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Ua'.aa. Ik C awstltatts aa4 t La
the CaaraUaa. of Mr Irecrtj.
XVt dnfdayt Jtf a Jf 9.
llralfh f trernbr tieh,
:hJwmI Patrial af tllaf ana.aarca
, .. - . .
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an4 atbrca ska hate area it. Br
I0,tJ to a r"' T
ratn-"?.- w""iiri.a mjmnj
M. how atwaacaawnuuiraieiL la atbrr araprcta
lU tua ia irjwrariiiaj lube iraiaiiilJy !rlhr.
1 irtinla ISrrtlon. TU rkrtioa ia
Vkcwia, aiwara, hat Mwlied in elretioa
af lVBarraU ia aB iha I'mtiraauoal VUncU.
riceptaae. IiMoa ia the Whit; rauU ia iha
i,nuriiaIuH. J
Th WWs h.e maJr aonie sim In ih t
iure. ilgH it i. -ill lar,!, Vcik. !
Annrsatlon orSorraSlWTh pw ;
iwJanniaUuaofXotfcltoLhuauui.aUrct..bacro, Ae. In jukiire lo the ilixen of
ijj ctMaUrra14e attrnti. in tb reioa ef thrt
ity. The XorCJk Draran it if tU auh of
m le.iu.of Ui romwunitv, aod m that
i. n -i :.i i .1 :- : n.
diaruMion, a it can banlly U po-iMe ih.t
I a iiav aw cvh-mhw Hia aa au aim
UsUatam of Virginia will cotutnt to red to
tiupo'taol a portion of bet territory lo a a-ihlio-inj
. . . .
, 1 1... i ii', iuii. . i rtpuiinuiiM amm ai-
. , . '
" n v inwiitjrnew ot u. atn in-.
-u.it. am-d -liu'.h, eallcl forth i aa artirie 1
In III L'niiHi.'' iirutnaiii to tia ilia nutilu-a of
" 1 . " .
Ihow inidoeJ in Ihe lK-nirtmenl. .1 Wa4in
ton. Intead of ra Whig and Ihirty-Jirt IVuio-'of
erata, aa aUieil in the I'nion, the InUlligencer
CiirrraiMiiMlcnl a Ihrie were rniploved in tit j
Pout Oifii-e lVpirtmrnL at the tmm Mr. Jolmaon ,
l.ftit,ury.,urDiiiwrraticiidi.VUierlt-iL. ami the inmi on Irial for pasting eom.ter
The rorritionof huh the Deinorrat aienowjh'it money, wa convicted, and received
aa loud'y ronn.laiiiiiiir, cannot weU be more tho- p"rtion of hi rntetice in the pillory
rough Hun that which llii euti-miiit cil.il.it. I '' f"-ider l' he paid 111 inftalmcnt nl
llic whipping post. 'G'rttntloru PUriut.
Slavery In Kcntuckya Alargmeei.
inc ia Ihe fwiu of a convention, wa held at
imii.ii, p mt .1
tlie 30th uli, lb. ohject of,
rr whM curae would be h.t '
Franklort, Ky, oa
v.bich wa to eonaidcr what eoume would be beat
a . . a a , a
I. adopt b, tho- .he . eppoJ to the urry
and Hcrpetuauon of Ma.er, in the Stale. After .
much conaultatKin and ihe dicua.ion of ....ou.;
,ircaolu.i..n. acre addled, declaring
the brlicfihal-Slavery a. iteirf.by law in Ken-
lucky i. injuriou. to the Commonwealth, incon-'
, , ., . ., , ,
otciilaith the tundanirntal principle of free
dininent, and contrary to the natural tight of
. 11 ...I t L . . . . 1 .
. . . . ...
led; tn.l that "any arbrme or cnnncijmtion
ought lo be piwpective, orrating ujion negroe
b,.n .north, adoption of ti. :heme- j
The following point, were recommended to be
:. ..i :,. ,k. . . i
inarrted into the new eontitution : I
... . , ... ...... ... . " 1
F.r-4-An ahlut. Proh, bmon of the in.porto.
b,n rfalave. in the 8ut of Kentucky. ,
Sccond-1 hat there h. invc.te.1 in the people
complete power to peifivt, in nr under Ihe new
conatitution of the commonwealth of Kentucky,'
a yatem of gradual prospective emancipation of
The Common School Advorale.
We have receiveil the firat number of thi pa
per, published by l)r. Ncrru Mendcnhall. It ia
a mall quarto of right page, burned monthly,
fr fiAy cent a year. At it name indicate, it i ;
devoted lo Ihe purpone of education, and we hope
It ia destined lo he Uftoful. Communirationa, &c.
are tn be adJreascd to Ihe editor, at Jamcntowm,
N. C.
Owing to the absence of the Hccrctary anJ the
Ions of rome of the papers, the proceedings of the
Medical Meeting held here on the Mih ultimo
were incorrectly pulilixhed ia this pajicr. We
publish below, by request, a correct account.
Orange Medical Society.
An ariintirned meetinir of a portion of
the Physicians of Orange was held in mcrly Mrs. Perkins of Boston, is not in
Hillsborouiih on the 14ih ultimo. Dr. volvcd in this crash. Her income is said
Watson, the chairman of the former meet-
lllir. Ivpinir ihfi.nt l)r Slriuluii'l waa cm
b l to the chait, a ml Dr. Jones of l lmpc! 1
il HI appointed Scerelarv. t
The Chair having explained llie object
of the merlins? lo be the formation of a
Medical Society iu Orange, and the ap-
p-'inimcni of Dclctratcs to Medical S.ae
Convention irhoTld at Rnleieh the fol-'
lowinl reJhi.hoi uo.I
adopted : S0,U,"n8 U,M""n,,S,y ,
mr art rxiir nmgw s . i t. . a tHaaiin m-rii.
i i a . .... .
I.V approve of the Medical Convention to
be held in Raleigh on Monday, 6th inst. '
ai'U thai the Chairman appoint Delegates
to represent us in that Convention. i
ii'i. 1 latii s b oblv exnei ent that a
Medical Society should he organized in
the Count V of Onnn lo include all ihe
praciisjnff Pbvsiriailn in iha countv.
. . b " ' i
Til. That for the purpose of hirming
ch Society, all the Physicians of ihe j
. . .-7. J .... j I
countv be enrnesilv ronnpsled lo meet ill
Hillsborough on Tuesday of May Court.
f4'h. That the Chairman appoint a com
mittee of twelve lo frame a constitution
and by-laws, to be submitted to the meet
ing at May Court.
in pursuance of the fourth resolution,
the following gentlemen awere appointed
by the Chitir a committee to prepare a
constitution and by-laws, viz: Drs. Wat
on, Yancey, Cave, Jones, Atkins, Mor
tow. Freeman, John Allison, Gay, Black
Hall, Durham, and Norwood.
On motion, resolved, thai iha North Ca
10! 1 11:1 Democrat aud Hillsborough Recor-
Jer b rrq nested to pulli!- the pro
ceeding. fLSrniDWICK.thr'a.
J. 0. 3ot a, le.y.
AEeriw cf tetragct. w were ar-
prised la Irani, lint dm ing tsuiliued fa-
J J rior Court, lad week. the honest aid : I moiaiun. am ilia tin two piede-ere
; moral cnniroenitr of Oreehomujh waajin Me manner 1J their offices lo ihe
hvkfI njr lite iMritrrenee m awrr-i sou-
t brrirr, following rath twler ia quark sue- j
'cession. One if ilie jewellery store, of
j thai place troken open, dj aercrai
I . aT - t II. I.. ito&aA kLju
-TlanirieaoironaiurrBow i-re -".
.1 I t .... . .1 - .1 L - H I T
'rontepiixvaiv in mne, eniereii
ruleretl on of
' ' area
lo aomeilnrtf like f 100. while the pro.rte-
. I . . I . '
j-- - - 6
tor and clerka were in the ronntinr mun. '
t A af,,Uemaa alaobtame tlietiriiin uT Hie
' de.ir'it of a pii k-w tel. who, perreir. !
tlg tme hauk-hilla -mounting- o abont '
!tl50.felerulint from the end of hi pork-j
f hw.k, hi. h pn.tru.'ed a liitla fmm the J
. pork el. qiiieilr aJinM them ouU leatinei
i I ha owner in the iwe-inn f the emni V !
book. W'a un.intlanj that the pariiee (
have heen arieated, upM-aed to be enptg-
'l bree d-preda ion, and that tliey J
beliereil lo h. lone to a jitig of rae-U ,
alio are iravc lime fii.in Court to Cmirt, ;
nmler ihe guine of pedler, Iradert of to-,
tiuuiurd, II I but right to atate, tn ni
one of the peroni upeeled of being en-
lf.w ' "nt U.eli. u re'"
. a.r,- 4
1'' '" "
in rniiiir an arin-nu
oi ariuiiir an arpenuia i ur riij.ir
- i l .
," V"". .TaV i" .i"i. "'.::
our la.1. Iel it niiShi hinder the delei lion
of ihenerpelriiri:nd at we rould n..t !
- . I
puhlikli lhl particular inaiance, e a- .
cu iri ma -
i a r ... nriipr r. mem
. n ,.r ...
eeem to be no iepei lor of perautu.
ho.m it MuiiiiaJI correct,
, lIa, ,j,e ,mouni .u.h-n from llieatore
.1.. .1 .:.. .i ... I.x. '
iiiiiicu.yiiiiir, -i'iii.ifw,.i,ii,j
.m ., nafllM , rr-ned on u.nieu.n
tie hurglarj'
' dift-harged.
were, after ezainiiiation, !
hartriHl. I
im ... .t.:.... -.:...t !- ... ! ...
1 IV WiF Mill tri-i iK'iiiru in him aaiT
. . i
havin? been ronvietrd, were
- -
Dlatresalnz Casualty. We learn
- - .
ff7 6-'l' l' ' lent it ha-!
S" , - !"
,'.,.. . .... ,
akl'viail .-llllllrt, v t nunf .Mil. II.. It llir
of of .f
Mm, KtUtfmi ntI n (ln(rn he ilrff ,
t , ,.;,, , j jas,lej
porc, in w ir,; we Bttndi,f. ,-,,
chiUren, a hoof of the hre alrikmg one
of them on the head, canning a dreadful
, r ., I ii i i .
fmcture of the .kull, and .everely crush-.
. . -
ing lite ankle hone, of another. The j
1.... .Ann....i.il I.!.. .u....1a.m lk. .Im.1
i ii .t t .i :..!
snu - iinaiiy uirew me rmer upon me piiini j
f..me .harp puling, breaking .everal of j
otherwiM acriouMy mangling I
.V inwrnMii ia.e. mat wnan no
c" Salisbury on Sitttrda v morning, he un-
, .
dewinod ihe child a ho.e skull had rccctv-
eJ (,e wm
fif WM co,lfiil,erfIj alinog, be..om hf
hope of rprovfrVf
. .
Qq Hill We have been furni.hed
with mine intereating particular, about the
tin at R.il.l Hill, in If nwan eonniv. h
is said lo have been discovered 18or 20
year ago, but that no gold of large ,
amount was obtained until within the lusl ,
live years ; since which it is c.lculatcd
tti.it $350,000 per annum is obtained.
Three engines are in operation, which
cost f -25,000 ; and two others are being
erected. Eight tliflVrent mining compa
nies are working the mines at (.old Hill,
and a large amount of capital is invested,
estimated at $300,000. .V,-M Carolinian.
Failure. Bihnp Doane, of New Jer-,
sev. (savs the N. Y. Tribune,) has failed : trnte.
for $256,000, and is said to be able to pay I As for separation from the mother conn
j only a trifling portion of his vast liabilU ; try, or annexation to the United States,
ties. Most of this money is said to have thete is no more likelihood of either than
: been spent in building churches and j there is that the St. Lawrence will run up
I he lorlnnp ol Mrs. Donne, lor- j
to be $12,000 per aitnntn.
Gen. Brooke. - The Picayune says
i that Brevet Major (Jen. Brooke has re-.
that llrevct Major
ceived orders from headquarters to assume ;
Iheenmmand of the army in New Mexi-
co, la.elr dctarhed from (Jen. Worth's
command, and lo proceed forthwith to his
Anolner Law.An act ol ,he !
i i aii.rv .;.
i:iii .i'tr iirt? iiririiiitiioftsitri.iiiicaiiiciasiie:
away spirits within two miles ol any pi ice ,
of public worship, during the time that j
religious exercises may ne in progress ai(ii iu ivi.vi. ... ...-. .. ... -
uch place, under penality of not less than ; sissippi was irom 50 to 200 miles wide.
ten nor more man nny uouuia. wno
and villages are excepted.
. . .. .... i c ai ...L..1I e
JJeiaiCailOn. I HO U. O. tuareuHii i"t
. . i V I. IT
lite Southern District ol new nos., 1....1.
Eli Moore, or his Deputy, Mr. Peck, has
proved to be a tieiauner 10 tne bhio.hi. ii
Il is thought that the Deputy
is the guilty party, and he has tesigned;
but it appears from the examination which
has tuken place, that Moore farmed out
the office to Peck. The Sub-Treasury
law makes the default a penitentiary of
fence. The New York Courier has the fol
lowing singular statement:
Sale Of 01fioeS.-sThe recent discove
ry of a Urge defalcation in the office of
Maishid, has led to other discoveries
equally aMounding. It now appears from
a iC !U of Mr. Moore eJ. J iU
Cotirt of t'luntmr. that imaWuvfr apa
iUirrrij4on.if ai HaiBul.UifinMl
of his ..lliee for il.e .am f f 1 8.000 al
vi j prr moQiii i r. loc re in Justin -
earn of himself (. this avt antostifia -
j M proceeding, ilVm that the practice
nmr person me uepuiy Minim :
J Ina iUiI.Kj!.i!e lead further ia-
vet ligation, into ihe manner ia aliirh rj
urea i.are been !fpoei umier ihe i aa
k f I I II 1L -t mt
-uureo, i jier mm rwi ujnaauca.
Eeklclur at A EemOTal tmnJrrd
p,.n an u be fcred llounn lommn.Mi
. a a a ar
- - - -
fnun the ('nalnrai lloiiae of that eiir
.i . a a - fl - - i
the lat .f Mar neit. The pow.ler ia naid !
few bjr l-aaa llemoeraia, aha lubKril i CSREeClICOt The ai.g!e Whig n-
dollar a pier fiw ilia inlrreriin olii.i-t.'cnn.an rlreied ia C'niinertieiil a lew
MiMion waa a jreal free Urr and aoirJ
for Van Burea.
IdJWT t0tll Rail Read tf &6V
In the early part f laat werk. ihe tni-1
wotk on ihe ollh aide of IUk Fih
C'reek bridge, on the W ilmuieton Kail
Koad, 33 nil ei Inmi low n. ttmk fire, and j
ro,!a in eiie a ,. driroyr4
before person a ho happened to he near
eould get the fire i.nU r. 1 he acridcnl ,
was caiiaetl, we .n.Urtand. by ihe atli-
'- i.iu..ua ucu rin np -
that day l eeoromg detached. The injury 4
yP-"''- " n ' me Uaint
i.lani thai nar .1 and iL...l.ri..
- ,.... -
engers and mail. Wilmmgtm Chnm.
. r umversuy. w e learn that Jamea
i. Morehead, tq.. of ;reenDoiotiHh.
a il! di'livrr iha annm.l Ahra. k..f.r.
am W a. a . . .
- ; -
The Winchester Virginian of the 25th
. 1 ...
f. "? cr?l" ",!,, " " falh
and a alight rlmwet has made the wheat
aliiira (V iha ."u..la j.C it., f..i. f I...
,. ....
wera. in a great measure. 1111 a rea-
- a r . . .1
'trtnable un.!v if rain in the comiDiT
! AJumia A..n-utt..n. at the rpr..th.ngLr Cor. McDowell'.
,Xo,,ciiceminl of ihe Lniveiaiiy. i fj m'fnh.
lUk &gir. anwI,glhomMr.ijakrrWin
"Tiinionth. the Valley i. promi.cd on. of the
Importint Rumor from ICexico.
The Mobile l.f(iirrpullihe the follow
ing eitntct of a Inter from Veia ('ruz, the
1 4 in tut., oron;
N wre-rl
l?th nil., bfonht hv the .learner Tliuuiet
New rebelled here llii morning, from
I., . I .1. . .1 1
the capital, thai ihe Mexican t ongre-a
f "'okcd the perm.t allowing the light
of way to I elitiantepee for the conMnic
J I" 'f ltiIro.tl aero, the ImI.,1,.... in
r. " C". "w
X fSn' Brtu.h influence. .1 . M,d.
u at Ihe rotintialion of tin counter move-
. i. i .l . i u 1
manl II la rtttiinr.'il Innt an I nnlih a.l.
; miralty agent i. at Mexico attending to thi.
New Vork, May S P. M.
Difiiculties at St Domingo. By an
arrival here we have later dates from S.iinl
Domingo. (Jen. Solouque with his force
were within sixteen miles of tlie city of
Si. Domingo. He has an army of twenty
thousand will disciplined troops, and ex
pected lo attack the city in a few days,
lie had taken captive all the towns on
nwrch. The whole Island i in a state
ol great cpiiitiMon ami excitement ; me
inhabitants suffering much distress, h
believed that Solouque would be
completely victorious.
Canadian Affairs. The tlismrb.inre
continue in Motitteal, and is spreading
all nvrr both province. But it i. nowhere
assuming the khape of even a respectable
row, mucin less a revolution. There will
be a multitude of meetings; but ns there
appears tn be no opposing elements, the
Tory fire will soon burn itself qtiicilv
out, and every thing will resume iu usual
stream. I lie wmng party is inssaio'iieu.
I he quarrel has not arisen because the
Government is not liberal enough, but be
cause it U too lihcr.il; not because a n-vo
fliilitt ii nnvotAil Kill ,kca-anc.A Kill tin
P;"ed to pay those who made a very foe
iiiI. a ,"vi.iviit '- s win .
enon to turn a revolution :
A wan t Journal.
. ..... .... .
Overflow 01 tlie BllSSISSippi. A w .-
I" in Urn New Orleans Delta, over the ,
signature of D. B. Mosbv. ho suys he;
foHowe.! the Mississ.ppi river 20
years, give, his op.nion of tlcause of the
i-ikiiciiint riftintr nl llint rivpr. Ill mv iimi
-a - - - - j -
ne rcmcmners wnen me n iissippi w .
not embanked with levees above the mouth
...... e ,6..
ing over an immense valley from as high
up as Helena. Now it is not more than
a mile wide. This immense spreading
out of the waters afforded a place of tie
posite lor the mass of sediment which is
now forced down the channel of the ri
ver, and is filling tip the mouth and the
bottom of the river, high up above New
Orleans. In this way he accounts for the
necessity of raising the levee every year
or two; not that there is any more water
in the river, but as the bottom of the river
fills up with, the vast deposit of sediment,
ihe banks must be raised to hold the wa
ter. He says that trees may be seen which
once crew on the banks of the river, now
buried 15 or 20 feet in the earth of the
,,... ... .... - - -
levees. For a hundred mile. Irom either and Secretary, ami .em to mo im....j .
sida of the Mississippi, a well cannot bejih. deceased, and also published in thai
wiJxwt log. and other Itx!..' ILM-orooth r V, tad N. C. Pemo-
ration, of the former tweiflW. of tL r:rrt.
rr. 1 K. CB4BTBEE. Pre.!,
J If H, reedr ia tM provided, Capt. II. PxT. Secretary.
' nosey preoicts anal m feared l-v mtnf i
' in ll"t d-r one of the most (.Vsirnrii. a
oreif!.,.,. ever ke.ttl -f in ihi. country.!
lie proj .- ma partial remedy thai Loo- j
isu.na.or ele the tailed Stair. hsll roil
t wa outlet. iaUug luio lke Conn liar-
train. .tfunC.
' A Creit EISB. Tie eJam n( ih
I k . a. . -
i - or - a ifcwealia. in aiirakiitf bl J. .
II .- .. . .
rmntlr ertael. aiya l ra
' oore
a unnnrr in .WPgiraa. ami it Kfra
' a-
oT charaeirr. r.e to be tiiwt if ikcCW
led fur forir-onc yeara.
, p-w.B wMit ha r w pju iwnuiwiiuv h w Biurn rnitiTnl.
werka at, had a rlear niiriir over lua j
fererj ronipriitor of 4C8 tote, and a!
pluialitr of 1144 over lua Iienfiiro op-.
ponrnt; whilct the nniu d majotiiira of tlie
three Ijtr.J.wna taho .ti..t ...I
bui til. awl their nniied plnralnioa oer
ll.rir M hig opponent ml v 403.
EmlgTatloa-Ti.e Crcenbor.. (Ala.)
l!e:.ron v , .. Oie dav Iat week, up
aaol of thirty wagon and other t ehii-lr
b longing m the emigrant, mortlr fiom
nenigu ana ixmiti L.rolma, pu-el
ihrougli on their wny. mom of ihrni bound
lo I eiaa and Ark.naaa."
. . . '
...., -,.. , pY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
k at H-rbat!o. - and other Urtliali I.Lnd
iu the Wrt InJie.
TrOOf BeadifiS. Fitxif irJrr re
Sl.g..U In apeAitig
a atieeeh, ihe manu-
aiiliial I iliaaa iomi mo
Wftil and
iiulirop more
than onre gave way to his feeling iu a
flood of Man. I he printed ropy read.
" Many member, ktrpl, and Mr. Speaker
Wintlirnp more than once gave way to!
' hi feelings in a mug if .'
- -
, . .
"8 r0W V,P"U. -i...nrhc.l li.e
"'. ciicr, wncn I am
gone, justice will be done to me in this
way, that 1 was a pure writer. Ii is an in
expressible coinf iri, at my time of life, to
he able to look b-ick and led that I have
not written one line againi religion or
We learn, sajs the Boston Journal, that
Dr. W arret,, of this city, rei eutly loi.k
from the stomach of an Irish girl, at the
Massachusetts General llor-piul, by meal.
of an incision, a tape worm forty-one feci
eleven inches in length ! The operation
was performed ahilu the stilTcring paltent
was under the influence of Ether. She
obsened, on coming to her senses, " Oh !
I have had a pleasant dream, and I feel
iclieved." The wound wastlre.-ed with
great care; and she has scarcely complain
ed of pain since the opetatiii. This, we
are told, is the only case on record, where
the lape worm has been liieully cut from
the human stomach.
Tobacco a Cure for Cholera. Dr.
John W. Moore slates, in a Mobile pa
per, that he rured one hundred or more
extreme cases of ihoh ru, not losing one,
by ihe use of lohnccn. lie administeied
it in a form of an cn-ima, of the sirrngth
of one drachm lo a pint. He first tried
it upon a negro, whose pulse was cone, j
his tnr.true was cld, and his muscles so
til! id that he rested only on his head and
heels. In five minutes he was rclicied,
and the cure pcrlectcd by drinking a tie
enction of sena. In his own case. Dr.
Moore took into his Mnmach a spoonful
of the tobacco decoction, with pcrft ct re
lief from cramp and diarrha-a. He has
no dnubl but that cholera may be as easi
ly managed, as the fevers of our country.
Facts are Powerful Arguments.
There are in New Orleans ami its suburbs
twelve hundred and fifty-'hrv-e members of
thcSonsnfTemperance, attached two diffe
rent ilivi-ions. During the whole of the
recent visitation of the cholera in those
place, but three deaths occurred among
members. Of these three two had been
members less than a month, and the other
una rrretlv ex nosed bv reason of his oc-
annnhtn 'I'lin nrnnstttifltk flf ftrnlf in llli
a j a
I UHHi'iii -s --------
1 citv was tilteen to every iiioiis.hkI souls,
'while in Ihe Sons it was hut little over
j two in ihe same number. The Crescent
publishes a report from which these facts
' are gleaned. I hey are significant items.
P"""" "-"'.' .
are gleaned. I ney re s-gntm atu items.
The following resolution, were intro-
dt.ced by John A. Williams, and imani-
mously passed hy the Clio.ophic Socie-
,. - - a
ii nl lixioru. ii. U.. on me uui Apni.it.L. ra...ins.... t.,.leo..a YVi iii
1819: -
WHEREAS, it lia pleased an All Wise wliiabeth his wife, and Nathanael I. King, are
Providence to remove from amongst ll. j not inhabitant of the Stale of North Carolina; It
.1 . I)-. Qianl.on Iri Pllia laia of ibe therefore onlered, that advertisement be made
the Rev. Stephen I Lilts, late or !ne,.n HiIi(boro h K-for iUCCCg.sive
North Carolina Conference, and a mem- ( wfrkf fo MiJ ,Wn ,IrfpnjanU , ,,,peS, ,t the
ber of the " Cliosnphie Society, to that ; , ,erm of ,he Court of Law and Equity, to lie
Society where angel, delight to dwell. Be t held at the Court House in Hillsborough, on Ihe
:. .t...r..ra ' 2nd Mondav of September next, and then and
1.. -....! Tl.-i : it., .tasib nT nnr :
' , . . 1 :...,.-kl. ;
brother we have sustained an irreparable
loss, as well a the church an ethcienli
minister and truly pious man.
Ile'Olvtd, Thai we deeply sympatnise
with ihe afflicted companion and friends
r dnnaripd brother member, and re-
ui 1 - .
commend that they submit with christian
resignation to the Giver of all good.
llesolved. That as a testimonial of our
high regard for the deceased, we will wear
the usual badge of mourning for the space
of 30 days.
liesolvetl. That a copy ot me lorego-
ing resolutions be signed by the President
, , . . .t. r. -f.
! Kwt fc 0 IuCiftt.!
FnJa. Ma 4, Uli.
Toaacxo.- Tlemfkciont.nur cube
aniinait J. ami price, hare an up Bar J Uii-
.Wr1 us 51 a 31 lf 31 C9
rrrrijie r !ihi U lUt aeaaoii.
Corns.- We he rfcarre U nut
f .
ainee our at re port nrirra are eieatlr
.. .. '.I.
at 6 a tt Ut twi anJ fine aUitieJ 51
a o:.
rtot a. S.!c. .re KinheJ at H a fl
U'rcat Ihii little arming, anj arlla
I.I fill m 11 1
j rm. The reeripta t aery
anJ it ia wanted at 45i.
Piua. Blrk-eye Ia 40e.
lictsa. U hitr Ileana 7(1 a t5e.
rlacox. . Va. mred. C a 7,c Wra-'
l ra KluHihler and Siile 5 a 6e.
I ft . a .
n .in
I!edv. a. Apple Brandy 33 a 33
C'orroraflon rrorr!lnffa.
IMI farough, May 5.
rrearnl O. F. lt. M. P- P. B. Kuffn. R. I
t. Mmis Hlqhea Moore, We. NrUoo, W'm.
JI.lli. an, R.Niib.J.
A Wut, Ix-niurl I.ynrb.
TU committee apauled t e-llerl and re.
the aolinance aJuptftl or IS3, 4e. re-
Tul- . ird and
" ' '
On motion, at a a I
UroW, That Mraai. I. orb, KufTia and tlie
jM" rf " u '' !
rn",rt r"n,,n 150 rnl"M ,b
:Tun Ordinanrea, including thoat adoleJ inc
On motion, an ordinance aa adopted uii-
inf an annual lat often dollar on pedler olTar-
inj their gnod for le within the limit of the
town, if'or abkb e ilertia-mrnt
E. A. lIKAlMT.ToanC leil.
We are requested lo announce Mr. Ro.ebt
F. Moaaia . .candidate (ul Ihe County Court
Cleikskip of Orange County. j
We are requested lo announce Cel. II sa a v K. ,
WiTNtatroo aa a candidate for the County
Court Clcrksliip of Orange County. j
W are reuuested lo announce Gen. Joatre
Attiaaa. .. a candidate fir OM-lecli.m lo lb
County Court tb-rkship of Oiange ( ounty.
We are requested to announce Mr. liira.a
M. Jose, aa a candidate for re-c lection to the of.
lice of Clerk of the Superior Court of Orange
D.,.,ar ii .1 ia.I.
led.inJcffcrsnneountv.Alal'iima.onlhe loth
. , ,. .
ultimo, in lb. 5filhyear of his age, the Hon. Jon
F. Foaassr, formerly of thi county. II occu-
pied the honorable position of Judge in Jefferson
county foi many years, and was highly esteemed
for the correctness of hi deportment, nd lb.
kindtiesa and benevolence of his disposition. Hi
funeral wa attended by lb. M.iaonic fraternity
in . Isxly, and by the I.Ktun l)iviion of Ihe
Son of Tenirranre, of which he was their first
presiding oflicrr. He wa piou-ly inclined for
several years previous to bis death, and during
bis list moment ei pressed hope of a blessed
iinmortulilv. ,
rl CSPECTFI'l.I.V announce lo their friends,
A thai lliev have teccived their full Moek of
si'iti.YG ami sr.tiMi:::
Consisting of every variety of Merchandize,
Dry taootlw, Cnnry nnd Maple,
Cutlery, Ilurdwnrr,
Crockery, I'alnlN, Dye Miiir,
&.C Ike,
All of which Ihey are am ions to dispose of for
V. . 1 . a. an .Nat.. Ia ftnaal.i.t . UiLm at... I'
Cash, er on credit lo punctual dealers mill.
Their price shall correspond with the times. I
May 8. HO tf
Iii Equity March Term, 1819.
William Barlxi and Jamrt Wtbb,
Thr Ihm.Jamtt 1rtdtll,Jtihn M.Fauertt, Adm'r.
of Kliztilirth Fann. )rc'., Wilir Fann, Mar
ia Fann, Anna Winfrre.Jada Watkrr, IClizt'
lnlh llynum, William I'mi'ergrari and Tab
liu bin wifr, John Vendtrgran and Rrbrtra
bin aifr.und W.lliam I'ichlt, Willi Piekflt,
J..hn I'irhrll. Tmdru PirkilL Jnhn ttarlirr':
and Klixntoh bi wife, fnrmtrh ElizaMh '
' xZiUY I
' ' ' . j
'"g'n J ,
J the defendjmt. W.he Fann, Mark, a-nv
Aan. H.
Pickett, Tapley Picket t. and John Harhee ami
, jtmu j ruin luinw. vv aa muv.l..ico, - .......
there to plead, answer or demur to complainants'
bill, otherwise the same will be.takcn pro nmfet-
t(wm nJ metJa l f
witness O. F. Ung. Clerk and Master of our
! Court of Equity, at office, thi 8th day of May,
1 1849.
j O. F. LONG, c. & M. E
Price dv. $5 : 50 80 Bw
TAKEN up and entered on the
Stray Book according to law, by
George Nichols, living thirteen
miles nmth east of Hillsborough, a
BA V HORSE, supposed lo I
an.it fiftean veara old. t.lin.1 in tl.a rivht eve.
h.u get up to pastern joint, a star in th face.
A. U. MUKUUUU, ttantrer.
April It. 1149. Ti-w
Toxvn Ordinance.
T aamiac ( It ttr4 t C'MHUek.Arfa
f itaa time f i,'JiciV Lbl tf
4a ike iliaiii, I a t?. I UJm-i mrtsMtvm
i? ir irJeimi. TT-nt "! reia Sna f
Ja, aikBia) Uir knita a t!.t low a. or ar.
utlta m auaiari(iivi ia ttla Ha". a. !! !
I to v mm aiwMul bi
la.) ieM iha t-jwn VfKwrv ; aui li Tavaj Ca
W KmeHr laautiri to rJWI (br cMkt aaaj
aji B tt la tba To a Tiraurrr.
Jr Jv'.Ur WnW, 1 hat tija fofegoirf ar
Jiaaa aUU ha ia ira 6 awl afet ll Cnt
a at Suae. lt9iaUitutlits(aaar iu'j:lf
. t k a a. . - " .
jeJ w iha HJ1J; 1. Knrw, ,Mj c.
t m n i' rrva.
lir anicr 4 ttia IV aid.
E. A. IILAH I i . l i.aa Oetk.
MaJ 7lh. fO 3w
By IK Ijatlmrg CH JULES HALY, 6a
Vtrnur t,J .Vrf ' -A .
U HEBE AS by th ISth rhivrd A.u
tawaj at lit !a4 mMm of Ibe Urmrat
AiaemHr. it w piWW that : hUtiS U the
'""'" f Ur,rC ""U h"W elertiua oa the
lij 1 burj. in AwU Uwb rnauiiir, to Ul t!.
; nw h uir iiuiiuiiv lown h auii muiiiT vn toe
. oun(kia Juiuo" - Poi- ol
And abrtvai the aaM SS.iilT baa irrtifi. J ta
Ihit i-ninriil that aaid rlrrliua la Iran da'T
i hrkl. and that 1351 uir hate tirrq giea iu la-
' e it:-: : I ...... . .-
or n t'Koaun anu 1 vv i mna laiur M no at
tixinas No, punuitvreiftl.e,rotiiiifihe3.,ih
arriioa of ih At r ti ind lo, I do bm-b mala
knaaa, by tliU 1'iut Unuit.41, thai a niajnnly of
1.. ...oliT.. .1 h-Minfubl Mi... a. T f I,...
, .otrJ , um tlte Jjij rt ,( Mlue. ,IM
d hr.rty J.Tl.r that Ihe A.t ol the Urf arn-iua
of tlie t irri.l ;rnil.ly. eniiilril - an Act to lay
on anti eii'iin a count i ti. uaaen-.Ma-
owik." raiiikd on Ihe 29ih da f Januan. A.
U. IW9:aidaIotheAdrotiil.d-AnArtMii-
plrmmtal loan art paaard .y lite ptrariil Ucnrral
A-rmWy, entitled an Art lo U offuxi cUi.li.h
" 11
(We and rilVct.
aia ojurratite and in lull
.I'lXL'.. tJoen under my band and '!
ih inure, ai ilia bicruiK t-rpau-Diriit
in Ihe rity ol Kak'igh, ll.i.
a.L . .- a . ......
.: zim uav oi .mhil i.v.
By Ui. Ciwernor,
I.tHatioa MlklV,
I'ritalt Srenlary.
April 31. JW(
In Equity Man-h Term, 1849.
William and Alfrril Hay,"
Original Bill.
John AV.y V othrrt.
T Piari.,gloibcaatisfacli.mortheCourt.t!.1.t
Mary Rav, one of lb imrtica dctriidant in the
1 tM , , j,,,,,,,,,,, of w, . U
jsonlend, that adtrrtim nienl be made in a pul
lie newnpniH r for the aid Murv Ra peraoimlly
to appear in ibis Court, on the second Monday of
September nrt ; ihru and there to a.irr the
bill of complaint of said William and Alfred Ray,
and to stand In, abide by and ieifiiin such order
and decree as .Itnll lie inai!c m the renu-es ; other-
sw .'in -lll tr laarii rti.iii-rv aa w
. .. , .1 .
brr, and fleeree entered acenuliiiplv.
Witness, O. F. Urg, fink ai.d Master in w:r
' 'I I'll Ml .. I . f... - . ...
nid Cuurt. at Dllire, Ihe 2nd Monday of Aareh,
A. 1). 1849.
O. F. LOMJ, c. &. m. r.
April 14. 78 Car
Ihe proprietor of this iuvaltiuMe remedy pur
chased il of the iioeiitor, there was no medicine
which ilesered the name, fur the cure of l.iver
and Bilious ciiiiints, notw ithstanding the treat
I prevalence of these diseases in the I jiited Suites,
n the South and West paiticularly, where the
patient is frequently unaMe lo ol tmi the senil e
of regular physieinn, some remedy w as require i!,
j at oiiee aal'e and fUectuitl, ami alio-e operatiim
could in no wise prove prejuilicint to the constitu
tion. This medicine is supplied by lr. M'I.hiic'
l.ner rills, a has liecn proved in every iiistjnci
in which it has had a trinl. Ahvnys Ih-ih Mi !:.t,
not a miliars iustiince has ever isruriid in whic'i
its etleels have been injurious. The iuventii.n if
an educated and distiiiKuished physician, it bus
I nothing in common with the quick mxtrumsiiii
', posed HJHHi the piihlic by shullow pri lenders I
I the meilienl art. Experience1 has now pr'tvedbc
vond a donht, that llr. M'l.ane'a 1MI is i!,e Iwst
remedy ever proposed for the liwr cinpl:iint.
Purhasers w ill please beware of counter
feits, and invariably ask for llr. M'l.auc's celebra
ted liver pills, nnd lake none else, as there ate
0hr. pur.)orti3 t0 be liv.-r piils, now before
. ... 1
Ihe puhlic.
plaints. Although long known as a sova.
leisjn remedy for chronic cases of Hepatic de
rangement, the proprietors of Dr. M'l.iine's l.iver
Fills were not reparcd for the following gratify
ing evidence of its capacity and curative pow -.m
in Ague and Fever, and Dilious nniiilai"' .
MAnisosar no, IS'ov. S j, if' 1 7.
" Mfnr. Kidd $ Co. About one je-ir-s) f
was laboring Under a very severe attack a. U,ue
and Fever, but by the use of M'l..ineV l.iver
Fills I waa soon restored lo perlect health. I bo
beve them to he the liest mcUcme lor unions
coiiit.laiiits that has ever been olfeicd for sale in
' rctio" uf ,Ur country.
, & iUs,,orouch. u j
rir,Rvillf.Hur(,lc& ni;rll0 Wllimt0rJ
M & Ml' Ti r""
Fcbuary 7.
Wholesale Druggists,
ai:li Market Street, aiwve 5th,
"l":'? PHltlDELPUIA.
ar tvtllTaaf S"
ISTKn. j
aosict r
a. 1. omnkn
invc;s &.'!! i:dicii:s,
Calais, Oil-, la, Dve-Stuflft,
Varnishes &o.
Also, Patent Medicine. Medicine Chest, Surgi
cal and Obstetrical Instruments, Che
mical Tests, Ac.
Order from Country Druggist or Physi
cians, filled promptly and with care.
Philadelphia, March, 1849. 73 6m
rkNE THOUSAND raids of TOW and COT
TON cloth.
Ootohti IS
BLANKS fur Sale at ihi. OAs.

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