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The Hillsborough recorder. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1820-1879, December 05, 1849, Image 4

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5 Reward.
UA A WAV ft- A etdanit mm tb S3J
J. 41N J.M Krorr;kfti Muiaito.
iut IC vm U g. iv "
about fiVrd Uiik. rathe .nJ to h Ckf :
wot away Nwk'.1 lia Cost J 6hi
,juuUm.; b " "" cur
dug. ambus so. Il t W-brwJ that be ia lurl
iuf w U aoutjrfa part t AiVawinc County, a
la tfk. uvtkaratrra pert of Chalhajk I menbj
4i...m at! wfwsia wha-.rrf met to tabour T
m,.y him uodrr tl prsul' f the Urw. Thr
So reward will l nea fc lb druvr f tfa
aid t.w lo til ml u!, huj I) milt uurtn-
t rat fiuia ll.UaUirourh.
Nut.37.lt 4. 10 Sw
Noli i
ON ti tfih da of IVrm-T, 1P19. t tha
".are Hohiw af JnSomt Moiae. in
Oranpa Caaatr. mill beaull m litrfir Neroea.
two Kn. two Women nd two Children, an
credit U twelve Bwnih, . purrhatrr Hin,5
boiI with cd .. Till ooirncatiotieiL
Trif' r Cwlt't Ckitlrm.
.:?. 09 w
ni'ri rc vnDTll plD:ltlVl -
Ol All. '4 VT Ik I II v.iwiii,in( '
V tirtue of a dmrt U Abirrauca vount ,
Co-.tl. at JibU-itilr Teim, notice ta hereby ,
g:tn thai ntwatwr niiewy a ui urn ou iuuie t
.... S . 1 . 'I. t t .1
i)a of ilia Term of aaid tourt.
B ardtft cf t'oort,
JOHN FA I'CETT, c. c. c.
November 19.
i0tlCC. , j
V tirtue of ad-fe.flheSunetii Conrt of
J.VMCS It. CAM.UM. A.lm'r.
ff June CI lit ', dtreturd.
Notice. j
ALL prieone iadehteJ to the tuliriber ars re-.
q:etil 10 come forward ai d settle lh-ir ac '
raunta. All thoaa wrho do not piy atientiou to .
I!ti. notice lirfure the fiit day ot lit crmK r, will
CtiJ their account ia Ihe hand, of an officer.
R.F.M0KR!?. j
N'ovcinlicr 7. 1 8--
ItiUH fur 1K50.
An E'rmllif I'rinlid
tniTin at Moaaia willib.
4 Nw Votc8 oT thi. brill arrtly oriifinal
A -cuB Fa-nr .Win.. w be
Nw Vote of tlii. brilli jrrtljr oriirintl;
Tcna7lI. ! ui.Jer-Hniwill pfocred to aril, .t. in ,,ei, lie with aealucaa and di.paL.h. o aJM, taken for frajaW ..alar- ! ; - -" 50a; iariloaru, -MirrilU, - - " f VrWd .
lf,lof.l..prr,i.il,e tow .f UilUbo.. . ri.,.e for lb. n.ntionnl .Hick-. da B) u," ? ' " J!-!!!'1-' ' lw rn ll!r aiticere Uwnk. for lb liberal , rd.lrail-, mhlt J ,25
roach, aa ToeaJa, tb. lmh Ikrrmberm-.t, u, , will he l.k.,, Com. Wheat. Fl..l. Fcathcn. many .nl puuful .rB.c.l opera.u. . , ,co0. ...J of M.hony. . Marble, t berry V. .luul, 7'7r CB ;t.
OuaovOitof ais and twria montlia, one uirdi. ar joaJ Hofa . l nuirkrt pre. I prtfu-uied. IJimiam-e of the aame. Uirvh, and Maj le. 'ri'i' All we ak U thai ita iiluea le thorout,b!y
ti-k-J hre,hcin? one fourth part of the IIOCMJ I tlUKUI.C & I1CBDI.K. " KC1MIFI l.A CURED. Thry call uin tlicir friend enrrll to come He would iavite attentioa to t. Kale of Port. . u-u d aial ibal Uit direrliot U atriet W folUa 1 J
aud 1.01 itutrJ in lh aial town, aud rorrner-: OHoWr 10. 03 certiricale e.icluitly prota that thia jwlJ M1Bline their etock l-efore purchawngtUe. alleWAKDKOBEMaiid BEDsTEAIt,whieh , " vixCHEI.L.
1 t!ie reai m-e 01 Ttw-nu Ctnnry, dece.ieeJ. ad- Sarapnrilla bsa rlwt control otrr ibr itioet ob in M ibey are determined lo jir eaiuiol beuraed forduiabilitr.nratnrac.and i ... ..
iH:ieJtheMHiicLod,'tfb4,3udolUer,coUii.1 Mhwie diea-a of U10 Blootl. Thwe pwaima ' ' convrmrnc. ! ' 4""''rt".. 1 ', ,1 ;. ,r,.
i.o..a acre. i.i.re or kaa, lUlIlUa curt-d in one hou h. unpreccdrnted. , 7 ,!v v , He would bIm intile the attention of all per-! r I or lale at Cli tf.
Tlve put.-'.arfr will be reou'ired to give bond, M, whom it rnay concern will lle notice. l)r. Towia Deal Kir: I have the pleaa-' Dry Ucj wil!riteninechnBefoilireeB wiig l0 .uy fumitureof any dracrijuion.l Man b 14. 11
anJap:rovrtl apcurity. J . that ? lute giru to my on William Wee- ure ,0 inror, VB fa, titft Bf my childirn have !"' Ur7 wiat the usual crura, m) ft to I tie ,ft ve lim ,c,n before purcliMinRilfewhr re. aa !
LJat baT lIHWi"U W HUH. HMUV Bit ii 1 11" UII1H I iK lit U W til HU w vi aa . al.. Mtrl.l u-l.i. It tlwf ikUa.!iea IhfrTlailkM IU atfJ I . K . .1 . f . . . . , t ta . . ... I".- 1 ! ..a a M.ioIlI n Dllll 1
ue,l on the t int f January nest. New tub. ?1k '" , TpvYxt ' vn M M
Icrilr. can be supplied with the work from that i one o th wiy bc.t SPWNG AND fel M
7iTm Cwrdi..itodo!l.r. lo the olT. of MER MEDICINLS ever k.K,wn; it not only
I ll .aion pm ific. the Whole ylem, and itrenglhen. Ihe
1 During the pM four yearaTHK Ho Jor a-' Iron.but itcWf. new, pure and rich LlooJ f l
.:.u r.. . ,i, I,...,!. ,.r a nowrr nowemed by 110 other medicine. And
all c!.-a of U,e comn.n.iily. and the proprietor.
will .pare neither exertion, nor eiprnso lo give .cew. .1 n - -
...Vh increased value, in.crert and tmnelreenM : "w Ihtn 100,000 cure, of eevere of d,
to thr t.rthcon,ing year. a. will render il auperior t S.000 er. cnndeml incuraWe.
in evcrv Wei to .11 Ihe olaaea that hve pre- It ha. ived Ihe live, of more than 5.000 children
i. l..-;.a ihe oriirinil iircluclion. of the during ihe two past reason.
editor, the Foreign and Domestic Correnpondeiice ,
ol al ni; llw 'l eoninnnions inn rii n uu ;
Europeu ami Amcricn Jl.jiazinra, wlrrliot. :
fr.im the n.M tnteiefcting publication, of the day ;
will freouentlv be civch. hncli feature a. have
becn fouud lo be attractive will be retained, and
new one. added. 1
Tki. Tan Host JofiiSAt 1. pullihcd
every Saturday, at No. '"7 Fulton-Rtn et, New
York, at the very low price ol two dollar, a year,
M three cof!" for five dollars payable in advance.
All lettir. riniillance. mid cominunicatioii
(post piid) lo lie addressed lo j
MUKIflM ..u ttii.uio, itew 10m.
Jiovember 81.
A S I am obliged tn raise money lo carry on
-- my business ana pay my nt ms, iiiosc 110
ar.indebte.l.onie.l.yn., or account .,.;
fct!y rcpicstcJ to call ml make nnincJialo ,-ay-
to? nt iirivpvprt't I
llU.Mti L1J. I
N tl. I have on hjnd la hwg". 1 assortment of
wed wide Furuiture, which I wHI sell low lor
,b' I
I ro also preparefl ta funrifli Coffins at three j
fcnirs' notice, of the plain?.! or luisl Hue, ol :
Walnut or Mahogany
Persons at a du-tancc may rely on being served
1ieie sowicr than they can be a! home.
Ciiiiue -VAer on J General Undertaker.
Nov. 13. 07
LocSiiel for Sale.
IV.HE subscrilHr offer for sale his place lying
A- ohi" file north West of Hillsborough.
There arc eleven rooiMs in the dwelling, wiih a
OikI Barrl, h- House, and Kitchen, and two
hundred a:id five .icresof Land, one hundred and
fifty of which are enclosed, 'l'he work on Ihe
Himi; is executed in the best manner ; the situa
tion is pleasant, and commands a line view of the
aurroiinding country. .,
There are a'o o;tc hmiJreJ and forty acres in
a north-easterly ilireelion, which will be sold eith
er wiih or wilhont t'it P.rst mentioned liai t.
A long credit will bfl given, if desired ; note and
(Mod socurily required.
(iclo'ocr 33.
Watf among the Saddlers!
V.1!E copartnership of Fuller cc Heilepeth be
3. ing dissolved by mutual consent, Ihe subscri
ber hereby lenders his thanks to his friends and
tin' iiu'i'k generally for the liberal share of patron
h tlie.v have hfretof.irobestowel Upon liim,and
r-e-pi ti'ullv informs them that ha has taken the
!il tn-door west of the Shop formerly occu
pied by Fuller & Htdjpeth.aud hopes to recieve
a hliersl share of their custom still, as be im to
keen 011 hand a full assortment of
Si. ddl es, ISvtd !, Il:iriirsi,
3it,l ,".ery other article belonging to the Saddling
He will zive any kind of work in exchange for
Lumber, Shingle. i'rn, Flout, Wood, eke.
He wuld like to take as an apprentice a hoy
StiHt the ace of Ifi or 17, of good habits and of
rs!ectabic faraly.
Iir'eber 53. 041
j n....:.. .,. ki
UUilUg a&UwJlitCd.
fhaauHtd co-irlncti ip wit) nw
IkT. I would ieil!b!H a
. . . - r a
It yM.FuUf.1 would
ctji t b iuuuj t il ou ' a h rt-
irf aui t!t.ifrh. prrjrtJ tetwrj a
1 a parrU la funua roixi nev pw w
Wt, Uidnor a Bona unufrurr4 U,i fc.W of
DuuVum;" 1o Crur-. lUreurfc. Bupgy.
Camatttail Wjb HAKNE.v. ia tba malt
an4 bm mifrmi bI. Ia a won! UwMil-rri-'
aiuiw to m alua at th amrtrM Bobca u
wmpsi wxms!! wmrs!!!
ba KI.VS, Bear aJ Bu!I.!o; THINKS; ral..iseitcUan ll- hu,.w. bar. 'rr
BfiJJrBii "d MiTclro.M; a5-.arl!rti4 Vu and U; ulu,S !
rtBt ef MOlM IXatBMorfk Bug- Wra .! URJ fJ of cnsj mLi U m
.ad CrrrIl.; B-iJIr BurLU;anJ ihl a-r f- j immri.trljr rouulrt. tU Bma
i.i j : j . ; 1 M-j 1 l- TH TR lrarM of lh fc-nj! fiamr. avbaii la Iba fwat
af rwtr kmi
Tuuuful lot ine slirniinn, ; ua mrwenna
aud lilwrJ M'T-Hce mlih hr n.tKnlt taa
lenU irMvrJ at hauJ. of tie PuU. ha 1
.1,.;. I.. ,Lj.i f:iiii
V(KK ar.J .Tiug UUt'D CAKliAlAS.
Ca!1 at the tign of thr ricUitr.
A. W. UtUUiirETH.
OrtoWr ?.
Look here!
! uWri!r would inform the pablir.Uist
t Ibr till roniinue t do bum- at the old
. . f -:i. v.k -.t
'3IUJ, O Slum urvpir, lllil uin 4vn. v. (
lli.lalroucn, wbera u.ry aeep ou iwnu a gooa,
aaMNtuirul of
. ..
f8,. r Cj Nl?-"?1 C?
ftaj vaf aT e aaaM tear
and Koine Ilry lioods;
Sura? Haronflirs. Surifi, f rTya"s no
diffririt Wn!i,
I IM. 1.1 JlliLIt, A.AU MllAi.t.i.
idon lU'rtV 10 traittarl bufiiir on In. owu ac-
' rount. and bi-conie rcMiiii')lc for hie own con
trarrts, in a full and perfect 3 manner if be had
ar.teJ at IUC full at; of twenty-one year.
I , NovDi!er 13. 07 3wp
nu. tov.ji:.u.s
coiroiii xrtcTor
W'ondrranJ Hinting of tht Af'Tht mnei Ar-
lram!iiiuri .valiant tit tht Wuriil.
rpillS Extract i. put up iu tjuart Bottle.; il
A i. .it tihtra chrurer, i'lc.antfr, and war
ranted .ur.nf to any ld. It rurr. without
.omitinR, purging, .ickening, or dchilitaling the
1'alirnt. .
J f"-" "? ,V . .1 ;u .
f ' '' nr.inl.cim-. 1., h. wh.l.
in ihi. be. the crrt of IU wonderful ruc-1
10,000 cu.tr of Central Dtlilitif end want J
iic i j.nt'.ij;.
p,. Towun-nd'. SarxapiirilU invii;orutc the
w,ole ,vrtrnl perinnnently. to those who have
,lu,j. ,n,lw.uljr enerav lv the efcl. of mi-di-
je or muicretion committed in youth.'ol Ihe
execwive indulgence ol the p.ifion,nd brought
on t grnpral physical prostration of the nervous
V!ltctni latitude, want of ambition, faintins wii-
M,j0M pr,.mturc decay and decline, baffeuing
loWilI(, that fatal disease, Cou.uniplion, can be
rn,lr,.y rCrtorcd by thi. pleasant remedy. Thi.
Sarsaparilla is far superior to any IN VIOORA-
TU CORUIAI., as it renew anil invigorate
" J,p ,vslcm, gives activ ity lo the limbs and strength
: td tlit mu culiir svstem, in a mo.t extraorumury
i degree.
l'flSI'.!lT10N CURED.
clean. strenthen. Consumption ran
rnu nroni.,iii.,c0naomption. Liver Com-
je.,, Coughs, A.U,ma, ngL,-'-
of 11)ooti, Sotolir,, hl ,IC Chest. Hectic Flusli, ) ntt, 8A (Joni. in j a , '
Nil?l't Swe"K 1)iiruU" I r" tM-wloraiton, j e rif ml worknun.
Pain in the Side, etc., have U-en and can bo Alsoon hand, and forsale.Ploiir. Wheat Bran,
curcJ. Corn Veal. Wool rolls, and Shinales; together
SPITTINO BLOOD. with a small stwk ol tiOODS, such as are gene-
A' Yurlr, April 29, 1R47. ! rally found in a Country Store; all of which will
jjr Tow.sr.Mi I verily lielicve that jour ; he -d to suit the times for (.'ash; or Wheat, Corn,
Sarsaparilla has Iipcti the mratia through 1'rovi-.
denre, ofsaviugmy life. I have for several years i
had a bud Lough. 11 liecame worse anil worse.
At list I raised lurge quantities of blood, had niht
Sweats, arid was greaily debilitated and reduced,
and did not expect to live. I have only used your
Sarsatiarilla a short time, and (here h;i a won-
. , . w
IK-IIUI cnange nren wrongni in me. 1 am 1
able to w alk all over the cil v. I raise no blood, !
aud mv eolith h;is h ft me. You can well imag
ine that I am thankful for these results.
WM. UI'SSELL, 65 Caihrrinc-at.
This is only one of more than four thousand
cases of Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend'a Sarss- j
parilla has curod. The most severe and chronic j
cases are weekly eradicated by its extraordinary I
virtues. ;
James Ciimmiiigs, Esq.. oneoflheassistaiitsin 1
the Lunatic Asylum, Ulaekwell's Island, is lho;
gentleman spoken of in the following letter: i
tthukwtWt Island, fkpt 11. 1847. j
T)r. Taii:nsend Dear Sir : I have suffered ter-:
ribly for nine years with the Rheumatism; con-i
siilerable of the time I could not eat, sleep or walk. ;
I had the utmost distressing pains, anil my limbs ,
were terribly swollen. I h ive used four bottles
01 VOlir parsananua, ana uiej nave nunc mv
more than one thousand dollars worth of good.
of tout Sarsanarilla, and they have done mc
I am so much heltri indeed, I am entirely re-
lievrd. You aro at titicrty to use this foi lire
benefit of the afflicted.
Yours, repeclfully, JAMES CUMMING3.
Dr. Townsend, not having tested his Sarsapa-;
rilla in cases of Fits, of couise never recommend-1
ed it, and was surprised to receive the following ,
from an intelligent and respectable Farmer in
Westchester County : ,
Forrlliam, August 3, 1 BIT. !
Dr. Towsend Dear Sir : I have a little girl1
seven years of age, who has been for several years
afflicted with Fits; we tried almost cveiything'
for her, but without success ; at last, although we :
could find no recommendation in our circulars.
fur lika hers, we thouyht. as abn was in -
very delicate heallh, we would give her some of.
your 8areari!la, and are very glad we did, for
it U d reaKxeJ Ur Strega, Ul U h hJ ,
aa.srUir.of KaA la aw (iral fkaakia aad Mir-
I"" - -7 .,.... "
M rratefU. !
kl u - hmiIkI 4l.d lnHflT .
femiix medicine. j
Di. ToviwPBd'i hrijnlU u ( arrripi v&
tm. rnMapnw t wn, at I iui( imh aun
CaiumrM. rfli. LruroirtMca, ar vtuUa. ob-'
lrwrt(i ucliCVaU MmAmtwu, InceeUuraM af
I'nnr.ar iavoSuB'aiy dkrbarge tWv4 and fof
tha gHirr4 wotratki af the nom nwW
Ire Uihrr lh rrMiSl uf nihrrrot ratMaorrauata, .
ipcdducvd by irfrgulariiy. illnraa ar BtridroLj
! Nuth'n- ctu be Rmfs uinruias tbaa ha inio 1
Prneoa all J
B-"w BO "P"
7 11. , 4
T"""' ,u'" f". "
lK.nrd. tlt fcuudrr ot r-f a D.v. w
muncq ia a. iuuiiwm."
lira hat km wiihout rlii'.Jrrn. mUrt vitig a km
buttka of thi iuxaluabk BtHu-iRF, bare brrn
bleated with fine, brjlihy ofi-T"r?.
Thai Extrart of rawapari!U baa tr eporaa.
U iirrjwrcj iu nrArruca 10 frnuie coa Uinu.
No iriiiale who h irasoa to auppe i ap
ruebi.f -at rri(OTl md. - V M lurm if lift, j
c. ...
v. .... j
thr BUDirroua aud bri il dta-
make are V'rrt at thia time '
- r u un iinwm
f hit-. Thia period May bt OtUiytH'vt mrtntl ;
vrurj i mi2 thit mtdiriue. Nor it akot
taliwlle foi thiwe who are apprcaching wronian
boud. a it ia cutculili J to asit Dalurr, by qui k
riiiri? the blood ami hit isolating lt aj eirin. In
ilrtil, tiiia im-dii'iiie it iutalual4e for all (he di-h-rate
Jirar lo wl.ii'b wtioirn are Miljfct.
Il Irui-r. ihe hule jtrui,reitewa in-nnanent-Iv
thr natural enereira, by remminc the inipuri-
tir of ll.e body, not aa (ai tiniuliin j a to ro
- . . . a a. : .L. . . .r
1 1 .r .1 . w r. i- ... .1.- r . 1
u,. , ow,.,vn.t 1 ..mo., uaiiy
Iinm I'll, ,.. .Iilfl'rM.tl n.rt, .il IhA I nimi. .
This is to certify thai wc, the undesigned Thy.
icians of ihe t'iy of Albany, have ia numerous
case pien-nbed lr. Townseuda nMlrlll9,
J.nd believe it to be one ef the most valuable
picparation in the market.
J. WHON'. M. D.
K. B. HR !!. M. P.
Albany, April I, 1847.
Principal Office. Clarp &. Tow nrend, 63 Nas
sau Street, New York.
For ijrfl by D. Ileartt, IlillftLo
July 18, 1817. 9IIy
ILL be n;ain openrd on the fir.1 Monday
' in January next, under accomplished and
well I'talified teacher.
Locust Hill.Ca.wetl, Nov. S. 0B I w
Look at (his!
VYOUNU man of good qualiilclioni and
wine experience iu leaching, desirrs to oh
tain a schooi. Address Wrn. J. Bingham, Clo
ver C.irden. Orange, N. C.
October 30. 05 4 w
Enoe Mcuntain Hills.
rIHE fulscriber's Wool Carding Machines are
now in gihnl order and ready for carding
woo!. They will bc attended by Mr. Young P.
WhitAer, an expericicd Carder and a steady
man, who w ill use every exertion lo give saiisl'ar
lion. Prices of Carding cents per pound; mix
ing done in the best manner for 10 cents per
1 1..... 1 rL..L vf,....r.-.
r'axscrd, Feaiiiers, Beeswax, J allow and Shiu-
el(,s i,f tiihr n as cash, at market prices,
June 11th, 1S19. 85 6m
A Fresh Supply.
,:s r -..,1 :, 1,. . nar,;r,
. I . , , , , , (r..r,. r
. . - , . , .
I piece of Oil Cloth for coaches and floors.
4 pieces Webster Unbleached Sheetings,
U(l pieces lileachrd ditto.
I piece lireen Worsted Moreen,
1 piece Canada mixed,
Drab, Canada mixed, and Gold mixed Satim'ttS,
1 1 iter Black French Due Skin Catinieic,
1 piece 6-4 Fancy ditto,
1 ptec fine brown Broad Cloth,
J piece superfine French black ditla,
1 piece black Bonnet Satin,
1 piece sujicrior black Satin Yesting,
I piece Lead Cambric, 10 pieuts Paper ditto,
Cheap Callicos,
5 pieces English Silesias.
I piece heavy Black Silk Fringe,
16 pieces colored Satin Ribbons,
Ladies' dark KiJ (iloves.
j.auies ami vtern. mine tui ami on ,jiom , i
Linen Bobbin, black Alpaca Hose. McrinoShirts,
Ladies and Cent's white Kid and Siik Gloves,
white Wadding, black Sewing Silk,
12 gross black Stay Hinilin'c.
i 1 grass Booth' Patent Silk Burtons for trim
niing drosses,
Violin Strings.
75 sacks fine and ground A Hum SH.
10 bags R;o (. oltee, 5 b.i?s l.apuira ditto.
5 barrel Stuart's Steam Refined and Crushed ,
1 barrel mid I hogshead Blown Sugar,
S barrels Clover Seed, Clark' Matches.
Wistar's Balsom of Wild Cherry, Townsend'a
Sarsaparilla, (juiuine.
Half boxes Raisins, Cheese, and many other
articles constantly arriving.
iwn CUICU o Ilia c-rrnium VJ tuc liar l J"Mi - ( . iniinip invri!
ce!I.nl ruiiiciiie. The were aftiiclcd very e- UllJlliK & JU'1"
verily with UJ ?ore; have tUn wily fourbol- j OfUrr tl. 1P43. 53"
tics 5 it limk Ihrm aaav, for w hich I Irel mynelf j
under great i.M!gali.w.-. KOTICS THIS!
Youra, reapeetfuttv, t
ISAAC V. CHAIN, 106 Wooslcr-at. 'fUE pariner.h.p ofMorkm.ncV I lley bav
nrrinsoi.' lnvsiris. J in ,en di"0,ve'1 hJ mutual consent, and
-V1 LN ,0.:b ? . 'the und..r.iened having, on the first d.y of De-
December 59
HVIZR.lUl Ktrt Iff CCIMf
rjijlE auWnona wr aaar irmai lira atorv
. . .
auaMHias rnj uj
awkrt, luch mCl til mn lrm u
na ba bad ia tha StaW. Paifbawta oiM
tnO la call and nanus tar therlaa Mara
pvtchtunt fWrmhrrr. M tlj arc ilfiuiwd aU
u ha ncru tj aaj 00a w lL 4ac.
Wa af b )o aara awte,
If vou ait rhrap sand rail al aw at.
If jou ait rhrap sond. rS al aur .
i.s4: pai.mi:k.
OcUirf 13.
roa Hi King'a MuuiiUJb . C.) Iron Han
nmnrj v m 'puy. uwnra wr
Fur aaia bv
Cfrmlt gh, tvj.t. I8. I
T 0.G & WEBB are now oprtiuj a larce
a a BJ1j foaj,
, . , j j a ,f fJeotfg
wen way are urirrauurv wnm,
T!irv invite their friend and the 1 ublic ceno
ralN taull and tiamina for thentarhre.
HUlaUroubh,Ocl. 2nd. lal.
:;.! Tins:
THE Mibarribere hae jua recei! from the
North, their
I"uII and Tt Inter afotk ef
C- nptiiH ahnofteery artirk tttualU kept In
uer iwuiiUi
. . . ...
VniU,, 46,formed a co-partnersLip in tb.
' . .
Carriage Maklns Business.
would luformthe cilucntof K:!!itougri,Biidthe
countv at larce, that they are now prepared ta
execute all work in their tine of busim-ra in a
.tj le that will compare with any made in ihi.
part ol llireimuiry. viur imnwr. are wen arm
snnedand of good quality. Work shall not only
be done to suit ihe times, but lower ihsn usisl
for cash. Persons from the country will find our
shop two doois above Nelson's Store, afthe place
formerly occupied by Mr. Heiiry Corman.
Frhruary S2.
A S the Bank of Cape Fear has discontinued
it Agene in Hillsborough and transferred
the business tn Raleigh, the subscriber will attend
to the Renewal of Notes, and other Unk Busi
ness, for the citizens of Orangt, and other who
may desire it, for tha usual compensation. The
Officers of the Bank will decline attending to bu
sine, of this kind.
Raleigh. May 1. CO
WE will take in exchange for Cood. Dry
Hides, Flour in barrels, Corn, Wheat,
Thrashed Oats, Flal Seed, Donicitic Clolb of all
kind., A.c. &c.
Octobfr 16. 03
Abyssinian Mixture,
FOR the cure of Catanhs, Influenza Costiv e
nets, piles, Gravel, Ac. cVc-
For sale at thi. Office.
Ptice F2. and f 2:50 per buttle.
October 23. 04-
HIDES, IVanted.
tTMIE subscribers will give all kinds of Mcr-A-
chandizc in exchange for
(ireen and Jfivi) tlthlES,
pclivcred al their Store, or al William H.Brown's
Mill. 1 -i t t,i? 11 . mv ro
l,.t I I.IIUll tk. JU1IL.O
September 5.
i i-'v-Bvji.,.. m
'f ate ":"JBtaBS
ticcom modal ion for 2Vrrf
rjpHE suhserihrr is now prepared wiih a com-
m forlnblfl Cflrriftirli. a Itnt ami a tliianv It.
convey Passen p;pts from Hillsborough to any oth-
r place, or to bring them here, by the day, week,
j or job. He has good horses and an experienced
j Up can lie found at hi shop, two doors above
!th9 Union Hotel.
01 i.i, uou .lunar, in-tun tivc uiuiit-auiiiac-iLoii.
February 1.
;F. Childs & Co.'3 Oriental or Sovereign
uaim fills,
Iteau llie loilowing Irtm tlie lion. r. U int
ow, formerly a Judcc of the St. Lawrence conn-
n ... i. . . j. .. ...
tv courts
J I hereby certify, thai I have personally, anil by j
, mv family, used several boxes of Childs tV Co.!
: Oriental or Sovereign Balm Pilli
'them with an xicctation that
those quacg impositions so otti n palmed oil upon
the public, but I now feel a confidence in saying
that they arc an excellent medicine, and should
he kept for use by every family
v r u r -cr ntr
Norfolk, May 28, 1848.
Each box contains 31 pills; price 25 cents, and
. is accompanied with certificate, and full direc
For sale in Hillslmrough, by D. HEARTT.
SV my i "24
Copper, Tin, & MctlUci I
fx iiiLiBOEorcn
'MHZ. urrni)r w rcprruuiij nu.-
inauke ta 10a puituc w p"ws- j
tradrd la tlx firm of litaha vtit 4c Elhot ; aftd
aa tht biuioc ill be ctuid b loo ia 1
braBrbra.attbeoUataad,brbitoia -
reitr lh aaate hhrral iiatroBtcr.
DTIIM. ad TIN WAKE, afwry aarirty j
fat houwhoU ita,B)l.ufMlurr;ia tha aiaalarai
nA .ltnal.l. Mtl Kv riifinr.i! MarVaiMi.krbt!
rrKiM trrate. Rrpairiot af ftill. ai:d Tiaj
War done ea the aborteat aot are.
rfarcoonreBBe.arvrn.irr. ;
He u aUa P"! Mtojrf to all aWi
UTTtBINC, WU be enip.e ta do in a
rr . - t. wf f rrJ o,!,, 1 etiaii ly , r
'ui'wt.. 1. . !ty.foiifiiim...dlreaoay. Alirb,.k
.fnraiArd Wbole-a to j j... m,tUnM ft,
-aUarn al h.oc, Uig ,t, r wbea ia ii.n.aiad and t
af any other Borkaaa in the tttr.
Tin w are, aaaorted
Herrbanta and othara.
dooraat relerabura iiiee,
Cabinet Ware-House.
THEaub:rilrreperlfu!l inf..ruihifrirn!.
and the public (enerally.tbal be baaoa hand.
and a ill endrater eonUaiilly to keep, a t ariety ef
well-made I'utt.iture.enbiariat all tha kaduig
article, am b aa.
he intend to sell a low as be ran oiMy aflbrd.
ond.his worknien are all etrn ncrJ lisin's.
He baa now on hand rinht fine Drrscing Bu
reaus, with I.ooking-Glansea, two China Prrasra,
two Sideboards, six plain Bureau, right Candle-
stands, one rtofa, ami one Secretary and Book
rase, and Bedsteads, which be will sell low. liberal patronage thry have receivtd at their
Tindier taken iu exchange lor Furniture, bands, and bo,by theii prolfpt aiitution tolu
such as Walnut, Poplar, Cherry, Birth, Maple, shies, and the neainese and lleilhwbl h they
&e. iexecute ibeirwork.etill to merit nd receive h-
Peraon at a distance, buying Furniture, ; heral share of patronage,
rau have it delivered at their door, ensured safe, t The j have just received ihi ir paltein for ll.i
for le than Ihey can do it themselves. Fsii. ami Wimi, nd iuvite the ladir lo
He returns his thank for past favor, and will
. u liaujlftli , e9ntinuanee of wiblic patron
February f.
Vnir i I il Mnt1te:
Wild Cherry Hitters, !
Recommedud a highly serviceable in all cases of
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Constipation, Jaundice,
and all impurities of the Blood. Price 75 cents
per bottle.
n! t
an unrivalled Medical compound, never-failing liott of ,rfn8ln' p0 mam n poasible, swallow
remedy for six or eighl pills; a large dose ia aliaolutely nc
Burns and Scalds. Cut. Contusions, Bruise.. ' "'' " Klitxt. th hnm- rt,.1 0Ia" n,""n
Spraina. Sall-Rheum,Chilblains,Telter.8crofula lo U,U'' 8f"" eempl.inU W bra Ihty
U lcers, Ringworm, Scald Head. Fiou n Feet and ''" V" P" ,ou' fc nd legs in hot
LiinW. Pimples on the Face, and all eruption of water, m take a warm ballu Be .ure and l
the Skin. purged, life may be the forfeit. Nowgolohed;
AndfoJall purpose, of the Toilel.Ac.Miavinp,' ud, wh, n in bid, take two more pill, and some
Cleaning the Teeth, Canker of the Mouth. Kc ''ol i',,rHt f'P. Mm or bslssm,
moval of Sunburn or Tan. Grease, Paint, Ac. in w,,"?r,uf-'', "f w'm,""k.,1f
frm Silk. Satin, Linin. Cotton and Woollen fa- Jo-"J '.y be left to choice-cithei of
brics. Price 25 cent.
Carminative Salve,
P.. , , , .
. ..... t.... ......, , it-a.vircrs.t.aruunfie,
Ague in the Brest or F.ce, Ear-ache. Burn..
Scalds, Rheumatic Pains,- dec. Ac. Price 25
T. 1 , . . .
Anti-ilions Family Fills,
The peculiar efficacy of these Pills in Chronic
Disrsses, tnd all other diseases of Ihe Liver, Sto- j head may be, never let blood be draw n or kachef
mach, and other digestive organ, together with ; applied ; we want all the blood we have. In
their prophylactic powers against infection, re-j stead of loosing this "life of onr flesh," let ti
commend them to suffering humauilv at large, j take more pills, which will take Ihe death prin
and their curnlive virtues and mild operation a.- :ciph from us, leaving our blood relieved, and
dapt them to all climates, constitutions and disea-' ready to rally all it life powrra for cur restoia.
scs. Price 50, 55, and 12 cents. j lion, so soon as Ihe purgation has left it fica 19
Pile Remedy
' one of the most extraordinary ointments of the
.age aitonis reliel in all cases, with a certainty
and rapidity wholly unprecedented. Price 50
f The above medicines are for sale at Ihisof-
f,C'by D. II EARTT.Agr.il.
September 19. 4S
Tha flrlortal nr Cmrorelrrn Rilm TOIHo '
rwviiia in.,i...,u !.,:.,... ',,:..
more cleansing, hraling, and purifying pro-
ernes, man any oilier runs now in use. A Iter
nearly eight years experience of their astonishing
' success, wc have no hesitation in claiming for
j lhm a jHipularity and reputation, unrivalled by
any oiner nieoicine.
1 hey are an effectual cure for JauwNft, Dyi
kmiz, t vmjwnm, i rcwrisy, nHimmut' U,in arier the rxptrnlion or tlie vear.
eair,, t'erer and Ague, mid all oilier FetenA. . K ,arerwill be discontinued" until U rreara.
..... r ,,i .. ti-i i.'-
lm:gh, Collin, liitamnuitim of the LunWitcs are raid, unless at the option of the publisher.
Khiumafum, Hiird-urle, o,v vAff elite, f,e.
CLT r. 1'IIU.DS Vo. Ulay, unonuaga
Cllllitv. X. V. ara lh nriirinnl and milll innnn-
... .' . '
i:u,iirrra nt ,tin trninn ssntorvitrn mum I ins.
i , ; 1 " ",i 1 r i,
1 KH L 2i' C rnl' rcr box' of 31 1 'h
directions acenmnanvine each box.
Brown Town, N. C Jan. 4th, 1849.
x i im.:i.i m. ! ll.; :,. .I
ills. At first I used ! Hie good effects of vour Sovereign Balm Pills in ,ich subsequent mseition; longer ones in r"
it they were one of i " two cases of Fever and Ague, by the use portion. Court advertistnnts twriity-fne pi
in palmetl off upon of fiugrc box they were both cured ; also the 'wnl. higher. A ilrttuction of onc-lhird will
ninsin. I iioiia v. v. ..n.ini nuijiiwu
headache, several cases; and there being none
there being none
his place, (lhat I j
ed to wriie you i
believe them the!
ish to have them
kept nearer than 10 miles of this place, (that I ;
know of, 1 am thereby induced
for an agency. 1st. because 1 1
lies! pill that I know of, and wii
for family use, and secondly, liecause I am of the
opinion mai mey would save much suttrnng trom
ague and fever, and also much expense With cm -
I ploying Thysiciana. Yours, &c.
U.K. fills.
For sale in Hillsborough by D. HEARTT ;
also by numerous Druggist, and agents Ihiopgh
out the Union.
Village Drrg SIcrc.
CNHTnii .' -Ii I.. .
aa cood MitlT f rJil, Clla, Ujt
blue a. etc
Oriolwr 1. (I
Land for Sine.
1 CITER for .tr U.te Tia.1 u.
tt rrfMai reoaij, jum ori tha
awtrthri a tnat fr In .
. - lj. . K i. J 1. r.
m ia the B.i.i fart al tl awia. 1,
,ica badaarr riiea-k.r.o ia ta Iran;
' tba (uji land air brat lj liu l ird , at d all II
wu rt J
(JaiLr lasdaarr a aarirti a atlttir-tial
! v.. -. .'ui V, !' mti ..
- -
i fair,
Il iUI4ldtBratfr'ttaftitl iilc
PA I I. V. l'AS3i:i;i)N'.
tjillr P.O.,Ortr jr,o.t7. CV.f
Blilcteirs Eye Salve.
fa j j (onmrrrnt teatia oriy ol wm ml h tern
h llt Urtvtim, ar r.a U
T,it s,r,d.iittl;rePo,d Ij tl
I healthy Jte.
Uioa ia emirelr rriod, aa no bum ea IJy
! reaull from il ! brint in ceara a lied la
Ihe rjrtrrmml fortum ot the eye Iheirl y atoklu.g
lalt the inrwivrnit nre.l in a.d il.ngir.aluh te
i .it.i..t il, iniitiirika ol are im-rm
tTtile jH(m fja. Ita aivily ia etibdi.iii a.,
, j,B,m,iun j, M,'trrat that I ot lew earea mjuue
j ,1 Mwf Blow tMU OM Mile to t G rt rrlict
'it9tr, (), iun n n aikcd to tia,aftn bair e,
aiinrd iu'rlfrrla iu rrtrml ililalifa.that it
resiretlullv tender their thai.ks lo the La-
diaa of Hillsborotigji eid iisabimly.f lb very
rail and r them, or wim n may ie nim sans-
- fccioij fa fcoih P.nie.obriiig
; h,. tfcffm BiaJc ja th, 1,1
in their dresses. id
and most fashion
11,1 t vie.
Tbey have jus! received lb latest al.d mot
1 ..I auaananu skt.J iiaari-tSainlal
i llTUt:U t IH IIC p.lawv .ia a aw
ibuve a line supply Ol irunimiig aun.ure m
making them, wa hop we will have soma to
mak foi the ladies of HilUborotgh, and vicinity
October 10. a
This complaint baa becoma so frequent, ihsl
there ar trw tersona who bav not bad it svva.
I hI liuM-a. Il im a lind itf niafionant roiitaeeout
cout J aurnded Uh much fever, and great prostra
: ,n,',n ""P 10 restore imensitiie perspuaiion,
and Ibis method Will generally cure. Miouui,
however, lh patient, alter the pills and this after
treatment, not be better till in the morning, let
1 . 1 . .1 i. ... ..... . : M- ......a
mm ihkc siioiiirr sis, rigni 01 nn iiihih i.ivic.
aorording to urgency of symptom, and me warm
,,tilk, ,j fll0t or gflier,i halh, ,t niKhl. My
e,,,,,., il0wn ,mt the thinl day
1 .... r...i ,1.. ..,:.., - l,n ibia nbin
iKilinillf IMIUD liir I'niKlll V... w ... f
IF " . . . .
ba len adopted in the beg'mnning. But in any
event, the continuance of the treatment 1 Ihe
best thai can 1 adopted, whether it take one day
or twentv lo etlect Hie cure. However bad lh
t Heel 1ms Mjerl.
Dr. Bran.lreth's Principal Cflke, 241 Broad
wv New York.
C5 Agent for the sale of Brandreth'PiIl
D. Heartt, IliMsliorotich.
J. B. M'Dade, Chapel Hill.
G. A. Mebane, Mason Hall.
A.Mickle & Co., Bingham's School.
James Whilehcad.CaneCreek Cotton Factory
Henry Gilder. Limlley's Old Store.
. Patterson, t'atterson .otore.
May S3.
BLANKS for Sale al Ofl.ce
j "
IS ri BI.1SHF.il WF.F.KI.T
TCI tub. Two Dollar, a year, if paid in ad-
ranee- fun Dollars ur.il Fiftv Cents, if nol ISld
within three mouth: rr 1 hrre Dollars, if delayed
.. . .
j Hercafler no papei will be srr.t lo a new sub-
sent er out ol tin slate unless pnj meni
1 advana nrumin iirrvnn in ibr Kt.lt will bcconi.
'. .: ,;nib
, - - (
Palr U 801,1 ,0 uWnhrT out o! ,lic s,a
VMrmmih . in lh. m itn. want m nnnu
more than two vrnra without a rnvment.
Anvrimsi.MKNT not exceeding sixteen lines,
nn. dollnr for li e (irvl. mid IwriitV-five crlils W
made to ailvtrtiscr Py Hie year.
made to advertiser ry uie year,
" ,
AdvertisinjE Rnlrs for llif IlilisliorouFh ErcortUT
One dollar per square (16 lines) for the first
jnpeition, and 25 cents forench roiilinvsner I'e
; ductions made in favor of standing advertisements
, a8 follows : ,
! 77,re .Mo. Six Mo.
Cue letc
f8 CO
13 CO
18 00
3-J 00
60 CO
I One square, J3 CO . f5 00
Two squares, 6 CO 9 75
i Three sq. coh) S 50 14 00
' Half column, 16 10 22
.Oiic column ao 00 0 00

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