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IjU mt CaiwJ S rt at
Jt l ffl aawie f PJf
t it .M 4 A !- a ll p
fJ i!aa.Le4 nJ S.at by
lj art eJ kj 5T
Tee till t ff peal the Bankrupt bar,
when kaJ poljr p-ed both ho-m
if Ceri received the eijaatare el the
President - . Bj Uw
Mfiwu of tU act, ell VpU con
raesecl erev ioo to that data eta bo pro
kcs'xJ 1 final juujrnent. t
Jjr torn tni-hap vi have failed to re
a a K
ran s Iff o Dk wiucii nas oeea on its
WIT froa Philadelphia since January last,
cueseqaeaily vt were nryll to issue any
paper last week. By the kindness rone
fM brother editore t Raleijh vt have
leti furnished with t temporary vnpplf,
which tu relieved as from oar difficult,
' jvea a Umt to wait Ihe arrival oft
id 1I of Ink, which wt have order
m proAedinjs ef the Democratic
aj bcU at MRay'a atort on 8atar
he 4th instant, will he found in an
part bi this paper. .We are glad al
to ate or fellow eitueue assemble
ae r to inquire into public affaire and
unit epon public measures for the
e good; bat we think it the duty of
who take opoo themselvet the of
(Itadtrt oo such occasion, to make
telves acquainted with the aabjects
which they attempt to enlighten
i. On many thinjs men may ho
t differ; aad in aome thing allow
ubc may be made for the influence of
prejudice, which ia too apt to effect the
judgments of all of us; bot with the pre
ent opportunitiea for information, error
ef ignorance ere hardly more to be excus
ed than direct wilful misrepresentation;
instances of both of which we think it ea
t j to show in the proceeding before us
For instance, fa the .preamble to the
resolutions of this Democratic meeting it
it said, that instead of retrenchment to
loudly promised, our expenses are great
1 increased. Ia this sot From a report
of the Chairman of the Committee of Fi
nance made to the House of Representa
tives near the close of the late session, it
appears that the whole amount of appro
printions for the year 1843, including
large outstanding appropriations, and es
timates for interest on the public debt, is
only eqnal to 118,173,289 37; being $3
429.4V5 21 hit than those of last year,
and eight or ten millions les than those
of any year dating Mr. Van Duron's ad
Again: In this same preamble it is said,
that our annual revenue is brought down
to near or quite one quarter of the present
appropriations for the year's expenditures,
This assertion is quit as much at ari-
anca with the truth as the other. An es
from the Treasury department.
no since published, made the re
and the expenses of the govern'
r the present year about equal
losing under certain exigencies
ifir iency might happen, the Sec
ecommended that a duty should
inon tea and coffee. But the re
tent committees in the two hous
;onirrss have been active, and
tactions were made in all the ap
ion bills; and by the report of the
ttce of Finance before referred to
own that the receipts will large
Jed the expenditures, and that
ill probably be in the Treasury on
t day of January next an unex
pciM... balance of more than five millions
of dollars; and this too without the im
position of any ad.litional duties a re
comraeadfid IW the Secretary tea and
y ,
coffee still remaining duty free.
We wiU admit that, from the deranged
-te of the finance of the nation when
'he Whigs came into power, and to ena
hie them to meet die appropriations made
hy their predecessors, the national debt
has been increased "Jrom Si to 12 mil
lions of dollars." But this will not be
permant nt debt The revenue now
xceeda the expenditures, and the debt
ill consequently be rapidly reduced.
But how was it with Urn Democratic ad
ministration of Mr. Van BuienT Ho be
fan wiih a surplus of available fund of
"xtrs tlian twenty million of dollars, and
ha I the advantage of a much higher tariff
ofdutiesj and yet diving hi
H tes f-rIs were eihtatted, anJ It
left aa aJaatirJ &bt of ire aad a half
muB of d-"ir! caiiinj an actual do.
firit of saore tlan vrnty-t bjHUom
llaw much truJi there is ia the aster
tiua that Ivje pnka ef on of or
soverrign tutrs ha leea somnderrd ie
Els!and, easy t jo Jged f by the fat
that the treaty was ratified ia oar Senate
by the iarje vote of 33 to 9; even the ar-
tkle defining the boundary Uoa was ra'i
fid by a tote of 83 to ll, JI-ws. Cal
booB, King, Woodbcry, aad ether disun
gnifhed Dcmorrata voting for it; o (hat
if there was treason ia the matter, the
Whip are not alone involved in the ruilt.
It is a little singular, if each targe conces
sions lave been made to England, that a
similar complaint should exist on the oth
er side of the water against Lord Asbbur
too. ....
These example are cu&tcicnt for the
purpose we had Jn view; which waa to
show the recklessness and blindnesa of
some of those who aspire to be leader ef
the people. K
BajBaBtBsa-aaB ' '
Having perused with more rare the
communication of Aliquis, we have
concluded, for cogent reasons, as they
appear to us, sot to publish it,
Several articles ia type are crowded
oat of this number, and among them a
very tnterestingIetter from the Rev. C.
M. F. Deems in relation to the supply of j
the Scripture to destitute families.
Duncan K. MarRae, esq. ef Fayette
villa has been appointed by the President
of the United States, by and with the ad
vice oi the Senate, Attorney of the United
States for the District of North Carolina,
rice W. II. Haywood, Jr. resigned.
Having cloisd the brisf aeeooatof pro
ecsding in the Senate in our ppr el ths
0:h with the rlneiag vt the doors far Ex
entire session, at the eveoiag session el
the 3d last, we nave found upon inquiry
that oar aceuuot was incoojpltte. .
Oo the reopraiugorthe doers the same
easnifetUtion of the cordul good will sad
aaiversal satisfaction which e bsd oc
essiou to record at the termiaatioa of ths
Isst srion ol that honorable body was
ctiSB'led towsid it presiding oficer.
The bighsst rewsrd for the faithful snd
impartial psrfoimaoce of the delicate and
re ponsibte duties of so tx.I'ed a ttaiion,
is ibe spnntaous espicstioa of sppro
bation of bis Prs, hohav witcsd
sad foil th icflueaee el the manner in
hied these dutiaa have bssa peifArsned;
sad e eould not, therefore, omit ths re
eord of the following reiolutioo. offered
as it was by s geodeotenef iheoppotilion,
(Mr. Unton,) aad tcspondrd to a wiih
oa voise by i whsle Senate
' Kttohr.l unanimoutfa, That the
ihatik of the Snato be prtieoted to ike
Hon. Willis r. OJaneom lor the ability
aad ioipnrtulity wiih wlicb he hi di-
ebirgfd the duties of rrrndeni protsm
pore of th Senate."
On trsuming lb ehair, lbs Pridt
ef lb Sen at briefly repmld to th r
dutioa ia the txprtwion if a cordial
wiah for the safe rstura of ach member
of lh Ksnais lo tho boaom of hi family,
snd the continued health sad hsppiosss ol
all; ana then closed the session by an ad
journiaent of th Senai tine die.
Nat. Intelligencer.
According to previous notice, a portion
of the Democracy assembled at M Ray's
Store, in the ronntv of Oranee, on the
4th March, 1843, to consult (or the g
neial good. On motion Jehu Hall was
called to the chair, and Mai. Henry C.
Trolinger and Capt. John Faucett ap
pointed secretaries. The object of the
meeting being explained, a committee of
six, consisting of Daniel A. Montgomery,
Josiah Hurdls. Joseph Murray, William
Hall, Philip Crawford and George Jor
dan, was appointed to draft resolutions
for the action of the meeting, and after a
retirement of some half hour or more,
William Hall, esq., chairman of the com
mittee, reported the following preamble
and resolutions:
Whereas we the people have a consti
tutional rizht to meet and consult for the
general good; aad whereas, in the brief
neriod of only two years, tinder raonern
Bank Federal Whiz rule of our Genera!
Government, we have not only had all
the unparalleled frauds that put that party
into nower still kept up, but have had.
instead of the retrenchment and relief so
loudly promised us, our expenditures
greatly increased, our national debt in
creased from five and a half to twelve mil
lions of a permanent debt; during the
same period a larce portion oi me boh vi
one of our sovereign states has been sur
rendered nn to the British; oor means to
pay our debts have nearly all been taken
from us; our Whig executive, with his
Whig cabinet, all the time; Whig Senate
.n.l Whiir House of Representatives in
session and quartered upon the people
money over half their time; and the only
visible effect produced is that things have
been made more and more oppressive up
on ave)lhe people; our foreign commerce
nearly destroyed; our annual revenue
brought down to near or quite one quar
ter of the present Federal Whig appro
priations now made for tho next year s
expenditure.; and all the products of in
torn! labour far b?Jow what they cvsr
wr Ik fire: Aad whereas, la err Sis
Gareretaeat. we a4 iLusr ia a ii!r
eocditkw to (hot of the General Covers
mea- ,
Be k therrtbre Ceao!red. by we. a rer
uns wf the sovrrriru reorle U the L sit
ed States, and of the elate of Nonh Ca
rolina, in the county ef Orange,
HL I bat Una W its AJatmstraUa
has signalised iiseif foe doiag aothisg for
the people that waa promised durinv tl e
eons campaign ef lb 10, aad alo for do
ig every thin they declared they would
not co. , ........
2d. That w view the'sttrrendar cf a
large portSoa offtos of oof aovereiga state
to Cngland, by DantcT Webster. Joba
Tyler'a blue-light federal whig Secretary
of State, a an act of base corruption.
SJ. That oor Senators aad ttepresen
ta tires ia the Cecrress of the- United
State, who know the wishes of a majo
rity oi those who pot them into power,
and ait there at eight dollar per day and
disobey the will of the people, are un
worthy of the honor obtained by filling
sucq a suuoa.
4 th. That the bold onea manner ia
which the honorable William Coat John
sen, and the honorable John Q. Adams,
in Congress, two leading ooa Whirs,
have advocated the Whig dectxiae that
we the people, out ot our bard earned
mean, shall provide' for th payment of
two hundred millions or dollars or other
debt, shows a-determination among the
leading Whiga if possible to compel us
to pay that debt W hat wouhl auch mea
not do." ,
6th. That we will unction any plan
en the currency ubject, that will give us
a 'constitutional currency, and retain in
th. hand of we the people, through our
representative in Congress, at all times
the whole and aole control thereof; that
we never frill surrender up the power to
a few men in our owa country to control
the currency, much less to a set ef stock
holders and banker in Europe, who.
with another Nick Diddle in this country.
could and soon would rule or destroy us
and all our liberties, as was well jiigb
done in the late British Bank of the Unit
ed States.
6th. That another United States Bank,
similar to the old one, is an obtohte idea,
repudiated by many of its former friends
snd advocates, and that no institution con
taining any of its federal features can meet
with the approbation ana support oi me
Democratic party. --
7th. That late experience has given
ample proof of Bank frauds upon the peo
ple, and ef the necessity and advantage
of the Independent Treasury System.
Win. i nat tne return oi ine nne impos
ed on Mai. Gen. Andrew Jackson, for
. . . m .
nforcintr the requisitions ef the martial
law, by means of which the city of New
Orleans was saved trom a iicenuous sot
diery, is due to honor, to justice, and to
the national character, as wen as w tne
fame ef the illustrious hero and veteran,
whose name and deeds have shed so bright
lustre upon the page of our country
9th. That the State Bank; of north Ca
rolina has a capital stock. of 1,500,000
dollars, and might according to the pro
visions of its charter rive ua a currency
of 3,000,000; but instead of the accom
modation for which its charter was spe
cially granted, it is furnishing us accord-
. T. . . : :.k -I--.
ing to lis own reevna nowmg wiu owi
700,000 only, being less than one car
the amount of capital stock paid ta. "
10th. Thai it was the policy aad plea
. ...
sure of our last n hig Assembly Icgts
late against tho people and for bankrupt
corporations, thereby putting th former
in debt for the benefit or th latter to the
amount of about eleven hundred thousand
11. That our late Democratic Assem
bly well merits, the praise for having, in
times like these, done more business of
importaace, and at less expense, than any
previous Legislature that aas convened
for several sessions past ; and we desire
lo impress upon the minus ot the people
that the fifty thousand dollar appropriation
made at this session, was to pay off
mie bankrupt Bail Road rfefc there
fore, for this amount the coous themselves
ate chargeable.
It. That the resolutions of instruction
lo our Senators in Congress are replete
with good and sound Democratic princi
ples ; and the originator ot teem, the
young champion of republicanism, justly
merits the applause of the Democracy of
this State, as well as of the U. states.
13. That it is right and proper that
District Convention should be called to
express the sense of the Democratic par
ty as to the man best adapted to represent
this District in the next Congress, and
that we will warmly support the nominee
of said Convention.
14. Thai the proceedings of this meet
in? be signed by the Chairman and Sec
retaries, and forwarded to the Recorder,
Standard, and Carolinian, for publication
On motion the meeting adjourned.
JEHU HALL, Chairman.
Hsnrt C. Trolinger, ? .v,r,I-.
John Faucett,
vii t. vr
For the Recorder.
Mr. Heartt: We are indeed sorry to
be compelled again to. throw ourselves
upon your kind indulgence, and ask for
a "oace in your valuable paper. We had
but Utile idea that we should be involv
ed in a controversy by the piece which
appeared in your paper two weeks since
but as somo " young man," not alluded
to in the former piece, has volunteered to
be the champion of his abused and injur
ed sex, the generous defender ol his kind,
we feel bound by the laws of etiquette to
notice his exquisite production. We are
certain that, the young men for whom he
feels no sympathy can feel none for him.
The made taemsplvc; silly with the
hepes cf afonHrg trcscfieer.t fir t&
pa&neg fewer; Le ha raiie4 lusall
rljirvW Ur n U.U purpose. He
ha gives himc!f a mack w ene ehai af
ter ia bis defence than w ild ia the at
tack. ; He M seeks the eflmraey of th
lu.cs In reap ircprovement. to fiea
lus birvh and surly temper. - Su J it as
a fact that ladie are most pleased with
mose who are most expert in liiUe talk.
aad those who are pankalariy conver
sant ia silly and rommoa-pUce matter.
Pray, sir. what mast be the grade of bis
own intellect. What must be ha ordi
caty themea of conversation, whea he
seek the compacy of such silly coavcr
sationsiist for the purpose of improve
ment in conversation, and refiaemeot ia
manners? Again, air, be pretends that
he doe great violence to Lis reeling la
thus armirnin the fault of the ladies;
and ta conclusion, is positively certain
that ao lady conlJ hav written the piece,
but that it waa the prodoeuoa of son
Mone vl hit owa kind ia woman a gar
menu. Pray, sir, I would ask, why
then doea he so outrage hi kind and go
ne rou feeling, whea there waa do ne
cessity for itt These are a few of the
numerous inconsistencies into which year
bhilanlhropic young man has fallen.
He has praised aad dispraised, laughed
and wept, all on the same page; but this
ia net at all to be wondered at, as he is the
volunteer defender of folly, for
Stmptriag foHy loses a varied aosf .
Ie ha assailed that part of our former
piece relating to dress, and made many of
the notions perfectly ridiculous by mat
ing them his own. If he had read the
piece more closely he would find not a
word said against the dress of the young
men, but censure for neglecung the mind,
lis remark about our owa dres do as
much credit to his wit as to his jodgment,
and are a much beneath our notice as
shey are inapplicable to the ladies of Hills
borough, aad we pass them by with the
contemptuous ailence they deserve; but
will advise him in future to be more snx
ioulbr his own improvement in compo
sition, as well a conversation, and less
fearful for any accident happening to us
Irom a rail. ;
!ramt.rul hero, all thy foes e'erreme.
Forever taiga lbs rival f Tern Thumbt
Well may triumphant jeoit bear the hence,
liluatrioo conqueror of common sent-..
This piece has excited but the single
emotioa of pity; and we are indeed sorry
that it should have gene forth to the
world as the production of a Hillsborough
gallant, for strangers will conclude that
we are sufferers indeed in being compet
ed to entertain a young man when hur
ried awsy by the excitement of the par
lour who makes such a flelence lor his
kind" in the closet.
Ia conclusian we may now with much-
propriety assume our former name, alter
being compelled to peruse and reply to
the production of thia vain jackdaw, deck'
ed net in the beautiful plumage of the pi
geon, but ia hi own dull and peculiai
lirert, so that he may any where be re
cognised a well by hi chattering as his
feathers. Tliii &ur f UKEtiis.
In this county, on Thursdsy the 16th
inatant, by Joba J. Freelaad, esq. Mr.
Gacvoai Sew, of Tersoa county, to Miss
Emi AxwBowtir, of this county.
Ia thia place, on Suaday aight last, by
Rickeeoa Nkhols, esq., Mr. John Doo-
uy tw Misa Sinan Baacocx.
. Obituary
Died, in Chapel Hill, on the 8ih inst..
JosErn Deems, infant son of John W .
Carr, aged four months snd fourteen day.
' Pearcal Joseph, thr u bait left us,
Hrre tby lose we deeply feel;
- But 'tie God l!at bath bi reft us,
He can all our sorrows heal. -
1 lake this little lamb, said he.
And lay hiin in my breast.
Protection be shall fiud in me,
In bio be ever bleat.
TUST RECEIVED and for sale by the sub-
Linocrd Oil,
Oil Cake.
Picked Cotton,
Irish Potatoes,
March XI. 66-
Town Ordinance.
AT a meeting of the Board of Commiesion-
era of the town of Hiltsboronnh, held on
Saturday the 11th instant, Ihe following ordi
nance waa aeopted.
Ordered, That publication be made in tne
llitlsbnrohch Recorder, notifying Ihe citmene
of Hillsborough, that Ihe ordinance prohibiting
the dtaeharge ol lire arms within the corporate
limits of aatd town, will be rSrictly enforced
from and after Ihe first da of April next, and
that Ihe Town Coaatable i required lo report
to the Magistral of Police every violation of
aid ordinance.
- By order of the Board.
E. A. HEAR IT, Tbiert Clerk.
March St. 66-3
Slack-smithing and
THE aubscriber would respectfully inform
the public, that be is prepared to execute
sny business in the above line wiih which he
may be favored- auch aa repait of Carriage
and Wagons, both in wood and irons &c.
Persona wishing Iheir horses shod, will find it
to ihior.ioleresl to siv htm rail.
Mr. A. C. Murdoch wool! respectfully in.
form hi friend who may have to attend the
courts, mat loey can bud coroloclabie arcom
modationa with hint al cheap rate. His ri
deuce, is bal two mrlo aorta l llillborougii
Msc I. 63
Special Court,
otaxes ccrxTT.
Sepcficr Court of Law Marrh Terra,
1813. t
fT art- Je-'f w ktXf da
( .!. thai iW bus act the 0 U -
et f im ra. i fc eW aa tkw it i i II
i tf'tr4 k iw4 l4t. tai a in ito
rkf Cm-rt e4 L w aW line a fceU
it fcrA iee)ay M Jm !, rwmt &$ M
It aiweiwa i lla act te4 el lw let! mh
mm t lb Ceaert JtaeewVly, e4rtW.
tf fat ta ait 4taua(iattea) af Jme-
tirm." tiiefrtberJei4lbliaCt.af'
tKt fNatS re tkie mitt a pkbe4 ia
U UiilaWw-ya Keceesler, a )aert4 tl
tb lot mf lb cpewt b mae a4 Ikrc mt eawte
t bee swb'ae pteree i I be eewaty.
tZjr rem are mmt-ar i
sue k a aioai,T tMtauif. aa it U riprtire'
ibet tbal'Mrl w. ail eater areawaeliaiety mfmm lb
met t
JOS. C. KORWQOD. c a. c
Mania tU , -
' oaajtcx cocsTT.
Court of riea and Quarter Sessions,
February Turn, 1843.
II. cTFsrieb, "
Thomas D. Crain.
Jett ire's EiecaHtavo, levioj mm IIoe.ee aa4 14
, . i tbe towe elltaUbrwib.
. t , -Andsraoa Armstrong .
: Thomas D. Crain.
Jtlc'a EaectMtM, leried Ilea aai Let
ia lb lav at HilUboreagla.
John II. Roberta
-v Thomas D. Crain.
Juattc Eaeeetioo, let ied Koeee aad Let
aa tb lewa ai tti'lebaroagh.
i Charle Howard
- ' r. .
Thomas D, Crain. ,t
Joelie' Ei-eutioe, lerieJ aa Hoot aad Lot
la lb low) of IliUeborauga. '
James Thompson
t. 4"
Thomas D. Crain.
Jaslic' Esecnlion, levied oa Hone and Lot
in lbs Iowa ef llillborou(h.
Anderson Armstrong
Thomas D. Crain.
Jastice 'a EsecutioN, lieJ oh lloue aad Lot
ia tue Iowa of IlilBMoreugli.
T appearing to the aatiafaetion ol lh Court,
that Thomas D. Crain, the defendant in th
abev eases, ia deed: II ia therefore ordered
that pwblii ation be made in the llilliborough
Kevorarr lor eixeeaaaucaveiT, tnai jonn
Brant y and wife nancy, n inelnp Petty, tore-
man v iiioughtiy and vite Sarah, heir at lew
of aeid Thomna P. CrainTi'ecd., rpr at th
next leiro of thi Ceuil. to bo held for the
cotiaty e f Oranje, at lb court hnuae in Uills-
oorottgn, a in louun nionosy ia way ncai,
and show eaut e, u any tney Dave, wny a en
diiioni ritponaa ahall not iaue lo rll the pro
pertv Su levied oa iy esia earroiweie.
J. TAILOR, Clerk.
March 17. 6-
In Equity November Term, 1812
fcfcVey Chandler, ei'r. and other, vs. Burnall
. nuaae.i aj wne, anu otuer.
IT appeering to Ihe aatialaction of the Court,
that William Howard and mi'm Winifred,
Koherl Davie and wife Rebecca, Bcnjumin
West, and the cbild.-en of El.a.ibetli hie wife,
dreeaeerl, Benjainia Cleytott and wile Sally,
and Wiliiam Yarbruugh, are not in'abitanlof
thi state: It is therefore trjereit, that fublira
lion be made in the IMUhi.rough Recoidcr for
sia wcebs, for the raid defendants lo appoar at
our neat Court of Equity, to It held fur the
cn u niy ef Pernor, at the court bouse in Roi
borough on the- seventh Monday after lh
fourth Monday in March next, and then and
thei anawer or dtrour, rr the same will be
taken pro confospo and heard ea parte a to
them. '
Prioeadv 4 50. -6G
TIAKEN up and entered on the stray book
of Orange county, on the 87th of February
laal, by Nathan Findly, living on Stony Creek,
iweaty two mile ncrib of ilillebcrough, a pale
red SOW with black spots, marked with a
wallow fork in th left ear and an uni!cr bit in
Ihe right ear; fire SHOATs with vlute and
black spot, nntnarked; and ail PIUS with
black and white pools, all unmarked. Valued
al seven dollars.
March 81. 66-
United States District Court
of North Carolina.
N the matter of Matthew M'Cautey, a bank
rupt. 1 shall apply at ihe Court at Cham
bers, on the 37th iiav of March instant, for a
final order lor a dividend of the aset in my
hands. All Hereon interested sre requ ri d to
interpose their objcctione to such distribution
before the aaid court at that tune.
Mtignt in BoaJfcrnf cyer Orange Couiily.
March 7. 5-lw
United States Distrfct.Court
ot INorili-taroliua.
''La Nmiio i.i ihn eauao aeainst Pel'tion of
" o
Lewis Edwards, of Orange county, la
borer, to be declared a Bankrupt, at New
bern, on the fourth Monday in April next,
David U. Cate, of Urange county
shoe-maker, to be declared a Bankrupt,
at Newborn, on tho fourth Monday ia
April next.
Isliatn fan it, ot urange county, la
borer, to be declared a Bankrupt, at
Newbern, on the fourth Monday in April
By order of th Court,
II. 11. POTTER,.
flctin t Cltrk Vturt in Bankruptcy
Fibruajv S3. 64
Bf1SK8fr eofe it M f
Cctcmpt!eft ftntl tlrcr
flR. Tatioa BAUAM cf UVrn
ttOKT, from J. Eowrrr. IVw
Yifk. Fee th rtrr of fovgWei Cmllr,
Asikest, irtepXaftairlu yaia m ahe Siim
and Breaet, liver eotuplaiata. ar.d all the
afftioo of tLt 1 hrtl and Ixr, m hit h
are a toarre cf to tstrh Ovfieiing. ai d to
itm tensiiu in Conearr lien, thi re
medy is LijUy sd jst!r ttitia'ubtcf.
It is purely vcgrullr; rr?.d aad geade ia
it effect apoo the svtkm, and beirg ea-
li.tly free front H mineral product, era
be blea .ia the most delicate case wi'ti
safety, a well a utility. Fo eitccive!y
has it beea sed, and so often proved sue
rsfj etea ia estreme snd appaientlr '
almoel bopt leva caes, ihst the prvprielor
Crels ao besitaory in rrcemmtading it t
all who onfoitunately may hate occasion -lo
resort to some meai scf recovery. I'by
sieians, aware ef the healing properties of
this vegetalle prcp-ralion, and familiar '
with its e fleets, not unfrequently prrrrril e
it in their practice, eiiler as a palliative or '
a remedy; aud with th Medical Faculty
generally it has met with more than ordi
nary appiobati-n. - ' ' ' " ' " ' ,
rjC l oascamo. 'The Mloa irg
remarks Were taken from the last combe
of the Medical Jdsgsxine: ' '
"Tb Mrrrtir ttimtl prered ly Ibe e. '
vine Dr. Tll"f"i Baleein 4 Lhervotl. aie'e '
at 37i lowery, ia f tivccee e,i aout fail ,
earning otrp ii.rM.inf leirnet inioii(n- ,
Mit U ild. We be ro Unj believed thi
disease (eonaxiKplina) inraiabir, ibl it w difc ,
V oil lo credit ear eeaare bore persoe '
evideally eonaemt'livr, reired la beatib. Vol
it i a tttl of daily rcarieae., . '
The foflowinf certificate waa riven by
Capt. Scott, of Elizabe-.li City, N. C. a
few dya eince: ;
Betaf eoaolilalioeaT rredirr4 loera-
of Ibis disease.) and bavtiif ei Berrd i'ciely
rresa Inilalioa ol Ike lanf;, srromiiid aith
couch ard raiaifi; vcatier emi bl.d, irceiber
with m pain in the aide aad bre.sl. lill I re .
supposed la be faet rreovi ry. was induced
by advice ml Dr. Per bias, lst ntort, to try
Tayior'aBalsamUuverwArt. I base taken lire
bottle in all Ibrpaoteiirf-n ve ilb the rst
ttle, and after lakiag lb third wee o far im- '
proved a lw be able to eel eboatj sine alh la
lima, by continued ueo of it, lam quii reals,
ed and able to attend lo any usual borinea. To
peisan MBvring Irom coof I d aHrelioB cf
lb lunge, I cheerfully recommend it."
rtM0MrTiM fvaail Bfieg of a stodioee
habit, I berm.(Hicied eon.e year ince, With .
brancliitia. Ill k In it in ll.e ll.iual. alialit rcnur,.
nd other consuniptiv tvmptwm. Ever new .
cold increased y disease, until il settled ir.io
regular roiifi-mr.d roi'wrpio'n I new com-,
inenred lb use of Dr. Taylor Balaam ol Liver,
wort, made at $74 Boaery, and this nsediein
-ve me relief in a short lime. It beatinre ef
fected radical cure. REV. G. W. CAKJ.t.
nofmt ftin fa U Side - I have been cured .
of a violent ruin in in aide, t aiendmg ll roiifh
to th al.eJilr', indi:eiion rixsiuess, loss 1 1
appetite, and genaral debility, ry In of
Iwobntiles of Dr. Taylor' Balsam of Liter
worl. from 375 B ery. '
H. AI.LEN. Hm f Meict.ant's Row.
(CTt ' in"Hiiltbnougli by D. Heard;
ia Uxford ly iiewgr V. Tay'or; in Uieenak.
toeb by J, s) K. Sloan- only agent. '
' ml e m a
AT th February term -of Orange County
Court, the eubecriber took aot letter eV
Administration on lb estate of WILLIAM T.
JOKDAN, dci cdi all prroi inotbiid to
aid estate are requested tetn.ifciv.idiii
mrdiately and seiile the same with him. ei-
eraise be will reaoil to the vanal coots cf '
collection; and all who may la tl.im, r
required lo present them vtithin lh tin. pre
tinbed by law, otherwise tl.is notice will le
plead in baref a recovery
WM. PAUL, .Wr.
March 8. r $
Court ol Pleas and Quarter .Sessions,
February Trrin, 1843.
Uvhni DUL,m,mrtmtktnlfttitii;n jj,;,.. ;
XUajak TAtmea mi vijt. 'r tow
IT appearing to llieatiirftct'on'of tlie CoaH,
that th defendants in thi case ar not in
habitant of thi atate; It ia Ibeieforeoidered,
that publication be made in the Hillsborough
Recorder for six week, lor said defendants to
appear al Ihe next Court of Picas and Quarter
Sessions, to bo held for Orange county, en
th fourth Monday in Msy next, at lb louil
house in HilUborottgh, and plead or drmur la
aaid petition, or the same will be tskrn :o
confesso a le them, and heard accordingly.
J. TAYLOR, Clerk.
. Piire adv. t 50 65- 6w
- Court of Pie and Quarter Session,
February Terroi 1843.
Klixabetk Pitkitl, tt at.
1 Petiiinn to aell
, JSUvts Tor parii
J lion.
- vs.
Eivard Pitk tU Jahn Mt
bsNt end xeifc Jitiut,
T apiearinj;tolhcatiafaiiinof the Court,
that the dVfendanta in tin rase are not
inhabitant of thi state ll i ordered that
publication be made for sia wt-ka suecrsive
ly in tho lliilsburuugh Kecocdrr, fr ssid de
fimdaiile to appear at the next Court ml Plea
aud Quarter orasione; lo be hlo for llie e, un-
ly of Urange, at the rourl hituse in llillab.
roiigh, on the fourth Manday in May next.
then and there to l ad or demur to raid pe
tition, otherwise the same will be taken pro
coofcaao and heard kecordingly.
J. TAYLOR, Clerk.
Wire Adv. 94 50. 6S-T
Lost or Mislaid,
A NOTE of hand -n Henry , Roaham
uer fr seven dollar and forty-seven
rents, payable to the subscriber, briap
date iu December 1842, and 5u thirty'
tlas ihereafier. All persons ar fote-
warard lradii'2 fur aaid Pol.
March 6. v 65
iNcsrocs for Sale. fc
"jyiI.Lhe eolJ.an a credit of nine months,
. Cpt. Wm. haw'e.nn Saturday the
SStH day ol March, a Negro Girl and a very
valuable young Negro Man be'enginj to the
estate of Wm.-Sha w, dereasril.
M.ru 8. C3-

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