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The Hillsborough recorder. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1820-1879, November 14, 1849, Image 4

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Look .it this!
. - - im mpmrin. Aimit . a-
MIkM AaJwa, W-Pa, v
iirilKill! Here irr rm
.JX rf ir.VIXK
a-awUsg af evry article Mnftf b,hi la Is
nilH. ahirh 1W7 wilt aril mi a goad lena
M b kU a U Stats. INiirhaaer srasal 4
art! rfl ad naiM far lUl"
ltrtkwuit eWa km, M they ar dVterSMtifa1 not
1 be aaJrfaoU tx say ss b fh
Ws sU my la ya ..
If rot want rbeas fwik cB t
October 2X
Look here!
THE MWnfcm waukl mfonsj tft. public, that
tbee Mill reritiniM is da baaine at lb. aid
a,.l r W.huil Grave.i eirbt atilrs Nona of
H.Wmoagh. whrr they kerf cm tad good
(HXiwrttt af
nnd some Dry liootl-j
tmt Bironrhri. Bnsiin, f imilli, aid
gins; cut Ssdain, id. fiararsi M
eifTrrrut klndt,
TV uiaterigaes will tKroJ la repair, af all
aorta is ihrii bar with acatnes and dtspati-i.
. In xcba-re for the .bov mrolnweJ aitirlra
will ts t.ken IVn, VH. FUxsred. Feathers.
or road Horse. market pnraa,
HURDLE ii hurdle.
October !.
LONG & WEUD a, no- (ruinf lafa
and roalrte AawrUnrot of
Tffl fl IVinter iod
alkh ihry ar detpnninrd to art) lur.
Thry inwte thrir frit mU and ih. uhlie cw
tal! lll and riamine for theoweKea.
ililMrugh,4Trt. Snd. IMtl.
Var nnioiis the Saddler!
rpiIE cHrtnrJiip of rulWr A Hcdppet"
mx Jauj 0) mum cw n,
1 1 1 k:. ihoJia In hu fnrml. ami
set uvn"j - " :
tht puIJie 6'"""y I"1"1 f1"" P,t,ao: I
ae Ihry ha" hretof.berfowad upon him. and ,
rnpectfully ipfurau tbem lliat h taaiata) the
aUnd on. dour we of tha ! formerly or t-
r.ied by Fuller A lledgnrto, anU boim ta fciert
liberal ahare af Uirir riwtom atill, aa he aiin. to
keep un hand full aortwent of
saddles, Hridlm, llarnras,
nd ry other krticl. belougUi to the 8a44lmg
He will ny kind of wrk in .sHianae for
I.unlirr, PhinRlea, Corn, Kkw, Wood. Ae.
H. would lik to Uke at an apprentice boy
about the aw of IS or IT, of good habit and of
ntpaetable famtlv.
October S3.
Saddling Business. .
AVIXU diasoled o-nartnerhip with Solo
mm Fuller. I would reap tfully inform my
old frirml and the public pnerally, that I am
Mill to be found at the old ttand aecuiiied by Ful
ler and Hedgepeth, prepared to catry on tha SedV
Hiuinna in all it vurioua branrhea.
I am prepared lo fornUh Saddlea from good ta ;
bwt, inferior to none manuiHciu a row nut
Runkum:" also Corriace. Darouche, Buggr,
Carryall and Wa.on HARNESS, in th. neateat
nd ort approved at vie. ia word th. ubacri
bcr promiw- to I .Me at tha abortaat notice 4o
II A RN ESS .ny hor in the eonnty,
ct'ivn nAU ..A It,.fr,!n; TRI'NKS ! '
Uri.Ue Biu.nd Stirrup Iron.; ab well aeleeled t
..mtmeiit of MOL'NTIXH for Barouche. Bug-1
j 1 r.-,U. llri.ll. Iliu-klra : and that n
ful and iiidiiipenaakle article culled LEATHER,
of every kind. ." .
Thankful f.jr th. attention, , .nd M th. kind
and liberal patronaRO which . eubacriber ba
heretofore received at the hand of the Public, he
b,.rc to retain their favor by dome; fitJUli
WORK and effering GOOD BARGAIN'S.
CjII at lite wgn of the raddle.
4. W. HliUfJErETH.
OjoUrSi. 0
' I)U. KL'IH.'S
Abyssinian Blixture.
TOR tbe cure of Catarrh, Infiuon, Coaliv.
- oess.pile, Cravel, &c, &.C-
For mle at thi Offico.
Price $2, and ?&50 per bottle.
October S3.
great Americnn remedy for ne of the moat
formidable ill that flesh i heir to, is now acknow
ledged euperior to any medicine of the kind aver
offered to the DuWic, The action i e.sy.cerlai,
and attendant with no unpleasant result. It haa
never been tned without producing U10 most al
ulary elfict. Caonpeuniled by one of tha moat
eminent nhvuiciana in our country, it ia th. me
dicine which science, .kill and exyeneneo offeja
lo human ullerinj.
WORMS. A thi. is the eon of fhe year
when wormv re most fbrmulahla among
children, the proprietor of M'Liine' Vermifuge
beg leave to cull upon parents, toliciting their t
teution to it virtue for tb expelling of the,
annoying .nd oftan fatal enemies of children.
Their invention i. by a physician of great expe
rience in Virginia, and after using it for several
vein in ki. awn practice, and finding ita .ueceaa
so universal, he ha hem induced at last to offer it
to the puhlic cheap but certain and excel
lent medicine.
Lon? & Webb. Hillsborough; 1). Hf.rtt, dr.
Jones Watson & Co..Chapel Hiih A. Mooring,
MooringviUe; Hurdle & Hurdle, Walnut Grove,
f)range County; Moor. 4c Nodi, SU. Tiru Per
en County.
Fcilary7. . 7
HIDES, tVanted.
nHE anhKribcrs will give ail kinds of Mar
A chndue in exchange for
Green and lirt tlfnTS,
delivered at their Ptore, or al William H. Brown
September 6. 46
Orango Land for Sale. .
r r T'r:.": : Lb.
aAiavr.a:ar-. :
r,.i.i.. af ibW ssuBtr. Th
aar.,.;rvs TWUaJ
4. aai fc
a, af goal alrtv,
i. iu.uliW mat
ZS. a arl iwk aS W-otOI 4
1 Arngmt, IMS. Uk Vrlh-ia lrtoBtafy.
rt,ljxt Uw. aa lb af LrM M kuiW.
af ankl ntoW la awat thrk rkuon. Jaty albr-
pwpMV.aihrrauc Oaa a
IVUora W lh aaU t ! Va Jwe la
uk. aarawal Haairilulrlv.
,, r"
PR. T01TSi:SD,
Caral tlTHCT.f
KwT-aaa' Miuitie f Ike Aet'Tlt owaf I
rpiUS r.Hrart ta put vf Qrt Colilnit it
i iiii time el-f. ilea-mntrr, aJ
nnlrd tupcrr ta any aU.
aaJiinr. mircinc. awinune. ktililalm Ik
(rrt beauty and Mijiriiority of ttU fa
taprilU all obrr mrd inr U, that hil it
rradir tba 4la. it ijiirh U l'v '
ia ana of lha f I'KINU AXD MM
punfir. . h!i tfWfhrn
a mm fxararj .y no othrf BirJiriiie. And
la lidm lira tha rand' -vrrt of ila wuutlrrful uf
cm. It h rfnrmrd witliiit the l4 (Uc yrxn,
bhm lh" 100.W0 runr f wvrr. rar af di
nuw; at kmt IS.tKMt acre rattM.binI Mawal.
It hat aavrd the livraof mure lhn 5,000 rhiUrru
durinff ill V araanw. s
10,000 BMf 0 7tT IKHfitg mud Wrf j
pr. Tawavad'a 8arMrilla imigorotra the
hula avalrm neeinanfatlv. To uumm a no Haw
bat their niuarubr met.: by lha of iwJi.
ciiMi ar indiwfrt'um rominittrd in youth, or the
eirraiiva iudulgrnre of tha fmUm. and bmught
. . . . .
ayatrin, laaMtuUr. want ot ann mon, i.unuK arn
ntiona, amaatura dy and aWline, batiiinB
fca j;,, c'n.uiti.li.m. ran ha
entirel minted be )iis ilea.3nt rrmeilv. Th
Sarsaparilla ia lar'mprrior to ny INVHI0I5
TINti CORl)IAUtirnrwd ini.ate
th. tyAtm, ctea aliity to the linda nd atrrns'h
to the rottulat ayatcui, ia moa eiUMrdinary
Clean, and atreneibea. f.'oiiMiniplkm en
be rumL Bronrbilia.Coniiumpiion, l.ier Com
plaint, Cold. Catarrh, Couglw, Auhnia. Sibling
of Blood, 8oienew in th. Cheat, Hectic Fhiah,
Night Sweat.. Difficult or rioluae k perforation.
Pain in tlte tjile, &cn hav beea and can be
eured, i , , '
AVw IV. AprUi9, 147.
Dr. Towaaisn I eerily brliw. that your
SaraaparilU ha been the inean through Troti
denre, of aavinsmy life. 1 he for eeral year
bad a bad Cough. It became worne anil a one.
At l,atl raiaed large auaiHitiea of Mood, had ni.M
Sweat, ami wa irreatly debilitated and reduced,
ad did not expect to live. I hav. only sed your
8arparilla a vt tune, and ther. ha won
derful change been wrought in me, I am now
able lo walk all over th. city. I raise no blood,
nd my eimgh haa b-ft inc. You can well ituag
tiw that I am thankful for iheaa reault.
WM. liLSSELL, 63 Catherinc-st ,
This i on I v one of more than four thourand
ttnet of Rlicumnlinn that Dr. Townaend'f rJara.
P-nlla ha curj.1. Th. mwt aevere and chronic
eae are weekly eradicate.1 by it eiU.ordutary
Jame. Camming, Esq., oneoftHeasaiaiit.in
the Lunatic Asylum, Blackwell Iluiid, u the
gentleman spoken of in the following b-ttcrt
i)hekwtir$ MmiJ, Stpl 14. 1847.
Dr. Toumxtud Der Sir: f have suffered ter
ribly for nine years wiih th. Rheumatism 1 con
sideroble af the time I could not eat, sleep or walk.
I had the utmost digressing pains, and my limbs
were terribly swollen. I have used four twNlcs
of your Saraaparill, and they hove, done me
more than one thousand tioilu- worth of good.
I am so much bettet imlred.i I am entirely re
lieved.. You are at liberty to use tlus foi the
benriit of the afllirted.
V.ur, repecifully, AMES CUM MINGS.
Dr. Townaeml, not having tested hia Sarrnpa
rilla ia e of Fits, of couise never recommend
ed it, and wa surprised to receive the following
from an intelligent .ad rcspeqfabie Farmer in
Westchester County t .
. " . Fordmm, A u tint 13, 1847.
, Dr. Towsend Dear Sir: I have a little girl
seven rears of age, who has !een for several years
afflicted with K(U, we tried almost everything
for her. but without success ; at tut, although we j
could find no recommendation in our circular
or cases iw ners, we inouunt, as sue was in ! part or the country. Our limits arc well m-a-very
delicate health, we would give her tome of! aenedaiid of good quality. Woik shall not only
yaur SarsapartUa, aud ar. very glad we did, for j be done to euit the times, but lower than usual
it not anly restored ho strength, bat ahe ha had ;fr cash. Persons from the country will and our
no return of Fits, to our great pleasure and suc-fBhop tdoi above Nelson' Stare, at the place
prise. She is fast becoming rugged and hearty, ' formerly occurix! by Mr. Henry Gorman. "
for which we feci ejatel'iil.
Yours, respectfully, JOHN BUTLER, Jr.
. Dl. TownseBil' Sarsaparilla is sovereitrn and
1 - r t " . 1 , . : 1,
sik-xiy cure iut inciiiimi vonsumpuon, uarren-
nes Prolapsus Cleri. or Falling of lh Womb,!
f ;Mti vpnML Pile.. I.iiienrrtira-. nr Hkil. nh.i
ctrncted or difficult Menstruation, Incontinence nf
Urine, or involuntary discharge tltereof. and for
the genera prostration of the system no mat
ter whether the result of inherent cause or causes,
produced by irregularity, illness or accident.
Nothing can be more urrising than ita iuviga
roJieg effect on the human frame. Perrons all
weakses and lassitude, frem taking it, at once
become robust und full of energy under its in
fluence. It immediately counteract the nerve
(rssnes of tha female franae, which i the great
cause of Barrenness, It wilt not be expected of
us, incase, of aa delicate a nature, to exhibit
certificates of cure performed, but we can assure
lh a filieted, that hundred of case have been
reported to na. Thousand or cases where fmi-l
He have been without children, after nstng few
ooiiie. wi mis iiiT.iu.hie medicine, have been
Wcshed with fine, healthy oSipring. I
Thi Extract of Saraapanlla ha btcii exprs-
KtM as VaV el4aW'
tbal enura. !. 1 ar ra
tr Is asks
w ,,. a. Itus
Wkia. Tfcia arriaa i iW
mi y wh; IA aafc W 1
Aem ta at appfaatktMt mo
M it itc.kt.tewJ laa-M a.ar,t7awrk-,
. . . t t I at H - 1
cat. Jora la owe aUjert.
i, iU Wok r-rai J-n-a--;
!. tafcr. fat ki-
n.U MfaKla eaarloaiveH aeawea fbat tba
artaparilla bat perlrrt eeanaj ee the
finale ml tha Kbwd. Tbret
eared ia mm fcaoat i apteredrwd.
Dr.Towa.Dea. Srt lluwelUpWa
ar. lo mforaa vau mat due af my chudiea bae
he cured aft! BcaU by tha tweaf jeajf ri-
WLt aanli. w. TheT WCT. alHtrwd CTy
nety with bad 8ate; baa. bkea aoly four bol-
dr took tneai away, mr wwrm im"j
BBort great ouiraiioa.
Your, reppettfully,
ISAAC W. CHAIN, ICO Weoatet-et.
Dr. Towaarad ia a!mol daily reeeiviop order
uora PtivMitana in J.lli rent parte of tha I biob.
Thi U to eenify tlurt we. tha nndeaigned Tby
aVian. of the City of Any. ha. ia ouineroa.
ee pnrarriled Dr. Towaaend Haraap'"1'
ad belieo it to be one of tha tnoal akiable
ntepantitiA in the aairket.
r ' Jl. P. PILING, M. D.
tL B. HRICC.H. M. D.
Aflany. April 1. 1847. I
Principal Office, tln & ToBeml, 85 Xaa. j
aa hlfrcU New York.
ITT For iiu b) "P. llcrll, IlilMo
roiigh. July IB, 1847. gl ly
Ence Mountain Wills.
rHE i4critr'a Wool Carding Machine sr.
now in good order and ready for carding
i I Dry am or iicnoru mj nir. vuh .
Whitukrr, an eiperknred Carder and a Heady
run. a bo w ill liar every exertion to give aatUfao
tion. Trittm of Canting J cent per poand; mix
ine itone ia the beat manner for 10 cent per
. mm -.. . I , I - . E.
I am alwi eniraeed in Blaclemithing, Maaufae-
lurimr Caixling Mac hine. Wheat Fane, War mm,
an.l J'looKlifc AllrcairinguVne ineod)c.y
experienced woikmen.
Alvoon hiu!, .ml luraale, riour, vv neat uran,
Corn Meal Wool rotta, and Shingle. ; together
with a amall .luck of GOODS, uch are gene
rally found in a Country Store; all of ah irk will
be Mdd lo unit the time for Ca.li; or Wheat. I'or n,
Itaxwed. FentlirK BerMax. fallow and Hhiu.
glea will be tali In a. ca.h. at maikrl nrirea.
June II th, 1849.- 86m
r A Frcsli Supply.-
JL'ST roorweiJ, and will be sold low, partieue
Lirle a hen the cah is oficred.
I piece of Oil Clolh for eoache and floors,
4 pieces Webster Unbleached Sheeting,
SO piece Bleached ditto. , ,
1 pieoe dura Worsted Moreen, ,j
1 piece Canada mixed, - , ....
Drab, Canada mixed, and Gold mixed Satinetta,
I piece Black French Do fclin Ca.iiuere,'
I pii-ea 6-4 Fancy ditto, ',
1 pieot line brown Broad Cloth,
1 jiiece ouperfm. Frem h black ditto,
1 piece black Bonnet Katin, 1
I piece upcrior black Satin Vesting,
1 pice. Ia-.i1 Cambric, 10 piece Paper ditto.
Cheap Csllico, - "
t piece Englixh Sileaias, .
i piece heavy BUck Hilk Frinee,
16 piece, colored Satin Ribbon,
Ladies' dark Kid Gloves,,
Ladica and Gent' aviate Kid nod bilk. Glove,
Linen Dobbin, Mack Alpaca Hose. Merino Phi..,
white Wadding. Mack Sewing Si:k, ,
13 groa black Stay Binding,
I groa Booth Patent Silk Button for trim-
mil dreee, t
Violin Strina. '
. V 5 Kicks fine ami ground A Hum S'.
10 bags Rio ColTee, S bngs Lapuini ditto.
S barrel Stuart's Steam Refined aud Cru.hed
Suear, , .
1 barrel and I hogshead Brown Supsr,
S barrel Clover Seed, Clark's Matches. .
Wistar Balsom of Wild Cherry, Townscnda
Sarsafiarill, Quinine. .
Half baxc Raisins. Cheese, and ninny other
articles constantly arriving.
DocemhcrS. 63
THE partnerJbip of Workman & Uiiey hav
ing been dissolved by mutual consent, and
the uudcrsigned having, on the first day of De
cember, 1846, formed co-part nersjiip in the
Carriage Making Business, I
would inform the citizens ol Hillsborough, nd the
county at large, that thry aic now prepared to
execute all trork in Hteir lirus ol business in
style that will compare with any made in this
February 52. 7-
Sc., . , nw r.
hJ nk SWu FT" ? 'f0'-"
tU Agencvin HillshoroUllh and transferred
I..I : ." i ;i :n .a 1 !
.if.-itiinntes. to naiein, mo sunsrriucr win niirnu
tothe Renewal of Notes, and other Bank Busi-
, M- Vm V. I IIKqI'I SMSMI V . VI W a- uv I
may desire it, for the usual compensation. The
Officer of the Bank will decline attending to but
sines of thi kind. - '
Notice This!
I'lTE will take in exchange for Goods, Dry
' Jlwlrs, Flour in barrels, Corn, Wheat,
Thrashed Oats, Flax Seed, Domestic Cloth of all
kind. &c Ac v - -
October 16. - : .03
Job Printing,
"40,000 lbs. iron;
J. K- - - tW?'
mm W m W 1 tl t $i f
M.I it m m m "
rail and TTInlrr !
Sfac".r.t - iKnJ
eiaauae their rfork Ufcr purrkwuir rlaf-
abrre. ai Ibcy arr dncrauurd I. re .
great ninciis.
Tw HanJ. a ill be tivea ia ecbaage for Green
and liy Hide, at Ibe ttil fikc.J 4 l
IUJ 91. 1R48. ft-If
m i:h j. WADDII.L & DAl'PHTER.
ill iwaprrtfully lender tbcif tbank la lha La.
Jir af HdUaaroagb aaJ Ha ekiuity , to tne vwy
thml Datronaee ihee bat. recrieed at tncii
band, and bope.by lb. it prompt attention lo bo
i.aad the aeetneaaaad at) leaith which tbey
execute their wark.atill lo aa-iit and receive li
Wral there of lalrouage.
Tbej have jtut received tin ir pattema for the
Fn aud WtiTti, and iuvile tb ladie lo
call and e theta, or a hit h "y I moat tatia.
tartoi. to both pirtie.lortrtnciii tlicH drranarkj
ba. ihem nod. in th. lateal and moauiabioB.
ableatyk. "
Tbey have juat received the lateat and moat
approved ViietM tema, and a i nerrhant
bae a fine aupj ly of Himming auiubla for
awking them, we bop we will have aoin la
auk. foi the ladie of HiUawroueJ), and vicinity.
OcUf 10. - S
Wanted-Cash! Cash!
THE aubacrihere ate juat receiving and ope
in. their Fall and Winter ttopplir. which
conaiat of a large and complete aaMM-ttnent of
every variety of GOODS aauairy kept in our vil
tage Mtorea,
Their Plo. k ha been elertel with car., and
Icbirilv boacbt with rakh. 1'hee are deteronned
nlk, .K-if urieea uk the time. ; and a they
ym Wriicularfy in want of C.iJi, thoae ha have
; it may exiieet creal bateaiu.
, Give u a rail.
October 10.
Cabinet Ware-House.
THE ul'arriber respectfully inform hisfrirnds
and the public geuerully.that h bates hand.
ad will endeavor constantly to keep, a variety of
well-wad. I urnilure, .bibraiuig ail lb. leading
article, uch a.
Soft. Sideboard, Riirrnus,
ISrdbiraiiai, Jaint!,
made f Matuxrtiny, Marble, Cherry V.'ahiut,
Birch, and Maple.
II would invite attention to hi m.k.of Port
cannot be uruad tor durability, neatiic., nd
He would slao tiu ile the attention of all per
on wUhing to buy fiiriiilur of any description.
to glva him a call before purchasing elsewhere, aa
h. intend, to sell a low a he can possibly afford,
nd'hi workmen ar all experienced hand.
Ho ha now on hand eight fine Dressing Bu
reaus', with Lnoking-Glasars, two China Presses,
two Sideboards, six plain Bureaus, right CandHv
staiul, en. Sofa, and on. Secretary and Book-
can, and Bedftrsds, which he will ll low.
Timber taken in exchange for Furniture,
such a Walnut, Poplar, Cherry, Birch, Maple,
Person at distance, Inlying Furniture,
ea.11 lie it,ik'livcrel at their door, ensured safe,
for le than tlwy run do it tliemseke a.
He return bj llianii for pest favara, and will
be lhankuil for conliiuiaiq. of public patron-
. February I.' 15
lccommodativn for Travel
'". " lew, .
1.. h .... nun uiiraivu Mill! a 1.VMI-
f..ri.lila f:rr; . H,.,t ....I . n.,.- ...
villi ft
convey Psrneers from Hi'lsboroucli to anv oth-
er place, or to bring them here, b, the day, week.
or job.'- He ha. good horse and "an experienced
ki-cr, and thinks he can give entire satisfaction.
He can lie found t hi nhon, two doors
th. Lilian pi.oU'1.
Fcbrnary I. I
P. ITMIrta ft Tu ' flrTer-ral nr rnrrerafffr.
, iaiui cms.
Read the following frrm the Hon. X. F. Wina
low, formerly Judge of the St. Jawrrnce coun
ty courts:
I hereby oertify, that I have personally, end by
n . i run.
my luuiiiy, used several hoxes of Uhilds & Go. 1
uiiriiuiiiH wrirign niirm i ins. n nrsi 1 useii
them with an expectation that Ihey were one of
those quack imposition, so often palmed off upon
the pulilic, but 1 now lee I confidence In saying
that they are an excellent aiedicinc, and shouji1
be kept lor use hy every family
Norfolk, May 28, 1848.
Each liox contains 31 piUs; price 23 cents, and
,;. areamlMed aiilh eerlilirr.!e. unit full ,lir-.
. . .
Hons. - - , ?
rf . Hni8borou n py D. HEARTT.
Wholesale Druggists,
213i market .Street, shove 5th,
CLicsica n
uoaic r. s-
i. oioiRTin
nni fis & MEDICINES,
ralnt", OHm, Glass, Iyc-Sluff,
- Varnishes, &c. &c.
Also, Patent Medicine, Medicine Chests, Surgi
cal and Obstetrical Instruments, Che
mical Tests &e.
(EjP Order from Countrv Druggists or Phvi-
' ciaris, filled promptly and with rare.
j Philadelphia, Match, 1849. 73 Cim
Copper, Tin, & Slicctlrcn
HnilEaaharribrf waU -ful!y art an
JL .k.k ta llva aehlk w. lha Pie ,
UmW4 ta ih fna af Hokoa EUl; M
lb buMca w ill b. cool Uiued by Uiia is all it
earioa bra or be., at th. old tBd. be hoi, ta It-j
erie the am liwral ptnaee. j
T1LL. ad TIN WASE, afeeery arety
fat bova-boU ae,BMauScturedia th. tuoalnm.
ad datable .tb by aiperienced worimea,.pt ;
ee&ataolly aabaad.or ,.adeloord.oatbeBcal!
reaaoeal I. term. Repairing 01 ouu
... I . U Ik. .llMl .dlV.
n are ooar aa -
He i. ab aretiared to attr nd to all orderror
C UTTERING, wbkk he engage lo i
tvle oeal for eiccHeaee and aealnef with that
afan. other woikawaia the Htale. '.
WTwfc 1 am- WB'" -i
Tin are, aaaortea, luraianea wv ; mljmn mat greai oot- n a
ferchanta and other, and delivered al their araeging lb cc wbra ia a innaa wed and a
door, kt PcterabOTg pi if e.. - I hcliby !.. la lb. of tbia atdvc thia objee.
JACOB IIAICIIA W01T. ' 'tin" i. entirely reeaovtd, . no bairn can pl y
ftept.tS. 'irrtihfiitBsW,""nwl1Wto
, - ' 2 the tfUrmel port of tb ev e ; tbereby vei'kg
'nu; HlPlflPinO . jlbeinreveirr,r.aiJo"e..f
"I'ttl 11111 H. II lUa 'faaaarily alb ad tb. Klredt.'rti ol aay aeeral
Wild Cherry Bitters,' . -
IWotnmedrd a highly arr.iee.Me in aIlc.a-.of
Draa-p. Indigeeti., Conetipatian, Jaundice,
.ad .r I impuritie. of tb BUvod. Pric. 74 cent,
per bottle.
flirnatssirin Kflim.
W a. wwwwavaa
an antiqued Medical compound, a never-tailing, , , u dirrf ih,. be .irirllv fol!.J
- reniedv for s" ' in-r'iiri 1
reniedv for
Burn and rValda, ('uts. Contusion, BruiMa, :
Sprina, Salt-llheom,Chilblaina. Teller. Scrofula ;
I leer.. Ringworm, Scab! Head, rierra reel and t
Li nibs. Pimples on th. Face, and all eruption of
th. Skin. - " .
And for all purpose of tha Toilet. ..Shaving,
Cleaning lha Teeth, Canker nf the Mouth. Re
mov.l of Sunburn Or Tan, Grease, Paint, dec.
fiorn Silk. Satin, Liuin, Cotton and Woollen fa
bric. Pric 85 cent.
' R. t HIBBARD & CO.'H '
Carminative Salvo,
For the cure of Felon., Pile. Ulrrrs, Caf buncle.
Ague in th. Breast or Face, Ear-ache, Burn.
Scalds Rheumatic Pain, &e. dir.
cent. ' . .
Anti-Dilious Family Tills,
Tb. peculiar efficacy of I bear Pill in Chronic
Diactac, and all ether disetsr tif the Liver, Sto
mach, and other digestive organ, together with
their prophylactic power against infection, re
commend them to sullering humanity t large,
and their curative virtue and mild operation a
dapt them to all rlimalea, conatitalioa tnddisra
r. pric SO, 33, and 12 cent. "
Pile Remedy,
on. of lh. most extraordinary ointment, of th.
age afford relief in .11 cases, with certainty
.nd rapidity wholly unprecedented. Trice SO
frj" The above medicine rs for sale at this of -
fice, by n'iip,t,ir 1 ,
September 19.
ill 1 llrtllfic? Tntvrtril
luu m.j u a i 1 1 1 ,, ii ua
xr-. tv ....... :- 1..1. 1 o- . . i. .1..
name of BUCK'. He is velloa on.nleximi.
about five feet aix inche. hih; rather bow-k-pged,
very quick in Li. movrmento, and when .poken
to very slow to .n.wer. He wa. in th. pUes -
.ion of Robert F. Morri.. at HillsWough; when
be went away, and is very likely atill in that
neighborhood ; yet he wal raisri in tirnnvilh
rounly, by Mrs, Blacknall, in the neighborhood
of Wilton, and may be in that neighlwuhood now.
1. above reward will lie given for hi apprehen
sion, and delivery to me or confinement in any
jail so that I can get him.'
Mount Tirza, Person, N. (P., Jan. 29, C6
. , . , , ,
The Oriental or Sovereign Balm Pills.
"'PHIS invaluable family medicine, combine.
A- more cleonaing, healing, and purifying pro-
perties, than any other pills now in Bsc. ; A fter
' nearly eight year experience nf their astonWiing
success, we have no hesitation 111 running for
them popularity and reputation, unrivalled by
. , - - ...
any other medicine.
' nPJ .'! n'l"C' rs lor Jauntier, -
1 peP"a' J;1"' 1 ';''""' Fleunty, Biluai rfi
, ,FttZ ,?,d $M' fi"d uH ?h!r Ffrfr
?M, I"Ik "t Lung$
j ",,mu,," ruu.-uirc, mubw pj me, iti
(Tt T. CHILDS & Co. Clar.. Onondaga
County, N. Y. ar the original and mntif nianu
laeturera of tlie genuine Severeian Balm Pills.
j PRICE 25 Cent per box, of 31 Pills, with full
1 " ' '"'I J "'S
Brown Town, N. C Jan. 4lh, 1843.
Messrs, P. Child. & Co. Having witnessed
the good cflrcts of your 4overcign Bslm Pill in
some two eases of Keer and Ague, by the osc
of a single box tbey were both cured ; also die i
: heailache, several cases; and there being none
, kept nearer than 10 miles of this place, (that I
now ol,J Ham tnereDy induced to write you
for an agency. 1st because I believe then tlie
j best pi!alhbl know of, and wish to have tbem
! for fannlyiiseB.r1l second!., bsrause I am of th.
opinion thai 4 would save much suffering from
ague and ictg r, and also much expense with em
ploying IfsjAana. Yours, &c.
For sale in Hillsborough by D. HEARTT;
also hy numerous Druggists and agents thiough
out the Union. .
' ions & wxeb
WOULD resjiectfulty announce to the public,
that they have purchased the entire alock
of Long, Webb, A Co. and intend earn ing on
the business in all its branches, at their old stand,
opposite the Coon House. a
They would take this occasion to render their
thank for lb. libera! patronage extended to Long,
Webbdr Co., and hope, by prompt attention to
business and lineral price, to merit and receive
the confidence of the puhlic.
0. F. LONO.
' August IS. '' 41
BLANKS fur Sale al this (Office.
I Yill2?cDirg Slcrc, -
, t CONTAXT ai-fi af lal ji:y l
J l f trS ' M t-4 f In a Km4 j
Lami for Slae.
t trrtB (Wi(iiTiilaf
A ( , - " -
. . waa m - j
OfWt W.
, A, I H af 4M, M M Ittlrnw
i. ,- m af Ilia aw. 1L
1 j. .H -WrJ. aarf ta rex 4 krirt -
, ...
Oa lb. U f rty oulsaiteilal i
apaveawau I'veHiag Hctaee. Wlr.laid Ta
baero Bara,.w s i fciUt lUb ta f.itril ie
Kna Bara.
ll tiigb. acid in prr. leeait T fanlt.
fctagville P. O., Orat,$a..t1. :tl .
Hitcbell's Eye Salve.
HE rownrrrtil teaiiaioKy of mtm ml intfmy
A SBd autlb ia lU berfevideb.. ara ka
of,By fart afwbirk ba. ao cogniwree ar.
fele. Tb. gical adat.eea (o.erd ly
; .njcje aver eveiy oilct, u Cenaii t , f jfe
!iT.ropvraiene..aial rtonrr. AHI hMrii
;,rtit le iWa th. eje. artrvily ia rurduwg ia.
care. On. Phtawwa rta.ikrd t t.nei ra.ir.g
; a Mne It.
a a. a - perfret tire kirier.- M .Kht a.ul i,!y
J reasons why ihia SU oU I I 'efrrrrd alova
ieM-rT Uiiug eUe ia lb lieatmcnt of diref llo
ev, but w. prefer it bouM ! an moan aa.
' .11 '..i l. .1. ii. .i.ia. U llarawKb
Jcrry, U'yoWry Co., A. Y.
lot tale at llii clTrc.
March 14. '
In Eqniiy.
Alt! Griff , AJmimtirclor mXhm Ci!f$,Jtt'J.
Jl Aa M '. Yumgtr.
'Diiginal Injunction BilL
IT srreanng lo lb. ralisfaclio of lh. Ccnil,
' that John W. Younger ia not aa inhabitant
f ike Si.ie af Norlh Carolina, rl i ordrid that
S5l,j,fIiiBBlrl), c aiadcialb. Ililbborvvgh He-
rtxilcr for sit uccek werits, nout) mg the said
defrndant to appear a: the next Surciior Coart tf
I41W arul Equity for lb. county frf Alamanre, lo
bs held at providence Meeting Hour, in said
comity, on the fiih Mn'y after lb 4th Monday
of Srptrndvr itnt, tbrn and their Is plead, sn
wer or demur to miiij!innt' l i". or lb !me ,
will b. token ro torn j tua a. to him, and dec re
made econlingly.
Witneat Isaac Holt, Clerk ami Master of ur
Court of Equity for Alamance County, at 0(IV,
thi I4lh September. 1S49,
AAC HOLT, c. A m.k.
geptt.. Price adr. U-.6Q. 00 6w
Thi complaint hi becom. so frequent, ttiat
there are lew person who have not bad it aeve- '
ral time. It is kind of malignant eontageou .
! mM .Mended with much fever, and .real mostra-
I lion of trcngth. So soon . poanilde, swallow
i re 13.11 to relieve the brim, that mean appearing
: .I - .... I- .1.:. ! . It L..
I, V L'" "Ti
When Ihey
Well, put your fret ami leg in hot
1 nave ejirrairu
water, or lak. warm bath, lie ur. and be
P'"1. xhm fot,:a- " ! M 5
i " ' mo,re P'11' om
D0 . csinip. or balm or
! " f. Vl-'"T of ihe- w.rm drink, wdl
mf J k ,0 rh"-".,b'?
irm mil ill 'ty w ir-ioiw tf-.,-.n,
and thi method will grnerlly cure. Should,
however, th. patient, (Iter th. pill, .ml thi after
treatment, not b. brttrr till m th. mcming, let
: him tvk. another six, right ot ten pills, or more,
j according to urgency of symptom., and (he warm
drink .ml foot or general bath, at night. My
expciicnre hn shown tnc lhat the third day
' generally find tbf patient well, when llii plan I
: ha horn .denied tu tkebecinntifriir. , vm n ""J
'event, Uie continuance of the treatment i tlie
tht ran be adopted, whether it take, one day
! or twenty lo effect Hie cure, iiowevfr bail
j head may be, never let blood b. drawn or kartira
i applied ; we went .11 the blood w. hnve. In-
atrad of loot-ing thi " life of our flesh, let u
take more pill, which will toko th. death prin
ciple from us, leaving our blood relieved, and
ready to rally all it life power for our rcstoiif
Son, o soon a the purgation ha left it tic. t.
rffeot this ol ject.
Dr. Br.ndreth Principal Office, 24 1 Broad.
way New York.
CAgenU for th. al of Brandreth'rill
D. Heartt, Hillsborouch. -J.B.M'Dade,
Chapel HiK. V
G. A. Mebaiie, Mason Hall.
A.Miekki ; Ca..Bineham'a School
Jarsea Whitehead.CancCreek Cotton FaclcrjJ,
Henry Gilder, Lindley' Old Mote. ,
O. Patterson, Patterton', Store.
f. May 23. - , ',-
t rr Biisnrn w anstr -BY
Trt Uts. Tw o I'oIIars a jenr, if paid in ad.
vancr; Tw o Dollars and Fifty Cents, if rot aid
within three mcnths; or Thrre Dollars, if delved
until after tlie expirntion of the year. : f -,
No pap" '" be discontinued until all aires ra
ges are paid, rnles at the option of the publisher.
Hereafter no papci w ill be sent to new sub
serBier cut of this state iinlcfs pj ment i made i.
advance, nr some person in the state will become
Iresiiensii'le to the editor; nnd in no case will If
' paper be sent to . subscril er out of the state for
more than two years without a pnyment.
Anvr.TisxvrTS not exceeding sixteen lines
one dollar for tb. first, and twenty -five rents fr
each subsequent inseilion ; longer ones in pro
portion. Court advertiivnirnt. twenty-fivs
rent, higher. A deduction of one-third will
made, to .drcrtiser by the year.
f .
i Admtisin? Rnfrs for lht HilUhororfh Eftoroff
j One dollar per square (16 line.) for lb. 6"
' insertion, ar.d 25 cents for er ch rcntir.usncc. Ec
idurtiori. made in finor of kanding advertisement
U follows:
' Tl ret Via. Six i'o.
One square, , J3 CO f5 00
Two square,' 6 CO 9 75 , ,
Thrre rq. ( J 'col.) 8 f O 11 CO
Half column, 16 00 . 22" CO
I lie eoliiiuu Oil CO 40 00
On Yr
13 CO
18 CO
32 CO

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