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The Hillsborough recorder. [volume] (Hillsborough, N.C.) 1820-1879, January 07, 1852, Image 4

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id Star,
be re.
T'y piOJ-
Arda, Maps,
.rrjona of I he
ibe RisNllsioris
nl funiio'.
tScbot'L Wo ntT't irw teut'.a of Ibr oust
a a pledge for tt.e ioiu c I he Lbertl jTVn.
j we ka receidaiiriea ua in asyifl"
this (k-beoi wy be reganlrd a pefn)tKn,lJ r
iwwca. ' - " ,
It ia kljlily Important te he.."'e3 i Mime
tic f ttie puni!a that tUv houkl roaimence
w lit their cLi-aeo, ai.a 'h7 i" l' weiwd
at anv tima. V. V " I he public to our Cula.
togu for prt'. whirh may le bad by ap
t.hratiur fVariful. . ' .
'i1citm wi'l r!oe on the a.st Wednraday
. in June, lh a l ,ie eiHtiiarneement and esain-
iuuo vij Aod 1 uecilay fKerrthn;.
' Boarder wili b repaired to furnish liicir own
Iffhvs and towt!.
v3td f,uii lo (7 ;er monih. h
Tnl.'ion f'.(.:n ?3 to $13 pet ae.Vmn. .
(.'outU,rif '- CFiT ttn.K .
HM. A. KKLKON. Principal,
Dereaar lt, 10 I. 13 Sw
thj-.U'r.a br'rt? dele-minrd lo clove
l!v It l a ir E isfco:ov"'j. .iMepJi' aa
pitna'li'e, will tHl te:f ii.ock r Goods, wiico i
. gxi. e., i .r'rj 'iio.t evcy 'e'ik'le ra'ted
tor ii ii" ir-a.-i, al ve.y seduced p-'re for
t-i ; "o f if.pr Jy hd!:'U all pe-)0
b- --i 1 1 i .n ;o t'm iiici a pit. fee;ae
pu '-u j; ei !,t, i! py want toous ea
low Hi ;'.! c-n tr j.i i!scd ia Hem Yo.k
C M a i:i we. "i ' if - o'.cl zuc gctcITilie Gorxls,
' t !a til ,h a r. ,
AM (, (o ihern. either !iv no e or
ui:;.r e .f..rcd la rail wiihoot delay and
iii Li!: r-o t and U'll be cleril.
T S.o a f li.j; itij Ul where ibey do Iium
i lorule, a:!'!(.-at.'i:do'iat i:oitiiDO(!aiiog
E, M, HOLT & Co.
Te. S, 1"
i WAVING rjMn'aCrd" as E: ecu! at' of the l.-st
wili .-i rataam:l of 8AMI EL BI.M
PA"?,l. inu-l. at ihe .V.tru.lwrt'iVHOosrifOi--anv
C'etoi Cctu't, :C3l, not'ee ishc eby t'veii
j ail .. t-i.. - J.-."mg eiiiina aa'iM a:d eOaie,
o ror.n u r-4 i tvi f e&ct:i. .f.e,a ttHbtB tb
tin? !v ol!iera'b IjU tioiice
wi.'J I !. led i.i 1 ;r of reeose-y. Al feiMios
ji;J' ted t 'J rst.te ere leji.ed io tile. tiie
tnr t'xA.u'.. r rv.-'nl.roMt to eg:d pioc3,
a !.JrL :fn . 'e i.: rfrarrve ur; rs?ai
P. I.CVtilERS.EiV.
y' r;'(7 &:i;iv'1jii pets.
Pre. i.
! 1 1 a hlo Pro ne viy ,
Jl"." ?j':T;uer wiVihi to reuove, ofierafor
t Jlojse snil Lot (two ec.es,) ia the
tora -I r.".';!.ifiBS, v,e!l fcitu lied, the dwdiiog
ILw i ni cciBiroiiiouK, wi.b 1i ueciiiss'y
oui-l'. i, ; ;, tnl a tiM-et. failing well of water
Witiiiy f ) -v fret oi Litpden
4" Lsnd.
Tr.-o sma'l tracts !
tod and id;cs,
V V.
it .
X. .1
yV-Jl AllL iH)
f IV ,
Waelel la Trade.
' .t r . m . . na .. t . . .
a. nantso'o e vem, lr
oft HI lt ffctdic that l t
.'. iV if and fkemptti
VcJiiw tod itaiardt
a ! caumv. Tltrf
Nit'n Mabels,
ase.lly in ia aa
s i; e L i ft rods, nJ
ciiiar, lo fsa-uin b
')t be ea p'e.lttN
ihe f iti, eaaortv
., Col'ars, Haml.
for L."c, the
iiitle Waeuii Wh'.ps
in th'm iu.,rltt,
Whips of U L'niJs.
', IlsrncfciMoutiiir!
Jul the Ij.cst styles 8 nd
. , . jpcTlor Leather of aM
!5 dux. Saddle Tree,
en are Kui'toad laii5'..ilui
lesican, ALiltiucr, Coluin-
aM-natk.and Sidcatid Bo
SaiKMe Trees, &c. &o.
i prepared lo ro..nor4cl.i'e, (a oioer, any
In lit line, in i!;e lrt maimer and of the
t in.-.teiial.
Poik, Baron, ami Lim!er of !1 liml.
I he market p'icc in eichae for work.
ons indebted lo lh SuWrilwr, e.iher
account, are earnestly requested to rati
up, a it J commence anew. ,
r HV 05
Great Attraction !
.339 who wish to firtss Fal-
iosafcly and Cheap,
.HAUL & COX hate
ii um the North a wcll-sclcct
incut of Good in their line, to which
;Id re.pectfu!ly rail Ihealirnlion of their
nid !.e public trncia'lv. The art idea
'Circled wild creal care by the tcnior part,
hoe lung r xjiericni e, he fl.illera birtixlf,
illicit bin) tom i.c the rrv beat c!e lion.
hx1 were purch:iwd for Ciih, and they i
iiinr-u to aril at the most reastonnhle prt the whole would lx too tedious. lie wilt peci
Hr ruatomera mnv eipert, llierrfoie. to'lv only the followins: "
rrjrlr fit low a tlirg et.n It hoJit
uuif o;nr rn.TcIS""1"' " '"' mun oj lite
wunifif. 'J'bey Scvknreffmr7 nu.me j
rat I be riou atlicicaTlJ'4'' S'ock,
I'Ut will aay, in general n"0haJU'w article (
for GrnMenirn' (Jl.of . f'' the"Ti!i7rinmet
Saper-fine Black l''" Coal, to a pair ofi
Soapender. may S bad.
't 'i . . . . : I ti . t t
i urj nave inigc ciui'i oi
wfio iMfci tC',l,ta,rn W"U 1 U l "
raTa). fff .wM.. 4 rral.l.n.. L 1
"mmoim nave i een pro-
ciKfJ, anu tnrir luencl and ruittonieia mnv now
aepply itu'irtxrlve wuh the mrwt FusihionnMe
iii. ,i
1 r i . i . !, . " .. .
ibeat ol woikmen, and will Dee every exertion to
. in i .ii ii ii u
gl! cnlire ,:Ui,'aclion in tit ft well 'a. tht "",r"
mnie of clothe Ighieued conmuiity. will avail notlun?, and he
Thev UU thia oeca.ion to renw the ex. I" " Pi' (liy of hi.
aion of their thnnka tu ihe public for the li:.l
KKl . r "",m' ""r' l,hr:T
hope to met and receive a co,uunre of ihw
October 14 0? .
tA.Aii.u mii
'PH? subscriber baa mode piepnration, al eon-j
a'tlr.ilile exivnae, for lir.mufacuniiig a u '
lienor attd lo of Venetian Vt injuw Ubiidti, for,
UhuT'ica or Dwelling Houses. He ran mjnu-
fjciore ihe.n as rhe;ip a. they can he had at Ilia
nn lh, and lutnLwinc cnoogll to aiiit the moat
refilled tuMe. Hia price for ordinary windnwa,
is three ibilhra per liiiiul. delivered and put tip.
There ev.ll In' lhi advuntase in purehaKing bi
b!ind.i: He will keep them in order for twelvs
nonilis aTu-r puit'iig them uji, wli'uli uiilnmouiit
to n ini-anre. " :
O-re will be IhiinkfuMv rerciveJ nndprompl
ly nci-i'l. d. il'lcl with Mr. John Law, i;its!o.
iih, or a'd ce(l lo ihe ulerilier at Dial'a
Cieck, Orange Coumt. i
R. V. WE j
Oct. SI. CG 3mn
Superior ('mm of Law, Fall Term. 183 1.
James A. Turner
vs. ; . J Petition fur Divorce.
I tins case it appealing that a eony of the pe-
ti.'ioo and atbprcna were in'.ied to the defend-
ant in manner ss by the slaiuie in surh eaves is'
requited, and I'm re.urn thereon lieintr, Exeetilrd
on ihe sd Nancy Tu nrr, sail p'oelam-iliou lie
ins mido st the court-house d mr by the SherifT
for the s.i'.l drll'inlufit lo appear and answer, as
comrnanded b llie vubjvs.M, and the def.-nd.itit
failiut to an near. Il is ordered by the Com I that
publieiiiioo fur thiee months hem ulei.i the ILil.;
borough Eeronler, for the slid Niiiny Turner lo
appeir tt ih next iem of iImsCooi, to l held
at the court-house in IlitWioiOi'iih. on the second
Motid.iy io March next, thro and there to plead,
wiswer or demur to ihe s.i'il tition, ofherwb
ihe said itiiiHi will be beard ex parte aa to
her. and jlgmcut pro confi'f) will be giatited
aiat Ix-r.
Witness, Richard M. Jones, fli'ik of our said
Court, iit i:The, the ercond .Monday of Septem
ber, A. l. ic:i.
. 11. M. JONES, c. s.c.
Dee. I. Price ndv. f:00. 12 3m
'SMll great wi, by Col. Whkklks, will 1
- ready f delivery in a few dava. . The su.l-
eriler. baviotf contracted, with the auitior, for
one atliomi3 D'. 1'"' a' ",u' delivery of the said work, for all the
std the ol.wr ii,li'l''i4 Towns embraced in (he 1st, Sd,
" nJ 5t Judicial Circuiis, (except Ka-
ht Land'cd''"'-'1 ,nJ or ,,,ur counties in the oili cir
"VHto'e. skAcu:i) woi'ld inform hia friends and suliriliers.
nst me oisiithuiion or me work will commence
Vu ....iu .:i.: ii..
. . ., ..... ... . ...
-n iiivui., niiv iicixhiii vvia.i.i.u iiiti ivuik cai
u.e it f'om the subscriber. Pi ice tosubscii-
$3:0r3, noo-s.itracfil.ers $2:25. '
'g'oa. LUerary, Tempciance and School
vA Collecting Aijeney. - '
U3, a.gy.8, lbtl. tail
- 4
Tin and Copper Factory,
'I'll aulMcirr lit iwic4 a TUi ao4 Cop.
r t meiorj ! I of lluU&UtOUgtl,
an J It iU ut to r(Sk(1 it ia tbe Lrt maiibcr.
II La lectured oue if tb larat ef Korthrfn
aarlum, and hi work twit b an4 f the lvt
MM!-ril ac4 ia l!r lt atvle. ACcr tnirty tUe
work, and it sLo-U pnwe not to te good, it may
Im rrturwJ and more got is it 4m. Tin ii
be aoU at Xorthrra Price with cucts and cn
riage. ,
At Mil t4 the amonrt f fifty dutUra, at acj
fhre in tbe Slav, all la the amount of twenty
fit. ilulljra, h)tid Cfy tu'iSwS of tbt Ucet and
ail bum uf any Mouit, wiihio teuty-Sre ni!ea.
will I !V4 buJ drllvrred yY tf thtirgt far
iU-l Le uk as Sow a any bou in tLe
K.aip. '.
Tl mW'il iriuma Li thsi. for pt fa
ar. aad b bofiea lie oilt rrcet'e a Iibrial ahare ,
uf patrwiiage, he i!ct!gnt h'mwtf la do jati-e j
and la endeavor to gi.e full eatuTiciiuii ia his'
All order will l thaiikfully recired,and the
KO'k dane with neatncM and dpaU-h.
C3 II chop will be Ciund at thi time one
door below M 'j. llu)n'a Sioie.
. Kotrmbrr 14. 10
A splendid Slock of Goods.
For lha Fall ani 7inter Traie.
WT OUI.D iesiriful!v inform the I uMir. that
Le lia iul oneiied at bi eslablWunent.
two door north of the Printins OiTue.one of tho
laireat (if not tlielirsait) a well a bandaotnct
atork vf Gooda in hi Hue ever brought to (Li
lin;kel. Ilia iiork cmlxaresall the article usu
ally kept in audi ratahlmhmcnt, and lo mention
uuicn, uronn, anu luvj.-iuie ureea tY.i.'M,cr all
qua'itir. .
Ci.M'itrr,offaiioua ctylcaand pnltein.
Yftfingx, of ihe hamtamrtrat pjtlrrna.
A" liuda of T'imning for Gvntlcmen clothe.
&c. &e.
IlcntljT ?Iado Clot!lln?.
T - ...j i. r . i i....
' nil i imt iiuw, uvci iuaw, rauiaioou,
AJI of which will be aohl at the mo reason ,l,
l't !. M a IHiM all ill II ' n IMU 1U ITIlUVf.
be f ililfrmitiril In aril hi n-iwuT na tiktv n
,i . , , , .... . , ,. .
i . Vr. t ..r.
Wn.l in -.li I.:. ..I..
i..u ,w .miiuiiw viiiiiiiw ails ,tui 11 i(D ll'V'B :
coimurni liiai ne can ii ease, v v
... , . ; .
- .. . i . .i . . i
f , '."u ' ' P
Iim lniikM Ma f.nrai tit I. a nli,Ja ll-iu art
' com,., f trade.
fWl of ,0 0(10 SV(liK
151,1 ol 4-"unil'J rotiuee, wni tic ii.en
in ctcniiiige tor cioiim; ai ram pi.cca.
Fall and Winter Supply,
FTER returning their thanks to theirfiiend
for ihe very liliernl patronage lierelofme ie
crived from litem, would again re'ciTiiliy an
nounre that they Lave jut teceivrd a very IsKge
aiHl cliiiire clocK lionil-.. rompr.xing; evciyj
tiling umnlly kept in a relii'd store; and as they '
are determined lo sell ou aecmiimiwlaur.e teems, !
they hoiie to writ and receive their usoal shi'ie
f patrmiasc from the good citincn of ihe bo.
lough and country s tu rounding.
I V Give ui a eufl.
Oetoticr 2. 01
SlIOi:! .SHOES!!
P.!. .rut fSatntoal ft 4ITP.R!
and HALF KAITEES, from Miles!
V A; f?on, PhiliifelnhiB. i
; Cloth (i .ilers.inii Half Ga'tieiS. from Kobinson
Co.. PhibuMphia.
Bootees fur Ladies, Mics nnd Cbildicn.
Also a aood axsorlmenl oi Bonis. Lined nnd i
Boe nil Shoes, and mnsmits. Juit received at
Ortober 2. " ftl
Frrsf m an4 Beaoiify ycur Iiacfi's.
3 1L
I;iit1t r of Efour.i-M, &.,
F? Ivl'ECiTIILLY tenders hi service to ihe
riiiieensofililMioroimb.fJIiajvrl Hill, and ilie
public generally. His wnrk will be done faithfully
and in the best st-le, nn;l at prices suited to t!u
hurdness of the, times. Any a ldress lo him at
H'11slor.nh. X. C. will lie promptly attemledto.
. OctoixT Kih, 1851. 05 -
and See!
rIMlG Female Poets of Amr.ira. LeRflcts of
Mem-.v y, Flowers of Loveliness, Remem
lr Ve, Lala Rixik. M trillion, Friendship Of. 1
feting, V'ouiia! Man's. OTerina, Youn Lilly's
OlTe-iog. Simw FI.ike.lDew Drop, The Cift'of
AlTection, The Hyacinlh, Chr'ntmis Oirciiny,
Tiipper's Philosophy, Tradiiion of the Cove
nantees. BiMcs and Hvnm Books. Besides a va
tieiy of IJ( FT BOOKS fof Youth. inelotVing
Au'iui's T:des ami other Che:ip Publications.
(Cj" To he had at the Drug Store.
NovemtiCi' 4. 03
Q BARRELS Lint Seed Oil, I do. Tanneis
Oil, I do. Sj.err.1 Oil, 1 do. Duniin Fluid,
I do. Spiiits of Turpentine, Castor Oil, Sweet
Oil, Coach Varnish, Copnl do.; together with a
supply of Paints, White Iicad, pure, Blake's Fire
Proof Pai'it, now coiuiiii into general use. Spa
n's!. Brown, Chrome Yellow, Chroinn Giren,
Venetian lied, Yellow Ochre, Umber, Litharge,
vcrmiilion, Spanish WLiijng, Pultv, Ac.
KoTCiBbct 4 . '- C8
, y1 j
Call and Sco!
Sroaof U :Uuoroch aod the cecuiy at Urge,
lLat te ia saw prepared U eiervte all kittd vf
IlaS-Irs nnd StiILIc of tserj
at Ike ahortt Butice. A Q He pair ia Li line if
Uiioet will be eteented wiih neatneaa and di
paU-h. Ilia ahop wiU be foaod oppoaiie tLe Ua-
ios Hotel.
March 31.
Now and Cheap
H now reeiinff a lain and
'wpe Stock of lnUGS, K C
Til r4 wm V.;a a .
IiVP ficlta?wNai r ft nviwii
E 8. PAINT llgrslIES, ! UnJ "re well encioaed. and ia good heart ;
eUUlilCAI. & DENTAL.11- tMTltt lnit liaibered.aud all well
CLES, vhicli wer seWu-J y Limc!f
t.m Vai.m. m.:i. u i .1.
tun aimtunu mm rnii r g alia iv ilH'ir
finellw awJ feo.lt... IH...tf;.:... ...i al.. iJ-.L
f J ajj iiVMlwraaa U1NIMUIWHI UAaV I Via r
lie ae reueated to call and eiaruiue Li Stock,
cooia(in in part ol lu follow log t
Beat Eng. Calomel,
Blue Man.
Put. & Rud. Ebubaib,
Ipecacuanha, Jalap,
'U l..r,... '
Cbron Green,
rrutian Blue,
Venetian IJeJ,
Kpaisii-h Urown
a iiiaiiufl i
Cod I.iverOiI.(ItuLton Varnisbe.
Paint Bruahr.
Caator Oil, Oiie Oil,
Black Pepjicr Oil, '
Lemon Oil,
lSurpaniot Oil,
Oil Peppermint,
Quinine, Iodine,
J. a 1
flair x I oolii liruhea,
1 L I
m it-ait aiul,rv, I
I crfumerr. ec.
I.ubiu' Exiracla,
Mtra!enfWl., ' foilft Bottif.
Iodide Iron, Opium,
Cit lodiile (juinia,
Prot. Iodide Mercury,
Sulphur, Epsom iSalu,
etc. etc.
French LVIogiw,
Gorman do.
Soap of every farie'y, j
rom.je.4. u.l. for the
hair, I
Letter and Oan Patter, I
Linseed Oil,
Pure While Lead,
Kole Pajier Euvfloe,
Port Monica, Pupcr-lica,
Part Folio,
cte. etc.
Lamp Black,
Eceidc other article too numcrnua to mention.
Aa he la determined to cell a. low a any !
MAIIa . V.il. e I- . I.... a a .'I
it to the interest of Pliyaician. lo buy. He would
wy further, that he baa m.do .rnn...,
receive all the Ktm I'hrmirala a aoona.an-1
... . ";u .y VM 00 WM.i
dercd in a few day.
ed . .
Order respectfully aoliciU
Hillsborough, March 85lh, IS51
rnilE obcribcrrcapectfuIl infonahUfrenu
t Ih1 public gencrally.thathe haaou hand,!
- -""'' wvimuuill lu aVCCII, B Varil'IV Ol ,
well-made Furniture.embracine. .11 ih. iwi'mr'
artU'!ca,aurh as. j
lledsi i-liU " ' ,
, V , Ua"S l'l"',J. '
Villi Of .MlU0Zliy, Marble. Chi rri V."li i l.
... 9 wi
Birch, and Maidc. . i
He would invite attention to hi make of Port-
cannot be au'paseJ for durability, ueatncas,and
convenience. " ,
He would also invite Ihe attention of all per-
on wifhinc to buv fnrnitiiM Af anv .ui...ii....
lands, one Kofa, and one Secretary and Book
C.nc, ami iteusieaus, wiuca tie will sell low.
TI. .,).... ! ..-a. ..n
.;,rll n.W.l.mt P.i . i it ,
such a.alunt,Popl3r,Chcrrj, Birch, Maple,
. ..m..i ui.i.,i in uii uune lor furniture,
Jwons at a distance. hnvinT P.,.:,... 1
can have it delivered at their doors e.;" I. rJ
I err Z, K l! r" U",n'rIvr- ,
Ls. th .Sfni : IT, ,as,-,T01r:. anJ i
UC III IIIKIUl lor a COiitinu:inra nf tm , . ....
r. ... .i. ... .i . .
i . .... .1-:. .i ...
' age
r';"v 'huii-
February 1
ILI.L supply of Thompson' Carrd.
October 8.
v r
it, of
1 000 YAKDii WeoHtn C2
- " w a!
1 kinds.
Also a quantity of tUiX Swti.
September S3.
. ...v,, . . .
A .M J A'ment of Frenrh-worked Col-
Hts,uiiemi"e'.ts, I inter M. eves and IVir
a - -
AAI.AU Ci It hlllj'S.
Oelahcr 3. 04
irr:r tuin WsrrttMnn Its '
liettx. mil irt. V
I OXfiA WK11!!l,,...r.,....i '.
- asfav t.
1" for the destruction of '
niyin t-tl . j
RAT3. mjll. EU(?S nA rnnwpc
i a e... .1.. .1.. : - V 1 " i'"-r"son
. .. -1 ..w4.w1.iuoj
warranted poisonous nly to the above named dc
struclive vermin. '.
struclive vermin.
Price 50 cents box, with direclions foi ue.
July 30, ... 4a
Cloths, C'avitoiet'M & YcstJnji,
GOOD Supply, some very fine, for sal
11 lower than they can be had rl
this market.
October 7. . 53
' W A N T ED,
AN Apprentice to the Saddling Business, a.
bout iil'teen or sixteen yeiirs of ae. He
must bs of gojj nural character, and come well
October is. co-
blanks ! BLANKS ! !
OLAXK DEEDS and Att achmetits, single or
by the quiro, Warrants, Exeeutinns, Ac,
printed on goo.1 piper, fir .ale al this Ollics.
JCivcBibBrTJ.. , Si
mgive nira acaii UfiorepurchaMnjeljwwlaere.aa lr roinespo, ana main ex p;irte as to him. I lilll.t .tl.TXJI.
be intend to sell aa low as he can possibly alTord.' W it'""' ioila VmWier, Chik and MA-ter in . INI)IGFTIOT OH. n YIPPI
-nd hi workmen are all experienced hand. r aald Court of EijuJly, al ofiue. the aeventh .. , . , , . . .
.flaw now on hand ci3ht fine Drca-inff Bu- Mo,',av afior ,!, fo"r!,, Monday in ScpUm'ci, 4tu'"w. owl hereout Ikhility,
iaL.. with Lookinglnfises, two China Presses, A U' UR, . I VAU'lTATWX OF THE III'.AKT,
two ulcloards.aix nl.iin Boreans. eii.lil rnn.tl' JOIIX BRAIlSIIER. t: w. r. I.!
"Hrney EatcJ Ii Hcr.fy r.e"
'J'llK ciJe';irfd, t . ,r J i;r:-
toon of U tUborvt sbf t: itrr tLe r tie if
TT'T T ' TT .V? r.
Sfeclt of ran eud ITIuttr
rterted i(h treat rare ia it rtJ?B e Vet,
ar.d eor.Hkiiiig f alitiot efy i,nk Ml)jiy
ke; ia a country Sore; a3 tt Li.h tbey cffci
for ele at very law rale.
All tLey dero of tLe puLIie ia to ejamlne
their aowrtaaeitt UrLm tnhii.g ebiwbefe.
Jeelirif confident they caa ke in Reality tad
Countrr-mSx!e Jr.r,and atmo( aiyeesa.
try f'roJure, liUa in ruin; fc r Cord.
OitolerSa. C7
Land for Sale.
fje I OFFER for tale large Trart of
Land ia Person countr.jud over tLe
VC Borthem Urance line.
j- A body of npdand, it i inferior
tA nmii in mLLH mr rvf thim iia
On lU lamlt r a vanety rf wilUniial ito. !
aprownjriito - - DwelIiag Hctv, V.bi nj Ti
Imiv-n ItArn Sl.ifv .! t ifift If.!! !
wpaiui m in
It will be aslJ to parreltta auit anT pnrch.ier
fcirine P.O., Orange, No. 57. C7il
Cabinet Making.
rTJIE cubarriber would ren-ra-ifulK inr.i.. iV,
cilizena of HilUltomueli ami ,.nl.i;.
nerai.y, that be Caa on bantl. at bi abnp on L'hur
loo alrrct due west frnn tbr court-buufe. a ari
ctr of excellent Furniture, and llul briaprepar.
eu io nianuuciuie, iu ii:e leal attic, all aitul.a
in hi line, auch a i
til. itf.AL C, OI ui tiierrv ana al
..A .
SIDEBO ARDS, of Wild Cherrr. Wal
nut, and Ma rile.
a i t . . .
CUf A9' Vl XVt! V ''
EKDSTEAIW. t f Mai)!e anil Gum.
TABLES, of ail kinil.
AR I) ROBES, Pot table and Station-
Mir'i'ivo c .....
StIe, &c. .c
He rramiara that hi. work ahall be faithfully
eiecuteil. ati'l at eerv low rrier. ami KniM ik:.i
I i, , .
r'ua puMie. Kagame,,, ,rou, a gene
All kind. of Timlwr urd in I'al.inrt Vrk
Tb V.? ln.U V Le"y: 1 ',ir' Vm anJ I
I'1'' ,a ,n '!wne foi work.
."T i'031 1;jsUnr thankfully re-
eeited ami iirnnn.l v BliemTivl i.i
- 1 uii.i4..
1.1W..1VIJ .i.lll.
AnrillS. oi
. -
In Equilj Fall Term, 1 851.
Luetf liumpest )
'tiiion for Divorce.
. . , ,
dolnhue Duwpuss,
IT appeal inrj to the taiifaction ol the Cnort,
''"'nt of Ihe S5l;.te, it ia Iheiefore ordered
by the Court, that publication be made for m
weeks, in two nramawra. for il. .ui.l .f 1 .
' I I i "" " I. Illllll. ' . . .
Adolohus Bumraa. to appear at tha nl iwVSVPHH .ITM Iitntt.piiia ii'iiurn
of Cooit, to l held hi the town of Roil.a
. on lha aerenth M.md.y after the Swrt
A;nJJ in next, to plead, answer, or de-
mur to csid petition, and lo ttand to, abide by,
BnJ P"f"n 'vvh order and dcrn e aa may bo
maue therein. oitterwie Ihe oetiiion will ia.
. i I ....
AneurUm.or Enlurnaul uf the Heart, Arte
' ' rie: Me, ibr. 4. ' .
I'l) I V UM i.i'l I u III I I .i
a oi .t. . .. . . '.. .. . .
L 1 r,.P?k,n
-,.. .... v, "
l'own come, on, . frarlr of the pill.
made; down will, six or ci.t.aud in a
i ... . ... ...
nine wiuie repeal me nose; oo tin until tlie
( bowels are alrnngly purged,
danger is over for that attack.
This eirerted, the
Anirina tirrliirirt
and stone iti the m!l-M..dilcr are Irralvil in tint
same manner; and although considered incurable
i.- .:. . ....... .
drcth'a 'ills. In severe nttneks the ilivua mii.i
, .. , .,, : - . -j -
be full; six or.eijjhl for a few nights together will
cure the worst cases. Whenever tliin
comes on in the treatment of oilier disease, it is
-. J.I -
JZr?, it , .1 l'UU l,1,M-;ln4'"n
outward .p,,,c.ti.,n,cu 1.1 cream orlard and make
freqiieul ue of cold water locally. Where Ihoro
have l n prcioial alli-dions. as asi!:,,.a, con-
.iinii.it. . .1... ................ .:n .... i ..i-
j iu"i"uii, .-., jriTMrvcinncr win ie icquireu wr.y
ine pins in eiieci a parmanent cure. JJut any
other course will assuredly bring on the pectoral
i a.Teclion. .. .
ji it'tiiu'i, neuanr, nsitng.jje'
tliiin. or ComuMplinn mrki,,. it will he
tli.aiuuiirt; til r.i.iiiiii..iia ...ill. a... ..II .1 ....... !..
Ucwiceof DcMlH', Wea&n, Wasting. De-
J '" "mi i" 1 ilin-is. UC;I1
with one nil) ffoiiiir to bi-d: netl ni-.lif l.v ..i'l.
do this nllernutely for three or four day, or Ions-
er, if no altera! ion ti k ps lirct ihfit increase A
pm rni niKi.t unliHive or six u .iareiis.-d.il.ei.
- ....
ihi resse by one pill, down to one pill. Should any
fcveii-u symptoms urise, ttien take airons dose
1 - ....
"" 'er i. re. ue. d. V
puiiciit may drop down to
t.,.t...... i'n .1...
nti ihe fever is reduerd. Wh. n ibis i.t..nr il,.
f urh doses as their
j-i.iijHi.Hi rudn 'ivit-i.iuiic , i.ciii careiui 10
P he drain uon Ihe innxire humors i ns these
nria l.mni A.I p.. it. .. !... . i .
line; being careful to
arc removed, so will be their ailv.iniriiii.i.1 i..
sound health ., )
Dr. Brandnth's Principal OrTof, 241 Broad-'
way New York.
Cj Agents for the s.ile of Brarajrcth' PilW
l. Heailt. Hillsboronph.
J. B. M'Dade, Impel Hill.
G. A. Melwiie. Mason Hall. f
A. Miekle Ac Co.. Uingham'v School.
Townscnd's SiifpjuTlla",
I Hi I' received and for sale at this OiTi. e, a
r fresh supply of To; rvsend's Sarsnpaiilla, in
quirt bottles.
-June 4.
(For Svdirinal Pnrposffc Oiik.)
I BARREL French Brandy, pure. .. "
1 do. M i.leira Wine. ' ..
1 do. Port do. r
. 1 do. Sherry !o. f ""
I d.i. TenerilT do. (.,
1 d. Old RvcAVhUkey,' J
&r...A I. m
-j . . nw m. w ...... v .....w... iiiiuiiiui,iiiru vt tut AllliirTI
. . x. .... ..u.. yv.sjv.j l UW
l st ..U.-. , , .
Fia.r.J, t':..tt Iwtf-P
.. . a... m t..
feci; tin SaJcifs, tti linm ,t
TINE Lri!EER1ANOfcl:r.CLCH. -The
ua-Scratgnedwiil attend tret i 't ,
ort ia tli I j-,e ilh neitue and d.f '
Ia eiar je furtLe Wte ir-t;tt 'j tf
willfco a Cora .Wheal JTi,I f fs.j't
r (eed U orar. at roariet prire. '
'Octobers. , .
Clear the Track!
I.IA.0 La .Wuuia
600 Corouia
tAW IIairt$paaub do
Honey I),. TOBACCO. '
(wild Leaf do. ;
Tine Virjinia do.
Ta be had at lLa Droy ttoe.
' Tilt' U7IVIIIM1
Blessing of the Age!
7'ia L'jrtri rt i$ ,ul up in quart httltt , it i, riM
tiitttt thfaper, pltvitinttr. end tmrrenhd
nprriurtomng told. It mm irilkut
tvmitimp, purging, tirlttting, w : .
dettililuting the feitnl.
WE HAVE MAM FAni urn 4
. I,5CP,W0 Eelllfj of this Sarsaparilla
lajaiff t im sMttt ffem ....... ... tt". ..
iiK ike p H Vrr. r are wtI. rtiZ . - i
.. i.i.i-i
,,,, u u VJ UUIll.1,.1 -LK u.tl.
tub othiiii
n m r act r r k ks or t AttArAr.tL
LA is one v;ar.
Dr. X. P. Tou ltMrtld Snn-nparlKa
i - . aaiaa
. ill or TIME IX ALL CL'Jf ATE.
i lliiaeiirarlbaaci'BKa atoaaof the following
dircacTtui aiLTKioTHia anTtaTiiie ai
eiciat ToocTRta bate done.
ftin!(9 or rUlula fn tU I'ttrr.
Enlargement end Pain of the dm and Jeiiiti
r ti f-tvtst
':, ' i.31aa
'',' '"" r,u'? f,om n i"jJicloua u.
of Mercury, Aritc,or Diopay, Eipoaura
or 'n,l',u,!t" n I-fe. Iliuvartably
I. ailiea of iul roinnleiiam ami a 11 1. 1 mail tmm
, - - f - . V.ft.,IJ,.W
habits, and such aa are debilitated by those ob
etrurtioiia which female, are liable to, are relor-
rurlu.iia which lemale. are lial.le lo, are reator.
rJ.bj the use of a bollic or two, lo bloom and
' i .nr.
"wipal 0r.re,Cl.rp i Town.ead.fS.N..
ssu Ircet.INew l ork.
8T For euic Ly D.
Hcarlt, HilUbo-
1CAfK FrriN-h Brandy, rto. Port Wine,
l .1.. li... i..;.. wi.. -u... i ..
"- 1
. ..v. pi.ui.ia ma , Jin fn.li y ,nuf JIUTJ VM-
i.oi.i, j.vous t. xl rart l I
Extrart of fiinnr Ttn.ta n'. An
W Kitlieiiil s bM j ee olMtiftard, f Urate ol Msg
iierii. Husband's Miigurin, Iodide (juiiiia, -Bto
mide f Iron, Tannale ol Iron. Tannate of Qui.
iiia, ler;ua:e (Juiiiiu, lotlide Msrcnnife. ul-
1 ,0liU
v a r rJs T6 ttm iw -c ol jon
C'lotll wanted at
September S3. 02
The Old ottIi Stale forcvir.
T RECEIVED a b.t of Rock Island Cas
simrres. Maiiufaeluied bv Carson, (irierdt
inuitL, 111.' a.lT.'..iiAru ruui.IV, .V. -. wall Bill!
examine. . .
v v. 1 t a.. . 1 ll 1
October 5-.
is rt-RLisiir.ii WKKKLT
'foBrtaikaV. mTkA llilli'l l" it t'Otr iTlaiil in
ma, alernia:e (juinia, Wide Margamr-e. ul.
ale Manganese, FaeMa-Aana.e Citra.
uil(ia, rtf . X., ,,f 7.,...f oh
1 iii' .-i- f if I' , I
, ' 1 " f . ' ' ' 'S ' '
June to. , . m
vatvv; Two Dalhirs and Fifly Cents, if not paid j
within three months; or Tfiree Dollars, if delayed .
until after the expiratioulif the year. '
Ka paper y. ill lr discotitinned until all srreara; '
ges are paid, unless al the option ol iJiepitWitbrfsJjai
- Hereafter no p.ipet jViili be'aotjt loo rJ'
scrila rout of lLit:s)5ie inilo p..jjnry' "j '''
advMitre. or some iiersou ui llie.e' v jr c -j
I re-wtwiblt h tile editor ; u, -'&iJC:
paper t c sent to n stihscrilTT o;il ill j'ltai,---
more than two years without a pnymenL ' ' i
one dollar for the .first, mid twenty -live cent for
each subsequent insertion ; longer ones in pro
portion. Court dvntLsuiH'iitP..tv.',iify-five pci
cent, higher. A deiluclion of oiie-tliird will ba
,"nado lo advertiser by tho yeor. s
Adirriisinf r.atrs for tht Rrrordw.'. .
Ooc ilpllar per square (16 lines) for the t.Tt
Insertion, nnd 25 crnU tor Cich eotitinuoiice. ?.
- Deduction maile in favor of .landing dtr.
tUe.nen...!".. ' ......

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