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The Hillsborough recorder. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1820-1879, February 09, 1843, Image 4

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ft-m at l'kt-1
a- . . "''
Many ptmM aappeaa lJbt Lvbee art
jot eosspeleatt niirtj geaisaeV
diTH) btt rpiqij It saivly erresaaoua.
It U gtarrally eoaetJaJ t&at laJUre pay
stove sUttUt ta dress tlx geatktae
ix, tiry are therefore s-re tWrvvu
Ciaa sara, of the eouiuice.ofbih sexes.
All f ladetnea tirrti wkb male tiew
pirate the ladiee 1 and a it iU cervualy
be al'aar! that the laiies are "7 gJ
jadgct of what r,4vate themstUes, we
arc ftreel la the ro-Uiia lint they art
evaded to tht err Jit f kaoaiag what
CAot(utM taste in f endeaaea apparel.
Xiik this brief f rtfe, I proceed la fit
a few ideas of what U seemly and whit
is nitseeruty ia male cuture; aul I an
tort that nine ladies oat of every tea will
cancar viui m. , ,
Tall and slender geadenee foot; best i
ia frock coats, but a eobt of t'tit kiad
ahtuU never be warn by a thick art per-1
ton. Aefeoderma.n'vryslraightanJ well
limbe J will become a tLfe coat, hat be
will look deeiJeJly better id frockoat.
Atnely proportioaed fijure, neither 10
lender nor fro grot, look to bet advan
tage ia a dress coat B!ue if not a hand
some color far coats ; 1daek and dark
green, are the moat becoming color the
former being preferred tt all other.
Gentlemen "ahooll not habitually wear
their coats buttoned p ; it betrays too
much stiffness. . , .
White bat are sbvkingly vnWnta
- inr. A. hat should never be allowed
look IJ, a a shiViy hat will inj ire the
rood looks of. any one, no waiter how
. . m .f I . r
taaty Lit rel oi theatres- may oe. ,ps
rite men borUh appearance, and should
only be worn aa a matter of necetity, for
instance, t traveluuj ta slage-coacnes.
riding ia th wind, &c.
S:ocks neter la A eo well s cravats,
rsoeriillr ia the summer season. Cra-
at ahould neter he uiaJe f ' llaahy
ooJa. Whea finer tnaieriale -are nv
plnyed. the tie tho M hato a eery email
neat fif ire. or a fite c'teck. A want of
neatneaa ia t,he eou U Pot to be .over
. Shirt boma e'loulJ always ait really
to the shape. Ruffed bcaouat and large
brraU pins are not ao agreeable to the eyes
of the beholder as some foppish young
men suppose, , " ;
j',-A gentleniiB neter appears, perfrrtly
dreased nnless hia teat ia particularly
neatt and well main the test beinr the
mo$t eonspicoo-ja girb be w?ar. , Vest
made of a At in and si'.k goods are alwaya
beoming. Ia cold weather when heavy
g-wdi are worn, rare ahoaM he taken to
K rvtw aat v w a saw a ai . . ' t
..u,. Mn...kU -;tl .t rl,.ra.Tinie, or even later, will destroy the fruit.
y. . r ittsoiaiere oatea a pretty ve.t,
but no cMors are desir.Sle except lively
)iies surh a b;i!T and blje. For eu.a-
mer, plain aarseillaa, tdetf a,.ad
rel stud (tha ajuries very soialt) are to
be rectnuitonJed. Vv pite ttattr-und at!
vesu made of figured goods ahouj J, as a
general rule, hate buttons of the same
material, or chn baiyns, , whea they
eiactlr corresnoud... Sjff'an l blue vests
shwU bo u-ip.-ajd with the best q ialiiyof
gilt outtoas ; anl.to lfo well, gilt but
tone should be set closely together in
rows. ' KaiWTiv with a figured fce will
serve verr well far little boys; but for I""1 piuwaoppic man iigntning reus
gratleroea'f veals thejjilt buttons thould rhed to buildings to protect them
ba entirely slain, with a smooth' flat ,Ur.frra ihe influence of electricity-let them
rv .i t r- Kriliia a . imn a thv
bem ta loak.di.-a, they should be re
plartd with new eaea j an'l to render this
easily done they should be fastened to
the vest wi.h rings through eyelet holts,
and not sewed on.
, On llis subisel of pantaloons, little
need be said. Almott every variAy of
goda loot: weii for this garment. A neat
tieas ia the fit rs nectary. Thy should
always be Wtsfjl about tht lower ex
tfonjity 4uDg neatly to tlie b ot, and
cloa. I . fastened ondcr.
Good tale ia combinations of dres ia
all impoctaut. la summer, the vest
ahould be ligltt colored, unless the panta
loons are of the sa-ue culcr. The coat
and the vest rhaul l never be of the same
hue, except in winter, and tarn the rule
only applies to dress coat. Frock coats
ahould never be matched with pantaloons
of a similar color. A brid?rioom should
neter wear a dark veft; but if his fancy is J
a blue vet, the pantsloda should be I
DanialOJtH snoulu bei
drab, and l!ie coal b!ak White janta 1
loons will best b-rtme h i poe i on, with
T, . , r
a buff vest For nup.ial occasions vests j
iiuuu Uc uruauiuuicu w;ui raira ncn were eieriea oy iiimaen wim yreal earc.
plain gill buttons. i ' bT s' ,ec' i,reJ ,h m"' superior and
n,.i, . i v i. . . i eatensite aoitlmeat .f material for in an it.
Dark p.ntaloons and light coata do!fe,u,i,,rtk,ih.t..,hT...
not harmonize Coats should Deter hei
trimmed wi:h mrul, pearl or paper but
tons, the common practice to the contra
ry nntwithstandiiig. ,
Gentlemen who exhibit on their hair
evidence tf much labor at the toilet are
hot held in hih extinution by the relleet
iag portina of the ffl;na'.e sex. The hair
should always be neatly arranged, but
never laboriously cmootlied and curled.
Mustaches are never worn by men of or
dinary good feie. FottpWh fallows a
lone car.y litile canes ; and k'eep the
Washerwoman's fold of their pockelhand-!
kerchief udisturbed, day utenlay. Rin,l
ii.ii, ij, an.i nreaai-pina oi gold, or go,
like hues, never yet captivated a woras
f c irairnn intellect. --
I o say ali in a few word : Gentlemen
eliouM al wtys evince taste in neleciing thr
ini'rials for their garment ; they should
ha uell mi l ! iIia oimt;....: .! u
t - , iiti-iLiiiuB aiivuiu
ii iwiontxe -gettierj and tha carriage of
ir.a wearer shb:ilk always be erect and
dignified, without exhibiting stiffness or
olty. ' . c. T.
AJampMt, 7es,Vl il, S. ' , ,
J) r5Ta r ttttf I 04 J-ATt
htsAsa rtOir.
T1j Wlooieg articla appear i ta te
Aaerka Faraher last spriag, aaJ at
trarte-d oor atteattaa ra aeeooat oTiu co
teinr m4 iegeasity, Jc that pcriaJ,
we hart ara a frnslesiaa who acaared
as be bad tried'tho preteauta reoa
mended with the bji eau-e aoeerss. It
ia at lemrt eartoaa, aaJ far Cw preacrta
tita of the fruit of a panieulr aavl faro
rite tree, sa'jfu be ea teemed oaef-!. .
, , Sautktm Pl!tr.
Many expernu haa beea reported
ta for tho prowiionof Cruil from the
blighting influence oTla'.e froeu. Throw
to a aheat orer the tree, hanging iron
upon it, kindling a firo voder it, Ac hat
eaca beea launJ to aate a benefkial to
fluene, but none bate beea mora efficient
than die vxperiment whirh 1 am about to
deacriite. ,
My friend, Mjor Ruff, yao is a tr
tuoao, jately , tsrurmea eae. that many
years ago be ttw .it stated ta a French
paper, that by throwing a hempen rope
oter the lop of a fruit tree, when to bloom
or aear the time, of blooming, and bylet
ting it lower en) touch the ground, the
tree would. thus be protectee1 front the
iafluObC of frot This I 'thought
quito rational and philosophic, I accord'
ingly made the eiperimeut To prote
more Cullr the mWws rotrandi. 1 took
two dihes half filled with water, and set
tketa a few feet distant, under tfM tree,
on the night before an expected frost, the
tree beipg nearly ia full bloom. Throw-'
iiig the rope over the top of the tret, 1 let
the other end hang in the water of one of
the dishrs -the event proved the correct
neat of the theory,, . There wa a hard
trbtit oa tUJ morning of the 27 ih instant.
and Use duh into which the rope was de-
poaited. contain d ice of the thirknesa of
scarcely of the thirknesa of paper.
. The Dhilosoohr of tht above eioe
rinwnt ta this: the rope, whirh was pre
viously wetted, was a ennductor of heat;
the air, and of course the limb of the
tree; became coUer in the night than the
earth the rope conducted the heat from
the earth to the tree, thti keeping np an
equilibrium, and preserving the tree from
frost. - SJ'
As far as my- oWrvatioa extela.
t'ie criacal time for fruit .is long before
4 is in hloaaoni; but it ta qevrrtlwless true.
that severe and protracted cold at thai
I i... r. :. k..l
waa kimcvi vy acTCft im u iiai
been formed.. ,3tJ!. V w
-"There is not in my mind a doubt
figu-i1. Uhing a rope to eaeh tree of.
nut : remain inrougn tne winirr auu
: .1 . f. "i i f t i
front fha effects of frost. . ' '
t.Ta'the incredulous and'lhe superci
lious, who balance their grist all their
Uvea with a big stone who, saf&ciendy
wine, despise knowledge and instruction,
the ahove may appear unworthy their at
tention. Let such be muinned that it is
n t lesa pliilbsophic than lightning rods
be mrormed that
" Thert are more thiaca in beaten anf earth
Thau their philosophy baa evar dreamed of."
W. L. Hoato'
Woodlawn, Hartrord Ct , Manh 39, 1842.
a fresh aupply of LARD.
WANTED, Flax Seed, Beeswax, and
Notrmber S3. ' ; ' 51
2,300 pair of
a-. i aK.-..
fF hia o
wn maKe ani ol rvorllirrn miiu
w factore. compnni9 a rneral tortioenl
M M& Gentlewn, f e ofljreiJ fr '
" " ,7 't "" ""
1iort cred i t pj:iul ciialoruer. Those
fr - miile N,.rlh.,no.ilyf thF.iraparcl.e.
lothi markel. aoTheliete 1 am brpoarnJ i
di work that will not be inferior lo any done
in the state. The pub'ie are repe-lly iuriied
to call aid examine hi stuck, and give him a
Nttember 9.? " 43
. " , ORiXGX COUKTV. '
Court of Fleas and Quarter Sessions,
Notember Term, 1812.
Nancy Marrow, wilnw, c r. Heirs at Law
ol Jane Morrow, jfereated.
Petiiion for Dower.
T appearing to lite 3ti-rciion af the Cnr,
iait milium urawl.11.1 and Jane hi wife,
William U'nrrow, Tho. M'rror, John Moore
and Nelly hi wile vinceil Munow and Sally
hi wife, defendant in t rae. ar not in.
bahiianu of this Male; ti ia therefore ordered,
thil pnb'i. ali.in bf wafc in ilia Hillsborough
Record, r for ix wcfh. fnroid ileiendanl to
appear at ine nesi Cioiri of Plu and q-iarter
Seiina. to t.e litl I fr iraa?e mianin nn '
fourlli Moiidatol Fehruart ncxl.at lUt court
kt'ian in Hillrhorwneh, and p'cad or demnr lo
aaiJ netition, or the tame will La iake n...
cuufeaao aa lo Ihem. nl beaid irenrrfitW.
r m . . t .nr. a.
",':,- llVIllUli, KittlC,
Friee adv. $1 50, 4 $7 - C
ConfccttGuariGS, &c
5fi. Vkli CC t Wrs Imvs to tmUfm tat
f'.m g esttatty, ikat sta U
aivt a ka4Mt aMixal ml atikWt m
ar aowMf wkkk, aha imM -MiitcaUr
ly awatiao. m m tirHt Ptot Apf ' aat
tatr Catttt, aat wl barrst of Mackaftl,
. a. aaJ A. T aaUtc art aattUt to
ft att a e!U t
ta.a.r f . - t
To Rabbit Hunters.
r'd E sWriaf ariafcet t friaM Wt trtta
1 tbrrt4fttkaat BttBSlTaKta.
B 4nn$ ! pwaar! aaaiat. ' A ra
Ma VI pri ia t -T hats till bt Uta ia
ttcbaaea W i Ka wm -
Katrmacr a. ' m, . . , tf-t?
, Slop tIicRunaTay!
IAN.a4f fraaa lWa atMrtiWv M U 1st
lJ af Jaaait. ISO a tirg 9 -J aawt
HI u J.i. abuat tl m ti ycara '. aot laet
aiaa 1 1st ira bfb. dab eapaia, bw
aaaar frtt ttaib aaaUat erbfc4, bat at
imyatiiaaat ia. Wia tftccb, tf attUcra bat
U i(tilaaedV 4 bat Mm bet bt U m
liil oaal bat. 4rk mi4 frach ctat aara
aat at aacb rlba. a Waa Xaatatky e. ba
ataUlaaat it a Kjkt cotae, ta tf etaiat
aartbaia aiaff lariHaJ, btittaitt at bcf.r, tad
a taw firol aarthcra tUaa, IS iNcbt a4!
nartr lf SiiJbat. lai-l, iaibiaf hi
wy it Miaiaipi. or tht wetera fiatnri tl
Taaaaaaat. ta ba, ia braafkl fitat Ibert lt
aat I wity cit a rer4 tf tat eV'laft f
I Ha telitrry af at bay to mti, tr 1 1 hr$
afi4J ia a if j til in tM aiat, art4 duUar
if aa I ti I be 1 Ma. A ay latter a iar4 la
vaaecrntai tb bnt. aa-tal bt ireciat to fm
q nlilt. ! ilia eaaiy. or rbaa, Wabs
tttnty, norib carouaa.
Jaaaary 4. . 6-lm
EST. A Fresh Supply.3J
M'Hri aibcribefs lae jt reeriaed s
htve baen selected with great rare, Sod
will be sob! low fM cash, iv Those who
ith to procure gtod anklet nn very rea-
toiiabla term, art respectfully ruaeted
to tu l!fa a call. Their etch is com
prised t.i part ol the follow. og:
30 bf Coflk-e, inrlud Satartlo
iig Kio, Ja, fee. fearlAibt
Beat Brow a Scar . Biittna -, s
Havaaaa Saar bpaaisb Brotn '
Beat Loaf aud Criuliedtoillei' bewtcb Saaf
$fr ' " ' N'tabu't "
Motaet fr
Beat Greet Tea
.rruaoiaaf Bitt
' VeuetiaN KU : '
Nt"f . ;
Fig B aa
' Camatod .
B ack - 1
Bar Iran, asa-uttd s
Steel, . 1
lloi Iron
Cat Nail, atttrtce
Mould-bonrda .,
Callings .: "
Weediiin Hoea
Spade and Shovels
. liauk aitvcr . -w '
! Peppermint
i- Chisamoa
' Lnuua
Oil Lemon -" 1
Cinnamon Baik '
, Opioat " i
. Lump Mignc sia ,
llemy'a Maintain
ZtX Matelie
iKbevbaib Root '
Manartvorka iobrtma VelU.w
Polialied Tract ChiiaCbrime Creen
Bat Chewing TobccoiUolteu Stone
Spanih Cigars
Tnpenltnt Soap 1
Tallow Candlta
3(erm "
Spanish la'io .
White Lead, in kegs
Dry White Lead
1,'ed Lead
Cator nil
.lium Sin-lac
jCrcani Tartar
lnk Sand
jSand Paper
lnk Poder
jCatlil Soap
B .x Muitarj ,
Bl k P'pper
Ground Sf Race Cinder; Vermillir.n Rrd
reri-iiB,iiin i epa
P.. ilrr and Shot
Window Ular
Npai.inli U hiline
jCopa H B'ack Varniah
Eianm Saba
Freeh H p
(Bet & I'ommon Clue
Train Oil
Lamp nil
Star:h. Srr. ie.
Glaober Salts
Gronnd Lng Wood
Lamp B'ack
-Feathera, Beeswax. Tallow, and Flax
Seed, will be received as cash.
Ap'ilS. ; . 18-
and Jfevcllery.
Tf EMUEL LYNCH haa the pleaiureot an
nuniicins to hi friend and Ihe publir
nerilly, that he batrrceived lr.iu fhiladrlplna
a neai awortmenl of JEM LLLLUV, cuimtt
ins in part of'
( Id and Sitter Leter WatcLei, snd
plain Verge. Ws'rlirs," "' "
Gold guard and fob Keys, ' ' '
Fine (iold Ring. 1 .
Breast Pins and Earring,
Sdter Pencils, and Leads lo suit,
SiUer Thin.bie.
Gold llrans and Crostes,
A rich assortment of Siltrr and Slcel
Spectarli-s, to suit all ages.
SiUer I able and lea Spoons,
Salt Spons. and I'uiter Knite,'
Roger' ruperi.ir Knie and Scisrors,
Niltei Ear and Tooth Picks,
Money Purse's, and Tooth Brushes,
Gold Shirt Buttons.
fcletl and (Jilt Watch Keys and Chains,
Silk-Brid, and Elaatie Guaids for
(iold flrrrl Locket, ' '
Corl, Guilt Locket.
ffj" VVtchc nd Cloi ks ofall drscriptinns
cleaned an J repairid jo lis actuttyncd iupe
rir atyle. 1 ' '
May . ai- "-mw ?t ;.g : ; , j.
Ilillsboroush House,
pi g taWrlWf bavtaf ebaai tka battt
a4 Iv4 M Itia4urab, oall btaat at
r4a- tt4 . tatoly acft4 by Tbtaaat
O.Caa,a.fa U4uaarah Haaa, lal ta thai
mdhU ia mtm Ua f c tart.ly. t bt
M mmm m9pr4 to aot't tfavtttara,
at rfmtta -J aa butia. aa bt aa faaf ataua,
tU lU amh waitr 'at tbav- At Ibt bataa
u .... ika rri Umm. it aaaU b r
raaa it Ut iaaara. a4
baataaatitcwtyV My abaH ba toftisb
4 db aa m aa IM rooalry fS a-a
af atatMat a p''7 r"" y
Jy bat aUt f '-aii be ttabc4 oftk ea4 apt
ra, 4 ia taincly asaia lrta IW btt
fil aatuCacUat It
:t mhm aay pttaM It Iaar aat
raaa uii ni n i
mf cbary ta abail bt vary tto. I
A few ragtkr bafo at alt at ataa.
ahlaU4. ' " . '' . -
f ikimJ to ftaat aa biftd 1 lotf . wOft
M..1. T-brco, Ac which I wOl aefl
Um fur cub. '
Dtrtaibtr T. '
Leather, &c.
'PIIE uterfibrf bt at btt tbaMlaviai
A articlca,LHbillbtMlaretaa7i
n-al r.iladeltiUa CaU Skia.
MrceA, for Ladies aad (JtaJtatta,
Set! Sains.
Uniag Skits,
Biodirtf Skins, .
Moo Tknad,
R.iot Usbhias .
. k
Boot Chord and Sprif s.
tTr I hats a?t at eassrtniett tf Skives,
ta njiKle fr battrre. -
Pftttajibert ;:"'-" "
7b Hunters, and othtrs.
f IIE aUr riser bating btet tonai-'embly
ineaaaiaadad by p rmf paasing ater lb
Plaatalien, it bat tapt-y, throwing down
(cmea, A a. sbt hereby git that all
parfoaa wh may here her be tnt Ireapass
:f a tatd prtwiaet will bt held rtaponsibla
Air daaaagis, and pr-a"l aee'twi'lv.
Jaaaary 4. 5"
Ia EqortyScptcmher Term.'lSl?.
Jtha Kieg and ttktra s Diaon Kiag.
1,1 , fttitif Ii ttll Lund.
ACCORDING ta a decree mad in llii eant
at lepieiMtef lerm, liti, I shall t-Ber for
sale.taihtbisheal hidJrr.aa a credit tf twelts
avinlha, tl IM eanrl ban it HilUbnroiijh,
an Monday IhalTin day tl Pcbmaiy test, ih
Lttd ft pieaoant King, oa the water of Bald
a i i- Creek, alj'iiniiif tht lands of John Mor
rowvTnorna K ng aad tlhera, coataining ar
haul Nt Iitndrc4 arte, antra tr let.
V ' JAMES WEBB, a djr M.
Janntry4 ' 4-4w
tr tas ,
lYorih Carolina IJlcrnry
T1!! E subscriber proposes to pubtish, in
the city of Kalcigh, a magaziue with
the above 'title. It ill be printed in
inontlilv numbers, on forty octavo pages
of good paper, with new and elegant type
and a neat cover, lor 1 wo Dollar a
Yeak in advaxck! .
It is designed to be a publication of
general interest, containing biographical
sketches of the illustrious natives of North
Carolina; historical papers, embracing
particularly reximscencks by the present
aged public men ; and scientific articles.
1 hit magazine will cherish the purely
literary, and its pages will be graced with
poetical contributions. A pronin-ent place
will be given to the interests of the Cox box
School system of education in our state
A Review department will be added,
which will present notices of new publi
cations; and it is designed that the work
shall have a monthly Chronicle of lite
rary intelligence.
The subscriber feels safe in making the
above statements, because he has the pro
mise of assistance from several dislin
guished gentlemen in the Slate, in whose
acquirements the public has all confi
dence. He desires to make it a periodi
cal which shall compare well with any
Southern magazine, ornament the table
of the literary man, and be a welcome vi
sitor to any iaiaily in the state. It will
be seen that the sabscription is unusually
low ."
Four Hundred and Eighty octavo Paget
Jr two iJollar$!!!
The work is put at thia price that Its
citculation may be the greater; but it will
be at once perceived that the publisher
cannot risk a commencement until a suf
ficient number of subscribers shall be ob
taincd to cover expenses.
iCj A nn afit hundred -eponible tub.
criber shall be at-cured, Hi firm nun ber will
ftn iui, at winch time the payment for the
first Volume will be rnntidmed in arlnce.
When tubneribcra receive that number thry
I loraard Ihe amount of llieir a ihnciintion
i iimediaiely, and will take Ihe publication of
mat nmiiDer a a ciarantce that the niaa-
aine will be iatned lor of hail one year. Thia
arrangement will aecure both panic.
W ho can doubt ibt North Carolina needa
tuck a inagasiml. Who cm doubt whether
there be not more th.in efficient talent at lei
n ire in nnrttate to fi 1 it page with profitable
aid entertaining matter? Who will not rink
two dollar on an einrrimeiit o well worfli
making? We (dull linen for a re ly, and ca
ned a hearlt repnnae. Lt-I no one wait to
ace how il will appear, fur inrh a mtire may
prevent ihe pubtu ation entirety; but lei every
one friendly 'o the work Iry it fur A YEtH,
and then, if ii he not worth taking Ut him
nmdon it.
We want the name of tl who will nli-
nrribe, hy the firi of Jauntrt wtl. or rtiiwf. I
ii pracui aoie. rotimaMarn, every where, a ill
no doubt lake pleature in forwarding tlioin, j
iney are auinoritea le Un, tree pontage.
Editor who ill iv litis ? r.nnectii an
nicruon; ana nni ihe piper, marked with
ink, lo Ihe RaleiglfSlar, shall receive s copy
of the wnrk one year.
Potmleis and other, whn will be
coma rceponiMe lor five nbi rip img ! II
likewise, receive a copy for one ter
All cofiiniunivaiion lo he adjusted, post
p id. It . ;
n-lJgb, N. C. Nor If -fi
a -
j'riano rorlo & r-uiio
- J ,'hJUf
retrrLttr?i Va. "
fltli. BESG ab CIA. tata reaet iaag
tat aweaaat week Tt f ruSTt.
ag wt.h i s S4 aad a ktl txaata Piaat
rant, a ttry pra ttt t aty star aa
mm mmm mm bsm m ami
-.fc mmm mmmA fMorrtMIt ntt
Ladataaad Ctt!sst l lMUb?basd tt-
irtaawbtartitwaat aa riaa.taa-.e-a
.w mA IkajBs aad Ibe Wall bt Ctt
ttaetd af auaenly It a ay t4bt SMaav
lacttre. ia am ii
ta ibatr daraa-iily tad ktepisg It tttt Wti
that tayatktr. , ,
Taet bats aut ta taat a
.r ui or mi tk Utr Mkblratwa fr rmm
sad U-kar, f tnag tf all seats, beet Viala,
. w .a. BW mAm
r.ts, accattieat, an aiaaa --"
aatata tW Hibiarj Batata, Prtsaa afaU aors.
At. e. ,
C Berf St Ct. eid resptctWIy teeea.
attad Itnir asatrtaaaat ad" rs tad alaata Is
PntripaUaad Traebtrttf bebattfc Aay at
dtr stall bt (aiikfatty aad prtaf!y Stleadtd
ta- , Tf. - .-'.
" fatatetavtth?tettfptrekaarsiarsHb
f i;.. n.i aiMB f Oifatd. batiat
tiadty easacMtd It trt ta atr At tat. has
tt haa-j tana al tf mtiraasenia. a
banlv taiablub tteaaies ia tlbtr parte tf
. . . ... i . ....
Nrib Caraliaa, laoaiaf laai aawy
Paaot baeaaM kntwa I bey adi bt prtfcntd
maajrttbtr. -- '"".
Jaljll.'.. . ' -
Tho Christian S3unv
rpilE above indicates the tide-of a
sBjouthlj periodical, to bs) puMUhcd
o ruler the control of. the Soothern Chris
tian Publishing Commiiice, ao aooti as so
adequate amount of patronage shall be
procured! It is designed to make this
sheet the vehicle of religious intelligence
exclusively, and a means by whu-h that
portion of the Church of Christ, whkh
is denominated the Chiistu CarxcH,
may exhibit their views before the world,
of the promt' frcH doctrines of tha Bible,
the organization of the Church, and ks
true and correct discipline. The evils of
sectarianism and disunion will likewise
be brought under review, and the proper
remedies will be attempted to be applied.
No favor will be shown to that disorgan
tztnz demon party spirit The L hittian s
proper standard wiLl be set forth ia bold
relief, as a rallying point for all true Pro
tectants. The Saviour's claims as being
exclusively the I lead of the Church, wul
be defended aud maintained, and he will
be held forth ia all the energy and nm
plicity of divine revelation. - A place will
likewise be afTorded for an account of re
ligious revivals, minutes of conference,
aud such like ma tier.- The Sun will be
published oa a large mediua sheet, in
newspaper form, on the first day of each
month, at one dollar per annum, pavable
always in advance. The place of publi
cation will be stated by the Committee,
of which notice shall be given, to subvert'
bers in the first number. On the .recep
tion of the first number by the subset !
bcrs, the yearly aubf cription will be con
sidered as due. '
Elder Daniel W. Kerb, of Junto, N.
C, having been selected by the Commit
tee as editor, communications should be
directed to him. Postmaster at Junto, Or
ange county, N. C.
Atguit 17 37
N. D. We hope our friends will send
on tneir names immediately, lie -not
alarmed at hard times. Let us all ret bet
ter and do tatter, and then times will be
better. Our paper is designed, lo effect
general good tlierelore, we hope to have
general patronage. Al misters of ever
name are requested to aid us by their
communications on me suDjecl ol s gene
ral christian union, fcc.
a ratExa
Fresh Lucerne and
Clover Seed.
rpilE bbcnbers have jui received i
A. i . i. - i .. .1 .i i t-
iraiu uiiy ii ine auovct eur.
Ju'y 15. 34-
For Sale,
LAND, about three mile aovlh wett
oftlitlshnrnngh, conl atom ta nhon-
dred and fiuy arrra. twrnij-Cva tf
i.n.n aia now now under ruliiva'iun. Thia
land i of tht best quality of i.pland in Or
ange, well watered and hrat ily limbered. It ia
ail bin a mile nf an ricill.nl Menhanlad
saw Mill, and the neishbonrhood unnt ei.rH.o
able. Tha owner of thi Land livins in Lii.
enlntnn. i desirous of sellinc and it rn there.
fore be bnushl on most arcimnndaiiig Irim
Any one deairoua oi seeinf tht I il will
plrase apply to the subscribe!, or i F. N
n auuell, a no eMtea ier
VM. CAMtRON, Jlgent.
Anfmt 5. J7-
Wilniinzlou .HcKcnzrr.
lIIE tuhciber propoie piibliebiuy in Ih.
toW.I of W'lluii.ifflmi. a t.ikti n....
der the above title, to be devoted lo F.irtici
v Miirsuc inxeiiiL'ence, Agri, ullure, and
D imcstic Politic. The publication ol Ho
has been undertaken, beli. vi.i,.. l( ii Wl
nol be unneceMary in our community at ll.i
particular ciiti. I am aware that alicnirl
have been made to tstablitu a puhliratinn i f
thi kind in onr Town, and have been a of
ten defeated; but notwiihstandinr. I am un
der tht iinprcMinn thai by pcreverme, and
Ihe iippnrt I hope to rn ei from die. d, to
ucccd in iiriiioiiii:in every ohel.it. My
object will be In up.,.t t e principle . f r
inocniry, to i!ic.im the qucatinnt ol the day
With fi ne and candor, tod never beimy my
rea-ler into error by iocorrtel inlormali,,.. i n
that coibji-ct which ba been ami i new often
mwepr sentcit. pain will be taken to obtain
the erlie information of important jn rr,
Sard lo t'orei'l i aod I) nmrsilia t m m,A Av..
. . . . ' ... a ai , tttiti iy
j mid- n aeleclion. o enrich i:eolumn with
mush nifil iiutriw:i;ao a wi I be hint y in
lereting to the farmer and Ihe public jinicral.
TERMS. Tho Mer nser will U pi bti,jic.
weekly at SI 50 per annum if paid in adttni s
Tl". ? ?Vd " ,he nd cr' mnnih, ai,J
S3 5J ii paid at !' end of the er
Fditor, Wl10 feP diepoged In c. h.n8e will
r.lee civ the above one or I wo insertion and
forward u an exuha.ige innucdiV' ly.
' ;' -.'' I W. J P .
, Wilm-e jton, N. C, Dac. S3. -' jy-
mJ ty at. iwt fi.iM,i,i ,. im
UUtw naa. tl t-y bt ftd tl b
dtart(btBaettaibrlU ttdfen,.
tad a Uaaa tht lti 4 iL jj J
aaas, Mt-4 s rry, t tti.wri J? -btt
ta4 ti.Lsaaaaljy aba at. ittii..?
(tritd t I ti,aditaaite teaai tf
..I r f t lr L . t. ... taj a . , . .
artadttkal aaay bt vtarfad ta Wtdattl. UttJL
Disease a Unita
f aty UtfUBLCaV tU Z iararsi
TUVT , yrt ka , kw cad a
atattaal trt ibt tats 4 aatataai a.
pttcsty tad tratb trt ttaaspad tpta etety bj
mt tht crsaUaw Tbt iHtgbty Wastdt tkb
raU tt tptet it tvtry teict tr vtlttsy ,,.4
aWeiiaa trt all rat by
Tba priapla fatatat tbt btsMt bad..
ffreaaWlk T f rUiii I'airtraal ia m, l t
uaptntitt tf tbt btawd ta tbt bata, wLab
tf at esprit Ibesa fiaaa tbt body. Aitractaaa
aad diet trt bttb tails, au accidtist
taftctiots ttl) tnWi lb bdy ia rtiiae kt
Ibay tcraaiat taistrty a U atd.
Tt bawta Ut laataaea art ctctltf tVit
aaott intparuat tfgat ta tlaMdU ttaaa.
tntaa it a grtat actaavUttea tfiatpaniMa.
arakb, tt Ibry ctaaai get tat by Ibt if aal
taatagt, art screed iaAt ibt tUJ, taeaata.
laitwptrtiytfbtajad. Tbaa. rtttfa.tbtlweL.
RhaaMiiaat,Coyka aad Tttd trt tfcra tta?
dtced. ttl 1st ratdribt Pill bt and ,
tla. aad beahb it rtattrtd al at.
IL4 tvaatber, by aertsitaitf dtbilily, pffc,
daces Mwpwniy el blood, ftstkbrt ty
saatery, Cbtlcra War baa, rrtap ia ike bt.
tis, far tttaat, patt ia Ibt btrk ttd kip ititla,
betdacber aW. ac Toast Mplrtsatl taast.
aiata ara speedily tewward by a tits det tf
Bratdrctb't Pitta, wbwb ttaa ttttatt bttlib
by aarifrif the bld. ! t, ,
Gt'fi, great aaaieliet afsaiad snatl tril
iag, r. bad toad,. lattMpermt, frsdact
r atarthy la ad, lead it a aery staatful dt
grt la ptataolt iapiiiy vf Ik btaad, aktcb
amtalwt iistlf It tryaiptits, ttasaaiputt,
eptleptw fie, arpopety, starvty, f,tr a4
tgae, dsrangetitalal tbt Moaweb aad ItaiU,
all which tjaisltais till tttt bt tcaaatrd by
ptYifyingtbtblotd WMb iht trsadrtib Puis.
Small pt,carll Irtet, rid feters, ctta
spotted hfter.tnd ft vers tf all kicd. ara an tf
gaiad taly by Iktet k s bW d at it t em tf
imparity, lh Maladies are Build r vtotral tt
ettdwg aa lbs blood bt t barged Rb
litt pr etiota It lbs iafcctiat being rtnned,
tad aettr attain thtat what blotd it ia a
-lata tf portly, Tbt Braadreth Pil . by pan
fying Iht Moot. tat tart the taaladitai ia
laei Ik Pills gt tt taet tt etHtclall ikactat
ct tf Ibest ctajpltiiits, wbxb art braagbi by
their health mtorisg ttwera It lit bcla,
and at removed tt tl ibt bJy, Icatitit lbs
blood port aad healthy. , ,
rrarltraa, brtnata, e. 4. prtdtes itipsti.
ly tf Ibt blood by artariat ing a drrasgta eat
of Iks gettral health. f Braadrtta Pula ara
tol aaed at at U prtteat at tresmulalivt tf
hoinors ia tkeat btwels, Iht btmart paes intt
Ibt blood, tad tuta Cad their ay It the t k
pari, i. a. Ibe Inral injury, and art likely tana
it prod act inlamvalwt afta titrtiticaoaaaf
Ibt pari.. Ubtreaa watt the Brtadreth Pills
ased dsi'y sfier any iejory bad beta dase le tha
body, nothing otd ga it Ibt k jorcd pari bat
wnal taa necessary Mils ptiftel rctttraiiaa.
Often whea t bont baa beet brokra and thi
adtka baa btto rotitwad, ii has got well it a
onarter Ibt usual lima It taold bt tell fat
Ihes ctpoaed ta dangers It consider tk s tab
jact, ns adoption ,fi v incii bodist fiaaa
mumaiionr, mighl ibtir litea.
Cher art produced by impatiiy al ike
kltod. Iht part where it brisk ttl kad ia days
gone by been injured, aad ihcrt fort its rx wei
r lift ronld ttl repel the In partly tf Ike blo d
whet il stilted tptt N. Beea tht aridity or
ecrtcity eicoriait li t fbrts sad r.riht
ulcer. ' Hera t e hatt a dram tr tttlel rprf
ad fr Iht bad baev.rr, for Ik innpariiy f lb
hlood to pa aal of the body. Salve and al
kimlttfapptitatinnsare applirdlt il, kul it
dea l gel wall. Bab let Btandrttk'a Pill bt
ured tav "oar tr n of Ihem la bt ttkra di
y, Ihe Pill will epea another drain. . e. the
bowrl; tht bad humor conlaii.cd ia lh blood
will thui be diteharged frt It. body bt Ibtir
ntiaral tuilel, and sent will b left to In pep
tha irritation and burking it Ihe tlrer, asd it
will gel well. In like manneraiatbiisiatl
ing, annat tal tnlargements. liter cnv
plamia gravel, t( rbtom, ditette tf Iht
prostrate gland, cored by tbtlrarting wilkth
BaaaiactH Pills the imparities fnaa Iht
blood Alt person w bo dt not frrlw ell hfld
ue thr.e Pilta N0 man was eter tit k iog
whntt blood wt kepi port. Nt man taa ba
in good health if hi blood bt imptit.
AMrtrl then ihe ioipuritie of your blood tt
yw bowels with Branrfreib's Pills, and yta
will be a strong, and healthy ss lbs life aith.
mg von i capable of tuMainiKg
Agent are appointed in every etnnty in Iht
late, for Hie ale Dr Brandreih'aPill. Ech
agtnlhaaan engraved certificate f sgeary,
signed B. Brandrtlh, M. D.
The follow in? g.-nt!err.eu bate been sproinl
ed agenls for lb ale tl Brandrtlb'a Pill:
Dennis lleartl, IlilUbtarongb.
Stedmsn &, Itamaay, Pittsboroegh.
Ilunplirets & Gaiiher, Lexington.
Joifph 11. Sir eluiT, Midttav. Datidton.
James B. M'Dade. Chanel II.1L
J. M. A. Drake, Ashboiongh, Randolph
John K. Broisn. 1'ritilege, Do.
JJ. A. nfebane. Maton Hall, Orange.
E. dC V. Smith. Alamanra. fJuilfurd.
J Si J. Slonn, Grrensborobgb.
James Johnson, Went a or. h, Do.
ood & Neal. Alsdion, De.
J. W, Burton. A Co.. Leakatille. Do. -
Owen M'Aleer. Vance) tille, Cast ell.
J- K. Callum, Milton, Do.
"J S3lra
Just Published,
ND For Sale at Mr. Lynch's Jewelle
ry 8 top .id at Dr. A. I'arkVa estab
islitnent. A Narrntivo of llio Life and
Adventures of EDWARD C. BOLINC.
with a full account of his remarkable case
of Bigamy," &c. Price 25 cenU.
Oct .ber v'6.
rtrsLitiirn wr.rti V
T Tnar.a ddiii vr.as, ra Two toi.tr.
rivvr ckkti ir raio in ai ttt.
Those who dt nnt site notice of their with
lo have tliciri apcrdiecontiiiticdat thei.tpiia
lion of Ihe vtar.-tvill bn r resumed a i'i wring,'
it 1 ontim nn e until 1 oiinle toni'i'f l Arrl ft
paper will I e discontinued 1 ntila'l arrrsrfl',
are paitL onles at (He option of the )i Mi htr.
Advertiscuicnt not i ri dii ristei n line,
one dollar ir H e first, itrl Iwentt live tents
nr ra n utitcn.iieiil mterlirli; loi e r cms
propo linn. I cuil (lv rlirenien,e iVfh'y-fva
pcrcenl I ioher. a .lr.lt,linn of S1 criciil
will be made $0 f dvcrtirerr Jy l.r jrsr. , ;

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