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Ocl. H. |
New !>crn,
Oct 3.
i Pi te rebiu
Sjjtt. 25.
I eta. cts.
I 1 25 /2"0
J 2
- j
1 ft
4'5 600
100 125
100 00 11500
6 7
1 50 200
33 374
7 8
5 50 600
I50 2ou
37 *
6 50 7?)<?
70 75
7- 0 I 300
16 2 5
! 25 1:><J
l'O t20
350 1 I CO
8 5 00
23 10
250 500
j ?
II i L a o KO UG U, N. C. t
PrB'.ISIi&D *7' k. LT
!J\ ' > I ; S V f - ? \KPT, ?
*T 1 : ? ? / t.,u.t OU TWO DOLLARS
? - ,t I * ID IS ADVANCE.
. . i.n give notice ot their wish
CD Ti . i r ;??,'? r iMContiDUftd al the cxpira
.1 y ?- 1 r . wi<l S" p- ' <u .ltd as desiring
i - I'nmi ice un!ii ? u i r uanded. ? And
*i i k ? -r .vili h" < turned until all arrear
ni l. i t! ?c %t the option of tlie pub
lic .er
>V i ?!?.'.? v,|! > >~ure *ix subscriber?, and
?'i?r i ? ,.iy ii< nts, shall receive t lie sc
?e it -? . IS.
\ ?- ncits not ? xceedio?* sixteen lines
wi! i i-?crt*d three times for one dollar, and
tv*'. itv-'ivo rent' for each rout iniiance.
*? n -nptioia receive I l?v the printer, and
a ?*: ?f the pout-' taster* in the *tate.
Ml .etters u to i Imnuus relative to the paper
in nt be pout-paid.
' J* It Won! Mil' i n;* o<i Knoe, ut ?
^ ihe ?>ld Till <inn ncr, having >>?.n lately I
repaired, and hvr ey ri li'ri newly ?l witii
ear l* if tho b -st ijua'ity, is no* ft id; fni t>u- j
aiiies*. (jo >d work will warra tied lor eight i
fents a ,i ? in I, .ir tri? fifth pan ol'? io wool, to |
those a . in will hrinitliiir w>kiI in warm weath
er, w ?li picked and washed, with one pound
ol cl"4 ii lard or oil. to every ton p mud of wool.
Saiul. 8. Clay to p.
June 9. 3ni ? 9G
sc\klrit~al ?\c;on
Wl'OLD inform thn public, tliat tlicv 1 1 1 1
n itinur Ihfi' BOOT and SI!*>F, M?.
B'lt'i ir ? at their ild stand, three doors went l
?ft'ie ire of Messrs. Kirkland Si Son, where
t lie y w.li k" p constantly on hand, a general
tasortinont of
.loot* and * hot?*,
eftbo best materials and workmanship, wliirh
will be aold low for cash. Those wishing to
purr!,ase will do well to call and examine
^r themselves
Jan. 6. 63 ?
Mate of North-* arolina,
Orange County.
Court of PlpaHAtitt Quarter SeHHions,
May Term. 182'J.
fpHF. subscriber having been qualified aa
? administrator, with the will annexed on
rightn and credits of the late John L'm
?t*ad, dee'd. requests all persons indebted to
?iiifl estate to make immediate payment, and
thoso having claims, are requested to bring
tSe?n forward prnperly authenticated, for set
tlement, or this notice will be plead in bar of
*covery. JamCS Webb, Jdrn'r.
June t. 84 ? fiw
CAS ii
WI1.T. h? given for tscvcral LIKEI.Y NC
Inquire at this OQitr
Vri* trs ?7?
Pl^ilF. persona residing on the river Nn\v
" Hope, and otlierc interested in the navi
gation of I lint Blrt aiu, are requested to meet
at l>. If. A If (brook's tavern, in Chapel iiill,
on Saturdav tlic 17th of October next, at 1*2
September l. ;i6?
ri^nr. pubs.-ribi r w ould m tins vny inform
J Iiif fri> n.is and tlic puhlfe, tint he tins
auatn i>penc.l his shop, at hi* own house in
this place, v tierc tie is well prepared to exe
cute work in Ins line, a.d will faithfully and
punctually do all such work as may he coin
milted to his care.
lie has on Maud i? good assortment ol'.IEVV
ELLLKY, I I.N Kit ?\ >RU, <*-c. which will
be sold ii iiiK'ialU low lor culi.
JCJ5* All tnose indebted to the subscriber
are earnestly, and f<?r the last time requested
to ntuku payment forthwith. Louder indul
gence cannot h< given.
V\ 111. 1 1 imtiiigton.
August i P. 94? t
3|tlIE subscriber returns his thank* to his
friends and customers u.r tue liberal sup
port wmch ho has iioretolore received, l!id
heps I avc to inform tin .n, that he stil! eoiitin
ues cis shop at lus old stand, opposite the
court house, whero he keeps a hni isome as
sortment of Watches and Jewellery, which
he wdl sell lower than can he purchased else
where. Ho has iNn received a neat assort
ment of materials, and is prcpaied to lepuir
watches and clocks at the shortest notice, and
warrant to perform well. AP work from h dis
tinct will he well executed and promptly at
tended to. Ml kimis ol silver work made at the
shortest noliuj. . . . ?
I .<? iii ut' I 1-ynPii.
August If). 94 ? if
Printing I'vpc*. I'rrsses,
J kl'FI.K FOIl SALf., at their I'vpe and
* r Stereotype Foundry, No. 20, Go'?l-street,
New- York, a complete assortment of FW/.V
77JW TYTKH, from 14 line* Pica to Diamond,
at the following prices, six months credit, or
5 per cent, discount for t'ash. They cast
their Book Founts, fro n English to Diamond,
on a metal which they will warrant superior to
any other usnd in this country.
Six lines Pica, nnd all larger, perlb. 30 cents.
Double Pica, to Five Lines, 34
(?real Primer, 34
English, 3ft
Pica, SO
Small Pica, 38
l.ong Primer, 40
Burgeoia, 46
Minion, '0
Nonpareil, 90
And all others in proportion. Old motal re
ceived in exchange, at Hcont* per Ih. W. II.
and Co. are agents for the sale of tne Wash
ington Printing Press, invented by Samuel
Hunt, which they offer for pale on accommoca
ting terms. Proprietors ol papers, who will
publish this advertisement three times, will bo
allowed 48 in the settlement of their accounts,
or in article* from the Foundry
Aug. 21. 98? 3 w
'?'lie anniversary meeting of J.
i\>" >>r?nf?e County Bible Society will be held j
nt Sal?'in meeting house, fomteen mites south- j
west of Hillsborough, on Saturday anil Sun
day the 17th and 18th ol* October fcext. The
business of* the society will he tram acted on
Saturday, when it ia expected several addres
ses will be tyadc, and on Sunday the anniver
sary sermon will be delivered, after which a
J collection will be taken up in aid of the funds
? tf the society. The citizens of th?* county, of
j all denominations, arc respectfully invited to
{ attend. Thin, uo doubt, will be an interesting
j meeting, as it is principally to devise meas
| ures to carry into execution a resolution somc
[ tune oiuce adopted by this society, to sup
ply ail the destitute within the county with a
copy of the Bible. All who feel interested in
this great work, it is hoped will avail them
selves of this opportunity to a?si?t in accotn
pliKhmg no desirable an object.
ICU1' The Board of Managers will meet at
the sani" place, on Saturday, at 11 o'clock
A. M.
September 9. 97 ?
The Sjnod of North-Carolina \m!I
hold their next annual session in Fayetteville,
on the 10th of November.
September 8. 97 ?
To the Stockholders of the Dunk of
Cape Fear.
<ypHE letter of Louis D. Wilson, esq. in bc
^ half of the Commissioner!* appointed l?v
the State, being un<ler consideration, Resolved,
That the Preident do advise said Coramis
nioners, that it is deemed necessary and expe
dient to commit the Stockholders in reference
to the subject matter of the communication;
and further that the President of the Bank of
Cape-tear be, and he is hereby fully au
thorized and empowered, by virtue of this Res
olution of the Board of Directors, to call a
ueneral meeting of tho Stockholders of the
Bank of Cape-Fear, to convene on the 2d
Monday of November next, at the Banking
lioti.se in t\ ilmington, then and there to con
sider of tlicir interests generally; and espe
cially to signify how far, in what way and up
on what terms, they the Stockholders would
consider it advisable to eoperatc with the
? ieneral \sseiuhly in the establishment of a
new Rank, by ttie consolidation, or otherwise,
of those nou in existence. Copy from the nii
nuti b. JOHN Hll.l., C'jjWrr,
In _ Tordauce with the above Hc-.^ol'ition,
a"J by virtue of my offic e as President ?>f t!ie
Bank of Cape Fear, notice is hearby given to
i the Stockholders of said Hunk, to meet at
their ba ki:?a house in >. iliniligton, on the se
. cond Moti 'ay of November nest, th- n and
i there to consider of and to act upon the mat
' ters and things as set forth in the above
Resolution. J. R. I.OND' >N, President.
September 9. D7? 4w
UE rUHNS liH thanks to tiie public lor the
patronage he has hitherto received, and
would inform them tiiat he lias on hand a
quantity of Walnut and Stains) Fur
niture, and an elegant assortment of
All kinc's of Mahogany and other Furniture,
will be made to order, hi the newest fashion
and in the best manner, at short notice. All
which M ill he disposed of at prices lower than
have heretofore been customary in this place.
; Corn, Wheat, Flour, or Pork, will be taken
; in payment at the market price, if application
; be made soon.
September 15. tf ? 99
fPR \CTS from ihe American Tract Society ?
% al*o from the Union Tract Society, may
be had in any quantity, at the Society's prices,
by forwarding orders, with cash, to
P. W. Dowel, or
T. P. Hunt.
Raleigh, Auij. 93 ?
\fc? \N away trom the subscriber on the 14' h
of July las', an apprentice girl by the
1 name of RACHEL L.\MH, near sixteen years
j of age, bound to me by the county court ot
< Chatham Said girl is supposed to be lurking
among her relations in tiiiillord county, I
' hereby forewarn all persons trom harbouring
or employing said girl under the penalty of i
the law. Th< above rewaid will be given to
! any person who wilt deliver her to me.
Thomas Lindley.
September 22. 99? 3w
N O T I C E.
HEREBY forewarn all persona from trad
ing for or taking an assignment of a note
executed by me about the 3d of September in
stant, and payable six months after date to
Nathaniel .1- Calmer, for four hundred dol.
lars. This n^te was fraudulently obtained
from ire. and I am determined not to pay it.
Lemuel Lynch.
Septeir ber 22, 99 ? 3w
IS offered to the nerson giving me any infor*
matinn which shall lead to the discovery
of my l>ng. He was atolen on the 1 8th or 19th
ins*.; it ? '*rge Setter, well broke; had a long
tail, is perfectly white, except the ears which
are pale yellow, a;ul one eye, which has some
dark hairs about it. which givea Ins ejes the
appearance of being unequal in size.
G. P. Devcreux.
Raleigh, ^ept. 21. 99? 3 w
JJLANJkS for bale at this OfliQC.
PfjHE subscriber hiving hern appointed by
??'the las* Orange County .Court, sdmmia- J
In or, with the will annexed* of SAM t EL
THOMPSON, deceased Rivet notice to all I
person* having claims against said estate* to
present them for payment within the time ;
pi ascribed by law.
J. \V. Norwood, Jidnfr, fr*. (
September 29- OO ? 3w 1
To the Officers, Won' Commissioned Officers and
.Musicians, belonging Is the First Orange Re
giment, of A". C. Militia.
WOU are hereby notified and ordered to at*
*? tend in Hillsborough. on Friday the 23d
of Octcber next, equipped as the law directs,
for drill mutter and court martial; and on the
following d?r (Saturday the 24tb,) you will
also appear, at the same place, at the usual
hour of parade, with all under your respective
commands, equipped as aforesaid, for regi
mental exercise. Each Captain will be expec
ted to make, at thai time, bis annual return
without fail.
Jos. A. Woods, c?t.
Sept. 61. 9^ ? id
To fAe Officers, Xon- Commissioned Offieert, and I
Musicians, belonging to the 2d Orange Regi
are hereby notified and ordered to at
"*? tend at David Mebane's, e?>q. on the 16th
day of October next, at 11 o'clock, equipped
as the law direr a, fur drill muster and court
martial; and on the IT'b jou will attend with
your respective companies. ready to parade
precisely at 11 o'clock, equipped at the law
directs, lor regimental exercise Kach Capta.n
will be expected to make, at that time, bis an
nual return without Uil.
David Tate, c<*.
Sept. 61. 99 --td !
T the last County Court o: Pleas and Quar
. ter Sessions for Orange county. Hie .sub
scriber having qualified as executorto the kaat
will and tostamento' James .Iacksi.v, dee'd.
hereby gives notice to all persons i.aving
claim* against said estate to bring them for
ward within the lime prescribed by law, oth
erwise tins notice wil! be plead in bar ot their
recovery; and all those indebted are request
ed m make immediate paynent, as uu indul
gence can or wili be ifven.
Jus. Jackson, jr. ?*v.
Sept. 22 9J? 3\v
Tll.L be sold, on 4th day of Xovem
r tH-rnex',a? the house oi the late James
J..cks>n, dee'd. hi* crop ot C >rn, Wheat, Osts,
Hay and I- odder; the s'tick of H<>r*es, Catile,
Sheep and Hogs one Still and VtSsels, and
Farmmi; T ols, and various other articles.
I"we|v? months credit will be ^iven, the pur
chaser g.v n^ bond with approved security.
?I as. Jackson, jr. tvr.
Sept. lj. 99? tus
on the evening of the 15th instan',
hoi ween Hillsborough and Birr ngin
Check'*, on the Chapel-Hill road, a Hed Mo
r >cco I'ocVet Kook, containing 'he following
notes of hand, viz four notes drawn by l^em
uel Morgan, the brut for l1- dolls. dated in Jan
1824. the second ??>r 10 dolls dated in July,
1^24, the th.rd 'or 50 dollarsi dated in lug.
1824, and the fourth for dolls. 82 cents,
dated in January, 1M29; ? two notes drawn by !
ri'irronphs Cheek, one for 5 dolls dated in I
May, 1827, tlie other for 15 dolls dated Sept.
15. 1829; and one note drawn by James Cheek
for 13 do'ls. dated in 182-1 ? al< which notes
were mode payable to the subscriber, i here
were aluo in the p.<cket-bo<'k two dollars in
treasury bills, and several receipts All per
sons are forewarned trading for ssid notes,
and Ihe persons from whom ihe sums are
due from paying the same to any person but
the subscriber. A liberal reward will be giv
en to any person who may find the pocket
hook and will return it with its contents to
the subscriber.
Anderson Cheek.
September 22. 99? 3w
Tf^OST by the subscriber, on or shout the
1st of August last, ? R{"d Morocco I'ocket
Book with the following contents, viz. twenty
seven dollars in notes of the banks of this
s'ate; a small sum in treasury notes, amount
not recollec;eds one note on Col. John Stock
ard for 46 dollars or thereabouts, payable one
day after da?e, the time of rxecotion not re
collected; one do. on David Coble (of(icorge)
for 38 dolls and ten cents, executed25lb July
last, payable one day after dste; one do on
Henry Albright, ol Guilford county, for 18
dollars or thereabouts, due 26th Dec. last,
payable to Daniel Albright and endorsed to
me. one do. on David Coble (of David) for b
dollar-, executed 35th July last, payable one
day after dste; one do. on M. 15. Clay for 5
dollars, the time of execution not recollected.
As I expect the above have fallen into the
hands of some dishonest persons, who will at- 1
tempt to trade the notes, or convert them to
tbeir own use, as they have done my money,
this is therelore to forewarn a1! persons from
trading f?r said mites, or those concerned
from psying the amount as specified in the
notes to any other person than myself, as I
positively protest 1 have never parted with
them in any nther way than against my will,
and in the way above specified.
William Albright.
Oa in creek, Orange county,
September 14.
wv\ vv%
" And your rich soil,
Exuberant, nature'* better blessings pour
O'er every land."
From the American Farmer.
Of the manner or preserving without altera
tion, the savour, color, and fragrance of HaJ,
and all the nutritious principles it may pos
! ? Place in your meadow, or rather
farm) art!, a lung pule perpendicular
ly, to which attach bunches uf 'horns
or branches; put on (he ground a thick
i layer of these thorns or boughs, and
fr?.m a circular base in proportion lo
the hay \<i he cured; take good fresh
straw. aod spread it some incites thick
on these faggoU; over this put a bed of
green hay of nearly the name thick
ness, (ben a layer of triv?f aod so
alternately in the same proportions
i to the top, which cover villi stubble,
J leaving an opening to the pile of
thorn budhes, or boughs; this straw
and these boughs, allowing the tree
| circulation of the air, will prevent
I the ha) irooi heating, and the straw
; will absorb the precious aroma of the
; grass, with such facility and advan
tage, tha< beasts of all kinds will de
vour it with as much avidity as the
best bay.
B> tins means great advantages
wil b< gained and inconveniences a
voided, particularly in curing arti
' final grasses.
| If .he weather is uncertain and you
I lea 'hat the lain win whiteu or even
rot th? hay, cut it and curry it 10 im
mediate!*; and, provided it be fr?"*d
fr in the superabundant water* it
ma), by the ; roc*8* juv mentioned,
preserve its fine greet., aroma, and
savour, and coimiuimrax ,Jho tu ns
straw *ith which ?? is in X r :* i?r? -
cious qualities. I bus * *?gin? i-ied,
at the ihitu* time, (he quito'i'v and
quality of aud it i? o t * xpos
td to the rUHr, to to he lost b) poind
ferun ntaiiou; i? preacr%es ai| iht year
that fine gr? en ai d it^recablr aro
uih, which distinguisne* 11 when il
comes from the meadows in the Oi y <?
est and most beautiful weather.
Prolific Season. in Easton (Md.)
paper ot the i9''? ul'. says. ?? A ?taik
of corn has beeo presente .?? fo ui. and
is now to be seen in thin flV ?? from
the farm ol Capi. Richard T i|.p- , of
Barley's Ntck. in chin c< <i r.y, *hich
has nine distinct aod g od ears of
corn on it. It hasexcitnt (he atten
tion and admiration ??* the agr?> ultu
ralists who have called to are it, and
we learn it is the result o( the care
of many years in selecting the mosl
productive corn in tbo field as seed
Muslin. ? Mr. Faulkner, a weaver
from Scotland, bas introduced, at
Pawtucket, the weaving of figured
Muslins, by power looms, wbe*eas il
is done in Europe, exclusively by
hand looms. The figures can oo
changed at pleasure-? and any lady
can have any pattern sbe may order,
Mr. F. says the goods can be mado
as cheap as in Europe, and coiic*>ivna
they may be afforded as low as shir
tings. The looms are not costly,
are tree for inspection, and he it
willing to furnish them to manufac
turers for a small compensation. The
same principles, as in these looms,
can be applied to scar! and fancy
M. bevaaseur'a account of Gene*
ral 1* freyette's tour in the United
States, which has been published in
Paris, consits ol two volumes, octa
vo, embellished %.lb eleven eegra*

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