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The Hillsborough recorder. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1820-1879, April 23, 1846, Image 3

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h,: the rff.irr rrtiiv W U nw .U
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a'UPi.ru.iu IrlL ifiV M"rMy pad .1M,,he,J P
A.wn4lai,.rf.-rf--w,TWh,w pcrnHtte-llore. ' -
-a .T the aame iHiunty v a merchant who ie
7iu,...a e.manr.u.,ti,th.c..unJ.;r.iltn, u ia lJt wf hilslne a
,.,1 !.j n-m. pmUidjr n,J li aiM tk.naale. There repeated ioaliinees, all
re a w aafir (fx lU riila-i.A. ra hai fr, n0 ro,,y, WUJ teem n f 3 for
.vurifJ MilfllM tHMiW.aad ia the family w : an iiiveliilioii. The apiirioiifl hilU may
uthrr Ua) vrbriHlclt alldangrr i thrwf or may nrl le tnantiiWturcd in Moure
sartnl. awl ww (ckuk fraaa Ihe rouutrjr ran ; rounty, or in this Slate, but it U plain that
a;iu taut die twq with prHrrt aafcy. j there is Mune person in or about Moore
:couniy enajred in puuin them in eireu
The Orrproti qtieatlon. It win Iwi lation". We hope that the lUnk will take
m hy the not'n-a of tlia rtiin of tle frnata In j aome atepn to ferret ut the villain,
anoili en'.uam, that iltr Abate la tkat Wu whoever or herever they may be.
lava krauitUt to a Vm an tha Orrjoo guaatiun, ', toy. Obt,
and lliat the frau!tttion authorit ing ill Prr4Jrtil j -
toatliatnivUrJ not'uc lur tttr trrailnaiionof, Rettim Of Ht. Slldell The Hon,
the Mneutioa Cr the juiut afrupanry of Orreon ! John Sli.lrll, Mini-tor of Uif lf. Stale 0
ku U paaJ I - a ery dr.-U.-J majority, but ' H-c rtpnMe of Mexico, rriel at New
i ...h . ..i;ni Ca. u,u..,iii oi.,i.i ('r!anM on the ?ili iiiatint. The cause
erjititfniliK The iroIuli.ai 1x4 twin; the aaiue
that hal rriMBtly panard the 1 1 hum of Rrirt
artiUtite, H ta Jil to be artnl upna ia tlat bo.
n. P, Moaaa, eaiin of Htlifai. haa lava chit.
men by the Philaitthroae Aaii-ty to iWiver tlia
aUraa Ufbra tha liuvary Mucirttra of our lul
vcraity at tha erawing Cominencrrariit.
Mr. Graham' Appolntmrnla.
, ' Itxm fnxn the Ralrtgh Regirfrr that tha
WHj eaihU-irfa ( (nnariKW at jul 1irma ef
! nH4 annxrltinrfv arttirV tke af bi et-
tkia! auua baa tun a Jurat t feiwU
emarna of tha rtahN Ha miM BtUacaa bit fclbw
citiirua at tha pUrea and time KJJjw inf, to wit :
At Oifurd, ToeUy, April S 14.
At llalilai,Thumlay, April S3J.
At Wiihlanr, Bertie, Halurday. April S.Vh.
At Jrkin, Tfurthamptnn, Monday, April 27lh.
At Wintmv llertd, WedueaJiy, April S9th.
At fiatratille, ThuraUy, AprU 30th.
At Hrrtfufd, Periiiman, rriday, M.ty I at
At Eliiabrth I'ity. Paiuotank, SturJay, Mar
At Currituck ('. If. Monday, May 4ih.
At OU Traft f 'amdan, Tuemlay, May 5th.
At EJuiton. Thuml.ty, May 7lh.
Tha Dcnuienttic t'oiivenlinn of U ram ill, couit'
It mat at Oxford on Monday the 13th iiutant, j
and noniinated foe the .Senate (Jeorge ('. Eaton,
ami for lite Common, J.imra M. Uulkxl, Jon
than M.' Stone, and A Warn W. Vcnahlo.
Messrs. Leak nnd Kheimrtl.
Mr. Ijeak haa piiUaJtrd a letter addn-Mrd to
Mr. Shrpard, in whidi propoae that their re
lative claims shall be iit?(mtU-d tit tlio M Demo
cratic Ktate Ccntial CiuunSjeo," and plotlgpi
himlf to abide thrir divtonv Mioiihl Mr. Wirp
ard accept the fwrtOMtiJo la to aiUress Mr,
Leak in the same public injncr. and both are to
retire from the canva until tlie chiure U -nount-rd.
Mr. Ink adilrraard the ritizens of ('umlirrUim
en the 16th int. ami was received, the Carolinian
sava, cry enrourageingly by the audience. The
fulWing arc hU aMiiitinciita for May :
Piltahorotigh, t'hathani county, l"lh May.
Rah is'h. I Iih "
niaprlllill, JCth "
IlilUboroutjIi, 18th "
Vaiu'ryviiln, 20th "
Wentworth, IU'kinihiim, 83.1 "
flreenalrorough, 26th "
Ashi'ltoroiit-h, 2ith "
Troy, Montgomery, 30th '
, .
Slop the Murderer!-We haw been
.,.iram w can the attention ol 1110 punue 10 an
dvertiacmrnt in another column, offering a re-; ,.mv consisted of five hundred, perhaps qualities would command more. Stem
ward of f .500 fcr the apprehension and delivery five hundred and fifty persons. I have ! mine sorls arc in demand,
f one JaiupB Dinning to the sheriff or Jailor of never united on any similar occasion with j Cotton Receipts moderate Sales at
Sumner county, Tennessee. It is supposed that ' a more rc"peethle, Orderly, and cnthtisi- ' 7) to 7j ,
the Governor of TrmiesM has 1m offend a li!- aslie-body of men. The proceedings, I j Whkvt. The little that arrives, if
al reward. ;
Not many woeka au'i, a man calling himself
John Smith was arrested and broRht K-fore mmie'
maaiatratnin ll.!a nhu e on the aunnositi,,., thai
he was the raurdoinr iu questioii ; but the descrip.
tion then given was too indefinite, and though it
corresponded in some particulars, it was noli
. ;
1 1, .... 1 - a- . . al. I
wwnl 10 com"m n,m- ,,,K" ,,,e,,:
however, it i, Mieved that this John K.mlh, alius j
Jhn Shaw, ia the James Dinning who was the :
murderer. He rode a black horse, about 5 feet 3 '
inches high, and had a quilted saddle. Il is more
lhan probable that he ha cleared himself out nf
lisStato, though we are told by one of our coun
kmen that he m iiiifctliM ".t strni; di'rnnition to
nt any trough he could." I
IVrrajy.aa whirli ilsrr Hair, ilat i!-jr
fr then irt fu'.lr itmrtir-d in U
yVH .- prro prfk m eel
tuniues fir iiupanin rrreit iri '
toUtwa, Ufa ruesl to what ihry an
j partaifnt iota U'wh m(rH improve
l1"' i" ! lM iatn-!iHl. nd that
l!a wa the rtnltivatk of the
jfclj(iCea with lle fnrcul r tb Jliion '
! Wiih rrml ul.o lu ihe wr ruhnr ! .V WmM ttn 0- de.inyrj Of
if the SuhUbI, ihe IVuli j drrUrv Utrir 1 m tta'l. h fi rowt tftl
,BM iom fonvir!Hn, that l!.rr i po J n'. tf lr ,! ier d-d h taw
?'Jlc !utitutau ia the country, iapr -r 1 i!i tn.r.M ml w-rntil,
J Ukh 5r"1" Pain f H j T eiiy in y alif b r g.. !.4 if
.i i . I
t M ItoklurM ini TratlMM nm.
' . . . " . I
uoe tfiii parammiimJ'jfrt.
; f i.r.liiw. And ) it we harp iirard iif il
Jr t-'l.t of thi-in n pased off jmo
lui rchahU iu ilii i!re wiili the lt t week.
Ftir uirinu I0 noift were ia o(T
hv one jH-rwn frm Moore eoiintr. whow j
n'nme we withhold lan.e no "one su.iFrtbl fonijarioin hate already been
c ,B 4 winmaiiiy.
I'. . T
ii- '
.Imams, mm. I .Httlli.. Alill . m Lmii.1,1 I
whirhindneed il.e return of tht grmleinun
waa the reftcul of the Meiican uthori
tie ti rrnive hiui at Envoy Extraordi
nary an I Minisier I'lenipo eniiny from
thi country, t!ie Mexican llnveimneut
leinj willing only to recognie a Sperial
Envoy to treat of mailer concerning
It ia aaid that ereat eotiMern uion pre
1 I
vai ri at era yrua in mnsninrnre hi i
, . ii r ti n i
the abrupt departure of Mr, X idell. and
id mliutuiii.la were in the ilrrnrxt alarm 1
Iet an inuuadiaie deeluraiion 4 war
wnold cnBB jon, Ui purl of iheUnited
Slates. , , s'r, '
Art.i,., ( . :.. I
nmieroi the SfJoeaie at the Vni.
keeper of Itiyinond & Co.'s , uie.
exl.ihili.i-r at that p'ace. A young wai
named Clover, from Alabama, was killed
bv a hh.w etrnck by one of the keeper.
What make thi event a matter of pecu
liar regret it the fact that the deceased wa
acline a a pncificator, and wn one of
the mult orderly students of the Univer
sity, The keejer, who gave hi name
a J. J. Ilaily, was arre-tted and commit
ted to prison. J 'ul, IlUtt.
ThQ Kw Tariff Bill Oue of the
J protifiona of thit hilt is, tr-at if in any
year it shall not v Id a revenue suflleient
for the . rdinary want of the Govern-
ment. the IVcm-IciiI slull be authorized
to hy a duty of ten per cent, on tea and
coffee, and 1 1 ni iimiuee the fact hv nroc
lain uion.
It w. old appear from this that the pro
jeetot of the new revenue land" are doubt
ful of ! stillieicitcy as a revenue mea
sure. Now ihe present tariff has proved
ile!f to be a good revenue measure
why disturb it ! ,
Iloea not hf" whole country pcreeivc
that the Tariff of 1812, noav operating
so well both for the government and die
people, is to be destroyed solely becitiise
it extends pro'eeiion. to domestio indus
try ? So one denies that it works admi
rably as a revenue tneafiire, It found
the Tteastiry bankrupt il has supplied
die treauiy lo fulness, Its destroyers
show hy the proviso above mentioned
that they douht their own abili y to frrm
a revenue system that shidl work so well.
Iiult. Jtmcr.
C'orrrnoiideiire of tlie National IntclliKence
New York, April 14, 1846.
Last evening ihe " unchanged and tin
changpahle IriemU of IIknrv Ci,av had
, fuMiv.,i in honor o- lU i.inh.dj.y. 1,
Wilr, ja., , ,1,1,,',, Sa0(,n. The coin-
presume, will he published by the t om-1
""'U ol Arrangements -o soon as tne
Pti'n Irfl',rn?l"rf Ut f .lJie, Wn, , .
JS,T" " " ",lc I'""'"" ";"
man. i iiere were a ntimner oi vice
Presidents nt the different tables. How
..a .l.a ,?
many I did not hear. Speeches were
. . it. mi. I. :
made and toat drank. I he meeting was
ndd.essed by the Chairman, Mr. Greeley,
h rj.j T,ayert Jas IJr0oks, Tom-
nfnt Franklin, and Caroll. Previous
i .hps nihlr. IpIIpt hi ha mail fn m
a number of gMitlemen, amonff whom
were Senators Mxiigiiin, Crittenden,
Mnrehcad, lh.rrow, and .1. M. Clavlor,
P They will proh ibly he published, and thus
sppitk lor their witters.
TU City cT Htter..-TU.P.t .
It f A " 4 nr OA . j
i r tSr-t n-r:ry 4 tie jri i e i la j
It t tnr eiee t.t imcim
It tut t ear si.
rady u . k vi.k hrtsJ -H'
fr tm t lsi (! i!t
mm - ll.
The WJ-laturcof MiMiiMiba t-
. ' ?i UT?! . . i
MNnMil tli a tikkucM.! u itta tliaa Atf-iiktia 1
. :., . .. r;..i ' J 1 . :..,;...
al Pkirl.tl,Tii j to
. Tll- u IJL .' " I
Enen-iv- rrrir.riion arc makinf in
WashingirtJi t'iir for lioltlin Naikmal
Fair, at whkli Amtriran niaiiufarturca are
wpamU iih Rritih iwduc liona.
made winrh lieail exlul'it the atipenoir!
.iU ulka.K ailawtlBi arltal.at I laaa MtrUka-anrt
f ";' i over
- f nd quality, even under
"f -
the present ;
Seven I tiiulrnl and eighty one brick '
t aaaaa -
noute. ana iur iiumireti aim sixiy U e
frame one, were tuilt in f inciuil li, 0.
hio, tJurin; the year IS 13.
For the lldUaaxBMtli Recorder.
Mb. 1 1 r t btt The f.,ll.,B Ine reaol.i. '
, , wr aurrnai gain, lur Ilf cava irruinony in Her " . .
l2&mZZ&iTr'' ""r i-rcw Goods, Cheap Goods.
srii. w pu"u""" in "" toit5-issi-na. ao Goodf-,
ior.icr.-tu. .u.ti...i;.;.i.-r..i rpilEtalrnber wouU moot reapactfutly in.
I. KColvel, mat lliH meet-ng cc.
operale. i,w-t emdially with the accral j
tneelinca alreidy held in tlifterent part
i,f tl. cniiiuv J Orange, ft.r the nurmise !
f r.rAttt;n., infill? nraptir uf ir-t.
ing heret. I.Te purMied b) canUld-te lor
ofltce HI their electioneering campaign-.
2. ReeoUeil, I hut we regard thi prac j
lice alike 1ieraerful to the Candidate.
ami t'crogatory to the peop.M digrce
nh i umirrace
fid to the candidate, as it implies within
. I . . . . 1 ' I ... t. - a a 1
the want of e-nra-e to discard what they
know to he wrong, or the fear of toting
uch vote as can be bought with a drink
of g'ogi and consequently, that they
have to liri led their conscience a to feel
, . . .... ..... ik. nttff nf nTli.a
, . r i .,i i ....
when that office ha, been sought at least,
1 . . . . ? i..: !
' e .... 1 . " I 1. .. . an.l.MM,
i though it may be. of the principles of
. ""'""" "1 ...
die cotitution which they swear to sup
portsderogatory to the people, because
it prctuino then to be ready to sell their
.11. . r i. . i' -
flruirifl IW a orina m wiir-ar.
. ......... 1 ...i.i. i...
:f"na,,r3r "f .ranSf' e "IT"
,nT T le ca: De rre-5,-u Vm u,ur"
r IT; , , ',, . .
,. 7'!rn" r"' ' , f" '., II .T. "
Mara - -
a a " . . . a fl t a
honored are. and that they would glad-
ly relinqiuh the practice. honW the peo
ple iiitruetiheiii that ancient usuce i, in
this respect, more honored in the brearh, !
man in tne onrvance.
5. Resolved, That in the opinion of
this meeting an eoerial tiibute ol' tespectt
is due to our felloxv citizen, Priestly II.
Mangtim, who, mar.y ycirs a?", when!
treating was universal, had the moral
f.inrnna I., I.ia faii n(Tuiai il. ami in.
?to.Ach of bemg M1fM0nble.
riskin!, ,,u ejer,ion ,, ,he
j 6 Resolved, That we do respectfully
ntul most earnestly recommend to the can-
didates to pledge themselves solemnly to
one another that they will abstain entire
ly from trcatinir, either directly or indi
rectly, during the ensuing campaign.
7. Resolved, That the chairman sap
point twenty gentlemen to represent this
vicinity in the meeting to be held at Hills-1
K.sAiala aliaaiit.a- tliai nai't f'axlirl
In obedienre to Ihe 7th residnltoii, l et
lollowing gentlemen wpre appomieil, viz: murdered William B. Norman, Deputy Sheriff:
Wm. Morrow, sr. James Thompson, sr.fof Sumner county, on ike night of thc ibth ofj
Elijah Pi'kard. Win. J. Ringham, Wm. N'ovcmhcr ht, and his ijolivery to the Sheriff or
ni vv. t,.?.. S af.l Jailor of Sumner Countv.Tenn. Tl.c said Jaine i
" 111. . a ....
!,.!, l..v... Alaa.. Wokt, fa.t.n
row,Jolin .vlorrow, Alex r r. vveno, joiin
.... . ... . .
Moore, I hos. I). Oldham. Sidney Win
teil, Joseph I iirrciitinerjames l-raworl,;
John Crawford, Dr. Atex'r Morrow, Win. j
Criilehfield, Win. Moot p. David I.a.hlcy
aitij II. M. C. Strowd.
R. STANFORD, Chairman.
Reported for thc Petersburg Intelligencer.
April 15, 1646.
... ,r, ., .
I OBACCO. I lC daily inspections are
larger than heretofore, LtigH Sfll fropi s$I
1 70 tn !. IfaM !.0 to R ail. anil rdmier?
good, commands a dollar.
Corn. -65 to 70 cents a bushel.
B vcox, Virginia hog round, 6J to 6j.
I.akd. -Virginia," ?1 to 7j.
Died, at Red Mountain, in this county, on the
20th ulu Willis D. C. Pabkem, only son of
Col. Abner Parker, iu the 19th year of his age.
Ho committed suicide hy taking laudanum, to the
gTcat surprise and distress of donling parents and
affectionate relations and friends. New ha it
' devolved on the writer of this notice, to record a
: more pnjnful .and melancholy occurrence, the
, more remarkable from the peculiar circumstances
under which the act 3 ecnunittcd. The de-
ULbl'MMl Vw ftLLt jeers. 14
a .-
ria; jet "W-l w wUi U ii
D au takr tl mo lm dirumtaerMi
kit hr Ma Ju4 niiiu; to o'Ul. kaa ;
litiaM, wh l ft notLinj uattUM t 0.a w4
flklrTlS U JWItrv HO WUlU tCT tlttal.
- : 1 .: . ;.. -t .- -
. s ,. , . . ,. ., , -
Fort" - . MllrateM chanrur. an .
H u- ilke.l U futui ato
IU4 IBOthfT Wld aiAT, ail4 at tltttf WM Trf
vurh Iiatfcs at wtlirn aaorc couipoard, ami
- he fclt a4 Uw.l,t tht U J-U
'"- U at r" ay of ail Gvlng.
and left a umlr of (&riin.te rrlaiiuna and
Wcud to wmim tlir ir,r-Mc W .
' u-ra, Mr.Tari4rT.iiTa, j
i(e of Mr. Cahin JSuiitli. The h4 foiirtttn
yrara of thia milW wottuu life were oVvotcl to '
irligioo and the aenire of her (iod, htrb( all of !
u.u tune .he a iiou and eiemidan' mein
bet of the Mrtho.li4 Protilatit rimrrlu Slu?
haa Wft hu4nd aixl lao youn, children, Lc
? th, . , ... . .:. . .
. . . ' . "
- i
rfiU M a rf
, , . ..... ' ...
" mlt?' Mr Ko'"T M'' ,
R"0,tio, ia Ui 86th ) tar of hu aire.
" umaa y0"" aiul Mr ol" 5 J"eO .
1 w,,u,u "X about 16. and erwB du-
"nt the whole war. and during die latter part of
a an onicer, n w at Moninmith. urandv. 1
. Trcutoo, aud many other hard fought bat- j
al .a. .1 : . 1
tlea. After tha war Mr . M. tOU h t, eart. rn
part of thia state, where he married, t"nd removed
U this eounty about torty4iur or forty-five year
ago. lie was a .man of unquestioned integrity
and great fwtriotism. Ilia last illneaa, fdro-iav of
the cheat,) was borne with great fortitude and re
signation. He paasaascd, a strong ho of a gto
riou hneaortality beyoB'l die gravel
' Coawt-airsTia.
Equity Sales.
Jumtt Cheek, tnd other, er parte.
Petition ta sell Real Estate.
TV virtue of a decree of the Court of hqultv,
made 111 this cnuse, I shall sell to tha high- .
est bidder, on the S5th of .May next, before tlic for cash. Teraoiu from tlie ornintry will find our
. l a t II I) lt.t.'a a. .a
court nouae tn me town 01 miisiturom.n, uie
LAND belonging to the heirs at law of the late j
John Clieex, on me waters ol .ew Jiepc, ail-j
joining the lands of Itaxter Davia, and others. A
credit ot twehe monthTi!i tie given. Umiu ana
arcurity required ; and tha title will be tuado when
the purchase money is jiaid
JAMKS 11 Pllll r u 1.
in-it 17 " - 01 4 '
r., . .. , tt v 1 1'
Clement Curti, end oMrr. vs. JiJm Frttlttnd,
., criii inner. 1
Petition to fell Land.
BY virtue of a decree cf the Court of Equity,
. made iu this cause, I shall sell to the highest i
bidder, on Ihe 20th day of M;iy next, before tha '
court house door, the LANDS belonging to the !
heir at law of the late Junes Precland, lying 0:1 j
the water of Back Creek, partly in Orange and ;
part in (uillbrd rounty, adjoining the lands of
Daniel and Kt-ubeu IngolJ, and others, containing
about 100 acres. A credit of twelve months w ill I
be given, the purchaser giv jis Imnd and security.
JAMES WEBU, c. .m. k. !
Apiil 17. 21 4 w
$500 Reward.
l arwatlES 1 1 l I
' flMlK. !!m-u trrvratrI wi 1 mvn fir tns mtw
1 prcllcw.m of onc j. !!,,. wh
- ; ... ., . i a '
finnmn i oui o or s vcars oi age, bih.ui j
; , . ,i- u . i i i : i ...
feet 10 M 1 1 inches high, rather fair hair, but wo
UIMi,.rs(i,m, hasJ hh h(lir wM . Hsht
b.ard,bluc tsea, an appcr tooch out In-foir, cither 1
the eve tooth or the one next to it ; fair complex- '
ion, if he i not painted, which is probably the
case ; he lv a scar on his left fore finger, 5 or 3
iijclies long.sliows a little dark ; sar on one of rircn of Tiusly Halliburton, deceased, and the chil-i f Swinw-y, J. , lexaiuhr, b.i ring, t. Ma
ins feet, on tlie inside, mnging a little toward his dren of Mary James, all named a defendant in " J-J Browne, J. G. W hirticr. . R. WU
; toes, another seer on one of hU feet rather be- ihi cause, are not inhabitant of this stare : It is j l,,MWt E- Kmcaid afld Mies l. F. Gould. Price
tween his big toe and the next one to it, ranging . ihcn fore ordered, that puMication I made for six r2-
I upward ; largi cheek bones rather sharp chin, m- j successive week in the Hillsborough Recorder, ! ." n- .by Milton Stearns:
! ther had coiintcuimcc. his mouth sticks out a ,
; nine wuen latauig. no nau uw who whh uhu, ,
; fllM rl.rt;.;n.J U- wrn vho uuraucd '
1. a 1, . 1 , t . .V .. '.I. I. i
j him to Salem, North Carolina, She is a small :
woinan, a good countenance, handsome features,
about 22 years old, looks young for that age ; has
bluo eyes, rather dark hair, and bus left two chil-
drcn in funuier county, 1 enn. Mie is acquami
ed with the clerka of Sumner county, to wit : G.
F Crocket and Wm. S. Monday, and alsp thc
old Sheriff, P, B- Wilson. Tlwre 'is no doubt but
that Dinning will pass by sonic oirr name.
March 3Ut, 1S46. 24
N. B. Any person apprehending said Dinning
w(ll apply to J 4 wes Butler and J. G. Yvadow,
and they will furnish the list of subscritver; to tlie
1qvc rcwariL
A wj of.c(R1,ETLNG consisiing of nj
. and ool and Cotton. Thcyw.:: t
sold cheap.
a Mirivi v'a ro .
April 13. -
pOUNTRY-MADE CLOTHS, of all descri
lions, Tallow. Beeswax, and Feathers.
Ayril 1. 23
e Caia Cercty.
fa Equity MnH Tma. 119.
tUl'mnttllW lUr.mcUiW dr&tiUr&VMM AImml Jmu
Wilw, Jawr. Wrl llrrl IbJ MOrr
ud Uowl, at tk, tJ arrcaJ MXj U
!af.!l. !&
JAMES IVCBB. c, . c.;
rPE uWiiXt. ha: rvcnuJ full aJ
public. I
A. Hit KJ.E t CO.
Atil 15,
fLOlB. uf WluttrJ'. toako. Cidrr Vittrc.
; ''S"14 rf ,
.....m, .. (.(,
A. MIC-K1.E & CO.
AprU 15. 13
A Lare arnt H:ndson:e Ctoclc of
IO.NO, WEBB it CO. hate j4 rrrrixr l
i on of tha large and auurri. :aik
ia BrU l'!ua Theiryriroda. aud the pulOic jt-
i' to call a,d examine fi the,
fUin thrir frierata and euaoniew, that they i
are .l
aive aaaortiurnt of FANCY ANU bfAPIX
GOODS whkh l.a even been ahowa by any
bouae of a country euUuliincQt ia the county of
ta u,, 4ew Yoik and IViltdeiphia UiarkcU. by
one of our firm who ha been buving a&d orlUng
g00J, for tlartcen yeara. We flatter ourartvc
that we are not only able but tiling to aril our .
,ri' - " "'"v ""P' "' ,
j , aceommodate
.1 .
ate mir ruatonirra. '
A U W to . a. a book, and W J
to out a little. Y e charge noining tor tooMnB. .1
TT All kind of Country Produce tukrn in ex
change of (jom..
. Rurtln's MJlls, April T. JJ 3w
NOTICE this:
fpiIE undrrsiiied having, on the first day of
-- January last, formed a co-partnership in the
Carriage Making Business,
would inform the ritiaens of HilUhorough, and the
county at large, that they are now prepared to
execute all work in their line of busineas in a
stylo that will compare with any made in thi
part of the country. Our timl-a are writ ara-
aoned and of good quality. Work shall not oulv
be done to suit the tune, but lowei
lower than usual
ahop near the Unltre.
April I.
WE have for sale. 500 Flower Crock and
bauecre, in acta of three I rocks and a lan-
e v
eer for 25 cente a act, or separate at 3 and 10
cent each.
!Tj Also anotlier lot of Whiuhead' Superior
Mnrch 24.
Equity a!c.x
Jainet Vickcrt nnd otlurt vs. Jonpk Malnei
and other
Petition to sell Land.
BY virtue of a decree mode in this
'jryjf cmw, i siiaw oner lor saie 10 iuc uign
s V- est bidder, on thc 2d day of May next,
,j2sO- before thc court house in HilWorough,
on a credit of twelve months, the LAND known
as thc David S. Blaloek tract, adjoining Henry J.
Carlton, Willis Marcum, and others. Bond and
security required.
JAMES WEBB, c.m.b.
March 30. 21 4w
"t , i ii .nr a . . .... ,.:
Venum rnnntw Tn FrTtitTr
ferSOtt LOTjnty m JHny.
..' X T If.' I , t ..ll
William King, Extruar, end vi'itn.
jy thiscase.it having been made to appear to
1 ilc satisfaction of the Clerk and Master that
thc children of Allen Halliburton, deceased, the
children of Robert Halliburton, deceased, the club
for said defendanu to anDoar at the next Court of!
.. . ... a n . . T, . t . t
riouitv to M lickl tor rerson county, ax u
.h. n.t. XT..L.v after tl,e fiH:rth
Monday of March, then and there to plead, an-
Rwer or demur to Kiid bill, or the same w ill be tv
; fcen pro confesso as to them, and set down fur
' hearini' arcordinijly.
JOHN BIUDSI1ER, c. m. k.
Prii-e .dv. f 4:50. 21
Wholesale and Retail
Hat Establishment,
I TAKE pk-asure, in snnouncine to the Mei-
chants of Virginia and North Carolina, that
. si.v V for il.e Stirinir ira.l ia now rnmr.1c;.i:
eoaipr'ising tc vnriou qualiue and at) lea of
Fur and Moleskin Ha .
t.xjb,rr iA t y large rtment of
I A-snorn, raaama, ana inim Leai
. f ewre my oidCMstoiaera. end otbers wh'?
r.it (lie Pcicrstmrg and Riehmood Maikop V1'
r 1 ' . . ... . . .
. , " ........ . . .
P"tJieaer better prcrared to serve tl -4
i i "jieaer uctrcr prepared to serve tli-'-4
I ; Sycjinore Btrect, Paburg, Virginia.
CO 4w
1st tp irons.
REMAINING U r-4 0.e at ILSJi.
rt i
Stat II. Smwm4, X
Xft. Malta kiUat
IWo L.ah.
ISwUtm A Lautaer.
.. .. .j, -
Julia Pijr,
JuSaa l-irott,
lUv. JJ a faiy.
Vi Mary
Jobs rryw.'J.
tlatid Kaaefa.
lrah Abb Krrl,
WiUiam 1. Ray.
Jo.b rValra,
Jalm II. rlury, aaf.
pankl iim "
Jo. Thoatpaoa.
Abraia Taiplry, 1 V 1
Mra. tfuaaa 11ictaon,
TunrBtiiie. S.
fcjtfiannah TiuaoiHoa. " "
Joarjh WrJJiof,
E.F Wabaw,
J. Wrbb & Ca. 3.
J. M. Ward.
Dr. AleHttder Wilaoa.
" lVii
uum LHutun,t.
' fcl
J. P. FanrMt.
H M. Hill A tV
M', E 5
Mar, A. Umion. '
ISanih lluk.
Kirah 1Ih4ua
I). Hart.
Jaittra Kuui-I, t.
Audrraon JaciauB.
A. Mi. lie 4 t'a.
Jdm Martin.
IThere ia in ad.liUoual charje of t eeai ,
aarb adrtW hter. TJ.o ofiiag for ft.
k.VM VI..
; Aprils.
, Floaso to read the tollovlng Notice.
rpi!E PubUdter having rereived numaroua ap-
a remote from Etpreaa routea that the exreru
of frcicl't wetiU bava quailed the price uf tha
bouka, projxra to arml them bv mail in paper ro
eenta per tolumt. K tu.h -i,J tha
nan of their Port Oflire. and endow the 3 or S
dollara, hi goad mwir, they will be r rraented
one copy of Near Beautiful Pictorial Work.
"r.' "e r
. ...t t. m. ...
Tlia IfSaforv nf ITaiattfi nl,m.
I a j va . v ' ..... m r
By Rev. fx Dowluig, A. M, Pastor of the Bere
an Church, Sew York. l?th liu'eat Just
puhh'-thoif. ' - , . ,
Thia ia a lnrga octavo vo'.ua.e, of hearty 7C0
Mcea. cuibeKiihrd with rii-rr urnint ...
jr.aTiJtas, in handaonie erubleioalk binding.
Price three dollar.
The American Statesman's ISanrjaL
Ip the Press, :uul will be ready by April tat, a
l.ew and enlarged ei'ilion i4
In twa hatidsoBie volume, Svo. The whole coU ,
kt led from OtKeial Doclimenta.
This work is edited apj coviptrcd by Mr. Ed
win Williams, whose familiarity with our Politi
cal History aud Statistical subject generally, are
well known to the public, and afford a sull ciei t
guarantee for the accuiucv and fidelity of this in-
1 valuable N'ntional Work. Price five dollar.
All person sending die Publ'ulier thru
dr.Van, bv mail, will receive a copy of DOW.
n tt j iu- w sis jtj 1 yi w tr ffvet .tiw w
ingt, and one copy of either of the lollowing
beautiful Pictorial Works. If yfre dotlcrt latent
bv mail, thev will receive oue copv of THE A- "
vols. 8 von and Que copy of cither of )he Picto
rial Works. Should any peraou wish both of
these important valuahle Works, by sendingsrr.fi
duth.r to th, Publisher, thev will receive a copy
of each, and also be entitled te choose any twe
coj)ie of 10 fallowing pomlar Piotorial Work.
They will be Iransmitted my mail, bound ia strong
Mann. onv.N wntrrr faMN 1 f.MMfa na.a.1.
time, to any part of the United UW.
Cj Tlie following Books are erven away to
subscriber to Dowling'a H if lory of Romanism,
ami the American Suircmnn'a Manual :
Fears' Wondr of die World, 250 engraving.
Piiee $9 50.
cars Guala to Know Wtrc Emhracbi an ai.
tensie rtuice of subjoct in Lilorature, Science,
and Ait. Price J jO. , '
Sears Pk-torjpl Hiatory of the Revolution, with
uumerous plates, extra guilt. Price 2.
Stars' Bible Qiogniphy, 230 engiavinga. rrice
(2 50.
ear rL'U)tH Library. 250 enarawinga, (2 6.
SSears Pictori.il yuilav Book, elegantly, tflus
trateil. Price 8.
Tlie Auioricua Kdkious Gift Book, containing
eoiitnbutioire trtv upward of thirty of our mewt
! ccicurwcu A-eiva w rnrrs, aurn as airs. t H.
--"3 t-wervmnnst, nice i ou.
To Clergymen, Postmasters & others.
' Xj Wanted, hi every town and,vrHnge in the
Uniled Statcs responsible wen to procure subscri
bers, and cngnge in Ihe sale of tlif aNve woiks,
to whom a very lilerol per rcnUc ill be allow.
til AAtrcss E. WALKER, IU Fulton street.
N. Y.
Btanliful rictor'nl i EinMrnialir Bindien.
i Ready f.r ii rrprri tkgnnlly Uunritwttd &ibk
i Persons co'.le.'tir.g six c-.' i-s of this Bibla, tad
forwarding them to the subscriber, with direction,
will receive the binding of one copy gratis.
i Pattern No. 1, consists of a splendid collection
of 8 beautitul Scripture lews; No. 2, Magni.
i ficcnt Views of Trinity Church and of the Com-
j munion Window Table and Service ; No. 3. The
No. 4, A Iwautiful Enctish and French stvle com.
E. Walker, 114 Fulton Su X. York.
r Conntry newspapers, copying the whole of thi
advcrltsmient, and giving it six insertions, shr.ll
Ka n( i ( )ml A a V tt tn nn. .f 1. . -1
j - - j -j wiiv v, u ic a.v,a
works, AH who may eonu.lv with tluw inuu.
will please HtuJ a copy of the paper, each tire
of insertion, to thc publisher, E. WALKER, IU
F ulton st., N. Y. .

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