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Somerset Herald.
1 tli
..M.irrh 11, 1
;u:t:irs Iiar.j.is
'" rli:,,i-.r.i:up:ils:aSa.vdor'
I..;r;l.-ti"" 1 ' - .
T' ,' . ,, wvaihor Huh winter jw
;.ri-; -v 1,R !.V.r than iii ' prei-eding
r !Vnnvivniu.-i nmivc
v r,.;1( h i.f the 1h1 in tjiuvii
", ,:i c.irriaire i Ii-huH'"
;t!r up waiea 1 1 IT
;1;ii;v the brakes to
,i .,-'V
,; :i;;y i;:.:ii.,:iU
. .Ti; i.i:r..ir.l the Ilello
m fniiretratiiin sivtired
. i.v-.-ri
j,. ..faiiihf.i.-it
.... i!i. ?"
.::! fr li-trilii-i:i
that vicinity.
;' l . 1 v
am-i'!"'" i un-iv man
"' - i ami ts S:,P 1
:iils at
.... fin St. -re.
v:" , i, l...--..u .!iiliHK the oii.ns
';'r'' ".'Mir.' 'In"
must re-
,1,0 1 '
.r '
J :v.t!i-
t!i :ti in ".v next
(.r eIo the lir4 one
s- ; i i
The votes mast g in
v.i.-.t'.i-ni from the law,
. v.--1'-1
Kin reiiiarKatuy noii
.... .f i'hila.l. lj'liia an.I
M-ni-ir ratlison has
"'.. I hi- hw '"Kiks an J butts
'.' v. 'V !'' eity.
"r - v.-aiher projrnostie.Uor,
" .r:l an.I May i" usher in
zv'm'U llial tho ,nditiin
i '. " '""i" 'i!shi!'S ri ultural
'"'luiiewia prove !he most st.irmy
',' u!ii:ner, with heavy rai.i-
. .... i i
1 my a ti
:i :n xli-r,
st- hiss lnusi
e iri-e? tJo
; s!.-le
it the wi-armsof reli
i. r-i f pul'UeM-h.v.ls
"..ava:e.i iatue New Jersy L'gis
" ' ti. lViaisylvaiiia House f
""'.'l.''.-it:v p.ts.-s it by a big ma
','..'!!!! .litler in Stales that are
v I m-c;. I !.y a river.
,." i, r ft!ie IIi:rai.i should not for
'it J. N- Snyder, the druggist, ean
' .r . ' .' g'.'1-s.-es.
V- Kuia-iti'-! ". Walter, whtwe farm is
. ' .1 i:..;it i" niih-s north of Stan-
!i:ia tl.H'k of white I'ghorn
,. ,,,.!' n :i;. h he is justly proud, l or
. war. . a. line January 1, lsTs he has
'r .:n :s :! avenging one hundred
aviny-;' e f.. Is. 1,3 i dor.c n eggs
UK. M of King Township,
' -,; ". ::'tv. pat ;r.v ;y nearly a tliott
j N "fw int'T apples of his own
.'...; a;i'. ;!fi!i. He sold so'ue if
. Vi'aeu one bushel
v. ;.i ! : iii5 the pr;.-e if three
.,( '. it I; .ays t.) raise them.
...-,-viry John M. Keyn..Ms
.i partuieiil. has decided
, ia whie'i hi holds that
i.-r and ui.tlher of asohii-r
irop,-rty and the father is
.r! tii family, the mother
uitli'ui the meatiing of the
..e t.-.i;'
.. -Ti i- ill
:i ;ir. sa; pail for 1? eents or
iron one for 1 eeats. e
I's Tin Store.
:!: it s -U
,2- I. : II--
LL I'.. .!
rL tr.-ti. n .i
ixth anniversary "f the
, s:ttniiei Wakefield. I'. I.
the Methodist Ki:soip:il
o-lcl .rated We-liiesday at the
K !.-..' .:' his son -in-law, John J.
or o :i. ..I' Wist Newt.-n, with whom the
r ..r.:t.!. minister ha- made his home for
'..-r;.i y.-urs.
. jr.'-
y..:iig iiu-n
of L'".;igh!ii;st.wn
ia ij'.Aii-to roii Frederick Spccht, of that
!.-. They were overheard, and when
t-.-.ul.'ii 1 with arrest conft'ssed. Mr.
;- tit i an age.1 man and has ln-on in
.. -.ite health, and the young robiers
::: ipated no trouble in sti-ni ing a large
ij Jtil of money, ?.r ile is ijiiite wealthy.
V i )tt I. irougii, In-Iav. are county, ex
:r t.irt'.ipa hart .s-t from its cemeteries.
i- ti c ini. -il, in Iccember, passed
s riiiai-.-et tax every grave l. Soli-i-i
rj tin V. White has lce!i authorize.!
i -A niinst Holy Cross and Ml.
11 rial. c. in. I. ri.-s to collect the fees. If
la- ..r iaiaa.s. cm lie enforced a'loul
.n u i!i hj tulletltM.
I canty, Minn., is one of the ni.ist
"u.Ji.y ! j. i!;i!e 1 coutr.h-s in the I'nion.
I: iii.i i.y tie- census ofls ia, only !S iii-k-.itiiii...
a gain of but il in ten years.
ii sn.iT! i Hia'y. N. !., had iiaiial.it
i.ji, a i l Shcri l.tn eotittty had but a.
''jit--VI .-Miiity had oniy a inhabitants,
i.i Mi.-".:!i (MuutyT. Most of these
fo.i.iv .o.., e.iaali.si of the new state
t' J iimtikss g.iini.'.I coiisiderable since
' I.e. :ii sjurs.-ly settled counties of
T-si- arc .r..:..t'.i'y little c!i mged in this
t-:i:'l l.enl. .guilty had -I inhabitants ;
r.aiirrT; V'.'.ikuiii i, and ljoving .'.
A il; "i!ii..-r ..f the Texas legislature,
r ,, -y i.y ii:t;it . h is distinguislie 1
k sit .y ia rfl'ieiiig bill which pro
T .'M Ui svi a year upon all unmar-
r -! is m t!.e stale, of thirty years of
hi t.-. lV.iWsi.,11 is made for the
:i .:i of lia.-iiidors who have made a
"a- ,;u
l. B
(?ute-mpt to enter the marriage
u is a! nicp f.tir and humane.
iis iii u!,., pr...i.i.s-s an affidavit from
"Jii.aa li.se rcsjM'.lability is voucU
- i r.t:i:it lie h ts, at least mi during
- ? ar.j.r..;...s. d marriage to her, ttii
i : i.t'-f i!j.. line; otherwise he must
eupt-.tii- .-.iptaiu'stuli.'eand settle,
II. C. White, of ChamlM-rsbtirg,
leal I
uiiersi t House, on orjt
' v.ir. ,j i m iUi a ir.mpU te line f
' choice siiitiiis and troilMT-
T-. :,, re he w ;;j i,e plesid to hs-ive
f .' (
l.i- e;:s;,.iiKrs. Satisfaction
ratiieed by Mr. White.
' :l s
IV ho
loo! dire-tor out in Fay
is certainly entitled to
it t'i'-y say a'o i-it him i
sessimi of a local insti
a i. -ading part, ad vocat
l f t - t hers' salary to
i:u;eltiiiS them to cut
ad niaketh-'iro-.vii lires.
At u r
" t.-.k..
r .i i
" .111 ,
"!1 U , .
ri ii. aled the idea that the
' run, 1. .i.-.-l.trmg timt it is a square
""""M-n-'! by pp.ps. What the
''sti'l ..ti he didn't say. A school
T.:k. -tin! -s of eonsidcrable valtte
'- J'-sv.ti. He illustrates the
t'T Colic ill is. .re i.l ti,.n ?.,-
Sch. ml of Peiill
Spiirig Term of
i. il the
,'.i il i 1
Tuition for
s '"I', tvulw- .loilais f.,r teachere.
iiiy Urd in club.
J.,!,7i n r.yn.o, of Kvt-rsoii, tins of
!"' '''' r""f the proposed new cks-tric
,; l;e., Uroadford and Mt.
V.'14, 4 i;1 '"'"'-''"rg Wednesday.
'W ''""''JaS ',' i . reporter he said:
A-. "J "" " :r M l- commence aUtut
..''' l "'shsl asrai.i.liv as tiossi-
1 1 lifleen iniles in
id fltrilish r il.ii! Iniiivil l.
-a -ii -if i.;lrj. ;.-,,(, Xh-a
siiice lsil. nights of
Sv- -i-. urci, nun iuo pro-
.1. i i.i
l'1-ar bright for the new line.
"4 ataiisis are
back of those
' nuie-e.te.1, aIIJ .
li't,t-,'Ui'!ivl""'"f" ,",I'ai.er has one
i' and one thing to r.-iit. He
ll M.U
ii i , "V! r to M-ll and tlie sjiaee
j - -' ua,,,, t-, rent, fan anvoue in
' "L u Lv I.... i . " ...
jv "uio oe expecici lo
Clllier ...
iie iir i;m oi luir - 111.
h' el,,. a,j ,e d.H, as
-.,! " aI tM furnish a great
I,,,Ja'v r""1 fr'-e. Hut it d.s.-snot
i1.'1 '"lJ;;llt l" ' cxpeiHed to do
,,!.S:',.t', r, c,,K,1b-d as a coulri
V ,.JX" l y " w,,"l 1 the giving awav
'-s.'.'"''"''1 ,,y lhe Kroceryman.
ttiaj "" 1,1 '.v. it is not lo-iked upon
isi.i 'i''t:,l"- cxisten. ,f ancM's-
. - TWiil,
vv . i M " iub muui I1IH
1LS 1I1II..1. a e t
of his paper as the
t.A. ouce.- U"peii,l on t
1 lllsl...! . . .
-ui k Ki, i .
i" n.is on hewing ins
l'o, Klv,,,e them
- ..v;,i,,.i
l... 1 i
fire in nttslmrji.
i...Knm; mime n hor uik-Ip, Mr. i;u
lolj.U 1-oriHT, in this J.I;,v.
in mis season h manufacture, wa.sula.-e.l
.u miio in me local store Mon.lav.
The .h.1si!i:mi nre trying to muke
film!? it tu .......1.... . . -
.......... iij,Klllg l,llo j,y piu.
i.K r.-.i iuKtuniii. in their hIm..
Mr :;ii;.. w..i,. . . .
n .Minora i.nvn-
Miip, will eon.lii.-t the "UoiVinun IIoiiso,"
opposite the railroa.l station in this ,,la,.
Mr. ami Mrs. D.miol SnyW, .f Somer
set township, mourn the hiss of ttieirone-
year-oM .J-m-htvr. who lic.
from hoopinr-xi;ih.
T . .
arKeriV rarhor are furniBhii-.g with
iiiei'M-vpuoiiora ft-w nKinis ull of the
eurpets that will he us-I in the new "Ho
tel annear." More than 2,tno yanls of
carpet will lie required.
-it me i resnyteriaii etiureh, nervieos
will lie held as usual next Sahl.ath.Mareh
In the morning the pastor will
preaeh from the text : Things w hieh
cannot lie shaken." rrcaihing also in
tlie evening at j:'!U r. m.
Miss farolino (Jrosx, who mine from
!ermany to Herlin alumt thiitv-four
years ago, died at her home in that place.
last lues.tay evening, aged tin vears,
She was held in liigh esteem by all of her
A. Muller, ageil 7s years, died at his
home in llerlin, tin Monday, March 4th,
from intlammation of the luiwels. The
dweaseil was birn in (icniiiinv. He was
married three times and is survived by
wife No. 3 Mid otie son.
The many friends of Comrade Tobias
Yoder, of Somerset township, will 1
pieascii to learn that he Ills lec:i granted
an increase of pen.sion. Comrade Yixler
carries seven wounds around with him
as an evidence that he was in "the lat.
Mr. Lclloy Korpier, of.Vrsina, who
was recently aiipointed Notary Public by
Covernor Hastings, was in Somerset
Momday, for the purpose of lilting his
commission. Mr. Foriier is well deserv
ing of this apiMiiutmciit and will make a
capable and courteous olllcial.
Thomas MeColiough is preparing to
build a new $.'!,() frame residetiisj in Con
tinents. Work will tie comimneed on it
as soon as the weather will permit and it
will be pushed to completion as rapidly
as possible. Mr. MeColiough expects to
g.-'t itito liis new residence in June.
Koprcseiuative .oilier uas inirojiucfM a
bill in the legislature repealing the clause
in the act of assembly which prohibits
burgi-ssc-s from st:veeding themselves,
after having served a term of three years.
Some people think tha i.:!! was introduc
cd at the instance of linrgiss Weltley.
Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. (leorge
laclity, of Somt'rst t township, and Miss
Joe lliekley, were tiuietly married at tho
home of the bride's parents, in Waterloo,
Iowa, on Friday evening, March Is!
The groom was a former popular clerk in
the store of Parker & Parker, in this
Kliza, reli.t t.f Ilaniel Ilotruiau, who
ilii-d at !i:s rcsidcr.ee in lavids ille, la-t
1 irs -em tier, parsed away a her home in
that pla-e at o'clock Fi iday morning,
after a lingering illm-ss. Mrs. HoiTmau".-
n. 1. n r.ome was Fniburn, and sl:i w as
U-rn seventy-two years ago, alniut three
niih-s east of Kavidsville.
Chairman L;i:ta:i, of the IVmocratir
County Commiile. h:ts issued a call for a
meeting of the committee to lie held in
the i,i'i-r -l olV-i' 1k-1 eon the hours t.f
1 and 2 P. M., on March ."oil), at which
lime a chairman will le elected for the
ensuing year and delegates to the lem.
cr.it ic Slate Convention will be chosen.
Charles M Fa H.-n, who, it is claiinc.
built m:ire iniles of railroad th in a:i
t.iher tMiaract.ir in the United St nc
diinl la-t week at his home in Phihule
idiia. Tlie deceased had the contract for
the Allegheny mountain tunnel on th
South Peiin llaiiroal and was well
Known in ims -.iunty. Jle ieit a large
Mr. Ifcmicl HersUUerger, an old and
highly-respeet 1 citizen of Coiiemaugh
Township, made a misstep on last
Wednesday morning and broke his leg
lc tween the kme and thigh. The old
gentleman is getting along very com
fortably, and the hopes are that he will
recover the use of his limb entirely within
a few weeks.
It is claimed that certain Mcycrsdale
public s-h sd teachers are collecting
I'ittsourg Times coupons in the interest
of a West Ya., candidat for tile V'.'-.v
Kiiroptan tour. I sf course the teachers
referred to have a right to do as they
please in the matter, btit it seems to us
that it would lie 1-lter jiolicy to work for
a candidate, from our own county and
The Iiirectors of the Poor let the con
tract to rebuild the addition to the
frame white house, ou the Poor Farm, to
F. B. tJranger, forsJ-iM. The building is
2i by li) feet, twa stories, slate roof, and
supplied with all ta modern improve
ments. Heai and water, with 'oath t and
water closets on each ij.Kir. The liuildins
, ,,c eojupjett-l by the :T.lu of August
The distribution of the sugar liouiuy
will place alxmt i.T.Vi.oii am-i:ig the ma
ple sugar producers of litis internal rev
enue collection district. 111:! claims for
bounty have liecn tiled in the Collect t's
otiice in Pittsburg, a majority of them
being tiled by farmers from this county.
The largest claim presented by any pro
ducer in i ihio, W.st or Pennsylva
nia, is that of Flijiih I.ivengood, of F.Ik
I.iek townsnip. this e unity, w ho w ill re
ceive Sit7.!i2. A dispatch from Washing
ton sTiys the intern-. 1 revenue oilicials
would not make pub!: - Mr. Liveng'sid's
place of residence.
Consiler..bio -..;. ipl.iiid was'.ieard from
j-irois in a;tei:dati.-- at the last term of
court, which ended Thursday, at their lie
ing dragged :iroul town bt-foro they
tviuld rss-i e their pay for lhejr services.
Heretofore i h-. n jurors wi re discharged
their time was ccrtiiied 'by the Prothc.no
l iry and they stepped into the Treasur
er's ojlice, signed the pay roll and receiv
ed their pay. Just why this projn r and
c mcnieiit manner of payingjun.ru was
discontinued and the mode introduced
last week su'oruitated the jurors, who
wi re greatly ineoi: eniem-eil, and the
public "would like to know. Surely the
County Trea-urer is the proper person to
pay bills contracted by the county and
his otiice is tha lilacs at which they
should lie paid.
v .,. rmiir unit Jus, y0
From all that can ba Searmsl there wiil
likely be some lively kicking w hi n tho
tax collector of Somerset borough makes
his rounds this year. It is claimed Cunt
for a number of years past the valuation
of Somerset Ixirough property has lieen
tifiv per cent, greater than that of any
other distri.-t in the county, and that this
year the assessor increased the valuation
i.f all properties in the town when ho
made his return to tlie Vniutr Commis
sioners. Tlie County Commissioners
thinking the assessor vas too imsderate
in placing valuations have added 2" per
cent, to the valuations returned by that
otliccr. The tax payers of the borough
shn-.i J look into this matter and if the
above allegations are correct they should
attend the appeals to lie be held in the
Commissioners ottico on April -Kb, and
enter a vigorous protest. A five mill wa
ter tax in addition to all other tax levies-will
1 colle.led from the property
holders of the borough this year.
Death of Harry 0. Holderbanm.
Hairy, youngest son of Major and Mrs.
John M. Holderliaum, died at the home
of his parents, on Main Street, shortly
after 9 o'clock yesterday morning, from
typhoid fever, uged thirty three years.
Mr. Holdeibaum had lieen employed
the past year as a traveling salesman for
a Philadelphia firm, and three weeks ag
returned to his home, HutTeritig from a
heavy cold. Inafewdiyn typhoid fever
developed. His condition became alarm
ing a week ago and since Friday his life
was despaired of. Sunday morning
there was an apparent change in the
patient's condition when the fever sule
sided and he fell into a sound sleep from
which he was aroused id intervals for
only a few minutes nt a time until death
came. The end was jH-acoltil and painless.
For a uumiier of years the deceased was
employed in his father's dry g.sids house
where lie was extremely opu!ar with all
classes. He w as a man t.f tine physique
and powerful constitution am! none t.f his
friends ever entertained the thought that
he w ould fall a victim to disease. His
venerable parents and sisters and broth
ers have tiie sympathy of the entire com
munity in their sad liereaveiiieut.
The funeral w ill take place at 2 o'clock
Thursday afternoon.
Sagar Maien,
Why use wooden keclers for maplo sap
that leak and waste the sap, w hen you
can buy a goisl tin or galvanized iron
pail to hang on the spout tor ?l !.nii to
Sls.ou per hundred. We have them in
stock. Call and see them.
P. A. St itia.u
Jntl r-aiauel Sayder Dcai.
Fx-Associate-Judge Samuel Snyder,
ii g d t.d years.passed away between tand lu
o'cl.s k Monday morning at his residence
in i'.ei lin, after an illness of many iin-iiths
duration. IK-alh resulted from a combi
nation of kidney and stomach troubles.
The funeral will take place t P.erlin at
lv.-t o'clock this (Wednesday) afternoon.
Judge Snyder w as the eldest of four
children of the late Peter Snyder, of
l.rolhcrsvalley toivuship. At the limeof
his fathers's death Samuel was a lad o
liveycirs. lie was reared by his pater
nal grand-father, Michael Snyder, with
w iiom he remained until he w a 17 years
of age, w hen ho was apprenticed to tho
trade of l.lii,-ks::!ith. I:i he removed
to I- ric'lens, Somerset township, w here
he constantly resided until about three
years r.go w hen he took up his residence
in llvrlin. In 1S.j7 ha was married to
Miss Sarah, daughter of the htto Valentine
Shall.-. Four viiildfin, one sou and
tli;ee daughter, resulted from this union.
The eldest daughter is the wife of Mr. !.
II. Zimmerman, of tjueinahoniiig tow u-
Judge Snyder led a quiet, uneventful
life. iKpnvcd of an education in the
public schools, he nevertheless proves! an
apt pupil in that other s.-hool in which
the tea.-hers are oliservatioii and experi
ence, and was iuevcry way ipia'iii.-ti to
discharge tlie duties of the. ntimeroi
olVicsi his ne;gh!nii-ss;-,v (it jt ehmi.so him
to 1.11. The Juu-.' always t.s.k ati active
part in Jiolitii-s, altliiiug'.t he could not
have lss-n called an otiice-seeker. Soci;tl,
genial and courteous, he was -esteemed by
all wl:; km w him and his Inen ish: land
counsel wits cageriy sougiit after. Tii?
.Midge was prominently io i.tilie.l with
the I.i. tlierau Church in Souiei-sct Coun
ty, lie was attire. -lor of the Somerset
County National l'.ank at the time of his
Tos Caa't Aarl to Hiss It.
Jn another r
i'..;iii:i haid.-.
iliii!iii will lie foon.i the
of Krissingcr A Kurtz,
iitu iiieteliae.is, who on
Ihursday, April, -lilt, wj.l sell at auction
a large stock of farming implements, car
riages, buggies and waggons harness of
ail descrij.tioiis, stoves ol t very hind, am
li-rtilizers i.i tiie !iig!ie.-l grades. Here m
an i .;.;i tueity to ;et lir.st class goods ut
your own prices. Aii of tlie g sxis soul
are new and of the l-t-st makesaud will lie
knocked down to the highest bidder,
Sale begins promptly si Oo'.-l.s-k Thurs
day, April iili. You can't afford lo miss
" Joe " Lsve to "w'e-i.
Thursday evening's Pittsburg 'irn
-Ti ll 'roo'i s;ivs that Mr. Joseph Kirk
Love, of the firm of Love, Sunshine A
Co., w holesale grm-crs, of Johnstown,
tnd Miss Sarah F!i:ibcth Jennings, of
Oiieciistown, Armstrong county, are to
be united in marriage on Wednesday
evening, April '!!.
The ceremony is to Ik- performed at the
resident-... of the bride's sister, Mrs. An
nie K. Si. .an. tin Hay street. Fast Kiu.I,
Piiisburg. by th" P.ishop Whitehead, t.f
the Fpis ' ipai aureii, and tlietr alteim-
anis wnl lie .Mr. illi.iiu rsuns:jine, oi
Johnstown, and Miss Jenifer Jennings,
of iaeciistown, who is a sister of the
bride. The prospective bride is a daught
er of the late Ilichar l Jennings and has
paid a nuiuls-r of short visits in Somer
set. 1 he groom is tie el le-l s-m ol Air.
old Mrs. iieorge H. Ive, of this place,
am! res.nlt-il Here uiilij a ni.v years ago
w licit he removed to Johnstown to en
gage in business.
After thi ceremony the brnlo anil
groom w ill leave on in cxicieien irij.
through the Fast and upon their return
w ill make their home at tho Merchants'
Hotel, Johnstown.
Scanjet 5 aiaaL
The Somerset Normal S.-hool will lie
mciied on or aliout M.iy2-iN.h. The ob-
jis-ts of the school are to prepare teachers
and those expecting to leach for the work
of teaching; to advance pupils ofthc pub
lic schimls in their respective grades; an.
o give sjM-ci.il instruction in such of the
ligher br.ii.-hcs as may be desired by the
For further information address th
11. F. PlUTTS.
Y. K. Savlois.
Atsidsni ts Chat. Killer.
Ch.-ts. Miller, of Allegheny township.
had his riyht leg broken lielow the knee
while t.n his way home from Somerset on
Tuesday evening. He was horseback
tnd gelling into a drift of snow about 2
miles from Smierset h:s liorso Issran
ll Hindering and fell with Miller under it.
There Miller 1 iy with the horse on top of
him until he was rescued by IIu-
biiugh, of Wt--tmorelaiid.Miiiity, w ho w as
traveling along the road afoot, on his way
lo Mcycrsdale to see his daughter. Mr.
Khihaugh t-i-ik the injured man into the
home or Franklin linker, tno nearest
house, and w ent back to Sioinerset after
lr. H. Kimmel, w im c.ime and reduce-d
the fracture, mil one istne w as oronea,
we are told. Next day Mr. Miller's
friend's w ere apprised of his condition
inid parties went after him and took him
home in a sted. Hi rlm Junmi.
A Hint to Ladies.
I)elii-ate cakes and puddings ran lie
inked sutsi-ssfully in the Cinderella
Stoves and Ilang-es. The large, high oven
ares uniform baking and no burning
on the top. Sold and guaranteed by
Somerset, Pa.
The Start on Good Friday.
A Paris PjKs-ial says: The year 1S15
will lie a remarkable one, Imth from tho
astronomical and religious point of view.
On ;nsl Friday next (April 12), the
heavenly bodies which gravitate round
the sun will Is-in exactly the same posi
tion they tsviijiiisl in the firmament the
day Christ died on the cross. It will lie
tho first time such a thing lias occurred
since ti I great day, just 1!2 years ago.
That was the thirtieth year of the Christ
ian era, which elates from tho birth of
Jesus Christ.
At 4:2U in the morning, Paris time
(about 11.2.) P. M., on Apiill 11, New
York time), the iii.khi will pass lieforo
Virginis (Spica), aud hide that constella
tion foi over an hur.
And tlie Trouble it it Caniing a Well-known
Mount Pleasant Citizen.
From the Mt. I'teaxant Journal.
Ibdiert Clark, if this place, while in
Somerset, Wednesday last, on legal busi
ness, was himself arrested en tlie charge
of fraud. He was released upon JoiiO bail
for his appearance at tho May term of
criminal court in Somerset county, ho
and Frank Kinglc, rlso of this place, go
ing on the Imiid afti-r lioth h id qualified
to their respective financial responsibili
ty. This is the siss.nd charge in the horso
case which was set forth at length in the.-e
columns a month or more ago. Mr.
Clark two years ago sob! a stallion to 3
farmers living in Summit township,
Somerset county, for ?1, ',), the buy. rs
paying $.fon low (i and giving two notes
for the balance, one for .'iutiiluc last April
and the other for oi to run two years.
With the horse w as given a sworn pedi
gree setting forth that the animal was im
porter.!. lh'fnre the first note came due the sign
ers, Messrs. Myers, Fike and Ibiayley,
claim to have discovered that the pedi
gree was the most liare-faced fraud, tho
horse having Im-cu sired by one of ti. A.
Hogg's burst s at hiM Iron Iiridge farm,
three miles south ef this place, tho dam
being a ih"sce!i.lanl of Waxworks, a
horse once famous in this section, The
buyers at once t.sik legal steps to be re
lieved of iii.s'ting their obligations by ad
vertising their claims in both couiiti.-s.
Mr. Clark tried t collect tin the notes
and was in Somerset, Wednesday, to
press matters when he was met w ith the
criminal charge, to prove which the pros
ecutors had quite a number of witnesses
from this place and vicinity Kitiong
whom was Thomas liuess, the superin
tendent of Mr. Hogg's stables. Tho evi
dence was very positive tiiat Mr. Clark
had raised the horse himself, and us a re
sult he had to give security for his ap
pearance at court in May when the ease
will come up for trial.
Court Proceedings.
Thesiiit of Miss Mary liei.tz rs. the
lioroiigh of Somerset for ?"i,nl daniag.si,
w hieh was tried liofore Judge Io!igoiic:-k-er,
last w ct k, resulted in the jury return
ing a ve-rdi.-t in favor of the plaint id" for
77-."0. It is alleged that ten members of
the jury w ere in favor of rendeiing a ver
dict giving the plaiuiitf n much larger
amount, while the remaining two jurors
thought that -f" would compensate her
fur the injury she sustained. A compro
mise was agreed upon when a verdict for
the amount mentioned ubov was return
ed. Counsel for the liorough preswiite ! a
motion for a new trial.
Headers of the HkUAl.n w ill remember
that the plaiiititl' tripped and fell on a .In
fective crossing and disliM-ateil her should
er, tuie Sunday evening during the fall of
1 sat, w hen she w as re-turning to lit r home
on West-Main street after attending reli
gious services in the Lutheran Church.
Tin! di.sloi-jitioii resulted in a permanent
injury and as a coiise-pienee Miss lle'titu,
who is a popular seamstress, instituted a
suit for damages.
On the trial of the case evidence w as
adduced showing that the crossing in
question had lieen in a dangerous eovli
tioii for a nnmlier of years, not withstand
ing the fi.-l that the attcutio.! of the bor
ough authorities hid lieen called to its
condition. In fact the most damaging
testimony on this point was given by one
ofthe ltorough's w -tm-s-ses, who I . : i : , i
that he irr! Isvn sent to repair th- cross
ing, btit was unable to do so wiMi the m i
lerials furnished him. A num!er of wit-11's.si-s
swore to the unsafe condition of
the crossing, w hiie others t:-st!iied as t i
the permanency of tie piainliiPs injury.
The defense set up was that of contrib
utory negligence iu the part of the j.l.iin
titr, w ho admitlod that she h id known of
the dangerous condition of the crossing
for a long time prior to the accident.
The verdict of the jury is generally ad
mitted to have been a ju-t one, and it
should serve as a w arning to town coun cil
that they cannot permit dangerous
street crossings lo exist without Is-ing
held responsible for any damage that
may ensue by reason of their dangerous
condition. A heavy tax is anmiully lev
ied upon and collected from the taxable .
ofSomersct liorough for tiie purposa of
maintaining her roads and pavements,
and it should not lie diverted intoother
channels, as there is reason to Js-Iieve has
K-c;i the case heretofore.
In the matter of the application of
ILirvty i. Stahl, of Jenners, for a retail
liquor dealers" license, w hich had been
held over from the preceding week until
a trial pending against the applie ml on
a charge of selling liquor to persons of
known intemperate habits had been dis
p.ised ot, the Court granted the applica
tion. The Me-.inonite Cemetry .ss;s-ialion. of
Coneina-igii township, was granted a
The petition of certain citizens of Her lin
praying that the inemliership of the town
council of that borough Ik? increased from
three to six was favorably acted upon.
As soon its Court convened Monday
morning Judge L mgeileckar issued a
rule em Mrs. Alice K. Higinbotham , of
Addison, to show cause why a retail
liquor dealers' license issued to her
should not be revoked. Lah-r in tlie
week the license w as transferred to Chits.
A. Mitchell.
The Court issued on order dirts-ting the
County Commissioners to unite with the
Commissioners of Fayette Comity in
erecting a bridge over the Voughiogheny
river at Continence, and further ordered
that a contract for said bridge be let with
in the next sixty days.
t?) line, tiie cost of prosecution and
twenty days in the county jail was the
sentence given by the Court to Onirics
Shaffer, w ho had been cou icted at Ie-ce-mlie'r
term of furnishing liquor ille
gally. A popular Conoert Thursday night.
Manager Case'.K.'cr, of the Opera Hons",
has secured a splendid attraction for his
place of amusement for Thursday even
ing, March Hth, in "Iett's lio-.toii
Stars," tine ofthc leading inusi.nl organ
izations ls-forc the public. The follow in
in regard to the "Stars" ability to enter
tain w iil lie read w ith interest :
Kl.l.SWoKTi:, Mk., Nov. Iii, lstq
The eniieeTt by the "Stars' last night
was a sucit ss in every w ay. It is said to
lie one of the best entertainments e-.er
given in town.
( Vi'iCMi-crt .''i'i-.'.uic.t CI in, itillci'.
ClIAKI.KsToWX, M ass., Nov. .", lstil.
We were much pleased with your Stars.
( '.ei ' , t. ( ii K.ilvrtn in Mm ' 1 'jiii -it ifif,
Hnyt' Hi -iiji'li:
SofTit llosrox, Mass., Nov. (i, lM.
Your Stars are a fine Company of tal
ented people. They gave great satisfac
tion. ft nVl i ' i':'i't f'li.il vi ' CtM.H'fter,
I'.'iHlijtt f'A.-iivA.
SovKitvii.i.t.K. M ass., Nov. 7, l"!'l.
One of the very lsst Coinpaiiics that
have ever appeared for us.
'JiitiriH in K-itrrlittMuH'Ht Committer,
KiU'imn'1 C:,rrlt.
M ATT AlVltsKTT, Mass., Nov. 0, lsfU.
We considered your Concert Company
very strong organization. The pro-
pram is so varied that it is ure to please.
Chitiriiuin KiitertnihHirut CinMHittir,
M.ittupniM-tt Pnhlir LiUmnj.
Marion, Nov. 10, lsi.
Best Company ever in this tow n.
llntfititiniiient Cmiuiittrc.
VniTKKiKi.l, N. IL, Nov. 22, 2.sJH.
My patrons all say that the cjiieert was
grand last evening.
C. J. Colby, M-iunijct of Hull.
Tickets e-an lie had at Nell" A Cased iccr's.
At Home.
.Ml who arc inte rested In good house-
kecpiiig should examino the Cinderella
Stoves am! I tango. Tho extra largo and
high oven emlsHlitsl in their eonstnn-ti'in
insures a gtssl liker. Sold, guaranteed
and recommended by
fsomerset, Pa.
Tho Zuf.ll Murder.
Iist wek J. T. i.rt a Citmlierlaiit
saloon keeper, and II. K. tlordou, also a
resident of timt city, were arrested at the
instance of W. It. ZafaP. or Meyersdide,
on a charge of l-ing implicated in the
mur.ier !' ul'.iICs s. n, lirant. The pris
oners were given a preliminary hearing
on Wednesday w hen a nuuilierof w ilness-
es were examined. Hcyond producing
evidence that lirant .uf.ill was murd'-red
no new light was thrown on tho tragedy.
The Stale sought to show-th it tirant had
lsi-n murdered in Yaste's jdace over a
giiiue of ii-rds. II. .. McKane, who
Iravuls for a l'itisldirg cracker linn,
testified that on Christmas night he went
to the Yaste place, and, becoming in
toxii-tleil, w as taken to lied in a room
fihive the sal.Kiu. Some time during tho
night he awoke to tin.! a sharp pain in
his neck, doing to a bsiking glass, lie
diss-overe-l that while he was sleeping a
deep gash had Is-eu cut in his throat, by
w hom or w hen he did not know. He
stated that he tlid not know ..ifail; had
never seen him and hud not heard any
noise. He told his story in a straight
forward manner mid w as disc-lmrged.
Mc Kane1' cvideiure was a great disap
)H)intment to the murdered mans friends
us they hoped that he would 1m able to
elearupthotragi-dyaiiilreve.il who tiie
murder, is are. loiter in the wet k
the prisoners we-ro elisehargesl from
Stirred Up a Hornet's Kent.
The second day of the investigation of
the County Commissioners of Ulair
county brought out some startling
evidence, against Commissioners Hurt!
and Funk. It was shown that numerous
bridges were let to alleged favorites of
these men without even the preliminary
advertising or pubiie letting, and the 1
commissioner, Fagley, never knew any
thing of the oiitrai-ts until the men went
to work upon the bridge's. As to the
Court House painting, ltoss Painter
Ia-ach testified that il was his custom on
getting a check for work to take out his
wages aud then turn tho balance over lo
Commissioner Hurd. Commissioner
Fagley tiled his protests to all illegal con
tracts and refused to sign any vouchers
for w ork done on the same. Contractor
Dunkle swore that ho was given the ma
sonry contract for tho Kldorado bridge on
condition that he would buy stone from a
man named Wharton, who owed money
to Commissioner Hurd. Contractor Kam
sey swore that his bill f..r wr.rk on the
liardner bridge was l.lii.i";, but a vouch
er w its made out for JltC.Vi, and he in
dorsed the same, but only received the
amount of his bill, some one else getting
the cxi-ess. It wits shown that some t?oO
was also p.uid the Altoona tax collector for
1 mis la gc. Fagley sworo that certain or
ders produ.-ed were altered and tampered
with after lie had signed tlicm. The
hearing adjourned until March 12.
Eoiae Hog L.vw.
Jitsti.-o Henry W. Williams, of the
PeiiiisvUai.i.i supremo i-onrt, has lieen
Im.kii'g up the law made and provided
in reference to dogs, an-l now we have a
decision from the higln-st judicial tribu
nal of the i-iiiiiii.iii'.vcilili on a dog case.
The yist of the supreme isuirl's tleliver-an'-e
is to establish the fa.-t tint under
the common law there is no such thing
as legal property ina dog, but that lhe
oi user of the premises, upon which, with
said owner's knowledge and consent a
dog is habitually kept, is responsible for
the dog's misdoings.
The dog in the case w liich occupies the
supreme court's attention was s.jpposed
by the mughbirs to bet ing ton !l-yea
old Imy. The boy w as the sou of a wid
ow, who live I with h.-r brother a:i I
kept ho'ise for him, au l the dog bit a
small hoy who attempted the familiarity
of patting it on the head, and the liltle
sulfcrer's father determined thai some
otieshor.id pay forth - dug's spiteful deed.
The esse went through atrial by a jury
and daiiiag.-s were assessed at 1 S w hi-!i
the uncle ofthebiy, who was regard.' 1
as the dog's owner, was required to pay.
The tin le slid he would do in s.i h a
tiling, at leas, until hi; h id as -ert line 1
what the supreme court had to s.iy.
The supreme court says the jury decision
is riijht. The m in w ho permits a dog i t
live on his premises is responsible for the
mischief done by the dog.
Let i About the Veatiiar, Says
Mr. Eicki.
My last bulletin gave forevasls of the
st.-rni wave to cross the continent from
March 1 to a.
Just here it is pertinent to repeat that
the I1 1 j ci op season weather will be
uncommon and "remarkable and every
part of the L'nite'd Slate-s may prepare for
the unusual. The third storm wave of
March w iil rea.-li the Pacific coast abiut
tiie l-'lh, cross the wt-stern iiiountain
ttiiintry by close of the Pith, tho great
e-entral valleys It! h to U'kU and the eastern
States almut the lTllt.
Tiie feature of this disturliance wiil be a
very considerable iiicreitsetifiiris-ipiiatioii
as compared with the lirst part of the
month, am! tho temperature will average
! iluring the two weeks following this
storm wave.
Warm waves will cross the western
mountain country a'oout lith and 12th
great central valleys Sah and Nth, and
eastern Stall's loth and Pith. Cisd waves
ill cross the western mountain country
alKiut llth and loth, great central valleys
11th and 17th, smd eastern Stab llth
am! 1:1.
The principal slorms of March will lie
th.ise to cross the tsuilinent from Ttii to
11th and 2tth to 2Sth, and the cold waves
following these will lie the ni;ist severe of
the month.
Tiieprincip.il, most lsiiiitiful, ujroru
will aeeompany the evdd wave crossing
the coiiliiient from 2- to 2Kh. A more
brilliant aurora will accompany the cold
wave criwsing the continent 7:h to !ih,
but it will probably lie oliscured by the
full ne M.n.
I'edigreei Don't Count.
Kivcnlly the Texas state university
iieeileil an instructor in tires k and, its is
customary with southern institutions of
learning, the need was made know n in
Virginia, which supplies tho majority of
the southern educators. The post being
desirable, there were many applicants.
One of these, after saying that he would
like to have the place, informed the trus-tis-s
that his great-grandfather had lieen
a signer of the Pevlaratioii of Independents-,
that his grandfather had been gov
ernor of Virginia, and that his. father
had commanded a brigade in the Con
federate army. Another applicant said
that his maternal great-griiiidfather had
Iht-ii a member of tho house of burgesses
in the colonial days, that his paternal
grandfather had been Cniti'd State sen
ator, that his father w as a circuit judge.
And so on through 2tl or nioro letters.
The Isiard listened patiently to the rend
ing of the betters and then an elderly
iiicmlif r, a prominent utockraiser arose
and said. "Mr. president, I move that
the secretary lie instructed to write to
these young gentlemen and tell them
that we are looking for a man to teach
Urce-k, not one to bree-d from." lwUj.
Sr. W. S. Mountain Entertains Hit Friends
Ir. W. S. Mountain, of Coiifhieneo.gave
a supper to his numerous friends on Sat
urday evening, the 2nd inst. There were
K" persons, all told, present on the ts-ca-sioii
(all gentlemen). A delightful sup
per was prepare!, consisting of oysters,
ice cream, and a delicious variety of cake,
oranges, bananas, Ac. The band was
present and discoursed some excellent
selections. A delightful evening was
spent and tho Ir. and his estimable wife
tries! to make evcrylssly happy and feel
at home. The company broke up at mid
night, happy to meut, sorry lo part, and
anxious to meet agaiu.
Galvanized iron sap pails are cheap,
durable, strong, will not leak, soak or
sour the sap. They hang on spout close
to tho tree so that wind cannot ldow it
away from pail. Call or w rite for prices.
P. A. SfllKLL,
lliooct of all ia Lcavciiin IW
F J IV ill it H
Evangelical Chtirj'i Coifere n3.
The 4 !d session of the Pittsburg Con
ference of the F.vang.-lica! A-s.s-iation
lut-t in Salisbury, pa., March to !', ls",
Ilishop Thomas It .r.vio i.i oili.-iating.
The llisli p read th ? 2o ! -'.i ipl-r of II.
Timothy an opening lesson, after w hicii
lie n:a le a stirring uddrees to Conference,
giving s mie w li-il.-s...ni admonitions,
among other say in "That the smoke
of the buttle is cieiring away and sun
light and p -acr! it reigning sup.-cm -!y in
our Conference once more, an I the old
ship of the Pittsburg C uifcrc-ti v is rea ly
for the voyage." The Ilish ip re-appointed
C. F. Hurtling as Secretary of Confer
ence, wh called J. W. Ki.-Virds to his
John S. Han-foot, Knj., of Alum P.ank,
I'a., was ajipoinied as reporter to the sec
ular papers. The class examinations
were held on Thursday, and the Mission
ary S.iciety met ill tlie evening.
Tiie following named gentlemen of the.
town were introduced to Conference:
Key. J. II. Fnlow, of the M. II. church;
Ib-y.nV. A. iau it, of the Ii iplist ; It -v.
A. S. Jo!::isto:i, of tin; I.u.lc ran. and
Ke-v. 1. H. Leader, of the !t-f u-med.
The following named .ersons were np-
pointed as committees : o.i Worship, S.
M. Ilauiiii.-iii.lner, J. ". Itichnrils, l'.ishop
Itowmau ; boundaries, same; appropria
tions, same; quarterly records, P. W.
Piotts and C. Maiikatneyer ; ti:i i-ic., K.
C. Martin, H. H. Faust; waysan-i means
S. M. Patinigardiicr, Hartuug, Noithcy
aud Me Nee.
J 1.0 next l onierence ses..,, will bo
held in Paradise Church, Fayette Co., 1'a.,
U'ginniug March .".ih. Is .
The follow im named p' rs-.ns were r
ceiTtsl int otl.e itiner.ry : i. H. F.k'-y, of
the Af. K. clutreh ; W. A. True, of tho M.
K. church ; T. Vann, of the Frts.- Metho
dist ; J. V. Kichards, H. II. Faust, P.. It.
Pell, H. ;. Tre-ssh r, and I lev. A. W.
Hrinkley, firm-rly of our cinrch, was
by his n.piest r eived int.. the churi ii
again in the same relation that he forne r
ly held.
Tiie following gentlemen tiile l the pul
pits of the churches Friday evening: H.
II. Faust, M. K. church; C. F. H.irtung,
II. V. ehiirch ; Salurdsy evening, F.v.
church, J. P. McKce. Sundi'.y morning,
lu o'clM-k, Fv. eiiur.-h, Itis'nop Ilow uetu.
M. II., 7:"l, W. T. Home; r.aplisi, ln::si,
J. P. MeKfe; M. K., 1K ;, T. Northey;
M. I'.., l-.it, J. P. McKce; f .ut iieran, 7::.',
P. W. Plot is ; Informed, 7::;. C. F. Hart
uug; Itapli-:, 7: "jI, 11. C. Martin. At 2 P.
M. ordination service-. At :i:.i;i union
service-sin l.'utheeaii church, coiid ictc 1
by the lljsliop. At li .ul ' :.-ldrcss to
Christian Miul- iivor by J. S. I; irci". t.
liev. 1! iiuiiigardiier aud il -v. Me:vc
were elected Presiding Kider-.
II 'solution of thii'ik.s: J: v . th .1
we neret.y express eur thaiisis i-.r I ie
friendly grc-i ing and generous hospiir.ii
ty t-xl. n de l by ur trit tids a-: 1 .-tii v a
Sali.sb iry in our eiuert;!i-i;in nt, in p,-,i-iding
f.r t.:;i- comfirt d o-( in., th; ses
sion, and pray th.it Uod loay ubuiehiti:!
reward then-.
The stationing commute" made the fol
lowing rcjioii : Piti.si-.irg ittsTri.-:, J. P.
McKee, I'. K.; Allegheny, !: -:,s--.i St..
Kev. ii. F.kry; I.'.-!ii:ig iil -. V,-st Hi,-k--ry,
Asideiid and Cro.-a i: n I, ;;..y. F. c.
Martin; Alum K.. Veu.u.g i and i-.;t,
ilev. C. F. Hartuug ; F.r .k itle, lieaili
viiie, H.i-.ithoriii., Worihville a. id New
Salem, 11. '.. IVU a;:d W.-.i. True ; J.
town disiriet. Itev. S. M. 11 1 l.'.i.ii di,er,
I. II.; M irch ni.i roi l Armstrong. liev. I'.
W. Plot is; Cicuiicld and Ch-vry Tr-e,
Kev. A. W. Itriciiiy; J,.hn,: ,-vu and
i 'one-naiigli, T. Norliiey ; C.in'i.ii, Il.-r-liii,
Stoyi-.towu aud Sotncr.set, ll. v. C.
Manka never and J. Kcnuell ; !; Ifor 1,
lb-v. II. II. Faust ; J.it:: it !, .1. M. Miiicr;
Presto:i and Kiiigw.sid, liev. I. I Hit
ler; Salisbury, It .ek wo: hi and Hyndmau,
Ilev. J. W. I;i-h ir is ; Indian I 'leek Mid
Mt. Pleasant. Ilev. J. K. r. il 1,. in ; I.ig -iiier
e.iiil iieciisl.-ir, 1! T. Va'l'l ;
Fairview, M..rrel!viil', K-.-v. W. T.
Home. a
Salisbury people have always ?ee:i not-e-1
for their I'rve-h.Mrte.l hospitality and
now we know it ts true and can say tint
oir entertainment his beciis.ikiii.lth.it
we would have gladly staid all the year.
F.sp(s-t;i!ly were the ladies kind to us in
these provisions. Hue H'.ti:::.
Salisbury, March 11, lsol.
Monster Public Sa!e ai iho Hard
ware Store of
13 EX! LI iM, ... - Tu.,
c a I : i : I i ; I :s, m ' ; i ; 1 1: s,
fakmim; Diri.r.MKxrs,
FllKTH.I.MKs, H.M'.iiWAltll. A-:,
THURSDAY, APSiL 4th, 1895.
This is no "FA KM" sale for the purpo.-e
of selling a lot of cheap Auction oods.
AI! Ga3d3 Are N-3W.
Here is an opportunity for firim-rs to
buy ltiiiilers, .Mowers. Ira in InilN. Hay
Hakes and Forks, Vi.go;is, Itugn-s nn.l
Harness, Stoves and h indre.is of o". hwr
articb.-s ct your own Pritv.
Side begins at ! A. M., w hen a reasona
ble credit w ill lie given.
KKtSSINtiKi: i'v KFIIT..
K-lntioif I;.:.- K-,n.rio:iii. il.i-M.
Tin' iiii-i'TsiiK-1 Tind.oi;-, :i.;i .'oi! I liy tin
( 'ourt, !a: -li .-t!i. Is ii. in ;U- :t .lis: r; h o i.. i
of tin In. l is in t tit- !i:i;; ls ..1 J;i .:. I. Kutif-lo-i:i
mill i. -vl Vo l. r. i- .;ii..i .if ls,1:i.
Kitilfio nl, il.s-.!.. In i.li.t a. li; i.;- Iivoity
l-lltlTtl-.t lilt-r.-l.l. Kill !s.-.-i-! I' 11 itr- stilus
tii-r.-lo-'ori- i li.l lo I ti.- Ii in in s.;. .-slit,. I ty
111.' s;t.. i- -ut.r-i ir il.-u is.- ;i:iy v lii.v-n:-rits
tt tii;- li.-irs ..fs.i l Isi..- Kiiii'ini'i
Ill:il.. I.y liililim l -!.:. -ii l.;l noi li 'i-. t-itoi-.'
l.-.-.-:i r.uinl'-r.-.. Ii. t.-!. v-: .'.-s no:".;-.- tti i: h.
U'ili sit lit liis i.iii.-.-. I.i rti.- ':.r.n..-!t .t Si a -r-
VI. l';l.t .111 Tii.irs I.I'.. .io-'.i ItO. ts. J.I l -.l
o-i.i-k 11. hi., lor Hi.-.i!-.' ' oi nti.'-.ivloi ; !
tll.i !l!!!i-H i' uni.l al..i..ti:ll:i. lit. wtl--!l .1:1. 1
W'U.-r-.- all l -rso-ls lrii;-p.-s; I mil att--ll !.
l'ltKii. W. liihKl KKIl,
Isnn-t Simlity Si M-ir-M- In th" f'o'irt of I 0:11-r.-t
K. Saul Jy. liis v. a'.-, 1 la.m rit-.isi.t s.ua
i' t s.-i .sxiniv. Tu.
Jililili li. sw.ink. J No. M May T.f iSi l.
V. . i.r N r A 1: if Ass : . ; x v 1. sr.
Tlie iia.l. r.-iuii.st miitilor. ;iisi!n.-il I.y vil.l
I'oiirl, to ina isi- a til sti ii.tiii.m of II r finuls i.i
the iLiiuls nf tii.- iivsiciuss lo nil. I nil. I uni.ni!;
lliosi- l.-jr.tit.v tiiiiti.sl t'l.-n-lo. Ii. -s hy ii!vi-s
11:1! i.v that ii-' will nioi-t at! r;rti.-ii int.-r. I
for tlie '.ir-!iscnf liu :i)i uiiliiii iil at liis of-Ilt-e
ill lio1 l-.miil!l of s.ai.Ts.-t. i'a.. oil 'i'll-s
lay, Aail i.i, 1 .', ill i oVI.-ti 11. 111.. u tn-ii
anil li. r.' ni' irirt.irs in int.-r.-st -.i:i iiltinti
ua.l Iv li.-.irl li l!i - s.-.' ii-i;.'.
JulL l' Si UTT.
Orphan's Court Sale
Valuable Real Estate!
lly virtue of un or.l.-r of S.1I0 issut-.l out of
the l ii-Jiliaiis' I'oiirl in and for the roiiiity of
s-iia.-rs. I. lo nif ilirei ti ll. I will -sisi. lo
..il.n-si!.- on tin- in-inis.-s In Stoyi.lown
iKir.ui Soiiu rw I rouiity. l'.i., mi
Saturday, March 23d, 1895,
At I O'clock P. M..
the foMowIn-: n-.il i-stali-. lalo Ih.s pro-vrTy of
William K. y.iiiini'T.iian, tliv'iU i
A is'rtiii li.iiix-ant! stahli- ami two lots of
(rn.iln.l si'iia'.-oil t!n! w.si si.lc of Soiii.-rs.-i
kin-! In siov.-klown lMni..i-sli, rt.li.iinii;-
land of li.ivi.! I. aiunii-riiuiii on tin- ,ui!i,
Mrs. lr. It- ratli-rson on tin w-.-t an.I ail. y
011 ih. in. nil. This Ik a vi-ry il.-siraiil.. l-n."
i-rtv having Hi. r-siii n vari-.-iy of rhoif rnnt
Irv .-SMil.l in-vi-r Ciiilnj; si-rius of rzcrllt-ut
wait r.
one-third of tho -.iin-hus.. nioni-y in lund
wiivu the dtstl is ilt liv.-nsl, onisthirtt in six
noiiths and onisthird in on.- y.-ar willi inl. r-i-sl
on th! tli-iernsl lmyiiii-nts, to lie s.s-iir.-.i
hv judgment Isiii!!. M )K-r criit. of hand
moii.-v Ut be p..id wh-. n Iheunip-rty Is kmx-n-
Administrator of Win. E- Zimtui.-rin.iu, iSecM.
- .t. I-afst U.S. Gov't Uqicrt
Do you know that every ?heiJ,
counter, table, showcase and win
dow in our Dry Goo-Is Dt j'urtmetit
is) crowded to its ui:no.-t cajmciiy
with everything the market affords,
in the way of new pprintr goods.
AVe liavc boti-jl.t t'te largest and
best us.soi thieat of
RUGS, and
liver seen in Somerset.
Carpets and Lace Cui tuius are
now on exhibition vnd we are con
fident that our styles and prices arc
ptsch that lookers wiil become buy
ers. De ?ure to see our new Carpets
and Curtains f .ir f-primr. Wc will
t:ir:e pleasure in Hltoaiug you a big
range of styles in all the different
grades of Ingrains. Tapestries,
Rudy Rrusscls and Velvet Carpet-.
! In Lace Curtains
- Our -
Prices Challenge
the County.
In this department we are showing
all the new rich sUles.
Everything New,
Call and sec us. Everything ful
ly stocked and ciiuipped at
Parker & Parke.'s.
: TO :
Ol It ST;i( l (F- .
has lcen selected with unusual
.-care, and' at lower cost than for
mer years. We are therefore
able to offer, not only the very
be.-t goods on the market, but
can iptote lower ptiees than
We Rarely Lose
a Customer,
as we aim in all cases to give tlie
6C6 1.1-in Cro. Street,
Throws a new light on an old
subject II.VTS. Lots of men
don't realize that they are
wearing a shabby one until
they come in contaet with men
who arc wearing new ones.
The tew blocks are now on
sale at
Jonas L. Baer,
"The Hustler."
817 Main Cross St., - SOMEILSKT, l'A.
James B.
- - - BOB SLEDS.
REMEMBER We Always Carry Them in Stock
Except in Warm Weather.
Don9 1 forget two gears ago tou were
unable to get them, and very
soon they will be scarce at any
James B.
T!ie I.nttiense V"are Ilott-e of K. L. Simpson is picked with the finest
line of SLEIGHS and SLEDS ever brought to Somerset.
Fill! Line 0f
Call aul convince yourself before
to suit
E. L
Patriot St., -
Be in a
will soon be enlarged to Uiee its
present size,
When she will exhibit the Finest
Line of
Ever brought to Somerset County.
Mrs. A. E. UHL.
buying elsewhere. I have PRICES
the TIMES.
Somerset, Pa.
An;M V. Wiill-r, f.v !
i in tu.-1 -.ir? in im-
n. i ! i I J. K. lnt fiy f )im:i I'lt-H- nf suii-
I.:-:'rti rs-r -m:iiv, I'm .
ii.-i.is V. Vi:!!.T. ) N. :. T.
A!;.i- S;iiHi-na in l'ivon.
Tt ' ". .' m I W'i'icr, th d-r H!tt tUf
Yon iir- rvt.v i i ; Ti 1 to u:i.l iipiN-ar :it
l!.?i. r .";: ; rn:i:'im I'ltn for smr
w l fouriTy. " I- !ii jil ai 4iiit-r I, on tii -:ti
Mtmtlav of !;. y. A. I.. tt i;ivi to an-?i-r
tt i-oin plamr if Anna K. Virt!T your
wil?-. tilt- .i:iint(:' :ilm- iiaiiit-tl. ;iint JioW
i:iti-c. if aii.v you haw. why your saitl v. ift
l:nii!'i i.t iw u'l vr'--l Iiim thr hoinis of
iti.ttrinit ny :ir-rvt into with you. n'n--; tIy
lo tin ray r of k-r p.-t '. ! i-m ;t -M t'.viut.
i;. ! ;iu;i;tir -hi iti if.n .iut t "ourt.
h.ri:rs oiti-v. KWWAlii HhVKK.
.Var.-h ti, SlnTitf.
DM IN I 1' i i.VTt HIS N ( TI ( ' H
K-ti.-of I J. Kxn-rt. " ; 1 1 c of Son: r t
towutnj', -it v 1.
I-ttt-r'. H" A-iio::n;ta:it.ti havii.
. t.iui' n i Mini iitiii.n. ti;., n in,- un-
iU r-in-l. iti:iN hcr- ltv -v-:i to all jt
j -:i- iiuh't'it- -;.;; lo iu.-.k iinnniii-
at. yii.-i.:. a-:.: Il.i.v liaviu lai!ri:ijTiii!t
j sii'l r-ia!' w t - j.ri v i.r t iicia ii;Iy ai:t u nn
I tor -.i t !. n. t T . t-n 'I i !;:, A r il hth.
Wat 'h. o.Ti'-i rf J. A. li rk-T. in it: ri X
.r.'.a. J. I MKKT.
Itov;:.Jiii s.rtM-r't rouniy, l'a.
f-!:. t-- if ;ii'.iii:iiif ration. n tin aUvc
I talf. ha P.; t- n irra't! l ti thr unih-Piui l
I y tlii- . r hor.iy, uotr is hl ty ;iv
f.it 'a.; In r on.- imh htttl to -xjm.I .-late to
rutlv' ti!ii" ;l:.it- zx tin ut, :tiil th- luiviti;
lai.ii i th- ;aiiu yr M-nt !urin tluiy
:ii'h ut .-.::! lor -ttIf-nn :it. i n Krifiay
1 i r-ii lui:. 1 -,t tii1 r-tl- !Ht- of the t.l
inii':! m:tr ;i v. i.i town-hip.
k . Kkk.-k. r, Ai'.KAM TKKXKU
A ; :oi n y. Ai;u:iuirMtor.
I:i K.-l.s-.;to
Jau't. Yoii!i:-iiii,
"urt of SH.in. rs.-t
k ".tir:
) lil.i.
:ty, I't-iiiisy iva-
The .:cil' rsi'M.-'l -i niiiir :.ipoiiiN-l hy thi
0. 1rt M.ir-h .t.i. h ' to a riawi iMivalu-
I T to ! h ht-irs and i : rihutr tin- luud in
lit- ha ot i hi ;! itititit rat or, iouiid ainiii
1. ts hi: :lly -utitht !h r n. h rhy j:iv
tiiat In- will it at hi oftirt in tin tr
i; I: ot ' ttt:-r rt, I'll., ti fr rtthiy, llan h i'f
:, at ! o't'Io-Si p. in., for piirjNic-i of ;t-
ti'lui" ; la sltittt of vitui 'i uiiMirunt,
i'ivm ;i:i. h:rt ml iktmiii tnit rtsi ii inn
OKU. li. sri'LL
ll:iii'.' lift i ::;;H::t!rtl Aut!ir.r ty tin
tV.irl ot I'ciHi.itiii h-iti SihitTM't rouiity.
I'a., to .h-r nt.i:rr U.c fund in tin hami of
K:.vani !iv.T. Nti--r:fT. ansin from the
l ttit-n-rsoual pro-rty of H. A. V-r-iit-r.
to a nl aiiMtni: ttn.-1 -a .ly -ni it!l th n
to, i hT. hy i;if n !: thai I will-.it for ; hr
puri of li t: riT Ihr duti- tf -aid n
lM!atim-i:; at lny o!ht. in th tmntiih of
XHiiiT'ift, on ''Imhiy,(Mar-li iTtli. :tt
I o't-Un-k o. in., ol sstid iay. win n mid wttt re
all icirtU's in i:it-n-st may attt tui.
J. . 1.!WKY.
Orphans Court Sa!e
Valnath Real. Estate !
liy virtu" f an onIr ( ur fotsuttl out of
tin orthan' i ourt in and forth county f
Siiirr-t, to mr dmi-tfl. I ill -x . U pub
lit Kiih- on th pniiii4, in SimttiaiiipUin
tou nh:, in iiid rountv, on
Saturday, March 23, 1895,
tli foIIiTin-; ns! Ttat lat lhe nprty f
Jom di Km rit k, dt'd., viz:
A i tuJ Inu l of bind rtituat In th ttwn
ship of ott;uiuti;oii, Nunty f snur,
ud-oimu latid4 f A tint! Wiltuoitth,
d;i'I rU:i.oi hoiiiaU.'r, anl John t ll r,
rontainin; oiir huialn-d and MX ari-r uiotr
or h aiMMit m vt iity-rlvt' ikm cUnr ami
twt nty iu na-udow, a one aud hall-storx
Frame House,
and I Mink hum on the prvm The fiina is
in a oott sUile if cultivation.
imMhirilof pan-lias. inonr-r In haml iiMn
ili-hvi-rv t iI.a-U. fMitsihirtl iu Hix iihihiIih un.l
.;il Im.l in oil-y r Willi int. n st .m Hie ii-f.-rrvil
(i viii. iiUs. rayiiH'iit lo I vurvU by
Jii.l'iii. ni ln.iul. lo jirr t-r-nt. of the hand
innii.y to bi puid when the nprrty Is
kncK'keU Uuwn.
AdruluUtratur uf Juwrpti tiuniick, dwc'ii.

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