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The Hillsborough recorder. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1820-1879, June 03, 1841, Image 4

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Junto Academy,
fpHS exercise of this Institution will
close oa the 15dt cf Jus, aad be re
r atumed va oa the 15A of July. Tenat
Jts heretofore.
Jy SI. 71-Jteaw
CT1 Thw EaL'igh SUt Standard, aad Brc't-
Jer. will fabliau lartB ttcMa, e
. Strays.
fTHlTED Ira I bt ubaerib.e cheat tbe
& latl ei October, hi swatl white Sow,
iarge spotted Ht, t spatted Sheet, aad
jMa while SMU T Baarks are, a crop end
aloe aad wit-kit tba kit ear. and
m Bad uaderkit lbs right Satitfacttou
will be glvea la ey aa wb esty take then
Mat IS. 7t-
Buffalo Springs,
f nSfecklenburgCounty.Ya.
JXat arfles sreat a CUrtortiU.
pilbl Subscriber Laving becoote tb
.owners e( this Property, ire Miend
fag their aueans of accutuoo'a:i.iu, and
sjxpect, by the opening of ihe Season, to
I able to afford comfortable entertain-
gnent to loo Lundrcd to J fifty or three j
lianJrad visitors'. Their cabins are well j
finished, airy and comfortable ibtir
jstables good, with a pump of excellent
water ia the yard. Their Ur shall be
uraishad with tbe beat Wines and Li
4)or that eanbeprocuicil. ai d their Ta
Lie with the best supplies the country will
affur J. A band of food II uiic a ill be at
jwsfs ja attendance; in fact, tbey intend
4a spare aeitber trouble or czprne in
their efforts to reader thia establishment!
Koda Walrr aud Ice Crt am.
uD. roLNTAtM hi beca ikuMiUi ra
paired, mmi as w la opcratst. 1 b eiode
Malar mn u t italic at ajaabty.
tt7&aa baa also tna.-tW waling ICE
fhEAif; aad aeraoa caa ba ptuJ
day ia th week earept aawtU, d Muaday.
in Hillsborough, II. C.
?pnF. t T Hrw Mra. BUR-
Wax's H UUOI, atd mmuiki m
Uoaday. tWa IttatiJ.aa.
Ta acaliaa ill iMafWt ule plate ia
Ika Spria( aaj FaU. im mt4t la aareWt
ppi a livtai h Um coirtrj, mba aa4 U beat
to tiait kcr at Imm . .
Teiiion. tl7 59
Metie. S5 00
I'.e of Ttann. 5 CO
Drawing and raiatie. JO CO
Frearb. !5 CO
Laun. fc 10 CO
Bfd ia th amat rplV.a TaauHea ie
iha r-aee. caa fc. bad at 10 ir mili, fia
clodmf ry lliiafil aaJ p4iie a ajtat
plr tlicir dMrra ader ear ceif,
tat lir l j're tn a, p icalian la
No drdut-nua mJ tt :ir tfitt tie je
fS u BtUrtJ, except 14 t4.l ri,4.tiHk
fit. axrcEcxccs.
II .a. F NaaS. 1 .
Dr. Weth, J HtiUWaajh.
Juha W. NorarituJ, J
Ut. D lty. i:a Cih.
Mr. J.UuM. K..ltitit-
Mr. Allied Halt-It. I .
Vr $aail Sltt.p.r., h.
Mr Ilo'jcrt tnmr..ii, J
air. Iticbard taihitiion, Wjritloiui g't.
lie. ' Naali. I. iimo aim'.
, Kev. Jtlraaitdcr Ititauo. I. D., Greenaboru.
CT? Th Star. Stand ird an I Itairtef. Ra-
! ;. Ai-.era ?(K.cUtr and ni'niiajion .4
. . . . i - . i
a pieatant ana luoionacte reton iar oom tv.rier. 11(rt voce m wA f.it ek.,
IbethalJiy and tbe aick.
Am Ja tl. aa analal' jairt a1 riAMt tmm AaT itla
It miM be auiacieul to reler to tue autjuiu
US 19.
rm vat e
Boarding School.
A ilit.miiili i.f nuInr Harris anil V fnl.
..... V. ....... -W-. , ... 1' . .
We..,.o fenaea,en of tincuan .n their 11
nil ne'mtina on ,ui!e ,ntj a lull i llil jortiLl,
N. 1 ua lae Cm ThuraUa, in J" at. lit.
number t-f -pupi) ill be liiuaed' I im cuitr.e
if m.trutiiun prt paratwr, ti an cntiime i4
an, of uur Col'.eca. tntlruklio4 iti be yiea
in tue Fieticli lautjuace. by a e ot tun liunt
Fraitra, f ligh qnaltbeatiM.t. adddiuhal
cnarge wi'l le made to lite (;citiiai rncol
tuiiin (or aurti iukirut liva, aud enr pupil
win enpiy ma oeni oi.
Tiieia wi'l be but m varatuin in ika rar.
and that from the fuat at .Mjjt lu u lint
xtcJieatioD. and tll acquainted
properuea and effect ol the valet to all
dieaaae. Hut a evidence of their Ami
Riiiioaa effect, the aubacriber, laid Shel
Ion, will a tale a fei aa cominr within hi
,pwn knowle Jije, to wit: That (or the ltl
j80 yea, famijiea (often urje) bate reaid
d al ibe liuflala Spring, and that ao in
etanee of Biliou or.Ae ue and Ferer ever
oeeatred in a fn,ilr re aiding there; anito f
confident are the owaete of the oe-J Thiirada, tajo'y
inty of thii water ia Age and Fetei,
and in eo many instance bare luey wit
peed cute (generally ia a few day,)
.without ever knowing it to fail in a ain
gie iaetaaee, that they aay to any peron
who will bring an 4 gue and Fever to Buf
falo Cpiingt, that if it don't cure, that be
ehall pay nothing for board. They attgbt
aay much more of the efficacy of there
water io many other diaeatc, but they
will only refer to the certificate ol Doo
pr Uarri and Variable.
April. li. PWM.K.KE.NNOS.--
Uariae aracijcad lladiciae M the atiebbor-
Wod .f Ua tawalii aliaaial Spciag for ttia laat
iwaira year a, 1 bare bad lrtut opporteni
ttae of taatiaf the iCcaej ot ibe waur io va
naaa dtaeaaaa. Aa tooic aad diuretic, it a
oot very far, if at all, eurpaiaad by aay water
tba Uaited slate. JU action a Itie biI
ijt ia prompt and poweHul. It ia alao udo
Xida aa elifblly aperient. Tbeae medicinal
Evpartir combioed, lender it uaeful in all
rupakai afili'tni, Viaceral obatrucliuna,
Banicnlarlv f the Liver and Spleen, Cu
laaauu Diaaaae. Dvapepty. ConwaUacence
from Fever, DrraDgatnent ot ttte Secrett.ig Or ,
IntermiUenl Fever, and Fema'e Cum
plainia. Ia all ctironie diaeaaee ia wtiicli tbe
digestive oraoa aia implicated, a cauea or
effect, lliVs water act with tbe happoet n
jalta. I Fever and Bgie and protracttd Ke
ittest Fever, it rarelj, if ever, Ui to a.loid
. Iiariaanrai teller.
s v
Tiie cttaree fr each pupil, fur board and te
itiun, will be 50 per atiuuui, pa.d acibi anna
ellr, ia advance.
farentaorUuirJiana. who may aili to place
tnetr eon orwarde anrfcr in rare, are rcqueat
ed to coinmuiiicate tin ir withe to the eubcri
ber, by letter, a earl, aa convenient, duectcd
to tie
tlil'aburough, N C
April I. . 66-
4TtHE eubseriber have received and t&n f.r
aale at tlieir Store lla, one mile aorth
of Croae Road Meeting Muaae, a freed and
desirable slock of Setaonable Gnode, consist.
iag in pari of Ibe following articles:
Common and Fine Blue Cloth.
Invisible Green do.
Cassimere and Satinet,
Rlark Silk and Satin Vcating.
Marseille Jo.
French. Iindon and Furniture Prima,
Mack Silk and Printed Muiltn.
Gauze Srarf and Ilandkrrrhief.
I Stockinet Drilling and Gsmbroon,
r asbioiiable uonneie and- W renlie, 1
Plain. Figured, Swi and Chcqnerad
Hibar.d, Edging and Drown Linert,
Linen Boom and Collar. Oil Cl'ithe,
Hardware, Cut lery, Crockery and Tin
Paint. Nail and Iron,
lowed in reference to it peculiar action on
a l. - t-: J : - L. A I i
m uu.cvi di.t ua irviiucu a puwcriui f ti f.
Wdj in all Ilia chronic di.saae. of llu.se r- j 3,1,1 jr"w o?r.
aa. a lkewtethoee tf tbe BladJer and Ua SADDLERV Bridle bit. Bueklea
ppeodagM As a rem.d, chronic female pu.h. Webbing. Tree & Mor.wooSkir,
complaint, it i no les worthy of public con.) jiiiiru.in,
Jocc- aad I will bere rrtnark, that lo igex-j HATS Beaver, Brush, Itussia, Mule
jteneofi baa taagbt me, that in the cataifijue sjiin and Paint leaf lists
f bautaa i I. there U no c!a ofd .e.,.. f.j;.. ... KlA Si:A.,. ,.i
aaore perp!exme to tlMt phjtuun than theee i . L . 1 1 ' "
pbatinau a..d paiuful alTectiuDa The important 1 1 u'nP s,nd 5''0
.erf a ptulUr i tht us, when in a ataie of de ! 500 poumls Cotton Yarn. j
fn trutoul, eiert an influence whirh, if not' Books, Paper, and Paper Paint.
f rti.r,i. invoivt.; Mayland'e Crotch Sua IT.
er,atantino.ieioniiiioiirutti,bvliilieiiiindi ,, 7 .
ndtbabudyofihaliat.lcM.uilejer. Uuiunu-i ls'"lc,"ed I obarro and Cignr. f
"1cm ber to rn tiHarate llie duckn r; eollica Fancy and Hr Soap,
H to ear that there ia Scartul, oae. dcptading 1 ,n(j ,, tt!ier arr.
. m t.J IV. H'tl.l UCIKIiCIUCHI vi l.l'jll Ol 4MC
A.rje referred to. t nl t at eitlitr periiianei,t.
if cured or mitigated by tue use ol'thia wHpi
ftr inosih or to. Tbe Jet. rmii.ai mil of flj-
J to tbe region ol ;ie pejyie conijuti.t on J.., ItrrriTPd
ta nee, renua.s it a f.rou.pt, i-nlj and .JCcieiit!1"1 iCtCIT"" anU lK
uimiaa.o;ue remedy in ,uil.rulftinali;.. ht' j J. fE An i Bliou Pill.
piraie eq tally tonepuuoi in reuniting JLF Hr lt.rln.nl.'. a n.i . i it.
h,M 4 ae,.e2 of Ih. otiiar .,, acq.ired I' n, 1 , , ' ,An" V, TP"-V '
haitit of d.aeW'ion debaucl.erv. The ! "u 1 M Am ' l oniato Pill.
fill elect produced oil trnera by drinking ; obeniiati l ough Iizenge.
M'i 5- 71-Cm
Ibe water it a eligM cuMuiets of the bead,
Wkjvb SJ pavea ojf. and ia followed by an
ncreaae of appetite, a hcalihful jtow ou tbe
"rfaee, eahiteratian of apiritu, and a pleating
aaecMusneet of new life and eigof mfuaed in.
1. eyery oraa tf the bod,.
Clark ville, Va. April Si, igsj,
. t f i
ntft ior leeeraj yeere oeen attaodirg to;
fm ewocie oi in waier ol tae Buflalo Miueral
Spring, and caa readiJy eubecribe to the above
recoatiOMdatioa, end npuld, in additinn, re
naik, that after bating iM ticed the f..-t-ta !
ntt of ih. tonic watere of the United Stales.
. . . a
nave no beattatioa ta proaouoelug it alio-
B ee Stone April 22, 1811. .
ABOUT Fifty Acre, adjoining lit
Town, north. f
About fifty Acrei. half a mite from
7'otta, novth. -
Apply 19 JAMES WEBB.
April so I "i i ,
r- i. . M .
Job Printing,
Dr. Shermau'a Worm I zenees.
Dr. Sherinau'a puor Man' Piaster, for
ram in back and bret.
Dr. R. S. Bernud's Clu.Iera Syrop.
W. W. Grsy' Invaluutle Ointment.
Harrison'e Specific Ointment.
. A.
Mat i.
Pockct-Book Lest.
LOST, i.a Tuctiiay ,a 4,h iiiat. between
Gen. Trolman', a-a jl0 sev( a Miniiil
leather Pocket K00k, nuiiiin "aijiv tbree
dollar in North Caioima m.,nrv-w I0
a lit ,bT ih. Ci n i ...
otiia ui siaa aint, t,t rent rtioaily Cape
Fear and one Iweniy dollar Miiipj tili.
ninoux me 'pei i a oi ol lurid u tie
kiel May rtn dollar., and a Peddlinv l.i.
ea for Orange county. A lilrra reward
wilt be gienn for the said not ket lMMik and iia
coatenta, ifdvlivared Io the ubeiibtr, or if
leit with air. Jih a, Tarreniine, or at th.
Fiintiag OHiie in llillaborough.
' . , AD0LP1I MARX.
.May IS. . I 7-3,rP
tilfyKSftr Sute at tkii Office.
v . - . -. . . ' i
vjy C are aw reenrlag frees New Taik aal
FaalaJelrWa, a headaaajt asaavtweat 4
Spring and Summer
wbieh bate bees bw;t. cUey, aaJ w Jl be
ulJ chat p. ! '
. Tbi. pMtfebata was aat MaJ by wd, kat
be aa. f lb eabacribcr: we l bait fore Ihibk
ar. ab'e t ba a attk thl at Ml pVaaa
ar Ifiadt aad coat latere wivbiag le treat
themaelvce te a ba nr earP1
oca arocB coirtuM.
Sjpe rior woo! dyed Black CLOTHS,
Ilj. Blue do.
V'. dj. Iotiaitle Crcrn, do.
BUck Im. ")
I).i. Drop Deu. VaCMalCS CI.0TUS.
Dj. Errninet, J
Faoey Caimers, Satinet.
Cadet J.nee. Kentucky Ja&cf,
Silk. Saiin, Cathmere, )
and MsmiSle.. -JtWTIMsS.
Printed Ltan, Jarkcnct end Ftrnch Mtii
I.n. .
Chal.ye, pT.in and ctriped Gingham,
Figured, atriped and plin Light Silk,
BUrk and blue-black Uombaztne,
French. En lih and American Print.
Plain and Chequered Mualia. '
Long Lava. Hem atttck and Linen Cam
brc llinilkerchief.
Damask and Bird eye Diaper.
Irish and Brown Linen.
Brown Holland, and Linru Drdlisg.
Georgia Nankin, Cadet Car-aimer.
Worked Collar. Edging and Inserting.
Florence and Straw Bran! U-niiet.
Hood, Flower, Bonnet Ribbon.
Beaver Fur, Brush, Leghorn and Palm
levf HATS.
Gentle ncti' Shoe. Boot. Purap and
? Slipper. ,
Ltdiee' Black and tVouieJ Slipper.
Turkey Red and Ciit ou Yarn.
Ul it. Q jeeu are, Ci vclery, auJ Sl.-i.e
Hardware and Cultlery.
lhocu!te. Mace, C?lac.
Mla se. Liaf and Drown 3;ir.
Black and Green Tes.
I'o dt-r. Shot, Nail. Window GU,
White L' a l and other Points, Jte. ifcr.
April 53. 70-
Piano Fortes, C'uitnrs, Vio
lins, i lolm Strings, vc.
'D IK uhscribera would respertfiilly an.
nounce to their friends and aciuamtan
ces in Rakish, and throughout North Carolina,
Hat the, have now on band a large astorlmenl
of Nrnas ft ft-asa's Ftano Furies, which, for
brilluiM-y af lone and unparalleled touch and
durabirity. are not urpacd. Tbey with Io
ay, that Jar, teUI mot demand pa, jor art, tuxo
tidd, uitil it i$ triti bgth Punhtitr, for w hich
may will allow any reasonable time. Tbey
hate alao Vmlin of a superior qua il,, from
ft oil up to f'); a large selection tl euperior
Vilm btringt, dunar hiring; all kind of
Wind Inatrumente for Military Band, a
ll'ima, Bjjle. Fife. Trombones, Serpent
and Uells; Superior Flute and Flageolet,
inula and double; French Aecordeon, of a
pattern aad ton never before .even bere;
Drums end 15t Drum', ol all iliinentiinr: an
atSirtmnt of superiiir G iitt'. ttgethrr with
tho largeat attortuient of MUSIC ever before
imported bere.
Tb Subscribsre will be g'ad to furmth
Schnol and other nith Muie. and bing b'tlh
Tesehere of the Piini Fitrte, I hey hope to be
enabled to eetect for tlieir frienda what h
creeable and p'easing, uoeful and improving
They repi!ctfully Sulicil the favor and pal
rorujje of the Ladies and Gentlemen of Raleigh,
and tUroustmnt the siate of North Carolina.
PeterWe. Va. March 31, 73
Piano Forte & Husic
piin Subscriber reepfctfutly announce to
their friend anuthe public, that tin y are
nowopening.at theirMore en Sycamore aucct,
a Urge aasortincnt of Piano, of superior quail
ty, frm the manufactory of Metara. ca &
I'Laaic N. w Y irk, wlutli they submit to ll.f
eoininaiion of their fntu'l and the puh'ic.
Tiicy. have a'to on Land tho Urjf.t and lnt
leludu.n of Ameiicao" an. I Knrpraii Muic
(hit bas ever bcn cslti! tied here. Alt..,
aiperior Guitars, Violin. Accoideont, Flntee,
Fife, ami Drums - a largn assortiiieot or Hu
man. Frei.c i and Enlitli Hirpa, GmUr ai.d
Violin St.i'.ga.
Thf, will receive weekly from the Kortbcrn
Citiea, very iin- public ation of Ala.it:, iotci.d
i S to keep at all iinu-a the largest and inorl
' ouipictnaeaitrtniciit. And bting both ,( o
Teacher,- and having aome cxperietice in
srlei ting Muiaand Mutual lntranienta, we
ho;ie to be enabled to kerpauch an atortmont
will bo plening, aret ahle anJ UK-fui lo
lUoso who will favor lit a lib their palioiig.;.
tVe bi-g have lo aay alto, that e aliail ht
Si lo allow harcbascranf our Piano to keen
.io.n ior a rcawtnabia iimi ana iy them, be
fore pajiiu'for tJH'in. and we will lake bark
an, Piaou paid fr, if proved to be dbfi tiit,
even alter li momha trial. Any Piano sold in
Town or its cnvi.-ou, will be kepi in tuue fr
it montns rrrvtia.
17 Pianos tuned and lei on Kire.
Tetcraburg', April 1. a
20 Dollars Reward.
11 X A'-VAYfrom the andm-ribcr, Pf.-picl
i. If ait. Dlalcn Court, a Nefr-. bo nam-d
TOM.' tic waj purchacil of Alien Cain, of
wrangf! comity, where ha it 4!paned to be
rone, lie is very stout, anq wcijlfe about 130
pound; baa been froat bitlen;lat a.vcr, pe
cubar w.lk. turns bis tort very inucli r.utj
Ik -igtit ab ut 5 feet 8 inrhe: antwrra mirk
whaa spoken In; teelh wide split; low fore
head; comnlea ion not tha blarkat. thooch
dark. Twenty du!irt reward will be given for
l's apprlieiuioii and c n.fi .emenj, iu any J ad
, ' v WM. N. Willi TED.
Proapect fljll, Cl-tden, Match 21 if-65
Corn! Corn! Corn! -
MMIE aheriber withee lo purchase FIVE
. J. S. SMITH.
January II. 55-
'I'JE aaJerst'aed woUi i-ecifaily
- iutoras their fiicuda, aad the pitb'ie
geeera'Jy. that tbey intend lo withdraw
from the Mercantile beaia; tbey would
therefore ecqeeat theae.iadcbted to thea,
to call and elosa their accaaata by Cask
or Note.
Thee weald alto ata'd theatative of
tlis opportunity of egpreseief iheir aia
cere ihatke lor the eery .aerai eeppon
give thaaa whKt ia basiaev. .
IQ-lVy have ua own in a a rwd
attoruaeat of
Dry Goods,
and other article ia their line, wlick
tbey with ta dispwe of for cash, or oa a
short credit 14 punctual dealers.
I'ar.bS. tf CI
Tue subscriber bg lesre
to Uiforaa their tends aad
tbe puU'C geaerall,, tbfcl
tber are iuat lectitws fniu
the Naithem Maiketa
a neat nnd xvcll-selfctcti
Stock of
bouf St entire's for estb. and will be aol.l ei-
cccdiAg' luw for cash or on a short credit to
puciual draler. . " '' i ...
frtaeaa wuthinf U perchase, would de well
t call aad scs Ih l-i tbey buy cUcwbere.
Msyll. 71-
for the Spring aud Summer.
ipilE obtivi!.er would respectfully inf im
bis f..eul. and the public generally, that
he hat just received the target! aseortment of
article io bit line of butinrta. perhaps, ever
befute brought t Ihie market; aad as Ibry
have been cntuciy te eelcj a, the subscriber,
with aa eye to their neatnet and durability,
ba thiok h eta rive jtifa tio lt all who
mty patrn him. Tb article have been
poreliaaed on vrry ronabie lei ma and i'l
be Sold chesp. lie mvile h t liiend lo tall
and eseiniite his aorlnien b'fure purchaaing
ptteabere. T' tn'ioamj are eompriaed in
hi attort neni, auitalle far the Spring and
Genttemcn'a B-ot, first quality.
!). Do. second do.
Do. Shoe, first quality.
Do. Do. second do.
Do. Do. third do.
Do. Pumps various qualities.
Do. Gaiter Sliue cti.
Do. Peinp Shoelee.
Do. Slipper.
B'je Shoes various qualities. ,
Dn. Pumps aud Slipper. .
Ladiee Phtla lelphia Hack Kid Slipper.
liii. do. colored do.
Do Morocco Slipper thick Si thin
Do. Seal-skin Shoe and Slipper.
Do. Leather Shoe and Shoetee.
Misses Philadelphia Morocco Slips
Illicit and thin aol.d.
Do. Colored Mipp.r various pat
tern and qiuliiin.
Do. Morocco and Leather Shoeters.
Do. Low Sim.
Chitdreu,s Shoe, of almost every size
and quality.
tr7 la addition to the above, he has receir.
ed IroiO the North In materials lor utanufao
luring; and, having Gral rata workmen in hi
employ, i prepared lo exacute all orders in
bis line witii neatnet and dtti akh.
The aobacribi-r wou d rctpet tfuily return hi
thanks l the public for the very liberal p.it
rontgn,he h.it receive J at ll.c.r har.Ji; aud
pru.o.iCi that n pains will be spa'ed in the
luiure io give aaiuiaciion.
April.29. 70-
Cbnfcctionarics, c.
VitUi3a jiaaaira piratre il(
u-.yoo-M-iiij! to toe public, that el.c has
yis rei live! a fici-Ii tuppl, ,f Fruits, C.ii.fi.c
ti.maries, j-cand it l ow able to furnish al
rnojt an, ll.itip that may be wai.ted in her line
oi uutiin.it. bry contivt priimpall of the
full n g aiticlce:
Ornrrijf s. Lemons, Reiains, Prunes, Figs,
Currents and Date.
Almotnl. Waliitlt. Brazil Nut, Soda
Cracker, Bu Ur Cracker. WVer
Crackerr, Sugr Cracker.
Lemitii St tup and Lime Juire.
Preerved Ginger, Preserved Piije Ap-
plea; Preseried Cherries, Sart-'ines.
A general assortment ol Cai.dies, Jijule
Pte. exrellenl for cold.
Cologne, Heart Oil, Fiench Pomaiuin,
Balm of Culuiubia, a flutist approved
article for the hir.
Chewing Tobacco, Cigar, Smuking To
hacco. Matchee.
A haiitlfomi; atahriruent of Toy.
A few dozen of Corn Brooms, and a few
Children' Carriages sold rery cheap.
April 83. 7 j .
1 N exchan2e fur Dry Cowls BEES
Dectmber lb. , . aj
oil at I rliie
TilCaS Medijti I
alrbic J lor lUa mmo to tbcai
eaatici and troU a.tMa
I. BUitiaa ttt soiirra aad
cbaaae ol life, aaec,oig
tfceta aith renesaed tvae au4
e i. la mas, ba4icd r
titi.4 cases bi.k have Le.a
load, jtabiie. and aa ilatoit ever, speitra y
dieeate la ekicb the ba-a fiatae it liable, tbe
bappy of MOFFAT'e UFE riLLa sad
rit&MX biriEUi bate bec gratatu!yiM
peVuiy aikaoviktad lj tb. pertoH Wt.tti
Ud. aad ub wero priviotiS1, oaaejaa.ott!
iib Ibe beaatifally jl i'.ct i bcl pnlM
hm which tbey mtm owad, al
utile b tbey eoauqacntly ett.
Tbe LIFE HFlJlCI.NtS iciCBftmeed iLcrn
aelvc is t urate of ctery b-im and c" strip
Uoa. Tbeir fiitt operatiea il to lot sea fitsa
the coats of ibe stomach aad bevel, tbe van
us impuritieeaodcrwdiliaaceuktttiii, scttlut
erwusd tbcaa, aud to resaot tbe baioiutd m
ito which collect iu lie coutolotior-s cf 11
uaU iulrtt ue. till er uaditints out, ar
lia'ty eh ante these, and lesve b ctltccitd
nasae behind aa to prod.ee babnu-l toit ve
c, with all its train of etile.or suddca oui
rboea, uitk its imatiaenrdsegcis. 1 ba Isct i
well kae.a I. ail re tu'ar aalv.irt. bo csa-
uiiae ths human bowel after dtalb; and bene a
Iba pnjidice af these wall mioiiotd a-sn a
gamtt euMk Medicines, or autKiues pret erit!
aad keialJed im ibe public b, ignorant eraci-s
Tbe ca-Jifr.ct of Ih Life MeJicn.ee ia to
clean c the kidney aad the blad'tr, and by
this enea.e the livrr and tbe lur.es the bealiit-
f..l aetios of bleb ettliiel, d p.eca .ta tb.
reu.ain, oi iue urinary urgaoe. at. .w,
which lakes it red eo or ftom tbe agency fl
thel verand the lungs before it psssr into t.e
heart, beii-g thua ptinfifd b, thru, and aour
ubed b, food eou. iag fruut a cleaa Mouiacb,
course. Irejel, tl;r't the veins, icntu eveiy
sail of Ih si aad Itiuuitbanil, tuouuis
the baanatof k. u in I he blooming cbetk.
Moffat. Vegetable Life Metlieinea tat
been thMougLly tested, and ptpnuuneed
a aovrreign tcmcdr for Dyspepsia, I urn
leiicy, Palpitation f t!.e Heart. Lnss of
Appetite, ilearlburu and Heatlarlie. I.est
Lssuess, III temper, Auxiety. Languor
ana MeUnehoIy, Co'irne, Disrrl o s
Chuleis, Feers of 1I kind. Rhruroa
lism. Gout, Droptie of all kind. Gia
cel." Worms, Attlims and Consuroptivn
Scurvy, Ulcer, inveterate Sure. Scor
butic Eruption, and Red Complexions
Eruptive complaints, SlIow, Cloudy end
other disagreeable Compleiiuns, Lit si
pelat, Sail Rheum, Common Colo's and
Influenza, 'and various other complaint
which edict the hu.nan frame. In Fever
and Ague, particularly, the Life Medi
rines hive been must eminently success
ful ; so much so lint in the Fever and
Ague district Physicians almost univer
sally prtsenbe them.
AH tbal Mr. MofTtt requires of bis patient
hi to be particular in taking tbe Life Medicine
tirictly ectordirg lo the UKCctione.- II is not
by a nawtpaper notice, or by any thing tbal he
Ititntelf may cay ia their favor, thai be hopes
in gain credit. It is alone by the result of a
lar leisi
IfXoffiit'si ItXrdirnl "Xanual:
deig.iod as a Domestic Uaid to Health
Thia little pampbtet. edited bv Mm. B. Mcffil
J7S Broadway, New Yik, has been poblith.d
rue the purpose or eau'ining mere lu:ly air.
MfTl' theory of diacatee, and ui I be found
hitthtyiatercftin tvpertonssetkit ehcalta. Il
Ireate npin prevalent diseaees, and the cansee
thereof. Price, 35 cents. For sale b, Mo Hat's
agents generally.
These valuable Medicines are
tut sale at lbs Offic of ths Hillsbo
rough BccotJer. .,
U. HEAR IT, Jgtnt
May tO. IS
: 1t exiled lUir fcia. k t "
f all K (ubtenber, grateful for th ptronafe
w heretofore received, would retptctl'ul',
inform bis fiienda and the public generally,
that he baa uawl, filled up hi esublitbtncui,
with a great many conveniences, that i.l en
able him to esevut. work in a euperior style
and witn mnre eij eJition than herrtolore; at d
he now r ff rs his services ta tbe public, with
the dotermioati.il tbal no pains shall b spar
sJ to give generat a.lufaciioa. !;.
of all kinda, will be made ia the neatest stile,
cf TZuiwgautf, U'tifuut, and ether prc
fljus Wood.
lie will endeavor to keep on band an aart
mem of Furniture, among which will be BED
SfF. IDi of the cheape.t and bet q-ialit),
wuti etams ot me moat durable colors, in m.i
tat ion of Mahogany, It.ierwood, or Saiiioi4
fersons withmg to buy, will do well lo call,
a they will be anlj on vrry reasonable term.
All rci airini or var.iithius will be thankful-
'y received, and prmnj.!y aucnrled lo.
Miller rr'iiring Iiati wM be cxcciik.l uh
ail puttiblu dct-rau i . J f
II EMI Y ir S.
Febiuar, 3. s '
riw5 " 'Pee,
VilS tbW .a.L.. J""
pbl to give D ot stall.
Gawd CwcaaawO ta tbw saotkil. 4
be, a ill dtepM of mi the aect Ueia' J,.
raeyars en.ro.iais to ssak. iturptMji.T'
to -e "" iay w4'i Sfcatca-aC.
fMatuiee it t-j Ibe tot Sua and ..
Call aed j ttge U r ,.arl.. . '
a '
. 71
Press Tor Salt'
Jhiau Ueir.t r of emearkiii mlnrnt! cr
bJsm-KS. I now iiffer the e tah'i-l m. . t
of thn Wiliuiiigton AJwrtifir for al
I tlo not know of a more rliyib c tuiiinlifii
for prnua detiroua of embtikin in ih pr.(,
fin; buiiiici3, than IVi'minlou, 7 oi t It Caio
Terms aeconimod.ttiii"
i pott p.ild. , .
Wilmington, Nov. 17.
Arplieticn nmtt
r. c. HILL
Pino Siiingles.
JIIF. ftilMrrih, r k-pt on'tiand, for eile
jl'"1.8-. 16-
Orange Vounlij.
In Equity March Term. 1811.
XMunicI M. ( aniiighn . trift,
Duretl JilunguM and olltr t.
tt appearing to th. .iifa. tiun fcf i,e 1 1 1. t
Ihut I). in II I , t ' .
-.imiii, .iifi .-lUUItlt l.tl
U.iry hi v.,fe, an(f Artlmr Mancittn. d. fcl d
toit in inicae, re.i.le btvoiM the limit ui
hi States II ia therefore oideied thai bnhli. .
Hon be mad in tho tJilieboriuih Kicoidi r (. r
til week IlKCCtMVilv. Ihal'un eta tl
delomtant appear at the next trrm tf ll.it
Court, to be held fr the rounl, of Oral nc, in
tho eourt lmue in llillebonnigli, on tht i toi.o
Monday of September neat, ami olcail ft lift am
r demur, thia caae will be act tlown for dear
ii If anu neani ri parte.
n linen, Jame cJ,b. Cr,L mnA
oar aaid Cuirl of Equity, the econd Monday
i itiarcn, ion .
Pme Adv. f 3 eo, gj.
Brandrcth's Pills
VTECErACLE and tt.vir.a1 H,t..
proecdl-y the ti erttBtc of ibtuaa.J
be, a bee prt peil, I e.tctnrd uiib. a ct7a
cerciacvafy ttHWoftb t:tt al
all having lb. taane enjia. at d iatr-ablt .
ft .as Ibe r.MitLSlL SHUT U all ilT
nauie'y IVFltlTY or laJflKI ttT tZZl
la a pe i-dof little snors ilea area 2.
ia Ibe I. S ll.', ba ittt. red I a ti.i, .r
beahh sad erjnjweet arret llt l.l Mli t!
TllOtSAND fciioi., ulo (( gUeaat,,
a mm arable V, f l) ikmbs of li e ri ui (aj
sUadtng,arid io tuaey cases ul.en etet, n,
remedy bad been rituiUd IvV. taia.
. Ia aireaaeewf Fata a U etkettt, ab-ttrt
be cbronie iccct.t,btthcr it bcdiaaMec
paia in Ibe ede, ubctber it anae fr. ut m,lto
luiioital or fioa a.aie ia.ntcdiate tacte, ba
ther U be fi u iotimalortaicrtal irj.it
will be tared by pctmctii g in H e tn ol u 'Um
Fil's. - ' ., .
Ibis principle af purg'u g with tiakdit'.L'a
Filla, tcMtovee eotbing hot lb. tittlrt aod eV
tstcd pa it kit S ttoio the txi',- tbr auottid ai i
coirupt hoa.bi vf ti e blvott, tl ete ioa.ee
b ib cauao o'istasr tbe, iu ptde lLa lot,
tioua of ti.e liter a ben U r at tilt etca lb.t
organ, and wkwli, when lit, sittle aatl-e
iHotcits, prot'me il ri u.aiKiu ; ar t
t ritre, ( iodine g ol; n t jot. tic loif t, pla.
ilt.t-e eoiitt-iiti In a; or it on iLe ioWtiitKe, ttt
titenrss; or U tie I i n - 1 1 II e b w d tea.
!. apt pit ay aid ter!)Ht, aid all it e ta a
l tliaoturi o Ma!4.tbo. lo tbe at C'ltr ail
:i Lo Ltl.o'.d ihtiu.
Yes, purging thete I eR.crs fit m tee bot'y 4
tbe trtie corv tor eU tht tr cvo j laii.ta, aea n.
trjviUf f-iru tl dotat. Ilia ia at..
attcruoB it i actn.t i ttut ! tiLtb,tit'iatb
ila) il hj i;ii.i! i;( llfcif; fal ai t! u!c it i !.
ttiiKin Laor,aiid inoie and n.ore srpreci.
tiled. '1
: The ei-r i, pi.rgii-g a sy rtj te !t ei d t p
it s lauauLictt piodute ttietstruidr.
than ma, bo gmeiali, iu(ii.ed. WL.tiv-r
ttai'a le ttag ...te, ui'l prid cc.'tkete, b.
caote it lino lo putrefaction llttfoi lb
ueeeetity l (aeaiar.t eienise a sees.
? ubeueon.iattaeiut iaioi.t Med ft in
ANY I Airt. tteoreat orial use of crtsii.c
ViDiciaa ie AtiSOmtLY ttqoiied. Ibtt
lbs touduii tf lb blood, the fouuteia of Mr,
ate kept Irec fi.nt tbote in-f hi itit t bit I aca d
prevent it tcdy cuirrol tuinitterin l.ea'lb.
Tbu mordid huu.or i rrier.ted fiowte.
coming aiiied with it It ie aalaie ubitbit
Ida stataied through tLe Btraaa si-d evlitU
uhicbsbs Las plot idcdfoiLcrteX.
Dr. ItrtAMJmrril's Office In Vlixlnta, le
103 31 IS stTUIXT, ItlCIIMO.ND.
Xcar tbe Old KarbeU
U here the Pills can be obtained al S5cca;s fr
boa, with lull diiectioas.
Ths follouing g.-ntlf men Lave been erf lilt
ed sgeate for the esle of Brandtelb's I'iU:
Dennis Ileartt. IMUborecgh. '
Stedman Si Ramsay, Piltsbnroogh.
Hsrgrsre, Gaither Si Co. Lcsmginn.
Joseph A. SirelufT, Midway, Davidson.
Jamrs D. M-Dade, Chiptl Hill.
J. 51. A. Drake, AiLboroegh, Randoljh.
John R. Drown. Privilrge, D.
M. C. Gardner, St, Lawrence, Chatham.
G. A. Msbane. Mason Hall, Orar'ge.
E. & W. Smith, Alarcsnce, Gmlfoid.
J t R. Sloan, Greensborough.
J. Si R. Reid, Troublesome Iron Wotls,
James Johnson, Wentworth, Do.
Wood & Nral. Maditrn, Do.
J. W. Burton, Si CoM Leakstill. Do.
0m M'Alcer. Yanretsillr, Cssaell.
iv. t. i atiorr, .liiuun, lio.
fleeeuiWr 19 . "-!?ii
Matchless Sanative.
MllS mv liable Mi tlicine. uliich la In
formed ariomthii p rare in b t or.si-a p-
linr., and other diaearca of the liver, i I'll
rouvtantl, for sale by theaohtt ribir.at liaits
bom I'otl litlit r, Ortne 1 1 umv.
TMarel 14, ' f If- 6
JfjMTHER Double ur Siij;le, n t'e lo
order an article of great cinliit.
either in suimnti or winter. Order lift
at the i lHce of the Hillsborough Rtcur
der uiil Le duly aiirbiUd lo.
duly a. eo
Or an ire (Xiotty. .
In Equity Match Tsriu, 1841.
I'ttUioit tf Gtorgt llfhitt tnd nlhn,
Luerttla and .lof.'v Ftrmtr.
i"TT appealing to the taisrctinii i f tlic Coi .t
that I.orrrti Fartnrr ai d Mi.Ht Firn'.
defendant in H it csre, rerite I ejoi d ti e '
ton ft thn elate: It I thnefoie unit rid " l
puVUation Jie, mae'e in the ltii!tboioUib l-c-t-oider
for six ttetk eiiiccetn ly, thtt oi ltJ
nr taiiiuricntiant sj pear at O r r.tsm"1"'
n Ciiiwt, to be In Id lor the county tf Oral f' f
h the i out honee in llil'thnK i :j.h, on Ibe.
utid iNioo. ay of Jt pit ii,l,i mi, ai d pbed,
Miser i f o'viiiiir, lint ranee tt ill be stl oov u
or 1 1 r a 1 1 1 y t r. f I hd.nl aile.
Wit ri m. Jiiip Wfl.b. t lik and Msetrt of
etur u.1.1 Conit of Equity, ll.o eood Monday
of ilaith, 11441. t.
Price Adv. $5 lit). 65 "
r8l.Hl WCCSIf
at riierr noitar.s a vraa. ta tnorniiii
mrCKkiair raiotn aivaxc.
Tlio'so uliu tiu iini tivc noi re ol tlnir ih
to bate tliur i epcr tlinoiitinud at li. rspii
tion or the car. will be r'f-'i med as i emnng,.
itri nnlim aix f tiMtil rciiiitriNiaiif'rd Ai'd l
paper uiil le dit oniii.ncil in, til all arns''
are poid. unlet all Is I (lion t f lb. ublithrr,
; Adveilircii.ciil nt.t xiii i'ii C tiltern lii.rr,
one dollar ft.r II e fiitl, and Ivrniy-fite irrts
loreai h aubst (iirnl intetimn; lunger nres t"
ir"pnrunn. uu ei!vrilienieni ittcn'y-"'-
pcrtenl lijjlifr, A t ri. ti I 3-tJ teini'l-
till be iiiaiit. i nc'tiHiciis by the HI'-

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