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The Somerset Herald.
KUWARIi KCl'LL, Editor and Proprietor.
v .
FEB. 'JO, lS3i
The bill making the minimum
K'ho'tl term seven months has beou dis.
feittotl in the Senate.
Tiik Burlimrton Hairk-Eye nugrests
that the it tliat has formal lietween
Mr. Ckwluihl ami his party Ls thick
enough for skatinir.
The Ix'trishiture adjourned on Friday
last until Monday, the 2"th inst It
wouldn't do, you know, to deprive "the
hoys'' of their right to vote at the
spring elections.
Never N fore, within the knowledge
of man, did the snow cover sa large a
ftretch of country. The wise oliserv
ers say it means immense t-rojis for the
coming summer.
The IH-ui-M-rats in the present CVm
pres. started in coek-a-whoop to fight
"protection, to American industry,"
and the sossion ends with a Kilkenny
, f'zil anions then 'selves.
I'yri.K Sm yet owns 2.o00,0u0
sq'iare miles of unoccupied land, an
sir-.i aim t.-t as large as all KurojH', ex
clusling Ii'js-iia. When it is all settled
up what a country we will have !
The cold snap has carried death to
tintuM millions of hugs and tree-destroying
insects and we v.i;ht to haw
:m aii;ii.!a!!t fruit crop. So there: is
hope of comfR'iisation for the pr.'setit
hitter weather and mountainous
now ,
Lincoln's birthday ( Feb'y Uth)
was si.ijfidily cedcbraUsl !i Tuesday of
last week in a large number of cities
throughout the cumtry. There is ap
parently a growitig st-tiiiment to adopt
the suggestion of Il uiiiib-il Hamlin to
make the dav a National liolidav.
Whex fj.ieen " Lill' was miming
thing in Hawaii, she proposed to cut
ofr tiie head of President I..le for
high treason. Now .-he is on trial for
the same crime and nothing hut the
clemency of President IKde will keep
her woollv head on her shoulders.
Uxij:k a Kepubiican administration
aula protective tariff, there was no
trojii'e to liorrow millions and to make
millions. Under a "tariff reform" ad
min ist ration, we are paying extortion
ate rates for money t the bankers of
Kurope and our people are starving for
want of employment.
The country was assured that the
'reform tariff" was to ojnn up the
markets of the world to American
farmers and manufacturers. Ask the
wheat growers, the cotton planters, the
sheep raisers, the cattle men or the
manufacturers, what they think of
their new and world-wide markets !
T:ik Deni'KTatie mem! tens of tlu
Finance Committer of the I". S.. Senate
have agreed to report a bill in favor of
the unrestricted coinage of silver.
This is a mere piece of bravado. There
is no more prosjiect of such a bill pass
ing this Congress than there is that
trover Cleveland will resign his posi
tion as 1'resideiit.
Foi: thirty years, when this goverti
in"nt was under Itcpublican rule, it
borrowed many millions of dollars,
dictating its terms to the bankers of
the world, ami reducing its rate of in
terest as it saw fit, but last week the
President negotiated a loan of .ii.-!,tKt t,
o i t w ith the Kothchilds and IJelmonts
of Kngland, and they dictated the
terms. A more shameful bargain was
never made. 1'xactly the same kind
of bonds word for word two years ago
c tuld have Ikvii jibKd at '2 jn-r ci-nt.
which were last week placed at jkt
These fM;2,iiojK) of 4 p:r cctiL bonds
were siil.l the F.nglis!i tankers at lull,
and they have since levn bid for them
11.".'.; tuus this imlKs ile Administration
allow s the foreign tmrmorants a prolit
of nearly f;i,t:i.i,ii:t: on the transaction.
This was a private transaction made
by Mr. Cleveland and his Secretary of
t!ie Treasury, without giving our ow n
bankers or anv one el
se a chiinee to
"oniiet. for tlie loan. And moreovor
on the alay this nejroliatioii wits eon
suillllialed 4 jHT -cnt- Imtlals of a for
mer and similar issue an.l falling due
in l: 7 were selling in New Yark at
HI'. A H -ieil.lican I'nsidetit. with a
D.'tn wTatic ("oiisrress in n iwer would 1
ii? sJiiimarilv iiiir., i-'.e 1 for .m.-I. n
tratis-.tctiou. Ain't the p.-a.pl of the j
c i-.tsury p aying dear'v for their w his- i
.. ... : ..........
ne. u i-.si, n:u sna-y WaKllil nave it. 1
A Democratic Editor's Opinion of Cleveland
The Washington correspondent of a
Texas Iemocrati paper has received a
"roast" from his editor, for having saial a
pood word for 4 'Ieveiand's intentions.
Following are two extracts from this
editor's letter: "We d.t not liclievea word
of the stated alasire f Cleveland to serve
the ls4 interacts of the country; alo
not N-liexe that the ablest financiers are
in acaurd with him ; ala na.t ls-lieve that he
has a right to draft bills fair Congress to
enaa-t. and alo nait iK'lieve he is a patriot."
"We think the silmiiiistra
tion je.st alioiit as rotten as anything in
tli3 last lialf century.
KcKinler and Eevcnce.
4;aivenirMi'Kinley siake at the din
n T if the Cliamlier of Commen'e aif
It K-lu-ster, X. v.n the fiiiaiia-ial
Hiawtia.iL Ib ferring to the faa t that the
gaivi-nimcnt is nit receiving sullieient
revenue to pay its running exiH-uses, and
that iLs crealit is threaleneal, he saial:
"Whatever alilTerem-e we may have had,
we must all agree now that the situation
is one that requires the highest !-ag:ia'ity
in statesmanship and the broadest patri
otism in citizenship. Ix't us, first of all,
kas-p without stain, anal above all with
oat H-.ispicion, the crealit of our country.
Ix't us proviaie somehow and in some
sensible, praticl way for the collection
of eni ugh money annaially to pay all our
correal expenses, interest on the public
da'bt, iension to soldiers, and every other
povernmental obligation. Until that is
alone, if we have to lxirrow money, that
should I alone, anal the sooner the Inci
ter, but this will lie only a temiiorary
cure and provision. That must 1 sup-pleina-nteal
by legislation that will raise
in taxes anal tariffs a steady income, full
and ample, for every government lieoal.
The way to stip la Kins is ta stop defia-ien-cia's.
The reserve is sure to lie drained if
you cut off the supply. I agree wilh tha
President that a "prealia-anient" confront
lis, aud I am sure there is wisdom and
palriotisni ample in the country to re
lieve ourselves from that predicament or
auy other, and to place us ones more at
Iheboad of the .ua'iontt of the world i.i j
c.-eJit, proaJui-tiaia and prarspaiity.''
- i
Ha&Uag'i First Veto.
;.vernor Ilastintr has justified the
prophecy made ly his friends that lie
will not permit the useless mult iplyinjc
of offices, especially Judg, in the State.
Saturday Acmoon he filed in the State
Department the Legislature not lieinf
in uession his veto of the hill giving
Washington county an additional Law
The controlling question, he says, was
whether or not a necessity existed for
such an additional Judge, lie suc.-ev.letl
in fnvuriiiff data hy which he shows that
only 137 ciws were put at issue in ls".4.
The iiumlier of cases tried hy Judge and
jury was only 71. All the cases at issue
for February, lHtfi, were put down for tri
al, and a term of four weeks given in
which to try them.
iovernor Hastings decided that one
Judge has kept up ith l.iisini-ss there
very well, and if a second Judge were
put tiKiii the N-iieh he would have an ea
sy task to lerforin. Furthermore, he
says, and in paying so he knocks in the
head the hopes of those who have hills
creating new judgeship in course of pas
sage through the Legislature, that he has
a right to assume that there will lie a new
judicial apportionment, and it will ob
serve a prudent regard for the public
needs. The message is regarded as a
slap at the legislators who are running
riot w ith schemes for all kinds of new
otlb-es, and to create places for chronic
Trying to Oast a Judge.
Franklin, Pa., Feb. it',. Judge Charels
K. Taylor, under indictment for attempt
ing to kill Deputy SheritT Shoemaker,
will le impeached if the Venango County
lawyers can do it. The legislature will
Ite tietitioned to investigate the Judge's
' , . f "
reior.l, ami to pass judgment tiaii the
charges brought against him.
The committee of the Venango County
bar appointed to investigate the charges
against Judge Taylor to-day made their
rejHrt at a meeting of the R;ir Associa
tion. The testimony taken liefore the
committee went to show that Judge
Taylor is and has Ireen for some time,
inmpacitatcd for the duties of his ollice,
and that his conduct h:is leen immoral,
arbitrary, vindictive and subversive of
justii e. It is alsa averred that during
the trial of raises Judge Taylor had used
vulgar and in;lec;-nt language.
The lawyers s:iy liie Judge has a..a-:i!y
..i -:..i:. 1 :......r.....,.l
siiifw ii ii.ti iiaiio .out a.it ei . i a. w nil
, ., ,
trials : ami that he has been guillv of
.' ., . ... .
mioxieation. hilum nig th:stlieconm:it-
ice submitted a memorial to the Iegis-
lature asking, on behalf of the bar of
r..t...l..C...nli. !..0 o ...ti.n.iilin.-) K..
appoiiitiKl to come to this county and i
investi?tte these charges. ;
Tiie friends of Judge Taylor fought
vigorously against the adoption of the
report on the ground that he is under
indictment for attempting to kill Deputy
Sheriir S'noemaker and it would preju
dice the case, but it was adopted by a
voteoflMo I X
Hydrophobia'! Tictiats.
t, ... r... i.-i. ii i .... ,i .
I.ksc in Indiana countv this week and ,
. ..lu.N.,nI.i-i!..lirfR.
so"iu hydrophobia victims. The dog attack
ed a giKse lielonging to Mrs. Harvey UIxt
;,f Outer township : a eiiii.l, a e.w, a culf
jnd a vahial.le 1, .rse l-emn-ring to P.ist-
master Lewis of Tannery, and a lot of
tiisrs l-loii''!!'.!' to Jaeoli Shank ofCrnter
townshin. ISoth thrt mare and ew U-
lono-i.iLMo Mr. Lewis, having sliown no-
ii. iwt -i lr mI.Ii fciiiriw r.t' li n! roriln .iti-i lii'A
ln-en lot to di atli with imileis. Theeow,
previams ta iH'injr shot, pawed, homed
ainl lK-lIoweal savagely at everything iii
sight. Mr. Shank has ln-en fonvd to kill
seven of the pif?s whieh contracted the
torrihle disease. The child af M r. I.eu is
hii'h was attacked )y the aloj has shown
noetl'eetsof the liite as yet. The is
deaal, haviin; Ikii killed hy a kia-k from
the horse wiiia-h it UickUJ and which, as
ulwive staled, was hot.
Hope Crushed tc Earth
Will rise again in the Uisom of a dyspep
tic wise enough to substitute for the
psa'inlotainia-s, which have bam'.ioozled
him out of his lielief in the iossiiiilit' -f
cure, the real invigoraiit and stomachic,
Hosta-tter's St imaeh r.itters. The bilious,
the nerva-.iis. the alysjept! the rheumat
ic alike derive speedy Iienciit from tljis
helpful lotania' ina-alicino. Persons si;;'
ferinji from iin'ijiestion will aiii 11 : jios
itive permanent from the fiery, u;i-
niasliitited stimulants of commerce, t
often usasl reektcsslv. The loiters is im-
llt-.l.stii :ti 11 , aai ia- 1 i-u-rrtl 11 iii.-se SIS
, . . .....
aa.iiia-. suta-a us pure oasis is iitiHlloa'ti iy
the a-onjiiin tioii with it af vegetable iu-(jraslu-nt.s
of the higiiasit remedial cxcel
lenae. Malaria is prevented and remr
alieal by it, and it infuses vigor into the
weak and sia kly. A wiiieglassful thra-e
times a dav is the average tiose.
Saved by His Brother.
Nkw YailiK, I'eb. IT. The S-m pub-lisln-s
the folio'.v ing under a London
alaie: A ihriiiing story of Icnn.ni hero
ism at sea, w hia-h gan-s far to otl'sa't some i
of the reports regarding the brss of the j
Llls', eaiiins from Schleswig H-ilb-iri. j
One stairmy niornitig last v. eek a iisiiiug j
vi lage was awakened by a gaie-hot .f i
the-.ast. llast.iiing to ih.- iM-tcli. the 1
ims ; ue s;.v
a ship ra'ckcd on a reef a i
milea-A-iV. The ,-iew v.eie in the n--
Ring. A iifa-lKiat was run a.ut, but liar-
ra.w.lhel.-a.l.'rof the crew. as a'isenu
F.ii'iit men rowe.l t tliewras-k. Tlie i
crew were got into the lifeboat, with the
ev-r;.tio:i of one. wh was lash.vi high 1
up ..n a ma ;L lie was haif-froo n, an.! !
:is i ac so: iii w as tiia-ri-asi:. aim iiias
bs I ovi : ioaibsi it was alci-M.'d tlu.t he
Ih taken oil. iien tiie li!a -
b at i-.-tanied to the shore Harrow had
r.riiva-d. He asked whether everyone
ha I ba . ii s-.vr-al and was taiid that a.ri? ra--l.'.ainavL
''I w ill fetch him," said Har
row ; "will yam g with me?'
The men refused, an.l I'arrew sprang
into the lifelmat. At this i-iomeiit Lis
mother came runidi.g down and Irf-ggas!
him na.-t to venture out. renibubng him
that lth his father anal his brother I'we
had Isimi drowned. I'we was his young
est brother, anal as he had not br-c-n heard
frami fur years he was supjiasjasi to be
l.ad. Harrow and four other men final
ly wt out fair the wreck. The life! mat
reacha-al it, anal Harrow a liinU-iI the mast
and brought the half-frozen man li.ovn
He'was laid in the Irttmii of the lioat,
and Harrow licnt over him and remaitical
so until the Iniat was sa near the shore
thai his voice couhl Ih; ha-ariL Then he
wav.sl his cap ami siioutiNl : 1VI1 my
mother we have saved I'we.''
Practically a Life Sentence.
Thkxton, X. J., Feb. 17. When a man
is Hentenaeal to the penitenti-iry in New
Jersa-y the law rapiiroa that he must
pay the Suite for his keep during his
imprisonment, and under the cmtrai-t
system in vogue a prisoner ran scarce
ly make enough to pay for his fooal
I n ines 1. Holmes was sontenr-ed in
June, lss4. ta) 10 years for im-emliaris'ii
at lUxl Hank, and, w ith the eoiiimutatiaiii
for gooal liehaviair, his term expired three
anl a half yrs a;a. P.ut he a-annot etirn
en;igh ta pay for his sustenance and the
fine of .I,l also imposed iipam him, and
Hiiltsis the t'ovcriiair sets him free he l ids
Our to sjieiid the remainder of his life be
hind the bars.
Printiss; Tress on a War Field.
The latent ialt-a if the Eir.perair Wil
liam is rejiorteal tobetheconstniclia.nof a
printing press fair servia-e in the da-Id, He
ba-s, it is slated, had a carriage c;mstrua't
eJ in w hich a little priming room is ar
r.mgisl so that in a campaign he w ill be
able to have his orders proclamations
etc-, printed fair aiistributiou. I'p to tho
prtasent, he has always leen aca-omiianifsl
by a carriage containing a table, on
I w hich his sea-relarie eopied his orders.
His Imperial Majesty will, it is tai.l.
iiikc use of the new field printing press
at the jreat maueuveri this aut-.iui.L . . .
Harriibnrg Letter.
llAmtisiiriKi, Pa., FcK 17,
Too new judicial apportionment bill
haslieeu reported. Montour eu:ity is
acldi-1 to Northumberland. Westmore
land is made the Tenth district and given
an additional law judge. Clarion county
is attached to Jefferson, and under this
bill will le given an additional judge un
til the next election, when the people of
the district will elect one presiding judge.
Union and Snyder counties will consti
tute the Twentieth district, Milllin county
being aiMcal to Huntingdon to form the
Forty-ninth district. Schuylkill untnty
get an orphans' court judge iu addition
to the three common pleas judges it now
has. Cameron is taken from Clinton and
Flk counties and placed w ith MeKean
and Potter i-ounties. Washington county
gets an additional law judge, as does also
liejaware county. Wayne is attached to
Susquehanna county, anil Centre county
is made a separate district. To Columbia
are added Wyoming and Sullivan coun
ties. The reapportionment reduces tha
number of distri-ts from fifty-two to
filly. The people of Klk and Clinton
counties are vigorously opposing the sep
aration of Cameron county from their
district, but the Cameron people desire
the change and will likely carry their
The House Committee on Education
has rcMrted a bill changing the method
of granting certificates to teachers. In
stead of permitting the teachers' insti
tutes to select the committee, as is now
d ne, the bill provides that the county
superintendent and two teachers, with
two others to le selected by the State Su
perintendent, shall constitute the board
cf examiners.
ltepn-sentative Miller, of Somerset
...iTiiti- uti.l o i.u-i;il..r a.f tlto llr-iiiariv
I , "', .. .. .. - ,
has, at the earnest solicitation of a largo
numltcrof his constituents, prepared a
bill providing for the payment of a lsiiin
ty for the destruction of wildcats, foxes
minks and certain species of haw ks and
ow Is.
, The investigations of naturalists show
conclusively that all the spe-ies of ani
snals of Kith the feathr-reil and furred
kinds mentioned in the bill, which were
presumed to the legislature last week
by .Air. Miller, are destructive to poultry,
panic and various varieties of small w ild
There w ill ni;ist likely 1e ciisiilcral.li
opposition to this bill from especially
such counties as Chester, Delaware,
, . , , ... ... . e
I Moii!-omcrv and Washington, vhcre fox
. " . , , ,, , ,.
I h.mtmg is cxteiisivelv followed as a Ui-
The Marshall bill ropcalmtr the law of
j , . .. . . , .
1 --el tirj.i-.Mif t llie eitlisot 1.1:11 ion of lillC
I 1 ' '
line compani.-s c:;nie up for third reading
aiid was strong! v oppose ! and defended
: by a numiicr of Hepresentativt-s from the
oil regions. IJepre.-en'.utivc D- Doiith
i ett, of P.utler county, m-ide a i;;rti -u!ar-!
ly able a. l lress against its passiigc. The
1 bill pa-si.,1 itia:Iy by a vote of il- to u
!t now gihsi to t!:e Semite.
I The i'orcstry Tire Warden bill jiasse,
I :!i.- !l,iise 'in.iiiv iiflcr a protracted and
vigorous opp-itioii by a vote of Vi to 111.
A largo minilH-r of petitions from farm
! ers alio rangers m liiierent sections ot
i the State, against the repeal of the ol.-o
I margarine law of li have been pre-
sented in the House.
:i this sulijea-t a llarrislmrg trra-
! P1 t of the l'ittslmrK h.ttch says:
! " Tnl-'ss a ,N.:nliination is formed ..f the
j Vhihx 'Ml Alle-h.-ny county alele-
ratioiisaud the members from tlie towns
"'' , tht :""!!t to secure inoro
r. as.wiai.ie e..s.. tc-is.auoii m prove m
I til a , 1 ...:. e .
i til.
l tie i .rangers ia a man are oppasei
to any hill that will afford relief, and a n
this Ktihjeet they wiil stick like leis-hes
Tin y may ajiiarrijl alv.iit fence and the
iira.ta'ctioii aif f.irests lmt am ailiM. thev
will unite."
Tlie ii-i:st"es of the Memorial H.ispita
at Joimsiowii h.r. ir.g asked for a Stata
;'.j.;rojiri:ilioii of H fr the pnr;sse a
as;s,i!i in the erection aif a pest-hone
f. ir palia-ntsndecteal witli a-ontaiims ali:
avises, a uii-e niiii!tleo af tlie State Ap-
propi iaii n ('am!iiillct?,couipost?al of Jfoi
II. F. Jama's, of Franklin; i. M. Ander
son, M. !., of Washinon, and ". C
Smiih, of livaTa-tt, left this -ity on Fast
Line for Johnstown on Friday t. iniuire
into the merits of tho roaiuest. The
whole ; ;im. n;nt reatuireal to purchase the
rrotind anal have the leiildin erecie,! is
sio.o.n, $-"i,o .1 tif whia-h the lo-al physi
eians will try to raise iiy suliseripiioii.
In view aif the laa laMe oljwt f r
which tlie :iJove amount is asked and the
fai-1 that onedi.iif of tiiesnm reajuind
will Ih- rai-isl l.y suliserijiiion, the Ixjs-
latiire should nail hesitate to mike this
itoir.mri:il f.iwin if i.tlir.r ravnitsU
.11, lit .1 .1 r I
1 shainld have to le cut down or refused.
The bill to establish a IVpartiiient of
Agricii!;iira', iiitrnd-.n-ea! by Mr. Moore, of
Hradf.rd. passed finally by a vote if 1V
to L Tii'-re is little al :ibt but that it will
receive the approval of the Governor,
v. ho reeomiiiendeal in his inaugural ad
a tress !egis;it!an in the line whia-h this
bill providas for.
The last invitations have ln-en sent out
fir the reception lo be jriven by Governor
ana! Mr.-. Hasting; at the ese'i.t:ve man
sion on Tie.'' lay evening, February titt,
that being the governor's birthday. In
vitations Ii s". e been extended to ni.-mbers
of ingress and jtidgis of Pennsylvania,
governor's staff, major general anal staff,
ortS'KUer ga-nerals ami stall, ami many
p's:plea;f llanisburg. The atlair prom-
ies to ba the greatest siM-ial event Harris
barg has had in many years, s.i r i.,,,,
I' -rs -ns liaviti t "en invitaMi. 1 ne entire
ex.s utive iiian-;..n will l,e thrown open
"r .in S t 1 1 o'.-h.ck and r. frishiueiits wi-1
ft. 1 . . 'I .... f i 1 j
s ' l- 1 'ii'iarj jm.-:i
b-r has charge a. f the aiTaiig.-i;n-iits aial
j a-iietu-asl in sua ii work, has
j cveryll.iiiir well under way
He h;s j
range.! with t.-ie railroad coirpato-.-s lo
have spea-ial eai-s attaa hed to ail trains Hi
ro;:te to Ha: ri-burg from all parts of the
St :le. This is a feature v. hich will l,a ap
preciated by out-of-town gnots, the
commo-laii. n having not Ins.-n provided
The s;aie is ;.ked by institutions in the
. i; iriity Pittsburg for appropriations
as follows: Hoiuieaipathia; H-ispifal
S jtl.o; Wc.-t Peiin Hospital. sir,()i!(l
Wasta-rn Pennsylvania Institution for the
Hiiiid. f .'': Allegheny l ianera! Haispi
tal. A,",rri!'; We.-tern Penitentiary, f l'm,
H.U; Chil ba n's Aid S.s-i.-ty, .!.-.,u n Ii-
aiii's'i;. A. 1. Home. Kilg.-.vaal
lia-af and Ii.mb Institute, tfl.Vl.o'Si; Mor-
gatizn Ib form S.-!io;;l. $U'.l,lsK).
The oh! soldiers of tiie Legislature and
departments have formed a permanent
org-m:7-i!ion with Senator fJoi.iii as Pres
ident: l!ep resell tat ives W. F. Stewart, of
Phi!....'., lphia, nnd W. F. Moore, of Ches
ter, Via-e Presidents ; X. Se-inor, of Indi
ana. Secretary ; J. M. McKlroy, of Ma
Kcaii, Assistant Secretary, ami John
Harner, of Harrisbur;, Messenger.
The bill to nxmire -oiis!a!iies to innke
ret.irns to the court only when than' have
via'lations af the law io report posed tiie
Senate. The pu-Ks. (1f this bill is to
save a-.i-.t-a t i the var'ous c ninlii and to
dea rciise the fea'.s of constables.
The concurrent rasailutiani that when
the House siijisirns on tho jt shall
adj. nun until February ilih, was con
curred in ; and a resolution was adopteal
making the iialjournmeni of the Senate to
the same time-
Tictares By Telegraph.
TU'M'Ttt. Minn., Feb. 17. W. W. Iwal,
train dispatcher of the Xorthern Paa'itic
Pa-lroad, y.-sta-rday gave a successful ex
hibition of his invcntia.il for transmitting
pictures by telegrapli. The Ust was
made iu the presetic of a nnmlier of rail
road olli-ials ne of the pia-tures sent
over the wire was that of a boy, anal the
rei-roaluctiaiii was exaa-t.
Later alevelopments showed the faint
est details mii if traiismitte 1, even to the
shading of the fi-at.ires of a jierson, a
smile air a se ns 1. A cut was sent over
the w ire showing the Mllision ls-tween
the Kibe and the Cralhie.
Mr. L i'.val now has his aleviee in tho
Patent Oilia-e, an 1 until the patent is se
cure 1 he aloes uait intend to explain tho
method of his invention.
Farm Anixili.
The statistical bureau of the department
of agriculture has Issued a bulletin show
ing the nuniiicisi and prices of farm
In value horses have declined 21.1 per
cent ; mules, 2:1.5 ier cent; milch cow
have increased alxsit I per cent ; oxen
and other cattle have lost in value -1.1 per
cent; sheep have declined per cent,
and sw ine, 1(L! per cent.
The decline in the farm prices of horses
is general throughout the country. The
exceptions are to be found in the mountain
and Pacific states and Massachusetts.
The range of horses is from ?I'i.IS Mr
head in Utah to$7L13 in Massachusetts.
The average value of milch cows has
increased from ftll.77 in lstit to fc.M.!i7 for
this year.
The average vhIiics per capita of ani
mals, as estimate.!, areas follows: Horse,
S'i.2t; mules, JM7..V5; milch cows f-l.!7 ;
oxen and other cattle, ?U.(io; fdiecp, J1..V;
hogs, ?t.i7.
The aggregate numbers and value of
animals are as follows : Horses, numlier,
l.Sti.''s:tlS, value, S.".7i5,7au,.Vs. ; mules, nuin
lier, 2.SJI.10S, value, cllO,!C7,Ml ; milch
cows, iiuiiiIkt, l(5,.VH,iyft, value Oi2,kU,
7i; oxen n!id other cattle numiicr, .tl,
d,i:ii, value, Ki!!0,12": sheep, numler,
42,id,iH, value, ?-i;,is."i,7ti7 ; swine, num
ber, 44.1iw,71i, value, ?2I!i.."nI,27.
Total value of live sUs-k on firms is
fl,sl'.,44v ; a decrease of $.i.".l,:t70,S
from the total value of !!.
Perfpnally-Coaducted Tonr via Feaniylva
cia Eailroid.
To the large numlier of people who fiel
the need of a iiii.hvinter as well as a mid
summer holiday, the Pennsylvania Itail
rtad Company's persi!ially-cnductl
tours to Florida espei-ially coinmeml
themselves; the excursion rates leing
most literal and the style of travel first
class in every particular.
The next of the scries of Jacksonville
tours, allowing two weeks' stay in Flori
da, will leave New York and Philadel
phia on February '." and others will
leave on March 12 and 2ii. The rate, in
cluding transportation, meals cii rV,
and Pullman Isrth on special train is
$'' from New Nork, and f Ktm from
Philadelphia; proportionate rates from
other points.
For further information apply to Ticket
Agents, or address Tourist Agent, ll!ti
lhvadwny. New York, or Kooin -ill,
Broad Street St.ition, Philadelphia, to
whom application for space should also be
Bat Stampedes Worshipers.
Nan: i:i stow n, Ta., le!i, 11. A l.irire
iDtira-itieii in S:i!v:'.tlou Army H;;ll, j
lait ni'ht, was s!:it.ij.e;leil in the midst of j
prayer '" an irra lioiis m!. T:ie wor- i
shiier were knee!in; when the iiui:isi- j
. I....1 -11.;. o-.I.I . . oinillt:'! I r.l HI i-oiii-ri-i i-iiiiiii.
me r w.iu ;ia.iiin-r..i..iu io ne ni.-iuie
of the tiiHir. omen who were i lose
enough to see the little beast aj'.iic kly
jumped upon their seats, while one less
alcvoiit maiden crioal "rats:" Tliat start Ovl
the st-unpe-.le. Tio; prayer enda-al al
rnptly, and instantly every skirted ier
son present moiinteda scat in terror.
Tiie soldiers of the sterner sex lieg-in a
eh se. Tlui ml w.u too much for them
and esaiiped. Hiiring the remainder of
the servii-e many of the gentier si x dis-cre-tly
sat upon the iH-nehisa with thiir
fea-t tuggeal snugly lenealh tie in.
Itims of Interest.
In S.-huj ikill County 'Xt't liipior licenses
w t-re grantid, an iner'.ise of is aiver last
Senator Vihts pnj sei t t b.iy iasta!
c.u-s, as the tioveriiineiit lays aiinually
in rental double their actual cist.
Theirand Jury of Westimireland Caiun-
ty recommended the buildhij; of a n.'v
Cai'.irt House at fireensliurg, in its report
ui ide to the court on Monday.
Tlie U:publie.j.:i managers of o in, 1!. late
Warwick's e.impaign for nciyor of Phil
adelphia, claim that ha will defeat ex
(Ijvernor Pattison by .'J-l.Oi.J snajority.
Seventy young menofllras-nsburg have
sent a petition to liov. Hasiings to be
permitted t. or.inizs a cavalry trio:. to
be named the Coulter Troop, in honor of
Jen. Kichar.l Coulter.
(Jener.il James Neil I5jthnn. a alis
tiuguishisl f Jeairgiiin, wh- was the ow ner
and for many years the manager aif
"lilind Tom," the famous negn pianist,
alied at his son's reid:iie, i:i Washing
l.m, on Wealnesdav, age I !d years.
Four million acraxs of Siamx Indian
!Lservatiin land in South Hakotu are
now open far sett icmcnt by pnrch-i.se at
ji cents an aa-re. This is under an act
passed in Iss'l. M-iny settlers have claims
and a graat rush is looked for when
Spring opens
The F.rie court sentenced Frank Ander-
s in ail 1 John i rConr.ell to 10 yeirs e.i-li
in the pa-iiitcntiary for tht robls'ry of
tlie Sioeunis at Kdinlmro. Jeremiah C.isev
was sent to the Huntingdon reformatory
fair a yir, after w hi.-h his releiLsu will
ait'pend iijh.ii his conduct.
A dispatch from Springfield, Illinois,
st ites that the shortage of ftil.OII alis
e ivered in tha atv:i:i.its of Si i'.o Treas
urer Itufus llainsey, who died hist Xov
ember, has lnvn paid by the banks that
wera on his b in.l for Vi.l.O i l. The b iaks
expect to rtMlixe aliout ?Jii troin Itanisey s
The idea that som 3 persons have been
burieal alive in the State of D.'l iw.ire Ins
been brought to the attention of the
Legislature. In both branches a memorial
was read asking for a law providing for a
more tsirefiil insp.'i'tioii of persons sup-
posed to Ik; alead, ill airaler to avoid the
possibility of premature burial.
It is probable that the case of Internal
lb-venue Collector K earns of Pittsburg,
will lie decided this week. There is
cxas'lletit iuilhority saying that Keirns
will be rrmoved. Tho case, it is said, is
to Isi alea-i'lasl on its merits, and that
means removal. Just w hat day the mat
ter will le al.'termined is not known, but
il Ls undcrst'tod tlie middle of thii week
will see it aiisposcvl aif.
Xathan Thieman Iiils serveal as an en-
listeal man anal commissioneal otliaer con
tinimtisly fair over 4"J years. He has Imsjii
iniiiJ eng ig-jments and was wounded
seven times He served in tho I'nitcd
States Mexico, Egypt, and was an ae-
ipiaiiitain-eof and had letters from Lin
coin, Davis anal "Stonewall" Jackson,
nnd was in charge of Fortress Monroe
ivhile Jetf Iavis wits a prisoner there.
He alieal recently at Valentine, Xeb., in
utter destitution.
Notice of Appeals.
N OTICE Is !i: ra-tiv eiv.-n tint the uiul.-r-
sii-m-ti a ouniy a (iiuiiiissiana-rs of SMiinrrsa-t
unity, l:i will luar iiiK'.ils from tlie Tri-
liulal Assi-siua'lll an isia... in xii.-ir ailllaf III
tlie Camrl llotisa-, ssiiik ra t, I'a., iix lolioun:
Aililis-m anal 1'ainl laiviistiiiis. M:in-h II.
Stov.-..nft n iHironnh. I'rsina iMirouii. Jan.
nt-r towiiup unu Jt-uiMTiuH n Ixirouli.
Man-li li
a oii, i,i:.ii"ti anal I ip;'r Tiok.-i fmil lovru-
Kltips. ian-ii i-i.
s'l.ntc anal 1
Iiwer Turka-yfiHit torn.-.liiis.
Mun-ll 14.
oiiciiL'aiionlns ta.wnsliin. H-irkwasKl Imr-
ani 'Ii nnd Xa-w I a-ntn-viil.- lKiroli''!i. Man-li IV.
Urottia-riavallcy lon'nslnn anal Jia-rliu bair.
im-.'., Man-n is.
KlK I.ia-k low nship and S.ilislmrv Uir.nwli.
Manh 1.
Alla-irha-nv township and New Baltimore
iM.r.nii'li, Manli '-.l.
KairliolK- tamiisliiii. Xairthamptnn townshio
ami So:iltiainilo:i lo-.anii:p, Man-li Jl.
l-amii. r laiwiiMiip, (.ni iivilli- iai nsliln and
Wa llcrsliurs imroii-ih, Man-h i.'.
Ji-tlt rsoii low ii-nip anal Jlniilla'Ciw'c town
ship, Man-li
sto:iM-ie. k lou ni-iiipuuu Iana-oln iaiu nshin
M :-r!i Jrt.
Iliai-k township und Milfunl tiinrnskin
Siiminit township, Marrh ls.
Saiuicrsa't lownstii. Mun i: -jt.
M.-varsalala- bairuunli nud Soiui'rtl.'IJ Ur-
IKI'll. A -i i I .1.
si.iia-rs.-t tKiraiiiu. April 4.
lh;l.- taiwiii-hip. l-nMu tHimtii'ti. Contlu.-na.
luimii-'li an.! Casrta'lnuin huroaiirli, April a.
W u ili hls. i:vr iipiktiIh litcn tnriii-ni iif
liliiirrxl laniisanil riliis, as foliuws-
F.lk I.ia-k r.nal Sii:nuiit taiwn..h!(.-. April s.
i'aint anil Siiaal.- lioviisliij.. Ajiril s.
(Jiii-in.'iliiiniii unj isUmvcivi'K to. nsliii.x.
Aiiril 10, und the ra-maiiiiii)' aii-itiiols ou Aurii
j. li. kukrt. wii.i.tA.M r. hay,
Cla rk. County Commissioners.
Col.irui.iiiiina'iv I ifSf ,
(suancrsi-t, l'u, Feb. 13, V.
Kitnle of Simon ltluUiuh. la'e of SMitliaiiit.
ton towuslilii Niiiii'nu l county, iV.
Letter tsitmeiil.Try on tlie Hlaive es
tate li ivliiK Imvh itr.iiit".sl lo tin- unlenii;iiw1
l.y tin- !n.;r Htitliorllv, nolle- In lierH.y Rlv
eiiloti l person nilel"i!t lo stild est.ite to
limke imiTnilirile piiynicnl, nml those Imvlnx
rLlilll aiMhlsl tile s;ililO will irvt'llt tlielll for
K.-llirlie nl lilliy M ll I li.-ti t l-t tst. al'llie lute
lilciKt! of l.-sle:it. ) sHitlmiii j.ion town.
hliip. on .Mt unliiy, Map-h :wi, !'.
cms. r. ni.t itAftiH,
SIMON . Itl.L itAl till.
Notice to Contractors and Builders.
The PinTtoixiif Hip Poor ami Hons? of Em
ployment will r.-ei-ive Ki-aliit in.Mrals to
i nTi a frami' nilititi.in to llie Inrur w hile
hon.ie on the jHM.r fio'in tip until Ist Murvh,
W. ., al I Z M. TIk- hiil iniil lie lor I he entlrv
Work. 1'luiiK Mini kikh ilii-nl jon can h- m ii
al I he otths'i.f Attorney l,.-. I'ollH.rn, SVumer-M-t.
Tit. I'irt'lors nuerve tint rlKlit lo rejvet
uay unit all hlils. by order of
for somerset ounty.
A tBlmliir st.ih iin ut of llir pniMrty taxable
for county and Ktntc purposes, as n'turmtl by
the several asHtsors of Souersii county for
the year ls.i".
Addison tou'n-l.ip
Col'STY. STATf'a
AlleKhelley lowuslllp -
ld'iiMin iM.nm-jii ,
iterlin iM.nniiili
Illuck IoWll-lil
KntthersvitiU-y townhip
I liKKelmnii iM.rutih
I'olii iiuiilL'li township
( 'onttiii'iK'c lion.ieili
KlK I. h it low nship
t-airliin- townshi.
i ir.eiiville town-hip
J.Mli ixiii township
Ji nin rtow n lMnii;ti
Jenner towiisiiip
Ijiriiacr lownxhip
l.iiMx.tn townsliip
Ijiiwrr Turkey toil township.
Mi'versdnle ttorouull
Mliiiiticr-'k tovnhi
Millonl low n-liip
New Ifaitlimorv iN.ronti M.
New i "enlivville iM.n.tih
Northampton luwtihhip
I hl'.r townsliip
I'iOi'.l Liwii-hip
j uenui hon i iik h iwnship
KiH-kwienl l.rinn;.!
S-,li!nir' lriie'li
Shade .. tis!iii
So inert, eld iM.rotiuli
Somerset lM.ntit:ti
S.:iiersei township ..
S"UI hn in plain towii-hi
SiillryaT.1. k oule.iip
Siov rtlnHii Ifcirouh
Sunimil h.wnship
1"pp r Turka-y fin.i township.
t'r.-.ina iKirotu!!
Wella-rshuix 'nuali .
.... I2,t-i
1 la. hit
1. .i'iT
2. Y, J
i7,iti.i jtd.sn-J
(i-'.."i: I'.il
.".K'.7;-t !i-.!t;
is7,S'it L"S,ii
.V..H.1 7.-l
1T,(1. 2,Ji
Nolia-ois hereby ifivrn tliiit Siiturtlay. the
'.. 1 day ai hehriii.ry". I'-. "'' lM. " iixail s
tin- iliiv for ii nail v ili'ta-rtiiuuiis whether any
of Hie valuations a.f tlie HSSeSM.rs luivc lica-n
liLidc taxi low.
s.WIt I I, C. SilnllKlt,
Atta-st:- Wll.l.I.VM I. MAY,
J. Kmkkt. t'hrk. Coiiuiiissioiii rs.
Coin's I Itlli'a-, Kcb. ".vi.
Valuable Rtal Esta?e!
J.n-a.ti Sai lil-r Jt I.Hisa In tlieroiirt a.f 'aii
M a-iil. r lor ui' t.f Ij.ui- ( moil l'la-as af Son
Sll S-a-ih-r Vs. I set I 'a... Pit.
Henry H .y. J No. 1. M:.y 1-5
(Partition l.s-k. t.)
Itv virtue of ail unli r Imhi! out of ll;
, ...... j., -j,,. !,., ... , . ,,. ,iir,.,:,,..
I oili-r for s il" hv imlili.' m:Icry. at the
t'oairt Hou.sc, 1:1 saiit;a'r-:cl Imniii-t!, am
Friday, Feb. 22d, '95,
at I o'clock P. M
tin fllwinir disiriiK'J n-sil t-stuti-, to wil
A O'ltiin mi. -u;(j tmrt of IjimI Ktf;i'
nt- iti M:iftri t'v!iliu, Nnn-rs'i omuls
i't tiMvl vaiii;i. jtiljt.iin'i:; Itnds f VaN-lilinc
11:. v. Miirv II. iv, S. I. Wrisiur uih! :lirs,
I -i:il:iiMiiiL' itit iiins ;hii i-tht H-nlit
! iN-iim tii- isjifii' Irtfl I tiimi ninvi Vfl liy J
ttU i. S'lVii.T ai! w iii l lif-mv H:v urn
lyoui-i s hi r y i t(,i April r-
i'iirt!('l in l.Ht Kit-on!, ol. iJtejit u.v
ins i-niu M i.ti u
Dwelling House,
trank Imrn ana nth. r anithuililiiis u itli the
Terms :
known on day ol
Sin-rill's I ttlii-e. ) KUW'AIII lb M iVK.lt.
Jan.'th, IstaV.) licritr.
A'Jminislrator's Sa!o
Valuable Real Estate
Hy viiiue a.f nil a.iila-r'aif snla' ixsnait out a.l
tiie I Tiilians' Court aif Soiua-rsa-t county. Pu.,
nn.l lo ii:.-ilin-a-h-at. I will expose to sale al
tlie Court Housa', ill the bomu-;li of Sainers.-l,
i ll,, am
Friday, February 22,. 1895,
At I O'clock P. M.,
t!i faiilo'.' -iinr n-il tate.
No. I. All tlioi.- 2 c--rtain lots aif rronn I sil
tMti in lie- K-ni-'ii of t'rsi.ei, s.iiii-rsa-1
asmiiT l'.t.. (.in! known am iiia trcnRil plan
of iNir.iati as lois Nos. -l"i aul 11'i, tinv
tivi tnci',-.-.ii a-rax-u-al a
Dwelling House,
st".Ss an-l ilhiT oiiihnitdlnt's friitfin ti
V-ya'I Avt'inif ftt-t nn-li bii-1 tx Uii! iiiir
I ; I Ut'i it-h t nil nlh'V, lniunitti m ! In
t;t ly an al!i-y ami n liuf wt by lot f Mrs.
A!nU' Iitltitlay.
No. J. All lh'M- 2 certain Irti f ffnniii!
s1;ia! hk iftrs:iM am! known -u T Ii cn- r
l jlaii of k:ii1 lMiraiirh as lot Ns. 21: t L'Jt,
irt.jitmi; on V. rvan-l Avt imi' .1. 1 , Uft vs-ii
n'i'l Wmiin:: Ui-k Manaili'V ft-t tri,
liotir.fl! on the tis( liy an alley and m th-w.-t
!- thftm.l K'lUus lot in said U:-roiiLrh
luiviit thrtm tn.u! a
Dwelling House,
ainl other outliuitiliiis.
TKUMS: Uush.
Aibiiiniitralrix of K. 1. Yuiv.
John It. Scolt, A try.
ji:t; is ri. its noticks.
Xi iTH'K Is h:'n-l.y civ n to all p. r-aans ca.n-
C'TIia-al M h-ala-a-s, -r.-atttors, air a.!llrwix
that lite ioliowiii ii-.-. Hints have ii-is.il 10-j
i-liT, anal tlutl tila- sii inr will l' pra-sa llla-it lor
a'oiiliriii.'t'.ioii an1 :i:lo(Tiii:-a iat an I rpli:iii.s
a ai;in ia. in-ut ut SKinn.rs.'t, 1 a., am
Wednesday, February 27ih. 1895
i- irsi am' inm.ii luvo.-.tit of Josiuh I'll.', ex-
ai'iiioroi a i. -on:. i-nc. .li-a' ii.
First mill lina! aai-a.'.uit an' .li-sic C. Swcitzi-r,
H.lliiiniti-:lor a.f Si.iiii;i Sv-ilz.-r, al.i-'al.
Kirl anal tinai ua(mi;t of I'yrns kitiu.-r ntid
,l:,i-o!i I'. Milia r, udiiiinislratorN of John .M.
Wi rn- r. alic'al.
Kirr. ai.il lin-i! acistnnt if Xoah I'ritts, Bal-
liiiinaniior 01 .iiiani r. o.iKa-r. aiav i.
J- irsi Hi-a .Hi'il of V. I. Yimukiii, aUmin'.s
tritoraif J.I'. Yamnkin, da-a-'al.
S-N-amd and tinal iiavaiunt of St.-plir-n
McCliiiiock, execu tor of John 1 Mai'liniaK k,
F irst aivottnl of l!ailrt K. Hoi's, one of the
l-X:-a-;ilansi aif M. A. K.hs. alac'al.
SmiiiI aai'iinnt of Jaai.li I. Knufnian nnj
lj-vi Yo-.li-r, a-a-autors of Isaac Kaiifnutii.
First aaniunt of .Tamil J. Klina-, ne of the
iidtiiiiiistrators of lla-njaiiiin Ktiti1, alai'M.
First nnd rinal iii-iini;t of Win. II. Miller,
aiiiuiiiislmlorof William liolda-r, aiaivl.
First and tinal iiii-ontit of W in. II. Miller,
nainiinistnilair of William liimiin, dai'M.
First and Una I nai-oiint of J ta-oii llotrmaii,
niltniiiistrator of Henry Wai-hteiiheiser. al.i't
Tlieaaiiiui.l of Mariah K. Cm.t, udmiiiis
tralrix of Catluirinc McAfee, dae'd.
ruistam ntnee, j cta s. mi i.i.F.a
Jan. Mill, IStti.
Retail Liquor License.
Notice Is hcrvhy niva-n that thp faillanvins
namail pa-rsa.ns have lila-al tlu-ir appliratiaiiis
for Tavern Licoiise in my aillia-a, and that the
same will lia- pra-si-iita-al tai tlie C'aiurl l (Quar
ter Sasioiis for ulluwaiia'c, on
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25th, 1395.
F.d. Xia-klilW, Adl.isain twp.
Alia-e K. Ilitfiniiolluim. Aaldison twp.
Aiialra-w iliS 'uaile. i'a-iiin iMiniuch.
JiMa-ph S. .iiiiiiiennaii, IV rlln Immuglu
Sa-aiti sterner. Confluence tMniih.
Ii. I. Shalier,
J. M. Iloalals, -
Williiiin A. Swan, "
August Koa-liler. I'oiii inaiih twp.
Win. F. l"arM-nla-r,
Tha.mass. Williaiiiit. E!k Uck
11. i. stiilil, Ja-nnertwp.
J. J. Ka-tllla-tl. IihinaT twp.
John H.Sii.-.T, Ma-yersdalc bairnugh.
Xalhaiiiel sluvr. -
J.I'. Iteail, " "
John W. liuthrla-, u
John K. Kesli-r, Xanlmiiiilon twp.
Iv-la-r A. Jotiiis lUn-kwood ti.ir.in-:ti.
Sani'l A. Haines. "
Cl.arla-s S. Yaiinenr, Bonia-rsi t borvmiili.
Jaai.li H. Winu-rs,
K-h-ar Kyle, "
W. H. Tayiiian, twj).
Henry li-ln l. Salisbury borough.
C. 1. i!.:y, Suliiiurv iH.ioimli.
Kis-r Kimniel, Smiimit l p.
J-isa-ph Sa-ir,ii-k, Sutnmit twp.
riiiniii'l ( 'iistcr. staiya-staiwu "
John H. Hit...
Tiia.miua H. Sinilb, Frsina bonmnh.
W.J. B. Kanfonl,
Jiwa-pli llersiilwrvf r, Unemahonin; twp.
Mount riiusnut iirewiuj' Coiuiny SamiL-r-xet
Cla rk's OI!lae, 1 F. I'. SAYI)1S.
t-a-bruaryti.'K. CK-rk.
Receipts and
Directors of the Poor
Somerset County, Pennsylvania,
SOMKIlKT COUXTV, iu .account with the county of Somerset,
Pennsylvania, for the year ending the 31st day of Decerahcr, A. I)., 10 I.
To amount of Kalis, anil n-celptsat tlie .r hoiisc KM
Tas.miaT.aetas.iiiilv forunla-r So ! Mus.ta-lii.aii lund
I'a .Saiiiierw-l county rair order Na K'l lo Ualaiia'c aaiimnt
f'arrit-al forwartl
Atiiaiiint forwardail
Ily amount alil foroiif door n-l'. 1 sl'l" Bi
m..iiil-iian.-e ot children Aa t isx.! lol .VI
nut alm.r mu rs !
viilors ir.ivrim a-M-nsas -IT :il
" Ju:.lii-aa.-a iilll co!il.l,l.-M fi.-s 'SI li
a'on a-yinj out do-ir ii'.iM-i- Ill 'io
44 luaiiia al :tt !a-nata.)a--out l.r jia.ijM-rs
" a-ollin out alis. r p.:Ji-r. I St 'tt
nolro.id fare out itoor ioiM-n .t'l
" inainl.-lialie.- of ln:.:ili.-; at l'luniml I'l- l-l
" " iiiaiiit.-ii.tni-.' a ' i-liiidreii al Klwyn :is :u
" I. l.x-r.ims ."-J
" K.'tl!. in. ut of suits .V:- W III
44 44 aiii.-a-iors' i r.i a-im a-XK-nsa-- :4ii ."
44 44 in.iiii'.-uan.'' of liiiiali.-s at Wa-rna-rHVilla-...
44 44 a.ilia-r al'll.lti. s allK-l 7i I i
A.'.Y'A'.vsf.v or J'itoii no est: ruttVEi:.
liy amount xild for a lotliii. and dry coals..,
" " KllaM-H HII'I lantlliT
44 44 wh at. Hour Mel nn-jil I is ;,T
44 44 MiL-ar, iii'iiass. s anal uppla hutl. r, ate IT:; I-
44 eoiln- anal tea Ui I.i
44 44 l r, Ii-kiiii and li-li :vl TT
44 44 tl. iiii-i cra.-k.-r. tt
44 i-riMi riis :
44 44 s-.tt, l.tilti r ami sn.p 1' 7'i
44 44 liir;ii.. as.i.Uura-, "Mitatoa-s, Iruil and aif-iS.. MTi
" " aixil and oil Ui J
44 44 lol. 1( I-.I
44 44 i;it;i-, Ik.x n-i.t and hlalmm-ry :iT .'.I
44 44 ju-ti.-a-s' ami i-onvi.;liiV f.i-s li s .i
" 44 alniii, un Ui iiie. Kx. anal Certili'-ata- it.;
44 44 coi:!us , i i
44 44 Vilieyal. uv.l'. !lu idlii a-anlliiir -J .'T
44 44 i.iintiiitf and il.r"-ta.rV r. .rl . ii
44 44 li.ir-luari-and 101:114 , ..I .,-1
44 44 i"l.is.-.vuri', iin- -iisware an 1 tinware :t Tl
1 Ily uliiolint aid fur farm iii.U'ii--ti(.s
stiui Iiiiii: and har-lu'ar.
:-til:.a r- and iiuie....
liruiM-r and f.-.ia-e inisis
M-.-.N a lid plants
tiin slilliu
ri-ors and Siiddl.-ry
laiMj.-aud ilyu.imita-
By amount paid for ra iiirs an I Ial.r
44 44 W.II.T .-io. I-, I1.1I 'I, ,Va-
1 liy aiiiiiiiiit 'mlii f.r furtiiture
1;V,- Mi. K
1 44 44 fn iirut and --pns
44 " ..i n-l 1.1 trn.i.1 v tr. .iMin-r's vili-
41 44 . la'.-tria- ii'-hl j.
J ' 44 In-tin. . a-1.11 liMilin-s
" " 44 n-i-ainlj laud a'li i U :t b. Lin 1.1. nt
s 44 44 la-j:il lloln .-
' iii-:i! .-iil i-iii 'i. -:i 0:1 aar. iiiriit
44 44 Mu-vM-iiiiit.i fuii.i iihniry
.v. 1 1.. 1 1:1 t:-s a xn ir. i ; ty
I liy amount iiaid todir.x-tair Jos.-p!i I.. Mjll.r.
- 44 4 44 Jo-la il i. '.i'-!i-
:t la.-..:. Mn,r,;,.r
j " " iittorna-y and la rk I.. I '. o!iirn
" 44 'iiv-ii hi', i". K s-ti.irlr
" 44 4, ii. 1. kllioii.-!!
T 44 st. ward .l-.l. 11 1 . Mi:,i-r
" lr.nsiir.-r Kim-r K. I'uii
t 44 44 cool;
1'' 44 44 Janitor and l.lils,.
II 44 4, oulsutndin a.r-ta r lor 1-:L
in :iifo:n:t with Saiiiii-rs. t 1 'muity, lViiiisylviiiiiii. i.i:.
1 To .itn.aitit of a'stiuiata- for a jn-nwn d
- To a in. a ut of rovip-.s ln.ni sali-Ai' !!: 7
S liy umouiit oVa-r a a mi.-ai a-stmiat.- .....".1......!!.....!..!! T". 47
Iiii-.-ivanl from i'.i. I'o'.ntn'rs am a.rd.-rs .,;.!.; '3- $ lat-t :
Aceount of C. C. Minselman Donatioa Hii 'i li.mk t-J, j. 7 ;. lot. :t.
I Toutnt. r.cM from fo. (aiii.in'rs. int. of Mii.-!m.i:i futid is- i :!ii
- l!y at.ioiint a-Xh-iidi-al for ii: wn. iM-rs i- J -j : :
"1 liy umouiil uui-xis-iid.-U loa-ra-aiii of li.ninl to litslaiu'aa-i'iiuiit" V.V.V.V.7 ' .,
Joseph L. Miller, j: r hoiisc iHrector in aavt. v:t!i Stiii-rs,-t Co. n;;.
i io amount KKir House or.i.r .no. ::i
3 I'.y onp'ir' snliiry a alinctor
Josiali D. Wciglo, ji'Mir !ioisc tiin-ctor
I To ainoiint Mior house onl.-r No. Isd
- "
I!y one ya-ar'n s.iLry as dinvli.r
Jacob McGregor, j.r lions-- iliivct.ir
1 Ta amount poor liiMi.-a-or.l--r No. ..
3 Ily imp year's salar' :is alir.-a-i-i.'
Is :i
No. T.I Wlioln is -
:;n I-n ilia l-rk. y
:IV I ii-irl.-s I ra ni
aw J. M. sit. if
ith K. I'. M i;, r
is:! J. M. h ik-
ls S ii-. u. l ilium r
"'l J. It. il.ll.I'VI!!
Vc. tlie linda-rsicna-l nudi'ors of Hi -a-oiinl
svivatiia. alo le-n-liy ai-nify tli.il i:i piirsu .in-,-.".r t:.i- !7lti s.ri!.-:i of tlie A,-t cutitl.-al an ,-t n
I'tlillK lo as.lllllii-s. toM M-l:i.-. Ac tls. .1 m.- I ;ti: ila .,, i!. A. Il Is: I w ..a : I... i.....
a.f Justin III Ilia-county aif So:-i"rs.-i. on tiie 1st
... ... i.,iju-, .in.i . , ,x- i
t:u- sev.-nil A. -Is of Ass.-n.liiv and 'ii'ileini
and ability ami tliat Im- fonvanu art- Irti. and
Ist. Klmcr K. 1'ueli. l's.i.. tr.-as.ir.-r a.f Hie
crsa't county, with siid i- iuiit v of .-s.iin.s-a, t.
111. I lliaa-ramnl ait I lie I.i.. ..Ill . Ililill
:.ii. The astijn,it.. na-a-ouut
-Ith. Tlie individual ai-founts of tin- ."ira - a -
for liie yaiir IS , and lierel.y a-a-rlil'y that v.-e mi
1 tie Irea ain rai.d Hie aim-.-ta.rs .-ri- aliiiv
lie r iKHiU.satid Mia-.-s.,aiid llia-y ainl i j..
vaiin-li'-rs ami i-rs.
In les.luiony lienor we lnc In ivitn'o s
I ''-
A. J. IIII.KMAN, Cl. rk.
: TO :
l'K STn;'K i.i'
has been selected with unusual
care, and at lower cost than for -
mer vcais. Wc are therefore
able to offer, not only the very
beet goods on tlie market, but
can ipiote lower prices than
We Rarefy Lose
a Customer,
a3 we aim in all cases to give the
C. H.
6C6 Main Cross Street,
Kstato of rhilstena Tn-xa l. lute ofj. i.nir
I townsliip, Si'uii-isel ca.umy, I'a.
Itt.-rM of Rdminl.siratioi. am tiie ulmve
I tat.-, ha vim Ihn-ii snuta-J lo tlie uriii.rsxiK ,
I t.v tiie iinr-rnuilia.rity. naitii e is lien-liv (.-iv-janloall
i-rs.ius ilnielit'-l to said eslate lo
make immeaiiale .:ay m. nl, und Itios- liavini;
ctaims KL':iiii-t liie sain-- to ;n s- nt then) aluiy
I latlllli-lltialtta-at fur s. I ieuii-iil. on Krialav
lliireli l-itli. lil.. nl the rasiiali-iiee af tiie tel-
luliil-:r .tor In said townsliip.
F. W. Kl. sr-.-ka r. A l:il. M TliKX KT
Alt or nay.
!'; "
n.i ".
Sl! :
A si
... 1 is 10
... :i it
... 17'. 7 i
l-i I'-'
KS '. S
I ' '!
Si !l
.. 4-' :;
$ tc
170 l
I .
2 111
s, l.' 5 i 't i;l
1 .vi to
.1 in
..i a.;
tri ...
1 .1
!! I.I
i-i 10
Ts to
io 01
14 ' 1 :o
i i.ii. -M
Si i
.' aa s .'jj m
in aca't. with Somerset Ok, 1K. i it.
i. i
S i
-- - - ') io 1
: to
iu ac t. with .im-rst 1 1'. us;.
il 1I S
l i;
l i
7,1 c.i
its :ri
2 id
v of So:iii-r.-t Im iim i-ii,...w.n-.w.!.i, ..r f
day of .iatiii iry. A. i., Isi anal nit.-r lK-imr tn-
a. Tiit.ii as n-.ii a.l us ny law. ;;T eal.l v lo
nls Hi. n-t.i. nminiin.. to tl..- I- t ,., i.
c.rra I s'.iitein.-nis . tlie foil-nvei - a-a-T.un:
isi.ir lions.-ami lions.- ..r :.i.,!,.vT.., i.t f ...
'ora af tu. tioor wit!, tl..- ...-..iiv ,,r s....,... i .,:i
l i.ll the itliovc uatiitil af-oiints to U- .sirr.el
s'ltiinneii d to nii. :r I., i... n .u.... ,. i,.
r, i-nd pr.Mlui-a-al lli- ir liaia.ks. ontt-rs Lilis
-t our liana!,, ami k hI-, ties :!iilt aUiv ef J uni-ir-
S. I . I MX, r.,;A, '
. W li A K Kit, si.n.
A.MKS WALKtii isn v! j
Out of every ImnilrcJ iiuvor stoj to
cxjinitie i iiliitt when
tllt'V ga
buy one. It i.s juit about as ca?y
t0 seI1 aa -'I-f-"-"?? that i
!fllIed ful1 of 'ta,c'- ai;1 -'--'od
t Bict'-J ad 5t 13 to scl- a Sooi i,l',t
The Shirts
We Sell Are
Built on Honor . .
Wc miht sell shiits that would
pay double the profit, but they
won't wear; that produces only
mushroom business.
Try one cf cur International Shirts
And you'll buy more. . . .
Jonas L. Baer,
"The Hustler."
a m.Tc.vnox yon chakter
il. UK IM iiKINiltATION.
it the . vf '.itn.)ft.i Jlcns of ,.,,Hfr
art t ri'tM.'i, I'.i,
N'otia-e Is li.T.-ly divi n that n npi ii.-ii;.m
will ! made to tin-aN.vr I tiurl. am Jtotid.iv,
March -tt tj. A. l.. is-.',, und-r tni Corporation
A. t of ls,4, a.f the I omnioiiu a all Ii of i'-nn-Kvlvatiia
an I liie siinoi. un-iit ili.-rctai. for tl,..
a-liT.n.-raif an in."nil-al i-iinipiii,,.! r,. lu. ..o
,! Slt:.l.l llislri.-t M ...i li. . 1 1 .. a'. -..
K.-I:ili..'i, Hi-el: ir.ict.-r nnd a,l.j,i-l ar wle.-li
ls th "iminlenanas af a puhiir a-eni.-tt-iy, mul
thai purpose tai have, pss.-s nnd' .-niov
tl) til.' rights. Is-netits and privila-ir.-s t.f sai-J
Act of A-ati-iiililv and its siippl.-ment-.
Syrup Cans Sap Buckets, sap
Spouts, Gathering Bucket3
Sugar Pans, Etc., at rock hr
torn prices for cash.
P. A.
Main Cross Street,
Great Inducementa
Goods reduced in price in every iir.fl
Dry Goods, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Lace Curtail-;
Ladies' Coats, ilc. Now is the time to buy to
save money and get something good.
if all tl:'4 !;ir-;:iiiis we t va-r o:r. re-i, wa; now olfir the lst valn.-a a.
line Lot 1. ;.:!. t pi-4 only 1 overt Cloths at the low jiru-c a.f :: '!
ii .t.-! lor tha n- wear!. 11; aiualnii-s ainl a-laimeil l;y tlit4 inaiititai t:iri-r :i..t ;
shrink tip 1:1 wasliin. Sat,- ihsjil.iy in our show winiiow.
Then l.H.k o .-r our r.aro;io I 'oimta-r for as hi i.ica-cs a.f lr."ss 1 v. i
a--'.is the prii-4 h:is I a n cin in two. That tne.-ms just halt" priii-.
1 hen v e a.:!.-r mini I11T lot d Mi.i'al ( lotiis, soma- aif tlia-in s:lk mi'f-1,
In km- itc h I 'l..ihs sliow some new sprintr sliaih-s at . Vlc-s.-as
you lot :iii r!v iMii-iht iii. T.--. W'c Imvc th'-m ;t;so in hhiek. Tin.
when yn:i want a-h.lo lor a lu-w Spriii"; 'apc.
Th :i e hnve ii ..:I liii in ( h!:i.-k only 1 Iia in.iLs for S:.rin,r ' ;.. .
aini M.iM.t ryar i. It' you have not Umht a
Von can liny 011c now of what w? hava ft at 3 ri.iii'tiloiisiy low pri -.-.
a";f ihi l:i li It -trial if prla-a! ill sell thl-lll till V ltll!-t K'l.
Ni'v Ihii ks. for sttita or Nvs waists.
I sin s-
s. .New Kitr..r...
ill 'J Hllli i-t-i !.'
.at I-".,
JOHNSTOWN, : : : : : :
f "
i-s la f.-; ',tf
:itf oi
.1 i . 7 -
"'Iia- t--A. --.ml"- fe ' .yr":----? J
NoTIIIXii hut the tKNt material an.l wa.rkni in.-.!iip enters into the .-i.-:r; ; d
of the t'INIKKKI.LA SToVKS at;. I I'.AM.KS. Tha ir cl, aiilir..-s i . , s ;;i . r
Their ?.Tn.'iiiy s.ivcs inoiiay. SoM anal iru:i.-.i:itas-,I l.y
JAMES B. H0LDEIU5AU.M, Somerset, Pa.
TIIK Clown has quit win kir.tr tlie
other eye ia the wimlox of
but the people are still buying their
at the a:ne ilnre. an.l ei-.r.i.
people come every day, for t'iey are "'"'u:Ue a,l,! ",yU -convinced
t!.ero iV the place to bi;v ' "- f---.v sj . .
I'VIf-Hools and
to keep their feet war.n these cold
days and nitiits when they are out
sleitr'iinir. Also,
Rubbers, I3oots,
in all sizes and styles
All at
i 1 Hs,v TIMES.
Shaver & Good,
- Pa.
California, Pa., Stata Normal.
Our Own Normal School.
Wint.T term aipeiis Ipc.2I; Soring term
Marctiifc Scn.l for i-aUlovii an.l circu
lars. New :y!!in.-.siiim, xt.v Khvtric
I.'!:t I'litit, Now Water System. Health
re s.r.l tl-n.rst t.erlect. ( ev. r a ,l,ih .i
the seli.s.I ). Ailv.int.i -s .t
..... .i,j,j,ti.w-.l,
if c pinle I, in t!,... stata4. Noni, rst t coiin-
ty stmienu will .,!,t.in m..io help at tlit-ir
own Non-.i.il S..!t,i ,., t .,
atni save money lK-si.hs,
Ta,.,k MS. 1I,. Pri,, -i-KiI.
Ivlaple Evaporator on the li
ket at less than half the priCe
"asked for some others, it
"pay you to gt-t our prices be:ore
Na-w .iirjhatns, Nt'v
spca-ntl g.Hi.I nines at ir
!a;i - l l?.v.
ui -', t..
Is an ri.-'i.o:.:v.
A Poor One
tliC wor-:
kln-I of Etrav:.-
Keiiii'tii' r th:s v. !.- -: v i
1'iiy o'.tr
New Stove,
It will
holl tin
;:', nil-! v..
It has o Fqiiala4
a Iltaier.
Fashia 'ii's favorite alcsin f. r !- '. I'' 4
l'ui-rii-s In
Silk, Wool or Wash docds
Not only for entire Suit, nn.l
for separate skirts an.i wni
w ith oaM skirts.
; Saiine rocetit cxtra. r li;
j will give you unusual . ;
try 1' :
ntic. s'.yiisii imper
r.r li.-'.icve naver i. :'..!
v-ttta ni!.u-...i -.i ;....i
j lil-sliiitii-si.'e,l jil.iiii ti al j
! coin! linuiions, all n.-.v nn.l
valuasa at V. tns a var l.
Ftiii Silk an.l W, ! It;i;.-::" 3
S iliiVerent i'..iii!.:ii:iius. i:,--tl.m
value, 7 ee-.ts.
f'h i'V, fin-. I:ii; r;el V i .
Navy, liamot, Tin, 'Ireen. 1'-" "
eta-., a'ta4., liarre.l in Silli en- - '
an.l contriistiiii; ai li-rs 1!.- :
"is inclias wi.le. tS, eeiits.
One lot nil -wool Fr.-aeii 1' : : "'
tun and ilark ca.l.irins it..-:..
M ea iiis a yanl.
Silk Mixasl P!.ii,lsli-!.t. in. I'
ilark colors :Wt aiel :s in. in s '
cents a yar.l.
TliO lH:nity of tliisae new uti i i; ;
stntl's -a:i only lie apj.rc.-iiit.sl '
Canne, or write our .Mail "r-i. r
mem for samples ad' tin -in.
Amerii'.in Ires,s llooa'.s an.l
l-V. iV an.l :tv. Al-o F':i4' I:
Suitinijs, .'i(V' to !.".
All onlers rei"a'ive prorti'd
Allgheny, Pa.
P X FA' I'Tt Ili'S NDTU'K.
Ustare a.f IVllliet llo's,. .i
,1 .1 .
1'aint lownshiii. Soin. :s t asiaiii..
. I' '-
I.etli-rs ta-sniinent-irv on t!l"' :l
ha', ill!? Is-en .null,. I lo til-
the pr.p -riintliorit;'. t ; :- i- I' ' ,Mt
llil (S IS..:)-. in,ett-,i lo slid 's' i ll
ililincliate l' Vliielll. u'l I 111.4""' '-. ,, :.
n.iinst liie Kime to pi,-" nt lln-m . 'r;.n.
tie -lineal, d f-.r si ttl. i.i. iu. " 1 .' , ,K
M:inhth. I . i the late rv-i.1. "
ceaia.si in aid township. , ,p..i K.
K. VV. Hies. eker. J.Vlldt Ih l 'Ht.

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