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The Hillsborough recorder. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1820-1879, February 24, 1842, Image 2

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Extract tV Sam s'.v.r4 tv Mt as
Var.a y !
I kWj thai il Ml ty$T ' K
tMt big rn': lit bV jrfi f a sa
ri e MttU m mffet sarfs a fntU wt aa4
thai It as f 4 tta. aaonU aa il w iidiaaa
Vt Mea I" rkargr aa eraj aba. dee
the HieBae 4 rWi atiaa I
! htl a,JtaL aak f IH Ha
ararasa af f riaariea. I f5rtkr m
javr .that the tMtirw i" I1
V$tm turn fate "fww,' jatofy tVm
ja wk araaia. A ad if iey d mi
take their rravirJr, this Garrmeaerl
sUoailJ aat lam tArta away, and etarga
l ben a j.a kt'ga troa and sub-oaanoa
t4 awghi t take it ap
iH tbe caasidrrattaae Uirh cat be ar
J ia4jreii favor, aa4 if the' he erne Nil
lka whtrh ara e eloqttrady an forth
ia lha paaauhtrl I lav qauled, these
abaM be eaassdered. . If they hue mis
talra their reardy. the IIhim sr.edlda
a the reader ta f'aaa Kentucky (Mr,
Alrfca!l) b44 athttii ready ioitt.
nit ih facts, and wll thrss menjihv.thrir
grievance era not i be reeavdied by a
aiasotuiior, l tna Union; ,nai ibrre ara
oilier rrmrdiee ithin. ,neir pnwer, rnhrr
by baiaiif an .ittndcnrj4 of iht Con
kituiia, or ia, aaa ruber ronttintiotiat
n nJc: and tui. ahh.oii Congrets ran
hot gram ilie prarrr of ilieir prtHion. ihey
ill lake apmi thrwselrre to rramre o
far aa they can. thrtf jt Cause at COO:
plii-at. v ?
TV wl-aaeiU ia ihr"psphlt
front hieh I ted, ara seaiiment of the
great patiiota and fihria of the lUtotu
l'n of Washington, of JeflVrrop, of
Mdion. r Monroe, llirr vera ihr
an.impu rtf Mr. JiT ran throughout
Ina whole iife. lie rorlaimel theia ia
fhe Declaru-taj of laJepemlenre; he Jiad
rirorlaimed them belora in iht Iu4a-
lura ef bit ova Suir; he haJ eca pro
ped in .thai Lei(!aiure!ihe abolition of
Uvrrf. tlirae ennunueM o be Itie
eetiuoten'a daars to the Ial daj f li
life. 1 will not read the eloqneal parage
p a ojiea gaoled fraai hn hu'tt b ir
g iia a Aaatase in Jthieh lie declared
bat Jba u.eb:ed at lle lhpcl.l f the
epnaewenrre of an inaorreeiioa ! ite
tare, and r!mt;ed thai in eurb a eon
teal .tbe Alatghtr bad nt nne a iribu'o
heb could take antra with ilie matter."
refer Ahata rh.cbr(e ma rnme
Ia the letter iuelf. la.oae abort fMaf e
.of t't naeoinira 4 oaa life, aritien
toward in eluae, in iheaefeutj'fourtli
fear of hia af , and ehf ily before hta
.tleaih, '"I?iinjf anJreontt of hi nu)a
jnenta in laror f teaiaion l Hie lava
Af Virginia, be epet.li of a bill nrnpoied
br Jiiat lobe intrnduced for ilia abolition
nf Waaert;; and be there eT at ihr rlnae
or hia lire wuli cUraitj pttluji belore
The bill on ihe rnhjeel of les was
mere Uijrtof,t!iB rjnynjlaai trapeci
ltg iheo, withojt anjr. ibtiwaijoQ nf a
plan for a future sod general enaaci;ia
1MB. Il waa tbflUfht bettei tliii ihia
ah"tild be kept b.ck, and aiUmpteJ only'
tby way of amendmcul, wl.eefr the bill
jhould be brogbl on. : The friticipl. a o
4he BicnJiiieo, however, wrre agreed
en; ibat ! to say, the freedom of a'l bom
.after a rertaia dar. and deportation at a
f roper age. flat it was f unJ iliat the
puSlie mind would not yet bear the pro
pmition. nr will it even at ihia day.
Tet the day i nt distant when it mual
bear and adpt it, or wore will fU.iw.
Nodiinr is more certainly written in the
f0vk of fae than thai these people are i
be frer; nr is it leas Certain fiat the two
tares, equa'ly fi,ee, eutioi live in the
same GereinmcoU"
Yes, sir. ao4 Ivf M- ihe Uy s not
ft diatant wbrn this mut be done, or
.woee wiH follow.' Ttieie weresnvong
last words of Jefferson; and I aak what
worte than this was thee in the memo
rial I preaented, and whieb so deeply af
fected the sensibility rf tbr ee n leaian
from Kentucky. lht h eha'grd me with
liif.fi tieaann and aub mati.n iT perjury
fur in'ro'lunng any thing' that even (quint
rd twarJa such a thing! 1 ey a ?a
Ilit niine to preaent such a petition here.
And I hop my colleague, (Mr. Culiing.)
from wlitue immediate constituent! tin
riMiiion came, will vindicate himrlf and
litem from the charts here put forth a
gain.bot!i. I ay iiaaanornine. I was
only the extreme of a rij;!i', atthouijh hey
who etetrire I it war have mistaken iheir
trmedr. I believe their eott plaints to be
'ja'; and I hi-IJ that ihis House, insead
"( lunwi ihe w uu of door, and charging
the-ji with eiimea, is bound to consider
iheir petition, and to return then an an
ewer whirb aill eon'nbute to the trntovhl
f their grievances, and teeoncile them to
the con tin uaee ofjhe Union, which, on
tier a suteof irniiiied feeling, they may
hive, for toornefl', been reail lo depart
fr tr.
Sir, the 4taidutim of ilie jTJnion! Iiigh
ir'aanu! sabufnain of peyory! Why.
air. w hat ia the whole volume of t'oe pro
reeliags of South Carolina or the last ten
tear? What a' the two reolutioris in
ihe pamphlet from which the "gfinleipa i
fam that S.ate (Mr. Kheii) read to us on
.li'ia j3"i? Waa'itbal gen leinan ever
cliVgod wjih his'i trea'on fr having pr
pared Sfk leaolutious to be oflVred here?
Was lie j(. tiy,ed with the cammisaton of
petjary in Id owe peraon! If there be
any foundaupofr the charges now made
.against toe. iUr! tbs nttemao from
;Siji .Caroliaa ia uil jr o( acttid per
jj y jo his own periuiuoe fe, I ke the
l us, baa sworn la support the (!on
fiatiuu. ' r r. itsiMUn oia'ie union:
Ca ta) lOa it, 1 U pce aail JtrVvd tlt
a of te t'f U a tur. r t-l tie li Mnat
a e ih S,rtrty -f d e N w I Vrv
ai a aa mt hmi if. a l fcl unie
Ifee fa ba.l4 I J'J'ed. 4 tba
ha waaia favor ftU 1 b aaestWr frosa
Arriaaae rM !. iff aad!eaid i, aad
Lea wrote aaifcal b gb d fsiury, rHrg
aprta turn tt tta oao Aiftmtr ofturai
a cl argr; bat l e aboard urb it f sie
mw l trrj la ibe geatleaoaa froaa
wVginia aa the gnilear fra Kraturly
baa show t we. The high rfig aitay,
H aeewtv, is far abova aay Boriatj b
the aaeauber fiom nibaa nd. Oh jia!
be is vetr far speiior ao bis: fa ssbrb
so, that be rails vpnai the Pt.b!c l alia.
vow that aav raavrraatioe. tvli I ar
tli !d.l.!! ai J e tfi j 11. -J dr !
Haiiiia o1 f-ut rMitei. m .bit (,tei eel
(ox-bdd if ra l!. aa- lr rau'uioai
ftwr mIo W;aat a-f llattande
I ei tlracr) ahall I e ed ai d aiJ. tta
wdl beaarb S iwrrti af ile ieiii
kbJitioa mMtaaveai that l a a ill m' al
ly ft Itic a disdt.iia ft the L'aiot t Or
i!e il eea ? I rbaie ibe
Srrrrian'a arwrr ii ( dana Utgaagr-:
ili re iaa rvaaica of ihr qrii: be as ay
t?rtrh l e trrus be Kaa e.'. or may
o wr-ei l.rn it rna r s to as rxj la
eatHie. It ia rot a f ir, ojrn, burst
brud ana art Id tie cjt.eti p.i to baa,
Ate or are you i.ot fur a tliaiu
lion 4 the IJoit!"
Ag)ii-: lie yl e aI.rM.ld fnf r a di-
I.u.B , f il , l;Nioa to il.e rubl.l.rorH iV truly reprccmS the
of a eooaol.da.rd :..rne,cll.,, A.J , agncuu
Jiti'TJ. tt ur
inovruicmacf il
a iMtitiiatrd (nrrDa:eat. I try are
tague it ins. Tlry bae io er.Ce
.eafciitg. And is the Strretart toecpr
by a ague qaal.fii-s'ica I Le tbi! Hut
be ebtijr Uradifsidutinn of the Union
to ihe elbli.meot of piiu'iplrs abich
VM-late i a line t baiancr. nt i s Irgiumate
.tjrt. And sgio. I ak, what are
ibrtl Iloa t asuiedlr tu this Sxeretarr
iirYS IXTTKIL ..fc ri ; u:.V." ch
... , tJirt-i. ' a 7 . , l, -
X rrtara la a coii.h-rstxn 4 u is l- f JtC kLajLr a nJtfJ ewc-cr.
fcoml arnral to tle baJ pioi t f 4 1. w ortbtr cjf imsA Irre, ia ffg
pern le, a derumert fcrli bs ri.ri.rtl inr
UtuuUhifcint of tlioaw w bo Ukrd U t r
tbrr lalrnt or tnsth ia t"iTif km cf
FaiUi of Ihe kadrr vt t'.e Ir'fro parly.
The eerood paragraph td the ktirr i
as fullows, find as it U all in f ve sm-
. ... I i . I. w.i.Vr t.i iIHW
a k-,g breath before he u.n.:- from the prt a.kB0 ft?L Z
... . . .? f I r ,1.. .trivmr.c4lLr rirraa l ir-
Tlie csaltcd motitrs oi piu. 7 -' .
,!.at kiwibxr at this iru kmmt t ra- rai'jr, w u rrt-au.-. . i - . -
,- l..,.1M rflnlltt InMB Id. VI M1"
r?;" ,.l;..Bch ;hr ttra- tU orders fro U- Trcas.rr rnu-
lion of riuuttTt. mi met
.t ,'h lir. Ilrr.rr save rsnpua-w
lr. lJit -1 rauae a tre;li aad talf ' tJ
iiViKiuJ iJiat M rotrrdiMrtit .J
I rrsrird epm IV proj Ir.-yrt I r ua.
iB atr ro3.e 4 a VS mi Ubmtf U.
tory of eaoersof prwrnl - dtrtrm
aJ rmbsrr3fm.- cntiirlr corr3.l
bees sarpod lo pan l-eiwrc a iLrm. Ile
moves ia a l-iebrr spl ci! T lanrb.1
A aarndrr of ibie 1ioue, tUrad bireb l i" rosotidar d Cluvni.air n l
rootiirnir at rrrrrialle as ran br foai.d j Mi-y ray that ibia ( en mt n oow
in ihia ronntry ihe ajaa of friy era
ibnnaard waa a r aaetcr fr l o lo
ever ta be found in ronrratin at all
with aa tlratid a digmur)! lgU
T'.j VipA"t be drry that be rotnUio
td ihe opinion rbargrd apnu bin? . Oh,
tiiH be at! in la it all. Isui i!.ra il was en
roadiiinna! and qaalifirattoni! Yrs, and
w hai e is ihe j t , A r arrtiig the kgh
suproiiiy of bis eronal dig. Uy over
a rnre common mrabrrbui I m-ghi
hate said, aod all l.era adl brr me out
ia sayirg, a rry distil guW.ed aeuiber
of Corgirsa; but ihr dignMary w as vrry
far aboe l-im Li asaoriaiiona lay ia a
bijber rrgioa. a high. peihapa abut a,
the rloiiil i rrhaia i il.ru. , TIwl
laughter. Af.er stating this, be gues on r.-nim n ii e'tument the Criii'uimi.
toaay: j On ilna gtourid. eteiy mm in t'.i lluu-e,
-I will in! prettml to say wlial Mr. !?'" ' l l "I '1"0". ' "
Itou ran prove but I assert, in thai ? .w Ce"n.i.ei.t
most direct and nnalified manner, that Y iw"a T wp
h cannot prove Uie troth of his rharge j " '
airainstine.br any witness whi U liiin- """l f" " "" rr"55e
self a man of tiuih. I understand that;
charge to be that I am, or have been, the
r;h by t'.e epouumroca ; charter of the Tniled
. .t tl.'r nrimarv i lllilia br a Ijrtriel;
miuptrd by the diftrrrs aiid sidrralle a.jonty of rme branch brl.nsrd
ct brousrht upon coua- w bis party. And yet "ihr raute of truth
tatare of vhirh a ron-
luet'lin'S, p
try by ihr niirule l mt
. Wt r rarir 'and Lirdi-alinffdrmand that tv ronrraJ-
? 'jt I .l i I a.. ...i;..t wmh itiat ntA
"ilTi.. L W,.-. or Wi lli s Wi'i-1 rlc'.! Vrrilv, truth and f-irdralingtiiHl
Mt,batpmcecdio2 nd ihr dtrutra 1 but frw of Uieirdrafis honored by Uu,
r .i :.. t ......,.,. ....I -1..nJr ra. ! I jwnforo trader.
Ol till l On Juua,ul', " " " i t
a4vcd upon the rood of their suffrra g Hut ta return. Mr. limy rompli-
. ' .....,...;.,,.;,... menta ilie ConrrnUoa as brtn "inUa-
COUIlirj"-" ,r.iwiv-. . -i- ---
. i . r I ; - ... . . m .. M.k lir.ra mw mmm
.bry .re o, il.ing. and to y..o, M,', ttuh my wJrat deronot. ti;. .wirr " f ' IT ; llf
JVeaUr. tl.ry ar. aeWrr. Vb.t is .1 r Meaooaey. rf km P"; r"f T"- UT7n-
uur rharartr," ,.f tho C.eroa eM ' ra ad the deep imprf f ton lhat a etab iiodrr the CTdl rib oir. iiay
yxZll vir ci common raaauy U Ueftlisw umfcr wood, in return Mt refusal lo wm
IU, tojuge for bi.irif. If rne .o have d,urm,ned .e to nrrrpt thr f .n.!eml -'
I a. a sigh, i., . .y a l,.t iher are. anoihr r 1 htnorei banner of my party, and U, bear ; like, and durable. Nt . hie h Mr.
mn l,..he a..i tighi. wl the a.me i ny bet ahility. inrompauUr as I , IIenry,thop,ng to pmfi t J . hrrrhy. ia w,l-
a till vraia:
know it is. with mv frrble healUi. and s Iiaf to vzw as bigliir patnouc,
thr reared habits of my lifi",rtaVat- Hut the best part of this Wg sentence
Her PtutUenrft to l!e j'uf tier of out rautr. is that in which Mr. Henry ptoftf see his
and to the ateaious co-opwation or rtcry j ardent i;evosiin w inr rauae oi irnior
Drtuocrat, trho htt$ A is princU$ eVjrary. and admiration of iu priHripIre."
lU sake of hit tounlry,' Wr do not profess lo doubt that devotion
s . ..,,,. i, -mi'mn i Ur s aJiiiiration esit a present; for the
advocate of an immediate dissolution of
the Union. without qualification or con
ditions. I have never, at any time of my
life, entertained any such opinion or feci-
in?. Ua the eontrarr, 1 have, on all oc
casions, advocated onion upon tho true
principles of the constitution, and have
sought to lerommend my own principles.
upon the ground that they were conser
vative of the constitution and the Union.
This is well known to you, for with you
I liavi had conversations "for hours"
upon this very subject. You say correct
ly that I have printed and published my
opinions under almost every form of ad
dress, essay, pamphlet, and book; and
sr.in. ainoue the l.gitinutrolj.rta- that 21 only out of 71 coiinti.-s in the . kading tra we hadalinnat said the Bide
of this Frdeial Ooeinoient; and not only sute were represented. - Such a lar?e trait, in Mr. Henry a character, is icJ
so,bi.ttliaiiisesiahli.bit.rntisoneofthe Coitvciition of Voim, furmtrs ml I i!oes5 and he is devoted lu Pemocra-
Nioat sarred dmiea of Congress. U'e
bold tha the t -nsti u'ion ia eU nde d otrr
this wide empire br the prottrtion of all
our f.ret mt'ie-ir for the proierttnn, if
you pirate, of the inierert i-l slaery. 1
do not ilrnv tba: 1 admit i. . For il.a
Methanes." , This is intended as am.th- ry uerauje ne uupce tiienny w muuee
pr onmnlimrnL r kunnorr. but it ia the Ih-morracv to devote l.fClf to him.
ointtv ni lit vrwtt ill" truth. If ihr ! 8111 elevate
- . . . .
peotile take Mr. lltnry woid for it, the
Convention was composed ewiraly of
tliese three cukscs. e of eoure do not
I rotceiion rf th Peoi.lf ar ainsi the Indian know the occupations of all thr member.
inbrr: snd my construed bate paid by j but let us take the ddrgatinn from this
the million f. r u-h rotrrtiog. V county, and what do me find! 2
thlnk ihia ('oieriimrni was rk'al hshed for ! 'ers and 1 Ante Student, out of ten dc
the pMiirtion ol rotinnrrr,nl navigation, legates. Who are the individuals who
of agt irulturf, f mantfoc ures; and dial ! fiure in tlie Convcnticnf Its I'rt'sidcnt
if you put out of that prt.iriion any one, is a Preaclier, one of its Vice rrciJi-nis !
him to ihe Cubcrnatnri;t
Chair, upon which he has (org had his
rve fixed. But all mru here know ilut
he hat not a drop of Democratic blond in
hts veins, not a partirle of Ih-mocra ie
feeling in his politics or his hi'iitn. Ile
was an old rVdetalist a Frdrralist of the
anti-uar stamp: an opponent of the Ad
ministration of Madison; and admirer of
thr principles and character of Alexander
ll.imi.u n, and this not oulv tljnrt bit
cUts of our riiiz-its,you do, in fact, dis. (a Doctor, its prinrip;d orators were Mr.
solte the Uni.n, ipto facto. h t ia mu Ilavwood, Mr. Ilyhart, Col. Wheeler,
, wuu I . . - . ' . . . . . . .....
if any thing ran be found in any one of, cr,.u1 to "'P m ,,,, f' ?Jr- .Mr. Wrange. Mr. I.uwartU,
these publications to justify tlie charge of, -J e-"-'"i :riore ni trm j -r. uuti, an wwvrtr, aiiu jei .r.
; iMivhood, but until since the Democracy,
Mr. Bolts, I will surrender the point
Kwswe shall see hereafter whether he
"surrenders the point' or not. Mr. A.
further read as follows:
, "I tliink it almost certain, allhou
cannot recall any particular ocras'on
which it occurred, that I have expressed
a decided preference for a uissolution
;he Uuion over the rstahlishment of sys
terns f pfdify which I rfgacded as fatal
to all tree liberty. I avow the same opin
ion now. I would sooner ace the Union
dissolved than witness tlie success of this
Alabama, (Mr. llountoo and Mr. Iviu 1l Ilenrr, a Inwver hitnsrlf. so lowers him
I now in.-. .Tl.ey nay ihit.k it i for ihr self as to fall into w hat his party ttppcars
proti ctiin of thr aUe trade. Afiiraa ir to regard as a popular prejudice, and catla '
Jol Hiiety in the Mates where aUarry-rx. .aa ill bird, &.e. save the proverb.
?h I. i,t. Ve: I admit thitt lha (!awiiunui our narL wr have na iiloa nf nrnC-htiinn ! ihe ramparts of
On ; ia for llial. and I am m i!lin "in ih'p aitoni ' mm hrinr ih-rmpil more unfit f.ir n:itlM I Olllv cictlt Or ten
, of ihe C- nstitution, tie.urr thai nrobe- 'employ mcnls. than anvothei cbss. We principles were
vi L'On Kiln r tprutinn. Nut I a iUmO na.'n. tnnir minv nt tliom v in will
hifW treasm! sihornatitt if peij'iry! i "Uttee oi mis uoota. ana on woien a re-
iv... it i- k..i loa iiava amcs ana : i" a eaprcieo, iin us rriu cu-T"
at ii - - - r ... I " .
am mil fur llit; nvthana ilia
veryaiKinttoa movement: i wouiaitooneri fm Kentucky is. Titts a dilTcrence
see it dissolved, than witness Uie cstab-0f opi,.i.in. It it a f.ir sut ject f .r !.s
lishment of a consolidated government, ct'fiioti in this H-ose. lor mutiul co.n
with all power and all right in the hands prom'tie, for friendly con Mills i-n, snd
of an uncontrolled and irresponsible ma- mutual sccotooiod.lion after proper ihs-
1 fir t IT I -m I . I .hma. . a ., .1 . ..I 1 I . . . .
J" "v .wi .uuiiii ei-o i, uKFiuicu , CUtt lOn hall.
than witness the establishment of any
princiidcs which violate its true character
and defeat its legitimate objects, . These
opinions I am very certain that I have of
ten expressed, and I shall often express
them hereafter. But, that I am, or ever
have been, a disunionist, in any other
sense than is here expressed, ia uttesly
Ilit decided preference" f r what?
For high tre8u,f fA laugh. I ' No. Fur
subornation f prijiiryl iW. Fur a
dittoliition of the UoionJ" L"ifhifr.
Ile think be Ins. I laiightr 1 lV
I say, give me ihr brio fit of thai Condi
Hon, and 1 Will show that the men of Ha-
vrrhdl are the most innocent penona in
ihe world. I am go-ug to proe that the
npreins:lirf stff r coma within the
aety condition on whch the honorable
Serrett'y says he should prefer a !istlu
lion of the Union. To he sure they
would not be the same. The Secretary
says be would aooner wj'.nrs a dissolu
lion f the Un on than witness the stir
eees of this very ah dnion moemeot "
What does he meat.? 1 snppoe lha II
aeihill petiiimi is the ab ilition ntove
ineitt." If o, what it its auereta'"
Th it mtif I br, nt reerptioii by ihia llousr.
Not the grant of what it prays for but
only that il shall be rereioed And de
t'ua high dimtry the Secretary nf ihe
Nay Depoitiiient mean to sy ttt be
thotilj prefer a dtasolutjon of the Union
It the reception of this pn lion by tins
Iluue? IVrhaps the member from Ae
eoma e or the gentleman from Keotui-kv
my beofihat opinion. Ilut aoppone he
is not. what de l mei'iT U hai it the
ahulit'on moaement," as before yiM
i.owJ Sippe it is the hb-dnion id
slavery in tots District of Columbia nm!
prrhaps the abolition of (he slave trade
the reei-gnition of the black repuhhe ol
HayK and ihr reception of Q ia-lii.o no
as a lomgi Minister doet thr Secretary
ay be wouM prrfer tt thit the ijis-olo-ion
of the Uoi i? D f t the gentleman
from Itenuirfcy aay thai? I do not s-k
ihe member from Are tmjc but I ask.
does the geutlemo from Alheinarle, who
otTre.l the Aral nf ihete reon ions ag out!
lief p.ies he tnepri to sir ihat if a pete
lion auu:a ji-s been receiveo or tlie
II iue, and referre l lo a standing entn
sided by the popularity of Con. Jarkwn
became all powerful. Then and not iin
til then, did Mr. Henry abandon the po
lities of hi youth and his manhood, lie
profiles now to tliink, lhat u should the
principles of lilwrty whirh sustain this
Amertcai;but I say it is forihe proief tion a slur upon his own profession! "It's i ialonoua Union ever be dangerously as-
I'or ! saiitM, uiir rclage will Je loun-.l within
the States. And tet.
years ago, when ihose
lime affailed by Gen.
coinnare siasiiii, oiu nr iae rciuze wnnin uie
color of doing thi, go fur the protrrtion with persons of any other class for all tho ramparts of the Slate' Mo: with a bul
of ihe l4e trade, or mrdrpritui the neo-. cualtues that make men respectable and 'yinn oi manner, wiiim, whatever may
pie of the liuleas corpus, or of the tnM by ' valuable. If Mr. IIenn as a Lawyer, U j have Iwn thought of it at tlie lime, calm
pres. I witling to admit his tmworthiness, so he reflection cannot but condemn, he told
pn lman it; but we protest azaint the application . the half dozen Nullifiers in onr Icgi-Ia-
of any such grovelling doctrine to any
class of the people.
Dut it seems that the Convention, (or
the people, it is not rssc'dy clear w hirli.) j
were prompted by the distress and cm-1
barrsssmcnt brought upon the country by wonki respecting Sir. Henry's history of
- II I . , t 0 I .t . I. r .k. tt'l.:. ... 'PL:., I in In.ln.l Vi.l.. ..fit.. ,t' .
itna i win inrreir Hike inr nNWoriii . inr miaruitt i ; o hik imto . i i v imm uian.. vin iu vi mv uiriren
laid down to us by the Houorab!sSrrr--ia-! would bo a gross deception, if it co-.ilJ and embarrassment of the country.
or of the freedom ol ihe
ture, "on hit own responnhiltty, that
Nullification was Trcasox.' lie Was
then a Fcderalint; he is woer a Democrat,
dved in the wool.
In our next, wr promise to say a few
From the National Iniellieenter.
Having met. in ihr Cinrinnati Gazette
rrcrivrd rratriday. with an anirla origi
.n ii .i . i .. .
naiir iiubt:a;ieu in u. is paper a year or
two ago. emi led
" The Predictions by ttie Statesmen tJ
the consequences cj the Experiment:'
and baaing the rurioity lo reperuse thai
sr ic!e, we were ahtuluuly stailhd at ihe
life-like delineation which it thows In
have hern made u n j ears ago, nf ihe con
siqtieiires that might he ex,ertrd to re
stdi from a pertetetanee hi the aanon
t and foi l th eif erinin t upon the national
ry of the iy ol bit nornote. ihe.' deceive any iwdy. 'Every man in thr
and opinion, as rxpreed in priaate and : country, includiiig Mr. Henry, well
in public, and claim the beuetii of them . knows, that this distress and eniliar
for ihete peii-ionrrs. I will lake bis rassment" had its origin long before the
ground, and say that these petitioner are) Whigs had the power to rule or misrule
entitled to do the same. I telieve the the country. He admits the fact himself,
grounds ate oiit.iken by lliem and byjin another part of his letter, nhrre he
him. I har tinfuih in the dornine. I says, after tracing, in a most deceptive
hold thai the Secretary ia mora responsi- j manner, the extension of the credit sys
Ue to his country for the avowaN he has j tern, that "in October, 1839. the XI. S.
tuailenn lhat letter, than ihete petitioneis i Bank led off with another suspension,
are for the language used in their piiiuon. ' all the Stale Bunks followed, and in a few
I rUim for them Ihe bet.eiit of ihete short nioutht, this mm Vjitiiacum
opini ni, at I do of the pamphlet quoted ' bent debt, fell tcith n mighty ci tnh vpon
tout here be ihe gentleman from South' thi pe.ipU. tinder the. freight of which
Carolina, (Mr. Il'irtt.) I insitt. 1 d -' they have been groaning, untl trill conli
mand ihat this House shall not assume to nueto groan fur years to cmne." Now
br the accusers and the judges ol my con here is a distinct admission, that his for-
etiturnis as well at of myself. They
have noanihority over them. They hae barrassmenl were brought upon tha rnun
no tin I
of their
the lloo.e ha in in power, but noi mr in power only six months if so loii"
eonsttiiietit-; and 1 aay it is ioto'ent pre-, The Executive then ahuiJ incJ the Whi?
smnpti n in any portion of this limine to Congress, and hft it powprbis to carrv
arrogate to n If lit r supervision over the ' out its measures nf relief. Hut this dis
eimtiitueni body. I ay further, thai, if tress under which tho people are groan
tins rhargr is to he referred to a select, ing. is admitted by Mr. Henry to have
foniro'tiee, I demand ihat these petitioners existed since 183.1, more than a year he
slodl be heard before, that committee; or,' fore the Whigs came into power. The
if it it to be sent to a court nf justice, that, most that can with truth be urged ngimst
they slul be heard before thai court, by tlie Whig party is, ihal they have not
ihemelves or their rouiisel, and with a'l yet been able to slay the o-rent of ailver
ihr benefit of witnesses and of the attend- "ity which for eight years pan h is been
ancr of all who before this House charge . bearing down every-interest in the conn-
. . . I. (f ; . .... i.i I . . m.i ........ .
mi! iriiii any ouenrv in oaving prrtenieo n "an us source in tlie, uniavvitil V" "'" wmiaianuing lite
Ihe r petition. The gentleman Irom Ien I and arbitrary removal of die dposttes bv
turay co'urno inai no c. large oi treason en. wacuwn; ii was leti ny me Specie!
or ol subornation ol perjury is made ; circular, by the creation ot hundreds of
against me. became, in bis resolutions, he ; mushroom Banks by the Lncoloco p;irtv ,
directs that charge against them; but I to supply the place of the Monster which
ay thai be has no right to bring aitch a Jackson killed; by tho orders issued to
eharie against me belore they shall have! the Pet Danks to lend money frciiv, so
6ri been proved guilty before the courts! that the United States Uink facilities
I nr.itnrilv M'l.ik I. t.. it.. -
mer assertion, that the d.tre.s nnd e,n-j - W "Z' EveTd
barrassment were brought upon tha enun r. . .,
iht to eharge lliem, for lha exercise try bv the misrule of the Whig tmrtv," i t,,-,i . .... i . , '. t . ,
rir franchises a. freemen. wl, l,i2h isno'l true. The Whig. earn, into now- .V, " d e ! , a ' n T. ' 7 ! J'f
m and subornation f prrjnry. Me cr on lha th of March last, an I remained 1 )Zn e,er ' '
of the country.
A Yankee Arab The celebrated
Arab chief, who hat for several years
bilHed ihe French Ginerals that luva
been sent lo Africa, is accompanied on all
hit expeduions by a rrguUr down eatter
one Zaehariab Coflin. a veri'able lis
steii.lvii nl the old Admiral. He spmtt
h Moorish drett, rides a inagniflcent
birb. heads a squadron, lays by the dot-
l the gnilejue.a ',0 Virginia fflt, c msequence oa cirpujerce witu H tt;irs, bat refutes to change l;tt rebgiop.
f . . I - . . .n.
uiigiii not oe inisseu. i ins stippmn
cumbent rnass," as Mr. Henry wonlJ so
elegandy express it, finally beeama too
strong to be controlled by those who hail
put it in motion, and it has swept like a
cataract over all which alooj in its way.
I ft tluught, honestly thought, that the
accession of a new Executive, with a po
licy different from that which had hrniMu
the evils upon us, would speadily hive
brought relief; and we still think, tint if
our President had lived, tint object would
Our tradrrs will bear with tit whiltt
we qmiie aa follow, one or laro psa
gen, fud of iuttriiriMMi and iliuntr.iioii,
Irom the article to which we reler.
When in July, I63J, a bill lor reebar
terina the Hnik nl the Unteid Statt a. l av
ng pased both llou-ea ol Congress ant!
been sent to the President for bis sijna
lure, wvs returned by him lo the Sna-e
wi h his objections, a suletr.it dibue look
jdare. t.pon ihe queion, arising under
thr Constitution, ta be Iher ihr bill should
IVsideni'a nli.
jecii.m.; i tl,e mnrae of which debate, at
f ei'DriLiI in ilia ,.r i l
'! cirr in iftOHtrn, me
following iciiiarkb:e paatages orcur:
Mr. KwiNo.ol Ol.ii. ti.iil: "If ihi-in
stttutioii it really to he pr.-s raicd if it
have now rteeivrd it death hloiv. and it
hut to .w-.it and prr pire for if riual Wi
lli distress and rum a Inch it a ill occasion
resttn-it wilfi the aealihy innney-hi lder,
fi.ia funds have 'found an mvettmnl in
itt aioek; but it mul cine with fatal and
tiiihr.iken f.ite iipmt ihe md, Siry, lP en
terpr.te.the ptiblie prnspniiy, an I private
C Hiif.iiitof the wh dr ex end d We-
The Bmk of the Uo.ied State must with
draw it i.ues.M Axe. And then .Mr. K,
lin.ia.1 I..II. . ......
- -..-....ru mi II1IIIW-: llu IU4
til. Ynti san the mordt m it.
It .Mte "' ''li'f le t r,
r. ia th ''. s to f rif tm
ra wiibt'as-J .1 ef rai f nL rU
tCrft "" 'I .
at tba. tit nra la a-f a fcat H bail,
atb Cri fw rpi-I. bib mar area, (
l ,r sasapd tbrb.t-at ai'lea Le
M f.St ll r bra irr ai Ial. A'dtU.
tlfkd of the aa" soaad rarfrrrt- Lirb
ae w rr jr, a si U g.w I ae a i
ri ruled a.d vtti. nia a ttmt
a hi ta at dl fse ia brad f ta fw
,r, rtl lbr sink; laa tbif. Uatiog
tbraa brr ihr "
Mr CuTTO sr- lr t ila as-r pri-:
-Tlir ptfit'CtMHtrf Mr. Ian 'r ia I SJ 9
mual le fa'Cdrd: lhl the drltM la- a (
il e J i ri1 8tart Ua k wtoj'd W f. JI
ed by the taiaHibaeBl 4 rPf saoaij
.e avl U!ef d; br mil.t ! ty ,t
ta w. Ii a extfrthiir. br said, fi..-,
alurh ibe House wwj irrtMl. Tie
faer mati faia awll bis graia to i),
e,.i;iry tt rfbaai br r ale I at-k j er at
a i'irouat uf Iron Kb lo iweuiy , or rtB
ibinr p r rem. lr aearrst eoMmerr ul
niy. Ar. The luta i f rttdriea
atuotig ea, ibe total dr rangt rat el of that
at'mirL!e j vea. of rxrl aoges wbirb i
aow ailaa!ri!ed lole letter than ej.
its ia my sober roantry in fhr gbdr,
tt rir(!n g sad rptri Iim n rtt f'r rajt
tiJ in airiy -att af ibrrrm liy, thai -
M Cuetuaio.O ia ll r Siaio'a d .f aalur f,
money, a l.irb, bk ibr ar seen prt 'deurr,'
a.thei all ihr tffortt ol indualry, ali'e
ibr siffrrr i in irr igaoraare tf iba
rsr a-f bit t'etUvetion; bankmptriet ami
tain, al die aalinpnimn .f wl.w b iht
beait sitiert. an is I bdUw ia Ihe b-tig
Main f tils witch ate atsuttdly Itd re
Tbt Standard af thr lSlh. brirg ibrrtf,
uiito rndrf Idi tied be the fir-ule letwr
of ll Ikmocrutie Mr. Hrury, bicakt m l
in a rolurua ai-d a b.lf roHcrruirg (ior.
Morrbrad. Said rJuta and a half
abounds in know tag ami, meaning
mo!, aod ruiious it uedoet. it letdrd 10
srt ex relation an lit. Tic idl tar '
mint 'irt t ot potiut Iv sy ar.y tlunr;
but h. Iikw rxrrariaiifg'y br d. rs fi
Hitvutt! i at as arb gtral difTiculiy that
ae rould dseor ibe "diamond,
deeply imbrddrd aat ii, a aaaal with
ibai tslwai la gem. ia nah mI fil b.
Ilut wr f-ijid thai ibr almla artt'lr aaa
raleulaird and iMerti'ed la eikr ibe "arue
bul bornl.le ipresaon apnti ibr public
n.iod ilut an ice home bs I era Cwd up
a li t' croaads bebmgiug to iba (Jfr
nto'a fiie!! Il makes ibr cld thills
tun over us to think ab.oj it lie di es
Mil break h s rbi'lmf iffniria'ioa aud
deniy and f. II apit Uie leailn'e ras; I
dora a.. murt that ufh is !r latnrnia
ble fart; but puts it in the fiut wl a dam
nal.l iiihraito,' as is iba anal ol tine'
in- at accompli bed Drmociatic" iheto
nesn. '. - .
If what the Sfndard says br true, ll at
Mr. IIerryatbeuoa is as eeitam at be.
Ites Idl Aaguat" C should not olject
iii listing a snull Iwaip of ice eonteaieaij
htil nerd it lo cool bis patrl ed toi gna
aibr clor of ihe rants, tl be sga
that men. her with as bttle diserriion as he
handle bis tn. Grerntloro fat,
rtakTotm end Ccuntry J)r
thoae ,n keep op a r-ntUiii attark on
ilia Hanking Inatitiitina ol l,e ISntr,
nevrr r fl-e thai ibr effeeis of ibeir ren
durf aie not confined ia ibr Towns, but
prrtadr ibr whole r.niniiy t It ia a row
inon opinion, ilut Town prop's are the
only pritons aim are dependent upon, or
lei.trj'vrd by, ibr Hai.ks. No opinion
can br morr rrrnnrou. and ibr ecun'ry
pej le, inibrir coal, are faal Ci.dirg out
their mtiakr.
The Toan n.rrrbant, who is deprived
of bis aeruMomed bi.k fanhiira, earrml,
in thr bl place, i inehaie the ptodurr
id Ibe farmer, snd, in thr terond plaer, I e
is obbged lo rail in, as rapidly as poiti
l ie, ti e debts due bun in the ronntry, "
Tl.r number nl sun on ihe doekeit o?
ihr Conn of every county in this quar
ter nf Virginia, is greater than it ha been
f.r year; and sboas that ihr primi, U
siatrd alone i now in operation. The
norrhantt in ihr general, are the ditrci
recipient ot bank laedities but thr r-
mrr roiaes in for a slnre of those farih
ites in hs irintaetiona wiih the o.r-
c'larts, and whem vir the Inter are rui
ofl fn.iii ihe Hank, Hoy ara oh'ignt to
press ilie loimer. I'ct. Intel.
s noi
ni you lh. rudely ei.xke the proeperi
y uf people Then fi.i rcsofi wiU bt
fg'laitire ol lo.i iai.a have unni
iiiiii.tiy patted Kesnlution. .sirnnclv dr
nouuring ibr ronduri ol ibe Mrxiraus
ai.il tht-ir (toterninenl. and ratling upon
the United States Government to art
forth with and wih all notttbla merer.'
The New O.lean pupen alto give the
prorreilmgs ol a "nuintmu public merl
tnn ol her cit z-n on ihe 4th instant
hich adopted tlie at rnj-rtt U a ltitio i
upon ihe suljeetilerb ring ibat the
Mexirans otmhi not lobe regarded aa a
eittlize.l nat on" and tailing upon li e
I'ni rd St rs Government totuke speedy
neji to ledres thr manifold and glaring
omragea' (which the American Citizens
havr receied)to "do what it mt nd
lo do, and not wait thr retuli of a tardy
iiegotiition, which will pto'otig the suf
fering .f hei Vit Zens and piobably mrure
ihrirdiairuftii.il.' Hal. Ue".
Tbr Senate, Friday, says the Nat on
al lonlligen-er, after a long time pasted
in Exeeutivr Set ,n. r-jcrd the n.ifui
n lion of James N. Marker, a Ftr-t Con
roll, r l the Treasury I)e,,M iiiicnt. Th
v. b? again! Ihr roniir..aiin M at 23, in
17 in lavor of it. This stibjerl diapo
tl if. the Senate adjourned over to Mm.-I.y.

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