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f rif T T Mr, Adma
-srsiment, whWe-waa u!y by
1 .2 as "s is
"if, Admi iu?ttd.nit tit
J re-rbS "'V. (which
. earn. J by trot f U? to 1 0 L
tr Wise's resolution, that amended,
w3i jjpvtJ by tote of 125 toUI.
A iisakiioa " ie3, dimming iie
r(j (taaJlaf eotninitue to be appoin
ted fer tl speaker; Si"Unj the
.nnowsaent d lcl comtniuce of cine
im'jers, to Uie 'w consideration the
f c.jcl of tb rurrency, and the rstab-
lJe gJJiflf iacreaseJ ueiiiiie ia the
rtiraue. an J rtndvrin tfitir, custody
. Tedav, Jan i.
Tlie standi t committee were an-
.mr& br the Speaker. .
The fleet committee ordered ycster-
Jr on the fuljcct or the currency, etc.
announced as fallows: Messrs.
Srreant, Adam. Tope, Wm. Coat Jofin
toZ Urn. I. Iawoa, Bolts, M'Kay,
JI-Keoa, ana liuctt.
Tie house then proceeded to the elce
ii..a of its officers tit tare. On the se
venth trial Eleazar L. Towasead was
eltiJ sergeaat-at-arms.
A joint resolaUMt wu received from
tSe Senate on the subject of the honors to
Is paid to the memory of the late Presi
deatoflhe Uaited States, William Ilcn
rv Harrison; which was cotcurred ia
Mr. Adam, from the same select com-miiu-e
of this home, appointed on the
sj'iject, reported a till for the relief of
Mr. Harrison, widow of the late Fresi-
dsat of the United Suixi; which was re
ferred to the committee of the whole on
the state of the Union, and ordered to be
ITeJnca'sy, June 9.
Joarph Follannhec was fleeted iloor
Lct'per, John W. Hunter assistant door-k-rjHT,
and W. J. M'Cormirk ptstraas-
The House next proceeded to the eloc
ti a of chaplain, and tlie Ker. J. V.
Trench (Epiacrtpalian) was elected.
Some time was vpent on questions of
orJer fro win j oat of Mr. lagcrsoU's mo
tioa to rc-coojidcr ilto vote on the Slst
Mr. !nerol then took the floor, and
ugh several tiin?s called to order on
tUe ground of imlevancy, continued l is
speech until the hsuse aljourned, witliout
TLarsJy, Jans 10.
On motion of Mr. Filmore, the report
of me Secretary of the Treasury, except
fuch parts thereof as relates to the subject
already submitted to a select committee,
was referred to the committee of ways
and means. "
Mr. Holmes of S. C. on leave, present-
eJ a resolution passed by citizens of
Charleston, 8. v., recommending an ap
propriation' to the amount of one year
Hilary for 13 ea. Harrison's family, lie
frrred to Ute committee of Cite whole on
the state of the Union, to which had been
referred the bill upon that subject.
Mr. M'Keon, by unanimous consent,
presented the memorial Of the Chamber
of Commerce of the city of New York in
f.tvor of a National Hank. - Referred to
the select committee on the currency.
The motion submitted bv Mr. Ingcr
m!1, to reconsider the vote bv which the
house had decided in faror ofomiting the
21st rule of the last Congress, being again
taken up for consideration, Mr. Ingersoll
ft'sumcd hi remarks, and continued to
jrreat length, notwithstanding he was; fre
quently called to order on account of ir
Mr J. C. Clark of X. York, then mov
ed the previous question, which he with'
tlrcw at the recpiest of Mr. Marshall, up
mi his pledging himself to renew iu
Mr. Marshall then addressed the hfU!c
at great length. He was in favor of the
rule, but should vote against re-consideration.
He should now tote for receiv
ing petitions all of them. And why?
llccaue he did not wish the question agi
tated year after year, it might be for a
century; but he wished it settled now, at
once and for ever. Having concluded, he
acain moved the previous question; and
!e question being taken the houso refu
se J O reconsider yeas 110, nays 118.
Frdty, June ft.
The unfinished business of yesterday
was the motion to re-consider the final
vote by which alio house refused to adopt
t'ie 2 1st rule, (which excludes abolition
Mr. Wise being entitled to the floor,
was proceeding to address the house at
great length; but was suddenly taken ill
and fainted from exhaustion, and was led
from the hall by several members who
lliastcd to his assistance. The subject
was consequently postponed till to-mor-low.
The house then proceeded to the elec
tion of public printer, which resulted as
f!ales k Scaton, '., 131
IMair & Rives, 73
Peter Force, 6
So Messrs. Galea & Scaton were do
rlared tf uly elected.
Thursday, Jimr 17.
. r dpUSfti.f And -1 U rViWr, l.e atll.t pihups iiv
wr 10 ikttt prlru!ir ytuntuttt waitJ ljet sa eautuplt l il.t it f ialti.4.
bSrf bf a srtiifg to i!t lo .
The St. Tragtil. Three ofthe
nururrrrs nsged V tins exiriarainny
''"g'dy hat been found guilty of murder
n the tint !. Madison w
t'ird and eonirted on the 24ih ultimo:
Cbnle Brown ( hi one tken at Cinciu
ii) triad nd cut icif d on ihS5ih; and
dmts Srward, kliss Safll, on thsSGdi.
Knni annsareri as willies, llmtich the
9 ' -
.treii,tna of each weja sufltoient to
t aici jiirii,
"Ma. Fox axb Ma. AVfasTta-The
eorrepondenr in our paper tday, be
tweea Mr. Fox snd Mr. Webster on the
McLeod controversy, will be read with
great interest. The letter of the Briash
Minister is written ia good temper, and
not ineonsUtent w i J an earnest desire on
the part of that government to preserve
amicable relations. Bat the letter rf Mr.
Webster excite universal approbation,
and is pronounced to be one ofthe ablest
state papers ever Umed;'it imparts a con
fidence to all who read it, that our foreign
relations are safe ia his hands.
' The Ameriraa Sentinel (a moderate
opposition paper,; speaking of tMs letter
of Mr. Webster's, says: We are proud
of Uiis niaitcrly' corrcrpondence cf our
Government. It is full of power, yet it
is full of iimplieity. It speaks the lan
guage of truth with a potency that com
mends it to every one. Our Government,
in this great state paper, stands vpon
grouud tliat is impregnaUe. It will be
read with deep interest every where. It
will manifest to the English at home and
to all Europe, how ably this Government
can sustain the rights of oar people.
The N. Y. Journal of Commerce thus
peaks of iu M It is surprising how quick
ly a few dashes of Mr. Webster's pen
have cleared up all the mysteries involved
in the rase of Alex. McLcod. All now
see that as the act for which he was
indicted, has been assumed by the British
government, there is no propriety in hold
ing individuals responsible for it but that
we must seek for it, if at all, from the
Briiifch government."
We have received from Messrs. John
son Smith, No. 0, George Street, Phi
ladelphia, a Specimen Book, exhibiting
die great variety of Printing Type and
Ornaments cast at their Foundry. This
is, we believe, the oldest establishment of
the kind in the United States, and the en
terprise and industry of the present pro
prietors have added greatly to the variety
and beauty of the type; and the richness
of the flowers and other ornaments, in
cluding a vaiiety of cuts for almost all
purposes, render it now equal, if not su
perior, to any other establishment of the
kind. In addition to their splendid as
sortment of type, all other kinds of print
ing materials can be had at their establish
ment. 1 i
Messrs. John M. Botu and Alexander
II. It. Stuart, members of Congress from
Virginia, have each published letters to
their constituents, explaining the reason
of their voting for Mr. Adams's motion to
rsscind the 21st rule of tiie House; one
of w hich (Mi. Botts's) we publish below.
The course recommended by these, gen
tlemen is the one which w e have been in
favor of from the outset.' Let the peti
tions be received, referred and reported
upon, and the probability is that this vex
ing question would be quieted for some
years to come; certainly it would sepa
rate this subject from the right of petition
to which many of our best men are devot
edly attached. Tlicse have long been the
views of Mr, Clay, as expressed in a mas
terly speech w hich we some time since
laid before our readers. If Mr. Clay's
advice had then bocn adopted, a great deal
of discussion, bad feeling and expense
would doubdess have been saved. At
any rate we consider this experiment
worth trying.
Impelled by a deep conviction of con-
tituiiootl obligation to separate from my
Southern friends on ibe question of re
scinding the .2 1st liuls of lite House, and
declining to sssign my resons in Con
grcfc. bcnuc I deprecated all discus ion
on that subjKet at this extraordinary ses
sion of Coi-cress, convened (or the pur
pose of relieung tbe government and the
country of their financial embarrassments,
and because I was, unwilling to avail my
self of a privilege I was not disposed to
cx cud tq others. 1 feel that it may be due
to those who feel an interest in my legis
latins setion here briefly 10 sssign th
reasons that prompted me to vote ia the
In. the first place, I hold the right of
petition to be hUkoIuic, unlimited, and im-
aonlolUMe, (lor.M a line is 10 os urawn,
yu will hardly find any ts ht would
draw it Ht the sauie point.) a right gus
rantied to the humblest citizen in the com-
uiunitv. and that it necessarily carries
with ii the obligaton to consider; and Up
on iit'coniderition two questions arise:
1st. lis you the powr to grant lbs
prayer? and, 2Jly, If you have the pow-
bc, thai I t I'M Ui power, sud if 1
-aJ. 1 l.ae pl ! &at 'un. JIj
irtei4s dtut ihc r gltt u irrt-H t jtu
iMMit, because, iley say, we kr so rta
liiiuo! right l grant tbe ptsytr. If
3i J.efi be eonee, pna what prta
cip'e of propriety ca ib wba deny ibe
e-tfiktitktuibsl power ol Cfigres to tsiab-1-a'i
a ktk vt a peotrcti ti3 eon.ebi
la reee its ptntions oa either of ihe sbt
jeclf The eaavoSJabl ioterreptioa that
would enme -tohe liarfflay of lbs Uo
in from lit strsjra tf such a principle
ia fovrratnrai ied hot be exposed.
But. aparl frooi the enttttuuoal qura
lioa. tu mot profound rtfireiioa ihat I
m capable of jiving to this qtetioa, has
net only strengthened tut rtitrd my for
mer impressions opoo say mind that tie
coarse of wisdosa and f true rnd-ey to
lis buuh is to (hsetMwert the quotina
of the r-ght of peiitisa from ibal eabuli
lion, and tu duiipiie the delation thsl
prevails steach cxtrrmiiy ofthe country,
by asetrtaining the exact strength of the
abolitionists in Con jte, and thereby set
t'iag the queliua at once and forever.
Moreover, I am not dUposfd to indulje
ia tintkliir sod sppreliension at the bodr
of a dead laouster. that can only it reaui
ois'ed by an mjudiciAus eotrse f policy
by its o wa citcaiies. If It ft to iLt nistlves,
the aboli i mists are irrevrUy de.d.
I was satUfied before 1 rsme to Con
gress that e occupied f.lse position on
this question, which was leaden d more
unit tulle at the last srs.in by the adop
tion of the 21st Kulr; and, wbile I was
ailling to surrender s great deal lo the
judgment of those whose interests are
identified miih my eistn, 1 could not eon
sent to yield the deep, dlibt rate, and
ronsrien'ious convictions of my own
judgment. ith a full view of the tnis
cliivf thai Iihnught would neecssarilr re
result from incurr outing I fiat with the
other rules of the House.
Next winter, if it is thous ht desirable.
1 shall be prepared to sn ftdly int this
subject itli those who differ with ne.
but at this time I was neither disposed to
embark in tlie discussion uyrelf nor in-.
dblge it in otheis.
Most iet eciiuil v.
JOilN M.B0TT3.
June 8. 1841.
Cbir'es Ogte, 'esq. 4 spooit aoto-
neiv is more! e lesro fivni t&
Pbdsdelphia papers that L died at bis
irsidenee rn Somerset county, on the 17tb
ot. It is Uiow(li the ie-aetia ef bm
kitelea developcmettu' seeaioued Lis
WUl Presidrst 7-frr slbsw a Chri
tisa Pe U to be on uVen by s4 great a
public caUanlv" and feel it iueo-
tent sjpaii biai to set apart a day for Fast
inf anJ Prayer? Whea you reeol.'ee.
Mr. lyltr. that it is theMfmiAgiAf"
Charles Ogls lb si this tniu las lost,
we trest ya will consider it a beresve
meni petuliarty ralcitlaird so be regard
ed as a tWaoy afilietina. and list yoo
will therefore, aci ia conforsoity wiib
the general fipccta-ion sad feelings ofthe
' li'j rtHnmoniiv--is rtconmerdieg
M $omt fourth tf July ' as a day to U
obsred ia- Fsiisr snd Piayer, by
ueb rel'gitfus services" ss Charles Ogle's
wbij' brethren may deem sniuble
for thr oeesswo." 4 nd. easy iLey all,
with nas rerord. juin ia bumble and re
vrrential spproarb to Hll.ia sibosc bands
they are, and invoke hint to inspire then
with a proper spirit and temper of heart
and Bind untfer then frowns of Ilia Fro
idenre.'snd still to bestow His Provi
dence, and still to bestow His gracious
benedictions vpon our Government." by
saving its people from the greau st of all
"national bereavements" the eastablish-
ing of a Aaiional Sank!
DIT" Mr. Andrew Mklle would rs
speeifrtUy iiifonn Ae riizesJ f f Om?fe,
that he has declined bebg acavi i- f f
the Couctr Court CletULiD. - i
EEF We are requested to" anaoenct
JosepJa C. Norwood (the preseat Cletk.)
as a candidate for the oCU-e of Clerk of
tho Saperior Court of Oraege.
CO" We are reaestM to ajnbunce
George W. Bruce as a candidate for the
office of Clerk of the Superior Court of
Orange. -
CO We are requested to announce
Major J hn Taylor as a candidate for re
election for the office of Clerk of the
County Court of Orange.
We are requested to announce
Thomas Faucett as a candidate tor the
ofSce of Clerk of the County Court of
Orange. 7 , v.-"
CSflT We are requested to announce
John W. Hancock aa a candidate for the
office of Clerk of the County Court of
Orange. . ,
We are requested to announce
Jonea Watsoa aa a candidate for the of
fice of Ckrk of the County Court cf Or-
Fairfield Acnclcmye
tit rll .mm ml IkM fcriwai. (S mX
- Sk mt imij a4 W L
liUNki. . . -.
Bmi4 . mm tu4 im Iks :WWka4 at
fa ( U 3 SO mt mi1.
tC7TW SJ-r P-eawter s4 Sua s'l
tU ummI ! alnrv mmmm mmX t taws .
j UELUlBOItJUlCH . . - .
Eugliali male Academy.
t ll E osacss U litis srUal will b nMsaes)
aJ4av Us ll talaat - .
TUs fel'.sa Mtf srat ara mi 4ieiua UI ""
tarbty tseat,ks4 at ta l41f smms,
tass - - - - -
It. SpcIUat, Rcasltsie, Wiif. sad AiiiW
aaelie, ImlMt te san mi &9 aa Ua
14- Spsttiag tU, Wnuaif, Anlsci.
Wffijr, ttiatory s4 CpvaittiMi, f .
ft ajeasawa. . ....... -. - -t
A taaaab!s catra cbarf t win tx am4s s.f .-
tl.sM tbslaJ7.alual tmtimmtflj mmi As
iraaMab v.
lias Ireawa la-aar i0 tsuU hf a
an), at tb rata mt fit 4Hm per num,
aital aa!; la tboac thai kavs catft4 ih aeaaia-,
Fir further iafrataa si p t la Its H.-a-
im$ f enllemea, Critaniii,f a .f tua Uaif
Hiliaborh. v.fc VI. -d. tru4kck. Juba
Berry. Janes at. TaliKer. O. F. Lana;, Laaaatal
Lvata. Uau. 11 ttmmm, tmi lLa Jaia . . .
Jaaaa. S- 1
Notice Taxes.
VJ SliAUL atxsdst t!. futlaauiy linaeas
places fur la parnaa r co.teciisg i
l ss eaa ar the jaai ibiu. - .
It is stated in one of the Philadelphia
papers, that the President, Directors and
Company ofthe Bank of the United States
have entered a suit against Nicholas Did
dle, esq. late President of that institution.
The articles noticed below by the Wil
mington Chronicle, attracted our attention
on their first appearance, but we w ere at
a loss in w hat terms to speak of them.
Such wanton attacks upon the dead; such
impious sneers, almost amounting to blas
phemy, will meet the onqtralified disap
probation of every one who possesses the
feelings of a man. Those who, by such
rili attacks upon the memory of Charles
Ogle, expect to do away the effect of his
able speech, hare very much mistaken
die character of the American people.
Their sympathy for the dead will enable
them to overcome their prejudices, when
they will do justice to his memory. They
will then be able to see, that instead of
being an omnibus of lies," every item
in his speech was sustained by official
For the purpose of letting that portion
of our readers who are not in the habit
of meeting with Loco Fco newspapers
see vi ha kind of articles sometimes ap
pear in them, we re-publih ibe two ftd-
lovtirtg, taken from opposition presses of
this state. We are moriihed to know
that such had their orgin iu the state. A
sarae, no, not a savage, but a brutal yell
over ibe grave of lbs dead! An impious
sneer, that none but a fool could utter, on
the President of the United States, for re
commend tig the regarding of rtligious
observances ia view of the heavy judg
ment of Heaven, just visited upon the
land. Certainly, the w riters of these ar
ticles possess, within their own litde
sphere, the Mine kind of inverted ambi
tion belonging to Garrison, the abolition
ist, who declared on a late public occa
sion thsl he was truly glad to be the ob
ject of scorn. umington Chron.
Pioiu the Faycttevilla North Caroliaian-ot.
May 88.
Charles Ogle, whose "omnibus of
lies" published in li e Observer every bo
dy recollects and which, Whigs them
selves acknowledge (some of them we
mean,) were lies, but helped the election
of Harrison more than any other humbug
that was got up by the Tippecanoe boys
IS DEAD. He has gone, i.o doubt, to
pay the forfeit of his perfidy. He has
followed his General, in whose cause he
manifested such dishonest zeal, while
Martin fan JSuren. the victim of bis
scorpion sting, lives to see the downfall
of his enemies, and lo show the world
tbe triumph of virtue over vice.
III gotten goods are never enjoyed by
the possessors; so it proves with the
Whigs.- Gen llartison waa elevated by
trickery, bumbuggery, and.falsehood
means too foul to ensure enjoyment and
Ogls, who strove so hard in his cause,
has been called off,' (if we may Judge
from what lUtla we know of him.) by ds
lirium tremens or something akin, loans
wer, no doubt, a life of sin.. What a lesion
to poor, misguided, deluded, wretched
man! Had Charlea Ogle ibooght half
much abou his God, or surdvo half ss
hard to elevate his orv soul o heaven,
as he did to elevate General Harrison to
Th IU fated PrtiJent.Om the in
vestigation at the office of the British
Consul aa to the truth of certain rumors,
that this ship was out of trim, overloaded,
i-c., when she toi.k her departure all
which wert disproved conclusively the
follow ing statement was given, which
seems lo us lo furnish altogether the most
probable solution id that veas el's fate:
N. Y.Jmer.
Captain Cde. of the ship Orpheus,
stated that be sailed in company with the
President from New York on Ibe I lib
larch last that be was ia sight of her
until the evening of tbe aext day: when
he last saw her she was using sin i
tremendous sea, snd appeared to be labor
ing and pitching very heavilr. " The Or
phens at the ssma time was also laboring
very much, and shipped large quantities
of water on deck. Captain Cole thinks
the President must base bacn at ibis time
also skipping heavy seas that the fires
were probably extinguished, rendering the
vesiel comparatively helpless, lite storm
was dreadful during the whole night; the
wind shifted the next morning from N. L.
to S. rsusing a still more tremendous
sea. sad die gale continued with unbaied
fury until midnight am she- IJWu Captain
iCelewlae stated that h'was tis further
belief that the Prraident did not survive
the gale, but foundered, with all on board,
before sundown on the 13th, or ia less
than twenty four hours after he last saw
het; and moat probably in the terrific
night of the 12th of March. In which
opinion other nautical gentletucu present
seemed fully to coticide.
RnpU Travellin The Government
Es press, which carried the President's
Message, Ufl Washington at three annates
before 12 o'clock. M. oa Tuesday, and
arrived at New York at Iiairpasi nine in
the evening of the saine?dar. Time 9
hours and 33 minutes; distant, 225 miles,
being at the rats of 24 miles an, hour.
The distance oet ween the two places waa
never run in ao abort a time before.
Arrived at Baltimore, I OG, left uV 1 30
f Havre de Grace, S S3
Wifmineton. 4 00
Piiiladclpida, S 15 Camden, 5 45
. ' N. Brunswick, S 00
Jersev Cilv, 9 00
.New York, 9 30
Petersburg, Juoe 9.
Cotton, Oa 11
Tobacco Lugs, 3 70 a 4 90
Leaf, 6 00 a 10 00
Fayeilsvdie. June 9.
Salt (sack,
, (bushel,)
5 00a
1 90 a
25 a
In this county, on .Thursday last, by
the Rev. William Jones, Mr. Benjaxis
Rogers, jr., of Wake county, to Miss
Martha L. Patterson, daughter of Mr.
Mann Patterson, deceased, of this county.
Weekly Almanac.
17 Thursday,
18 Friday,
19 Saturday,
20 Sunday,
21 Monday,
22 Tuesday,
23 Wednesdav
4 47
4 47
4 47
4 47
4 47
4 47
..i,B 2oo
ij ; oe
7 13 jS
7 13
7 13
7 13
4 47j7 13,
- SS-' , ... .
O - -
2 -S3 1 -
Received this Day,
and for Sale, !.
fOFFEE, Sugar, Imperial and Hyson
Teas, Mustard, Sal Aratus, Coperas,
Indigo, Honey-dew Tobacco, Candles,
Cotton Cards, best quality. Bed Cords,
Plough lines, Window GUss. Powder,
Shot, Nails, Ginger, Sosp, Blacking, &c.
J jos it; - - .
ftluarfjj Sit. Jatjr, at Jes Durhaaa's
Twtlt il.a C k, at Julia Nraha's .
WceWatfa? Ilia 7th, al KufuVa
Thursday H e fitb, at Mkba.l Albright's
Friday tl.a 9tb. al Xtrs. Lausj's
Saturday Ibe lOtb.at M what I Hall's
Moadsy the Ifth, al Juha S.Tarrratiat's
Tuesday lbs I3b, si UMfe t'.iM-cu's
w cdueatlav Ilia It Hi. at C- F. Faucelt's
Tbaraday lbs lib,, al James lluUlousuo's
I ridy tue ICiK. at U.buei B. l-t's
S.tuiUay ibe 1 7 lb- at George A. Meban.'s
Mua!ay lbs 9ib, at llittsborangti "
Taeaav Ibe S0tr,at iimmif NicMoVe
Wednatday thetlal, at Mrs. Mi Ker'a
Thnrslay the tiJ, at Abaer Father's
Frilay the 8 J l. at W tiliaro Upscooib's
Saturday thettib, at Harris w iikera-ia's
Ta. adav the S7iK. at Pratt's Store
M dnai.y tl.a S8ih. at Jtfiepb L. Morii.g'
Tliursday K'Jil. al m imam i rir
Friday Iba 30tb at Cbaptl Hill
Salaiiiav Iba Slat, at 1 bomaa Lore's
Mondsy tbe ti Augs-l, al Jlin H. Cnittb
Tuesday tbS L.at IMIsbarnah (Town List)
tCP Tbe Justices appointed lo lake the
lists of laxabtes for 1841, will attend at
the above limes and places; and every
person failing to give in bis list is subject
by law to psy a double, lax, and the
Sheriff is bound to collect iu Puoctu
ality is expaetcd from all. .
June 18. 77
- A New Volume In Splendid Style."
' . " July, 1841. '
Lady's find frntIcHian'ai
maazjiic. f
"PIIC t'saliocreaas in the subscription list
f Ibis hivhly popular Ma e sine (th. edi
lion having mora Iban doublid ia less than
atx months, induces tbe proprietor is cota
inent ea new volume with lbs July nuanb.r,
It will ba issued in tba tuott altraciive style,
with tbe flrat .fa new aeries or RICH OKIU1.
NAL ENGIttVIXGS. got up in a manser that
halt surpass any used ia any other Amerieas
Macasine. In addition to Iba f.et that wa
mulay ibe talent cf Ibe very bei American
arli. tain ibe engraving of the plates for this
woik, il mual ba rememiiered Dial moat or Ida
aubjecis .elected ara ORIGINAL AMERICAN
PI'.TUKES. tcAic lave arver ares ttfiri en
grarral, and are consequently the n-weat tbat
van ba hronglit, before Ibe public.
It mual be remembered, that the Fashion
plates of this Magazine are the best iu color
ing and design that can be found in any work
published in this country or in Europe. They
are engraved and colored for this Magasine by
the beat artists that the country can produce,
and are drawn aieay dom tho l.tett deeigna
from Paris and London, and ennarqnently m;y
alwayabe relied npoa aa the prevailing style
in tbe United States for the month in which
I hey are iasued vVe py rnr fr tutoring
than any other publication, and always have
lit addition, to the unusally fine array of
original contributors which the Magasine ha.
thus far boasted, arrangementa have been
made with a number mors of Iba beat writers
ul'the dav. so that spice and variety may ba
Hillsborough Academy. ...
HIE Fall Sesaioa anil begta aa tits lata ( '
Jaly, aad e4 oa Iba Ust day ef Xtlsvaaa-
4 s. BINCtlAM fMawl.
Assislci by Mcaara. R. tV. Ill GHE4, aad .
I . NLKruii aaa -i
wbana iH eaaducl iba' Engltab UrpartaweaU
rTT Tba Ptiaciaat kra leave la reannd bis
natroaa 6f lbs t r.ai in'BuriaHcs of baviec ibeir
seas at school tram lie jLai la Ibe seal day cf
toe sesaioa. -. . . .
J ust. 8-3r. :
Tba Balden Rre iatee. filar, and a la ad-"
art), tTilming ton Chrewwle. Newbara Sparta
lor, E'botao U.s-tte, Waabinf ton Whig, aad
Daavi I. Keporter, will inaeit cs a a a. a lor
three weeks
N ibe fi at Vtaadsy in Sepieesber near, at..
lbs Poor House, the. Court of Wardens ,
will elect a Superintendent of tha Poor, tut
Orange County, for one year from tha first of
October isii. '
, Kfl. fiTRUimiCK. Sec'rv. ...
June 9. '. ( 71
nar trilnm.
t Thia interesting feature of lha Magasine
hall atili be preserved, aa importa.1 to jonng
sportsmen, and in fact lo alt, young or old.
Who k lie t 111 llie eporia oi tna ruo anu iu
i L. ' J I..
(Un. ArllCICS III till. rpnrni
from acknowledged pene, and ot the very beat
NEvV TYPE AND P.PER -Tha volume
ill he nncnrd wi'h m new and beaulil'al type.
caat capresety for the work, the mechanical ea
ecutionshall be of surpasin neatness, and lha
printing shall bo upon the finest white paper.
. . nitr . w4 utioin
The choiceat piecca of new and popular
mil'ic lor tne riano ioro inn vu"-'
cleitrd fr ita pages, and two or more page.
ill annrar reeularlv each month. In Ihia
way subscribers in remote country towns, can
alw.vs have the lateat music at low rates, al-
moat as s na as it is pub isiieo,
TERMS CASH. Tbe terms are j tor a
aingle subacriplion, and in no ae win ana
price bcabateii, or nr. tmjna ioi v, f
I., and riiacoiiat. .Lwava IH anvaiiCB. . Mo
aaentio rettirti ia anc witasal las sas
ny This rulo m imperious and will not b ds
oarlcd liom. AO'irea., pm ui,
n.inp, ii nil Jill
S. IV. corner 3d and Chesaat streets,
I lib aubsenbar begs Ireea to lofuvm ma .
Irisnda and lha nulilir ren.riltr. thai' ha
baa raaea ana ntico aa ma nooae on tna
south west corner ef Hillsborough street, in ,
lha city ol Raletgb, opposite tba Mate Capiiol, .
(formerly kept as a Tavern.) aaa I1UTLL and
llUL3b ur en a civi ai.iair.ii i, lor ana ae-
eommodatioa ef trav.Ilera .nd athara. under '
iba name ana title of . . , ,.
me jvcopio's House." "
' The anderaien oas ,1 ad eun'aiderable ei-
ptnvi'Cff mm mm m u cciicr, iviii iu mi.
caa pleas these bo shall honor him witk ,
,kai. mIm. Hi. . h..rt .h.tt Imi i, f Ate -
fortuity with lha times and tba prkee of pro- .
- ii. i... v.. ..L . ....... .. ...
VIVIWWW. II, MM WWW . . M I "m m .
pairing and refining lha aaua, aud lbrsoiai.
earnestly Solicits a sbata of public patronage.
It ia' usual ia such annunciations, to make .
large promiaea la tho public, which wra ia
many inatances never rektised tba aobacitbar
a ill make none, for lo those who kavs know a
him m FhIiUa llnflM. aiMin.r. it i. untMfh .
aary; andta Ihosa who do not, be would re
epeclfulty say, torn end Ira, mi jugt far year.
stfvts. - ".
The public's hHmbl servant.- ' . 4
N. B, Genteel, regular boarders, with- or I
it haul rooms, caa be accommodated at.Tns ,
PaorLa's IIodib, on ressonsbls terms, .
Keieign, aiay zo. aa-aw
TD AN AW AT from th subscriber on the SStiT
"- of May laal, a hound boy by the nam of
JAMES MNTON. about thirteen years ofar.
I h.r.bv lurewara all narami. Iium haihotia.
or employing him, voder lbs penalty ol th .
June i.. " 76 Iw
' Orange County. 1 v
Superior Court of Iw March Term, '
:-V.. 1841.
irUiam C. Jacktmn )
Lcii fmtktim.
Petitios for Divore. !
J L-mA.f'
rtfi.nit.nt in tha. ... hin UklemnTr
looked lor in me ii'eraij vi uwi caiiea ana tailing 10 appear, .no w op
rzfirin rnnpKH. with sous and mdus-
h.K.i. ana that caa vitak Flout
B.rl Tnk.efia Heabsada, and Lard Kesa.
To auch an one constsal amptoytaeni win o
June 9.
peering lo th satiafadion of the Cowl I bait.,
ah cannot be found within tbi Slat; Its .
therefor ordered by th Cuurt, tbat public.
t i k. nr.. it A r.v Ihr.rS WlAAtkrI in lha I2.1j.lr.k.
rtegiatet ana unraooraaga nccurtier. aai ua. .
less tba said Dcf.ndant sppssr l th next ,
term of lh Court, to be Held lor the caunly
of Orange, al lha Court Houae ia Hniahorongh.
. . . 1 . . . . . . 1
on in aecono naonuaj oi orpicmoar arm ana
Dlesd. answer or demur, th petition will b .
lakea pro confess.
in n Knpwnnn r' . I
VU V. HWlin VVV, V.Ui U
Pric adv. f 7 00. 5-3m
Negroes for Sale, v.
Ifllf virtu of a decre or lb Court of Pl.aa
and Quarter Sessions for lb coanty of
Orange, I shall ofl-r foe aale, oa Friday .the
ISia dav of Jun neat, at th late reaiuanea ef
Jaroea M Adam, deud on likely Negro Uirl,
about twalv year of age; alao a likely Negro
Boy, about aixteea yeara af age. A credit f .
twlv month will m given, th purchaser
giving oona ano approwco ecotny-
BlayM. - .. U-m
MoffatV Life Pills,
Just Received and Tor Sala at this Office."
February 17. ,r: ; ga, ,
BUSKS far Sale et ihit Office.'"
Job Printing:,'
v. i.

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