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i;h the ClntlaltB n.l Snh CimKi
Rail RoJ. llfflt. hnwttff.in the nu
yet rtxifiaeJ mjseff to tl.e l.miis of the
road, and to simp' lUlrmml tf it in
jiutaff La promo i-t hixne induntry. nJ
ihf reby addiftf i ti e wehh ol the'Siaw
nd ereiting bu.ines. f.e itself-., have.
IihmiH ntertaining jt esprrtstioist.
km fell myself at hbeny to draw heavily
from other MMiifT prsW leaving that
branch $f the CfUmate to other, quite a
ra.pprtetil la compulation as myself
1a mate ittrh additions n)r suit their
The efforts of nil mad every where
1 la increase the ! of land. The
jti nf irwreae it dependent upon the
ffrtitvy of ihe soil and the remoteness f
the hnd from mat tri. ami lite amount of
i eiariljp the eapiulitd hoi
liirb ih saving in the trnortaiioi
Upon llit annual produce of an arr would
jirf. Kt instance, if lite annual saving
in the lranporuiion of the produce of an
acre of land h ont dollir, the tlua of ihe
land will be increased tlfif. the ranted
which at ix per cent, would jrield a tlol
lar. My own impretsion is thai ttit lands
on ihe line of llie ftorib Carolina Rail
Rnad will he inrnaed in freatrr isiio
than ihi. now universally acknowledged
principle of computation would give, for
the reason that they art from some cause
greatly underrated, especially from !
ingtqn to I'iiarloite; the landa on Una
portion of ihe rovd which grow Cnuon aa Ualen.th. C attltatl.a, aa the Laws
: 11 r'...: i i i t .v,. i...ji r .v
well aa Grain, compared with land in
Virginia similarly aituated in reference to
market and which (row only grain and
grass, are Tallied at tery Utile awe than
half the price of the land in Virginia.
The eflVr i nf ihe Uail Road will be to
raise the land to their proper standard
of ralue. and add also thereto the enhanced
value arising fmm the diminution in the
cost of transportation.
The manufacturing es'ahltshments on
the line of the work, which are now in a
comparatively feeble and declining condi
tion, will receive an impulrr that wilt re
warJ their enterprising, proprietor, and
revive the drooping hopes of the advocates
of home induttry. For it must be obri
oiis to every one how they ire affected by
the eot of transportation.
The espense of transporting ths raw
material, and manufactured roods, consti
tutes an element in ilia cost of those goods
in market. The means of transportation
arc in fact but a part of the machinery in
oaj I , eiitn.te.1 fr am! wl.'e, Pj sre'a.fW uiWaWa .UiM.UwVjj..
riilresiifs tn they bin extend to rterr 7, - 7
portion r,t their terrify; eert J2 JW Ais M Ul
comment npened by ihet rhaaeeSi f ! tmmUmkm rf
romniuMicaaoa. " Urn one ran &mb ahal " t
ihe same resulta will be efper'teneed i iffsB sccJ sad
North Carolina, la short. t! ff-i pfsa, wsaOi ! as &s noett st-
jodiciona sysicm wfialrrnal improvratcat cUia r&- U i3 bs
is is sniie a Stale as it were in one great WB,tr tcfsiw waicb cUftH4
rommnahv with aJt their want. aVxsikU Cskbs Kail KssJL ska tltsrteftd a
and supplies brought to view, siioiblaurg tmfaJ W swt sad bmJi aantUs tW
raierpnca and industry ia all the ans and Caps fear sad Drcf JHn, sod is rsoatrwet a
Trlfis porvai's of man. flaaik K4 Ct rajstian la 8lMkrj t lbs
Ad last, iLonh not on this account t prfacatf vsIimU ikuum u lbs f4e
the Irati, .f ihe impomnt heiwfii of lite at tU saiUW ra t tmtLbt aasfkeli lbs
N.''h Reload, is Ihe effifct it alW, ts Cb el ttWra. ItsaNatd
rill have to wihdraw ihe icdorcssrat to bJ tk t. i.
iT,rJ?T " 9 7 T d'pr.,,M ,h fc lb Rail EosdVit sbsdd b. k
fn ern,?nnn?l!i;r,T, -. tb. frciSuVs
enierprif mg anu ittiel!i?ent popalatNtn, . . . .
I am, rniiemm. very respecifttllr, . ,. 7. V ... ,
Your obedient set van. . i "f te B04.
WALTER OWVNN taomxm ! Pcpd a diraai wkk tba itw
Civil Engineer. binf lbs correetoeai of this pofitisa ; sad
! wi sa coec;sai m auks t ef the diagram
to enable ear leadrra Is ace bow admirably lbs
'preanit loratioa of the read ia adapted to the
tbrr works ia th State, so aa to eitend' ihek
benefits to lbs restart araiber af people. Tbs
dUfrsa was prrpaKd andrr aaany dissdvaots.
t sod y not bs pufcctly comet, but is sot
firicntly so, we beUcte, to convey a pretty cleat
prrcepUsa of ttat was intended. ,
nui.', wrhbj tks le4 f'' t lf4 t lit
h CRts mmi itt4 t prami!a tas
peat f dL esantiy e ti Uaioo T ii Sit
Uf aJrocatcJ tlpt rijti of Scew s4 aod
kk dttcfskafioa JU yt Lm tbs ftesl f aas
aft! cswproniaa awMttrcstbs law sSotMiaf
lb skvs trad ia tLa Karici t Ce4ttys bt
Asl esse ba aa ppartMky, sad tbareby
pea ias iad-fata and torn tbs f3 lU sf &
M!ida spoa tbs cawatry His poua
sas to bs titedj tit ef Libj Ja CLr, rf
Soati Catfilba, wbs refarda gcs laa tbs eoiS-
s S0Badaa of As ataxbdOtsz. Suu. or a bffs
aa&rr at btasHM tbs renedy Im tU e(la esas
pUbsd of by tEs Soutk. Wb reI sad iauttBsry j
TU la ri.;l:!i.-Tt i nhr.v tu c?j f o,s u u c-j u .
coi.atd' red m i n ted tact" (y birtitUta any bf e?Ut u it ai,
at i e fn ins
ClifftiOfl suit b
Ua Uaardiaaaafsar Llbertyt
Vedncsdni'a ."Way 28.
Cj Tbs eierciaes of lit. &, lire. Burnett's
School will cloas on Tuesday evening neat with
A Concert of finale.
The eierciaes win begin st 7 J o'clock prtcutty.
The fiieml sod patrons of ths srbonl are invited
to atteaJ.
The President! Korfbern Tour.
The Ptecident f tbs United 8tatea, accompa
nied by Metara. Webster, Crittenden. Graham
and Hall, of lbs Cabinet, left Washington oa
the 12th instant, to attend, by invitation, ths ce
lebration of the opening of die great Erie Rail
Road. At all lbs towns on tba routs lie wsa met
by large assemblages of the people, snd by en
thutic demonstration of renpect. We had in
tended to give some account of these, and some
.1. - ....e. r i . 1 1
i ic rosnuiwiurw m gootts mr maraei, anu th. speeches delivered on ths occasion bat
ur anu princmiff applies av wen in mi finj wt jv, Bot ,
inprnvenient of the one aa in the other.
The man with rood machinery can manu
facture profitably and aell at a price at
which the one with poor machinery would
be ruined. If then we apply this princi
ple to the lranpottatinn of the raw male
rial, bread stuffs, and other article of con.
sumption in manufacturing ettahlishments,
it needs no argument oi calculation to
snow that he who can make uae or a Kail
Knad for this purpose can always under
sell thoe who ate without the accommo
dation. Thi is ilia' true secret of the
sucf of the Northern manufactories ;
the liberal system of internal improve
ment at the North has cheapened the
tiansportation of their supplies. I doubt
lint, it would 4 prove upon investigation,
that the transportation of a bag of Cotton
front the interior or (Jeoifia in the vicini
of her rail mad Jo Lowell, costs less than
the transportation lo many manufactories
in North Carolina, within a hundred mites
of the Cotton fields. .
: The reduction in the price of transpor-
tation in us t he attended at least with the
working of the existing establishment p
to their full capacity, and with their stxs
cess the erection of others will follow,
until in course of time, the Suite will be
come a manufacturing and by conse
quence a consuming as well as producing
The home market built tip by the
Manufacturing establishments will stimu
late, encourage and foster the agricultural
tniereM, which is the great interest of the
Slate. And thus the great ends of govern
ment will be accomplished by the silent
workings of the system of internal im
provements, without doing violence to the
theories or prejudices of any one. The
greatest lienclit will be conferred on the
greatest number. In fact all will be bene
fited. For the Nmtli Carolina Rail R 'ad
ii not a mere line of Rail Road accom
modating a single line nf travel and ope
rating on h narrow, section of Hie State;
there is scarcely, any poriion or any in
tercut in the State that is not benefited by
this work. It traverses nearly the whole
length of the State, it is the Central Rail
Roal projected by the old and ardent
friends of internal improvement, crossing
the channels of some of ihe principal
livers, bringing their water falls and Man
ufactories into the actual vicinity of the
Seaboard. It would be 'difficult to plan
a work, so properly, so obviously and so
essentially a Slate work. I he people
themselves have made it so by their wide
spread and unprecedented individual sub
scription of a million of dollars, and by
their endorsement of ihe copartnership ol
the State from one end to the other, in
her sub?eriptio ol two million more
That they will not be disappointed in
their expectations, I am qui)e aure, unless
it should turn out, and there is no reason
why it should he to, that the same cause
in Not th Carolina will not produce the
anm effects as the other Slate, North,
Sonth, East and We3t. In thone State
il is found tint rail roads relieve the bur.
len of taxation. Fit by the difference
in the cost of iransnortation by common
roads and by rail rnad, which may be
.stated at about two to one. Secondly by
VucfeHaiitir the taxable urnnerty on the
line of the road, a general reduction of
laxca j.w inndc, thus lessening Hie taxes on
land einre remote, giving them an wb'i
ttoiul iaj .e, and thus the benefits of th
w find ws have not spsce to-day, and mart post
pone what we have in Ivpe on that subject to our
next bnue. ;
The Korfu Carolina Rail Road.
: By re mice to our advertUing columns, it will
be seen that the contract for ths woik oa ths
Road will be let out on ths whole routs between
ths 20th of June and tbs 8th of July at Hills
borough and Graham on ths SStb and 27th of
Jane.. We bops that many of our citixena are
prepared to take bold of this work, snd that a
suflk-tent number of contractors will be found in
Oisnge and Alamance, to construct all that por
tion of the Road which paaaea thiougb the two
counties. The Greensborougb Patriot states that
the Engineera are now engaged in " office work,'
preparing the estimates, dec. for sections suitabls
to lbs convenience of contractor!. Wo tram al
so from the Patriot, that the estimates made out
for ths whole length of the Road, for Excavation,
Embankment, Rock Excavation, Draina, Cul
verts, Arches, and Abutments, are given as fob
lows: . ' ,.
Excavation, 3,364,031 cubic yard.
Emlaiikmeut, 3,856,849 M "
s r .,r5.
AA5" ' J51
' Carth.gao Lt
FayettevillcO ' T 1
(mithfieW. V
WynaKroisMifc . t
CKington ?-
. Jfebern.O
AlexaoJita Oitette
issenei is the mv Cwnstluitos to be
adopted by the Virginia t'onveniioa I sa'l
However anaeh it may be ejected an, ao
boweter diappiatsd many will be ta th
East at the result, it to atr thai probable
that, if Use reataiauig provisions el Ibe
ConstitatMa coDiaia the relbrms which the
people hav called lor aod desired, the
Constitatioatt presented will be accepted
by large majority of th people.
From ElTi&a. A letter from a Boa-
bat cawcUrra separate State actios as ntia aad tonus U lUvana, dated the I2tb ia
uvpraetiabls. Aad maul this eusiisd acdoa esa i test, aart that in coeseqaenct of the
bs bad, Mr. Cbeves eooteod that tbs South prompt pVfceedinjrof the New fork ia
sbsoU agUats lbs autjert kaesaaaatfy. actively, t thoritiea ia seisin the Steamer Cleopa
tealoady aad frriealy." 8oitb Mi. VcaaUsi'tn. and the cocsenseDt breakio p of
sod eorwrJingly bis speecb yesterday was (to expidition, the fear of the Spaaiarda
esa aa eipte-ina wbkb bs appCed to the Pre- ir "( lor tne prescaU Mul,
ideal's prodamabok,) the xooat eoatokie - boo-1 f0! ! CTerf foreigner
woo-wos-ceocera that ws bso ever besrd-l" wrauoiiea oy iae vaputo
evideody intended to sgitste the paUk mind sad "cne- Americana in lurxna are,
to fhghtoa th. mpU This aaoVb we feel can- i'"'. "S'lfi f V"
ed ape. to ssy do. wk, becsa. rf tb. aoOo. itZtt rll fil?
, in4 Gotertiment. by its energy, bat
bis poMtton at Pataborough. . UVed them from . V..r-I i,;n
We coodudt tbi. hasty autics with a soeadoo (rom tnii COBBtrr. Alt b. at the Ust.
wbkb ws bops wdl bs duly eoored i Caa tha must have resulted in terrible scenes f
ineadsof tba towa, and tboae who oWre to tea violence and blooudihed.
peace sad harmony ooce mots restored to ear
public counaets, coowot to vol. foi a return of
Mr. Veaabk-to Congreaa !
The Administration and the
slavery Question.
There is a class of politicians at the
i svepave iWa tm s Jey fcd ( U i--
he ius $sm WXro is' tiu tt mk r-
Bilae Ji j tba peep' of GL
(Cksuaa&ksUd. "
North Carolina Rail Road.
To Contractors, .
Oniti ae rsa X. C. Kail Ra Ceavtar,?
tvetMbYgh, Iy If, it&l. 5
PROPOSALS wiS bs weid at
tbs folkwlng taate sod stacra fas la. . :
UfiMiMtMta, Mary.&llaid BHJgiag rfaifS-I
foe the North Carottaa Kail Rusd, t
At UOLDSBO&Ot'GH oa tbs iota ef Ji ae.
for that pit tt ay Rnd betea Ihs WJjoWr
tow sad ftitoi(h ftUl Road aad tb Wajb. aad
didmshMI last. .
At PIXEVILLE. to S&t-um. m tbsSM t
Jsae, tor that part U tmii Road beea 0m
Was oe tia. sad where atij Road aawi Neais, ,
Sbsot f "t aaiiea boi a fcinHlGeU.
At RALEIGH mm tU S3J of done, for tb.t
pail of said Rd betwteat Keoas aad Pratt's
ore, lo Orane.
At ItlLLbBUROIXH ea tb SStb of Jane,
for that prt ef aaid Road betweea Pratt's twr.
sad th. A la nunc ttae. .
At GRAHAM oaths tTib of June, for aO that
part of said road in Alamance.
AtGBEE.NSQOROPGH oa tbs 8lhof Jutr,
for s! that part of said Road between lbs Ala
Btancs fine aod Prospect eteeliog-heeae.
At LEXINGTON est the 30th of Jane, for
at that part of said Rad betweea Procpart akd
tho Yadkia river.
At SALISBURY oa lb J of duly, for tb. m
saot. betweea tba Ysdkia river aad Caberrea
At CONCORD on rho 4th of Jo!y, for t'ao
Dkd ia A U manes coaoty, K. C, tbs Rev.
Essaisi B. Csasis, ia th. 84ta year of bis
ago and 48tb of bis minutry. Its aeakh, aotil
within a few weeks ef bis death, waa tolerable m rM be Rowan bus to L'harfotte,
pct locations. raaiM. Eitimntti.
Ave of every eeetioa of aaid Road, will be rea'.y
for exhibition by tbs Engineers oa and after the
fnw,VBr,vii 7
By I M. PREVOST. fmra t!e Wilmington
and Raleigh Rail Road to Mrs. Betta'a, 6 mites
By JOHN U. McRAE, from Mrs. Bella's to
?outh, who afTcet lo entertain a distrust of good. Oa tbs 4 tb of May, 183! Sabbath
, .Min.r, in regaru io tne Dtave- ing. in peace, humbly reiving oa tbs merits of
ry quesiion. no amonnu.llesti.nony can tb. Lord Jew. Cbrkt, bs departed for that rest
o"lhopi ,
surround himself ith a Cabinet known to Mr CarAa ... . . 77 ,
hm ...t,:-..i - :.. "fc cnto Mhv rf Guilford county.
anon9r.kii m.r .,...),- l,,.t- ! but ha did not make a pubfie profoe- the Alamanc. and GuUfoid bnsi
ofhianff.!-. in it.. f ,h. i, 'u of reiigioa onUl hiirrired at maahood. Af-1 ' L.GREGO, from tbs AUmaaes lbs to
" - - "- ,- . .... ..... ...
wi h iwuiki UIIUK'l WiM to CDureo, BIS I
demanded by the slave interest, and for
so doing, he may bring down apon him
self the malediction of the whleAboli
lion party, and still those Southern Pa
frto(!) cannot trust him.
Tbes reflection were mad. by the editor of
l mtiu w r , r a. r. -.
j ww-w v aw vii 4sv anaiyc-v vi t
th. Chnahao mnuatiy, but there seemed to bs no I Ths Engineers will mtVa appointments and
pro pert of bia acquiring the Beceatary education, j P due notice, ao aa to aifard .very fwility to
ir. fc.,1 mm.;. . Rt.s r r.. .4 .s .. i perwme who may wUh to take contracts.
, ' . . T : " TheSurveya, Maps, IVElca, quantity and
bad been engaged in teaching. At length ths knd of work to be dons, sad ths eatimated v.l-
ths Pctenburg Intelligences, on reading a speecb "? WM opened, and he commenced the study of j oe of each kind of work, have all been prepared
delivered by Secretary Graham, at a dinner given ,Q languages nd Vt. Uavkl Caldwell, in 1794. ""'u mucQ soo accuracy, w u w-
in the 27th year of his age. Ks wsa Uceaaed to r .7 r 7 7 '
a. a 1 wavaa v uew voo
preacn ma goapei ay t&a rreahy tory of Orange in Contractors will be expected to commence
1801, snd was ordained snd installed Pastor of 1 work at th. earliest convenient day, aad ia no
tb. Church of Hyco, in Caswell count j.io 1803. " 10 ceW commencement of their eon-
Rock Excavation,
Drains, ,
C3" A very large public meetiug waa held in
Greenaborough on Tuesday the 30th insL, for
the purpos. of devising waya and meana to clear
th. county of certain abolition preachers, who
have for some time been in that section of the
state disseminating their pernicious doctrines,
snd poisoning the minds of such ss came undei
their influence. Deep excitement pervaded the
assemblage, say the editors of ths Patriot, snd
pretsils throughout the community to an extent
they have never seen before. The following re
solution waa adapted by scclsmition, and evin
ces s resolute determination on the part of ths
citizens of Guilford to free themselves from such
pests peaceably if they can, but forcibly if they
mustt ..
littolvcd. That a committee of fire be
appointed to notify Adam Crooks and
Jesse McBride, persons who are said to
be emissaries 01 abolition societies at
the North, immediately to leave this
County, and that if they fail to do so
they must abide the consequences.
We nndeistand that, information having been
received that Crooks or McBride had made an
appointment to preaeh in the county on Sunday t
another meeting waa held in GrecnsWough on
Saturday last, and further action determined up
on, the result of which we have not learned. The
Bank of Cape Fear. When we no
ticed, two weeks ago, the rejection, by the stock
holders of the Bank of Caps Fear, of the set of
Ihe last session of the Legislature to increase the
capital of that institution, we supposed the act
was based on the demand foi additional banking
The Bridge work oa the whole Road amounts ' excitement appeared to be greatly on the in
to 2.720 feet. ' ! crease.
The clearing is embraced in the item of " ex
cavation." The ptice is fixed according to ihe
smount of clearing, which varies in different sec
tions of the Rosd.
The able report of Maj. Gwynn, Chief Engi
neer, will be lound in to-day's paper. Our read
ers, we feel certain, have been anxious to ace
this report, and it ia therefore unnecessary for us
to say any thing to induce them to pet use it.
We see that Maj. Gwynn, in bis report, confirm
the opinion ao generally entertained, that Ihe
stock in this road will be valuable. He aays : M I
have no fears of the tesult, and feel in no need
of travelling beyond the bordcra of the State in
search of trade and travel lo demonstrate the pro
ductiveness of the atock of the Xorth Carolina
Rail Road." We learn from other sources, that
Maj. Gwynn baa expressed a pretty confident
opinion that the atock would yield aix per ceut.
without reference to through business. If this
opinion be correct, and we add ihe through bu-
sin ess, (which must necessarily be very conside
rable, aa this Road will bs an important link in
the chain of communication from North to South,
thia stock bids fair to be aa profitable as any Rail
Road atock in the whole aouthern country, and
capitalists will find that they have missed a good
chance of investment by not taking more of the
atock in thia Road.
Although ao much of our apace ia already oc
cupied with thia aubject, we wiah to add a few
p nnta ahnnt thn location of the Road. Thia IS
a State work in part, and the opinion baa been
entertained by some, that the road should have
taken a atiaight course from Raleigh through the
centre of the State. If any dissatisfaction baa
existed because such a location of the road waa
not made, we think the Report of Major Gwynn
ia calculated to remove the obiectiona. The
face nf the country presented so msny diflicul
ties to the construction of a Rail Road in a di
reel line from Raleigh to Salisbury, that after
a careful rcconnoirance Msjor Gwynn . waa
capital in the State, and expressed the opinion
that the interests of the public would have been try to see whether the Constitution could
better consulted by an increase of the capital of j be put down or not. If thia article of the
to ths President snd bis Cabinet st the Irving
House ia New York, ia presence of President
Fillmore, aod surrounded by a Northern audi.
ence. Tbs following is an extract from ths
Speech of Governor Graham :
M When the Constitution was framed,
every' State surrendered a portion of its
sovereignty and in, order to form that
Constitution, the South had made some
sacrifices t well as the North. They
were for the benefit, however, of all the
parts. Among those obligations wa on to
surrender fugitives from slavery. The
South .would never have agreed lo live un
der the came government with the North
il the North was to become the refuge
ground of their runaway euve. In e
paraiion, either by commercial restriction
or by arms, it would have maintained its
rights lhat no neighboring noweis should
disturb its peace and its property. The
Conatitution happily guaranteed lo the
South what by the comity of nation, il
had a right to demand, that a neighboring
State ehnuld not be tempting off it peo
pie from their home, or throwing in fire
brands among that people by templing
their servants with impunity to run away.
To that Constitution the Whigs of ihe
South expected the VVhigs of the North
10 live and abide by it rn good faith and
to execute its provisions. It was a matter
of conscience, therefore, for every N 01 th
em man who took an oth to suppoit the
Constitution, and such an oath was tak
en by every man who held an office, from
the highest officer down to the Constable ;
and he knew nriconsience party thai could
so well enforce the duties of conscience
a in enforcing an obedience to an oath,
and to the Supreme Constitution of the
One of the Compromise measures
which it -had become the duly of the ad
ministration to act upon was this surren
der of fugitives. All the rest were of but
comparatively little importance to the
South, and this was only made uf the
gravest importance by enabling the coun
In 1808 h. removed to tb. united eong.eg.tion. TlI' VZ'
, ... , . , ... . completion thereof by tba 6rt of Jsnuaiy, 1851,
of Giasay deck aud Nulbusb, whets bs labored ceMng n payment on their contract, one-
wtth great success for fourteen years. Ia 1 822 1 bslf in stock of th. Road th other half in cash.
existing banks, than by the establishment of new
ones. The Fayettevilte Observer, on noticing our
paragraph, givea the following satisfactory ex
planation :
We think that there was no such
cause for the passage of the act, but lhat
H grew out of a bul for an independent
Bank at (Jreetisboroiigh, which was aftei
wards changed to the am as passed. But,
as it was found that the Bank of Cape
Fear, with its present capital, could readi
ly spare the amount necessary for a branch
at Grecnsbornugh, it was needless to de
range its affairs by a division nf its surplus
lo let in new stockholder. 1 he establish
ment of independent Banks in Fayette
ville, Wadesborough, and Washington,
and increase or the capital of the Commer
cial Bank of Wilmington, enable the Cape
Fear Bank lo appropriate capital at
Greensbotoogh, and would seem lo be
quite as large an increase as the public
wants rail lor, at present. I here is some
danger of an undue expansion during thi
season ol prosperity. ... .
Sir. Tenable in Hillsborough.
Mr. Venable addressed a portion of the people
of Orange at thia place yesterday. W. hav. not
space thia week lo make an extended notice of
his remarks, but may do ao in our next.
must aay , however, lhat hie position in thia speech
waa such that th. Union men of ihe District, io
our opinion, cannot vote for him their repr.
Constitution could be nullified, directly or
indirectly, there was no telling where nul
lification waa to stop. If the Constitution
was good for anything, it was good as a
whine, and u could not be broken in pans.
Nobody expected the whole series of Com
promise me-isures lobe approved by any
body, item by item S me of the Bill
were very, very objectionable to large par
ties of his Southern countrymen, as ob
jectionable a this Fugitive Bill is in the
North ; but a a whole, as a final system ol
adjustment, the Whigs of the South acqui
esced in ihem all. and meant to maintain
them, and they expected a like acquies
cence on the part of their Northern Whig
brethren, in good faith. 11 there was to
he again removed to tbe congregations of Haw-
field and Cross Roada in Orang. county, of
which congregations bs waa Pastor until within
a very few years, when, owing to ths Infirmities
of age, bs resigned his pastoral charge. Tb.
writer wa. intimately acquainted with thia devot
ed servant of Christ foi nearly thirty years, and
bad many opportunities of aeeing him ia public
and private, and h. alwaya found him tb. same
plain, unpretending, and sealoua servant of his
Master. Hia distinguishing characteristic waa
cheerful and ardent piety. No christian ever con
versed with him on the subject of religion who
did not desire to do so sjsin; and bene, at tha
meetings of Presbytery, and indeed on all occa
sions, bis company was earnestly sought by ths
In 1800 he wsa married to Mrs. Elizabeth Al
len, with whom hs lived upwaids of forty years,
she having died in tha peace of ths goapei in
1842. He ha. left three daughters, all married,
and members of the Presbyter iad Church, and se
veral grand children also membeis of the church.
Such wa the christian simplicity and integrity
of hia character, such his sesl for the glory of
God and the salvation of men, such his benevo
lence snd kindness, that it is not known that any
one ever questioned tha sincerity of bis religion.
Com aoxiCATKti.
The Watchman and Observer snd Presby
terian are requested to copy.
Died, in thia county, on Sunday the 1 8th in
slant, Mr. Jnsxra Tats, Senr., in th. 87th year
of his age. Mr. Tate had been many years a
member of tbe Presbyterian church, aad waa
highly esteemed in his neighborhood.
Died, on New Hope, in thia county, on Thurs
day the 22d insL, Mr. Jo ax Daxist, aged about
83 years.
Died, recently, in Alamance county, Jobs
Boox, esq., a highly respectable citizen, and fot
several years a representative in our Stats Legis
lature from Orangs county.
Also, in the asm. county, Boston- Issi.it,
esq, a citizen of much worth and respectabili
ty. ,
Died, on Saturday the 17th instant, at hia re
sidence in Granville county, Sam cat Skits
Dowsit, in th. 19th year of hia age.
" The righteous perisheth snd no man layeth
it to heart: and merciful men are taken sway,
non. considering that th. righleous ia token
away from th. evil to come. H. shall enter in
to peace." Isaiah Jvii. 1.
An intimate acquaintance with the deceased
during th last few years, enable the writer to
By order of th. Board.
J. M. MOIlEllEAl),
President N. C. Rail Road.
May 28. . ' 85
Land for Sale.
THE subscriber, purposing to move
STsA oul &u!h, offers for sals a Tract of
V7 Land in the county of Orange, on th.
fSCKaa water, of Mountain Creek, containing
On. Hundred and Twenty -ix Acres. A good
portion ia in woods, snd is s good upland aa caa
Iw found. It ba. on it a comfortable Dwelling
House, a Barn and other Out Houses, and two
first rat. Springs one in fifty yards of th. door.
It i also watered well, and baa on it a first rat.
Mill Seat, eight mile, north of Chapel Hill, aix
miles east of Hillsborough, and one mils from tha
Rail Road.
May 26, 1851. 833e
be no such' acquiescence. -if Northern '. bear testimony to th. christian faith which seem-
Whiirs were to waee war againat Southern 'ed to be bis never foiling eupport and comfort.
Whigs there could be no Whig party. For several months his strength bad been wasting
The Democratic parly had their tlifficul- ' rapidly away before th. ravagea of disease, while
lies, perhaps more serious than our, and bis spirit seemed collecting itself for the change
it was doubtful whether they could ever whieh awaited it to a blissful immortality. Hia
again assemble as a whole, in National finaj ,icinesa waa ahort; and in thia hour of auf
Convcntion ; but the Whig, could act to- fcring mi lrU, he WM not forgaken . for he had
getner as etiic.eni.y a. ever, 1 iney on.y ; all hb afrair, intothe hand.of hi.
planted themselve. upon the platform , laid , he to
down ,., the Present's Message. i.-., hii w .ids, the feeling.
"""'"'' . . . . . .. I
Mr. Graham concluded by remarking
that he had spoken with freedom and can
dor, as among friends, and he heartly
hanked the people for the reception they
which seemed to overflow hia heart, yet utter
ance waa denied save to those two words, most
piecious to th. believer, Faith and Christ.
Sever, indeed is the atrok. that baa fallen on
had ffiven the President and the members the dear ones he left,ul consoling must De the
of his administration. . assurance, that their loss ia hia et.rnal gain.
THE present session of this School will close
on Tuesday, June 3d. Classea will ba ex
amined on Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Oa
Sunday an Anniversary Sermon will be preach
by th. R.v. PcTta Dora. Students will dealainx
and read compositions on Mondsy and Tuesday;
and on the afternoon of Ibe day last named, an
Addrcsa will be delivered by Hcsat W. Mil
lib, esq.
The public ate invited to attend. Strangers
will find accommodations for themselves snd
horses in th. neighborhood at reasonable price.
ThO Kexi Session will commence on
Tuesday, July IS, and continue five month..
Th. school will be conducted on Ih. same prin
ciples aa heretofore. The great object will be to
furnish a thorough educauon lo those intrusted
to ua; but as no education can be of real benefit
unless coupled with morality, unceasing effort,
will b. made to disseminate and cultivate right
principles of action. Students mwf, if possible,
be present at tb. commencement ol th. aession,
aa no provisions will be made for, those entering
after the first week.
Prices a. heretofore, vis : Board $25 per ses
sion Tuition $10, f 12:50, and $15. -
For further particulars apply to ths " Execu
tive Committee" for circulars.
JAMES A. DEAN, Principal.
8outh Lowell, May 9. 81 4w
FRENCH BRAN DY.best, Port, Madeira and
TeneriUe WINES, Another Ut ol Perfu
mery, one half dozen Fine Razors, extra, Shar
ing Brushes, superb. To be had at
May 14, 83
VF.AST POWDERS, a fin. article, for sale
& at
May 14.
Piano Forte for Sale.
ANEW, Rose-wood, French Grand Action
PIANO FORTE, (6 Octaves,) of supe
rior tone and workmanship, from th. celebrated
Manufactory of J. Worcester, New York, togeth
er with Piano Stool and Cover, for sale cheap, for
Also, one of Martin'a celebrated GUITARS,
and an assortment of MUSIC for Piano, Violin
and Guitar, for sale by
Teacher of Music at Rev. R.Burwell's
March St. ' 7
Job Printing,
. . .

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