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The Hillsborough recorder. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1820-1879, April 03, 1845, Image 4

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ax rxposTTumox.
Tt timfa af Iwifi m, W th a
AanliCMTiiiii. "w
WW m atoauatk J to aWfafaaa,
la nwr wkJua.flMf eVtndanoa,
Of aAaJi yu abasrvalian gjar Ia2y aWaaatr
Cb e the fili,wi and orsJatkm,
TV open vwlaaoB af aaaal ALptim,
The tirtM lltolMav &
Or wqr irptkkt f
A area af atfrivattoa, ia nM&a )
Tto frftfontf dtartratioa of Sabbath wfMti,
The crime aad irpvLaxm, drf x Irxvdatioa,
Tto awid fwAwtriwi rfww caBtvoraanon
Th aaraial abesratioB, aad dire inhhafow.
Wan avery aal graJaiiaa to auMac AtafHatb j
r W with tvmairTBetina, behoU ttk
a all inrfceiatioa.
iu JaaUja, ar thorn dwaftiroUtioa
. , 1
f3f any camtitnatina for iu axVnmntioa!
Wa aWia aWUraiiua, that e&n aa trmtwa,
By aay pallkuoa. af Uoa iWiialw, j
VTnh aatiow raaoatioa ofbrrww.' ttaxatotka,
Of poaoa. p-par-tia m pM J
rtor any au umoob, prouuanj wumiiaiw t
Ta tfcia Atotairniiwa, W tB wnaUrraliaay
No dWt imiutioa, ffl rai- your etinafem, ,
And by contlnualkaL, atjr4 yi cuawoUlioa ;
For IB paiUctfalwn, wtlA lata aaawatwn,
Yoa may hy awliutioa, iaawt tb praaervatuo.
Oft future grarratioa, from aO eontamitwtioa;
And may ajch livSratioa, of aurfc rrWTtiio,
Be the thnaa of eioJutian, till ito a4 conmm
TlieMectlcnburjJcffeiTOnianpTrttheaijf!, RichiJlon4 ana IV-
informauon that prrparations are ia pro
greta for the construe lion of a rail road
from that place to Camden, S. C where
the branch of the South Carolina rail
road is to terminate. - I
lor publiabing fat the town of IinUboroogb,
a Weekly Newapapcr,
I romniuenee of the repeated aoGrkatMna oft
mm of th tiwaM at the coontr. wc have k in
roRtrnudatiao to remove our mm from the viJ-
. , i
In taiine thia trn, we vrbdi it to be distinctly
.CT . . . '
trnderMood, that we are artaated by no unworthy
(relinn of rivalry, or onoiti)a to the power that
be. lne veteraa editor ot me Keroraer naa long
paawsfd our unqualified esteem and rcspert, eoo
pkd with the wannest wiehee for hia welCare and
una It is a ilk ao view, then, of interfering
detenmned Oft. I D(TC are wr.u ammr mra
tnouaand voter in the county of Orange, and
uiODnna tuirri um uk truuniT in vniica. uhi i
eonwourntly . vuiety of taie. to be catered!
forrami we have been flattered into the belief,
tk.l .nn,W Ml rJJjm a Mn
Ue fiat of patron and eupportera without croaOng
.n .iw. .v Lv.- l .
ingl. etraVfauub from hia flock- 'Believing thia
la he the Lei. ind beins furUier asred that the
eau which it baa alwaya been our pride to sua-
Uin would be aiaterudly ailed by aarh oouwe.'
i...- a.., ; i -w- .. . n..n
her of subscribe can be obtained to justify the
commrocemrnt of oj-eraUons, to uoe a weekly .
shejt at this place, to be at vied Tot RaarisTon.
The Regulator will, of course, be devoted to tbe j
interests of the w lug Party, and to the support
and diffusion of true Whig principle ; but while
we will use every uwaarr endeavor to further and
sustain our own good cause, we feel too uroud of'
that cauae, and too fully impreoed with
i a belief
in its eventual sum, ia he willirte to ulmw.
ess, to be willing to
ledge the necessity of enlUting either injustice or
iUibendity in hs behalf.
We therefore aware our political opponents. '
that I n t)u rmrtviap. T fir .nd n- tv enntnw
veny, the eoluuns of our paper will ever be opeu '
to them: havinv a nertect confulence. thai when .
tlie aUainment of truth is the object in view, the
Whig cause has nothing to lose by the fullcxt and
fairest exposition.
Beside its political news, it will be our aim to
make the Regulator a welcome visiter at even- fire
aide ; a favored weekly guest ; bringing with it
Base things, and grave, to puzzle years mature,
With lighter matter, for the tastes of youth.
In short, a diligently cultured field for thoueht,
where useful infonuaoon, and general intelligence,
will be found fhmruhin; betide the flowers of lite
rature; tlie whole made bright, from time to time,
with sparkling gem of wit and humor.
The terms of the Regulator will be $2:00 if
paid in advance; $2:50 after three month; and ;
nfiHi Vkia vnkdnr rasa lafivarswi ataav si wtm awaa aw ixs
tyv.w aa ftJ aaa&aew aw iaua Mr w leva vi vav
jear. Ao ier will be sent Ibr a lea term than
six months, for which $1:50 will be charged.
jTruxting to the assurances we have received,
and to the koowu liberality of the citizen of Or.
tiirr, we tender our project to our old friends ge
nerally, frankly soliciting their parronase and aid.
P. S. AH those taking an interest in our enter
prise, will eonfrr a favor by calling ihe attention
of their neighbors to the above, and forwarding
the lit of names obtained to the subscrilier, at this
place, as soon as satixfied that all have been ap
plied to. Regular lint will be kept at the Post
Oflice, at the Hotels of Messrs. Nichols and PaU
m and other point in the town. J. tt.
March 26. 69
Medicines for Sale. .
vpHE following Medicines have been reeeiv
, ed, and are for sale at thia Offices
Spencer's Vegetable Anti-Dillious and
Anti D)pep'ic Pille.
Dr. Hull's Medicated Cough Lozen
Pr. Hull's Worm Lozenges.
Or. Lacount's Vegetable Tooth-Ache
Elixir a certain and i'limrdiate rare.
And also Hadlock'e Vegetable Powder
and Syrap, for diseaiesol the I.nngs, Cough,
Cold, Dyaepepsia, and Liver Complaint
Wlneh ar hiibty recommended for all these
tiieeaae, by citiien ol JNorth Carolina who
have tried a with tffect. d '
May If. ; ,7
Petersburg Market
fcPEi.NG OF 1815.
TI-Em mw ar!y i xto wwAlo
If iaimM,!,
Mfrfmblii aaaa.mtiaataaauLtoaaj
ttoarf pomMr awaraa. We hv aa toad
very toavy mmmxmmm aaary ttf AraiiaU
ia th lvf twiMk JU as a iut C
V Kafwctfijfy at&at ft cl 6oa oar els
Pries!, aad fho fmUm gvasaalry, aaauratg Acs
mk than CawA, ar aa tL. ami cmU
I MiBCtaal CWtuSUCt.
tirtow w cttsaneswta few ef ur hading arti
cles, off nkkk, ttgrilrr milk evvvy time or
arfi, m MarrMl to r BEST QVXUTY.
EpoaSiM -
(Croats Red
(Paris Gam .
Ntgar Lead
I'aia Tartar
Tarrana Ackt
Calm (1)
Svpr. Cor. tJa
nw mo
YafTw (dry al ia o3)
leers v rvuiwa
I'mhrr. LMiMark
IVfaufikaL Bnaara
Lia-ri Od. Laaa Ofl
(of braSauauiyi
(Rhubarb, Iporae, Jalsp
Magneaia, IJuicksflvcf
Keaihts do.
Trartiu Brd
InJijr 0 notant aad
Lofvood, lilua Suae
Caomoad. Kviod
t MiW&p,U.Ajaliie
rtoaw HcJiAar
KiljJk, Quinine
Caar ( boltka
Corbiaral. Sandera
Cefeirae, FToriJa, aad
Eitrarta, Otto Boat
Panry Soapa
Braahea of aB kiade
rViwr, Mtwtard, Ppict
Mar, Nutmrjr, G infer
! Pp.Tarjwat!na aVx do
Bt 8alad Oil
Glue, lata af all kiad
Putty, bo Bladuitf
VanuMbra af all kisda
Iiquorirf (beat Cakbra)
Wjf (ia kT
all atara
lithars. fW Ltaa
Surgical and Denial I
Croow Gnwa
etiuweuta, and Mmu
Cr wie Yellow
WbokvaW Dniruta, fytajaore 8L,
rrbmanrM. 7
To Merchants
'j JUT ajianrtaiwt of GdaBV the Scaatmb ow
complete, and will receive ornawona hy
every regular Patket during the rpring. My
Btora waa arm larger, better aelected, or Um m
on better trnna than the preeent Seaaun ; laclud.
ing every variety aixt ertle of Gonde ajually
kept in HAT ESTABLISHMENTS, together
with aa estrwave aanrtment of PALM LEAP
. I invite my old niatomera, aa well at othera,
who may y wit the Petersburg and Ridimond Mar.
keU, to give my Stork an ezamiiwtion before!
.-v .1.. - - - ...J ..t i
every exertion atull be wed to retain a petmrwire
a l a a l a . a-a
wmra naa been ao uoerauy oeetowea moji
tabtiiLment for Ilia last five yeara.
Sycamore 8treet, Petersburg, Va.
March 10.
6S 4w
faHHE fAibv-riihcr bavins, at tbe Dmrnl tnn of
Trffirn " iJ
cutorof CATLETT CAMPBELL deread.
. i
uerev gives nn w mu ycinm unnmcu iu uic
immediate payment, and for
all persona having claims against the estate to
P"" m fa "ith,
acnld by law, or this noUce v, il! be plead in bar
LIJ'. , .. . . . , .
Br Jlrprt,on f 'j1 f- ,DIrk:
smith accounta were, before hia death, delivered
to r: Cefige Uvra for eoIfc:tion they will re-
k OR OOD, Ex t.
February 56. 65
Land for Sale.
I c authority ot the last wiu and testament or,
josepa r reeiana, occeasra, ine raosmner
will oner at public sale, on t-at unlay the 2"d in-1
staui, on uc preniRics, uie i ninui i Mtim w vtuuu
j the said Joseph Frecland died eiscd and possess, j
1. .i r . .i. w . v vrt;i-ii.
cd, l uig about four miles north ot Chapel tliiu
A credit will be given to the purchaser. The
irmut mVlht more fully made known on the day
vi mie.
Also, at the same time and pi see, one other
Tract belonging to the subscriber, (if not diifmacd
of privately before,) lying'on the stave road, about
four miles north of Chapel HilL Term will be
made accommodating.
Mjrch 4. 66
Ten Dollars Reward.
rN the 16th instant the subserilicr loaned a
BAY MARE to a man, whose name he
doe not recollect to carry him to Chapel Hill,
on his way, as he said, to the Burnt Shop in the
Hawfold. in Oranire eonntv. A hnv waa arnt
- ith him to Chanel Hill to hriiur the Mare Wk
but after arriving there he managed to evade the
boy, and has carried off tlie Mare, together with
the Bridle, Saddle, and Blanket The Mare wa
a dark bay, ahout five feet hii:h. and ten years old;
she ha a gald on the right shoulder, and a small
piece off of one ear. The Man is about 50 or 55
years of age, indiflerently dresacd, of a dark com
plexion, and has a scat on his chin. He is a wagon-maker
by trade, and has worked sonic time in
Raleigh. I will give ten dollars to any person
w ho will deliver the said Mare, Bridle, Ac. to me
at mv residence, on the ststre road, twelve miles
this side of Raleigh ; or six i!ollars if delivered to
Major Jaines M. Palmer in HilMwrouxh.
March 17. v " C8 3wp
The DatiTiUc Reporter,
THE Editor of the Danville Reporter, being
nrevented bv oilier eniraecmcnt from irtvinff
( j o a r a
his personal attention to tlie paper, offers for sale
tbe entire establishment, including three t resses,
the Type, and every necessary fixture.
In the hand of an uuuvidual wlio would exact
prompt payment for services rendered, the office
might be made profitable; the Advertising and Job
work being more than sufficient to pay every ne-
cctssary expense, including interest on the pur
To any responsible individual making early ap-
I" Roou bargain will be oUerexU
Danville, VaFeburary 7. 64
- a . . " ' "
' eJOU I rintin"'
Valuable rinntation
roa sale
I AM iimftm to atfl asy mtia. ri( aa
Jw mm rf IWk Ofc. k'Maf ri bai
af Vua Kaae, Leawa! a. MAaa aal
tfMBtteiKt a leaaAml aai feanr msmVf
at atr af W ara U tort low ffaaaail k
vek arwt ii aptiftea, aaJ gmd acS ia tf
ym4 IV lawi liauw ia a.
mmm aaatuwia li ooamry. Tat flaatatwa
ia arfl attaal to It rwi af cora.araL ai
kWn; itaawaftIriri4aaJBaff foal
faarc TW laa4 fjrnnfy WUH a Dr. J
A. Mcbaac. aa4 ttat iLira aiika aurva af Kaaoa
Ul ' fofilMr patirvWa. alKna Am auW
FrlSaTri, Trlmmlnpi. &c
2. Jdo SOCXa .
mcsra in nirriana
OF FRINGES, im Jktmts Cmim, Cv
area, Rug Ac Giiapa. Diaaa Canl aad
1WK Tjrphrr Wanted, ( ima, e. Coat
Card. Cloak faaarla, Ac AI kind f Biadinra
aad Paarr Trimaiaca, A km aawrtarat of
White Cuttoa Prinrwa. Ae. Ar.
He iavitra atiratioa to hie aaaertnwBt, arhkh
aria he kq4 full during the areaaa, aa ha aifl he
rerriinf the arweat aad atoat h4, intat etylea.
Offmi tv tkt rrki mmktrwut.
Tttate aad prirea ahail be each aa to fen auie
Cj- A3 kin.U af TEIMMCVGS aaaJe to r
New Tork. January. IUS. ' l-Aa
Boots, Shoes, Paper,
Tor the Sprlo j Trade
r a WAEKEN imitre the attratioa of
CouBtry Marchanto and othera to bk ex
trative acaorttnrnt of Boata. Shoea, &t- juat rv
rrivrd front the Manufacturer, ahidt he i0 he
happy to atU both to old and new curtouxra, at
hia aaual law Ca pnraa, " v
rairhaarre atU find at this eataujahawnt
Urper taricty of gooda thaa eWewhcre ia Virinnia,
ami ran oVwrad upon tmirhaane; any erode or
Baking up aa aaaartiuriil aa cheap aa in any ot
the northern rtUea. .
Wrapping paper of every axe and quality at
waye on hand, and for aale at a CowaderaNe ra
durtioa (ran turner pnrea, thao ixxioa aitf tieaip
Twine, Bruabov BbMhuig, Ac, at tbe aM aund,
Sign of the Maumoth Boot. Petersburg. .
Petersburg, Va, Feb. 20, 1845. ' 47 4w
To Saddlers, &c.
1 UKT received an assortment of Saddle Trees,
" Hogkuia. WebUnsr, Haraeas Mounting, Ac.
Ac, ' - - - ' ; ' -
The airk win find Dr. Witars Balaam of Wild
Cherry a very yaluable Mnlirine for the Con
aumptioa and all uaoae oi toe lungs and aver.
Send and get a bo'.tla and aiaka a trial it will
help yon. r
Also on hand a general assortment of GOODS
of all kinda usually kept in country torce. Gia
13. MURRAY & Co.
February 18. , 65 mop
Pain Extractor,
For the cure of Dnms, Scalds, Bruises,
Cut. Pile", Salt Rheum, Barbers' Itch,
Corns, and general Sores of all kinds
. from two to eight tisks cueafek thax
before, or nothing if the user is not de
lighted with it.
AN article that every Family muft nnaiJer in
linprnxable when tbey know Ha power and
value, and w hich has heretofore bean sold too high
to reach all classes, has now been reduced in price,
with a view that nch and poor, high and low, and
in (act every human being may enjoy its comforUi
and all who get it shall have the price returned to
them if they are not delighted with ha use. We
assert, without the possibility of contradiction,
that ail Brass and Scalds, avtcaf Extkbjul
Sobb, old or fresh, and all external pain and
aches, no matter where, shall be reduced to conv
lort by it in five minutes savuig life, limb, or
scar. io iurn eau ne miai u mis is appueii, on-
less the vitals are destroyed by the arcitlent. It
i - . . .. . iv . .
is iruij niairai, hi aivaranre, in iruecn, xn
quire for ' Conner's Magical Pain Extractor Halve,'
at Convtork & toa, 21 tortlandt Mrtet, IVew
York. Price 25 cents, or four times aa much fot
60 cents, and near ten times aa Much for a Dollar.
A certain quantity is given every day to the
poor in New York, ami there is not a boy four
. t 1 .1 1 . M 11 -1 .
J ears utu in me cuyr, nut can itru aii auuui uus
wonderful extractor of all pain.
Sold, wholesale, by Comstock tt Co, Sl'CorU
landt street. New York; and by D. Heartt, Hills
borough, Dr. James Young, Oxford, and J. A R.
Sloan, breensborough.
February 1I C3
Henry Tapp and other,
Charlt Tapp and William Tapp.
Petition'for partition of tlie Lands of Levis
Tajm, deceased. .
In Equity To May Term, 1645.
1 N this ease it having been made to appear, ao
-a- cording to law, that tlie defendants, Charles
Tapp and William Tapp, are not inhabitanti of
this state ; It ts therefore ordered, that publication
lie made for six weeks ucceirly in the Hills
borough Recorder, for said defendants to appear
at the next term of tbe (Superior Court of Law
and Equity, to be held for the county of Person,
at the court house in Koiborouch, on the seventh
Monday after the fourth Monday in March next,
then and there to answer the said petition, or the
same will be taken pro confesso as to them, and
set down Ibr hearing accordingly.
Price adv. $4 50. 61 f,w
Pink Syrup,
Fur Cweh, Cold, Influenza, Hire Thnmf,
j urn in inr arcum, isiuicuuy oj urruirung,
Heart Burn, anti every complaint
vchich caute$ Consumption.
rTHI3 remedy, given to" the public jonder tlie
sanction of one of the first divinea of the ir,p,
and a man of responxibility, is considered by tlie
Faculty of New York aa the best medicine of tlie
kind offered for sale. It is a sure remedy ariint
Consumption, if taken in time.
lie rare and ob-
Uin the genunine,
Sold, wholesale, by Comstock A Co, 21 Cort-
landt street, New York; and by D. Heartt, Hills.
; borough, Dr. James Young, Oxford, and J.&R.
irclT " V 6.
LinVs Balm of China,
fm Jeaisea, Smrm, JLta, CW, CM &m,
A TlT vaasIaV Jvin tiii
facwifiaaxa aaa awi aAaral xtst heaiiag af i
t'aaOaiSs4a,that to atfct to jaaaai titto
Oaa sifai5aii9nwa sC IW ehaeatei
4w lWassieay kiadof asia. Tkw pa I
lac can wea atysoaaw um artarto, aa QmtJ get b
warra af their ajaary Ira Uaaes mt. I
SoU, a hsksala, by Coasaari. St Co, ai - ar. J
laaAatNeav YvtjajbaHrtt.MJ!--
bafaafh. Dr. laawa Voaaf, Oafor4, aad J-AS.
Noaa, OteeurtiaroutV
Dr. Tuilor'aj
Balsam of Liverwort.
F-r the car of Couth. Cold. Catarrh,
Auhma, Whooping Covgh. Broncli
lis, Liter C-rupUint, and all Aff.rtioM
of the Throat and Langs. - -
fm reaaody is iavtluakl aad aaeaaatteA
It ia aaraly vejttahUi ad highly asodart.
aaL any aad gaatte ia tnVd a as tk J
teas, aad hriag eaurvl? f'a frosa H anseral
pradacta.hy asaay a jaet'f feared aad dread.
4 to atrfetly safe, a ttl a salutary, ftow
a kaoaledga of ita aroperties, aad tkt waader
M sotceaa which ha atttadctf it, area ia 14-
fi-wll aad aggravated w. lor atany lea
years, dviag whkk it his hoea la ate. the
rraprietor feels aa hiaacy ia iatradaetsg it.
aad rsceauaoadiaf it to all who afortaaately
may hsva accasiaa t totart la some mesas af
recovery, fhystciea aal aafrcaeaily ass it
ia their aracUa, aad ana the Medical l"col
tv eeeraliy, it has sacl with usvxa mors thaa
ardiaary approhatioa. . , ,
Certificates a as lesttmaaiais coam ao iar
is tied ia ahaadaacs from the higheat sad awn
respectable soarces, af peraoas who mther
hav hcea greatly rtlievrd by it, or entirely re
covered frost sflcctioa al tha Langs sad Li
ver, bat wa insert ealy the folUwisg
I hereby certify that last August, I wa at
tacked wah a violent and prluf hemorrhage
from tb Lang, asvsr cosgh, with lbs eipec
toratioa tf m x.h aasceoa paia ia the head.
SArcaeis ia the chest, and other distressing
svmpkms. 1 bought a hottl of Dr Tsyior a
Balaam of Livei wait from J75 Bowery, which,
aaderths blessing f frevideace, gave meio.
mediata -ehef. Itsctf-cl haa been each ia a.y
ease, that I caiiaattoe highly peswe it.
VII IKkM U. oaii I II.
Anril . 184J. 151 Tillcry street, Broahlya.
Far a eosamea Cald aad Coagh, ibis is aaa
of Ihs verv heat remedies ever ateverd.
N. B. There is s spunoaa and cowaisiieu ar-
this sfl-ut, aad lately introduced tola this
place. Therefor ao carcrsl la get the genu
an, whir to from J7J Bowery, N. Y.
fOSTk Freeh Supply f sbove
Metlicioe just received aad for ! at
November 12.
Fresh Medici
(V Fresh Supply of KOLMSTOCK'S
VEMIFUGE, so justly celebrated
for iu wonderful efficacy io removing
Worms from children, baa just been re-
ceived by the subscribe!. The general
satisfaction it has given to those who have
tried it, warrants him in recommencing
it to all who have children afflicted with
those distressing symp oms which indi
cata the Dreenca of Worma.
lie has aloo rereivid a iresn soppiy ri
aaaaa a
Bartholomew's Pink Expectorant Syrup
Srxihn's Head ache Remedy,
Magical Pain Extractor at reduced pri-
, , res, . -Lin's
Strengthening Hasten,
Bairn of Columbia, -
Roach and Bed Bug Bane,
Godfrey's Cordial,
Batemau a Drops,
French Corn Plasters,
Indian Vegetable Elixir,
Hewea1 celebrated Rheumatic Nerre and
Bone Liniment,
And a small supply of excellent Ink Pow
For further particulars see other adrer
D. HEARTT, Jlgtnt.
April 3. , 19-
piIESE Pill have long been ki
w appreciated for their extraordi
nown ant
ordinary and
immediate powers of restoring pirfeti health
to perron vufferins under nearly tv
ry hint
liable. I
rd to af
of disease which the human fame i liable
Th'T are parcilarly rnomntetided
thoe perrons who are fcfflicted with any kind
of chronic or lingering complaint a t here i no
medicine bifore the public ahieh has so na
tural and happy ao i ffccl naon the ayatem in,
correcting! the atoinath and liver and to Ihe lor
mation of healtiy chyle, and thereby purify
ing the blood.
They are acknowledged by Ihe hundreds anr
thvusapd alio are using them to be not oulyH
uic iiivvi mffu nu pir.r.ni 111 tiirir ficrsiiun4
hut ihe niost perfectly innocent, safe and if'
itrient mruwinc cvrr tiv ,tu 10 ine piioiic,
Those alio once make a trial of these pit
never alterward feel willing to be withrm
i hem. which is sufncicnl proof of their g
For sale at thia Office.
July 17. 34-
THE auliscribcr, having taken out letters af ad
minLftration on the estate of ELI HILL,
deceased, at the late Term of Orange County
Court, hereby gives notice to all persons indebt
ed to said estate to make immediate payment ;
and all persons having claims against the estate,
will present them, properly authenticated, within
the time prescribed by law, or this notice will be
plead in bar of their recovery.
J. J. FREELAND, Adm'r.
March 4. . -. 66
Sick Head-ache Remedy.
FkR. SPOIIN's IIcad-achc'Rcmedy, ia allowed
t Mr to be the only preparation that will cllcctu
ally cure that worst of all complaint. Persons
using thia article will never have the "sick head
ache. If people had rather give 'fifty cent or a
dollar, to he entirely cured, than to be laid up for
( two or three day, they can do ao by. buying a
bottle of this Remedy.
For sale by D. I leant, Hillsborough.
I "( , . . Dr. James Young, Oxford.
. J. fc. R. Sloan, Greensboro'.
' February II. , 63
v f y" w
.212 irCSX-
asuaAiy, aad euaasia tt wejttl ao
Ac. Prica, ft 90 a yaar ia advsaca, fS 14
g asai a&sr aia mm&m.
. m avilosl seod( as fvaiMBvoaaay Lev
fa turn oapy grana, and aa tfca as a asnpurosa
for a gwwtoi aaasw - .
Tha twoptfaaoa at uigjiaavaaaCMratavo
xtlim to the rwctdaausi at auoa a wars,
I CiiiniiiiTifssai adapW to do o
I m a ba aivonhrv awrmdL
j Newspapre aiextoaa tha work aad arsag
!aacopy af the advornsfaars, awry fcs the
Msfuxw for aa yea.
All caaaaatiiicaoafae rospecimg the work say
ha sUerwd ta IX Mua, Na. 1 N
rTnet Hsstaa,!
ladmdaab arderiag the work aril a pertiJi
to daaot to the a&e si la wansuaa raraw a
Books! BooksII
ril saharriherkssjaat rareivvd. aad wBl
kcapcoaotaalty oa aaad, a largo sapplyaf
the Baoka pabiiab y ta - rrssoyttnaa
Board of Psblieaitoa."
The hooks srsstwrtly of arcrigioa aal
aaoral char a. trr, aad will M sahi at the to west
railadetahia prices.
Oct. U. 7
Disease a Unit.
trngmrtlt tt (As BLOOD ttoaara A'iarwsa.
HOW eimato, JH tow wise.fcowtfood aM
kM.iii.1 ar. tha Uwa of aal an t baa-
heaatitolarstha law af aal art I aaa-
alicl and Irath ar ataavped apoa every law
af th treatioa. The mighty aer'd ahich
rail ia spar af evciy drgrc of uk ay a. 4
direct iaa, ara all governed by
Thia principle geveraa tk haraaa tody
UrsaaVrk rgttiU latversal PiU attract sL
iaipariiies.af th blood to lb boosts, whsthl
orgaa tspehj them fram th body. Attracttoa
and dcaa ar both anils. Ail acciOraia or
infectioas oaly effect the body i proporlioa as
thi y occsaioa irryarify elkf ttotd.
Ths towels lor rattaec Sis eoative ll.i
most iaaportaat orgaa io closdtb coat,
qaeac at great scramalaliaa af imparities,
aha haslbcycaaaol gel eat by their asoal
passage, are forced iola th blood, occsriosj.
in g imparity af I kwd. ' Thaa, Pcver. CholMrs,
KUeswatiam, Coaghs sad Cldsrsaftea ra
daced. Bat tot Braadreih'a Ye to aed ia
(ack dose a willcffrciaatly ovacaal the how.
el, aad health ia restored at oare.
Hot weather, by accastoninf debility, pro
dace imparity af blood, from wbicb arie l)y
sealery. Cholera Maibee, Cramps ia the tow.
ela, fiblentcs, paia la lb oath sad hip Jota's,
headathe, se. fr. These aaplesaasl com pa-
am a are speedily remove by a lew doses of
Braadreih'a Fill, a With ooua tstr health
by pnnfyiny the blood.
unci, great aaiiriirs oi mine, maca waica
inf. fesr. bad food, iatemperai-te, res ui eve
near ssersby la ad, lead in a very powerful de
gree t are! imparity or tue Ok od, wbarh
soon saows itself ia F.rytipolsa, raaramptioa.
rpelept'm fits, spoplexy, scarify, fever sad
jo-, derangement of Ihs stomach ssd boa ela,
all which symBtetus will rooa to removed by
pantying ta aioo wiia tua tranarcta rii.a.
t leers srs produced ay imparity al tb
blood; th part whrr it breaks oat had ia days
gone by been injured, aad therefore its powers
of life could aot repel Ihs imparity of lbs blood
abea it settled poa it.
But let Brandrcth's fills to aaed say faar
or tis of them to to take dailv, tbeiPUIs
will onea another drain, I. a. th boaelsj the
bad haaior coaiaiaed ia tha blood a ill tha
be discharged from tl body by Iheir aataral
rutli,aad none will b left la keep up th i'
ritatio and burning ia Ihe alcer, and it wi'l
grt well. Ia like manner si whit awcl
lings, annstursl ealargemcais, liver com
plaints, gravel, salt rhei.m, disease of the
nrosUale gland cared by abitractinr with ths
BaassasTa Pills lbs impnriiir from the
blood. AH persons a to do aot fell well faoa?d
asc three f ilia Na ma was ever k long
wioe blood was kepi pure. No mas caa to
in good health if hi blood be in pars.
Attract thea tbe imparitirsof jour blood ta
your boa 1 1 with Brandrcth's Pill, snd yoa
will be a strong and hcal.by as ths life nilu
ia y..a ia e pabe of sustaining.
agents ars appointed ia evtrv roanty ia the
tate, for th aa'e of Dr. Brai dreth a PiHs
Each agent ha as engraved certificate of sgea
cy, signed B. Brandicth, M. D,
Tbe following gentleman have been appoint
e l accnl for the rale of Brsndrcth's PuitS
Dennis Heartt, IlilUborough.
Stedman & Ramsay, Pitiborru.lt.
James McDade, Chapel Hill.
G. A. Mebane, Mason Hall, Orange.
E. &. W. Smith, Alamance, Guilford.
J. fc R. Sloan, Greensborough.:
Jas. Johnson, Uentworth, Rockinoham.
ood & ISeal, Madison, Do.
Owen M'Aleer, Yancey title, Caswell.
J. K. Callum, Milton, Do.
May 8. ii
-s aMaw-aaas aaaMM --aBsaaBBSaBswaBBBBBB--aBasa 0
Concentrated C'ontpoend fluid
Extract of Sars parilla,
ros THS crss or
Sctnfula, Chronic Rhueinsttrm, General
Dcbilily, Cutaneous Disease. Tettrr,
Scaly Eruption of the Skin, Pimrlrs or
Pustules on the Face. Mercurial and Sy
philoid Distatcs, Biles, from sn impute
b.bil of body. Ulcerations of the Thioai
and Leg, Liver Affection-, Pain and
Swilling of the Bones, and all Di.ei.sen
arising Ironi an impure stale of the Ulocd,
Exposurra snd Impiudinces in Life, Ex
cesive Use of Mertut) 4-e.
The great popularity rf Sbrsaparil'a,
and it etublisbrd efncarv, render it su
perfluuu to enter into any encomium t.f
us t inucs, or adduce any evidence in its
The Sarsapsnlla is wstranird pntitire
ly as gond as any olher that can be mad
at On Dollar, at just half the price of
innre so miicn advertised, and aa atrong
and io as large bottles, viz : -
Fifty Cents per Dottle, or Four
Dollars, nor Uozeu
This article has cuted Scrolula of 30
year, after ihe Dollar articles bad breo
used in vain.
To be had of the agents of Comstock
snd Co. only, throughout the counny, in
1 a a . . af
new yorit only atzt, uortltndi Street.
i Inquire alwav for Comttock & Ci'm
Sarsaparilla, at Fifty cents, and hot no
other. . . . .
For sale by .
D. HEARTT, Hilltborough. ,
msreb t7. i t )7
Life Medicines.
r1iiIL.j: WirtcsksWsjw ,
a las ,SBj .7
kssd to Ui. aaa ttM k;W as 1!
aUiaia, a ah uir m& kaoa a atrla
blMBS and sick kearhe, fm Jj
pmsiot afui m tit9,iailt
u.u( w a u.e aa M tats.dtM
wi.f, ai artttte j
j - .n.im ia aa
. ki ..." Z "
bWr. the, ..II toal.H, j .M?.
k.tll I.Mu'w f- - . S
" ' -r m run arc
c.ama iu io aasaf li. Santiasl
t ... '
Tk c&rer af Ik Life ti!U .jm..
BSitr i mm rvita... tf fr, t). flt 7T
suack of fesrr, iaflseaza, .,Mif,7J
tfcreu, tereat enk's. witbcik,ta4 l!
tr icflsamstofy d.sordrrs. Ia rhiBaa,
Uia aad ehorie roBflaim they .
r- - ! awaiv tares, ml.,
aasd wub pemwrcaca. '
Biaio ike firat iatrodiUa af Dr. hlir..
Life Urawiars I km f.lto.
hav ia every rase, fH MtMMd oj WZl
charaater Ik. aa acU caerve. Patirat ot!
had tor years draa a aa a tairU ttatearV
aad assay abekadlast ike asr of Ibcw UaTkTu
ikcassaiiaai aad aaralrai. hat k. IT. 7
ta health, airrrgih aad NalWt, arier aHal
aiaal reiaaJiee had heca foaad !. T,
aataawhiay and afamst stracala (ftl
has also aeoa siaarieoced, io tk ea,. a
orrraas rkraataiie aaiaa ol .k ...
lar. aeraytie ainlmmt. caatrartsJ ..j JT
jo.ais. gJrtiJsr twfttMig, p,,M b, rJ
(.nd aoae. earaaie tkt tasaitow, ptja(Ww
I "-'" v awua.
I Bat M is aaaeceaaary U causers! ik.
ay eases ia a hash Ue partly vrftUbl
diriass have heea samatfol t kal let a to!
quira. Vhy ar Ikvy aa aaivsrsal ia u.
happy rfTaruT . w
Bccsataey Cl:iri THE ILO00. aad
that rsaa a all casss ot disc. m Iks
teax.'i :..-, -;.
Bccsat Ihcy sctpoarrfally apaiktsar,
lias af ths body, aad issm. all aBparitieu
Baraaa ihey da aot redac Ihe sjttim .t
iavigarat it -Iks rtqairiag aanatiaiai n,m
pleatar ar basincss rariag then eratior
Cemplaials ruing f m s vaialtd atate'f
lb blood are eiy (.tmd by Ike et!l
ftey af th. e mild ssd aakiarv a tdirim.
Ta those who at oblige la iravil, r ui.ti
mediriae aithoat iairrrapi fbasiatra.tk.
L.f Modiciar sr f ecaliarty artful. Btaiiu
aad sals operation, they sink al th is .
diaeaae, aad ickly ciadirat it, tbrrtky rref
vsating th fatal (Setts la akiih thMiila
srs viciims.
Bold abolesal sadretsil, ly Dr.W.I.UeC
fi. 373 Braadaey, New lath.
For sale also ly
D. HEARTT, Jgtrd.
rrhrasry, I. ' (j.
Hays' Liniment,
for the nrxs. ,
fPIHS preparation, which ha been rouotrrfriL
ed bv a Bumhrr of Draggiata, owing w it
wonderful power over the PUes, it bow for rle U
D. Heartt of thi place. Persons hav brra eo.
lirelv cared by the as of only a half bottle. Th
hardc-t esses am not proof against it power. It
is well known, that almost every individual a
troubled trior or Irs with this dtorasing (os
plaint, tor tne cure of wbkh, they would give as;
amount ef money. The gmaine Hsys Ijnimei .
gives no paia ia the aplication, not ths Ira
Th? counterfeit prewxatiana give great pa ia,hirk
fot. mr ttot Cnowlork A Co.' Its me k OB eark
bottle before buying none other genuine.
Srfd, whideaale, by Comal ork A Co, 21 CorU
landt street. New York; and by IX Heartt, Hill
oorougn, ur. Jmea 1 oung, Oxford, and J. A R,
Solan, Urrensborough.
I rbruary II. (
or, Leather ncstorcr,
jllOST people know, that skins shu
hides are convened into W.ir ly
he trie f Tatnin extracted from certain
barks, dec.
When the force and strength of tie
Tannin is worn cut, leather becomes tltad,
hard, dry, brittle, cracked, covered with a
crust, dir. This all know To reitore
then life, softness, moUtiiefs, sirength,
smoothness, and remove all crusl, fly, or
blister restore the tannin. 'I his uh-
lance the leather never can receive the
second lime; but the whule virtue of it
are in this article, the OIL OF TANNIN
which penetrates the siifltrst and hard
est leather, if it has been twenty years in
use; and if it tears easily with the finger,
it imparts at once a sirength that is utter
ly incredible until seen. letftntt lilt
new leather, in all respects, wilh a de
lightful oftne8 and polish, and makes nil
leather ccmplettfy and prrftttly imptrvi
ou$o water particularly boots, shoes,
carriage-tops, harness, hose, trunks, mid
in fact all thii.ga made of leather, gi'ing
a splendid polih, even higher than new
lcathci hns, and at trait doubling its wear
and durability, in whatever manner the
leather is noed These are facts.
'I bore a ho will may wear old shoes,
groan with corns, ride with old carriage
top. have old harness, and throw them
away half used look filihy themrelvrs,
and all about them expend double what
is necessary for aniclcs of leather, to their
hearts' content, if their prejudices ate to
strong thev will not try a new discovery.
Now, cpntlemcn, plraie ; ourselves.
1ST" None genuine unless wilh the fac
simile signature of Comstock & Co.
IC7 For rale in lilllxm u:i. N C, by V.
Henlj in Oxford, by Grorce P.-Taylor; in
Green.bnroneh, biJ.ei R Sloan only aprm.
February Sg 6J
PirTT ckkts ip raio in sivskt...
Those who do not give nolire of their aifh
to hav Iheir paper discontinued at the expira
tion of ! lie yea.-, w ill be prcrumrd as i coring
iUcoiitiimanie until countermanded Amino
paper will 1 cJtat oniiuucd until all arrrarits
are paid, imkss st th option nl the pid.iislii r.
Advertisement not exceeding sixteen line,
one dollar lor the lir.i, and iv miy.fiv ctnl
for eat h subsequent inserlicn; longer ones in
proporlioa. ( ourt advcrtisemeni !wenty-f
percent I iplirr. A dedutlion of 33, prrcrnt.
will be mads I advcrlircr by the year

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