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?M?\. \.
.vo. &oa
I. Wilmington, Kuyuiifville,
I It- 1 I > 't>t. I ...
New bcrn,
Oct. 3.
Pctersbm jj.
Sept. 25.
II ILLS It O ItO L (. 11. >i. C.
nv ni:\ ti* .1 :\Ht r,
nrr> t i. s r i i? r aid is advance.
7fx?v! .t.i n..i m v r notice ol ihoir witdi
tf. it ir .> iji -r lincontimic i at ttiu t ipifii- ,
:iv v :ir, will be pr ."timed hp desiring ?
i- ? ? iiciuj icc until countermanded. ? Ani)
n ? v ? - vv i < 4 In- discontinued until all arrcar
J; . ir p.u I, u.ilcs* at itio option of the pub
\" ,cr
Vti v>r will prornrr si* subscribers, and
J ? r i it-e the p ivuients, snail receive the ee
* ritli gratis.
\ lv?;ruio.n' it" not exceeding sixteen line*
Will be inserted t It r time* for one dollar, and
t*?iiv-livi! rent* lor ea<h eontiuuanre.
S i n -nations received by the printer, and
m..?' i! t post- m'tpr* 111 the state.
\.! ?o'it.j i io i relative to tlio paper
rn i ?t li" (tost ? paid.
II J '.II' NS lux than** lo t ? pnbiM tor tlio
1 ^dlro iage lie nm luthcrlo ru ? l v ? n i l
<* >n <j liduria them tout lie <as ?? i liu id a
t|U hi it > ?f>V a .,ii i Mtiiii?'<l Ktii
niiure, an I an elegant assortment of
llfclLS Its Vl)s.
A km's ol" Mahogany an ' other Furniture,
*' b -na-le to order, in lli? nBwo'l fusion i
*;i I i.i tlie It at nnnncr, a! ?1?? ?rt notice. Ail
* 'K it will be dii?|K>aod of at ,#ricen lower than
h ivr heretol ?r?- been '?iM unary in tins place.
? nrn, Wii'-at, Flour, or Pork, will l>e tik> n
,fi payment i tlie market price, if application
? ' ui ido soon.
V'pt? mber 15. tf ? 9S
Wool Carding M neurit- on Knot*, at .
the old Till l lam ner, having htni lately f
I, and her ry inders newly clothed wit n |
' 'r I* <>l t it; hist iiuu'ity, i-* now readv for bn- )
?I'l-ss. Good w ?rk will hi* warranted lor eight i
'? nl? i pn-md, or the fifth part of I le wool, to '
will bring their wool mi warm weath
*r. well picked an I washed, with one jionnd
?I cl'Mii lard or ml, to every ten pound of wool, j
Huinl. S. i'liivtor. j
June 'J. 3m ? 8(5 i
W'lUI.D inform the public, that they f*T ill
continue thei* BOOT and SIIOF. Ma
infactilrc at their old stand, three doom west
"I the ?torc of M-ssrs. kirkland x Son, where
'Hey will koep constantly on hand, a general
? ^irtnifnt of
Hoots ami Hiocs,
??I tin 1m ?i materials and workmanship, wl icli
*i'' lie sold low for rash. Tiioae wishing to
l'"?r* iiaie wdl do well to call and examine
"r iliotiiselvea
I. m fi* 6 J?
BLANKS for salo at this OHice.
'CMM. rcM.i.'i'j o? i',e nvi r N?.w
1 lloft', a i ; ?.t'lers interested m the navi
4j.?t ?< ? i of tliat stream, art* leijifat' d to nif-l
h( .? It. \l? 4 ta\cr i, i i i?. i p. 1 iiill.
on > lurduy tin i Jili ut OcUibcr next, at l*i
??*? 1< ? .
S. pit mtivr I 96 ?
M;lt* nber would in t h way inform
i his tri' li'N ami t f public, that ho has
aiiain opened tun sii<ip. at Wis own hous.* hi
I h ??? place, w tieie be is well p. p.ued l<? cxe
< nte work in ln> line, and will faithfully and
pone' ua'ly do all such work ast mav be Colli
mitt) d to lii? rare.
I lr ha* mi 'laml a ff'iod n ? ? >i t mciit of .11'. W -
EM.KKV, * 1 i \ II It ''Hfv. J|*c. win ill n'liP
In- sold 1 1 m i o 1 1 a 1 1 v low tor i as-ii.
st_/v A I thosr indebted to tin* sub*eriber
it r ? ??uneat'y, and lor the last linfe rinucMcd
to make payment forthwith. Longer indul
gence cannot In given.
'?* i>i. 1 1 iiiitiu^ton. j
Aurnst is. ut ? t i
/?itin si:b.;rrib? r r* t *1 r ? ? ? hi? t l?n >ik to bis
Irieiid.* anil customers ?? ?r the liberal sup
port w ien lie m' heretofore rtccivid, anil
bej;* I ave in inform tlivm, that !n* still contin
iles >iik shop nt bis old stand, opposite the
court house. where tie k< eps :? iian some as
sortment o|* Wate'io* and Jewell ry, wbi-h
!ir w II hi 1 1 l'.*''r I'inii c ?ri pup iiasn'd else
w ?rri>. He ha< also rfciiwil a ???ut u?i?ort
ii? it ? f uniterml*. >? r>< I is prcpaied to pair
w atclic* I'm clock* at fie s'ne test notice, and
warrant to perform w-ll. Vi' work Ir<un i lis
t nee will be w ? ? 1 1 ??*'?< it a. id primp 'y at
tended t?. \ 1 1 kin in of silver wo. k madn at the
shortest nottc . , ,
f.CllllU'l lAlirll,
August l 01? tf
I'rin! ni? ! S'i*f!s>es. Nr.
I LIJ A M II \<; \U \ ro.
FFKH 1' Ml S \|,F? nt their I'vpe and
Stereotype Foundiv. tio' -street,
New-York, si romplcle assortment nt l'J(l A
TlJfU TYPK8, ' i ?> * i 1 1 lines Pi< \ !?> UiiMnnd
at t ic IoI'owiml' prices, six months credit, or
.?? per cent. di*<nuut for t'asli. They east
their Monk Komi*. from F.ni?lisJi to Diamond,
oil n metal which they will warrant superior to
any other used m tins otintry.
Six lines Pica, and all lurgor, per lb. 30 cents.
Double Pirn, to Five L.iiicf, .<2
Ureal Primer, 31 J
Kn^lish, .10 |
Pica, HO
Small Pica, 3*
l.ontf Primer, 40
Bnrceois, 40
Brcvior, ?''O
Minion, 70
Nonpnreil, '.?O
And all others in propotlion. Old metal re
ceived in exchange, nt ^ cents per lb \V 1 1 .
nnd Co. nre agenls for I lie sub* ol tne Wash
ington Printing Press, invented by Samuel
Host, which they oflei for snb- on neronimoca
Img terms. Proprietors ..f nnpers. who will
publish Ibis s lvertis.- ne I tlir. .- Ii -ies. wi I bo
nlloweil -'Jin I es'ltb'me t ol their a- counls,
or in article* fio n toe I'oundry.
New- York, Aug. W. 9d-3w j
The Synod ?r Nortli-Caroliiin will
hold their next annual section in Fayetlctil'e, !
on the lUth of November.
September 8. 87 ?
Remaining in the Post CVJice it i Hillsborough, on
the 1j( of October, 15?2'I.
* * A S. G. King
James Aykrovd 2 Win. lvirklaud 19
Cnpt. Joseph \rmstr0n5 L
William E. Audeison Robert (J. Lindsey
James Allison
James Browning
Henry Boyle
Janus Brui''*
?I mu Bor<tot;2is
Samuel Bompasf 2
?7ft?. Bnuldwin
Bobcrt B'irnsido
James Hut It*
F. \V. Burroughs 2
Miss h.i./i 1.. Bond
Con. G. II. Kryjiiit
Thomas Burton
Archibald B.?!ini?
Macon Ulcus. >c
Joliti A. Bcnlou 2
George Copley
James B. Carnn^ton
William Campbell
Nathaniel Carrington
R'lh -n Cardeu
Samuel Child*
illiam Chambers
William Camming
Jam"* It. '"olc
'wMn Carr
James Child
Siiph nn.th Cr: trco
John ! rutchlield 2
Jes'ee Cli.it??n .
John J. Cajri:'gton
Wib v Oihud
Vui!us'ine P sliongh
'? a:n-v Dun.ngau
.1 i'iii Uishcn
l .io as D'irha.u
Ira Mills 2
Kobe"! Kuton
\\ iliiaM HI! ish
* rrlu'taM Fjiu'I. v
'.i 'dott Mr v I
Jofc;>h l.atla
Jaime Lindsay
Win. wis
BarnoyLaslcy or Jaincs
oj Valintinc Mooa
Pun? ari MeRap
PittLTSon MTlade
Mr*. Nancy Moore
Sawne! M'Craekcn
tieorgc \ .Mapay
\V ilstm M'Keiral!
Mok'H MTo*ii
\\ il lie- P. Maugam
I'.tias Mayer
James Moore
Win. Noel
Kobert Nutt
Miss Sarah O'Darnel
Wiky G Parks
Miss Virginia Kagsdalc
Jacob lliley 2
Sanuel Reed
James Rulfin
Miss Martha Strudwick
Mrs Mary Sutherland
John Shatterly,
Miss Ann JancStallings
A T. Smith
Absulom ILScarbrough
W in. S< nrlet
David Smith
James W . Smith
J.?si p Muhh-.ns
F re -it- rick T.Suuiervillc
Johnny r s, sen. or I'hos.
II re ?v or
Franklin Library Soc.
M* F.u-t.lciia J. Shaw
".1 i*. k .* arlett
- ?- it ah J Smith
*'Ii?s G. T. Fleiiun
Tlii*. nas Forrest
A. lam T. Ftir^sli
W 1 1 i t :t i ? i I ?aiti?
W in L. liH yn
\i sstltiariott- Fl< iiin^j C ?l. .?ciiu Slotkard
Edward Stanly
Thomus Thompson
C. Thompson
J. Ttirnt r
Sata'.i *1 hompjon
Mis- Mar*. K. li'tmi ton Mrs. \tteha Whitted
Iticb'ir ! I ! .v.- ird
?\ ill. I lutche is
\ :?? nil. I lilt 1%9, Sen
Moi i?aii 1 1 ? 1 1
U m. I loi ton
Jo< n \ I lull 2
Win. lluiiiim?ton
Winnitord Hardee
B-'rtjnmiii Hurdle
r'noina^ I ialloway,sen.
Win. Ilavs
Edmund Hermiou
Kev. ?\ in. Hooper
Col. Cad. J.>r.. s
J.rnes v . Irvin 2
MissKalii. M . Jackson Carllun IFa'ker
John T. Jones Jauis-s II ' r l?l? 2
Joseph lvickpatiick 2 I) ivi 1 Varhr.?ugh
H . L. ClUlk. 1'. ?'*.
Elihu V? ood
C. \*? alker
I le;i(l? )F| Woods
b.triuiei \\ ilson
Jos1 ph ard, si n.
I.i vi Whitted 2
M re. Mary W'ayne or
I l?'ii ry Bland
Mary W oods or Henry
\\ oods
Samp?on Wnf><l9
Jof>"p!i \\ nods
John ll'tiiker
ll'ui. N. ?* Tutted
David ll'. bh
Bur o't IKIiil .ker
Ortrdw'r I
01-- 3w
T<> the Stockholders of lite liank oj
Cnjtr Fear.
/1?11F. 1- tie r of Loui* l>. \\ ilson, esq. in be
half ?>f the t'oinmissioiM i .? appointed by
tlic staif, !>< ?i ? t? under conrnlcriitioii, Resolved,
T iat the Preu'ent do advice said Commif)
hiiiiu r ;, I lint it is ilci'inrd nfrepsiry a.id expe
dient t>> < nriMi't !'?<? Stm kl.oMns in reference
to th.? Hii"? j<-i-( tiMii -r of t!u* communication;
Hii'l furthci I hat trie. President of I lie Hank of
Cape.F< ar !??*, nr.. I In* is her. by fully au
lltonz <1 anil empowered, by \iriuo ofthis Rca
?>! lit !? >r? < f the Hoard of 1'initi.rs, to call a
gen? rat meeting of ihe Stockholders of the
ti ink ??i* < ape Fear, to convene on the 2d
Monday of November next, at the li..nking
llr.iiH' in i\ ilt iin?ton, then and there to eon
Pi !rr ??l their inti ris1* gem rally; and espe
cially i?> signify how far, 111 what way and up
on what t< rias, lliry the Stockholders would
i onsider it advisable to copcrato with the
(??-neral \sgembly in the establishment of a
new Hank, by the consolidation, or otherwise,
of those now in existence. Copy from the mi
nute*. JOHN HILL, Cashier.
In accordance with the above Resolution,
and by virtuo of my oflicc as President of the
Bank of Cape-Fear, notice is henrby given to
the StocklioliU rs of said Hank, to meet at
their ha kin<_' house in ilmington, on the se
cond Monday of November next, then and
there to consider of and to act U|xin the mat
ter* and thin?* a* set forth hi the above
Resolution. J. R. l.ON DON, PrttMetti.
September 2. 1)7 ? 4w
Tit VCT8 from ihe American T ract Society ?
also from the Union Tract Society, may
be had in any quantity, nt the Souety'i prices,
by forwarding orders, w ith cash, to
I'. \\ . Dowd, or
T. I\ Hunt.
Raleigh, An? 96?
Ejccutod at thiaOHicc, with matins?, acci
itey and dispatch.
?' And \<>ur rich soil,
KxuWrant, nature's 1m ttcr blessings pour
O er every land."
MOllS: S.
I he fill r.-nrurlt* on the trea'm<-nt of
Ilorsea, by Mr. Uakvkr. of Ne?-Y->rk, aie
wof .y the atle'itiou of .t.ose who |?roperi} ?p- !
piecutc i (loir n >ble *111 .-crvice?b(c anm-kls
To the Editors of I he Courier and Enquirer.
Stiouid >??u <t?ii>K proper ?<? pub
lish tli** following it id ?rks, the w ri
ter presumes they v?ill prove a bene
fit to those gfntlec.en who are own- .
tr* of li'ie liorm-s: ?
A great number of fine h'?rses are I
destroyed in this country by those !
that have them placed under their !
rarfl. ft is a custom to wash horses
with cold water sometimes alter hard
dmingin tii?* hot<est time of the y? ar,
hy which practice I h. v* known ma- |
nv of tli-m lake 'he lock-jaw ;tnd 4?i?* ; i
others li.?ve been foundered b- only
v astitng their leg* and feet; it stops
all perspiration, and produces Mo
lent levers. N?? gentleman in ling- j
I tund nmII prrmit his h irStiS to tie
I washed; the horse is not a water mil
| mil; he wants the particular foste
ring liHtid o! care, when placed in a
domestic state.
Another bad practice prevails: the
gram is thrown :n?o the n.angcr
without wilting, and sand or gravel
! being heavier than the grain, it will
seiw?- 'Ikvii on the stomach of the
| lior-e. \ few years past I brought a
stone from a hoist , which was bc
lie>~d to h.?ve b< en formed by Mius
feeding. I placed the stone in I'ruieN
Musi a. n; it is as larg* as a g ? ?se
egg. und can d round like a cocao uut
I w ould sutr^est a better plan 'or
building M(alil<s than that m use af
present. Alt stables should be ?etj
ventilated, so as <u admit a consian'
circulation of iifih air. withoo
which horses are contiou ?Uy brea'h
ing on their lungs t'i?u > put rid ma
ter. ? No s'alls ?should he less Hhh
five Tret %\ ule, Ms ' he horse, like man.
want* to stretch himself wh<n lying
down ?o re?t; mint homes have died
n? the ui.v , by titMog confined hi
I narrow s ' *1 1 i s? and ueing tied with a
rope, round their neck*. All lion* *
sfi ?uld hhv- head-sull halters, will)
h rem <iu each side, that should run
up and down with blocks in pulleys,
? ?ii each fcide of the atall. The tnan
gfrs should craw in and nut. like a
draw in a bureau, or desk; by being
thus fixed, as I have deacribrj, the
horse will rise with case; but on the
old plnn, the horse, by strngejlit.g tu
rise, ?f(<u gets his li^ad under the
manner, and is found de?d in the
morning. The ha> racks should be
placed in front oC the stalls, and not
on the side.
Few iot n have had the opportuni
ty to observe the evils that havw oc
curred by the bail management i f bur
hps. and very lew have doc tired so
many as myself. I presume none of
ny fellow Citizens will d'-ub* b it I
have acquired sorue knowledge >f
the structure anil economy of ths
horse, after fifty yearn extensive prac
tice. \Ym. Cakvku.
N. B. I could have said a great
deal more on this subject, but the
work that I wrote, entitled " The
Practical Horse Farrier," will short
ly be published, bring the four'h edi
tion. in which the subject will be
treated on more largely.
Longevity nf Trees. ? According to
M.ishain aod i li*-r respected hu borl
ties, there are frees in Kogland,
which m*y br supposed from he da'a
whirh they furni?b. t- hnv*ex*it?d
a century or two betoro tbo cbtis
tian era. T!m celebrated Tort worth
i che*nu? Is considered mil ie?H than
| 1100 years old. In the reign of
! King John* more than 700 tears
| ago, it was called tbe old chewut.
" Crib i ot tby?c:l in cities" ? Skmktjuart.
It was stated in a not jour
nal that an advertisement fur a c?erk
produced a vast number of implica
tions, which led to the conclusion
that tliti city contains a number of
young men. ? ho are not only with
out employ men'., but *h? have no
nu'cbantcal or protessn ual pursuits
upon which a certain reliance can bo
placed. This arises frotu the errer
in whuh parents iudu;?<* in provtd
' ing or their sors. or glow* out ol a
criuiitinl iitdiffeiewr to the advance
ment of 'heii cl?>l<*r*n in ".fli.
cult w a k? ? hi ougll Itfe. I' a'oi.ner
has ? in* or imo sons, he thinks their
fortune* *ie ma?'e il'tln-y can g> ' in
to a city; and those born in ?b?* city
are fe?rful -..I starving tf 'hey vr:?
tun* in the country ? ;ut result is, we
have country b ?ye Without employ*
ment or the <i eant> ??f txisieoc*, and
city boys without trades, or *uh?
pr .fusions that are Useless. No v\ ?to
iler. . herelure, t ?at an a"V* rt.s men!
lor a sing<e ch i k ahouitl b<- an** end
| by fifty applicants. Our median*
| ics, who have grown itch by mufti
labor, indulge a a'se pride in oof
bringing up their own sons to the
trade %hich has made their fortunes.
\ atnpid boy, according to 1 1**- ir
opinion, must t^.? into the sto p; but
the smart lad must bave a ha.; ati<J
half coliegia'e education, and n'.mly
some profession. Tb* ?tu??-(t b y#
with biawny ?h>uid?i-, ?? id n. -.ia
callous by l.ib uf, mrf ..ti?* ? mig
property, and bring* up a>i ti? l^.-i
l>, while the indulged p? ? i- .<?> <?
nev a' la1* uulinui practice, ?r
M. D. iihoui pa ien>?,fif i<e?caai>c?*
a maichant vMthou' cap* al, or ;?
storekeeper without crr?l'?. \ !>?.>
of ?ou-'een should begt?> *.< ??k '?
self b (]tie??:ion, ?? what am I to do
Ifttr ?tt It he ?n< *.)- ii> t ??*
rent, ctiiU ? evolves upon * >rad*-. he
miuuiu Be. -c '?is n?a?'er
Mini go to work. Lit- ftlhe- mi wy
wmii'er at his wa .t of aiutntion, us
he would call k ? his ni >?her may t>e
VT) sorry , a< d ms t?o??n c>.rk up M?*r
pret y nose at hit* ?ro?iifi- o r 4
fiifiu in< chamc; Uut hiu> rmi t ue
at Ills Tad** Mstli ftir k'o \l?un :*>?l
labor id wraith, arl I * n??* t o# ??< ??>,
ami in a Jew year* In* wiU i ?v- 4 ????
substantial evidence ?>( th- '-*<? .? If
i*< melancholy w> iff th? i.u>t f
xitftK n ^ i ? ?icil 'dii-T" o *? Attorney
at Luiv," an iJ I tigaw<u w.v ?m- prr
Vhitiitg sin ? >! ilt? , arid 'h1 * U'ijj
lawyers lounging ui h t lit ? ? tej. m
(be tablf deranging tee ()u>t? % >1
umes ol B ackstone und C?ke which
lie un"penrd before thrui, or <hr se
date studen s ami y uiig practrii.n*
ers of medicine calculating upon epi
demic or a sick!? senson.
Where nil is competition? where
all rush to the same spot, a<tn>r u*u?.|
fail. Tlinae who arc b-irn hu-baiij*
men had better continue so, *n } ? l?oso
who have no visible me*n? f ob.
tainwig a living had better turn heir
hm k* upon the citv, and seek the
plentiful West. Let them clrar land
? till the soil ? gather 'he harvest ?
learn to be farmers* and obtain an
honest livelihood ? in time, by indus
try aud perseverance, ihey m*y be
come proprietors of ?he soil, and en
joy health *nd comfort.
?V. Y. Courier ,y L*q.
(h-rase Spots. ? The following me*
t!i ?d of removing gi?'ase and ? il spots
from silk and other articles, without
injury to the coIom, m g?v?-n in the
Journal des Cnnoaissance Usutlles.
Take the yolk of an agg am) put a
iitile of it ou the up?t, then place over
it a piece of white linen, and wet it
with boiiiag water; rub the linen with
the hand, aud repeat th? proi e ia ? bree
or lour times, at each lime applting
! freah boiling water, the linen is to ba
then r? "uove-l, and Mie pari ihus rea
ted is to be waslu J with clean cold
I water.

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