sitions, examinations, and other remembrances, to
do those thinics which to their omces and in that
behalf spiertain to be done; and also, tbey who
will provocate aainstthe prisoners that areor shall
ne in me jail oi somerset covnty, to ie then and
mere, o iprosecuie against mem as snail oe just.
July 30 Sheriff.
Notice Is hereby given to all persons concerned
as legatees, creditors or otherwise, that the fol
lowing accounts hare passed register, and that tbe
same will be presented for confirmation and al
lowance at an Orphans' Court to be held a. Som
erset, on Thursday, August 23, 1979.
Account of J. K. McMillen guardian of Alice
First and final account of Herman Christner,
Administrator and trustee of Elizabeth Bittner.
The first and final account of Simon Blubauirh.
Administrator of John Bancord. dee d.
The first and soparato accounts of Frederick
Durr and Christens Heiabold, Executors or Henry
Ketnboid, dee'd.
First and final account of Henry C. Miltcnber
ger. Administrator of Christian Livlnirstone.
The final account of Jacob Henry, Adminlstra-
of Jacob A. Millar, dee'd.
The account of H. C Beerits. a-unrJIan of Min
nie E. Hetlley.
The second account of Georve and John K
Lowry. Administrators of lleniamin Lowrv. de
Tho final account of Joglah J. Walker, one of
the Administrators of Jacob Frits, dee'd.
First and final account of Sarah Fried line. Ad
ministratrix and Trustee for the sale uf the real es
tate of Aaron Friedline. dee'd.
Account ot o. A. Statler, Wm. Statler and Wm.
M. Schrock. Administrators of Daniel Ktatler.
The third account of John Spelcher and Wm.
M. Schrock. Administrators and Trnsteea for the
sale of the real estate of Tobias Speicher, dee'd.
First account of Andrew Hoover, Administrator
of Frederick Hoover, dee d.
Account ot Jacob B. Cricbflcld and Wm. Baker,
Administrators of Wm. M. Crlchheld, deceased,
who was the ruardian of Maggie sweltier.
Account ol Jacob B. Crlchtieid and Wm. Baker,
Administrators or Wm. M. Crichfield, decll.
First and final account of Nelson Garey and
C I ry.. 1.' . . r x t i i
'"i" mrdiuib oi jawu om, uec i.
Account of Samuel Boyer, Administrator of
w in. isieis, uec u.
The second account of J. O. Mevers. " Admlnts,
trator of Peter Meyers, late of Summit township.
First account or Israel Emerick, Administrator
John Leidig. dee'd.
First and final account of Robert H. Patterson,
mlnlstrator of Noah Barnet, dee'd.
Account of Henry F. Schcll, guardian of George
. Moore.
-Account of H. F. Schell, guardian of Sarah
8:iter, formerly Sarah Coleman.
" Account of Daniel Shoeinake guardian of
juary JC. x ergasou.
First and final account of George W. Benford,
First and final account of Annie Wambangh,
Administratrix of Svlvester Wambanirh. dec d.
Th account of Daniel Hetlley, Executor of
C3ariu xxeiucy, ueceaseu.
First and partial account of Aaron Will and
nenry irucaon, .Executors of Henry D. Snyder,
July 30 .Register.
By virtue of an order of Court Issued out of the
Court of Common Pleas of Somerset County Pa.,
to me directed, I will expose to sale, by pnhlie
auction, al the Court House, In Somerset, Pa.,
Friday, August 22. 1879.
at 1 o'clock, P. M., the following described real
estate, vis:
A certain tract of land situate In Somerset town
ship, Somerset County, Pa., adjoining lands or Jo
nas Custer, Jonathan Baer. John Altmiller and
others, containing 40 acres more or less, all of
wnicn is in a good stata of cultivation; having a
two story iratue uwetnng nouse, lrame barn and
other out buildings thereon erected, also a good
annle orchard.
TERMS. 10 per cent, of the purchase money to
be paid as soon as the property is knocked down :
one-third on confirmation or sale, one-third in six
months and one-third in one year with Interest,
dolcrred payments to be secured by judgment on
ino lanu.
Assignee of Wm. Khoadi
To Magdalena Thomas, widow. Jacob Thomas.
nioses i nomas, Joseph I nomas, John Thomas,
Levi Thomas, Emanuel Thomas, Peter Thomas,
Frany Intermarried with Jacob J. Easn, and
Eliiabeta Intermarried with Jose oh D. Fash.
all residing in Somerset county, Pa., except Peter
Thomas, (ol Lowel P. O.) Kent County, Michigan,
Motes Thomas (or Rensaiaer P. O.) Jasper Coun
ty, inuiana, ami uor t nomas, tot a.caip xevei
P.O.) Cambria Co.. Pa.
You ;are hereby notified tn appear at an
Orphans' Court, to be held at Somerset on Mon
day the 25tn day of August next, to acceptor refuse
to take the real estate of George Thomas, deceased,
at the appraised valuation, or show cause why the
same suouia not tie sola.
Sheriff's Office, ) Sheriff,
July 18, 187 f
Estate of Jacob Thomas, late of Conemao tjh.Twp.,
Letters of admlstratk in en the above estate bar
ing been granted to the undersigned, notice Is
hereby given to all persons Indebted to said estate
to make Immediate payment and those having
claims againn tne Same to present them duly
authenticated for settlement at tbe lata residence
of deceased In said township on Saturday the
sutn day oi August, 97V.
July 18 Administrators with Will annexed
A Search Warrant
allows an officer to go through your honse from
cellar to garret, and Llndsev's BlOOrJ
Searcher is warranted to go through your sys
tern lrom top to toe and drive out all Mood diseases.
Its cares are woodenul and certified to by doctors,
preachers and people. Scrofula, Mercurial Dis
eases, Krrslpelaa. Tetter, Ulcers In the Lungs or
on the Skin, Boils, Pimples, ae, we warrant it to
ear. It is a purely Vegetable Compound and
Powerful Tonic For sale by all Druggists. See
that our name Is on the bottom of the wrapper.
K. E. SELLERS as CO., Prop'rs, Pittsburgh, Pa
C H- B0Y0, Agsat Somerset, Ts.
Estate of Herman Heniemeyer late ol Northamp
ton Twp., Somerset Co., Pa., deceased.
Letters of administration on th above estate
having been granted to the undersigned, residing
in said township,; notice Is hereby given 'o
those indebted to it to make immediate payment.
and thorn having claims or demands will nuke
known the tarns without delay.
Aug. I Administrator.
EAS, ;
JUNE .1879.
Inln!ri7 cr Jvss CArAroorr and Pairs
List, 1 l e to inform my customers and the pnb.
ite neneraliy th.-.t my facilities lor supplying their
wauls aro complete in ev.ry respect. My stock ot
St .true an! Fasn t Gan sr.iKivof all kiwis, ami
of standard iuaiiiic, is replete and carelully se
lected In every department. Z'te srievs have -duitMrdly
touched Wtia.
1 tto not care to sell the loweat priced pall with
out regard to quality, as I know that there an
many articles on the market which are alio
KDther unprofitable to the consumer. Especially
U this true ol
Every irraiie of Coffee quoted in my Price List
is cheap at the price Irotu that quoted at l-'4
cents, io my celebrated Fkksch or Dklhonh'o.
i win, st any tune, prove tins ny snowing lit rv.
lU.-stcd) theColiee la its (rreon staus. To those
ho desire Somethtnu very fancy, I recointaend
uv new Frexcii t'lirru : waictt Is. with the ex
ception efthe celebrated Dklmosico, (which has
no equal.) the nnest Colics in tne maraei. i ne
demand which has sprung up for it in the last few
weeks Is suthVient proof of this. The Rio Cor-
rasa are straignt Kio s, (not aanios, wn-a
too weaa,) strong aim line uavoreu, ireMi uo
carefully roasted being roasted on Tuesday and
1 liurwuy ol eacn wee.
On this pricj list, 1 beg to call attention to the
Vanilla Srrun. lmon Syrup. Orange Syrup,
Strawlierry Syrup, Kaspberry Syrup, Lime Juice,
Crosses; lilacitwcll's Kaspherry Vinegar, Lemon
Suyar, Mixed Garden Grown Tea for Iced Tea.
Ton. pic nics.
AH ofthe above named soon s California Fruits
California Jams luu le Marmalade Comb
Honev Guava Jellv Pressed Corned Bee
Lunch Ham Lnnch Tongue Potted Ham, Chick
en, T'TKue "'' Turkey Sardines Oysters
Piekleil Limns' iongues (jonnensea ami
Fresh Lobst'-r Fresh anil Spiced Salmon Fresh
,Mn ken lCr-jSte tt Blackwell's Pickles and
Sauces Crackers Souis Imported and Ameri
can Cheese Dried Beef Clueen Olives Clam
and Ush Chowder Imported Bologna Sausage
Salad Dressing French Mustard Hiwto Gm-
Mocha Covrt Can Openers.
Your.!. Hys n,
lm fie rial,
40c.. 5)c.. eoc.. av,, 41.00 nd
$1.2u per pound.
Kmiluli KreakUs
Mixed Tea 25 and 30 cents per pound.
If to Retired, will pact any of the above i a or
10 lb. bojret without extra charge.
Klo. - W4, 15, 17, 20. 23, 25 and 27 cents per lb.
Java Flavored, 28c per lb. Rio and Java, 3"c.
Maracaitio, - 'jTc. J:iva - 'M audSac.
Laguayra, - 26c. Mocha, - - S-'ic. u
Delmonico, . 35c. " French. - - 2sa "
Rio, 12. 15. 19, 20, 21 and 23 ets. Java, 2 anil .".0 cts.
Laguayra, 20 cts, Maracaibo, 2J cts.
juocna, u cents.
This delicious Coffee Is unrivaled for its delight
ful A roiua. If ail other Cotlees ha ve lulled to
please you, try
I beg also to call special attention to my new
French Coffee.
This is a rare mixture of bark Coffees, strength
and flavor being si combined as to produce a Cot-
lee that win more man please tne muse anient
loverof this popular and delicious beverage. The
price has been put so low, considering the
quality, that already a lurge demand has sprung
up for "it. To test its merits, include a lew pounds
of "French" Cotiee in yuur next order.
Mackerel, F.xtra No. 1 Extra Store Mess,
(no heads or tails) )er 20 lb. kit H 00
Mackerel. Extra No. 1. Extra Shore, Mess.
(no beads no talis! per 15 lb. kit 43 20
Mackerel, No. 1, Rest Shore, per'-O lb. kit, V 5
Mackerel. No. 1. liay. per 20 in. kit 1 ft)
Mackerel, No. 2, I-arge Fat, per 2) lb. kit,... 1 5
Mackerel, No. 3, Large Extra, - 1 35
Mackerel, No. 3, i
Mackerel, Fresh 1 lb. cans 18
Codhsh, Woman's Favorite boneless, per 30
lb box, 42 0s per lb 08
White Fish. ; bbls 25
White Fish, 20 lb. kits 1 4o
Lake Herring, '. bbls 1 40
Lake Herring, li 1!. kits 70
New Holland Herring, per keg...... 1 20
New Russian Sardines, 9i
Codhsh, Ueorges Rank, per K 05
10 lbs Powdered Sugar.
loll Crushed Sugar ,
lbs Cut Loaf Sugar
11 ins No. 1 Granulated Sugar.....
11'4 lbs Standard A Sugar
12 Iims ASugar(soft)
13 lbs BSuicsr
13S lbs. Bust N. O. Sugar.
U lbs Light Yellow Sngar.
U)4 lbs No. 2 Yellow Sugar
1 00
1 00
1 uv
, I 00
1 00
1 00
l ao
l oo
. l oo
1 00
ns Corned Beef (JR.)
.. 1 05
.. 1 20
.. 1 20
.. 1 00
Lunch Ham or Tongue
Honed Turkey and Chicken.
Sandwich Potted Meats
H u-kir.s' Soups
Fresh Salmon (1 1.)
Fresh Mackerel (It.)
Fresh Lobster (1S.)
OoTe Oysters
French Sardines
.. 1 00
.. 1 00
.. 1 00
... 1 00
.. 1 00
Stin Jose Fruit Parking Co. 'a, In Full Weight
v , id. t ans, comprising :
Yellow Ciuiig Peaches Apricots Bartlett
Pears Egg. Oago, and Jackworth Plums tier,
man Prunes Strawlerries Muscat trrspes
Nectartaes, per can, oi cents, 3 cans for SI 00.
IS lbs. New Currants 1 00
12 lbs New Valencia Raisins oil
15 lbs. New Turkey Prunes I 00
20 lbs. Choice Dried Peaches I 00
10 lbs. Dried Blackberries 1 00
25 lbs. Extra Oatmeal 1 00
10 lbs. No. 1 Head Rice 1 00
12 lbs. No. 2 Candina liko 1 00
13 His. No. 3 " 1 00
12'. Ids. Cream Cheese 1 00
5 11. Strictly Pure Oround Pepper 1 CO
30 Bags Syracuse Salt 1 00
13 Bars Johnson's Borax Soap 1 00
17 Cakes Babbitt's Best Soap 1 00
1 Cakes Proctor A Gamble s White Soap... 1 00
20 Cakes Vt hlte Russian Soap 1 00
10 Bars Irish Shamrock Soap 1 00
15 Bars Acme Soap 1 00
3 Wevman's Cut A Dry Tobacco 1 00
2 lbs. Good Navy Tobacco 1 0 1
10i lbs. Banner Baking Powder 1 00
4 lbs. Loose Baking Powder 1 00
14 Boxes Concentrated Lve No. 2 1 00
13 Boxes Penn'a. Salt MTg Co.'s Lye 1 t
U Balls " Potash.... 1 00
The FRENCH COFFEE is a Rare Mixture
of Rare Coffees !
Send yonr Money !y Registered Letter,
Po6t OiFice Jloney Order, or Draft on
Pittsburgh Bank. Do not send yonr
arsud ror JuneCatalogneand Price List giv
ing quota: ions in lull.-
No. 2S Fifth Ayc,
lo Nancy Will, fwldowl A. t
Will, Alberto. w'UL Dm9 iU ,
W,H, S. Jan. Will. iose? JXar?!
John C. Schatt, Heln, ln.J?l7?'W
1). Miller, all resWInTu, Sob1""1
.7 . T . . . . iin jiAj. .' r
j In Watww, Black Hawk IutT! V1
Will, rattling In Wxon. I-?"":
to.K.rmaiTie.1 with Henrr'- L
Mnnhry,boro, Jacasna count, ul a"1"".
Intermrri! with O. U KeiaJ,-".! r
City, tichanlsoaeouniv, Seb . " Fii2
eeaawd, residing la Ajnnry City, V. 4 -
Yow are hereby notified to sm...
Court to be held at Soma. "
day of Aaru nest, to vW, :k.l
rcl estate of John WlVeeLE 10
praised valuation, orhow aZ??: K a?
sliould not he sold. MiJ U
July 10, jo!y. wtDaA"KTLt
F. K. Holland Sarah, 1 inth.i
his wife. '1-5kUT4
John M. OHnger. J Teni k
(Voluntary AssiTim.n'. ;
And now sis May, l,r; o? rf
Rooms, Ls. . attornevot Assign H.
the fund In the handsot the AssiniL , '1U!nfcit
those iegallv entitled ther., u,inn,J.
Extract from the record, eerfiaedm.) i.
Issal J H.F w'mY. ?'
the undersigned hereiy tlves !i.'U' ,"
will meet to attend to the duties f ,12 kt
lioinmient. on TharMir. the lith f"' u.
H7. at bis oiKc. in Somerset i ' r-t
where all parlies interested nv oJ.?"
tlunk t niuer. a u
think proper
July 23
Hrtnir secur! th vrr u. w -
coming wool season, I wish to thank . J11
iioenu patronage tn V
lormer agents. 8 a;
i nave a very larg. stock of
of my own minufacture, oonsmio, of
rhleli I wish to
I ... i . I . I fv. 'n --
my own supervision, and we stnre o Z, frr
past, to give satisfaction and full ruitut, ,if
will, as usual, visit all our customers donit
Summer. "
Apr MtMsMli
. . " - k " fci'c uitj 'Hula
trial without pen. Th. be
Wfirl Yn ah.tnl.l '
yuu? Ur vounU what jr.m mnuo u ih ml
devote all your time or only your spare tim. u,?l
business, and make great pay for verj h.-or lh
" -'- . uum who u uirn u ki. Sf-i
for special private terms ami particulars, whai.
malflree. 45 Outfit Iree. Dvu t eoniiiaia j kJ
times while you have such a eh.nnee
Address H. HALLETT, PurLlaad, Bib.
June 11.
The Troth la .Highly
and will prevail. Thousands who bar. aseH ind
been cured are Uvirg witness toth. rru-n .iionr
III Cm the worst .eases ol Liver ti.mi.u a?
Biliousness, Headache ari.-irg therefrom, u'ntiii
ness. Constipation, Diziiness and all dis..rilert .
suiting Ipjma diseased liver. Fur sale tit ill
Druggists. Price 25 cents.
R. E. SELLERS A CW., Prop'rs, Pittsbarrt, P,
C- N- BOYO, Agent Wtrt. H
this place has a lut ot ha
Vrty celebrated Horse Ru
tor tale setter than trj
an I chea p. Aojr un w h
wants one at uDce, vnald
do well to send him
postal card or la lemt
way let him know In order to make tan at settlor
one, as he in his rounds ol selling nuKht aut ami
all who want rakes.
obtained for neio invention. orr impmrmti
on old onet.'T medical or other com pvuwU.tratt
marks and 'label. Carrot, JsMignrntntt, later'
ferencw, Jppeali Suit fur Infrtngtmtnti awl
all en trs arising urultr th4 lntemi Latr,prn?i-
hi attn'id tn. -- Inrnlfnn that itmct hrr
by th Painty
Jtcg Kiy mil, i
p'iUaO-1 Oy us. pany vpjntJiUe th V. S. Pttntt
I)rpa!Ytme-nt, and engayl im Patent fttwrVj u
elusive! y, tee cti make doier tenrchet. and wn
Patents more promptly, a rtd vitk Wonder cUUm
St rut w a mvkh
r i or sketch of
&)MT derist; wt
make tJtimiuaiioM an4 at cm us tu jwtrnt ability,
frre of tharfrm All corrtpndmt wtrirtlv
jMmtial. Prieti W. mnd AO CHAJCU2 IS
We refer in. Wrhinytirt to Non. Pormtttr
C en err cl J). M. Key, JiVt. F. D. Potcrr, 7V f;trw
American Xationtl Bnnk, to oj&ciati in tk$ F. ft
Patent Vfjtce, and to Senators tnd Jtrprtntiititt
in Vonfiress: nnd especially to our clients im cvtr$
Slat in the Vntnn nnd in P'inftn. A''tr'.$t
Estate of Daniel Pile.late of Mllford Township,
Letters of administration, oa the above tsut.
having been granted to tha undersigned, sotl.
Is hereby given to those Indebted to It to mM
Immediate payment, and those havtnr rlaisw
against it to present them duly aathenlVatsd fcr
settlement on Thursdav. July 34. 1;.
July 18 Administrator.
Si's Jit )) li
Union Square, Xcw York,
154 State Street,
Trade Mark for Spoons Forks
1847. Rogers Bros. A. I.
i'i..i. s.s,.j Miss the CtT-
tlficates of Award vhtrtvtr ex
hibited, both in thi and tholl
And the Meriden Britannia Co.
are the LARGEST and Best
Manufacturers in this
line in the "World.
ZAsk jonr Jeweler fur the
April is.
Al nnnTO"00A YEAR.sr.U
$ 1 u U U:-r0r
' . . . . V uO CSB
money urn. aiij get v uv -mak.
from Sorts, to 2 an hour by devoting T'
evenings and spare Urn to the business. 1 to m.
nothing to try tbe business. Nothing use n "
money making ever ode red be tore. B"
pleasant ana ftnctiy naoriM. i.-
want to know all about tne new pj'" " ,u
before the public send as your name and we
sendyou full particulars and privaw tsJT" lr" '
samples worxa e-iau irev, jv
up your mind for yourself. .,,., . ....
Address QtuKUESTINSO 0
June 11 Portland.
Save Your Children.
expelling from the system.
nllisrw has no equal tn this or anr
r. "One teasnounmi gnoa -iry's,
expelled tU worms In 'J
the meoWHen). Dytle.Lnloa.Towa
- a umiuj a... Mnii frott wtf 6?"
ship, p
OTm-S-rver. lU'
Sold by

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