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,ot .Publication.
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rsct Honild,
1 11
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will "
. - . MM
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'8 1,1 II.
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of the star
all r,f
Lave b
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service ii
decrease in
and Tirritor;--
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il-l therefor"
t i i - Western
r. The iVsi-
fcJ f-ynBwW U b
Somerset Herald,
fi:nor. I
VOL. XXX. NO. 27.
m.isU r (j. ner.d, howeve r calls atu n
tion to the constantly increasing
cost of the railway mail service n i ;i
j .serious di2iculty iu tha way cf
making the Departwr.t pelf sustain-
i Our postal ren-ico compared with
that of foreign countries, has kept.
! pace with the growth of the domestic
ce. u ithin the past year several
tries and colonies Live declared
1 1'VmKKET.AT;I.4W.
Mammoth Blue .
SHimemet, Prne a.
Somerset, Pa.
" ativkney.ati.aw,
Somerset. Pa.
"' 4,TTvRNET-AT-a.AW,
tfomerrrt, Pa.
SumcrMt, Pa.
Somerwt, Pa.
arpet st
communicated to the Russian Gov-
! eminent, which in turn has express-
To the &na!e mul House of Represent'
at it of the. Vnkfd fitult :
ed its Hvaipathy in our late national ; of the projused I'iinjkiih can t!, a
iiereaveinenu uu ueeirauie mai : guarantee which woupj in nreet
oureordiul relations with Ku.mh
should be treIlgthened ly proper
engagements, assuring to peaceable
Americans who visit the Empire the
consideration which is due them an
proposed to the European powers to piannfacturfF ; e21,102."31."l on spirits and fermented liquors, and : to your attention the suggestion
join in gHumiree i i" neiur.il.iy
their adhesion to the I'ostal I mon.
It now includes lL't.-n which have
an organized po-Ud ?i-rvi"e except
li'.livia, V ui Ilica, N'e'.v Z.aJa!id
and the ur.ti:
) An appalling calamity has befal-
'.. . leu the American people since their
T kTT!T kVTi V"1 ;TTL72 icJltt'11 repre.-entatives last met in
: We might else recall with unalloyed
. 1 . 'content the rare prosperity with
which throughout the year the na-
w. ii. in ri i.r..
I) It I (J GETS,
citizens of a I'riendlv Jstate. This is
espt'ciallj' neediul in repect to
American Israelites whose classifica
tion with the native Hebrews has
evoked energetic remonstrances from
this Government.
A conwular agreement with Italy
has leen sanctioned and proclaim
ed, wmch nuts at rest the conflicts
have been plenteous ; its varied in- 'of jurisdiction in the case of crimes
dustries have thriven ; the health of committed on shipboard. Several
its pe pie has been preserved ; it j important international conferences
tion has '.H-en blessed. The harvests
has mantaiiied with foreign govern
n.eiits uiidh-turWd relations of ami-
Itvand nr- tre. For these niani!e-ta-
have been held in Ilalv luriug the
year ; it the Congress of Venice, the
Honefice Congress of Milan, and the
f.iTH .v- KriTEL.
' rn-nned to thrlr car will 1
,". ,rr.uln aitemiwi to.
I,.,, M.ia .-t. street, ppc-si' tae
turns of His lavor we owe to llmi ,ice Congress of Turin. Thiscoun-
who holds our destiny in His hands (try was represented by delegates
. rtr j I'toii n Agent, Suiner t.
the tribute of our grateful devotion.
T that tnysUiious exercise cf His
! will which has taken from us the
trious citizen who
I was ii lately toe ne.iu oi oiu n.
tion ; how in sirrow and submis
h'TTI'TW A77.TTTh'. Uion. I 'ha memorv of his exalted
character, of his noble achievements,
and of hi- patriotic life will betreas-
from branches of the public service
or by private ciUens, duly accredit
ed in an honory capacity. It ii hop
ed that Congress will give such
prominence to the results of their
participation as they may seem to
The abolition of all discriminat
ing duties against such colonial pro-
i rin K-al Somerwt, V , ;111
,:. , ui. .; entrusted t ci wlih
- 0 TCI MM EL,
SumtTKcU Pa.
, ' . '.'. t-jineweotroet! to liis c.ire
. ' aii"tnl"K e""o" h l'n-ml-.
ittbe- i Main Cro aireoi.
;y UCClLB2S.j
, .r.v A- COIXOUN. i
.TrokXfc.YS-AT-a.AW. j
.., Hiirue.1 t their cart will be j
puo'-iuaiiv atlcnileil to.
4ls i.i'rt-" t:ltlr. j
;;;.niL, I
Sntur)t, j
- ', i".rn l to all burtnrM ntrlel '
., , i i m -l on collect tuns. Ol-!
,;..a B a-tr.iMlliK- !
: ';:; I a
0M-iil fr (.noS on
January lOlh, 1SS1.
iedera-! The insec-ritv of life and nronor-
ty in many parts of Turkey hasgiv-
iom rwl Ta.,
:. LurlneM etitroated to try car. at
t fio.'lwM ani tKlellly.
I Tiii- h e is fiiriii.-iu- i:i f:r-t-'!.i., tn ttl
:!(' viitli llie i;Tii r i'ivinii.-iKfS of
i i;ea:.t. ILrt an.! r-!J Wat.f V:th'. la-r
lloa !:n,- i: .n;--. r.-irt'T- ! i-1.:iiiiIht. an
: !,;, s;al)ii-s iit:a. !i.-.l.
I T!..- Ti.Me nni !Ur w'M ! ? G'XI AS
! M !K 1HT.
i .in fXw-r; t: to in Hit- II
j tla'l'T iiiy.--lf 1 lull rt i.ili r
v!;. in ii v rail.
li t lituhn, I
oluelKUl to ail
ured forevt vc r as a sacred possession j ductions of the Dutch East Indies
'of the whole people. The announce- as are imported hither from Hol
! ment of his death drew from foreign I hu,d has been already considered by
I governments and tuples tributes of j Congress. I trust that at tiie pres
J sympathy and sorrow, which histo- j ent session the matter may le fa-
jrv will record as signal tokens ot thej vorably concluded
!kinsln;oi nations and tiie
jtions of mankind.
oi k uelatioxs with knclanu. ! en rise to correspondence with the
Theft elin'ol uood will between l,r looking particularly to tl.e
our o.vn Government and tiiat of , b; tier r.rotectior ,ol Am-nean n.is
C.reat liritain was never rnore mark- j wouane in the hiiipire. The ctn
....., t ,,r..,,t In rw.i.miti..M idemned murderer of the eminent
of this i.leasing fact I directed on ! missionary , Dr. Justin . I arsons,
the occasion of the late CentennLl not yet leen executed, although
eeU-bf.tion.-a Yorktown,that a sa- this Govt rnment has n peate dly de
lute be given to tl.e British flag. J ''landed that exemplary justice be
Save for the corns oondence, toiooe.
w hich 1 ehall refer hefeafier, in re- j The bw.ss government h i-soheit-lation
to the i.ro,osed canal across the good ofhees of our diplomat
the Isthmus of Panama, little t!1 ; and consular agents f..r the protec
oceurred worthv of mention in the ! 1 citizens m countries .where
diplomatic n lationsof thetwocuu I t 1- '"it lUlf represented. 1 ins re
. r,,?,. ;., ti... it,.. r..riiine i juest has within proper limits been
I'.iv el.iims were sa'irt.ietorily set-
contradidion of our obligation as
the sole guarantor of ffte g'l ir-inteo
of the Colombian territory and of
the neutrality of tne eurml itself. $1"3.ii.jS,72:.'.81
My lamented predecesVtr felt it his ! Ttie expen.-. s f olh-etion f..r the
duty to place before the European pat year were 'iGAVl.'m 2'). an in
powers the reasons whft-h make the ! civa.-.: over tho iriceciiie' ve.-:r &vS7.
iI.-T l'l-
! I 1 f ... I . I - '
lnuispensime, ana lor w.iien tne ni- :cre,i.-e m revenue fro:n customs over
terjection of any foreign uarntee i the precteding year, the uross value
might bereganletl as cuperlluous ( of imports, including !'rre"good-i. d -and
unfriendly act. Fore-eeing the I creased ov.-r twe'itv-Jivv milli-'rls of
.....K..I.I.. .. ):..... ,." f:.: .1. I ...ti ... ni
jii.ii,miu ieii. imi, i i iim ii iumi , nnuiirj. 1 !;(? 1 11 ; r k f I i'Tl':W 1!1
mm imd' steel m.imifactnres and exieot also the fmecial tax unon the contained in this renort in regard to i-
i i.i. . f i , r . : c ..... -
.iii-reni; ci;,u.vw').5l n Hiatuilac- uianuiaciures oi and ucai'Ts in sucn i mo conumon oi our ioriu;'--;tiitm-, ;
tnres of silk : Sl!-.Si.n." 21 n man- articles. The retention of the latter esntciallv our coast defences, and i
u fact ures of cotton, and f'G.-iG'J.Ci M-' lax i-i desirable as affording the offi- recommend an increase of the
04 on wines and sr!rit.' makim? a ' cers of the "overnment n troner strength of the engineer battalion
sources of t urpervision of these articles for the j by which the efficiency of our tor
; preveniiou of fraud. pedo system would be improved. I
i agree wiiu tne recreuiry oi uie inso can vour aucnuun io uu: "-:r ,,,, ,,, i .1 ;.i t
Ireauiry tliat the law imposing a : marks on the improvement of tu,! ..r.'nt-.tion of i-iiii.-tment- a 'dn-t
.-lamp tax on matches, proprietary ' south pa?s of the . Mississippi river, 1- ; ." ..,'..,. ,..,. t
. ,' , i i 'i I . ' , . . , .i persons luTlUe. I ',' connef i.l "U.l
articles, playing cards, checks and ! the proposed tree bridge over the j JcrViei i.c-i-'-, ' t!;i m f
ur..;ts, may wnn propriety ue re- rotoinac river at. ueorgeionn, um i s( .i. j-,,;;.. j ,;..,. I
, and
total revenue from thesi
nst Hiding
s. '.:i norri: ixvksH';t;on:s.
As has already been stated, gre :t
reductions have recently been m i'lu
in the expense of the star route ser
vice. Tiie inves-li'jatior. of the
Denartruent of .ln-ticeand I'o-l-jiiii'-;
(overnment on the provisions of i h;
Clayton-liulwer treaty t' IS.;), ;is
a fiord i ug roorn for a share in the!
guarantees, which the United tales
covenanted with Colombia four
5 ears before, I have not hesatatcd to
supplement t'3e aetitn of my pr. tie-!
cesMir, bv propo.-ing to ller Majes-;
ty's Government the modification of; exports vvero
ttii? vidue of manufactured wool was
S110,2.';ivS.'S, and in' that of scrap
ir.m $12.S.K:(;,71S. The imports of
sag. r, on the .th.r hand, Phoned
an inereai-e of ?7,1"7 471 ; ofMeel
rails, ?l,:iir.o-J! ; ,,i bars, S2,i: 1.2 )t,
ai:d of stee! in bar.--, iiignts. etc., 1,-G20.0-1G.
Coi.trasJed venh if . ro- l'.e
pcah.-d, and the law also by which
banks and bankers are assessed upon
their capital and deposit. There
seems to ho a general sentiment in
favor n this course.
hnnortance of completing at an ear-j
iy uay ine nortn in 01 ura it
partment building, and other re-1
ive ei.ioir.eii upo- , ....
ire charged it'i i..- eond
ca-w-s on t " i i . r i ot ir:ttt.
.t I-
, H. L. nAfcU.
SutnerKt, Pa.,
- " ii .'.ra.rtaiil alululnif e..mitlc.
.'i..! M..rutel u tueta 0i lie ir juii'lly
.j ;.i.
SwiuvrM't, Pa.,
r!rc mci attmt Ion to tnrtnen entriit-
Ly nn m tMnrrwt and adjuinlng cuunuc.
IN ::. ;)TT.
SumerMrt, Pa.
r ; . -tv-iH H"0e. All'bnrtnewntnut-i-ert
aavii'ied .0 wllk iromptm and
i. rvcu.
S.jincrwL Pa.
t x; una.it b Krt, np nalr. Lotranre,
f.rert. IVUectlont made, rate
t: -iatrlol. and all lecal bnitie
i b wr.r iirumr'neM and normj.
SuaerMt, Penn'a.
'-t :twlr ir..frinna! witM to t he eltl-
crt and ft. tpl'T. Uneiif the OHrm
r.rm ran at alltliiiea. nnlew iir.plwl.Hi-.r-t
i (an-'' at their off!, on Main
u tt.e liiain.Hid.
J. K. MILI.EIt has p-rma-
- l-Teerf In Brlln t'T the pmlre
oAee wiMkita Ctarlea Krtin?.
-t aj.2.','TU-tC
II. nnriUKER tenders his
n U rH" tn the rl'iaena of Sntn
vnii.. urn. in rulJenee a Alain
u: the Ilianuiid.
-b ,f sath Bend. Itxllana, where he
ftjlttl l.y tetter ur utlierwif.
JitilN BTLT45.
iVvHnrj Hrffley't Wore, plain Crn
Vwi, Pa.
s Mimwitb Blwk. ! R'i'i ln
t'T luran at all time, be f'on- ir-r.
; V:i''t -A iTk. eaeh at niilna" raa
e:w:n. kc A rtlftrtal teth t allk'nua.
tim m.i'.ertitl inverted. tliwraU'jn
-'!.HTwIsnd Patch. S"tneret ei.notj.
r tn Peace, earrey.fr an.l clnlia
jr rolled .11 Kor.tT and Pen
it t.:rw;d t bim IVrn-na wtftttnir;
--u.lrf tj.nl a.lmw biiu at the alKre
- euduilna lac liar fre and XKKa
'.ISrrHii try eervtre on Keal or Per-
or aryililCK u tdit.ed n. at
' ;.; nnd I will -.ve entire atlia9tll
: j bjji j)n,n,j,iiT attended tn.
W. A. K'tONTZ,
CocBaenre. Pa.
. ic:r and well knows bmw haa latel)
t.!i and newlv refitted wttb all new
't !niimre. which haa made It eery
' "ii .ln ,laee lor the tranelinc pahlle.
' .... a hk. 1 ...1 . 1 1 h.
llr A lea lam and fnom? ataMlns
" Lsr.,, ra be had at the kiweat piw
t j t be week, day or mal.
S AM V fcX -t'STKU. Pn-p.
a. L.tor liianwiid
Stoyatow ,pa-
3000 Ualli!
'i ...
u" lTat A. J. Caaebetr A t.'
- ri., or a( nw
i c 'lr-11 Soaiereat, tbe nlaea of cr.ar.a-
1 KBt saantlty to rait pereliaaer.
The NitT.hi Onsenvm ht niw tht larpeat
rin-ulaiion ol iu -lM. it in
' ' : UNSECTARtAN, -
1: will enter iu
with a Wt f.mt tltnea the lie of lt nrt l. ne,
lull ( F v-ien arjul lin'aC ne ; with viit.r
K.litrial wn matters or rellpl .ua and aecnlar
linen-Hi ; with eareiully .iliVea Ix-pirtmenta f.
Cbil.lreo. -attn M.bo.4 Tolier, Parmera nd
Hu.irKFMn; witheiutit actlre tviitora. an uo
rimled aufl ol KitrIiso C..rre"u.lentP and paid
Wriiem auJ Oouirlnniora la etrerr part of the
IrcntDus " Letters !
Witk Steal Psrtit of Sht Authw, .
In irlren toan oo aemlin n a bant Jidt 'Smw
M iwmcMU.1 tlltU the couiug var.
sri:ciME.s copies free.
Addrora :
norM w YwrH.
..Iler-iiioii made In aU yarn of the United
I'arlrewifl irRtof. nd tnorey Wert ran heae-
c BMi-!ute.i hy dralt n N. T'k in any Mim.
I'oilerHtnriiiai'e with r.mi.;r.. V. S. B-ih1
r unlit and fold Nolt od lalual.lea aeenred
ly on i-t IilelH.M'aoeU'l.raied rales, with bur
nt tit A Yale U 1) wi time 'ink
-A:l l'-at holiday tiheerr..- liar
no. mica- - r a mum.
ipt! ftp" Fire and Li Insurance.
. . SOMEItSET.'I'Av. ; I ,
And Real Estate . Brokers.
Pejwwif wlesiro to roll. jr or eirhanito
pr.trty. nr rent will nnJ It to their adrantace
to reiciier ine :erTf,iHo iiier-oi. a w. -'.
made an lee mu m rente Meai reiaie
(ewrrallT will tie pruacpUy Mtendod to.
ant l
' (ANnallenry Heffley'Sron..)
tied, lv tin Hritisli Governnittit
jtay injr in full the sum of XI j.O ',
most of wl.iels liiif a!realy Leen dis
trihutetl. As t!ie terms of the cet
tlement inelnd.-tl compensation for
injuries Full", red by our lilitrnien
at Aspei li.iy, xh re has leen rt tain
ed from the pro-s awnrd a mm
which is deemed adequate fr t!ioe
Tiie p trlieipalion of America in
the exhibitions at .Melbourne and
Sidney will be appropriately men
tioned in the report of the two ex
hit'ition? pooh to le presented tor
Congress. They will diselose the
readiness of our countrymen to make
suecessful competition in distant
Sel ls of enterprise. Nejrotiat.ons
for mi International Copjrijrht Con
vention are in liopeful progre-s. The
surreinler ot Sitting Bull and hi
ford's uiHm the Canadian frontier
has allayed apprehension, nhhouuh
l.odie f I'ritisli Indians still crose
tiie hordt-r i:i ejiuwt of sur.ten nice.
Upon thi.s t-uhject a correspondenee
has ht. en opened which promises an
adequate understanding. Our troops
have orders to avoid, meanwhile, all
collisions with alien Indians.
The pn se iiw at the York town cel
ebration of representatives of the
r punliean deseendauts. of L tf.iyette
and Lis gallant compttrioU who
were our allies in the Involution,
has served to strengthen the spirit
.f good will which has always ex
isted U tween the two nations.
You will be furni.-hed with the
proet i dings of the Bi-metalhc Con
ference held during the hummer at
the city of Paris. No siccord was
readied but a valuable interchange
of views was had, and the Confer
ence will next year be renewed.
At the Electrical Exhibition and
Congress, also held at Paris, this
country was creditably represented
by t nnneiit gjiecialista. who, in the
nbsct nee of an appropriation, gen
erously lent their efforts at the in
stance of the State Department.
While our exhibitors in this almost
.INtinctively American field of
achievi ment have won several valu
able awards. I reeonmn nd that Collins-provide
for the repayment of
the personal expenses incurred in
the public interest by the honorary
coiiiinir.-ioncrs and delegates. No
new fj'ie'ioi rpteting the status
,if our naturalized citizens in (itr
mar.y have aristn during tl.e year,
Mitd the causes of compltint, espe
cially in Alsace and Lorraine, have
practically ceased, through the lib
eral action of the Irrijieml Govern
ment in accepting our often express
ed views on the subject. The appli
cation of the tre.ttv of 1SCS to the
lately acquired Bhenish provinces
has received very earnest attention.
A definite and l isting agreement on
this point is confidently ex-cted.
The participation of the descendant?
of Baron Von Stuben in the York
town f stivities, and their subsequent
reri-iitinii bv their American kins
men, strikingly evinced the ties of
good will winch unite the iiennan
people and our own. Our inter-cour.-e
with Sp iin has been friend
ly. An agreement, concluded in
Februarv last, fixr-s a term for the
labors of th paniah and American
Claims Commission. The Spanish
Government has been requested to
pay the late awards of that commis
sion, and will, it is kkived, accede
to the request as promptly and
eourteouslv as on former tKicasions.
Bv recent legislation onerous fines
have leen imposed upon American
Bhinninsr in Spanish and colonial
ports for flight irregularities in their
manifests, une Case oi narusnip us
specially worthy attention. The
bark Masonic, bound for Japan, en
tered Manilla in distress, and is
there eought to be confiscated under
the Snanish revenue laws for an al-
7 .r. . . . , .
. i. -- ri lor nncal atvi Ta.
. lteaa a bercraara tiy Hk
tn-viTfrinTrnm niitPifiTFri)
i legl chtirt tge in her transhipped
SUM 13 RS K' r PA. ciro. Tbouah efforts for her relief
Jl. , j have thus far proved unavailing, it
O J a wetk lo yar . wa t..wnl Term and is expecttd that the whole will be
r?0L nnttit la- Addre H. Hal:.ctt AOtv n(i:,1Ht,l in a friendl V eniriL
3. r. i .
The Senate resoiun8 oi conuoi-
l f or.:t. Maine.
tl-tK- daynt lne aally i C TJ & f)) per day at how. SainpW i c nee on the RSSflSsination of the CzaT
li. AddrTRt!i7 U OZU worth ifre. AddrcMMia- I , , IT w(Te appropriately
-M.hM. Mar.W-Irr ao. fc co rru.ad. Matwe, Mar.lft-lyr. I AlCxanoer 11, itc pivj
granteu. Uur agents in swiizriaini
have been ins'.rueteil to protest
against the conduct of the authori
ties i f cert-tin communes in permit
ting the emigration to this country
of criminals and other objectiona
ble jiersnns. Several such persons,
through the co-oeration of the
Commissioners of Emigration at
New York, have been sent back by
tl.e steamers which brought them.
A continuanc of this course may
prove a more irectu d remedy than
diplomatic remonstrances.
Treaties of commerce and naviga
tion and for Uw-guLuionbf Consu
lar privileges have been concluded
with Roumania and Servia, since
their admission into the family of
European States.
As is natural with contiguous
states having like institutions and
like aims of advancement and de
velopment, the friendship of the
United States and Mexico has been
constantly maintained. The Gov
ernment has lost no occasion of .-o-eourming
the Mexican government
to a beneficial realization of the mu
tual advantages which will result
from more intimate commercial in
tercourse and from the opening of
the rich interior of Mexico to rail
way enterprise. I deem it imiiort-
ant that means be provided to re
strain the lawlessness, unfortunate
ly so common on the frontier, and
to suppress the forays of the reser
vation Indians on either side of the
Rio Grande. The neighlioring states
of Central America have preserved
internal peace, and their outward
relations toward ua have been those
of intimate friendship. There are
encouraging signs of their growing
disposition to subordinate their lo
cal interests to those which are com
mon to them by reason of their geo
graphical relations. The boundary
dispute between Guatemala and Mex
ico has offorded this Government an
opportunity to exercise its pood
offices for preventing a rupture be
tween these states and for procuring
a peaceful solution of the question.
I cherish n strong hope that, in view
of our relations of nmitv with both
countries, our friendly counsels will
prevail. A special envoy of Guate
mala has brought to me the condo
lences of his Government and peo
ple on the death of President Gar
field. The Costa Rica Government late
ly formed an engagement with Co
lumbia for settling by arbitration
the lioundary question between
those countries, providing that the
post of arbitrator should lie offered
successively to the King of the Bel
gians, the King of Spain and the
President of the Argentine Confed
eration. The King of the Belgians
has declined to set, but I am not as
yet advised of the action of the Kine
of Spain. As we have certain in-U-resta
in the disputed territory,
which are protected by our treaty
engagement with one of the parties,
it is important that the . arbitration
should not, without our consent, af
fect our rights and this Government
has accoidingly thought proier to
make its views known to the parties
to the agreement, as well as to inti
mate them to the Belgian and
Spanish Governments.
The questions growing out of the
proposed inter-oceanic water way
across the Isthmus of Panama are
of crave national importance. This
Government has not been unndnd
ful of the solemn obligations inr
posed upon it, by its compact of
,-.. --i ei , .1..
1040 Wlin iioiomoia, uj me muc
pendent and sovereign mistress of
the territory crossed by tne canai,
and has sought to render them ef
fective by fresh cngaeenients with
the Colombian Republic, looking to
their practical execution. 1 he ne
gotiations to this end after they had
reached what appeared to re a mu
tualiv sati?fa tory solution here,
were met in Colombia by a disnp-
ttroval of the powers which its en
voy had assumed and by a propul
for a renewed negotiation on a moo
ified basis. Meanwhile this Gov
ernment learned that Colombia had
that instrument and tho at. .rotation
of such clauses thereof"' six io not
comport with the obligritimis of th.
United States toward Colombia, or
with the vital need? - of tin; two
friendly parties to the contract.
The report of the Secretary of the
Treasury represents, in det tila high
ly satisfactory exhibit of the ht.ilt: o!
the finances and the condition of
the varioiL branches of the public
service administered bv, that drpait
nieiit. The ordinary .revenues lrom
all sources for the fiscal year ending
June oOtti, 18bl, were :
From rn!totn tIO'.K'S T V!
Pr .m intrrnal rvremo.... 13 utM Am j
A-'J ,ld 17
iSt.M. V
i ful lows : Domestic
nierehandise. S'J J2" 0 7 f.nvi"!! ' tion bv pledging with the Treasurer
merchandise, HAVIW; total, f the United States bonds of the
SU')2.6T7,S-!'. 1 mporN of mi rclian- i General Govern ment. The interest
tr upon there bonds, which at the time
ex port ov r imports of men !:a;i- t wtien the tax wa.s nnposeu, was l
li.-ie, fr'."9,71.71S . A:;gregati-tifex-' per ceiit., i.s now in most instances
ports and imports, t;l."i l".041,i;7 4. ' p r cent. Beside the entire cir
Comjiaretl with Tie previous, year c.iiatiuii was limited by law, and
t Mere was an inereas.) of S0-'.'4.o, ' I'O ini';rea? wa allowable. When
the existing banks had practically a
monopoly of the business there was
force in the suggestion that for the
.wl. a .f ,1... CCr.f.. .1 i.f'.-
tUllJlll-JIlU.ltlUll.1 VI Hit- r,-i..wi, wi , . , ; .r-....... ' .. . .
. ... ... - 1 , :uiil U I'll! "'i.'"' - . ' ' I
In the present VV ar, which appear la his report, i , f it(.cvU,tl to th-j i'i-,idi i-
coiioition oi our revenues tne lax on llic actual expenuuur..s oi mis uc- w,r. "c H -d to tir ir r
!ejiosits is especially unjust. It partment for the fiscal year ending t.''i,. , r,,,V;., ' 'th" t'
- 1 .i ; , rtn ir,,,. ... ,.n..l ) I tMC llUtV 01 pp r-Ct. ill l!lg l.ilil I. -
never l.nposetl in this country I June 30, lbbl, were $12,12-Vi01.2l. )f (.,.r,:n
till it was demanded by the necessi-1 The appropriations for the vcar 18S2 j " . -. ' f 7 ' '. .r:!',
- i J . f o i i win -.)- . Tt .:. ,t i who in I V liU lOaHtt Cil '.FJ-.i-ix W...I
tics of war ami was never exacted, wire 84 l.bVJ.i 1 -12. 1 he ettnuates ; r , ,",,),,. t
.it:.. : i ' ! r.. tw. e II 1 1 --i: Of i frauds Ui-on th'J p.-t.:I SLT. ItO.
i ui iievt, in ui. v oioer tuuitu y , ccii i iur jouj aic ii,oii,.i i
THE NAVY DEPARTMENT. ! ., . , . .,
The report of the Secretary of the fT1
, i-. .u i - e .i , attention t; tne l Cf.'ei.-lt Of Uio'lllv-
Navy exhibits the couduion ot that , . ,v,tuU1 (;f t!,(. ,;urt3
branch ofserv.ee ami presents valu-, u,nit.,, a r.m..dty due
vm fS'- " p !ti, ti. ur, urease of 1
LlieiJl. X tail JUUI erj:i.lti unc-iikum
also to the appended report of tiie
advisory board which be convened
to devise suitable measures for iu-
lii its greatcet exigencies. Bankers
aix- reip.i r (1 to secure their circuhf
creasing the tflicicncy of the navy, . : ' 4
e larre lnerease o: lu.tu.is-,
"specially in tiiu Supreme Cour'.
Litigation in our Fedtral trihtinlj
became greatly expanded aft. r ti.e
dte of the late war. So long as
in the v tluu of tii) ex;)-)rts of ni ;r
iihandise, and a decrease of the v.i!
in; of2"),2!M,lH in the value of the
1 i.fti.p.
in;;.ori. i ;,e aiili'.Ia!
excos of impir?4 oi'
over the exports there;
: vt
in rctian
f f.r the t
land particularly to report as to the
character and numoer oi vessels nc
fr.mciiiie to be favored grantees the
Government might very pruperlv
Froin unt.ll'- IauJm
Pro'n tax -n cln-uUli .u mid J .KUa
ot national ti nk
from rep tynent of hitere?il by Ps-
cifl. ri.iril couip.iuf a ... .....
Fr .in l!lkMlg uua lor PatUiJ r U-
r o, compi.i a
From cuitioms, tecs, linca, fenalil.s,
eio 4
rrjiu fees, coiiralur loiters, puient
and land-. ...........
From protce.a of aalt-a oi lK.vn;ri-
uivn- r.-iriy .
From pr..n uu oiln.ifq
From re,inuca oi llie DiJirit ol
I 'ultt'lll.t.1
From tulsceiUneuus ton. 'cm .........
Totl ordinary ncel.ua.
,11C,U5 11
1 10 TO :d
Hb.m :i
1,2 i.sll to
2.1,9; i
"t.'X (.1
3193 4 a Ui
2 0!S.!H9 )
0 iUi l"30 .3
....a t
The ordltary t ipenjHarrs lor tiie ranie ierk4
Were :
17 W! ITT 19
l .tr- i l 4 '.' I
r.4 16, .9
i:. o-.-..r.;i 5
F. r civil ciTjsti
K.r l.-rvlvu iuc.-ix-our&e
F t Id imii
For tvfltnti
For tn: uiiliuiry -.ral.lis men's. !n.
etn Uuai r.vrr and h wjor lutorove.
niL-uia MDd art al. . . .. ..
For tiie iivl et'tMlliui!nt Iwla l-
Inx v. cl in .t'iiiiiera.ndiu!oroV3
uie. ia al n-.vy y r-8
For ra.fcrii .iiou exiw-n-amrea. Ir.-
cio 1104 pu.tlio Ou.Mi ira, iiiti
lioa-e- ai.. c..iiociiafe tiie rvr.-mte
F r exn iliUr.-a .m iu'couuI oi tiie
l.latricLof . oluml.id
Fff n.cre.t mi ..unlie iebr
For omnium uu Oomls .ur.:lii'J ...
Total ..riiuary espeadltarrs i:SJ 71
lrlrs a .iriilu of tl 3S, wbirli w-l
Hp icj a .illot :
To the rclcnptl nofbonia f -r Ue
t ntlDK luu i 5 74 a; I, 03 uj
xracitouAl vur euy orte :r.aiog
.1 iti 912 03
Hi D 74. !
1 uel.'.i'. 73
:.; i v
1 ll'JW.Olu lYi
1.4 n ' d
X i)l6, .j . V
15.41 tO
a .vtai iyi
r.i.joo im
1 4 .1, U Vt
M 1 6 on
17 4U oJ
l.V.'i WJ
li,3JC 00
14C3T0.3 94
vears previous to June '), S
?!t.)l,Mj;!.U22; but fi r tl.e I.
ytais there has .(eii ::n i
; exports over Lnnorts of
tl.aii Ji.--e. amounting tn ci.lSlOCS,
l',;N.!ii '.nmi 'l avc.-.i.' t,f .? l'J-i,77,
Ul7. Tiie specif'..: value t.f t.'ie eX
ports o ' lotii tic mer'liandise
5 "7 tli I s.j :;) ;;i 1S70 and S.Sfl.027,
i'17, rt l'l.an iii'n .;eof :Jri,)7,'vi'J,
in, tir iu.i jn.r cent. i.'.evaiu
..,,. (". !-. IOC
;'.nd SG f 'l on I.tL'S in I.SI, ::i in- !
ereaxi- oi -t" J! 7.70!.22 or 47 per c-tit. t
l)uri,:r eaeh ytar from ldl! to I
I -n J li'Cif.s: ve, Ji:e export .i pvf
e'l'.feilc ! t! e 1 1 por.-.
' xe.i -s of s -.cii ( Xpert.
as reaehi ' durin:: t
Wlieli it a. liiut.tt ;i t
i.x..ct aUx on circulation, but for
vears the sybt"ni has been free, and
I tix 'the amount of circulation regulated
:.. .;;: ! by the public demand. The reteu
m r- j tion of this tax has been suggested
as u tneans of rtiwjursmg the Gov
e: 'iiuient for the expense of printing
and uimisldiig the circulating notes.
If the tax should be repealed.it
certainly would seem proper to re
quire tha national banks to pay the
amount of such exinse to the
to the abn,
in.: miIitbcattrii.ut
rmui condition in w
'..,. . .......... i. .. I. ..t ,i, I . j...r . . n r. .
, .. ill: uo'.ii : ii u i.l . y I'.ki.j'i t..v.i .........
cessary to replace it upon a looting : f
! prudence required that no c.
i ui
ade in the constitution ot
e l,
commensurate with the necessities
of the Government. 1 cannot too
strongly urge upoa yoainy c mw,- rribunals. But it has now
tion hat every consideration of na- :c:!(i ).ror;t &n i:i;r;j,n
tionai saieiy, roiiiutnv, ami iionoi, . - .. ,u:
.1. .1 . .. .1 1 . Iiieit-.K oi ii. i
j imperatively ueujunu-i a i:;i'iou,ii
reiiaOlllUtkiOil oi our iiav . i mi u
full appreciation of tiie fact tnai
i!i-i'in I
.. l.O.'i.
'.et .
ear t n
i.-t-? of
ex port
l i.e gr'.'.ite.-ts
ov r in-oorts
o v,-r is:j,
: : '. n n x
'- .r, ti.i: t'Xi-ti'( of in;
iiort.s was fi'liis, :.;;;:).
thk r.E'.TXniv;
In the la-t u t t!
S-erelarv of l!;e 'i':t .i.-;
Coi.l 'II. 'i
i y 7-".-I
-i fi-.- il
( o'.vt ex-
iy,7!Ct)!iiiitrti!er ot tne Currency. It is,
per!iap-, doubtful whether the im
mediate reduction of the rate of tax
levied upon liquors and tobacco i
advisable, t-s-xcidly in view of the
dram upon the Treasury which
must attend the payment of arrears
of tensions. A comparison, how
ever, of the amount of taxes collect
ed under tin: varying rates oftaxu
lioti which have at different times
i lr;;i
. in
L an of Fob .ar. lull.
I eu-f.-niea ol 1m14
Flva twemiraol IMi...
Kive-iw. nilrnol ltyoii
t'uuaoUol 1x4 .'.
Cons -la of I be 7
tloMoUof 1848
Tvaao iu.leuinlly Block
Ol.l deuiau.1, emu .uud interest and
oin r noti-a ..
Aui to the tncrean of raefj in tlis
f easury
Total tluo,Ut,4'4 9i
Ttie requirements of t!ie sinking
fund for tne year amounts to t-lM-7s0,liol.U2,
which include a bal
ance if S4,J,S1G,12S.7S not pmvi.L l
for during the previous li-cal year.
Tr.esumof 74,18U,2ul.L'.j was ap
plied to this fund, which left a de
ficit of 10,yo.j,b73.-i7.
The increase of the revenues for
1861 over those of tiie previous year
was S2'J,oo2,!).a.IO. It is esliiuated
the receipts during tiie present li-cal
year wilt reach S4UU,(XX),Olti, and
the expenditures. 82U,UOU,UXJ, leav
ing a surplus of Sl.'iU,tJtJ,tJ(') apiili-
cable the sinking fund and the re
demption of the public debt.
I approve the recoinnieudation of
the Secretary of tho Treasury that
provision t inatJe for the earl re
tirement ot silver certificates, and
that the act i t quiring their issue be
repealed. I hey wereissucil m lair-
suance of the pnlicy of the govern
ment to maintain silver at or near
the gold standard, and were accord
ingly made receivable for ail cus
toms, taxes and public dues. About
thirti'-six millions of them are now
outstmding. They form an unnec
essary addition to the pajM-r curren
cy, a sum. -lent amount ot wiucu
may be readily supplied by the na
tional banks. Iu accordance with
the act of Eeoruary 28, 1878, the
lreasurv Department has uiontnlv
caused at le.t ?2,'K)S,(MJ( in value
of silver bullion to be coined into
Mandaid silver dollars. One bun
dled and two million of theMi dol
lars have been already coined, while
onlj1 thirty-four millions are in cir
culation. For the reasons which he
specifies I concur iu the Secretary ?
recommendation that ttie provision
lor the coinage of a fixed amount
eath month be repealed, and that
In realtor onlv so much be coined as
shall be necessary to tuppiy the de
The Secretary advisis that the is
sue of cold certificates should not for
the present be resumed, and sug-ger-ts
that the national banks may
be properly forbidden by law to re
tire their currency except upon rea
sonable notice of their intention so
to do. Such legislation would seem
to be justified by the recent action
of certain banks or the occasion re
ferred to in the Secretary's report.
Of the fifteen millions of fractional
currency still outstanding, only
about $180,000 have Ijeen redeemed
the past year. The euggestion that
this amount may properly lie drop
ped from future statements of the
public debt seems worthy of approv
al. So also dcts the suggestion of
the Secretary as to the advisability
of relieving the calendar of the Uni
ted State Court in the -Southern
district of New York by the trans
fer to another tribunal of the nu
merous suits there pending against
The revenue from customs for the
past fiscal year w3 $19S,loD,7G.02.
an increase of 811,037,011.42 over
that of the vear proceeding. Of this
amount $l&,oyS..F6239 was collect
ed a the imrtof New York, leaving
goO.251,1 13.63 as the amount collect
conn; a lav
Trettsurv in
lii.e..; lo
!.-,. . -IT.,!
report o. t.'.e
rv tb" atten
tion of Congress is called to the i'.ict
lint. :: toO,'i"l,U" i: p--r c,-tit'.i:ii
:u.ds and S2 '-')."7:"'.7"ii in six )- r
ceiitiPii b.:idi' wo.;!.! inc .uei . -.iefiualiie
duriiig ti.e yiar, and
dingiest-a-ked t. jMitiif-r-i.-.e
llie reft.-aiding of tii-.-e b, :nis at a
lower rate oi inlcro.-t Tiie bill fur
such refunding LavLig; failed to
M-f 1 ... ..... irw .-t t:w.
, I - r i I his; ::nt"fi.-d the
lie six.;;;.' o six rer
centtiui iiondstlieii oii--t,.ii,.l.i.g tn it
the bonds would be fi iid at p.:r ori
tiie first day of J:;ly fjll-nvin.'. t r
that they inight ! . "conii-.i.i.-.i ' ui
toe .ieai..-o o. diver
bear intert -t at the rate of I
one half per centum per annum.
Ui.iUr the not in -:17-M'j'.1',) of the
ix per centum bond were contin
ued at the lower r..l" arid 5l7.'iU,",
2j') were rtdecnc J.
In the inontli of May a like no
tice was given re.-ij'cting tl.e redemp
tion or eoiitiiiUut'ice of the ?-13l',8-ll,
SjO of five per centum boi ds then
out.-tantii:ig, and of tliese 8 -Ui,.0,-'JiHj
were continued atoj ; r centum
ler annum ami 3o,-:'34-V" v erere
tleelntd. The six per ctri'nm ooikis el the
I.ian of February 8, 1S31, and of the
Oregon ivtr deb, ar.iouutii'g togtih-
cr to cl l.l-o.oi'U, ii.ivmg .nat'irei: ,
timing the year, theSecreU.ry of tl.e
1 rcusury ga ve not ice ol insaltti
turn to redeem tne sumo, and sucn
as have been presented La
paid from the surplus revenue.
r-.iggets the intimation
at some reduction may soon be
ni.- v. 'it bo 'at material diminution of
ttie revenu?;. Tiie tariff laws also
need revision, but that a due regard
! ;n iy i paiil the conflicting interest
of our en,i::-. !.?, laiporUtnt changes
;l;- ihi be made with caution. If a
carei'ui revuioa cannot be made at
thii Ms-- i .i a. commission such as
.v.; - i. .f.-.y i'.pprovetl by the Senate,
and is :.:.': recomtiientied by the Sec
ret.ry tho Trca-.ury, would doubt
itss 1; ,iilen the fabors of Congress
nliLiu-ver this subject shall be
brought i its consideration.
The accompanying report of the
Secretary of War v. iil make known
aliens of that deo;; rirnei.t
the opt
for ttie past year. He. suggests
measures for promoting the efficien
cy tif the army without adding to
ti.e number of it3 officers, and rec
coiuends the legislation necesury t
increase the numiier enlisted of men
to thirty thousand, the maximum al
lowed by law. This he doems necessa
ry to maintain quietness on our ever
shifting frontiers ; to preserve peace
and suppress disorder and maraud
ing in new settlements ; to protect
settlers and their property against
Indians and Indians against the en
croachments of intruders, and to en
able peaccaMu immigrants to estab
lish homes in the most remote parts
of our country. The army is now
necessarily scattered over such a vast
extent of territory that whenever an
outbreak occurs reinforcements must
be hurried from many quarters over
great distances end always at heavy
ei! for transportation of wen,
Let n ! hoists, wagons :ir.d supplies. I con
cur in tiie recommendations oi uie
i.!,- ..!. I.. .... r,,!. , 1 ecrttary .or increasing ine army 10
1 11' IV 4U4 t ' ' Lil a-.'s.vaa.vtaak ( - W f 1" 1
par S1(5.173,1'W of the 3 per centum i e strength of -O.&JX) enlisted men.
.continued) bonds, making a total j 'i'.P'-aM oy llie eerci.ir s report
of bonds redtemed or which have
ceased to bear interest during the
year of 3123,yG9!G.y.
The reduction of tho unr.u.il in
terest of the pu'iic debt through
out the traii'at tiiins arc ;i3loilows:
Bs' the reduetioii of interest to ti.ree
and one-h !f per fe.-.i., ' ?10r -173.!)o2 -'X't;
bv it dniqition of bonis, V'"'-)"
3-hi; total SlGOi.;.
Tiie three and oiie-h.i!f j tr centum
boo. Is being p.ayablt; at the pleasure
of the govermut nt arc available for
the investment of the surplus rt ve
nue without the payment of premi
ums. . L i. less tne.-e points e:n oe
funded at a snucli lower r.; of in
terest than they cow bear. 1 agree
with the Sveretiry ef the Treasury
that no legUtation ret-jx-Cting tlieni
is desirable.
It is a matter for congratulation
that the business of the country has
been so prosperous during the past
vear, as to yield by taxation a large
surplus f income to the Govern
ment. If the revenue laws remain
unchanged, this surplus mu.-t, year
bv vear, increase on account of the
reduction of the public debt and its
burden of interest, and because of
the rapid increase of our population.
In 18'J just trior tn tho institution
of our internal revenue sy stem, our
population hut slightly exceeded
30.000.000. Bv the" census of 1SS0
it is lound to exceed o0.0U),0U).
is estimated that even if the annual
receipts and expenditures should
continue As at present, the entire
debt ec-uld be paid iu 10 ytnrs. In
view, however, of the heavy load of
taxation which our people Lave al
ready borne we may well consider
wlietheritisnotthepartot wisdom to
reduce the revenues, even if we de
lay a little the payment cf the debt.
It seems ta me that the time lias
arrived when the paople may justly
demand gome relief from their pres
ent onerous burden, and that by
due economy in the various branches
of the public service this way readi
ly be affords. I therefore concur
ed from all other ports of the coup- with the Secretary in reconnienuing
that in the absence of disturbances
on the frontier the troops have been
actively t -iu ployed in collecting In
dians hitherto hostile and locating
them cn the proper reservations,
that Sitting Buit and his adherents
are now- prisoners r.t Fort Randall,
that the Utts have been moved on
their ne w reservation in Utah, that
during the recent outbreak of the
Apaches it was necessary to rein
force garrisons in Arizona by troops
withdrawn from New Mexico, and
that s-raii- Apachts are now held
prisoners for trial. While some
have escaped, the majority of the
tribe are now on their reservation.
There is need of legislation to pre
vent intrusion upon the lands set
apart for the Indians. A large mil
itary force, at great expense, is now
required to patrol the boundary line
but wet n Kansas and the Indian
Territory. The only punishment
that can at present be lnlbcted is
the forcible removal of the intruder
and the imposition of a pecuniary
line, w hich in most cases it is im
possible to collect. There should be
a penalty by imprisonment in such
The separate organization of the
signal service is urged by the Secre
tary of War, and a full statement of
the advantages of such permanent
organization is presented in the re-
oi litigation lias
I from the w'ind..-rf.:l ir.ow;
and development cf the cv.mtr
There is i.o ground for
that the bn-i'r..--.-s
s Courts will
'! volume t
Ithat it i.-
compliance ith the pupations cf
k.a ti A I.o aK-rwrf ricnt !?rl , f
lur'e cxpcriuitare ol the public
. J 1 v . -i. us tre.K ra: v
sucli appropnaiioiis a.s ui atcu;:t-; ' , , -f
-i: l. - "'A ,ft,.rro ... I 11 ki
poiiHisteut with true DuMic ccoiiomv
- - " I rwA
l.... mitlilivliltniv tlii nuiana r .ki s
sary to accomplish the objects a , ; . ,
ustuution to tne .,, .- ....
One of thn.elf
objects, and one tnat h j' ir.i-j
mount importance, is dech.red bvl the hithjZ?. 1
the fundamental law to be the Tj-1 The acting Attorney Gener.d also
for the comm n ocf-.-n.-e. ; c:n.3 attention tae tlisturoar.ce t:
trusted by the cons
National Legislature.
-round for th Mkf
ot V 'i I. n:te l
ever be h.-s i-i
r 1 l
;n at. present. i;:u-.
ikelv t-" be mu- :i ere;
recognized by the Icr.Ca
a vi rv ,' the fa t tn-it
i .-i n.!S aireauv l'iu-.i .uy.u
considoruti'.;a to tliis subject I niahe
ion as to uet tn. out tx-
your dellL-tr-,i,
1 ,: .... v,
uea tegisiut.on
:f to cur ov;-r
Surely nothinir is rnon
the defense of the Unit
of all our people tin:
ciency of our navy.
We have lor many at
tained with foreign eovernni'
relations of honorable ptar
that such relations tn:
ner.t is desired by evt
citizen of the republic.
re:'d the teachings of
shall not forget that i:
everv ration emergencies
: i-u ara
:he :h
e C.il ! A
r- tr-mquilitv during the
t year ri tne territory oi arizon...
band of dejerad;ir.3, kr.o-,n v.
i-bovs. rrot:aul7
is ine
. ::nd
. riotie
B ;t if wo
history v. e
the li!"; of
rn.-iy arise
from fifty to one hundred men, Law
been engaged for months in com
mitting acts cf lawIes-r.t..- and
i c :i
t':e local antho.'-iti- -to
suppress. The
thee 'cowbovs"
:nd-,d into Meil-
u:!r.'.udt-r Ti ,,e'i frt-i.t
'r-'iititr. With every
when a resort to arms em aune disposition c tuee. tne exigencies
.. . i- x- .!...! -i t , i .... ... 1 l... l....:.
save it iruni Ulslionor. .o danger - tne ea.-e, i u.u ttii-i.o is-e-i t.;.
from abroutl now threatens tliisr..-1-jot autbonry jt- deal wsta .uetn
pie, nor have we any cause to . s 1 ttT. eta ally. fi)et j'liiisfinM-nt ot
trust the friendly professions of 'crimes coian.itttd Within An t
other governments. But lor avoid-Is;. oa.M ordinarily, ct course,!!: ieit
ine as well for repelling dangers M tne territorial sd.iiont.ts. ot.
brutality whit
Inive betn
dt pred itions
h. v.: ;:!-- i ei
c, which ti.e'
li'.e Arior.a
that may threaten us ia future, we is worth y oi consideration v. r
must be prepared to enforce any acts which necfssarily tt: I t-
olicv which we think wise to adopt. ! embroil the United States y.i:;
W mtist be readv to defend our ! neihh.iring covcrninents shouM iv.:
deel.iptl crimes tgainst the i niU
States. Some of the ir.t ursiotis
alluded to may, perhaps, be within
the scope ot the law ( Bevisi d S'.at
utes, section JG) forlLY.irg
"military extteditiotis or er.terprires '
ajrainst friendl v states. But in v c w
of the speedy assembling of your
body, I have preferred to await such
legislation a3 ia your wisdom
the occasion may seem to demand.
It may perhaps be thought prrnur
to provide that the sitting on foot
within cur own territory of brigand
and armed marauding expeditions
against friendly nations and their
citizens fehall be punishable as sn
ofier.se against ti.e United Slate--.
I will tidd that in the evert of a
request from the ttrritorial govern
ment for protection by the United
States n gainst "dome-tic violence."
this Government would be powcrh ss
to render assistance. The ra t cf
17!". chapter 30, passed at a time
when territorial governments receiv
ed little .'..ttvntion frem Cocrrr--,
enforced this duty ( f th? United
States er.ly ns to State govern merits.
But tiie act cf ls7, charter 3',
applied r.l.-o to terri'.orits. This
law sm his to Lave rtmaii-f d in force
till the revision of thestatutts, when
the provision for the territories wn?
drojipf d. I am r.ot advised whether
this alteration was intentional or ac
cidental, as it stems to ine that
the territories should be afforded the
protection which is accorded t
States by ti.e Constitution, I svg
gtst legislation to that end.
It seems to rue. too. that what
ever views may prevail as to the
harbors against aggression ; to pro
tect, by the distribution of our ships
of war over the highways of com
merce, the varied interests of our
foreign trade and the persons and
property of our citizens abroad ; to
maintain everywhere the honor of
our flag and the distinguished posi
tion which we may rightfully claim
among the nations of the world.
The report of the Postmaster Gen-!
cral i3 a gratifying exhibit of the
growth and efficiency of the jiostal
service. The receipts from postagt
and other ordinary sources during
the past fiscal year were ?3G,4-S9,-S10.58.
The receipts from the mon
ey order business were SUDo.oSl.SO,
making a total of S3G,785,3'J7.'7.
The expenditure for the fiscal year
was 839,251, 730.30. The deficit
supplied out of the general treasury
was' SJ2,481.129 35 or 0.3 per cent, of
the amount. The receipts were 3,
409,918 03 in excess of thtvseofthe
pre viort3 year and 8 1,575,397.97 in
excess of the estimate made two
years ago before the present period
of business prtisperity had fairly be
gun. The whole number of letters mail
ed in this cour.trv in the last fiscal
year exceeded 1 JX),000,000. The
rtuistry system is reported to be in
excellent" condition, having been
remodeled duringthe past four years
with good results. The amount ot
registration fees collected during the
last fiscal year was S712,SS2.2i.an
increase over the fiscal rear ending
June 30, 1880. of $315,443.10.
The entire number of letters and fll,j;cv. cf recent legislation bv which
packages registereti uunng i te year
was 8,338,919, of which only 2,001
were destroyed or lo&t in trapsit.
ine eensns oi ion; - nx..-..e ts: i net
r.lT)oii-i ine viuei oimuti vuieri. j
4t , . .
limit nnA hundred dollars in place
detailed account of the useful work Lr fir- dollars. Lerdslation for '.lie
performed by the Signal Corps, and disposition of unclaimed money or
in the Weather Bureau, is also given i in lhe nossession of the Postof-
in that report. I ask attention to Rce r)Cpartment ia recommended,
the stf tcments of the Secretary of f the fa(lt tnt tieir total
War regarding the requisitions fre- V!1in nnw yTeftls one million dol-
queiitly made by the Indian Bureau pjr?
upon the subsistence department oi j jie attention of Congress is again
the army for the casual support of , inv-ltej to tiie subject of establishing
bands and tribes of Indians whose a gvstern 0f savings depositories in
appropriations nre exhausted. The j contct.jon with the Postoffice Dc-
V ;.r J)cp;irtinent. stionia r.oi nc ieii i p.irtment
by reason of inadequate provision Ti.p ta!
the army Las ceased to be a part of
the jm cjuimit'ito, an exceptioa
mtiy'f.t M-T1 l.o rrtsd? for T f rniittir.
llie operations ot uie mouey of.ierithe notary to assist the civil tcrri
svstew are multiplying yearly. Itorial nuthorities in cr.forein- the
Under the impulse of iramigra- j iaws o1- XJnitt il State?. TLisu-e
tion, of the rapid development of 1 0- tf e arn ,y wony nr,t secrn t- le
tho newer States and Territories, and -.e ; tj c, s;!(. (i tvil rcaiii-r
the consequent demand for addition-1 j.jj i,-.p:5iati,: was aired.
From the Eparseiitss of j opul I'.a.n.
and other circumstances, it is rfteu
quite impracticable to summon a
civil posse in places where ofiWrs
of justice require assistance, 1
where a military force is witLis t."-y
al means of intercommunication and
exchange, during the past year 'ISi
additional woney order offices have
been established, waking a total of
5,499 in operation at the date of this
report. During the year the domes
tic monev ordera aggregated in value
$105,075,769.35. A modification of j
the system is suggested reducing the
fees for money orders not exceeding
t:i:: indiax .M.vx.v.EMr.xT.
T"h renort of tho Secretary of the
- i - . -
lees mr uioucv uiticia uu. t--''"s i Ir.t :or ...jfj acccmrany :i2 ticetj
five dollars from ten cents to 2ZTor ac
cents, and waking the maximum . ntJUl0 bu?:es, of thatdepart-
went. A3 a summary ot it wcui-i
he too extended for this jdaec, I j.-k
votrr cartful attention to the rej t it.
Prominent among the matter wl.it .i
challenges the attention of Congress
at it3 present session is the manage
ment of oar Indian affair?. Whne
this questie ri has been a cause of
fronhle and fnibarrassmcut lrciu
the infancy e f the Govtrr.nier.i, ii is
! but recently that any etlortbas peen
i r... r. itin'ftnn at once Htn-
11I.IU.- I'll . ' - .vv..--. ,
.V.. .. -i i . ous, oeurinini'-i, ton"-.;"
The statistics of mail transports- j , ' :n,.um(y. It has teen t as-
for the Indian Bureau to contribute Uon show that daring thc past year V'lo'roort to convenient wake
for the m.nntonanre of Indians. railroad routes have been increased j . . , " t-y ovcr t-ue temporary
....... . .-....... t .e f. nin rncl i J,w . n i :.t. :..
ii,j'.it a-i' lmn- j m lengm u,iw niiito anu m .vo. 4!:fij0UitjCa than to grapple w uu i.:
j 81,1 14,382, while steamboat .routes ''j,nt.nt proble-m. and a.
i Cliief of Engin-1 have been decreased in length 2,18- j eonlinly the easier course Las bee
OF 1
The re port of the
. . . t . . .... - . i . , r. :. t .li. I.J . rni i im in null M..4.1U-I. . .: V Tiiinnixl
trv. Of this sum Sl7.Ui7.13i.U-; w;is Uie aPOiilion oi an internal revenue cers iurnisot a .vwincn lewu... . , v , . I aimoss, iqisuj".;
collected on supar, melado and wo- j taxes except those upon tobacco in ! the operation for the improvement ( caiieabur routes '"" j ( Conch M on Fovrth R?:)
lasses: S27 oS5.024,7S on wool and LJts various lorms ana upen Cistuieei . oi uaroors uu ricr.. iwiuumuj-. - t
It W?"

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