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The Somerset Herald.
KPWARD srri-L. Edit, 1..
..JUB4 23, 1
HKX1JY CKKEX. Northampton Co.
for ai'MTok oi:.f.i:ai.:
JOHN A. LEMON, Mair County.
i. 1 11- -i.. .
Ti .... 11 ,n,,ir 1 iMrT l.. :.. ii i ii, ..i . .i : .., i .. i ... . . , ... i ti.: K..1...1 ., until a xiut live o cock in tie mom- entered noon the lscnarire oi its "rl ""i
rr U lii-i wApi jtAiiUi'i- i iwit-i. iiniicijues iii uie c.imji, .oki uic uie nunc me pim itmou jj k""" i jts echoes wi 1 he met iv t if aim aniiui. i ms coiiciu.ie.i nn: n.-i , , i , . . . . - , . i ,.;.. ( n Tts for once in their lives
rn esidf.xt ; 1-k of and for him on almost their fr'am'hnrand a "b oad 'Sold U wl ' St until two oV ,k yesrday ary, 1S7., submitted a ; " e
JAMK A.r.AUFIKl.D.ofOhio. erypae. No meagre of public : r0rular jam was tho itT(X,t i the ay j until the sound is hist John A. Ian wiw in the crowd 1 j rniHin, when, Mr. John Maloney, ! reinirt rcro,men.hnK the esmiWn . J") ; f ' l
I.l.eyeiu,et.,l since the war. but fmill the Trettry Department to ; in tll0 thun,It. mir that s oW in the street and cheer after ;-'" ft!, propnetors of the W hite ot (lakes Ames and James l.rooks, ; n . um -
kou vice .'1.1M1.FNT ttif.es to his ability as a statesman Foundry Church on 17th Street tVum ,VnnsvivanTa !in,l the New Knj-! eheer went up for Logan, Lopin, 1 ; to the Mayor s ol ,ee and en , rely exonerating Mr. (.ar- 'V, r,, M
, 11 Krr V VI TlitT New York an.l d.votion and Ernest. us as a ! Kvery window on "(J" was .Kcupi.d an(l ,tatos; ail(l thc ,TOat stile ofj an. His comrades soon path-1 and k.-d that he be r.-moved. De- held, Henry L. Daw and he other , w uJhlim-
ClIhsTKK A. AKTIH. K. N oik. . .by the fair sex. while the sterner sex ! Nnv Ywrk tril0lTS.j And now, I cn-d around while the band played jtectrve Mara procun-,1 u waon and t onpress.nen whose names had lcn ! ! Xim t'hc wt-Xorthwest
patnot, and on this n, h,I is b. s,i ; itS(.j. whh the stroilK A ; fl.mVH.itizen.sLit is our preat fortun.. i a selection from'l'inafore -'lie was jfnvcd Montgomery to the station mentioned in connection with tlie ; 1 ' 'H 1
n c T ; his claims for election to the (hif u.wfi.r,,. fr t!,. Ki.enL-ers h: been I i ...... ' .....,i.i 4.. 1 L p.,i.tl.., .! in . feu- house, where he died in half an hour. cham. The part of the report i !lur." r,t . '. , . .. . .....
f ..v. ii iv.. inti.imnif. ..vi il iiniHi.
(n n iAri. eports from
throughout the country
1 ... .1 .,
show, that,
the viel.l will W even more liounti-1
ful than that of last pear.
Thf. nomination of ex-Coven.or ,
11. . 0 ..ll..i. ..( Sw..ni !
iiiiiu.oui : i"uui"i v u.-i"iu ,
having failed of confirmation bv the
(Sarfield's nomination is almost as
'!hh as (irant's, and l.rediets ."u,(HK)
majority for the lJi .-publican ticket
in New York, even if the Democrats
are unitel
A(ii:i.iN; to
pajw'i"s, Seymour
the Democratic
accepts and le-
elines the nomination for President
as regularly as he takes his meals.:
.... . ,', ., ii ,
Tins week liowever will IlliallV set-.
tie the question of his candidacy.
1111: i.epuoiicans 4.1 in,u;u'.a nave.
i:ii4ii ;i linn 1 .iiiutiiiiii-. mi ,
tale to make a veorous fisiht for the
redemption of that Stale from the '
1 1
thrall of the Democra.v.
.-. :
Tin: Mgmlieanee of the Kipuhman
ictory in ( )rcgon prows and ,h-, ji-;
ens with fuller returns. The entire
Pei.ubhcan ticket is ehrted. an.l i
, - . , . ... . ,
the Ix giMaiuro is Kepubiican in Loth
branches. A clean sweep like
assures success in November
for !
..lirn..... .... ., ... ,;the(;i(0ak(.rsan(n,etween the st.or tt,Mwfi ,rc,mVf,llow-citizen s.a scholar
day last after a session of five months . and thc daily utt ranees of its press i s.wv1( the full Marine Ikmd played Jwi,0 ias f,lUn( tie l,.lt1 j
devotl jirineijially to manufaetur-j for the last five years, proves con-1 choice national, patriotic and lively ! no j,riInr0Sl. p;,ti., but forped his wav
in" Democratic thumler for the ' clusivelv that the policv of that : nmsie. (ien. Devciis. Attorney ( leu- inu..m jlV eadv industrvl a soldier
lV.-id. ntial eampaipn. ! parte knows no change nor shadow ! ,Ta of. ,the 1 nit,Hl Matos Vn'k'1 1 whose si.ield is unsullied, and whose
S.i.nt.-, II,. IVi.l...,t r,.l...ii.(- i ,!, ,v..,r.l ,:,r.l. .r I!,,.uMi.iu. I ;,!, ,a'i,s,'li, . will, tl o war.1, an.l .via,. ,. ,.r..I..,'.i.,l a,-1 i.- rti, l.a.l l.rn il.arly .Mim.l ;J.Uarna,,.lll,s,.,r,. , IsliT. ,ovl.,n unq.li.mal aial , Xr ,mY.V., I al. n . . .1 ih.- liV-
..ll.i,,,,,,!!!!!,.. v ,,v. ,,rrl,siv,. ,! ,aai't,,,,o gravity ll.t 1-:(U it, .lip.ity ; Um Maui ii4.t t., 1,1 aH.,a!, all ,r tally n,lmf.;! I,y tte ' M n- , W . , l.o . 1..U..M U oil ,, ?,, . , . I , . I IJ';
press from Allegheny county m this il. ,... j . ...T v. , ... .kl inM.n this great array, 1 1h- lin.S(.rv:l1i(in. It lhoou-d them to whoden.anded the obi mans money, crats and Uepublicans, who were ''"'".r .k.,LLkl,.,.rt,,,,T'
r.. u.i r.noi.i o.il.il xv t . ""''' 1"" ...,,,,.,.,,, .y..i .-.,.1 ... ..... , , , , ,lf .i,,,.,,.- i i - , , .... i n:.. ...., r..f,w,..l j,. I..H lw.r4.u.i.i4owo, t t . Sirti.' ivl-.it.. I "e siauilfiiions laiung 10 uie oeep
' , T ,. . IVnoM-nov with its fatal rea lion to , that out ot this constitution ot ura (J" unlike .,eaker "m ! 3'ho excitement now on
outopiKKitioiii.a Tuesdav ot last , ,. ,.,.,.1,. ., l,.m,l of m-onle ami tx ' ' t;, ' Aineiie.ui j oj e. t iiecr.-.j .,,, (,f mus ami ahihtv, who were ''is nione wa concealed, and one . m inus y.iid, uniikt pl aker li.in-; r. ;,wii14!,...m.1, . , . .,. tI ,
i. the policy which had nearly shiir- " 11 : ' 11 1 l ' j. l UVhen I rethvt that wherever vou j 4;,.,.,i tteer thehio of state clear of the scoundrels struck him on the ! dall ami otln-r purists of the Dem- , ,M,ar'1 mdoc. .al-Ie but the
WH L w recked the Union when the IJepul.- : 1 "ZCtlS the sovereign power, every rev-! J1 ak! ami Anchor it I head with the butt of a revolver. The ' oeratie party, !,M t tole o nier was safe. V omen fa.nt,,l.
Sknatok C-o.nki.1m. says (icm-ral j lk-an arty-bom of the exigencies t is not h(.;mm,l m Y state lmes ! J h'art on this ,,rth bows down in a ,ati. harllljr. No matter who old man then shouted for assistance ; r: rt mwy. He allowed wi.at, ".""V. , ''l.Vfi.ln und
m.i.Hnat. d as u.cir an.11.1a1e. lor , received a grati lying welcome. 1 ! 1 h i.,,,.,, ti,(.I!1;;t.V.s ! rt l( K-ngs to me soven .gniy ..: , A ,. lnk ,W(loll,.s r,M.K,.P,,. ! Hon. W m. Montgomery gave h.m
CoveniorJudsie Porter the present Ilepul-hean (. lub. one hundred 1 fltrt.vr ,,n tiK. r'..lt ,l,K trin is of the rei.ublie. I thank you (or this . great mfliiuue with the members ot
Compiler of the V. S. Treasury. ; Ptr,,nf ,i:,! 'd'le.l at the dcjK.t,! u ualfu.; rti,(rrs!l lJ.lv- 'at and gn.-r..us leinoe.si.atio... H :KATTI.,.;,lUl,- Vt.. June Pi.- j the bar, and that influence was used
He la- a spoil, .vpr.tation and i h a h m""U'! "1 th.e , mi xm what it has done in the V helo.e you 1.1 a poMti.m ofj Tll(l ruil,urs upon which yesterday s t- the full extent m In-half of his
viMi1.,.i-et.eP,,.ublic-,ns,,f thatri' ' 1 1 'i l"t, or what it will do in the future, JrT" !:,r 1 ";. j d.-spatehes were base.l concerning j abused i. Not a member ot the
W 111 lllspne me IteplUilie.lll.H ol mat , (l,,i,t was tendrre,! n seren.-ide ;iod '. ' . .' tins time utter a word on 1 lies'ibiecf I ,. . : 1... ca. . r:-.. -v...: 1 U -w im.rt.ni i.tmlv l.-ir i.-..,,l,l
(iarfi.ld and Arthur.
of Southern Uepublicans. A ratifi- j
cation mcetiiK' held at Montgomery,1
iiiiraiinutiii,, nt.. :
Alabama, was forcibly broken up
the other day, the speakers leing
j K ited from the stand with rotten
cgtrs, and the usual "difieulty"
affording excuse for the discharge
of fire arms. Tlie South must 1h?
k..,. .. ,
ept solidly Pcni.icratie. you know. ,
Am.i.v! the announcements ealcu
lated to bring down the mercury in
the thermoinetor with a run, is the
anixjuneement that Mr. Congress
man Cofl'roth is an aspirant for the
Democratic nomination for Govern
or in this State. Thc sort of states
men of w hich Cofl'roth is a socimen
are not in demand for Governor
ships. The further he drops astern
the better for the hip of State.
' ih itJtljili id llccart I.
, , -
A 111: j 'emocrais arc now .u-seiu-
ble.! in force at Cincinnati,
. .. c .1. . :.. .
a",, a.'
ii. neM.ugg.eu.i ..M-.m.uiu.iwo,.
nomination is
now in j.rogri-ss. 1 laving made j
-r;i ... .,,,.1 ,1.., t :i..r- tlw.Ir
1 u.i, 11 unit ,..4 .(iv ..,'. .ij
V . ,
ciliei stocjv in inme since io.o. uiey
have given that cunning mampula-r
tor such claims upon the
tion, that they can scare,
l.HTse the grip hu has ujm.ii
noniina -
ly -hake
it. There
is a conviction abroad also, that the ;
'old man" will not
pen. nt any!
oth.-r candidates to carry New York,
and as that State is the key
of the
campaign, his opponents in the party ;
are in great tribulation. If Tiklcn j
is not nominate,! the '-fraud'' issue I
is dead and the party is w ithout a j
rallying cry. Altopetner the Hem
m i ii i r it imi in i :iii :i kUHMi iiiii.
. . . i t
- - '
and the party will doubtless breath ;
treeerwlien the l onvention deei.i,v .
. .. .. ,
whether the old h.her is to V or !
ii..t to U the. candidaic. . j
. ' V ;
Ok curse, no one exjvects that j
our candidate. General Garfield i
v.-oiili) litiiii.rli iiiirp nx Kimu pscniui !
the mudslingers of the Democratic !
. . , '
press. Ac omj-anymg the announce-
( iarfi. Id and Arthur. " V s""igin
Tnr onthem 1)ci..,k.,-v ! a'fr" 'nt-n m,uMe,l by i
inn Sonth.rn Jhui.K.a. !,.is,(41 h ,,v ( , j (iarll,.u to
inaugurated its a.mpa.gn, by show-; imt-t hm. at llarr.sburg and pi ;
ing its usual contempt f.r the rights west as far as I ittsburgh Ihe ;
i ...iir t -.. , Sonntiir was on Ji:ml. hut said that '
ment oi ins nomination ime j.ro- mpht. ll.epirlwas only eiphteen j Irmg allowcl to drink of the f.mn-fi-ssional
scavengers comnieiiced ' years of age. The authorities have tain of learning by ringin-r the bell
si.htfhing him. Ifanv one supposes
tagonistie jarties to administer well
jiiul bon.tlv tho nffiiiis, ..f Trnv-nr.,.
,., .I...' :.. ' . !
..... ..f ,1... ...lr;;M;..- -v;..-.:' , ..ri
ruu i iiiv 'iliJilU.ll till V. .4l,iliLUT' !
i i iv 1 1 1
l he Kepubiican party, a thown by ;
its successful career for the last:
twenty vears witk the characterless,
obstrueiive ivolicv of tW Dcmoct-jiev. 1
General Garfield will W ininr- i """V "l "...n-i;i., ..., ic, i ,roiu .i w.isuiaim a lew years, Py the : honorable before the world, which I'nsne.i. i.enerai Uartield add
.,- ... i , , ,e iTi.ieu.r oi j icurv .auk-v , w nerc ; coiisem ,i an, ne was me t.residcnt : h.is .roten the .l... ns w h . . l.nimd uie ueinocratie iiartv were we
'V mis Kin i ,.i wareiare we uo n mr,l..r na ..otii.,.;,,,..! i.;i.i t.,f ..n ni .-i S. . .... , , .. , ., . .. ..o ...i ..' t.i
..... . . " : ................. .,.j,: ... ...i i,.,in5,-. iv iiirrs. j ii niigiii ; it, and ennoi.ied it i.y me willing in- ot .ui me .tux .linages inev ,
not. agree wun wim. ne must sue-. the pirl was asl.vp m her Led. W that he would have been content 1 dustrv of millions of freemen. Our i by attacking his tariff re,
Tl 111 ! II, .... I...... ...... 1 ll... il i i. 1 . ' i J .
cecu or laii iy reaon oi ms j.uniic ! "" """' in,- axe uiai was io nave jiassed the lite ot a ftudent i candidate of the rej.ubhcan party is "ad always layered protection tol60n recovcre,! to j.articijiate . in
and jKilitieal record, and it issearc,' ! J , aml , waj-'on in which the ; there, enriching our literatureoradd- j the honorable rej.resentative of that ! American "industries, and where he niany more disgraceful brawls. "lie
lv worth while to attempt a rcix-nsc I was Maalwl to tl,c ertvk. The ing to our scientific resources. Put idea. If vou believe that this is to ' had aj.parcntlv varied from a such died with his lioots on, an aj.j.roj.ri-
,',,. ,.;1;fi' jyounjjbuly lHn a goo,l rej.utation, j it was not to W. When the trumjK't U; the pnneij.le which is to bear ! course lie had been in line of certain ' ate wind-up of an eventful career.
to i is iHnio; ..itnmtm au1 1 trio murd,r irasc.mslj.robably jcalh-d an.l the country sjwke to her. aloft and onward the banner of . reforms which he felt were necled in I ,.. TTT TT
The issue of the canqiaign, al-, by jealousy on tlw j.art of Mrs. sons, away went books, studies, learn- j.rogress, w hich is to be the guidm-1 the levying and collection of customs j Attempt to iirrak Ja.l.
. 1 .1. :.. 1 r.. ... . ' i.hni- ti-.m i. ..i,.,-....! .l . : I l r i i. it i . . .. .r.. .-"'It .. " I " '
' g ri . 4.4 . 1 4 1 .- . . - - ... . .-- -.-.-i-. ,...-.,i, , .... tlll 111V I
in. i . i -. . i struck the fatal Mow- Xi4,. i.l l,.,. in,. l,;..i.,i.,l r.n,.-,.i ir i.i :i i .. i- .t .
i;iou:ii i in ! 1 1 1 ii iioui lis oiM'uinir. , ..-- .c oi,,. f,iT.vii u i ave in" aiiu aca.iemic im. as up i.ucKien i star nt i.oim, nn, i,witir,v ., i 4 ; i iiiu i
iiKciv w in; a outer jiersonai one,;, , . , " ... u.i vm. ivnu.j ii'-.. unu, u is cuuxkiicu in in-neal
annV,tW,l.rided by throwing mud iiXr8" U r-j as a soldier bravely and faithfully j James A. Garfield. If you turn your ! Population ofthc Capita
v.. Tt .nwoil m suspicion. They were until he was summoned to the Con-i hack upon b in, vou turn vour bv k "--aPu-
or souirting dirtv water. Tlie ques-. hMlml in v.,.. ii.;i ...i..t. .i.e.. . ..f 4k.. i-..:..i 4.-.....- lv.! .. 1 ' u lJ -u'ur ",l'K i i
.ion.iflhe I't.imiu'i.m.v nf thr nn. ' to l.rcvrnt anv do,,,,.- .f l....t.:.i ! ,i,J,i(. .il... 1 .l.... ! V', , ' -c, .,4,411 ,,, , , u, , HAMIlMJTnx,
1 j - 1 1 ... ,,,,viiiii ii.iii.4ii icaif in- "o 11.-4 u iiicre. cnii.iren. vour conntrr mill tm 1. 11 . s.....: ..
;.,, . , ., -'.nominaUHl Gartiel.l. Avhose charae -
is the true tonr-iistoru 1.1 l'i eatn. 1
- - . 1
If tli jKujilc an satisfi1.! tliat the'
Demo, rats as a party have shown
superior ability to govern the conn-;
tfy th,y ,1,0UM ... ntru; tt.l with
control, if the Republican adminis-1 , a.,mhl,,1 i i i t 1 tlieuS S ! ,2' llTsAU of 1 taji Uviv on a p,rae led j investment hut tin re is .-Jong m
trat.on of affairs ha pven -1,, fke- I "' K 'ft "moR I A. M.ook of New ;'!-, and yesterday morning he cn-.the transact,.,, t hat impca, -.!,
tion. that ty should be retained : (1;n. eVt.nin , witlM U1,. k n-nade : Vri. ,dv in tl,-far .Hit of our line York, Hon. Dudlev C. Haskell offered the White House an, called ; integrity The ( redit .Modi,rehar
in iH.wer. This is the view sensible ' tendered to ( ieneral (.arfield bv the tijv. n " fr,t!ll ( Kansas. Hon. W. P..: iicr of South whiskey and sf Itz.-r, whirl, he i pes were brought to the attention of
. . , . v4: ia'.4 fit. f .1.;,' i.. " '"' ' ' . . r i: i .. i...i. ' drank, but his ston.ai h was in such C o.v'ress in Is, 2. and in HeeenilK-r
J 1111 Hill t-lfV Ul HU1 .'-.. " ' " f
General (!arfu-ld has tNxlhvandiThu demonstration was a very fine
nnn mwl VK 1V)rili'1li'lti'il 111 1 1" llif
with the KeimblK-an party since its;,.,- x- j,' !in,i
birth, he attested his. devotion to its
j Magistracy.
idoubh-dlv carrv out the well defined !
policy of the Republican party.
He :
' was noiniii
ominated to do that.' he is
, , , , i
dtodo tl.au and his U,U
. i i ..: 1,a
: pleilpet
w ell markeil views proves that he
, will do it.
()u the other hand, the course ofi
.1 1. 1 t 4 - .
T in I iiiiii.u.i'oti.i i.i.iii..tn2 in iniirriiuv '
I nfinntlmr I?iwti irisl fiillv iti linWiT :
; ' '.,
'l i" coiiniici ce iini.iM"i w nviv 1
... ,- , , , n
il . 1
u". " " . " "
oil, and tlie country Knows 11111 wen
I what that means.
Next week, the Democratic candi- i
.I... - . 1.,.: .1 1 4 ...I
unu ociiii? ineii reici ico. e eiiit i
ujx n a campaign that must result:"
'of the hour strui.rph-l
1-., ,. ...
Uv their works shall ve
i.AKI'IKI.II AMI 'Mi:i:oN.
u...- r u
Traia-Tb Proian tn Senator j
Arc-p ibe -b.irnitu.hip of in. !
xsiiomI lommiiKc.
Tl. I II, V.. .1
jiakkisiii i:o, -Piiiie 44e11e1.11
into CXHI-
.... 4 , 1 .1 1 .1 4, 1 : niiiMiiuimii. .um U.14V piiiieii mis1
Garfield passe, through the ( am al , toli,,,rty fon.vtn The shift-:
yesterday 01. his wav west. His,. e . 1 1
ooni,nr ,. iHV11 :mticipat4-d,an.l he :
riii'iviii a ur;uiniii cicine.
(ieneral ( iarlield was eomiH-lled to
"top to the front. Col. Herr intro-
1 1 1 A il - ... 1 1 A .
ul ,l 11 1,1 ' 1 n ,n luwl. ;
the cheering hail suhsided (,cneral
,-,4.., . , ... : uhi riiaii itu'i kii.14 14 11. 1.-4 wui;iii hi :
duced him to the crowd, and after1; ... ,r . ;a,.;. ' r
Garfield made a few remarks, chief-
ly of thanks for the kindly expres-
ol gjvod w i . t oiigressinen
C,"!.!,n1'1 Mitchell of Michigan '
alio iiiMoni
and llu.nphrey. ot!5t
followed in short
i speeches. The party sjicnt
twenty-live minutes in the town.
Pelore leavinn W aslnnrrtoii Sena
S'nat,,r w on han,, ,,ut t ,iJ that
1 iirimr i, ti I n.r itlir'ir,.ll.ont ln n,i4i I
,T " T h " e,. . , '
unahle to L'O so far lis Pittsbtiridi. !
, . ....
IIUUIU 11414, 1I4444 4-4 V1, 41 llll ll.l
..... 1, .... 4-..-
Huntingdon an.l then returned to
Harrisburg. He thus bail a chat of
about two hours with (ieneral Gar
field. They were closely closeted.
When the Senator returned he de-
umniiiiiK.'iiiwiuinm.iiui 11 iMMiii-!,
.1: : ..1 l ... :. .. ... i
1 .1 .1 . e 1- . ;
1 on the authority of nn intimate
inen.i mat, me 101 .c 01 conversation i , , 4l ,,. , , . T-
, ',- r.i v- chosen bv the republican party. Lin
was the chairmanship of the Nation- , .1 5 1 . ,,
, ... 1 ... cll , coin, our martyred president, was the
al Committee. Oeneral Oarheld and .. r. u. .. .1 t 1
his friends arc anxious to have
Senator Cameron accept the place,
as they feel he is just the man to
organize ami carry on a campaign
for victory. Senator Cameron has
thus far declined to accept thc place.
He frankly told (ieneral Garfield
that he was averse to assuming the
resiionsibility. He proposed to
work heartily for the success of the
ticket, but he did not care to assume
the enormous duties of tin'
1; . ...I : - .
iti.., if 1... ,,..,4 1, ,..,.,,1.1 4l.
:iiiaii - ui. -iiuou um ii.i-.oun 44eic
Z V, t ;;V"" i? ,V. , ,':!vieU,ry. Uenewe.1 cheering. ( If
. j
yr :."',,, ,, . , " ..
"Mil ni.um in- oiauioi 011 jinn.
. -1 , , , ,
i..io...i .1 .11..-0 . ri,; . . .:...44-. r
onRf. u iiouiu cost, nun j 111 v I
Ii,,u.-VIIIMIUII,I1BU1 Jlia illliliriUIIH.
.... , i. , i ... . . . i . . t ,, '
.v ..... ...,i.fc 4 .,..4 .uwi
" V ... i t-. " I
some others to try it on.
... , I . Il I. 1
;,4,,4,M ,.. 44...U4 ...I,," IO ,1 II 1
part of it
was a
Those who were made aeo
f iiiainted !
I with the inner views of the confer- i
oluv nr... till hotH.ful ihat S,.n,tT
Cameron will accept.
... 1 i
ljsteriiiiH Munler.
The dead UmIv of a voting woman. :
i lkmnil nik in i 1 .v,i .1 ..-! K '
iV V- Vb w ti J. ' Cries of "No ! No !'" Put I U lieve
jNcwiork during the months ofiS .,, J , , . . . j
Alrlls,. September and October, I 1,at WlU VOluh ,mjl ha
land Mrs. Camer,.n obj.rte,! to that j '7 hon?. trll' V""'. antl !
nuniiK'r oi oricKs,
i r t i . . t
i ks, was immd in j
Tuesday last, near ;
Sugar Creek on
.ew l iniadeipma, unio. HicIm.hI
.111.1. - 1
was notified as that of Marv Sen ft. :
from Indiana on a visit in that
neighUirhoo, w ho had been missing
for several days. Her skull had
Urn crushed in, and other marks of
violence indicated a brutal murder.
J1-, "PP" that she ha.l Urn
kiilrtl several davs U-fore, but onlv
thrown lt) t,10 -(.m.k on Mon,iav
srrtametnii.n me oo.iy was nrsi ;
'" a ""'b. as the affair has caused
,val excitement among the ikvi.Ic.
Ptstox, June 19. Senator Hoar
was given a recep tion to-night, and !
Fai'1 the hapjiiest moment of his life ;
",,m.u, 1 ''.'V51?0. (V.nveution '
. t,-r and statesmanshiji
, t nnii KT!iiPGn44nu.i.r. ii. ... .
i- 11 -
In (,.1 1 1- ; ii
.rwWi j. . invriur.ui uiin ;i,itviii um, (iuiu on it
. -w., ... - i i nidi' tvi-mi-i uxua vti iiit: v, iiin.-ii rur iiin.n runrcidrinj t'oni. n-n-r ir.
orr. tvashixc.tox mtttf.u.
I From Our Siwolal CorresponlenL
w.ilww, Juno 17, is'.
V'l o. j'b, -''-'J
i fu.'uMm - n
j constructed at the
hotel and was tastefully decorated j
, - - -
with Haps and buntir.p. At the front t
:of. -rZ 1
w,th Plft Jvt w,1u h htnnheil hpht, ;
, whil(1 cal,.ium hht at 4h nn1 Ulh ,
i'a ii i:t. .il..-,...., :
Streets lit nt the se'-ne like the noon
oa v sun
voionei i.uuiMoe, ueri.ii iii oi me
I National Neteran I luh lntroiiucd
. . . . . .
r I I.I.HH - 11 IAI,A liir.llHUIlilll
' i.i 1 . . .11 :
, 1. 1 .1 11 1 c
iM'ople stand to-day enthralled of one
lof the grandest spectacles the world
iCV(ir s.nv that ot a great live people
i about to choose their sovereign who,
if the duration .f his pow.-r is short,
! still while lie Avieids 11 lie jmssesses
. . .1 . c .
. f .;uro)Kr Xow l,.t us ap-
1.. .ti'.iv ) i:irini" iii:;i ill iiii iiiiiii
r cireuniscriiMKi ov iiiem. iut is as
..it .1 i .
broad as the distance that separates
the gates of the empires on the At-
lantie from those on the Pacific seas.
ti ! , -. 1 Tl. . .....i .;44t .4 !... . i
IV. 41 4. 4..-. I 1 11 I I'liruiul.i'U liiui I .lllli; I
r . .. r.4i. . i ;..
III Ll llOtll IILtl 1.11114 l.- llil.-. ri l II JI.-4
years ot struiruh'. Ihrouh thesi
riurtile. ll.rougl. these
n.ul.lw.n n.vUiuu 'M.m'rl.,' ' L ,J .. .1 t:
, . ' l 4 .1 I IH'll.ll' ll':il M l I'l 4 " 1 ' II I . ;I1I1 44 III II 1
brave men have walked!"1', " V, ' " , ' ' 4 1 "
,.1... I. ...... l..;.l .I..,.,, il,..!, i;...u 1...
the nation ini-dit live (. 'h'ers 1
Tlll ',. (.I?.i.,11ii1i ' ...i ..iir.
Italized in the amendments to ie
.,.! 1 1...1 41.:.
. " ' . i :.' " .' 1 Vi ' V
luiiiiiean pt
.ir-IV 411 1114 '4.V'l44. 111,14 4 111 Hill 11
t.i,.,n 1 .1..,. ;i i, , ...!, . ,
... 1. .I.., ,..,,11.1.. ii,,.; .i.n'i..i....
prot.-ct the great industri.-s
1 ... - .,. i ;, .
'l 4.14
(Vt ll. L'J J.IU l t Klinil Jl J(- 1
' - . . :
. , t.urr(,1K.v : if you find it has i
, m, to t,,, eat do, trines of
,i(orv an, p hv dlvllylt
flv t ,,,;:, ,.:,,
:. -l... ....... i Ti. ....,,.,;..,....,,.. i
t I'liu-imo m..t ..mii,lst hones ..,,,,1 !
fears forall knew how stron- was
i '
ur attachment to irreat leaders. We I
k , rtl j
h lhl.nst.lvw H1 t,- j
o c,mt(Vt. we knew that there i
m k su(ie Jisj ,1,.)ointllR.ut an1 1
i- .1 . 'i ,1 . !
f u t, 1 1, , ;,t , lllonu.nt
r . . . ... 1
w hen there would be danger of di vis- I
. ... . . , I
. .11-1. 111011 iit.T 44-., iio4iiiv-.4ii i
' , .... .....4. ........
4.1.. .1.. ..1....1 111... il I
safely. Cheers. And, fcllow-citi-j
zens, we have remedied the discord- j
ant chords that were vibralinu; at
least one name was uttered which
caused all to sound in unison and to j
. - . ..... i - n
.ium-o .111 e
1 114 .414. llll' il T-44 4 lllll" IV4 I.UIll 1 .1 Hill-
Thm vrilvnU have been
first, tumultuous cheering, and
though years have passed since his
death, we can scarcely recall his
name but that we fi-el our eyes fill
'acrain. Our true Moses, who, like the
i 11. .1.- ...;.... ,.r..i.i L.,,1 ...4.
lltl'lVII 44.1111, Fl 41 Vm. 1141 I 4 4MII I U4. I-
iwl Hl; 4li tvmrrli i 1 ir it'iliKm-tn o --i.i
vv in nu'-viii,! fcin.. iMinviin i-o n 1 I
throueh the I Jed sea of war to die
only as hisey.'Sgazed upon the prom
ised land. Then followed Ulysses
S. Grant, vociferous and continued
- ..,.u,;i-..v 1 (.1.1.1 .,..1,.-. i..-....;.. ....
4 114111111.1 41011. I ailll. 114.14. 11. 4111-
., . .;, .1... ' , ,. ' ,
luiuiueii 111 uaii"ei iiini uinusmavci
i" ""-'-'O. fiiui.ou.umio.-n,,,..,,!
: .1 ....... . If :
our next president I cannot speak
irli. iiii1ii.il' luriioi " - " " .1 ' , I III' IIIMIIVI IH'l III IIII' r 11 V . :i I II I1..II I t ,v.1v'ni. iU'lll'l nil-
...-.t , ...i r 1 c ,., uie union .inn ui hut me nag mat 1
with as much mrdoni. f.r you all'i i . . . 1 .,
, ... 1 -I,
kiiow me lmimaie relations 1 near
, .1.1: 11 A 1 1 11
towards linn, and that which would
fr,,,,, , ,,1, r 1;, 1. , ..,,1
mifiht from mine savor of lhittery.
ii-iu vm, 1 1114-1 tui, in.-i, n-vnijr-;
r. f 4l , y , . '
as clear in his preat olficc as the first !
president himself. Cheers. And
n.w' In-V fnom's' wno i; thisthat we !
'm l .",u " l oi ,
uurIny iiyousottgnitonndan
4..IIIIIII.I11 A & I llli-l' II , I H,
, mode dv which our free civilization
r vrmi i ill ii ill imr l.iutiiri' nf
and lilierty are given to the humblest
as well as the highest Urn, to seek
and aspire by loft y aims and by high
ambition to' the Y'reatest oflfee in
...1 . 1.1 1. li.
nut m James A. iiartiel.t r Oreat
cheering. The studious boy that'
.- . .
read as lie walked along the tow-1
. . . . . ,
path, that st
tudied by the light of a
i w inter's fire, and who had his dreams.
i Thev were not dreams, jerhais, of
iweaith, but dreamsof that ennobling
'treasure which knowledge and virtue
unlocked to their votary. And so
it was that this pure U.y struggled j the right to work, to laU.r, to accu-1 Republican strength in their delega
for his ,ilueation in the very college mulate for himself and for his own i tions, with a view to securing a ma
where he sought to compensate for! children Tle.t Is tlw. ...inTi,,,,,, ! ioritv in tlie next House. General
or swerjung me recitation room. So
His thoughts are known to all men. !
for he knows
is the word he 1
not Urn ill fav
' . , 1
ior,y for t!ie
1 sprang from
is no man that
smites the anvil
nize.1 in him
; L. . J
i .4 . .. ,.v
1 ,1 , . .t 41 1,1 1.1 : . ... 1 ,
noc-oneealment. Where cverv bml Fv-erV .V..,l.'i;.. ..r' r..:, V " i!"r"j egeu uiai iunuer progress, IIki.laikk, ()., June 17 A novel. Then along the sen.emine walk
.as spoken that has ! whatever f.vlin. X, " ! "mM;rintcnlent was imiKissible, his ,mn8 aroused a contwt has arranged hymrtiw ! s,h thw iii,Nlcrn Atla. who on lis
or of Sstice and HU ! as,.iation 7'"1, ; r I . " ..l ! a:u tt.V u 'enanier-; lei low-prisoner, who gave the alarm, here, the result of which will not W ' sloulders so well carri.-s the woild
sons of U,U?-for' he Uf whatever ibrmei Amuect ion is I v IT ' n 7. f ay,to fIl,e nm wa's n. ere empty honor in any event, of Mount Vemnoii. losing d.se
anion- then, n,l i!.r i K..,., 1 V. I.,. t r "Ll . "' VV' .. I' .w riilmi of 1 ,0,(KX) the city of to cut out with a cold chisel a por- Richasd Crozier and John Brnidon t hi is the er..,v,l nihrri, w
dr?ve the r.h. Z I ZlZVT. "-w l" iVsiun? 1,11 f'ntaining over 140,000. tion of the iron side casing of the have out in, a forfeit of S.Kl for a ! n,;.4a n,.t t 1.-., 'i.,-
who has not rm.g.! f;. , rc,,uire,l two hours i match Wtween Joe Crow and Tom the particulars concerning the nan
a friend and a brother. I no slurd 1, hi l l .1. r : . M cas.-s where J liard work to accoj.lish this, and all McCarthy, to sir which one of them i who on this "estate" liv.,1, mo--etl
Tlie nlatform of tbn rin. ! 1.., ..,.'..1.... . r," V . "rii o""''iio coma not, ie nad at that time the prisoner remained sus- can hew the most walnut loirs in a and lmd bis Win.r Hollin.r,vrrth
jfore you for discussion at 'a more
1 . ....... ... v. . . , i.uu.ii 1111 ii.iiiv ih 1
convenient time. The history of that ; flag, ami onec more War it victori
liartv is beforeyou. Kxainineitand 'ously into the centre of the enemy's ,
judge it. for we have n means of;
nidmiVof the future 1ml liv thei.ast. i
, , .." .. , , ,r , I 11 I.. ,',, l' ,.ir,u Wi cutis ot
Our hnes are formed J..r th.it M"l: . . ! (.en. Um k& it. "munis ';
H i 111" UI1 Jill IIM" I 1.1 I J' I
! t(, thc next ,-im;:rcsS) ,d he is a
! . ..t if a 1 C .. 1
i ' 'I 1 ' " nV J V. ........ i ..r
-,H,.T i i.i.iiri dllil II Z 1M1 VI II I I II (
1 t 1 1 i t r i ii i iriM'i'C) is n s 1 1 it' i Er'm ivi run.-"..'. ............. . - ,
leader in this bloodless conflict, and !
If .' II II 'I II I n IMINHIMTI IIFII in I. .11111
i :s ow l.f)r(. Vou on this l.lat-:
f),riu j ,j0 t knw whether he will
(? h in f, r ,f
tlie nomination , that he can make
,(1 ,.all ;l ,,llt j
. . . 7
am sure mat ne win ne reaov to ac-
l: niiivliil'e ibe khldnis Mini Aiiirtev
. .1 Ml I 1
t!ll). oaU wind, vou make uton
liin to-nitrht. I introduce to vou,
11' I 11 1 ti rOWUtllll UT ! I I I il I 114. Mi ll 11 tl
i""i iv.-i.- nv ri.-m in "irnouoi
a Christian gentlemen great ai-
.plausej-oi.e resiFc ting the rights'.f
cverv man. because he himself is
tlllJ nilKlilLMln onil .1 C.r. wf I . w, I
T 1
...,,, v...
1 lnirodiice
A. (iarlield
gentlemen, 1 ieneral Jas.
Iiud and continued
(Ieneral (iarlield then stepped for
years we have denied thesoveivignty
of r.ny man, and in place of it have
; i .i r il :.. i, . l
asserieu uie so creiiini oi ;ui iusic;ii
- . r . I
of one, 1 see before me so vast a con-I
: ' . r j
I'onrsii. tli'it it w e-iv tor me lo liiiMT-1
' " t.iu-.u, .um ii mil
1" 1 " :l" IV " 1 . " ;
I uncovered and with unsandaled feet !
111 the j.n-sence i.t toe niajesty ..I tlie ,
ouiv sovereign poei in uns peni-
l ii i. iri
icn -und'rAlnighty(,od cheers:
and therefore to this jrreat audience
1 pav a respectful honia
'of general .olitie
1 WOUl.l not mar!
, ... C , , , ,
the cordiality ot this welcome by anv
r . . - -
reference except to the p resent mo-
; meni aim us sigiiuicai.ee, out i wish
..... . . . T . . ' . .. I ... 1 . 1
. .t. . ..i.
to 4.'iii? t .nt l Pil'irn in itT inn ol llnj oj ,
l"','laTr' are my comrades, j
a , ot the army ol tl,.- union.
( m f.. then, I can spcak with ;
entire propriety and can say that ;
these very streets heard the meas-
uml tread ot your disci .lined f' t !
NV'1 a!-'o when the imperiled repub-j
. I,.. ...u.. I... 1... .noi... ...1.. .... .11 .4.
,l,.1n' - "lr nanus aim near s . .
save it. vhecrs o?l came back
from the scenes o conl let with your
!,,n',l,,Vr.s '''..unished, but those you
hit behind were martyred heroes for-
rwr. ani t haso von lir.ii'dit UmAz
ever, and those you brought back, ,
imifii nnrr .unooH. 1 l...tt lull. ,... 1 ... .
I,ia,-,,,"fi M .. .. .I.O U on,
ners liore 111 their hands the .-irl.- oft
. ..... ... ,
. c , 44...!.. no.
1114 IIMCIIilltl, lll'lll III. OIOO(, HCUl
of the war. And you brought it in
safety, to be saved forever by your
valor and. the wisdom of vour l.reth--.
.. .. . 1 - . . 1 . ,1
al . o rcur. ci to a.ni
w, T M V J,,"'-v meciuzens
01 me rejiuoiie. j. greei you. com
rades and feliow-soldlers, and the
great body of distinguished citizens
who have gathered here to-night, !
who aie ti.e strong stay and support 1
of the business, o. the prosperity, of j
.1 . 1 1 :
me peace, 01 me pacn.c order and 1
g.orv 01 me repuoi.e. 1 give von
maiiKS ior your welcome to-night.
was said in the welcome given to
the Danes m England, that hcrglory
1 , 1 A 1 . .
au. V'"' "atIOI':!lltK's 1M'' "H.11 they ;
Xonnaus. Sxon anj Dancswebe :
But only Danes Id our welcome of thee.
i . .-lii-ni
And we say to you to-night, of all
natonahtp an. people, soldiers j
1 .1 ;
'"' iniiuuir, iiuie i.- one gieai
,.. .1,.,. .,.. 1 u
V " "l 'f' V .X o ;,V " ... .1.
LT . " " i
jeans us 10 victory aim i.ea.v. ror,
,1 ..,, , ' ,
1 llll 111,1,11114 eill 444'IV 4. 1114", 41ll.l'Il, X
L, . ... . ' . r,.'
...a.iT4 4 4... 44 ... 4 li.-.u 1. Lmr
I ..,.-... ,n 1
' ' - " 1 J '
nox. okohok m. k
ul Jl'.rf '-V 1
r, ami said:
next speak-i
M Y Fki.low-Citizkxs : No
man t
w ho believes in the right of free,-. loin
and of j.rogress will ever despair of
tne .vmencan repui.nc m me ..res
enee of the American people. You j their sections, but he has positively
arc the chosen people of the world, j declined, as he says it has been con
to bear aloft the banner of political I trary to the ideas of propriety for a
and personal j.rogress, and to make eandidate for the Presidential olliee
it j.ass down the line of centuries for j t' electioneer in his own behalf. The
all time. The key-note of cverv ! (ieneral, in conversation, fully amne-
j.rogress in the world is to be found
. i . , , ...
in me si.uii wim n swe s in t ,
breast of every i
him to struggle
man ami inspires i
an.l to strive to!
rtehieve jiersonal liUrtv and free-1
T-,1 ' 411 4 4" IU :
idom in order that, he m.'tv r.ri, tV,,,i
out of the condition in " which he
finds himself and rear his children
in a condition better than his own.
That is the true spirit of American !
oroirress. thnt i verv Tiin.i iilmii i..,4-., '
the foundation, sj.irit an.l idea ofi',:,r,eli regards tins as imjiortant,
the reimblican partv of this country. "nd believes that by united and vig
That is the idea w h'ich makes labor orous efforts this can lie aceom-
ertv - lovi
vi., , .iiviiun-i in liie nil. iruarii in
. . .... . . e u 111
Uhe old ir.lor
,i.,ri ,1 . j ...... 1 .... . . r. -,.ii-
ng 01 every languaL'e and ot i trut f.f V4inTol.;., ...o.i.. ... '.:..i..i 1 1 .1 . e .1 r . . .1
r , - - ... ..... ......I... ,.,..v.i.,. ,111, . ... ,11111,1' j.,41
hi was follow-
, tt - r, , . ...
! lrnber-er of Vniisylvania.
Tl..f -ill ciuiL'i V.-l I il IK I it h 1 1 II
....... t ,.il,c;.w, ..r..vnil-
!...i r.. ti. i..n.1..r.l lnnr ( inriiil,!
nn ii 11 ll ux nmo.'Hii in
onds (ieneral Ixipan apic;
IFIIM. III IM1 J I I ' - - -
the l.latform. The multitude seemed
wild with enthusiasm. Men waved
their hats and cheered till they were
house. ( lnvrs.J
Ex-Sirrclarv 1 Join's
hoarse; ladies lluttcred their hand M""1" pronaoiy causci y nilia
kerehiefs and cssaved to hurrah inationoi the stomach, the inquest
while the bands plaved with all their j "as adjourned till this morninp at
mipht. Evervbodv triwl to make a j ""e c lock
noise. Forfullvten minutes (Jen. ' 1 Montgomery was the
Lo-an w as unable to speak, the roar I youngest sou of the late Hon. Wil
from the crowd drowning the noise ! l'' Montgomery, . ot W ashington,
of the hi" bass drums. When quiet : 1 iie hitter was a distinguished
had been restored (ien. Loiran, in
tones loud enough to be heard as far
as the White House, said :
"Ifanv one desired to know who
his tirt "and last choice was he would
answer the nominee of the lleulli-
can partv. The candidate that now
bore its banner was all that he or
1 1 w I leool.' COM Id (h'si TC. I f tlie IICO-
i i ... .
i. . ii in nuinm' oesirea a nini
1.....1.., i.-i.l it in tlio lu ision if
"""' l"V ' : . f
.JillliC.S .1. 44.11114-1.1. 111 .1-.- t.v .-v.
tween the republican and democrat-
jciiiii-n ... .... ..v .... .. ....... -
I .. l...-. 4 I .'1 rill. I. I I 11 II latin's IM'-
tlie first or so-ond choice had leen
let the only choice now be the nom
inee. All sores should be healed,
mil there should he no fccliiv' save
.mi. iifuiii'-i- mid io his old com-
rades he would sav "touch elbow
rs on
.1 1 1 r -I
me inareii .ion in-s ji.in.ini m n 1
t;,;' vi' tory. "
i ... . i
. . ..... ,.,,.,. .,,,.1
i speeeii was me
crowning etlort of the evening and;" 11:1 i-ogicr on me ccnuig oi uie
a-t(.r ..;., hi,,, the crowd dispers- i murder, Pabe" was arrested also.
Wl H ,,,st.(l? evidently feeling
that his aMearancc on the scene was
Teat IV to IMS Cl'edll.
L.nL- of li.-.ttl.l,ro' wi.r., more tli.m
n. -.
i.,..,..,. t(, Wnrr;inf the
rmliztMi tins inonunjr. iMioujrli is
... nt ,,.. t . ius
w ill reach up-
i ' .i i .i j.
ri,.s uf tl)(, i.ri.l. at, S. M. Watts,
allll a, th(. .lirecU.rs lM'lieve, taken
a iar.,P ,la of ,nonev with him. how :
,.,.. i. .... ,.,., .li,,.,! !,v n !
L,,.,, s.areliiiiff invfsiitriitii.n. which
vviu be be:iiii'on the arrival of Pank
. ' . - . ...
, KxaiIlin(T H, n.l, e, who will act as -Montgomery s trial came up Fogler
; r(;t,.iv(.r fr th(. )nut. The forger-! was called to the witness stand, but
; i(.s ilH.lll(1(. ,iaper of the Connecticut ' refused to test.fy. It was said that
j jivi.r lailroa,l ll)r alMmt g.-,(),(XN); some of the lawyers who defended
Frederick Pillinss, ),(XX); Ncna ! him induced him to keep quiet by
n a.i.in,y;. r .. 1 u....iii.roii.; i..t ti...,. .i. 1 1.:.
W. park. $ij.(HH ; Lyon and Healv
. . '....'
Chicago, 83.CNM.I; the Iineton
... n- 1 1
. . w.omoi 1 vi 14 oi'k's jinoiiT. ' iir
.. I
C. J. Amnion, Hinsdale, ?1."),(KK);
Verniilye it Co., New York, some
jCo.OW. ami others, whose names
will be made public as the investi- j
gation proceeds. How much of this j
pajKTl.aslx-en used by Watts as col
lateral, uion which he may have
raised large sums for individual
nn, tli. ,lir,.l.,iM an. iiii.il, 1.4 ., U.14- 1
imI' r.mw.r- i,..t s;..r;.,.ri;,.l,l .V.,d'i
!(,stun i,anks have ,,.,. victimized
in wa v arc (.urreIlt. It is beliey-
irregularities date
l,a,.k for morc than ten years
,;;,.., 4, t.i. i,.,... i ,
fur which, as yet, there has been no
rw.onl foundand a double issue
wU1 u(ioubte.llv Ik-unearthed. The
1 looks of the institution are badly
,r.,,.lj,.,l s;,,,.,, t!4,.,.i.i.Li.,.. "
iv.. 0 44 11 iv hum.- him iiieu 1111
Vln atJ(, tllc fwH aa
uilrt01. y yvry ltj
known to have lost their all by the
ainst the
14111444471. - ! i.-. 4ii r-uoni;. xi, i i.ciiex -
i. :.. 1. ..1:....
, i .1,.,. .....v, ,.f .1 1 .
r""""- ""inoin are;uo
linancia Iy ruinetl, an.l that another
county bank sutlers bv the loss.
t::i, 1 .1 1 "i. .
Suits have Urn brought ainiinst
r.i . i- . . . .
tome 01 tne ,1. rectors lor uereiiciioii i
, f .1,,..
ot lun
f . , , ,,-,.
. 1 44444444444444 !
Ga.ii.id HomewarU lto..mi.
asim.n.itox, June IS. (ion. Gar-j
held leaves lor Ohio to-morrow by
. .r i:. .1 i -. r !
. i nisourgn. iie win remain
quietly at home lKiidi.i" the cam- nieans. , He was even niggardly in I
. 1 . . "'"!,. ,.
J.aign. l riends in different i.arts of;
the country are urging him to visit
eiatcs me magnitude ot the coming
contest, and believes that an aggros-
ve campaign on the part of distin-
guished leaders of the Republican
party will undoubtedly insure suc-
, cess. I Io bas the assurance ot Sena
tors Blaine, Ixigan and Conkling that
thev intend to take an active part in '
. . . . . 1 . . t
the campaign in their own states,
and not only intend carrying them,
but are confident of increasing the
s that
ord. He
June 14. To-davithe upiier part of his body throii'di
. u ... : . r . . t . . . 1
11- 011 ti isor 01 v.ensns 1.1 tn iiw.in inmm- 44-m, !.., ., n. 1 i.,..,.i,;.... ..
increase of over 1
... .... . .
IC first Call. An lncreasi? (if m-r.r lu niUl Imirin (iml l.ulf .,ut or o .1.... Tl. u. 1 .i.i 1 . .1.1.1
of eiShtwn foet from the
01 i?, u, mc total then being 131,000.
-IIhIx'" Montgomery Ili-nil.
A Unit half-past two o'clock vester -
day afternoon William, alias ' T.abc''
.'i"iu.;i,iii' i 4 . u imhimi'iid , iiaiai hi,
, j, ...... .,.L.,i..
aeoiidition that t he th ink was thrown
up almost immediately after it had
i len swallowed. Drink after drink
! was swallowed with similar results,
I , , ,
j eeeiled to hold
Ull lll'IUi.ri. jllll I
j nearrnp i ie lesu
ffo" anapner to the ettect that
lawyer, and many years ago, 111 1NV
represented the twenty-first dis-
triet in Congress. The district at
that time was conijio.-ed ot W ash-
j mgt'"b tayette and (ircene counties.
"" amajna mm in.v, aim
I was engaged in many ugly scrapes
! m his native town b,.ore he hal
i -' W t0 111:111 'statC. 1 I IS WOTSt
r..ni.l.- .-l.;..!. ......... ...:i.;
""""" .. ninu .01 n u
! ofbcinji his last was his indictment.
:. :.i
.'. vv.........-.. i. .LI. lll.lll
j ,n; r eg r, lor
I. ll.r. T- 1..1. tl... i.mv. I..w..4m.
ll lllttlllll 411 .411
when tiie two escaped. The detect-
ives employed to work uj the ease
found near the Dinsmore farm house
heel of a lHt. and subseouentlv
found a heelless lMx.t in Fogler's
room. Fogler was arrested and com-
'mitt.,1 to vi'.I nrul ;liortK- 4iT..rvv!.r,l
!;t i.;,t f...,.,.i M.,.,.r....,....
... ...u......,.
I both were indicted tor the murd.-r,
i ami wnen uie case came io no tried
came to
l"1 4wnu-. i mi m,.- j.n.-inn i.n uiiiiKi-
I the counsel for th
jed to have the men tried separately,
rogcr tirst. I he high position of
pear lor the prosecution except one
Harvy Vankirk, Ksq. and the
'ate ,V r. retterman, I'.sii., ot this
eity. was employe. I to prosecute the
... r .. ii t.i .i
case ior me eomnionweaitn. i-..r me
defense apM-are.l IJ. M. (iibsim, Esq.,
now of this eitv, then Mr. Montgom-
I noi
law partner, Messrs. Put!., Littl
and in inv others, comprising the
best talent of the Washington bar.
fogler was convicted of murdei'of
hrst ,1,.. V1(.n "P.abe"
41 .1 . ...4
proinises that they would save his
m-ck. This was in order to save
Montgomery, Fogler having told his
counsel that ''Pabc'' was with him
and assisted in the murder of Dins
more. At Montgomery's trial the
estimony of his friends and relatives
established an alihi and the young
man was ..emitted. In a short time
Fogl. r was sentenced to le hanged
and the day of execution fixed. Then
it was that a rreat. manv of the ciii-
zens of Washimdoii bee'ame h.n.l hi
meir indignant condemnation ot thc
conduct of the lawyers, who they
wid contrived to get i ogler's neck
into tlie Halter and lelt him to his
fate in order to save the son of the
rich and powerful William Mont
gomery. So great was the clamor
against at least two of the lawyer's
in the ease that an investigation was
ordered by the court, the result of
which was that the names of the two
were stricken from the roll of attor
neys. On the day of Fogler's execu
tion he published a full confession
of his crime, in w hich he implicated
"Pabc" Montgomery. Since that
time "Pabc" has been a vagabond
.i... e .i
'"e 01 uie eauii.
His father!
died soon after his son's trial, of
r w " -m, ok hiv uir'uiai ;
brought upon himself an.l family.
TI,. ..ft lnr,rf, 4.T,,,, l.t.4
"eing a Pout 4,(i,(KH).
T!,e v.-iimr i
notwithstanding his wayward
career, was not a siK-ndthnit hv any
ms cxjicnditures, and Pence a large
jM.rtion oi ins weaitn remains, ami
will goto his relatives.
"Pabe" was well known to the jo
lice of this eity, he having figured
in several shooting affairs here. In
1S71 he slmt a man named David
Kd wards in a saloon on Fifth avenue,
for which he was arrested and gave
bail for court in the sum of 52,(KJ),
but ''jumjied'' the bail and never aj
jieared for trial. He next turned up
somewhere in Texas, where he shot
another man and Hed to the far
west. After several years abseence
Il( returned to Pittsburg, an.l soon
f..- I .... 1. .11 ,.
il'.l' r rciuni ne na.i a tiuticuity
wnn a man at, a dive m old I'nilo
Hall, on Third-avenue, in which he
again used his revolver, wounding
his antagonist. This time he eseaj
ed arrest and was not heard from
for several months. Put he came
back again, and was not here long
until lie was heard of through a
little controversy at a Grant street
den. This time "Pabe" rireived the
M'tdlet instead of the other fellow,
Ihit he was not seriously hurt, and
I i ieorge Adams, a colored prisoner
in the jail at Williamsjiort, Pa.,
made a desjHTate attempt to cscajie
on Wednesday night. He forciwl
-. . .
iiended half 111 and half out at a
ground. .
iri-l on i" i uiuui-i a. iiiiuiico ami n (
The Point nf.ttl4 lt.
i "1. It is true that General Garfield
j was assigned $2,'l' of the .-t k of
un. 4 11 i . , u um.. m...
!i,..,.;,.,,ic i;,;.i,..l, ,.,. 1.5-
i of that vear a committee eonsistiii"
! of three Uepublicans and two Demo-
: ends were aoiH.nite.l to
investigate :
; them.
i .
This committee immediately
ii-l.w.li r..l.iti.u t.i fr fl.1rf14.l1l nni
: llil.. 14 V Illi-UlloiKAt oiiLivrrii" 1
i .. . . - . . .
i;...i . r it... i .-I inMiui
gentlemen, in connection with Mr. ; ,,ut l'lt'
Ames. h::a anv eomn-t motive or;1!10""
Ames hal anv; nor did either of
them suppose "that he was guilt v of
...... .,...:... ... ... ;.if.i';....,..
. f i ,,..!... .,. ti.fa
st.. k. The committee have -l eheervjone but suddenly there
not been able to find that anv of , " f m V'.1' " J"'1- The huge
these members of Congr.-ss have I ,'la, k i M ,"( h hung on l'ie h,
becn aflcrted in their official action !"'- if "i' and spread itselt
rt . nr th 1 iu'i"'iii ?iwl thi ti-mi I
111 tlMlil MUI in aa.n...-
in i...nL.Uiiionoo t tii:i" inrirT ill
the Credit , Mobilier stiK-k. ,
The committee find nothing in the
conduct of either of these members
in taking this stock that called for
any recommendation by the com
'2. He did vote for the
.....l ..1....... ..f 41,.. Kill !,.... ....4..
j 1. . .i i i mi ..... i .i
.....v ..... ......
treasury, and it is there still. j
j '"'. It is also true that he acted as
, counsel for De (Jolver while le
was being investigated before the
P.oard of Public Works of the eitv
of Washington. He aete.l pn.f. - s -
' sioll.-illv an.l ti h .1- his fees for l.w
u..rx-i.-,L th)...r r..r.., , n,.,.,
.-.. ..... ... i....i.
K-rats as well as Uepublicans, who
are sujiposed to have brains enouirh
to be of any use to their clients,
have served as counsel in other
cases when they could do so without
intcrfcrin'jr with their eon"ressional
duties. Put no one thought of find-
.IT Ii IT Til I Olll l'0lll.'ll!l.0 HTIIlTl.'"'1 .- . .. - ......
ing fault with them for so doing, ! boat which costs one dollar includ
tinless for political reasons, they : im: admission to the rounds. En
wished to smirch their characters as voyage visitors pass the Arsenal,
in the ease of Senator Conkling. who the ( ioverniiient Asylum for the In
was abused without measure be-; sane, the old town of Alexandria,
cause he used his great gifts for the once a rivul of Pa lti more, with such
New York Central Pailroad in its j important claims to commercial su
tamous suit with the government." i jKTtoiity that its advantages as the
seat of ' the National Covcrumcnt
t'liiiiiterl-eiter ArrenM-tl. were weighed in the balance with
i Washinfrton. We pass Fort F.te,
Toi.-onto, 0t., June lt. A few
days ago a man giving the name ofi Washington, tirst called Warl.urton
IJolx-rt Anderson was arrested at and built in 171HI. From the cmi
the village of I liionville 011 a charge j neee on which the latter fort is plae
of passing counterfeit bills. He was jed. Mount Vernon, situated two
committed for trial by a Justice ofj hundred feet alovc the water, is
the Peace there and brought to the j visible. The house is in splendid
Toronto jail. On Saturday the hit-j condition, the rooms in charge of
ter wrote a note to the Ontario Gov-different States, and some of them
eminent detective, Murry, asking ! in exquisite order. General W'asii
hini to call at the jail. As soon as j ington's apartment has Urn fitt.nl
Murry saw the man he said : "Your up by the State of Virginia, and con
name is not Anderson; you are j tains, among other interesting relies.
Harrison, the noted counterfeiter of 'the bedstead on which he died,
the United States and Canada, and I Nellie Custis' bed room is exquisite-
I have Uvn after you for live years";
The prisoner at first denied the state -
ment, but afterward acknowledged
the truth of it, and Detective Murrv
then told him what plates he had in
lKissession ami urged him to
. 1 ...
make known their whereabouts lie
further told him he was getting to
le an old man and that he would1
have no further use for them. I lar
rison asked until yesterday morn
ing to make up his mind. " On the
detective again coming tohim he told
that he would lead him to w here the
plates Were hidden.
In company with Detective Hoog-
ins the tu n ilrovi. to n l,nli fil.out
five miles northwest of this eitv and present for the lovely wayward
there found in a box, buried in the ! Nellie Custis. In its day it was a
ground at the foot of a tree, seven I fine instrument, but now its notes
plates, viz: A 810 plate on the On-j are like "sweet bells, janged harsh,
tirio bank; a So plate on the Cana-jand out of tune." Its ivory
dian Punk of Commerce; a 84 on ' keys have been wrenched away by
the Dominion ; one and two dollar 1 relic hunters, and it stands mute
plates on the Dominion of Canada ' and ruined. The grounds above
notes, and two $" plates on the! the ,1(,,ae arc beautiful and in
United States legal tender. : jH-riVrt order ; the whole place is tin-
There is a standing reward of dcr strict; military- discipline, for the
! S-VKXI by the United States govern -
ment tor the capture ot the last two
mentioned plates. The whole of
then, are value. I at Sl."i.KK). Harri-
son has U'en counterfeiting for theiedl.y (ieorge Washington. Ihev
'past. 'M rears. He is an engraver,
'i,. , .. ;
and ms woi k was so well executed
that American notes j.assed through
.i -,. . ii . . . ....
uie lrcasury iej.arimeni at asi.-ai us nmxiy naj.iisin. ii is worm
ington unnoticed. la visit to Mount Vernon t. meet the
The same can be said of banks on 'genial sujierintendent Col. McHcnry
which Canadian counterfeits are j Holliugsivorth, who as his name in
jtrinted. This is considered the big-j dieatcs. h a descendant from distin
gest counterfeiting arrest that has ! guished Revolutionary ancestors,
been made on the continent for a j He is a man of jxnvcrful build ; his
number of years. Canada has Uvn : abundant hair and long beard are
regularly visited by American de-! plentifully sj.rinkled with gray, and
teetives in search of this man. his dark eyes flash fun and inerri-
j ment from beneath their covert of
The Surrender of Hostile Si. .in.
figure and military in his Waring.
Wasiux.jtox, June IS. The re-i He is a superb manager, and has
eeipt at army headquarters of official i done more, by the economic man
confirmation of the statements that. lenient of its resources, to bring
five hundred of Sitting Bull's war
riors have surrendered to our troops
is considered by the Secretary ofi
War as the beginning of the surren-!
iter 01 uie entire ioree 01 mat savage
chieftain. Tlie Iresi,lent having
authorized the acceptance of the
surrender, orders will W issued im
mediately directing the distribution
of the warriors amongst the differ
ent Sioux reservations. It is believ
ed that Sitting Bull will surrender
himself, but should he conclude to
give himself up he w ill W treated as
.1 . .' . L . f ...
a prisoner of war. Secretary Ram
sey says that this surrender is the
result of the active an.l aggressive
camjiaigns inaugurate,! and main
tained bvthe united States military
I officers in that department, and will
materially smijdify the Indian j.roW
leni on the northern Wrder.
A Hewing latch.
day. The men have Urn in thi
business here for gome tinie prcpar- j
ing logs for shipment.
oik w.shi;tov i,ktti:i:.
l Ur Special Cfnrrrptzrr.)
HIVITOV, June t ", t --i-Sl .
lu re i
lovt'i a resruur -i-ii::-vr
Saturday aftem-Hii. The
full el!
ts of tin' storm was not telt
in the
tv. lUt out-Hie the wnnl ton-
it a livelv rate, (ireat Lnn-
; af-r, W;,
done at the Xationat fair
where tilings liMk demoral
i xainhia felt the full eth-ts
rm and considerable dam-
lone in various parts of tin:
icrn and western horizon
g black cloud, the Hashes
' ..I li.rlititiiir iv-ir 'Hul fin i tit wriiuilimr
ii.uii '- - ."' - n t
nky darkness betokening
ig storm. The Potomac
alive with sail schooners.
river wa
- v:-lits
ts. we
kml pungics, some close
,ad others free. Steamers.
I . 1 i
weri! n.aKing incir wav toward
their de-imation and the scene was
i an
! 1 i 1
1 I , "i"11
which h.l Im-cii dormant, spranir in
to life as y magic and the roar of
the- templet burst upon them. Dire
was the jronfusion. Hut to Ik-on
hoard of the Steamer Corcoran re
turning from Mt. Vernon was not
: as pleasant a situation as could be
i desired, ipeeially surrounded ly
- i. , , . ,
t Two or t liri'i. Ii inn Iri'i I l:ii I ii inn
I,. .,, .
cinniren BiaKing a icrrinie rackei a?
lioved hiniseli a catain ot true grit.
Soon the asseng"rs were landed at
the wharl; in Alexandria and came
j t' aslmigtoii oyotner conveyances.
j U lth aI1 0"' and anxiety, we
! Il:"la pl'-ant and enjoyai-Ie trip.
! It Seel lies lo me I never get to go to
Mt. Vernon enouiih. Kverv lover of
. .. . . ,. - .
i"i'"""s m.oui.. o. mui
: sl'ot: HeiWill come away a more
; patriotic man.
i The ridtdowu tiie river to Mount
I Vernon isj delightful ; the distance
! seventeen 'miles, and the sail is made
tin a comfortable, well appointed
I built during our late war, and Fort!:
Iv furnished, an.l has in it many of
i the bclonirins of the bright eyed
' girl who was so we'l beloved by her
ten father. Pennsylvania s room is
next. Iifavette's Ud chan.ler. In
. 4, . . . 1 11
i it is the original writing uesk 01 in.
! sreat commander-in-chief. It is ef
j walnut and entirely without orna-
mentation. Aiout two years ag
Professor IH.uis of this eitv discov
ered three secret drawers, whose ex
istence had never even been suspect
ed, so ingeniously w ere they contriv
ed. In the State drawing room are
three r four relics of deep interest.
One the harpsichord purchased by
! Genera 1 Washington as a weddin
, supcrint.fn.knt is an ex-army officer,
! who won ins spurs on many a nam
j fought bittle in Mexico. There are
a half d.en trees in the lawn plant-
have grovn as mighty as the see.l-
i- . 1 rc . l
I ung nation over wnose liiiancy ne
i watch.tl and whose sj.onsor he was
!...ii i.i. t . 1 . ... . l .
: LusllV cvchrows. lie IS erect 111
Mount ernon to its j.resent pros
perous condition, than trie regent
thought j),ssible to acoonij.lish.
When the Uat nears the wharf Col.
Hollingsworth is there to rcvivetln
visitors an.l lead theni tothebinb.
where near the grated door barring
the entrance way, he stands iij the
midst of the j.ilgrimes, hat in Wind,
features toned to a j.rojKT sa.lhcss,
an.l his voice as full of inorfuary
eloquence as 'tis jMssihle t infuse
into its rich clear, joyous jtone.
Day by day, week following Week,
month sum-ding month, yihr in
and year out, does he repeat the
same story; concluding itl this
sentence : I
"And each day, when the tolling
Wll announces the aj.j.roa. li ot the
: U.at. a man wheels a barrowful of
rjiebbles, and casts them near the
: door of this vault, so that visitors
j fond of relies may not go aivay eni-
tv handed.
nver U.trava th le-wt Witv intW
discharge of his duty; there is mt
tlie -.hadow of a laugh over his Li
ev,s nlorv bi tra i
I.I 41,1- -.I'ljll'.i..
lMher.H,,n,,f ,.,!y Vitl
he at his bet. ( hiv.,.,.,,,.. , ; "
' " oi ' i.,,!r,f
til" t.iir ' . til-" br.f.e .
.. ir'i .... . t. t i '
'-.'! t.,r
-1- 1
tion i,f
- r;-a(..
i li'-UIi
' '. her
in t um of th,. v, i!'t Iv
the vidow. who, after ',
men'., took reni.' , t'.l
ro- . b-.,Uf.o froin ,r. ;
colli I !.' Olll oi, the
husiiantl; mid then In. 1.'.
-'Xo on- distnrlH-,1 her here, and
unhss th v were s,H.(.:;lnv Sl,.llt t(P
III". Tliii uoe'l. liie .,r.. ,..!.
lole in
the lower part ot tii( ,j,
or was t'
admit ui'lv W ahiii",
cai. ami iae small lioir
. 1 .1 ,. . . ..I.. .iiu-
Troll f . .
was f,.r the
llifntaefun-lnving f the crowd
look sear -hingly at the Cicerone to
sir what they can detect in his face
it is as lmpa-sive as lk Sphinx-a
sol-..in e.oiid l,ro,Ms ..verbis hand
soiue lace and he stamls ready to an
MV.rthe qu. -tions of the curious,
refite the rrguiiient of the unU-liev-ers
and tMsympathize with the gu-h
of he irr. n-ssii.Ie.s.
in Monjlay last Mr. George L-ck-et,
of th Middhrreck township,
pa cd tliipuh Washington on his
wo back j to the Salisbury Mines,
fnji Phiiidel,hia where "he had
goietothjd his commander in the
wsr. Mr.;h.H ket is a crippled s..t
di.roftli.igalla.it tf.tth IVmraVol
uiteersaml some three weeks ago
to- k it in his head to come to Wa.-h-in.ionanij
find out the reason his
el: i.n for in iision had not been act
ed upon .y the Govermiulit. If
trihted hip ease to Some Wa.-hillgtoll
tii'li, and like a great many other
oil soldiers got duped out of an ad
v: nee f. e and there the case rested
u til niorc money was furnished.
E nding lb. it the Government ii. ed
e. the affidavits of his superior oth
ers, as 1 1 his being wounded in line
0 duty. 1 George startol at n. e to
Nw York and Philadelphia toi.U
t: in the oeeosary papers from liis
cipti.in and colonel. The otliecrs he
f und, the papers were executed and
a L went well until his money run
oit. Ho started from home with
tl irty dollars in his pocket, think
ii fir that amount would U- plenty to
c rry l.iin through not expecting he
wmld go farthe r than Washington,
bit to cut a long ftory short when
1:-) got as far ba.-k on his wav home
a P.altii.iore he had but two ..
Trusting to Providence tbrsome
t ting to eat ( ieorge jacked up c ur
i:gt and ti.k the Pkideiibtirg pike
1 r Washington, not dreaming lor a
I lonieiit that any person would U-
cruel, mean and uncharitable as
I I deny an old soldier a iiioiithtull
t eat when appealed to. He soon
i'pprcc iatcd however that he was not
traveling through Somerset county,
and rul.bing against the wealthy
farmers of our sct'ou where
plenty prevails and hunger is un
known. On he marched until h"
reaeh.-d Washington, in a condition
familiarly known as played ..tit.
This trip will never U- forgotten by
teorge. His sutfering w'nile passing
through "My Maryland" was h. art--endering.
The people even refused
him at one place a drink of water to
quench his thirst. On his trip from
the east for four days he was with
out a Lite to eat and W liell lie got
into the land of living it took three
siipjw rsto satisfy theapetite.
The case being such a plain one,
Mr. VanMiter, in charge of the
Pennsylvania desk, j.romisc.l that
George's case should get promj.t at
tention. Locket's condition remind
ed me of the day old Con. j. any "P"
arrived at Annapolis from I.il.by
Prison, when I devoured at one sit
ting 4-1 ounces of standard Govern
ment bread and had room fr more,
but Senator Grotl said "NutFand
that settled it as Fred lived in the
Two davs afte r ieorge s arrival in
Washington, the soldier determined
to follow General Garfield's exam j!e,
and took the canal for Cumberland,
cn-roirte for Salisbury mines.
The ease of Locket is just one of a
hundred similar in character that
has come to mv notice during the
j.ast year of old soldiers tramping it
to Washington after their i.ension
chums, and I have no doubt it was
just this class of cases jiestering con
gressmen that made them feel like
establishing a court or some other
place to send to. Kvery one has a
I story to relate and 111 some
cases no .lotii.t great injustice is
done by the Government. Not U
eause the Government wants to do
wrong but because the system is
wrong. Congress should remedy
the law. From mv experience au.l
knowledge of the pension bureau I
still think that thea.Ioj.tioii of-Com-
missioner Ieit leys j.lan to send
Government otliecrs, lawyers and
urgeons, to look up the eases in
very countv at Government ex
pense would be the Wst J.lan.
1 he Postmaster ( ieneral lias agreed
to raise the salary of ( aj.t. A. ( . Da
vis, jiostiuastcr at Somerset, two hun-
lre,! dollars.
Mr. Kj.hriam Miller, at Rock wood,
will also have his salary uicreared
I'lU'Jiuiidrcd dollars, and j.roUibly
two hundred dollars.
Daniel Ilellley, Ksq., of Berlin, was
in the city List week and stoj.ped at
the "Imperial.,'
Lii' ian Hendri.kson. Ksq., from
West Va.. formerly of Addison town
shiji. has been ai.ointed to a clcrk
shiji in the Census Bureau.
Pi. KKT.
New ;l.l l'ielN K.-H.rteil.
Siintinvv. Pa.. June Is. Consid
erable excitement j.revails in the vi
cinity of Newinanstowns, one mile
from' this j.lace, on account of the
suj.jxed discovery f gold. Dr. S.
K. Smith jiurcha'sed five acres of
land on South Mountain, sunk a
shaft and is taking out mineral
which heel: ims to be gold ore. He
says he h;.s aj.j.lied tests which
j.rove the presence of j-r.rious
Albany, N. Y.. June IS Royal
Dimnirick, of Kingston, has tiled a
notice with the Secretary of State
that he has discovered a gold mine
in the town of Rosindale, Ulster
countv. N. Y. Tlie discoverer has
Wgun work, and the ore shows by
test ?4 ., r ton gold.
Singular Ita.ln.nil .Hviileiit.
Cincinnati, June IX. A railroad
accident from a singular cause oc
curred to-day at the bridge over the
Sciota river "near Chillicothe, on the
Davton and Southeastern ILiilroad.
Jani.-s Dufiy. the bridge watchman,
lnv uou n U-side the track and went
(to sleeo, with one arm over the rail.
1 '.
A gravel tram hacked down uj'ou
him and the entire train was thrown
ofi' the track. Five men -were
thrown into the river an.l twenty
others into the debris of the wrecked
train. Dutl'v will die from his in-
1 1 t- I.. I. ...I lw.tll
juries, jonn iv cm iv 1 i" "."
liHTs broken, when he fell into the
river and was urownwi. .iar
Covles and Marcus Miller were tiituil
ly 'injured. The others escajn-.! with
slight injuries.
they are -o!. run i !,

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