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The Hillsborough recorder. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1820-1879, September 07, 1843, Image 3

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, I fan tpeai (e.tl Mf. C.) wiB impar
tul If. At Ui aItn rn n 8 d. I Mi
faibaeieof paity ieift'iit. I at
citeat l b HI li!fh drogna r ihoe
tnta ! f" I t- It if, I adiait, tot riy
lpUr, bt ii it I a t aa li ettt ant
a ttiifie . 1 jMieo to ie
fi.uurt in irtarj all . t upioi, tmr
(ear la quilreaI dr what ahpt
it aiat; bather it b ilwt fiun ihtviio
ti.n.t the ilhu ( it.t Statta r
lhc Eet,tre on th L-gtaUiite t'epfcr
TUllfMlnr, KfpScMI&rrT.
! The pre mre of tlie limra haa haj cor
aiJrralle rflVcl upon imr auUcriptiun list,
aj. we are again radcr tlie nermiir cf
maVinp ome-Sr.'it lo riifrrae,ii. We
iui krrp B,f auvh a liumbrr a$' will eo
'ilf A? h Kr; unJ in a rmintt like Or
anj wlucli ia al.Je tm give a "Whig rote
rf aixtcen or rightfcn hundred, it wot:U
aeem that a Whig paper ought to (louiit-h.
-'.'Will our Whig frientta exert tlirnrwehaa
to inrrrae our auhxcripttotit We have
li jt, like one of our Democratic cotcmpo
ririe, the t anity to rttppttae that every
aMiiionl copy of our pspet put m circu
fation will aceure ten peihapa fifiy
oif;" hut w liope it will nl be iih
out Kimr effect. Purely ihif ia the way
V ditseininate the principle of mir party
to give the people the mean of aeer
taiuirgHivl defending them. 'I 'jo Whigs,
with but two or three xreptior, have
done but little in tliia way hitherto, and
the eonneqoeiice ia that our euhwription
h email when compared t l!ie nuiaherof
toicre in the emmty cf Orange. We
have l.thorcd hwestly and diligently, to
tlw best oftv.ir afc'ility,in support of Whig
principles, because we thought the wel
U:e of the country waa identified with tlie
. t arres of those priuciples; but our t ffurts
have been circumscribed within narrow
limits Itocanseof the wantof due co-opera
tifu on the part of our Y lug mend. Do
we ask too modi, then, when we cull on
t'vem lo aid us iu extending the circula
tion of our paper! Ve ask it for the sake
of our cause; and we a.k it for owrself
that we may the better suslai our eau e.
That our friends may go U work hn-
m?diately, and with snccres. we propose
l i l
ubsenbers can be
.11 b. furniahed to
t'ut if clubs of eight
pr.nrured. the paper shal
them fat tut ten dollars, tn alvanrr.l ' . , , - mr i 1i,
,, ..... , , land well-informed, and hts moral worth
How many Uhi2 are there who can i , , . ,. . ,
n-nwire i,rht anhrri:icrsT Thirtv such
...iic . i0n
inen.is wouta incre.i,o our us, or nv,.
hundre-l. I orty wou.d nearly double our
ptesent list in prange. Come, Whigs,
lo.t.l us a hand.
selves arc; ana wc take. pleasure m in-
fiemiit t akllaa tit tu.a p mr tl SI Tf Pllff'l'
,, . , . . . . , rvs" thouuh it mitht leave it to be infer- mocrat might very naturally say. litit; pj.,ant. tfiat sim,(, lhc rriebrnted con est
I he artic.es under onr Ag.ictil-c (lltir iuabi'i.v to read had ilcrriv- xvc copied an article from thc Milton j o( 1849.the oher second thought" hr.s
.ra. head were selected by who appeared ,o apeak by had i a (Te? and nearly
wWexpeneneeu, ?; and .said the pieces ,ren . 1 er
l,ae, him to dectde whutwd be ul . , J.l vritteoin Caewell by a Republican Da- CllilJrman lhen appointed the De-
and interesting to I armor than w c our-, 1 - ,r D , eJi Q.s of lhe s, aI . . ..
..i ; K.,vn hit. nr.'n ai tide of a different complexion
! Ill 11113 IP.IItlita '' " I
,i. ...i ;,. -l l,Pv
m iv thert f ira expect our Agricultural
li.v.,t I, .-.Minv n .'iinnniiMimis niacc in
. ... v.., . , , ,
every numWr of the Recorder, and they j
m.iv be assured tlr.it what is furnUhud
Jwill be worthy of ;heir at cntioii
! Hear Gkn. Wasiiington. UiuTer this
imposing caption the editor of the Staa-
ilanl parades an extract from a letter writ-
ten by Gen. Washington, without date
a d without "explanation, but intending
that his readers should infer that by "pa
per emissions" was meant Bank paper,
mid dint the circulation of Hank paper was
wharGen. Washing on intemletl to eon
deinn as foolish ftd wicked." The
editor of the Standard may have made
this misrepresentation through ignorance,
but wc are more inclined to tlie Mief
tliat it was inleutionat If he liad pub
lished (!io whole of tlie h tter,' u geiher
whli the one to whi. h it was a reply, his
rejjc;s wouU have suircred no dvhubn
(a iftJ u ah-!
flai r
OI.IJ sot b.t lis fBff&; UfiaU'iinaBUbvaiefjfuVulMBatui
"I1 fjowj, awh w c,;
" I mhi UaiV, tU I I
ert In r, jr wmwi ! a f
mnm im It Ha' I Mir'r
itaa (ralr (mm mm t-aH) U t iU mI'
at trctl in Mr tmmg
Tiu.ia "
la a 'cl rrT1caif Jrr'-n fo
cai' lU fH.fr iMaj tfrn "a hM.Uk t4
ar4a,- :
Now lfi reader way Le awrprw J ki
leam that tie papee tuiiou" hrra
tp Le i f waa nut Hank paper. Ktrarb
an t aaua'uHi at waa eon tr opiated by Jlr.
5hepard ia tlie bill mh'trh he latnslareJ
into our Legklaiare !at in(r; ancli as
rnuuiioa a the treatury aotrs propot ed
aoane Ume ainre by H r. Calhoua ta he
Itrued by the General Government, irre
deemable except in payment cf pullle
duet; anch an emiaaion, ia facta waa
by the etasee during tlie Revolution j IWofoco for base and unwortl:y pur
er, and which flooitrd the country 'os,, tf the editor of tlie Standard ii not
made by
W hope oor friend of tW Standard
tcill give hia readers aa opportunity of
hearing Washington ie wa cn the ira-1
portent aul jcct of Hank iasue, an I more
partWulaily with regard to a Bank of the
iai4Siea. IVhila l) ia waging hia
at arfjre apainst such at inmitution.
let him tell the pe ople that Washington
after mature deliberation, and after ' hav
iuj had tlie opinions of his able c&hincl,
signed the first Bank charter under our
constitution, thereby furnishing a prece
dent for those who should come sf or
him. Yes, let them Hear Cm. Walf
i gtou."
AH the I'trfiiey" ippears to be a
standing hcad, and fiequently graces ihe
editorials of the Standard and some of his
co-laorcrs in ihe Iro(oio vtneyard;and
the whole end and aim' is to create an
impression on the minds of their renders
thai the Whig arrogate t theuistltca a
superiority in morals and intellect over
their frllaw-citizens of opposite politics.
U support Of llee accusations against
the Whigs, they never quote f.om Whig
papers, or if they do thev do not u ll from
what paper they quote-" a Whig pepcr
in Mainei" or some such indefinite desig
nation, i the nighe.t they eter come to
the hlenuty of their autho.i.r. It is all
clone for rlTcet; it is hored by euch foul
means to create a prejudice agniust the
Whigs. Twice in the course of the last
month has this head occupied its position
in the columns of the Standard. The
last article, with the exception of the ste
reotype head, and its those of Mr. Ftan
lv. has in il nothing unfair. Some Wliij
I t .t ....... it. .,..,1 it,. f.. it... ll.o
. ' ,
! rmmlioa nf 1TPlr llllli mill
Nah forty six prrsens out of every hun
dred of the white population over twenty
years of nge could neiiher reaa nor write.
Ihe Standard retorts that in the 11'ftig
cornties of Wilkes, Montgomery and
Camden the same amount of ignorance!
prevails. Has was a fair hit.
, .,
"n b.C "
Pi, i a
and v rc-
3 '
1 1...!..! j , i 1P mnv nut he alle ei -
. -,-, f i,P f.lrt a itcx-
, ' ,K.rir i.v , wi.i
... , j- .
,.. .11 .1. .1
i natter, w as not claiming - an hjc incru-
But the Standard of the 2d ult. contains
!hid it by for notice
at the time, but it
j W3S
lurirnllril t II II 11 nuaill aiTiMviinni
.-. i..!!..
. . .,
. IMCl our ")'
- .M lit D.r,--Thc Fedrra Wb-es sty
ii'tiihe h.t.t,.fil.rl)mor40.pai.yar, -
l"e Ae" ,,fimmu'- j
ti-iLp srpn nml read a trreat
l"" : T . ....I r n,...,.!
in an v v nig panei " vt
a tt ...i
Kavp we seen anv tmng at an correapumi-
wi h therfiarge here made. Will the
. . . -i - .. .1...- ..r
j mg
Standard give us me nunc aim u.u .
the Whig paper which has made so indis
creet an avowal! If he does ot, il will
of course be presumed that he cannot.
We have seen something analogous in
some of the Dmoetatie papers. : In 1840,
it will be remembemt, a ery great ma
jority of the people of the United States
nineteen states out of the twcivty-six
voted for ihe Whig candid for Presi
dent. This the Democrat say, was ef
fected by the parade of Cooi skins and.
hard ndcr;' admitting, as a necessary
non: ejm'nee, that a large portion of their
witl. depreeiaed rper under the Ano-'-parUker in the i.io.oi:y, he wi.l tl.'Z 7 ti'T 1 BANK tha agency o?
, - . - :-r i J , eure a general acquKftecncr of the Repub- which, in eoa form, or ondfraoroe au-
tntnauoncf-eonunenultnoney.r Th.;' or couny in the li. an pit, ,n the Mioa iona pr.po Jd to ihoiity.i, Uii'pkZ
ia what Genera Washington thotight a f Miaaiippi the meeting waa held, j be made hy a National Couventit.n earltjh.ia been brought into ttis prevent dieaa-
w icked at.d foiJUh lTten5;,, aad eo we ' n1 'J "otuh in t!e year. If the' a"J every "t ongrcwional diairict ahoyld . ed atato of the currency Vj il banka, and
tliiitk. 5undard will do thia. we will .ake the i rtrnU 4 J C'W)" by must be eitrieated bf ar,.fewT. wt
i iiiii-ii. i
- awafary rrtr r?cre tirr.r le'.ot. tciir
j He rr!e Ik m-
iT:' lk npft-ti by the P
oneraiic fsje.-t, ai-d SiaadarJ aceg
Est we Esd" anoilcr pcro tew.
The Staadard eharet wi:h
-rrt'fsnity aad kdecency,-aaJ ) ih.t)ere naiot;v aJoptrd:
-Wl- a ...... I ... 1
i iiwwmf. $mrwrrt ia 3Ih!M
pu ra.eaJy tiz'xl Ce tyXtzi rea.uiT'"0?0K,wlM the Wtk Ueetier. haf
t.Jt-t j , . .
SiMh-I. Tat 4 aaf aAWa mtr la-
a ba U wrt Ilia f ili r ar
r-rraia rri 4 tkat. aian Fravta'raM',
ta a4 aia (mi mU rrH iiaa
r t a. , t ib rlataUm Heart
Jaj la t!-t Ct.it f a4(tatra y.
Now we may rrntare to astert that eo
Whig roang ia any part of the United
laura eur (Nd a res?uHon hat ing in
it the word which w hate ia!icied, but
jtf - jkat been placed there by aotw pro.
(tronUe to fii d out the truth of the matter.
Cut from the tenor of me of bit: article
" oppo&e he doe i cn rare lo know the
,rM,n necording to hia notion the fie-
lion will answer hia purpose far better.
To judge from the two laft numbers of
the Standard we would suppose that the
nvw ruiiur uaa uvrtmw a uioutHiiaiiiae on
the auhject of a Bank, and that he had al-
... .
rnW....a,...persoa,,aen,i7. ..uemaj.
nifies himself into " ihe (eople, and
lights most valiantly agains: the Dank.
Hear him:
fitou aiakt up ai antt pn idi. r.ai
r f rvjnt ijniui it. dins, i line aurr
lima hat !' t ou.iiry oV't nicii iliia quitlituij
trnt il ilic WMff'r? am anion" la hava il tn
't arain, il hj.M, tul aain t itrt tianl.
ly ilariittil in lai-r f rmpalar rigktt "
When hare- the projJe ever decided
against Tlank? Twice haa one been
diartered by their Representatives, and
received tlie concurren' of two of the
PretiderH elected hy tlie people; and
twice have bills been passed for charter-
I; .t t. .1 1 n
1 ,n5 oinera T lw -rmmeuiaw laepreteniw
tivM lUc tnVe ,ho,,h t?topJ b' ,he
"ting Presidenu. Not khstanding this
T" pw r' wi
P"rTe in f" a R'rtk ,hrouSh "eir
representatives in Congress, the Standard
. u,u "ae u vm ",,r "rc.
a Hank. It is not so: the people are ita
favor of a Hank, and have an azain and;
j ! i.i ..nn.. :-..-.
again ueciucii. " i uv sul' iuuuu
tip in 16 10, and decided hy aa overwhelm
iug majority; and il will be made up again .
iu 1314, and again it wilt be " triumph
antly decided ia favor of pnpuhsr rights."
The denial nfilii- Iti'tauarauah anit Mi'tno
paprrt wr imiftiiie. aii.ouuU in ve y li.t.v,
either iu tflut.t or public tsliiii.liini."-"
The above is a note appended to a Ion;'
editorial hi the hist Democratic Signal, in
i-.s .t. - ..;,.,.;, ..i,;,'
I id I It'll ill IHU tuniunit'it miumii.- a aav is na
appeared riv Register, and were after-1
wards copied into the Recorder, signed
RcpnWiean DemocraU" 'I he cdi-
. r t- iit I . i .
' tiira nr flip Siirn-il Inhnr li:inl tn nrnnliice.
the impression tliat tlie aloresaid Mnmu-J TIie ..p Wiis concluded by our
nii-ations were written by a Whig, and in r Sena or Gen. Allison, in his plain, unvar
their over-weening zeal tley do us grea ! nished style. He discoursed of certain
injustice. Wc made no denial, for we loaatit iktorUM neighborhood
. , , r, v r , I
' had no better m 01 femuvms tne lacti
, th;in thc oft!)C si Ue mere.
Iv said t!ut thev bore o: their face evi -
denee of their cemiineness, because hey
? nnnl.,inAr1 ll.k lltlt.r hilf U'lljl! nil lliimvl III.'
vu..w...v - -
' &wo Uml llc mie.iieiH oi me .union nut-
a . a i -l . t
tor is not true! II tney no not Know mat
e poinmiiniraiii.ua ..... y) -
1 whir. v hcrrnre is &u iinir irrauc a -
i e'
Lr .'msi tlie aiiihni? Can it do anv tliiii
t . t. .v,n ;,n..i., ilL!esn.. Geo. IS. Morrow. Cant. H. Poe,
"'ore ... i.k,;,.,,, '
tlM; trutlw pit lortli by "A Kepublu an ;
a making sad havoc with J
the prospect, of the Nullification wing of.
Democratic party
Woiuided pi
' mr. umII rillllfl- '
The Messenger of Peace. Mr.
Walter P. Kichards has issued proposals
for publisldng in Salem, N. G., a scmi-
moulhly "paper, with tlie alovo-title, lo be
devoted mainly lo tlie cause of -Tern pe
ll is to be published as soon s
ffi..iont iiifiiiiraement U stveiv, at Uialaiul Dr. B. Walker.
. : .e cr,....,.,. vMr :n arlvanM.
IOW 111 II. C 'l tllll vviiio l
or eleven copies for five dollars, we
hope his .enterprise will meet -with favor
from, the -friends of Temperance,.
IVrsuant to previous notice, a large
I and respectable mmiber of the Democrats
fOrfi;e ars,l!rdt M'cUU
a Ut-UWrh ea JVJay ,f Agv4
Cturt. - t
Oa cso'ioa Gra. i'JUoo. tha aveet
ii'g waa frganiifd bf erhrg Jvha HJt.
eq to the chair, aa4 arfwJag ITJL W.
I . cLiciJa c retafy.
The Chainsaa bstinj eipraleed the
t4 jectof ija meeting, Sidney hmi id e.
bi!icd ihef.!oin; rraolutioca, Liwh
1. Vtefarr. 1 hat 9rrror aT t1i4 !
- - - I 2
j a S ate Crnveit'Jon of the Re ptb-
i'1"?. in Raleigh, at eoeh tia.e a
1; , . ! :
may hrgnStad J,j a romoiittce appmo-
" ; 10 conMUcr and tie-1
ternune open rVcrvurfeol .North Caro-'aak.
lini hi rHrriu k. V..U...1 rv...
, , : ,
io declare U.e f-refere of thie ute
i irwiucnt .lit
k-nned Statca; to nominate two dele-
diJae fur Governor, aad to adopt wdi
o'icr measurea aa may I beat calculate
to produce conceit of aclion among our
n v iii.
ficnirrn. i i lu.urr a iror rs-
atd district.
3. Tltrrrfcn, TtttHetJ, That we re-tht banks, lo tU txftnt tkat lAaylt ne
tprclfully recommend to our friemla in ; cttsani to rtttcrt a e and i'alU a.v
theseveiithCongretiionat district, to hold
meetings in each county, and appoint the
Hmnh.1 Al .. . ft,. . n .. a I . .4. . 1.
number of persons the county elect to the
ItmienfCoinntoiia aa Illxirlrt llilrraltt-'
a ho shall meet at Henderson, at euch 1
j time as may be tgreed upon, or at Raleigh
duringihetessionofihetateConventinn.'n -
-yk"n" w nriv .
imM "" Mmvenitoii.
14 tictolcra. Thai the Chairman an-
J(llf f)elecatr-fnnder the first re-
sohition) to represent Orange county in
the S'ate Convention, and four Delegates,
nndcr the thud resolution, to represent
the county in a TOWtrict Convention.
On motion of t!.e Hon. Win. Mon'gn
mery, the following resolution was alao
unaiiimou.vIy adupted:
J evolve J. That we call f n our late and
present Representative in Congress, for
an official mid full statement of the whole
jataount of sppnrtrblion math by the
jast Congress, eepcrating each year of the
same, to be Iran-inituo to the ctiairman
of this meeting at aa early a day a prae
liebh?." ' "'
On introducing the above resolution
the lion Wm Montgomery submitted a
few very app opriate ami interesting re
marks, lie confined himself principally to
tlieaexpendittirvs of the Government, and
the extravagant appropriation nf the last
Mr S. Smith then informed the meet
ing ihalDt'.Mebaneof llertie. and Duneau
McRae, esq. of Wake, were in attend
ance upon i t deliberations. The zeal and
ability, he ea'nl, with which those gentle
men had defended the cause of free prin
leiples was known to the Dcmorrats of
Orange, and on behalt or his political
friends, he hoped to have the pleasure l
hearing from them on llwl oecassion.
Mr McRae, though evidently unpre
pnred, responded most eloquently to the
call, lie set forth the disastrous and ru
itioua eficcts of Fcdoral measures on the
institu ions of the country in their triie
characters. His r&inarks. which wete
received with frequent applause, will long
be reuicmhtti d.
)r- Mebanr, of Bertie, -bent
g next
loudlv callod out, returned his thanks lor
lne compliment extended' to him, but ex
j cused himself from making a speech.
N. J- Palmer, esq ing nlso present,
aiisvi-rrii rail oirwi niiu o' i. n ni'i'ii-
. -
ol nam or iie l esi, anu eisewnere
. .. ,i
Cooo sq jweh Ii8ljke 1() hpar
, of, and so amusinglv attribute to damp
! ml General A ppaihy. He showed
tliat the cause lor whien ti mui neen so
- - .
, ,)mw. cnntcn,itT. W;is never more tn;:n
Delegates to the District Convention.
Patterson U. McDade, esq , Benjamin
I iiun.ir, esq., vui. iu. iii"n
li II. f I lr ll.,., nrtl
ttlMl. js. Allison.
: n.hfrrtt..a tn state iinnventton
- .
s Wm. N Pratt, tsit.. John W. llancock,
John Je, esq., W. J. Duke, John
Qrjjj-St cmvjCsJ (T. Smith, Gen. Henja-
mil Trf,Hi,11?CT. Col. P. Nelson J.'J
Bracken, Jis. M. Palmer, It. Hurdle,
J(iseth McMurrav, Jacob Dickey.' Allen
Parks, M:ij Crawford, Wm. Horner,
John Fogleman, Williamson Parish,
Michael Robertson, Thomas Taylor,
Jolnr Banes, Wm. Patterson, Elias Al
bright, Sidney Smith, Thomas II olden,
John Uerry, Jo!v Check, Wnt. Nelson,
Win. Trice, Nicholas Hunter, P. II.
McDade, Samuel l Foster. Charles
Wilson, Daniel A. Montgomery, Joseph
Lyiison, Dr. T. Grillis, Cad. Jones, Jr.
On motion,, the Ch'.irman ami otwe-
i .
I Inhv ttoro
tary were adled to tlie Delegated.
On motion,
Resolved That the editors of the Re
corder, Standard, and Democratic pers
generally, b8 requested U publish these
proceedings. 1
The Chairman lhen returned his tli3nka
for lhe honor confered upon him, Hy call-
Ik l-ux la pi ('! tcr the c!.lr)'!uiai j
w-aarueiu ..-..-" .. .
; .-.JOHN HOLT. Cl'm.
V-T. Seuli . Stt'y.
t1 ha Sutsiard ha aa aria-te order thia
lea J, ia wLirh a Citaay atieispt ia mad
t how ihu a Eitwaal batik wou!i aca
taeai rsihea than joiolih jLe twraiirv
eaibarrats airsJa cf the eounrrji aaJ that
tra n-ga am deceit tPg the ptop' tm
reliere U people fie eiLjft
if auln i ..k f t
i.i ..t i t . ' . I
iuircmiicra, oowcaaeotrrtu &aTeo abortu
whalcioae nouti.haicnt d th. Wall
uui h qucftion ii aoiwered. and well
anawered by Lie favorite candidate for the
Pfcaidencr. Mr. Calhoun, who, i hia
Speech in 1831. ia favor of containing the
'charter of the United Statca Hank. vt:A
K I fit none. I eanconifctur no friran.
of f itricaiing ihc'roontry froai ita pre-
.arni tuipr and to merest ita fariaac ia
annl. iit a worth ate c bank
.rtneti just aa we apply aaane to a frK
sen limb in order to restore vitality and i
'circulation, or hold op a burn to the Came
In attract lh UAnnmitinn " I
1 V s. . .10 I
Snow and fire are both not only trod 1
mi their places, bn indispensably necessa-1
; but they may be tuod or tampered
m, ihjuiiuubit. iur.
Wr.e it wir? lla that learns ffom
earir on. Who is noarrful? lie I'-al
ems hi piions. Who i rich! II
thai it con ei.lL
THE 3iARKirrs;
rriirabur;, Aug at ?.'
TobaccoThe demand is well sup
ported, and the supply continues good,
considering the adranccd seasor. d'ene-
ral iaks of I.ugs 2 to 2:30. hut the ex
tremes are above and below these rates.
Leaf ranges from 3 lo (i).
Wheat Oencr.it a!ca at 87 tn 27.
Cotton Very little doing, at 6 to 7J.
Fuyettrvitlr, 4ngaa 30. '.
Salt (sack.)
Cotton,; ,
4 00 a 4 50
. 2 2
so eo
5J 6
25 a 27
Died, In this place, on Wednesday
morning the SOih ull mo, Harrikt Phe-
be. infant daughter of George W. Bruce,
sged eleven months and six day a.
Weekly Alin.inac.
10 Sunday
- m m l r t n mm
o 450 J5.0-,.hw
5 476 I3-
5 48 0 12. c w 00
11 Monday,
12 Tnesdav,
13 e.lnesday;o 49 0 II;'4 no
1 1 Thnrsday, 5 50 6 1 0' g "
1 5 Friday, 5 51 16 O'SjsfiS
1G Saturday, Jo 53d 8
. A ffesSa gupply oC
Spohn's Head ache Remedy, ,
Hewes celebrated Uhcuwatie Nerve and
Bone Liniment,
Bartholomew Tink Expectorant Syrup,
Indian Vegetable Elixir,
Bailey's Magical I'ain Extractor
lioiustoek's Vermifuge.
Jutt received and lur salt at lliiti ffi e
Sf ptonibcr 5. 69' -
100 Dollars Reward.
5? s'o'po ffia the aiore nf lhc 'tuh.tri
" beis, e thc cninj! ui WoJnciilny H e
JCih nil. u litte me wrr at eii per, a I'licknt
jWink, rontaittiit" at ut one Inm. roJ and sy
ilot'ar ifi U ink bit's of Ihe donoininalioit 1 1"
I'm in miv luti'ii Huliara, lonlii r Ml tbn ful
iiiwiii" mOi't f h.iiid, v'it. tine on JnS ih Tur
npr. rq. for JIWJ, p.i)'ailu lo Nelson & Lili
invr Cir bi'rniu cil rw iity, one on Saniwai llol
' for $i0. fir torK'at iMnef; ana oiv
C Caiiibeil. taq. for f 10, fir bmmwrd ii.
m v; nnc nn William W. AHiaon far f.63, nude
i n-i ulkli In l.iAt'tili B. Aiiifii.n and pnilnriipri hv
r-.-- - - - -
trre, payable In L E. Sei fie'd. and t-sig ied
tl. I r oui'9i ' m if'. . limn., v i i
l3 u
to us by lorn, for t (mm not rivoMei iei1;)
i Paoo Scaiteit. Hayabt i Ci.l. m. I
IhiaWa. and aned i.. ..a, f r S3, or there
abniis; one on Jc.ee U'Dniel ftn $ !:I0, pay
alij tn lhc aubsrnbera. one on trlii tlr
up pay ilitj lt Henry K.imi esq for t, and
on .n J unes Mali.ni, jr payable tu Ri-pa
Co'jai""- f'r 931: 25. Ail prra'ins am fnre
w ;r ied iVoin trailing fnr any ef thc aaiJ nnti ,
or ib makers from paying them lo any per
ami but ou aivva, at none of iham have boen
traiiT ed by .
A reward ol one hundred dotlnrt will b piWl
fin thft rfi overy of the m, k.-l b'.ok and mo
ney. with evidence lo i-nnvicl the Ibief.
September 5 "90 -
U VI U qnHi a. d at Ansjnat rerai. 1813, t
the I'onitty Court of iiranjrr, aa adm n
lrai.it on I lie estate ofCol.il K R3 tCKT SI VI MS.
dci:n;ie.l, a'l p-rmna indubled lo aaid rsiatr
are lie i-by r. quirtd lo coma forward and make
immediate payment, aa no indulgence will b
given; and I pirMna liavinf claim a'aina
tai I et'ate are hereby required to p.-eacnt them
for payment, duly auihenticatf d, witiiin the
ii na praarribod by law, oiherwiaa thia noti a
will be pleaded in bar of their recovery.
Seplcaivar . ? , "jf v '-8W-
the aubject. Tlie Editor rna hia r hief ' fc h? Pa.i. a
..Talent in gfci. fannTf .he bank. 1 mT'
caaaed t!it hard tjmea, how eaa la k Mat k. r l 1SC.. ... M
and Eartlicuware
iiToaTua. -
f jcaaMre totrrct. rcicnaari Ta-v
f Ul.M, cf taxiota iiada aad eaj-.
LAf5. Cel. Pml and Tbla
JT A UTU E.N R af every de-
epe.acf a.
-ri a i
I0TI1 OrilllianCCV
ria la pi a Ufa '
ilnrty frn . ary f at ma. Uaca. t a-
leja 4 liw Ui mt lli!tafc,f mrj (
lUm fW l ia. mt aiaitt a kra ike aaa
mv ptftie aa a ! y ( tfaa fMaV
i a aM frl mU lewa. atoSat a $iaytata
a'!aa. tjt a f-aKcr araatt m at .attar fc-r
tary ..() a ttay ahalt mnaia aa
aliiH kaaMif f'tir awl ikrc4l
JaVtaita (taaara,aoa,I Tbat lla a.
iitg vitlibaMC k aaatital ia 'ka tltil.aa
r(it kmtdrr 9a tba cvart aaia-aaur
("i laaaaitt. m
tj ertVr t.f ll.a Kmrtt ..f rnmmi-aioaera. ,
E. A. HEAUrr, 7en f le.L
ftr.KERXf. Ifitwa af aitntintMratVa aa tba
I rt aaul U ILl li Stl l.f KS. a Watira
. t,mMt4 tm iu aae.aaJa i. iha Tl iis
- f IM .m - '
i a aaa jartcr aaiuxa far Uraa; tea-
'J'" "''i ,r ry ort6ea1 ia a .da
F. 'fi ir.-iu, iea,aii piaRaii.a.beia
,Matt j.' rrsai 1, La ia Ta ara.
tciibea y i-v, ar iw, miilKt ,lU Bttir,, lm
ta W aa t-
PEiTON ft-toQBRiaSV.
Saalrnibar - f t ,
For Sale.
01 An 01 COt' NTT.
In Eaity March Term, 184X.
Cava til C. Hat kattt tad athtrt. ca ftm.
fjfj. BTT virtue of a decree of the ,
Sra Caarl af Fjiiy ia litis caae, I iil
y w tft" t for sale, on Meaitay af Hrp.
Ctibea. e'lr Ctml. btf tbt llidCtyfaf
AriaMbar, at lha Cunrt tloaat in Hillal a
roitsth, tlie inttrrst tif C.taanna Hmdo ia
tl at alnal.tr 1 U tc'T CF LAND lying t a II a
aaiara ti Ui'f" tad antaiaof arvaa
liu n'rcJ ami ff. y aia, aavit rt Itsi, Lot a
at the OCM'tn II !.
Tlit'Arn.a 'lk bt.larKa aionlln rrailil.
witti iaWccal fi tiu o'tia, a lib aoivd ttd gw4
trrurity. t
J. WEBB. c. M .s
Augaat 14. , t7
CO" Thc imdcrtlned wilt sell the in-t
terr.lofll r tt.er bena 4 liebril (Taatalt,
de trued, in tia abuva Trtcl af Laad. mt tU
ttmt lout and o'aea, nn Ilia atm Icrmt. -
J. K0RW00D, Jtgent.
Aa.'ii't 14. ' . ..,-,..., M- "
Seed -Wheat, i
9TflIR snbaeriber hat Tor tale s aoanfiry af
(Vim irad Uhfal nf lbs Lln kind.
It ia nnimv d aiih. an Micr a deal, and ii-of
aatclknl aualitv. fiie CO casta pr dnalial.
A usual 8. , . ia 66 "
To .lIci cliniilH and rit al
TUR tnliai a lirt. d.al largely in DRl'CS ,
AND 'MEPTCIXKS, ah eb lliey will al
ways fomi.-li in Mirchanta and Piiyaiaitos at
Ihn liiaeal ahiili'salp p'iera. Meirhanla and
Pli) ciant aim may lur lit and their vrd.rt
rruj real aaanr.-d ! tiiig all ariit lca from ft ,
jmr and gtpttint and at at low -ricri tl in tey
ai-i al'liahntrnt tf tbt kind in tlie ttatr.
We take particular cara In put p Fkyti
eiana ordvra ol euch Medicinet at wt iaata la
lie pur. . '!
c .iiK- keep constantly nn hand Paints r.f
j a I Kinds, Dye Siufl, Window (jlaaa, Prirttrra
Ink. Pcrfumprr, Patent Mcdirinre, Paint, SIiop,
T-mth, lltiMinir. ht:rubbjn(,ani. Vlutliet Bruab.
a, Faoty Am 'ra, i.
Pulcraburf, Virginia, .
Junr II. it-6ia
YflCKLb & SiltVlol) brt irate tn Irn
s" tct tlirir jjtlrlul aikiinHlerfrnieiiit fi r
tlie liberal (uiMinsgn rxlim'iH io tlin and
aa llii' fi in ha b:rn li.i!id by nidlaal ru. '
annt, liiry n q iri tluf e indtbua ta tl.rau to
cat! anil cltw ibrir tc r.Hiita.
Tne businraa will in fuinrr br cartlcd an by
1. Ml. Kr.E, wlio i l ka. p rnnaiantly on .
hand a "0,l npi'y of CKOlEl.lES, and til
other tniclct hi liia lint. '
inly 13. v SJ-
To Travellers.
Jp 3SGF.K3 will U l in mind that thtra
ia a S.'ace Irarea S ei-era' (9 inili-a tuuth
(t ifton) ila.lj-, liif eldim, on me arrival of
llii' Cjra Iro n I.afiinn, anivea tt Vt'cbtan in
time lor tbe Car lo Portsmouth tame tvenuif.
K lurnine will Iravt IVrlden tiler I lie arrival '
i-f the Cur from Puriamowth 'rrarb Strdyra in
tmir 4o (.ii.rwci t wiali the Cara anr' Kalcigh;
lima making a complete ronnceon brwera
beae laorutdi1. J ranna aUliinjt tn o Ihit ,
ioi.I? 1o tiuliini. te will lakt Steaiuboait at
Portsmouth on Hie ariivai of the Cart, ai d '
proreed inmiedialely t Bi.lini. rr, and reat h
Raltinwrt tt on at by anf oth't route,
fare the tame a by the pr route. Tbrt
naed at no fear ol detention on tin route, at it
a t eontinnaii m nf lha Mail Line tmru Nor.
folk and P r.a rn.uili. Una Slate a:0 ran.
nerl with the iliniiiton St K.leigh Rail
Koad C4itat Wcldon.
August 16 83-
lUwU Fur .tie bv
. - , 17-
A; n! !G.
t a well I 'aaaikr laiaa. ...
Kolmstock's f
lust Received and. for Sale al thia OfTice,
.Jnae-SO: . . - - 7-. 0
mm Bfcfc, aa, M m m ataaataHMaai aaaa mm mmm waaaaa aaaaawajataaiaa aaaaMaaatats
- !

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