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The Hillsborough recorder. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1820-1879, November 13, 1850, Image 1

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as - : " tie Captain) 'w it itrVfTriY lfot I ' Af:r7eVin t?.i ttttdi?..n;T;V' ftooa tlemr.rt SeymuTi Jl.u!.t
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Or.ilie C'a?ialxf Ott!11 lt!e!r -1' "ow 'Veen t'i'JIJwf"' ptrir 'mV.I y.',nJf' w ' I ft ! B- JU ' ' "
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. ,..r,,i, .V. '! A Utile vfrVjctr now !neW ty iitu'r,'-!, Cpuui ui U' drii no f iuqwt tU n3wniriii
. tne ecceatric Iti Janciiuilled CapUia nti p'.accd under the iod." uk-.Tik l(irru lu'ir Lumrw pt:' tSutiptrTutiJiircr. M" " "
elxcttoJ t, "the hd!e call . Inra, J , "Aht'ien her us,W3LVt a C-Jerp. nI fafi tfttt-Mi h-U hour, To Nutej. un!er ihr lit!!. re
the M iui.om;araV r ulj rain,1 tr par-.tatn, waiher wji Dod " 4 v " tkl ri .! fTmVtbx 'wifr ' 1? " l'1" lJM'f eotfrn' jouwr'.f ac
ti io.i 'change" ajim lteek, aa4 t '.Vesj te ire t Captain btit lie goU Nr-fi!'! Jadj, le rf aiWJ I lifVJrojtJiti fc" rjMeJ of yonder vitamer,
the next ventn alter lite appearance, .bluwtd np.'coor fellow f Thi ateaui- t'i rim; vlierc l.e TounJ ilit tiscU '! t R Uboar4 M""": ;'
Miiicn'i faU?oaa'j!e lonA DI e V biaUag'ji a r!sVj,tseincs fur a uiaai""?' 'f yui 'ami hmie !iee nigl.i-cjp,
JieiJ-aaartcri-J-Aas, at an earlj ar,- tiiat caret aQTttung about Hfe air J-TTrw-.Pi friiSt Xlle Iwty a-ooa
tie order ta Ilttt-a to the rlbrticihij' and Vw can. Jolt, airliXe a intft ftoia itui i itin.tn'ih cld ie4iii
Ka'iBt of the 'maajinc iien Uver b W if yoV.onlj' evtMv oo' atroiijr' enough, boaC tuf rlibo'i Hi le f auemi. 1
"llaaV a time and oftlaxe e tliuken'hcr'eve you'eaa Veilre
. .- .... . . I - - . .
eorsues m.uj uaconirowVie launter, , plan tat:on ana tpeud tit rest of roar
aa the toruictituig ::)Unce of drjand cars in indescribable aud unbounded
.! il. tr- i. " m . - - - -
iiia. ." YVhrre
pj:ia.iCJJt wu iti iron uic iip oi luaurr. , , .
,t'ie)oVt,ai uuconctTacd and as care- ' J, Well ! Capfaintanjr rae; if t aiht
K:ii&8t!ie drops J.f ;ira j frorn tie oVer.amicd to iread mvsc'.fTtr'Oie Totrnj
U:SHii cfiiri at Xia-ara. " 1 widow; aiid 'try wf hand 'at courting Sint:er,l,i. to tdi ..t,mlhmei;-fc rwlrt to; ewar iM icwt,-and tarUiat. a. ir eaineii oi aon er worw,, in u.t
tut ier, njwever, mc many rtcn lor i;ie nrs mae in m? me," i'mwuwrMiu "rr,n" i i .,, , . . i, , 7 , r, P .: , . , , y
t:un-- related by han, in our presence. 'Vpo ie.W bov.lU back yoi anl'MMha bed lv uet, directed My. d,-ar frllow. 'tW U haPmm do w. find ihw,th bfu U.t ehtrfaoJW
kive left the laughter like the fotfatt mr injluelicefif I Wt already 'a ' 'IVla '-i. .,,r B---- ;d n. in..takr i hut HI own p thatojy a,Mle.aience. W b.l fnend. bo-,
lJwEtS:-ut, tu order to be fully ap- marrI man; I'd lurety go in for that StC Tj-elTeiier waa quhUytum b.-eo-aotosrtTiiT 'Id. and tere M. . n-n. eomparel nit tliine
prealedthe reader aKwldf.-e ftoderiarW ' woman; tuf ou11 win-. When i.i add'.-.il! erra.tr" fur..i i,, ifinfyoorVeioo ni4,.vfor m. aether whom b.rU,r.ht Cae a I One ooih
Ul the ator t" , , ' . ', " 1 vou -i- 'kood uvUnc''" m ' " J ' pKrenai-, Itia'eVei fell ou'tfe Wlow And now. air. if you'll Pr.mie ih .1 youH . er w wmtb a tlumaiol friend ; at
iVjdXr ILe MraW " ' ' " " ' ' J ' ' UtteritUte iheTari. of thif ea South ter truer and dearer than tweoty intimate
ttWns tl riiThi,atyoui
fruitandltower.maktn and fortunate. ; ' 1 an K'tSoSp. tirCi W Jo'taodi PVSm!,I v I,ve V .plea-otJ f .rltni.. f 7. W ".T.'f " '? 7 S'aiVla
tllereh, t.k.aSe 1, the after-: while tJteiroJ
wani ttdtucKT steamer, me i coma Bins anu nsnute uie cuiur cyuui .iiik iui wiiru r mr aiuunz uu i'iu-u', . . , ,, t.
re on gome large 4tiatne
o.wiie our remsf kej vm
been' f eeu iur the b"t le
hli tlit 'unttd of a niadiu f the Cap-
lain rolled to flie late-roin of Uie'Yun-
Ye "aK"' " ' '
' A a - til' bi w -lis j raS ifirown 8h.MeI
Viwg '"aid if -e h!a alighted
f.om tTie rattiaje u.!Lrd alomly M
ard the-'boat,'-, - v" , " '
The Captain." o ereome ' w hh 'joy at
e. A t.iui;l siuci Lua. .
f Ntrhei.r I iT'r'a li. and fe
tidier, more jKntrwes! "then 'tjt in that immortal T
t txr trrp!rani!;d xhtr are m tkui more alua!)!e 1
tnovgii i-f iuia-Uot De to-tnorro a cay, jea an titer
a holy and peeo-j may atrip thee of thy5 preision, attd
ne ) and here ia doom thee to be'ary. Hit rir la are
r aarrrd ilmtuhi.! uncertain, thou cant n a cafcutate apod '
5uie ; aoe .rrtal'Uan
attetmr lhao bvtUT t let
ervfbUt.; and nr aradeiiita, tleeay ; Ult!ian ail thy CoTeM cf f!d? Ia? he
ettty uhli ediSett our. hal! of jMlirerot be fiih la the ea1th f iovinfi
and ur c-pUula f aute. be ttttled win, heartl acd tweet tunlea? .ad it he no: 1
the diitu but pKt out lee. Iti oo'rich in the btautiea tf nature i not
oria!ii iotado them ith bia wild plant -all the eertVMo t enjoj?' And bow
ofromntoaiiy. Maatlid not ttent, aed , kncet thou but the pearl of gnat 1
w eanaoi iteprotc orabrof tt ibria. A -price1 i bis," ctmrared to wS'tS, all
private hvlier U eott ia ! lerU dear t thr Wealth ia as the i-it!l tlttt of U.
e to erh othet titan a'l Uw world t high s balact? ;'-; ' ' V- " '
- - . - -y - - j - ,
human bei&fi "ttlu'ii'U enoigli fr rlutJ-, thou be to-tnorrow;' A dar.jea knitter1
ren M Itt-l tiial tnoiricr w
liar nauie ihit ia huut
ilia birih-olave et terr
lie aijil tof tJ ;voon and beautiful Uet. the Cburth aud JSutt utual omejthem.- And tf(n if thty follow 'ihee
biide, apfont fiom 'ihe iafTiail and awn , fr iheir orie'm ami Uitir au pport : Uh.i through life, there is a moment ahea
arma,' ami a ter' a apart oui bouiea I i lis fct we ripen-1 in taany respect, in lact in eterti:jtr,
word in nrivatt. j ave ilwre gna tiatMir fuh in an iu&nit?thoa wilt be as pbor As thv' ni'tghbor.1-
I.a turned round li Di"e, who bi.uhJ odueM the purity and. tlttuileietrd It IS the moment of deatlr.' I hou tatist
cot carry tny oda ltn tnee; theyT
would slalk tiiee i& the dart mer.s' - I
Again thou layest, ' lie is a 'poet
man." And was not the Mister of us3
all poor? Wert not his follower! and '
friends among the earth's destitiite onefc?''
And if thou art saved'at last, will it not f
bcthroBgh humble ; reliance npon him
who had tout where to lar" hia head? "
And art thou ashamed of tltoe in the '
same humble condition? Must.thounot
become poor in spirit before thou canst
inherit eternal hie? Little then it be-
cornea thee, because thou haft a few
more "grain of golden daat than thy
neighbor, to exult ana triumph ocr
him; to pats him iiy with a aneci or
even with coldness and neglect 1 '
looliiiM n liVe tmerthn hired beh;nl no Sefldernes of our hoioe ia our, ftirt-larit
- . -.1 ... l - .: i .ti ... fl-. l
-,aounatolempM82icawirj:, wyoa, iu , , .. , . . iw art iuua.M i .t!.-.-.--. ri. u r.i..r.:. iii,.. .i..r.;.,i. i. i,i..if ....
Natchex and New Orleans, M . llold on: Captianold oW I d. t b.l-. hv ,1 .me nietluuT laUn pos; I'VT II'IT ZTTiLrC
I . . ... ( - m - r ' - r.i I 111 I II 1JID l. .lll.llla .fill .1. ' " w .a--www
"I"'""' . .. . . ., ... .1 i i .l-. .i.. -:.r t
I now neniud time, ana nml liur? ou . so, onreie, auu waiuie eurninx luriiirar
. ... a ... . . S!
,tara. iu our capirmg ai-
The boat waa d.-naclr crowded, being cfe'r'stand all about that, but now tell mejtetssioirof yoiir b7aitif"l
itrnnoil firil nn Anrk l.th iirrira hin ahuut the vnnnir tnd hr-intiTul l ldOW. either iitt OITrt or I'OUf C'lllSeilt.
7' " n ::r.:. r::z :. "au" r go,i wcm you. my dearM!w-botmn-t me , r0ogai
e Vuta. aad othe'r hanl-are.. while 6 Ile nime.- .relied, the Captain, and kimW that no,,. thef , beiier than ; . fc S It
Hi cutjin overhead, waa nJled jam up "is Aramantha lironaon age aDoura.uomoiunn, aivoa now w uenowi nutr ,- P ' ' - , '-.nI.-v-v1., ramunn Tb
w.th trunks lndata.. tomtn. twentv-four-reaidence. New Orleans, unleaa you eldo to -bom .Mo.? -i--, or jour ELorMixT lomp.ncf. M
1 1.
ere are many who art
. U I . . .....I L.
... . I , i. i "i ,.i j.: .! I WITH AXOTHIR MAM 8 WIFI. . muiu iKtui iu vn rriii whu iitru w ot
, ami as you wui propaoiy nnu cnance v T ' r"' ? I'fti hi. arrival al New Orltana. the ' reminded that a competence is all that
., -"itneaTist fiiiind a letter in' Hie Port Oflleo man can, enjoy. Ikvond the aiuinmunl
aaa gicn: lite Diunutr.- f.
. 4 ne.OaaUhovett out, bred her swivel, exenyourscu; so now use my aqvicc,
and away ahe headed down etream, and make the best use of your time. '.
under full steam, while her old pipea . I fn7,"says podge; and he'dld't do
breathed fortdi a cook, took, cook, which anything else, for always haringan eye
fairly caused the surrounding-hills to openvfor. flytrapsand spring-guns, his
echo again. i -' "t i . s i'y.'-i auspictona Vero aroused by the Cap-
i After supper,-Dodge, hating, by leM tain's .attempt at Cattery, and his seem
ter of introduction, made the acquaint ihg disinterested endeavors. ' to bring
tance of a yery useful personage,' the' about albastly avowal of love, for the
Captain of the boat, ithet, arm-in-arm,'' young, accomplished, and really bcauti
took a "peepi into the laSiea' saloon; it tul lady.- .' . . . ' '
was quite full, and one of the ladies waa So, setting his wires to work, he lost
playing the piaaoeIegantlywhUeiomelut little , time in discovering that the
others having a greater taste Tor vocal' Captain had been under the delightful
tan instrumelital niusie, were humming chains of hymen but about two weeks,
over a few of the late fashiohable pro-" and that the ptcudo widow was no more
. . . ....... . . v . . . ... i f i i " i r .
lake poemsiori of the prite, (whirti,' be-J
iwteir you and rnVtelf," f 'consider iho ,
toiilainin. toi-etfier with lb to .d wish- of ibia , e.Jden met, every acqtmuiiin
' the' Captain and wife, Vtlaborecomt. mer. avarice. by whatever name
2 'in , be r.wlamM t?teS.Z 'V n,d-hcd.a.rJ mM.ive poW i"on?!it may be gilded. U A. lon. a. man is
!v ' 7, whirl, waa engraved tbe Captain'.' name Hy in. purtuit of ihe true -medium r
Y.mifor L li 'liMm.'aiw hose 'te.idenee. nd underneath, in very eompeieni enjoyment, so .tronely expres
i a tiurajor lun, lei , eoine at wuoie ex -., : , ; -..cmm , k a l ;.
t . . - i Biiripui'nnz.iiic PiiiiDi
Peno h uiay, iu Wrn.. ,.. , , n. .,T.., ; amili ,d ih-a. banoineaa it not onlv a mtural
.; ;...., a , Wau IWoiv-u . U thouU of hfl fc.terniljr - exclaim.' concomiunt f his efforts, bot Ahe. real
lnr . ,: 'ed- - ' bl.ineof.l'(ovidcnceu(Hthi.laudble
: . r. lo.tie,l5ou.vwi,i., nno ,M p j .ha,e1Preierved ihl. rin? ' industry. But a. too., as he aiepo beyond
.mm.ni: of .myre an in.Mu.ei, us 1 1 u carAHa ijorfor a wed! thi,, msrk, ,,d aecumuU.e. foHl Ue
nave i.ew poe..o youryoir, , ,.? - UvttX ye founj l!iesof the eeu,olati.,n. he hwe. hia peace of
'. ' J 7 . . . , , firel woman who hncT lite courage to offer mmu, u,e ngnioi me quieinta. it exum
.e...qoti,y fe1)tn .c-ni -.av-..' 4 .. . . ,.-.. V. ,ft"Mie!,ed ii anxietv. and his hapniaetait
In . voir of tiniiider ihe.aptai pafoi .... ; ... , ..u-r..,-.. n.'LM.r.ar.r.i nm.
Q T ' I e
J.;;An. i,f R 1 f m Aa v -1 ttmffi4i f iwir 1p tKan iKp if!n.ral rharminjrJorikrS for iilfi'rtiotl if ihe cntfiiie CO t fc . J. 1 - 1
i 1 a i I. i" ' ' 1 J.. .la. kA.MditU Ala
and othpr emirfeBt composers. im. riana laoyea.wae.ot tne,iaptain.
The . Captain and rlkdge- stood far : ('?jNow tlie'r. gays Uodge to himself,
ome;time,iB respectful silence, when " as the Captain has planned a joket he
the ladv at tha nuno verv- Oolitely re- shan't be disaDpointed; I'll only change,.
qttedaid from some one to assist her orslijg'htiy alter the plt; and if I don't,
in that elorious, soul 'ahilaratirig-and f ia the end, giye him a regular eye-epen-
never-dying old duet, the?4 Canadian' erj sthen he, may ever. have the pleasure i
rih a wa Uh io' r wf he vtrv reattJ" lantee brovn.. . i ..-rrw v. . i" vJt "l' a ..i "
i . i. . r. ... i
i. On It, Ulil lOUe WIS Comill? atlOlUer 01 ii"i- uusuiiiiHJ vnuitur nuu iciiv.nnu
""'e"'mi '"ti"? I'"-"""-"'. 1iaike."a 'VJ '"' terror., without number and wiiboul end.
lot , bouse himself, Jie.h-d for a Uie.-M -.:-t, i. njbitter bia whole existeneeJ lie m iy aue-
escelleiH opportftwty. cioling.. birttelP. . 0f Haift-It Is'onlV ahal- c' wlwl J, nmlertaktt. but ills attht
(lowft.intotijineihlng bkaattaltof refltfc.J iA-OVOOI am.aVJ rlAiexoenafainiiselieerfuloe. rifheHrion
li,M, ami a.on. Uuu, U .Tijlpw hndvd. pretenders .who ever mak .f1 'VzluJZ
r Beiiur aiurallr of a tnerous mddo' the humblest origin matter of reproach ",lh" ' l9 "V hilroal of hiteir
. UWW' , rV V r i Taunt and aeoffin at the humb U Con- pavers, but It l at th ..irrifiee ofi.ev.ery
hsarlcd and lrcly H,niotm,iid. bewa. ; taunt and fSailH.n'Jle.c everr tofieninff amotion
i.i:..-., ... :.l..-,u.i- u;m-!r d fion of earlv fe aSect nobodv in this .'' ee'.,n every tojte rung amotion.
A vanee, . the arcumuution wealih for
ly stepped forward and begged pcrims- , Dodge, iad something like, a week nun. and l
sionto lead if.:."i m.u tn,t . ' i previous, aeqt on his pui,anu orrjvw.,.
. vii you pieasei'Str.n aara wie iauv, uspiucois i uie uivm 4 i1'.-.!: . "
r. . . . . t .... .i .tf 1 1 1. . . i it a .it. ; t him
. . t .1.1. . . ?. . .
ill nun bmkp. oruiff v i itiia own nun
ha afier hW, if bis wtle hodre-, w.inuuige.in mem, anu wey are eau1a4.isi.men, iu a?vuw md of .)u.,.
I atUrtiiion cruiaiti'd in the let-ily lufiiciently punished by Jbe rebuke. Jsnent iu liieditHiK up ol tverj louot
,f SZUSt? Jl ilu. A' man who not ashamed f , himself .'' anum w iihu, ot, , the d...
t,T. .obmr. and .how, bat need not be ashamed of his earlyco-. -.V"? T,,B ' ,ar,
- . i tie. oi '4iiare nounu, anu inline conrrr
Cruins to t Barter Shop.-A little more -
than seventy yeafiasro, might have been
seen in te town ol 1'reston, ,n the?iOt-tn
of England, a poor unknown and un
lettered man, who contrived ' to ! keep
soul and body together by shaving t ie
dusty heads of wayfarer at a half penny
a shave. This man was theA thirty
years of age.1 ' But while pursuing the
humUe1 vocation he 'Wa filled with
hizh thoUji,hU of an Invention which w at '
destined to effect the most surprising '
results; 5 .-:'t -tl J '.'
He contnved, at moments stolen from
sleep,' to form a model of his invention, a
His wife broke it, thinking her man had
better st.ck to barberitig. He turned
her o jt of dobrs,and made another. '
His' townsmen, Understanding what he
was about, and how his invention Would 1
do away With labor,' mobbed him,' and
made hint lly for hia life'.41 ' ' ; ! 1
! i'ef severinj against innumerable dif-
ficulf.ejlroin poverty and opposition '
of the ignorant, he at last aacceeded in7
perfecting and 'introducing his spin-'5
ninff frame, an invention to which ling- '
land owes her greatness, power, and '
weaU'.i,' 'and without 'which she might
hae' been a'colony of France, or at'
best, a third or fourth rate nation. The I
paor barbef became Sir Uichard ' Ark4
v. right,' and his splendid estates in Eug t
land itill attest Eritish gratitude.1; ym
.ic fi.t - i....n' -j ,i 'i
'Il DaD??rpBi BcrcragP. - Water fscom'
poscif; of certain f,asei, one" of them
qaite explosive. 1 he other night, when'
Frofessor Howland, in l'ittsbunt, was'
I - I 1 XJ r.. ...V' .1.1. 1.11 1 ll..l .llinn'llliniP
wnose angeiueroua voice, wougvuw,"iflg yi4i uti - . aitinn '
nearlydoifc away his breathe . -l U Ktjle town during the races, and would j kadwi,aoyacknolo.lgo ibat he hlbe.Hd,tion.
. However, our ftcw tntcaeti into w ntty cent a ticneu irea,ini! w.r "'"K" J " ' . ", . . r. , ia - i ".ufn- wk,.
BoanwfiV.iIik a;'load .of!coa ; and itants and-visitors.LwiUt a series ol ocai.. ...v, - T"c ,iie wu, .H,m. at a eomoeirnro abwe.! ,1,; ni k k-td Ma bWe
'k "a . a i . t Kiiiiii-it-iikA aiiav. tun . or Miiia ia - iuimm n , iiUi.ofv.M i.a a im mkit r& vvi k a ah i i a
I Ii.m,nK. ma a nAm vrl at Akrlir nn Hfl - . v- - - llliri a.11 I S M 111 L II UC U UVI II II If J 1IC -
deumD(jinr : wiitct. and causin
. . . . . . r . . , . 7 i . . . . ' . . i r rr a - - -
It did, nbt happen t9 me to be born tm) r,he he '" ' ""'f rifice.eiplos.ons of its component gases, -
cabin, but mr elder brothers rr M, wlM "". . . ,i , g rather l ee liver in me' auuience- ex
A. t.i .om..iM.rk rin tr. . n iiaa x i . . nionn i . i - ....'.!.. ...... .. ...
I? Iriade 1 liomeliowU' ,'-n"i .uL,ieiuni aay npranri on o wiu. niVrr- ; - -.'.... t. 1; . ' r'w. -.4. iainny, wneiner ne wont ara rai wrth. Loi erot a kteamhoat."' " ; - ' ' 1
Ufterthe Boatman come a fe-selec-.abt plaeo mte.uUd to aiop.ieUjnj? UAtxt,tho U.M .u.m ' 'nZ EC fioMiui.,,.WU all the.Mneome whirh. : He was quick iutlitf practical anplica-:
tions fronv tKt OperW lately publish-,lw Cauib, bewould, .ocie.y in tion.-. , H , .. , f , -t , ... f 1 . . .
edjandtheBightbeingnowfiradTanc-arehftilmm , m .
ed.to wind u?, Dod waa obliged to. moment widrihe wkl.oveMteaJe! Vy 7 rtputaiioit iafinrtt.1 ; Wat of ,carVi.Vtf from
favortholadteo.witn.descriptionofpou.fulioa -peakVuiV
h;stript6 NiarFalLs Ma'rje.,oe.pul&igato '"PP1, whenever'any ,nobey waS given hhn, h.
.;-Egard,'ld fellow," aays the oblekXaiehrxw t,,H,.f - b-a f -'r- raM,buf wur"H would run hi mother and cryi -A;i
CapUin.Win- Dodgerin the-social deriaiinf from tl Capiam that the. nwghi by aendent " U,.effrU.reble4.edi., all ihaiqutrtne. book,U. book, by, a hook.',-At' four' J
hai, about midnight, -you t-.long-Wamtr woold leatoin .fc?l.Uue. L
swimmingly ammg U,e iadie8 iVVhy.. !.( an horT h feven l.e eoold'wnto, pretty roe
you sing Tike a-bird 1" r. clu-rgef resident -in town who wasjutt 'vJeM a!lection9,And the narrations and tact- ea(M :,,Pw? lT huld still smile, , . ,-, father tept- boarding-scLool 1
Uiye.anlittleaiTDodgeAboulIo.vi?- ihoboaU oThenwaloJiing "'edrn0 P he knowwhut u. to : , ,SoulllaniplonV.D.l good .M.'aTt .ita '
.-Ana-egad, you thm! mako of auel, leceaaion. f properiy.and,,,,,,.,, ,f:er
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Kimr mw w. . n' . uujUTOii mwreui ...v,.t 7 .. ' r r.u : i. .u .n.-.tistV kfiifr ;. ta think that none Oi those Who iniaD-i ' aciiooi-iioura iu wrumg tier a lew in;
:':Well,lra-tlTer Jcne9a Iatorture lb. h.l for whwb Imoiitiutially iff lh!; -Yowng men. who ar.commeBc,g..; frtf vich lVem f,r.
It jin " .ni;.,l nl.. il hn toll na ; hrminhl irnmU Irnm CW vu-i'-" , , ,
Captain, I who- the tleuce is that lidy-l.tt immediately went tl,e OapWw .
dressed in blacky that oinao like a wife, and very ooolly formed her ihj ' Rw eDi;w; wbofalsed it and. defended if,against
nightingale, and-plays with the fiaish'tht..lVgh ..Busmantmeotif fN!; C " 5"?" savage tiolence anddestructioncher
and perfection of professor i Aftnttio boat Woubl e.bliged l0Xhehemwr fo a few min. ishel all domestic virtues .benelth its
tne uaptam. being-rooted wag, ana mam aiwui twen w - . . , noMe ,'m)K ,j wiu roof, and through the fire andblood of
thVterror of all the jokeron the Mis--uml Utat borliuabaml
sissippi,river,hera suddenly conceived eep.ed an invitation of sohie fnend .. his
the idea of idling the Yankee, widi a vi.,t tl,e raee-groumU ami w.shed the vo- l
Me,ahal . shoald ount V KgMLmm ; flistto ee fJ: ' Bu. Mr. Ilod.e. Wnte.ter have condufon betjerin his,own, may my
the ew Englaodersg in age to come,U.,' carnage., with lha i ,apta, wi e., - . ,Poeihe,tWw wiU name and the name of my postenty.be
as amodeltsell.'' : . v.v NoU forever from tincmry of
i'! '1:: ' n! d641 l0 i" a jdy hastily threw on her fhavd and bonneU ? w J wiH f, oht sh wemankind-vtii , - f J ,f,I)an. W'eier'
'- ft - .-'.t
a I I-
prosperous Otit,itis are-panieumny iB-,,lhin 0rt . nf ,i..-li,nv1,11:i -i rJaai,
:...t. ' 1 1 1 a i a aiAAiroat olid firms ariT,..
jresud in Hits remark-. At dit.i aim. M Squired to do the iame. haired-
re,-;ucli wriljbe their character, if j wiou'.t i'u 1 ' ' "f,
!ey look for empeteney aluao no ar, .f;i i. ;--i' j.. - - :; ' ..j;
. .i i r.. ...nuiiU. ..;,. I wnle not Tor a farthing, but to try .i.hj
iwul ficiuiou. ihirst for acq,-,iwa w.U r, Kow j f(ihh.nf wr Cn 0'ut,I.
I It. II I f 1.. f.. . alail
ami ueetiireii ner.e T..aj ,;.Mr - i , , . , 5n(U-., a
-ar. mic f ri Y iwni ii,(vwvii vvwvf
than that, she's rich I rich as mud sir !
rir.h a . mud I" worth .seventv-6ve
thousand dollars 1 young and beautiful
- int.. .1. .. I . : I . n A ksnr fur a
Yankee'bov. iust cOmmencine life le
ankee boy, just commencing
? She's ceUialj very beautiful,"
says Dodije? ..f
jajuful as aa ah ei !f treplied the
-.1 ,fc-s.y ,.l .'1
i ..
WIUOW. T-i-. H.': ..!!. I Vllf
:You don't say. so?" Bays Dodge,. L Stepping on ahore, Dodge 'hailed a f . i: Home and Woman. If there hat ever
'.Yes, but I: (o, though and more lured eimh.nan, gave huri ashimngdouh- rX. XAihmiAti 'in increase Ibeei, a more touchmi aftcnrcJqueot eulo-
joon.nnipMMi turn in in itp ten nines in uim . : .. . . . . ..
- . - . - ...... . . . - i . . .K.ini.i . iditne.F n
g mis epeeu, aim, ii-iw .iikkiiu. uv'., -
sleamer romu'g tij iniittver immeiii
the blu.ting, withering effvCtt'Of avarice i
i i . ... .... aen
will ever tear, new ni
with w tut they bavt
will bo much: more
ble.iingt o! all around them fur the bene
fil-whieh their aooney produces in in the
community jiU-ij Hartford Ctur&nk
your lartqiiie '
the tame' time
he worte una
. i
oelie urton hi- own name : . .
for them-elves, they h wmu ait in thy blood. 0 Christ,; . .,.- 1 1
ready .to-. receive the s ! Urm: .
. I 4 UCU OTIll it mitM i, ...w J mm
estrfy.lidieeelHH,, and then without
single question, turn around and s-alowly
einrn.i tow i: -i.t
Iewins Dodge and 4ti fairenmpauicm
lo t-njoy tlwir pleawnt drive after, a le
ilinot tonfioeineoti in a ni y ami elartt.tr
in-r sieniner, we will- ' now re'nifr't the
Captain, h, at ilw uppoiateil lime, gave
1 p. 1
1 . .1 .
i Lately iniorm uiem.isru in'j
1 . . . .. tt
! Dah ono.comaot now, mana. .i'"
mediately replied the driver, - h i
. " Whan her name ..mquireu o"c.
hI reckon. masa'a froin.de rier(!,
noa'i know, agih can't rfad.V rejoined
PI..I I in alt ihinnil miw'ba fit to ilo - ' '
8rvict It that and ting thy pre!, too. , ' 1
A etiri'Hit ttlnbilirtn is "in course ofl
preparxion for the WorltTa Fair, by !r."
H.r., lite eminent map engraver."
constructing a huge gbibe. of 56 feet ?
I And fshe any the less thy brother, :Wy Id,
nd a aiieh": Entitled to' kintlnesS and ilt is i
sympathy? ,? D5er he' nof breathe Ihe in diameierj'which wi I be provided with
same air enlov the sime sunshine, and a eonvtniftt nindcv'of ingres afid egress
gium upon ihe ehanhe of Tiome, and it.
deMrrtlreaore wman.-ihari"rron1aim
ed m fife fallowing extract from theChris-
tian fnqoirer. rt has not oeen our good lor
tune to meet it.
. .. n. l. a.... mm .kl ikotv inrnr. atmrip 1
. i. .f -i:--Vf -:i kifrhaiiil tscbrimr hannmesa will be filled on With eallenea and stair-
DUl IUC Virtue ui , uuiau, mu vn n ua i uu ... a t
..i:". .!:. -. ..iiti::.i.';,;.Mii.liiii.tllai thee?. ' ? a, w: - i cases, so as jo enaWe-lhfi"titilor to make
UIICS ICIII WCII-UCllia IC u UUI HiiiiiiB. vu ..T . ,, ..... d . . . . k, l t
LTo ihiiheict J ail other 1 U Bat he 15 poo? mmr Aua now. tout 01 u.e vor w-na vimi 5 01 mt
. 1 . t . k.m 1 1 iiitipp. . at ; 7 i ax i . 4 . i - . . k. .a. a i a ii-n tnnn nnniiTtaran niinit aa aa? niico iniioairv tir nriiiiiiriuiiivi
aifti" !, .t .wt t.i., .learner . VM; i.7 1 ttX- .d Ida fair com: .anion imme- ret ouf beHt,irsto..e. ..aided by th ,
A vert-fiaa musician-.too lays ,i ftmit. nauti a-tw . -"- . u.. ,v.,a;;ii kofv rrt;m, 'of eoduiL fili and fiater-lthe secret .reccasea ,wi,u "i'r r'r,1 T-.
,...!. y,.w "Jr o.,dlayl-hi .li
'ilinoqmlW.Va tie riTirAreiUe4 latent muJJ: wer b., r . . Wt , . . v. , - y ' v:41;.VVt. mlVI drf
" -aiv ..Vit t-r; ua.i S f., j- J. Wl j .r- Le w. ot ex, a -? fi-e4 ea ... t-. i- , s...
. ' . , . . . ... rf ; ;
. . . : ..
. " .

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