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f "" gKOR-'.E E- PCULL. Editor.
Antm-st It.
f rvrt cases ' B.esecker 4 Suvder's.
i k J-Js of traM" " Biasecker & Sr.y-
. -'s.
r- -'asses n'3 Peai Blewecker A
i- Vr.
i y-ine in all colon at Biesecker 4
. .;,e dltferent odon of extracts at Ble-
. tr -t Snyder.
ctTc i above the store of Kneyper 4
v-rser. Call and see -
"" J. B. Ext bee.
,rl Water, bottled, recommended by
I ., , r;-a. to be tad oo'y at Biesecker ft
i. . t -' so"" ' n ,,: ""J''- UP 'ke
.,.,. fretUtra;in. TLi is tiie firrt tiu-
.-"rant Work ,; tbe catpaiirn.
! .v.?.; -.da water at Blest-rlcer ft Soy.
I ' t.re. Tit on'r p'.aw !n nc
pre vm caa et this del'ciouK at-d tsi.t.g
i -
..L..'. dinrict of Bait township Ca.ro
Kt its r'ta.e appropriation of
,. rvt tw f.irg physiology and byci-:-e
.-3 e..''a lumber company" has been
.j iy I V.r.-'iutyu tinar-cier. ll.e
i- ma 1-- of sawdust, and i-by. and is
s . lo s ii rx-Oe bill jr.d pi r.
1 -!. so c'.e all Vxx k aotiimls within
- i thlry days, baring sub. out my
;..r t' " pur-. I nw-an twins-.
J. It. Smli s.
",V :iv' on Land a larc nnnit-r of stood
- . t 1 i. !i " will "I1!! in inn' it;-- '"
, ., - !,.i-t. P-i.s-s vi ry r-i.-- !:iJiU'. l artl
-. liae putiriv raid.
Hoi. mocc Fw. 4 Par-"-.
A N.n.iii;.;.rdiT ;r JT , prar-i
, y; ii. mi r. i!n.ii July I"''-1- Tb
i," .;cve U-avf the fame at ths
: i i.:l. t- r rurn n me.
A. H. ITrsTM.
t ? SeirreriKUS yr. Our farroers sbouid
, a .tr-.-.-t ax-iiunt of the bu!.i!s of wbeat,
J , ta' H", etc., raided, to as to be
!o;;ve strU t acrourit wiin the
.:;ve riiiin comes around.
I jr.? .-.turtd an r.tSr alOTe my ol
,;. :n tl:e 1 'd.i Fc'iwws buiidiri:. where I
, ' u- f. . i at ary time durng the next
-v l.r s. Alt persona bavint: accounts to
...V i n my books w IJ please call, as my
. ..t r."t iuw 1 settled cp.
J. B. 5Tr.KH.
y. .-i. -t arri. r. of Mlrwovi'.', baa two
. - t-re.1 siiver-Ualre.! kye terriers that
; on the day of the fl-xxl. and were
t lieir mother. The box ft atl
' h.t a.-ali:t tr. Tbe mother junir
; ..;'. . ii the dhns. ra-jht the side of the
, j with her tee'U, and held on till all were
a r.,i
m paper prints the following.
; .. r. ai' hi ";'- is ap?en lJ t On the farr.i
,v . l.tver.oo.1. near Freley-vi'.le, M.-ni--!..
rv c-.unty. one day lat week, one of
;.,-. p,ee birth to a pair of twiu ta'ves
r ni'.n-i-r.s. and another pa'r in the
, '.:.. The one pair were Aldenieys. and
. .. r Iut!.ani.
y ... j ij. (,;:. of Everett. Pa., fays - "I
. 7. f.-r years from kidney and gravel
,. ,'o p! vHans or meilirine at home
,. a- y c I finally iMtedmy form
, - . t- at K.-.r.d..o. N. Y.. a: d betran Sains
" h.ti.i,'v s Favorite Ihtuedy, of Kon
NY. A tew words to tdl the reMilt.
; ..! a -r:' itiy well and happy woman
;;a,:i:S s id out ir.y stoi k of goods to
k ny.irA Frrntr. I wi.h to estend
t- -:.s to riy jaTons for tt.e:r many fa
v - '.lie pa--i i- ste years, and bop
.... .;: o-r.'li.ue your trade a: the old stand
w ;; n ,w firm. I would nuTiiraftiJ
Kr:;if T ,t Femer a. bonet and np
rc: y'tr.e m-n. w hom y.-n ail anow. as
t ;i v wt-T ra.!ed in yo'ir midt.
Ti-e f. ll.wlhc letters rertaintng at the
.n..- t ;h ,-t . tllce ill be t't to the fead
he '-T "ti. T at Wabinpt.m. IV C if not
a'.-d :..ritl.io ten days from this date,
a - .-t n-h. i
A hMi. MafT- i Pamrft. Edmund:
'-. .:'.. In nato : Fooebe. Mrs. C. R. ;
K-srik. l..ti.x.;!i : Horner, lldward W. ; Ho
i, .- J'i iM.it C , Ijen-neo. IV P ; Pnoli,
A:-.:..:..a . U.1L2. Mr. Visf.nio : Kiravr.
.li:t S'::.niaket. I- A. ; Sumitree. C. N.
fa'.'. A
rat. M-:
;. : jitepbens, A. C. ; Sttuti
Mem. Kmma ; Walker,
Ii- -. r a t ake -lory. The other day some
r3 "-i a ri men on the mour tain near Tyrone
i;..i.-i a la-L-e -rake with a rooue in its
r.i. As the r..-ke crawUd alorsjt "be ol--r.e-s
ti...-,iSiit U l.ke.l l:ke a rattlesnake,
lit ,aw that it had Co rattles. The men
t-r, i.i.lt.i to fi.-low the reptile and see what
1: . uld do with its prey, and after awhile
ti.ev -aw it retM-h its nest where several little
-t .,e we-e in waltit .(L. The old snake tore
t - e rv.ise into small raor-r', w bii b it fed to
t'teis-.teones. and while they were busily
a tig. it jratbered ,:P -!s rat'les and pat
tl . in n th. tr plaiw on its tall. It was then
rv.dei.t thai ti.e old snake had friven its rat
tles t the jour? fmtkes for playtiiirp".
h V it had cone in search of food. This is
at-vhst-ry. but railroad men always tell
frf. L-ttt truth.
Ti e r. ,C O. K, T.. will run sj?ial trains
: ::. 4L.h t tit-ial nur.ion of tlie Lutherans
, ! S itipM County, to be held in Brant's
?r.-ve. Si mi rset. Pa., on Thursday. August
-ii. T L- ts will be oM at the following
ra:- f r ti.e n utid tript
rrtr. TX.
Sa-.i Pa- h s a.
5lo.:..,. i i " .?
V.i sai l! i:-T " .. .'
.a-ref " -IS
l.T t. - OO - .
r.. kw.c-k JO " -- 3--
' -if- .1 'l! 1 Co
' :.. Pi . :m - - i ll
( l.ti..en. .."Ki " N)
Cr-:,n !(' " Ti
rillke;.n tl Pi " .1
a-ln an !i " . -3
.1 i ibj .wTi : ft " - 1.15
i-tl.e! Vi " . o
11 siversvilie .:.-t "
M . -e.!..wr. 0 0 " ti
-emans ! jl - -3"
Fr.e.iet.r .!l.r)j .I'
St y Vr pui u Z)
Arming at Sora.Tset at V 11 A. M.
T.e-tt-t.ir.g train will leave !-mersiet at G Ot1
P. M.
wartet: :
IV-l,-.. a.id Furs. I will y the highest
ca ll eew r f.,r all kin.ls of hides, -its and
ft. I auso want .v.i cords of Ban k Oak tnd
- "it IWk. lm cords wanted at once.
i on B.e at my residence, imme!:
ate t w.! of tl,e S. C. Station.
H. G.Ct-wif.-a-
Crovs Mctins.
ere w;U Iw g-Yiee me-ting held on tbe
'c ical esmp gmand, near Somerset, Pa
ng on Frnby evening. August 10th,
1 continue about sii days. After tbe
t-"'iion on Surdar nMning. communion
fyt will be held Minister from abmad
-' he pnrect d.irlrg the meeting. No
a i i s-.,,,n fee wili 1 charged at the gate. A
l lr.i;cZ tent wili be on tbe ground
Ah j-rx .iis i-e :nvue.i to attend this meeting.
A. J. BiaL. Pastor.
Church Dedication.
Ti.e nrwly erected Kvanit-'ikwl churrii trtl
lVt. f,4 circuit, Soers district, Pitts
' "' Oa.eT-nce. tijeated 8ve miles west of
J ustow-i, m tlie Somerset and Johnstown
V -e wli ls dediiaited to tlie iieeviseof the
'fi'netnsl ou Sumlay. August It, 1S!.
' p Ih BubU, It. .. L. L IK of Cleve
t'. is eipected to otSc-late on the occa
sion. M'nisters and residen's of tbe district
are (tonUaily invited to be pnssent.
Ext. T. Bui, P. ,
W. A. RiTsiaoEB, P.C.
iiyudautit t -ui.ii.ii iii. cotariK'Uce-i An- j
pn - lr.1 j
M.v Marion Wrig'it. of IWifrd, is visit- j
tug relatives in SunteneL
Mr. Fr:;k E;is lias tm ap; jia!-.i ost-
ciaster at OAtn-tt, this county.
The Bedford County Fair will ha beld on
the lin l, ?rl, and 4th of October.
John F. B'yaiyer, aad tirai'y, of Phiia
delphi.s. are sending a few weeks with
fr.ecix in town.
Mcr rain luts fallen throughout the
country during the seren months of lJ,
than HI during a similar period in tbe put
eiehUjun years.
Tae timi'.y of Captain M. R. A Ums, wbo
fills a very desirable and honorable position
in the C. S. Senate, are spending a few wweks
w;th rthitivea in Soiuerw-t.
Our gelal fAnuer tnrnd, Mr. Albert
Wri-.d t, of pUiuy rw-k tjwiu-hip, will pl.-Ate
aeceyt our thanks for a lak-t of thoice ap
ple rtieeive-' at the Herald otfir-e last week
M. It. H K.Kjniz. of I'lTlln. ba aot only
the tl.-iest marfcle w ris ia the county, but
also the !Ht, best e-i'iipc-ed I; very stabie,
ha reretitly built a la-"e shed and i-juj-fbnabie
The Aunua! Convention of the W. C, T.
I"-, of Somerset Couiity, will 1 held in
SoinoTet. &i'tenber 2nd and 3rd. Mrs.
MAri.ni B. 1U'.t, of M." -hi.:u. iii d. .iver
a:i .-5 I I..' His !':' -h
Mr. I'lt::utj; 1 I'tup-iiL ho i iiv;nl if
a d'-pcirtment :ti the iVnsion ortiive, in S a.-M--l:v""ii.
It . wttii his wife an-1 datiirbter..
an- i-iiii; at lh' hin' of M r. lVar-tii's
fatb'-r. ('.mriii.-ioiM r Will Aiti-i .ii, ;n !.!
Ti.- Nititii Antij..: ( ..:ivriiti.n id" the
W. iiu n H-jnw and Kr-ijia M-ssiotiary S
tiety of tbe Ailecbeuy Svnod w.U be held
in I ue Kvanelical Lutlii-raii Cban.ii of Swiu
ert. Veileily and Tliund.iy, AUfTut
lith :iod lii). Coioiui't'.c i:jr at 1 o'rhxk p.
ra., V'ednefdjy. with l!n- u-oal preiiaiin;i-y
The wo'k of exi avut.i.ft the ixiiar fi.-r the
new Kiit N'a'intial Huj:k hiiiidi:! waa mm
nienced T iclay nH-mit-. The buitdinp
will be pit ut.'ler cons rait at om-e, an 1 will
! p'i.bei to a indy eon-pletUm. 1".
iie a ba:!-ia!iie aiid u!tAJitial stnteiiire,
and wid be n'lile an addition and ornament
to the town.
! John Ycld-ii, alias lies. K. F. Fleroon. the
! col.r-d l'l.t?huTg pnauber, over wUoe re-p
j utiiti jti from th ;.r-nior of South ( aro
I 11 ita ) much di.-tut.anre was male, baa
i been tried oc the thaite i f murder, in Fd.re
I li.tid, s. C , and nj litt.-.!. The trial was
; short, ;.harp a:;d roil. 'u.-ive. Tlie late pris
i -ner U wed p-.iarie-J. hut some S-ars of vio
j Ui..-e uie 1 p.'f -cd.
I In a recent letter trora ie.';e ii. Wali.er,
j who enjoys pertiaM as Urge an acq-iaint-'
am-e aS aiiy mati within the cciwir.es of the
' county, he say : ' My first sui)-rpti'n to
the lh t Ci was ..!C:til -y Jochua F. Cox
: in IMa I have be-a a continual su! rentier
' it:.-r that time, a pe:i.w f 4. years." The
' h-,nU has many 'edfat old friends
; tiirotvbout the county, but few of them
' antedate Mr. Wa kir.
Talkie about tali oa s. Mr. Isaiah If-s.
of Si meret town-hip. brnudit "veral ssa'ks
into tbt nilb-e Saturday tbtot mea.;.rrd pre
ci? r six ft et. It is a nw vari'-ty to tins
region, and Mr. IIe ur.f.rtnnately coiud
f.ct real! the t.me l.en l.ere. It e;rows
v-v even, at..) the bead are iarje and fill.
Mr. Hess thinks it wi.l yield not leva
than fifty bti-he'.s to tiie acre. He would
I ke to bear from some former who can beat
Mr. Tom C Ilittntta, Washirpto') coree
ron.ient of the IV.isbi.-yu Ft who has
boen el.asir.g over the mountains of this
(.u!y the jsast niunth insean.h of recrea
tion and pure air returned to the capitol city
Friday morning, where he will join the staff
on ex-Post master t.enersl IlatttHi's Wash
it. pi n Tr. Mr. Har.ntim is a voluminous
and eraceful writer, and now that he has
crawled out of the " soup." we hok for bira
t.) t irn his merciless batteries on bis former
companions wbo linger in the pot.
We would recommend a term or two at
rr..f. Meese"a norma! school to our friend of
the C..mi-r"t., and would advise biro, to
take a special coarse in arithmetic, paying
. esjs-t ia! ttttntioQ to tbe primary lessons
which tr-at on the addition of simple fi-r-nns.
The Professor will certainly find an
apt. if not promiaiiitf pupil, in our doubting
j brother, and we imbiipe tbe boj that at the
expiration of a ain.-ie teim be will have suc-cee-ird
iti tfaibii'p him that plusr
' niaes V. Meanwhile thellEaALf's sub
i ription list ill continue to grow, and iw
reiuiers to multiply.
One of the saddest deaths we have been
i railed upon to chronicle in a ln time is f
j that of Mrs. Kerr, who died at the home of j
her father. I'aniel Trent, in this borough on !
i Sutardav evenirir. Mrs. Kerr was called j
i from br borne in Ohio to the bediiile of her
i mother, who was tboouht to be dyiiip of
1 malarial A-ver. While aiMing in nursii;
i her mother and only sister, wbo was aleo ill
J wuh tbe fever, back to health. Mrs. Kerr
1 contracted the disease, which terminated
j fa-iilly. Mrs. Kerr was in her,ili year,
! and was a consistent at.d faithful member
I of the Ph-cipies' church. Her husband and
! two smill sous survive hr.
A te'epram announcinff the.irata of I'r. J. j
7. Cowman, at tbe home of t. pareiiu in
(.liambersburf, was f.etved in Somerset
T ;--5lay morning. I'r. Bowman hxate.! at
Meyerxiale soon after p'a i-ia'itii- from Je.f
erson Me.lica! Colleye. attd bad e-tal.lihe.l
nu te a fair practice in that town an! vi
r.tiitv. only a few weeks po be was nnr
ried to Mi-a Kitr. da i.-hterof J. J. Hob i 1
eii. of Meyersdale. tiie weii jirt having been
p.it4-poned f.r several weeks on aitcoont of
the illness of the (Troom. AtVr the weildina
!heorilal ou;ie went to tlie d.rtur'j o!J
li.smein t'bam'.-rbiir? W spend the honey
mton and on arriving, there lie was taken
wi.h typhoid lever, which resulted in Ids
.Wth. The announcrmeiit of the death of
lr. Bowman, while not unexpected, was
nerertbeiess a severe shock to his many
5 ;nitrset friends.
Arjtnmctit lor a rew trial in tbe case of
Joseph and IUvid Nicely, c nv.'cie-I at Alay
term tf court for tlie munler of Herman
Crabertrtr, was -j:nmncei before Judges
Baer. Snaver and Pile this, Tuesday morn
ing. Court convened shortly after .) o'clock,
when his Honor Judre Earr took bis seat
oa the bench, his throat wrapted in la-ge
iu"iiir !ndAges, s'tiowing that he had not
. iveovered from his recen t arlliction.
' "We ar now ready to bear the argument j
in tlie esse of the Cummonwealta vs. Josepn
and I'avid Niceiy m-Mion for a new trial.
Tlie Sheriff will bring tbe prisoner into
court," said Jud.-e Baer. A few minutes
af era-arils SberifT McMillen appeared in
court, followed l y the prisamers. Both were
ttiy drws-d, and freshly shaven, and bar
rit!g ti e jail palor of their cheeks, looked
much stouter titan when they first appeared
in onr oxin-y Court. Mr. Kooser state! that
owing to the briefness of the notice given it
wa impx-ssliiie for Mr. ('essns, wbo was in
Philadelphia, to be present.
It wss not generally known to the public
tl.at tbe argument ld been set for t.eday.
and consjwjAently tlie court nom wa de
wTtel. only the members of the bar being
Mesent, and m et of them were doaing in
ii still reixrwe of the room beors tlie
ptK-wslirurs were fairiy under wa-.
Tbeent.re morning session was taken np
by Oer-era! Cotl'rotb of counsel tir dt fen's,
arid the afternoon sei.n by F. J. Kooeer,
4 tlie CoBimonwealth.
Court adj.ramed Tuetiay evening V con
vene at 9 o'clock "We Jr.ewlay morning, when
the I'lstrict Attivrney wili dose the argu
ment for tbe Commonwealth and W. H.
Koontz will perform tbe same duty Sur the
The ' Maroons " Still Losing.
The "Manuals'" -:dre.t a we !1 earueJ
d. fcctut the bainLsof lbe"Jeuner Farratra "
on the home imnis Saturday. Tb Ha
rmons " as aa organization seem to be af-
fi.ited with a Try sriis rise of" swell
bead,"" aul a mewiurea are speedily ta- j
keu ti reduce U e sie of lUii abnormally de- j
s:loI fancikn, we predict that Somerset's
!m.e ball dab will soon moulder ia the coid.
old ground, and that ninety or more cta-rooo-co!ord
toes will be turned towards the
daisies. The "Maroons" play great ball
in their minds if one niay be permitted to
judjjt from the endless conversation on tbe
abject to be beard around the corners of
"Camp Tacker," bat when tbe club appears
upon tie diamond, the bright anticipations
of their friends ars on soperseded by feel
ings closely allied to disgnat.
It reiiiires constant practice to play good
bail ; tiie gaoie calls tc Lhebest eiertioiis of
alt tbe moscles of the body, sarin? tboae of
tbe iu.i!tb. It would be well fbr the Ma
rixma " to keej) ttisa Cict in mitiJ. The aaie
of" old w " mjuirvs. little, if ati eierlioii,
cordijoixii:ta!t pratttii-e make the old tinier
more prodiient than the be-itiner in the lay
roiivemeiits nj3in-l to play the (ratne. Tbe
- Mapjoks" miiht find it a pasUiue more in !
l.rioi.ny with thttir iiuliaa:iina than the
National frsme, a its fi-atures are not suffi-cii-ntly
aitTAi live to draw a crowd, and tbe
placers are at lil-erty to exerci?e the noLy
tna hinery of XXiviT lunfjs witliout dlsturbsnf
the p'.i.ure of any eioepliim theovw:lve9.
Saturday's patue was a divrai-eful eib bi
Ikiii, ah i i-oe thai iioik our llitii in tiie
Mar-Hi.1 io ? Ljr -h-wintr for ii iv lo
tilt: Jorrll!;; It Allt 13 t-Mil -rii d. Kwry t
tubie advantage wa ukeu of the "iiim-
and no fitvor was shown them. j
The ?maH lxy in on tbep.r.'iin ! early, j
an.l h'.-.i!.ht w th him l.i-i l.i.!et, i.ienei. '
i-:ir-M-t vc.e. tli;tt never tiii-i in f.urhpj j
j.-cr-, aud ioMi'l-. ( tii.t iMt iiif ciuh. The I
va parity ul the smail i.y seu-l iol-ein-!
ftvt.ovs Saturd.iy, as a lumber of the " Ma- I
nj!is " a-ai-lod him iti his vtiUra'.ion. T!i
empire, Mr. Sije. came n for a fuii share of
the hi:--, and jiL?s, and the ' M-Pons" ap-ca.-vd
to t Kard him a !i: subject to tmll
d'.iie. In jus'.iiT to Mr. Sij-e. it miiM i a 1
n.iited tliat he is soa-ewhat rutty in n-irard
to the rules ivrrning the game, but bis Ue
ci.i..ri. although slow, were ir in every
i:itai:ce. The umpire was pood-natured,
but firm, and the " Mathoiib " were not lotu;
in discATering that be meant t j umpire tbe
esTYve. antl ei.util not re inriuenctu ny ineir .
unkind and ill-natured remarks. j
At the bejri lining it looked as thoiiitli the
" Maroons " were (foin;: Ui wipe u( the e-rth
with the " Farmers," aa they retired the i
gentlemen from the pnjvince in one. two, i
three or ier'.bruirhoot the first live innings, i
while they had seven runs fo their credit, j
In the sixih, lowever, things took a cliaupe, i
and the " Farmers." shaking the hayseds j
from their gun ly rcd-s1riiKl un firms, nude j
iiietr rirst s-ore. In the seventh they addc-1 ,;
six. and in the eight b swelled their s.-ore to '.
I.'i. The " M3roons brcame badly "rattir.1 i
mi. the opening of tiie e-.entl.. and every i
man w ho pi'-ked up the leather p-uuder cs:t j
great wad? oat of the ntokt evening air, but
not one vf tiitni sna-eetled in St.din? the !
sphere that left the strong arm of the "Fartn- j
er " pitcher w.th ti.e velocity of forke.1 light- '
ntnif bur.ed from aa ausny sky. la tbe ninth i
the countetianixs of the " Maroons " were;
aaain rwwnizable, and a hen four men were
bn.-u-bt over plate, plowing the earth ;
in ti.t'r f-a itic rtTurta to rat.;h victory from !
the "' Jnr.-r Farmers.' the shouts of their ;
ml! hoy sdtnlrers were dtsifeains. liiit .
the unearthly noises- of the boys were mi- :
availifii, and the " Marootia " " laid down " i
with a score of 1 J to 13 at the close of the
fir.', ba.f of the ninth. As we have had oc- ;
ration to remark Ltfure, the Maroons have !
tlie material to put up a pl tanie of bail, '
but they can not do it without work, nor ;
can they depend on their vocal organs, with j
the always available, lungs of the small boy '
to pull them throoith. I
Score Another for Juniata. j
Fnn ti-e J aaiaia H era'a!. t
From the Somerset lletid of July :t!st, we j
learn that tbe stockholders of tbe First Na- j
tional Dank otSomer-iet met ia that place 011 '.
tire ".Kh and oryanined by the ebtiioo of 1
Hon. Edwanl SVulI. eJitoroftbe Hirald j
and n.enihe.r of C'o'iicress from tbe U'ih lis-
trict, aa President, with a strong board of
oilh-ers and diitctors. Andrew Parker, cid-:
est son of the late 11. D. Parker. K. , of this j
place, waa elected ea-hler, and the lir-dd is
not traas-nwinf truth when it says he " is .
a prattH Al business roan, wbo baa bail a !
larje and san.l experience in tbe baiikitig j
business. He is a courteous gentleman. !
with whom the pxlrons of the bank wdl I
find it a pUasure to transact busiuess." We j
endorse every word said ain.ut our yt-ung
friend, and can honestly mate that tribute i
far stnitiger, if it were necessary. But it is j
not. We may, however, be pardoned for
saying that Andrew rutins of good stock,
and will not belie bis lineage or ed jcati.n.
We cor.grata'.ate the bank on having secur
ed bis services, and can assure its otlicers
that it mijiht not liave had them, but for the
fact that Juniata has a superabundance of
such material, which she is always able and
willing to supply to other communities in
m-td of the same. We with the new bank
and its cashier an unbounded lares-r of
Red Cross Buildings.
Mir Clara Barton. Prtideiit ol the Bed
Cna S,-iety, has contracted with William
Stoke, ui this city, for tbe erection of two
building for tbe use of t be associaliun one
in Kernville. and the other at Woodvale.
The am ol each is fifty by one hundred fett.
two stories hi;:h, with laundry, butt rooms,
and kitchen, and containing thirty-five
rjoni ea.-h. The lirsi of tlna-e kind of
bu"din?s was erectwl on the site of the
Kpi-copal Church tailding in Johnstown
proper. The object of the society in erecting
these buildirirs 1. to a.fjrd sccoi:imo"a.tion
to tue puotic an 1 n..e v-suing juihis)c n (
tnliK its rehabilitation from the ruin
caused by the delude of May 3: last
....! P. i':"lr
A Scoundrel Caught.
A fellow ia ia the Johnstown lock-up
awaiting triiU. too mean to be called a man.
He bfrorr, Pittsburgh, where be has a wife
and children. ofug to Somerset comity, be,
me: tbe 'daughter of farmer Dugan. and by
most conltmpl.ble n-L-irpreseniation and
fah-ity persuaded btr to marry bira. Soon
be deserted tlie girl, leaving her with a
Uifcbted life and ruined hopes. He sought
to escape a well-merited punishment, but
was arrested and will lie tried for his hein
ous offense. No punishment can be too se
vere for such a brute. J-s I'mutrnt.
Birthd ay Party and Family Reunion.
Sunday, August lltb, was the seventy
eighth birthday of Henry gchlagh, of Ba
kersville, his entire family being present
three suns, Paul. Joha and Henry, two
daughters, Matilda, wife of Simon Barron,
and Julia Wbitese!! ten grandchildren, one
great graudchild. Also, Rev. Mangus and
wife, Oeorge Mull. Harry Baker, Miss Cath
arine Bnigh, myself and family. Tlie table
was laden with all the delicacies of the
season snd we had the pleasure of enjoying
one of the niort pies nt days of our life,
and hope that Mr. S-hlah and family may
have many returns of a similar kind.
W. S. k-HAIL
A Ijw and Order Levgue was organised
at Hyndraan, Bedford County, a tew weeks
an-. and posted notutw in various part of
tbe town, fiving wamitgto violators of the
S-indsy law. H. R. Hyland, a dmgztst, in
conneitlon with the disp-r. sirg of medicine,
sells soda water, fruits cainhes. and cigars on
the Ssbhuth. Iast Sunday hep!acdupon
his tigar case a battle of pilts labeled " I -aw
and Order Pi ls." He sells tbe pills for five
oentseach. and gives away that amount of
mercliADdi.- with ea. h pill. Tbe organixa
tim is at present ptinled bat liave procured
a lawyer and will test the case.
The plsire to prepare to leach is at the
California. Pa , State Normal. A first-class
school in all respects. F-xpensfs m-xlerate.
Send for cataiogue. Fall term opena Sep
t ember id.
Tm. B. Xoss, Prir.cial.
A Letter From Ceorsia.
Kii.Ma HtatLi. F.ve Mi.Mith li7e pA
e.1 since the adveot of tiie new aIministra
tirm. .and, behold ! we are a happy and a
prueperous people still. Free trailers, in
their diiappointtaeftf, make us weary by
eitina the severs! ousioess fiiilares. winch
have occurred since they imve been relievt-tl
of the reins of jtovemaieot, and poh-.t with
priii to what they are pleased to call t!.e
result of a protective administration. Utile
realizing that they cail on us ta witness the
result of four yers of democratic rale. Fur
thermore, they do not cail attention to the
many industries established, and the rise of
wages in many establishments since the
fourth of March, which more than counter
acts the failures and redactions of wastes
elsew here- The new administration baa im
bued confidence im men of business, and it
is as plainly visible aa tbe noon-day sun that
the nation ia moving on to a period of un
paralleled prosperity. This is indicatea by
tiie fact that the balance of trade, which bad
been maintained sin.e I?76 in our favor, bad
during Cleveland's ad.niaist ration declined
until in lJs it hail become an adverse bal
ance of IJS.fWO.fta). and that at nee the elec
tion of Harrison this loss has been pradualiy
retrained, until at the end of the fr-ca! year
liS'Hhe adverse balance was only -.
Tj this section, with our few eHAhlbbel in
dustries, a protective taritT is aa especial
blensing, and the many new enteririi-ts daily
undertaken are but a prelude to what will
fallow. AfVer a quarter of a century of
strife and controversy, all stations unite to
believe that in peace and ptieiperity alone is
1-Appir.esa. Thire is no re.ooii why the
.southern states tdiiHil.t tiot fur ex'-et dilii,'y
pnwperoua. We have every iiioHirjitcnicnt
tljit an eriterprixintf people could a-k. Vie
liave Dtillions of unievelpeil iniiienil
Wrtilth, a rich siil, an acrral.b climate,
splendid Ci.-ii-ii.-s f.r trinsportAli.-ii. aod
bi pMtectetl nsninst f-m-i.-'i vini.-l iti.-n
What we now iiet-l is men of capita! arid
enterprise, to establish various industries for
tue devlupmetfcand ciacutACturo of our
raw materials. These raw niAterials. the
principal of which are cullon and iron, may
lie tiiAiiUtjctufed where they are produced,
thus saving cost of transportation to distant
factories. Northern capital and energy re
daily beinir iuvtsti-d to this end. and the
man h to prosperity has Ix cud. The farmer
is Mnilit e over the pppct of a crop which
will have been unsurt a.-d :i many years.
Cotton, while laic in some places, promises
an extraordinary goo.1 yield, while finitsof
ail kinds is so pltiil.fu! ar.d cb.ap that it
oarely Jays the cost of traiistortation to
market. Watermelons are shlpi-ed from
this c ity by trainloauV, and many find no
niaiket. If any of vnr colon d population
starve at this season of ;he year it ia lor
want of something much more substantial
than the much-covt-ted waterm. -lion. Here
tutoie the people of the northern states and
of the southern states have entertained very
erroneous ideas, one of another, and as a
native Pennsylvanian and a Sornerret ts..unty
republi.-an I am wimess to the fait that
these ideas, to a more or less extent, exist at
present. Were it not f r these misutidtr
standins. "eonria, together wills other
sotjlhern states, would be strongly republi
can, la that '.hey are strorgly h'.-i protec
tionist. The memory of past prejudices,
and tiie fear of necr.) sMpremat y. have ma-ie
the s-ates solidly democratic : but now
since it has fctcn denionstralfd that tbede
mocracy is ni safe-uard against neitro
supremacy, there ia noticeable a trowing
H -Terence of op'.nioi nrginlinit political
questions, It is a very unfortunate circum
stance that the negro is amur.it tu, for he
always has been and will continue to be a
menace to our peai-e, so long as he remains
as at pnsxnt : for mjtro supremacy is unde
strah'e. and would not le U.lerate.1 by any
hifthly nvpectahle population. It would he
manifestly unjtisl to deprive the tugro of
the right of sn.Trage, her-.ce the I'.nly rt-aieiiy
remaining is to assign one territory or stafe
for hU sole csrctipation, at:d wherein he
alone may hold ollice, and whereof he alone
may be a citizen. Sash legislation would
not deprive tint of the right of sufrrje. or
of the riht to rtside in what, ever state he
might choos-twhHe it wvuld end forever a
trreat source of urpleasantnesis and he more
satisfactory, not alone to the white poj ula
tion, but to the negro himself. It is the
hope of all true Americans that all cause for
ill feeling between iopie of different sec
tions 1 peacably removed, that the grand
march to prosperity so gloriously be:un may
pngres without intermission.
W. J. W .M3U.1U.
Augusta. C.a., Aug. . ls't.
Scalp Lavei Items.
Tbe dog days are here ttirain.
The apple crop in this section is small.
A great deal of lumber ia being taken
thmuh this place to Johnstown.
The time for harrest-home picnics and
canrpmeetings wili ston be here.
J F. T'ieti is putting ap a bam for Cyms
Anker.y, ot tuemahoning township.
The furmers are done making hay and are
working at their oats as fast as the weather
Lewis Weaver, of Johnstown, brother o.'
Prof. W. A. Weaver, was buried in tbe Lu
theran cemetery on Friilay.
Mrs. John Horner, an aged lady, of near
this place, who was sick for a long time,
died a few days ago and ir as buried on Sat
urday. Valentine Yonnker has boustbt the tract
of timber land owned ry J. F. and Jeremiah
Beam, and ras moved bis saw miil fnwn
"Greenland" to the tract.
quite a number of ladies and gentlemen
from Pittsharg come here every summer,
during the hot season, to enj jy the fresh air
and sketch the beautiful scenery, for which
this place is n jted. Tbey are with usaatitn
and we welcome them to er.joy the peace
and ipuiet of the country.
"Larly this summer," says tbe Pittsburgh
77i, "a young man named William H.
Latferty went to Somerset, Pa., and fixed
himself up in fashionable ipiarters. He i
soon won the a.fcotior.s of Miss Annie Dig- j
nam, who worked in tbe cotton mill al that j
place. The d:-.y for the wedding waa set, so
the story goes, and the friends bad assem
bled in the church, waiting for the bri.ie
groonv The young man did not show cp.
and. on inquiry, it was learned that he bad
left town."
Tbe TtWh then goes on to state how young
Mr. iAiiferty contracted numercus debts in
diverse pla.tes. married enough girls to stock
a harem, and deserted several lair would-be-brides
at tbe altar. Impersonated a cousin
whom he much resembles and who bears
the same name and envolves him in endless
troubles. It's a very Metty piece of ro
mance as the TiixKt tells it, but Mr. Lafferty j
never vi-dtcd Somerset; no family bearing
the rame of Iigtiam reside in this v-llis.-e,
nor do we hare any cotton mill in which she
could have been employed
Notice I
The Perry Roller Flooring Mill, situated
at Perry Station. Pennsylvania, on the
Pennsylvania Railroad, will be sold by the
Sheriff of Westmoreland county, at t.reens
barz. on Monday next, Angitst IfHh, at 1 p.
ra. Tbe pitierty comprii-es one of the best
mills in tbe county; a four story frame
bailding, fitted with the O leil Patent Boiler
System, but lately remodcied ; everything
in excellent repair ; jpod location ; excellent
steam power; capacity eventy-6ve barrels
per day. Also a two-tory, six-nomed
frame dwelling bouse, tbe pmrrty of II.
Neely. Anyone b;rirg to locate in tbe
nulling business should not fail to examine
the above before date of sale.
Disagreeable Pecple.
"Ito you know. Miss Belle," said f;us de
Jay. "that I dbdlke sahcal.stic people T'
"Yes ; and what is your idea of sarcastic
people 7"
"Why, yon know, folks wbo say one thing
and mean and hah."
Oh, yes; btit they're cot nearly so disa
greeable as a tbilertr.t class of people."
"Who are they V
"TLose who say lots of things and don't
mean anything.
Sep'.embsr Jurors.
Tbe following naned eutlemen have b-en
drawn to serve as grand and traverse jtirors
at the comfng term of cnrt, beginning orj
Monday, September 25. ItisJ :
Addhson C E, MiMUlen, Morcellas Fra
ree. Alli-cheny Francis FearL
Blick Charles P. Rhoasle-v
Lower Tarkej foot Harrison H, Bush.
Meyersdale Borough Amos E. Finegan,
Ctirles 3. GriiEth, John Maul, Henry Knew
ream. Middlec reek Alexander C. Moore.
Paitil Lewis II else I.
Quemaboning Irvin P. Dult '
Shade Michael B re baker.
Somerset Borcu-b W. F. ShiScr, Earey
C. Pile, WiUiatn P. Hasten, Jacob Leo h art.
Somerset John P. Baylor, Frank Bam
Lart. Iaaiah Julinsoo.
Suuthampton Henry Iitlbroot.
Summit W. H. Owens,
Crsiua Borough Augustus Sellers, Wat.
TSATEsaz Jtxoti rixsrr snx.
Addison Albert McClicSock, Edward Nic
ola. Stilliraa WUhelm, Stephen McClin
tock. Alieghecy Joseph Giessner. John J. Mar
tin. Berlin &iron.;h Charles P.eam, John G.
Black Jamb 3. AViltroot.
B.vthersvalley Wiiliani S. Bittner, Solo
mon Coltmat.
Continence Bomugh Iwis tlrossman.
F.ik'ick Abraham Folk, . Trias S. Folk,
MLJiavl Kr.cght.
JentR-r Jacob Sjx.ij:!, Benjamin Klein.
Larimer Adam Pourbaujh, Herman
Ijiwer Turkcyf.ot 'iciT-.-e W. An.b-rson.
M-y-rs bile li-ini'iirb f'yrns Just, John K.
faisaent, Wiliiam Hocking.
M..l.!l.-cri k Mu'iici Sithrock, William IL
Milford U. M. Weim.-r, Jjo,i, M. Walk
er, Fiem.mt Younki.i, Abraham Kicher.
Ogle Isaac Horner.
Paint Norman iv Berkey, KdmuuJ Hols
opple. iiiemahonln.!.'- John A. Clark, Joseph
Bockwood Borongh Freilerlck Koonti.
Salisbury Bomugh Camper Wabl.
Shade Jonathan Ling.
Somerset Borough Aliiert L. Walter.
Somerset Charles U. Mor.-iT, Josiah
Metz'.er, Wm, G. KiMpper, Sam'l MaUsL.
Ftonycreek Luther J. Hille-ris.
Su;ycstown Boning". John 11. Custer.
Summit Samuel J. McKenzie. B. B.
Tppc Turkeyf.xjt J. E. Gerhard, Nelaon
Bomeslierg, I. H. Vought.
I'rsina B.nugh Henry ZimmTnan.
Allegheny John H. Felton.
Brotbcrsvalley Wm. II. Fritx. Aaron
Brant, Wm. Foust.
Coneraaugh Ephraim Thomas.
Elk'tick JoMejih Kngle, John J. Keim, Jr.
JerTerson John r'nd'.eparirr.
liriroer Neisoa Krissinger.
lAwer Thikeyfo-jt J. N.Tannebill.
Midd'ecretk Simon Fletcher, Ephraim
Milford E. U. Dull, Aaron J. Miller, Z.
ev Certreviile Simon V. Tedrow, Jos.
P. Sechlcr.
Paint Daniel Hoffman, Jacob A. Wea
ver. y.uemahontn;j Samuel Bowman. Henry
W. Shatfer.
Salisbury Boron-li I.loyJ C. Boyer. Ad
am Fogle.
Somerset Rmiugb -eorge F. Long, Mar
tin Fieegle.
Somerset "(T. H. Tavman. nenry Tfx,
Samuel Smith. Henry Kuhs. Ihtra J. Weigh
ley, Josiah Divmin.
Stouycreek Joeph (John, George B. Dive
Sy, Aaron Smucker.
Surumit L. A. Kretcbman.
Crsina B-irjuh H. D. Altiilher.
Weiitrsburg Boriugh i tewre W. Wilt.
Brothersvlley Items.
Our farmers are busily engag-si in cn'ting
oits. William Smith was the first to finish .
Miss Annie Smith, of Cumberland, Md-, is
sjiending tbe summer with her parents at
Tine Hill.
Frank Collins, one of Berlin's bert bn.-i-ness
men, now occupies his handsome new
store room.
II. II. Stahi. one of oar industrious far
mer and stock dealers, is erecting a large.
beautiful house.
Albert Bittr.er left for Johnstown Thurs-
day. He accepted a highly creditable poei-
tion at that place.
Jacob Mnsser. Sr. and wife, wbo had been
vi-iting in the West tbe last two months, re
turned last week.
Tine Pively, of whose sad misforfnne the
nEJULD made mention a few weeks since: j
d.ed last Wednesday. . j
, 'ur s. li l ;ieeioi3 me m ...v..-.
house const ructetl in a new district. It is
locuted near Landia's distillery.
The picnic, at Hays cbun-h, was pretty
well sltended. Rev. Heller and Judge Tur
ner made sppropriate addresses.
Jacob Smith, our enterprising agent, has
sold about one hundred histories of the
Johnstown flood in the township.
Rev. Relict's son who grs.luated at Frank
lin and Marshall college with high Imnors.
leaves for Wichita. Kansas this week. He
has been engaged as Professor of Matliemat
ics in a college.
The " Indian doctor" baa bee n holding
forth nightly in Berlin (trover two weeks,
and did an extensive business. It is a mira
cle how ieop!e wiil j-aironize those patent
medicine men.
Jacob Baker and a Miss Walker of Stony
creek Township, were married last week,
and on Friday night a laire crowd having
two brass ban.ls serenaded them in tbe good
old country style.
Miss Flora Turner was agreeably snrprisnl
Monday night when a nnmberof young la
dies and gentlemen called to celebrate her
birthday. It waa an erdoysble affair and
MissTiirnr became the !iatpy recipient of
some el.-i.ant presents. The party finally re
paired to the dining room where ti.ry found
a table burdened with many good things
which tbe writer appreciated in an epicurian
war. rami-iTT.
Miss Columbia A. Horn Appointed
to a Clerkship In th Csnaus
Miss Cilumbia A. Home, the popular
Principal o: the English and Class, cs. 'ect i
School, which went down in the rlotd. will
not andertake tbe task of reviving the
school in a new building. After herself go
ing through tlie flood Miss Honie visited
friends in Allegheny City and afterward
other friends in Washington City. While
in the latter city she was induced to apply
for a clerkship iu the Census 0tf.ee, and we
are advised that sbe has just been appointed
by Superintendent Porter lo this position.
She will enter upon her new dattes on the
1st of Sei-Utmber. Misa Horne s many friends
in this community wiil be glad to bes.r of
her good fortune. She baa been one of our
most successful! teachers, and is in ail re
spects worthy of tbe confidence which has
jutt been reposed in her. She will make an
intelligent and failbfui clerk. We feel sura
that she would not have sought employment
away from her old home and her old friends
if rirturastauces had not rendered it neces
sary, JvhiirtorH Tribune.
Gniden Patent Flour always gives entire
Heno Tea never fails to please.
Breakfast, Java, and Stag Brands Roasted
Coffee, sold only in bulk, beat them alb
Kir.gan Hams, Breakfast Bacon, and Lard,
are tbe best on the market.
Marvin's Eagle Batter, and BrownsTiTJe
Water Crackers aiwsys kept in stock.
XXX New. York Cream, and Ohio Swiss
Cheese are Seeding Speiialties at our Store.
. Peaches, Melone, Cantelopes Sweet Pota
toes, Celery, Grapes, At, daily and weekly
darimj season time. -Respectfully,
Pi ogross of Inventions! Since I9-V"5-1a
the year ISO the proei.t owoes of ttie
i -le-iti in J.wiiuu newspArrc?mnienceiI its
publication, and soon afrer establisheil a
trarvnu Cw the pnxttiricg of patents f r in
vetitiocis at l!m and in ft.rH-i.rn countries.
Diirioi the year Hii there were only J-2
patents isu id from the U. 3. Patent OtHce,
sad the total issus from the establishment of
the Patent Oifice np to tiie end of that year,
numbered only 4,547.
Tp to tbe rat of July this year there have
been granted 4x1.413. Showing that since
the commencement of the publication of tbe
Seienliic Aiiuriai there hare been issued
front the C. S. Patent OS. 4-13.1015 patent
and about one thirl more applications have
been ma lethaa have been granted, showing
the in gen alt y of oar psople to be phenomen
al, and much greater than ever tbe enormous
number of patents issued indicates. Proba
bly a good many of our readers have had
business transacted thria;! the offices of the
A 'itiie A merican, in New York r Wash
ington, and familiar with M.itin 4 Co.'s
GAOile of doing business, but those who have
not will be interested in knowing scmc.htrg
about this, the oldcttt patent si.ltc-titt firm
in this country, probably in tbe world.
Persons visiting '.he cth.-es of the tiftle
A-uB-ican, 3til Broadway, N. Y., for tbe first
lime w ill be sutrrljel, on emer'ng the main
otfiie. to Stid such an exteiMve mid eiegant
!y opitppetl esiablishment, with its WAlir.it
com.ters. dctk. atil chairs to correst.nd,
and its enomiius safes, and sr.ch a latere
number of draughumen. speciuca'.ion writers
ar.d clerks, all busy as bees, reminding; on
of a large linking or insurance otoce, with
its hundred employees.
In isonversaiioo with one of lb e lirnv, wbo
had t"oromer.ced the business of soliriiisg
pitcuts in rotint-r-tiii'i wi'li t:i- pirdi.-ati') n
of tlie H-'U,i!'j! A ncrtct.i, more than forty 1
years ago, I learned thu this firm had made ;
application for patents for upward of uus ;
hundr.s! thcn-ati 1 i irs i'or in the I'nitcd '.
Sufe, a-1 1 s'Vi-f i! th -Kin Ii in diff.-r-nt f
frign ri-tj!:ti i.-s, and hid iile.1 aa Runy j
cases in the Pattnt OiliA! in a single month
as there were patents issued during tbe en- j parsonage in Frileti on Tha.iay. At.im.-t
tire first year of their besintss career. This I is-;), by Btv, J.J. Wek-h, Mr. John Be
gent'eman had seen the Patent Odiue grow j Ur and Ml. Emnu J. Walker. bothofSoru
from a sapling to a sturdy onk. and he ruod- j
estty mnteii u.ai many t.iot:g it trie i
jmerum. w::u its large ctreuiat.on, nau per- t
t.rtTn-t no mean stisre in s'tmutatmg inven-
thins and advate-ing the ititcntv of the
Patent fB.. B it it is not alone the patent
soliciting that occiiptes the attention of tbe
one hundred persons employed by Munn ft
Cot, but a large number are engaged on the
four publication is-su-rd weekly and month
ly from their orrice, 301 Broa.Iway, N. Y
viz.: The S'-ut.t.'Mr A nwii. the S-uaiijur
.tni i'MVi Sj ;lfrkt'tt, the E.vp-.rt F. htiotl of
the ikHliir .4mf.-ict..aad the ArchitfMts and
liaild.-n Edition of the .S ieiiisV Amrrirnn.
The first tw j piibiira'-ions are iswtetl every
week, and the latter two, the first of every
Mt. Moriai items.
Mrs. Susan Kyser is on the sLk list, suf
fering from an attack of fever.
The cherry season has aiVwtt ended. Thev
were plentlfal, as wcii ai of the very best
Mr. William F. B"i vads hx had his plan-
:r mill running full time for the put sever-
al weeks.
A trainable horse owned by George W.
Miller, was badly cut last week, by a mow
ing ciachir.e.
The ML Tabor Reformed Chtin:b is now
being tr.iated to a Coat of fresh paint, which
was badly needed.
Peach js. pears an lplutu wiii b'? scarci,
and apples will net be nearly so plentiful as
last year, wh.-a we had a po r crop.
Oil. if oor people onuld only reirnlate the ;
wau'her, what a wonderful improvement we j
would have, if we may julge from the gt-n- j
era! grumbling and faull-tirjdiiig aliout the j
weather ail spring and summer. j
J. R Rhodes and wife, of Johnstown, are 1
hre on a visit of a few weeks, for tbe henef.t j
of their health. He says that he is at pre.s-
er.t better than be has been for the past eight
months, and that he has a strong inclina
tion to remove here permanently in the
pbiiip C. M.iun-r, woo was so ba lly hurt
sever.il weeks ago by being accidentally
thrown from a high load of hay, is aa-tin
a.-oumi but is as yet unable to work. List
week he found a tim thy lies 1 on his firm
thirteen ai.d a half inches long, having ten
smaller or secondary beads growing out of
'-3 sides, each about aa inch long.
The steam thresher is heard daily in this
J section at work for our farmers, who have
to thresh out a part of their crops, in order
to make room in their barns for others yet
to be gathered. Tiie crops are ail overgrown j
and require more room for storage titan uiu
al. The hay ia a large crop, and that of
w heat one of the Urgest we have had for
years, the bea.li b-ir,g fairly til lei. Sam
tiei.il were ba lly damaged by timaihy being
sown with it last fdl. Tae favorable weath
er this spring aid stun ner ca nl it to grow
as high as the wheat, mil. ! to th injury cf
the Utter, which is thereby rendered more
difficult to cut, cure a i l thresh. Many of
oar farmers will hereafter siw but one kind
of ?ed at a t:in thus fa!lon the M joa
ical injunction.
Mors r M orisii, Augn-t 10, ls-n.
In Memanam.
T.ea.I lUthtlj. MraDi.tr. she Is dead ;
Hc-r viae a- forever nilicd.
A stall is vtu-aut in our IhsJ,
WL,u it never can tie tUieit.
stpesk gently, let no harsh word reach
i sir Mi'rowing !ienrt to-tlay ;
Km as be the very heavens in Mark
The uld autre has parsed away.
Thirty years ago, on a ruonifng fair.
In the -isrins of '5i.
Fannie SL hisst to i lied the air
la the oel Kentucky ?otte.
Ami there where the roses bioom so red.
Anil the gmssc wave so blue.
The m.l ly .iiare was reared ana bretl
Faiutie, the goalie aa.1 true.
tiroujsl U--tng:y anjimd the bier
iif her we'll ne'er more ri.le.
All nabiiMen starts the tear
Wh h b w e iWu ottivt bide.
Ar.-I just hk e every one who cries.
IU C!tnie of heartfelt paia :
Faster an4 fa.sier fjnui our eyes
The 1st hrymfese loisalui ntiu.
Ch t pril e cif ail our htarts at bor.ie.
tan U be that you have left us i
Aia ! 'tis true, no more you'H roan.
Alack the .Iny h.ch has here.t as.
Tes. Kaunie i tlead ! the oit! mare so f's-t
Will travel these cartLly nJs no mire.
But let us all hofe that her ninit.ie ieet
Are pre-icg a brighter and better shore.
". 54. BAWStti.
Harrison Fox, a colored man in jail at
Vrjiontown awaiting the trial of some ac
cused bam burners, against whom be Las
turned state's evidence, 'oecarae violent v
sick and unconsrious on Thursiiay. and it
was discovered by the physicians that he
had been poisoneiL It is llievei! the poison
waa placed iu the tin-cup from which he
drank coffee, by some one in the hire of the
barn burners, who had eoaj.mii ted some pet
ty offense in order to get himself put in jail
for that purpose. Fox will lecover.
Walt for the Beat
Star Copper Lightning Rod in tbe market.
Over three inches surface. There is no bet
ter rod made, and I will sell at prices within
the reach of all. Those desiring to have
their buildings protected sgainst the frarfu!
storms so frtijtient now, slinnM send in
their onlers st onee. All work guaranteed
satisfactory, or no pay. Tfaeordy protection
against lightning.
C. F. BiMAB.
SoMER.-rr, r. July 8. Is").
A Fortunatw and Grateful Woman.
Mrs. J. A. Giles, of Everett, Fa., says t I
auuered br years from kidney and ?rave
trouble. No physicians, or medicine at home
did me any pxl. I finally vt3it.lfmy
former home at Ror.d. ut, X. Y , and ljrran
nsinft I'r. Iiavid Keinnedv's Favorite Reme
dy, of Uoiid-M-t, N. Y. A & w words tell the
result. I em a perfectly well and bappy
woman once more.
Co to Atiantic City via t.s B. & O.
Now is the ?-tll!l of Its -li-B. tivef,es.
Atlantic City c-a- every in 1'jcement to o.'Ter
f the pleasure seeker, and this jtist tb time
of the ysar tj break tr fr-ra b".siness
ca--e- ail recti Ten re yoar exliii-!l ener
gies ia a week ijxiri at the shore, mid
the bracing breeze and invigcratin surf
bathing at tills most deiightfi) city by the
The third select exTcrslort ia announce.1
for Thursday, Aa-"- I'tth. and the best
equipment of th B. ft O. is at tlie ext-tirsion-iats
The trains will leave the stations asrsed
below, and tickets will be sold at the rates
annexed :
Train Train
Comieilavlile $10
Ohio Py!e. 9 30
Coctlaence.., 0 t
Rockwot:3... 2 )
Johnst.;c. . 9 Jf
Simerset 9 vJ
MeyensiAle.. 5 ')
Hyndniaii.... (
Cliniherlind . 7 VI
Leaves. Leaves.
9:55 11.13 p. m.
l'J:i3 II tVS
10 jj 12,i1 a. m.
Hs i.A:;a,iu.
ii to ' "
iu a: "
11 .-j 11- a. m.
Cort-e?nding!r low rates are made fnira
I other stations on the line.
1 The tickets are jaol t-r Tea Pies, with the
I privi'.sre of 9 sfo;e,,(i" at Wibin.''o.i l '..
00 ntu.-u j.Hir:M-y.
Waynesburj Colle.79
Will i!n its fill term i n Tue
r- s.p-
. ail de-
tember 17tb. Both se.t? ad
d t.
partir.ents. Jacii lies exo l'-n?. Kxp-nM
nio.ierite. For t atal..u-s, a.i lnH Prf. A. j
B. Miller. Wayneshurg, Pa
ll tose. A.iJtlc-f .
-UAiv Hit.
. Issti, by O
At the Court j
hint. K-.( . rU!- j
i wal l I.,!i.ieiinni tio-l Kili'ti C ilascr Wll
ot i
sdin rs t county.
! BEilb'Ei: WALXtil At the l.i.li era.i
erset County, Pa.
L'TNLIAM WILSON', tit Thars,
AUii lt tLe L uheran pa-sonag
, i-,u,ir,. c. ,i t- it ,,,.t! ir
in FrR.ler,., h tLe same.
II. Iiti.-ihim and Miss M.i1jc! I. W.lson.
both of Slienksville. Somerset C.eit.ty. Pa,
ly il'f'Y Si re William, died at Ptters-
hnrg in tlds county, on the 4th bit. He t
wss born in the city of Baltimore in the
month of Tecember, Isosi. H,s father mov
ed to Somerset ( ounty shout the ye lr l-l4, j
an active Justice of the Peace for the
j towns;,: ,)f Ad.lison. In all the relations
j 0f ;fe j., ws esteemed ap.-J respect and
J jt jay be tmlv saI.I of biiu thit h? was sn
i honest man. 1! death will be dep'c-red by
i m large cintle of friends, and to bis surviving
sister will prove an irreparable loss.
The Chief toa lot tte marratiotis sne
e of nood't Nirvusntla la tensd In the fats
th. this rae.tlru. aetiutiiT se-ompths all
tiut 1 cisuM. f.ir it. Its real tnarit baa wnw
. , tr liKt's Saisjiip&rli-
iv.ent wins
gmSet thaw that ot any atttcr bUxxt jncnflt.
I eurei V-rntnU. all Huinurs, iripepia. sto.
Fiepaxcw uutj IjLL livKU a Ctk. LsiwoU. 1
To Marc V. .rr.i;h. Ie t-rmarr-rwl tr:?h J"t?-
miah o-Vr. pr-sT-i'njr in BiutJ 'o. J. :
WrriTTir-t iii;ifi. 3 n;fnn?i -?:! t'A IL (-
tvr ; Itriiw ?: La and Tre Tr:rh f Mr,
r.-&-nt- i . : ini'ic. B. Subtil, A muiitm
Ym an hen-b notirifi r be nH arr- t
na 1 r.fjatir." en u. ix- Lt-'A m f r ctmi'r--i
n-xt. then n1 ini-nr u awxvpt or n-fii?-e t tAae
thr rn. f tir n t ti hnritw A. m:th. 'itrt-(.
tlje ttpmi4xi v'itHn or 9 vk wbj Uie
j4hv.niroiUw. R. 58. M M1M.KN.
Laitc of KlizafXr-th nii!h, d. lafe of Quetna-
hitaillaT T. Wnvallrlt. 'i--AMr!.
Letin iitf aimini-intiitn ou ibe (H-ve etJe
bavins li-fen jfTaiitrti Ui .:" n;nicr-iiC:.rt f'T tL.
pmtrr amfittnti'. nitn"i hervty irvtn ua.d t-r-t-tii
m,i.bit?il t 'I tite lr ma it? imrniiiii
I- v -rsiit and iho-- hav!;.ff e'xini hjfujr-t the
Miiiie u ('iviMni thra duly a!:tfirr.rffl u r
-lLUTnrTjt BjTiniaT. S-r'j'tv-iiii'-t-T Jt. !v, ai
the rt-'S-rM1 , ihe A-ii:uuiiratr, in u-iiia-huu
iB T nh 1 1.
a;i4lL Aliii.i.tru,r.
Noli l ln-TvtsT rtwo fhrtt an rp:iru,tion
wil, W at tue Sf!emi.-r mt t.au (" :.:
iiwrfl if Knitm, to Miirt a ianltwt (.tt Jajrn? B.
Mirtt'.tjnr. itnjjVKti'i aithe? --t'ieiiiiNr jwiw-niiu tf
1 tafiimTti A-i:;e t Uti!Tr. on I'.r.-r-nanti.-n
-af Vv .ti.Rm Van. an-l -.u-o rM
lt to la o Tear :a Uae Wtwirrr- jV: itnTj.-vrr.
J. C. 1.4 -WKY.
An-p-nt'y ;r h'eu;i-'uer.
Iv.-;? ofJ(V5 Ka iM?. d'd . Ta;; of Vx.i.1
T p.. srtr-rt Ox, Pa.
Ij-t0T- rf a J uiunit.nn uu hv aine r-rn:e
havi'iff U n to th ;ir;-ri'r-.pr':'l hr t;:
Jnntr arith-T iv. ustir k- hrvby r-vt i to a1!
pfii,S )..-. t-lt-ii lo Hrii ftV fft'r.at- t'tinr-'.!-
af pAifiHtu. an-l tD"-t; hav.nx f.rt:'n a-jTsiift the
?a'Me wiU pr---ril ther.j Juiy a ;th miraitt f.r
etf It-nM-nt at ihe Lite resiti. )f iltr"ea.-ei ia
ausT-'t. Atlrcr. ot JwAt Kuuh.r. d'i.
IVPI AN' A Vf a M bcol t'r-! ihe tmi. No ef
I fiicr are beiiu; sfnre.1 to tcakc itsletiierl'.y tSe
TV faculty b composed of mliers ho re ,
e.ijt as
la Ibei-ri-H,-crive if.-r."t-iH-n's. 1 i-re are also
vvlll-e. l'rtrit..rc. f ,.n,m-.t. ami
al.LsiiMl ft-;M.rtnH.iits.
Tae Fail Tens cr.-ii. si teait-.T i2ul. Men-l for
Aiaiog ie.
Z. X. SNYDER. Ph. D.,
an-T ! rt.
Fancy Goods.
Espctial Attf Bllsi cive to
Engraved Wedding Invitations
and Cards.
Mf- "ii! Orders Rsceint Prompt Attrntios. "ta
and live.1 if. retersnur-g up to toe ttn.e 01 a s i T1 ' ' J T-i , Q T "I ft
tzztxsz ! Piysieiaas Prascnpnons Fanlj Receipts
in the town cf Somerset, for some Tears, hitt : -T
'" .r " . CkZAT CSZZ BELS) TaKZS T, CX OXir ASD HIS Aillf.LLi
the .-nattr tart of his n.e as. srir.t in I
Peterurg a, a mrc,n. Hi w,, pet- SPECTACLES, EYE"GLASSES,
nnsier thf-re for a nttaiherof years, ai -eti :
All Silk S'iraH 4 a Cents?. All Colors.
- Printed Indas 63c
Extra FaiU?, 11.00
Gaarartwd ULici Silks, all Grade, Toe to $3.50.
Elack and Colored, all the new, desirable Tears, at low prices.
TR I M I NCS.rzr
Xew Line TriniiriEfs, at
Coad VTrc Pst. 13.40. $3.90. $ t. $. np to $ U
Jackets. $i to $'20. Xomarket.-. $1 to $..'.
Oar rltttpo-s and finish are the Wst.
A , i.iiij!.-te Hue f l'.e-?e iro.i.ls at n-tor.il.irtoly j-rire.
mum r o, Q QTlD
mm t& Dniio i tH.
1 35 Fifth Avenue,
Main Street,
This E:isl Dr- St:r.is
i w
iwlvti.v Y1 4
JIcdicines, Dye Stuffs, Sponges, Truscs
Supporters, Toilet Articles,
Perfumes, &c.
And a Full Line ol Optical
such a large assortment all can be suited.
Always on hand. It is always a pleasure to display our -ood
to intending purchasers, whether they buy
from us or elsewhere.
13 and 15 Clinton Street,
i Cf ill 5ni23 at Tf.uz Lexer tiaa Irsr Zzz-kz is h'estsa tzzz'x
Successors to Geis, Foster & Quinn.
Reliable Close-Priced
Petiole Congres s.
This cut represents i':m llmf r
son Petiole Congrc-w in Kahxa
r.H, Porpoise, Coriiovttn an-l
Calf; has a double ore one;
L?ir.g placed b.a. k.an 1 tho oth
er in front of the ackle-bone
thus preventing ht 'r:tin of
the mbt-er on the ank:-Nme
and preventing the gore i.-ainst
being thafeit and ilefuiv-d by in
terferinif. Witiiout tu-rstion
the coming Shoe; is tie
C O XGIRE S S : Gri A.-I T E E,
I AfiirC TIMT CUCCC Of At! Latest Stvliss, Flealblts Hand turned.
LA U I LO rlllL. OnL'LO Hana W.it, 4c.,ic.
VI' -- T . T " " T" ClC! Franu itents" H'A ?S snd . "hoe. A'.-. S-L
V . JL7 V L, UiJiVoO oriuii stioes, ita Lea:o-r roiinter iiJ ku.jie.
E repectf'il!y call a'tntion to the
latve line o! th uios-t seas'innale
stvlt-s in the frtt.:. an. we always
of other dealers. CALL AND SEE Us.
FEKXER 13ROTIIERS, Somerset, Penn
y Tl 1 Tj
! 31H30I8 11831 jjSIdlo.
TjY VIRTrFofnor.!erof tl- 0-rhaiw" Ctirt
l.r :NH.Hrvi.,ird'y. r-i.'.U-ra I it m
to p'J.lu' Male on tbe i rvtu. ;n Pa.ul T j,.. oa
-rrrr-r, . . t- f r f , tv - ? -
iXlisKOVlm OCl J. iJ.
at 1 c'c. t. p. m . ir.? i
vtii, .a;- the pnp-rr:y
All thit tftrtin tm-t c4 lar1 ! F..;rt Tvwn
i. -( rntti-y. fa. nN-miit - tif
J. :ia tt-isrtrt. H vrum r-HT Pfcri''.!, a Jj V - je -
vr, J'M-n Jmj-. ami "th" v tttaimnif 1 . at
mtrc r its, bav ui) u r eristtl a two-Ujry
T) H K F f f(? I !( f S f
Mnk Ham, an othrr r..i Y water
at xva iU iuca.4v a au
ca a-rv.w m um-
Sitt and DMiffeav ni V. r-Tf :--.
UattAU t S-f ! M,iN",
irxrv ersitv,
T-e test i;-iitirMt srl m p".eis-f,il b.iite
.ia-e ill Priasvl-. . Uv i.1, i.il itistrueci.l
fr vtpry imint 5nu a n tiii n. m.. and
iTwn Ii f. m A-liia B .t ;; rTia t at-!
PrsM'tlt ai IWp ! its ! ''f"-. TV. t- al-
fcfrj.i prt--t m tSf q 'r,-t . -Due. Ttiel uit-tm-
ly i'-) -..-ai r,s t;.i p-x'i.ar-- iir-r, i.sdT in r !ve
ia.-i'-au. r--rMt-m.!- iv niiiarr. .s.-m-tal. M'-v.
and htA-ruti'Juarv i niniorn t trpui it iciice
S4j.n'.,-v. .-w-ftd i.f t tn.
JAM 3 LLS&K. H iLUx a.S. A. Prtrt.
prices that will interest y0Q.
Drug Store
Somerset, Pa.
FvHtidly E.ccnh? a Great
vs aa twUw wl
Goods alwats cn hand. From
Shoe Store-
fact that w mn-itantlr keep in stcstk a
an.f nictst servtceaMe jr nuts, ot tiie iare-si
invite coin paiisoo of ourpricea withthoeie
la to-? ra:tr t tbe tie f Jrh Tr.
ft Inrm-r T tx. fur-rert f .. . P . .It-i .L
Th uit-r-ir:t-i Aj..ur. aL.pintt th?
vian Court of mi tMinty, k a-t-rfTjun tne
j i?xi2lnh
J kw'T ntlt i t!i-rr-u, htrrvi.T e"t't- rt hs
Kt: will fit ai li:s ort.tT in Sm-nri hyn,wtU. ori
! Kri-iav. tbe Wtu iliT A A"ti. 1vj. at 1 -.-
I P m- ttn,) "T h' l!
mrllS- fteB wa iin-.mwd ar
! J'TL. 'fI,rw V?1 thcir. e ":Tr?
j fu-v. U, S. M--S.Y.
a K-.utr.
' i.ai oi Uertvrt Sinlemia. UCe nf iMart
i T . -nr-r- ' . P-v. if nL
j Lett-TH tfu intti -ary httTrme l-m fc-wrM to
j tr n:I-rtirtfcfi iff trie tn?r atuiwtr in the
i atmvr -rotate, mwt- i brrty itvtu t a J,
: ai pyTHr?. an-la;; piajau!.avii(a-ia:rnajfaT!J;
. Jt '' t.wm b !?it .i'-i;n:iraujr
duly a-r rnta-auM frrr ---ttirm-T at tftf
drtz-if f tint irpat'i-ii tug ur before ai'iniay tti-a
j wIpi YYI V FT V F R
: Mfitl tit thr jTtn e f Aprv. i.avi m.-i imH lo
t iiii M l-i(w-r ;ii raih- M T-.t tr. a !.ti
! i'it.v, r tr'i-a ;r in r-a-n-iit i t -rii-
' .ith -A tir t-ai't -iifr A. T r. rn.il ,or cvtatv
rva, a'-i -r4ua. r-ftr,e 1 ..Tris A.
pr. ail jrr"wi ?i;dt-Mrvt Tore mi! v, v-lvr A,
aiAadji iu yrssseut trserrt i
t-Vnit Je nr.
JoHS J4. Tiiffhtl.
frit-Si "is fifftii.
jnlyta. Asa.Tlsse, uf S;i,tter A. Topper.
j knie -f Joh-t Hi". dW d, late 4 anrirt Hi-
; T.tt-f Xi?rMa&rt rm ifiar,vf -iat..re asarinf
J bet aTan:-.ri ! tiMf itf):.fTc" r m san
j a4i'frif y. iit..(i-e ht--t-y . vew w ait iu-P'iw
j to at. and 'h-tM bav'toyf cia'.nw k-jds- tfr :tm?
j w;! t-ffiat iim dut a a tr-r -rti ,
j cnnt t u ,wlwrt-fiiw at ftr '?! in KSHn-s
tiurvoii, oa l3-ir-ij A'ttT- I.
I LaHtfi V. K'.'
jnnaw Z -txt-AUjr.

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