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fte Somerset Herald.
'gEOKo E E- SCTLL. fdiior.
..Febr:rT Is 13.
( - fcc- irrvc tu lur.
...Hi -UJ ..
"':,.. -bu :
... s,,-us i! ul
..... . ;i :U you '!.
1 " 7...H .Va-.-a, i Lift.
-,H C ..''" -1 N' ;uDS f tb,lcco ,ast
I Jir.l..--' .,w f,,r tmsincsi.
. .1 ,(.. HrmLD shoal- Et forfrrt
I v .yi,.r. the (Jmcr'iat. caa t their
::r of r;tt-bar2 now stand'
given in exchange for
,,,f ,,f sVVs, Bobct nd Blanket.
.v Mind. Hira- M. Kline,
xn. ii bnk notes of
A- J
a' --
t c ; ,'. U-rbsaro' hardware atore
" .', t.air of Bib-sleds, selling
;-r s- t.
. .,,.5 a r,.w Hat? At IIUr-
''""'"r-T'-''1 ks tbaa th,'y c"1 ke
.J-- ft. - I
; ,,t,r-e.
. g ? ;j3 o have the table at
"', at rigM fj.reaJ with a li'tit
"'' ;f nnt have a ir one, a -beet
7- p "r "!4V bf used over it. A netiile
" li.i-i with tunc- greater ease if
v.-rera --'-e fUr!'aC
T -t if m-in- needles was kept a
-in! JvVt. when it was taught
" "t:::! .U by Christopher Oreening.
r- . .'.1 lieed:. are sold all overtLe
1" "v. j-!.!;: alone .! V) people
- i-ri 1" '. needles a year.
- E II :) .-rhaara, the hardware man,
.'e'-BK'-S 11 ' to "rners of horses that
. prrrs-"'. te tuj.i.Iy tbein with the best
,',s ?.i i- in 1 be market.
;. i.i:k rive9 a short recij for
. v ci.:: "I'i'ti'y of milk, plenty
l' '"'y of liannel," firaiulated
-t t v ti e irlebraied surgeon, John
. ' r-T- I - v-t-i aJ I taught by
1 . trr since, but uot always fjl-
: r. j ; nif the scalp law has been in
I !). K4.vi-:te county bas paid for a
- x; v that were tateu in vt est
,''.-.:. at it-t li.at is the testimony ol
.-;.!) bo I:ve along the b jrder. It
" ri.-vt:.:-.if-r West Virginia to bring
,-oa .i a:ru.- the line and get paid for
r.-.-jirv a'j.-ift st'ores the honor of having
1 ;y, m -y-- bat manages to Iwe both of
i aij-ir.-ti .in of this sort was secured
v. V'-v. whii-b had one f ill moon on its
J-.-.jiiv 1 if'.her on iisljtt day. Thi?
i t-i..r l'.-:.-;a7 !'.rs by a few hours,
i iiis l;t'-s- over a dayofcatcb-aira-xtotf.
Thus Fibruary this year
r Di. ;.ii n; 'Q.
.ai2.tr tl.; Mab'01 Schrock is bead -.j.i
f,.r a.l k inds of grain and mill feed.
; y, ,;a f r -. also a fall line of fresh
i:rfiaDd Kit.ur always in stock.
iiistenst";:? in.jairy has been started
vitBtwlV.unib'.ao postage stamps. It
:; ::.:-! out that the one-cent stamp,
t: rt;-'eenta 'Col umbos in Sight of
a.: " li.f aJuiiral stands on the d.k with
i nL.j shaved face. On the to-cent
ti e '"Laiiding of Co!umbu,'
'- c.i5i have occurred less than twelve
. in tr. he aj.;.ears with a full beard of
1 e. cf cjm will make four gallons
' .-sr. (ijvrranit-nt tax on fi'tr gal
J wlky, .. The whisky made
-. ir.d iii J by the new Jay Eye See rapid
--. se'.i rapidly for it per gallon,
.u l; fur fjur eallons. f ibisi-tO the
I. -ir-". -' cents; the government get
tij? :ai.r;M 1 grts ; the manufactu
the Tender get $'i.5; tbe uer
::!,-dcv:l ; while the prod icer and tax-
1;-.: ijj'.; li.e bi.1.. M.'h'ird Men.
r.rn.ari. a wea'.iiiv citizen of Tleas
.v.rii'y wa arreted atirevnsbargTbur
1: rUv-i w;t!i &uoterfeiiing, and taken
T by a Tuited States ofiicer, who
s t" lave :i!5i:-iit evidence against tl e
v-i ;t eiaviet. A pA J-al of spurious
-'tis b-n :1 t:r.g in the neighbor
: :.r !v-! month, principally juar--s
i Li li'ars. The dies were caj tu:
- M- I' -p.,i-) his always been cons'd-
h-.':i-at ciizen.
i : nt .f the p :biic schools of
:j a n ii .;f !:avinj severely punish
i of L.s pnpi'.s, deciiird to leave the
1 ? : r. s rfv-:;a'.ijn with the scholars.
cf piT-r were used. Those desiring
i rule " W," and the opposi
: -vj." tnn their billots, depositing
" 1 Ii oi cold day for the
:..:: 'he returns were all in. lie
.-?'i,...v'v r,.jcJ undr. True to bis
" - t ia:: '.! in his resig:ation to the
'" A '"'--r thai tvtLirig.
-r i vf J" p r cent off the price on Car
ia ti i- fa-e of the big advance !
- a-J. M. HullL-rbaum's for
-- a diy. This is your chance.
T-r a.-;iscT-wrer..-h is rot so railed on
" A r fa-. -led ..r a-t ial resemblance
'n-:-.-r iailan frVmls, or because
-L,v:r t-,,1 to-nio.key" with, but
'- .-f i: !!.,; invention cf one
M i.y, r;'.jr,'; of Kincs county
rl : n. A:.ii ..jh t!,e world has pret'y
"1- in c of Mr. Moncky 'not Monk
:vi,,R..w fal that be sold
iir.!l,: jj ,., ,j jtlTt.s.rj tiie pro--"
t ;. i:n. .! in the a:ove nam-d
-'-'! aj t:4tr.
the ni-y G-h arid game ti is
J" -rt'y introJuceii at tlarrisbur
'-- '-'-r Hie taking of fish except ty
to. V line. No season is
-: ;.;( ,, lrv.;ti ,1, m.y be taken
-J A;.-;I 1 nj August 1. Out
is prohibited exci-pt in July, j
' Vtiun-r and OcUiher. under a
'- t. 1 ,
- n j
ernpio:Te i.Vi. the iwnal-
d -t, t for the second cfleuce,
- i-t, l lj,r uf t;je (-jj outlaws,
:: b-.as an! lot nearSmitb-
"' 1 to I'ao'ohance, where the
- '. . "' "T t--g-:hr. The reason a-
" - g t!;e old homestead is that
- ; "J! .,-;., who met such vio
" -1. ukt vtjiis to their old borne
- - ,JV. a, 0!i4. time Mrv
ti,'''7"1" b":h Ft'k and Jack
o the kiiri.ei door. At another
-7 t. a ru :!,at Frank was seen waik
- ib jard and then aink out of
-,, !ri"" cr' tlj;l 'bocom-
" -at-:,, j,.vn-, (H'-Utur forany-
v,. .""y L:' 3 consolation in this
.. ,rTi - M-.A Yates, of Kprink
i i" J i-,t it: ven birth to her twen-
" c L ve sets of twins are num-
- tM' l'""U- M Y:"
I T - coi; now 27 year, of
s"j"'",'n uf ber children still live at
t., . ucij une tor uer.
I n-l'"'"'-'5-'- 'sf-ct she does ail ber
i ' -rk ar.d always h.-s.
C'T -a';-i'-'" of Eev. IrlH.
I x. . ..:.owt: storms
1 - -!-Jrr. u ...d ,now frolI1 jcih
' , 11 aewill come U-
ifcJr. " ,t,'rta"- Ilactionary temperatuie
o, b the 23J ..! ttb, fol
ai.U"':''Se,,iJ' Du,il 'belastdey
;;fi :hK'!l tlu ri'ngtempera
t 't,!''" tt""u ma be tbe orJer.
'..,,, r."1 "r c:ect the poor dumb
Wj 1"' 'i-nd cpon yon for food and
Bering win be your loas.
Car.di.lates IbrCcunty offices at the Rtpob
lican primary election in June are budding.
County Superintendent Eetkey will bave
ha - Courre of Study for Common Schools'
Mrs. Webster B. Parker is visiting at the
home of ber father, Capt. William H. Jor
Un, in ML I'le asant.
Mr. Robert Beerils, recently graduated
from a Business College at Tough ket psie, K.
V., bas returned to bis borne in this place.
A IVemocratic CorgrefMontil apportion-m.-ct
bill, introduced in theSerate by Meek,
of Cc-r.tre county, makes a d'.rlct of the
counties of Elair, Bedford, UuntingJoo and
Mr. Charles B. Colborn. the eldest and
best looking son of Hon. A. J. Colborn and
wife, of Bayard, West Va , spent Sunday in
Somerset. Mr. Colborn is general manatjer
of a large coal and coke plant at that place.
Mr. William Rink, of Jenner township, re
cently purchased a pair of registered Aber
deen Angus cattle Mr. Kink bas hitherto
been breeding thelloistein and Shorthorn,
but be now thinks the Aberdeens are tir
superior to any other stock,
A local institute held at the Livingston
School bouse, Couetnaugh township, Situr
diy n;ghi, was broken t:p by a crowd of
drunken roughs. A (samber of knock downs
occurred. No arrests have yet been made.
The many friends all over the county of
Mr. Jacob I. Kaufman, of Cjnemaugb town
ship, will be glad to learn that he has entire
ly recovered frtiu bis rent severe illness.
His wife and n. who were also seriously
sick, are again well.
In a letter from Mrs. R. B. Shatts, of Oak
I'ark, Minn., to the Heeald. the writer says
the present bas been the most sever winter
she bas experienced during her twenty-Eve
years residence in that State. ... rs. Sbatta
is a native of Jenner township.
David C Lsrubert, of Shade township, was
a guest at the home of l'os-t master
Keller several dys loat week Mr. Lam-
ben Las only rCi:i:iy n-covered from a
severe attack of grip, which keptbima
prisoner in bis home for over four in jotha
The Berlin Tc-orJ appeared last week in
a new dress and in new form which is an e i-
dence of the prosjerlty of that enterprising
journal. Berlin bas every reason to be
proud of the Ilerord. ft grows better and
better each we. at and is a credit to the town.
Burgess Welfley, who has bc-en known to
evil doers and others as "the old mau" for
the past fourteen years or ever einee be was
first elected Lord Mayor of Somerset, thinks
it is about time, in view of bis approaching
re election, that his title be cbangud to " the
grand old man."
The W.i7,.7;.i Lr x, pubiUhed at Meyers
dale, will make its annual apearancc short
ly, and as usual will contain the names of
all the applicants for retail lhjuor dealers'
licenses, together with the names of all the
petitioners and bonduten appearing upon
said applications.
Mrs. Jophia Norr, daisgbterof Abraham
?iinpon, late of Jenm-r town'hip. died at
ber bonie, Kittanning. Ta , Sunday morn
ing, January 2", 1 s: 1 i, in the Cfty-ninth year
of his age. She was married tot'onrad Norr in
1S72. A number of friends and relatives
from this county attended ber funeral.
Mr. John C. Mishler. of Ooshen, Ind.,
and Mrs, Sarah J. Brundbeck, of Cone
maugb township, wore married last Tues
day at the home of the bride, Rev. Joseph
Kauffman, of the Mennonite church, offici
ating. The newly married couple left or
the borne of the groora the same afternoon.
Parker '. Parker hsre recently added a
carpet room to their large establishment on
Main street The carpet department is
larger than most store rooms in the county
and is tilled with all the latest and best it
terns. It will pay you to pay them a visit
before making your spring purchases in this
Krom the A lcrtlirr, published at Con
stati'.ine, Mich., we learn that lv. W. L.
Tedrow, afier nine years service as pastor of
the Evangelical Lutheran church, cf that
ci-y, has tendered bis resisnition, which
ws reluctantly accepted by the congrega
tion. ReT. Tedrow is a native of this coun
ty. Rrv. J. S. Harkey, of the Lutheran
church, selected as bis text for Sunday even
ing s discourse: "The Grand Mission of
Abraham Lincoln." Sunday being the an
niversary of the martyred President's birth,
K. P. Cummins Pot, ii. A. R.. and Iliacb
n,an Camp, Sons of Veterans" attended the
services in a b.dy.
A Panpliin county reprevnUitive bas in
troduced abii! providing forcitnpi-nsation of
menj!-rs of town councils of all borough
The compensation is one dollar for each
meeting attended. From the amount cf
abuse b'Miped upon roam i'men they would
be illy c ..rnpetisated if thy should be al
lowed fifty times that amount.
Jeremiah 7. rn, who had been confined to
bishou- in Berlin for the pat tl.n-e years,
s'i.-f-ring from a co.-'.ihina'.ion of ailmerits,
d.ed last Tuesday, aged '. years. Mr. Zorn
served three years in the I'nion army and
at the time of his deuth was drawing the
maximum pension allowed for total disabil
ity $7J -t month.
Mr. P. I- Casebetr, the well-known opti
cian, l-ft yesterday for New York City
where he will fill U-mporariiy. a position in a
larsre wholesale and retail establishment, de
T tcd exclusively to the saleofop'icaigoo-ls,
for a friend while be is on hU wedding trip.
Mr. Casebeer is recognized as one of the
ablest opticians graduated from the Cele
brated Cleveland (Vj'.l-je.
Mr. B. F. M ostci'ier, of Shale townsVp.
bad his left shoul i-r J'-'.x'itl last Wednes
daT nuirnirp. He was engaged at legging
near his home at the 1 air.Jwhen the horses
he was drivin tok fright and rati away,
throwing the driver from the sled with the
ieult ab.ve state.!. The injured man came
to Somerset on the fife o clock, train when
Dr. J. W. Carolbers reduced the fracture in
time for hini to return to bis borne tbe same
R-aders of the HfkcLO will recall tbe an
nouncement ml in thee columns a short
time ago of the arrest of Jaxib Wasmuth,
of Meyersdale, an a charge of false preteue.
The charge was sub-ci'tently withdrawn.
One day last werk Wa:uuth was brought
f-oai b s borne to the County Poor House,
where he will be kept onlil arrangements
are made for bis removal to Dixmont Insane
Atsylum Wa-mutb" case U a peculiarly
sad one.
Canddatesiua number of borjuhs and
townships bave taken advantage of the op
pirtunity presented by the Baker ballot law
to have their names placed upon the official
ballots by means of nomination pipe- an
several precincts a fall ticket has been gotten
up; the signatures of oniy a half-score of
doctors being necessary to accomplish this
result Id Somerset borough a fail ticket,
containing tbe names of both Republicans
and Democrats, has ben nominate! by
means of Domination pajers
Somerset people realix--d last week as nev
er before that electricity is tbe light of lights
in the ltib century. Owing to an accident
to tbe Electric Light Company's engine, no
electric current could be generate! and tbe
Streets of the town were left in total dark
ness for three or four r.ighu. Merchants
aid others wbo have their places of business
lighted by electricity were compiled to re
sort to old time methods of illuminating.
ie wail of d satisfaction at tbe jli-luck of
the Company wa beard on a'l sides, and
it was made very niauife&t that tbe patrons
af tbe Company re willing to forego many
other luxuries before that of electric lijbt.
On tbe first (age of this number of the
Uisald will be fjund an article on " The
Days of Auld Langsyiic'' in Somerset conn
ty, contribute! by a friend from Addison
township. Accompanying tbe article is a
poem from the current number of tbe
Ameriraa Magazine, written by Mrs. Feli
cia Rots Johnson, of Allegheny City, one of
Somerset county's most talented daughters.
Both articles and poem are of absorbing in-
interest, and we commend tbem to the pern
aa! of our readers.
If by any combination of fortuitous cir
cumstances President elect Cleveland's at
tention should be directed to the leading edi
torials printed weekly in our local Demo
cratic con temporaries, be would be "tosstd
up in his mind' as to whom be shall designate
as postmaster of this town. Tbe IV(iaehas
been doing a "ghost dance" for some time acd
hv-t wek started on the "war path." A
well known Democrat of tbe town suggeeti
in order to pre etve peace in bis party that
the Somerset postmastershpi be submitted to
a Toteof the Democratic patrons of the office.
TLe young ladies and gentlemen wbo will
take part in tbe entertainment to be given
in tbe Ojiera House, Wednesday evening,
-'JJ inst , for the benefit of tbe Children '
Aid Society, are actiTely rehearsing their
parts. One of the novel features of the en
tcrUiument will be an amateur minstrel
erforruance by a number of the best known
young men about town. Tbe programme
throughout will be attractive and we be-spt-ak
a lilieral attendance at tbe entertain
ment. Tickets will be placed on sale at P.
L Casebcer's Sat ui day. AJniLssiou loand 25
cents. Reserved seats, 33 cents.
J. Hooker Naugle, wf Meyersdile, and
Rev. Frank P. Saylor, of Somerset, bave
been re-appointed deputy collectors of in
ternal levenue or sugar deputies by Col
lector Miiler. It is understood that the ap
pointment at Berlin bas been given to a
non-resident of the county. A'e bave not
learned what reesin the Collector assigns for
making this appointment. It is certainly
not in acccrdauce with tbe long establish
ed practice of the Internal Revenue Depart
ment to make all lo-al appointments from
residents of tbe country in which the ap
pointee is to art.
'. Iward Johnson, who has been suffering
from diphtheria for the past five or six
weeks, is reported to be gradually sinking
and the announcement of bis death at any
moment will not occasion surprise to those
wbo are acquainted with his condition. Four
of Mr. Johnson's fiTe children bave fallen
victims to diphtheria during the past two
months. Mrs. Johnson is prostrated from
grief and over work and the requirements
of ber family are many and Taried. The
good people of Somerset can find on one
more worthy upon whom to bestow their
charity than lhi3 sadly afflicted woman.
Nathaniel Horne, for many years engaged
in bu-iaess in this town, and well known
throughout Somerset county, died at bis
home in Johns (own, last Tuesday.
lu the calamity which came upon Johns
town in 1s'.i dr. Horne lost bis all, narrow
ly escaping with his life ; and being already
well up in yara and not then in robust
health, the experiences of that day and
night and subsequent privatii-s and men
tal worry resulted in bis retirement from
active business. Mr. Horne never fully re
covered from a paralytic stroke he sustained
about 17. The deceased was born in
Schellsburg, Bedford County, January 12,
1SJ1, and was therefore seventy-two years of
a?e. He received a good education and had
a remarkable command of language and fa
cility of expression, which will be recalled
by all who bad the pleasure of hearing hini
ia the ojicity of lay preacher in tbe local
Methodist church. After bis removal to
Cambria county Mr. Horne took an active
part in local Democratic politics and was
honored by that party with two terms in
the State Assembly. The deceased is sur
vived by his second wife, three sons and one
daughter. His eldest son, Albert J., is sen
ior member of the firm of Horne 4 Ward,
one of the firemost dry goods establishments
of Pittsburg, and bis daughter. Miss Colum
bia, who Las long been regarded as one of
the leading educators of this State, is at
present a clerk in the office of Mr. James M.
Swank, General Manager of the Americin
Iron A Su-el Association, in Philadelphia.
Bargains in Furniture.
Henderson A Jolly, occupying the large
new Wild Block, comer of Main A Clinton
strt-cU. Johnstown, have not only every fa
cility to do an immense furniture trade, but
are so completely stocked up with all kinds
of goods in their line, that they can and do
successfully compete with the lowest priced
houses in Pittsburg and Philadelphia. The
three flours in the commodious building
they occupy are packed, jammed, crowded
with everything that can be desired in fur
nishing a house from kitchen to attic. Their
new styles of parlor farniture, unique and
beautiful chamber suits, improved office
desks, latest patterns In ex'ension table, as
well as all articles in their line, are offered
at prices within the reach of all purchasers.
It will pay to call on them befre buying
elsewhere. Read their advertisement in this
pajier, and be governed accordingly.
The Bee's Sting Useful.
Krom the Horticultural Tlaiea
It will be a surprise to many to learn (bat
after all, the niost Important function of tbe
b's sting Is not it's stinging. I baTe long
been conviuced that the bees pat the finish
ing touches on their artistic cell work by tbe
dexterous use of their stings, and durinr
this final finishing stage of tbe process of
boney making, the bees irjsct a minute por
tion of formic acid into the boney. This
acid gives to tbe honey its peculiar llavor,
and aiso imparts to it its keeping qualities.
The sling is really an exquisitely contrived
little trowel, with which the bee finishes off
and caps the cells when tbey are filled brim
ful of honey. While doing this the formic
acl! passes from the poison bag, exudes,
drop by drop, from the point of the setting,
and tbe beautiful work is finished.
Easy to Manage.
The Cinderella Range is easy to manage.
many other ranges are not. Tbe construc
tion of the Cinderella admits of plenty of
air under tbe grle, which prevents it from
burning out, and every provision is made
for cleanliness. Examine it before yon buy.
Sold by James B. Holderbaum, Somerset,
To the Inauguration via B.&O. R. R.
For the benefit of those desiring to wit
ness the inaugural ceremonies at Washing
ton, March 4th, tbe Baltimore and Ohio R.
R. Co. will sell excursion tickets to Wash
ington and return from all stations on its
lines at low excursion rates. Tickets will
be sold March 2nd and 3rd, and for trains
reaching Washington before noon of March
4ib. Tbey will be valid for return journey
until March 7th inclusive. Tbe following
are tbe rates from some of the points io this
vicinity :
Jot! II lO D
Kik kwood .....
H. uOtuau
is 70
8 10
. .1 ? V
Correspondingly low rates from other sta
tions. Tickets from points west of ConnelUville
will be honored to Baltimore.
Musical College.
Tbe Spring Term opens May 1st , in vocal
and instrumental Music. For catalogues
address Henry B. Moyer, Freeh a rg, Pa.
For Rent.
A bouse and lot at tbe east end of I'nion
Street, in Somerset borough. Call on or ad
dress M. E. Caivra.
Modern Housework
May be done more easily, more convenient
ly arui with less expense on the Cinderella
Range than with many others ; ai! the old
objections to ranges removed. It will save
yon time, money and hard work. It is a
good baker and ia sold with that understand
ing. Sold by James B. Holderbaum, Som
erset, Pa.
The Elections Committee Sub
mit a Unanimous Report.
Mr. O'Ferrall. chairman of tbe Honse
Elections Committee, has submitted tbe
unanimous report of tbe Committee, which
will be voted on within the next few days,
in the Greevy-Scull contest. The Commit
tee report tbat Thomas H. Orrery was
not elected a representative in tbe fifty-second
Congress from the Twentieth Congress
ional District of Pennsylvania, and is not
entitled to a seat therein," and, " tbat Ed
ward Scull was duly elected a representative
in the fifty-second Congress from the Twen
tieth District of Pennsylvania, and Is en
titled to retain the seat he now holds." A
majority of tbeCommiliee are lawyers and
Democrats. Four statements are submitted
in the report, each one increasing Mr. Scull's
msjority over tbat returned for hint. This,
we believe, is the only case of record in
which tbe majority of the member whose
seat was contested was increated by tbe con
When '.be testimony in this case was tak
en Mr. Greevy tried by the testimony of the
voters to show for whom tbey cast their bal
lots, Mr. Scull produced the ballots cast
and submitted tbem as the best evidence.
In tbeir report the Committee say:
" It is a well established principle tbat tbe
ballot of a voter, which bas been safely pre
served by some authorize 1 custodian is tbe
best evidence as to bow or for whom be vot
ed and must be produced, and tbat tbe tes
timony of tbe Totes is secondary and inad
But while the Committee adhere to tbe
opinion tbat the evidence of the voters was
iuadmissable, and to the uniform current of
descisions, that where the ballots cast at an
election are required to be so numbered as
to enable them to be identified, and tbey
have been safely preserved by Some legal
custodian, they must be produced as tbe
best evidence, and the testimony of the vot
ers is secondary and inadmissible, Jet it has
been considered proer to report tbe names
of such voters wbo cast illegal votes, and
wbo, as shown by their testimony, voted for
tbe cont.-tee.
It appears from the record that the elect
ors in various districts or townships in said
Congressional district cast their ballots in
boroughs which were distinct from tbe dis
tricts or townships, and it is claimed by tbe
contestant that these votes should be exclud
ed from the count.
In article S, section 1, clause 3, of the con
stitution of Pennsylvania, 1874, it is provid
ed that a voter " shall bave resided in tbe
election district where be shall offer to vote
at least two months immediately preceding
the elec tion."
The boroughs of Somerset and Salisbury
lie within the geographical limits of Somer
set and Elk Lick township, respectively, in
the county of Somerset ; for many years the
electors residing and registered in tbe town
ship of Somerset have been voting at a pre
cinct originally established before the bor
ough of Somerset was created, and wbicb
was taken into the borough when it was
formed; do precinct was ever established in
the township no place at wbicb tbe elect
ors could role ; old men of more than three
score years and ten, living in tbe townbip,
bad always voted at tbe precinct at wbicb
the election was held .n November, 18tJ;
tbe borough is situated in about the center
of tbe township.
In Eik Lick township there was a pre
cinct within the township, but on tbe day
of election the owner of tbe bouse iu which
the elections bad been beld for some years
refused to allow the polls to be opened in it,
and the officers of the election crossed a
narrow alley into the birough of Salisbury
and there opened the polls and received tbe
ba'iots of the township voters.
In Londonderry, West St. Clair, Wood
bury, West rrovltience, Napier, and Bed
ford townships, in Bedford county, the elect-o-s
in said townships voted respectively in
the boroughs of Hyndman, Pleasant ille,
Woodbury, Everett, Napier and Bedford, as
bad been done for many years, and because
no Toting places bad been established in tbe
While tbe committee regard it as a bard
ship upon the electors in these different
townships ti nj.ct their votes, but the con
stitution and laws of Pennsylvania must be
obeyed; the provision of the constitution
of that state requiring, without qualifica
tion, the electors to vote in the districts in
which they bad resided for at least two
months immediately preceding the election
must be enforced. A mistaken idea of the
law upon the part uf the electors, however
honest, or a neglect or refusal upon the part
of the lower courts to establish voting plac
es within the townships, can not render
void the plain provisions of the constitution.
The power to fix the qualifications of
voters is vested in the States, subject only
to the limitation contained in the fifteenth
amendment to the Constitution of the Unite-!
States. Each State fixes for itself these
qualifications, ami the I'nited States must
adopt and has uniformly adopted tbe State
law upon tbe subject, and tbe House of
Representatives should not in any case (ail
to act in conformity with it.
Ia obedience, therefore, to said provisions
of the constitution of Pennsylvania, the
committee baveexcluded the votes cast in
boroughs by voters who resided within tbe
limits of said townships, which are as follows:
For Tor
contestant, etmiestee.
Somern-t County .
.-sMiierwl , 1 1 1 kj
K!k l.trk 1 1JS
Btslforil (isinty:
I juKiiMiili-rTTr 116
With sl tiair si n;
VMiofitNiry 71 1 ,
vit froviiiciice... l' 2
Vr;r lyo ij,-
lUsHiint Jjjy ;
Every question material to tbe issues in
this case bas now been presented and pass
ed npon by the committee.
In the examination of tbe hundreds of
votes charged to be illegal, the committee
may bave made some mis'akes and beld
some legal votes to be illegal, and vice versa;
but, if so, (hey are certainly few, and the
conclusions reached are believed to be al
most if not entirely correct.
Nothing remains but to recapitulate tbe
e inclusions :
Siiiement I.
Retnrned vote of contestant in dist. 16,9u8
Add misplaced sticker ballot 1
Deduct illegal votes in
Blair County ...
Bedford County
Cambria County
Somerset County
Deduct twp , votes cast in bur's
Leaving for contest an
Returned vole of ontestee in district
Deduct illegal votea in
Blair County 1(X5
Bedford County Z 33
Cambrut County io
Somerset Connty 4-
Deduct twp votes cast in bor'a. I,3t3
Additional illegal votes n
tsiatr Count v
Votes received before board
Misp.aced sticker counted
lor him..
Double ballots counted
him .. ,
Leaving for contestee..
Deduct vote of contestant as stated..
Msjority fur conies te
This statement 4 made upon tbe theory
tbat all illegal votes cast in tbe district
should be excluded on both aides -whether
the candidate f jr wbom tbey voted was as
certained by tbe introduction of tbe ballots
or tbe voters themselves. As already statet,
tbe committee is of opinion tbat the testi
mony of the voters under tbe facta io this
case was not admissible.
Slafeim-nt 1.
Returned voteof couttstant in dist IG.OfS
Add misplaced sticker ballot .
Deduct illegal votes in
Cambria County 3.V5
Somerset County . 7-1
Deduct twp., votes jin bor'f I,tJ
Leaving for contestant
Returned Vote for contest in district 17,to2
lieduct illegal votes in
Cambria tVMinty . .
hximcrset Connty- 4o
Deduct township votes cast
in boroughs.
Misplaced sticker ballot
counted for him.
Double ballots counted for
Leavine fr.r contestee 15.9o
Deduct contestant s vote as slated...- 15.2S0
Msjority fjr contestee . 6S7
This statement embraces only tbe illegal
votes which were proved to bave been cast
either for the contestant or contestee by the
ballots of tbe voters, and which is based, in
tbe opinion of the ommittee, npon a cor
rect interpretation of the law and authori
Statement 3.
Vetes received br contestant accord
ing to statement 1..... 15,077
Deduct votes received ill
Lincoln twp Somerset Co... 47
Fairhoi " " 31
Leaving for contestant.
Votes received for contestee according
to statement 1 ...
Deduct votes received in
Lincoln twp, Somerset Co... 03
Fair hope " " 'M
Allowance of voters resid
ing in annexed territory- 49
Iraving for contestee 13,013
Deduct contestant's vole as stated
Majority for contestee..-
SttUuuiU 4.
Votes received by contestaLt accord
ing to statement '1
Deduct votes as per statement 3
Leaving for contestant .
Votes received by contestee according
to statement 2
Deduct votes as per statement 3
Leaving for contestee - 15,77
Deduct contestant's vote as stated
above 15.202
Majority for contestee .... Wo
These last two statements (Nos. 3 and 4.1
are submitted upon the basis of tbe contest
ant's claim that tbe votes cast in the new
townshiis, and those of parties living in the
annexed territory of Altoona, should be re
jected. Tbe committee, bowerer, are of
opinion, as hereinbefore tlated, tr.at said
Votes were legal."
Majority for contes'.e:
Ststement No. 1 .. 716
Statement No. 2... .. i;;
Statement No. :.. ... ttl4
Statement No. 4 -.. ......... 5po
Clothing and clothing.
There are some things men fend boys can
get along without Everybody does not
need a gold ring or even a gold walch, or a
gold beaded cane, but ever since that little
apple scene in tbe garden, civilixed people
want clothing want it in summer as well
as in winter. In fact coats, pants, vests,
shirts, drawers, hats, cap, are among tbe
things men and boys can't do without.
Therefore it is always a question, where can
such articles be had at reasonable prices?
Well, we will out with a 'secret by telling
you tbat Mintmier and Ogilvie are now
opening (and will be io full operation by
first of March) one of the largest, finest.
cheapest lot of clothing, bats, ., ever seen
in Johnstown. They are fortunate in hav
ing secured rooms in tbe magnificent Ruth
Block, corner Clinton Si Locust strnets.
Johnstown. Don't fail, when in Johnstown,
to give Ihtm a call.
For Rent.
Good second floor offices in Printing House
Row. For terms, etc., call at this office.
Want Their Coal.
The farmers near the line between Cam
bria and Somerset counties are considerably
exercised over tbe actions of coal specula
tors in their neighborhood just now. Tbeir
anxiety is increased as these coal men evince
a desire to obtain possession of tbeir lands.
Over a year ago a m&n named E. H. But-
terbaugh, of Homer City, went through that
section and look a number of leases. Those
with wbom be made a bargain be bad sign
an article of agreement which contained a
number of provisions some of which were
evidently misleading. He was to pay $10
an acre for tbe coal lands, $l of which was
to be paid ou January 1, li'J.'l, one-third of
the remainder on May 1, 13, and tbe bal
ance in two annual payments.
At that lime this was thought to be a good
price, but since that coal business has taken
a boom, and bigger figures are offered and as
Mr. But'erbaugh bas not paid the money
according to agreement, the farmers want to
get out of making a deed. Although tbe
tluOwasrjot forthcoming, ibey bave since
been offered payment in full if tbey would
make a deed, but as the parties of wbicb M
W. Weim, of this place represents, offer twice
as much, or .") an acre, they still do not
want to sell to Butterbaugb.
One peculiar feature of the article of agree
ment ia the specification that Bjtterbaugh
might deposit money ia the First National
Bank, of this place, but as it does not give
tbe farmers a claim on this money, this
clause is supposed to be a b'ind. Notwith
standing their leases to Butterbaugb, several
Somerset county farmers, including Daniel
Kauffman, Tobias L-hman, William Seese,
and others recently signed pipers to Keim,
disposing of tbeir coal at f -M an acre.
Last week these men were very disagreea
bly surprised by tbe appearance of tbe sher
iff, who served a notice on tbem that tbey
would be held by their contract with Butter
baugb. Ia ibis predicament tbey scarcely
knew what to do, but it is said tbat Butter
baugb can at least prevent tbem from sell
ing before tbe two years are np, although it
is a question if he can make tbem sell to
bim because be did not offer the first pay
meut in lime. Peter Wirgard, of near
S a'p Level, this county, is among those
wbo are on sn agreement with Butterbaugb,
but wbo is now in a quandary, as he don't
like to sell at that figure unless be has to, as
be can do better. Butterbaugb threatens all
others from whom he has leases, who now
attempt to sell, with a visit from the sheriff.
Jukiutovn Jin 'iid.
Somerset County Pomona Meeting.
The Somerset county Pomona will bold a
meeting at Husband on Saturday the 33th
of February, beginning at 10 a. m.
1. Opening of Pom ana
2. Regular order of business.
3. Address of Welcome by Highland
4. Tbe faimer in politics by North Fork
5. Would it pay farmers' to keep cows for
the purpose of making butter? by Jenner
How shall farmers' proceed to be properly
represented in the Congress of the United
8tates and tbe State Legislatures? by Maple
7. Is restricted immigration necessary In
order to perpetuate tbe peace and praperity
of order con ntry, by Milord Grange.
8. Farmers Institutes and other organiza
tions, by Vale Granger.
9. Queries and discussion. The Pomona
will.be open in the afternoon. All are invit
ed to be present. Corns, Granger, to tbe
front ! OcaKrrru.
Satuixlay, iVIarcli 4t, '93
We offer the public our entire
Below actual value. We mean to
And really mean to give you back
dollar's worth of goods you buy.
ever made the people of fcoraerset
above named Goods, and this big reduction ought eurcly sell them.
Receipts and
Directors of the Poor
Somerset County, Pennsylvania,
For the Year Ending January 2d , A. D., 1S93.
J SOMERSET COUNTY, in account with the County of Somerset,
Pennsylvania, for the year ending the
To amount of sales at the poor house In 1 ''.is
somerset county fin oMer No. of
i. - " -
Carried forward
Outdoor Expenses.
Amount forwarded..
Outdoor r lief
Maintenance of children..
Inmates Ihxmont..
""St Harrlsburg..
" children ataUTn
uui aoor irxnn
medical attendance..
R. R. fare fur u. t paupera
Visitors iraTeiiRi exwnae ..-
Paid other eo'initt and telrrrain
I'lreeiorvexuens on otT.elai tMisuiessu
Juslice and Coniatte fees...
CunreyiDg O. It. laaupeni
rooR nov.sE .xpeses
IVr roods and clothinc
W beat and flour
A pp'ebuiter... ...
Hardware .
beef, baoon. bolter and sals
l oilea. tea and crackers .
SuiC.r and mri
Phut and leather
Sap and brooms..
Cixaun and , , , ,,
'l oil
Inio and medical examiner and Orrtiiies... .
Justice and Constables ft
Pmuwe, enrelupM and boa rent
printing and dvarUMng -ti-i--nr
ProHjou.i-.ry and Recorder fee..
Vini-gar, carding and weaving. .
Fertilize n and lime
la and plant
Lnm'wand br-rbt
aira aad saddlery
or and dynamite
fo- iiaira
-a(:iuand paper
labor, mecliani' al
Ra.anceoa nrw bunding
Inu tires
Meats heater-
Furniture ,
Hi-rrl ii
Live Mock
wauiDl to pour aM-;alio
Money paid on tndeniure agreements..
Uuelman fund library ...
-ioet-le -ht
Director VVe'.ler
" I(ey
" Ml.ler
Attorney and clerk. Coibwn
Phyiaeian, Caroibe
Chapiain. iaylor .. ..
Truamrer, H truer .....
Steward. Mii-er
ti.ik. Hie-
Janitor, KimiceiaDd Ryan ..
Clerk losetileineot, Sehinurker..
L To amounted estimated for expenses I lluuOOO
2. By n e-ivet fruro I entity ('mmilnner on a!ve order tl0t?7 81
i. " "of t?tiala uoexpeoded to lha credit uf said board 6'i 13
ccouxt ok c. c. MrssEUfAX doxatiox Deed Cook, Vol. C2, page 73.
I. Toamoout rjeeiTed from County rbmmt-iloneri, tnt'ion Sf aselman fund. I 30 00
'2. T- ' over pa'.d due from freneral f"d u
a. By -expended for newtpapera, etc 4i JS
1- To amount of poor bouse order JJo. 1
t. By one year's aaiary as director
L To amount of poor house order No.
S. By one year's salary as director
1. To amount of poor house order Mo. 1.
i. vet Que .
&. By one yoar salary as director..
To whom lM)d...
Joseph L. M!!!er
Jiaeph a Miller,
lavina Beraey
J. H. Milier
We, the ondentlirued Auditors of the county of 9omenet, la the Cora mon wealth of Psno-yrranfa,
doeenlfy tbat id punmaK-e of tbe 47th hli"n of the Ant, aoUi'.ed "An Act relatlDf lo eoanuaa.
tovnthipa. etc ," pawed the lSta day of Apnl. A. D-. 134. we met at the at of JaUce. la tbe cot -ty
of oiaer-t, on the 2d day of January. I -a. ar.d after betn duly sworn, did u lii. a.ljnaa1
t e tbe iwverai aeeoonts re-iufred of us by law. acreeably to the revsral Aeu of A-bly and upi4e
neuu thereto, aeeorlinc to tbe baat of our judrmeBt aad ability, and that the (dreg .og are Uua and
correct Maiemeuui of thefttllnwinraecovints. vis:
lav John (lamer. E)., Treaaurer of the Poor House and House of Employment of Somerset
C'otiuty. wilb Mid Connty of Somerset.
2d. Tbt actvinni of the C. C. Muiaelmaa daualion.
Ttie estimate aonouula.
4in The Individual accounts of the Directors of the Poor, wlUk the dsty of Sonusr.et, all for
the arK'i
Tbe laid Treasurer and tb Wreeto srere duly eo-mnned to appear before the Aorflton with
their books aad papen , and tbey did so appear aad prodatxd their books, orders, bliis, voucher and
paper. iite summons attach4..)
Id utimocy whereof wc bave bereanto set our hands aad saads thla the SOth day of January, A.
Art swt r. D. BBOCftHFH. aa.l
Uok. JCUM ft HAY. taJ
line of GOODS, consisting of
mako room for our immense lice of
This is without question the best offer
County. e have a fall line of all the
second day of January, A. I)., 1S93.
) on
larr.T m
M u-eeiman iiina.H
to ba.auce account..
11776 01
. t lirrs oi
t . T
in so
so oo
1T5 T :
44 OU
97 Vv
10 34
W 30
T1 91
1 -1 IT
l'w i
. ji:
4f 1
Sl wt
I r.
li t (
s TV
m .-'
JT 12
is; 1?
; v
J s
4 9U
X,U 1
1 X) M
41 so
X f.S
40 111
74 4b I
4- 3.
f ii r-
. 4" J.:
7 4-
I'. Vl
. 0l '
t 1W
43 )
2 n-
i !
i i tn
4.S is
20 i
C6S Si
-VI 00
ao hi
as rt
r-o on
1 OO!
40 o
iv V
; oo
lfM Of
io on
1475 OP $ 1177. 01
tUCOO U f 11U0 OU
t lilll 43
2S 00
. I 50 CO
f SO 00 I M 00
t 50 00
r. on
I SO 00 I 50 90
3 00
, 50 00
I 50 00 t
50 00
-I 00
-I I 00
-I 1 JO
I to oo
"When You Visit
Clothing, Hats Underwear, etc.
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Juiiiui iiiu rin-rn. with J..hn KyMr, ul 1k
hm t.kU!;iT. lmi.nurt, t ruLUri i .irrn arril
wuh k Ben-". txAn uf wooia mrv fa-v d
UiTn;kf; ihe 6(Uwirc nttnri heirs: Jarot-fl
Hrk-)r, ! lwni Hrbtry. an.i tiry A. Yr. of
tn-tieti. Iii-IUma, swmri itiirrma rnVd iin t iua-Mf-
K trim, now (lir-cravnt. heaving the h'UuwitK
rbitOrpn : Anlrew krim of kful rtmnir. Via
trn. tlnitr. mti nnam J nb Aie t-U-inar.
of iitrOt f-mntty, Mi-fi:iru, L.in-l.in lnu-rnua.-rU-l
with r-ait jtht-n kftm, of ail-it juit,
Ha., Peur Kri;u. ol J'h?towa, i mbn rHjQii .
P.. John H. Keim, Mry a. Ketm. Mar.ha A.
You are lr'iy ao;ihei inai iu pur.iianM ul a
Wnl of l'krtuioo littl out of itie orrhaii
Totirt of rv-m-rt r4fur:tT, Pa., ani t- m direot
e1. I will h-ii an iiiU-t oo ifte prvitiiM-s oa
the feel iate of Amlrrw Biotiii dt-c d., utiia'.v
in tvnfir.aijni iaif uwih:f. .viimiyt caiity
fa., -n MnotUj. ibe Jin rty of k'ztTirv.
when kod Ure jou can aturnd if jou thiul
.-henfTa ff-Eoe. IS MX 11 G"(D.
Janu y U, IKX J cb.r:ff.
In the m itter of the E-.at ) Tn Ihe Orphan'
of Phnip I-arr la: of l'Nirt ol pomeiMft
Jt-rftrnuo Urn dec d j 1'ouutj, Pa.
7'j ail r Vna it mny ;
VKirt? i hriy fiveiu thit t)ie ptttfon of
John Titipr A'ln.iuttribr of -:tl ii,fa-l.
wa ptwuttfoj to the t'.ri on the 'i-i imy if
Detain ('M.r A. I i"., m-.ttir.sr f-Ttb tlit he b-l
a tinai accutitii iu -i r-ia'- ul iitt
otit ail mmtevB ia his band lo the parti- l teHy
emitUri U-n L, ani ptHint lite Virl thai he
he 1;m bnfrd fim the rtutte. t hii-aoni.iliDeut
and thu he amt rti urii-i re rvlt -l, and t&at
an onier Utt hi filial d-i harre i;t akl lor
at an orphans' 'nnrt. m be h;1 t srtnerel, ou
the-Tlh day of hrtarv A. f.
By the Court,
tier it.
l-iarj A- W.rick, . ) In the roust rf Comrivm
t. PlrM f NMar-t o. Pa.
Israel Wirick. So. Jr .vpc. T. No, Ai
3uptrna and AUa sutp.pna in Iiron.)
wijW Wu-fk, th Rrymiriit .'rr '''' ;
You are her by notlied to and appear at tha
Beit rotirt oi ('omnMn ! !- for ymerei ounty
to tje bid afWtmrnei ou Um Ith Mpda; in Feb.
.rt, '. Tlb day to anwera eiMnptiut of Mary A.
Wirtr. your wire tiepiUMt.it atjre uamd aul
how rt--. If any jm bmve. why yHir said wi'v
hou!d nrf be dlron-ed from the birfj.l matri
motiy entered Into with yt aicrt-a r j to ihf
orayrr of her t-tit.on and libel exhibited aajat
you hef re ad f ours.
iiher!irir.ie. ISAIAH GilK
&omeie, Ktb y 1, ifjft J i-beriT.
hma-l J. Baer) In the Court of Common Pleaa
til - pi aoinrrwi ia ra. , -o. i-v.
liafinah Baer. aep. T. No. VCt iw. T. V-.
(4abprn and Aha ubpn-na ia Llorc
T U'lnnnA Burr, tbt ljsLtimt cVt mimet :
Ton are hereby notified to be and appear at the
eiHirt of f'onjtn -r Plea f-r 'en-et on my
b be held at Vmf rxt o ine I b Monday in Feb
ruary, $.t ' Tlh dayv, to anrr a oni nut of
Ihmal J. Ber.yHir Imind. tne paint;tT above
named, ami bow ra if any you hare, why
your a;d bnbnd n-Mtld n-l be divor1 fmtu
inehuo'laof malrtm4 y rPt red tiilo lib you.
areably U the pa; er of 1 i pwima aud uUe
CJthlbited toi K vou brlure -a-1 urt.
e-WTifforb-e. liilAH triXiD.
Somenet, fab y L, l-3-1 Hberiff.
vaLt of Cathaiine 4eehler. tVr'ti.. late of Mi!
f rd Tow iwh i p.
Letter- of atiminitratwin on the a Sore aatate
haTliur to a Bruited to the undenirtei by tbe
proprr autrtorltT, aotk- m brrvty giTen to ail
pertxi lrwlttruri to at l wtal Ui mm 4 lmn-ll
ate payment, and tbtaaa bavu;c ciim amnt
toe nine w Ul present them duly a'iib-nticaid
aettle-at-Mit on Mturday, Ma.ch , at lLa
bot-Me of tue mXtLUuiurmxtyr.
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nuii.ber of other j ttMy wwl. It will du
any one jrottl t ;ee what tbe market con
tains of rn,'J thinr and our !aew U the
best market for tl.rj or expensive irooda
in Johnstown or for many miles around.
-7,Te1 T-i manna mm
.l-uv.l MHltM WJ.
Corner . V iii Jc (UiU-jh iitrrt.
Silks, Surah Silk, Velvet and Velveteens
Outicg Cloth, Canton Cloth, Chintzes
line of Domestics. We trantee all oar
Furniture Stsrs.
IIS Washington Street, Johnstown
Stock of Drv Goods. Ladies's and
Latest Styles and Lowest Prices.
Has ever 5127 cf assets 13
secure every SiOO c) Liabilities.
Renewable Term Plan.
531 Wood st. Pittsburgh,
I'arkcr Y. K it-am; I
n ihe f rRmrrw-i
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r.nfxa L. VITalN-r an I . No. epr. T.
ja:i.h.- a. VwiiKr. ' Parti.iiin wket I
by irtue irfnu ord- r i..-: out ol thi ( ourt of
i miifia PU-a of -notrr-M-t O.ni-iy. in the abovw
tw;-l (. lo rtw iirvie.. I wit i otf r t r-aie by
pu-i:c iMili-iy, nt i:io to. it iiowe IU vilieiscl
borot.-iti, en
FRIDAY, Ft:r, Y 21,
at 1 o'c! k p. HL.the (..!(. r.? dc(i:irt real
otate. to wti .
All tnnt vruiiii :ra t of Un ! ituat in i
Tow rhtp. ?..Trr--t t'oiiiiiy. Pa., -oi.taitni.i to
hundrv! and nioet tn .tv l-mc pn of a
tiaa-t of Un i wrr:: ! tn'tie name iept
M vhtr, a!j ini iji luii-U i f W. s.-y Hun.brTt.
Frj!truk HiOitncr. a.d thfiv w:tn twodwitl
lng iiu-s and .ati-!i then-ou cm-red.
n-tSid on th-i 1-t diyof Aj'il. 1 .; : ocr
Ituri oit liw ll iiT of Apru. Ir. al one third
ou the -tdy ot Vpru i,r ... w.th tineret ou tha
l-t ti ryiiMn inn of Apu. to b
keirl H ) -id mi -nt l nd. T- o p r -ni xj( pur
eha e mout-y m t if p-iO on day i aite.
riieru ! tCi- e. t la.vl U
f!K'rt, b y 1, H'j3 i bhtriT.
,-(cile of Jul'a BiaiiH. la! of irmahocinf
iowubip, nmu' r-rt Miut . 1 , lec
I'U-r A l;ni!.i irt at ion on ile Uie etata
having Urn a-iu.ial to Uie urntrrMKnrd by it
p.;-r at.W:.ji.ty, im.i - rrrty Kivta to a.l
perM'ty ind tUrd u Mail ctate U mn inime.!
ntv mtw and u UMi'K ria:cii hiait
the Nunc pr. --nt T'u ni ou.y tnUifitiH tuU
fr u-tne t o-i -a urdar, M-twa U, at tba
late lest truce f dece..!.
ksuite of A!. ram II. Kut.lnar., late of Bakera-
iiV. J nm lv . ""-'iii'-r--i :i."T, t-a.
Lrtirnt vt Ad.iumtr.ii on the aif.ve wtatw
having te 3 KraiiU l U Ultr Ui;K r-: t n d by Lb
pnjrr adtnori y. liol.re :. hr by K rn lo a.l
prrotiJ iirirbu-t to said ctaie lo make immeoi
atv pyir triii aud tf. bavin.- e aitm afa nt lha
Munr ut prn-rtit titfta duiy an 0utif at d h
ettl n-eiit, oil r biore Saturday, the llih d J of
Man-h, Hu, at ibe '' rtid-n'e ol dr'd.
oAMlfc-L Jf. t tii Kt'LIN C,
A ituinruaior.
YDMiyis-rR-lTok's NOTICE.
ttate of Sinj- n A Lhm.rr, la:e f PnrfherhTalley
lap, smurt 1 1 o . I t, otM vmcU.
Letter, of atiru:nc-trii o on the ai-'-e ettata
kaviuic bet n i;raiutJ t uv uiiinitnrl by tnw
pnper autnortty. iue i hervoy ivrn to a.1
rrnnt tndrtirI lo i I -ia;e lo niatte iom.i
ate paurijt, aid baTin eiaiu aaa.mt
lue ri.v aitt pramul li.eui do y a4ithtnt h iW1
f.rtltmt tit on aK.tday. (he 1Kb day uf Marrb
l"Htl, at Ute late riorfci-- f 'Itw-tv-i"!.
tUuate of Peter P. B&ker. late of Blat-k towoabfp.
suuier-tloouoiy, Pa.,d.cd.
Letter of Administration oa thm entata having
Dura ((ranted u uu-hrrsiKTrd by lha prpr
aoi.iufity. notit-e i hereoy Kvrn U ail pentuna
liidrbtetl to iid eiatc tu maae lrnn;-d.aie pay
nieut, ai.d intre bavin rUiuin avaibM lha ruua
will pr-etil u.eiu amy antoruiii id for etlli -Dil
on or beUKe Siur'lty. 1 1 b. -th- IsKl, at
Hit iala reaidvuee ol do- '1 , in ?ald towutbip.
lifc.Nit. ti. fcUhL,
Iu Srh Racnr . intrmrrie with Martin B-
c . rrfliuc i kf afiu-. i:mli i-ouuiv. 1'-,
felitn lUf. rtiilii( ml ';. C uubfll otly,
I : t c ink riti-T Hr l I. n.ta m
!nu. f Liouifn. i:ir.tn runt y. la., ul
I titt rrt-uijti at J..htr. iaoibna
tt.iui, I'm.
V-rti mi bcrt-Ny im.I ftfl thl in pirKjn of a
Writ u( i'.iuucu i.i4r out v( ib pnj'
l iiurt o( -ooM-r-rl t.tiiiy. p. -ntl to no lirn
1 ul botd an !ii.ju-ft ua le irrm i, a
M.t rel r.Ui le at KLl ip t. ."-, Hrr ut
tji in rul Uwa-rlt. .i,awrpt wn r fm. vn
lburlT '.uei-1 y K'niuiri. 1m:, hrd
tnl .nrr tnauniU'aJ UT ya ib;ua inpr.
HumruT o, i la 1 - d tr 'U.
jduj7 11, V3. (Iwif. -

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