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I l ia " ir 1 wt, . tat fe aa
iuswc rt.l t t- nt is U d.b
fT-, WjTcf Ink III tM'V4
r.eiag ti WUvtd wsgtj thai
ft daft set ia senr UUaa sJ
Parts, kUb tSey h4 ence m paiaaVhr
. cireematvigated aaija viiiegtikt k a-l
, Vastest tf Ma$ R-atTge,.! k4 acted
toward ibem the Samaritaa't par .N
thw evaihag thcmsslvya ef a man..? Li
e's Cot 0 Uas, .iy rssxhed it lait ea
A Wet iha-lsoeaTmC MS Mxttearaisf (f
Ur t fUsifjf tVasit M tb h!B f iht
ptttam ihm Paris aad of tbt baeable
aastaioi u n j j n iBHoii
su wwrt etemiag t tbt boost of prsyer,
Haa its tpptared. eew drawing, ia hie
tare, ep the iumi lesJiaU tbt church.
- hit eleihtog sister, tall smeiUarta with
tbt invert VAct4 op ber. by tLt I
wb4 cleety faHooiar nor aUl-oa o( Ltr
aatiro tdUft.
Tbt od ptiaat, apprized of itctrhaj
XI ltro. caaMi tbe brother to- lead bia
4or to tht foot ! the altar, and foan.1
tf ea ilia Utin uu a ot aSeetwi ex
&rlUa toCbntUaa ebarity auid fiatrr
4 Ua, and avatar bleattnx the aaid bo
b't J oat a a piltera to alt aroaod, a!itd
ki, ia voice ftdierieg okb ooiouab, to
bit tormrt wr J of eaeitoraemekU ak
iflf, Sid I avM trolydauihur, tbat the
God hafoe2 weald prvUetjoa!
Id tho B.UUh Iloase of Lordly a few
fay afvr the onaoimoaa tote of ttuoka
to Lord Ashbartoa for hit ability and
coai-ict h the Defoliation of the Treaty
of Washington, Lord Ahbnrtoa took oc-
caiiaa to retarn t'lanke for hie diitinr
fuuhed an I gratifying compliment. He
poke with great feeling and eoniiderable
emotion. Ilia epeech, wu so gernune
i to ths natter tha th Duke of Welling:
on, to make tho compliment more mark
ed and a enduring, roared that the perch
be entered oa the journals of the House
a motion which, wa carried nnanimoue
ly. Wo doubt whether a higher honor
haa erer been-awarded by.a ote- of that
body to one- of its members; and rejoice
ia it, not hw for tho sake of that wor
thy IVen.than for he frtlter indication
which i furnishes of the good' feeling
whichiow prevails in Ehglaad towards
the United Slates. ,
We look apoo the whole proceeding,
in leed, as manifesting high reapect for
the United States, and a strong de?ire to
preserve peaco betwien, the two coonr
Uses, fia oaa speaker, joining in dus
" almost unprecedented honor" to the
Briiish negotiator, contended or suggest
ed thai in the negotiation any superi
ority had been shown on the part of Eng
land, or any yielding or dishonorable
r disadvantageous concession made by
the Government of the. United 8laies.
. Far otherwise. The Treaty was com
ateaded because it was a Treaty a rea
sonable Treaty ; a Treaty, honorable in
in principles, and convenient and use
f d in its provisions in both countries.
We see no claiat of unexpected success,
n.i air of triumph, no gasconade, no self
laudation. We see oidy prooft of sincere
satisfaction that peace has been preserved
between two-nations capable o' doing to
each other so much good or so much
barm, as a spirit of peace oca spirit of hos
tility may pre vail bet ween them. Thanks,
hearty thahksv to the negotiators on both
ides, and to the Governments on both
1 Jes, for consummating so happy a work!
We confess, the" more we meditate on the
Treaty of Washington the more we inn
it out into its consequences, near and re
motethe more we contemplate the inap
titude of the questions which vce believe
ilhiu culed, an 1 settled right the more
we dwell Oi great interest which it
has preserved, t&e. hi;'', we are inclined to
Tegard it as the most important transac
lion in which this Government lias been
concerned for years; and not impor
tant only to this country, but highly im
ps, tan t alao, both in its principle audi by
its example, to- the whole civilized and
vftnstiaa world. Iiud.
Ths Senate Chamber, in 1834, rung
with the admonitory counsels of the Whig
Statesmen of that day, whose fir-feeing
vision, penetrating the mists or the future,
predicted with the unerring prescience of
propnecy me w.uoie train oi aisasiers
which would follow the adoption of tbe
measures of the Jackson Administration.
Maligned and abused as leader' of faction
and encaiie of the people, they preferred
to suffer obloquy and reproach, ra her
than to gain a temporary popularity by
applauding the men and measures which
were rapidly consummating the National'
ruin, were we disposed, we could cite
passages from the- Speeches or Messrs
t'lar, Ewing, and Clayton, tracing in
1831 with, remarkable troth and; exact
ness, a perfect picture of the present times.
We renKw'er will what bitterness their
prexlic lions were assiledhy the Globe and
Cie Presses that lake their eua from, it
ia. they were dcniiancod as panic ma
kers,' s0 the " distress p31t" &c how
they were ridiculed as shortsighted tow.
deceived by theieown imadnations, anrt.bng (JjO.OOy.000.Us invested in the cot
Jta.un.ted with apprehensions of unreal I
terror, la iq&tappsition with those rloo-
my but truthful pictures of the future, the!
Glube" wa accustomed to set in com-
parion the goldaa prophecies of Senator!
lienton, wlioiezeal foe a t&etailic currency,
stud whose ideas of its bene&.&ur exceeded
t l"Wn.Ja of cocxuion sense. The
eers of Government daily exhibited in the
' I'lsrket ptaeoa fyrses linedi with gold, as.
a furetMia of k gvlden era which the
.lafkwn school woId bring abut-rths
minds of men were bewildered by dax
in5 pictures of ihe etfeatj U 6
pf rTuJNriiiucJH
eP the !i;tu;pi was to rwa op )
that nver tl ulJinr itself over the whole
est.. Geldr a with the Rag
Cartas? wre tlit cries tliat gathered tbt
mighty Lsta wlkh sustained the Jack,
sta AdmiaUlraiita-tl,al arded.theoi
a' to est victory after ei;hcr, aetil
itk foes seemed to be nearly annihilated
aaJ aatil there a peered to be bat one
party ia the ffiaoa.
Where bow. U lb fulfilment of. these
brlUia&t declarations' Who hat proved
to bt right?; Mr. Clay or Mr. Ilea son?
Who really dcwTTt to be called the
f hernia l the peopleMr. Clay and the
Whirs who foretold the issue of the
measure of destreetion, who timely ad-J
monahed t of the evil under which
wo sow labor! Or Mr. Uentoa and
hi turtr. who prwnited what they
hate net been able to pertoi towho jwo-
pheeied harpiness and prosneritr. and
have produced coparaHtlod' misery' and
suffering who deceived' as with the
false issues aad declaration? These are
questions which every rejecting man
asht to nut to himself upon which he
ought to ponder and' pause, before he
binds htmscllto the Juggernaut oi party,
and lakes his stand beneath, a partisan
bannm. EalUgh Ittzittr.
TraaMbs New TW Speeutr, of M sy Ut.
This is a great and f 'onous day ia tU
tie liae-hearifd Rhode l.lsnd. TheR
al chatter, as it bss bet n called, but hick
was ia troth the ppls's own chatter.
ceased to eaiat at 12 oVIo.-k last r'lUi.
sn4 the new eonsututioa goes in a efiei
to-diy. Undei that old and caMi abased
charter, ra'led royar cnJy becsu it
bad recnted iba SMietwa of. ilie Ik itish
crown, but wbieboas foratd'ty tbe pen
pie of Rhode l.lmd ibemalessnd writ
ten by R ger WiUumsths reopte of that
culony aad state have enj iyvd as much
of freedom and happiness as has ever UN
lea to the lot oLsny political rommuaar.
It baa however served ns purpose, and is
now soperseded by snoil.er obaner. un
der tbe more formal aame of Ccnttltu
foni and happy it will be for the progle
no are ta live under H, MniiUI it- prove
bentficent a form of government as tbat
has been which it supersedes. It is a
fre-LconsoUtian, lioeer. to know tht
this rew consiiiukoa ia tho Isiiritimsie
woik of ihe peeplr; and alihuuga fismed
so id the turbulcnre of faction, tbatit,his
been done in defiance of faction, with all
the forms and the mutt s demo sanctions
of la v The prrssnt, therefore, is a proud
day for the galtaat li lis State It was a
fearful crisis through which she haipt
std, and nobly has she birne bersell
through and eome ouVol ). Tieason has
keen disarmed, insurrection disromfiied.
faction crushed, and law and order sus
tained by tbe people themselves, na:d
rdfcthoush nui unsra.led, from without.
vnd all under eiictimstanore the oiosl li
tng and difScuu that can well be conceit
d. Tbe victory has been enmp'e e, and
eannot but be tegstdrd as out tl the great
est moral triumph of tUe a;, foe not a
traitor baa been execuWdi, though oiai.y
dssecved U, and but a single lifs ha been
takan.aad that by what the lawyers call
chance-medley. We repeat, the occa
sino is a proud one; and it is to be appro-
priatclv ccsoraied at PUwport to-day.
Prem the Botlifl Dai'y Advertiser.
Mr. Hales I send for publication in
your paper an extract lUro the speech ol
Robert Greg, eq , hich appeared in the
M-inchetter (Eng.) Guardiai'i of the I?th
Orcember, 1841. Mr. "Greg presided at
die great meeting of co:lon manutaeturcrs
kind others interested, held si Minchester
nn the 10th of the same month, and is
himself one of the largei'i cotton spiun?r
intne world. Improbable of accomplish
mentas the prediction con'ainrdain the
following extract seemed at the ti ne it
was spoken, it has already been fulfill
ed. Last week I noticed that a vessel
tiared at this pottor London uh lour
hundred bales of dtilltnga on buaredj
Uirb are belieted to be the firM Ame
rican cotton fabric sent to Ureal Britain.
All the lUUmemi ro,ide by Mr. Greg
are believed to be eorreeu The sl-act
ing mule to which he refers has beea ia-
troduccd. and will be adopted throo? hout
the eountry, pariicidailf in the tninuhc
lure of fine goods. In syery desri iption of
evfiq.and wooleo good, since December
1841'. there have been a3't redoetions
in lb' cost of naanuf jCluring,. and I. hae
nod iubttbey will be still greater. Furth
er iiaprovemenis will bo mad in t'ie pre-
paraiioa. a well s ia Siiianine and wesv
ing of cotton, which will raaicnaliy t-
ducs the cost of potiuction. The hard
times through wbrch we have passed and
are passing, bae lael the w.ti of our
tngenioes laecbanics, and whqi had ap
peared to us a vreat misforiuite may in
tbe end provs of highadv inj)age41)y open
ing foreign markets for ous products.
which could not be the case while we
were in a state of apparency the highest
There are in Ihe Uoitei Saies 90Q
eotion milN; aciialofXlO.OOOiQOO ler-
to Janfacture;ihsy ba nesrly 40;Q1Q
loom', and pr oduce 23,00,000 yards ii
a ye , Ad 1 can state ain,n Un very
best authoty , Uit tive L.ell mills.
mU'uU. consume fk000 bales foul of 3 JO,
000, the- totj conitrnj piioti) produce a
greater quant ty of ysrn- aud cloth, by
saffU spindle and each loom, in a g e
K'iara vt proilured by any other, mills
in the. wocld Tbejr tura off fifty yards a
day ta hit t.'iear L sell, a id we
ajl knfw that oa Eoglb. U produce
any thing lika that qasntity,' To b, sure,
thsv work at L. ell 73 1 hourf a wefji,
i nu ia AauiWa Ust 731
boars. I gt a return eoly Um aeek from
afrteadaf MBO.vthehas beea atLsocU,
of the work, pea-formed ia lb last
salJs which have beta bads ihete. . .e
r faetilisr with the coarse didls that
at a4 ast d to aske iamccse e,saauts
of at oae ttsae to sepply paataWa staff
for the ladia ad- Cbiaa aarkeu, tad
aaw they are ated all ever Asseiira, sd
bicb, aat eery, taaay years sg, tbe
botse ia which l am eoaoetaeJ used to
saaka aad al.i to a grest txteaU Tbt
ew BBt!ls at LawtH product those at
3J per pound freei tbe r otto a. 6 cists,
(a Uie other skill X reals.) which, i h
the cottoe, brings tbe cost to 0d pet lb.
foe tlioe ama-hs. As to the edrsaugt
tba'y have oer oa, I io oot txsg etste
bta I suit it at apwardaof I J er lb.,
ia cntum aloee.the freight ta the Anmicsa
aailU beirg aboal half lbs average freight
to England, and there is out duty sad
other expenses, lh ths conccra ia birb
I am interested, ths ex-re fi paid, ew
teg to tht bi(b ptiet f flour, amounts
la a tea of 1.000 a j ear upon our stills
eosapsred wi'h their eaills ia America
II- ar.3 The a their watti-pow er coats at
tbe highest rate 3 IDs per hoot-power;
w hilt tlit lowtst rave ia ibis country is
Xlt per horse power. I hat n-rt tht
soialUst doubt, indeed lam prepared to
prove, that thty ran tdare coarse ,dt-4
rass'H-v, drills,, aad every tiling of that
kind, at least ld cheaper than at ran.
fjlrsr.j Thty baft beatoa as oat of
tbt India sad Chinese markets; of rosrst
they produre for all iheir own eontuwp
tton. and, after a litdt while, I have lit
t'e doubt that we shall; bae them intro
duced very largely here. Hear, bsar.
Tbe last thing ihey wdl do is toafaik.
the enraty in his owe camp; bnt I am
qnii sure e shall tee it by aad.by: of that
I thick theie carn t be a doubt. The
t'e of wages is considerably higher there;
but ths great obstacle t the rapid spread
ol production in the American mills is the
difficulty uf getting more spinners. When
they get self acting mules that difficulty
vanishes. Wa must make up our minds
to prepart for tht loss of these markets;
it is of oo use to disguise the fact; it is of
no. use any oftis saying, ' I ran hold oat
at 1 ing as my neighbor;, there is oothing
for it but to push the weaker ones to the
wall. That i an idle and srlfisb wat
f expression, (to say no wane of it,)
bieb (regret too many es have ben
indulging in. Hear " Let us take care
thai the strong be not also pushed to the
all; because may depend upon it that
ia production, thert are stronger coun
tries than e are; and if we are, aa a
country, the weaker one, we shall all go
to tht wall t 'gether."
The Petersburg Republican,? a j; of
ridiculing tht whig parlv. bas procured a
wood cut of a " Coon" pros rate, with lct
apt T e accept the o neo. Tnt Itepub
licahj (hd not know, but wt O.d Uon
hun era do, that it ia in that extct poll
lion that tht Coon fights hardest, and in
fact if in water, is a match for a park of
uogv Many such battles Ixo wt wit
neraed, ai!ra rin the dexterity and bra
very of the g'IUnlamul -tow eatching
one cog. by the tongue, now another,
wjiluha rapidity of lightning, by the note;
alapping one dn lh his paw here, and
slapping another ihere,,ontti. he had ths
whole park, in a roar of pain and (right
Yes we sccept the omen. In hoe
tigno viiicemu$. We want no better de
vice than that Same old Coon." , Ths
animal i a gallan, sagacious, indomitable
animal: far before tht fox in strategy or
tht weazel in dignity, or auy din xen of
our forests in eourage, Ahough it it ssid
by old hunters,, that the Possum whips
him, by the severity of his fmnt teeib.V
iTtis, abort all, Ihe "Coou" ia an entire
American. He is not a netive of the old
world. He is exclusivi ty N irih Ajneri-
ean, and we think the belter of him for
that. . He represents, too, qmU s signi
ficantly as "Log cabins and hard Cidir,."
tht simple and virtuous sges of the Ue
public, when every man was a patriot;
wbfn.comip'ion and rnalty and treach
ery were unkn.iwn. sae ouly in therae
of Benedict Arnold; when Nir glorious
fotefathers wroujlu in their fi-ll in their
shirt sleeves, and after the healthful la
bors of the-day were achietd. drew tht
family circle around litem at night, to lis
ten to tales of Washing nn, Trenton,
Guilford coort l.oiwe and lit Is York, or
else inur balmy and delicious Autumnal
niswtatst is- aif seaisa I K aa war . aa.l fas sa at
' O- wvnt eatw was w vvs ivi as. vvvit.
As an emblem of thattsimrde. ir4uous
snd elorioo age, past, never. bls! to re-.
turn, we cooiinend tht hig tie nice of
the same M toon" io the bearta of
patriots snd coun'Kymen, Wt glory in
it,. and when wt forget to love the. noble
race of patriots and the generous age it
typifies, we shall cease to love aught thai
this world contains. As the crest duks
of Argtle said to Jeanie Dean-- Ma
calium'nore's heart must be ss cIJ as
death can rn iks it, when it doe$. not warm
to Ac (asian." Mch'nonJ It hig.
The Nw York Courier and Enquirer,
ia an article on the family q-uarreU in the
Locofiico camp, indulges in the following
cheering sirdn at to the bright nosptcta
0i Mr. vlV lor Hie r resMleneyt
, v The Whig party is sound and strong
in it origin d iniegrity snd force, posses,
inz at this moment a large numericid as
well as roirali majority o( the free oice
of the American people Table at soy lime
to carry its niionaloandti!.aiea upon their
own strength, and without counting upon
the incurable divisions of their onauieois.
AH il has to do j to determine that it will
do W'i Henry Clay f r its eanJida.te,
and with the political principles o( whipjj
be is the tipasret and the polar tlar,
itete is tot a doatt ef sererir; tt
agtitat tbt rombisx J tueagth tf aJ3 ut
laruet aad a 4 tat irsgAsatary pteees
f- panics apposed to btaa He bat at-
apoi beta the tueagest aaaa tat&tceaa
try, for at other aaaa ter too bleed ia
bis swi rra the opiamaa, tbt feelirgs.
sal tbt t&jrreaU of tbt people afibtUaH
tee States to tbe tsmt txteat tlatte oats.
Ilis seaUraeats aad Lit cbaraetet
ref-rc at tbt teauaw att acd tbt ckarac-
trr of aaort mea ta tue Uatoa wa tay
td-tr isdividaal! Of course bt ca earty
mirttr with him wbeaeter tbt eut
tf a ssj-.ei y caa have fair gl-yj. sd bet
lot ta aadetaaaoedaao most tiunoaoraftis
iairigaa ta the llarriabarg Coavtanoa.
or rather ta tatrieta ta proeariog ct itaia
rnsa to bt seaiss saraibers lata tbt Lea
veatioa. lrClsy wstd have beea aass
iaatcd by that body aad area elected by
the people of tbe Ui ed SuUs as tri-
amphsbtly as the veaerated sua abt are
elected No such lafiorneet 01 ever
bt permitted to operate again, aad ao sick
ntowaii result sgaia bUI tbe eoeatry.
We repeat it Heary CUr caa bt elect
ed, and wdl be tiered Piesideat of tbt
Uaited Sutes, tad autbiog bat tit deter-
mmauoa is wait ted lot sa eahuaty a-ca.
The New Orleans Tropic ef the 3d in-
tlant says tbat a requisition for a detach
ment of troopa has been made on Die lo
vernor of Louiaiana under the folio wing
Several hundred men from Hancock
County, Mississippi, jointd by many
from Washinrnon. County, ia Louisiana
had formed ihemsehes into a band U
free-booters, for the pillaee of property
and the destruction of life. It is stated
that they ate well organized, end armed
and regularly encamped. Mar, lives
have already beea taken, and extensive
robberies have been committed.
Punuhment tf Death in t rrmen.
It has been very genetally stated that the
punishment of death for murder was aboj
Itbhed, to. Vermont by ihe law ol 1812.
This, (says the Tribune) will probably bo
the practical effect of tht act which for
bids an execution to take place within
one, year after conviction, or without the
warrant of the Governor. But the punish
ment of death is still nominally retained.
as ruled' by the presiding Judge at the
trial of Eugent Clifford, recently convie
ted of the murder of his wife at Su Al
bans. The sentence wu pronounced in
the following tcuna:
" It is the judgment of this Court that
for the offence you suffer death by hang
ing, to be executed upon you at toon at
may be in due count of taw, after the
expiration, one year from thit 21s day
of 'April 1813; and.in-.the-men time, and
unlit the punuhment cj death thali bt
injiitfel upon you, you- be forthwith
committed to solitary confinement in the
State prison at Windsor, in Ihe eouaty of
A letter' from London says: " Mr. Eve
rett has made a formal demand for a sea-
man.acitizenof the United States, whohas
bscn imprisoned, on board some British
ship. of war on tho African station. This
Government has aire adv.raet the demand,
by ordering the C7io,.lC,gtins, to proceed
forthwith to the coast of Africa, scour the
same ia search of the man, and. place
him, as soon as possible, at the disposal
of the American MSmstex.. j he cadicu?
I irs of this case have net yet .transpired;
bat there is no doubt that some atonement
will be made to ths man, as well as to
the Minister who has thus been compel
led to interpose for this surrender.
General Gaines has been assigned lo
the Third Military Department of tbe
Ajmv. His head-quarters will be at St.
Louis, Missouri.
MississippUs a great State for disco
veries in the morality of debt paying. A
wjitcr in the Free Trader of the 18ih
ulu argues tbat ttevrity, debts are not
binding, and that to mnke a man pay a
note merely because he endorsed; , is
roost outrageous. The man is a genius,
and will be distinguished some day: he
mar wake up sotne fine morning and find
Limself not only famous, but tVdamous to,
boot. - A. Y. Tribune.
Progrett of Truth in Conntantinople.
Mr. Dwight w rites January 11th, that
Ilie. work still g-es forward among tht
Armenians, both here snd in the interior.
Ttiece lias also been a. surprising ef ange
for the better among tht Jews. Instesd
of persecuting those famiah'y incliiied io
Christianity, as formerly, they git them
a hint to remove. Instead of nultirig. so
interdict on tht subua-bs in whioh Mr.
Schaufiler lives, the chief rabbi is willing
to rsceitt visits uom lum, andeorrespntKl
with him. Instead of anathematizing his
bocks, the rabbi now commends his trans-la-ion
of the Old Testament to. tht peoplt..
For some d.ys past a hotdcslias been
published in the Government papers, by
t'ie Secretary of ths Taury, that wifor-
mation had reached thai Oepartmenl that
on the 20th day of July last a nickast was
made up at the office of the Collector of
the Customs, at New Oileaas, contain
ing . Treasury notes of lU United
States, which had been reeeited at that
office, and had been, paid and cancelled by
writing upon their faet an I by a receipt
endorsed, upon, them, which package had
nt been, wcrived at the Treasuri: and
tha it had been ascertained tha some ol
the nolrts thus pihl and cancelled hail
hen paid into the Cot im II ittses and lo
Receives of Public M me;s, bearing very
I''HIi,i!0,!4 !"'. of s friar ca
llbrUVri.rrslVtJJ2trif.irl 13 itrtrrt!ra. TLjy
isaJDtdttriiuoa B'jU !! 1 kewiat a trmUmsuea frm reai.
re. aUs, traa o
that aibers af tbt
bt so f WtaLbte. str.
We aow Irara frwmlNt New Oittt'-
Treit- af tbt l.t tatt. that tbt emtifti
fTieasary Nttet teauiaed ta tbt f ark'
agt abosa itfsrrefl to wat oe asarvw
aad thirty thoastasj taat ew-u
ksatraasplrel af the lacu eseertaiaed ta
t L ..A., . . . t.
aa taeugauoa aaaoe wj sajw,i
ftew Qricaat lrm tat aieastry rot waa
puroosa, to seadst it- tetaa Wat
tU matey iiimtUtve at tZy ef A'rar
Orkantf sad that tbe reondt at tbt Ctt
tom Uttse ia tbat ty de ia Let abew
taat tomo tl tho ideaucal aotrt aoapris
ioi tbat ptk aave agia beea itsjeit
ad in payment (here, tod forwarded to
Wattieftoar r
Tat tail! uf ibis tateasivt rtbbery rest
t present bstweca tbt Castom lte saa
. ...
tht Tost USice at ntw uiittssj atiast
aav sCers ef otiber tbtald bt pretuased
gdy aatil prated to it bst it is
cenaia tbat the rubbery caa otly bate
beta peipeuatcd, at tbt Tropit sat s, by
somt peraoa or persoas is miliar ana ins
mode of eoaduetiPg basiaess ia those
esiabltsbmvata. A'at.Int.
Tbt Troeie. af a later date, tays, wt
bear that a rlst to tbt stupnalas piece
wf villainy tbat bst caused txcitrmeat ia
this cut, dtnsg tbe iatle osys, las
beea discovired, aad that a strong pro
bability etiste that tbt ptrpttrator of tht
rebbesy will be dtseuvcred aad arrested.
Ia this state t-f affairs, if is aa rawrt l!aa
fair tbat tbt public shoulJ withhold its
judgmea', aad patiea ly await develop
ments. The wtjllector of the port win
most undoubtedly titaerste himself from
all blaaaa. Wt tre iafurmed, likewise
tlat there is good proof that the missiog
parkigt wis never deposited ia tbt Tost
Bice. latherotrstefaftw dsys.tl.rre
is good reason lo believe, tht a halt troth
will bt made knswn..
Lite of Tht lint India Hail'SteamA
tt "-SoluMy. Tbe 8l wsy,M Captain
Dencaa, alter having landed her mails at
Corunns, proceeded ea ber outward toy.
eg aboet nine o'clock ea the eweniog tf
the 7ib April. Tbe iky was near, the i ea
calm, tad all rircomstaaora sppctred tt
tttgoc a prosperous voyage. Exactly at
midnight tbt vessel, which was at that
time preccrdiag at tbe top of ber speed,
struck a pea a-rock, and within taeniy
minutes from the occurrence of the acci
dent ssnk ia deep water. CepU Duncan,
her commander, wbo anfortunatrly per
ished aiib her, displayed iht greatest for
lilout aad selfpussessioa under tht trying
eiieomslsnces in which ht was tuddenfy
placed. Tbe boats wtrt launehtd,.fat
least to maay of them as could be disen
tangled,) sad tbe passengers wtrt plseft
in them. One of them was eegulphed
ia tht whirl and vot ti x occasioned by the
sutidaa sinking ol tht vessel.
Tht amount of tht loss of lift it was
imj otsible to ascertain. At least 19 pas
sengers srt known to hat pcriahtd, and
1Z of tht crew wtrt misting.
Tht prevailing opioion was, thai Cap
lain Dunean did not allow for iht iodra't
setting ia towards iht Bay ol Biscay, am!
that the stmt error, which,, in iht ssmt
place, wrecked iht Apollo in April. 1803.
occasioned this fesiful mihap. This is
ihe third vessel tht West India Cnmpa
ny hate lost since their establishment.
A French steamer despaiehcd to the as-
iiai.ee ol tht Solway, snceicdrd only in
picking op one boy and tht body of a
Mr. Fitzjsinee, who perished with his
wife and four children, ws procerrhiig
to ihe West-Indies aa arbitrator of the
mixed rommittion..
LieuUntnis Blake and Burtehell were
office rs-nf tht ifryal Ensineer corps.
The Solway cost 00.000, snd w as in
sured in London (or30,OQ3aodlO 000
ia Glasgow..
From iht Ntw Orleans Br of April
28 wt extraet tht Ml twin? information
concerning tht affairs of Teiav and her
reUtions t i M-xico. to the Uniud Slafre,
France, and Great Butdn:
By the late arrial from Texas we have
been furnished, through our private cor
respondents, with information if an in
teresting character. It is now certain
that the Governments of ihe United Slates,
of England, aad of France have joined in
remonstrating against the predatory war
' ta w sj
csrrieu nn oy Mexico agnnst l exas.
Tie instructions of ihe United States
Secretary ol State to Gn.. Thompson
(our minister at Mexico) ars quite eapL1
ctt in declaring the war, as conducted bv
Mexico, to be contrary to the laws of ka-
ij.-n. Mr. Wibster asserts the undoubt
ed right of Mexico lo re-subjugate Tens
tl sua ean, by ihe common and lawful
means of, war, but that other nvlinn are
interested, more particularly the Un'teil
c . . . .i . I . .
.r. nk me maiHter in wnicn me war
shall be conducted.
Wf. ha,e no douht ihat Mr. Webster
has also addressed lelti-ra to Uis Uiiiifd
States Chtrge iaTrxa, offering in me
dtate beteen the two powers, and Ut dis
courage ret tliatory irruplaon into M s ea.
We understand thai the inatrtimions of
the Frenoh Cabinrt lo their Milliner in
Mexico are more peremptory andoVrided
than those of the Unia-d SuVaor British
Goterntneutsj, and, from Hie position
assumed by those Poweis, the impression
is gaining, ground ia Texas that the con
test is drawing to a clou.
We learn fr uit oua pri,vafe corrsipon
denes that the eaioirrUsi mers of Tx.
wltn-anved in New 0lisns s few days
before the sailing of the Teti in hVel. had
ift'tsiictian frQin President Huulon to
leti.niia mo- vessris oi war Irom Com
modore Moore, and lo apply lo tlje Uni
ted Satoa authorities for aid in Ukmg
peesMiiii.f them in cje the UeiDjno-
test tisasiea tac tag w-o eifw;
s fuvirt aa aaausiata tj Uatna
aaeaL latatesctt u.t tesels ewig tk
btukva. Ceawtdore Mewre.aew.u
ftii. taumattd to tie tantmiafi,,,
that ha weid procetd to Calsrscaaai
h.k w iT,Mtr( pa da
mater, obicb iadaeed them ta Utmm
aatl bt got if aiy ta go to ses. us ef
tbe eoamisteeers wtat o tear j ike Aas.
tia w ith at Commsdre. iLialiaf i k,v
a pWasat trip to Gal vesica ia Cetca.
meat tfstU Nil we Irara tbrotgk a rs
tlernaa, who also set sad ia tbe Aatuaf
Texss ea a matter ef kuaiatss, that r
CrmmNhre iaformsd bm at the Tl&a
that if bt whs aaxMHit lo get taTexe saaa
bt bad bttugfl aa share, at he did M
expect la lm-tbevt bieHlf ia a larrr
Tbt geaUeaaa took tie btai tad left tbt
Web era alo-lhtt the last jiaelet eie-,
ried out aa s-fSrisd aoiifiraiioa ta Jalf a
Et (oar Caert ia Texas) efhU recall
aad tat appoiaiamt tf Wa. S.Marpky
to Lis place. 7
The new and besattful Rval n.l
ttamtbiii lliberaia, CspL Jcdkias, ar
lived tt Bbstoa, brings iaUlligeact from
Btrept tea data later, from wbitb ws
ettrsrt the ftillta ing items:
There was os mUi4 chaoct ia it
state ef trade.
Iird Brotgbsm bad taaJe seme iatper.
taat aiouoas in I'arliameot'rclaiita a
tbe slave trade.
Padiameat adj turned fir tbt Enter
balvdayt to meet sgaia oo tht 2th.
Mr. Lerett bat decided to decline da
Missioa to Ch oa, a tht ground of lbs
separation from bit family which would
necessarily follow.
The diseuteiots tad exntaattions la
the British Pailiamentea qotsUoas aris
ing oat of the late treaty teem to have had
tht edict to subdue, ia a considerable
mratort. ibe feeling ol aciinoay a kirk'
was ire qtitnuy maatfested by portions tf
tlit pubiit prttt towards this eoeatry.
Amongst ihe atveltjcs of the day msy
ba noticed the speed y drparturt of Mr.
u loosen s eldest soa for the Unitri
Siatett aceompaaied by Mr. Tbomat
Steele, loorganizt an agitation thert for
tht mora speedy reptal of-iht unioa ta
Irish method, truly, going to far abroad
lo carry a project at home.. Peruoiary,
rrher tbsn patrioiie motives, h is uacba
ritably assumed, influeact tht misrioa.
But Jonathan is ia a very bad ronditioa
aow for being " plecbed.' As tht sire
is not very popular ia the great Repab
he, it esa batdly bt txpecud that tht
alAffa- taviYl Ksav. mmil lirn m all eat aMt lHaL
w w avvciaj as w v a, tl tj vy j $
ia not' going too fat South tht mots
bracing atmosphere of iht North will bit
ter agrst with bis nertet.
The grand invention,, iht Aerial Cir
riage,spokro of by os t day or two aiars,
is said to bavt bera rtatixed. Londoa is
all agog t i witness tht flight of thit art
dtra Pegasus, which will take its dinar
turt for Paris shortly.
Wt hava accounts of tbt shocks of tbt
Istt ttthquskes over nearly the wbo'i
of ths continent of-Europe ia Africa sod
ia Asia Minor. Ia Palestine, at sisl,
iht shocks wrrt quite ssere.
ThtToutnnnais of the 6th instant sari
thai the Emperor of Mororeo bad givea
satisfattion to iht Uaited States for tht
insult ofTVred io their Consul by lbs Go
vernor of Tangier. Tht letter "had beta
superseded in hie post, and tht flg l
tht Union having been honied on (be
consular house was saluted by the batte
ries of the place.
Spain is spoken of as comparatively
trsnrjuil, there are still untamed spirits ia
the provii.ee of Catalonia. The people
uf Barrrlna apprar to have given up re
volution ss s bad j ib, which costs a gnat
deal more than it is worth.
Irelaad appears in be in a elate of fe
verish cx-citen.eiil on account of the con
tinoedi and ia a seme esses successful re
sistsnet of the poor ra'ts. In Waterford
county ihe reetiianrt was ss furmidsblt
that the 16th Hnssars at Cloimid were
ordered ou, and in proceeding to Water
ford wore hissed at and in one insance
pelted with stones.
Real estate in Manchester (England))
haadeprecia ed neatly fifty per cent, aim
in ihe year past.
The eaoe l Temperance in Ireland,
instead of "dying away." had received
now impetus by several eminent eslholU
clergymen publicly devoting themselves
to the assistance ol Father Mathew.
The ctl.b rated Greek chief, Culoco
troiii, famous lor the distinguished pl
he to. k in tht revolution, died recently
si Athens of an attack of apoplexy.
in EnglaniMTetind and Scotland, ll
wheat is looking remarkably well, with
every pro-prct of n-i abundant harvest.
A volcano of a novel kind haa broken
out in the neighborhood of Koein'gshstte,
in Silesia. For twenty years a slow fire,
which oceai.ined no alarm, has burnt in
the coal mines of that district; but recent
ly it has shot nut immense volumes of
flanies. which threaten. destruction lo tbe
sun minding buildings, and, lo ths vast f"l
"Ir of ths country. A stssm. engjns has
been ettabliahed loi Ihe purpose of dis
charging watrr into ihe mines; bui thit.
machine had ben in actional the last an
counts for ?2 hours a ithout producing
any effect.
TheSmyrnaJournat relate! that abutch
cr of that city has been detected in lend
ing to the tnarktt quarters snd j"in' '
Urge dogs, and selling them is mutton.
The offence, being made known to lb
t hief of the- po ice, he immed atrly had
the drlinq.iifi.it seized and sent lb
galleys, without giving h-in timet argon
upon or deiiMtnstrstt the wholeii'mrne't
f liii lubstutci for,t.l ci-ji.

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