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The Somerset herald. [volume] (Somerset, Pa.) 1870-1936, April 25, 1888, Image 3

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Somerset Herald,
a. . - j
T . '; -
S'rTn. are improving.
"'"'-srf brwue cleaaiag.
" s ,
, cjr ba a ra to rent-
. . art beitig re'-14-rsS5--
. ,...: t&i-k'i.
r fo iit -
- dr- Blesk 4 Snyder -
"' - kiad of
cat her a-l ytws
hsr ha maruoi
b farm
Biraev-ker Saf
;k ia tl.ail lace
:! tl.i tnabie
ry k:t4of itsd-
.kinjs. fr..ta ta
Xto. A. F- I Bfc.
..j-t iffl't ' ?
Ms A E. rat
, r J rr,?f"! trjttinjt
r..i-a--i-i fr a
i -. -i c-r rat. a B'-
;: ent'a fnew
.:e m.kr rv Mvarr a
. - Fa--:--
V ke-
- i. S-2.J '
irt Ion every day
cither kas len
Vt-. A
M-. A
F 1'ai.
liat. from
rt." .
irj a." t oD"';Ta
t f t-he cex'bra
it Lioecirr i
! a: ti' r..
:ij 39
,,r yit rvf'd an
.;. fc.rry fir it,
. t .1 I.js prb
t:.jt she sa il no.
y t .timitte will
May f-.w
: -i thr Slate
l t u f't b .d.ijg
.-e r.urr"erof sr'i
:. ..-.r.::i t. -lt
Vr I -
r r-'tiishi Yari
I! .re
, K I'fc - A Pit-x.
jra i." t'ied t- gA ii-r.;:-";'.t'ecfa
iT: there wa no
.til uift tbe airy
; i f,i-:rc ;t.
1"T :1 i
ere west
cali or
: pa r
I t
E F . r '
t. w-t aill fun.ib
i:."rmatn. i an sell
and check lgsge
of - rKTa
iv.-r ..-rti!
:. i-l :''
1 in ai-5 !
i ti-iiit.
his -
i 2-es is
. T.-is
i a wn
nr-'ift lav, ;-i-t alb-, a
-. .-t : i -.-r M.s.-. Mark.t. in
urtt. '-.ir. !: k"i Moi aul i-k-an.
j.ei; kiT r-t.stiT,t!y on
4 iai.y. rr.ie Wt.i. meat
it i-: hi tbe Jfrg-rt"r khJ
R lurts k Co.
:r '--.va 'eR!. Uel 'he
. l-cr.. Ti.'ts dreadf.I
- ir. i i--l hy a gents
! o.w arT -!el br a ce--it.tr
nii'-r-V is f-b-a'ne'i
- w ; V . and f rr ra ra--l-.i,,;iror
even heai:r.g
y its ii.f-vtious prprr-
k ar i hi hall snp-
. -in
-v- vi i:-r st
a: KiDTtK - s.
.' . t zr I. .is fa h -iy wl.A last fall
1 .f r-2T virte in a fiwer
i " t . v: a :, ; r ami i Vy l. k.rn
- i ;"a;.t T t"iarr g-ew, and s dia
j-e ii t-a;.e v-a. it beta me peen.
:i-.;f ;-. :.,) thcr: bt is. whi-h
" r-.R ; v j p ts fj"y ri.fie.l
' r--;.a. .;r ia It r-;,,lr- shoaid
-3ti.-t..aid y as miUit exprriniect
- ' - '.i. :- -m ah.-r.re eaaie thy
-..t-., thy itrtrr Ciir
.Jl i j ; rr '.i. i
- - -t'li-f ::. bauty ssre?
- Vi r-f t---- " riff, hi-rie n 'l-L
' 1 - i fst. ti 't- fcj.'vre b .!,
- ' r.i i'-.-s- -r, . I- P.-rr
t-. . , ' . ...
--j. -H.-S c.atir. tt a voc
. jf Two Ha wired
:e bw-n oScre-J t the
;.r.tate srh s.i. f. r tiie
S ines. F.rst pr. is
:n ca-h , svi-v.-nj t-r.ae.
i-tc. Twe!,y -Eve ib.4
"ri':.e;:t -i..l Pi.nci
it as jri.5t-. Pa-r :o
' ic a t-is-inr Tnvi
FuTf. Xew Y..rt-k.
?:,ri : The ah. at
-r.-tig ciwaties ate . 4
' " "-': i-r a-rs-aranfe.
a Ar-it.i"sla!rd cjua--v
jrave it st his
Id t:'.t at tub more
' -::-.:ry. it went
't-'i sitk'r
s-- .-j-:s f c -;-s j.r--i;t
"' i h:
--1 i
"i -c
-j tire anr.i rf ;
- y cj.-s. w li lie beaH
1 at tiie May term
; St: J .S.L W. Tate.
"""'"T a.l th?-s. ap-al by
N :.i.Ti Tin liii,rsticp Cm.
r . . .
V- a:Twl hr pla-tit'lf:
.. Jvhr. F. R.jtnyi-r. ap
: ; :-ai 4 tlw, bwif,.rd
- i ;
" ' -t C s.
... 1-, , .g,T Using wire
t.r aa
!-' a L-nitr ,
. is- . f .
aegl.h.irig i
ir tt,.
- j--- - . . --. i. .j - .
t-a;:. was rria-. and a
V-frl i , "ra s
kiv .7'" '"-"-! tetstutw-
i-J lv L"'n
a-at tA ,Br-t. t... i
He fitwla it a! '
his r.
! t!i sires out rt
t;a-. 1
j TliT.
.s wat qui I ahea.-y til cf mi on
j Ju.bre Baer kt loldiit court at Bedford
I this vert.
Coart ramus a
tic MiidtrcT liar.
the fcanh Monday,
Saciorl Z (Tier, of La!cbertrlle, afrct
d a eniini but rk.
Fri.lay will be PenwylTBuia Arbor Iter.
Erertrbixiy aisoui J 1 a tree.
Tlx alsi rpfT ore tad in tbe aacnui
taiiw of IWSjrd coanty froTe to be prcaily
Mr. E.L Jones iia tbe iuaudatwa laid oa
mf.ich be will fcui'.d a co'la, at tbe Joot of
Tartly atreet.
Tbe cb jdwB of tbe Kripb' Church will
rive m:.!?skia7 eorifrt Fn-iay erraiog
ia tie " mteiint bcaw
Tbe maple aaar cr.? w unwaSIr J-git
th season, and a a eonatineDce Ibat art-
cie is eu.ng I
b.rirT crjr tnaa lor ; me to attend Uae aoaiitjr at your own ti
j poke? If wA. are you sjtdd ro aatixniie
m . I me to make tbe axcuotment? If . i-ieBic
J. An II. rtl. Eaq, bo.kl:.- an ad Ktioo
I, .. .. ,. . . j.
I t bt ote-rrKn tn tbe ilammth B. c.
' We ORjcrwaini tbat Tufn or.j.ited h wi'l
lb? orca;.'.ed br tbe sjcerr of " Die "
Vau-!t "
j mm
j T5.ere en U br an u:iuul attraction
k'.Viw. (J iUr a nam'spr hare len w.rl
and -non i:i the lat cMi(4e yars, and are
n w livir.f iE tbe Qjiker city.
j W i.-arn frmi tbe Berlin fct-W tbat Mr.
i E.1 H irrr. tlw Sr-rtiiersvalW-y di'tiHer.
hii tit' cuKar U'tx1 brkt-o br a faWn? tim
i b-r r-rj--0-! ia ir:i;:r.g -Imtn aa old
! Iniil Jiiip. Wrijw-Jay mvrnh.
Mr El. kL.vrf Iul- jrfeifd imsiT-m-i!
l'li tbe Wet?m I 'a-o T!tra;b
!.'': r r t rm-ire lil'r the ij'.t of ti
piw 'f the a! 1-istioa. The
bul'.rtin Uia-d w:il be in fnol itf bis cigar
"U'.Vr"' Waite. the gntietua-'ily ajdcU!g
ir.c coidcor on tl.e Stners. A Camiiria i
Eaiiad. was a ca'.'er at the Ihiap anr-
f.im Sjtr'iiy af;em ir.. It iE't cften that.
- F illy " t"ks a d.iy off. bsit be is a we'inrue ;
T;;t'r wliereecr lie i
Tur fl,-.wiag etplait'S i'sc'.f : Of5 -e Af
the Baitinvre A Oiii.ji Railroad Company.
4".i-e of the rrc:iet:t. Balt rn.iTe. April.
!. ;-. Cltrular No. 4. Mr Charles .
fi.t.ll is this day. Wednesday, April 1.
apr-'itt'ed 'n-ral li-M A rem of all
liD(S. with hea l j carters at Baltiru-ire.
S. rrsora. Presi-ient.
Charles C. j.hafer. D J. Honter. F. W.
! ti.--kcr. E--q . J. L. Porh. Ei, Dr. J E.
t v.: I- W T H..rn,'r ,J MeeetsaUV.
: and V V. !-r:r. ,d SfveTawn. wtre all
fia-si'igrrs '-n tiie ea-!y trails oa tlie S? A C. !
r. ' t T ,lr m m-nr THe iiarte ;
. . . - i ,
( t U.-uti l fjr Harrisir.rg t witns tlie
i-HK-wdtiig" of the Be.-titlicas Slate Conven-
' lion.
Tiie Tfjf.rcnwrt eticimittee are " gvtt;ut t
there ' in Iw-ti sltsne tiutn tlie mist san- '
f-'jit had afetiripate-i. We onoerstaod that
over tbr-'e-f'.ur.hs ol the rt--jired amuunt
has ai.ta.iy l--n snlocrilied. It should he
natrieil a plt"ss::re to cr ntribcte toward
a: h a LsS'Lihle ot;ect, aa l if y.'it wat.t to
" hate a btixJ in it "' yi want tj Utir .
vitr-elf. .
3 S:ieniakerd"d at fcis res; n t in
' Johnstown S jt 'hir. H s j-n-nts an from
I Vtr.ricia to xoyestowa in lct. wLeii J,jt-b
1 ws th"Ut a y.a- old. Thee lie grew to
: a:A'-. For a ttarniT t-f years. alct
; Jv-l. Mr. Sh'x miler ured a the " I"ar.n
i farm " wt--t f 'rner-t. Daring almost his
entire life be wis ernriiTed ia lx.tfl kee; ing
its S.itnrrset and Cambria counties.
J.ihn R. A
MiirJ.rk, the we
S.-r.o jri'l rm
rrnen tf 1 ittta
I. rep:
sented by F. J. Meyer, of thie phstw. deiiv- -
,1 to their timer natives of soerset anl ,
vi.t'tritv on Stsr:ay last, tlie f nest hit ut
'. tre. etc.. that liare len brought to this
; ci;ir.;y i"t ntary years. Mr. Mr-rtrs is a ;
live, aitive. ctirrjctic ae?3t, and the Srm be '
r5-r---iits is or cf the best and nt rcla- ,
lie in t!e o;i'ry.
A c rri;i:ite rtaniina'.'on (r tlrf Tnite l
States a al Caletship at Ar.rjpoll w !l 1
W.l at e.iees.-t Wflrx-iay, May Sid. '
Ti. pi vi.-al exartrnats.m w.ll br cot 'tried
Periston IJja'J of exaoiinitig S"tr- !
j-'is t : S n;rst county, siil t!e -itia-1-ii've
exarn:ti2tioi hy a emm.ttee of three
to l dt vtia'el by (Vmgmstuan Scall. Ti j
i dale will rejs-rt at the Naval j
hn.y .us May 15:h.
firi- E. Boer. E-i. of Rsaling
tetanbiy aiii a pir.in 4 Sunday in
set vi-siiing !
airrJ rootiier. who is in veT"
-re h-a'th. He left f ir New York sun- ;
aften.B. t. attenl a meeticg of the
st kh.i-l.-rs f the -h rsun Rail-tad. .
h is to be beid ia that city to-day. Mr. j
Bjt tit
-scs himn-'f as beiiie (MiS lent
that 'A r
I will be c-wifletol, and that j
wiil be coamwooed an it at an ear.y
Mesr- J .hn Fitrpatrk-k an4 IU. M-.v-
cm. ibegentmeu who Lal the contrart
t.r di -rr.e t.he - Nrro M-ontatn ' Tannei
on the S.;.:h Penn Rail .ad. amved "J
S.mer-t Friday ever,,!)- Tnejr will d-
P" "f ibe " ap1'"'"," j
; at t :-tr criini ;??ary , at jmiMic saie. to-uay.
I Mr. M.".jvern is drrt.fcshy of tl .pir.k)n
j that T.ie work of enstracth-n wiil tvH be
- r-;iroed fr many years to c.nie. Mr. Mc
; (kivrra. of mnre, is ml on tie " inside."
j sr l merely gives the arve as bii .rivate
1 o5-:ni'jei.
W. L. D-wa-t, a pr,iinent and
riiiatit f S-jnhnrr, Pi. .isl ii-J-
d.f.'.y f h-s-1 d srese at 2 .i cl-s k on list
Thtt-sUy m-Tntinz, ajt-1 year Mjk
IVwart wi a praina: iK-m--ratir h- k-r
in that serrk r. ai'd rcjresen?ed the ditrict
in tlie Thirty -fiHh Ci-rtgre-s. He a as a riiem
tv .f tl" riati-itju cfn rent inns which rKrm
inatej IVrr. B.xlanan. DvOtrbjss and
C'.vi-Un.l Mr. Iwart s son. Will L, has
freq'oent visits to S .-ret. aud has j
fr-ertds among tnr people who wiil t
beamy 'yen;:
ilxe w:th Lira
5a this sad J
; Tlie Dist'iiie CXunh was crow ded at half
: jast thrieo"i.'i k last Wednty af.errxx-a
' :h hnr.irrtls of fr-twis. who ha-1 ix-m iu
! rit-d K. witnese the nil jut of Mis Minnie
fr-iw-rto Mr. Was. P. "ioti'd. The marriage
; rvrvniotiy was perf irtced hy Elder Conner,
j M -r. Wiil li! 1:115. U.vrge Eeico. Paai
J neU-.! a; id D '-srf .h.-ll a.Tf-1 as ttshers.
iSlM Ada K:ei-?r f-ewdu.1 at the urgaa.
i M j Cravtr ha. bwea a teacher in the public
' s. hm.ls of this boruttgb (br two or ibreewin
' tc-s a here her g-r.tie manner and art d;v
pisitkin. to ay rmthingof her prrtty tare.
: tin her the hearts of all her pu;!. and she
ha al avs "ttrra a great iv.v-.te in S.-merset
rrv. Mr. ioJd is B. t O. train dEpatf.b-
cr at riii:l.-l:-hia
j Tlie distrlit cinicrence to elect tw deJe
t ats to re:ircsit this CongTessictJil dirict
; in the NatitMl CorivecC n, t elcl two al
; U-rtiie-. aiid !t nuinie a Prcslt-rit ial elector,
j nx-t 1 Aito-wa Midday evening. Sje-et
Couutv hid BOtwixJi late for Nat oaal Dle-
! rate. ai.J was rs-i-vss-nteJ ia tl Conference i
. 1 v W. H. Sanacr. J. O. Weiir. and A. i
J. iVibim. I'm K'air Ci.Kjrrtr rresente4 1
tbe acme f W. s Haroruc.m.1. E . Cam- j
j bria, Mr. orge T. Swani. ac.d BrdHrrd
H.o. J. II- Longenecker. CopC Sanner 1
was cboarvi Chairmaa of tbe CoB-nsbce W. )
1 5. Harnmaad. Ei) , was dated as one of tbe
AVgates, aa-J
It. J. K. Milter. f RerSw.
nairrrd f ir 'Pn-adectiil ele-tor. Tbe
C-jntorest. aa.et sf wbota srere deiepaes to
the State Convention, and wereanxioasto
M warnsnrg. agreed to auj.4ra srtto-
m naminr tbe other deksrate or the altar- i
slid to allow Mr.S wank and Long- ?
! euecker to arranaTB tlsf anataer between tbexa
! wtich tier w:U no ioabt be able to j
do a sooo as tbey snt.
I at layttr mi rHlra9 Cs..r .
Eormc Hutu During tbe past w.V
aa rS rt has bees m.vic by certain ontrotb
ful and ccscruputoaa icrseas ia Ssjraerart
D-.rjagh to misrepresent me and create aa
erroceoo itcpresnoa in regard to say action
ia the stlsrtkm af delegates to represent the
Repabiu-an of Somerset Coanty in the State
Convention wiiich meets at Harrisborg oa
In orirr that the Eepttb&xa voters of tbe
county may know what action was taken by
myself mad member of tbe committee, wil
yoa picas publish the tallowing:
Son time ia tbe fire part of tbe present
BKjtlh I mailed to tbe a djreas of each mem
ber ot the Committee a letter, of which tbe
Jullowing Is a copy :
Scwtasa-T, Pl, April 4, ISSS.
Xr S r The Krpiib'-iran State Dmreo
tioc will aiert at Harritban, ta tbe 2"h of
April, to xim.Kic a candidate fnr Jnipe of
line Supreme Court, and to Select f ar dele
gates to tSeOiieaeo Convention. We mil
have to elect twodJegattotrir?ta?enoveji
i xion. and t have no tun.i on hand to iw
.r .trf J' P"ry thk
aa Vtt lMh th,t Twl be mill.
j ' f ,U, 1P,'
ei-ej bifjvwj'h, and trrd it to me by
; rr!ara mi
i Traly roar.
' 'i. C. SaK.
i Cbm. Co. inmiittee.
j Tbe paper enriuwd in : the ara?d eaeel-
j of. rierrd to in my Vner, read aa fcI-
! I hvr&ir aathorlt? aad derm; Cbariea C.
i C-ainuaa of ttae BeabUcan Couaty
irKm of deieeairs tii t!e KtTuul:n &?ate
Ojcxeiitioa. K be beid at Ilarnsburg oa
April iicb,
Of tl.e thirty -4tTca member of t!ie ctn
tsii!t tbirty w'rHRl and rrtamed to me
the aj-r aiitboririnit me to Te and act f r
tberu in She -ieilii of delrpates. To
memborj wf t! committee, tuiuelr. M- V.
ic-r!)T and X. B. Keiro, repSied Cironnr a
meeting of tbe cororaitiee. vbiletbe remain
iisz Cve member dd t. answer my letter.
Hivinj ren-ired aitbiirity frum tiairty mrnt-
trm tut 1h rt m m f ! t.k v3e ft9;i M. Lrr i
then, in the selection of debates. 1 east the
Vole tx H m. A. J. Cw;rn. of S-wnetx-t
B.JPljo-b. and Prof. Jobs C. Weller, of Mil-
i .r.l T-iwnship, and duly cert:S5
their elec-
twin to tbe cotjrention. J
I hare been infcirml thait on W!iiihr
afierrio"'n six members of the County Com
mittee. fJrw of whotu had anth-K-ixnl v to
caJ tiieir votes, n.-et at tbe Gia le H.xise.
wi:!iDaiiiel J. H rrrT and E. II. Werner,
a-hl rhvte.1 M. V. &.tr?r and W. T. II .b
Iitsell to refreeot the Brpoblicans of S-raer-s4
unty at tlierr State Convention.
Tlie Cottrettrifsn will deride which
set ol'de;rat were haiiy or projierly eiect
eit an-i I am willing that the B-pahhcan
: voters of tbe County should pass jadfrnent
; .i- .u-
- r.iT l-,i.i f.-. in th, as
j,,,-, cati tbern.
vi-. t .
ill itviiic. tn urait uiBi i - -' -' . i
cf monev that has come
itito B-.V bands as
f tl.airmati lias hen io-.zrr acii'rtintiHl for. t
The Us ksare t,. at all 'time, to the in-
j-tkm f any Repubian. and wbvo
mr lfm ,,f orife ext"res and nor aTYunts
.4 auJited I'v the commrt.ee they will be 1
U Htrtd to he correct an 1 true in er"T partiir
clar Tiie persons who hae made anfand
ed and malicious clianres to tbe contrary
:; i . .5, '
Hi C UK, 1 J ..awvi in " ,
Cbk C. Sarca.
Ci.m. K-p. Co. tiora.
The tvar.gancal Conference.
The soUms pr;r of tlie PirtsJinrgh Con
ferwite (A t!r EvanjKi .a! Ctnrch were oj-n-ed
in the Louse of worship of that denorn'n-a'-Hi
in J.,i,rosn Thtirsiiae Jnomin of
.k In the absence of Bislion Bow- !
niin. who ha 1 not yet arrived,
Rev. J. W. j
IXtmer, Crt.fcrejice Secretary, caikd
Cotiterence to order, and Rev. J. D. lAwuer
was elected t.bairrasn. He hal rxit lng to
serve, however, as Bishop Bowm&n arrived
at 1'1-iJ and at once took his past as Pras-
Rev. B. L. Mil't-T ha.3 bis creijcnthils red
him, be having nnited with the Erie Cotjf.-r-enoe.
Rev. Jacob Haruler. Presiniinj Eider
in the Central PmiTylvsnia Conference, who
has Uteiy ret jrned frtaj the misewn in Ja
pan, which be lias SuprrinternJed Cira ticm
bcr of years, was received as an Advisi-ry
tneraiier, and invitt-d to a seat in the ConStr
ene bar.
Rev. M. Laner. S-n'wr F.:bUb.2 Agent,
beirig present in tbe interests of the Western
Publishing II.i:!e. Was rereivri a an A 1-
vtsorr rnemiieT and invited to a scat in Coti-lervtK-
Rer. S. M Bsuruiardner. at b.- cm re-
q :-4, was granted a Siipfrniintera-J' re'a-
tion. Rev. M. H. hanro was eoatinueil
oa the sirjierBtimerary list- Ber, W. M. C
ven aa alj pi-.d on this list at his own
rvinest .
Hera Joutroa and Bash, of tbe M. E.
wereiutnkicd to tbeCofrreooeaud
to . M,
p ,. Baineer ami J. D,. were re
ported to tbe Ojnfcreuce as laving d.ed dcr-
I icg Uie year.
Piirs. of the Ret. rrnnl Ciianr h, was
;ced u Cnirnmc aad invited to a
' introJ
j ij- J,n l. Drw.rr was received in
in ,he Erie
cnp-ntx of the X . E. Chareb.
waj ...poioteJ to proch the
tT u,alt o liit. psiyu-riaa Chani. and
Kcr. "Setfmvcr. of the Ijjtherati Cltarrii,
were intrdooed to and invited to a seat in
Rev. F. P. Soykir. Presiding Eider of
Franklin Ihstrict, res.gried as sorb, which
res gnatiija was eoccpted.
Revs. J. II. IXiroer and D. K. Lavan were
re-elected to tbe oSce of Presiding Elder,
and T. Pvt pastor of Jhtiswn Missioo.
newiy elertd to the same office.
Presi-Jing Eiders were stationed as t.l
lws: Alfrgheny litrict. D. K. Lavan ;
jiorw-rsrs, T. rVacii t Franklin. J. D. iHmser:
Pitt-crrjrh, I. A R-hland, D. I Jjurn
Bold Swindlers.
Last Friday a lightning rsi agent as"jsr
ed at t-e farm of Jact W. Kanfman. near
liavi.lsviile, and said to Mr. Eaofroan. " I
want la put try rod on year Ixmse and
bam. as a saatpje for this section ; it will
i tje aboal 1W ret .- I will put on ITS fcet
free of charge, and H all over ITS ts-t yoa
must ay me T5 cents er : it will Dot
c.-st yon over K.W, and tliat w wlli take
out in .linner arid Jhv Seed.' Intiie afier
nutm they caoe and pat ibem on the bam,
but the wnnsro cbautd tliem away from tbe
bruise. Wbea lty had Cniiiied putting mds
w. the bam tl-ey said, "i'or. yoa must pay
as and aft- some farieying be gave
tbest hii cote t-f r ia oroer to gel out of
the acrape. lie afterw-ani reeoeered the
note c the jy rucot of Sl'M cash. Tbey
bad the saaie contract with saother resident
of the township and when tbey were through
they bad bis aota lor $J. JThey have a
like eo: tract a iti Jiaeph E.isb ior to-day,
but tbey will he attended to bcfjre tliey gyt
tin thicg out of hint. J. L il.
Communion Services.
Conr5n.ti services will be bekl at Hor
ner's cbarcb ua SutMlay, May ft;h. at 1 a.
ta. Prerratcry si 1 1 ks on Sat onlay, May
Vh.at V) a m. fVrvices 00 Friday eve-ring, j
May :h- On Sainriar, at preraty ser-
Tie, abvstutifal cnlh, wita names batxt-
le - ascly worked m im siik. saade nnoer the
atistwoe ff b' Ladies' Miawsnary Society of !
the Charcb will be liere for biis. Cuae
and see it.
CotBaaunioe services at Stoyestowa on
Scnday, May 13tb, at 10 a. at Preparatory
services oa Samr-hry, May 12b, at 10 a.m.
Pteacbing ott Jsatarday eseniag.
A- Ssti. Fast or.
Farmers, Stop and Read !
For Gnieerics, FkRir. Feed. Fish, and all
kinds of Seed I aiw beadunartera, and at
bottom srina. Win take all kiads of pro-
duce la extbang tor gnodi.
' ataaias Sataorw,
Sacoesaor to Jonah Keller.
Sowth rann Proipcts-
T'ur PliiUk-))'ii feme-l of Saturday eon-tx-astbe
liotritqr: "The Trea of the
Suatb Peoa fLk:iroaJ Cra-pany bate dettj'
is:oed to rerive tbe original ptaa of tbe road
and push its compi-rl l. Ihiricg tbe fmH
three years not hiag baa been doae eitber to
continae tbe srork or to keep tbe present fio
isbed weeiua ia Fcroir. Varlota attetapta
bare barn made ia tbe part trsr years to re
Dew the cons rot-: km, bat txibing definite
baa RKiUed. AJtdrev Carnepe, of Pitza
borsr. toewber ub Messrs. Heory Pi.ij'fa,
Fraoi ij L. Stttscm. Cenrge F. Baer and F. B.
Oos-ea, of tbe Btwrd tt Trustees, actinc
with tbe cocsrat of Dr. Hostctler. tbe re
aming Trustee, bare funoed a complete pUn
ot reorganization, provMiiug far renapera-t'-nf
tbe finances of tbe com racy and osctin
aiog tbe eoiBXraeiioo of tbe road. Tbia
acbeme baa beca placed ia tbe farm of an
aj.'eemect. and aa soon as all tbe stockhol
ders sball baT sirned it a xami tsetia;
will be beld anl officers aad Directors of tbe
company ta replace tie Trustees will be
dieted. It is expn.-ted tbat cue tracts srlll be
airen out by Jaoe lt. and tbat tiie ksit rail
still laid in eighteen mratUa. Tbe biin$
Cumpacy is in fjror of tbis arbetne, as tbe
n w rjad will coODert wilb its Lebanon
branch at HarriNcrg and open a new cbaa- !
nei to tbe Wec" j
Tbia scbeate is to indnde a 3 per j
cent, axjestnent in akliuoa to tbe per !
cent, ai.-wtly subscribed, making f3.' j.'.
of ready cb. and ibe issue of gl'j,., 6
per cent, fiftr Tearbcmd. TUe aejrant
w:!l be represente)! by preferred st.x-k, and
tlie original 3 per cent, pail in will be gieen
new ciimmon stock to tfcal amount. Tbe
r.tit now r.d;ng with tbe Penuj-leania
RiUfoad Cutnpany. it is claimed, cantjt in
JerSrre with tliese plans.
The Plttvbargh '? ca of M-oday says :
T":e?)ath PenasyWasKa liaiimad prrrct i
reTirel afsin. and the stock bo: ilers are now
r.n:ng a paper wbtcn issa;d to be a new itor Ktieral N'Tris. Srr.at.irs Bia PiriH
arreemetit to build tbe MaJ. Tbe schense U au-1 Harry Taylor. Ert.?ftiiat:rf C.
being pabeii by Andrew Carntjie. All the i Wek-y Thomas and Harry B K n-. ail 1 ex-Pbibwb-if.hia
siwkbfiiders are said to bare j IVprrst-niatire Jose 'bus Yeakrl. Aro n;
signed tlie -a;r. ar.d it baa nuw gouetu j Lcxvrne's six delates are St-Ttat.ir M. B
w Yont. The sbrme is being raa&se-l I Williams and Oncral P. A. Oliver. Ex-
by the trustees appointed by t!te arreement
! f Sam b,"e 11 1"
i ti v.v:. - V u i
i 4JV,"-T ' "--"-. i -
i u -fon. Mr. Bate and Mr.
i irc,n ,jave twrti Ja yvw lvr "t' l1
ttirte Oays securing eutrtc.-.ptions to tlie
t Pl'
Ttie new ayreeriKit provides that the snV
: Tiliers shall pay o-Wi call i per went, of
the amount of their suhTip:iot. A the
j subscription are lVM.'aM tbia will vide
i t'..r.t.t". with wukh work can be resuia-
j el An fcae of f JU (avs per cent.
j rear bitxhi is to be maie, wbich tiie BH-rober
j "t the sythlicate can suiwribe lor at par
j pir.'ir:iucately to their interest ia tbesya-
j dk-ate.
1 The arrenrject also d.re3 that as soon
a Prt:e9 in inter hare
i to tbei"B "Kn? 1
Tiirs will be called, aud officers and di
1 rfCTOTS OI me T3
ll Pennylvmia Eaiind
' " . l T . . . 1 .
""'pa"7 e.erirj. i ie raitauiuiw oi lue
cxwnjny is to be rearran;ri. There will be
! 6
above stated. For the asataMneot of per
ret.t. jfeftrred K k wjil i kaoeil. Comnvn
k ?a per eecd. pai.1
1m pr-if to the !is;nkn of wort. Taere ;
was ah-ut i.".T'i '. aid in. and intest is j
I to be aiiowed Uf;i tlu. so tbat the total is- '
of commm stock will be '. i
ihere w -.u u-en te ..''.' ot preVrren
st-k atid fT.'M' '( i t oHMi, makit;,:.
with tiie Vd to be iss-je-i, a total rapita'.i
raiin of $3j ?).-''r
It is riteete! that the meet its? of ssbsm-
bers wnl l be.d tti wee. I -.n thetkc- !
tion cfol5;ss the See trees wtu rwtrn j
the cwf'durt of affairs to them. Work is to j
lie begun at once, aiI by the first of June !
tM Mm x be given cttt and the
nad wm be pushed to cotnpi-tim. The cal- j
cu.ation is that the last ra.1 will be hud m
Creat Bargains
In all kinds of Irss G.ls, including
Rlks. Silk Warp, and Wool Henriet
tas, in Blatk and Colors. Also, a fine assort
ment of ch-tap Wtirjl Iresi r,is. A fine
assortment of 45-irx.h Hamhnrtr and Lare
Flouncing, and ail covers to match. A cheap
of .lingi.ams, sj:tes. and otlier Cott,aa
Dress Good. Siiirtings, Tickings Dnks.
clii. A larye Vt of Best CiUicues. light
and vhirli. fire cents.
Mts. A. E. Tbl.
Mr. G-irge Krr.nin sill uli in the Slay
" :ir-t hx he came to p to Siberia oa the
(V?rj ete;sl::wn. Mr. Kennsa linl spetrt
rcetirne in Silirria a'ready ?n omnereiiic
s it:; tlie .-.verlaiid wlegraiih srhenie. and in
the sorairicr of ls4 fa made a pre! imicary
etrursion to tit. Petersburg and Muscow for
the purpose of ciixtmg material, and
to 1 thrt.wri in hi war hv the Ru:ao
Government. He reiorced in October. fullT j
. 1
. ' 1 .','.. 1 1 . S: -1 r. V . ms.,..:l 1
. . .. i--. j
os. lie tnerrf.ire aauied m.ra New Ysw j i strongly . t ate the licu!tr amt
f LiverrJ ia May. Inia. He says: "All j cbly a-ljjsted and a 6r.t averted, aki his
my prefrjssessi.jc were farrwable to the ! cninscl is and has always been in that d
Rnnian .verr.ruerit and ur.faw.ralile to tbe i fedjon.
ff f' H 3 t'-5
Irtiy expos the fceoiy . att.t W to- .
ward roe whtca was uken by the RiMaan t
t. rt-emrnent. t Jrtii-e4m which was. j
Circa me to insj-s-t pr.,ns and m,n. and
the e.-o-arative,ini-flunity fr aarrest ditcn- j
ti i, an.1 impr.soimect which I enjoyed, S
ever, when my moeemeriu and wMriatHns j
such as jasily Jo lendtT roe an tJijcct of
suspii iim to the Wal Siheriaa a itlioritics."
Pictures and Picture Frames.
Now that Lo'-tse clean: a; is about evrr,
yiu will want some bandsone pictures to
ad"-ra Use wails. Tue place to g4 them is
at Fi-sj,exf Book Store. Or yon may want to
b-jy some lrctty m.didings to make fraroes
or yon may havs.ime pictares lying aroand
getting soiies, u ouf.ii io oe jramea. vr ,
, . i
voa tur need xme franws for Cainnet rbo- t
tojraphs. or frams fjr oilier ptctarus.
Uj Fisher R- iok Store.
Treasuser Baiiev Pavs Onivthe
Principal. )
A dispatch frym rcktntown says .- Attor- j
ney Guiler ramed W-daes.by froji Harris-
bn'rg. w-re he soccw.lcd in having ti ir4g- j
rnentoftlieDiaJipbin Coanty Coart modexa-
ted to the estem f wleasin-; the hoods men j
of ex-State Tressnrer RaiWe from trie wr- i
meat of the interest on tbe 'nutter collected !
inJH ilJTiU W K.VU1.IM W Wit UilUiC VI lUC !
tradf srd Bink.
Tlie am mnt l.ritei in that bank was
?T9vJ. and tiie ja irment arairtst Raiiey's
bor. Isaien. inciading j-rinapaj aod intcarw,
was ?r aiiit 5SS. X The fntfH) priacipal
bos been paid by the bondsmen, ni s of
wliota sesi.Je in Favette CV-rary. xn 1 ar of
thera being wi Ajws.
Wanted !
Hi.kw. Fars. Bark. I will pay the btsrbetst
cash prires it.r all kinds of bides, pciu and
far. I aim want j cords of Rock Oak arid
Spruce bark. 1 cord, wanted at once.
H. O. CVirtratcmaat.
New Location.
At ray Dental Rooms over M. M. Tredw.jB
A Co." Store, comer Main Cross atd Patriot
streets. I shall be pleaded to see former pa
trns sod all others in need of the services
of a dentist. With renewed facilities and a
ftrsd of exrrienee. can pmrutse best repolta
S. J. McMrtaas. Deni'tst.
New Milftnoy Goods.
Jaa rereived, tlje newest styles of Spring
Rs.-nnets. Hats and TrisataLru-a Largest va
nVy aod Lowest Prices. ' "
Mss. A. E. Vex.
Qutemwirt and Glassware.
For this line of good go ta A. Ixsiiord A
Son. as tbey have the best line ia tows.
Found at Last.
Tbat A. Rniavd A S at tbe only fins ia
tows that srils nine rake of Grip Soap fur
S cents. v. . ' : ' - ' '
laaa paid for eg zt af if. Sthroci'a, fiip-
site Somerset Uottse.
Wash:ncrton Letter.
Fan an Special Crm-9nQae3(.
. WuarsbTos. D. C, Apil 23. Isj. .
. Owing to tbe ict tbat so many cour:ijes
beld tbeir ooanry niOTentions but wnrk, at d
to tbe furfb-r fact tbat tbe itjte ConrencV a
is so rlcae at band, nearty all PcERsrlvan a
Bepob&mss bere are jM now mure interest
ed in Keystone rotate politics thai t'lrr are
in matters of rroerai leSiaiioo. Tbe Pecn
sylrasia CocTRroes and others are, at tbe
prwest time, more disposed to discoss tbe
qjntfKjji of the Supreme Jiibra-hip Bor:ria
two.ortbe State CbaurmaDship. tbas t .tcy
are the Miila bill, or tbe PresiJeacy. I hate
no doubt, furtlaernture. bet tbat sbe readtrts
of tbe Btuu are situilaHy iiKiliwd ; arid I
trill devote tbis entire letter to Pujosylrani
Senators Cameron and Quay both left for
Harrisbarg to-day, where tliey w-?. reraaic
until the atfjoarnmest of tbe ate Conren
tion. Tbon snper nerrktable frieo-ii of tlie
two Sators who bare been hinting at a
possible cbvobiag of Jurees between tbe IA
iuwers of Senators Cameroa ajvd ay, are
certain to be disappointed. While each Srs
alor Kstbes bis own ennci nitons, and p'-r-sfm
bis own method-t. in tbe support of bht.
and toeasnres. there u absSiit barmuuy be
tween tliem in tbeir reiaiiorcs to rab otlier.
j Tbe ehascea are that tbe t 'ocirentkm wili
j be a fall one. Erery one f tbe two bai
i tired and (jar driati have now been ei
j ed : the last coanty Greene baring cb jmu
Ibers this m;rn:ng. While the . onrectioo
will be larcvly naje tip of new nitn. arnorv
j the deieea'es will be a PSlr nnmlr of
1 prttnsuenr RepaUicans from rarious
j trans of Ibe State. Ei-Conjrrwman S5. H.
j Miller conies from Mtwr, as d9 ex-tV-
;rn-aisn J. M. Campbell from Cambria. C.
L. M r. Mayor Wiiiiaai M V.lin and Rep
resentative A. C. E'enm are toeraiit-rs ui
tiie deicgaiion from AlVbeny cor.rfy.
Aaj.T.s t!.-e Pl.iLufcJp'ij dthsates are Aul-
; .-imt.ir Darid MOnoa:fcr!jT ornes as one
,he '",ra A'U pfKjn,T
t i i ' i ...
j r.a-ju;ge v juir.es ii..m km i;ie si.wu-
p,mery deircstioa. EepresetHattrcs Joba
" fcikiB, U,:ury Brace and L. B. Ilartn-
j lergh cone ipectiv.l from !-!, ajia, r-
! ren and Wayne, whiUr Bediijrl sends ex-
j Brt-neTitative E. S. A-hcom; Butler, ex-
' lb j.iv,-r.tat ire TlK-nn B.Kr,jn ; IMj-
I ware, n IVpn-critatire II. C!jv Mariiail :
FrankHn. ea-nejRsentatire Datid.Maclay ;
! I Ln-rne. ei-lh :.n-,t.i!ive "n.l..r IT.- !
Scbnyllkill, ex-Kepre-er-.taiive Samuel A.
' Lasrh ; 'miTset. ex-ET,rrntative A. J.
j Coibura- aixl Pmt Jjfcn C. Weller; and
t Wayne. er-Bejseuutire Satm.s Milan,
j Anxms those mentioned (or thetemp-rarv
and permanent chairraaijsliips of tbe Con
1 ventkn are ex-Conjre-sjnea Miller and
After a permanent oriar;ixaUn i e;T Tt-i
anf a platform adtel and otW-r preiimi.i
aries are (roe Ihro-ji with, the CnTrt.t;..-n
w:!l pniceei! to a ballot f . Ju lje of ti Sa-
prrroe Court. As I have previo'i-'y 5:!!,
I am stng!y inciine.1 to the beiit f tk
Ju l.-e Jam-s T. Mitchell, of IVhi i, !;.! i.
will be the nominee. I tnsy be chr rrit ot
my rerioninc: future v-jn-mT,t will ile
cide. If. however, this resnlt is attained, it
will only be after the liveliest srt of a mrt-te-t.
I have tferioosir given a I-Te,iictiira
; as to tlie jssib;iities of iht fir ba.kit. Anti
; CoDVttiiioia prpliei-ji are intjonetat aru.ise-nn-nts.
bjt thry are ioexprttsive. and all of
us tan indulge in tbeia. Mine a-r t.tviahiv
a m.ie frarn tlie mark hut bere tiiev as.
anyhow, even thoc-h I may have
tbessi Uf.ire. Ia easeJa-liW W f Clar-
n.t p) before the rrt.reftioa. U
r bail.t ntar nrwitK-c si-me snrh n-.i:it a
.' this M;t.-bli. T. fird-.n. 4 : Sidicr. 4
r.we, 2. and Wit k ham. 1 ; t-ta!. Jit.
-When the br.-ak comes and it mir or n-,-,v
not come on tlie second bsiVn Mitcheil's
n-'mir.alin. If tiie fiehl aT;erapTs to cm- I
bine on Sadler, a grl nunr of ordnn's ;
frterids wiU go to tbe Pbilaiejphia;i ; while j
if the break is r-.--a.k- to tiorli. fally liaif of
the Saiik-r dek-gates will vote fcr Jhrt j
The niairaii-iship cuntcat pricU.3i uf be
as livrly as, if not a l;Thcr one than that
tor Supreme Ja i-'e. T! canva-a a hirh ran
di'lare Andrews hashret. csrrv,Lif on .r iw:
or three roontii has boi-n a tietlT cjni:fc si !
. has bc-n o tietly c.jni:i.
I an-j st. emtiraceii tne etii re mm'e. ti.
j of coarse, he wiil have a Urje ti!owi
tbe west frora such eo-tnriea as r-nri rl ;
Erie. LawretK. Cutler. Westmirelaiid. Mc- i
ILoaa aiei Warhlngron. each w:th from two )
to ft jut ilriccates lie wiil receive si rung mp- J
ft irt front lw hskiing eounts ia the Ejst. i
F ir install, e, from LAnttsler. Likkawuia. j
Liuvriie- lVrrks. Nvr.haaspttm. etc If tlie I
PhtWk'tJiUdn-k'gilisjo sajipurt- Cwpersot- j
idly Ll ekctk is more than probable. If J
!L::n::ig c.'ua-t i
s,..,iilir O ir 1 as n-m.vrl "...'m..-v '
'ai'iriay i.a rerua.iu awf..u :t-iy ceu- ,
' r . . , . ,
ita: irotn it: ue-r.nmr.g oi ine ovitest. lie
1 have itvlu'gcd sarXcieatly in fdf,. !
in1 taerefia will attc.u.4 to say who
xllt deiegates-at-U.'ge are likely to be. ll.jw- !
ever- Ose Joliowirz art n.,ii.med as can- i
.fcdates : Wm. R. Leeds and aiht Emerr
Smith, of I'hiiadeij hia ; Neh-.m p. RL of
Pit;i:,urgh ; Geo. D. II. Hasthigs. of Centre
. Wa. Li'lv. of Cari.rti C.untv - .
f;-aier Uaiustia A t.r-iw, of S;js.aehan'u
County : ex-Judge J 'hn K. Ewing -f Fy
ette Ccnty. aud Wm. II. Wo.is, of II Ja
ticgdoa County.
Death of a Schoolmate of the Late
Isaac Kaufman.
A ccTrespon dent of the Johatown Tri
Intxe, writing frora M-jant Moriah. S.irner-S
oncnty. says: Joiin MJ.er died Manh VJ.
. , . .
1 v"- s-1 eighty-two yert stx nxiiitiis arid
. -
t nineteen day. He was buri-l ia onr eerae-
tery hy the side .4 his wife aiel daughter.
Mr. MUler w" brm in Lan-a.-t.-r c-uii-y,
and brouirht to Cone-nauA tewnsh p wi-n
nalL He was a seaofJ-nrJe of I-a-c Ivaiif-
rM:1- ijT wiK" U Lii J-igliest re-ant i
msiderir bias one of the finest men ia the ;
K'- Jis aCaofman, was one of tiie ;
i:a Dufcb S.wi)eret coanty farrners. aa '
51eat neighbor, a naiet, hard-working j
aan ncrf lor tfe ohject of laying cp ri.tes. j
te in pi-anity to f
-A , l T
tjiet, pnyate i.ie. lie was t arrel at cne
yr-.f, the land on whkh ajcrnvnae, lahna
coonty. - built at a very aa-..ihle price.
He had the ceans at thai time to buy it.
bat twitted far lh Jillowir.g tta-s n.s : First.
H was a -arrdr fci. not fit Jar wir.ti-r .-aia ;
atvood, il was all g.wn over with eiler.
an-i was very di-B.-alt U; tiar ; aa-i lbii it
lay right aside ot J-almatowu. t'n a Ivry
town, which bealviys cocsi.Wt-I a n ji
sanceto neighboring burners. He rm-fe-rred
a ferni at a distance, wlrre heeire'd hare
s qaiet liie. When aJterwar.i asked if he
was nut sorry be dl not bay tbe land, be
nmoarked that be was happier without it. as
behad tJenty t J as long as be eonld live,
and thai be was a happier man than his old
friend Isaac Kaufman with all bis ia1a2er.se
wsJth. He was biitid. or SHstrly . tor the
last three years of his life.
If cMiiLan. Insist, one --jiEire south of j
Tl Rradford ie remarks : " The
who stands by tbe si-le of tract brori. bis
debts all fmd. bis business reasonably prue
perovis, lib) wife and family in gtstnl health,
and a deep pool ia srht, ia which a doses
sjt-kied gaaoesters are ready &a- a tussle, has
ia sign cine-tenth of ail ibe happiness
ahsrh any ooe g-.ts this side uf bearea.
Wanted, for Cash.
for Bent.
GoaalbrtabJe fices en tbe first and second
wonts of tbe additaoB to Printing Uoase
Row. Fur pavrtktUan, 10401 re at tbis office.
ScScol Report.
Tt (xiowief is a brief rrpnet of tbe
Weaier stbuut, in i'iint township, ahi-b
4ned Uctober l', l-7 and dosed April C,
Waole Xo. en railed CjT term, cuues. 19 ;
fetaxes, 23 ; total. 44.
A Tenure aU n ianee-males, 12 ; females, 1G;
; tocxl. is.
Per cent of attendance t term,
Somber ofr sts by patroos. ; by Su
perintendent, 1 ; by Directors. 0.
On account of tbe ehk-kea pox getting in
the school not one of tny scholars attended
erery day. Six or vsht sroald likely bare
artendtd if they woald not base gotten aick
Three speiiings were brfd by the arbool.
in all of which ths school acqaitted itself j
Titr last day of school there were aboat
tweoty-threi risitors present, and among
thent were fir teachers. The afternoon was
spest ia spiecdid game of base ball and
amusements of Tariocs kinds. After girin j
the scholars their rewards and reports the J
andiesice was entertained by an abie adlress j
from S. P. Z m merman, after which the res-
ideiit teacher made bis closing address. The '
weather was driigbtfc! ar.I eTeryihr wsus-
ted to wind ap the tera with a sprliirw b.w. J
Tbe tea'-ber after snath ciax:n cjcsrntol. i
and the Soalp Lerei hand oJi.-red to play
gratis. j
rrxsLV; Etiarisz.
Tbe erenitig exerrbes were opened with 1
mnc by tbe band after whicli the ea;tsuns. !
Mi-e Em ma B. Seese atid Ella Huff.Tian, J
cbos tbeir sidt to spell. Nearly all " 11
J. F. DieU ponounce.1 and ail bail an w(ual
and impartial iriat After sprili-.g a tong
time A. H Stan! earried off tbe honors.
Tie half boor s incormisi.n was w-ll
spnt in nng jtlaytnj. After ww t'ie f 1-
fciwina was tie orirr of the ext?rc;ei : Ui-
j : aUress, by J. F Dietx ; i;i 3-i
1 xion- T x- Ker. im)..j-ct '
; iw i's-
S:j-ks '; ma."ic; iMrwn, by . P. Zirnratr- j
ran: muc: addresnea. by S. S. lyrhraan i
l W. H. I'rpley ; ijh:c: reci'atin. by ;
W. X. Kerr, whwt - Br.jther Watk;n;i
"-:;a!ion, by s. P. i mmermm, " burkue
n M irk Antony's Jratkm.' J. E. aMaer
then ma le a few brief remarks aiier which
the band srare us atiotber phce of ma-i.-. It
1 i ' ..,. . . .... ;
i pnBr.
raa-ie 1st this efiterainniMit: vtt eerv- f
tUittaT utxlertakefi was qu te satiafactjri:y
srrf raM-t
Mr. K rr is a teacher of Prry oiintv.
and just acci h-niaHy dnje-I in with a, j
He is a lrk ajtnt and -wns to be aiive
to his .nf-son. I!is rerital-u were j
very roudi appreciated. ;
Thus en hii tbe first six ra'tths term f ir
roe. I thank tue rnipiU and patrms of tbe
school &r every enonra;ri:ij w.jrj and d -l j
J. E. Buk ua. I
Tcac-jer. ;
Scalp Level. Pa. April 21. lns. j
Imnwilat4y at tbe Glade II '.ic. Si.a"er
set, Pnna.. a first class cook, rnaie or S
male. Lihera! wages will be given ta a
tTmitt-rt jierson.
Excursion to California.
Free Slrtping Car Exrnri.m to Cailfortiia. j
Oregon aid Cuiorado loiuts. Will Irate j
May Tlh frim Ik-itwars Avenue !-;..t, ;
Wiimin-.on. II,-;., vt3 B. t i. Ilnir ia.1. at !
r4 p. m. : Ba'tinnv. s.1i.i p. m. ; W
- i
inirt'n, & 43 p. m with only ot:e
lit r t-f
rar at Kaaxas Cty. For further ir.firma
tiisn and resmatkiQ of rs-rths. a;.:-1 to IT.
A. Miller. Pssen?er and Tkrl A.fnt B. ,t
O. Railma.). Wilmington. Pel. : to D. Bride
Pbsm-jer Agent, Centra! Bniiding Bait -rtuwe.
Milh,orto nearest Txket Agert IJ. A
. R. ti. Cats. O. Sirti-
. P. A. B. A O. R. E.
State Sanitary Ccnver.tiorv
AT! er4 w ho desire to a:tcn-i the Cn- '
j veotiim of Saniur'aris. to be beld at Lewis-
! burr. Pa., nrnb-r the ausjiices of the State I
j li.ru of Ilfalth. of Pennsylvania, should !
apply t.r railroad certificates 5 redured fare i
to tue onilersigsed, staang which raiiroail j
Will be used.
Wat. B. Atkixsx, M. U. )
! Pine St., FUladrtpltla,
Manorof Traa.rtjtii.
New Firm. j
ajiii ntfi a g.m a tcti, l !-. or any-i
t tiiinj in the Jrwel-y line, go to Serf Cr- '
b-s-r s.
We also do all
kiwis of w-jairing 1
best workn-a-ihae 1
the prace. No. i j
aivl in the
Ifca'l iirsret
I matiner.
t CjBtlierr's lti. k.
Seed Oats.
I have j'.jst n rived a tar l-javl of choice
White CVts i no mixture' and dvirc in
P-!-- M-Ssao-x.
S'lectsw to J-jsial: Kd!er.
A Government Officer aw a I nl'rw
The' statetn-nt was tvihiishal Thor-U
that i'cashn-
, .""."
catttal W".e of il o o. tne otln-r b-tif S;,.
ca;i.ta; pnaeotet
' - -
br-id by I'bila hHphia wockinemen. Mr
F.an-hiy arkr.wieig .1 l iie trntb of the s'ate-
nierit. an-J has jA utrl the Butter in the:
hands of the Adams Expn- Compiry. An
fi; a,ia.K,tKrmt. ttrf )
utft Xo. ,2.a:5lli i. Whngt -n D
c i
for Sale.
bafchin? frora
Ej-rs f-f
pne wmn i.g ;
. S. C Brown L--ghoms and Bunny Strain, j
j My breeding birds are Dhm tiie yards of j
IF E. Orr and A- W. Adolph. OiS.rd. t.l.i.,. j
I and are pri-e takt also a frw Poland Chi- j
na pijrs. IJcewitrs reoMvled ia the O. P. C. &. j
F. Davis. i
Suinerset, Ps, ';
R-t-e biil supplies cheaper lliaa the cheap
est, at E. S. Kar.tner's.
! FRET NIOIELSON t Si-.r.uy. April
:' 15. lsH", at ti resi l nc the bri-at a pas-
ents in Confr.ec;. ky 'i (i. GkS, Ej. Mr.
i Iivi i trey. ..ubio I'jie to Mje Sujar.ca
S NicheiK. of Co-B jenct.
Iowa, on Tuurviay, Ari! li lvt. hy Ilv.
Tter, of the M. E. Oianh. Mr. Milu-n
Ihttner, of Iialiliinega, to Msss W hei Mc- !
"lit:ux-k, of A'tlisuta, S.rti:crset Co., Ia. I
The "S.4uire s Ki-S frWnus coi.grataU'e I
- - tn rf County s
PHiLLIPH-PwerG. Iilllii da-i ,n
TaesLay. April 1 agrd At years. 1
awuli aud 7 diiys.
Tbedwused wa. f irrVf-TaI years a r-iti-am
of R -kw t and one of the lea-.trs
Hrf-raVrs of the Cnttl Ivtii-vn Cliarcb
here. He was confined to bis bed f some
time, and sSered iolesnely. His end was
P-ac. W. A. J.
Ymi tt bt-rrtjf n j,:f.ti tlv. la prnctrr- f
Wr. if fnitii i-tjMXai.tf -hv trrjfcN" fn
at ogrrwyt ourxt. &&4 v rar d;--s"tec J
Vlli iMwid M aswJaVSt OfS (he fsTrnj wt tfcs ru
ri arfaT. krlr. cks A. in fji-miis. e
Tn4iTp. btrrwe trK. I4., A Tiir-v,
n rti ifatj uxixif sfT.
Sheriff" stdf-. liSI!LT.f;V
&acarTsft aipcU m f '- mrrl
tTvisxaii ofik
i V 'TICT Snrs. true t ! Heet- j
' ttMrW tbe - VVr f tbe i?ii.in Kairraa. i
! roiis.-fT snli t bett at tfce ilnmr h.ia J
j H m rbe C:ty SMisticrrt. JaKs- j
! Mmr rt!j.f.it, at 1! oVMt a. w tvr tlie e:et.-s !
nf a rrsi-iesil en-t Iwrr4 nf i'-r-t-irs to erre IT
th- rtMiiw var aiyt far is, tntasartmo .rf iw-a '
: maer ssouKras aa aaav fee r-avfit ir-f.tr ie
; asretis. J. It STA.sUI.X',THV.
i a-s srer-tAr;
j asrrm ere c j
1 Write &ffdeaer.ptlveeatakigtae.
aligiast Sar
Threat is Tery prta
Vnt amecj tie people
of Ind:a.
Htii iRspzctgr Pest Of
fices, Caleitta, ladia.
writes over bis aJitograK
fcert siowa:
"iMtsstsssstJ reUaf
taThrwst trwaMc fat tava
Caawsbell Hosyltal sat
btaiwe 7 - Jea
Oil. H aa sBjrsalX ewee
y tt."
Sld ky
ciucsan ZS3 OCESS
BaJ-IIatUEi. iilX
B. & B.
H -3 I tnakr uv y ; Bt -aa I v
mtmej T Th-e j3e j ar rr3 a.3i.:is. Vw V
ar ira-nejr ts . ma tr it.
j f-Vf Frrt?54? PrTT.
I lU l-UiiJ Ltaii lluLulju,
j in..
ari ai aim a vJa-J
tt-iV4Vri'tj 'hi. ni '.fc '.i.r f tr. 'Ti...- ;
is - tcr
La: r- Mq s ?;ik-. t -i4.h; f-r v4 a-ta at
ssw-h ic tlian vaioe. ar. 1 a.! tww m..:, &a nff,
el a. jCT-aJ.y v fCn;Ciaic tac .;rig j
i e:'i-
-J. e:
rex :i"r:-
Tbe sat eoc prvrii;ve s-ertrut i-f
Irv- Fa.-r:f -r.,ir. L'-r L.r z
a'lie. an-i .t?-5. t, ir; rvr-r u t. a -r :r
Mail Order Department
(ityie cat r.iJ y-ii anv iii!.vi.-'j ia. ihv u
iwr rasUiori?Tr1pT'tr:nr.' !JC. r! f-f t- a. Air- it
afmarr u I he (uifr r.-rauJ tr. fTrrr
sn r; JIT:-1
li5, ur. Y3 & :S rEIEHil STSIET.
4etA- ssJ-T.
Reliable Firm
Aid f -r the ?n ..f the p.-j
atsd C'.'Uiar.in'-r, .,tyi :
f.f S-
IV th.T
THKli: UNE "r
TETl'-LE, 'V ;RKs.
j P."RP1-E.
i kav;ar..
W. L. Douglas'
i;. ?- anl rl oSii-r f-
anl nails. Etery jair Wa
1 fr-T: ta: ks
90 Cents to S2.50.
i Ladies Eiia SI
ITexiUe. Lat-jst Sr.;, f. Sijnt- and
S;irr.ner I.-waii-l High Hts-is. E, ' D.,
and E. WLitiis.
of rrrt V uiii'T u .ii"! fr-rrl ft) ttw
t; rf L.ir-t-:: H-r rrs. Je-'-i !iatn-j af-r
je-rraUiT trrHs rj rvr
srTrs-r Ttjsas-iT 'a,. J-a. T ! IC rMarK
i'sfs-ftasiwii r4 ,i t. f. s.- sttTs f
dr-r.vrr"r xtrti-nm t-f v;ri nw-ii:;:T-rt-i. wh-
tre wui asr,r nam-wi -s ts-Vrl.
f tft-t-t W -iTJasATrr'i frrna i;t r -... -i -Jirr -a in
Se . A.V-, IJ.aLtLT.
aLKiie of rPTT -bmvir 4r'i itw Lmt-
aLm-T of Ada . ' a-. m.i co erui
hvici4 r-i Lj vLr lrr sTtl by Liv
TNrR tT-mrA a sft flSWtXl ,a Tftal ksXbiZasIW- ,
ale jatv.
the ssrse '
wil tij(ir tt.Y
-j CiAiVie uwM
:-f-.nt fk-
u 't.- r sut-aiMst
SV rf? e ia -mmr.i r. Am! Vt ltil I
laettceoi S atsuafcei. a.- . a;
HTri j.H.:fi iKKH
HANiiJ. frt'iSVKFR.
xr7 idKinM-wn.
krtz4 Mbsw rVvT- 4- 4. Cfpemft-
LsfTT-rf -in.'Tirm:vtri s-ui t '- -
si. bsrra rrxji;-l ivr g :. vr(Tr-J w .fc-e
X fMVTrnrui. j rims. xviv4
fcf :I7 T- -v lKcss .j-a: fc;.h-i,si tr
a. a 1 a kt.
r? -- J 3 kaa,
T T"--V e.Jr
i-vv a.cZa
riKT. Tl lsT
L- rT I V r T - r tins-, 7aJ i'-i 1C
SPI... Rt; Tt4v Wrr e5ere,l; Ki;M'LV. We bare taarie-l tr-em at
pn. mat we know w sil nx U.rm niritkly. Yea oeiv tet-i tessothem to La
tXiBTlOOt-l thu
o-ir avivertireiatcis are
Oc-e lice f E-i?e. all new coxrirs". 4 cer.t. oM alir-oM ertrTwf ere at 'dc'a.
Jn lMffAU-wwil Lrnm kl, U ubie w.hb. rl.ni. e wfc.r-ncs.'i.'bel.a, Terra
corta. .JotogaxiT. Emwcs, i!Trt:. E,tx ar.l Tar.or.ji rrV.r-n m t.rm
uw warraciine co.crs zz een ai'.vt
price, i'.)c ; extra raise.
haT jast opened 3 cases of A
Os TirJ. No sach f hee ever kaowa
Successors to
35 Fifth Avenue,
J O H ISTiS T,0."W" ILSr
Embroiderings, Skirtings, All Overs,
- Geis, Foster & Quinn.
, Yea will have a Iar-e stock
j save money, bttc.ie our pricf are under all othc-r.
j The Largest Stock of Carpets and Lace Curtains in Town at
ctito strttt, - - JonssTotry. pa.
t.lXK',E W. I'.EXr "lllh
At No. 1, Baer's Block,
'Ve k n.m.ta.'.t -y on hand a iarae sits k i f
, abe purrs: ar. i l.-t t- be fitirtd in th'ji ciark-1. We also kwp on hand a full line .f
; Aii-Iali tt! Ica-iing api-a.-tenarKV ul buth he Ir ri-ia-rs and SuuUies. We fta.-ar!tee
ia th: i:ne. peris. t t'-irtin.
fwrief.'r--i prrrn--,j-)i TJm;i-
. Our owa uak- of HORSE AND CATTLE POWDER.
qnniity. n k keep in bc:s. so
e i ied. r-.ji.I
a sjj'iiire
Cjr-iaess. ar. 1
louther's Drug Store,
Main Street, Somerset, Pa.
e. aria,. aVftte awwa ?.6.w.ijr - 1 i m tl.M
Pi -3 TT''" p-"s1 -i 's f';-!
a M w r r aa 4 w w a WM waa w
Jlcdichics, Dye Stuffs. Sponges, Truscs,
Supporters, Toilet Articles.
Perfumes, &c.
rzt kxt.e give rr-rt-f sal ATTrcnoN to the co2rrorsr.;5 ,
PiiysiGians'PresGrlptioiis 1 Family Eeceipis
I AnsJ a Full line cl Optical Good? always on Land. Frora
such a lanre as5ortmcrit all can "be suited.
Always cn hand. It is always a pleasure to display our rrooJ
to intending purchaser?, whether they buy
from us or eLewhere.
T'i't- ;nrT.:f.-i:T vs. kwrfi
btvritc iwfft rT4f;;-i t i j safrvc"1 Irtthe
t-f-;-r v:v.r"iv. :.'. r rvv t-u ti. I
ts-i- Tt'K-rt saw 1 KTf V rAste- l?afii-
ftfsiystit. ajs-i tun" &tTrr-r xfmA-4
atir f r.ssnt i iN . i!rrn.itT'-w1 fr
aa-irtVii, all tire -- rf''si-Ti a l'tavXa
svivtri. c Jt.'" trt.
vrT. y ,e-
T"h" trlw-X'ifis IWriCif rw n axfj.-titvl
5:t-j Is r-asia3 ; .srrri r4 nt -r--rsw-l ViriTT
l ittkr rf:ir.M;u.jti ! rh- fr: -a :tse rjN
sf iswws iTaisseL. Ev":?" 'itf it p K-trT li-1
ar p-t( : f- ii-Wr. jh ttT 4f .
ttvrei' r v T!'l!;t j t- will irvl tit "h- i" ,
tsF-.j-l -i'Tw,?r T:ir -in ht "-sa ta --t
--rtsctr'it f IwtfssJiT, Itirr . .sf j.fsr:i
t 1 " fc r. x f ; te
UkO v li'-rv aia jJsvrL.'Ssj ittterTt- 4 sxl.
J. i- IM - il.
ar-rJT. Au.:v.r
1 tC ff Hiv-T'. tVww-as-1. f .Vr
cr T":k' s 4 T- fr-'Ti ra-rai :
laTT s S-1 e:-, tee; ha V CfaU
' fjrTorr;'r::"r ifcOt i hwrt' ri.i ti ts
; we-Kr-;sU- --c-sit-ii U FttVatc JMl-
a-n:-k!l wsJl 1 lii-l lWVtJ.-Z r'jLil' ssjirAf- law
rSamaTaVft A p-VtTw hACM IHH 0 "at tJ t'assal
j ; lre) . sad sTiaTt-ti. Ajsfi . M tUf
' lal nSksOtJs S t CiaiSStl.
i iAn htatt
kfO A-tTniCsr.
1 V I f. I t--r-&wsiirw tw-
j srs-.i si'fc SALARY AND EXPENSES
; L At. d-tr-rw-i uoatt .aa .i-s-cl
- hsl rw-ii ar .tintsiw 1i twr.nrw . ss.-t
j ..n -- v;.:ii: an fa. mrm ctwuti
iper.i isi:.WI lUOTEiiati, 'ursrfnrKKa.
, J- a. 4-t-CB.
asliirj and irvc:r.;
- worl Blaei Cashmerea, 40 inche
for these gooaa before.
beat wide, at
John U Mserhoose.
to select from, and cu w
of a n;s:rk.r
that anv s'ial irrreilieat tan
at 2" cetia a
will give Tin your
U) Sii'JW jt.
mc.nev a w
VdHs Hsal SstatL
BT VffTTF. -fi ori-r sr 4 Tft
TT-ia-- lri "4 trit1 "nt.RTv. faa. W L.
k.- -r,4 rj it-,-?- ; s-y aa 7 t T
Mrwtrr livr yrrcHai ia ls :u-
1 .. r'.. p
are :n ,d X.
ui n. iioe : br
r--a. fa-
ar, T, sv.la. . i f IJ SV , b)r-
J & dffT'- iTU'st !..
r-a- it !- t-t-4 ;
; ht ncfi---i J
-ve . f-wd) r-
i-r mil af-liis
Mk-vUT t. li rar taVdw 4T f j..e
sA3fl"3. M V.
R. Tlx!.
t ii sfwrww, t,-awaiw., , JJ
tT-v sssf mJtt a.iswf7 -a f t: '-rs
statV 1C yhJl"l -Vrrr-4 ' T Li
r m . t. mi -r-t-T trrr tr r-
ahB illsi-'jtarwi to mi 'fsstar ttiiat' HtlX-af
JTrfV at". 4 ! Saf yf -rr sr ws Ti,
sssUaar pr?-T.l Ur-m tri y -r-?.ii-m;f Vr
Ue-f wO r-ia. i t
I Haw- Ur ?r-ar V srf W -t rt Haw C.-MsJ
B--jrt. Jam-,. !'HiL;.pm
fr trr, .rtsr. r 5-. v-e . : v K-sfe
Acs H-iaT a J m nl pmj ts- fVisj erswrrsw-f-.1 f-r
x3 li Xtim B-n fr M- et tr.T ucxl
teMsaTti Jl ia ay jysj MdM v f oe'.Vsr
H- A- U HI
?9Vt74 IS, lM-s.

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