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The Somerset Herald.
EHWARO rU, fc.litir and I'rovnei.ir
WEDNESDAY . Allruat A I-
FR !.I Kl TI.N A NT H V KliN iR,
HON. S T. IiAVIKS. uf HraiHunL.
A. WIlJKiX Mil: KM. IhllBl l.hta.
THO. i. TEW ART. Jliwuroaierr.
FOR fo,l;K-54AN" AT I.ARi.K,
F.M!. K iiMml'.M-:. if l.nnif.
FoR l1IV.t-.h-.
F.IiW ARH w i l l. ' nt Ruriairh.
Ailrtt V. llie 4.y 4Hi nf Hie hVfuMiran IM-
i .Hii.--u.f.
IoIIN R mi'lT if KH'ht H.w1.
lil.H--t fc .-o .rf is. k .i,I.1h-ii 1''"-
IrXt .M..VIMY.
f".K VHI V.
ItHF 1. ft '.It .rf ... ts.1 Km aiirh
NOAM KM ! IK .l.r..f 1 i!.h'f
r- i -- i t i
uuur nau
l-i-li c 1 11'-M
tfkHi fc t.-f til. . hia.t.
F' -K I- II - i :i.l 1' -K
Fkkl- K HI ' V I t. ,-rs.i T... n.l.i.
p, .k -T 1
II I I H 1. 1 t k V 't.
k 1 t u.alr U uf
f.ir U m m ru-l
KaM.AII .-t.. 4 if.!! is-hl-rati-lll
at ('tin,. T'x '' if ii.jii In in (liil
"an true then, i.i-.n ..i.u ii It'iiii.- rati .
( mriti r' u-n Hi - ti ma-iil t
ttw C'iuiw litem. I.iit it- 'irii if Jctri-paiii
a ini liaii 1 uti't nm.-i tin- vming tfi'ti
tleiuaii llitoisli a Iiiiiim' inm-r.
M m f. -m r i 1 1 1 y ami aiitnierlu.lv tiiaU-.
If you .l.iuiit it. M half a il.m-n of the
daily mx r ami exuinnie the inunti-rfeit
prewntmrtiU ol ('.lantinv K. l'.)a W.
TiikOlii.i 1'roliil.itiniiir.tK have ilrnntin
ceii Fnuuw Murphy uk iih'-IJ i-winie ami
mim hicvoiiii. Ah Murphy talk Uui-r-Nannuv,
and not .ilitin, the milk iu that
cooainut in aivoimted for.
Th Viiln are on t"j ami the vet.Tans
are relcpited to the rear. Ilcmv thim
t"ir. The tiiournern are dolefully inir
inc, "Iletnu. alio ha' T Wallace MihI,"
ith the refrain, "Welcome ti y mrjiry
IhiIh, not to victory."
Lkt'k nee! We pive lilaine HI.(KH) in
thin State a cuiile of yearn wnee. What's
to hinder N-atinjrthe hl.llinn I teiniH-r.it-ir
ticket with Clian. Black at the head of
it, at leant 1U0.UKI? We ean do it, hoy!
if we only make np our minds to the
The Sew York Sun, on Inch (liaun
ccy K. Illack Iihm for a loi time Ihvh a
writer, aniioiiiiceH that he will he the
next (iovenmrof J'ennsyhania. I'erhaiiH
the Shu call tell how it came alMint that
thin tremendoiw yountc p nllciiian run
over 2,t vote U'liind 1'attihon in Iks?.
TtiKMCean no longer U- any douht that
liandall i the Itemo-ratif in I'cnn
Hylvaiiia. He knew that I'.la. k had no
earthly chain- of In-intf i-lei-lc.1 liovern
or, 1'Ut he jn-4 'li ki-1 him iij and inah
el Wallace it ti liiiu. to r..w lu cr.
Tnr flrxt day the I 'r.i. l.-nt in 11m
Adimndai kr te- ment a tihiin:aii.l anvht
a tnnit wi-iliiiie t!ir"-iiartcr of a
pound. Thi-fnt mi nt i'liiiM-lut.-ly
t'livni'hil all icer the country, and
the UmkImv of the r- no tl'r" n into
vjMMtHiof dcliirtit ovi-t io hr.!!iatit nc-
Tm MtriiHje of tift- l.-kml l.n -ment
in tli. st.itc a. .'.i-d in ti
liaiidk of Mr. Ilaii U 1 an l ii -i it.ao
Ik-nwHTatii- "!.ti iaii )ii, t-i di-1'uii.h
ttie Hhtu lli at I i ..rri-Uit,; n.l miiiv
tle noiiiiiuitirtu of t'l.aiin.i y i". l.lai k
Ttii i what Mr. Cleveland call Civil
aervai- wfonn.
Ma. Ci.i: n ami lat. ly i--m-.l an order
that IlioctioMer nhmild t ike no wlive
rt in .1 it i-x. and yet Ht.-n- war a ire
of them actini: a ''i'I. v.it-- in the Iw-m-cratic
State Cou vent ion last mil, and a
m-ore umn', aitini! as h.-.-l.-n. and wliije
pi-ni in of deletr.ite for 1'1. k, im l. rtlic
iinmeiliati eve of that ili- ii- r of nllii-,
"Bow luin lali."
A ftkr piinr off half oh ked and de
manding; the iiiimeiliate rcicac of nt
tinn, Stvretary IVtyard came to the eon
elusion that I'avy Croekett' advice, "IV
wire you are ripht. then jrn aliead," eon
tkincd the geniih of a iioin. S he ha
aent a Hvial emli:iHatlor do n to Mexi
co to inventipiti', la-lore he run the
untry into a war. lireat A.luiiuistra
tion thi.
Tbe IVmiHTMtic lirty take m)uare
immnd apiinst inhihition, and uhmit
tint a prohiliitory amendment to the
voter of the State. And yet the Prohi
bitionist are "try inj: to kill" the Repub
lican party, which favors all they profit
to ak a ulnuiion of their pnpoit ion
to a popular vote. To lalsr in the inter
ests of your litt-ret foe is a new wrinkle
in politiiv.
If Blaca cant lie e)ei-t1 tiovernor, lie
nan at leat pet frreat personal xatisfaction
out of the remilt of the canvas hy indict
ing a tHure or two of hi newspitjicr
bnthren for liliel. Chatimvy is a hand
some fellow, and the diaUilii-al wixhI
cuta now lieinp palmed off on the public
a hi likeness are most villainous i-oun-terfcits,
tiiat would damn any candiilate.
To lie lieaten is Imd eiuairh. hut to he
thus li Wiled i atriH-iou.
Th king, weary trial of the Chicaco
Anan-histe who brmitrht aUmt the riot
and the resultant murder of a numls-r of
poliivman of that city some mouth
ainer, wax ended on Friday lust by the
conviction and sentence to death of seven
of the principle nn)iirators, ami the in
canvration of the ei(rfith one 6r a term
of fifteen year in the jienitcntiary. Tlie
trial was fair, the prisoner were ably de
fended, and tlie sentence is just.
i In a speech noniinatlmr TVallat-r. " for
(wrernor in last week' I ii-mocTatie Con
vention, ex-Cinpret"an Spear, of Ilunt
inplon, aiJ of (1iaunity F.Biack: "Tlie
best thing I cay say of him i tliat he is
the win of hi father." What hinii
qualification for a Governor !
Apfarrntiv Hon. Charle S. Wolfe
has afiandoned hi chase for tlie Guber
natorial nomination. ( n Friday last he
received a unanimous nomination for tlas
Ixvislature at the hand of the Prohibi
tion convention of Union eoonty. A
Mr. Wolfe was at home at the time and
knew of the proceedinjni of the Conven
tion, it i infcmil that the nomination
was colifcm-d with his. a.-e--Iit- Hi ac--ptain'e
would liuve Mr. Barker, of
Cambria nsuity. a the probable nomi
nee for fiovernor by the lVdiibitionist.
In the Ohio 1 Vims -rat ir State Conven
tion held in Toledo on Wcdnes.lay of
last week, a vai's'nd named Edwanl
! Ncalus, a ho had ju.1 l--n released from
tlie workhouse, was ruHiiinat.il for Mem
Iht of the "ISnanl of Public Work." In
! the evening- the State Central Committee
' 1 I .....I t.itf iii .1 ln.r tnu n in
hi plan. All of which jriH- ti how
the kind of material of ahull the Ite
m.HTHcy of hio is comjHised, and the
uis lcsMiessof holilini! Convention when
the Mate Committer ha the power to
unmake and make nominations.
The sale of the "Memoirs of General
Grant" now amounts to :$0,flilO oopiin,
and the total reivipts to f2,i"rO,K0. Tlie
cost of publishing and distribntinir the
work stands at tViO.noO, lca inn a profit
of $'.KKi.(K). Of this Mrs. tirant renvive
$kWi,0(KI and the publisher $27i,0O0. It
i estimated that foreign and future ali-,
as Hn a the work can 1 translatiil in
w-veral tonirne, w ill amount to another
l(m,)TKI inpiin, from which Mrs. tirant
w ill receive ?-.'Ki,i). If future sale are
not over estimated by the publishers, the
entire circulation of the work will n ach
the iiiipn-cedciilrd all I enoniMiu total
i,f 4unxi.
At the Ik-iiiia-ratic Convention held in
Harrislsirjj on Wiliu-lay of last week, j
Cliauii'-cy Forwanl Blai k,of York, was
iHiiiiinatiil for Gxivi-mor; Colonel K. 1
Iinui' Ki. k. tls, of l.u-riie iisinty, for
Lieutenant lioVcnHsr; J. Siiiim Africa.
of lliinliii-.l .n county, for Si-n-tary of j
Internal Affair ; William, J. Breniuiii. of ;
lm'irx. for Amlitor rt-i-ral. and Max- !
n . . - i in : . I i. i :.. r t .. t
Wl-ll Ill11ill. 11 1 III 1UI 'ipilU. 1UI Vil-
jrr-.iiin-t Ijirvi-. Tlie only man of
on the ticket is Colonel Kickctts,
wb"i the rall.-int ddier that command
ed tie- fainoiir battery Is-ariii his name
.liiniiff the late war. Black is well
km-wti to our reader a the son of his
t itlii-r. the late Jtnluv Black. Africa is
the pn-s i.t incumln-nt of the otlii-e to
which he has Ihs-ii re-nominated : Bn-n-nan
is a law yer in Pitt.-.burjr, and Su-ven-siin
a lawyer in Philailclphia.
Wht is all this pit our brethren of
the pre are cinmlatiiitf alniut last week's
IVuiocratic i-on vent ion "dodfinjf the
liquor question"? The first resolution
of the platfonu of principles unanimous
ly adopted reads :
"Fik.it The iN-inucnicy of Pvnnsy tvania in
iiiivihlioii sf-H-iiilili-t iln ilii'lan lliul we n--aftinn
llip rhiciMcti ptiilfiinii of ISM ifnre(l liy
llii- iM-cpli- iu tin; elii-liou ut t:h.-vt'liuai aud Ui-U-dn.-ln.r
Sow turn to the "Chiiuro platform of
lvs4," and you w ill find thi unequivocal
declaration :
" ' ;mnv WMfttuaty faint trluch ser tJnf filizni
and iriirjtrt ttA miiruituii tiltrrtj."
"Call you this "dilginj!," or lieinj; si
lent on the liipior quest ion? A plainer
or more unequivoi-al declaration against
Prohibition, or restrainiu); the tratlic in
liquor could not lie made. By no other
title than a "ump;uary law" do the
iH-uiiH-ratic opponent of Prohibition
designate that prohibition. Moreover,
within the past few wi-ek their candi
date for Governor, Mr. Black, took mis
sion in a public interview outlining his
position, to di-clare that in accordance
with the Chicago platfonu of 1SS4 he
was hostile to all " sumptuary laws." Let
us have no more of this rot alsiut the
Convention ls-ing silent on the liquor
question. A squarcr blow in the teeth !
of Prohibition could not have Ik-cii de
liveml. It wit a brave, if not a w ie di
liveraniv. Tux wtting aside of William A. Wal- j
l.i.i'. and the nomination of Chauncey F.
P.Iai k by the liem.a-ratic Convention last '
week, i a virtual wirn-mler of tiie field !
to In-m-ral I leaver. The K. piI.ii-an :
anticipated a ra'tlin.; fijht had Si-n.itor 1
Ualiai-e l-n made tin- nominee. He is
an al'lc. brainy man of lr-j- e -rU-n.i-.
a hard tighter, a skillful. adroit manag- r.
and, like Stu! among the prophet, a
head and honM-r alsve tin- a-tty li- '
tieians of hi rtr who pin to the
W .. rlii. in this Mate. But the nomi
nation of Mr B'a k eliminate from tin
eoiilil tlie sKghti- i-tigeof d.sibt.an l
a.nr.- t" t In- Ki-pnblicaii an iitw bclin
ing si.sry to iiiiiixiril only by the
iiiAi-l.it.i le tor majirly. '
Mr. Bla k is acitija nof g.a repute,
of una h literary rnltiin-, g.-inal, k"i-nt'-luanly
and etnuaMe, but utterly devoid
of eer' eleimtit tl k-adership. He is
known only iu the .i!it-s of the State ;
as the accidental iiM-umla-nt of the otti.-c '
ol lieutenant 4 mvemor, w hu h position
he has tiih-l with gra.-e. and dignity and !
cn-.lit to himself and to the Coiiiiih.ii-
wealth. But in actiie. pra.-ti.nl a.litii- J
or statesiuaiiship lie is unknown, lb
owe his victory over Wallace and the I
aitive, solid, w.H-king im-n of the party, 1
to the skillful manipulations of Samuel I
J. luiii'UIl and his followers, and the
protligate Use of the iatronage of the
p-neral irovemment. To claim that such
a nominee, placed in nomination under
such circumstance and by such method,
is likely ! prove formidable, would 1'
the heights of folly. Xo enthusiasm
can lie evoked for the ticket with such a
leadi-r. With the announcement of the
nomination came ojien defiant rebellion,
and denunciation on the part of one of
the leading KeiiKH-ratie journal of the
State, while other by their lukewann
ucs ami coldness of demeanor prove
their lack of ymiaihy w ith the candi
date, and the methods that forced him
ujion them. We could imagine no set of
circumstances that could (rive better as
surance of Republican vii-tory in the
mining campaign than the nomination
of Chauncey F. Black, forced a it was
by one faction of the rty, to the otter
discomfiture and humiliation of the
Death in a Distressing Form.
YiK KusmwH, ., August JU.A week ago
Frank Kurfins, the -yiar-old aim of Jaooh
liurfow, a baker, living at US! Fwlerul street,
trial ujaiii the aiiut of a rusty uail, wound
ing his heel. His mother hound up the
wound ith a bandagv, and as the boy com
plained but little, uu further attention was
iud lo it until 3 ola k yesn-rday morning,
whi-n the hoy awoke in great uiiu.
A physicim was immisliately lalleiL ami
tlie ailing heel was laid oien with a lam.
A sac of pus was found at the liase of the
on Ik v. though the mouth of the wound had
cliawil and was ai(iarentl.T healing. Lock
jaw hal set in, and, from I he hour at which
lH-awnke until 7 o'tUa k this niorniug, when
he died, the boy suffered from a suixtaMiim of
convulsions. Ii-jan ai- 1 and he was in
rontiuuai agony. The c.ntraiiioii of the
mils. It's drew his head ami Im-ls uearly to
ginlier backward. The boily was in thi
position wlien the boy died, but relaxed aial
came straight after death.
If Mr. Black Accepts.
PhiUdeU-lita Rocnrd.
Tlie IVnH-rticinT iu IV nsylranU lias
now reached a pUr w liere tlie ililhiiiltiea in
it;iatiiway ar o (rreat that it i brtter U
stop than to go na. A majority .if It Rep
rearuUlives in tVincrw" at thr late session.
uiHlcrtlieli-ailerlupof Mr. Kantlall. under
t.aik todi-tiwt the n-renue policy urged by
tlie Ftileral Administmiion and a)iirovrd by
four-tift li of llse lH-tn.MTatk- ciemia-n of
I 'ongTVM, ami did ilt A-at it, by T.rting with
tlw onaisition. With tla-aid of the Ftileral
at r. mage, w hich fT some nnwrountahir
mmn ha been thrust into Mr. Kali-lull's
liands, he lias siniv Wvn ahle t.i diiiate the
choice of a Male liekrt for the IK-nHH-ruts of
IVnnsylvauia and to n tortli a platform
obslinala-lv at variaiMw w t h the- nslssml
mlicy of the iany. Tiierean' th'ustnd of
1 K in. nit ic viil.-ni in IViinsvlvania w ho n-i-iit
his n-creancy ill Congress and repudiate
his dictation at Harrisliurg. What are they
to do? Mr. Kandall has not stopped to con-
j sidcr in how Cir he jeojianlised the lair jn-
jail of defeating the Hi-publican t kit hy
his active intcrfi rcnn-. He has topil for
nothing that stiaal in the way of his own
selfish i.unpsc. To vote the IH-miH-ratic
'; ti. k.-t this year in the present ninditioti of
! affairs is tantamount to a vote of approval
I for Mr. ltan.lnll. Why should Iiemisrals
further crucify iIk-iiiw-Kcs by falling in l
hiuii this traitor? Ho haa di-stniynl any
ihaiweof election for Mr. Black. Mr. Black
i.- a n-veniie n tonner and is in favor of high
liii-ne. Bui if hi- i.leiinns himself hy trying
to get on Mr. ILuulaH platform, there is no
revenue reform or high license plank, uihiu
which he can rest his feet. He has to wol
low himself la-fore he can swallow- the plat
form. If he ila-s either or hoth these things
he will di-scrve tlie di-fcat w hicli is in store
for him.
Mr. Illack wil! la- la-aleu out of sight as
Mr. Randall' faiotum. It cannot he hi-l-ed
or hindered Cmlcr the cin-iunstances
I he la-st thing r cvitj- H-ima-rat in the
Slati- 1.i ilo is ti alMaiu fmni voting for (vov
erisir. a Mr. Randall and tlie i'nslinas
ters etui tin- raiidi.tatr ila-y have nominattal.
In tliis wa a protot may la- maite which
evenlsaiv will un.k-r-lan.1. even tiH- oliluse
Ki-iitiiiiiaii wIhi fnaii llie White Ihai lias
given his aid ill punching (he tr-tils of
Ik niiamtic a.iciT and n wanliug their ene-mii-.
We have k.t our tmvenior. any, end we
may us wi ll make tin- .1. l.-at a Watcrliai.tlitis
tiMitying otu' devotion to licniiaL-raiy ami
our hatred of it la-tray i-rs.
I'hilaU-liliia Inquirer (Ki-p.)
Mr. Rjn.Lill has not only secured his
nominee for liovenior and lnwli-oiieof his
friciHis tlie camlidale for t'oiigresiiian-at-linyc
hut he has reli-gateil to private lite
pri.ltil.lv the oiilygrc.it antagonist he had in
his jwrty, and has virtually assumed the du
ties of li-adcr, organizer and director of the
IVni'a-racy of the Keystone State, as well li
the representative of the President and a
manager of the legislation of the country.
This herculean and multiform task is st-lf-iiiijaised,
and it will fully test the abilities of
the cx-Sta-iiker as a politician and statesman.
l'hilinli-liliia I'n-si. (Kcf.)
Tiie m-miH-nitic Convention ha fitly in
augurated a IKilitical funeral hy embalming
the stately candidates of the spoilsmen in a
solemn casket of ohituaries. The most strik
ing feature of the platliirm is its lamentation
over the di-ad, ami the chief significance of
the ticket is the failing patronage of the liv
ing. Tlie lK'in. K-r.it ic organization of Penn
sylvania has handed itself over, bound and
gagged, to the disjieiisvrs of aist oftieiw. and
the unconipmmising managers who trade On
the capital uf the Administration have shut
their Meium-ratic rivals out fp un any intcr-i-st
in the affairs of the State as well as from
any share in the favors of the nation.
rtiilatlcliiia Times.
Chauncey F. Black's nomination for liov
enior is a di-iartun- for tin- lH-inia-racy of
Pennsylvania, anil whether he shall 1m- strong
or weak as a candidate w ill de)Kiid solely
nHin the unity or disintegration of the )iarty
as the sharply detimil issues of the contest
shall la- fai-eil. Hi- is one of tlie younger and
isildi-r of the IS-ni.a-ratic leaders, and is pro
gressive alike ill syniiatliv and action. He
is among the thoniughly clean Hititiciatis of
the Suite, and his aeitive ci.iiviciiiHi on
some of the most vital iwui-s of the catn
uign w ill iiat him many vot.-s wiihin the
n h of aiwerfiil ..lili.nJ tactor ; hut it is
quite m!.1c thai hi- may Ia-eln1.il line h
bci-allc of the elli-miii. lie has pi- a a is
cauc of his many .U-viHiil and wel!.b-erid
Ftl-liiug Hnll.-llll iRr I
1 1 I Ih' 1 k-lli. a-ntl il ( "ollf-lll i.NI ha.1 sttAk.1i
oil iIm- ILiixial) 1 lir.rtnr and tJik-n a hwd
aji. I aiva.i.us m-w of ii irpt'irrutiiti... it
mould ia r omc m. n!i.. 1 Waila.v f a- a
Bia. k Tin re ian la-1 .Uit.t that liar Sen
ator was l. tar tin- ery bijis ciihI L.ii
lial it 1 .a. 1. 1 have iml.s.l Mr BU. k i an
ami U-. hSM-M 1 ll;at ti. iait lie ika ma la
gin u. 0.1111- ier M'allaie in lulil ami in
tiittesi. t.. ii-ail hi (ainy 111 anil a iHiiiaiih:ii
as lliat in Un h tie is ala.ut lo enter. He
iiih.'rils hut a imaieraH' share of hi diaiti-gi.islw-d
tMilsr l.rain. tie I. as ni-tit Ia-.11
-a..ll iu hi i ImiII ir.tl-iot at 1'ir
Kir. and l.i a4itsal ramt ha laa 11 i.n
tiiail ihiefly to tlw pn-4in.:ioii of pr.iy
writing- alit J. r). rs..i,. J k...n i,.l Til
iU 11. and to the oritanM-i.tat ihltu-s of tfir
l.li-ltteliarit l.oem.sfi-p. ll.ifolenl ill his
nalsis, ith mi tiite f.ir tlsrik-laili. olkiPtiis
iie-y-go.ng r.nlMT than strict in his practical
maiKis i.l attairs. and a ith no very murkiil
Jmt of 1 liarmler. he i a man tola- led
rather tlian to haul.
KvenillK Ni-W iRefi.)
If Mr. ltam'tH tailnl to g-t anything he
wauled tniin tin- ( otivertiou it was Itecams.'
lie failiil lo fall for it. The nominee tor
liovern. ir is a man of his own sclcctinii, ami
without his uid i-ould not dreamed of suc
cess. Il was at his instance thai a Kuighl of
latia.r was iiaim-d for I inign-ssmaii ut large,
and tla- platform, such as it is, was jut sn I.
a deliverance as he chose to make it. In
fine, the initials of S.J. li. arc hi-anded upon
thei-anassof the IVniia r.iey of'Pciinsylvauia
iu litters so large that they may In- r.-ud
with the naked rye whether the la-holder
stands in Washington or in Illinois
Evening Telcgraiih (Rep.l
tf course, then- is no exa-ctation iu the
mind of anvraaly that there is going to la
any winning, or any show of winnniiig.with
this ticki-t and this platform. TImtc no
idi of winning iu the mind of anvlaslv
w hen the ticket was nnwle up and tin- plat
lorm draftiil into smooth syntax. Well,
then, what was the Convention held for, ami
what is all the Uihla-ry alamt? the reader
Main to know. It was all alamt giving Mr.
Kandall a latter chance to figure as the
Ih-mocnitie Isiss of Pennsylvania s-twii-n
now and the year Isss n,l the iK iii.s nit
ic I'n-sidcntial Convention of the year l-o..
Kn iiing fall (Ken. )
The ticket nominated hy the t oiiteiition is
hanliy worth discussing. It stall. Is no show
whatever of smt-rss. The shallow uf defeat
lias iast its sahle intlueii.-e around it, and
nothing short of a siliticul miracle can save
it iu Xovemla-r next. Cliaumvy F. Black
and his colleague are nuqiu-stional.ly nun
of inti-grity and political as well a ja-rsoiial
honesty and rlcannes. They, however, are
not versed iu tlie way of statw-raft, they
nr-seiit no vital (iriuciple which slsaild
make them preferml to thr l'.-pul.li.nn iwu
diilalus and there is ma a single n-stsonahle
hasia Sir the Mipa.itiHi of anything but
Rcwaimc Herald and. Ilrm.l
Black enters upon the caniiini as the
bosses" and nrtii-e-holiU rs' camliiLite. wIih-Ii
is a asir rueommenilation indied. Hail tlie
Convention boldly throw n both Randall and
Wallace out of the fight, and taken up a
mail not kl.-ntiticd with cither wing of the
arty, both wings would haw ttopicd to-gi-ther
to his upairt, ami he would have
drawn largely from those Repuhliiwis who
are dissatisfied with their ticket. Men of
merit and ability were uaiued r the office,
but were thrust aside.
The Cry With Which Democrats En.
tar the Stata Campaign.
PiiiLAi'KLrHiA, Pa- August 31. Tlie nom
ination of Black promise to cause the repe
tition in IVnnsylvaiiia uf the Folger cam
paign in Sew York. Judge Folger was
personally a i1rst;rute candidate, but the
belief that be was not the choii of the
party, hut had men forced npnn it by the
Adniinist rat ion, caused the Ri-pulilawn
niaases of New York to dump the ticket in
a way that enabled thr Di-tu.a-rats to mil up
a huudred thousand majority. Black, who
does m rise nlsive the class of nsai-1ahle
meiliia-rilies, il.a-s not inspire any feelings of
M-rsonal interest that can mitigate t ho resent
men! of the Ileiiim-mtic masses at the way
their choice lais l-eu set aside hy I he iu-trigui-s
of the olliccholdi m and the intlin-ni-e
of Feilcral iatrouage, and the detennination
to dump the ticket is heing freely declared.
The Philiulelphia Reeurd i voicing this
sentiment ill loud and ringing tone. Iu its
bisue of to-day it dm-lanw :
Mr. Blai-k will lie Is-aten out of sight as
Mr. Randall's factotum. It cannot Is- hclasl
or hindered. I'ndiT the cin-umstances the
lxt thing for every IKtiUH-rat in the State to
do is to alistain from voting for tiovernor.
j I-ct Mr. Kamlall and the Postmasters cl.vt
the candidate they have noiiiiiiaUil. Iu this
way a pmtest may be made which everylsaly
will understand, even tin- obtuse gentleman
who from the White House ha given his
aid iu punishing the friends of 1 Vin.a ratic
(silicic and rewarding their enemies.
We have lost our (Jovernor, anyway, and
we may as well make the defeat a Waterloo,
thus testifying our devotion to Benna-racy
and our hatred of it betnivers.
This is the feeling that is taking shaH?
among the DennH-rutic voters. Tlicy realize
that the ticket cannot possibly lie electi-d
and that it was not put up to Is- elected, but
simply to announce to the Administration
that the Rainfall faction represents the Hem-la-ralic
atrty of Pennsylvania and must con
trol the Feilcral (aitninage of the State.
The only way to ii.ntrovcrt thai assumption
is to erci-t a monument of defeat so towering
that 110 one trail overhaik it, or mistake its
The .'crorrf ituhlishca a stali-mciit to the
elfiN t that it was Can. bill's intrigues that
got Wallace to ! a i-andidati'. Sum-time
simv. as the story pa's, Mr. Randal! sent for
ex- iingressnian Mutchtrr and Senator Kck
Icy B. Ciixe, IU- told them that he thought
the o rtiiiiity hail now arrived for Senator
Wallace to lax-onie a iwiidi.late for tiovernor,
and suggested that thi-y see Mr. Wallace
and assure liiiu of his ( ISamtaU's) co-o ra
tion iu the matter. The gentlemen did as
n-quiMeil, and immediately it la-gall to la;
noised alamt the Slate that Wallace was to lie
the nominee of the lVniiHrucy for tiovernor.
Walhn-e hesitated to speak himself and Ran
dall made no pledge in tsou to supsrt
him. It was this latter that the Clearfield
man dcsinal. However, his friends advised
him to go ahead, fully believing that at the
opimrtune moment Randall would come to
his aid. Wallme then declared himself fiat-
fiaited as a candidate to try the effect Uain
the ex-Sjwuker and hi friends began to sing
the Congressman's praises and tell of the
great obligations which Randall owed to
Wallai. The Congressman turned a deaf
ear to all these entreat ie for help from the
top of the AUegheiiks. and after getting
Wallace into the field as a full-Hedged candi
date he suddenly declared for Lient.-Rov.
Illack. Having got Wallai-e to commit him
self he defeated him in onler to make a sig
nal demonstration of his claim to control
Pennsylvania and to kill off Wallace as a
rival source of influence at Washington.
Already there is trouble about i-ainpaign
funds and management. The p-neral feel
ing is that the officeholders made the ticket
and they may elect it ifthey can. The Wal
lai wing of the rty in. link's I he shrewdest
organizer ami camiaign-W'orkera and they
hold aliHrt. The principal dfainlcnce for
campaign fun. Is apart from the officeholder
is the liquor interest and hence the dialging
of tliat issue in the platform. Iu spite of all
Mr. RamUtll's pretenses, the rty pm into
the caiuiaigii la-ateli fpuu the start and with
(lie feeling prevailing the lletma ratu.' stnaig
liohls tliat the la-sl thing to ilo under the
ciniimstam-es is lo lsj tlie ilitial I so
thorough and rouipl.tr tliat its signitl. ame
cauiMit pia-ihly be niisnn.li-rtiaal
Soldiers' Orphan School.
II iuii Bo. Augusi' JO. ieneral lmis
Wagmr. in-a1..r of the aoldiors' oq.hali
Ihs.U. ha completeil his elimination of
tli.-- iii.iituti.i. and til.il his n jairt. This
sii.lii .). niiM-nt i ti very volumimm. but
it is-eU tlcriaih work I lie lain of tlie
iii-ai.ir. Ferry ildn-ea' iH-f-hau si Imsi
ha ta-rtl tsitiat. rvrry fcialurr of tlieir ilit.T
rial a.in.itiiy m nifiiiiatal aisl tlie pDcral
managrnHtil ami ns-tleats of hitsinea ir
Mi.il mrlialif wuh Bwlub-at imanuli!y
and rare.
The mult nf llir examination lmw that
tlie 1 hi-ier nr K Isa J i in a very nn
saiisfaiiory inmlition in all its il-irtiiH-iits.
The Iiaytoii S IsaJ lias a IkwI waU-r tip!y
at.-l tls- sanitary arraiigi-nniits an- laid and
the girN' 1rmitorMv i-row.leil. Harfonl
sieh.ail is ri-airteil as iliMitufi' of laith-tulai,
eoiid. t.nishes, tow i N. ami tlie clothing of
the children I" very had. Tlie same isstateil
of the MeAllisti-rville S.h.J. the Men-rr
S liiaj. tlie Mount Joy liiad, 1'nioulown
Shis.), the Whitehall S-IhmiI. the Butler
S hiHilaml tla- laiyaville S hiail.
I inler tlie statute tlie usual branche of a
com 111011 schiHil education are required, but
an examination hy lieneral Wagner reveal. il
I he fact that certain of the bram-lux of study
called tiir are omitted. The Mercer. Me AI
lislervtlle. Mount Joy and tliester Springs
S-hools ari- suffering fmni insutlii-ieiit help,
liencral Wagner n-srts that the pleasant
fiction of the ott'uvr and ti-achcrs eating at
the same table -with the children, as in a
home, thus securing for the latter ample and
proa-r fl. is not true, and that the officers
and teacher are provided with dishes denied
the children.
tietieral Wagner' n-jairt includes a consid
erable mas of fiu-ts and figure. Kxccpting
the foregoing statements, he has many com
mendatory things to say aUmt the scIhnjIs.
A Thrilling Incident.
Maiiisos, Wis., Aupist 3. When the
iarnde of Banium's circus was alxnit to start
to-day a thrilling evi-nt ocrurreil. Mr. Keif,
of this city, was near tlie ptnithcr's cage,
wliM-h eoiitained fi air animals and the ke--er.
Hit hat was blown under the cage hy a
sudden gtst of wind and she nt.a.cl to se
cure it. As she did so a large mntlicr put
his iw out and taught her hy the hair and
with the other mw iu her face, lifted her
from the ground. The keeper rushed Uam
the furious beast ami Unit him severely and
this enraged the other animals greatly.
To those alamt it seemed as if the kcc-r
wouid 1m- net iqaui and killed. But he was
very courageous. Hcdmvetuc animals right
and left in a powerful manner and so in wed
them that they gave up the attack. Mr.
Rcif was badly injured als.ut the head and
fa.-e and had to la? removed to her hoiue.
The event caused great excitement among
the large crowd.
Cutting to be Released.
El. Paso, Trx., August 24 Tlie Second
CliHiiils-rof the Supreme Tribunal tiaik up
the ra-- irf A. K. Cutting, and after revi-w-ing
the entire evidciuv the argument began.
Tlie attorney pro and con had previously
coiir- to an agreement that "the two niontli'
imprisonment already suffered by Cutting
Ik- i-onsiden.il a complete purgation of hi
crime." Tin's make it certain beyond a
doulit tliat tlie sentence will conform hi this
agrtvment. Tlie case was heard with cliweil
doors. The Court hold that both Judge
Castenador and Zubia were exactly right in
trying and sentencing Cutting, but, under
tlie circumstance, thinks that he ha now
by two mouths' confinement suffered enough,
and will order his release, to take effect prob
ably by Tuesday or Wednesday. The 6UU
fine is also to be remitted.
Bi-rtULo, X. Y, August 19. three litmu
projile went down to Niagara Falls to-day to
see Carlisle It. (iruliam the IHiila.k-liliia
cooper, fru thniugh tla? mpiils with hi lie. I
outside of his barrel. It was tliought he
might lie killed hy tlie terrible jolting he
would receive 011 the rocks, but he came out
safe if not sound. And Bow Al. IKinahbwn,
a professional swimmer of Baltimore, stated
tax lay that some time next week lie would
make the attenqit on a raft nnwle of beer keg
tlraliam apared on the Maid of the 'Mist
landing, dressed in tights, at 4 o'clock ami
was loudly chta-red. He was towed away
into the middle of tlie river and ten minute
later was lowered into his novel craft. His
head was firmly adjust. il outside and tlie
liurreJ was rigged with a lung funnel on top
to supply air when the vessel was under
water and to thi was attached a Hag.
When he struck the rough water the biait
rocked fearfully and at last the flag staff
snapped oft. In three minutes he was into
the whirlisail. Tlie barrel was turned on the
white breakers until it seemed as if it must
be 1 lashed to piece. It ducked continually
and half the time the funnel was all tliat
could lie seen of it. At last it began ifcsc rill
ing the eddy of the whirlpool and in a tew
moments shot out into the smoother chan
nel and swam down the stream. All that
w-as loft then was the Devil' rapiil below,
hy many thought to 1 even worse than
those alive.
The IVvil'a Ria-ks have in each instance
given the barrel swimmers the worst shaking
up. but (iridium was saved thi Nirt of the
test, for his helicr, C. 8. Carlton, ran out oil
the bank a lie iascdaiidthe successful nav
igator was pulled ashore in a very exhausted
His arms and legs were badly skinned,
and big bruise were to be seen oil all parts
of his lasly. His neck, tiai, had received a
hard tug, hut was apparently in working
onler. He said it was a fur harder test
than the other one, although it was not so
exhausting, for then he was half di-ail from
lack of air. (imham was congratulated by
the crowd ujam getting out of the barrel.
He said he was now confident ho cihiIiI dmp
fnim the Cantilever Bridge pnivideil he bad
an air cushion umkr his hanvl, and be an
nounced his intention of doing so at an early
date. He was about the village this evening
and npiean-d to la- in quite a comfortable
i-onditiou. It is surmised that he is well
paid for thi ell'ort, for the railroad have
been advertising him, and have made big
J. Scott, a noted fisherman of U-wiston,
was dmwm.il iu the whirlaail alxint mam.
He had I .cell hanging around all day, in
tending to earn the 1(1 ottered for taking
tirahani out of the whirlaail, and with a
life preserver had la-en giving exhibitions
in swimming and diving. AUmt mam he
jnuiMil in to the water off Thompson's
Point, at the outlet of the whirlasil, and
was drowned. The laxly was recovered at
A Negro Woman Lynched.
Jackson, Trim., August JO. Kliza WihhIs,
a negro woman accused of poisoning with
Rough oil Rats Mrs. J. P. Wootcn, who died
hist week, was hangul hy a mob to a tree
near the north ik air of the Court house last
Wednesday night. Her nak.il laaly with
her hands iiuinncd behind her was dangling
from the elm tree until early yesterday
morning. The stomach of Mrs. Wisiten
was sent to a Nashville chemist to la? ana
lyzed. The husband of the ilea. I woman re
ceived a telegram Wednesday morning
stating tliat arsenic had been found iu her
stomach and also tliat arsenic was the prin
ciple aiisnn found in Rough on Rats, a box
of which was found ill the negro's house
among stolen articles of jewelry and dress.
The suppressed excitement which has been
brewing the juist week began to develop at
the sight of the grief of the almost crazed
Sheriff Person, ami. iting tmuhle. had
summoned a aisse of guanl. A mob gath
ered near the jail. At an agreed signal the
Courthouse la-ll was tapail and the in.ib
then made a break for the jail, yelling, "laH
every man w Imi ha a wife come forward!"
The front ikair was broken o)a-u, the Sh.-r-itT
s guanls wen- overawrreil and disarnsil.
a second diair luiltiT.il down and with a
msh the 1111-11 s.rccd tia-ir way Ui-slair.
Alier several minutes' delay the diauueil
woman was found crouching ill her o il.
She was U.riM'. amid I he yelling of tin- mob,
to tiie nHirt niian. every rag of clothing
bc.ug torn from ln-r kale Tla imili was
dii i.tiil, fNiim iusisiin 011 hunting and otic
cr oil hauginj. Finally site was drawn up
ami the crowd .is told to g.-t away. Then
five h wi-n tiinl into the laaly as it
swung. It is ilaimul that tlie lyiaiicd
wr.-l. h liud a re.-uUr mania f.ir aasonivg
as.pl.-. and lias during Iter lilt- of .' year
mt.nt.Ted more than a doarti pcoNV A ne
gro w. Hiiali w h.i walkril wen luilrw ns.iii
tla- country to see Iter baiigial said she bail
aiiaird eleven i-!nldnu in licr lMghlMr
lusal 1miiiiig cil 1. w iliHswsl the liaug
ilig. Few of t lie mob w err nia-knl.
Father and Son Killed.
Forr Smith. Ark., Augii-tf 1. Informa
tion has na. 1mi la-n- of a hliasly trapsly in
the ClaToker Nats mi mi Sumlay rvenuig, al
a aiiut ten miliy aiaive WcUa-r'a Falls. It
arrms tliat lM-k Laiiglcy and Tlmluas M011-na-
hail soiiMr tmuble a ilay or two previous
alaait -sMihr atia k breaking into a field. Sun
ilny evening Monr. a-and his family startnl
to t-hun-h, and when a short distam-r fmni
home were overlakeii by Laugley, who was
a.nail with a double-barrelled shot gun. tin
coming up to therty he bepin cursing and
abusing them. when-uam Molina- told him
that if he had his gun with him he could
not treat him in that manner. Lnnglcy re
plied, 'tioand p-t your gun." Monroe then
told his ohlest sou Allen logo and p-t it.
The boy startnl, hut hail only pit a short
distance when Langlcy shot him in the latck
with a load of buckshot and thru turned
immediately and shot a similar load into
the laaly if old man Molina-. Both father
and son dinl immediately. The tragedy
was witnessed only by the wife and small
children of the n111nler.1l man. All of them
were mcmlH-rs of the Chcnikee Nation, and
this conies under the jurisdiction of the
Cherokee Courts, hence the punishment
Laugley di-serves may never lie meted out to
Lawlessness in the Indian Territory
CmcAiai. August St. A fatal sh. ailing af
fray wurred at McAllister, Arizona, yester
day, iu which two men were shot, one in
stantly killed and tlie other fatally woumlcd.
The difficulty anise over a game of canls.
Sheriff More was fatally wounded, the shot
taking effect in the right temple. One Stan
ton, a sulHin-kcc-r, was shot ami instantly
killed, two shots striking him, the first tak
ing cfTut in the right breast, and the second
entering at the mouth breaking his neck.
Sheriff More m-rived his wound ill Hying to
scja-rute Stanton and a man named Smith,
who were fighting. After Stanton had fired
the shot which hit More he rushed to the
luu-k diair of the sal.a.n, and intercepting
Smith, who was making for his horse to get
away, fired thn-c shots at him, none taking
effect. Then Smith oa;ned fire uain him,
with the almve effect. Beputie and a asse
are souring the w(asl. for Smith, and if
found he will meet with little syniiathy.
More' ease is lioja-u-ss.
The Sea Serpent Once More.
liuncEsTEK. Mass, August 32. A strange
story i told by a sailing party consisting uf
tico. W. Scott, John II. Mi-Conuick, Presi
dent of the Common Council; Charles A.
Bmwu, of the Boston Custom House, and
tfeptain Bavid Worth. When off lil.MKt-tcr
the party descrilasl a strange liaiking object
m the water about 3t0 feet away. It looked
like a huge sjau- nearly It HI feet in length
and seemed to rise and fall with the waves.
As the boat drew near a huge head was rain
ed several fret above the water and two glit
tering eyes were plainly seen. The serpent
tiien diaipeared l-enenlh the watrr, but
suon came to tlie surface again some distance
away. After a brief glimpse the animal disappeared.
Only One Escapes the Death Penal
ty and he Gets a Sentence of
Fifteen years In the Pen
itentiary. C'a K aoo, August 20. The tremendous in
terest taken in tlieoutcom of tla; Anarchist
trial and the finding of tlie jury, was illus
trated by tlie cmwd whicli gathered in front
of the Court House this morning to await
the announcement.
When the jury ap-arcd. Judge Clary en
joined absolute ileure. There was a whis
pered eonsnltation between the Judge and
Clerk, when the verdict was rendered as fol
low: ' t )
" We. the jury, find the defrnilants,August
Spies, Michael Schwab, Samuel Fielden, Al
bert R. Pearson, Adolph Fischer, George
Kngel and Louis IJngg guilty of murder, as
cliarged in the indictment and fix the ienally
at ileaih. We find the ilefcndant Oscar W.
Neche guilty of murder in manner and form
a charged in the indictment and fix the pen
alty at imprisonment in the Penitentiary at
fifteen years."
Captain Black asked that the jury be .li
ed. The jurymen answered with firm voice.
Captain Black said he would desire to
make a motion far a new trial.
State's Attorney (irinnell Raid it would he
impossible to dissc of the motion during
the present term, but by agreement the mo
tion could he argued at the Seitemher term.
This was agreed to by the defense.
The Court la-t the motion be entered and
continued until the next term and defen
ilants taken back to jail.
The Court then arose and addressed the
jury as follows.
(IrnUemeii uf the Jury : You have finished
this long and very arduous trial which has
ninired a very considerable sacrifice of time
and some hardship. I ho)- tliat everything
has lnn done that could jansibly be done to
make these sacrifices and hardships as mild
as might lie H-rniitted. It dia-s not Ian. me
me to say anything in regard to the case that
you have tried, or tin- verdict you have n-n-dcred
; but men compulsorily serving as
jurorsj as you have done, deserve some rec
ognition of the service you have s-rtoruie.l,
beside the meagre com'llsation you have
The foreman of the jury said: "The jury
have deputed to me the only agreeable duty
that it is iu our province to jarform. and
t hut is to thank the Court and counsel for
the defense and for the pnisecution for your
kindly tare to make us as comfortable as
(aissihle during our coiifinement. We thank
The Court resMmled vrry briefly.
The prisoners hail tiled out during this in
terim under tin-guidance of bailiffs. Hardly
hail the jury left the room, when
was hcanl, followed by the heavy falling of
the wife of Schwab to the floor, to whom the
result of the verdict had Is-cn interpreted.
She is also the sister of Schnaula-lt, fheal-h-grd
lauuh thrower. She was carried out to
the air by the polar and stain revived. Mrs.
Parsons looked haggard as she started to
leave the court naun. hut maintained a
moderate degree of composim-.
The cmwd remained outside for an hour
after the reading of the verdict, and loudly
cheered the result. It is understood that the
authorities now contemplate the immediate
arrest of all -rson even indirectly connec
ted with the Hay market tragedy for conspi
racy, and that in this knowledge many of the
active leaders, hearing thr outcome of the
venliii, are prcaring to leave the city.
Stabbed to the Heart.
Wabbex. II., Aug. 111. A munleniu affray
occurred this aftcrmam at North 111. auurield,
thi county. Homer tjuaile, a married man,
and Alexamlcr Park, both full of had liipior,
stepfasl off an excursion train ami began
quarreling at the Ashtabula & Pittsburgh
crossing. Ailie Parks, all lit-year-old lad and
cousin to the other Parks, interfered and
tried to prevent any bbaalshcd. This in
censed tuaile, w ho dn-w a king jack-knife
and nisheil toward young Parks, ran it to
tiie hilt ill the latter'a bn-ast, severing thr
rilai and lacerating tlie heart. The wound
was fearful. The victim was placed in a
wapm and lihysii-ian from Ibis Hty taken
on a spei-ial train to the disaster. At last
niHrt Parks was dying. l,naile is in jail
and tlie plmr is planted ami grave threats
are ma.li-. Both parties la-long to high
standing families and had just returned from
a Sumlay S Ixa.l picnic
Fleeing from Lynchers.
Cmtti.a, Trim., August 21. J. M.
TlioiiiasHi, a citizen of Rhra. a town fifty
mile friaii tliattamaiga. came to this city
tieiUy and invoked thraidoftlir ailii-r to
pr.4ii him from Iwing lym-hnl. and ta-gged
tliat Isr Ih I. a-tin I np in jail. Thomsam had
a thrilling rx-rictirr a few nights since.
It is stated that he hail rrmleml himself
aliollst' a certain political element in the
iiMinty ami n-fusril to leave when onlcml to
ilo so. A nili of masked men went to his
house alaait midnight ami dragged him
to a grove, where he was tieil, and a
rope was plai-nl around lib mil. Just as
the nssS were alamt to hang him Thouiisou
hmke his bomis and dashed away from them.
They final 25 shots at him. and our tiaik ef-fn-t
in his neck.
He mauageil to rscaie and went to Rhea
Springs, where a Chatamaiga military com
pany are rncamjinl, and n-muined nntil
morning, when he maik- his way to this city.
Four of his would-lie lynchers were iu the
city to-day in searc h of Thoniison, hut they
eluded the ailice.
The Bearded Girl a Man.
New Yobk, August 21. A few weeks ago
a (icrson who claimed to lie a rcsiertable
Swedish servant girl, whom pnividence had
cursed w ith something that was very like a
lieanl, created a tell ihiys' sensation by al
leging that someone of the ail ice detectives
had met her on the street one evening and
insulted her. and when she hail resisted him,
had arrested her and ha-ked her up on u
charge of having solicited his company 011
the street. At the station house she claimed
she had to submit to further indignities at
tlie liamLs of the same detective. The detec
tive declared that tie hail seen her stopping
liedestrians several different time before he.
arrested her. and denied all the other charps..
The woman's story, however, was so plausi
ble and so well mrnnsinit.il, apri ntly,that
the detective was reduced to the ranks as a
IKinishment fiir his offense, ami the woman
went free.
Karly this morning, in Cuinn square, a
park policeman arnsstiil for disorderly con
duct a person who wore female attire, but
whose actions caused some doubts as to her
ex. When she was arraigned in court, the
Judge remanded her to await the result of
au examination bv a physician, which was
ordered to la- made.
The person was taken to Jlellevue Hospi
tal, and the physician in charge decided, al
though tlie statement has still to be made in
court, that the woman was a man, and she
was further identified as the innocent and
unfortunate servant girl whose maltreatment
at the hands of the detective recently caused
so much excitement. The man's name is
said to la? Bernard Banian, and it is asserted
that, as a heanlnl woman, he has travrled
all over the ennntrv in various shows.
Galveston Inundated.
CtALVKSTtix, August 20. A violent easterly
gale prevailed here tiwlay. Tlie wind is
blowing at the rate of 45 mile an hour ami
la constantly increasing in velocity. The
whole soutliem and southeastern airtion of
the city is inundated by water, awl many
families have been driven out and eom)a-l!ed
to seek safety and shelter at the hotels.
Thetnet railway along the beach has been
torn up and the waters of the Ciulf are now
breaking over tlie lower gallery of Beach
hotel. Much appreliension is felt for the
faniilirs residing at exposed points and for
the shipping anchored in tlie outer Hauls.
Heavy dashes of rain are tailing occasionally-
of Desolation Where
Fires Have Rae-ed.
Ornsrro, Wis., August Ifl. The mvne trom
the Northwestern train between Fort How
ard and Ctounto is a desolate one. A week
ago the land was thickly wiHaled. Now
there is not a living tree left standing. Last
Monday tlie Haines sweiit down through this
country,' consuming tlie brush and dead
trees and killing the live one, which were
ta green to burn. Hundreds of acres are
bud waste, tlie trees lying prostrate on a bed
of sshea. Every putf of wind tins op a
Dame from these snioiU.lering trunk, which
will bum for mouths unless a heavy rain
extinguishes the fire in them.
North of Velp, and extending northwsst
for a dozen milts, the wimhIs in the Suamico
country are all ablaze, and, dried up by the
first tire, are now burning like tinder. A
burning brand is caught up by the wind and
hurled into a hitherto untouched wikhI. It
lira smoldering for a lew minutes, thru a
flame steals up a small dead sapling. It
leaves catch fire ami shisit up through the
air into the surrounding branches. With a
crackle and a roar the flames shoot up in a
bmudhelt, seizing 011 everything and creating
a draft like that of a blast furnace.
Between Velp and Little Suamico the
smoke was blinding and tlie heat blistered
the iiaiiit on the cars. Farm house and
cnis have beeu consumed in every direc
tion. Three families near St. Nathan's lost all
and have moved their families to the clear
ings. Kverywhere around the country the
fences are all pine. The damage in Brown
county alone aggregate nearly eJm.oo". and
it will cost the n-lief committee in the neigh
tairhiaal of ftO.UoO to help the sufferers, w ho
have lost not only their bona-, but also
their means of subsistem Sir the coming
Murdered his Child.
Haytiis, Ohio, Aug. 17. The village of
Franklin, near here, was thrown into intense
excitement again tn-lay over the arrest of a
tierman named Chris. Holweger, chanted
with the murder of his thirttvn-yeur-old
laughter Mamie. A numla-r of persons hail
previously been arrested 011 the charge of
assaulting and mnrdcring the little girl.
Holweger hail been zealous in collecting evi
dence in each case, and was anxious that
someUaly should Ihj lynched. The detec
tives say they have evidence to show that
Holweger sent Mamie a mile to town at 5 r.
M. on July 22 for gnx-crics, and her return
being delayed, he became impatient, startnl
to. town about dusk, met her, and in his pas
sion picked up a club, struck her on the
temple, and crushed her nose hy a second
blow. Applied at the result of his mssion,
while his child lay at hi feet. Holweger
tore and cut her clothes open to give her the
gpl-arunce of having Isi 11 assaulted, and
dragged the body some distance from where
the murder was comuiitted to a jaiiut on the
pike, where two young farmers found it a
few minutes later. The detective say that
after the laaly was removed to a house, no
evidences were found to show that the girl
had been outraged, but that Holweger as
serted that that crime was the motive of the
lietective Kuntz induced Holweger to go
into town this morning, and then arrested
him. He was indignant and noisy at first,
and protested his innis-ence. It is said the
evidence against him is conclusive.
The Cambria Company Discharging
Its K. of L. Workmen.
JoHssTowx, Pa., Aug. SI. Within the
past week there were tin employes of the
Cambria Iron Company dismissed witliout
notice or assigning a reason, and it did not
create any curiosity or any impiiry among
the men until Jestenlay and to-slay when a
number were briefly informed that they
were not wanted by the company and to
p to the office ami get their pay. In an
interview with an official of the eoiiiainy
tin lav he said thr men who were dis
charged were memla-r of the Knight of
Lulair, and that thr policy of the company
wa wit to keep 1 hem in their employ.
Tlw company ha a list of the rnliiv nicui
brrship of w inch there is ovrr 'Jim. about
one-half of them bring employes. I toe of
tlie disrharpii Knights says tlierr are aia.ni
jl! of tlielii in all and tliat tliey are not
strong rmaigh to make any ieui.aistratiiai.
Since 174 there lias not Inn a single union
of any kind alaait tlie works. At tliat tiiur
thcrv was a gnwt strike ami al! tlie union
were alianiloiM-d. The Knight of LaUr or
piuizalioii has li in exi-titn-e Isr several
lis-nths. So srcn-tly ibd it manage it affair
that thr cofniny was iglMirant of it r lis
tener until a few days ago when one of thr
Knights turned traitor ami n-vraleil thr or
puiiaution to tlireoiiipsiiiy. All nw-uila-rs of
the union are known. Tliey will be discharg
ed as last as possible and taackllsled from
rver again taking sen U-r with thr ronieuiy.
A Brave Woman.
Tolono. III., August l!i. A large diui
tolonil iaiither, which tsHT several weeks ter
nirizcd the people ala.ut Pa.uzr's limve,
eight miles southeast of here, was killed yes
tenlay aftcnnain by a woman, who then-by
suveil the lives of her two little girls. Tin
plucky woman was Mrs. Montialm, who was
on her way from Indian Territory, to her
former home near ClevelamL Ohio. Sonic
years ago she and her lillslailid went west
where the latter wa killed. la-ft with two
little children, the woman loailcii hergiaals
un a wapm and started on the long journey
to her Ohio home. The travelers reached
BoiiA' s lirove yestenlay, and Mrs. Mont
calm stopail ami pna-rnicd to pt dinner.
The children wandered otT into the wisals,
and when the mother called ttain them to
come to dinner she received no answer.
Fcarip;" something was w rong, .she tiaik her
rifle from the wagon and started for the wisal
nearby. Before going far a moving branch
uf a tree attracted her attention, ami on going
nearer she discovered a large aiuther prepar
ing to spring on her children, who wen- ly
ing uslcep at the fiait of the tree. Mrs. Mont
calm at once drew a bead on the brute and
shot him thniiigh the ilialy. She then re
moved t.ie Jail and l-a.k it with her 011 her
An Oil Train In Flames.
Kasto.n, Pa.. Aug. 1M. While an oil train
of twenty-four cars was destviiiling u grade
on the Jersey Centrul Kailroad, la-low White
House Station, N. J., at 2! this morning, the
inrs were parted by the hrcuking of a coui
ling, ami a few minutes later the sepamtisl
Jiarts iiime in collision. The com-ussiou
caused oih- of the tanks to explialc, and im
mediately afterward lo.ooo gallons of oil
were- one mass of tire. Klcvrn rars were
srattereil alamt the tracks, and all of them
were siain ablaze, line explosion followed
another until all the oil iu the lower cars,
estimated at p 1,0011 gallons, was one sheet of
Hume. Si bright was the light from the tire
that it was seen here, thirty miles from the
sivne of the wrick. A few cars next the
engine ami four cars near the end of the
train, which had not left She track, wete
All the in. 11 on thei-ars and on the railroad
was red hot and tw isted into every conceiva
ble shape.
Beheaded on the Bridge.
CoBKr, August James Briggs, a hnike
mun whose home is at Meadvillc, was in
stantly killed at Henil.a k station, on the
Buffalo. New York it Philadelphia Railroad
early this evening. He juma-d off ami fun
ahead of the train to tuni a switch. As i e
did so he hail to rnss a bridge, and iu doing
so fell thniiigh, the laaly dn.pping to the
shoulders, where it was firmly wedged be
tween tiie eniss pieces. Tlie train, unable lo
la-stopail. cauic on to the bridge, iustant'y
rutting Briggs' head off.
Nebraska Prohibitionists.
Li.icolx, August 211. The Nebraska Stale
Prohibition Convention met here yestenlay
with over four hundred delegates, represent
ing forty-five counties. After the aik.pt ion
of a lengthy platform, which touches every
phase of the liquor question, beside setting
Birth the views uf the party on lals.r, pen
sions. Sunday observance, and other ques
tions, W. H. Hardy was nominated (or Gov
A Clergyman's Perilous Journey to
Preach to the President.
IB.ir1!iT HousK. N. Y., AugiLt 22. The
President's lirty deferred artemkime at
r-hurcti to-iiay until tlie aftermam. The ser
vices of the day were conducted by the Rev.
Moiitpimery H. Throop. au Kpiscoialean
clergyman, of Chi.ago. lr. Thni i ranip
iug on tlie Lower Saranac Lake, and at thr
request of the Rev. Mr. Ihiuton, who sui
plies this pulpit, he consented to officiate to
ilay. The jourmy is alaiut twenty miles
and was performed in a taait. Mr. Thruop
had an adventure on this journey w hich la
will not wan forget. With a boy for a com
panion and guide he startnl for the chiir.-h
at this Jaiint yesterday aftcnnaiu. Instead
of p.ing ashonsand earning his Is ait around
the rapi.Ls of the Saranar river, as the guide
do, Mr. Thnaip thought he would push
right through. He pit stuck fast before ps
ing very far, and tlu-n an oar shpiail uver
hoanl and was wea down stream. Further
progress was impmsihle, for travi-liug along
shore under a rapidly setting sun was not to
be thought of in such a wiliiernes. know
ing tliat guide were constantly atssing and
n-tssiitg. tlss shipwrecked couple i-limta-d
up on a ris k, wailing for w hatever would
turn up. and laith fell fast asleep.
A guide who wim making his way up the
river with a lamt-l.ud of baggage reai-lml
the ra-k alamt Id 0'1-ka k at nighl, and his
kei-u eye ik-tci-tcd soUH-iiiing unusual iu its
apa-arani Thinking a la-ar i s i IhiI
Uaiu it and pnc! to disuti- bis passage,
he shouted right vigorously. As tlierr was
110 movement when he shouted a thin) timr
he reai heil forwanl among thr baggage for
bis Winchester. Just thru the rlergvmau
awokr and startled thr guide with a sharp
"hello, there T' An understamliiig was
n-ached, the baggage in the boat was rcad
justcd, and the two waifs were taken alsaird
and faiddleil to Bartlctt's Hotel, where they
remained over night. This morning a guide
pulled them right miles up the lake to this
hostelry, where Thnaip related his adven
ture. Il is President Cleveland's intention to
continue having his hca.liplartcrs at this
place and to make ilaiiy fishing excursions
to some one of the many lakes in this
A Speech from Jeff Davis.
Nkw Oklkaxs, August IS. At the conven
tion of di'legaics to nominate a candidate for
Congress in the Sixth Mississippi district at
Mississippi City Unlay Jefferson Ilavis, w ho
was pn-seiit as a s-ctutor. was invited to ad
dress the convention. The venerable ex
President of the Confederacy, after an en
thusiastic reit-pUon, spoke at some length.
He sia.ke of the assembled Mississippians as
hmtliers and fellow countrymen, and said
that there was a time when he could have
called them fellow citizens, hut that time,
had passed. Yet they wen-fellow Missishiji
piaus, for be was a Mississippian from head
to fiait. He sjaike of the teniptains to which
a Congressman was excised, surrounded by
contractors and lobbyists. It was not diffi
cult to send an honest man to loitgrcss. but
to p-t one who could w ithstand temptation
and come hack honest w as not such au easy
In conclusion Mr. Davis said that although
he tould not vote, he was proud to la- held iu
such high esteem by Mississippians. He
could not vote laaause he had ri-siirned his
(aisitioii iu the Tinted States Senate to take
the aisition of Mnjoi-lieiicral of Mississippi
militia, and then to iki his duty w hen placed
ill charge of the atlairs of the Smth. He
was glad it was not coniilered a crime by
Mississippians that he had !a-eii true to
them. Tne country wa now at laai-e. and
thr iHiipleslsaild stand slnMibk-r to shoiii.Ur.
working for thr p-neral paal.
Immense applai.se followed the sa-ukrr'
They Stole $I.IOO.
Niw I'varix. Pa.. August pi AlaMit mid
night last night lisir ma-k-sl men br.kr
.low II the .ka.r of 'Spnrv l.iitii ilitf's h.sise,
a ft w nnli-s fn.m this city, and rnt.Ti.l hi
lad nsHii. mn of li.r lien stria k him isir
the he l w th a el'lb and hi-a "Vl lo boil
liial if hr madr any niorr nt they would
kill him. They ma.le a sun h .sT the 1mui
and sm.isilcd in finding ata.ut sl.l'i hid
den in a 1 ti-Uml. Tin- tl.iivi-a U ft w ith
tliat amount, lait iIhtt was oterJ.,K' t.M h
iIh-v did ii"t n. Spins- Mann ita ! so
ye 1 old and 1.1. .Ic f!.i- i i! .- v ..i I
rotiia-ry in 1m? amr n.-l.'hlarl..HMl 111 whs b
tlie n-ikiit err ta-aten with In' and
rii iad .( !jivc sum- "No 1 hie has y.-t ls-it
di'ol enii.
A Boy Killed by Inhalm. Cas.
W .iii..tv Pi , A'lif. jo l.y named
I harl.-s Mai key, aanl It. while ka.tnif into
an oil tank thi afli nwi'ii at Ihr K.trii v No.
2. inhabit t.ai much g-. and die. from Ihr
etl.it. of it Hi '! s as found hanging
oviT all apair.ilil ill lliris.ver of the tank.
The lav in thi ii.-iehta.rh.aal bavr 1h.-ii
aii'Ustoiiiiil to inhale the g-.i from the Far
ley' tank until tln-y lai-amr dizzy, pn t, tid
ing to la-ilnmk. The ala.vr acci.k'tit r-sull-nl
fnuu this ikingen.us prai-tici. The lad
inhalisl so much gas that hr was unable to
stir from his ns-iimla-nt aesiti.m and thus
met his ilcath.
Santa Anna's Son Commits Suicide.
HtviXA. Aug. 14. SI. loin have then'
lat-u so many stiieidi-s in this city in seven
days us there have lieen during the past
week. The greater nuiiila-rof the suictik-s he
lonpsl to the upa-r chiss. The most re
markable rase is that of Is. 11 Jose Iaivz
Santa Anna, a wealthy Mexican, w ho shot
himself thmiigh the head. He was li." years
of age and was ason of the well-known lien
er.il Santa Anno, who was Pifsident of Mex
idi. for Infants and
stOTUiasaw4nadaptMteehfldrrathat I Castarta enrrs CoBe, Coat1tauii.
reoominrod it aa auprrior to anr Dnacrnxion I Boor Btomaco. tharrtMm, Kructatiow.
oowatomo.- al Asca.X I WJ -I.
Ill Bo. Oxford Si, Brooklyn, N. Y. WUaIsaUuUiirioas Bwdicwtkax.
Tn Cbxtacb Caaraar. IU Fnltoa Street. X. T.
FullTenn in ihi Inatitiitiiin mmnu-nreii MONDAY. SEPTf MER 8, 1886. irertw
nunuml Mlkli-nta In attelKlanet- iliiriuv first minr liewths. Oun .l lnr lure uiimjiUs full bu.-ni's
cnHitse. Keven teacher. rnuiM-li..n miranlreil. imr i awl.aftii- ami l oiiine J.junml. nh iess"
, r -uu. ui.i. uu
The Mexican Tfuble.
WisHiMiimv. Aug. JO.--U,,:lt, j. ,
official ami private, ro-eivrd f,,,
ran bonier al toe State Jtrpa!(,lf
wen- mort a-nc ful in tone tlia.'j!,,. tj J
last fi.rtiiight. T!iei-xiiti-nienti.itj'V
of the Rio lirunde has snlniihii, .B,! ,1.
li-ssdnngerof an oulhnak. A .
shown toawa l the "-suit i f t!i "V .,.t,a,j
now H-iiding. 1
Assistant Siti tiuy Porter, sHUj., if .k
matter to-i!ay said there was .-vrv pr.
of an amii-able and saisly adjusin.t-ni ,.f ,.
dilfen-m-es la-twi-cn the (ovrnnn.-nu '
said the Mate I partnienl otth u!- 1.,,
lieveil this from the first ami Ima ,:.(
attentiiHi to the aipularrlaiiHr.
eil if anythiuu iji tinitr was known ,,
pnisisril unlon and release of 1 im,. '
nphriithat he was not at lila-rty tlKI, j, S
the matter, ami isaild n-at in a
way thut then- was no nsn t., apj.r. 1,
further tnmhle grow ing out i.f tlr n,at!rr ''
Lakkihi, Tex Aug. Ji,-New l.aM,.v
riveii hrre that llie Mexican aufhor.ii.. ,..
fi.rtitieil a sm.iil town some ri f y n.lm ,.,
.... ............. ........... .,.e.1 4 1,, t;
ment of iity ipa.p there, tnr oiunun-U
of Fort Mi lm h, Ciii.ii-I Bmuni. . - ,
a laaly of twenty men from thi. v '
left here yesler.lay. and will n-tiiain (, ,,.
pres. nt al I'a j..x. op.p.itr p.m ,,
si.k- f the river, aim-r rumors h.n jrrv., .
the lifu l that the Mi vicau luul rr.. ,.T
river Iu Ibis si le. i'alap.i is s .l,.rtj
ing town with hut tew inhabitant.. iM1i t.r
ram lies areac;a. rlit to it and 1011,. I ,u. .
la- plundeml.
A Big Storm in Minnesota.
St. I'lI'L. August The storm ( N;n.
day nftentiaui and night was iiiiiisu.iilv
vrre. At Klktoii, Ihikoia, the dep. 4 x!, ,h
na.fiil and the Catholic church hlowu fp.tn
its foiimlatioiis. At Larimore, Iink .i,,, tK
Prsbyterian church was blown down.
liumlaT of frame buildings and car.
blow n into the river at Ihilton. Minn. S.,,,.,
twenty buildings were unnaifnl, ami i,n,,i
ing gniin in the tmck of the st.mu wa l,iif
Is-aten ilown. The lightning nnil.
ilanuige near .M.airhcail. K. Iji!!r v
stnu k. and upon n-tuming to ennsriiai.nn,
timiid himsi'lf blind. Un the Auains ttrni
near Fargo, Mrs. Sidney Wilson was siri.
si-nsiless for two hours. Near I 'i ,.!,,,.
Minn., a littlr daughter of llaruy Hit.-li-cis
k whs struck and Immeil, but n,. kil.rj
Al Langilnu. ticonre liornuui, a teLvrapii
operator, was kmakisl senilis-. yJr
Win. loin, Minn., the barn of Farmer Ilaiv.r
son whs stnu k and burned.
Bitten by a Bull-Dog.
I'nTsKi kiiij. August 22. r'loreti. e A!. Li.
S.H1 ami Minnie M-niuity, two litile x.-ii,.
agul li and ft years resias tfnlly. were li,.rn.
bly bi'ten by a huge bulldog last evenii .
The dog la-longs to a Mrs. Mary Mre. Us
ing in thr East Knd. Ir. Ix-Moyne. 1.1 Kit. h
Avenue, and Ir. W. K. Hamilion. of Niioh
Strtvt, ore attending the children, an.l ,t
will la.- at least six weeks la-fore they w ill r
able to la-out. It is feared lll.it the aluln.ii
win mad. ami I lie physicians are .k-f .-niiiu.ii
to fight thr can- .hoiild hydri.phol.ia -a-t ,it
A Town Destroyed by a Flood.
N'.a.ii.Ks, A. T., AuguM 1:. News
just las-n nicii.il here thai the town ..I .
rai-, in S.tiora. was entirely sw.pt aj. '.i
ff.ssts ..n iaiur lay and s-un.lay. f:..-
ho.1 a population of Not a i. '!-.- ,.
left standing, itrain tiel.ls werr llat:.-ia.i u.
the ground. ,
No estimate if 'Limaiff or l.s .a; 1:1.
Holstein as Milk Producers.
ftlal'l. N Y . August 17 1 ..,.., .,
low 't l.ahn.ia owunl by ?ii' ' I' .. ,
A lamit.. of ll. citv. el.--.ii mr 1.-. ..-.
wni t.en.l.t sfw lias pirn to-!.;: '
time a htilr 1 ion than ... -. .1 0- r
nulk. or afanit ai'ielif v ainS a !.
biirti. sii.i. fssor.i was '..r7i i"r .
tilt.lr llirs. e..r- ago l.v 1 he is. 1 r...
..w m.l in Vti;.-... N Y
priWaic saij:
rSirsmnl to a .-te i.f thr lin-lan 1 '1
sKeTia-t e,aiul rtin ti ma sill Is- -1 .
iiiloi ie ..a 'he Mi-fio.- HI ljleii.ar..s, .
Ii.i nslii(i. in sul r"iinl. mi
THCKSDA V. .vHVicr 2l, Inv'i,
ih' .li.kr a . tin-f..-1'..w imr .l. r. tail r :
tale. Ule iin- i.risrny Usui. it. II. f.hr. n.iva
rf. U.all
A valnal.le fan . .imate in iueniahistinf ! fi
hl. SfSilelsa .sainlv. t"a.. .Ihsiiiiis ImisI- M
T!i. Itiiiijler Ja is. k..m A. Wviii-r A.L.ia
tterk.-t.ile and ii1 h-r. arvl isatlalti a'.ait In
m n- m.rt ..r Ir... M w hi. -h alaait T.'i ai-re. in
cteare.1. Thr inipnivriiietu aji is-.l l.-
H.si-., naaiiv an-i '-.mveuienl. with im.I wut.-r
near tv. A sills.. alitml Imiik lairn with thn-l.iiic
It.- an.l icraimnes. Ar., Ar. ; a line urehanl a 1'ti
fnut ta-arilnr tr-r. Thr minerals ..l lae sa.-l
Ini.'l an-01 - he la-st .asler. there hciim an t.iu-li.OM-i-
..f'issll sl.t hniest.aie.
Ttn (r tnt. n Uy tf -nlf ; oim--third 'C rl
fcvn.t tin ttiiiiniiitni tl -Hii : tme-thinl .n thf :-l
tl eiril. I? ; an-I 'iie-iliinl in tmr yr fniinii;i'
.1 i (iH K.MPNT7.
Auk U. .tliiiinfc-trntirii'f W. II. 11. L.hr. A
In-ttn- ropttatmt Imprnv th Land. Mend
ir irroiMr.
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